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2023.05.28 17:40 VagrantScrub Mincemeat

How he hated the word.
What an awful state of affairs. To think his glorious army couldn’t subdue the humans. The fleet and those soft admirals and captains had brought them to this moment.
Always trying to slow down any progress.
Always trying to delay.
Caught up in infrastructure and supply. Endless counting. Endless reconnaissance. Endless prattling.
But no more.
The dead human had been their salvation.
A malfunction had cast him off course and rapidly depleted his air supply. The soldier had taken his own life before having to suffer the agonizing consequences of slow decompression.
The plans he carried had been verified. The window to strike with the information they had was closing. A knockout blow could be delivered to the humans at minimal cost to their own forces. It was perfect.
He would convince the Emperor at the next meeting. He had too!
The Emperor of Ten Thousand Stars could hardly bear the infighting of his advisors. Let alone the actual war.
Not for the first time he lamented his lot in life. He had been trained to rule as an able administrator. Not a warrior like his brother. Or his famous father who had struck so deep at the humans and their holdings. Both gone now but their ambitions could not be so easily reigned in even after their deaths.
A 230 year war was winding down with no victor.
History would remember him as a wimp. A loser. A weakling. The Empire might very well be dissolved from within. Every noble on every planet would see any negotiations as a ripe time for overthrowing him.
Or so it had seemed.
The High Marshall of the Infantry had conceived a daring strike with information they had gleaned from a dead human military courier. He had carried immensely important information about a buildup of something of vital importance to the humans.
He was no warrior but he was no technocrat either. He couldn’t quite understand the importance of two planetary sized factories being destroyed.
But he understood numbers.
To put such resources into not one but two stellar factory hubs? And then to lose them both? The loss in industrial capacity would be immeasurable. It could collapse the humans and their republic. The loss of such great technical and manufacturing hubs had brought galactic powers to their knees in the past. No reason to think it wouldn’t work on the humans.
He gave his blessings to the strike.
The war was lost. The High Admiral of the Navy was certain of it.
Former High Admiral he thought to himself.
It wasn’t that the plan was terrible. It was the sheer cost of moving such a large amount of ships and supplies. And at such breakneck speed. How could you move, gather, organize, and push with 9 fleets in less than 4 weeks? How do you even coordinate such a thing? There would be losses just from disrupting the set timetables for supply and patrols. The humans would notice.
These army fools were great at their own narrow expertise. But were wholly unable to grasp the intricacies of void combat and its logistics.
It takes years to build a simple cruiser. A complex dance between hundreds of competing noble bureaucracies to enable thousands of workers and tons of materials, equipment, and supplies to be ready and stockpiled just to ensure everything goes smoothly. Months to fill out the roster. Months more of training. Months still of drills and shakedown cruises. And then you have to keep them alive in battles long enough for that cruiser to start being able to reliably learn their roles and their limits.
He was positive that the plan would work but he simply could not believe that the two manufacturing nodes were so poorly defended. He would lose assets that were sorely needed on other fronts. The game of logistics was a game of expertly navigating catastrophe. And the plan would be all or nothing. That isn’t how you run a campaign even if it was foolproof. There was no proof success would bring down the humans. Hadn’t the last 230 years proven the humans staying power?
The army simply used their infantry forces as fodder. Wave after wave. Brute force. But a navy had to be smart and strategic with its resources. Elegant in its maneuvers. Decisive in its actions. To overextend was death for a fleet. And this would be the mother of all overextensions if it failed. 9 fleets were at risk. Every strategic reserve was being thrown in. They would win but at what cost?
And now, he mused, here I am. Hoping for the best of the people who ruined his career. Was it really so bad to negotiate? The Empire would probably go through violent convulsions but there had been no usurper in over six thousand years. It had always worked itself out.
He really hoped they knew what they were doing.
Why did that word drive them out of their senses!?
Madness. Stupidity. How could so many be so blind?
It was almost certainly a trap. How could it not be? A courier ship just happens to fail. The occupant just happens to hang himself right as his air runs out? The identity easily confirmed. The personal effects were spot on.
It was all too … convenient.
The courier shouldn’t have carried such detailed plans. Though it would be a perfect way to ensure operational security of a defect in their command. He admitted that openly. But … it was simply too perfect.
It was obviously a ruse.
But you can’t convince people who do not want to be convinced.
The Emperor saw a way out of the war he never wanted to inherit and enter history as a mighty Emperor. The High Marshall could retain his position and be remembered in history as a great commander. The High Admiral had been relieved but his main objection had simply been the extent of the plan rather than the obvious bait. Other advisors and technocrats had all sided with the Emperor. Everyone wanted a way to maintain their position. And no one seemed to think on the implications if they failed.
No one listened to him simply because he was not of noble birth. He had risen to his ranks with painful attention to his work. Nothing he pointed out had even hit a nerve with anyone.
Human patrols were noticeably lacking aggression. Why?
Human naval raids had decreased by nearly 18%. Why?
Reduced ship counts in human convoy runs had been observed. Why?
The human munition supplies to 5 different systems had dropped by nearly 55%. Why?
Where the hell was it all going!?
A counterstroke was in the works. But he and his intelligence assets had no idea where and when. And they wouldn’t have any reserves to stop such an attack if their own attack failed.
It was hard not to think that it was coming immediately after the deployment of their best strategic reserves.
What would they really find at those coordinates?
To think it might be finally ending. All of it.
The General stared at the corpse lying on the table.
His old friend. His old battle companion.
It was finally over.
The General looked over his shoulder to ensure his staff had left him alone as he had ordered. He took off his hat and jacket. Untucked his shirt and rolled up his sleeves. And began to clean up the corpse of his friend. A man who had once saved his life on a distant battlefield. It was the least he could do.
The strain had been too much for him. The trauma of it all had driven him to drink. Eventually costing him his marriage. His career. Everything.
He couldn’t even hold onto a job in any of the industries that so sorely needed labor. The despair and the drink eventually had driven him to rage.
And that rage had led to him murdering 2 workers at his local pub one day.
The verdict had been unanimous. The sentence? Death.
But the General had conceived of a new way to honor his friend. Let him get one more blow at the enemy. The corpse of his friend had to be just right.
His friend was now a Colonel in military intelligence. He would be carrying papers to that effect. He carried a digital letter to his wife letting her know he had put the drink behind him. Tickets to a local opera on Halcyon IV. An address tablet filled with appointments with important individuals.
He also carried a report too valuable to send over an open ftl comm line. A very important report. A report that would lead to the end of the war if the enemy bought into it. But they wouldn’t find a largely undefended strategic manufacturing hub. Mines, ftl inhibitors, and death would be all they found there.
The General began rolling down his sleeves. The corpse was cleaned up a bit. But not too much. And it was good they had hung him. It would be that much harder to ascertain anything amiss.
The General wondered what peacetime might be like finally. War was all he had known.
He chided himself. There was still a war to fight. No guarantee the enemy would even believe any of it.
He sure wouldn't.
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2023.05.28 17:21 VernonKazama My Mario Kart Wish List 📃

~ 1. Introduction ~
Here is a detailed description of my wishlist for a Mario Kart 9 or 10/X (if Tour is considered the 9th installment) I don't expect everyone to like all my ideas. This is just a wishlist. I obviously would be happy with any Mario Kart Nintendo decides to put out but in a perfect world, this is what I would want for it to be the best Mario Kart imo. I hope you enjoy.
*= Thoughts, Personal opinions, New ideas for modes, mechanics, driver outfits, vehicles, items, options, etc
🔒= Locked. Must be unlocked by in game requirements or DLC
~ 2. Mechanics ~
~ Single Player / Multiplayer 》1P》2P》3P》4P》
Grand Prix》Class Optimization》Driver(s) Select》Vehicle Parts》Circuits》Cup Select》 Class Optimization options: Engine: 50cc》100cc》150cc》Mirror》All¹》All Mirror¹》 Driver: Solo Dash》Double Dash》² Drift: Automatic》Manual》³ Items: Normal》No Items》 Camera: Normal》First Person》
*¹ - All and All Mirror options are only available in Grand Prix. After a Circuit has been selected, It'll play each Cup in order of that specific Circuit.
*² - All race and battle modes will feature either a Solo Dash or the new Double Dash option similar to Mario Kart Double Dash for extra replayability and character combinations.
*³ - Even if not many people liked Automatic drifting, it was there for a reason for you to choose. Some liked it. Some didn't. It should be the player's choice.
*⁴ - Camera can also be changed freely during the race from the pause menu.
Time Trials》Driver(s) Select》Circuits》Cup Select》Course Select》 Race Solo》Race Against Ghost》View Ghost》Online Ghost》Upload Ghost Data》
• VS Race》Driver(s) Select》Vehicle Parts》Customized Race》Circuits》Cup Select》Course Select》 Customized Race options: Engine Class: 50cc》100cc》150cc》Mirror》 Driver: Solo Dash》Double Dash》 Drift: Automatic》Manual》 Teams: No Teams》Team Game》 Items: Normal》Frantic》No Items》No Items and Coins》Custom》 COM: Easy》Normal》Hard》Pro¹》 COM Vehicles (Solo)²: All Vehicles》Karts Only》Bikes Only》 COM Vehicles (Doubles)²: All Vehicles》ATVs Only》Buggys Only》 Courses: Choose》In Order》Random》 Race Count: 4》5³》8》12》16》32》64》All》 Laps: 1》2》3》4》5》
*¹ - Added a Pro difficulty to make the CPU feel more of a challenge.
*² - Wanted to split the vehicle selections between Solo Dash and Double Dash drivers. Solo Dash drivers will now only select between Karts and Bikes and Double Dash drivers will only select between ATVs and new Buggy vehicles. *Buggys are essential similar to the designs of the Karts used in Mario Kart Double Dash. ATVs are now bigger in size to help fit the idea of 2 drivers on one vehicle.
*³ - The original Super Mario Kart had 5 courses per Cup so I brought that option back for custom races.
*⁴ - Wanted to make the option available for players. These courses will be excluded from Laps option and be set to default when selected: ⁿ⁶⁴ Wario Stadium, ⁿ⁶⁴ Rainbow Road, ᵍᶜⁿ Baby Park, ᵍᶜⁿ Wario Colosseum, ³ᵈˢ Wuhu Loop, ³ᵈˢ Maka Wuhu, ³ᵈˢ Rainbow Road, ʷⁱⁱ ᵘ Mount Wario, and ʷⁱⁱ ᵘ Big Blue.
Battle》Driver(s) Select》Vehicle Parts》Customized Battle》Course Select》 Customized Battle options: Driver: Solo Dash》Double Dash》 Drift: Automatic》Manual》 Teams: No Teams》Team Game》 Items: Normal》Frantic》Skilled》Custom》 Round Time: 1 Minute》2 Minutes》3 Minutes》4 Minutes》5 Minutes》 COM: Easy》Normal》Hard》Pro》 COM Vehicles (Solo Dash): All Vehicles》Karts Only》Bikes Only》 COM Vehicles (Double Dash): All Vehicles》ATVs Only》Buggys Only》 Courses: Choose》In Order》Random》 Round Count: 3 Rounds》5 Rounds》7 Rounds》¹
*¹ - I shortened the rounds. Anything past 7 rounds is too much imo but that's just me. Also being a little bias cuz I'm not a fan of battle mode.
~ Online Play 》1P》2P》
Worldwide: Grand Prix*》VS Race》Battle》
Regional: Grand Prix*》VS Race》Battle》
Friends》Create Room
Tournaments》Menu. Menu options: Create a Tournament: Icon》Name》Rules》Time Settings》Other》 *Rules options: Mode: 50cc》100cc》150cc》Mirror》Balloon》Classic Balloon¹》 Renegade Roundup》Bob-omb Blast》Shine Runners¹》Coin Runners》 Shine Thief》Thunder Cloud Tag¹》Random Battle》 Driver: Solo Dash》Double Dash》 Drift: Automatic》Manual》 Teams: No Teams》Team Game》 Items: Normal》No Items》No Items or Coins》Frantic》Skilled*²》Custom》 Round Time (Battle only): 1 Minute》2 Minutes》3 Minutes》4 Minutes》5 Minutes》 COM: No COM》Easy》Normal》Hard》Pro》 Vehicles (Solo Dash): All Vehicles》Karts Only》Bikes Only》 Vehicles (Double Dash): All Vehicles》ATVs Only》Buggys Only》 Camera: Normal》First Person》 Smart Steering: Smart Steering OK》No Smart Steering》 *Time Settings options: Frequency: Weekly》Daily》Fixed Period》 Start Day: Sunday》Monday》Tuesday》Wednesday》Thursday》Friday》Saturday》 Start Date: Dependent》 Start Time: Dependent》 End Day: Sunday》Monday》Tuesday》Wednesday》Thursday》Friday》Saturday》 End Date: Dependent》 End Time: Dependent》 Round Count: 4 Rounds》8 Rounds》16 Rounds》 Group Shuffling: Don't Shuffle》Every 4th Match》 *Other options: Player Rating: Any Rating》0-2999》3000-9999》10000-99999》 Public/Private: Open to Everyone》Code Required》
*¹ - Scroll down to Battle section for more info.
*² - Skilled Items for Battle mode only.
Search by Code Search by Type Active Tournaments
My Replays. View saved replays from previous races or battles on and offline. * You can now save more than just 6 replays.
Online Replays*¹ View shared replays from others online
*¹ - Should've already been added in the first place.
²* - View recent online races or battles replays. Earn coins by voting who'll be 1st. * Literally stole this idea from Smash.
~ Other Details
~ 3. Characters and Vehicles ~
~ Characters
68 Total Drivers (including DLC) 32 Total Alternate Drivers. 100 Total Individual Characters.
~ Drivers
Mario》Metal Mario 🔒》Tanooki Mario 🔒》Fire Mario 🔒》Ice Mario 🔒》Dr. Mario 🔒》 - Mario (Classic) 🔒 - Mario (Builder) 🔒 - Mario (SNES) 🔒 - Mario (Sunshine) 🔒 - Mario (Tuxedo) 🔒 - Mario (N64)*🔒 - Metal Mario (Gold) 🔒
Luigi》Penguin Luigi 🔒》Fire Luigi 🔒》Gooigi*🔒》 - Luigi (Classic) 🔒 - Luigi (Golf) 🔒 - Luigi (Builder) 🔒
Peach》Pink Gold Peach 🔒》Cat Peach 🔒》Fire Peach*🔒》 - Peach (Wedding) 🔒
Yoshi - Light-blue Yoshi - Black Yoshi - Red Yoshi - Yellow Yoshi - White Yoshi - Purple Yoshi - Pink Yoshi - Orange Yoshi
Bowser》Dry Bowser 🔒》Meowser 🔒》 - Dry Bowser (Gold) 🔒
Donkey Kong Jr. - Donkey Kong Jr. (SNES) 🔒
Koopa Troopa》Koopa (Freerunning) 🔒》 - Red Koopa (Freerunning) - Blue Koopa (Freerunning) - Purple Koopa (Freerunning) - Gold Koopa (Freerunning) 🔒
Toad》Cat Toad 🔒》Captain Toad 🔒》 - Toad (Pit Crew) 🔒 - Toad (Builder) 🔒 - Toad (Astronaut) 🔒 - Toad (Blue)* - Toad (Yellow)* - Toad (Green)*
Donkey Kong 🔒
Wario 🔒 - Wario (Biker)*
Daisy 🔒
Birdo 🔒 - Birdo (Light Blue) - Birdo (Black) - Birdo (Red) - Birdo (Yellow) - Birdo (White) - Birdo (Purple) - Birdo (Green) - Birdo (Orange)
Baby Mario 🔒
Baby Luigi 🔒
Toadette 🔒》Peachette 🔒》 - Toadette (Explorer) 🔒 - Toadette (Builder) 🔒 - Toadette (Astronaut) 🔒
Paratroopa 🔒 - Green Paratroopa*
Diddy Kong 🔒
Bowser Jr. 🔒
Waluigi 🔒
Petey Piranha 🔒
King Boo 🔒 - King Boo (Luigi's Mansion)
Pac-Man 🔒
Ms. Pac-Man 🔒
Blinky 🔒》Pinky》Inky》Clyde*》
Dry Bones 🔒 - Dry Bones (Gold) 🔒
R.O.B. 🔒 - R.O.B. (Famicom)*
Shy Guy 🔒 - Light-blue Shy Guy - Black Shy Guy - Green Shy Guy - Yellow Shy Guy - White Shy Guy - Blue Shy Guy - Pink Shy Guy - Orange Shy Guy
Mametchi 🔒
Baby Peach 🔒
Baby Daisy 🔒
Rosalina 🔒
Funky Kong 🔒
Mii 🔒
Honey Queen 🔒
Wiggler 🔒
Lakitu 🔒
Don-chan 🔒
Baby Rosalina 🔒
Iggy 🔒》Roy》Lemmy》Larry》Wendy》Ludwig》Morton》
Link 🔒 - Link (Champion's Tunic)
Villager 🔒 - Villager (Female)
Isabelle 🔒 - Isabelle (Winter)*
Inkling Girl 🔒 - Inkling Girl (lime green) - Inkling Girl (magenta)
Inkling Boy 🔒 - Inkling Boy (purple) - Inkling Boy (teal)
Pauline 🔒
Hammer Bro 🔒》Boomerang Bro 🔒》Ice Bro 🔒》Fire Bro 🔒》
Monty Mole 🔒
Dixie Kong 🔒
Nabbit 🔒
King Bob-omb 🔒
Kamek 🔒
Chargin' Chuck 🔒
Poochy 🔒
~ Newcomers
Noki ⁽ⁿᵉʷ⁾ 🔒 - Noki (Green) - Noki (Pink) - Noki (Yellow)
Pianta ⁽ⁿᵉʷ⁾ 🔒 - Pianta (Pink) - Pianta (Yellow) - Pianta (Purple)
Professor E. Gadd ⁽ⁿᵉʷ⁾ 🔒
Toadsworth ⁽ⁿᵉʷ⁾ 🔒
Luma ⁽ⁿᵉʷ⁾ 🔒 - Luma (Blue) - Luma (Pink) - Luma (Green) - Luma (Cyan) - Luma (Red) - Luma (Purple) - Luma (Black) - Luma (Orange)
Sonic the Hedgehog ⁽ⁿᵉʷ⁾ 🔒
Miles "Tails" Prower ⁽ⁿᵉʷ⁾ 🔒
King K. Rool ⁽ⁿᵉʷ⁾ 🔒》Kaptain K. Rool*》
Krunch ⁽ⁿᵉʷ⁾ 🔒 * Would be an excellent choice for a surprise DLC character to those familiar w/Diddy Kong Racing
Zelda ⁽ⁿᵉʷ⁾ 🔒》Sheik*》
Kirby ⁽ⁿᵉʷ⁾ 🔒
King Dedede ⁽ⁿᵉʷ⁾ 🔒
Captain Falcon ⁽ⁿᵉʷ⁾ 🔒
Samus ⁽ⁿᵉʷ⁾ 🔒》Zero Suit*》
Geno ⁽ⁿᵉʷ⁾ 🔒
~ Vehicles
Available parts. The parts available are listed here in the order shown in the vehicle customization screen, with the following notation: ¹ = Changes color, depending on the character. ² = Changes color for the Koopalings. ³ = Changes color for Daisy, Baby Daisy, Rosalina, and Baby Rosalina. (DLC) = Part is only available as downloadable content.
~ Karts (Solo Dash)
Standard Kart¹ 4-Wheel Cradle 8-Bit Pipe Frame¹ Apple Kart B Dasher Badwagon Barrel Train Biddybuggy (Buggybud)¹ Birthday Girl (Royal Ribbon)²/³ Blue Falcon Blue Seven Booster Seat (Baby Booster) Bruiser (Growlster) Brute Bull's-Eye Banzai Bulldog-W ⁽ⁿᵉʷ⁾ Bumble V Cact-R Cact-X Cat Cruiser Cheep Charger Cheep Snorkel Circuit Special¹ Clanky Kart Classic Dragster (Nostalgia 1) Cloud 9 Crawly Kart Cucumber Dasher II Daytripper (Royal Racer) Dozer Dasher Dragonfly Dry Bomber Egg 1 Flame Flyer Gold Mantis Gold Pipe Frame Gold Standard (Gold Kart) Green Apple Kart Honeycoupe (Dragonetti) Hurricane Jet Cruiser Jetsetter (Aero Glider) Jumbo Jetter Kiddie Kart¹ Koopa Clown² Landship ² Light Dancer Light Tripper Mach 8 Mini Beast (Concerto) Mushmellow Offroader P-Wing Paintster Parade Kart Penguin Slider Pink Mushmellow Pipe Frame¹ Piranha Prowler Poltergust 4000 Power Flower Prancer Prop Kart Quickshaw ROB-BLS Rambi Rider Royale Shooting Star Sky Pop ⁽ⁿᵉʷ⁾ Sneeker (Bounder)¹ Snow Skimmer Soda Jet Sports Coupe (Sports Coupé) Sprinter (B Dasher Mk. 2) Star Broom Steel Driver Streamliner Streetle Super 1 Super Blooper (Turbo Blooper) Surf Sailer Swift Talon Tanooki Kart Tea Coupe Tiny Titan (Rally Romper) Tiny Tug Tri-Speeder Wario Car Warship Wild Wing Wildlife Yellow Taxi Zucchini (Gherkin) Speed Star ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ Source Whirlwind Sport ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ Source Egg Mobile ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ * Was inspired by this image I found. Source Reminds me of the Egg Mobile with Monster tires White Cat ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ Source Dark Schnieder ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ Source Car¹ ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ * Source * the number in the center will be replaced by driver's logo Dragoon Kart ⁽ᵈˡᶜ * Source
~ Bikes (Solo Dash)
Standard Bike¹ Bit Bike (Nanobike) City Tripper¹ Flame Rider Hurricane Jet Bubble (Bubble Bike) Master Cycle Zero Mr. Scooty (Mr Scooty) Phantom Quacker ROB-LGS Shooting Star (Twinkle Star) Sugarscoot (Bon Bon)¹ The Duke Varmint Wario Bike Zip Zip (Rapide) Zipper Wheelie Bike ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ Source
Bullet Bike¹ Comet Dolphin Dasher Flame Runner (Bowser Bike)¹ Jet Bike Mach Bike¹ Magikruiser¹ Master Cycle Sneakster (Nitrocycle) Sport Bike¹ Yoshi Bike¹ Zinger Sting ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ * just an idea I had for a new bike based off of a beta imagine for Donkey Kong racing. Source * the number in the center will be replaced by driver's logo. Bike version of the Prop Kart
~ ATVs (Double Dash)
Standard ATV (Standard Quad)¹ Bone Rattler Inkstriker Spear (Torpedo)¹ Splat Buggy Teddy Buggy Tyrant Wild Wiggler Hovercraft¹ ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ Source
~ Buggys (Double Dash)
Standard Buggy ¹ Banisher Bolt Buggy Bullet Blaster Coach³ * Heart Coach/Bloom Coach from Mario Kart Double Dash DK Jumbo Fire Buggy¹ * Red Fire from Mario Kart Double Dash Goo-Goo Buggy¹ Koopa Dasher Koopa King Para-Wing Pipe Buggy¹ Piranha Pipes Turbo Birdo Turbo Yoshi Waluigi Racer
~ Tires
Standard (Normal) 8-Bit Standard Ancient Tires (Ancient Tyres) Azure Roller Bicycle Tires Blue Monster Blue Standard (Normal Blue) Button Capsule Crimson Slim Cushion Cyber Slick Drum Gold 8-Bit Standard Gold Tires (Gold Wheels) Heart Rings Hot Monster (Funky Monster) Iron Leaf Tires (Leaf Tyres) Metal Monster Mushroom Mushroom Off-Road Red Monster Retro Off-Road Roller Slick Slim Snorkel Tires Sponge Triforce Tires (Triforce Tyres) Wood (Wooden) Yoshi Tires
~ Gliders
Super Glider¹ 8-Bit Jumping Mario Beast Glider (Ghastly Glider) Bowser Kite Butterfly Sunset Cloud Glider Crimson Crane Droplet Glider Eggshell Glider Eggshell Glider Fare Flier Flower Glider Gold Glider Great Sail Hylian Kite MKTV Parafoil Oilpaper Umbrella Paper Glider Parachute Paraglider (Breath of the Wild) Paraglider (Parafoil) Peach Parasol³ Plane Glider Ribbon Swooper (Swoop) Waddle Wing Waluigi Wing Wario Wing Magic Carpet ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ Source Wizpig Glider ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ Example at 00:31 Tails Flier ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ Source Knuckles Glider ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ Source Gunship ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ Source
~ 4. Items ~
× – Does not appear in Battle Mode.
~ Items found on the track
Item Box - Gives the player a random item. Items given are based on the player's distance from first place. * I would like for them to look either similar to how they looked in Mario Kart 64 or Mario Kart DS' design.
Coin - Gives the player a small boost and increase top speed when more are collected, up to a maximum of ten.
Rupee - The equivalent of a coin, used for Hyrule Circuit and Zelda related courses. They replace coins in the item roulette and in the track.
Bell - The equivalent of a coin, used for Animal Crossing. They replace coins in the item roulette and in the track.
Cash - The equivalent of a coin, used for Splatoon related courses. They replace coins in the item roulette and in the track.
Balloon ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ - The equivalent of an Item Box, used for Diddy Kong Racing related course. Source
Item Box (Capsule) ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ - The equivalent of an Item Box, used for Sonic related course. Source
Star Block ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ - The equivalent of an Item Box, used for Kirby related course. Source
Banana ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ - The equivalent of a coin, used for Donkey Kong Country / Diddy Kong Racing related courses. They replace coins in the item roulette and in the track. Source
Ring ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ - The equivalent of a coin, used for Sonic related courses. They replace coins in the item roulette and in the track. Source
Food ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ - The equivalent of a coin, used for Kirby related courses. They replace coins in the item roulette and in the track. Source
~ New Items
Coin Block ⁽ⁿᵉʷ⁾ - * floats above player for a short time (10 seconds). Hop to collect upto 10 coins. Can only be obtained if player has 0 coins. Replacing the Coin Box item from Mario Kart Tour. Example
~ Returning Items
Banana Peel - When a kart hits a Banana Peel, it spins out. You can carry one behind your kart to protect yourself from a single attack. Can be thrown backward and forward.
Green Shell - Travels in a straight line and knocks over a kart it hits.
Red Shell - Red Shell Homes in on the closest kart in front of the player and knocks it over.
Feather - Causes the player to spin and leap in the air, providing a small speed boost upon landing, akin to a regular trick (characters will also perform a trick animation during the jump).
Mushroom - Provides the player's kart with a small speed boost.
Super Star - Provides the player invincibility from all terrain and items, and also giving a speed boost.
Boo - Unleashes Boo, who turns the player invisible for a brief time, making them impervious to enemy attacks, and steals an opponent's item. Cannot steal Special Items.
Coinˣ - Grants the player two extra coins and a micro boost.
Lightningˣ - Causes all opponents to drop their items, shrink, and drive slowly for a short time.
Fake Item - Looks just like an item box, but when you run into it, it knocks you over.
Bob-omb - Explodes after a short time when thrown or dropped, knocking over any kart in its blast radius.
Blooper - Sprays ink on all racers ahead and reduces their visibility. The racers hit also lose some of their traction while sprayed.
Bullet Billˣ - Transforms the player into a Bullet Bill, rocketing through the track with auto-pilot, and providing invincibility from all terrain and items.
Spiny Shellˣ - Targets the racer in first place, knocking over all other karts in its path.
Super Horn - Emits a radial shockwave hitting racers, as well as destroying all obstacles, including the Spiny Shell.
~ Special Items
Fireball (Red) - Three fireballs will revolve around your kart. They split up after they're thrown and go sliding ahead. These powerful pyrotechnics can take out multiple opponents at once. Drivers: Mario, Fire Mario
Fireball (Green) - Three fireballs will revolve around your kart. They split up after they're thrown and go sliding ahead. These powerful pyrotechnics can take out multiple opponents at once. Drivers: Luigi, Fire Luigi
Fire Flower - Allows the player to throw fireballs for a short time that cause other karts to spin out on impact. Drivers: Metal Mario, Fire Peach, Fire Bro
Ice Flower - Three balls of ice will revolve around your kart. Throw them all at once and they'll freeze any kart they hit, causing them to slide. Drivers: Ice Bro, Ice Mario, Penguin Luigi
Heart - This protective Heart revolves around your kart for a set amount of time, shielding you from attacks. Any item that hits the player becomes theirs to use. A cute and handy item. Drivers: Peach, Daisy, Villager, Wendy, Mametchi
Yoshi's Egg - This egg rolls down the road and home in on opponents. When they hit and break, they'll drop three more items. Drivers: Yoshi
Birdo's Egg - Homes in on the kart in front of you and crashes once it hits. Three more items will fly out when it breaks. Drivers: Birdo
Chain Chomp - This fearsome beast chases karts with reckless abandon, pulling the player behind it at breakneck speeds. Drivers: Baby Mario, Baby Luigi
Triple Mushrooms - Orbits the player's kart, providing them with three separate speed boosts. Drivers: Toad, Toadette
Golden Mushroom - Provides the player's kart with continuous speed boosts for a short time. Drivers: Captain Toad
Mega Mushroom - The driver grows bigger, which allows them to squash other racers by running over them, making them lose their items and slow down for a moment. Drivers: Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Wiggler
Poison Mushroom - A stationary item. Looks like a regular mushroom but If one is run into, the victim shrinks, as if hit by a Lightning. Shrunken racers who run into it revert to normal size. Drivers: Kamek * ngl, i didn't really know who to give this item to
Mushroom Cannon - A cannon designed to resemble a Mushroom. Continually shoots out Mushrooms in front of your kart for a set time. Drivers: Monty Mole, Peachette, Toadsworth
Triple Green Shells - Three green shells that orbit the player's kart, protecting them from incoming attacks. Drivers: Koopa Troopa, Dry Bones, Lakitu, Koopa (Freerunning)
Triple Red Shells - Three red shells that orbit the player's kart, protecting them from incoming attacks. Drivers: Paratroopa, Dry Bones, Lakitu, Koopa (Freerunning)
Bowser's Shell - An awe-inspiring giant shell! As it careens down the road, slamming and ramming into karts, it's the very image of Bowser himself. Drivers: Bowser, Bowser Jr., Dry Bowser
Triple Bananas - Three bananas that orbit the player's kart, protecting them from incoming attacks. Drivers: Donkey Kong Jr., Dixie Kong
Giant Banana - Not only does this big banana spin out karts that hit it, but after being struck it breaks into three regular-sized Bananas. Drivers: Donkey Kong
Banana Barrels - Arm your kart with two fully-loaded barrels of Bananas! Continually shoots out Bananas in front of or behind your kart for a set time. Drivers: Diddy Kong, Funky Kong
Thunder Cloud - A thundercloud hovers over the recipient and strikes it with lightning after 10 seconds. The user shrinks to a very small size for 10 seconds, driving more slowly. Before this happens, the user has higher speed and acceleration while not losing speed when driving off-road, and may pass the cloud to an opponent by bumping into them. Drivers: Blinky, Pinky, Inky, Clyde * If there was absolutely no choice but to have the next Meta character, it'd be the Ghosts. Having one of the worst possible specials in the game should balance them out.
POW Block - The POW Block appears above the karts as a 2D image, warning players of its arrival, and causes any racer on the ground ahead of the user to spin out and drop their items. * Since wheelies are no longer a thing, it always spins out other racers unless they're in anti-gravity mode or during an in air trick Drivers: Mii, Don-chan
Super Leaf- Gives the player's kart a tail that can be used to deflect items, knock over opponents and collect coins. The tail will disappear after a moment or if the player is hurt. Drivers: Tanooki Mario
Lucky Seven - Surrounds the player with seven items that rotates around its kart. The player receives a Mushroom, Banana, Green Shell, Red Shell, Blooper, Bob-omb, and a Star. Drivers: King Boo, Pauline, Poochy, Nabbit, Chargin' Chuck, Pianta, Noki
Boomerang Flower - Can be thrown up to three times, hitting racers forward/backward and when it returns to its user after the first and second use. Driver: Boomerang Bro, Larry
Piranha Plant - Automatically chomps on obstacles and other racers, giving a short speed boost for each bite. Drivers: Petey Piranha
Double Bob-ombs - Two Bob-ombs will revolve around your kart. Throw them both at once. Drivers: Wario, Waluigi, Roy
Bob-omb Cannon - Continually shoots out Bob-ombs in front of your kart for a set time. Drivers: Shy Guy
Giga Bob-omb - After being thrown, it will explode after hitting a kart or bouncing 3 times. It has a larger blast radius than a standard Bob-omb. Drivers: King Bob-omb
Bubble - Briefly envelops your kart and protects you from damage for a set time. While in the bubble, you will get a speed boost and float in the air. Drivers: Baby Peach, Baby Daisy, Baby Rosalina, Lemmy
Dash Ring - Tosses out three rings in front of you along the track. Pass through them for a speed boost! Drivers: Rosalina, Luma, Ludwig, Honey Queen
Hammer - Throws multiple Hammers in an arc aimed at karts in front of yours. Drivers: Hammer Bro
Super Bell - A bell rings above the driver, knocking away nearby karts and items. The bell rings three consecutive times. Drivers: Cat Peach, Cat Toad
Capsule - Three colorful capsules surround your kart. They'll bounce at opponents when thrown. Drivers: Dr. Mario
Splat Bomb ⁽ⁿᵉʷ⁾ - * Explodes after a short time when thrown or dropped, knocking and spraying ink on any kart in its blast radius and reduces their visibility. The racers hit also lose some of their traction while sprayed. Drivers: Inkling Girl, Inkling Boy
Magical Boomerang ⁽ⁿᵉʷ⁾ - * Works like a Boomerang Flower that tracks closes kart infront of player like a Red Shell Drivers: Link
Magnet ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ - * a powerful magnet that pulls opponents towards the player Source Drivers: Krunch
Nayru's Love ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ - * will surround the racer's kart with a protective shield. Any items that hit this shield will be reflected back at the racer who used them. If a driver using Nayru's Love is attacked with an item such as a Lightning, the racer who used the Lightning item will take damage. Drivers: Zelda
Copy Ability ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ - * steals Special item from any racer. If no racer has a special item on them, it'll randomly generate a random racer's Special Item. Drivers: Kirby
Dedede's Hammer ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ - * driver using Dedede's Hammer, will swing it around for about 5 seconds. Any karts hit will be squashed, causing them to lose their item and speed momentarily. Drivers: King Dedede
Invincibility Shield ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ - * become invulnerable to all damage for a short time. Drivers: Sonic, Tails
Bombs ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ - * Think Double Bob-ombs, the original Triple Bananas and the Feather item. If used as a protective item, upon the explosion, the player will leap in the air, providing a small speed boost upon landing. Drivers: Samus
Geno Flash ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ - * works like a Lightning but doesn't strink opponents. Drivers: Geno
~ 5. Courses ~
~ Cups
161 Total Courses
Nitro Grand Prix Mushroom Cup》 Flower Cup》 Star Cup》 Special Cup 🔒
Retro Grand Prix 🔒 Mushroom 🍄 Courses : Shell Cup》Golden Dash Cup》Red Coin Cup》Blue Coin Cup》Banana Cup》Lucky Cat Cup》1-Up Cup》Gold Cup》
Flower 🌷 Courses: Leaf Cup》Turnip Cup》Freezie Cup》Metal Cup》 Lightning Cup》Rock Cup》POW Cup》Heart Cup》
Star ⭐️ Courses: Sun Cup》Moon Cup》Red Shell Cup》Thunder Cloud Cup》Wing Cup》Boomerang Cup》Coin Block Cup》Warp Cup》
Special 👑 Courses: Vanish Cup》Cherry Cup》Mega Cup》Tanooki Cup》? Block Cup》Spiny Cup》Shine Cup》Grand Cup》
World Grand Prix🔒 Lightning⚡️Courses: Egg Cup》Triforce Cup》Crossing Cup》Bell Cup》Propeller Cup》Fruit Cup》Feather Cup》Acorn Cup》Super Cup》World Cup》
Extra Grand Prix 🔒* Excellent idea to introduce courses from the Mario Kart GP series as well as new courses for DLC content
~ New Courses
Nitro Grand Prix: Mushroom Cup 🍄 1. New Mario Circuit 2. TBD 3. TBD 4. TBD
Nitro Grand Prix: Flower Cup 🌷 1. beach- or water-themed course 2. TBD 3. TBD 4. TBD
Nitro Grand Prix: Star Cup ⭐️ 1. ice- or snow-themed course 2. TBD 3. TBD 4. TBD
Nitro Grand Prix: Special Cup 👑 1. TBD 2. TBD 3. New Bowser's Castle 4. New Rainbow Road
~ Retro Courses
Mushroom 🍄 Courses Retro Grand Prix: Shell Cup 1. ʷⁱⁱ ᵘ Mario Kart Stadium 2. ᵈˢ Yoshi Falls 3. ᵍᶜⁿ Baby Park 4. ˢⁿᵉˢ Bowser Castle 1
Retro Grand Prix: Golden Dash Cup 1. ʷⁱⁱ Luigi Circuit 2. ᵍᵇᵃ Shy Guy Beach 3. ʷⁱⁱ ᵘ Sweet Sweet Canyon 4. ᵍᶜⁿ Dry Dry Desert
Retro Grand Prix: Red Coin Cup 1. ³ᵈˢ Toad Circuit 2. ⁿ⁶⁴ Moo Moo Farm 3. ᵍᵇᵃ Riverside Park 4. ʷⁱⁱ Toad's Factory
Retro Grand Prix: Blue Coin Cup 1. ⁿ⁶⁴ Luigi Raceway 2. ˢⁿᵉˢ Donut Plains 1 3. ᵈˢ Cheep Cheep Beach 4. ³ᵈˢ Shy Guy Bazaar
Retro Grand Prix: Banana Cup 1. ᵈˢ Figure-8 Circuit 2. ʷⁱⁱ Moo Moo Meadows 3. ³ᵈˢ Cheep Cheep Lagoon 4. ⁿ⁶⁴ Kalimari Desert
Retro Grand Prix: Lucky Cat Cup 1. ˢⁿᵉˢ Mario Circuit 1 2. ᵍᶜⁿ Peach Beach 3. ⁿ⁶⁴ Koopa Troopa Beach 4. ʷⁱⁱ ᵘ Thwomp Ruins
Retro Grand Prix: 1-Up Cup 1. ᵍᶜⁿ Luigi Circuit 2. ³ᵈˢ Daisy Hills 3. ˢⁿᵉˢ Ghost Valley 1 4. ᵍᵇᵃ Bowser Castle 1
Retro Grand Prix: Gold Cup 1. ᵍᵇᵃ Peach Circuit 2. ʷⁱⁱ ᵘ Water Park 3. ʷⁱⁱ Mushroom Gorge 4. ᵈˢ Luigi's Mansion
Flower 🌷 Courses Retro Grand Prix: Leaf Cup 1. ᵍᶜⁿ Mushroom Bridge 2. ᵍᵇᵃ Boo Lake 3. ʷⁱⁱ ᵘ Twisted Mansion 4. ³ᵈˢ Rock Rock Mountain
Retro Grand Prix: Turnip Cup 1. ᵍᵇᵃ Mario Circuit 2. ʷⁱⁱ ᵘ Toad Harbor 3. ⁿ⁶⁴ Choco Mountain 4. ˢⁿᵉˢ Bowser Castle 2
Retro Grand Prix: Freezie Cup 1. ᵈˢ Desert Hills 2. ᵍᶜⁿ Mario Circuit 3. ʷⁱⁱ DK Summit 4. ᵍᵇᵃ Bowser Castle 2
Retro Grand Prix: Metal Cup 1. ʷⁱⁱ Mario Circuit 2. ⁿ⁶⁴ Frappe Snowland 3. ᵍᶜⁿ Daisy Cruiser 4. ʷⁱⁱ ᵘ Shy Guy Falls
Retro Grand Prix: Lightning Cup 1. ʷⁱⁱ ᵘ Mario Circuit 2. ˢⁿᵉˢ Ghost Valley 2 3. ᵈˢ Waluigi Pinball 4. ʷⁱⁱ Wario's Gold Mine
Retro Grand Prix: Rock Cup 1. ˢⁿᵉˢ Choco Island 1 2. ᵈˢ Delfino Square 3. ³ᵈˢ Music Park 4. ⁿ⁶⁴ Mario Raceway
Retro Grand Prix: POW Cup 1. ³ᵈˢ Wuhu Loop 2. ʷⁱⁱ Coconut Mall 3. ᵍᵇᵃ Cheese Land 4. ᵈˢ Shroom Ridge
Retro Grand Prix: Heart Cup 1. ⁿ⁶⁴ Toad's Turnpike 2. ³ᵈˢ Mario Circuit 3. ˢⁿᵉˢ Donut Plains 2 4. ᵍᶜⁿ Waluigi Stadium
Star ⭐️ Courses Retro Grand Prix: Sun Cup 1. ᵍᵇᵃ Snow Land 2. ˢⁿᵉˢ Choco Island 2 3. ᵍᶜⁿ Yoshi Circuit 4. ⁿ⁶⁴ Bowser's Castle
Retro Grand Prix: Moon Cup 1. ⁿ⁶⁴ Wario Stadium 2. ʷⁱⁱ Koopa Cape 3. ᵍᵇᵃ Yoshi Desert 4. ʷⁱⁱ ᵘ Mount Wario
Retro Grand Prix: Red Shell Cup 1. ʷⁱⁱ Daisy Circuit 2. ᵍᵇᵃ Ribbon Road 3. ᵈˢ Mario Circuit 4. ᵍᶜⁿ DK Mountain
Retro Grand Prix: Thunder Cloud Cup 1. ʷⁱⁱ ᵘ Sunshine Airport 2. ⁿ⁶⁴ Sherbet Land 3. ˢⁿᵉˢ Vanilla Lake 1 4. ³ᵈˢ Maka Wuhu
Retro Grand Prix: Wing Cup 1. ᵈˢ DK Pass 2. ʷⁱⁱ ᵘ Dolphin Shoals 3. ³ᵈˢ Neo Bowser City 4. ʷⁱⁱ Grumble Volcano
Retro Grand Prix: Boomerang Cup 1. ᵍᶜⁿ Sherbet Land 2. ³ᵈˢ Wario Shipyard 3. ⁿ⁶⁴ Royal Raceway 4. ˢⁿᵉˢ Bowser Castle 3
Retro Grand Prix: Coin Block Cup 1. ˢⁿᵉˢ Koopa Beach 1 2. ᵈˢ Tick-Tock Clock 3. ʷⁱⁱ Maple Treeway 4. ᵍᵇᵃ Bowser Castle 3
Retro Grand Prix: Warp Cup 1. ³ᵈˢ Piranha Plant Slide 2. ᵍᶜⁿ Mushroom City 3. ʷⁱⁱ ᵘ Electrodrome 4. ᵈˢ Airship Fortress
Special 👑 Courses Retro Grand Prix: Vanish Cup 1. ˢⁿᵉˢ Donut Plains 3 2. ʷⁱⁱ Moonview Highway 3. ᵍᵇᵃ Bowser Castle 4 4. ᵍᶜⁿ Rainbow Road
Retro Grand Prix: Cherry Cup 1. ³ᵈˢ DK Jungle 2. ᵍᵇᵃ Broken Pier 3. ˢⁿᵉˢ Ghost Valley 3 4. ʷⁱⁱ ᵘ Rainbow Road
Retro Grand Prix: Mega Cup 1. ʷⁱⁱ Dry Dry Ruins 2. ʷⁱⁱ ᵘ Bone-Dry Dunes 3. ⁿ⁶⁴ Banshee Boardwalk 4. ˢⁿᵉˢ Vanilla Lake 2
Retro Grand Prix: Tanooki Cup 1. ᵍᶜⁿ Wario Colosseum 2. ³ᵈˢ Rosalina's Ice World 3. ʷⁱⁱ Bowser's Castle 4. ⁿ⁶⁴ Rainbow Road
Retro Grand Prix: ? Block Cup 1. ᵈˢ Wario Stadium 2. ˢⁿᵉˢ Koopa Beach 2 3. ʷⁱⁱ ᵘ Bowser's Castle 4. ᵍᵇᵃ Rainbow Road
Retro Grand Prix: Spiny Cup 1. ᵍᵇᵃ Lakeside Park 2. ᵍᶜⁿ Dino Dino Jungle 3. ᵈˢ Bowser Castle 4. ʷⁱⁱ Rainbow Road
Retro Grand Prix: Shine Cup 1. ʷⁱⁱ ᵘ Cloudtop Cruise 2. ⁿ⁶⁴ Yoshi Valley 3. ³ᵈˢ Bowser's Castle 4. ᵈˢ Rainbow Road
Retro Grand Prix: Grand Cup 1. ⁿ⁶⁴ D.K.'s Jungle Parkway 2. ᵈˢ Peach Gardens 3. ᵍᶜⁿ Bowser's Castle 4. ³ᵈˢ Rainbow Road
Lightning⚡️Courses 🔒 World Grand Prix: Egg Cup 1. ˢⁿᵉˢ Rainbow Road 2. ᵗᵒᵘʳ Berlin Byways 3. ʷⁱⁱ ᵘ Wild Woods 4. ˢʷᶦᵗᶜʰ Yoshi's Island
World Grand Prix: Triforce Cup 1. ˢⁿᵉˢ Mario Circuit 4 2. ᵗᵒᵘʳ Los Angeles Laps 3. ᵗᵒᵘʳ Piranha Plant Cove 4. ʷⁱⁱ ᵘ Hyrule Circuit
World Grand Prix: Crossing Cup 1. ᵍᵇᵃ Luigi Circuit 2. ᵗᵒᵘʳ Sydney Sprint 3. TBA 4. ʷⁱⁱ ᵘ Animal Crossing
World Grand Prix: Bell Cup 1. ᵍᵇᵃ Sky Garden 2. ᵗᵒᵘʳ Singapore Speedway 3. ʷⁱⁱ ᵘ Super Bell Subway 4. TBA
World Grand Prix: Propeller Cup 1. ˢⁿᵉˢ Mario Circuit 3 2. ᵗᵒᵘʳ Vancouver Velocity 3. ʷⁱⁱ ᵘ Ice Ice Outpost 4. ˢʷᶦᵗᶜʰ Sky-High Sundae
World Grand Prix: Fruit Cup 1. ᵍᵇᵃ Sunset Wilds 2. ᵗᵒᵘʳ New York Minute 3. ᵗᵒᵘʳ Bangkok Rush 4. TBA
World Grand Prix: Feather Cup 1. ˢⁿᵉˢ Mario Circuit 2 2. ᵗᵒᵘʳ London Loop 3. ᵗᵒᵘʳ Ninja Hideaway 4. ʷⁱⁱ ᵘ Mute City
World Grand Prix: Acorn Cup 1. ᵗᵒᵘʳ Paris Promenade 2. ᵗᵒᵘʳ Merry Mountain 3. ʷⁱⁱ ᵘ Dragon Driftway 4. TBA
World Grand Prix: Super Cup 1. ᵍᵇᵃ Cheep-Cheep Island 2. ᵗᵒᵘʳ Amsterdam Drift 3. TBA 4. ʷⁱⁱ ᵘ Big Blue
World Grand Prix: World Cup 1. ᵗᵒᵘʳ Tokyo Blur 2. ʷⁱⁱ ᵘ Excitebike Arena 3. ᵗᵒᵘʳ Athens Dash 4. TBA
~ Extra/DLC Courses
Extra Grand Prix: Mario Cup 1. ᵃᵍᵖ Mario Highway 2. ᵃᵍᵖ Mario Beach
Extra Grand Prix: Extra Mario Cup 🔒 1. ᵃᵍᵖᵈˣ Splash Circuit 2. ᵃᵍᵖᵈˣ Tropical Coast
Extra Grand Prix: DK Cup 1. ᵃᵍᵖ DK Jungle 2. ᵃᵍᵖ Bananan Ruins
Extra Grand Prix: Extra DK Cup 🔒 1. ᵃᵍᵖᵈˣ Bananan Labyrinth 2. ᵃᵍᵖᵈˣ DK Jungle
Extra Grand Prix: Wario Cup 1. ᵃᵍᵖ Diamond City 2. ᵃᵍᵖ Snow Panic
Extra Grand Prix: Waluigi Cup 1. ᵃᵍᵖ² Stadium Arena 2. ᵃᵍᵖ² Waluigi Stadium
Extra Grand Prix: Pac-Man Cup 1. ᵃᵍᵖ Pac Mountain 2. ᵃᵍᵖ Pac Labyrinth
Extra Grand Prix: Extra Pac-Man Cup 🔒 1. ᵃᵍᵖᵈˣ PAC-MAN Stadium 2. ᵃᵍᵖᵈˣ NAMCO Circuit
Extra Grand Prix: Bowser Cup 1. ᵃᵍᵖ Bowser's Castle 2. ᵃᵍᵖ Castle Wall
Extra Grand Prix: Extra Bowser Cup 🔒 1. ᵃᵍᵖᵈˣ Bowser's Factory 2. ᵃᵍᵖᵈˣ Bowser's Castle
Extra Grand Prix: Rainbow Cup 🔒 1. ᵃᵍᵖ Rainbow Coaster 2. ᵃᵍᵖ Rainbow Downhill
Extra Grand Prix: Yoshi Cup 1. ᵃᵍᵖ² Yoshi Park 1 2. ᵃᵍᵖ² Yoshi Park 2
Extra Grand Prix: Toad Cup 1. ᵃᵍᵖᵈˣ Peach Castle 2. ᵃᵍᵖᵈˣ Kingdom Way
Extra Grand Prix: Don-chan Cup 🔒 1. ᵃᵍᵖᵈˣ Bon Dance Street 2. ᵃᵍᵖᵈˣ Omatsuri Circuit
Extra Grand Prix: Bowser Jr. Cup 1. ᵃᵍᵖᵈˣ Aerial Road 2. ᵃᵍᵖᵈˣ Sky Arena
Extra Grand Prix: Inklings Cup 1. Splatoon themed course * Splat Circuit 2. Splatoon themed course
Extra Grand Prix: Sonic ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ 🔒 1. Sonic themed course * Twinkle Circuit Source at 1:00 2. Sonic themed course * Green Hill Zone related course
Extra Grand Prix: King K. Rool ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ 🔒 1. King K. Rool/Donkey Kong Country related themed course 2. Diddy Kong Racing related themed course * Jungle Falls or Darkmoon Caverns Source 1 Source 2
Extra Grand Prix: Zelda ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ 🔒 1. Zelda themed course * Lost Woods 2. Zelda themed course
Extra Grand Prix: Kirby ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ 🔒 1. Kirby themed course * Fantasy Meadows (from Kirby Air Ride) Source 2. Kirby themed course * Meta Knight's Halberd or The Great Cave Offensive
Extra Grand Prix: Samus ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ 🔒 1. Metroid themed course 2. Metroid themed course
~ 6. Battle ~
In all games, the engine class of Battle Mode is fixed to 50cc. An exception is the Renegade Roundup mode where it is increased to 100cc.
~ Battle Modes
Balloon Battle》Team Balloon Battle》 Classic Balloon Battle》Team Classic Balloon Battle - Mini Bomb Karts return. Shine Thief》Team Shine Thief》 Bob-omb Blast》Team Bob-omb Blast Shine Runners Coin Runners (Coin Battle)》Team Coin Runners》 Renegade Roundup
Thunder Cloud Tag ⁽ⁿᵉʷ⁾* - Similar to Shine Thief but reverse. Think of it as Tag. A random player has a Thunder Cloud and must tag others to lose it from above their head. If the player holds the Thunder Cloud when the timer reaches zero, this process repeats until one player remains.
~ Courses
ˢⁿᵉˢ Battle Course 1 ˢⁿᵉˢ Battle Course 2 ˢⁿᵉˢ Battle Course 3 ˢⁿᵉˢ Battle Course 4 ⁿ⁶⁴ Big Donut ⁿ⁶⁴ Block Fort ⁿ⁶⁴ Double Deck ⁿ⁶⁴ Skyscraper ᵍᵇᵃ Battle Course 1 ᵍᵇᵃ Battle Course 2 ᵍᵇᵃ Battle Course 3 ᵍᵇᵃ Battle Course 4 ᵍᶜⁿ Cookie Land ᵍᶜⁿ Block City ᵍᶜⁿ Luigi's Mansion ᵍᶜⁿ Nintendo GameCube ᵍᶜⁿ Pipe Plaza ᵍᶜⁿ Tilt-a-Kart ᵈˢ Nintendo DS ᵈˢ Twilight House ᵈˢ Palm Shore ᵈˢ Tart Top ᵈˢ Block Fort ᵈˢ Pipe Plaza ʷⁱⁱ Block Plaza ʷⁱⁱ Delfino Pier ʷⁱⁱ Funky Stadium ʷⁱⁱ Chain Chomp Wheel ʷⁱⁱ Thwomp Desert ³ᵈˢ Honeybee Hive (Honeybee House) ³ᵈˢ Sherbet Rink ³ᵈˢ Wuhu Town ˢʷᶦᵗᶜʰ Battle Stadium ˢʷᶦᵗᶜʰ Sweet Sweet Kingdom ˢʷᶦᵗᶜʰ Dragon Palace ˢʷᶦᵗᶜʰ Lunar Colony ˢʷᶦᵗᶜʰ Urchin Underpass ᵗᵒᵘʳ New York Minute B ᵗᵒᵘʳ Paris Promenade B Icicle Pyramid or Smokey Castle ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ Source 1 Source 2
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Got lottery this morning and this was in the middle of my tickets. Has anyone seen this before? Indiana lottery btw.
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President of Belarus hospitalised after meeting with Putin
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More than half of voters now want Britain to forge closer ties with the EU, poll reveals
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Iran, Taliban exchange heavy gunfire in conflict over water rights on Afghan border
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Texas House launches historic impeachment proceedings against Attorney General Ken Paxton
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As cancer drug shortages grow, some doctors are forced to ration doses or delay care
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State Farm to stop accepting homeowners insurance applications in California due to wildfires, construction costs
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Regular walks strengthen connections in and between brain networks, according to new research, adding to growing evidence linking exercise with slowing the onset of Alzheimer's disease.
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Research has recently shown that nearly any material can be turned into a device that continuously harvests electricity from humidity in the air by applying nanopores with less than 100 nanometers in diameter
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Psychedelic substance 5-MeO-DMT induces long-lasting neural plasticity in mice
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One of the most difficult shots I've ever attempted, this is the moment the ISS transited the waxing crescent moon in broad daylight. Uncropped photo and video of the event linked in the comments.
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A supernova the size of 9.461e+15 manatees appeared this week in the M101 galaxy. I was lucky enough to photograph it from my backyard.
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Barnard 68 (B68) is a dark globule within the Milky Way. These molecular clouds, known to be some of the coldest objects in the Universe (around 10 K or -263 °C), play a crucial role as the birthplaces of stars and planets. Credit: FORS Team, 8.2-meter VLT Antu, ESO.
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New IEA data shows the oil industry knows its days are numbered. Instead of investing in future production, it's distributing record profits to shareholders. Renewables are now the world's largest energy source as measured by future investment - almost double the size of fossil fuels
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Japan to try beaming solar power from space in mid-decade
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Study: anti-soil coating developed for solar panels. It boosted electricity production by 3% over a 9 month period
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What is the male equivalent of a woman wearing a sexy mini dress?
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What do you think is the biggest mistake people make in relationships?
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TIL that at the company Hormel Foods, which makes canned SPAM, employees are supposed to refer to spam emails as unwanted emails.
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TIL that Carlo Urbani, an Italian Microbiologist, was the first to identify SARS-COV-1 in Vietnam and report it to the WHO as a dangerous new pathogen. Urbani himself died of SARS himself shortly after, having triggered a rapid response to a potential pandemic, and saving many lives.
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TIL Burritos are popular food for astronauts in space because it's easy to eat and doesn't produce crumbs that could float around and damage equipment
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[OC] Maximal Entropy Random Walk (MERW) - often more optimal than naive RW, lots of applications, e.g. shown my conductance model in semiconductor
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[OC] Visualizing Financial Market Returns Across Many Asset Classes via Heatmaps
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Years of occupation needed to adversely possess land, by US state
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Why is the older generation so fearful of MSG?
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[Homemade] Chicago Style & Chili Cheese beef hotdogs.
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Directors Lord & Miller On Spider-Man Noir and Project Hail Mary
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Ford v Ferrari (2019) Is the Best Car Movie I've Ever Seen
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2023 Cannes Film Festival: 'Anatomy of a Fall' wins the Palme d'Or; Jonathan Glazer's 'The Zone of Interest' wins the Grand Prix; Tran Anh Hung wins Best Director, Kōji Yakusho wins Best Actor; and Merve Dizdar wins Best Actress
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Seagull Man, Pink Blanket (me), Digital, 2023
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"Armored Vanity", Chalky Nan (me), Digital, 2023
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LEGO Moon Palace, legotruman (me), lego bricks, 2023
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"Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets" The four-part docuseries (premiering June 2nd) interrogates disturbing abuse within the family and their insidious organization the IBLP
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Marvel's Runaways Removed From Disney+ And Hulu Without Warning
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Will ‘Better Call Saul’ Finally Win an Emmy?
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Amazing performance at Cannes by Alina Baikova from Ukraine.
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Hand embroidered chameleon bag made by me.
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Reddit, thank you for putting a huge smile on my tractor hauling Dad this week.
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Golden Retrievers Playing In The Water
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The World’s Largest Open Pit Iron Mine In Hibbing, Minnesota. A Manmade Grand Canyon
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M101 Supernova - SN2023ixf
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Geological evolution of North America in the last 550 millon years
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This restaurant named "Thai food near me"
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My local coffee shop offers a single gummy worm as a food option
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my local nordstrom is closing down and is selling a jetplane ejector seat as a part of their liquidation .-.
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Huge colony of bats emerging from a cave in Mexico
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.50 BMG pistol
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Breaking this huge granite
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*Dog rings the bell, gets confused and barks coz "Someone is at the door" *
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This pumpkin is concerned about his future
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144p cake
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An elderly man feeds 25 super hungry raccoons.
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*Taking my kitty for a scooter ride to his favorite spot. *
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That is a seVEREly happy dog.
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2023.05.28 16:58 F3RM3NTAL This new game was fun as hell and great putting practice!

I saw a game online called KanJam and decided to rip it off with my own version using 4 putters and two big plastic planter pots rather than buy it. This was way more fun than corn hole or washers! It's a keeper for sure.
Here's how we played:
Two teams of two. Each team gets two discs. Your teammate stands at the opposite bucket 50ft away and tries to deflect your putter into the bucket.
Scoring: 1 point for deflecting putter that HITS the bucket but doesn't go in.
2 points if putter hits the bucket WITHOUT a teammates assistance.
3 points if teammate deflects the putter INTO the bucket
5 points if you toss it straight in without teammate assistance. Note there's no "instant win" like with KanJam.
First team to 21 without going over wins. If you go over, you lose the number of points you would have otherwise scored had you not gone over 21.
Why everyone loved it:
All four putters had different flight patterns, which made for more strategic use of each one.
It's active, requires actual teamwork, and careful planning once you have 17-20 points.
It's easy to play using things we already had lying around the house. No need to build out buy anything. 5 gallon buckets could also be used, but you might want to close the distance to 25ft. Alternatively, if you already have practice disc golf baskets, those would be better "practice" but might come at the expense of fun and weird scoring. The fun really is in deflecting discs DOWN into a bucket.
It's also a great, no pressure way to practice your spin, push, and turbo putts with actual putters instead of cheap KanJam plastic.
But alas, it's not really KanJam if we're not using the same scoring, the same bucket, or the same discs. What should we call it?
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2023.05.28 16:53 saman111 Gee whiz

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2023.05.28 16:50 VisualLittle2424 Leaked Presentation deck for some meeting

Leaked Presentation deck for some meeting submitted by VisualLittle2424 to u/VisualLittle2424 [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 16:46 Immolatedaccount I'm bad

I'm the b4nny of bad players, I mean it. Everything he does I do the reverse of. My name's banny actually.
Just to give you a frame of how bad it is here's some statistics I made up. If you see me in a server, I'll have about 50 deaths and 20 kills, those 20 kills you'll only see at the end of the match besides it takes me almost hours to really progress. If you see in a longer server I'll have 50 deaths and 250 deaths, when I first begin it's 11 and 12 deaths. Usually players who have high deaths usually have high amount of kills or some balance to it. My game sense is actually dying a lot, a lot of those deaths are not only me getting destroyed but also me killing myself a lot. It's almost inflated because of that. A lot of these kills are by like only few players. Also on the stats you'll see me with 7 revenges and 2 dominations because all I do is spam and run, and sometimes I shock the people who dominate me into dying. Usually by an assist or me coming out of nowhere when they're low or unfocused. Most of the people who have 1 domination or +1 is me dominated. Those can last for almost hours because if they're focused and if they never appear.
My movement is the best getting me killed because it does all it create a radius to die and slip better. All I do is strafe but I don't do real strafes, instead of evading them it actually helps a person because the bullets will reach me faster. Often I had found walking forward and standing helps me more. Sniper had miss me suddenly standing still because so they're used to me strafing. Than the bad momentum of the strafe pulls me and they headshot me. I don't strafe, I anti-strafe. My strafes kills momentum. It also fucks up with my aim, which I don't have to begin with. So recently it turnout I have low visual spatiness skills, idk the score, below average something, but it basically I'm stupid. I can't visualize shit. I miss every 1st shot I fire because I can't really visualize it. People say to point and click to aim, but I don't even know what my crosshair really is. As Sniper, my headshots are per luck, I have gave up on headshots but sometimes I accidentally headshot people like 2 times if they're low enough. Everything I do is repetition. All my posts has been failures, they're all confused and dazzed because I can't visualize shit. I bump into doors and walls all of the time, it doesn't matter if I did not because my movement itself is confused. How I walk doesn't do anything because all I do is walk. People can just stop and kill me without even trying. I have tried to aim, point to heads, but it goes just above their heads. I'm a master at missing. Can't visualize any of it. Shots do hit sometimes by accident, part of the repetition and not trying.
You can put a toddler with me and the toddler will win the match. Sure I'll get more kills through repetition but the toddler actually has more skill and intelligence.
I know it's all about practice but I can't even do practice. My whole life's a practice. I can't even visualize how it's like out to practice. I can't predict or prepare anything.
You don't have to try to kill me, just going through a corner is how I die most of the time. I often do just stand still trying to think, it doesn't work out. Every visual I make is fake, it's why I miss heads. It's not just the rush because even if I had all of the time it doesn't help. I need to miss my 1st shot because it's the only way I can visualize the other. Demomen do this all of the time but I'm hard stuck to that. Spamming doesn't work because I need visual feedback, so if there's nothing from spamming it doesn't help. You'll find a lot of the people I fight either barely scratched or like their on 30 or 20 health, I can't really kill people in TF2. My mind and intelligence is the enemy of me, often I had done better not even trying. All that movement kills me because I'm going to my doom or I don't know where I'm going. You can see the below average visual spatiness skills in this post. This post also tripped, it's a complete failure, it's all run on and shit. I thought it was better. I honestly been thinking of just quiting because I can't do shit, I'm incapable most of this. Worst part is that I'm in this middle ground of stupidity where I could do something but I'm not. Those deaths help me kill people. I have better kills from being dead than me being alive. Yeah I have ADHD. Can't have patience even if I try to because my patience ends up with me dead already, I have to oversimulate and fail to visualize to play the game.
I seen posts is like you can still have fun, but it's not fun. I can't experience most of the game from being stupid. For normal matches, I spend most of my time in the respawn screen. It's not rewarding or interesting at all. It's the same old thing. Every round happens the same with the same progress. It's not that I'm competitive or anything, it's just that I wish I could have a fuller experience. Also by being stupid, I can't even really see most of my stuff, can't really explore the map or where people is. I can miss something simple as stairs. Most people point down but I don't even bother, I just strafe and fall off it, even when it's an enemy stickytrap. This isn't just TF2, my whole life been a mess like this. It's not just I'm bad at this video game I'm also bad at every other video game. Often a reply is why even play it if it's not fun, but I want what it offers and its experience, to see what happens. Yeah there's fun in it actually. This shit longwinded too and it says nothing. It's not depression or anxiety for this, it's just confused nothing. I can't even say I hate it or don't have fun, there's just nothing. I'm stuck on one linear though. Guess I could create guides on how to suck like me because I have seen guides and follow them to get good, but it's easier to think it in than put it in paper or visualize it. I don't have any place to visualize is the thing, I'll have to try making one but that requires skills which I don't. Not even friction of skills. All I do is mimicry. I have to make skills. I can, it's going take years and decades unless I find something sudden or make myself better and quicker, I have to do something sudden or just wait. I'm on lambo rn. I can't lose any further, the loses do result into wins. There's no real way to isolate or contain any of this. Guess I should just uninstall and quit probably.
Here's a good example of something I'll probably never improve on. So I'm stuck at Jump Academy level IDK 4, issue is that you need to turn when you launch yourself in order to land on the platform over the water. I'm not fast enough and I probably don't bother to visualize it or motorize it well. I done about 58 tries and it been the same result, so close to the edge but I keep falling in the water. I have some solutions but it won't work anyways. I use touchpad for all this but mouse the same problem, it's physical space I have to work with and I don't. People say keep trying but I bet you after the 500th try, I won't get through. That's my skillpeak, I can't get any through other course besides that. It has the kind of stuff I don't have. I'm sure I'll have it but it'll be a while. I don't mean in TF2, I mean IRL. IRL I'm stupid, I think I lack all of these skills. Practicing TF2 won't do shit to help me. I need to somehow reunderstand all of this shit but the time it taking to get that sucks and so how my mind in the gutter. Once I get those skills, maybe I'll get better but when and how myself will, I don't know. For now I'm just stangant. Most of the time I can't even get off my beginning paragraphs, because I have nothing else to say or visualize. A lot of this is just repeats. So for the jump, it's all technical which I don't. I do it in this awful inbetween where the momentum doesn't matter and turn doesn't matter. But here's the thing I'm even misunderstanding it. There's not even point to put effort in writing all this because all of this is written horrible and useless, I do everything wrong. I'm end it here, none of this makes any sense. I often think of writing these down but the issue is that the same problem is here when drafting, it doesn't matter what I do to try fix it as long my visuals suck. I'm not a real person or conscious without those skills. In math and writing, when I get wrong numbers or draw letter wrongs I don't erase them I just x them out and draw another letter. Thing is too I blame on these but clearly there's nothing to blame, also these issues likely aren't even behind it. I seen all of the little technialites all of it and I'm not sure. I been thinking of making visuals to help me but the issue is that it's still in the mind and the visuals to be made have to be used with your mind and skills. So the visuals come out rough and I depend on others. If I want to get good at aiming, I'll have to make spreadsheet of everything but it won't matter as my mind set to garble the visuals of that. I need something abstract which for something technical doesn't really exist. Originally I thought to make something called "Tips for the Visually Impaired" on tf2 or truetf2 but I been trying rationalize it out and there's probably no tips to help me. I seen them already. So now it's just this post. I don't even really show or describe what's up, it's why I'm nonverbal. Even if I do have the right words and visuals it won't show what I'm thinking. Because what I'm thinking is unrealistic. It's why every post had failed, I been trying to do something that's unrealistic. This whole thing is stupid and unrealistic. It's redundancy. It's what I mean by stupid.
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2023.05.28 16:38 PlayersEdgePicks No Jackpot winners in last night's Powerball drawing

No Jackpot winners in last night's Powerball drawing
No Jackpot winners in last night's Powerball drawing, now up to $226m for Monday. Tuesday's Mega Millions Jackpot is up to $187m.
Looking to boost your chances of winning the lottery? Look no further than our AI-generated lottery numbers! Simply head to the app store, download our app, and register for free access. Our AI has already predicted over 7,000 winning combinations for the month of May alone. Of course, you still need to actually play the lottery and use our numbers to have a chance of winning big. But with our AI-generated numbers on your side, you'll be one step closer to hitting the jackpot!
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2023.05.28 16:37 aWasabic Asking for a friend. Complicated matter.

his story: On November 26th, 2021, I went to the wrong gate at border. After staying there for four days, an official gave me an exclusion order and handed me over to the American police, saying that I could not come to Canada for a year. That night, I went to a hotel near the border, and the next day I entered the country illegally through the forest from Montreal. When I arrived in Toronto, a translator told me that my proceedings could result in deportation. I was scared, so I waited seven months to apply. In the meantime, I thought I did not have a UCI number, so I requested a new one. My translator was slow to start the process, and I only received my UCI number on December 6, 2022. Then, within a week, I went for a medical check-up. Meanwhile, on November 15, 2022, my common-law partner entered through a regular port in Montreal and stated that we were common-law partners. We are not legally married, but we live together. After giving my fingerprints, I received my ID, also known as a yellow paper, on May 18th. My partner will receive theirs on July 10th. I am on PRRA, and we applied for a work permit one week ago. They informed me the day after the application was made that if they need any documents, they will contact me via email. I also hired a new translator, who told me that within two months of my ID date, a decision would be made on my risk assessment in my PRRA case.
his questions:
  1. Can my case be combined with my partner's, and if so, can I pass the case when they win it?
  2. Will my PRRA risk assessment case be settled in two months with a positive or negative result?
  3. I want to put pressure on them to get my work permit because I need it. should I?
  4. What should be done during this two-month period for my case? By the way, I have a lawyer from Legal Aid.
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2023.05.28 16:11 Fluid-Resolve9512 Do I keep talking to him or just move on?

When we first started talking he had just found out that his, at the time, wife was cheating on him and decided to get a divorce. They were together 5years and married 6 months. About six months into us being together, exclusively but without the title because that scared him. He broke up with me over text saying he needed to work on himself. About a week went by before we began speaking again and ultimately ended up officially in a relationship about a month later. Six more months go by, things are great and we’ve talked about living together, the future, dinners with parents, etc. He starts getting distant and a few days in I asked if he was dodging me. He then broke up with me over text again, however before I replied I went to talk in person. He kept stressing that I am an amazing person and cares about me so deeply but doesn’t feel he can be who I need him to be right now. He said he needs to work on himself and is battling depression.
I told him I would have to forget he existed, I couldn’t chit chat here and there and check in on eachother. He said he’d like to have lunch in a few days and talk about it again, he didn’t want this to be the last time he saw me. He also said in his mind when he made this decision he thought ideally I could give him a month to figure stuff out and then go from there.
He texted me later that night saying how sorry he is and how much he cares about me. But can’t continue without first being sound with who he is and truly taking time to set his life up for down the road. Then said “I have a winning lottery ticket with no way to cash it” whatever that means, “I’ve got to get myself right and fix what’s wrong with me.”
The last time we broke up and he came back he said he had done it because he was scared of being hurt again. It makes me wonder if he’ll come back again in the next few days but the real question is do I just move on now? Do I take him back and hope it works this time?
I’ve always been known for leaving relationships as soon as I realized they weren’t good for me but this one just feels different. I can’t explain it but we just worked.
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2023.05.28 16:05 Fluid-Resolve9512 Do I keep talking to him or go nc?

Alright so here’s the backstory, I matched on Bumble with someone who I had previously worked with for a short period of time. I didn’t see his reply after matching and he ended up texting me the next day. He had just found out that his, at the time, wife was cheating on him and decided to get a divorce. They were together 5years and married 6 months. Things moved very slowly at first and I was fine with that, first kiss was about a month in and we didn’t have sex until 2 months in. About six months into us being together, exclusively but without the title because that scared him. He broke up with me over text saying he needed to work on himself. About a week went by before we began speaking again and ultimately ended up officially in a relationship about a month later. Six more months go by, things are great and we’ve talked about living together, the future, dinners with parents, etc. He starts getting distant and a few days in I asked if he was dodging me. He then broke up with me over text again, however before I replied I went to talk in person. He kept stressing that I am an amazing person and cares about me so deeply but doesn’t feel he can be who I need him to be right now. He said he needs to work on himself, is battling depression and labeled himself a dismissive avoidant which he believes was caused by his ex wife’s infidelity.
I told him I would have to forget he existed, I couldn’t chit chat here and there and check in on eachother. He said he’d like to have lunch in a few days and talk about it again, he didn’t want this to be the last time he saw me. He also said in his mind when he made this decision he thought ideally I could give him a month to figure stuff out and then go from there.
He texted me later that night saying how sorry he is and how much he cares about me. But can’t continue without first being sound with who he is and truly taking time to set his life up for down the road. Then said “I have a winning lottery ticket with no way to cash it” whatever that means, “I’ve got to get myself right and fix what’s wrong with me.”
Do I go nc with him and just try to move on?? I want to be with him so badly and I know if he wanted to come back I would take him. And part of me thinks he will come back. But am I just setting myself up for more heartbreak down the road? Should I just move on now?
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2023.05.28 16:01 hornrocket Cash App Free Money

If you've ever gone out with a large group, chances are someone has asked you to send their side of the card to you via the Cash App. The app is free and simplifies the process of transferring money or paying a friend by credit card. With just a few clicks of a button, you can send and receive money, so there's no more need to awkwardly ask, "Can we pay with multiple cards?" at the end of the dinner.
Cash App receives high praise from users who give it a 4.5-star rating in the Apple App Store. If you're considering downloading it, this Cash App review will cover how it works, who it's for, and whether it's safe to use.If you're new to investing, FinanceBuzz's beginner's guide discusses how to invest money.
Who is the best Cash App for?
Cash App is one of the best money apps for person-to-person transactions between friends and other people you trust. You don't need to remind your roommate to pay their rent or utilities each month. Instead, you can simply send them a Cash App payment request.
However, there is a location limitation. Cash App is mainly for US to US transactions, but you can also send money to people in the UK Money transferred across the pond is converted from USD to GBP. If you live abroad or are looking to send money to someone in another country, you may want to consider PayPal or TransferWise instead.
Before using the Cash App to manage your banking, shop around to see what high-yield checking or savings accounts are available at credit unions or online banks. The Cash App has direct deposit functionality, but banking features are limited and your money is not insured by the FDIC. The account earns no interest, you can't deposit or write checks, and there's a $2 ATM fee. The best banks have no ATM fees and extensive banking features, such as mobile check deposit.
For businesses, the Cash App personal account may not be ideal for many transactions. It's free, but you can only receive up to $1,000 in any 30-day period until you complete the steps to verify your account. Also, tracking dozens of payments with Cash App could be an accounting and logistics nightmare. Cash App has a Cash for Business version that you can upgrade to, but there is a 2.75% transaction fee for each payment received.
Is it safe to send money with the Cash App?
Payment information is encrypted and sent through secure servers, according to the Cash App website. You should take a few extra steps to make sure that no one can send money using your phone without your permission. Cash App recommends protecting your phone with a password and enabling the in-app security lock, which will require a passcode for every payment and deposit transaction.
Also, keep in mind that you probably won't be able to cancel payments you send to another person's Cash app. For this reason, you should be extra careful when sending money to people you don't know, especially if you're trying to buy something. A popular scam is for sellers to say they only accept cash app payments and then ghost you before sending the product.
If someone calls or texts you from Cash App customer service, that could also be a scam. The Better Business Bureau recently warned that people posing as Cash App customer service representatives have been asking users to create a new Cash App account to fix a problem only to run away with their Cash App balance.
How to sign up for App Cash
Download the app. Go to the Apple or Google Play Store to download the app for free.
Enter your phone number. Cash App will ask for your phone number to send a confirmation code. Enter the code you receive to start your account.
Choose your $Cashtag. Add a photo, $Cashtag and an email to complete your profile.
Link financial accounts. Add a bank account or credit card account to send payments.
Send and receive money. Get the $Cashtag, email or phone number from your friends to send them money or send payment requests to receive money.
Cash App FAQs
Is Cash App legit?
Yes, Cash App is a legitimate app created under the brand name Square, Inc. Although the app is legitimate, you should use it with caution. Scammers have found ways to defraud people using the app, so only send and accept money from people you trust.
Protect your money by creating a password for your phone. Cash App always recommends double-checking the recipient's $CashTag, email and phone number before sending money to avoid accidentally sending it to the wrong person.
How much money can you send via Cash App?
You can send up to $1,000 within a 30-day period, so you may have to budget a bit to stay under that limit. You can increase this limit if you provide information about yourself, such as your name, date of birth, and the last four digits of your Social Security number.
Cash App
Quick summary
Send and receive money quickly and easily.
Safe and secure transactions with data encryption and in-app security lock
No fees to send money from your CashApp balance or a bank account
Simplify refunds with CashApp payment requests
In this Cash App review:
What is Cash App?
How does Cash App work?
Who is the best Cash App for?
Is it safe to send money with the Cash App?
How to sign up for App Cash
Cash App FAQs
The bottom line about Cash App
What is Cash App?
Cash App is a peer-to-peer payment app created by Square, Inc. in 2013. The app is available for iOS and Android and is very popular. In June alone, more than 30 million people used the Cash app for transactions and it ranked #1 in the App Store's financial category.
Cash App is just one of the many products Square offers to help people transact money. Square, based in San Francisco, California, launched in 2009 and provides payroll tools, payment hardware and more for restaurants and other small businesses.
> Enter to Win a $300 Cash App Deposit
How does Cash App work?
Cash App has four main features: send money, receive money, mobile banking and invest. Here's how each one works:
Sending money
All you need is the recipient's email address, phone number or $Cashtag to send money. The $Cashtag is a username that each person sets in the app profile.
After entering the person's information, the app will ask you where you want to get money from to make the payment. The money can come from your Cash App balance, linked bank account, or credit card. Cash App accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.
Sending payments from your Cash App balance or bank account is free. If you use a credit card to send a payment, there is a 3% transaction fee.
You can send up to $1,000 within a 30-day period, but that limit will increase if you verify your name, date of birth, and the last four digits of your Social Security number.
Receive money
When you receive money, it goes into your Cash App account first, then you can withdraw to a linked bank account or debit card.
A standard deposit appears in your bank account within one to three business days, while an instant deposit to your debit card happens instantly but has a 1.5% rush fee.
Instead of transferring money to a bank account, you can also apply for a Cash Card to use Cash App funds to purchase items online or in retail stores. There is a $2 fee if you use your prepaid card at an ATM, and the ATM operator may also charge a fee.
In addition to receiving payments from friends, you can deposit other funds, such as payroll direct deposit and tax refund check, using Cash App banking.
You need to order a Cash App card to unlock the banking function. According to the website, setting up direct deposits to your Cash App account could help you get your paycheck up to two days faster than depositing directly to another bank.
However, the Cash App doesn't come with coverage from Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.. FDIC insurance guarantees up to $250,000 of your money if a financial institution goes belly up. A Cash App rep says the team is "actively working to address this coverage." So while there are banking features, it's not an account where your money has federal backing.
Cash app investments
Cash App Investing lets you invest in stocks and exchange-traded funds for as little as $1 with no fees. This feature is only available to US residents aged 18 or older. To register, you need to tell Cash App your full name, date of birth, social security number, address, and employment information.
Does Cash App charge for sending money?
Cash App charges a 3% fee if you send money from a credit card. However, there is no fee to send money from your Cash App balance or bank account, even if you send money to someone in the UK As mentioned above, you can send money across the pond with Cash App, although it is primarily a US payment, so it's not a solution if you're looking to send money to friends and family around the world.
How to withdraw money from Cash App?
To withdraw funds from Cash App, click on your Cash App balance and then press the “Cash Out” button. You tell Cash App how much you want to withdraw from your balance and how soon you want to receive the funds.
The standard transfer deposits into your account within one to three business days and is free. The instant transfer has a 1.5% fee. For example, if you wanted to deposit $500 into your bank account immediately, it would cost you $7.50.
Do you need a bank account for Cash App?
You don't need a bank account to use Cash App. Instead of sending money you receive to a linked bank account, you can use Cash Card to make online and in-store purchases.
You don't even need a bank account to send money. You can send money from your Cash App balance or you can use a credit card. However, credit card payments have a 3% transaction fee.
The bottom line about Cash App
No one likes being the person who splits the check after everyone throws a credit card. Cash App has made it easier to navigate this situation: pay with your credit cards, collect points and have everyone else send you money through Cash App. Cash App also offers a banking product and an investment product that allows you to invest in stocks online for free.
The app has some limitations, though. You cannot send or receive more than $1,000 in any 30 day period until you verify your account. Let's say your best friend is trying to send you his portion of the hotel stay and airfare after a vacation. You may have to wait for their account to be verified before you can get the money.
Also, be sure to be careful when sending money. If you accidentally send money to the wrong person, there's no guarantee you'll get it back. Check and double check your $CashTag, phone number and email address before sending money.
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2023.05.28 16:00 ataylorm Is it possible to build a "desktop" type app with Blazor WebAssembly/PWA?

Let me explain. I am tasked with updating a number of old VB6 desktop applications to something modern. In doing so I would really like to go a bit more modern than an actual WinForms desktop application. As our company grows, we are starting to see more and more people wanting to use Mac's, having Windows 11, etc.
I have already built several new applications for the company using Blazor Server side, and those have gone over well. However, the "Desktop" team and the "Web" team are different organizations in the company, and the "Web" team doesn't want me publishing a lot of extra applications onto their infrastructure that they would have to host.
So I have 1 small 2 core VM that I am able to use to host these numerous applications I am building. What I would like to do is have a scenario where the user accesses a URL the first time and "downloads/installs" the "app", which then has most of the functionality for database access and such inside of it, instead of regularly hitting the server side with requests. This allows me to take load from the server and put it on the desktop side, while giving me an app platform that supports any OS which can run WebAssembly.
It seems like this would be possible, but before I spend a lot of time trying to figure it out, I want to make sure that is accurate.
submitted by ataylorm to Blazor [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 15:46 clbrri Nintendo president apologized over joy-con drift, promised improvements, then won the lawsuits and are still selling defective controllers

Hey all,
I wanted to raise awareness to a major disappointment that Nintendo's Tear of the Kingdom launch has provided: reports on the web suggest that the Tears of the Kingdom Switch Pro controllers have a mass defect like the joy-con drift problem was.
In June 2020, Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa publicly apologized for the mass defect problem that riddled joy-cons on the Nintendo Switch: and mentioned that Nintendo is aiming to continuously improve their products.
A later study in December 2022 would state towards the cause of the joy-con drift: the implemented dust-proofing cowls offered "insufficient" protection against "dust and other contaminants," and the "plastic circuit boards exhibited noticeable wear." i.e. that dust would be allowed to enter in as the joy-cons aged.
In November 2021 Nintendo of America's Doug Bowser promised that Nintendo was making "continuous improvements" to their joy-cons:
A number of lawsuits were raised over the issue. The most recent class lawsuit Nintendo won earlier in 2023 because their EULA states that as a customer, you are not allowed to sue them if you agreed to use their products.
Fortunately US customers had been offered a free repair service for joy-cons already in 2019, and now finally also customers in Europe have been made whole a month ago in 2023 when European Union forced Nintendo to provide a free joy-con repair program:
This would be the end of the story and all would be good: hardware design defects happen, Nintendo offered to repair all the defective products, and new products would be sold fixed from the defect?
Well, unfortunately not quite. It has now been widely documented that not only joy-cons suffered from drift, but also the newly released Tear of the Kingdom themed Switch Pro controllers have a mass defect that causes a similar drift of the thumbsticks. Unlike "wear from aging", this defect however is present on brand new devices out of the box, so is not attributable to same explanation that was used for joy-cons.
A subreddit thread at contains dozens of reports, and several similar notes can be found in many other reddit comments as well.
With joy-cons it is reported that the drift problem will exacerbate itself as time progresses.
It is unclear at this point if this same kind of worsening behavior affects the Switch Pro controller - after all the claimed root causes seem to be different (wear of age vs brand new controller)
There have been a surge of downplaying articles, like this one that suggests that "you just need to calibrate it". From first hand experience, I can tell that the above article is not correct. Calibration will not help all users, and in fact, the calibration process that Nintendo offers is currently riddled with critical software bugs to even make it possible to try for some users:
If the issue is similar as with joy-cons that the Switch Pro controllers will get worse over time, then it is not likely that calibration will provide a 100% remedy for any user.
Reading the wording of the EU repair program decision, it is unclear if Nintendo is liable for a free lifetime repair of Switch Pro controllers as well, or if the current repair liability is limited to joy-cons only:
Hey Nintendo's Shuntaro Furukawa and Doug Bowser: your apology rings hollow, and your promise to continually improve your products does not seem to hold true. Instead you seem to be well aware that the controllers you are still manufacturing and selling today are defective. Under European and US law, when you sell an item that you know to be defective, leading the buyer to believe that the item is sound, you may be committing fraud.
We get it, your legal team is stronger than Ganondorf, but your sales behavior comes off equally as unethical on this account. This is not ok.
When will you announce you have made stick drift testing be part of your quality control, and actually start selling controllers that are free from stick drift in the first place?
submitted by clbrri to NintendoSwitch [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 15:38 BigThirstyToad Tulane Dynasty Summary: Year One

NCAA 13. No custom sliders. Speed threshold 30. Heisman difficulty only. Put Tulane in big 12 nothing special w custom conferences though.
Tulanes roster is awful. I had been rolling as Kent State in a 8 year juggernaut dynasty so it was a major adjustment. Biggest thing I'd say is the drops, fumbles, missed tackles. You put yourself in the right position and CPU will just wreck you if you have low attribute players on the field. Also all your players are just slow and linemen can't block.
Started off hot. 4-0 with 3 wins over cupcakes then a shocker over Oklahoma at home on a last second field goal. Every completion was made half a step before QB getting crushed. Epic game but it was a fluke. Only 1 more conference W all year, played an 11 game schedule to get thru yr 1 with a 1 star a Lil quicker, so I missed bowl season by 1 win.
I'm a 2 star Tulane program now. I lost my senior qb who was passable at 74 ovr. I'll have an 82 hb and two 78 was but I'm stuck w a true freshman 67 ovr QB. Miracle I found him in a pile of 2 stars tbh!
The secondary going into season 2 is the worst I've ever seen. One returning corner 64 ovr and 4 true freshman in high 50s. Starting safeties both in the 50s... God help me getting to 3 stars! Tough to power thru in the early stages on Heisman and get to 4 6 stars in 5 years w these rosters
Wish me luck!
submitted by BigThirstyToad to NCAAFBseries [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 15:37 liauyuancheng Second time Infinite with Iron Lad Patriot!

Second time Infinite with Iron Lad Patriot!
Card Inclusions:
  • Wasp: The only no-ability card included because it cost 0 mana and can be played anytime, giving you the flexibility to respond to locations and opponents' plays.
  • Luke Cage: A tech counter against all the High Evolutionary decks that reduces the power of your cards.
  • Mister Sinister: 2 energy for 4 power is above rate, while its clone can be buffed by Patriot. Also fills the board to benefit from Blue Marvel.
  • Patriot: Deck is built around it but you don't need it to win all games.
  • Brood: 3 energy for 6 power is average, while its clones can be buffed by Patriot. Also fills the board to benefit from Blue Marvel.
  • Cosmo: To counter many decks with On Reveal cards, such as Wong, Galactus, Destroy, Junk, Darkhawk, Discard, and to protect your Ongoing cards from Enchantress and Rogue.
  • Debrii: To clog the other locations and minimize board space the opponent has to play their cards, and is an additional counter to Galactus. The rocks also benefit from Patriot and Blue Marvel. It also allows you to add power to unreachable locations when paired with Patriot and Blue Marvel.
  • Iron Lad: A KEY card in this deck, it deserves a separate section to discuss the ins and outs of this card.
  • Iron Man: Useful when you need to go tall in a location, against Galactus and Lockdown decks.
  • Blue Marvel: Adds a lot of power to your game because of the many cards you play that generate tokens (Mister SinisteBrood/Debrii)
  • Doctor Doom: 6 energy for 15 power is above rate and spreads out your power across all locations, helping you to win locations that were previously having power only slightly behind that of opponents'. It also allows you to add power to unreachable locations. The Doombots also benefit from Patriot and Blue Marvel.
  • Onslaught: Helps in going tall with Iron Man (7 times 2 times 2=28 power), and helps amplify the buffs from Patriot and Blue Marvel to buff your other cards further.
    Card Exclusions:
  • Misty Knight, Shocker, Cyclops, Thing, Abomination, Hulk: All other no-ability cards aren't included in this deck as they are terrible hits when Iron Lad procs.
  • The Hood: While The Demon is a no-ability card and benefits from Patriot and Blue Marvel, this deck doesn't have any space left to mitigate the downside of this card, via Viper or Carnage.
  • Mystique: While the power ceiling is lowered without Mystique as you can't play Patriot into Mystique, this card is also a terrible hit when Iron Lad procs.
  • Wave: I didn't face many Bounce or Sera decks on my climb to infinite (90-100) so I opted to exclude Wave. Should you face many Bounce or Sera decks, play Wave on T5 to ruin their strategy (and snap beforehand).
  • Super Skrull: I didn't face many mirror matches on my climb to infinite. Should you face many Patriot decks, play Super Skrull to get the advantage in this mirror matchup.
  • Ultron: While Ultron is included in typical Patriot decks, this deck excludes it because it is also a terrible hit when Iron Lad procs, filling up your locations earlier than intended, which usually leads to a snap or early retreat by the opponent. Also, Ultron is susceptible to Killmonger if you have priority on T6.
It's a Patriot deck but with several changes to accommodate the inclusion of Iron Lad. Iron Lad is so powerful in this deck as it can duplicate many powerful On Reveal or Ongoing cards in this deck. As such, this Patriot deck is designed to maximize the number of high rolls Iron Lad can hit.
  • Wasp: The worst card Iron Lad can hit, basically worthless.
  • Luke Cage: A below average hit by Iron Lad.
  • Mister Sinister: A very good hit by Iron Lad as it becomes a 4 energy 12 power play. Snap!
  • Patriot: A good hit by Iron Lad as you can play Patriot in the next turn to give +4 power to your no-ability cards. Snap!
  • Brood: A crazy hit by Iron Lad as it becomes a 4 energy 18 power play. Snap as fast as you can!
  • Cosmo: A decent hit by Iron Lad as you can potentially counter any On Reveal cards the opponent wants to play on the same location while protecting your other Ongoing cards.
  • Debrii: A decent hit by Iron Lad as it clogs the other locations and minimizes board space the opponent has to play their cards.
  • Iron Man: A crazy hit by Iron Lad as it becomes a 4 energy 12 power play, with each additional power played in the same location being doubled. Snap!
  • Blue Marvel: A good hit by Iron Lad as you can play Blue Marvel in the next turn to give +2 power to your other cards. Snap!
  • Doctor Doom: A crazy hit by Iron Lad as it becomes a 4 energy 16 power play, and allows you to play Doctor Doom too on the final turn to add even more power to all locations. Snap as fast as you can!
  • Onslaught: A decent hit by Iron Lad as it doubles your other Ongoing cards in the same location without needing to play Onslaught on the final turn.
Iron Lad should be played in a location without Cosmo, that is not Isle of Silence or Knowhere and that has at least 3 spots open (unless Brood has already been drawn).
Locations this deck benefits from:
  • Central Park/ Savage Land/ Shadowland/ Klyntar: All the tokens generated are no-ability cards and benefit from Patriot and Blue Marvel.
  • Cloning Vats/ Sinister London: To duplicate Patriots, Cosmos, Iron Lads, Iron Man, Blue Marvel, Doctor Doom and Onslaught.
  • Dark Dimension: To protect your Ongoing cards from Enchantress and Rogue and allow you to stack your Ongoing cards in the same location fearlessly. Also helps to hide your true power in each location until the game ends.
  • Elysium/ The Superflow/ Titan/ Project Pegasus: This deck has many high energy cards that benefit from energy reductions or extra energy gained.
  • Kamar-Taj: More to mess with your opponent by playing Cosmo to this location.
  • Kyln/ The Vault/ Sanctum Sanctorum: You can still reach into these locations after they are closed with Doctor Doom and Rocks from Debrii.
  • Mojoworld/ Muir Island/ Nidavelli Stark Towe The Raft/ Gamma Lab: You can flood a certain location easily with Mister Sinister and Brood. Snap when you can fill these locations quickly before your opponent.
  • Necrosha/ Sewer System/ Jotunheim/ Negative Zone: Luke Cage helps you bypass the downsides of these locations.
  • Onslaught Citadel: Basically nuts for this deck with multiple Ongoing cards. Snap!
  • Washington DC: Pairs well with Wasp, Rocks from Debrii, Brood, Mister Sinister, Doombots. Snap!
  • Bar Sinister: Two ways to utilise this location, either to add immense power to other locations with Patriot/Blue Marvel, or win this location by pairing Wasp/Rock from Debrii that are buffed by Patriot and Blue Marvel, and Iron Man
  • Death's Domain/ Vormi Altar of Death/ Luke's Bar: You can still play Brood and Mister Sinister here to leave the tokens generated behind. Snap when you see the opponent cannot reach into these locations.
  • Knowhere: To protect your Ongoing cards from Enchantress and Rogue and allow you to stack your Ongoing cards in the same location fearlessly.
  • Quantum Realm: You can play all your cards with 2 or less power to get a power increase, while their power can still be increased further with Patriot and Blue Marvel.
  • The Peak: Snap if it hits Iron Man (becomes a 0 energy 5 power card). Other good hits include Patriot, Brood, Blue Marvel and Doctor Doom.
  • The Sandbar: Wasp can be played here and you can reach this location with Doctor Doom and Rocks from Debrii. Consider snapping.
As you can see, many locations are beneficial for this deck, which makes it a blast to play!
  • Darkhawk Good Cards: Protect your Ongoing cards with Cosmo, lest they get nullified by Enchantress. Try to spread out your power, dump your hand of low energy cards and seize priority entering T6, so that their T5 Wave does nothing to you as you can play one of your 6 cost cards. Leader is usually less beneficial to the opponent as you have Patriot and Blue Marvel to buff your cards.
  • Sera Control: Protect your Ongoing cards with Cosmo, lest they get nullified by Enchantress. Try to ensure your cards don't go over 9 power to avoid being Shang-Chi and don't factor the power contributed by Rocks from Debrii into your calculations as Killmonger destroys them. Drop Luke Cage for Wave to nullify their strategy going T6, by playing Wave on T5 (snap beforehand!)
  • Darkhawk Stature: Protect your Ongoing cards with Cosmo, lest they get nullified by Enchantress. Basically who gets luckier with their Iron Lad procs.
  • Bounce: Drop Luke Cage for Wave to nullify their strategy going T6, by playing Wave on T5 (snap beforehand!)
  • Sera Surfer: You can still put a lot of power in the location with Goose with Brood and Mister Sinister. You can still reach the location with Storm with Rocks from Debrii and Doombots. You can also try to predict where Silver Surfer is going to be played and play Cosmo on the same location, with priority, to counter it.
  • Thanos: The opponent can easily flood the board with the stones, so you can block locations with Debrii.
  • Galactus: Seize priority with Brood and Mister Sinister and play Debrii or Cosmo to counter the Galactus to be played (T4 after Wave on T3 or T5 after Electro on T3).
  • She-Hulk Hit-Monkey: Drop Luke Cage for Wave to nullify their strategy going T6, by playing Wave on T5 (snap beforehand!)
  • Control: Protect your Ongoing cards with Cosmo, lest they get nullified by Enchantress. Try to ensure your cards don't go over 9 power to avoid being Shang-Chi. Try to spread out your power so that there are no good locations for the opponent to win with Professor X.
  • Discard: Try to avoid the location with Dracula and contest the other two locations heavily. You can still reach the location with Storm with Rocks from Debrii and Doombots. You can also try to predict where MODOK is going to be played and play Cosmo on the same location, with priority, to counter it.
  • Electro Ramp: Try to dump your hand of low energy cards to minimize the effect of Sandman. Leader is usually less beneficial to the opponent as you have Patriot and Blue Marvel to buff your cards. You can predict where Doctor Doom + Odin combo is going to be played and block it with Cosmo on the same location.
  • Darkhawk Devil Dino: Protect your Ongoing cards with Cosmo, lest they get nullified by Enchantress. Try to ensure your cards don't go over 9 power to avoid being Shang-Chi.
  • Shuri Sauron: Protect your Ongoing cards with Cosmo, lest they get nullified by Enchantress. Focus on putting out massive power on two locations and sack the location with Shuri.
  • High Evolutionary: Luke Cage protects your cards from being debuffed and stops the energy reduction of Abomination. Thus, try to protect Luke Cage from Enchantress and Rogue with Cosmo. Try to spread out your power across all locations as their T6 play is usually a huge Hulk to win a location, so if you can win all 3 locations going to T6, victory is pretty much assured.
submitted by liauyuancheng to MarvelSnap [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 15:30 Emmy-G33 📰Last week in OFERO 📅22nd May - 28th May

  1. 🥳 Last week, we launched a new 🏆 Zealy Sprint Quest with Over $550 in prizes up for grabs! The top 20 participants will be rewarded, with the first-place winner receiving a whopping 10,000 $OFE tokens (worth over $160)! 💰
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The first transactions on xBoost are done, and Oferians are actively boosting $OFE tokens. Enjoy a 20% bonus in $OFE above market value through Ecosystem Rewards. Convert your tokens into value within the Ofero Network Ecosystem using xBoost. 🚀

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Big things are coming to Ofero Network! Keep an eye out for updates and be part of the incredible journey ahead. Get ready for an amazing ride with Ofero Network! 🚀
$OFE - Utility token:
Holders on MvX & BSC: 14,964 /185
Transactions: 80,514 /3,413
Circulating supply: 372,580,487 OFE
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Sabhī kō namaskāra!

(to all my good and friendly Indian peeps out there, i badly needed to have you guys interested in participating🙏)
Hello, you! Yes, you, the one who is mindlessly going through your reddit feed.
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Affiliate program rewards you for inviting people through your link. JeetWin will pay you a commission for each friend who signs up through your affiliate link and makes a deposit. This enables you to profit from your social network, and the more referrals you receive, the more cash you can earn.
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2023.05.28 15:21 Boring-Watch8996 【GIVEAWAY】Celebrate more than 5.5K members of our community, 2 pairs of Made by Boring shoes, you can choose any pair you like!!

Hi Guys, unfortunately when we missed more than 5K because of busyness.
This is a supplementary Giveaway, which is accompanied by this Children's Day Sale
Thank you very much for your support in these months.

We are about to complete the construction of the studio, and we will soon enter a whole new state.

This raffle will have two pairs of Made by Boring shoes as gifts (collection version)
The following is the details of this giveaway

A pair of Made by Boring shoes (collection version)

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How do we draw the prize?
Winners will be announced 7 days after posting
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2023.05.28 15:17 bmazer0 [SVM] Week 22nd-28th April Meta Report - We're back down to a 4 deck meta.

[SVM] Week 22nd-28th April Meta Report - We're back down to a 4 deck meta.
It's time for an apocalyptic overreaction this week as we come fresh off the press with a 4 deck JCG. That's right. Only four decks managed to make the top 16 in the 28-05-2023 JCG.
28/05/2023 JCG Top 16. Yep, 4 decks only.
Overreactions aside, we did see a number of different decks win JCGs this week, and the JCG on the 26th was one of the most diverse top 16s in a while (11 different decktypes in top 16).
In total, we saw 2x Mysteria, 1x Discard, 1x Burial Shadow, 1x Vengeance Blood and 1x Amulet Haven win JCGs this week.
Date Deck 1 Deck 2
28/05/2023 Mysteria Discard Drag
26/05/2023 Burial Shadow Amulet Haven
24/05/2023 Mysteria Vengeance Blood
Burial Rite Shadow continues to be the most played deck in JCGs. It has few true counters, as it is fundamentally too fast for most decks to handle, especially in conjunction with Deathly Tyrant Feast. It's one of the main reasons why the meta is (mostly) quite narrow, as your deck must be able to handle Burial Rite Shadow in a 2 deck 0 ban environment.
To be perfectly honest, I don't see how Cygames can allow Burial Rite Shadow to run loose like this in both the ladder and tournament environment, considering the presumed one more month until the next expansion, but whatever, it is what it is.
Take Two
Say what you will about a majority of mini-expansion cards having low impact on Rotation, but one could easily argue that some portion of the mini-expansion was intended to balance the Take Two Meta.
What was easily a bottom 2 class in Portalcraft has jumped into the 4th most popular class due to the release of an extremely powerful Gold and Legendary. Bloodcraft is another beneficiary of the recent mini-expansion, jumping ahead of its main rival Shadowcraft, which has dropped to 6th most popular. Although Spectral Stomp is very good in rotation, it sucks in Take Two, and Lord of Resurrection is meh, resulting in a severe net nerf in consistency to Shadow in a class that is rather reliant on drafting bomb cards like Cornelius or Myroel.
Most recent Take Two tournament, with Blood and Portal climbing up the rankings
As always, all deck codes and decklists are self service at our website. For example, the top 4 decks from the recent JCG are available at this exact link:
These are the top 4 decklists from the most recent JCG
That's all for this week, see you guys next time!
submitted by bmazer0 to Shadowverse [link] [comments]