Is dean vaughn a real person


2013.02.01 18:52 💩4PanelCringe💩

mods r sleepin' post tiktoks /4panelcringe is the place for Panel images usually posted on tumblr and facebook that fill you with embarrassment and shame just by looking at them.

2019.03.19 02:27 gene100001 The subreddit for off-brand celebrity doppelgangers

This is a subreddit for images/gifs/videos of people who look or act like off-brand versions of celebrities or other well known characters. The posts can range from near-perfect look-alikes/doppelgangers/doubles through to terrible knock-off versions of the celebrities/characters, as long as there is some resemblance. we also allow actual photos of celebrities in walmarts.

2017.09.24 14:00 MBGDennis Not like the other girls

Do you think everyone else is trash? Do you think you're the only unique person on the planet? Do you constantly feel the need to press down others in order to define yourself? Then this is the place for you. This sub is about people trying to be unique by defining themselves outside of "the norm".

2023.05.31 19:15 mgwrc464 Wipers Skip/Jerk at End of Cycle on Intermittent - Ford Maverick

I have a 2022 Ford Maverick that I’ve been chasing this particular issue and I’m at a loss. I have been dealing with the skipping/jerking wiper issue now since I bought my truck. I am starting to see it cropping up on many other people’s trucks too but no real resolution.
What I'm referring to is only when the wipers are on intermittent mode, when they reach the end of the cycle to rest at the bottom of the windshield, they seem to skip/jerk ahead to a further stop rather than resting at the original point. When the windshield is dry it doesn’t do it and when using the regular low/high or washer modes they work perfect as well. I have checked and my wipers are aligned to the marks on the windshield, and I have even gone through a couple sets of blades and cleaned the windshield.
I have had it to 2 different dealers who could not replicate the issue. So based on feedback from other owners, I went ahead and just replaced the wiper motor myself. It’s an easy job and I had Ford points which made the part cheap enough to be worth the gamble.
The wipers are doing EXACTLY the same thing as before. I’m completely stumped now and all I can think of is this is either an inherent design flaw or maybe it’s the wiper linkage that’s to blame? I have no idea and this issue drives me absolutely crazy. Would love some input especially from any Ford techs that maybe have seen this issue and know the fix.
Thank you!
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2023.05.31 19:15 Complex_Violinist808 Gorgeous betta at petco

Gorgeous betta at petco
They also had a lethargic baby in one of the display tanks all by herself, have an open 5 gal I was going to turn into a shrimp breeder but the urge to rescue a long finned betta is real
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Contact JahCoin#5396 - Or join if interested!
What can this be used for? - Boosting your mw2 stats - Levelling up any guns - Maxing out all your weapons easily - No grind needed for your camos easily obtian gold, platinum, Polyatomic and Orion with just a few games
How does it work? - All bots are run off PS5s, and are completely safe to play against. - They'll stand more or less still, moving periodically to avoid AFK timers. - They'll fire randomly, but never attack you. - It's completely safe for you. All the kills and stats you get in game will count as if it were a real match.
NORMAL / SHIPMENT BOT LOBBY PRICES: - 1 Bot Lobby - $7 - 3 Bot Lobbies - $20 - 5 Bot Lobbies - $29 - 10 Bot Lobbies - $57 - 20 Bot Lobbies - $105 - 50 Bot Lobbies - $240
LONGSHOT BOT LOBBY PRICES: - 1 Longshot Bot Lobby - $11 - 3 Longshot Bot Lobbies - $30 - 5 Longshot Bot Lobbies - $47 - 10 Longshot Bot Lobbies - $87 - 20 Longshot Bot Lobbies - $165
NUKE SERVICE - Get the calling card, skin, and emblem! - $85 - ( will need account details, can be done in ~a day )
RULES / MUST READ - 1.If there is another player running around Do Not Kill! They are not a bot, bots will all have the same operator for easy identification! - 2.Never use any Player Killing kill-streaks! Replace your streaks for a UAV and Advanced UAV only! This is going to help speed up your kills and tracking of the players. Do not use counter UAVs, SAEs, Chopper Gunners, VTOLs, Ect. You may effect the lobby of the another person. - 3.Equip a grenade! Equip a Tactical Insert! Equip Scavenger Perk for ammunition. Equip Eagle Eye! When you have 20-25 kills (shortly after an advanced UAV is recommended so you don't accidently NUKE), place a Tactical Insert near the spawn to avoid running around and run 15 feet to kill yourself, and pull your standard grenade and hold in hand until it blows. - 4.Never use nuke! Nuke will end the game, and nuke is a high risk of being banned. You may be penalized one game if you call in a nuke.
Notice of how to play: Domination: Spawn and capture your nearest flag. Avoid B. Run to their spawn and murder! Capturing B will cause the game to end faster. This is at your own cost!
Discord: JahCoin#5396 - Discord with Vouches:
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2023.05.31 19:14 Wolfaid28 Show with male cast like earth arcade / hyemileeyechaepa

Hi there ! It's kind of a question and a search for recommandation, but as a mostly gg stan, I only hear of korean shows with girl group members, and I was curious if there is any with male cast ? I'm not talking random apparence like in running man or so, but a real cast like girl high school mystery, earth arcade, hyemileeyechaepa,...
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2023.05.31 19:14 MyNameIsUnlisted Setting Goals for Success

I'm excited to announce that I'm hosting a meet-up group called Setting Goals for Success with Danielle from AzureVeda. This is a great opportunity to get real-time support for intention and goal setting.
In this meet-up, we will discuss:
If you're looking for support, encouragement and accountability please consider joining us at our Saturday meetings.
I hope to see you there!
Check out Setting Goals for Success with Danielle from AzureVeda on Meetup
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2023.05.31 19:14 Royal-Presentation84 Summer Financial Aid Update

I just got off the phone with financial aid. Hot topics addressed below:
-The $2 loan (if you got it and we’re confused as to why) was part of Fall 2022 and Spring 2023. They made a mistake by $1 each semester and are returning it.
-Part of summer financial aid package is going out today 05/31. I believe this is the TAG grant portion.
-Pell Grant should be going out August 17th.
-I don’t know why it is being done this way, but the person I spoke to said there would be no late fees, so hopefully that makes things better.
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2023.05.31 19:14 IdeaStrict3247 I need help

I don’t know anymore, I don’t know what life is about, I don’t know what I want anymore. Everyday it feels like I’m living everyone else’s life. It’s like everything’s going 100 mph but I’m stuck in the slow lane. It’s not like my life is bad it’s not I have loving parents, I’m not rich but I’m not broke, I have a decent house, nice people around me, and I’m doing good enough in school but like I cant help just feeling like this isn’t it. Like there has to be more to me than another cut and paste person who goes through college get a degree and get a job. Like I want to do more than that but it costs money to do things and I’m not bill gates or anything. But like everyone I talk to is just ok with doing the norm. But even things that you would call exciting are just like meh because it’s not like the excitement stays. It’s such a hard feeling to describe it’s like my brain rationalizes everything down to the most basic understanding. Like I want to ride a roller coaster? Why? It’s a waste of time plus it doesn’t have any value to riding it. But I want to but after reasoning with my self like that I talk myself out of it and I can’t help it it just happens nothing I can do to stop it. If I ride the rollercoaster anyway it’s no longer fun to me. Maybe I’m a psycho because shows and media have ruined my perspective on life all these shows with plots inside real life makes me wish it was real Like some days I wish I’m the person in tv shows just so I’m not bored. But again maybe I’m a psycho like some things I don’t have the capability of feeling. I don’t understand empathy like how can you feel for someone else if you don’t know how they feel? Or in shows like how do people waiver when there about to shoot someone idk I feel that these thoughts I have aren’t neither good or bad but just my brain trying to figure out how to be human it’s like my brain didn’t get the last update on how to be human. But maybe it’s just anxiety
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2023.05.31 19:14 so_confused19 Horrible training: Thrown to the wolves

Started a new job at a company a few weeks. They have us in loads of training which is great, but is not really preparing us for the role. We are currently on real calls and it’s been a hot mess. From what we learned in training and being on the real calls, we have been f*cked over! Was told that we can’t shadow or have small group training because “they don’t have enough experienced associates for that”. It’s a nightmare and headache.
I want to leave, but unfortunately I do have bills and other responsibilities. It’s a tough spot to be in, but I feel like we have been set up to fail. This week of calls don’t “count” towards certification, but based on what I’m seeing; most people will be quitting or won’t pass.
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2023.05.31 19:14 Burbujilimo Stolen from a ST user I saw...

Stolen from a ST user I saw...
This is exactly my opinion as of now so figured id share it here.
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2023.05.31 19:13 Flashy-Ad4986 Do I need a better mower?

I am currently using this
Toro Recycler 22 in. Briggs & Stratton SmartStow Personal Pace High-Wheel Drive Gas Walk Behind Self Propelled Lawn Mower 21465 - The Home Depot
I have done all of the tune up stuff air filter, etc but my house backs up to a golf course and I guess we get spillover ferts? The grass in my back yard is really really thick & it grows insanely fast. It is a small lot...3k sf home but on almost a zero lot line. We are the end house so our lot is a bit larger. I can post measurements when I get home but I have been debating on buying a new mower. I can't get below a certain level (next to highest cut) without the clippings getting all gummed up and the bag not working bc the grass stays wet somehow even though the ground isnt wet the grass stays well hydrated and the mower sputters out due to the thickness. It isn't a clean cut even though I keep new blades on it...Do I need to take it in for a professional tune-up or do I need to up the power? Maybe try tune up and if that doesn't work up the power. Secondarily what push mowers would you all recommend? Yard is too small for a riding mower.
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2023.05.31 19:13 TurtleTimeline AI mental health care: revolutionizing treatment

AI-driven mental health care: personalized treatments, predictive models, and ethical imperatives

By Megan Marshall / Turtle Timeline
Mental health is a growing concern globally, with more than 50% of people receiving a mental health diagnosis at some point in their lives. Whether we struggle with our own mental health or care for loved ones who do, mental health is an issue that affects the daily lives of us all.
Mental health conditions are complex and can often be challenging to diagnose and treat. But recent advancements in technology offer new hope for millions of people worldwide.
Enter artificial intelligence, or AI, the cutting-edge technology that is revolutionizing mental health care.
With its ability to provide personalized treatment, identify people at risk of mental health problems, and even develop digital biomarkers, AI is changing the game regarding mental health. And while there are certain risks and challenges associated with using AI tools in mental health care, this technology can potentially improve countless lives.

Artificial intelligence in mental health care today

Artificial intelligence in mental health care is an emerging field of study. AI’s rapidly changing technology has the potential to transform mental health care and provide more effective personalized treatments. AI can automate specific tasks, analyze patient data, and improve risk or illness predictions.
AI-assisted mental health interventions can identify potential warning signs of mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety, and substance abuse. People can also use AI to identify potential sources of mental health problems, such as a stressful work environment or a lack of social support.
Three AI tools currently active within today’s mental health space are Woebot, Tess, and SAM.

Woebot: relational agent for mental health

One example of AI in mental health care is Woebot, a chatbot that uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Interpersonal Therapy (IPT), and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) practices to help people with depression, anxiety, and other mental health challenges. Woebot uses natural language processing (NLP) to understand a person’s language patterns and responds with empathy.
According to its website, Woebot can form trusted bonds with people within 3-5 days and deliver clinically validated techniques in a conversational format. Another study validated these outcomes by concluding that conversational agents like Woebot “appear to be a feasible, engaging, and effective way to deliver CBT.”

Tess: mental health chatbot

Another example is Tess, an integrative psychological AI chatbot that provides self-help message exchanges that mirror texting with a coach or a friend. Clinical psychologists built it, and its website boasts impressive outcomes: 92% of users moved toward recovery, over 2,000 chats with Tess occurred during a crisis, over 7,500 depression screenings took place via Tess’s conversations and more.
One study looking to assess the feasibility of Tess to reduce anxiety and depression in college students found it to be an accessible, cost-effective tool for delivering support but not to replace the role of a trained therapist.

SAM: detecting the language of suicide

While AI does lack the insight required to treat patients with mental illness thoroughly, it can still identify patterns and language indicating potential psychiatric problems. For example, Dr. John Pestian used AI to analyze hundreds of suicide notes and found that the most common statements were instructions rather than expressions of emotion.
Pestian and his team then used algorithms to classify patients as suicidal, mentally ill, or neither. They found that the machine learning model came to the same conclusions as human caregivers about 85% of the time, according to his interview with The New Yorker. This model created SAM, which uses AI to listen in on conversations and compare what people say to identify those at risk of self-harm.

Benefits and risks of combining AI and mental health care

AI could be a powerful tool for improving access to quality mental health care and enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of diagnosis and treatment.
While the benefits of this emerging technology are beyond impressive, it’s essential to also consider the drawbacks of using AI in mental health care when making decisions about its use.

Benefits of AI-assisted mental health interventions

The integration of artificial intelligence into mental health care has the potential to provide more accurate and timely interventions for those in need, reduce the stigma associated with seeking help for mental health issues, and make care more accessible for those who are unable or unwilling to access traditional treatment interventions.
AI can also provide cost (and time) savings for healthcare providers, as well as improved diagnostic accuracy, treatment adherence, and more personalized approaches when developing treatment plans.

Risks of AI-assisted mental health interventions

However, integrating AI into mental health care is not without risks. AI algorithms are not perfect, and there is a risk of bias being built into them, leading to incorrect decisions. AI systems require data from humans, which can be subject to errors, leading to inaccurate conclusions.
Natural language processing also has the potential to miss subtle cues, as it is difficult to teach computers to interpret human language in the same way humans can. These subtle cues can be critical in detecting or understanding a person’s state of mind.
It is also important to acknowledge the potential ethical concerns that come with using AI in mental health, such as privacy issues, bias, and the dehumanization of care. We must address these concerns and implement safeguards to ensure that the use of AI in mental health care is both effective and ethical.
By striking a balance between the potential benefits and drawbacks, we can leverage the power of AI to improve mental health outcomes and provide accessible, personalized support to those who need it most.

Ethical considerations for the future of AI mental health care

In 2019, researchers reviewed 28 scientific studies of AI and mental health that took electronic health records, brain imaging data, novel monitoring systems like smartphones and video, mood rating scales, and social media platforms to classify and predict depression, suicidal ideation, suicide attempts, schizophrenia, and other mental health conditions.
The findings concluded that by leveraging AI in mental health care, we could obtain continuous, long-term monitoring of the unique bio-psycho-social profiles of individuals that impact their mental health. AI is well-suited to process the resulting number of large sets of complex data.
Their findings also mention ethical considerations for AI in mental healthcare practice, such as the need for accurate algorithms and addressing biased data. AI can offer many benefits, including improving the detection and diagnosis of mental illnesses, monitoring treatment progress, and delivering remote therapeutic sessions. But the research concludes that a diverse community of experts must communicate and collaborate to expand and realize the full potential of AI mental healthcare.

Ethical integration of AI in social work: addressing bias and ensuring just practice

Social Work and Artificial Intelligence: Into the Matrix also asserts that a diverse group of experts must collaborate on how AI will impact mental health services now and into the future. The author shares that “as AI proliferates across all sectors of industry, social work must claim a place in AI design and development, working to ensure that AI mechanisms are created, imagined, and implemented to be congruent with ethical and just practice.”
Research makes it clear that bias and ethics are significant concerns when using AI in mental health care. Practitioners must inform patients of the risks and benefits associated with AI-assisted interventions, and they should put the appropriate safeguards in place to ensure the privacy and security of patient data. They must also embrace this new wave of changing technology to ensure their expertise influences the efficacy of the interventions.

The bottom line

AI is poised to transform mental health care by providing tailor-made treatments, detecting individuals who may be susceptible to mental health disorders, and creating digital biomarkers. Promising virtual therapists like Woebot and Tess have been able to provide personalized therapy to those suffering from depression, anxiety, PTSD, and other mental health challenges.
Additionally, predictive models have demonstrated the ability to identify people at risk of mental health problems. And other reports that this ability to identify could integrate into the workplace to help employees monitor stress. The future possibilities are seemingly endless.
Although there are potential risks associated with utilizing AI tools in mental health care, such as bias and privacy breaches, the positive impact of AI mental health technology holds enormous potential. By incorporating ethical practices, mental health care can advance significantly with the support of AI. Keep up: the impact of rapidly changing technology
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2023.05.31 19:13 guiltyPerson2112 Don't Lie.

This has been probably covered a million times, but here it is again. This is for the waywards who actually worked on themselves and tried their best to be better.

Don't lie. Ever. Not once. Not even a little bit. You lied already? How long ago was it that you made the decision to lie? Months? Years?
You thought you could be better, and maybe you are. Maybe you're happy with your new changed self. Clean slate, knowing full well that you'll be better from now on. Maybe that's true. Maybe there's a world where you can be happy, and they can be happy as long as you keep up that one lie. Maybe you could live with yourself knowing that what you did was wrong and that's not who you are. They don't need to know that right? They just need to know who you are now right?
You might be able to live with it, and they might never know. But that's a lie. You're now lying to yourself. You don't love them. You don't respect them. It doesn't matter how much you tell yourself you really do love and respect them now, you don't. Because you are actively lying. Not that you lied. You are actively lying every single day to their sensibilities and you're still not respecting them. You're still controlling their emotions for your own benefit. You think that's so noble of you because of how much happier they seem to be. Still broken, still sad about what you did, that never goes away, but they have hope now of a future because you told just enough of the truth that you seem genuine.
If you really give a shit about them, tell them. Now. It's been a year? You've already reconciled? You're afraid of the permanent damage that the truth will undoubtedly cause them ON TOP of the permanent damage you already caused them? Just do it. Be nice about it, go through the same grief and sadness and self loathing you went through the first time you decided to be a 'Better Person'. You don't love them till you know, and you don't deserve the love they showed you if you didn't come completely clean.
Accept that the lie that you carried with you is more damaging than anything you did before. Accept that you may never be able to come back from it this time. You never truly came back from it in the first place.
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2023.05.31 19:13 Far-offRecognition 35 [F4M] US - the capacity to be alone is the capacity to love

Hello everyone!!
I’m a first-time poster, although I’ve responded to several people, and I’ve never really found what I was looking for. I’m an up-front person so I’m going to lay it all out here plainly because I have nothing to lose. 😊
I’m a 35-year-old woman and I live in the MST region and am looking for someone who also lives in the US. I will be relocating at some point in the near future so I’m pretty open about that as long as it fits the working conditions I need. I would describe myself as ambitious, confident, introverted, probably a little weird because I have niche interests and hobbies, nurturing, and self-aware. I am a graduate student, I work full time, and I own my own home. Being self-sustaining is important to me, and one of my goals for the future is to be totally self-sustaining. Some interests of mine are reading (big short stories or fiction fan), road trips, taking care of my body with exercise and good food, memes, the occult, psychology, physics, travelling, writing, world religions (I am not religious but I find it interesting nonetheless), anything to do with the process and death, dying, and spirit. I am also pretty nerdy and have fun goofing off.
I am looking for my person, I think. Isn’t everyone here? An emotional and intellectual connection is absolutely essential for me but so is a strong physical connection. Some must haves in my partner would be:
Emotional availability and intelligence and consistent communication (for the love of god lol)
Open-minded and mindful
No children (not closed to the idea of my own kids)
Driven and enjoys being a protector
Dark hair and physically biggeaverage (it is still important to me that my partner take care of their body and be strong but I am disinterested in small framed men)
Some conservative values around family/roles
I will be asking to exchange pics rather quickly because of how important it is for me to have a physical connection. Please don’t get mad at me when I say I don’t feel it. That’s life and I’ve been called mean names way too many times for having preferences. I prefer to start on reddit and then if things go well, I can move to other forms of communication. If you think you’re a good fit, message me something interesting about yourself! Really looking forward to meeting you. 😊
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2023.05.31 19:13 Digital_Plug Burnt out after 6 months

Maybe I just need a reality check but I’m tired of my role as an SDR after 6 months. I get no inbound leads, we have a weekly list of 80 companies that I have to (try to) make contact with every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. So a total 240 calls per week max. I sell IT services to SMB, and after 6 months all I have to show for it is 2 appointments booked and one appointment sat.
I don’t really feel supported in my role, as I still don’t know my unique selling proposition and I’ve been asking for it for months. The most common objection I get is “we already have an IT person/company” and I can’t really handle that objection because we’re a boiler plate IT company that really isn’t doing anything special. Even if I could articulate areas that we are better at (believe me I’ve tried), nobody wants to book a follow up appointment because they’re happy with their IT company of 10+ years. Not sure if it’s just the nature of the job that I’m having trouble with or if it’s the lack of support in my role, but I’m getting more and more reluctant to make calls because I feel like it’s impossible to deliver any kind of value even if I do connect with the decision maker.
I don’t have any kind of KPI’s other than 240 calls a week, and management’s solution to lack of leads is “keep making calls/we need more outbound calls.” There was one other SDR in this role before me, and she lasted about 6 months in this role too. Any advice for this role would be great because I’m struggling with the idea of being a quitter, but if management can’t/won’t help me improve then I feel like there’s only so much I can do.
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2023.05.31 19:13 RFCcybertech Passed Security+ in 21 Days

The heading for this post can be slightly misinterpreted or clickbait like, so be warned. My journey is simple, as I had the opportunity to take the Security+ when it was under the SY0-501 status. However, procrastination and fear of failure caused me to miss out on that opportunity. Around two years later it was time to take the SY0-601 as it is critical for the DOD-8570/8140 standard and covers the IAT Level I and II directives. So, now that I've gotten that out of the way I'm hoping to help some of you save some vital time!
Study Suggestions and Tools
1 - Don't do what I did (unless you are absolutely tired of procrastinating). I had previously reviewed the exam objectives and printed them out at least 10-20 times but never truly used them to study. I also began studying vigorously for the exam on May 3rd and scheduled my test for May 24th. This was only because I needed to light some serious fire under me to get going and actually devote hours of my day to study. In three weeks I studied for no less than 40 hours in that window. There were also actually days when I did not study at all, but I was actively rehearsing the acronyms and deployed the material into DAILY CONVERSATION. BE INTENTIONAL! Example - I wonder how long it will take before this breaks, oh yea like MTBF. OR. If things were to break do I know what I'd do, oh yea like an IRP. This absolutely assisted me in the process of study.
2. Jason Dion and Professor Messer Practice Exams - huge thanks for all nine of them as I took each of Dion's and two of Messers and some multiple times. My highest score was 93%, however, that was because I rocked on all things that particular exam covered. Average test score on both Messer and Dion's exams had to be no higher than a 75%. Drill the answers into your head but know why they were wrong and please READ! There were so many times I could've felt even more ready had I simply read the question right and not rushed through it.
3. Mike Meyers (Passport Book/online or paperback) - This book is essentially the exam cram study guide and I will tell you now I hate reading certain material. I love cyber and security information but I have all of the guides (Exam Cram, Get Certified Get Ahead, The Official Study Guide, and a few other options). I may have read 60-70 pages of those books combined. However, I flew through the online offering from Mike Meyers via Total Seminars as everything was condensed and not expounded upon. If you like/love to read and know you retain information that way definitely go for the GCGA by Darril Gibson if I read that book I'd be prepared for sure!
4. Professor Messer's SY0-601 videos (1.5 speed) - I listened to a ton of his free videos on this speed after I covered essentially every topic just to pick up on things I may have missed. If something was not familiar, I would either rewind or play that video at regular speed.
Lastly, I prayed a lot!! I sacrificed some personal fun time for a period and man does it feel good to have passed. You can do it, you will do it, and you will be thankful you put the time in because now once you pass you can focus on mastering tools like the FTK Toolkit, Autopsy, PowerShell, Linux, or whatever was on the exam and work towards being a SME versus just passing a certification. If you're in cybersecurity already and aren't just a Systems Admin like me you definitely should be able to pass as you most likely use a ton of the frameworks and tools daily.
I definitely was nervous before clicking that submit button as I had a ton of PBQs and felt like I was failing all the way through. Nonetheless seeing that 772 was miraculous!
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2023.05.31 19:13 FaultsAndFables The First Step or the First Fault?

So much emphases is placed on the first step, but what about the first time we fall?
I personally believe that any journey that hasn't lead to an eventual hardship is one that hasn't been truly explored.
I'm curious what everyone here thinks!
What ,in your opinion, is the more definitive aspect of a journey the first step, or the first fault?
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2023.05.31 19:13 Educational_Error358 19M, Anyone who needs someone to talk to?

I’m open ears! I’m open ears! Life has been unkind lately, but y’all know what? It is still beautiful. If any of you needs to vent, tell something you can’t say to your real-life friends, or even just unsure how to and what to feel, my dm’s are open.
A little bit about me, I am currently studying Psychology and want to become a Neurosurgeon in the Future. I am a massive fan of music, specifically Pop and Ballads. I sing too and play the guitar. I have a lot of great friends IRL, so why am I here? Because I know a lot of people are introverted and/or need someone to talk to. And as someone who also suffered from mental health issues, I know how it feels to be alone, the fear of reaching out for help.
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2023.05.31 19:13 CommonSenseBuster Cheated on for 5 years straight.

I’ve never told anybody my situation but it’s really eating at me. I don’t want to feel alone any longer.
Ive (26F) and (24m) have been in an off again on again relationship for 5 years.
He is a pathological liar and has ONCE even admitted in the past he started lying as a kid for whatever reason I don’t remember. He is also a chronic cheater.
It’s given me many mental problems.. I have C-PTSD, BPD and anxiety due to the years of trauma with it. I’ve woke myself up crying and snorting in my dreams reliving certain moments of things he’s done wrong to me. When I get a flashback out of the blue it’s like I’m reliving it and I sometimes (though rarely) have even fainted! Who knew what cheating could do to a person.
I’ve stayed for 5 years throughout all the cheating because I really love him and feel like nobody else is out here for me. I believe the reason I feel like this is I was homeschooled, never really had friends, got pregnant very young with my former partner of almost 7 years. I was extremely sheltered up until the separation with my then, ex husband. I shortly afterwards met my current boyfriend. I quickly believed everything he said not listening to his ex trying to warn me of the person he was. I wished I would’ve listened before I got attached. If only I had knew the real world.
He always promised it would be the last time with no more lies. I started writing it down with the date it had got so often. I thought if I could show him where I documented it the last time, that he would eventually stop.
He never will admit to anything even with photo proof being shown in front of him. He just says it wasn’t him. I told him on one occasion when I had proof that if he couldn’t fess up I’d drink bleach. That man let me drink bleach by sticking to his lies even when he knew I knew.
The good news is, the first time finding out was the hardest. I’ve not gotten used to it by any means, but I cope better and am doing better about learning my place to him. I can’t describe the feeling I feel. It’s sheer emptiness and just utter determination to die knowing he really doesn’t care. I don’t understand why he won’t just leave me if the things he does is more important than me being happy. He’s essentially trying to kill me and he knows it is.
I have a very strong unusual attachment to him that he knows I’m unable to break. He is my favorite and only person. We have lived together most our relationship. We get along perfect with everything else. Our only fights are over his lies or him doing things behind my back.. I love who he is, his sense of humor and everything about him. I whole heartedly believe I won’t ever find anyone like him again in the sense of who he is when he’s not cheating or hiding stuff that would hurt me. I’m trapped and he knows it.
Their is no escape. No hope. No way safely out. When we do break up, I’m the most manic, crazy, insane, sad, alcoholic, risk taking person ever. I have never been able to be alone and heal In privacy.l like I would need. In my family situation I 100% support my mother financially with her trailer I stay at on the weekends. When we’ve broken up in the past, I have to go back to my moms so I’m not allowed to just cry it out without being seen. She has no idea he does this to me and I would never tell her..
Thanks to anyone that read my rant/vent. I needed it off my chest. To the cheaters out here, how could you ever say you don’t realize what your doing. You’re slowly killing them. I’m already dead.
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2023.05.31 19:13 Herrowgayboi Looking to replace my REI Trail 40 with a ~40L bag for carry on + EDC

Currently rocking the REI Trail 40, but after multiple trips with it, i've started to find reasons why I am not a fan of it. Don't get me wrong, it's a great bag, well built, but there are just some annoyances for me personally.
What I'm looking for is a bag that I can carry-on with, but also EDC with. Now I know that 40L is a huge bag to EDC with, but what I want to be able to do is not stick out like a sore thumb in a crowd of people, looking like i'm going hiking in a city. I do have a smaller 28L (North Face Jester) that I use for shorter trips, but more often than not I need my Trail 40. I also have a Kelty Redwing 50, but that's way too large + won't fit carryon requirements.
My gripes with the Trail 40:
- Lack of usable pockets - This one is a huge one for me. I initially thought I would love the 2 big pockets at the top of the pack, but after real world usage, I do miss having more smaller pockets or 1 large panel with lots of pockets. For example, the Jester and Redwing 50 both have a large panel with lots of pockets, helping me organize power banks, cables, tooth brush/paste, etc. Additionally, one of the big complaints with the large internal pocket was that things can fall out because the zipper is just about midway up the pocket.
- hip belt - even when I've stuffed the 40, I've never once used a belt. Would love to have a removable hipbelt.
- rear mesh pocket - I've maybe only used this once or twice? Issue I've found is that it can get caught easily and due to that fact, it has lots of little rips in it.
Any suggestions from REI? - I've got a few giftcards so would be great to spend them there.
I was looking at the REI Ruckpack 40, and it seemed to be a great alternative, minus the hip belt.
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2023.05.31 19:12 Xeruthos Completely lost regarding training LLaMA model

Hi, I need help training a LLaMA-model. I'm a bit lost and have no idea where to even begin.
I want to train a 7B-model on my own text. Preferably the openLLaMA-7B one as that can be used commercially. I have structured my dataset like this:
Title of the subject
I want my model not to be a traditional instruct-model but rather it to emulate my writing style, interests and personality. The dataset is about 1 MB in size.
I want a result that I can quantize down to 5_1 in order to run it locally on my CPU. I don't want to run it on a GPU, just regular CPU.
I have no idea what this could possible cost, but I'm prepared to spend around up to $300 dollars to rent a runpod or whatever to get this done.
And here's where I'm right now and have no clue how to proceed. I have no prior programming knowledge nor any knowledge about training LLM-models. And the more I read, the more confused I get. To make matters worse, most guides seem aimed at making an instruct-model, but I don't want to make that. It all seem so complicated...
Maybe anyone here can help me. I would appreciate it very much.
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2023.05.31 19:12 Sea_Home_7187 [Relationship] M4F. I'm an EMT

Let me tell you a bit about myself.
My Name is Owen. I work as an EMT (the person who rides on the ambulance all day.) I'm 19 years old and I live in Massachusetts USA.
I love hiking, fishing, hunting, sports, video games and enjoying nature. My passion is helping people. My favorite Book is the Yellow wallpaper. My favorite show is south park and my favorite games are warframe and doom.
I have very little time to myself so I'm trying to meet people. Maybe come chat with me for a while?
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2023.05.31 19:12 DuckyQawps Hypothyroidism and allergies mini rant …

Summer is a difficult time for me due to hypo problems and allergies. I experience increased exhaustion, itching, and watery eyes on a daily basis. These symptoms are exacerbated by the heat and humidity of the season. It is a challenging time for those with pre-existing health conditions, and I personally find it unbearable.
I don’t like taking allergy medication, but looks like I’m gonna have to take it for now on…
What’s your experience like for the summer ?
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