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2023.06.04 22:27 ChickenSignal3762 fresh forward helix piercing

got my forward helix pierced on friday by an extremely reputable piercer. the actual piercing was a 4/10 pain wise, but the healing is a bitch and it’s only day 2. smiling / eating is so uncomfortable. even after warm sea salt soaks, cleaning it, and showering, i still can’t get that dried blood off of it and behind the piercing. is it okay to just leave it and let it come off on its own??
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2023.06.04 22:26 Equivalent-Date-4796 Meghan at the middle school hugging a teenage boy

Thank you to Sinner FirmAaardvark for bringing this back on my radar with your photo of that day. Your photo showed her outside the event and I thought it deserved it's own post of the speech.
I am honestly thinking that there is a small chance that the Queen knew dumb stuff like this would happen, and so she gave in to Harry and Meghan's demands to be front and center like Day 1 of Royalty. She might have known that if you give someone a long enough rope, they will hang themselves. Then, she used Meghan's behavior to tell Harry before Megxit that the behavior of the last two years was unacceptable, and they needed to scale back for a while. And then in retaliation, they did Megxit.
Because, this is JUST so awful. She starts the speech at minute 2:10. I watched it on mute, and she is just SO bad....her mannerisms are exactly like when she spoke at the One Young World, and pre-Royal days. She's giggly and keeps playing with her hair.
But the worst is everything with asking if there is a boy that will speak up, just cringe-y, waiting awkwardly for someone to come up...it reminds me of that pre-Royal stage thing she did, where she kept asking if there were any audience members with questions, and no one spoke. NO WAY the BRF put this on the agenda. She just went rogue.
So much secondhand embarrassment. She keeps touching and giggling with the teenage boy, so inappropriate and stupid. I just can't. Not even a regular celebrity would do this...let alone a Royal.
And seriously, who are the media (I found a TIME magazine link too) who are praising this idiocy? Who act as if it's sweet? It's NOT. She believed her own hype.
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2023.06.04 22:25 TerminalExpectations Question from an OG.

I recently dipped my toes back into the THC scene. I cant tell if im having normal experience or adverse reactions. Preface, i smoked quite a bit in high-school(early 2000s). Ive also done quite a bit recreationally. X, molly, coke, pills. Even tried meth once. So i am not a novice at being high.
After my time in service i tried smoking again and it made me extremely paranoid and i was like gk that.
Now 20 years after smoking regularly i wanted to see how it would effect me now. Im current on a 3 pill combo for PTSD, anxiety, etc.
First i tried a 100mg Delta8 gummy( about half) and it put me into a state i never want to be in again. So bad i called my father to come sit with me because i couldnt tell reality.
On advice from others i was told to try micro doses of natural weed. First time(week later) i took 1 hit(blunt) and everything got tingly and was a nice calm buzz for maybe an hour. A week later i tried 2 hits and it spiked like 20% of the gummy for a 10-30min and then evened out for a few hours. I thought i was on to something, but last night proved im out of my depth.
I took 2 good soft hits on a friends blunt and chaos ensued lol.
My go to thing is to take a dump, take a good long shower, and go to bed.
Last night i was playing music in the shower and my brain was listening in clips. It was like an old scratched CD skipping. It was the gummy all over again. I when to bed finally and slept till 12 which isnt unheard of.
My question is- -did i just get hit with some dank? -is weed just that much stronger these days? -Are my meds throwing off my body chemistry or causing a reaction to the weed? -did i hit something laced?
I dont remember EVER having time and hearing clip out like that. I normal used music to give be a baseline on time when high, so the fact it was not processing music smoothly spoils my high and brings on the paranoia..
Thanks for the help yall.
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2023.06.04 22:25 isar-love [Thank You] and a warm Dankeschön for your dear mail

Thank you all for your dear and lovely mail!
2x u/monetmonkey - Ha! u/LeeElla visited you, too? How lovely! Thank you for thinking of me and your cards from the postal museum and Barbican Center. Sounds, as if you had a lovely day. Thank you also so much for the extra washi tape. I appreciate it a lot!
u/umeshufan - You spoil me! First, you brought me a bottle of umeshufan to our meeting with u/LeeElla and now you provide me a great view on New Zealand or rather Queenstown, to be precise. Not to speak of the travel tips! Thank you so much!
u/applecritter723 - Thank you for your gorgeous Star Wars surprise card!!! I was genuinely giggling about your Star Wars jokes 😄 I remember you being a huge LotR fan and had no idea that you love Star Wars, too. Only a few days ago I learned that fact from u/umeshufan and whoa, there's a Star Wars card from you in my PO Box only hours later! Ha, that new fact offers a whole new dimension card wise 😆 Thank you so much!
u/LeeElla - Thank you so much for your card from Königssee that you wrote only hours before we actual met in person! Glad, you enjoyed your hike and time there. It was a true pleasure getting to know you and I truly hope it wasn't the last time we met. Enjoy your travels!!!
u/pinkpengin, u/todayisfab, u/sebisrude, u/keenevergreen - Thank you so much for thinking of me during your Arizona meetup! Hope, you had a jolly good time together.
u/DianaPenPal - Thank you for your sweet dreams card. The matching quote you sent along with it is great. I'm normally not so fond of quotes, but I think I'm going to keep this one.
u/shipping_addict - Thank you for your truly colorful card. I mean, it's really, really colorful! Hope the weather for you and your toddlers became a lot better by now for you to enjoy.
u/moominmog - Thank goodness, you're alive! I'm so, so glad to hear from you. You were knee-deep in exams? Oh, poor you! Hope, you recoverd from the stress and that you can enjoy life again. Take good care of yourself (and I'm checking out "Cold Sunshine" right now!)
u/Island_Traveller11 - Your card is here! I need to confess, I've never heard of Pademelons before. So, I'm really glad you showed me one. Belated congratulations on your wedding! Enjoy your time as newlyweds!
u/pinkpengin - Aaaaaaw, thank you so much for thinking of me and sending me loads of ladybugs aka lots of luck (are ladybugs a lucky charm in the USA too?). I cross my fingers you'll find the right person for your house very soon!
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2023.06.04 22:25 AutoModerator [Download Course] Jason Palliser – Tax Delinquent Blueprint 2022 (Genkicourses.site)

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2023.06.04 22:25 sharmoooli Very slow, mere 25.2% increase in HCG only at ~5ish weeks

x posted to BabyBumps
Date of last period: April 27 Date of ovulation likely May 12 (from Clue and ovulation testing strips) May 31st (cycle day 35) at 10:10 am - HCG level was 309 June 2 at 1:15 pm - HCG levels at 392 This is pretty bad right? Google and the studies that I am reading indicate that this means this pregnancy won't continue? The results came in yesterday just as a number so no one is talking to me about them because everything is closed. Someone please give it to me straight. I would have just assumed low hcg == boy not that a too slow increase meant ....... well, non viability?
I'm 36 going on 37.
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2023.06.04 22:25 BlitztheDoggo Girlfriend (25f) won’t stay at my (22m) apartment but expects me to come to her

I’ve been dating my girlfriend for almost 9 months now, and it’s been smooth for the most part. We did have one pretty big fight a few months ago. The gist of it was that I wanted more time at my apartment because we both have pets, and I didn’t like leaving mine all the time. I have a cat and she has a dog. She continually tells me that cats are independent and dogs aren’t, so I should have to come to her. I also said I think it would be good to have some time apart because we we were spending every single night together. She said that’s not an option and that we at least have to see each other for dinner every day.
I said that’s fine, but I’d like some time at my apartment too. She has been making some effort, trying to come to my place once a week, but she never stays for more than an hour or two, whereas we hang out at her place until usually around 10 every other night (I come over around 5 for dinner).
We recently got into another smaller argument because she got upset that I hadn’t asked to stay overnight in a while. I said I was worried about leaving my cat, and she brought up the independent thing again. Then I asked if she’d be willing to stay at my place some nights, and also brought up that her mom lives in the same town and loves her dog and would happily watch him overnight. She said that’s not an option and that she was offended that I would even ask.
I’ve been struggling with what to do here, and don’t know what I should do next. I thought what I was asking was fair, but it got shut down. Am I being irrational here, or should I try to talk to her about it? And if I should, what should I do if she tries to shut me down again? Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
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2023.06.04 22:25 murderalaska Seeing Ireland's recent reaction video reminded me that her extended family is also in the middle of the Danny Masterson trial. Poor girl. Also I think Larry has toxoplasmosis.

I've been following the Danny Masterson trial very closely through the great Tony Ortega and so when I saw this recent Ireland Baldwin tiktok reaction posted here, it made me think about Ireland's situation growing up in the Baldwin family. Then I remembered that Alec's brother Billy is married to Chynna Phillips, from the 80s group Wilson Phillips. Chynna is Bijou Phillips' half-sister and Bijou is married to Danny fricken Masterson the now convicted rapist.
Tony Ortega, who broke the Danny Masterson story all the way back in 2017 and covered every day of both trials, explains more in a 2022 story here:
Chynna is described as "a classic social media oversharer" in Tony's article and Tony has been keeping tabs on Chynna's feeds because she has occassionally interacted with Bijou and Danny in the past. Chynna did a cringey interview with Bijou a few years back that Tony did an article on where Bijou described Danny as "macho" and a "Strong Island type". It was pretty insightful and didn't look good for Danny, a guy on trial for three counts of rape at the time, so Chynna deleted the video but Tony has the transcript still up.
Can you imagine all the garbage in Ireland's extended family? The whole incent deal with Mackenzie Phillips and just endless drama and really crazy family dynamics that Ireland has to deal with is so overwhelming even as a total outsider.
Also the whole cat poop storyline makes me think that Hilaria and the fam might have some sort of toxoplasmosis infection. This virus transmits through cat poop through handling or close contact. It's known to be a big issue especially for pregnant women which is why it's suggested to not have cats around. There are some interesting studies out there that suggest that the toxoplasmosis virus can alter human behavior very radically. There's a study that shows that it can manifest in risk taking behaviors, so it can effect the executive function of the brain:
The difference in seroprevalence of toxoplasmosis in these 2 samples suggests that Toxoplasma-infected subjects have a 2.65 times higher risk of traffic accidents than Toxoplasma-free subjects
So what this is saying is that people involved in traffic accidents in the study were much more likely to have been infected by toxoplasma. Just saying. Hillary seems like she's got some sort of parasite controlling her brain so maybe it's from the cat poop.
Also, whoever came up with the nickname Larry is amazing. Is there an origin story there?
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2023.06.04 22:24 ScreamingSpagetti [Male, 20s] Recording Voicemail for a cheater's partner

I have a 'friend' who has been cheating on his partner. 1-2x hookups a day, multiple times a week.
I think it's incredibly disrespectful and my main issue is putting his partner's health at jeopardy. While I know this is a sub for voice work I didn't quite know where else to request help on this.
There's a 100 word paragraph I put together that I would like to leave as a voicemail but he would recognize my and my friends voice. I can offer a few bucks ($5-$10) just for this short paragraph.
Looking for a younger male voice to help with this, casual conversational. An 'um' or two. Soft-spoken, unprofessional, no recording set up is fine. It does reference sex and gay hookups so please be comfortable with that.
Apologies for taking time on this sub for voice work but again I didn't know where else to look.
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2023.06.04 22:24 DeadInsideOutside A good friend of mine (25m) told me "he did something bad to someone" and I (25m) do not know how to handle the lack of details.

I know this person for over 10 years now. One day he called me and told me he is not in a good mental state, something that is very unusual of him to do. In the time I've known him, he's been a very private person that barely ever talks about personal stuff, feelings, family etc. The very few other times that he has called me to tell me the same thing, it was just daily life anxiety, so I just assumed the same for this case.
He started by saying that he does not feel he can share exactly what it is. But he proceeded to remind me that he's doing this because he knows I'm not a curious person, and I will not make him reveal something that he doesn't want. He told me that "he has done something bad to someone" and while it belongs to the past, it keeps coming back to him under random circumstances like "when reading the news".
The last bit of info, while he tried to pretend it was just an example, I believe it slipped him, judging by his phrasing. Knowing this person for so long and trying - unavoidably - to draw a conclusion, I cannot think of anything other than some kind of sexual harassment or abuse. He's told me some random make out stories lately, something that he has never done before, which made me connect the dots. I think that he cannot share it with me because he knows I'm very ethical when it comes to this kind of stuff and that it might affect the way that I feel about him. And judging by his mental state at the time, I think it's a pretty serious one and not something I could just forget about.
To further explain my conclusion: I would not care if it was "something bad" that's not extremely illegal and/or reprehensible (for example stealing money from his parents, or shoplifting, saying something really offensive to a loved one etc). Therefore, him - knowing me - would not mind sharing it, despite how shameful it is from his point of view, because I would help by underlining that it is not such a big deal.
Anyway, I am left with this information, thinking the worst kind of scenario and not knowing what to do. I wish he never told me any of this, but he did, and know I carry part of the weight. I have not spoken with him since, and I do not want to, unless I know what I want to do with this matter. Asking/forcing him to tell me is very unlike me, and it would barely make any difference unless I can fully trust him telling the truth. Not doing anything will only damage our relationship from my side, and I cannot predict in what ways I will react in the future while carrying that burden and continuing to interact with him.
If it is what I think it is, I don't think I want to be related to this person anymore. Should I confront him and explain that I need to know? What if he refuses to say? What if he lies? Should I use a more sly approach to make him reveal at least part of the nature of the "bad thing"? Should I just try to deal with the way that I think about it instead of saying something? Should I wait a bit, doing my best to handle it, and bring it up at a later time? What if I am overthinking this and it's nothing like that, but I damage the relationship by confronting him and revealing what I thought about him?
TL;DR: Friend of 10+ years confesses to "doing something bad to someone" that he cannot recover from. I'm thinking of the worst case of sexual abuse, and I do not know how to deal with the matter.
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2023.06.04 22:24 fightin_blue_hens Y'all, how do I get to 16 wins? I've been one W short the last 2 WLs.

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2023.06.04 22:23 awin210 Scabies

My SD, 10, just came back from her visit with her BM. She was there for two weeks and had contracted scabies, BM didn’t tell us until the actual exchange at the end of her visit so we did our best to scramble to get her treatment etc., BM is expecting her back next month but there is no clear way to know that she has completely eradicated the scabies and husband and I are obligated to give her a minimum of 3-5 days per month via our court agreement. However, we are worried that she may catch them again and she starts school the first week of august. (Scabies can last for months if not properly treated) My question is, how could we go about this without violating our court agreement? We don’t want to send her back just for the safety of her and our whole house hold. There must be someway to get a court to agree but how? Is an emergency order the only way? Unfortunately, there is no rationalizing with BM and doesn’t understand this is what we feel best for SD. What would you do? TIA
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2023.06.04 22:23 AutoModerator Cassie Howard – $100K in 10 Days (Courses2day.org)!!

Cassie Howard – $100K in 10 Days Download Download this course here: https://courses2day.org/cassie-howard-100k-in-10-days/ Join Our Community and get 10% off: ⁠https://discord.com/invite/4d3UHsFVJn⁠ Our websites:⁠https://courses2day.org/⁠ https://courses2day.co/https://rosecourses.com/⁠https://sunsetcourses.com/⁠https://membershipcourses2day.com⁠/!!!
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2023.06.04 22:23 ChickenSignal3762 fresh forward helix

fresh forward helix
fresh forward helix piercing. went to an extremely reputable piercer. the actual piercing was a 4/10, didn’t really hurt. i’m on day 2 and it’s so sore, even smiling / eating is uncomfortable. now, the thing is, even after showering, doing warm salt soaks, and cleaning it, i still can’t remove some of that dried blood. is it okay to leave it and let it come off when it’s ready??
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2023.06.04 22:22 youngRetr0 At least we're not the A's an Royals am i right?

At least we're not the A's an Royals am i right?
10 games under, but +3 run differential. 3-7 in our last 10, team's in a hitting slump, bullpen is unreliable but at least we aren't the A's and Royals right?...... right?
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2023.06.04 22:22 shvbvxx NMS - Think i’m gonna start Jokic at the 4 after Evo, any advice? 35k MT low budget

NMS - Think i’m gonna start Jokic at the 4 after Evo, any advice? 35k MT low budget submitted by shvbvxx to MyTeam [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 22:22 C0FF33_B14CK Top 50 all time, roast me

Top 50 all time, roast me submitted by C0FF33_B14CK to rap [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 22:22 Logical-Command Help with being nicer and more patient

I have a coworker that i cant stand and maybe starting to bully her a bit. She gets on my last nerves and i cant help it. I wanna be nicer to her and i wanna have more patience with her. Back story is: we are drivers, we do paperwork and im the team lead so at the end of the shift i have to close down the business. I dont check paper work cuz i dont deal with the money n stuff but now my boss wants me to check her paperwork because she hasnt been completing it and when they open in the morning its not done so they have to do it. Ive told my coworker, im the one who deals with the boss, and i get in trouble when her paper work isn’t complete, despite this she wont have her papers in order 10 mins before her shift ends so i have to take those 10 mins to check, and go to the office and move cars and double check my own papers. This is very frustrating because i feel like im baby sitting and its burning me out. Everytime i see i have a shift with her, it ruins my day. The nature of our work is that we have to constantly communicate, we talk on the phone about 30 times during our 8hour shift so hearing her voice, while expecting that shes about to ruin my day is awful lol. I can admit ive been condescending and rude to her and at times very bitchy. What can i say to myself or how can i take time to regroup before i make the poor girl quit.
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2023.06.04 22:22 No-Ad-1420 Should we be concerned about our new apartment?

My boyfriend and I signed the lease on an apartment the other day. The property manager accepted an offer $400 below listing price pretty quickly, which was the first red flag. We dropped off the deposit at the realtors office. The realtor called the receptionist while we were in the office and told her not to give us the keys to the apartment because he had to go back and make repairs. After insisting we would be given the keys before we left, the realtor informed us he had to go back to the apartment and repair some "holes in the wall." We hadn't noticed any holes in the walls and didn't see any when we went back to the apartment again to check. We also noticed that the front door doesn't open and the handle is broken. Only the back door opens (when we toured the realtor had already opened the front door prior to us arriving). When we asked the realtor about it, he said "I can show you a trick to open the front door" and didn't agree to fixing the issue. The following day, the realtor asked when he could stop over to make repairs. We called and said we would meet him there and he said "well, I'll only be here 5-10 minutes" and insisted we didn't come meet him. Note -- he also still has a key to the apartment. My boyfriend and I made a list of questions we want to ask the property manager. The lease only has his phone number, which is a business number for a flooring company. I asked the realtor for his email and he said he doesn't know what it is. I called the given phone number and no one picked up. We sent a text, and we received no text back. The realtor informed us the property manager is "on a trip" and we can leave a message. Concerned we are actively being scammed.
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2023.06.04 22:22 GringoHerbs Day 2 - Biking 7.41 miles in honor of the gamestop community <3

Day 2 - Biking 7.41 miles in honor of the gamestop community <3 submitted by GringoHerbs to Superstonk [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 22:21 GalatiaX How many gems do we get in a year? More than 7k! One full year tally

How many gems do we get in a year? More than 7k! One full year tally

This is strictly the f2p aspect not counting any event pass, ranking rewards, or title achievements. Your mile may wary depending on how much you play, if you exchange in the shop (unless you prioritise other items), and missions you do (e.g. I often don't do the 9\ medal mission). Also some missions were tied to having some specific units such as Uta, Ben Beckman, FR Shanks and FR Luffy. For Cruise Battle I assumed just one full rotation and doing those daily missions.*
After doing tally every month for a year, I decided to make a one-year tally :) It took some time to make this and slice in different ways. I hope this grouping of events makes sense. A whopping 7.2k RD and 2.9k 4* frags over a year! This is just summing it up from all my 12 tallies, so some things to note:
  • 28 daily logins occurs 13 times in a year but this only sums up 12 of those
  • there's 365 days but since I'm tallying during main banner, it summed up to 370 days
  • there are some titles that you get as bonus from clearing challenge battles (e.g. boss battles), which I didn't consider (as my italic text above mentioned)
otherwise it would be close to 7.3k (an average of 20RD per day!!).
Some fun fact when I tried to put up the background together, we got a total of 41 new characters which of:
  • 6 EXs
  • 7 movie-exclusive and 13 regular BFs
  • 2 movie-exclusive and 10 regular step ups
  • 1 4* and 2 3* free characters
Note that my tally count is between the main banner for the month, hence each month lasts differently long, which can be noted on the yellow line. December was a rerun banner with no new BF unit, which makes sense that it is considerably shorter. Otherwise you can note that the RD peaks are during half and full anniversaries (no surprise there). Another interesting aspect is that we started to get more frags after the new year, 200ish during 2022 compared to 270+ in 2023, which is a really good sign!

I kept the same grouping as in the first image, so we can note that it is mainly those SNS and Japanese campaign rewards that spikes through the roof during the half and full anniversaries that makes those months RD rich. The number below the month is the total for the month.
For the 4* frags, the main income are from the bi-weekly SS league rewards and challenge battles. We can see that after new year, we also started to get some from SNS and Japanese campaign rewards during full anniversary and last month's Golden Week celebration.
If you want to visit all my monthly tallies I have done the last year, here are the links:
I hope this serves as a good reference now and in the future :) Now let's hope that Bandai are even more generous as time goes, keep the RDs and frags coming!!
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2023.06.04 22:21 DavidBoar Yet another post about the SOT of this phone

Yet another post about the SOT of this phone
But tbh this is the greatest I've ever got with this phone, and I don't know if it's the update that fixed the battery life
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