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2023.05.28 07:27 Itsybitsylea 3.5 shroom trip NEED INPUT

I just want to say I went through a lot on this trip that my mind is still trying to rationalize.. the things I felt and saw were very real to me on a spiritual level … can someone anyone in any way please explain/rationalize this for me So the only way I can sum it up is … I took shrooms and came back pregnant.. like if you have took shrooms before and seen things that you feel in your soul was real then you understand… IF I WAS REALITY WISE PREGNANT ITD B TOO EARLY TO TELL and it’s kinda rare for me to be pregnant lol .. I guess I’m looking for different perspectives on this I really believe I’m pregnant.. I went somewhere in a different reality felt myself in the hospital, felt myself and said I need to get this out of me .. calming down from the worst peak ever , all of sudden I can like feel a life inside of me … this shit was very real to me .. I don’t know how to rationalize this except wait and see if I saw the future and this is something that’s going to happen … pregnancy was not on my mind but a trauma is definitely hidden inside of me on the topic .. but on shrooms it’s all a mental thing in a way .. I can’t rationalize why my trip became based on like pregnancy.. me giving birth I felt all of this and of course it wasn’t the only thing I thought or felt but it was the only thing I can’t shake and rationalize it’s been officially almost 24 hours since the trip and I feel crazy because I keep telling myself I took shrooms and came back pregnant… I don’t understand , trust me I know there can be different meaning but in a psychedelic context … spiritual context why and how and what
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2023.05.28 07:27 Best_Humor_1196 Small Collection

I have been collecting pops for a while now and after seeing many other massive collections I feel like mine is insignificant compared to others. I would love some tips on how to grow my collection in the best possible way.
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2023.05.28 06:25 deathdoula88 Belief in pirates

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2023.05.28 05:39 SupremeLeaderMat My team before and after tots so far. Am slowing down due to work after this week, so I’m not expecting any drastic changes to my line up. How does your team looks like?

My team before and after tots so far. Am slowing down due to work after this week, so I’m not expecting any drastic changes to my line up. How does your team looks like? submitted by SupremeLeaderMat to fut [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 04:42 Plaetean "Ink" not lining up with stylus location

Not sure if this is really a bug report, but I'm having issues with my Remarkable 2 of ~8 months, where the "ink" is appearing in locations slightly off from the point of contact between the stylus and the glass. This is not a consistent offset, it seems to just be unreliable. I noticed this over the last few weeks or so as my notes have been getting really messy, so I went back to using paper and noticed how much better it is. So I figured somethign was up with the accuracy of the stylus, and tested this drawing straight lines with a ruler - these do not come out straight on the tablet, but with waves in (very subtle, but enough to make writing text messy/difficult).
Has anyone come across this before? If so, is this something that can be fixed, or replaced?
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2023.05.28 04:21 cookie_monster-69 Fludrocortisone and water/salt intake

I wanted to ask about how much water and salt people find they need while on fludrocortisone.
Before starting this medication I would dissolve 1 gram of sodium into a liter of water and drink 5 of those a day. The longer I'm on fludro the more I've noticed I need way more water than a liter per gram.
I think this makes sense, but I've found that if I have any more than 2-3 grams with the same amount of water, I start to feel worse and more foggy. The medicine definitely helps but I'm struggling to find a balance.
I've been on this for 3 weeks so it could be an adjustment period, but has anyone else gone through this? My doctor wants me to increase it but she doesn't have much experience with pots patients.
Im also thinking this might be a lot more per liter than most people with pots usually drink. I always thought it was strange how people said a bottle of Gatorade helped them (200ish mg of sodium?) with how little it is.
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2023.05.28 04:18 BigNipples23 I lost my bestfriend and it's all my fault

Today was the day we decided to hang out and catch up. I hadn't seen her in person for over a year. She is the closest friend I've ever had. We could talk for hours and hours about anything. Not a day went by where we didn't talk, sharing random moments throughout the day. She was the first person with who I could truly be myself.
After lunch, I drove her back home, and I finally let it all out - my feelings of wanting to be more than friends, expressing how beautiful I thought she was, and all the things I loved about her. She rejected me and told me she sees me as nothing more than a friend. All I could remember was her voice shaking as she told me. She kept apologizing and said she didn't want to lead me on.
An hour later, she sent me a message saying that the thought of us being together had crossed her mind as well, but those feelings have since moved on. She told me how hard it was to say goodbye right there because she felt like she was losing me as a friend. She still wants to stay as friends, as she has expressed how I am the closest friend she's ever had. I don't know if I should move on or if we should stay friends. We had so many plans this summer, and I ruined it. It's been a couple of hours, and I just feel so empty.
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2023.05.28 04:09 Thejoe923 How to increase my attention and stop procrastinating? Behavioural exercise? Taking Natural substance?

Hi, i have been struggling with this for years. I’m not able to focus on writing or reading something unless the deadline is very close. I have also the difficulty to focus when professors are explaining the lecture. Or even if my class mates doing presentations, im not able to learn anything. I have to record lectures and listen to them later on when I’m alone to be able to understand. Even when I’m doing this, i get distracted and i playback things every 30 seconds. I know that looks like ADHD, but i don’t wanna get medicated. I would like to know if anyone tried any behaviour exercises or take any substance to help with that? P.S: i still manage to get good grades and to submit my assignments at last second while I’m almost burnt out the hours before the deadline. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks everyone!
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2023.05.28 03:40 Count_DrugEULA Not A User Is This Batch Making Me Wet The Bed.

But it was lined up with withdraw symptoms from the withdrawal, or I have this one sweater from a 2L bottle. I live in Ireland but Id probably have the same effect how long till my tolerance resets. I'm a 1099 worker so I guess I have been fun. I remind myself that I am so grateful.
It's helping level me out and that's it or do and it's turned me into a selfish monster. I have been taking this same heroin for 2 weeks with no issues and there was that evil voice in my dreams. That I don't know what to do. Right, so the medicines they put me on after that I am, and that it wasnt such a strong speed like experience.
But the second you start using it helps. Any thoughts on how I can discuss my situation.. Like when I'm not?
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2023.05.28 02:47 PsychologicalFile537 i need to know what’s wrong

i really dk if this is the right sub but i don’t know where else to post this.
i thought it was borderline, all my doctors thought it was but now i’m having episodes of mania. i was so goddamn depressed for a month and then the mania hit and i had a whole episode. i failed a class and barely passed the rest. i had very public meltdowns which i am so embarrassed about. i never let my emotions get the best of me in public, i’m great at putting on a face and then having my meltdowns at home. this time though, i couldn’t control anything anymore. i was acting then thinking, only realizing what i had done after.
everyone was getting on my nerves, i got into two fights and said awful things to so many people. my therapist almost admitted me and i had to beg her not to and that id follow a safety plan instead. i sobbed to my professor about cheating and she let me redo it because she could see how bad i was struggling. i cried all day every day for an entire week. i had such intense bursts of energy although i hadn’t eaten properly in weeks. i felt so full of life. i remember jumping around and my legs almost buckling underneath my body because of how weak i was physically but i felt as though i was invincible.
i felt as though i was going crazy. my friends kept asking if i was okay and couldn’t keep up with me. my thoughts were racing so fast that my mouth couldn’t keep up and i couldn’t keep my eyes focused anywhere. my pupils were so dilated it scared me. i felt i was going crazy because i was so on edge and everything would send me off the edge. everyone managed to get on my nerves and i said things i would have never said otherwise. people just kept pissing me off and i kept having extreme reactions.
i couldn’t control my emotions at all. everything i felt, i expressed. the good and the bad. i couldn’t hold back at work and started sobbing within minutes of being there. my manager sent me home and thank god my boss is so kind. he gave me two weeks off so that i wouldn’t get more overwhelmed.
food felt useless, i had energy so why did i have to slow down to eat? i just drank an occasional smoothie or iced tea instead. nothing appealed to me and it would upset my stomach. sleep was also unappealing. i felt like it was a waste of time. i couldn’t fall asleep and even if i did, not for long enough. i wanted to just get up and MOVE.
i pushed my body so hard physically that i unintentionally lost 11 pounds in two weeks. i’ve triggered myself back into my eating disorder and i feel so goddamn awful for eating anything.
i haven’t been sleeping lately. i think i’ve slept for maybe three hours over the last week. i don’t know if still mania or something else. i am fucking exhausted yet i can’t sleep. it’s catching up to me now, as i’ve been getting dizzy all of a sudden. i get constant headaches and i keep “disappearing” from reality for minutes at a time. it feels like i’m not conscious at all. even sleeping pills aren’t working.
my therapist told me to look for warning signs of mania, like not feeling the need to sleep or eat. it’s like that now. not to mention, i’ve been very irritable. i’ve been very hurtful to my brother lately, if he makes a mistake i can’t find it in me to be calm. i feel so awful afterwards. my dad and i also got into a bad fight and it’s been a week lol. i haven’t been able to hold my emotions back in front of either my mom or dad. i sobbed to my mom for hours this week and i’ve just never done that. she is not a safe space, yet i didn’t care.
is this exactly what my therapist means? are these the early warning signs? i don’t think they are, but then again i wouldn’t know at the beginning of an episode. if this is the start of another manic episode, why is it happening so soon after my last one? i don’t even think the last one has ended, just been muted because of my environment lately.
i want to know what’s wrong with me. borderline is NOT like this. i’m so confused because i felt as though that diagnosis fit me so well, yet when i look at my behavior in the past it is so similar to my behavior now. that is not borderline. idk what it is but it isn’t borderline or at least not just borderline. i am tired of myself and i don’t know what to do.
the mania feels like it’s wearing off sometimes but then someone looks at me the wrong way and i explode. i need this episode to be over.
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2023.05.28 02:00 RedRipeApple192 A Manic Night of Bipolar Rapture

I feel so freaking, God-like good; I feel My chest-expanding heart and the mad frenzy in My blood, which tear My mind and soul apart!
These urgent voices in My head reverberate and echo loud memories and regrets now dead and buried in a forsaken shroud;
they scream at Me, "You're the Devil!" They prophesy the Anti-Christ, and accuse Me of all the evil since mankind first became enticed.
I refuse their shrill, satanic call; and find in the Apocalypse that God's avenging Angel of all is Me who is the world's eclipse.
"Not Anti-Christ!" I now reply. "Not Devil!" I begin to shriek, "for the Lamb of the world am I, the Lord's Messiah for the meek!"
Sinners will know their final hour; they will drown in their anguished cries when I at last will know My power, and expose all their wicked lies!
In this soft, padded cell of white they watch and look at Me with dread; they view Me as a monstrous blight, and starve Me with unleavened bread.
How long is My imprisonment? I cannot guess, divine, or tell; but from the look of that filament, they can cage Me for quite a spell;
"Dear God! I hate these lousy drugs," I howl, "that they shoot in My ass!" They hold Me down those stupid thugs, injecting Thorazine so fast!
They fail to grasp the true reasons why I'm here: I wish they could see that I can forgive their treasons, if they would just believe in Me?
Once free again I'll be reborn, lifted up in divine Image; I'll end man's need for drugs and porn; and prepare them for God's Marriage.
So hear My law and injunction, the lost will burn without release once they all know My dominion: only then will My Rapture cease!
© The Bipolar Bard. All rights reserved. Originally inspired on the eve of 12 March 2013
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2023.05.28 01:54 mad_sai Please can someone help? Looking for some guidance on Specific chord progressions

Hello :)
Please bare with me, its a long post but I'm really stuck... I did a similar post in a different sub about this, thought this might be a good one to ask in too.
So I am a music producer, cant play an instrument and very much do things off by ear, gotten used to doing things this way for a number of years now. For context, I do understand major & minor chords, what the note names are, flats/sharps etc, I'm decent with the basics.
One thing I cannot for the life of me wrap my head around and understand is the following: I really love it when certain songs have these "broken" sounding chords in them, like from normal major or minor chords to bluesy or "broken" chords and I am stuck on knowing how to learn this area of music and where to even begin. I have ended up making some weird, bluesy songs at random that went really well but it always takes me ages to go by ear. Is there some kind of system to this type of music? Should I start with just a bass note then build? Are there certain chord progressions that need to be made for this to be implemented? There seems to be something going on with the bass, like it goes down a half step each time maybe?
Let's say I open up my DAW and staring at a blank canvas, what could be some good starting points? I use EZKeys & Scaler as they help a ton, but I often have to dive super deep into these plugins to come up with this style of music. I'm beginning to pull my hair out over how long it takes me now and experiencing a lot of blocks creatively due to not understanding. It sounds incredible when it works out at random buts rare that I come up with anything like this now and I just give up.
Any help would be amazing. Here are some examples: - (you can hear it instantly)
- (broken chords at 0.12secs)
- (from 1.04)
Thank you for taking the time to read this :D
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2023.05.28 01:34 channyro Stopping with treatment resistant depression.

Everyone always says to get to the root of why you drink instead of just stopping and expecting improvement. The issue is I know why I drink and I cannot change it.
I have treatment resistant depression. Have tried 20 something meds. Tried esketamine(Spravato), tried weed. Been hospitalized in mental institutions. Done cbt…dbt….All of it to no avail; I feel the same.
I get what I need to get done during the day. I put on the facade of being a present parent and employee to my families business… but I can’t stop drinking. At night I drink about 1.5 liters sometimes more and it’s the only thing that helps me escape the suicidal ideation spiral.
3 detox’s, 1 thirty day rehab stay. Aa. Inpatient and outpatient treatment. I am no longer on the heavy stuff but the amount of wine I drink I may as well be.
I don’t even want to be happy I just want to be normal. I’m safe- I would not currently ACTUALLY hurt myself. If I am actively trying to and have spent the last 10 years trying to fix my brain but I’m out of options- how am I supposed to not drink?
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2023.05.28 00:57 RainbowGroot Plan for first time build with ≈1200$ budget. Need advice on cost cutting and not fucking myself over

Im thinking of building this to replace my dying 5 year old gaming laptop with a 1060 max q. I dont really know much about pc building and would like advice on how my money could be better reallocated.
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2023.05.28 00:56 Pickle_head740 AITA FOR DISOWNING MY KID

I (M19) and My gf F(16) have recently had a child. I do not want anything to do with it. Considering my girlfriend has cheated on me three weeks prior but we have been working on it I know there’s a very high possibility. This child is not mine is it my fault for not wanting to have anything to do with it?
Backstory: me and my girlfriend Started dating when I was 18 and she was 15. Her parents are close friends of mine so we have known each other for most of our lives. We started to pursue things romantically, which our family was not very fond of me and her ended up moving into a house together with her parents consent, of course.
One night I came home late from work to find another man’s car in our driveway as you can imagine I was livid . I snuck into the house quietly and went to the bedroom where I found them doing it. She immediately screamed and asked why I was home so early into my work shift. I work night shift if that wasn’t clear, I told her I forgotten something and I came back to get it. I didn’t turn my attention to the man laying in my bed. He instantly got up and left the house without saying a word.
I didn’t grab my lunch and left the next morning me and her had a long conversation and we started to work on her cheating problem . I didn’t really say anything of it until a months ago I had found out she was pregnant at first the cheating was in the back of my mind. I just completely forgot about it, but then I remembered three days before the baby was born. I asked her if she knew who the father was and she denied it being anybody but me, but when I asked her to do a DNA test, she refused.
I really just want to know if this kid is mine and if it’s not, I want nothing to do with it because it only remind me of how disloyal she has been through our relationship
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2023.05.28 00:49 appydave Record Desktop while sharing desktop

I use Camtasia to record how to videos, but if I am sharing my screen via Skype, Zoom etc... I cannot record the desktop.
I want to use Camtasia because of features that are available that are not in other screen recording tools, but I would consider other tools so long they work while sharing.
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2023.05.28 00:36 RottingCoyote Friend is getting into my special interest and i hate it.

My (he/it) friend (he/they) has recently taken an interest in unicorn mythology which is one if my special interests. I should mention they are also autistic. He will send me pictures and scans of books and other such things regarding unicorns and it genuinely makes me so mad and so frustrated. I dont want to share this with them. They are not my designated unicorn friend. Our mutual friend (he/him) is and so i will often discuss unicorns with him infront of our group or other people. I dont know how to tell my friend that they are making me feel uncomfortable and making me feel insecure and loose lobe for unicorns because i feel obershadowed and like they are "better" when it comes to mutual interests. Or how to deal with my emotions in the situation. Maybe I'm just childish ir mean but im genuinely upset. Thanks for reading sorry its long
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2023.05.28 00:15 Dull-Week-866 How can I listen to my husband’s cell phone conversations?

How Can I Listen in to My Husbands Phone Calls While He Is Not At Home?
Is your husband always clinging to his phone and spending more of his time chit-chatting with someone? Or do you find something malicious with his phone calls and there is a lady on the other side of the phone? There comes a situation when you want to ask your husband but feels reluctant, as you know that you will not get a valid response to your queries. Cheating husbands are smart, and their minds are filthy enough to fool their wives! They feel the world is blind and cannot draw proof against them. [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) is the best solution for you.
Chill ladies! All the doors are not yet closed! There’re a lot of ways to catch your spouse if he is really cheating on you. We have gathered some ideas to reach the answers to your skepticism.
Listed are some measures through which you can spy on the conversation of the call made by your beloved hubby.
Ways To Spy on Husband’s Cell Phone
1. Let Your Hubby’s Phone Get Tapped!
Phone tapping is one of the most powerful and famous ways to track someone’s call. For this, you need to buy online a prominent app for phone tapping. You can download the software on the target mobile phone after getting its license. Do remember, you must download the app on your Husband’s (TARGET) Cell phone. Upon the successful installation and downloading procedure, you can start your secret investigating journey. It will work efficiently in stealth mode and will leave no clue for the target user, as after downloading, it turns itself into a hidden mode.
You can hit the nail on head within 5 to 10 minutes of acquiring the license. They (Cheating Husbands) are smart enough to secretly deceive their wives, but they aren’t that brainy to know about this plan of yours! Sure shot, they will not be able to understand this till the app turns into something productive for you.
2. Track Him and His Surroundings as Well!
Many times, it might have happened that whenever he’s out and you try his number, it comes out to be busy! And when he picks, you are bombarded with his harsh responses, for instance, he’s at the meeting, do not disturb him he’s busy, etc. Rarely when he answers your calls, he says he’s at the office but on a contrary, his background sound says something else. In that case, you need an app that can track his voice along with the sound of the surrounding he’s currently in. Well, Spy apps like Enigmahack are one of the agile ways to clear the hazy mirror of truth. It has a shrewd feature that facilitates the option of surround listening, which means that you can now have access to record your hubby’s voice along with that of the surroundings, he’s in the time of answering your or anybody’s calls. Now, catch him intelligently and with strong evidence! [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) is the best solution for you.
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2023.05.27 23:53 qlog_official Advice needed on reducing detail perception to prevent severe sensory overload from happening.

Lately, I have been in a lot of stress which unfortunately persists. There is too much going on and I can not comprehend all the information I come across in everyday life. Noticing so many details is exhausting to me and I am unable to cope with it at the moment. On bad days, which occur more and more often lately, the whole thing often ends in sensory overload. I am not in tune with my feelings so I often miss out on wheater it is too much for me or not until I start to experience somatic symptoms like shaking or crying. Also, I am extremely sensitive to noise. Earplugs do not work since I am still aware of the bass and the vibrations going on. Besides, Detail perception will not take a turn for the better no matter how hard I try. Has anybody here tips for me on how to prevent all this? I feel like I am loosing my mind and experience burn-out symptoms like brain-fog, fatigue and periodic mood swings already. Never been into behavioral therapy related to ASD. This sub is my only hope at the moment.
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2023.05.27 23:34 LankySasquatchma Active Imagination

Hey guys. I was wondering if some of you does active imagination and if you do: how do you prompt it? I’ve undergone a guided meditation guide for this on Spotify (someone poster it here I believe, thanks a lot) and I have successfully extended a dream I believe.
However, I have found trouble how to kickstart the imaginary process. What imagination I should go to when trying to meet my unconscious head on.
Thanks a lot people, have a good one. Cheers
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2023.05.27 23:18 DancingDreamer14 I think my little sister is being groomed

I've never posted in this sub before, but after talking to my sister today, I needed advice on what to do.
I (24f) have a little sister (19f), who works as an emt and firefighter. She used to work at a restaurant, and I always heard her talking about much older guy (close to 30, if not in his early 30's). Which, a coworker is whatever. A little odd that a 30 year old was involving a barely 18 year old in his drama but whatever.
She just told me today that another coworker told her to diet and texts her regularly. He's 40 and married. She insists that nothing sexual has ever happened, but also loves to talk about how hot they are and joke that she talks to these guys because of her "Daddy issues" (Which is a fair statement, our dad was a terrible person and we've both gone no contact).
But she very rarely hangs out with any girls or guys her own age. They're all older than me. I don't really know how to bring this up to anyone, because my mom has her own issues and my sister really doesn't see it as a problem because she works with all guys as a firefighter, so it's normal to her. But I just have this really wrong feeling that this isn't an innocent friendship among coworkers.
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2023.05.27 23:05 leCorbderohe Any AutoCAD operators here?

How much do you charge per hour? I'm currently contemplating whether to ask my boss for a raise or not. I'd just like to gauge how much I could reasonably ask my boss for a raise. She's based in the USA, by the way. Currently, I am charging her $5 an hour, but I believe the minimum wage in the US is $10. I'm not being greedy in any way, but I want to have a rate that is fair. Additionally, it's important to note that my current rate does not include any 13th-month pay, leave, or benefits. Do you have any advice on how I should approach this situation?
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