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2015.06.15 11:41 NaiveNarwhal Home of the Dance Gavin Dance AMA

According to /Music, the Dance Gavin Dance (June 27 @ 1 PM PST) will be taking place on "/PostHarcore". They probably mean /PostHardcore , but I figured it might be good to have our bases covered.

2019.01.08 02:22 TheJSwizzle AccidentalJonMess

Things that sound like they could have been written by Dance Gavin Dance vocalist Jon Mess but weren't

2023.05.28 19:03 neitherhollyseither Xavier G - When The Lights Go Out [Dance-Pop]

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2023.05.28 19:02 Snoop3212 Dear Serine/Natalia

Stop. Just stop making a fool out of yourself. The tiara is ridiculous and not in a cute way. You are N O T the Queen of T.T. You barely keep 150 ppl in the room, 100 of them despise you. In the few months I've watched you, you have said and did many reprehensible things.
Things like eat your toenails. Things like licking peanut butter off of Jess's chest. You've said the R word. The N word and the C word repeatedly.
Things like going live while using the toilet. Or dancing terribly for dollars. Things like berating your family on live. Things like saying your niece and nephew are effed in the head.
Things like lying about a friend passing to get gifts. Then keeping items meant for the supposed grieving family. No one asks for lip scrub and salt and vinegar chips to cope with loss. I could go on. Hopefully there will be more things you've done that ppl can add to the comments.
The point being your are a shit stain on the underwear of this app. Lies. Corruption. Pandering. Manipulation. You are as gross as they come lady. I've used a lot of large words in this diatribe, I hope you understood them. Now go away.
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2023.05.28 19:02 Szofferino Why am I always feeling anxious after going to parties where I know a lot of people and I am socialising a lot? How to overcome this?

I (23f) have this tendency to feel really anxious, awkward and embarrassed the day after I go to a party, especially music/dance events. For those who are unfamiliar with the whole scene, these events are packed with people, and usually a smaller community where everyone knows everyone and I see many familiar faces. I am talking about music events, such as raves or disco nights, taking place in clubs or other bigger venues in my city (I live in Europe). I am also a university student, and I have a large social circle, thus it is common to bump into people I haven't talked to for weeks/months.
What happens is basically I get 'socially high' (especially after drinking alcohol), and open up way too much and too quickly when I talk to someone. I just really enjoy myself in these social, vibrant scenes, and I am literally thrilled when I bump into someone I know, and start talking to them immediately. It's like I lose all my social boundaries and overshare with people, and I usually get waay too private with them too. I compliment random attendees for their outfits, offer my cigarettes to strangers etc. I am just being generally too kind. It's like I am in a different, alternative reality where everything is perfect, everyone is my friend, and I have absolutely no worries. Basically, the entire time I spend at the party is a 'catharsis' and I do not watch my behaviour, I act like a happy little child. I also have a feeling that I never want the party to end, because then I have to return to reality, and face my daily struggles. Towards the end, I usually get very depressed that I soon have to go home, and try to have a last drink, or cigarette outside.
Then, the next day I always feel very regretful of things I said, or information I overshared. I also sometimes lie or overstate small things with my friends, just to win their attention for a second, and I feel extremely embarrased and guilty over it. I consider myself a balanced and normal person in my everyday life, and I just do not understand why I cannot control myself at these parties. I really wish I was less enthusiastic, and I always promise myself I would behave, and then I never do.
I feel awful about this whole issue. I see other people acting similarly, especially under substance use, but I still feel like everyone is ashamed of me and talks about me behind my back. The worst part is by all means my guilt, and the embarrasment. It got to the point where I fear to go out with my friends, because I am scared I would have a too good time and lose my boundaries. It is actually out of my control, I can feel that I want to shut my mouth and I just cannot. And the next day, I just cannot stop thinking about things I said or did, I overthink every single moment or interaction I shared. I know it is just my anxiety, and is not real, but I cannot stop.
I think I have just gone too crazy recently, as I study and work full time, and whenever I get the chance I go party to blow off some steam and relax. I wish I started attending less toxic, more conventional events, such as a book club, board game night or just a civilised, non-drinking dinner with colleagues. I feel like I would equally enjoy that, but unfortunately, these are really rare in my generation and even if we plan something like it, it turns into a wild night out.
How could I fix this issue at my age? I am 23, and I have been going out since I was 15. Still, I never experienced anything like this when I was younger.
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2023.05.28 19:02 NicholasL365 Roblox dances

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2023.05.28 19:01 ertvmedias Scan X – Xenomorph (@ScanXmusic)

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2023.05.28 19:01 Kindly_Run9867 A siren of the seas, a beauty dances with the breeze.

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2023.05.28 18:59 rrvvs This queue feature should be across the whole platform rather than just songs you play after searching them.

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2023.05.28 18:59 Chalkarts The Manifesto of Meh.

I wrote this after a brief exchange here and wanted to share it. It is my hope to bring some peace of mind to the community. Amongst you there will be eyerolls and those who just cannot accept this philosophy, I expect that. But, in the spirit of this entry, meh. I hope some of you see the value.

Meh is regimented Apathy.
It’s a method of acceptance and effortless living.
If you find yourself in an unfortunate situation, or emotionally hurt or rejected, fall back on the 10 year rule of Meh. If it’s not going to be important enough to affect your life 10 years from now, then it’s not important now. Flunking out of college will affect your future, throw a little effort at it. Some girl at the bar turning you down, meh. In ten years you won’t even remember that she existed.
Only 3 things really matter at the end of the day.
Hospitals, Homelessness, and Prison.
Avoid those 3 things and the rest is window dressing.
Your wardrobe isn’t important. High fashion is high effort. Dress comfy, the only people that care about your shoes are people who spent too much on theirs. Have fun, doing the things you enjoy doing, and don’t make anyone's day worse in the process.
This isn’t nihilism. This isn’t saying “nothing ever matters”.
Those 3 things matter most and a great many things go into avoiding them therefore matter by association.
For example, in the case of Homelessness, your job.
Your job matters because it helps to prevent you from becoming homeless. In most cases, Income is necessary for housing. Therefore, maintain hygiene, go to work, and play the silly game where you pretend that your coworkers are interesting and you enjoy being there. Then you go home and forget the job until you have to remember it again. Turn off your phone, get a faraday bag if you have the means. They can’t bug you if you disconnect. If your job demands you be available 24/7, it’s not a job. That’s indentured servitude.
A cleanish house matters because filth can lead to an infestation which can lead to eviction. If your landlord does inspections and sees a pile of dirty take out containers overflowing the trash can beside the couch, they may not renew your lease. Don’t leave food lying around.
Familial relationships can also be important for preventing the loss of housing. If possible, be at least on friendly terms with some family members. If the universe tries to knock you down(it will), have a couch to fall back on.
Avoiding hospitals can be more difficult because emergencies happen. The universe may decide to relabel out of date sushi, or hit you with an SUV, but those are things that you can’t control and must be endured. Meh doesn’t have the power to overcome a shattered spine, you’ll need to care about that one.
Avoiding hospitals is more about not doing unnecessarily hazardous things.
“I wonder if it would be fun to go for a jog through this dog park wearing a meat suit?”
Don’t do stupid dangerous shit. Don’t try to beat the yellow at the intersection, or jaywalk across a 5-lane. If you see an angry mob coming your direction, get out of the way. Those people have no Meh.
Staying out of prison should be the easiest of the big three to manage.
Just, Don’t do crime.
No one really cares if you smoke weed.(depending on location) Very few people consider that crime any more. But know your limits. Don’t smoke while on a stroll through the park or at the grocery store.
Don’t do REAL crime. If it’s not your stuff, leave it alone. Don’t hurt people that don’t hurt you first(Physically. emotional harm falls under the umbrella of meh.) Just stay off of the radar and out of the system as much as you can. When the cop randomly runs your ID, try and make his screen come up blank or boring.
Particularly avoid doing things that double or triple up.
“Imma spend all my money on this car, race it at 150mph through town, and plow it into a tree.” You are now in the hospital, broke and without transportation which will leave you homeless, and the cops want to have a talk when you wake up...You did this to you.
Beyond those scenarios, Meh.
Don’t waste effort, physical or mental, on things that don’t matter.
A coin is the ultimate expression of meh.
What do I want for lunch, Mexican or Burgers? *plink* Heads, Mexican it is. I keep an old Eisenhower dollar coin I found in my wallet at all times just for meaningless decisions.
If you don’t make anyone’s day worse by being you people may not flock to you but they’ll probably accept you. “Yeah, that’s Dave, he’s alright.” is superior to “Ugh, Dave's coming, let's go.” It takes more effort to ruin someone's day than it does to just nod, smile, and walk on by. You don’t need to make small talk, just look busy enough to be left alone.
Once you’ve fulfilled the bare minimum requirements to avoid being homeless, hospitalized, or imprisoned, you’re good. Do fun stuff. Whatever your fun stuff is, games, museums, clog dancing with dogs, it’s all good. As long as you are harming no one with the results of your actions, Meh. Find the places where the fun stuff lives. Go to those places. No more effort is required. Go to those places often enough, the other people there will come to know you. Once they’ve come to know you, do something to make their day better, no matter how miniscule, and they’ll come to love you.
Go to the craft aisle for a second while you’re at the store already, get a cheap bulk sheet of peel and stick googly eyes. Cut it up into pairs, and just hand 'em out at work or school. It will brighten peoples day for an insignificant amount of effort.
Is it buying friends? Kinda, but for .05 per person, it’s pretty affordable to see who sticks around.
They may not bang you, but you won’t be alone.
We live in an era of unprecedented connection, yet feel entirely disconnected. Meh, let the good times roll and see who they bounce off of.
It's philosophy that has served me well for 30 years. I recently read about Bai Lan(let it rot) and had to laugh. Many Chinese youth have weaponized Meh as a way to invoke social change. When I first read it I thought, "I've been doing that for decades. Mehehe"
I hope this helps someone here.
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2023.05.28 18:58 DorkyDutchman 30 [M4F] West Michigan, USA - Looking for a healthy, stable, reciprocal, happily-ever-after kind of love :)

My name’s Tyler and I live in Holland, Michigan. I’m white, 5’9”, wear glasses and have a beard, and will laugh at all your jokes. 😊 I’m a witty, selfless, loving, hardworking, nurturing and honest man, and I’m looking for something committed and monogamous, hopefully for long-term.
I want something healthy, communicative, and reciprocal. I’ve never had that before, and I don’t want to give all of the effort, attention and affection I have to just myself anymore. I haven’t dated in the past year and a half because my last relationship was filled with dismissiveness, gaslighting projection, and narcissistic behavior that no one deserves, so after focusing on my mental health and very slowly building myself back up, here I am. 🙂
A little about me: I love Seinfeld, nature walks and slow dancing. I shamelessly wander the LEGO aisle whenever I go grocery shopping, and have a huge major soft spot for sentimental music. Major brownie points if you love music from the 50s through 80s as much as I do. 😁
I’m looking for a girl between 23-29 that’s curious, gentle, kind, sweet, supportive, can keep a conversation going, and wants someone who does the same as well.
It’s important to me that you live independently, don’t have kids, drive your own car, and have a strong work ethic. Valuing cleanliness, organization and good hygiene is also essential. Why is that so much to ask for these days?
I look forward to hearing from you! 😊
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2023.05.28 18:58 Tenebo Coup le Dance - An Arma 3 event trailer

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2023.05.28 18:57 Boop108 Afro Samurai: Resurrection, Cool Looking Crap is Still Crap

This article contains a lot of film stills. For a fully illustrated version please click here -
Afro Samurai: Resurrection is a hyper-stylized anime film from 2008. It’s half hip-hop and half chanbara. Unfortunately, it includes the worst of both worlds. It does include some of the good stuff, but it is drowned in a sea of misogyny, racism, and stupid crap.
I could have ignored some of the macho bravado for the sake of entertainment, but it was Samuel L. Jackson’s character, Ninja Ninja, that got the nausea ball rolling. Ninja Ninja belongs to that great pantheon of minstrel-inspired abominations like Jar Jar Binks. Ninja Ninja is a sassy sidekick who delivers lines like, “I’m happy ‘cause I smile all the time!” It doesn’t help that he was written by a Japanese man named Fuminori Kizaki.
While you are busy trying to cringe your way past the racism, the lead character, Afro, and his assistant, Ninja Ninja, make their way to a strip club. Once there, we are treated to a mindless pink montage of objectification. I can tolerate the big, half-exposed breasts of the villainess. It’s not the greatest thing ideologically, but as part of the anime tradition, a little bullshit can be overlooked. It’s when there is an entirely unnecessary scene dedicated to nothing more than making women’s bodies into decoration that the bullshit gets too deep.
The villainess, Sio, is voiced by Lucy Liu, and someone named Bin is voiced by Mark Hamill. The characters don’t say each other's names much, and some of their names are just numbers, so it’s very hard to figure out who is voicing who. They got Rza and Ghost Face Killer from the Wu Tang Clan to make the soundtrack. It was fine. Some of the mixing of hip-hop and samurai culture is fun. There is a scene where a DJ plays hip-hop at a traditional Japanese festival while everyone dances around in kimonos.
The real kicker is the hero. Chanbara, like spaghetti westerns, often have morally ambiguous heroes. The lead samurai is usually haggard and world-weary, but Afro is past being haggard. He is closer to an emotionless psychopath, leaving nothing but death and suffering in his wake. Afro is not a figure of black empowerment, he is an empty parody of the bitter gunslinger merged with the transactional narcissist of late-stage capitalism. He kills a boy’s father right in front of him, and Afro just leaves the child to weep over his daddy’s corpse. Even after this, we are still meant to identify with Afro as the hard-edge symbol of cool indifference.
As is so often the case, the anime film is based on an anime television show, which is in turn based on a manga series. The original manga was written by Takashi Okazaki.
The next step after a manga becomes an anime movie is often live-action. There are two live-action shorts of Afro Samurai already out there: Afro Samurai: Flesh and Bone in 2009, and Afro Samurai Champloo in 2019. However, there is no big budget, full-length feature, and hopefully there never will be.
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2023.05.28 18:57 Tenebo Operation Coup le Dance - An Arma 3 event trailer

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2023.05.28 18:57 Cucaracha3 Debra Paget - A modern tribute to her famous dance.

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2023.05.28 18:57 BenderB-Rodriguez Tattoo ideas/examples?

If you've got one for the series share it. If you're thinking about getting one what's your idea/concept.
I'm considering getting the allomantic symbols up my left forearm. Or maybe just the symbols of the God metals. Haven't fully fully decided yet. Currently reading the lost metal, on part 2. So might change my opinion but the end.
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2023.05.28 18:56 chrissmithXD001 What dance style should you use when going out?

If I’m listening to an upbeat song, and I ask a woman to dance, what style should I do? Going to a club but they play something that’s not hip hop. Like an upbeat pop song. Trying to thing of styles that are light on the feet. Also, not a waltz, but always bringing her in close. Spinning her around. Make sure she has fun.
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2023.05.28 18:56 Tenebo Arma 3 operation trailer - Coup le Dance

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2023.05.28 18:55 LichLordMeta Duskblade

I've had some pretty crazy success with this into squishier comps. Went one game where I was 7/0 before my first death, had 3 items up, and was just farming enemy Champs.
Dusk > Kraken > bork/black cleaver. Past that I've never really known what to go. Maybe Deaths dance > shield bow?
Boots: Ninjas Tabis.
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2023.05.28 18:55 Tenebo An Arma 3 event trailer - Operation Coup le Dance

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2023.05.28 18:54 GreeenSheeep pretty

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2023.05.28 18:54 hoiaddict Average hoi4 player

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2023.05.28 18:53 Tonamic Our first 'affect-prescribed' composition. Please visit our YouTube channel for more information. Feedback much appreciated!

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2023.05.28 18:53 Tenebo Operation Coup le Dance - An Arma 3 event trailer

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