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2012.06.07 00:35 Nightshade3312 For the bladesmiths, beauty and destruction, art and skill.

A subreddit for the metalworkers who specialize in forging knives and other blade tools. Swords, daggers, kitchen cutlery, carving chisels, etc. Come in, look around, ask a question, learn, and have fun.

2012.03.04 21:28 chip16 Knife makers and fans welcome

The world of Knifemaking

2023.03.24 03:55 Grouchy-Character123 Washi tape (Still a beginner at DP)

Washi tape (Still a beginner at DP)
It never works for me... am I buying cheap ones??I want to make mine pretty lol
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2023.03.24 03:55 crazygrof Term 69

Hi everyone. I'm not on mobile and I speak english good so I have no excuse except I don't really care.
As has been mentioned in previous posts I'm currently working as a delivery driver and recently I got to use part of my companies contract in my favour (that's spelled correctly, it's not my problem that you're 'merican). I forget what the actual legal term is, but there is one particular line in my companies contract that is rarely used, but it's always good fun when it is.
A really simple explanation of what my company does: We're contracted by suppliers to move their stuff from where it's produced to it's ultimate destination, that ultimate destination is usually a store or restaurant, but ultimately it doesn't matter. If you pay us, we'll drop a pallet in the middle of a field (I've done that in the past, big catering job that wanted 2000lbs of various kinds of meat at a remote location. As soon as it hit the ground it got swarmed by cooks. It kinda looked like a swarm of piranhas eating a cow). So it looks something like this:
Supplier->My Company->Customer
I know, it's really complicated but I'm sure you can figure out eventually.
Mostly deliveries involving pallets of stuff have a loading dock or area of some sort and since we usually don't bother with pallets of less than 1000lbs (450kg or so) we usually prefer to use a dedicated loading area (for some reason, the general public gets antsy when someone is moving heavy cargo near their cars. It's weird I know). However, the kicker is that it doesn't matter where you go, or who you deal with, you always have self-important dickhead managers and self-important dickhead managers just looooooooove to park in loading areas (god-forbid that they have to park with the peasants) and it is so common that it is written into our contract with them that we have priority over the loading area, to the point that, if needed, I can walk up to the manager or owner of a store or restaurant and tell them "Move your fucking car" and if they don't after the third time I ask, they are in immediate breach of contract and I am to refuse their delivery and move on with my day. Now I normally try to be more professional than that, but you get the basic idea. I
Hence Term 69.
It's not actually called that, but this way I get to write a story about the funny sex number and that makes my inner teenager giggle.
In this case, what happened is that there was a restaurant that goes through a hefty amount of chicken every week (think 1500lb/680kg pallets being delivered 2x per week) complete with a dedicated and marked loading area, but I had a constant problem with the manager of this place parking in their loading area and taking 20+ minutes to move their car.
So to summarize, we have:
A blocked loading area. Multiple attempts to get the manager to move their car out of the loading area. A history of trying to get the manager to move their car out of the loading area.
Looks like we have a prime opportunity for some malicious contract compliance.
After the third attempt and 27 minutes of waiting (I timed it) for the manager to move their car I called my manager, explained what was going on and said that I think it's time to invoke Term 69 (he's well aware of the issues that I've had with this place in the past) and gives his go-ahead.
So I walk in. Tell the nearest employee "Get your manager here. Now" and wait for the resident dickhead.
In a remarkably low amount of time, the manager appears and demands to know what the hell I'm doing.
I tell him "I've been waiting for almost half an hour, I've made multiple attempts to make this delivery and that you have so far refused to move your car. I'm invoking Term 69 of our contract with you and am refusing your delivery" I then hand him a business card with my managers number on it and tell him "My manager will be expecting your call tomorrow. I think you have an interesting phone call ahead of you" and walk out.
Throughout my little spiel, the manager was looking angrier and angrier right up until I said "Term 69" and "refusing your delivery" and at that point, he just goes pale.
The reason why this is such a big deal is as follows: 1) he suddenly doesn't have desperately needed ingredients needed for the functioning of his restaurant and won't have them for another few days at a minimum 2) The invoking of Term 69 involves the halting of our contract until a complete review of the circumstances is done. 3) We're a specialist company and are one of three companies in the city willing to handle freight under the exact circumstances we handle and once the other two companies hear that we invoked this Term of our contract, they're not going to touch this place with a 10 foot pole. 4) the manager knows all this
Term 69 is the nuclear option. It's only used as a last resort, but it's really nice to have in your back pocket.
Hope you enjoyed reading.
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2023.03.24 03:55 New-Cover777 Nobody pays any mind to the receptionist

It’s as if people are so use to me being there I just blend in as an object no one acknowledges. My desk is right outside of the higher ups offices but they pay me no mind as I take on the role of a sweet little receptionist that greets people into the Corporate office. They don’t know that I have sensitive ears and hear all the whispers that are exchanged, keeping tabs on everything that goes on in the company. I even have the employees that deliver things from the locations melting in my hands-spilling all of the intel they have about their stores but they think nothing of the woman behind the desk that smiles and listens to them spew all of the confidential information they have. I know of things before the managers are even notified. Playing as the innocent receptionist when I know that the hateful woman that controls the farthest store has a shopping addiction while nearly being homeless, the manager for the north store might get a divorce because she works so much she neglects her own family, the HR lady isn’t quiet when she speaks of the lawsuits or legal issues, and the stores are falling apart due to the employees being at each others necks. Being able to relish in the fact that I know the ins and outs of the dark parts of the company I work for is a luxury that gives me the best power trip, I hope to gather even better information soon.
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2023.03.24 03:54 AbsolutelyNot76 Worst D&D Campaign I've Ever Been in so far...

This my first time posting something like this so if the format's off I apologize, just thought I'd share this, i got a lot to talk about so it's gonna be pretty long
TW: Mentions of child murder, terrorism and rape
So I was searching through a DnD server and stumbled upon a "DM looking for Players" channel, where I ended up finding an ad for a "Dark fantasy Soulsborne" campaign which I joined hesitantly, since I'm not really a fan of Dark Fantasy but I thought it would've been interesting and joined anyway, had a chat with the DM, who we'll call "DM" for this story, and he seemed pretty normal in private messages. He invited me into the server and I asked if my friend, who we'll call "Frog", can join since he only had two players currently, the other player was a bit weird but we'll get into that later on, we'll refer to him as "Gas", he said sure and I invited Frog into the server, Frog is a great guy and basically my best friend on Discord, we join a lot of Westmarch servers and Campaigns together and our characters always end up being really close, so of course I thought having them here would be great, one thing to note about Frog is that they get VERY uncomfortable with stuff like SA or getting their PC into sexual situations. I also invited another friend but he ends up leaving immediately when he got uncomfortable with Gas talking about gassing NPCs in the campaign, in like the WW2 mustard gas kinda way. The other two players that joined after Frog and I were DM's brother who we'll call "Bigs" and the brother's co-worker, who'll call "Weirdo" (you'll see why later on) DM asked what we don't want in the campaign and we specifically brought up Sexual Assault and Pedophilia, you will see why I bring this up
I made a Satyr Druidwho was a kind hearted stoner who's very protective of animals and innocent people, but because of backstory reasons he ends up being a ferocious and murderous animal when he's mad
Frog made a tiefling fighter who didn't really have much of personality, they're sort of just, there
Biggs had some weird homebrew race that was large instead of medium or small, i think he was a fighter or barbarian? Idk all i knew is that he was a big boi, which didn't really bother me anyway
Gas made an evil artificer who loves making grenades and stuff, that's the most i know about his character
And weirdo make a half elf ranger, who was kind of a murderhobo, in fact they all were murderhobos except Frog and I
Session 1 was actually pretty fun, we fought a Dark Souls type enemy that had two phases, my druid and the artificer had a bit of a conflict going on, I discovered that I'm actually pretty good at voice acting when role playing with my PC, everything was good except for that one time the ranger started attacking some armored dude for no reason whatsoever, cause "funny" I guess. Session 2 came around and Gas starts talking about strapping bombs to children and using them against enemies, which was really off-putting and I wasn't comfortable with being in the same party as a character that would use kids for stuff like that, but then out of nowhere the DM kicked him from the server, I guess it was because he wanted to kill kids? But I don't think it was for that reason and you'll see why in a bit. Our characters get teleported off to the main world since Session 1 was mostly in the ruins they started out in (if i explain why they started out in here this story will be WAY longer) We ended up camping out and it was going well so far, my druid, Frog's tiefling and the ranger went off to adopt Frogs near the swamp, which results in my druid and the ranger almost getting eaten by a giant mama frog but that's a story for another time, Bigs however, went off to search the area to find a village nearby and comes across two NPCs dropping a bunch of dead bodies in a hole, which the DM just mentions as two "men", MEN, this well be brought up later and instead of either leaving them to their business or talking to them normally, he knocks them both out and brought them back to camp for no reason other than "they were throwing bodies in a ditch". When the rest of us came back to camp and found the tied up villagers, Ranger went off to hide in the forest, my druid had a not-so heated argument with Biggs' character about capturing these people for no apparent reason but his character insisted that the two are evil simply because he found them throwing bodies in a ditch, the older man of the two wakes up and starts cussing out the party for capturing him and the other guy for no reason, my druid tried to calm him down by asking what they were doing with the bodies but he was stubborn and kept kicking his feet and reacting, pretty understandably to the situation, off in the distance however Weirdo's character shoots an arrow into the NPCs eye, killing him, then the DM states that the other NPC goes "Pa!" meaning that he killed a young man's father in front of him, which kinda bothered me but it's whatever, now we're talking to the son and the way he's described and role-played by the DM, he seemed like a young adult, at least 18 years old, as the party were arguing with him about literally killing his father after capturing them for no reason and him refusing to calm down, I saw that Frog didn't really care at all about the situation and Weirdo and Biggs wanted to just kill him so I had my druid snap and used this opportunity to reveal the dark flaw my lovable stoner druid had, so he killed the NPC in feral anger, which tbf, i should've knocked him out instead, after that my druid turned into a bear after the ranger killed his pet frog during an argument, beat his ass to unconsciousness and the session ended there, that was that
Session 3 came around and we all found out that the younger NPC that was described as if he was just a normal young adult, was actually 12 years old, I felt sick to my stomach since if there was little to no indication that the NPC was a literal child, every description points to him being a young adult, i tried to get the DM make the NPC older since even in his anger, my druid won't hurt a literal child, he refused and basically told me to deal with the fact that my PC killed a grieving little boy who watched his dad die beforehand, yeah this is the same DM that banned a player for wanting to use child suicide bombers. Honestly i should've left than and there but Frog had no intention of leaving so I stayed to look after them since these people were all showing a bit of red flags, mainly the DM, he was pretty aggressive and rude at times and it felt like almost every decision annoyed him to some degree, he also had this "Respect my authority" attitude, shouting like he's a teacher trying to calm down a group of children, and when Frog would ask questions that, weren't the smartest, he would answer them in a somewhat rude but really aggressive way that just really got under my skin.
But it gets worse....
After a couple of sessions in, I was pretty bored of the campaign, I was the only one roleplaying, Biggs and Weirdo won't really engage in any and Frog, was Frog, which wasn't a bad thing though, Frog's the best. During the most recent session after the last one, where we joined a faction of monster hunters, we were all tasked with sneaking into a fort and finding some secret files in some secret room, during this time I was pretty distracted texting a player in my own homebrew campaign about something important, but i got caught up easily on what was happening, during this whole session Frog and DM got into a silly argument about the pronunciation of a word and Biggs shouted at DM started threatening to kick him in the jaw if he doesn't drop it and continue with the session (I get their brothers and that's a normal thing between them but goddamn). So apparently the fort is controlled by a group of gnolls so we'd have some difficulty finding these files, after another a heated argument between DM and Biggs about how grappling hooks work, we managed to use one to sneak into the top floor where the bedrooms of the gnolls are, Weirdo wanted my druid to wildshape so he can use him to torture one of the gnolls by putting the wildshaped rat on his stomach and covering it with a bucket (forgot the name of this torture method sorry) I decided not to consent to that, Biggs and Weirdo and kill a few gnolls in their sleep and I once get distracted. While I'm distracted helping a player come with his character concept, i faintly hear the DM say "-taking advantage of her" Biggs and Weirdo are like "yooo" and Frog sounded super uncomfortable, going "umm", I then asked what was happening since I got distracted again, and the DM straight up tells me that one of the Gnolls is currently in the act of raping a woman, immediately I got upset and told him that we talked about this and that we didn't want mentions of rape or any sexual assault, to which he argued back saying that Frog and I said we "were cool with stuff like that" even though we specifically said we DIDN'T want that in the game, suggesting that most likely remembered the conversation wrong, cause I would never agree to something that would make Frog and I uncomfortable, especially Frog. As we're arguing about this Frog he mutes to take a quick break since mentions of that stuff heavily triggers them, and DM soon mutes as well, during this time Frog came back and I went to find the message where we agreed to allow that stuff, but instead I found an old message from DM literally agreeing to NOT add mentions of that stuff in, "No illegal stuff involving sex" was literally what he sent as an agreement, when I read it out, Ranger straight up said that "Rape isn't illegal" which obviously triggers Frog once again, and I was too mentally drained to even argue with anymore, then DM, without any further discussions or apologies, straight up banned both Frog and I off the server, therefore kicking us out the campaign and honestly I'm glad he did, Frog and I were gonna leave the campaign anyway and he basically did us a favor by kicking us like that, to make my night better I just hopped on a voice chat with my main group and telling them about it and just chatting made me appreciate them a lot more.
That's about it, sorry if it's too long i just thought I'd share this with you all
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2023.03.24 03:54 GoodTweet_BadTweet The (Arguably) Intriguing Mystery of Greg's Stolen "Hot Docs"

"This one goes away, this one saves the day." -- Cousin Greg
Am I the only one who feels close to certain that we haven't seen/heard the last of the allegedly damning evidence Greg pinched from Waystar storage in S1 and then rescued from Tom's balcony barbeque?
I understand that most fans feel the show has moved on plot-wise from the Cruises scandal and the potential for Logan to face jail time because of evidence showing his personal knowledge/sign-off on something nefarious, but I'm not so sure. In fact, I feel pretty strongly based on the way Tom, Greg, Ken and Logan himself have all acted that (1) the docs Greg swiped DO show what Ken essentially threatened they did; and (2) that Ken never showed them to his own attorneys.
Why do I think this? Well, for one I don't think it would have made much sense in the first place for Ken to have turned them over to his attorney right away if it was something that could seriously damage his family and put his own father in jail -- better to make the vague threat he did in public in an attempt to get Logan to step down as CEO without turning over a nuke to strangers he never really trusted.
Secondly, as a corporate attorney myself I thought the scene where Ken and his attorney discussed how "the documents" didn't show what Ken promised was highly suspicious. I noticed, for instance, that the show spent the time and money to take us into the actual doc review room when she said this, with the character actually gesturing toward the e-doc review happening on computer screens when she mentioned "the documents." I feel like this was done specifically to raise the possibility that she was talking only about the e-docs pulled off the system, and that she hadn't even seen the handful of (actually important) hardcopy docs that Greg stole.
So what could this mean for the S4 story, if the docs ARE still out there? Maybe nothing, of course -- Ken could have just decided not to reveal the darkest of Waystar and Logan's secrets, and the show is moving on.
But keep in mind that there are somewhere between 4-7 characters who know about these doc's existence. Because in addition to Ken and Greg, we have Tom (and Bill!). Meanwhile, Logan's memory of what's out there seems hazy, but he definitely did seem paranoid enough at the beginning of S3 to realize the possibility of what he called "his exposure." And then there's Shiv, who caught wind of the fact that Tom found Cruises dirt, but kept clear of the specifics.
Is this a dynamic that could come into play as the characters scheme and plot against each other going forward? We've heard there's some major twists in store this season, so I'm wondering if the return of the "hot docs" could be one of them.
Anyone else agree?
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2023.03.24 03:54 Silver_Adagio2198 Bumps

So I’ve recently realized I could get a distance pay boost if I go to the store closer to me instead of the recommended one when it isn’t required to shop at a particular address… but are there other bumps we can reach out to support about? The distance one is easily getting me upwards of $15 additional bumps per day.
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2023.03.24 03:53 Sure_Independent7252 I [m26] finally confronted my [F57] mother about how her ignoring my boundaries and requests makes me feel, and her reply hurt me more than keeping it in.

[TLDR of the text convo I had with heher reply at the end]
My partner and I have been looking after some property for my family for the last year and a half. We make sure no one steals from the scrapyard that's on it, as well as care for the feral cat colony they created here in exchange for lower rent. The house here is extremely old, outdated and lacks a lot of your typical comforts, but, it is livable.
I have been asking my parents, namely my mother, what I feel is simple requests since we moved here. Like not feeding the cats all over the yard as we're trying to tame and capture, and fix them. Begging for weeks that they put one of the security cameras they have around up facing a spot someone was breaking into continually. Or not to give our chickens snacks without asking us as it can effect their health. Or telling us before they show up unannounced.
When we first moved here, they used to listen. But as time has progressed, they have pretty much stopped heeding any of our requests, and even started spreading negative or petty things about us to the rest of the family. I finally decided to confront her about it, and how it makes me feel and her reply shocked me, it was like a teenager replied. I honestly don't even know where to go from here.
[Here is the text back and forth regarding her feeding the cats behind our backs and me telling her how it makes me feel]
Her: Do you know where the bowls are at that were in the garage they are gone
Me: We removed them because we have already asked you guys not to feed them wet food a few times now in there and we found some in a bowl hidden in the back. So we just removed them all together so the temptation is no longer there for anyone to continue to do it. We have both said we're trying to capture Princess, which is now the plan for this spring as she is finally coming to eat under the canopy again, and having them get used to eating in there makes it really hard for us to catch them. 😕
Her: Do you still have the pellet pistol if you do can you put it in the garage so we can use it. A can of food once in awhile is not going to make a difference on catching princess. It's usually for mama. The small red bowl is Lilly.
Me: We really don't know why it's an issue to feed them under the canopy anyways when you are the one who originally told us to feed them there. We feel like anything we ask you guys you are starting to just deliberately go against because it's "us" doing the asking. We are both feeling really frustrated with how things are being handled and are starting to give up trying to talk to anyone, because no one is listening or respecting us.
(She stops replying and when she replies the next day, she doesn't acknowledge it and instead changes the subject to ask about a dog cage that's stored on the property, I reply to let her know where it is, and then send this)
Me: Also, I almost didn't want to respond to this, because the message I sent yesterday still hasn't been acknowledged. It's a subject that continues to be ignored, and disregarded, as you guys continue to go against something that affects us. If you don't care, then just tell me you dont care. It makes me not want to talk if you want to ignore the tough conversations that need to be had. It's not helpful to stonewall the conversation, and divert it to another subject, like the dog cage. I don't just forget about this stuff, it actually affects me. I feel disrespected, and I find it rude. I'd much rather have Heather deal with it as it is her dog then you relaying a message for her. She does have my number
Her: I'm not the one who put the wet food out there so don't blame me for it. I only put dry food out there. And I have put food out for the cat under the canopy you are not even there to see what I do. I'm not disrespecting you. If anything it's you that doesn't listen to me. Put I can let things go. I'm not texting you about things you guys don't do. I'm the one who asked her if she wanted me to ask you cause she was busy with Ellie. If you don't want to talk to me anymore just say so
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2023.03.24 03:53 nartarevs What is this bump?

As someone who has had multiple hooha issues (ureaplasma, vulvodynia, hypertonic pelvic floor), every time something is remotely near my vulva, I freak out.
Can anyone tell me what they think this bump is? Link in comment, NSFW.
It doesn’t appear to be an ingrown (don’t see a hair running through it and did try to squeeze…). Herpes? Saddle sore from biking? Pimple? Please help I am spiraling 😞
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2023.03.24 03:52 Guitarmaster1005 Go follow me on Spotify! I'm looking for curators (I already pitched to Spotify for the song beyond)! All you have to do is click my profile, tap under my picture where it says guitarmaster1005 in green (linktree) and then click revival! You can also access my social platforms and merch store!

Go follow me on Spotify! I'm looking for curators (I already pitched to Spotify for the song beyond)! All you have to do is click my profile, tap under my picture where it says guitarmaster1005 in green (linktree) and then click revival! You can also access my social platforms and merch store! submitted by Guitarmaster1005 to PlaylistExchange [link] [comments]

2023.03.24 03:52 AutoModerator [I HAVE] Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator Program (Complete Latest Updated Course) + More

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2023.03.24 03:52 CrazyKidKCPD Which university is better for MPH Colorado State University or Drexel ??

CSU, fort collins being a public university has a bright side. Drexel is an amazing private research university. Can anyone help me put with this ?? I have been offered a scholarship at Drexel, but the overall fee is nearly the same for both the universities. Thanks in advance
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2023.03.24 03:51 Majestic_Cash330 Need to lose the weight feeling unmotivated

Hey all, new to this channel. I’ve always been overweight & I’m honestly wanting to change that. I don’t feel like myself anymore with the weight I currently am. I’m 265 lbs and 25 years old female. It’s gotten to the point where it makes me feel so disgusting because I am nearly 300.. I really want to get down to 180 but know it’ll be a while until I get there. I don’t move much, I work a full time desk job and hardly move and when I get home I’m exhausted and cook dinner then sleep. I need to start a routine ASAP but don’t know where to start? I’m also thinking of getting a puppy to help me lose weight because I know they have tons of energy as well. But idk. I’m just feeling horrible with myself and don’t see me anymore.
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2023.03.24 03:51 Ok-Dentist7702 The Dirt

I wish things could have ended up differently, but its clear now that there's no way to fix the relationship we had.
I live in a completely different world and an entirely different life than I did 2 years ago. Too many people have too much dirt on me. After 2 stints of jail time I realized the mistakes I've made. I will never know the true extent of the damage I've done with my actions because there is almost no communication between me and the people from that time period.
Please, just let me go. Let it go. I think we all know that if I had it my may, I would be living out west. I keep kicking myself, because none of this would have happened if I didn't contact her again... or if I would have just taken the job offer in California.
Again, I am extremely sorry. I wish I wouldn't have acted the way I did, or said the things I did. Part of me wants to believe my erratic behavior was due to the concussion I suffered, but I'm done trying to reason with anyone about everything that happened. I simply could have behaved better.
I am so sorry. I understand why everything is still happening, and also understand that things can never go back to the way it was. I wish this could all just be water under the bridge.
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2023.03.24 03:51 Choice_Oven_9480 Why do I feel off/numb

I had gone through a lot in the past 2 years, facing a horrible dispute with my parents (mom,stepdad,and dad) and being thrown into a mental hospital after a school got scared of me. My parents destroyed my relationship with my ex and my social life, making me mentally snap or something. Afterwards, then figuring my dad had manipulated me and ridding of him from my life. I took lots of drugs I wasn’t supposed to take after everything that had happened and nothing afterwards has been the same.
I had realized I no longer was happy about the things that made me happy, rather emotionless. This occurred after me getting out of the mental hospital , furthering getting worse after a cycle of rad-140 with mk677 and a Benadryl overdose of 1200mg in the span of two days. I have a new relationship, life, no more problems it seems like, but I feel no joy and no happiness towards my daily actions and accomplishments as well as interactions with other people. I go through my day seeing my current girlfriend and friends or getting something done but never feel completed, like I did something but forgot cause I just did it to do something. I also recognized how much I had dissociated, it felt like all I think about is the wrong and past because it’s what I can’t fix that was clearly my fault at some times. I think too much about what people have done to me, making me stay away and never invite people over. I often blur out and feel as if I’m in my own world where nothing exist for seconds up to hours, even sometimes forgetting who was talking to me or what I was doing.
I feel insane, I have extremely bad mood swings. No I never was diagnosed with any sort of mood disorder, but I was on abilify because of alleged homicidal ideations. I have extreme anger, enough to cause myself and others harm. I do not have any explanation to why I have these feelings and want an explanation. I have cut myself before because of the anger towards myself and others and don’t want to be in the same place. I have had unexplained episodes before that felt descriptive to being manic episodes but never fully closed to be, just because they said it was the mood stabilizers that caused it. The last time I felt homicidal ideations was unintentional and was two weeks ago.
I started to stop caring about everything. Problems I had, my grades, my girlfriend, my ex, my goldfish and my dog it didn’t matter. Every problem was the same because I felt as if nothing could feel as close as painful as the things I heard and saw from the past 2 years specially and even further in the past with trauma. I would be in near death situations even with drugs with almost dying from multiple overdoses, with the worst being Benadryl. I miraculously have woken up every time just glad I had experienced something out of worldly and disconnected more than actually caring that I almost died. The Benadryl overdose itself, actually made this affect worse. After two weeks and a half of recovery from it, I felt so disassociated and had no feelings towards anything in a bad or negative way similar to what I was talking about earlier but worse, making me stop caring about everything. Somewhat it wasn’t the worst, considering the days that would viewed the worst by others was just another day for me just like the rest.
Random thoughts of apologizing, being empathetic, but then being hateful and sad and homicidal. Also sort of like mood swings, it’s just an array of unexplained thoughts that never get told to the people I’m thinking about or anyone actually. And example of this goes as such, I will feel happy I had feelings towards someone and remember what they’ve done but then feel extreme opposite feeling such as pain,anger,fear,sadness, and homicidal ideations. I had these feelings and still do as they can happen anywhere, I’ve had them for years in-fact. Do they mean anything?
Thank you for your time and efforts of reading my post. If you have any explanation to why these things and happening and what they are, feel free to comment whatever you’d like to.
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2023.03.24 03:51 Only-Squirrel-1703 Job change Dilemma

I've been looking at different Jobs because I really don't want to stay at sbux for the rest of my life, no offense to the company but mentally I don't think i can. I'm honestly burnt out on busy days and wished I had a different career. But. The pay is decent for me, and I should be promoted to shift soon, in a couple months I think, already did my interview. Which means more pay. But also more stress. I recently applied for a bank teller job, and got an offer. what I didn't realize was that it's inside a Walmart. The pay will be similar, and maybe I could use the job to get a different one in the near future so I'm not stuck at Walmart. So what do i do? Should I stick it out for the shift spot or go for the bank job at Walmart?
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2023.03.24 03:50 Ill_Investment_4 Creed 3 has been bothering me

I saw Creed 3 the week it came out and I liked it. I do have complaints that I feel are personal but gotdamn man this is a low replay value movie. The final fight damn near ruined the movie. Should’ve just went round by round. I was fucking pissed off with that gay ass mist shit. Then he do that weak ass eye zoom focus move on a weak ass 1-2 after getting the wind knocked out his out bussy. No momentum building combos, picks his organs up and just wind the fight. Trash fight but I enjoyed the movie which is bothering me. Don’t want to see a Creed 4. MBJ shouldn’t have directed because the movie is nothing but close shots. No skills at all. If he watched anime, you can create so much more excitement with dodging. It should’ve been a round before the knock out round Creed go in his bag and make him miss all his punches. Displaying supreme stamina and recovery. And they should’ve made Dame a unbeatable prison style boxer instead of a dirty one. They missed out on a Majin Buu vs Goku but whatever but don’t credit anime and your fights aren’t action packed and fast. Directing cannot be that hard
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2023.03.24 03:50 OddFruit7549 [IWantOut] 22F USA -> Europe

For context, I’m a 22 year old female currently living in the US and I have been saving up for a couple of years to move to Europe and I have a budget of 11k USD for the move. I also have been studying to get my Associates in Business. I plan to find an English taught course at a university for business so I could get a visa and eventually settle down hopefully.
I’ve been to a few places in Europe and I complied a few things I want out of the place I’m going to study: a decent sized affordable city with nature, nightlife, fashion, and arts. I don't intend to live a lavish lifestyle but it'd be wonderful if I could find a city with these attributes.
Nature is a really big thing for me, I live in a desert right now and I really want to live in greenery and by a body of water (oceans, lakes, etc).
At first I considered the Netherlands, I've been to Amsterdam and loved it as a tourist but I don't know how much I'd love it living there plus it's very expensive there and something about how flat the Netherlands is throws me off, I need mountains!
I also checked out Berlin and although I loved the fashion and clubbing there, the industrial city just wasn’t for me.
I’ve been to Italy/ Switzerland as well and if the universities weren’t so expensive I would consider moving there.
Overall some places I’ve been looking into are: Heidelberg, Germany; Montpellier, France; Nice, France.
Although I've never visited these places here is why my eyes are on these cities:
Heidelberg, Germany looks amazing and has a lot of nature, nightlife, and perhaps some art showcasing (dont know for sure) but I don't think its a very expressive fashion city but as long as there are good clothing stores I'll survive! I think it is right behind Nice on how expensive it is to live there. I don't think it has a great English taught course but I could be wrong.
Montpellier is the smallest city on this list but something about the slower pace of life the south of France has to offer really attracts me! I know it has a more international student population and a younger populace overall compared to Nice. But Nice looks like it has more stuff like nightlife, fashion, arts, etc since it's a bigger city. However, the beach looks amazing and I would LOVE to live by the ocean plus I also found an English taught course at a business school there.
Nice I think might be the most expensive option and I don't know much about it's English taught programs or if it offers any. I do know that it offers more nightlife, fashion compared to Montpellier and is a bigger city overall. The city also looks beautiful, I love the mountains and oceans.
Am I missing anything here? I would love your take and I'm curious for your suggestions!
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2023.03.24 03:50 esp6a6e Wanting to move out, possibly need advice

Hey so I'm 100% new to this sub so if this is against any rules then please lmk.
So I'm 23F and still live with my parents. That's not a big shocker, its normal in my opinion. That's not the issue. My issue is that I feel like my parents are keeping me trapped and trying to keep me little if that makes sense? I have to ask permission to go anywhere. Even if I'm just running to the store down the street to get ice cream.
To give a lil info, I do have mental problems and I'm on medicine and in therapy to help with it. I have not been at a job for longer than 2 years and I've been working since I was 18. I have a cosmetology license so that is what I do for work. I tried recently to branch off into something else to see how I liked it and to take a break from hair but I'm ultimately going back to doing hair because it's what I'm good at.
My parents just seem very controlling and obviously yall don't know them and I am painting them in a bad light so there's no way to give accurate advice here because you don't know the full story. They're not abusive, I have a cozy life here. My mental health is drained because of them and they would never forgive me if I just moved out, especially if I left my dog with them.
It's tough and idk what to do, my bf is offering a space for me to stay if I need it but I don't want to have to take him up on that offer. I just need help or a listening ear, I really don't know...
Sorry for such a long post, this isn't everything I wanted to say but its a start. Lmk what you guys think. Thanks.
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2023.03.24 03:50 Honest-Catch-666 PayPal credit and PayPal Cashback world Mastercard DP

note, this is my first time posting about an approval DP so beware with me if I mess up or miss any information about this!
PayPal Credit approved for 2,500$ PayPal Cash Back World Mastercard approved for 2,700$
Oldest age account? 2 years and 3 months Average credit age? 2 years according to Fico scores and 1 year and 1 month according to Credit Karma
Previous credit limits? 2K - Second DiscoverIt - ** opened 3 months ago. ** 1K - Capital One QS 4K - DiscoverIt - ** including the credit limit increase after 1 year **
Oldest card? TargetRed store card with a 500$ limit. ** 2years even **
Current Fico score and which was used? 756 Experian / 740 EQ / 770 TU - ** TU was used for both. **
Why I planned getting both? I plan to purchase some cosplay’s using my PayPal and they’re pricy but imma be saving up money before the purchase. I plan on saving around 500$ to 1K for 3 cosplays. Yes, cosplay. Why so much? Ask Rpc Studio. Lol
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2023.03.24 03:49 SpyrianScum1994 PS+ Premium Games

I was looking at Star Wars games in the Playstation store, and some of the titles I'm most interested in playing are only available with PS+ Premium, I was wondering if I only purchased a month's worth of PS+ Premium, would I still be able to play those game's after the month has lapsed? It doesn't seem worth it to me otherwise.
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2023.03.24 03:49 FrontSecure8437 Finding the right rod for jigging shallow walleye

Hello everyone, i'm having a little trouble finding the rod i'm looking for. Water temps are cold, and most of the walleye I will be after soon, are going to be in the 3-15 ft. range. With that being said, i'm looking for a very sensitive, and super lightweight rod. I pitch mainly a 1/4 oz. jig with a minnow, and as it warms up and the fish get a little more active, I usually mix plastics in. Depending on the current and wind I will use a 1/8th oz. jig as well.
I have never really tuned in on a rod that fits these variables. I have tried many different rods brands, powers, and actions. A few that I found myself using more then others are 6'0 medium fast G. Loomis GLX, 6'0 medium fast G. Loomis GL3, 6'6 medium fast Fenwick HMX, and a 7'0 medium light fast St. Croix Eyecon. While most of these rods have landed me fish, I wouldn't swear by any of them other then the 6'0 medium fast GLX. With that being said, I feel that this rod is a bit more stiff then I would like.
Now that I gave a little insight to what I have been using, I would also like to make clear that i'm looking for a rod that is almost identical to the 6'0 medium fast GLX (it can be longer as well, up to 6'6). However, i'm looking for a rod that is just a tad bit less stiff. I don't want to sacrifice too much sensitivity and add too much weight to find a rod like this. Both of those factors play a huge part in me liking the 6'0 GLX.
Im going to briefly jump back to the list of rods that I have used to explain what I don't like about them, to help you guys better understand what i'm searching for.
6'0 Medium Fast G. Loomis GLX (GLX 722S SJR) - This rod is almost perfect to me, and I want to find a rod that has all of the same qualities (Sensitivity, Lightweight) but with a minor tweak. I find the rod a tad bit stiff. Im being very picky when I say this, but if it had just a tad bit more load to it, I wouldn't be typing this message right now. I would also add 1-3 inches in length if I could.
6'0 Medium Fast G. Loomis GL3 - This rod is older and some of you might not be familiar with it. It is a great rod, has good sensitivity, isn't heavy by any means, and is overall higher up on my list of favorite rods. If I could change anything I would make it have a tad less play, split grip handle, and add a few inches to the length.
6'6 Medium Fast Fenwick HMX - This is an all around fair rod. I like that it isn't too stiff, and has a good amount of load to it. However, it's on the heavier end, taking away a lot of the sensitivity. Walleye have to thump it with some force for you to pick up on it. This time of year, where I am fishing, that isn't always the case. (The medium light version of this same rod has too much play, and when you whip the rod, the tip vibrates around for a few seconds, which I do not like)
7'0 Medium Light Fast St. Croix Eyecon - This is another fair rod, but everything has to be just right for me to pull it out. It has too much play in it, and if the wind is blowing, I wont use it. If its calm out, it is one of the few rods I will be using. The length is a little long to my liking, but that doesn't bother me as much as the sensitivity and weight does. This rod doesn't have the best sensitivity until the rod is loaded up a bit.
Hopefully this list will help you guys figure out what i'm looking for. To make it even more simple, If G. Loomis had a 6'6 Medium Light Fast GLX, I have a feeling that would be what i'm looking for. But I could be wrong since I wasn't the biggest fan of the Fenwick and St. Croix Medium lights. Sensitivity is a huge variable or me.
Another thing that I want in a rod is a split grip handle. While this isn't always an option, I would prefer to have it.
I'm also not a huge fan of colored rod or even colored guides. But if the rod feels right, the color won't bother me.
Finally, the price. Price isn't as important to me when i'm looking for this specific of a rod. If I have to spend $400-$700 on a rod that fits my liking, I will. I have also found that when you get into expensive rods, you get into some very sensitive and high quality rods. Im ok with spending the money. To be brutally honest, if its below $140 I probably wont be a fan of it. That sounds stingy, but once again, being lightweight and sensitive are two huge factors and cheap rods don't seem to cover those.
This list might sound exhausting, but i'm just trying to give you guys as much information as I can to help get me even closer to what i'm looking for.
I am being extremely picky, and I could very well be searching for a rod that doesn't exist, but that is why i'm here making an effort to see if anyone can help me.
Please shoot me some suggestions and I look forward to seeing what you guys have to say!
I appreciate the help.
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2023.03.24 03:49 my-redditing-account Windows 11 File Recovery - What are my options?

(I'm no programmer, don't know any elaborate tricks, don't know how to code much),
Hey All,
So my system is corrupted right now, and basically I'm locked out of my computer, and within the windows recovery environment, I am wondering how I can save all my files to my external using a method a bit better than copying to my external through notepad ( thru command prompt)? Atleast maybe something that tells me what percentage of the file is copied over like regular windows?
Because i have a lot to salvage, and i'd just like to know how long i have to wait for each file. That would be nice.
Let me know if there are some better options for someone in my situation.
Wondering what those recovery people use?
(Basically what happened is, can't sign in without having to sign in to windows account, and then im forced to create a pin, which always fails and the cycle goes on. I've heard my system's all corrupted. Anyway, i originally i could boot from a stored session from earlier but that doesn't work anymore either.)
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