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2023.03.24 03:13 Recent-Impress-9225 I really just started posting on this reddit like 4 days ago and I already got a banger Lmao sorry if I sound like jj but just surprising like the post tho

I really just started posting on this reddit like 4 days ago and I already got a banger Lmao sorry if I sound like jj but just surprising like the post tho submitted by Recent-Impress-9225 to ksi [link] [comments]

2023.03.24 03:13 foxxyfafalove99 What is her type?

She is the adoptive mother of my former best friend. In spite of the fact that she is a white woman, she adopted my former best friend, who is a black girl much like myself.
I remember that in middle school, she gave off the impression to me of being fake (which doesn’t mean that I disliked her, exactly. She was just one of those people who seemed noticeably fake in regards to facial expressions, the way she spoke.) She didn’t seem like someone who had actively ill will or anything like that, though I obviously knew her only as my friend’s parent. She was the kind of parent who had her child around other people a lot/raised her child around people (my former best friend has better social skills than I do, and I do think that that is a factor.) She was not married and didn’t seem to be dating anyone, even though as I said, she looked normal for a woman in her age group.
I remember her as being what I considered to be average looking. She had a gap between her teeth, was not overweight, I seem to remember she had blonde hair when younger (it seems she’s started to grey a bit more which makes sense.) I realized recently that she is actually in her early sixties, even though I had thought she was in her fifties in middle school (well, I suppose she was, but I still didn’t expect that she is sixty-two years old. She started college in 1978, so unless she graduated early and it was never mentioned to me, it seems that she is.)
I remember that she wasn’t (isn’t) well off - they had a house, which is more than my family has (my family has always lived in an apartment complex) but I remember she encouraged my former best friend to start at community college as she mentioned that they didn’t have the money.
She is now a licensed marriage and family therapist (I remember she was going back to school for her degree in psychology when I was in middle school.) She was simply a therapist around 2021-summer 2022. She has been a paralegal for most of her life.
I remember that she didn’t seem extremely sad after her mother died. I think that it was part of the reason as to why my former best friend changed so much around eighth grade, but she never looked especially depressed, even out in public (but I remember she was helping care for her mother.)
I remember we were once gossiping about this INTJ girl in middle school and I mentioned the INTJ HAD A STRONG STARE AND THE MOM ACTUALLY AGREED WITH THIS INSTEAD OF JUST SHUTTING IT DOWN
I do think that something was off about her parenting at some point, even though it’s hard to pinpoint what exactly. I say this because as I mentioned, my former best friend changed a lot in 8th grade and actually became more toxic. I also remember my former best friend would let our friend group talk badly about her mother behind her mother’s back. I believe my former best friend may have undiagnosed depression (I remember in 8th grade she and this girl we hung out with mentioned that they remember being very angry at points in elementary school and throwing things - I heavily had the impression that both were struggling with depression even back then, but my former best friend never mentioned being in therapy.) And in 9th grade my former best friend’s behavior toward me was still quite toxic and unacceptable (I actually remember the mom Encouraged us to hang out again, I think she noticed my former best friend’s had changed for the worst.)
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2023.03.24 03:13 bapadiboopi Fire at SYR1

Was sent outside for 90 mins. Now everyone is herded into our main break room. Currently awaiting to hear if we're going home. Building smells like smoke.
Word is a compactor caught fire and torched alot of boxes. Not sure what's entirely going on.
Weird night to say the least....
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2023.03.24 03:13 x3cx Where to buy JP boxes for Canadians?

Hey guys, any fellow Canadians buy japanese boxes? i am definitely interested in some upcoming japanese WS sets and would like to buy some! Let me know any good and trusted store in Canada/US or even japan with proxy. thanks!
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2023.03.24 03:12 Netagent91 Difference between Urban Logger and Overlander

I have an extremely wide foot and wear a 10FFFF in Nicks sizing (thank you Nicks for making boots as wide my bricks). I have a pair of 6" urban logger and 8" overlanders both in the hnw last. I was wondering if there is a difference between the boots? The Overlanders seem to fit be slightly more snug and secure and look to have a narrower toe shape. The Loggers seem to have a bit more slop in the toe box. I've attributed this to fractional differences since they're handmade but wasn't positive.
I'm looking to get a third pair in rough out that can be a light to medium work boot and have been contemplating either the overlander or builder pro.
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2023.03.24 03:12 Beautiful-Soft2255 comment the best clan in fr3 and the worst clan! i’ll start first. worst clan: LIQUID DEATH & DIRTYMONEY. Best clan(s): killfornia 2 , black bulls, angel runners.

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2023.03.24 03:12 curious_palette What putter brand do you play and what do you wish you played?

Thought it would be interesting see what % of you play what you desire?
I saw someone bring up a point about how Scotty Cameron is such a great marketestory teller of his product since the Tiger win at Masters.
Fast forward 20+ years and it seems ubiquitous VIA mass production (even the CT models to certain extent). Any feeling of exclusivity just seems lost in my opinion.
Was wondering if the demand was still strong or have people started to move on to other brand's premium option or something outside the box VIA putter fitting.
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2023.03.24 03:12 focusrite2i2 Anyone else get this lead contamination notice? Experienced? Trouble figuring out what to choose.

Anyone else get this lead contamination notice? Experienced? Trouble figuring out what to choose.
I would like to have this done but my dad (owner) does not because he fears that they will charge him with some bs bill that wasn't ditectly mentioned (the second page scared him). No water for indeterminate time, and he's also worried of them literally bringing the house down (old 1950s home) for some reason but I understand the fear somewhat.
Honestly, I want to know if anyone is able to provide more info on this, and/or of how long this would take?
Sorry for formatting. On my phone and my screen is heavily cracked.
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2023.03.24 03:12 lapandita Calling all nerds for a Mega Project on PvE

Hey nerds!
We (totemo, myself, and a few other crazies) have decided to start a mega project and would like to encourage others to join us!
If you have looked at the live map recently, you might notice a light blue box on the 3370 line around the map. We have decided this is the perfect line for an around the map ice track!
Here's the scoop: * Any and all are welcome to work on a section of the track * we will have glass pane railings on the +/- 3370 & +/- 3375 lines * the track will be made of packed ice on the +/- 3371-3374 lines * the builder can make supports for the track however they choose to fit in with nearby terrain, please make it look nice * the track will be at y120 (if you use /hud your screen will show "Y 120") * tunnels that need to be made will still need the glass panes at 3370 & 3375 to allow smooth passage through * builder can use lighting of their choice, but should light up the track to prevent spawns * any portals / water elevators / rest stops can be added to the track by players outside of the 3370-3375 area
Image of the track
Image of proposed 3370 line
We would love to see this project worked on by a lot of the community and hope to use it for a giant around the map ice boat race at the end of the rev. So if you are looking for a project and would like to help find a section and start building. I have created an ice field in the SE between SE portal and Solice.
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2023.03.24 03:11 Proudlyretarded Visitors/travelers, what was your scariest and or most shady experience you had while traveling?

I love Colombia and I've traveled there three times. I've been to Bogota, Medellin, and Santa Marta, and I've taken the bus between Medellin and Bogota, and between Santa Marta and Cartagena. However, that's not to say I didn't have a sketchy situation or two present itself to me.
Met a guy on the street trying to sell me that stuff (or his friend was) who was from the US but his mom is Colombian and had some money and they owned property, and later in the evening I was walking along and he spotted me walking past his/mom's place and he called me up to chill or whatever. Red flag situation from the get go, literally hands me a bottle and tries to "put me at ease" by showing me the bottle was untampered with, which of course only someone who is shit would think is a necessary gesture as a normal good person's mind wouldn't go there. I forget the slang term, but he was a wannabe gangster type bullshitter, and he told me some very illegal shit about his past (probably made up) when he got wasted, and long story short at the peak of his inebriation he told me point blank "if you ever tell anyone any of this, I'll fucking kill you n*gga". This scared the shit out of me, and when I tried to leave the door was locked and he wouldn't unlock it for me so I had to basically jump from his balcony onto a busy street in El P. I think the guy was probably full of shit and people tried to comfort me by telling me as much, but it was still a terrifying situation when you're alone and it's your first time in a place that gets a bad rap in pop culture with regards to kidnapping, murder, etc.
To be fair my scariest moments while traveling were almost certainly getting chased full on by feral dogs on multiple occasions while in Thailand, but as far as Colombia this is probably the only really scary situation I found myself in and it was top tier at the moment it happened. Wonderful country full of wonderful people and I wish to return as soon as I can.
With that in mind, anybody have any interesting scary situations that you'd be willing to share?
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2023.03.24 03:11 dag57 This came in a box of goodies from an auction in Saskatchewan. The disk rises a small amount on a thread. The tapers do not turn and the one on the right moves an inch to two inches on the slotted base. Any help identifying would be welcomed

This came in a box of goodies from an auction in Saskatchewan. The disk rises a small amount on a thread. The tapers do not turn and the one on the right moves an inch to two inches on the slotted base. Any help identifying would be welcomed submitted by dag57 to Whatisthis [link] [comments]

2023.03.24 03:11 deevela Soo, 200 down the drain

You know, Its really nice when you spend 200 dollars over 3 years. Paying in a big amount in one day is stupid. But its not nice when your account gets banned and they dont give you anything. I mean, 200 dollars on a game is ALOT. I bought lots of those fab 5 tokens. and i think i should get something. i didn't even do that much, just defending myself against a creep. And yes, i emailed them but they said they couldn't do anything. Not a single thing. this is really dumb. Remember kids, dont get banned cause they will deny it cause this company is VERY unprofessional. Stop buying super boxes too, you can wait awhile for stuff to go down in price.
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2023.03.24 03:11 AutoModerator [Get] Super Lumen – The LinkedIn Ads Course

[Get] Super Lumen – The LinkedIn Ads Course
Get the course here:
The LinkedIn Ads Course
The ultimate course for business owners and marketing managers of larger organisations to learn how to generate a ton of demand for their businesses using LinkedIn Ads.
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How to organise your account like a pro.
How to use LinkedIn tracking, the Insight pixel, how to implement it on your website, and how to use it to analyse your audience.
Remarketing for ninjas – remarketing is essential to stay top-of-mind, and to keep every prospect that interacts with your business interested in you and your products or services.
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Mastering the follow-up. Learn what the big sales teams do with the leads they generate and how to turn the MQL to a SQL (Marketing Qualified Lead to Sales Qualified Lead) to a paying customer or client.
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2023.03.24 03:10 Ok_World6738 40% Off Onion and Potato Storage, Packism 4 Tier Fruit Vegetable Storage Basket with Protective Mats, Rolling Cart Vegetable Storage with Lockable Wheels for Kitchen, Bathroom, Pantry - Black kL

40% Off Onion and Potato Storage, Packism 4 Tier Fruit Vegetable Storage Basket with Protective Mats, Rolling Cart Vegetable Storage with Lockable Wheels for Kitchen, Bathroom, Pantry - Black kL submitted by Ok_World6738 to AmazonPromoCodesGA [link] [comments]

2023.03.24 03:10 variantguy2049 2023 Ducati Scrambler Icon Dark or 2022 Ducati Scrambler Urban Motard?

Hi folks! I was pretty set on the 2023 Icon Dark and even put down a deposit with a local dealer earlier this week, but now another dealer has made a very competitive offer for a new 2022 Urban Motard. The Icon Dark comes to $11,600 out-the-door (MSRP $9,195), while the Urban Motard is $11,000 OTD (MSRP $11,695 but with a huge discount because it's last year's model).
I will mostly use the motorcycle for daily commuting in a major metropolitan + longer highway rides on weekends.
The Motard has a few better specs, such as:
Regarding looks and styling, I like both and only slightly lean toward the Icon Dark because of the all-black aesthetics.
However, my biggest concern about the Motard is that even though it's a new motorcycle (with 5 miles on the odo), I'm not sure how long it's been sitting on the showroom floor and if that's ~12 months, then it might need a maintenance check/basic service right out of the gate. Should I factor in another $300-$400 for that?
I'd love to hear from anyone here who bought a new prior-year motorcycle, any advice on choosing between these two, and/or your personal experience with either. TIA!
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2023.03.24 03:10 PuzzleheadedGap4185 Working on an essay of sorts, anyone interested? i’m more than willing to post it here.

I’m 19 years old, got out of gaming in July and got sucked back during December break, quit about a week or 2 ago after fully deleting everything off my PC.
I’m working on an “essay” of sorts about the downsides of video games/ being a gamer. This is purely out of my own interest and not for some school assignment, and i felt it would be important to share here because there’s a lot of people who don’t really know why they quit or how to stop jumping back in. Plus it’ll help advance my writing skills and keep me busy so that’s a plus.
The essay doesn’t have a word/page count yet but i doubt it’ll be more than 3 pages in size 12 font. I’m using only scholarly sources (so no wikipedia or using the first thing i find in a google search) and will reference all material used from said sources.
I’ll go over the positives of gaming as well so as to not be biased, and things to replace game time with, and everything else i think will help benefit someone.
I may end up posting it here regardless, but is this something you guys would be interested in?
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2023.03.24 03:10 minilmao Odd rectangle found in my travels…

I (236m) recently fell into a well placed goblin trap (I know, rookie mistake, I blame it on my mid-life crisis). I did use a slow fall spell and avoided any harm, but after wandering around the goblin’s cave I discovered a rectangular box. I inspected it and found some writing on the box. It read “Among Us”. I opened the box and there was a shiny disc inside, what I can only assume is a magical artifact. Have any other wizard come across anything similar?
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2023.03.24 03:10 Jacquetherock LFG for D&D (Sunday)

Veteran player of over 35 years (OG) looking for a group on Sunday to get some D&D 5e in. Enjoy eating black pudding and raising rust monsters. Love big natural 20's. I'm a lover and a fighter...actually a battlemaster. Just kidding! Necromancy is my thing! #chuthulu4life #youdownwithad&d
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2023.03.24 03:10 Due_Channel4386 56% Off BLACK+DECKER Orbital Sander, 5 Inch, 2.0 Amp, 12000 OPM, Corded, 1 Sandpaper Sheet and Dust Bag Included (BDERO100) UK

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2023.03.24 03:10 0aass Lesbea Black French and Brazilian romantic pussy eating lesbians

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2023.03.24 03:10 PanPoggerFrogger don’t think that this is sea glass, but i didn’t know where else to go. anyone know what this could be? i found it in an old box inside of my closet, and i have no clue what it is

don’t think that this is sea glass, but i didn’t know where else to go. anyone know what this could be? i found it in an old box inside of my closet, and i have no clue what it is submitted by PanPoggerFrogger to seaglass [link] [comments]

2023.03.24 03:10 ubuysneakers Fashionreps Giveaway Winners Announcement from Alic/

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