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When you are 15 years old, and something is yeet

2012.03.23 17:42 AegeanSea God of War

God of War is a third person action-adventure video game developed by Santa Monica Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. God of War won Game of the Year 2018. This subreddit is dedicated to discussion of the games and sharing news about them. Or posting anything related to GOW really.

2008.09.29 21:00 Liverpool FC: You'll Never Walk Alone

A subreddit for news and discussion about Liverpool FC, a football club playing in the English Premier League. Liverpool are one of the most decorated football clubs in all of world football, with 19 English League Titles and 6 European Cups.

2023.05.28 18:33 mikalyawkson 29[M4F] #Sydney or anywhere/online - Let's talk for a week, then set a date for the next weekend

Hey. How are you going?
I’m 29 years old from Sydney. I work in CBD. Looks wise - I’m 188cm, have black hair, brown eyes, a dad bod and wear glasses.
Some of my hobbies and interests include going on long drives, hiking, reading, watching soccer, lately I’ve started watching rugby league and exploring new places and trying new foods. I love standup comedy and used to go watch it almost every weekend before 2020, would love to have someone to go watch some shows again. I know the best korean bbq and Korean buffet places in the town. I like to cuddle and sometimes love being lazy and just staying in on weekends.
Looking for a girl who is looking for something not too serious with the potential to become serious, and is kind and understanding.
Tell me a bit about yourself when you message. Happy to swap photos and talk elsewhere once we match :)
Thaaanks. See you in the messages.
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2023.05.28 18:33 Doctor-Stoppage Our boy went missing in Canada

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2023.05.28 18:32 Quatr00 2023 Mazda 3 Hatch prospective ownership advice

Been looking to purchase a new vehicle for a while. My search has led me to the 4th gen Mazda 3 hatch in the premium plus turbo trim. Ive done a bit of research, but was looking to see if anyone here had additional info I should have. I'm aware that some have mentioned the 4th gens have oil burning, differential issues, and tire valves releasing air unexpectedly. Anything else coming up so far for gen4? Are there any straight out of the factory issues that seem to be pretty common? I'm looking to own this vehicle for at least 7-10 years, so I'm trying to prepare myself for what issues I want to be aware of upon receiving the vehicle and those that might lie further ahead ahead.
I'm also interested in getting some light mods after I've had the vehicle for a while. Ive heard corksport has good stuff. Any other mild interioexteriofunctionality mods you'd all recommend? I'm for sure going to get some of the piano black and other parts of the interior covered in a subtle wrap to protect from scratches and scuffs.
Thank you ahead of time for your input and experience.
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2023.05.28 18:32 ProfessionBoring7674 skincare ..

Ayoo so for context I’m a 14 year old boy with oily & acne prone skin ,which skin care routine/product should I use & do things like multani mitti,etc even works?
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2023.05.28 18:32 Extra_Blackberry_802 Is this fantasy race too extreme and violent?

Does this fictional race sound too evil?
Zaraths are medium-sized species that resemble purple-skinned goblinoids. They live in small tribes in rainforests near swamps and marshes,as a warm habitat is most comfortable for them. They're a bit shorter than humans on average,as an average male is about 5 feet 6 inches (168 cm) and females a little over 5 feet (152 cm),on average weighing between 140-210 lbs (63 - 95 kg). In general,they tend to be within that weight range and between 5-6 feet (152-182 cm) in height,with some rare specimens nearing 7 feet (210 cm) and a whopping 300 lbs (135 kg). They resemble larger,bulkier goblins with purple scaly skin,somewhat pig-like noses,and vampire-like fangs protruding from their upper jaw,described as having a 'monstrous,abomimable appearance'. Their lifespan is between 60-80 years,some even reaching 150. They are omnivorous and opportunistic,eating anything they can find ranging from insects and carrion to plants they steal from farmers and animals they hunt down themselves
Zaraths live in small tribes with strictly regimented hierarchies,where the largest and most violent males often end up at the top. Laws in zarath societies are harsh,tyrannical,overly strict,oppressive,unfair and draconian,with violent and brutal punishments for anyone caught breaking them. Their culture is one that glorifies cruelty,war and violence,with the chief god of their pantheon,Bezagoth,being the god of war and fire,as they sometimes set ritual bonfires and chant to honor him and other times they see slain enemy soldiers in wars as sacrifices to Bezagoth.
Zaraths are known for their crude,vulgar and brutish demeanor. Their tribes often enjoy brutally massacring and enslaving each other in wars,and tribes very frequently squabble,but are willing to ally in certain situations like wars with non-zaraths. They also have a reputation for burglary,as zarath soldiers often break into houses in villages during wars to steal any valuables they can find inside. They also use brutal psychological fear tactics against their foes during war,such as putting the severed heads of slain enemy soldiers on pikes and carrying them around as a warning. Zarath sorcerers are known to cast dark magic spells on enemy armies to weaken them.
Zaraths have very limited intelligence and are semi-literate,as well as being very easily distracted and forgetful. They're capable of logic and reasoning somewhat,but pretty much only the bare minimum,having a hard time grasping abstract concepts (by D&D standards,they would prob have an intelligence of 8-9).
They are known for their short tempers and for being very easy to provoke,and when this does happen,they will basically just start throwing a tantrum and grabbing any random objects (rocks,sticks,etc.) they can find near them and throw them at any living thing in sight,as well as making animalistic noises like grunting,shrieking or roaring. Their fighting style lacks technique,as they often charge into battle while swinging their swords,battleaxes and other weapons around randomly while hoping to hit something. They are militaristic and warlike in nature,sometimes losing wars against other races because they get distracted and start fighting with each other over petty reasons. While they do supposedly have 'tribal codes of honor',these 'codes' are often vague,arbitrary and inconsistent. They're also known to be sadistic and verbally abrasive,often heard loudly insulting,cursing and yelling at their enemy soldiers while fighting.
A zarath tribal chief is known as a despot:while this term for humans is a negative one that implies a tyrannical or oppressive figure,to zaraths it is a neutral term simply meant to refer to any leader of a clan,regardless of whether they see said leader as good or bad. Thus,tribes are known as despotries,while several smaller tribes united in a larger confederation are known as an overdespotry,led by a chief known as the overdespot.
Zaraths engage in various taboo practices any civilized species would be disgusted by,such as ritual sacrifice and cannibalism,with zaraths being documented to carry away,cook and eat corpses of enemy dead they find on the field after a battle ends,including the flesh of rival zarath tribes.
While most civilized species fear and dislike war,zaraths and others similar to them rejoice and celebrate the sound of war horns:they don't even care if they themselves end up dying,as zaraths see waging war in and of itself as a sacred act,relishing brutally massacring their enemies and seeing death in battle as an honor,with zarath tribes often building temples/shrines to honor fallen commanders.
Non-zarath farmers hate them the most out of everyone because when a zarath cavalry arrives in a village during a war,they'll steal all the livestock and crops they can find,break into and burglarize houses to search for gold and other valuables inside,and sometimes even kidnap and enslave conquered villages.
Some of their biggest advantages are their poison resistance and pain tolerance:their stomachs can digest rotten food and they are immune to several types of poison,and they are physically resilient enough to charge head-first through a wall and smash directly through it without feeling much pain (to a zarath,this would just feel like a small,brief headache rather than a straight up dangerous injury).
Do these guys sound too extreme and brutal?
View Poll
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I am a professional tutor with over 7+ years’ experience.
Reach out for excellent work in your Essays, Graduates level projects/assignments, Literature Reviews, Research Proposals, Discussions, Case Studies and Dissertations among others.
You are guaranteed of confidentiality, timely and plagiarism free work. A few of my samples can be found here in my profile and more can be provided on request.
Charge per page (Double Spaced) is $15.
Share your rubrics and timelines to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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2023.05.28 18:32 TYP-TheYoloPanda Which Pokémon generation do you prefer?

Vote here:
Hello everyone, today I had an interesting discussion with a friend of mine about which Pokémon generation we liked the least. I should mention that my friend and I are 25 and 23 years old respectively, and we have played all the Pokémon generations up to the fourth one. Unfortunately, I had to stop after the fourth generation due to an unfortunate incident where my Nintendo DS Lite fell to the floor and broke. After the fourth generation, I decided not to invest any more money in buying a new DS and playing Pokémon games beyond Platinum. However, my friend continued to play all the titles up to the present day, while I have been following the various video games as a spectator rather than a player. So today we were discussing which generation we liked the least, and we have very different opinions on which one is the worst overall. Personally, I believe that the fourth generation (Pokémon Platinum) marked a turning point for me in terms of the design choices for Pokémon. I don't like many of the Pokémon from the fourth generation, but there are others that I adore. On the other hand, the fifth generation is the one that definitively marked a change in design. Many Pokémon, from an aesthetic point of view, don't appeal to me, and I also find that the new generations drastically alter a Pokémon after evolution, which I find unsuitable. In fact, I believe that an evolution should be a gradual process rather than a complete transformation. While in the earlier generations I could accept that Magikarp evolves into Gyarados as an exception that confirms the rule, I increasingly struggle to appreciate things like Yamask evolving into Cofagrigus or a Ducklett evolving into a Swanna. But this is just my opinion, and I realize that it may not be shared by everyone. However, I wanted to know the community's opinion on which generation they prefer the most and conduct a survey about it. TL;DR I discussed my least favorite Pokémon generation with a friend. I stopped playing pokémon games after the fourth generation due to a broken DS Lite, while my friend continued and we disagree on the worst generation. I wanted to know what the community thinks about it by asking which is your favorite pokémon generation. Vote here:
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2023.05.28 18:32 Fickle-Entertainer84 My First Experience

This story is a little hard to talk about, I've talked about it once but didn't wanna get into it much but thought maybe I should start from the beginning with these 2 orbs. I was only about 11 years old at the time, I had lived down the street from 2 other kids around the same age. I had been to their house many times before and had never experienced something so vivid. But either way I'm about 11 years old and the season outside was fall, I ran down the street to see if me and my friends would be able to hang out. I reach their home and knock on the door, their parents answer and proceed to let me inside. Now for everyone wondering what the set up to this looked like I'll do my best to keep the description but this was over 10 years ago and their house was honestly a disaster. So as I entered the door I'd step into the kitchen, as I stepped through I could smell something burning, it was strong smelling never smelling it before it hit me strong. Not knowing I figured I'd just ask one of my friends, but I stopped before reaching their living room because above their kitchen table I was seeing 2 orbs circling around each. Almost as if they were in fight for control of the house or just constantly in motion but you could see them vividly as they spun around in circles at each other. I couldn't help but stare in amazement from never seeing something so interesting. So I turn through this sheet they have in the doorway of their home into the living room. Sitting on the couch were both my friends playing Halo on the Xbox. I sat near them on the couch and asked them what had been burning and they told me sage, at that time I had no idea what it was but the smell was growing on me but years later my future friend would actually tell me what sage is used for. So after a few mins of watching them play I asked what with the weird light in the kitchen? 1 is black and 1 is white, I'm trying my best to describe what I saw to them as I came inside. They look at each other and a friend says to me that it actually isn't the first time this has happened. As we are all talking about the orbs somehow they made their way through the sheet in the doorway to the living room from the kitchen. But at that point it didn't seem like they were seeing it or letting it bother them but I kept my eyes on them until it got late and I was already given permission to stay there that night. As I began to head towards the bedroom which was back through the kitchen I accidentally ran through the orbs, nothing happened at first. But about 5 mins after walking through the kitchen into my friends room I went to turn on their tv. As I went to turn it on I heard this loud snarling then bark in my ear, I turned around and my friends were still on the bed. I asked if they heard that dog bark and they responded what dog? I said come on y'all didn't hear a dog just now, like you guys didn't just bark in my ear? Again they responded but confused no we don't even own an animal, also I already knew since that wasn't my first time there but I just really needed to know. After the first bark about an hour went by before I would hear it again snarling and barking at me that night. This would happen about 3 times that night. After that night my thoughts on the paranormal have forever been open and I'm curious to know more. But that was my first experience into the paranormal. Question how would someone go about documenting these paranormal events but with little to no budget? I want to try and debunk this small ash that seems to follow me for the past 5 years and now my girlfriend is starting to see it. Any ideas from anyone?
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2023.05.28 18:32 ThrowAwayHolidayFail How much longer should I (25f) keep waiting for my depressive partner (28m) to improve? I feel like my life is on pause.

TL;DR: My fiance is in a difficult situation with his job, but he doesn't take any steps to change the situation sustainably. He burdens me with a lot of emotional load caused by this and it is going on for a while now. I start to wonder, if I'm wasting my time waiting for his improvement and if it may be better to end it soon.
Hey y'all! This is my first post ever on reddit. I hope, I do follow all the rules :) (and sorry for the length. I didn't know how it shorten the story)
My fiance (m28) and I (f25) reached a point at which I wonder, if our relationship even lasts. We met 5 years ago and started out as aquaintances. We did so much together, travelled a lot, did all kind of fun activities and it was just great. We hit it off so good and about 3,5 years ago we started dating, moved in together and got engaged. It was great, we never had a major fight about anything, we share the same morals and got along with chores etc as well. We still did some great trips, however about half a year ago, this all changed.
My partner has always had some issues since I know him and I start to wonder, if they will ever get better (or if I should even expect improvement). He is in psycho therapy for almost two years now for his depression and they work on a holistic solution (addressing other issues, taking a close look on the family dynamic in his childhood and this kind of stuff). I think, that the therapy did help him, but I start to doubt, that the therapy will do enough for him. (It feels so bad and wrong to say it that way.)
Since I know him, he does always struggle with his job. He is a hard-working and skilled, experienced and educated, but only in crafts. He did not go to college after high school, because this was his wish (and I think, that this is completely fine). However, he hasn't found a job yet that he really likes, that's why he changes his job every few years. He doesn't put a lot of effort into finding a good job though. I tried to talk to him about the importance of a propper application, but he doesn't really see a point in them anyways and hates writing them. His plan is to write them thoughtless and get some jobs that may promise to be right and then find another job this exact way, if the previous one wasn't the perfect job for him. He won't go to school neither, which would allow him to do other jobs as well, because he doesn't like school. Honestly, I kept quiet until now, because I had hoped, that he would eventually find a good job and this problem would've solved itself. Hoewever, this did never happen.
The other issue, that affects me, is his inability to overcome his own bad emotions without pulling everyone around him down too. He doesn't want to do this and he feels really bad about it, however it still happens and I can't see improvement. It basically means, that no one else can enoy themselves, if he isn't in a good mood too. He doesn't provoke fights or is mean, but one can really kill the vibes, if they sit in a corner and go with "Why do you even bother asking me?!" or "*shrug * Whatever, I don't care". I am certain, that he does not do it intentionally, as I have seen this to be normalized behaviour within his family. He doesn't know how to regulate himself. I did try to communicate this with him, but he only understands it as "Suck it up and shut it up". Which is not true. I believe, that one can communicate negative emotions and yet still don't burden there loved ones with a constant bad mood. And he currently is always in a bad mood due to his job situation and I'm walking on eggshells to not get one of these snappy responses for any "stupid" or "pointless" question. I try to cheer him up and try to plan things, to distract him, encourage him to apply for another job etc. I don't know how to handle this anymore.
Today we came home early from the only vacation we could have together this year, because we can not take other vacation days at the same time together. We only did half the road trip, then on the ride to our next destination today he missed our exit (I even pointed it out to him previously, I really don't know, why he simply didn't took it or respond to me at all) and we accidentally went on the highway and had to drive quiet a few miles in the wrong direction. He said, that "This was it", took the next turn possible and we went on our way home (but he did miss a few exits too, which caused us to drive quite some miles extra, I didn't dare to ask for his reasoning, because the mood was icy). I offered to drive, since I do not want to spend the day on the road going wrong ways only and just accepted that he wasn't in the mood for holiday (this was not the first time, we quit something I really appreciated and wanted, because he wasn't feeling it. I did agree to adjusting the plans to accommodate him though). He finally agreed, and spent maybe half an hour looking for jobs, while I was driving. He finally threw his phone down and announced, that there were no good jobs available at all.
I feel so rejected by this, because right now, he is chilling with his friends in the garden doing a BBQ (maybe he's talking with them about his problems, making this time anyhow "productive" idk), instead of using our remaining holiday time to improve his situation. I'm torn. On one hand, I feel like, he should put his big boy pants on and finally write some neat applications and really put some effort into finding a job (or even going through some extra education to qualify for better jobs), even though, he may not like the process of doing this tasks. I did encounter tasks, I really did not enjoy, too to reach a higher goal. However on the other hand, I don't know what's going on inside of him. After all, he has depression and I don't. I will never experience the feeling, so I am hesitant to judge. It seems that he is not following his weird job plan that avoids writing applications and further schooling out of nowhere. He surely doesn't do this for fun. He is suffering a lot too right now and I doubt, he would maneuver us into this situation, if there was an easy way out. So I feel like, pressuring him into it, may not help anything and would only increase the stress for both of us.
On the quiet remaining ride back home today, I did question myself, how much longer I should keep waiting for him to finally get better. I think, that mid- to late-twenties is a good age to finally get your stuff figured out. When else will he? I feel like I waste my precious time by constantly adjusting and lowering my expectations according to his mood. I don't want this life for sure, but I really do love him (or at least, how he was at the beginning). I am hesitant to approach him or to even tell him, that he should figure his life out or else I'd leave. I think, that this pressure would block him only more so and won't produce anything benefital. I can't bring it over my heart to present him an ultimatum like this, because he might currently be going through something I don't understand.
Please, don't get me wrong. My partner may sound rude and reckless in this prescription, this is only because I'm describing problematic situations. He generally is kind and he acknowledges most of his wrong-doing. When we got home today, he apologized for ruining the trip and said, that I was so kind to him the whole ride back even though he acted that way.
I would love to hear your insight on how I could handle this and how I could help him efficiently. I know for sure, that I will be planning my next few trips without him. However, I don't know, how to gently tell him how I feel and I don't know, what I should tell him, which improvements or changes I would be expecting in the near future.
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2023.05.28 18:31 OGGMAdventures Level 5. Area 3. Room 28: Crunchy Chimera

Features: Entrance to the west, entrance to the east. the doors are made of thick wood. The room smells of Fertilizer. A faded torn tapestry hangs on the south wall, it depicts a kingdom of ratfolk. behind the tapestry is a secret door. (DC 12 to Spot) that leads to Room 29 Several large glowing blue mushrooms grow in this room, they are not p[osinoues but due have a faint magic aura. Anyone eating the mushrooms will have to roll on the following table to see how these Chimera Fungi affect them.
1: The Character's skin and hair change color. 2: The Character grows 1d6 feet. 3: The Character shrinks 1d6 feet. 4: The Character ages 3d6 years. 5: That one time when the Character died and was reincarnated as a 1/2 elf 6: That one time when the Character died and was reincarnated as a 1/2 orc 7: That one time when the Character died and was reincarnated as a (Dragonborn) 8: That one time when the Character died and was reincarnated as a (Tiefling) 9: That one time when the Character died and was reincarnated as a 10-year-old. 10: No effect
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2023.05.28 18:31 ProfessionBoring7674 skincare ..

Ayoo so for context I’m a 14 year old boy with oily & acne prone skin ,which skin care routine/product should I use & do things like multani mitti,etc even works?
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2023.05.28 18:31 Practical_Affect_428 Israeli forces arresting a 10 years old kid and trying to find better clothes for his mug shot

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2023.05.28 18:30 Seeks69420 Should I change or double majors incase AI takes over the computer science industry?

AI has been a new innovation and has been in development for years now, with recent breakthroughs, should I, an 18 year old computer science major going into my first year of college be worried about AI taking my chances at being a Front/Back end Software Engineer?
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2023.05.28 18:30 ykkzqbhf Do I have the best cards for a major upcoming trip?

In short, we have not previously been major travelers but I have a significant trip coming up and we're likely to increase travel in the next few years. I'm wondering if the cards I have are the best for that situation or if I should consider something else.

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2023.05.28 18:30 thisfeelsimportant One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest: advice needed

If you could suspend your disbelief for a moment and just trust me on this one: you could model the entirety of the last 10 years of my life on the film adaptation. Maybe the whole life (I don’t want to give away my age) I plan to start rereading the book today. Specifically I have been, psychologically speaking, every one of the main characters at one point in time, but especially in these last 10 years. The thing is that they are equally distressing states of mind; it’s a rush to feel like McMurphy but it let me tell you it gets old after a while, when your body’s beat to hell and it seems like you get a little movement with people sometimes only to find that they are so damn resistant, but then every once in a while you realize you might be prodding a Cheswick too hard and too fast and that’s not fun to live with. And damn it why won’t anyone listen to me? When I’m talking about heaven and hell and negotiation and how to order yourself as a human being in this world, well…all I can say DOCTOR Harding, is that I completely and totally understand you (sorry, I think this is more movie specific). Mr. Cheswick I just want my cigarettes too, and when I feel like they’ve been taken from me I just want to scream and I would really like to watch the baseball game.
Mr. Bancini and I have plans for a week-long nap, so I might not see your responses right away.
But here’s the thing. I’ve actually behaved like each of those characters before. The only one I haven’t is Chief Bromden. I cannot end up like: - Billy (it’s complicated) - Ellis (it’s even more complicated) - McMurphy (2nd most complicated) - Dr. Spivey…
I have 1 more week to go in this journey. I’ve been doing the “inside” work, a lot of it. I want to recount my story somehow. I’m going to have to learn how to write, but I’m a quick study and I’ll work hard. I kind of just need to actually BE Chief Bromden for 1 more week. And for some reason that’s scary, probably because they already know I can hear and speak.
NOTE 1: if you think this post is best for another forum with people who understand literature, please let me know; but I have to be honest, I don’t know exactly what I’m looking for. Reassurance? I’m not sure. I’ve already sought it out in many forms and from many people, but it doesn’t seem to help for more than a few moments. Maybe I’m just hoping that someone reads this. Also, let me know if this sort of thing/writing should have a different “tag”, sorry for any beginner errors
NOTE 2: it is purely coincidence that my journey has the same duration as Chief Bromdens hospitalization
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2023.05.28 18:30 Krixwell Alphabetical watch orders

So over here, u/Nine_Eye_Ron joked about watching Steven Universe in "alphabetical order", and it got me curious about just how ridiculous that order would get. A little listing and alphabetizing later, I'd like to share the two new ideal watch orders for the series.

Alphabetized by season

In this version, the seasons are in order, but the episodes within each season are alphabetized (counting 1A and 1B separately). It's a little less ridiculous than the alternative, so we'll save the really dumb one for last.

Season 1A

Season 1B

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

The Movie

SU: Future

Alphabetized all together

But who cares about seasons? Let's start the show off strong by watching A Single Pale Rose at the very beginning!
Truly the most logical way to watch this series.
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2023.05.28 18:29 Shellerellaaa Very worried after neck adjustment

Hiya. 28 year old female. 170cm 65kg. I smoke about 10 cigarettes a day. Other than POTS (I have low blood pressure with the tachycardia on standing) I have no other health issues that I know of. Recently had a normal brain MRI, clear chest x-ray, clear echocardiogram, clear abdomen ultrasound, normal bloods. Prior to getting POTS I was in the best shape of my life doing pole fitness and aerial silks.
Just wondering if someone could let me know if I'm just overthinking or if there's a big problem at hand. Backstory: recently diagnosed with POTS (got it from covid in 22). I have all the usual symptoms since. In February I had a fall where I hit the side of my head. It wasn't bad and I wasn't concussed or anything. Had an MRI on my brain after and it was clear. Didn't think anyone about it. After a few weeks I started getting headaches and some neck pain along with some dizziness (not light-headed but more like every now and again my head would feel like how when you're sleeping and feel like youre falling. It's hard to describe). I also started getting chronic nausea. I ended up going to see a chiropractofunctional neurologist 3 days ago. He also does functional medicine so I didn't expect there to be any adjustment stuff. I'm just at my wits end so just wanted to try another option. After checking my neck he said it was completely misaligned to the side. He pressed in one part and it was really sore but the other side was fine. He then said he thought a neck adjustment would be beneficial. I was terrifed but find it hard to advocate for myself so I agreed after he went through the risks. He did 2 other adjustments on my back and one on my neck. I didn't feel any different afterwards tbh. But then yesterday I started getting random pains up the sides and back of my neck (not severe but annoying) and my head feels a bit wobbly. It also feels like something in pulling in my neck and my upper back. I have mild pain in the sides of my head at times too. I'm also extremely fatigued (I normally have fatigue with POTS but not to this level)
My question is is this serious enough that I should go to EGP or should I wait a few days to see if it clears? I know some pain afterwards is normal but I read that it shouldn't last longer than 48 hours.
Also just to point out i will not be going back to him.
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2023.05.28 18:29 throwawayg34567 23 male virgin looking for alpha to cuck me to my 19 year old crush

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2023.05.28 18:29 Timely-Banana7659 Newly diagnosed and confused

Hello all, never thought I would join an autism subreddit but here I am. I'm a female, aged 32 and I have a history of depression. I have been medicated for 12 years now but last couple of years I didn't feel like I was depressed anymore and recently I stopped taking antidepressants. So one week or so ago I went to a new, different psychiatrist because I had a tiny feeling I might have ADHD and my old psychiatrist wasn't really listening to me.
Well the new doctor and me had a long talk, I mentioned what I struggled with throughout my life and she confirmed it looks like I have ADHD and I'm also on autism spectrum. OK, I was in a way relieved she confirmed my feelings about ADHD but when she mentioned autism spectrum, I kinda got taken aback.
I'm sorry, I don't mean to be rude or say anything rude but till few days ago I didn't really know much about autism/Asperger syndrome. When I googled about it, I started to think back to my childhood and I connected the dots. I found a test online on a page called "embrace-autism" and I scored 33 points. When I read what the score means, I was again a bit shocked. Then I gave the test to my gf because I was wondering how accurate it was and she scored 19 and I know she's a neurotypical.
I just don't know how to process this information. Everything is kind of coming together but I'm just overwhelmed and scared and I don't know how to feel. I usually like to know what is what and analyse (not sure if I pronounced this right) everything so I know how I'm supposed to feel and what to do with the information I have but here I'm confused and don't really know what to do. Plus, I have a strong feeling people around me will not take me seriously when I tell them that. I kinda feel alone and really confused.
Does anyone have any advice how to handle new diagnosis as an adult? How did you guys handle it and what helped you? How to deal with people who might not understand you? Can I read anything or watch videos that might be a good source of information? Ooh lots of questions, sorry about that. Thank you all.
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2023.05.28 18:28 TheDizDude .625 == 1/2 conduit.

After purchasing a smaller than needed blowgun but being totally addicted I decided to craft my own.
I purchased a piece of 5” 1/2 EMT Conduit after taking the fins to Lowe’s and testing anything that even closely resembled something that would work.
This is a bit heavier which may be a down size however it’s providing accuracy and depth even after cutting down to ~ 4’.
I purchased a few tubes of clearance toothpaste and plan on attempting yo use air pump/ vacuum to push pull through the piece to attempt a an interior polish. (Tossed around the idea of ECM the interior)
I’m sanding the entire exterior and priming before painting in a long term enamel.
Found a few blocks of ash at Lowe’s that I’m planning on fashioning into a handle and end piece protector.
As for the mouth piece, I created a mold out of an old funnel and used thin fabric and twine soaked in 2 part epoxy that I plan on finishing with a polished look.
Photos to come when first step sets.
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2023.05.28 18:28 Senior_Answer_8958 Classic car

My budget is 25K. I’ve always wanted something old school. The deciding factor for me is maintenance costs. (I know that’s every car over 25 years old) As of right now the only car I’m tracking is 1966-1972 mustang. Reason being is parts are easy to come by since there were so many sold, hence I’m thinking the cost to replace parts won’t be too expensive. Any ideas/alternatives would be much appreciated.
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2023.05.28 18:28 Bright-Signature-441 25 yrs going for either B.E. IT in Jadavpur University or B.Tech CSE in University of Calcutta. Don't know what to do after so many gap years and being a very old student

I passed high school in 2016 from West Bengal & I was trying to qualify NEET to get admission in a government medical college, but I didn't qualify for a government MBBS seat in all of my previous attempts. So, I also took WBJEE 2023 exam and recently they published the rank card and I got a rank under 110. So, after checking previous year ranks, I am sure I'll get into either Jadavpur University or University of Calcutta, but which one should I choose studying B.E. IT in Jadavpur University Or doing B.Tech CSE from University of Calcutta?
Will it be difficult to get a good placement for me if I start my now because I am too old and have so many gap years! I only went for college for a B.Sc. degree and spent 1 years in total in that college and during all the other years I kept on trying to crack NEET but I failed miserably. I have no option now other than studying engineering. So, which one should be best option for me?
I am already too old and during placement season if I can't even grab some good offers, I don't know what I'll do, my parents already know that I am a failure, relatives and all others always made fun of me because I failed and wasted so many years. I know that mass recruiters and few companies don't accept students with study gaps after high school, then what should I do?
Will I even get a good job offer if I worked hard during my time in either Jadavpur University or University of Calcutta? I don't know anyone who studied from these 2 universities, so I don't know much about them, I just know they are 2 of the best universities for engineering in my state. Will all companies always look down on me because I have so many gap years? What should I do? Ican't do M.Tech because I am already an old man.
It feels like I am dying inside because of my pain and insecure future and literally everyone I know including myself hates me. I know I am an utter failure. Please tell me there's a way forward and please guide me on how to secure a good job. That's all I can ask. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING THIS. PLEASE HELP ME.
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