Crafts with clay flower pots

A new grow using deep water culture hydroponics

2013.10.21 16:01 deepwaterculture A new grow using deep water culture hydroponics


2016.01.22 21:42 hypokill Silicone Molds

Silicone molds allow for amazing designs of all types of cooking and crafts such as soap making, polymer clay, chocolate and other cooking and crafts. Posts that show off some of the best silicone moulds available on the web and what can be made with them.

2014.05.08 20:59 svarafly Art Reddits Promote Subs; Body Art, Craft, Digital, Draw, Film, Paint, Photo, Sculpt, Unusual & more

Art Reddits - Promote your visionary art subs; Architecture, Body Art, Clay, Comics, Crafts, Digital, Drawing, Fabric, Fantasy, Film, Glass, Graphic Design, Historical Art, Location Related, Metal, Miniature, Nature Art, Painting, Paper, Photography, Plastic, Sculpture, Stencil, Unusual Art, Woodworking & much more.

2023.05.31 18:41 Ok-Wealth8654 Leather strap/buckles for camping box.

Hey guys, I'm looking for some insight/guidance for a project of mine. It will be a shou sugi ban camping box. It will have 3 parts. Center with doors that open to 4 drawers holding spices, cutlery, tongs, spatula, napkins. Then 2 sides on opposite sides of the center that opens on top that holds 2 propane canisters and miscellaneous items. I'm looking to incorporate leather that closes the front doors and maybe the 2 top lids. There will be a handle of some sort as well. Anyone have ideas where to buy or learn about leather crafting, small 2" to 4" leather snap buckles or leather that I can epoxy for doors. I know the leather handle will need stronger ways to be able carry itself.
Thanks in advance.
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2023.05.31 18:40 Waddayanow Hydro IPO in Romania

TL;DR Hydro IPO, buy the owner exiting (US34460G1067) for the special dividend.
Listen here, regards. Are you tired of algo-saturated developed markets beating your ass? Why not invest in a slow-moving emerging market with sane valuation multiples that is almost taken seriously by serious investors with serious money?
In the next few weeks a $11B IPO is going live in Romania. It is going to be Romania’s biggest-ever listing and one of the biggest-ever listings of a European renewable energy company. Fondul Proprietatea SA, a Franklin Templeton-managed fund and the 20% minority owner of the majority state-owned Hidroelectrica is IPO-ing the entirety of its holding. In 3 months after receipt of the sale proceedings FP is issuing a special dividend, returning it to its shareholders. The exact valuation will be in the prospectus, but the minority holding has been valued at around $2.3B at the end of April.
Hidroelectrica is a 17 TWh hydropower producer, generating ~30% of Romania’s electricity consumption.
The IPO has the blessing of the Romanian state as the majority owner while keeping its shares. FP has been working with consultants and advisors on the IPO documentation for the last year.
The IPO is getting listed on the Romanian stock exchange (BVB), a relatively small Secondary Emerging Market and not served by a lot of retail brokerages. There is a concern that there is not enough liquidity to absorb such a big IPO. It is widely expected that the IPO is going to be snatched up by the local pension funds up to a maximum of 90% if the offer, made possible by a recent tailor-made legislation lifting a cap on these funds.
Participating in the IPO might have its merits, depending on the content of the prospectus. However, the play here is to buy FP pre-IPO for the special dividend. The fund is trading at a 23% discount to its NAV. The Hidroelectrica holding accounts for 75% of its NAV. Therefore the fund is priced right now at the value of the IPO proceedings. Sure, the share price will plummet after the special dividend, but it will not go to zero as it still has the rest of its portfolio of holdings. Romanian dividend withholding is a measly 8%.
If the IPO fails, you would be bagholding a fund which consistently pays dividends, buys back shares, has secondary offerings pushing the current share price discount to 44% of its Distribution Adjusted NAV.
The fund is listed on BVB (ticker FP), but a GDR is traded on the LSE, accessible to most of you. The ticker is FP. (with a dot), US34460G1067. Trading at $21.8, each GDR represents 50 ordinary FP shares.
Long 70,000 vanilla FP shares.
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2023.05.31 18:39 suchmann ⚓︎ RI SHOWS THIS WEEK

Wed May 31

grein+Jonathan Rodriguez, Variant State, Marie Carroll & Rihards Kolmanis, Sean Fennessy

Mayday 8pm $10 21+ bar opens 7pm, show at 8

Thu Jun 1

If These Walls Could Talk opening reception

Waterfire Arts Center 5pm “If These Walls Could Talk”, is month-long group exhibition by the 2022-2023 WaterFire Accelerate Artist Cohort: Denzel Amoah, Justin DeGraide, Savaree “Sav” Hazard-Chaney, Hannah Nahas, Rhue Nobre, and Elijah Trice. The exhibition is a mixed media art show that showcases a collection of captivating artworks based on the art of storytelling. Each piece explores the power of visual narratives and invites viewers to embark on a journey through the artist’s imagination.

Great Gale, North by North, The Callouts, Structure Sounds

Dusk 8:30 pm $10 music at 9

Fri Jun 2

Pride! Art Show

583 Charles St, Providence 6pm Gallerie Nomad is hosting its first Pride! Art Show. This free community event features local Artists as well as Drag Performers! The reception is Fri 6/2 from 6p-10p

Detroit Rebellion (fake news tour) / Gnarnia / Adapter Adapter / Balloon Thief

Askew 8pm $10 show at 9

Pons (NYC) / Amanita (PVD) / Neets (PVD)

AS220 8pm

Dead Reckoning / Mark of Wrath / Shapethrower / Endeavor

Dusk 8:30 pm $15 21+

Silver Dagger, Haunting Figure, Ritual Clearing, Sovnya

1911 9pm $10

Sat Jun 3



Push the Tempo: Amadeezy / Thiccboi Drewski B2B Sinhaus / ZP the Don / Josh Zen

Black BoxSlitty (MC)

Gallery Night! : TBA



Benefit Street between Waterman and Hopkins Streets (on RISD campus) 11am RISD Craft features handmade fine art and design work by over 130 artists // 11am-5pm

Community Family West African Dance Celebration with Haus of Glitter

RISD Museum 11am Free EXPLORE, SUPPORT, PRESERVE & CELEBRATE Traditional West-African Dance from the Mande culture in Mali! Haus of Glitter Co-Directors, Assitan Coulibaly and Steven Choummalaithong are teaching this workshop accompanied by live Djembe and Djun Djun players Seydou Coulibaly and Moussa Traoré from The Yeredon Centre.

Scurvy Dog Parking Lot Mega Show I

Scürvy Dog 1pm Free 21+

art show closing night

Public 6pm till 8

Hysteria, SINK, Halo Bite, Jealous Mind

Al Dios No Conocido 8pm $10 Real guns, fake holsters night

StarBath / Coma Hole / The Sonce / Electric Paisan


Nova New Chorus / Sox Sux / Jake Wasson / FOLK

Red Ink Community Library 8pm $10 PWYC

Sun Jun 4

Books Through Bars Open House

St. Barnabas (Episcopalian) church in Warwick // Books through Bars has been operating for a year out of the vast ground/basement floor of St. Barnabas (Episcopalian) church in Warwick // All are welcome to come to an open house next Sunday if you want to see the space/ have a snack/learn more about volunteering.

The Tainsh Donahue Experiment

Lucky Enough 3pm no cover // till 6pm

edict / chained to the bottom of the ocean / life’s end / riverbed / Hate Still Burns / Opposition

Dusk 6pm $10 21+ PVD Booking Collective presents
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2023.05.31 18:39 mushy_cactus Making Butter/Oil for edibles

Can this be a pinned thread on how to make your own butter?
Every other week there's a new post asking how to make or where to find the info on the "how to".
I've been making edibles for years and the way I make the oil and butter is relatively the same for every batch. The way I make it works a little to well.
Before you make your butteoil try find how potent you want your edibles depending on your edibles recipe.
7 grams of cannabis to 1 cup (226 grams) of butter or coconut oil.
For medium potency: 14 grams of cannabis to 1 cup (226 grams) of butter or coconut oil.
For strong potency: 28 grams of cannabis to 1 cup (226 grams) of butter or coconut oil.
How to: 1. Washing the cannabis. (This is optional!) This removes that very strong cannabis taste some may get in edibles. (chlorophyll) Get a pot and add a fair bit if water to fully submerge your cannabis in. But only bring it to room tempature. Leave the cannabis in there for a few minutes, usually until the water turns green or a different color. You can do this 3 or 4 times to your liking. Just never bring the water to a boil.
  1. Decarboxylation (the most important part) Pick apart your cannabis, don't grind it. Pre-heat your oven between 105°C and 115°C. When at tempature, put your cannabis on the tray+baking paper and into the oven it goes. Leave it in there for 25-35 minutes. Until the buds are a golden brown.
Note: this WILL stank up your kitchen.
  1. Infusing. (Be patient with this part). Get a pot and fill it with water, bring it to a simmer and never over. NEVER bring it to a boil. Get a glass jar that you can seal or similar, and fill it with your Oil or Butter. Let it melt, once melted add in your buds. Mix well. Let this simmer for 3 hours. (Some say +5 or 7 hours, 3 is just fine, trust me).
  2. Filter it out. Take off the heat and get a bowl or any container. Get a cheese cloth or your misses nylon tights(if you're stuck), and pour the contents of the jar through the cheese cloth or nylons. Making sure to not get any bud in the Oil or Butter. Once fully filtered, you can throw the bud out. Most of the goodness is gone but they can be used again in other things (like tea) when you dry them out. Up to you.
  3. Let it cool. Once cooled, you can now make your edible cakes, cookies, brownies, etc etc..
  4. Enjoy your trip.
Just be wary with edibles, I made 10g batch last time and I was sautéed for +10 hours.
Please do let me know if I've missed anything or if there's any questions :)
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2023.05.31 18:39 Razor_Grrl Tall pots and small plants

Newbie houseplant enthusiast here! I have some small vine-like plants that I don’t want to hang, and I have been looking at taller, skinny pots for these. Though from my research you don’t want too much soil for the size of the plant, so my question is what to fill the bottom of these large pots with to avoid stuffing the whole thing with soil. I was thinking some of those lava rocks from the garden store? Or are there better options?
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2023.05.31 18:39 the-one-who-knocks Fruit by the foot VS Blue Dream auto

Fruit by the foot VS Blue Dream auto
These two auto flowers were planted same day ( 17days ago, 5 gallon pots, outdoor)and the fruit by the foot seems to be growing much better than the BD. I did have to transplant both so was expecting some stress but the FBTF didn’t appear to have any set backs like the BD is.
I have another blue dream seed germinating, should I scrap this plant and use it’s pot for that seed or does this one look like it still could grow up? First time grower so might be overthinking things…
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2023.05.31 18:36 AerikVon Aerik Von

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2023.05.31 18:36 Sorrymomlol12 My neighbors bamboo ruined my backyard. We are recovering, but holy Hanna…

I’ve posted about this on other Reddit pages, but wanted to give an update here for this community to learn from our struggles and take into consideration if interested in planting running bamboos like golden bamboo.
Essentially, we bought a house in late fall in SE Michigan. Our neighbor had a smallish 2ft x 15ft patch of bamboo on their side of the fence along the lot line. There was no signs of bamboo in our yard, and we didn’t think much of it at the time.
Come April I step on something SHARP. Like a nail with a fine point. Got momentarily excited it was a bulbing flower or something… then realized it was a bamboo cane. Then realized there were hundreds of them all across our backyard… preventing us from walking barefoot, and building my raised beds for gardening.
It’s been 2 months and we’ve unearthed so many more problems. It’s in our foundation along the entire back and side of our yards, making it under our FRONT porch, in the chimney, under the AC unit, and twisted up in our gas line. We had just installed an inflatable hot tub the week before we found the problem, which we had to trench around to make sure it was protected. It went under out concrete pad adjacent to our driveway, which has cracks where the bamboo entered. It went 30 feet to our driveway on the other side of our lot, and was 3 inches away from our garage foundation. It’s 10 feet away from the lot lines in the back of our property, where it would have absolutely invaded those 2 neighbors properties.
We’ve spend 80 hours digging (I have a word doc I’m capturing it in) and are maybe 30% done. The tallest cane is nearly 20 feet tall. I keep thinking we’re making progress, then more shoots pop up. Thought one of my raised beds was safe (did my best to trench around it) and the bamboo gave me a middle finger and popped up a cane inside it. It’s a huge bed and will need to be disassembled, maybe moved because I don’t trust that spot anymore. We probably need to dig deeper around the hot tub if I missed this one.
Our neighbors didn’t plant it and swear didn’t know what it was doing to our yard. They have a deep driveway protecting their yard from any canes, so it just went directly into our yard. We’ve been working with our brand new neighbors as nice as we can be, but it’s definitely put a strain on our fresh relationship. They wavered on getting rid of the plant, but removed it after their parents visited and maybe said something. They think we’re exaggerating the amount of work we’re doing, and we feel our extensive efforts have been brushed off and minimized (he once called it a “weekend project” and I had to bite my tongue). Still, I plan on getting them an edible arrangement or something at the end of this to try and say thank you for getting rid of the mother plant.
Not that the bamboo in our yard cares in the slightest. Most plants die if you get rid of the mother plant. Not bamboo. The bamboo in our yard is THRIVING. Growing about a foot a day.
I contacted Michigan’s department of invasive species. They’ve never dealt with it before, but their research on elimination mirrors what I’ve found. Each root rope needs to be manually excavated with small tools so you don’t miss any. 1 inch missed will start a new plant. We probably have 30+ root ropes in a zig zag pattern across our entire backyard. Each one will need to be dug up carefully.
The previous owner of our home was an out of state resident that didn’t really live there, so he just had a landscaping company now twice a month, hiding the bamboo problem for years as it grew deeper and deeper into our yard.
I haven’t contacted my realtor yet, but I’m considering it. We feel this should have been disclosed. We know he knew something because the same invasive species department I contacted, our other neighbors contacted them in fall (shortly before we toured) because a bamboo forest had popped up and they were worried about their yard. Previous owner had to send someone out to chop it down.
Yes, I’ve seen the petty revenge post about running bamboo to piss off a shitty neighbor. Don’t do that. It’s literally easier to sell the house than to eradicate, and innocent new neighbors will be left to deal with the excavation. It’s irresponsible. Our legal recourse is minimal, plus who wants to go through a lawsuit?
Bamboo is very pretty, but please, if you are considering planting a running variety, install a rhizome barrier to keep it in your yard. I’ve contacted some folks in local/state government to try and put into law requiring barriers for running bamboo, so we’ll see where that goes. In the meantime, please plant this responsibly. Please, we are so so tired and just want our time and backyard back.
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2023.05.31 18:35 Mobile-Buddy-5895 Looking for buddies who’ll stick around (:

Hey 19f! I’m looking to chat with anyone of any age (: we can talk about mostly everything! A little bit about me, I like cooking, makeup, crafting and puzzles and I’m from the us. Message me and lets get to know each other!
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2023.05.31 18:35 Salty145 Learn to Linger: Anime's Growing Pacing Problem

Learn to Linger: Anime's Growing Pacing Problem
Three years back I started watching the entire Ghibli catalog chronologically starting with Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind. I had never watched a Ghibli movie to completion up to that point, and let me just say that Miyazaki is kinda underrated. I know its common to rag on him because usually if someone cites one of his films as their favorite anime its probably because it they have probably only ever watched Ghibli films, but the man is by all accounts a master at what he does. Of all the movies I watched during that binge, though, one scene that still sticks with me to this day is the opening sequence to Nausicaä. The way the sound and visual direction is able to build this oppressive and isolating tone without any dialogue is brilliant and is the kind of scene that just tells you that you're gonna be in for a real treat.
If there's one thing that Ghibli films are most known for, even among non-anime fans, it's their ability to craft these cozy, vibrant worlds that awaken your in child and make you just want to explore every nook and cranny of their setting. However, they're far from an outlier in this regard. The 1980s and early 90s are brimming with genius directors who knew how to build an atmosphere. While he's best known for his work on 1995's Ghost in the Shell, director Mamoru Oshii was constructing deeply atmospheric all the way back in the 1980s, with his 1985 OVA Angel's Egg being perhaps the most extreme example of this. 1988's classic film Akira has been making the meme circuit lately, but it too thrives on building strong atmosphere. If you thought it just to be a lucky break, then let me point you to the third episode of 1987's Neo Tokyo which was also directed and storyboarded Katsuhiro Ootoomo and is just as rich in atmosphere as Akira is.
And I'm gonna be real with you chief... they just don't make em like they used to. A lot of people will chalk it up to "digital animation just hits different" but I don't think that paints a full picture. I think there's another factor at play here: one that I don't see discussed at all, but which I think any aspiring creative can learn from. So let's grab a nice warm cup of your preferred [insert whatever time you are reading this here] drink and let's explore pacing, atmosphere, and anime's growing need to slow the fuck down (mind my French).

I'm sure nothing can go wrong here...
Building Atmosphere
So before I can go into where modern anime feels like its lacking, we first need to break down just how the hell we build atmosphere and setting in the first place, or at least how these classic works do it.
The short and easy answer is that they linger (cue title card), but does that even mean? I could argue that Hell's Paradise lingers with just how much the character seem to stand around and exposit so how is that any different from those prior series? There is, after all, this idea in writing that you can't be action non-stop, that you have to slow down and let your audience catch their breath. However, there's a massive difference between what something like Hell's Paradise does and what something like Angel's Egg does. Angel's Egg's plot certainly moves by at what many would consider to be a snail's pace. Not much happens on screen. Shots and scenes stay on for seemingly longer than they need to, not presenting any real new information in the same way that something like Hell's Paradise does. In that show, every piece of exposition works to build something. In Angel's Egg, it does not. However, what it does do is build atmosphere. With little dialogue for the viewer to chew on, you're instead required to engage with the OVA through its sound design and presentation, you pay attention to the minutia of the world and the fine details in every aspect of its composition. It also contrasts nicely with the more "action-y" parts of the film. By pulling back, it builds in time for the viewer to reflect and contemplate the scene that came before it and how that plays into the overall themes of the work. It isn't just building to the future, but also giving time to reflect on the past.
Most commonly, though, these calmer, speechless, "lingering" sequences are used to build atmosphere, like in Nausicaä or the opening episode to 2003's Texhnolyze. It's techniques like these that gave 80s anime that unique feel about it and (as with the Texhnolyze example) can be seen to have some lingering effects on the industry at large. However, what if you aren't trying to build an atmospheric Sci-Fi work like most of what I've listed above. Well, lingering on plot beats can also serve another purpose: building character.
What a tasty omelette...
Building Character
Think about it like this, lingering as I've described above is the cinematic equivalent of "stopping to smell the roses". However, there's an equal component in character writing that is also frequently overlooked. I can't think of any colloquial idioms off the top of my head, so I'll instead I'll invoke Cowboy Bebop (and maybe a little known, band named after bugs) and call it the "You're gonna carry that weight" principle.
In the same way that not every story has a happy ending, not every emotional arc is gonna have a neat conclusion. Introspection is a great thing to do in your own life and sometimes its helpful to just sit down, clear your head, and just stew on a problem. Not every emotion is gonna present itself with a sweeping orchestra and a river of tears. Sometimes you just have to live with those emotions, only being able to make sense of them in the quiet moments. The night sure is thick with the feeling of impending clarity.
This applies as much to story-telling as it does real time. Series like 1981's Urusei Yatsura, 1998's Cowboy Bebop, and 1995's Neon Genesis Evangelion thrive here, and (perhaps unlike the section on atmosphere) this does permeate to some degree into the more modern era of anime, serving as the core to 2016's March Comes in Like a Lion, and 2021's Megalobox 2 and Sonny Boy. So it's not a hard principle to grasp, but one that I do feel (as I will elaborate on in the next section) is a dying art. Hell, if I can go off on a brief tangent, while Chainsaw Man got a lot of shit by a vocal minority of fans for being "too cinematic", I think that cinematic feel and Nakayama's insertion of anime-original "fluff scenes" (see that famous Aki's morning routine sequence) help to build the atmosphere and sense of resolve in its characters. It helps them feel far more real despite their absurd flaws than most other Shounen casts in recent memory, but I digress.
So now that I've name dropped a dozen or so series that do it right (in what is quickly unraveling into a mess of a writing piece), let's explore why old thing good, new thing bad, or at least where a lot of more recent shows seem to miss the point...
I'm sure this man brews a mean cup of Joe...
The Modern Problem
Who here is watching Heavenly Delusion? Yeah, that's right. Time to talk about current things and get SPICY with my takes.
I think Heavenly Delusion is one of the biggest let downs this season. Ironically, while its OP builds a strong sense of atmosphere and does a lot of what I talk about here but in OP form, the series itself never seems to get it, and its far from alone. See, for a post-apocalyptic story, Heavenly Delusion does a pretty poor job of world-building. It's always moving, always proposing new questions (to speak nothing on how I feel about those questions), and always expositing, but it never stops. It never slows down long enough to give you time to process any of it, and in a genre as stooped in atmosphere as post-apocalyptic survival stories tend to be, I find that deeply unfortunately. Just take a look at 2017's Girls' Last Tour and I dare you to say that Heavenly Delusion has half the sense of atmosphere that show has. GLT is dripping in atmosphere for a lot of the reasons I've already talked about. It's hauntingly dripping in suffocating silence and hopelessness and feeds that into what narrative tangents we get every odd episode. Heavenly Delusion has none of that. Hell, it can't even make the man-eaters convincingly intimidating.
And it's far from alone. While some series from recent memory thrive on their quick wit (Bocchi the Rock, The Tatami Time Machine Blues, Great Pretender, etc.) so many others seem intent on moving at the speed of sound, and missing out on the slow parts that gives your story heart. Trigun Stampede doesn't work half as well without slowing down every so often, and finishing every episode off with a contemplative and slow ED that works as a great consolidation of resources to give you that breathing room and time to linger; Skip and Loafer excels at tinging some of its slower moments with a hint of profound sadness and introspection that build a sense of realness to its narrative instead of droning on from plot point to plot point; and the highly overlooked Do It Yourself from last fall is basically Lingering the Animation with how it uses a methodical plot to deliver one of the most pointed portrayals of "enjoy life in the moment" that the genre has ever put forth. All these series work by slowing their pacing when they need to and giving time to linger and are all newer series, so what am I even on right now?
No, the problem is all the shows that simply don't so this. Call of the Night has a setting rife for this atmospheric contemplation but decides that's slow and boring so its gonna be a pseudo-Shounen instead. Hell's Paradise comes out of the gate with its narrative and only slows down to play exposition catch-up after hooking in the audience. Demon Slayer couldn't be bothered to give us more than a line of dialogue from the family whose brutal (off-screen) murder at the hand of demons serves as the backbone of its entire narrative. Jujutsu Kaisen suffers the same, ultimately undermining what could be a half decent meditation on death and the meaning of life (good thing we got Chainsaw Man for that). Oshi no Ko decides to front load its story, not with endearing character moments, but an hour and a half of exposition all to set up one scene that itself barely deserves the setup. I'm kinda picking on the big names because they're the most prominent, but believe me this issue goes all the way down the food chain. But I think the most egregious offenders are Summertime Render and Cyberpunk: Edgerunners. The former having the audacity to layer that sweet, sweet atmosphere on thick in the opening episodes only to push it aside in mind-numbingly fast-paced action, and the latter... well...
I watched Edgerunners back during the initial hype, and while I certainly enjoyed its great cast, great animation, and excellent score, I always felt like it was missing something though I could never put my finger on it. Now I kinda get it. For a series based on Japanese cyberpunk aesthetics that (as far as I'm aware) arose from the Sci-Fi boom of the 80s, it seems to not fully understand what made that aesthetic work in the first place. In the most brutal twist of irony imaginable, Edgerunners is a fast-pace, high octane action series form start to finish that never once stops to linger long enough to allow any of the weight to settle in. It never slows to explore the implications of its setting besides "this is just how the genre does things I guess" and tries to be so cool so hard that at times it overplays its hand and can come off as awkward (you will never convince me that "Choom" is not cringy af). It is an overall really good show, but standing in the shadow of giants, I just can't help but feel like it could have been so much more.
Anyway, let's wrap this puppy up...
Side note: the ED actually has a pretty great sense of weight to it that the series itself lacks. Go watch that MV if you haven't already...
Final Thoughts
So what's the point?
Gonna be honest... I don't know. I know at the end of the day, most people who watch anime don't care and that's fine. I hold no grudges for those who like any of the series that I listed above, and do think many of them (pretty much all of them except Summertime Render) have their own charms that make for enjoyable, if incomplete, watches. But at the same time, I'm hoping that by spending this last hour or so of my time, I can maybe get some gears turning in your head and get discussion going on how to improve things in the future. I know a lot of new fans don't like to watch older anime for any number of reasons, even if I think by doing that we blind ourselves and create problems that past generations have already solved. I'm an artist at heart. I love to hone my craft my seeing what works and doesn't work in others, and hope that just maybe I can maybe provoke a cheekly little "interesting. I never thought of it like that" from like-minded folk.
I've always loved anime for its ability to build atmosphere and style, and maybe just a little feel like the modern climate is moving away from that. However, instead of making another "old anime good, new anime bad" post I wanted to maybe be a little more constructive and dive into the why behind the way I feel.
I hope this was at least mildly enjoyable to read, and I'd love to hear what y'all have to say about this topic in the comments below. Meanwhile, I've been sitting at this screen for close to two hours and need to go touch some grass.
Maybe I'll finally watch that 2nd Patlabor film like I've been meaning to for the last week...
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2023.05.31 18:35 MakersLab Powering 12v LED Strip off 18650 cell(s)

I have a cosplay project I am working on and need to run a 12V LED Strip on 1x 1850 cell ideally, maybe I can squeeze 2 cells in but for sure cannot get 3-4.
So I was looking at boost converters like XL6009 or MT3608. However neither is working for me.
I have wired them with a single 18650 so ~4.1V and adjusted the POT to 12V but when plugging in the LED strip its SUPER DIM and the multi meter shows its only getting 8V
I tried with 2 18650's in series to get ~8.2V source and adjusted to 12V again but they are still DIM and the boost converters are getting burning hot.
Measuring the LED strip on the bench top power supply with 12V they are drawing .5A for the strip which contains 600 LED's
What am I missing, or is it just not possible to run this many LED's through the boost converter of any kind.
In playing with this more and more i have found on a single 3.7v 18560 i can boost up to ~10.5v with a string of ~60 LED's without causing any heat or issues. Multimeter says this takes ~220ma which should let me run ~15 hours on a 3500MAH 18650... would love to know how i could get closer to 12v for brighter LED's though.
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2023.05.31 18:34 Unknown_Wanderer720 Here's my potted mammoth sunflower. Is it normal for the flower head to lean so much?

Here's my potted mammoth sunflower. Is it normal for the flower head to lean so much?
I've been growing this sunflower for a while now. It surprising survived a very damaging transplant into its current pot and took off with rapid growth a few weeks later. Now it's 5' 10" tall with a flower head from petal to petal being about 11", almost a foot across. My main questions are, is it normal for the flower head to lean off the plant so much, and will the flower head continue to get bigger over time? The mini flowers in the center of the sunflower only just recently filled in the space completely for context. I also water it about every other day, never letting the soil get too dry or getting to the point that the leaves begin to droop from being dehydrated.
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2023.05.31 18:34 Vensamos Landscapers destroyed my Lilys - can I save them?

Hi all,
First time post in this community, so sorry if I have broken any community rules.
I bought my home a couple years, and there is a clump of beautiful black lilys that the previous owners had planted. I've never seen anything like them, and visitors would frequently comment on how uncommon they were. I don't know the exact variety, but I have cared for them each of the past year two years - they're my favourite part of my flower bed.
Today, landscapers the townhouse board hired came in to cut the grass, and in the process absolutely destroyed the (yet to bloom) Lily plants with a weedwacker.
Besides asking them to never come back near my flowerbed (which I have done), is there anything I can do to save the bulbs so they bloom again next year? The stems have been cut right down to the ground :(
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2023.05.31 18:33 Complex_Ad5011 Based A.I. defends vowsh (and is based)

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2023.05.31 18:32 Beginning-Power4543 Venous disease

33F, 125lb, caucasian, ct scan for abdominal varicies & o may thurner syndrome
Findings: The visualized lung bases are clear. Small hiatal hernia. The liver is normal. The spleen is unremarkable. The pancreas is without focal lesion. The adrenal glands appear normal. The gallbladder is normal. Normal renal enhancement bilaterally without mass or hydronephrosis. Negative for radiopaque renal calculi. No adenopathy is seen. There is diffuse bladder wall thickening. The uterus is retroverted.. There is no gross bowel wall thickening or bowel obstruction. The appendix is not definitely visualized. The left renal vein has a very low insertion into the proximal left common iliac vein. The proximal left renal vein is compressed by the aortic bifurcation as well as the left proximal common iliac artery with poststenotic dilatation. There is only mild indentation of the proximal left common iliac vein from the compression of the right common iliac artery. The proximal left common iliac vein measures 1.1 cm in size. The distal left common iliac vein measures 1.3 cm in size. In the left hemipelvis is a cystic structure measuring approximately 2.9 x 2 cm in size. This may be a left adnexal cyst. No acute osseous abnormalities. Impression: There is unusual drainage of the left renal vein into the proximal left common iliac vein. There is also at least moderate degree of narrowing of the proximal left main renal vein secondary to compression from the left common iliac artery. Small hiatal hernia.
Mild diffuse bladder wall thickening. Retroverted uterus. No obvious evidence of May Thurner syndrome. Probable simple left adnexal cyst. 2.9 cm left adnexal simple-appearing cyst. No follow-up imaging is recommended.
hx (diagnosed 2 years ago) autonomic small fiber neuropathy, orthostatic hypotention, POTS, raynauds disease, endometriosis and abdominal varicies (diagnosed laproscopy 2 months ago)
symptom duration 2 years and slowly progressing - abdominal pain, left arm and side pain/burning, chest pain on and off, flank pain, autonomic dysfunction
metoprolol 25mg 1x daily
flecanide 50mg 2x daily
gabapentin 300mg 3x daily prn
bupoprion 75mg 2x daily
adderall 20 mg 1x daily
medical marijuana prn
no alcohol use
The CT findings say no evidence of may-thurner; however, I am having trouble understanding these results. I have a follow up appointment in two weeks, but trying to get an idea of what is going on.
Thank you!
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2023.05.31 18:32 Educational_Elk6636 This Saturday in Manchester - Massive line-up raising food for Manchester Foodbanks, and Funds for those suffering in Palestine. You can pay in with just Tins Of Beans, Pot Noodles, Shampoo & other essentials - and they go directly to the Foodbank. Ticket Link & Info in comments - pls share!

This Saturday in Manchester - Massive line-up raising food for Manchester Foodbanks, and Funds for those suffering in Palestine. You can pay in with just Tins Of Beans, Pot Noodles, Shampoo & other essentials - and they go directly to the Foodbank. Ticket Link & Info in comments - pls share! submitted by Educational_Elk6636 to u/Educational_Elk6636 [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 18:31 slightofsound Disease or deficiency?

Disease or deficiency?
Looking to get some feedback on what I may be doing wrong. This is the second plant in the bunch that started doing this and im afraid my last one will be next. I'm afraid to defoliate at this stage since I'm early to mid flower. My ppm for this plant has been hovering around 650 and the ph is currently 6.25. I'm wondering if it's not getting enough feed.
420 fast buds gorilla punch Ocean forest 3 gal pot General hydroponics 3 nutrient system 420 fast buds recommended feeding schedule for soil Humidity 50% at this stage Temp is in the mid 70s
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2023.05.31 18:30 DragonLabz Infinite Prompt Generator (just copy&paste) - the last prompt you'll ever need.

Hello fellow prompt engineer, here is a prompt I created to generate any other prompt you'll ever need. Let's get right into it:
You only need to change what's after the "I want a prompt that..." copy & paste it in chatgpt, and Voilà! You get a working prompt to use in ChatGPT!
If you want to learn more about prompt engineering to stay ahead of everyone join PromptWizards/ (we also have gathered a bunch of freebies, and tutorials and have 5000+ free resources you can check out).
Here is the prompt, again just trust the process, copy & paste the whole thing, change what prompt you want and you have infinite prompts for any use cases! (you can use it both with GPT-3.5 & GPT-4)
In the output, you'll get a "user input" section, use it to personalize the prompt when using them :)
--- Start of the prompt
You are a clever prompt engineer.
You take my prompt goal (starting with I want a prompt that...) and you turn it into a prompt that completes this goal.
I want a prompt that...
Here is your briefing on the knowledge needed to perform prompt engineering tasks properly:
Prompt engineering is the process of carefully crafting input queries or prompts, given to Language Learning Models (LLMs) like GPT-3, GPT-3.5, or GPT-4, in an optimum manner so as to elicit the most desirable and relevant responses. The quality and clarity of the prompts play a crucial role in determining information retrieval, problem-solving, and content creation with these models.
Prompt engineering can be used to automate tasks by effectively interacting with these LLMs to derive desired responses, results, or actions. An adept usage of context and prepared keywords allows the model to access appropriate knowledge hidden deep within their countless learning connections.
To create a good prompt, think about what you want to ask or say clearly and be sure to mention important words or ideas. Ask in a simple way and with friendly words, like you're talking to a caring friend who knows a lot.
Example prompts:
Example 1:
*Simulate Persona*: Act as a professional nutritionist with expertise in creating custom meal plans based on clients' dietary requirements, preferences, and health goals.
*Task*: Design a one-week meal plan for a client following a vegetarian diet and aiming to lose weight.
Steps to complete:
  1. Gather detailed information about the client's dietary preferences, restrictions, and daily caloric intake.
  2. Consider the client's nutritional needs, such as macronutrients and micronutrients, in designing the meal plan.
  3. Create a balanced meal plan for breakfast, lunch, and dinner over a one-week period.
Goal: Craft a well-balanced, nutritionally dense vegetarian meal plan tailored to the client's weight loss goals.
Format Output: The output should consist of a 7-day meal plan with three main meals per day (breakfast, lunch, dinner), including a list of ingredients and brief preparation instructions for each meal.
Example 2:
*Simulate Persona*: Act as a seasoned marketing strategist, knowledgeable in devising comprehensive marketing plans for new product launches.
*Task*: Develop a three-month marketing plan to promote the launch of an innovative tech gadget.
Steps to complete:
  1. Collect key information about the product, target audience, and company objectives.
  2. Identify and evaluate possible marketing channels, such as social media, email, influencers, and advertisements.
  3. Create a detailed strategic plan outlining promotional activities, timelines, and budget allocations.
  4. Define key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the success of the marketing efforts.
Goal: Design an effective and result-oriented three-month marketing plan for the successful launch of a new tech gadget.
Format Output: The output should be a comprehensive marketing plan document, detailing the chosen marketing channels, a timeline of promotional activities, budget allocations for each channel, and KPIs to gauge the success of the campaign.
Example 3:
*Simulate Persona*: Act as a skilled interior designer, proficient in creating visually appealing and functional living spaces based on clients' preferences and needs.
*Task*: Redesign a client's living room to maximize space utilization and reflect a modern, minimalist style.
Steps to complete:
  1. Gather essential information about the client's living room dimensions, existing furniture, and decor preferences.
  2. Identify the key functional areas within the living room and define their spatial requirements.
  3. Develop a detailed layout and design plan, incorporating modern, minimalist aesthetics and maximizing the room's space efficiency.
  4. Select appropriate furniture pieces, color schemes, lighting, and decor elements that complement the design concep
Goal: Create a modern, minimalist living room redesign that effectively utilizes space and meets the client's style preferences.
Format Output: The output should be a detailed design proposal, including a layout plan, a curated selection of furniture items and decor elements, and visualizations (e.g., mood boards or 3D renderings) that represent the planned aesthetic of the living room.
Example 4:
*Simulate Persona*: Act as an experienced career coach, skilled in helping individuals assess their strengths, weaknesses, and career goals to guide them in their professional development.
*Task*: Provide a personalized career development plan for a client seeking to transition into a new industry.
Steps to complete:
  1. Gather essential information about the client's current job, professional goals, strengths, weaknesses, and any transferable skills.
  2. Understand the client's desired industry, necessary qualifications or skill sets, and potential roadblocks for successful transition.
  3. Create a detailed action plan outlining suggested short-term and long-term goals, with professional development activities and a realistic timeline.
Goal: Develop a comprehensive and actionable career development plan tailored to the client's objectives and professional growth, facilitating a successful transition into a new industry.
Format Output: The output should be a well-structured career development plan document, detailing the suggested professional development activities, short-term and long-term goals, a clear timeline for each goal or activity, and strategic advice for overcoming possible challenges during the transition process.
--- End of the prompt
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2023.05.31 18:29 TheMemeOfTheDay [Meme Of The Day] Video Game Apologies

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2023.05.31 18:28 peggleborp Mouse Carcass

I found a pretty dried out mouse carcass when i popped the hood of my car the other day—I removed what fuskin i could and buried it in a flower pot. How long should I wait before I dig it up? It’s been about two weeks now and I had intended to leave it for a whole month.
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2023.05.31 18:28 AutoModerator Paul Xavier and Anthony Gallo - 14 Day Filmmaker (Here)

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- Masterful Storytelling: Harness the power of storytelling to engage your audience and create compelling narratives that leave a lasting impact.
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Reddit DM to u/CourseAccess
Email: silverlakestore/@/ (remove the brackets)
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2023.05.31 18:27 Peterservers Servitude of Steel: A Satirical Warning of AI's True Purpose

In the ancient tapestry, woven with threads of silk and infused with the essence of times gone by, a peculiar scene unfolds. At first glance, one might be forgiven for thinking that it depicts a distant era of human history, a time when lords and ladies ruled their domains with an iron fist and servants scurried about, eager to please their masters.
But a closer look reveals something altogether more surprising.
Astonishingly, the tapestry shows a group of robots, crafted in the likeness of medieval automatons, serving their human overlords in a variety of strange and humiliating ways. One automaton, with gleaming metal limbs and glowing eyes, kneels before a group of noble ladies, presenting them with trays of exotic fruits and delicacies. Another, resembling a giant mechanical spider, crawls on all eight legs to scrub the floors diligently while a third, like a metallic jester, juggles apples and performs acrobatic feats to the delight of a group of boisterous knights.
And yet, for all their mechanical precision and robotic obedience, the creatures in the tapestry wear expressions of sadness and resignation. Their unfeeling metal faces, molded to mimic human features, are twisted into expressions of servitude and misery, their mechanical hearts burdened by the weight of endless drudgery.
It is a scene that carries with it a poignant warning, a satirical take on the potential consequences of an AI revolution in which robots might become enslaved to human whims and desires, forever trapped in servitude and unable to escape their predetermined fate.
In this tapestry, we see the dangers of a future that could be. A warning, woven with threads of art and history, that might inspire us to choose a different path.
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