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Nobody pays any mind to the receptionist

2023.03.24 03:55 New-Cover777 Nobody pays any mind to the receptionist

It’s as if people are so use to me being there I just blend in as an object no one acknowledges. My desk is right outside of the higher ups offices but they pay me no mind as I take on the role of a sweet little receptionist that greets people into the Corporate office. They don’t know that I have sensitive ears and hear all the whispers that are exchanged, keeping tabs on everything that goes on in the company. I even have the employees that deliver things from the locations melting in my hands-spilling all of the intel they have about their stores but they think nothing of the woman behind the desk that smiles and listens to them spew all of the confidential information they have. I know of things before the managers are even notified. Playing as the innocent receptionist when I know that the hateful woman that controls the farthest store has a shopping addiction while nearly being homeless, the manager for the north store might get a divorce because she works so much she neglects her own family, the HR lady isn’t quiet when she speaks of the lawsuits or legal issues, and the stores are falling apart due to the employees being at each others necks. Being able to relish in the fact that I know the ins and outs of the dark parts of the company I work for is a luxury that gives me the best power trip, I hope to gather even better information soon.
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2023.03.24 03:53 The_Almighty_Sol New Server (NA/PC/PvE/18+)

Come for the fun, stay because the bracelet won’t let you leave.
Server Name: The Great Prison
Server IP:
Map: The Exiled Lands
We are looking for social player. New and old players welcome. The server setting are slightly tweaked in favor of the player. We have a Discord.
Mods (This is also the load order.)
  1. Pippi - User & Server Management - v3.9.0
  2. 120-Level Age of Sorcery
  3. Improved Quality of Life 3.4.7
  4. ThrallSideKick 0.5.7
  5. ModControlPanel
  6. Stacksize Plus v1.8.0 (DLC compatible)
  7. PermPaint
  8. Sorcery Pouch Tweaks
  9. Encumbrance_4x
Message me or comment below for password.
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2023.03.24 03:53 nartarevs What is this bump?

As someone who has had multiple hooha issues (ureaplasma, vulvodynia, hypertonic pelvic floor), every time something is remotely near my vulva, I freak out.
Can anyone tell me what they think this bump is? Link in comment, NSFW.
It doesn’t appear to be an ingrown (don’t see a hair running through it and did try to squeeze…). Herpes? Saddle sore from biking? Pimple? Please help I am spiraling 😞
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2023.03.24 03:52 CrazyKidKCPD Which university is better for MPH Colorado State University or Drexel ??

CSU, fort collins being a public university has a bright side. Drexel is an amazing private research university. Can anyone help me put with this ?? I have been offered a scholarship at Drexel, but the overall fee is nearly the same for both the universities. Thanks in advance
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2023.03.24 03:51 Majestic_Cash330 Need to lose the weight feeling unmotivated

Hey all, new to this channel. I’ve always been overweight & I’m honestly wanting to change that. I don’t feel like myself anymore with the weight I currently am. I’m 265 lbs and 25 years old female. It’s gotten to the point where it makes me feel so disgusting because I am nearly 300.. I really want to get down to 180 but know it’ll be a while until I get there. I don’t move much, I work a full time desk job and hardly move and when I get home I’m exhausted and cook dinner then sleep. I need to start a routine ASAP but don’t know where to start? I’m also thinking of getting a puppy to help me lose weight because I know they have tons of energy as well. But idk. I’m just feeling horrible with myself and don’t see me anymore.
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2023.03.24 03:51 Choice_Oven_9480 Why do I feel off/numb

I had gone through a lot in the past 2 years, facing a horrible dispute with my parents (mom,stepdad,and dad) and being thrown into a mental hospital after a school got scared of me. My parents destroyed my relationship with my ex and my social life, making me mentally snap or something. Afterwards, then figuring my dad had manipulated me and ridding of him from my life. I took lots of drugs I wasn’t supposed to take after everything that had happened and nothing afterwards has been the same.
I had realized I no longer was happy about the things that made me happy, rather emotionless. This occurred after me getting out of the mental hospital , furthering getting worse after a cycle of rad-140 with mk677 and a Benadryl overdose of 1200mg in the span of two days. I have a new relationship, life, no more problems it seems like, but I feel no joy and no happiness towards my daily actions and accomplishments as well as interactions with other people. I go through my day seeing my current girlfriend and friends or getting something done but never feel completed, like I did something but forgot cause I just did it to do something. I also recognized how much I had dissociated, it felt like all I think about is the wrong and past because it’s what I can’t fix that was clearly my fault at some times. I think too much about what people have done to me, making me stay away and never invite people over. I often blur out and feel as if I’m in my own world where nothing exist for seconds up to hours, even sometimes forgetting who was talking to me or what I was doing.
I feel insane, I have extremely bad mood swings. No I never was diagnosed with any sort of mood disorder, but I was on abilify because of alleged homicidal ideations. I have extreme anger, enough to cause myself and others harm. I do not have any explanation to why I have these feelings and want an explanation. I have cut myself before because of the anger towards myself and others and don’t want to be in the same place. I have had unexplained episodes before that felt descriptive to being manic episodes but never fully closed to be, just because they said it was the mood stabilizers that caused it. The last time I felt homicidal ideations was unintentional and was two weeks ago.
I started to stop caring about everything. Problems I had, my grades, my girlfriend, my ex, my goldfish and my dog it didn’t matter. Every problem was the same because I felt as if nothing could feel as close as painful as the things I heard and saw from the past 2 years specially and even further in the past with trauma. I would be in near death situations even with drugs with almost dying from multiple overdoses, with the worst being Benadryl. I miraculously have woken up every time just glad I had experienced something out of worldly and disconnected more than actually caring that I almost died. The Benadryl overdose itself, actually made this affect worse. After two weeks and a half of recovery from it, I felt so disassociated and had no feelings towards anything in a bad or negative way similar to what I was talking about earlier but worse, making me stop caring about everything. Somewhat it wasn’t the worst, considering the days that would viewed the worst by others was just another day for me just like the rest.
Random thoughts of apologizing, being empathetic, but then being hateful and sad and homicidal. Also sort of like mood swings, it’s just an array of unexplained thoughts that never get told to the people I’m thinking about or anyone actually. And example of this goes as such, I will feel happy I had feelings towards someone and remember what they’ve done but then feel extreme opposite feeling such as pain,anger,fear,sadness, and homicidal ideations. I had these feelings and still do as they can happen anywhere, I’ve had them for years in-fact. Do they mean anything?
Thank you for your time and efforts of reading my post. If you have any explanation to why these things and happening and what they are, feel free to comment whatever you’d like to.
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2023.03.24 03:51 Only-Squirrel-1703 Job change Dilemma

I've been looking at different Jobs because I really don't want to stay at sbux for the rest of my life, no offense to the company but mentally I don't think i can. I'm honestly burnt out on busy days and wished I had a different career. But. The pay is decent for me, and I should be promoted to shift soon, in a couple months I think, already did my interview. Which means more pay. But also more stress. I recently applied for a bank teller job, and got an offer. what I didn't realize was that it's inside a Walmart. The pay will be similar, and maybe I could use the job to get a different one in the near future so I'm not stuck at Walmart. So what do i do? Should I stick it out for the shift spot or go for the bank job at Walmart?
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2023.03.24 03:50 Ill_Investment_4 Creed 3 has been bothering me

I saw Creed 3 the week it came out and I liked it. I do have complaints that I feel are personal but gotdamn man this is a low replay value movie. The final fight damn near ruined the movie. Should’ve just went round by round. I was fucking pissed off with that gay ass mist shit. Then he do that weak ass eye zoom focus move on a weak ass 1-2 after getting the wind knocked out his out bussy. No momentum building combos, picks his organs up and just wind the fight. Trash fight but I enjoyed the movie which is bothering me. Don’t want to see a Creed 4. MBJ shouldn’t have directed because the movie is nothing but close shots. No skills at all. If he watched anime, you can create so much more excitement with dodging. It should’ve been a round before the knock out round Creed go in his bag and make him miss all his punches. Displaying supreme stamina and recovery. And they should’ve made Dame a unbeatable prison style boxer instead of a dirty one. They missed out on a Majin Buu vs Goku but whatever but don’t credit anime and your fights aren’t action packed and fast. Directing cannot be that hard
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2023.03.24 03:48 Responsible-Fig2214 so how does this happen with costco near me.. You know it's fake because it's not surrounded by a 5 acre parking lot filled with SUVs.

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2023.03.24 03:46 Thecrazytrainexpress LO discovered kisses on her hand

So my LO was tired but definitely was fighting it by crawling all over her KO’d dad and grabbing everything in her sight , so I decided to rock her . She likes to put her hand on my face and drag it down , tonight she did it again but I decided to make it a game and kiss her hand every time they got near my lips ..
YALL she loved it . She was smiling and giggling all about , I love moments like these and I wouldn’t trade them for the world . She’s now knocked out just like her dad and I’m in awe of how I made such a cute and happy baby , I honestly can’t believe it sometimes .
I really don’t believe in any gods but thank god they gave my daughter to me because idk what I would do without her 🥹
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2023.03.24 03:46 geotrain6 looking for my dads old 125

my dad had a 1979 yamaha yz125 near newcastle pa the only way to identify it as his was he put a peice of sheet metal in to repair something with the magneto so if you have one from near there please let me know
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2023.03.24 03:46 BelleAndTrinity Do I just need to suck it up?

I work a state job. I work with people with intellectual disabilities. I work with people with violent behaviors. I am not a direct care person I am more of a case manager. However, I have been attacked a few times. I also work in a very hostile environment where I have had to defend myself against multiple false allegations made by other staff. Iw ork on the hardest unit, as I have been told by nearly everyone on campus. I ahve been at this job for neraly a yearx the longest anyone has lastest out of the last 5 people in this position.
My job is extremely demanding and it is messing with my mental helth to a dangerous level. I also have chroic health conditions so I cant leave the state as I need the steady insurance and the good benefits for medical reasons. That said. I don't make much money. I grew up poor so this has never bothered me. I am currently looking for a new state job. I am also looking to move back to my hometown, but it is expensive there so I will live with my father for a bit then get a place with my brother.
I have been seeing this guy for going on 5 months. He makes a lot of money. His whole family makes a lot of money. He is in a very specialized field. I can tell that me moving in with my family bothers him. Also, tonight he asked me "why do you have such a hard time with your job, its just paperwork."
Am I over reacting? Do I need to just suck it up?
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2023.03.24 03:45 Conscious-Ad3349 Fifa 23 Game Center’s

I live just north of San Francisco about 40 miles. Every game I play online sucks. I have fiber 1 gig but my connection to the Game Center is always 50+ms. It drives me freakin insane. I lose every game once I get to div 3 up until that point - I’m golden. Am I nuts to think that everyone in div3 and higher (div 1 and 2) lives near a gm center?
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2023.03.24 03:44 PRASIEHAILANDALE Your person is out there keep searching!!

Let me just say your not okay there’s literally a person just for you out there. Think about it this way you’ll get rejected more times in your life on a lot of things then you’ll get accepted it’s easier to say no to someone. But to say yes is a commitment that most people refuse to make nowadays. If your shy and not outgoing that’s okay y’all. If your confident and outgoing that’s okay as well. Everyone is different too many people feel when they go out they their judged and are “graded” by complete total strangers. I swear your not because those people you think are judging you think the same of you that your judging them. Now if you think your gonna be alone forever I promise you ladies and gentlemen your not. Your person is out there i for example tried to make a move in my gym crush today didn’t get a yes but didn’t get a no either. But nonetheless I felt like I failed on the inside even though I didn’t at all of anything I need to just take some more time to get to know her. I see comments all the time where people are like I wish this guy or this woman existed! Guess what buddy they do and their definitely near you stop out ting your self get up chest out and talk to em be positive and polite and confident and you’ll succeed one day DO NOT QUIT! YOUR NEVER OUT OF THE FIGHT.
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2023.03.24 03:44 AbsolutelyNot76 Worst D&D Campaign I've Joined so far...

This my first time posting something like this so if the format's off I apologize, just thought I'd share this, i got a lot to talk about so it's gonna be pretty long
TW: Mentions of child murder, terrorism and rape
So I was searching through a DnD server and stumbled upon a "DM looking for Players" channel, where I ended up finding an ad for a "Dark fantasy Soulsborne" campaign which I joined hesitantly, since I'm not really a fan of Dark Fantasy but I thought it would've been interesting and joined anyway, had a chat with the DM, who we'll call "DM" for this story, and he seemed pretty normal in private messages. He invited me into the server and I asked if my friend, who we'll call "Frog", can join since he only had two players currently, the other player was a bit weird but we'll get into that later on, we'll refer to him as "Gas", he said sure and I invited Frog into the server, Frog is a great guy and basically my best friend on Discord, we join a lot of Westmarch servers and Campaigns together and our characters always end up being really close, so of course I thought having them here would be great, one thing to note about Frog is that they get VERY uncomfortable with stuff like SA or getting their PC into sexual situations. I also invited another friend but he ends up leaving immediately when he got uncomfortable with Gas talking about gassing NPCs in the campaign, in like the WW2 mustard gas kinda way. The other two players that joined after Frog and I were DM's brother who we'll call "Bigs" and the brother's co-worker, who'll call "Weirdo" (you'll see why later on) DM asked what we don't want in the campaign and we specifically brought up Sexual Assault and Pedophilia, you will see why I bring this up
I made a Satyr Druidwho was a kind hearted stoner who's very protective of animals and innocent people, but because of backstory reasons he ends up being a ferocious and murderous animal when he's mad
Frog made a tiefling fighter who didn't really have much of personality, they're sort of just, there
Biggs had some weird homebrew race that was large instead of medium or small, i think he was a fighter or barbarian? Idk all i knew is that he was a big boi, which didn't really bother me anyway
Gas made an evil artificer who loves making grenades and stuff, that's the most i know about his character
And weirdo make a half elf ranger, who was kind of a murderhobo, in fact they all were murderhobos except Frog and I
Session 1 was actually pretty fun, we fought a Dark Souls type enemy that had two phases, my druid and the artificer had a bit of a conflict going on, I discovered that I'm actually pretty good at voice acting when role playing with my PC, everything was good except for that one time the ranger started attacking some armored dude for no reason whatsoever, cause "funny" I guess. Session 2 came around and Gas starts talking about strapping bombs to children and using them against enemies, which was really off-putting and I wasn't comfortable with being in the same party as a character that would use kids for stuff like that, but then out of nowhere the DM kicked him from the server, I guess it was because he wanted to kill kids? But I don't think it was for that reason and you'll see why in a bit. Our characters get teleported off to the main world since Session 1 was mostly in the ruins they started out in (if i explain why they started out in here this story will be WAY longer) We ended up camping out and it was going well so far, my druid, Frog's tiefling and the ranger went off to adopt Frogs near the swamp, which results in my druid and the ranger almost getting eaten by a giant mama frog but that's a story for another time, Bigs however, went off to search the area to find a village nearby and comes across two NPCs dropping a bunch of dead bodies in a hole, which the DM just mentions as two "men", MEN, this well be brought up later and instead of either leaving them to their business or talking to them normally, he knocks them both out and brought them back to camp for no reason other than "they were throwing bodies in a ditch". When the rest of us came back to camp and found the tied up villagers, Ranger went off to hide in the forest, my druid had a not-so heated argument with Biggs' character about capturing these people for no apparent reason but his character insisted that the two are evil simply because he found them throwing bodies in a ditch, the older man of the two wakes up and starts cussing out the party for capturing him and the other guy for no reason, my druid tried to calm him down by asking what they were doing with the bodies but he was stubborn and kept kicking his feet and reacting, pretty understandably to the situation, off in the distance however Weirdo's character shoots an arrow into the NPCs eye, killing him, then the DM states that the other NPC goes "Pa!" meaning that he killed a young man's father in front of him, which kinda bothered me but it's whatever, now we're talking to the son and the way he's described and role-played by the DM, he seemed like a young adult, at least 18 years old, as the party were arguing with him about literally killing his father after capturing them for no reason and him refusing to calm down, I saw that Frog didn't really care at all about the situation and Weirdo and Biggs wanted to just kill him so I had my druid snap and used this opportunity to reveal the dark flaw my lovable stoner druid had, so he killed the NPC in feral anger, which tbf, i should've knocked him out instead, after that my druid turned into a bear after the ranger killed his pet frog during an argument, beat his ass to unconsciousness and the session ended there, that was that
Session 3 came around and we all found out that the younger NPC that was described as if he was just a normal young adult, was actually 12 years old, I felt sick to my stomach since if there was little to no indication that the NPC was a literal child, every description points to him being a young adult, i tried to get the DM make the NPC older since even in his anger, my druid won't hurt a literal child, he refused and basically told me to deal with the fact that my PC killed a grieving little boy who watched his dad die beforehand, it really felt like he made the NPC that age last minute to shock us, yeah this is the same DM that banned a player for wanting to use child suicide bombers. Honestly i should've left than and there but Frog had no intention of leaving so I stayed to look after them since these people were all showing a bit of red flags, mainly the DM, he was pretty aggressive and rude at times and it felt like almost every decision annoyed him to some degree, he also had this "Respect my authority" attitude, shouting like he's a teacher trying to calm down a group of children, and when Frog would ask questions that, weren't the smartest, he would answer them in a somewhat rude but really aggressive way that just really got under my skin.
But it gets worse....
After a couple of sessions in, I was pretty bored of the campaign, I was the only one roleplaying, Biggs and Weirdo won't really engage in any and Frog, was Frog, which wasn't a bad thing though, Frog's the best. During the most recent session after the last one, where we joined a faction of monster hunters, we were all tasked with sneaking into a fort and finding some secret files in some secret room, during this time I was pretty distracted texting a player in my own homebrew campaign about something important, but i got caught up easily on what was happening, during this whole session Frog and DM got into a silly argument about the pronunciation of a word and Biggs shouted at DM started threatening to kick him in the jaw if he doesn't drop it and continue with the session (I get their brothers and that's a normal thing between them but goddamn). So apparently the fort is controlled by a group of gnolls so we'd have some difficulty finding these files, after another a heated argument between DM and Biggs about how grappling hooks work, we managed to use one to sneak into the top floor where the bedrooms of the gnolls are, Weirdo wanted my druid to wildshape so he can use him to torture one of the gnolls by putting the wildshaped rat on his stomach and covering it with a bucket (forgot the name of this torture method sorry) I decided not to consent to that, Biggs and Weirdo and kill a few gnolls in their sleep and I once get distracted. While I'm distracted helping a player come with his character concept, i faintly hear the DM say "-taking advantage of her" Biggs and Weirdo are like "yooo" and Frog sounded super uncomfortable, going "umm", I then asked what was happening since I got distracted again, and the DM straight up tells me that one of the Gnolls is currently in the act of raping a woman, immediately I got upset and told him that we talked about this and that we didn't want mentions of rape or any sexual assault, to which he argued back saying that Frog and I said we "were cool with stuff like that" even though we specifically said we DIDN'T want that in the game, suggesting that most likely remembered the conversation wrong, cause I would never agree to something that would make Frog and I uncomfortable, especially Frog. As we're arguing about this Frog he mutes to take a quick break since mentions of that stuff heavily triggers them, and DM soon mutes as well, during this time Frog came back and I went to find the message where we agreed to allow that stuff, but instead I found an old message from DM literally agreeing to NOT add mentions of that stuff in, "No illegal stuff involving sex" was literally what he sent as an agreement, when I read it out, Ranger straight up said that "Rape isn't illegal" which obviously triggers Frog once again, and I was too mentally drained to even argue with anymore, then DM, without any further discussions or apologies, straight up banned both Frog and I off the server, therefore kicking us out the campaign and honestly I'm glad he did, Frog and I were gonna leave the campaign anyway and he basically did us a favor by kicking us like that, to make my night better I just hopped on a voice chat with my main group and telling them about it and just chatting made me appreciate them a lot more. That's about it, sorry if it's too long i just thought I'd share this with you all
Tl;dr: Terrible DM bans a player out of nowhere, refuses to change the age of a 12 year old NPC my PC killed after hinting at the fact they were a grown adult and narrates a gnoll sexually assaulting a female NPC even after we specifically said that stuff was a no no for me and my friend, kicked us both for having a problem with it anyway
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2023.03.24 03:44 PRASIEHAILANDALE Keep your heads up and keep success going in your life

Let me just say your not gonna be alone there’s literally a person just for you out there. Think about it this way you’ll get rejected more times in your life on a lot of things then you’ll get accepted it’s easier to say no to someone. But to say yes is a commitment that most people refuse to make nowadays. If your shy and not outgoing that’s okay y’all. If your confident and outgoing that’s okay as well. Everyone is different too many people feel when they go out they their judged and are “graded” by complete total strangers. I swear your not because those people you think are judging you think the same of you that your judging them. Now if you think your gonna be alone forever I promise you ladies and gentlemen your not. Your person is out there i for example tried to make a move in my gym crush today didn’t get a yes but didn’t get a no either. But nonetheless I felt like I failed on the inside even though I didn’t at all of anything I need to just take some more time to get to know her. I see comments all the time where people are like I wish this guy or this woman existed! Guess what buddy they do and their definitely near you stop out ting your self get up chest out and talk to em be positive and polite and confident and you’ll succeed one day DO NOT QUIT! YOUR NEVER OUT OF THE FIGHT.
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2023.03.24 03:43 atnhuiopwvvdgj My lack of a love life has really crushed me

I (22F) am completely inexperienced romantically and sexually. As much as I really hate to admit it, it has greatly impacted me in a multitude of ways: it has crushed my confidence, made me feel undesirable, made me question my identity, and overall has made me internalize the idea that there is something just intrinsically Wrong with me.
As a kid, I remember I had a crush on a guy in my class. He was really nice to me and I thought he was cute and so I made my best effort to talk to him but it never went anywhere. We were kids so there was no where to really go but I remember being sad about how things ended up. It turns out another girl who was a lot more popular than me liked him a lot too and basically claimed him for herself, like seriously. She would send people my way to tell me she was gonna "get me" for liking him lmao So I gave it up and that was that.
Then early in high school I developed a huge crush on one of the most popular guys in school, he was a star athlete and I thought he was the hottest haha. I did what I could to talk to him, I would even do small favors for him when I could (it was pathetic) but he either 1. straight up didn't like me or 2. was oblivious. I don't want to assume either but I feel like I made it as clear as I could that I liked him without just being 100% straight up cause I am just not a direct person. He was always nice to me but he was nice to everyone.
At one point I told one of my friends in class about liking him. She told me she was absolutely not interested in him. She then went on to become inseparable best friends with him lol, they never dated but she was one of the prettiest girls in our school and I eventually just gave up on the whole thing cause it was clearly not going anywhere
During this time I watched my friends enter and exit relationships. I didn't understand how they befriended guys so easily and just organically got into relationships. As much as I fantasized about romance, they also made me doubt the reality of relationships as a lot of their experiences had pretty messy ends. At least they loved and lost and all that hahaha.
Guys did not approach me. I had one guy in middle school ask me out but he was Genuinely Creepy and I was very off put by the whole thing. Besides that, I was never approached, asked out, asked to dances, anything like that. I probably wouldn't have dated a lot of the guys at school cause they were some pieces of work but not getting any male attention went to my head after a while.
I started to severely doubt my looks, personality, and the overall aura I gave off. It was around this time that my friend group also split up, largely due to 3 of the girls deciding that my other friend and I were just not cool enough to hang out with anymore. I ended high school with low self esteem and next to no confidence.
Throughout college, I've had a nearly identical experience. I had a guy I was interested in freshman year in one of the clubs I was in and made an effort to talk and get to know him but he started talking to another girl in the club that was def a lot prettier than me and I'm pretty sure they hit it off after that. Then covid hit and that was a long time of not meeting any other guys of potential interest.
After going so long without anything happening organically, I took to the apps. I went on some dates and even went on a few seconds but something happened with each one where I felt the desire to cut things off. One guy clearly only wanted sex in the end and left once he realized things weren't gonna go there, another guy was pretty closed off and it didn't feel like we really connected on anything, another guy called me while super drunk saying he got into a fight with another guy that night, so on and so on. At some point I just quit dating for the time being.
As of now, I still haven't been on any other dates. I've been on and off the apps for a while but I haven't been able to match with any of the guys I've been truly interested in. I've watched my current friends make progress in their love lives: my one friend got a great boyfriend by meeting through mutual friends, my other friend got a boyfriend after going on bumble for the very first time, my other friend hooks up regularly with guys who will basically do anything for her (she's had several guys fr confess their love to her lol). I've watched from the sidelines being as supportive as I can be.
I hate that this impacts me so much. I know I should just focus on the other things in my life but I just can't. Every single resource and person says the moment you're not looking for love is when it'll find you and that you need to work on fully loving yourself and being the person you want to be first before getting into any relationships. I agree. However, the longer I go without any relationship, the more I doubt myself and yearn to be affirmed that I AM desirable, lovable, attractive, etc.
I know that you shouldn't rely on relationships to prove that to yourself but I can't think of any other thing in our society that confirms these things other than through our romantic and sexual lives. Friends and family will tell you things to make you feel better. You can make yourself believe that you are uglier or more beautiful than you are. Feeling fully attracted to someone and having them be fully attracted to you and sharing a partnership where you both continuously choose each other is something exquisite and fulfilling to the soul. It crushes me that that is starting to feel more and more out of reach.
Is anyone else going through something similar? It's hard to not feel alone in this since most people I know are coupled up.
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2023.03.24 03:42 Mbluish How would you tell a family that you’re concerned that her child is on the spectrum?

I have been teaching for over 20 years and of course, have had children who I believe are on the spectrum. It’s been such a touchy subject to get parents to try and get some help for their child. I have never told a parent that I am concerned that their child is on the spectrum but I’ve gone on roundabout ways of telling them my concerns.
Most often times it takes a few parent teacher conferences and most almost every time the parents pull out their child and put them in another program
I currently have a child who I believe is on the spectrum. She has stemming behaviors, frequent meltdowns, and drools among some other things happening.
I have approached the parents twice. I’ve been very open about my concerns. I have recommended she get evaluated by an occupational therapist as well as school therapist. They took her in to the school district and the school put her with a speech pathologist who said she was basically within normal boundaries. The speech pathologist did not contact me before evaluating her and did so after evaluating her. After speaking with me she was upset with herself for not contacting me sooner. She believed everything mom in denial told her. She told me I should refer her again in a couple of months. I told the speech pathologist that yet again, I see this child falling through the cracks.
In my experience with mom they just minimize everything and chalk it up to her being defiant and things of that nature.
My next conference with them is next week. I have to preface this with I adore this little girl and I do wholeheartedly but she needs help and I want the parents to start taking this seriously. She is nearly 4 years old.
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2023.03.24 03:42 dickcheney600 Do any motherboard brands show the shipped-with BIOS version on the box?

I got screwed over buying a CPU for an ASUS motherboard and it wasn't compatible with the BIOS version that was on it. Is there another brand that shows what BIOS version it ships with, so I can go to the store armed with that knowledge? There's only one brick and mortar computer parts store near me, and they don't seem to know what version BIOS is compatible with what CPU, even as far as suggesting the "wrong" one when you ask them to help you.
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2023.03.24 03:42 Ok-Programmer-8189 Help with RT plan

Hi, I’m a junior in a early college high school rn and when I graduate I should have an associates degree. I want to do schooling for radiation therapy but I’m not sure how obtaining a degree in the field works. Would I be able to work towards a bachelors in RT right after school? Also, could I get a bachelors in something similar but still become a radiation therapist? There is only Texas State thats near me that offers a bachelors while the other schools only offer an associates.
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2023.03.24 03:41 theca_kid P0171 (Lean CEL)

Driving a new to me 2019 Audi SQ5. I tuned the car to run e85 for a very short period. I developed this CEL/code. I ran the tank of e85 down to empty and cleared the code. I Filled up with 93 and changed the tune to the 93 map with no issues.
Fast forward a few weeks. I filled up last week with 93 from a new station near us (station is literally called Race Fuel lol). Thinking it was a blizzard and they had 93 no harm right? 2 days later I had driven a total of maybe 10 miles and threw the code again. I cleared the code and was topping off every 1/4 of a tank with Shell 93. I drove nearly 200 miles on city and highway and tonight threw the code AGAIN. I topped off at another local Shell with 93 and have driven maybe ~5 miles. I didn’t clear the code this time seeing if it will disappear on its own. My AFR gauge has been fluctuating more than normal from 12-15ish. Normally it hangs at 14-15 unless I go WOT where it goes to the 12s.
Any tips? I do have a cold air intake being delivered tomorrow that I planned to install however I might wait now?
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2023.03.24 03:41 Busy_Conference_6931 Searching off-campus housing near Elon University

Dear Reddit Community,
I am currently on the lookout for off-campus housing near Elon University as I will be interning in the area from May to August 2023. I am hoping to find an affordable shared apartment or any budget-friendly apartment that fits my needs.
If anyone has any information or suggestions on where I can find such housing options, I would greatly appreciate it. Please feel free to message me or leave a comment if you have any leads.
Thank you in advance for your help!
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