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I (29m) am unsure if I should cancel a trip with my (25f) friend

2023.03.24 03:24 rogueranger20 I (29m) am unsure if I should cancel a trip with my (25f) friend

This is going to be kinda long so please bear with me.
Me and my friend have been best friends for almost 2 years now. Normally we talk, watch shows, or play games together every single day. We are very close and always update each other about our days and lives etc. I also want to add because I feel like its prominent for later, that I will often do nice things for her, like send her flowers or buy her lunch etc.
We live a state away from each other but go on vacations often together. In October I asked her to be my girlfriend since it seemed like her saying yes wouldn't change our relationship much. She said she is just happy being friends. I tell her that's fine I don't want to lose her friendship so I am okay with that.
Fast forward to January we go on another one of our trips together. Normally we share a hotel room and get two beds which we did. However the first night we were there I was having trouble sleeping because I get pretty bad insomnia sometimes. Anyway she heard me still awake and went and sat on the end of my bed. She then asked me if I still liked her, I said yes I do. She then asked if she could kiss me, again I said yes. From here things proceeded how you think they would and more then just kissing happened.
A few days later we have a conversation about the trip and what we did and what that means. She tells me she doesn't want a relationship because she never see's herself being in one, they make her anxious and she feels like she will lose her independence/individuality. I basically tell her that if we are together not much will change besides we get be more romantic with each other and having sex is nice. She basically replied with what she already said. In reply I basically asked what she wanted then? Does she want to be FWB? She said it might not be a great Idea but she would be okay with it if I am and if the mood arises. So I say that is fine.
so through the rest of January and most of February we continue like normal we talk everyday, game, I bought her lunch and sent her flowers a few days before Valentines which she really seemed to like. We planned a trip for her to come see me in April and I would take her to the Tulip fields we have near my area. We only got one bed this time. This trip was supposed to be for her birthday so I got the Airbnb for us as her gift (This is the first time we haven't gone 50/50 on a trip).
About a week afterward she sounds off in our voice chat so I ask her if something is wrong. Basically she tells me I am text her too much and asking her to game to much (Keep in mind we have been talking and gaming everyday for the past 2 years almost). Basically she says she wants some space from me talking to her. So I give her space and only text her back when she texts me for the next couple weeks in this time we start to game a lot less aswell.
we had plans to marathon a show together for months, we even read the book that the show was about and marathoned the first season together too. but about a week ago when the shows season 2 released I asked if she was ready to watch and she told me she was actually watching with her sisters instead. So I felt hurt and ditched by my best friend. I sent her a long message explaining that.
So after sending that message the next I get one back basically saying that we need to talk. So we once more have a talk where she tells me that our relationship is making her anxious because she feels like I thought that was a day and really wants me to know she doesn't want a relationship. I replied basically saying that we have talked about this extensively and I know that, however we have been gaming and watching shows together for ages so why would I think its a date now, and if that's the case what do you think I think about sharing a bed? Basically her only replies through that conversation were "k." she never responded to the last text I sent. The next day I ask if she would like to finish the conversation to which she replied. "There is nothing left to talk about." So I asked if we were good and she sent me a thumbs up emoji. I asked are you sure? Its kinda hard to tell when you just send me a Emoji? Do you still even want to come to see me and the tulips in a couple weeks? she then said "I'm just tired of talking about this." and then completely changed the subject talking about a game we play.
At this point I am mentally exhausted and confused because I understand she doesn't want a relationship but it also seems like she doesn't even want a friendship at this point. I feel like I cant get her to just give me a straight up answer especially on if she still wants to come or not. All my friends tell me I should drop her and cancel the trip but I really don't want to lose someone who was my best friend for the longest time. I just don't know what happened.
Basically I am hoping to get the perspective of outsiders. Should I go on this trip with her and see how things turn out, if they will go back to normal? Or should I cancel the trip and try to move on from this relationship. Your thoughts would be super helpful thanks! I also want to add I get she doesn't want a relationship but at this point I just want my friend to act like my friend again.
I asked out my best friend, she said she just wants to be friends. a couple months later she asks if I like her still, we have sex, she then says she doesn't want a relationship. we plan another trip together and soon after she starts to become distant toward me. Should I cancel the trip or go and see if things go back to normal?
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2023.03.24 01:59 EmBejarano Weekend things to do around Colorado Springs and beyond March 23-26!

A Spring Break special at the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Museum, $14.95, $9.95 for youngsters. 10 a.m.-5 p.m., Saturday 9 a.m.-6 p.m. Admission online with promo code "Springbreak" through April 2.
See what's new for travel at the Colorado RV Show, 10 a.m.-7 p.m., Colorado Springs Event Center, 3960 Palmer Park Blvd. Free admission.
Major ideas for homes and yards at the Denver Home Show and an opportunity to meet Denver's Rico León, host of HGTV’s “Rico to the Rescue.” Learn floral arrangements at workshops by Sogetsu Ikebana Flower Display. Special Hero Days for first responders, teachers, military and veterans. National Western Complex, 4655 Humboldt St. 10 a.m.-8 p.m. Tickets $10 online, $12 at the show. Senior discounts. Children 12 and under free.
Ride on, maybe on something new or different after the big Bike Swap. Sponsors and sellers ready to wheel and deal with happy bike folks at SoccerHaus, 4845 List Drive. Criterium Bike Shop staff will be there, too. 10 a.m.-2 p.m. For the seventh year a benefit for Kids on Bikes.
Go Western at the Boots and Hats Party night, with money raised for the Southern Colorado Juneteenth Festival. Hip Hop and Two-Step starting at 8 p.m. at the City Auditorium, 221 E. Kiowa St. DJ Macadoe Pressplaydoe. $25 admission. Food and drink available.
It's Springing Back to Life outdoors and you can check it out from 10 a.m. to noon at Fountain Creek Nature Center, 320 Pepper Grass Lane, Fountain. Flowers and trees are budding, birds are returning and babies are arriving. Prepaid registration required, $5 per person.
Annual Collaboration Fest time for brewers and beer lovers, sponsored by Colorado Brewers Guild, 2-6 p.m. at The Westin Westminster, 10600 Westminster Blvd. Guild and independent brewers offer one-of-a-kind beers. General admission $65 plus fees, early access $85 plus fees.
Ball Arena was packed with March Madness basketball fans last week and Sunday it changes to WWE: Road To Wrestlemania. Expected are Bianca Belair, Seth "Freakin" Rollins, Drew McIntyre, Liv Morgan, Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso. 7 p.m.
A Platte Avenue Block Party Spring Market with more than 50 vendors is open to the community outside Black Sheep and Vultures, 2100 and 2106 E. Platte Ave. from 1 to 5 p.m.

Have a safe and fun weekend everyone! Articles below are not paywalled :)
Weekend things to do around Colorado Springs and beyond:
Weekend things to do around Denver and beyond:
Disney on Ice coming to Colorado Springs this weekend:
Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center reveals new 2023-2024 theater season:
2023 Red Rocks schedule: More shows added to this year's lineup:

Lastly, let's put a face to this name. I enjoy interacting with this community! Vote in our brewery bracket and I have agreed to post a pic of me enjoying my first beer in Colorado Springs (after having lived here now for 2 years) Cheers!
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2023.03.24 01:09 MaceLeonardo 3rd Mock Draft 2023 3/23/2023 2 Rounds up to pick 68th.

To not exclude Broncos Fans I went to pick 67 and 68 so they would have something to at least see.
TRADES: Done using Drafttek Value Chart. I calculate the value of future picks by dividing the current round pick value in half.
Jets send 2.43(470) to Green Bay for Aaron Rodgers
I don’t see the Jets trading first for a 1-year rental when they can trade similar if not less value for Stafford. 2.43 is the best the Packers get.
Tennessee sends 1.11(1250 Points) to Seattle for 1.20(850), 2.52(380) and 4.123(49)
(29 Points in the favor of Tennessee)
Houston sends 1.12(1200) to Pittsburgh for 1.17(950), 3.80(190) and 2024 3rd(95)
(35 points in the favor of Houston)
Chargers send 1.21(800) to Jacksonville for 1.24(740) and 4.121(52) and 4.127(45)
(37 points in the favor of The Chargers)
Giants send 1.25(720) and 3.89(145) to New Orleans for 1.29(640), 3.71(235) and 5.165(24)
(35 points in the favor of New York)
1). Carolina Panthers: CJ Stroud QB Ohio State
All signs seem to be pointing to CJ being the pick for the Panthers. CJ is a smart and safe option as the number 1 QB and while he might not have the upside of a Richardson or Young, he isn't a low ceiling player either. With the Panthers CJ can carve out a great career by just doing what he does best and playing withing the system and not making mistakes.
2). Houston Texans: Bryce Young QB Alabama
My QB1 and what seems to be the Texans QB1. Young plays such a interesting game compared to his size. Young has easily the best pocket presence in the class and will come into a O-Line better than he had at Alabama with Howard and Tunsil. If the Texans continue to build the team and get the correct support around Young, they can maximize his potential and creativity with the football.
3). Arizona Cardinals: Will Anderson Jr EDGE Alabama
I think the Cardinals will entertain trade calls for 3 but unless an offer blows them away, they stand pat and take Will Anderson Jr. While future picks are enticing, getting by far the best EDGE prospect in the class who can fit any scheme and has All-Pro Potential is worth more than the picks.
4). Indianapolis Colts: Anthony Richardson QB Florida
I still can’t move away from Richardson to Indianapolis. I like Levis but Richardson has equal if not higher potential while also being 2 years younger than the Wildcat. The more I watch Richardson's tape the more you see his potential shine through. I might be in the minority, but I believe Richardson isn’t as raw as people state. He was in a terrible situation in Florida with new coaching, no receivers or TE’s and a scheme which didn’t fit him. In Indianapolis the Colts can tailor everything to AR15.
5). Seattle Seahawks: Jalen Carter IDL Georgia
He is a risky pick but with the limited true 1st round talent in this class and the lack of scheme fit with Tyree Wilson the Seahawks grab Jalen Carter. Everything has been said about Carter and his risks, but his talent is undeniable on tape. Seattle historically doesn’t draft CB’s early either, so they roll the dice on Carter and try to slow down his extracurriculars.
6). Detroit Lions: Christian Gonzalez CB Oregon
It was between Gonzalez and Wilson at 6 but I have Gonzalez as the best CB in the class and in a deep EDGE class they can pick up another rotational piece later in the draft, but you can’t pick up anybody like Gonzalez later in the class. The Lions are desperate for a true CB1, and Gonzalez gives them one with ample athleticism and coverage ability.
7.) Las Vegas Raiders: Devon Witherspoon CB Illinois
While Witherspoon doesn’t have insane size and length he makes up for it in his technique and cover ability. Witherspoon is a high floor player who will be CB1 for the Raiders the second he joins the organization. With a 35% completion percentage at Illinois Witherspoon faced tough competition and held strong throughout his career.
8). Atlanta Falcons: Tyree Wilson EDGE Texas Tech
The Falcons are adamant on giving Ridder a chance in 2023 so with the 8th pick they take Tyree Wilson. While not a great scheme fit in their base 3-4 the Falcons run a decent number of different looks where they can put Wilson into solid positions. His length is too enticing to pass up and pairing Jarrett with actual help on the line.
9). Chicago Bears: Paris Johnson Jr OT Ohio State
I still have PJJ going to the Bears but not as the LT but as the Bears RT. Investing in Fields is paramount to the Bears success after the beatings Fields has taken already in Chicago. Shifting Teven Jenkins to guard LG next to Jones and drafting both PJJ and Wypler in the 2nd gives Fields the best O-Line he has had since Ohio State.
10). Philadelphia Eagles: Lukas Van Ness EDGE Iowa
Eagles grab Lukas Van Ness EDGE from Iowa. Roseman has stated that if 2 players are similar in value they will take the lineman and they do that with Van Ness. Van Ness is a high potential athletic marvel with a great bull rush who needs to be refined to his full potential. The Eagles have no problem sitting young players and having them rotate with the vets. With Van Ness he can play opposite to Sweat in the future along with being a DT in some schemes.
11). Seattle Seahawks: Will Levis QB Kentucky
Geno changes nothing for Seattle in terms of QB. The Levis hate has swung too far to the point he is being underrated. His O-Line and WR’s at Kentucky downgraded immensely this season. Watching tape from 2021 shows what he can do with weapons and a competent O-Line. In Seattle Levis can sit behind Geno Smith similar to how Mahomes did with Alex Smith and be molded to Carrolls liking before taking over for Seattle in 2024.
12). Pittsburgh Steelers: Peter Skoronski OT/OG Northwestern
Steelers fans may hate this but if Skoronski falls out of the top 10 I think the Steelers jump up and grab the LT from Northwestern. The CB class is very deep along with the 3-4 DE class taking a premier will be hard later in the draft. Skoronski’s main downfall is his short arms but with the Steelers needing a OT to protect Pickett. Dan Moore and Okorafor compete for the RT spot for the Steelers new look O-Line.
13). New York Jets: Darnell Wright OT Tennessee
You got Aaron Rodgers which is good and now you have to protect him. With that they take the last of the premier OT prospects in Darnell Wright. Wright might be a more natural RT but his senior season at Tennessee showed him deal with multiple different high quality pass rushers. He was able to move his feet well and played with a high motor and technique needed for the position. Personally, I see Wright being able to play both on the left or right side of the line.
14). New England Patriots: Jaxon Smith-Njigba WR Ohio State
I believe Patriots fans are willing this into existence, but JSN is a Patriot, and he fits New England perfectly. While some say JSN can only truly work as a slot receiver I believe the Pats will use him in a plethora of looks be it in the slot or out wide where his elite route running, and agility will showcase why he is WR1 in the class.
15). Green Bay Packers: Nolan Smith EDGE Georgia
The Packers could very well be looking to grab a player like Quinten Johnston, but I believe they have their eyes on a high RAS defender in Nolan Smith. Smith had an incredible combine and with the Packers who want to continue building on their talented young defense they take Smith giving Rashan Gary, Devonte Wyatt and Quay Walker another quick and athletic EDGE.
16). Washington Commanders: Joey Porter Jr CB Penn State
With Washington they are lacking in the QB department and with none of the top 4 QBs falling to them the Commanders pivot and draft the best available CB in Joey Porter Jr. Porter is a uber talented CB who is physical and lanky and is a tough player for WR’s to play against. With the Commanders great D-Line they need a stud CB like JPJ to complete the defense.
17). Houston Texans: Quinten Johnston WR TCU
The Texans don’t have much talent and across the board and after trading Brandin Cooks, they are lacking a WR for new franchise QB Bryce Young. I have Johnston and Smith-Njigba rated similarly, and the Texans pick Johnston at 17th. Johnston will add another explosive weapon for a Texans offensive that desperately needs talent. Adding Johnston gives Young some weapons in Woods, Johnston, Schultz and Pierce.
18). Detroit Lions: Bijan Robinson RB Texas
The Lions at 18 go BPA and take what some people have as the best player in the class over Anderson and Carter. Bijan is one of the best RB prospects the NFL has seen with his vision and running ability. In Detroit he will be behind an elite O-Line with solid QB play. With the Lions Bijan will immediately enter the league as a top 5 RB and a touchdown machine.
19). Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Broderick Jones OT Georgia
The Bucs stand firm and get Broderick Jones out of Georgia. Jones fills an immediate need as TB has no LT for Trask or Mayfield. Jones fills exactly what the Bucs have been missing in a LT with a massive athlete who has nimble and quick feet and won’t be a liability in pass protection. With Jones the Bucs have two solid bookend tackles for whoever the future QB of the team is.
20). Tennessee Titans: Anton Harrison OT Oklahoma
A true LT Harrison has had a phenomenal career at Tennessee. He is a pure LT who excels in pass protection and rarely gives up pressures. His problems lie in his run blocking which is a knock against him for a team especially the Titans but with the Titans hitting a mini rebuild they need to look past that and see a great pass protector who can develop in the running game.
21). Jacksonville Jaguars: Deonte Banks CB Maryland
I believe the Jaguars are going to pick CB and they hone in on one of the most athletic CB prospects in NFL history. Banks has some problems with penalties and ball skills but in Jacksonville he will not be asked to be CB1 he will be CB2 and he can do alot of damage with his athleticism at his size.
22). Baltimore Ravens: Zay Flowers WR Boston College
The Ravens need to find more weapons for Lamar Jackson past Rashod Bateman and Mark Andrews. During Boston College Flowers was electric, a shifty player who could get RAC at will. For the Ravens, Flowers can be a receiver who can get open at will and can generate yards previous Ravens receivers couldn’t.
23). Minnesota Vikings: Cam Smith CB South Carolina
With the top WR's gone off the board the Vikings grab the last of the top CB prospects. Cam Smith plays a physical and dominant game as a CB. Always willing to be aggressive with the WR opposite of him. Cam Smith will be a great man corner who will cause many incompletions. With the Vikings Smith will contribute in the secondary as the CB2 opposite to Andre Booth Jr.
24). Los Angeles Chargers: Myles Murphy EDGE Clemson
With Myles Murphy the Chargers get a pure pass rusher who has bend and is able to get pressure on the QB but lacks awareness in the running game. With that Murphy can be added to the rotation on the EDGE of Bosa and Mack. If Murphy can continue the production, he had at Clemson the Chargers will have a fun trio of EDGE rushers in a AFC West that lacks OT Talent.
25). New Orleans Saints: Calijah Kancey IDL Pittsburgh
With the top receivers and corners now gone the Giants decide to trade down and with the Saints who are in desperate need for IDL help and a true stud DT to play on that line. What Kancey lacks in size he makes up for with ability and athleticism being the best 3-Tech DT in the class. Kancey should be able to line up for the Saints in the interior and wreak havoc in the NFC South.
26). Dallas Cowboys: Dalton Kincaid TE Utah
With Schultz gone the Cowboys can defer the TE role to Jake Ferguson. But with none of the talented TE’s in the class being selected the Cowboys take TE1 off the board in Dalton Kincaid. Kincaid proved at Utah his talent as he caught 70 passes for 890 yards his senior season and scored 8 TDs for Utah. In the Cowboys' offense Kincaid can reproduce numbers similar to Schultz's best season while improving his run blocking which is the only major knock against him.
27). Buffalo Bills: Dawand Jones OT Ohio State
With how the board fell I can see the Bills going a couple of different ways with this pick. One being taking a Brian Branch as both their Pro Bowl safeties are aging and on expensive deals with Branch being a talented player who can play both in the nickel and as a safety. The other one being shoring up the O-Line with a massive human being in Dawand Jones who plays with a high motor and can be a dominant RT for them. The Bills elect for option B.
28). Cincinnati Bengals: Darnell Washington TE Georgia
Is this a luxury pick for the Bengals? It can be but with Washington you gain more than just a TE. At Georgia Washington was dominant in the run game opening holes and leading the way for the stable of Bulldog RBs to run wild on opposing defenses. And his unique size and athleticism makes him a major weapon in the middle of the field. The biggest knock-on Washington was his lack of production at Georgia, but the Bengals take the risk here for what he can add to their offense on day 1.
29). New York Giants: John Michael Schmitz C Minnesota
After trading down the Giants can shore up the biggest liability on their offense that being the center position. John Michael Schmitz has been connected to the G-Men. He is a high floor prospect who will immediately contribute on day 1 as a savvy team player who can move well laterally and has no problem engaging in his blocks and dominating defenders.
30). Philadelphia Eagles: Brian Branch S Alabama
While safety is a low position of value Branch is by far the best player available on the board and can contribute immediately for a Phili defense in need of a CJ Gardner Johnson replacement. The upside with Branch is his ability to play in both the nickel and as a box safety. Branch is a willing tackler who is instinctually always around the ball making plays. For Phili he is exactly what they are looking for in the secondary.
31). Kansas City Chiefs: Will McDonald IV EDGE Iowa State
At 31 the Chiefs can go so many ways. After winning the SB the Chiefs have gained some holes in the WR room along with the offensive line. But at 31 the Chiefs take a player who is a little out of the box and snag the high potential EDGE out of Iowa State Will McDonald. McDonald is an explosive and talented EDGE player with active hands and quick feet. In KC who runs multiple formations McDonald will be a pass rushing weapon who can be used in many different formations which a DC like Spagnuolo will love.
2nd Round
32). Pittsburgh Steelers: Emmanuel Forbes CB Mississippi State
33). Houston Texans: O’Cyrus Torrence OG Florida
34). Arizona Cardinals: Steve Avila OG TCU
35). Indianapolis Colts: Kelee Ringo CB Georgia
36). Los Angeles Rams: BJ Ojulari EDGE LSU
37). Seattle Seahawks: Drew Sanders LB Arkansas
38). Las Vegas Raiders: Mazi Smith IDL Michigan
39). Carolina Panthers: Jordan Addison WR USC
40). New Orleans Saints: Jahmyr Gibbs RB/WR Alabama
41). Tennessee Titans: Josh Downs WR UNC
42). New York Jets: Bryan Bresee IDL Clemson
43). Green Bay Packers: Michael Mayer TE Notre Dame
44). Atlanta Falcons: Tyrique Stevenson CB Miami
45). Green Bay Packers: Jalin Hyatt WR Tennessee
46). New England Patriots: Cody Mauch OT North Dakota State
47). Washington Commanders: Joe Tippmann C Wisconsin
48). Detroit Lions: Keion White EDGE Georgia Tech
49). Pittsburgh Steelers: Adetomiwa Adebawore IDL Northwestern
50). Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Antonio Johnson S Texas A&M
51). Miami Dolphins: Matthew Bergeron OT Syracuse
52). Tennessee Titans: Jack Campbell LB Iowa
53). Chicago Bears: Felix Anudike-Uzomah EDGE Kansas State
54). Los Angeles Chargers: Zach Charbonnet RB UCLA
55). Detroit Lions: Luke Musgrave TE Oregon State
56). Jacksonville Jaguars: Tuli Tuipulotu IDL USC
57). New York Giants: Clark Phillips III CB Utah
58). Dallas Cowboys: Siaki Ika IDL Baylor
59). Buffalo Bills: Trenton Simpson LB Clemson
60). Cincinnati Bengals: Blake Freeland OT BYU
61). Chicago Bears: Luke Wypler C Ohio State
62). Philadelphia Eagles: Karl Brooks IDL Bowling Green
63). Kansas City Chiefs: Cedric Spillman WR Tennessee
Round 3
64). Chicago Bears: DJ Turner CB Michigan
65). Houston Texans: Derrick Hall EDGE Auburn
66). Arizona Cardinals: Julius Brents CB Kansas State
67). Denver Broncos: Olusegun Oluwatimi C Michigan
68). Denver Broncos: Eli Ricks CB Alabama
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2023.03.23 23:00 queenofthescreen [Thank You] A jewel thief was caught & sent to prism. Lucky for him, it was a light sentence. Mickey Mouse was arrested for identity theft - he was charged with being Goofy. Hear about the road worker fired for theft? No one saw it coming, but when they checked his house, all the signs were there.

Goodies from goodies:
u/lunatenchi Thanks for the early b-day card with the hilarious answer to my prompt for the funniest/strangest thing that’s happened to you. You magically, maniacally (kidding) wrote: “Someone had a Hello Kitty magnet on their car. I stole it while the owner was getting in their car. There was a lot of laughing & screaming going on as I got into my car & drove away. I still have the magnet.” Well HELLO crazy kitty! Aren’t you a crazy awesome b#$%* HAHAHAHA?!? OMG OMG OMG it’s not your fault, you sweet magnet-pilfering-psycho! Hello Kitty is CRIMINALLY cute!!!!! She led me to my first crime as well, at the age of 4. The only thing I’ve ever stolen (besides a few hearts hahahaha) is a mini Hello Kitty purple pencil sharpenetape dispenser in the shape of a house from Target. I have no idea if I knew that day that stealing her was wrong - but not having her crazy cute crap couldn’t be right! Am I right?!? Question - who was doing the “laughing & screaming” in the midst of your crime?!? Was it just you, or hopefully the original owner too?
I now worship you. And fear you. And sorta feel like dialing 911 to report this Hello Kitty emergency. Because all I know is if I were the owner, I woulda lost my damn mind. And I kinda want us to hang out so you can school me in the art of petty theft. As long as I don’t get arrested, k? Because while I might talk a good Hello Kitty feline felony game in a thank-you post, I’m just a library nerd whose greatest crime after “borrowing” Hello Kitty as a kid is having outrageously overdue library books. So be gentle with me, Sassy-Sweet-Sanrio-Stealin’ Sensei. But I like how you live so dangerously, sweetheart! I kinda wanna be your best friend. As long as you don’t steal my sh#%, you klepto cutie! All I know is, from now on, I’m sleeping with all my Hello Kitty goodies underneath my pillow & warning all my fellow Hello Kitty crewmates like u/SherlockLady , u/kittycatcon , u/Moose-Maleficent to leave all their Hello Kitty paraphernalia at home before a mail-meetup with you, you lovable, loony thief, you! But honestly, I’m so happy I asked you that question & learned that funny story about you. What a terrifying treat. Seriously that was so fun, thank you for letting me peer into your sweet Sanrio-skedaddling soul. I honestly wanna know more of your sassy secrets now. That’s why I DMed you yesterday with a request to mail you (not kidding, but DMs are wonky so lemme know if you didn’t get it). Here’s hoping that the owner of that magnet hasn’t cursed your insane awesome @$$ & that you’re GIFTED Hello Kitty goodies so you don’t wind up in the slammer, sweetie!!! =)
u/_xamesx Your BEAUTIFUL bun-bun card had my own big bun-buns doing a little happy bun-bun dance in my desk chair LOL! I’m so in love with this terrific treasure! I can’t wait to frame it & feature it in my future dream-home! Absolutely everything about your artwork is stunning. Love the color scheme & your whimsical theme. Your work is amazingly not only bright n’ bouncy, but also calming & tranquil! I don’t recall the last time I saw another art piece that was able to accomplish the same magic! The pastries you drew look even more delicious than any pastries I’ve seen live LOL! I’m so in awe of your BRILLIANT talents! Your fine detail work is just incredible - I’m in awe of all the fine lines you draw with such flair & finesse! I keep staring at the lines you drew (to make the frosting for the cupcakes & on the cupcake liners, the cookies, & the croissants) because how skillfully you drew them to depict each illustration is incredible! I don’t know how to talk art with a pro like you, but I see with your work how important those little lines are in creating your magic. Here’s a shout-out to your Insta page so others can admire your awesome work: Just saw your sweet strawberry sundae illustration on the page - OMG to die-for!!!! Thanks for making me so happy with your gorgeous gift! Wishing you endless joy & starry success as you continue to create such wonders!
u/ciryadien Thank you for this gorgeous, magical original postcard art of yours featuring the stunning little witch & cute curious kitty! It makes me smile so much! You’re an amazingly talented artist & I’m so lucky to enjoy & appreciate it! I wish I could analyze the art more but my technical art education is limited (I’m just a crazy crafter who tries but needs to work on art skills). So I’ll just say I love the dotted watercolor-y vibes of the greenery in the background….this one elegant element taught me how I can hopefully make painting a forest accessible to me! As for the rest of your card…I could only dream of creating something so full of motion & magic! Thanks also for your super inspiring words: “There’s a little magic to be found in every day if you look for it.” You’re so right! And right now, RAoC & the friendships I’m making as a newbie are definitely the magical highlights of my life! Wishing you lots of magical days, that your paints are always juicy/fresh, & that your artist brushes never fray at the tips!
u/yetanotherblankface x 3 Thanks for the pretty Tiffany glass postcard & your super sweet welcome to the sub - you’re thanking me for being a part of the community, you angel?!? That’s so touching!!! Thank you for your warm words, your constant generosity, & for letting my newbie nuts @$$ annoy the hell out of you with endless card requests! I regret to inform you that this excitement is not dying down yet. Hahaha, go your fine flair! ;) Thank you for the *gorgeous* vintage flower seed postcard - I love all the bright colors & vintage prints so much! Out of all the fun postcards you’ve sent me, I think I have a favorite now…thank you for this AWESOME “The Martians Are Always Coming” postcard!! I love love love it!!! Everything about it is so cool. From the aliens theme, to the mixed-fonts style (oh I dig this creepy-cool green paint-like font for the headline plastered in huge letters over a random page from a dictionary). I’d love to know where I can find this card/others like it pleeease!!!! You asked if I believe in aliens. I don’t just believe it, baby, I live it! My boyfriend is an alien (may as well be, he’s a rare sighting ;) But seriously - with how vast the universe is - it would be kinda intellectually uppity to suggest we’re the only ones around! And there are way too many accounts from eyewitnesses who prove it. And what the holy hell has been going on with the country shooting down freaky things in the sky lately? So fascinating! Hell yeah I believe in aliens! You?
u/caishuyang Thank you for this EXQUISITE illustrated postcard of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia!!!! Illustrated depictions of places are my favorite. The artwork is just stunning. The colors are so bright & cheery - this card made my day! I love being able to track you on your journey as you work aboard the Picton Castle ship! You have such a cool, adventurous job - I’m so delighted to have met you & now be able to stalk you online with your coordinates hahaha! Just kidding - but I so love how you invited me to follow your cool journey & look forward to seeing where you are on a certain day! But wherever it may be, may you find yourself safe on the seas & smiling, friend!
u/Trueloove Thanks for the fun, festive pink floral handmade postcard! It’s so bright & cheery! I just love the little pocket you crafted. And you are a FABULOUS storyteller, friend! I loved hearing about your experience in Indiana as an Italian exchange student & running into the other Italian exchange student on accident at the grocery store! What a small world, indeed! But HELLO there’s plenty of room in Texas, sure wish we coulda entertained one of you here! I’ve never been to Indiana & I’m sure it’s delightful, but I’ll bet my buttery BBQ @$$ they can’t compete with our beautiful BBQ beef ribs & blissful brisket! Sure hope you can visit us sometime, sweet friend. Thanks for brightening my day with your sweet postcard! Wishing you endless scrumptious slabs of beautiful beef wherever you may journey!
u/cookalot Thanks for the Animalium postcard decorated with your sweet Easter stickers! I also love your face doodle. I also cherish the sweet encouraging note you shared: “Your kindness is felt more deeply than you realize.” Your words are so profound! I want to share them here for all the lovelies who put so much love & time into sending snail-mail smiles. What you said is so true. I love how the sub continuously shows me how radically uplifting it can be to send and receive snail mail! Thanks for all the kindness you’ve shown to me & countless others. Wishing you infinite joy & snail mail utopia!
u/mostvaluablepotato x 2 Thank you for the fun SG postcard from “Spirited Away” & the surreal night sky postcards! You also sent such cute washi & cacti stickers, thank you! I also love the GORGEOUS illustrated envelope of what looks like a cherry blossom tree. So precious - but that kinda snail mail serenity would be the case, coming from the mostvaluablepotato - thank you, friend!!
u/ghostchild25 Thanks for the adorable sticker-bombed postcard! Your sassy sweet sticker-taste really brightened up my mailbox! Wishing you limitless love!
u/rokrchik Thanks for the fun postcard featuring The Raincoats! And I LOVED your funny answer to my question about the oddest/strangest thing that has happened to you…”I am, myself, both odd & strange” hahaha! Ditto that. And you said, “Whenever I travel, I always fall. Walking down the street in London, Paris, Dublin, & even in some random sand hut in Turkey! I just - FALL. Dunno why! The vapors I guess.” Guess what? Same thing happens to me too. I think sometimes it’s because I’m wearing stupid flip-flops. Do you wear flip-flops too?!? But if you’re like me, you also just might be so deep-in-thought and/or fascinated by what you’re seeing that you forget to walk/walk properly & that’s why you fall?!? Either way, I’m so sorry this happens to you. Please do carry bandaids on your travels, friend! Wishing you joy & boo-boo-free trips!
u/purpleteasoul Thanks for the nifty, super pretty floral-card with the fun textures & patterns! How was the new Ng book? I’ve only read “Little Fires Everywhere” & couldn’t put it down! I was also happy to hear about your helpful husband who took the baby so you could have a solo bookish lunch date! That’s awesome. It was especially kind of you to think of others & write cards at that time, when I know you get so little of it. Best books I’ve read in years - historical fiction books by Amor Towles, including “The Lincoln Highway” & my fave, “A Gentleman in Moscow.” They’re both fun, fast, & incredible reads! Wishing you smiles & lots of fun future solo lunches to rest & recharge!
u/cheeneebobeanie x 2 Thanks for the adorable illustrated foodie/chart cards & the warm wishes for RAoC’s 10th birthday! Love the Hello Kitty sticker decoration & other stickers you sent. Thanks also for the Howth postcard with the awesome wise affirmation: “I let go of all that no longer serves me.” Fabulous! I LOVE your fun personalized stamp - the illustration is adorable!!! Here’s an affirmation for you I found to be powerful: “I am not pushed by my problems; I am led by my dreams.” Wishing you lots of love & joy as you pursue your dreams, friend!
u/batcaved Thanks for the super beautiful Yoshida art print postcard! I love the serene scene you chose for me. I loved Thanks also for sharing about your fave local flower, the “Flame of the Forest” - what an intriguing name for a flower! Wishing you the prettiest of floral flames, not literal ones. ;)
u/lspjackie Update! I added a pic of this cutie!!
Thank you so much for the so-cute-it-hurts belated “Be Mine or Else” valentine! I LOVE the fun bright colors & artwork! The stickers you used to decorate it & the extra stickers you sent are *adorable*! My niece was all over this card (which is why it’s sadly not in the pic - she excitedly took it to school to showcase in her journal lol but I’m so stealing it back soon) & the sour patch kids candy you sent - thanks for all the love! Wishing you lots of love & limitless chewy caramel candy!
u/welshfancy x 3 Thanks for the Pendleton postcard with the cat cutie hugging coffee postcard, the cute “catpuccino”/ donuts postcard & adorable unicorn coffee card on the gorgeous vintage print! The kawaii smiling coffee sticker you sent is so cute I wanna dance. But I also wanna punch the morons who made your work experience anything less than stellar. I’m sorry that DD now stands for the DD I wrote to you about the other week. You deserve so much more, friend. Holla if you want me to trash that hellhole on Yelp or Google. I know they deserve it. Wishing you peace & serenity.
u/MCCNDVST Thanks for the super soothing, beautifully-illustrated floral card! The pretty print is so breezy & easy on the eyes! I also appreciate your kind welcome to the sub! To answer your question - RAoC has been the most amazing thing that has happened to me in…years! I’m hooked & loving it so much, but just finding it hard to balance all my fun RAoC to-dos with all the boring real-life tasks waiting for me. Wishing you endless snail mail smiles!
u/Shadow-pop Thank you for the DYNAMITE, oversized homemade neon postcard!!! It’s so stunning! I just love your *gorgeous* fruit doodles & all the fun, bright ink colors you used to draw them. You’re so talented!! What a gem, and so are you for your kindness in sending it to me! Wishing you the same brightness in life that you gifted me!
u/Peggyannsfeet Thanks for the calming plant card! Thanks also for the cute stickers! I was delighted to hear you’re a fan of the UK version of “The Office” - can’t believe I’ve only seen the American version so I gotta catch up. Like you, I dig period pieces! Hope you get to check out Mad Men soon. Wishing you the best of snacks & tv binges!
u/cloudycat4 Thank you for the gorgeous illustrated kitchen postcard! How lucky am I that you shared it with me even though you know it’s adorable & it was sent to you by a penpal? Wishing you many more adorable cards sent your way for being so sweet & generous!
u/DollieSqueak x 2 You made me squeal with the INSANELY AWESOME, ADORABLE, precious perfection that is this tiny vintage valentine! Thank you!!! =) I’m bananas for vintage-y kiddie illustrations & this one must be framed! I love it so much! Thanks also for the precious underwater mermaid card! Wishing you oceans of joy!
u/DianaPenPal Thanks for the gorgeous Frederick’s of Hollywood postcard! It’s so dreamy in so many ways! Just so you’re not alarmed if you see the pic - I’m not the jerk who took a black Sharpie and scarred the card like that!!! I don’t know why they did the same thing on the other side. Also curious - I got this awesome card 7+ weeks after the postmark!!! If I had to guess, someone jealous of your mail love for me stole this postcard because it is that cute. And then when they got busted by their boss for finding this cutie buried in their mail truck, they were forced to mail it but Sharpie sabotaged it. But I’ve got the last laugh because no Sharpie scar could ever diminish its beauty & the love with which it was sweetly sent! Thank you!! Hope you had an incredible birthday on the 17th!
u/dwrfstr x 2 Thanks for this GORGEOUS illustrated postcard of the Avocado, Beet, & Citrus Salad - I love it!!!!! This is SO my style in postcards! When I looked for the info on the back of the card to look up similar postcards for future purchases, I was excited to see that I recognized the names of the artist/cookbook. :) So that was very neat! Thanks for the cute homemade card enclosed in the neat-o envelope you upcycled from an old calendar sheet! So cool & creative! Thanks also for the cute stickers & adorable fruit & veggie ad. I’ve had the book you’re reading, The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek on my TRL. Hope you enjoy it. I did read The Giver of Stars by Jojo Moyes & was scandalized to hear this: Interesting! Thanks for the kind wishes. Wishing you smiles & scandalous reads! ;)
u/birdiebennett Thank you for the beautifully-illlustrated Roald Dahl Rhyme Stew card! I just love Dahl’s whimsical stories. Thanks for including your fave Dahl quote: “A little nonsense now & then, is relished by the wisest men.” Love it!! My favorite Dahl quote: “If you think good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like sunbeams & you will always look lovely!” Wishing you lots of good thoughts, friend!
u/wabisabi Thanks for the lovely Harriet Powers Women in Art postcard with the BEAUTIFUL blue-themed vintage stamps! I love how you put the postcard in the clear sleeve…I’d love to try something similar! Also love your glittery blue ink on the card. :) Wishing you glittery blue skies, kind friend!
u/germymany Thank you for the funny “OOF” card decorated with the most adorable stickers! The cupcake & fruit kawaii friends are so crazy cute! I also love how you stickered my name! Wishing you the cutest stickers ever - I will send you only the coolest crappiest ones I have per our pending exchange, sweet soul! =)
u/LXAXS Thank you for the lovely mental health awareness postcard with your great advice to set boundaries! I appreciate how concerned you are for mental well-being. Wishing you lots of peace!
u/OneiricOstrich Thanks for the beautiful Women in Art postcard of astronaut/educatodoctor Mae Jemison! BTW you made such a super cool, crafty upcycled envelope - now I wanna make my own upcycled envelopes too! I love how you wrote out so much about her life on the postcard - it’s so touching how you really do view her as a personal hero. I love your passion (so inspiring). You taught me something so cool: “She’s still active working on projects for DARRA, including the 100 Year Starship Project, which aims to make travel to another star possible in the next 1oo years.” Incredible! Thanks to both you & Dr. Jemison, both passionate souls, for being so inspiring!
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2023.03.23 21:14 yetiupsettispaghetti Gifted Girl Destroyed This App Szn & Lost All Hope For Ivies + T20s


Intended Major(s): Neuroscience, Physics, Mechanical Engineering, International Relations
Standardized Testing
List the highest scores earned and all scores that were reported.
List all extracurricular involvements, including leadership roles, time commitments, major achievements, etc.
  1. Study Abroad 2 summers in Japan
  2. Co-Founder and Troop Leader of one of the first 10 all-girl Boy Scout Troops in the world
  3. Model UN Independent Delegate & School President (18 awards)
  4. National Level Figure Skater (not the levels you typically see on tv but I just tested into it for next season!)
  5. Nonprofit Founder who rehomed 800 pet shop fish and organizes beach and river cleanups locally. The Largest gathering was 3 large cities with hundreds of volunteers.
  6. Undergrad-level Researcher at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Bronx Zoo
  7. Marching Band President (not this year bcs the director left) with national titles
  8. Business Owner for a clothing business popular on TikTok and Instagram with over 1000 sales!
  9. Swim Team co-captain for 4 years. Nothing great, but I usually place at counties.
  10. Theatre Principal Actress for 3 different well-known organizations as well as school productions + won a few awards :) I also will be directing the summer season for a local group.
  11. Private tutor for around 12 kids at a time k-12. I do this about 3 times a week and I'm highly rated lol.
I have a bunch of certificates from Coursera and edX in Data Science/Analytics, CS, and AI. I also did 2 cycles of Harvard HMX courses and a biomedical engineering program at Drexel.
List all awards and honors submitted on your application.
  1. AP Scholar with Distinction (3 years)
  2. National Honors Society Inductee 9-12
  3. Unit Leader Award (National level, BSA)
  4. Excellence in research- Metropolitan Museum of Art Internship
  5. WCS Researcher Fellowship

Letters of Recommendation (FERPA exists so I'm guessing)
Engineering teacher- 6/10 (probably). He's very dry but I would say we're friends. I worked on a robotics portfolio for MIT and Columbia with him and he helped me when I was studying APCSA.
Geometry/AP stats teacher- 6/10. She was the academic team advisor since my freshman year and we were very close. I'm not sure how she rated me as a student, though, since these classes were online and I didn't have a learning plan for my testing anxiety.
Research Mentor- 10/10. He said I performed at a graduate letter and that I was one of the best students he's ever had. I was recognized to perform undergrad research during my internship by him.
English/Philosophy Teacher- 7/10. We're friends, but he only had me in person for our philosophy course. He recognizes how hard I've worked, though, and he used my brag sheet to write the letter.
Music teacheBand director- 8/10. I held the presidency for the band before he left and was in his room practicing for most of my school life. He wrote this from the heart without a brag sheet, but I have no doubts it was genuine.
Counselor(s)- 7/10. Both of them used a brag sheet and I'm sure it was very cookie-cutter, but they really love me and know I worked hard for a spot.
UPenn- 10/10. I loved this woman so much and she said she highly recommended me.
Georgetown- 9/10. I don't remember most of this tbh, but we had a really good conversation and he knew how much I cared abt activism and how it applied to Gtown.
I was not offered a SINGLE other interview :) I'm freaking out, guys.
I spent about two weeks on essays. My personal statement was about living my life as a cartoonish frog character and everyone I've sent it to rated it super high. I'd honestly say a 9/10!
My supplementals were about spending time in Japan and Algeria as well as my motivation as a student in physics. I also wrote about how important being multidisciplinary is to me and how it could benefit the world in the future :)
Decisions (I'm getting destroyed on rn) All RD:



Waiting On:

Unrelated but: I rly wish I applied to WashU, Wellesley, Boston College Villanova, UCs, and Emory :P
Additional Information:
submitted a maker portfolio as well as one in visual arts and theater. i'm fluent in 5 languages and learning 3 right now. i also added a resume for acting and one for jobs/internships that i use with a bunch of other school clubs or smaller activities that didn't fit on the app as well as paid work.
my silly little counselors didn't submit my transcript or school report until mid-feb which is insane bcs i kept reminding them. i sent an explanation to a few of my top choices' local admissions counselors, but i was told it won't handicap me in the process when i called offices.
i wrote a bunch of papers, 1 of which is published in physics and 2 others pending publication in biomed and psych!
if you guys could tell me what i did wrong if there even WAS anything (besides the first sat lmfao) that would be great. i'm really devastated rn and lost all hope. i honestly feel numb to this process by now and i'm not taking care of myself anymore :/
thanks <3

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2023.03.23 21:06 timdupell The Use of Gardening and Green Space Therapy in Mental Health

A home garden, a green space, can improve mental health through natural sounds (bird sounds or water sounds), aroma, color, vegetation, and biodiversity. Medicinal and aromatic plants can also increase biodiversity in a home garden.
As a result, home gardening can be a nature-based solution to promote public mental health during the lockdowns of the COVID-19 pandemic. This article explains how it works.

Reduced Stress

Whether growing flowers, vegetables, or even plants for yourself, gardening and green space therapy can reduce stress. This is because gardeners have an innate desire to be around nature, and tending a plot of land allows them to do so.
Studies have also found that gardening reduces cortisol levels (the chemical your body produces in response to stress) more than reading a book. This is because gardening and being in nature encourage people to focus on the present moment and be entirely captivated by what’s happening.
This vital quality of gardening can help improve cognitive, memory, and problem-solving abilities. This is because a critical factor in mental health is maintaining attention, a limited resource.

Increased Self-Esteem

Gardening and green space therapy can provide a sense of accomplishment and allow individuals to escape their everyday stressors. They can also improve self-esteem because plants respond well to care and are non-threatening and non-discriminatory.
A study that measured vegetation density within a 350-meter zone around residences found that people who lived in neighborhoods with more green space were less likely to suffer from severe psychological distress. The findings were even more pronounced for teenagers and adults over 65.
The positive correlation between green space and mental health is observed across ages, cultures, and countries. This is a significant finding as it supports efforts to integrate natural environments into urban planning and childhood life.

Improved Mental Health

A growing number of studies show that gardening and green space therapy can improve mental health. Some of the most important benefits include the following:
For starters, spending time in a green setting is shown to reduce depression and anxiety symptoms. Research indicates that people living in areas with a lot of vegetation are less likely to suffer from these issues (Sarkar et al., 2018).
Furthermore, increased physical activity in a green environment is accompanied by reduced stress levels, which can benefit both psychological and physical health. Plus, lingering in nature is often associated with a sense of belonging and connection.
In addition to these health benefits, green spaces have also been shown to improve the quality of residential environments and increase residents’ access to physical activities. It is a good idea to make these activities more accessible to all members of the community, including those with mental health issues.

Improved Physical Health

Gardening can be a hands-on hobby that can improve physical health as well as mental health. It can help reduce stress, increase self-esteem, and provide a sense of accomplishment and mastery.
In addition, it can lower the risk of dementia and promote bone health in seniors. It can also help prevent irritability and headaches.
Another study showed that gardening could improve brain nerve growth in older adults, which can reduce memory loss and depression. Lastly, it can provide exercise and social interactions.
In a recent experiment, green space was used as an intervention to improve the local availability of fruits and vegetables and as part of an overall strategy for wellness coalitions. The results were positive for both community members and the gardens themselves.
Related Posts:
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2023.03.23 20:45 eortiz_cobblehill Save Cobble Hill / No Public Safety Building

On December 15, 2021, I submitted my first Reddit post very worried about how the City's Planning Department was gaslighting the Cobble Hill Apartments community. To be honest, I found great support in seeing how many Somerville residents cared enough to comment. Thank you!
Since my posting, the Mayor completed her community “listening sessions” and formed a Citizen Advisory Committee to move ahead as planned. As an abutter with so much to lose, nothing really changed other than the Mayor is moving close to achieving a severely flawed vision for 90 Washington Street.
This represents my second Reddit posting. This time, I want to share with you a copy of an open letter I sent on behalf of Cobble Hill residents to each of the 11 Somerville City Councilor who will decide the fate of 90 Washington Street. In doing so, it is my hope the Somerville Reddit community will come to better understand the conflict and then support Cobble Hill by reaching out to your Councilors and let your thoughts be known in this election year.
Cobble Hill Apartments is not against the development of 90 Washington Street. We are against any new neighbor that is designed to create 2,263 annual emergency sirens along with any plan that plows under our green space, cuts down 84 mature trees, and takes away our parking lot and alleyway to our trash dumpster.
I imagine every Ward 1 resident would be very concerned about the loss of Cobble Hill’s biggest parking lot at 74 Washington Street, which the city took by eminent domain for private development. Without this parking lot, three dozen Cobble Hill residents and visitors will need to forage for parking on public streets where parking is already extremely limited. Look out Franklin St., Myrtle St., Oliver Ave., & Florence St.!
If you have a soft spot for 300 low-income elders, you probably also care about what happens when parking availability is removed for homecare, visiting nurses and family guests. Separately, if you worry about the responsible distribution of finite government resources, you should be horrified by the new $102 million price tag to build a public safety building when the 2019 approvals were based on a projection half that expense. And if you care about urban planning issues around public transportation portals, you likely think putting a public safety building with a multi-story 200-unit parking garage next to a new GLX subway stop is a really terrible idea.
For most Somerville residents, there is plenty to dislike if you expect government transparency and an honest community process. We should all be upset by the false justifications that were provided in both the 2018 Site Selection Study and the 2019 Demonstration Plan Project that chose 90 Washington Street. And lastly – because Green Initiatives always seem get the short end of the straw - if you care about Urban Green Space, why not preserve the green space and 84 mature trees that are to be plowed under if the city’s plans go forward.
The city’s plans don’t work for Cobble Hill. They don’t work for Ward 1. And they don’t work for Somerville.
My letter to Somerville's 11 City Counselors is as follows:
Dear Honorable Members of Somerville City Council:
It is our understanding Somerville City Council, not the former Mayor, not the Planning Department, and not the current Mayor, will be the final “decider” on the future of 90 Washington Street. With this in mind, I hope that each of you will vote against cutting down 84 mature trees, plowing under well-manicured green space, and removing a parcel of land that for 40-years has provided both resident parking and hauling access to Cobble Hill’s trash facility.
I have worked at Cobble Hill for 21 years and find it beyond belief city government removed quality of life assets from 300 affordable elders. I am not a public person, nor do I enjoy my new public role in defending Cobble Hill Apartments. That said, I find it more distasteful to do nothing when truly bad decisions are being made and Cobble Hill residents are in urgent need of advocacy.
And so, I first sought out advice from residents, co-workers and community activists to help me understand why this was happening. And as we chipped away at the untruths we were told by city officials; we responded each time with a letter writing campaign to report the facts. It has been exhaustive, but I believe we have completed everyone’s homework. Our hopes to stop this mistake from happening now rests with Somerville City Council.
Perhaps, it could be helpful to know 44% of Cobble Hill’s 224 units own a registered vehicle. When we lose our parking lot at 74 Washington Street, three dozen elderly households along with homecare workers, visiting nurses, and family members will need to play the cruel game of Ward 1 “musical cars” due to the immediate loss of off-street parking. I have yet to meet anyone who thinks Cobble Hill’s spillover parking requirements can be absorbed by street parking.
Currently, Cobble Hill’s parking is tight but workable. Absolutely nothing good will come from having Cobble Hill elders and their service providers compete for Ward 1’s severely limited street parking.
Likewise, you should be interested to know the alleyway behind 84 Washington Street was designed four decades ago to allow garbage truck removal of multiple two-yard trash receptacles and one large trash dumpster. The architect designed the dumpsters to be next to the building’s trash chute compactor room. If at any point garbage trucks lose access to the alleyway, the twice-a-week pick-up of compacted trash will no longer be possible because the bins are much too large to be rolled out any door other than the one that presents to the alleyway. And if this happens, I will need to permanently lock the hallway trash chutes at 84 Washington Street and instruct the 97 residents to dispose of their household trash in a perimeter dumpster outside the building.
This is not a small problem to be ignored as the average Cobble Hill senior is 75 years old and at varying stages of health and mobility. It is my experience the trash chutes conveniently located on every floor are difficult enough for many elders who struggle to live independently. Requiring frail seniors to use perimeter dumpsters is an unnecessary burden.
We now imagine the then-City Council voted for the Demonstration Plan Project without a full understanding of these consequences. Given how much Cobble Hill has been gaslighted in our cry for advocacy, we suspect the Planning Department failed to tell City Council these collateral hardships as well. Indeed, how else would any City Counselor have known these details because there was not one public hearing about the land-taking before the City Council vote.
As disturbing, the alleyway behind 84 Washington Street is frequently used for a more convenient vehicular drop-off when seniors return from shopping or when they ambulate with walkers. This makes sense of course because it is the closest point of access as the building’s front entrance is set back considerably from the street requiring more mobility. The routine requirements of life will be more difficult for seniors when this building access point is needlessly taken away.
These examples of unjustifiable hardship are the causal effects of poor decision making. They are also infuriating because they were created by the former mayor’s overreach without public input. Cobble Hill’s legitimate concerns were easily anticipated, easily prevented, and sadly just as easily ignored.
Absent a public community process, the Planning Department wasn’t asked to explain how the taking of these assets might diminish Cobble Hill Apartment’s quality of life. Nor were Planning Department officials ever asked if all four of the acres they took qualified as “blight”. They were not! Instead, Cobble Hill Apartments discovered a much darker lesson about Somerville’s “community process”. If facts and public scrutiny prove inconvenient, they are to be circumvented. And when facts do not align with the Planning Department’s narrative and/or the deeply flawed Site Selection Study and equally flawed Demonstration Plan Project, it is best to ignore them altogether and keep moving forward. How else to explain no written responses to Cobble Hill’s letters and the absence of our expressed concerns on the redevelopment website?
To say the City’s outreach to date has been dismissive, insensitive, and anti-community is prologue. So much so it is reasonable to wonder if the Planning Department made the cold calculation that Cobble Hill is comprised of low-income residents who are powerless to stop them. Whatever the truth, I would wager Cobble Hill’s now endangered “quality of life” that nothing so bold would have occurred if Cobble Hill Apartments were a high-end market rental or homeowner community.
Fortunately, it is not too late. The Administration’s request for bond funding requires City Council approval. We respectfully and urgently ask you to vote no. Voting against this request should not be hard. The 2018 Site Selection Study and the 2019 Demonstration Plan Project made clear the proposed Public Safety Building required a land parcel no larger than 30,000 sq ft with a projected construction cost of between $36 and $48.5 million. Inexplicably, this grandiose plan has since been put on steroids. City Council is now being asked to approve a previously unimaginable price tag of $102 million to include a land parcel almost five times the size of the need that was projected. This amount will very likely climb once again when the pro tanto stage of the land value dispute is resolved.
Now is the time for City Council to show awareness and fiduciary responsibility. The original plans for 90 Washington Street were poorly justified and should not have been predicated on the taking of quality-of-life assets from low-income elders. We ask instead for City Council to adopt Councilor McLaughlin’s promise to Cobble Hill residents that no parking or alleyway will be taken, and the green space and trees will be preserved.
In addition, at the core of our public dispute is whether 90 Washington Street is the very best location for the City’s new Public Safety Building. It is not. The vacant lot at 90 Washington Street is steps from a MBTA GLX subway stop that should be destined for far better purposes than an upgraded police & fire building. We believe 90 Washington Street could inspire a new hub of activity on a rare and immensely valuable parcel next to a subway stop.
On the contrary, proposing a Public Safety Building for 90 Washington Street might be the very worst idea as it will forevermore disturb a community of 300 elders with 2,262 annual siren alarms. Unlike our neighbors who go to school and/or work and spend weekends away from home, Cobble Hill residents are largely homebound 24/7 and will hear every one of the sirens as they wail their way each day and night through heavy traffic on Washington St. It is our firm belief that building a siren producing “noise machine” next to Cobble Hill Apartments is a very bad fit. The following link is a compilation of protest letters written by residents, and emails I have distributed that define why Cobble Hill Apartments is so upset with the City’s plans.
Please let us know what more we can do to save our quality of life, and to support Somerville with better options. We are counting on you, and again ask that you vote against authorizing this plan to move forward.
Evelyn Ortiz
Property Administrator Cobble Hill Apartments
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2023.03.23 17:47 AbbreviationsEast765 Five Million Is Indeed A Nightmare; How To Work With No Intrinsic Motivation?

mid 40's, NW approx $6M (~$7M+ assets, ~$1M debt over two ultra-low interest 30yr mortgages), FAANG dev (nobody special, just an L6 who went long on RSUs over the years. $5M is liquid)
Our annual spend is normally $150k, so we might arguably be finished with the 4% rule, except: my wife and I are too risk averse to assume that rosy of a picture right now. 3% would feel better. Our FA wants us to put on another $500k by 2028. But more problematically, I am supporting my parents, to the tune of another $75k per year, so my ACTUAL spend is ~$225k right now. (Why so expensive? Well, my parents are both old and in precarious health, need support around them, I'm their only child, and we had to move them up to where we live, a VVHCOL city. They would not have been able to afford this on their own, living on a fixed income, and I wanted them to be comfortable during their final years of living independently.)
I actually love the core of my job, programming - I've programmed since I was 7 years old. I program for fun in my spare time, when I can muster the brain power. I'm very fortunate that I've enjoyed this for so long and that my "hobby" could also be a lucrative profession. However, anyone who's a senior dev knows that most of your day job is no longer coding. In fact, I haven't substantively enjoyed my day job in a long time. Too many meetings, too much bureaucracy, too much optics, too much cross-functional, yada yada. As I've neared the finish line, the discordance of *having* to do something I *don't enjoy* has become unbearable, like nails on a chalkboard.
I've worked really hard in my career. I was in gamedev for a while at the start of my career and had periods of 80-100 hour work weeks. I was in hellish operational situations at FAANG where you might get paged 20 times a day/night. Worked in completely dysfunctional clusterfucks where parts of the organization were effectively conspiring against each other. I've done all the things in dev where you might find yourself feeling very, very spent after "merely" ~25 years in the industry. I burned out very badly in 2022, needed a 3 month leave of absence, and got my first ever "bad review" of my career to show for my trouble.
I'm basically sick of working in a large company, and everything that entails. What I want to do is go back to a small gamedev studio, and do what I enjoy: practice the core of my craft, be creative, build things, and not be around people who are doing things for 'their career' (let's face it, if you work in gamedev, your career is clearly not your top priority).
I'm feeling indignant after all my hard work, responsibility, and diligence, that I am basically strapped to my FAANG job, for financial reasons. I simply can't save another $500k in any amount of time if my before-tax income is less than my burn rate, which it will be at ANY job other than FAANG. (My annual comp has ranged from $500k-$1M depending on stock swings over the last ~6 years for example).
And thus, five million is indeed a nightmare. Can't retire, can't stop working. Can't even really appreciably change jobs. This is what really burns me up. *Can't even really appreciably change jobs.* How is this possible?
Some folks might say: "you're in your 40s and should be done in 5 years, you should be thankful." Well, this is why I'm posting on fatfire; I know in an absolute sense, I am luckier than several nine's worth of people. I'm not stupid. Nevertheless, the reality in my head right now is that I'm trapped, and have the least agency I've ever had in my adult life.
My work situation is spiraling because I'm becoming increasingly resentful, detached, frustrated, and disinterested. Promo is not motivation (just more stress and less coding), money is not motivation (on any given day, the markets can cause my NW to move by 5 figures. How the fuck does my $1,500 of income for a day even register compared to that??), and what I'm building is not true motivation (it's just something that meets the bar of "interesting enough" to not bore me to tears). There is simply no motivation. And I have a ridiculous amount of pent up energy and creativity in me that just *cannot* come out in this environment. Like I said, the discordance here is just becoming unbearable. When I finally retire, day one will be a celebratory karaoke party, and day two will be starting my indie game studio. I'm NOT interested in traveling, relaxing, the finer things - I just want to create.
Therapy has actually made things "worse" in a way, because I used to think that my fantasies of what I would do if money were no object were just regressive pipe dreams. Therapy got me to listen to my own feelings and not discount them. As such, I trust myself and instincts more, which has the unfortunate side effect of just making the tension worse - in the past I would eventually convince myself it was just in my head, and sweep it under the rug for a period of time. Now I know that my instincts and desires are real and valid.
Guess I'm just putting this all out there in the hopes that anyone can relate/commiserate, or give me a reality check, or give me some advice.
I'm really, really worried that I can't sustain the status quo for another five years in order to collapse over the finish line. And I just have no clue what the alternative is.
(PS: My wife had a similar arc and already burned out so badly that she's now done with her career in tech. So I'm the sole earner in the house.)
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2023.03.23 15:00 Redundant-Honse NOP Crack - Collared Citizen

Experimental Livestock Farm 035, Arxur Dominion
Shortly before the Human-Arxur cattle trade.
——— ———
There was an order to all things, a hierarchy.
The most important hierarchy of all was, on its surface, rather simple. The Arxur are above the cattle.
Logical sense. The Arxur ate the cattle, therefore naturally they couldn’t possibly be below it in the hierarchy - that would have made no sense. They couldn’t be equal either since one didn’t simply eat your peers, so the cattle was obviously below the Arxur.
But it goes deeper.
The Arxur have their own hierarchy but it is one not for creatures like me to comprehend. Instead, I often found myself pondering the divisions within the cattle. There were two types: the unofficial divisions and the official divisions.
The unofficial divisions were meaningless things such as family bonds or friendships or even place of origin. Herd creatures that we cattle are, we like to congregate. Preferably into pre-established groups that we already feel some sort of connection to, thus families, friendships, and places of origin. Useless drivel. The only remotely relevant unofficial division was seniority, meaning how long one has survived as cattle. Those that lasted did so for a reason, and those that were new would be smart to learn from them if they can.
Then the divisions that actually matter, the official ones. Nonexistent until... some time ago, the Arxur saw it fit to select some of us for a higher purpose and found a way to differentiate us from the lesser cattle: a collar. We would be pulled aside and taught. How to control our Prey instincts. How to handle weapons. The very basics of the true ideology. We have been given a chance to even skim any sort of worth and many of those selected perished on their quest to achieve it, but those of us who passed treasured our higher standing amongst the cattle.
We were given letters to go alongside the numbers that replaced our names, and I treasured mine dearly. C-S-433.
I don’t know what it means, but that wasn’t for me to know. All I know was that I know have something that most other cattle, that nobody in the Federation has: Pride.
“C-S-433. Proceed into the interrogation room.”
The cold digitised voice broke me out of my daydream and forced me back to reality. I had received an order: ‘Proceed into the interrogation room.’
Naturally, I did just that.
I passed through the doorway and didn’t flinch as it slammed shut inches behind me. Just as I had been taught, I stood at attention besides the door and awaited further instructions.
“Ah, C-S-433.” The familiar growling cadence of the Head Researcher greeted me. “Relax, take a seat opposite me.”
“I understand.” The words spilled out of my mouth before I could even parse the order and my legs hurried to match my response. Lifting my head - not enough to see the Head Researcher - I could see a grey table stocked with foodstuffs. There was a Venlil-sized chair opposite the Head Researcher.
I pulled out the chair and sat.
“There is plenty of food here.” The Arxur began, almost conversationally.
Looking over the table I could see that there was, indeed, plenty of food on the table. “That is correct, Sir.” Most of it looked like plant matter. Strange.
A clawed reptilian hand slowly pushed a plate over towards me, pressing an explosion of colour up into my vision. Green, yellow, orange... I imagine that if I was capable of smell, it would have reminded me of Venlil Prime. Alas, I was not, so all that the vibrant colours reminded me of was my old profession, vaguely.
The voice commanded and I searched for food. My eyes scanned over the table for the now-distinct brown that I had grown so accustomed to and found it lacking.
I bowed my head. “Forgive my failure, Sir, but I cannot find any kibble.”
“Eat the food on the plate. The one I passed over to you.”
The food on the plate?
No. That wasn’t allowed, such things weren’t for cattle. Plants weren’t meant to be eaten, only kibble. But. But. But, an order was an order. To ignore a direct order from the Head Researcher would be an insult most grave.
Delicately, I picked up a piece of... greenery and popped it onto my mouth. I chewed slowly. Deliberately.
I ate.
It tasted divine.
I ate another.
No order to stop was given.
I ate until my plate was empty, as ordered.
When I was finished and the plate was spotless, the Head Researcher continued. “What were you before we took you, C-S-433?”
“I was nothing.”
The Head Researcher’s claws clattered against the table at my response. It was a cascading sound, growing weaker as it progressed before restarting again at full strength.
“What was your profession when you were nothing, C-S-433?”
My mind lurched back to that time before where I was but a naive girl working for little reason other than myself. Fields of colour, of flowers, all arranged in aesthetically pleasing ways - I vaguely remembered my supplier of exceptionally long lasting flowers. “I was a florist. I arranged colourful flowers and sometimes plants in an aesthetically pleasing matter.”
“That was a profession you could live off of?”
“No, sir. I was still of the age where I shared a home with my... family.”
“Do you miss them? Your family?”
“No Sir. They are dead to me.”
“Look at me, C-S-433. In the eyes.”
I turned my head upwards and dared to gaze at my scarred superior. We were far enough away that I could focus my vision properly, forwards, without my ‘blind spot’ interfering with his visage. He had a new scar around his chest, Gojid claws by the looks of it.
As ordered, I willed myself to hold his gaze.
“Are you loyal to the Dominion, C-S-433? Would you give your life for the Arxur?”
“Without hesitation!” There was no other answer to that question. What else would I do with my life, what higher purpose could it have? It was already the highest of mercies that I wasn’t relegated to the ‘activities’ demanded of the lesser cattle. Such trust and responsibility could not be tarnished. “By your order, Sir. Tell me what needs to be done, and by your will it shall be so!”
He stared into my sound for what felt like hours, boring into my very being for tiniest inkling of deviancy or treason.
He obviously found none.
“Good. You were always one of the better ones.” I preened at the praise as the Head Researcher leaned back in his seat, glancing back at a mirrored section of the wall. “You will be returning to Venlil Prime. All of the Venlil cattle will be.”
He held up a hand to halt my protest.
“This is part of a greater plan, C-S-433. You are not like your lesser kin. You will go with purpose.” He produced a sheet of paper from somewhere and slid it over to me. I pushed the empty plate away and skimmed it over as he spoke - locations, names... a website? “A second Predator species has brokered the deal for the return of Venlil cattle: the Humans. You and the rest of the 500 are to learn all you can about them and report back. I expect you to memorise what’s on that paper, it will be how you will remain in contact with the myself.”
The sheet of paper came with a picture of a human - forward facing eyes, mammalian, mostly bare skin but clothed in textiles. They didn’t look quite as magnificent as the Arxur but then again nothing really did.
I didn’t dare speak, lest my mouth betrays my stalwart heart. I was going back to Venlil Prime, back to a place I’ve never thought I’d see again. The idea was daunting. Terrifying. Luckily the others would be there right alongside me so we could help keep each other focused on the task at hand.
This was a wonderful opportunity for us to prove ourselves.
“How long do I have to memorise this?”
“The ship leaves in five hours. You are dismissed C-S-433, go convene with your fellows and prepare for your mission.”
“Your will be done!”
——— ———
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2023.03.23 12:17 browneorum NoP: Offspring. Chapter 27. Simbelmynë.

u/SpacePaladin15's universe, my story/characters.
Memory transcription subject: Yotun, son of Laenar and Arrut.
Date [standardised human time]: May 5th, 2120
(16 years, 4 months before the invasion of the gojid Cradle).

Yotun runs in the night.
He is running from the forest, from the chittering, clacking dead things that skitter across his trail. A phantom moon hangs above, a dark star shining shadows. It’s non-light leaves pools of moonlight in the gloom. The only true light, orange and warm, ebbs distantly from his home, barely visible downhill between the trees. He just needs to reach it…
His pursuers make themselves known with shrill shrieks; young brynn, flesh sloughing from their blackening bones. Many are missing large chunks of flesh, braying exaltedly as their viscera drag across the ground. The corpses press close, clipping at his heels, hooves clattering together as they stagger after him. They herd around him, giggling and squealing, trying to change his course.
“It’s not safe,” one whispers.
“Yessssss,” the others chorus.
“P-please!” he begs them. “Leave me alone!”
“Not safe!” They chant, their voices screeching like teeth on empty plates. “Not safe not safe not safe not safe!” They fill his sight as his feet pound the ground, their slacken faces and rolling tongues a grotesque portrait. Then he is running through the vineyards and up the cinderblock steps in three dream strides, the orange glow as bright and total as the dawn. He bursts through the back door. His parents are standing at the dining table, conferring in whispers as they peer beneath a massive sheet across it. They look up sharply at his hasty entrance.
“Oh,” his mother beams, lowering the cloth. “There you are.”
“Someone must be hungry!” his father laughs, the man smiling in a way he never seems to. Honestly. He is home, Yotun realises as his heart settles. He must be safe.
“C’mon dearest,” his mother says, “You’re just in time for dinner.”
He sits in his chair, the wood rough like bark.
“What’re we having?” he asks, looking down at the covered meal.
“Your favourite!” she squeals, pulling the cloth back. The table is covered with a fine sample of their vineyards and crops. Brightly coloured fruit, ripe and tender, paired with well roasted vegetables and seasoned tubers. Surely no other farmhands on the Cradle eats so well! But at the centre of the table sits the young brynn, blinking at them with dim animal eyes, its legs tucked tight beneath it. His mother moves to his left, and hands him a knife. Yotun looks uncertainly at his father, but the man just rubs his paws together, a big grin on his face.
“Go on, tuck in!” his mother says. Yotun gawps at her.
“N-no… I don’t want to…”
“You’ll eat it,” his father says sternly. “We put a lot of work into this.”
“No, I… p-please…” Something was not right.
“You won’t get your vegetables till you’ve had your brynn!” his mother scolds him. He sits there, open mouthed. Grumbling, Arrut snatches the knife from him.
“Here,” he says, “I’ll get you started.” In a swift, impossibly strong stroke, he cuts through the animal’s neck, decapitating it as if it were a stuffed toy. Blood splatters across table, soaking into the tablecloth; the head lands like a grim delicacy in the salad bowl. Yotun screams, covering his eyes. He slides to the floor, the tree giving up all pretence of being a chair. Without looking he knows he’s back in the forest, the smell of sap strong in his nose. A presence, felt but unseen, leans close.
“Are you scared?” she whispers, the words a breath on his throat. Yotun opens his mouth to speak but only a shrill wheezing comes out.

A rumbling sound woke Yotun with a start. He sat at the bus stop, fields of anuana stretching away on the other side of the road like a rolling avalanche. Down the road, the bus was approaching. Pulling his journal from his pack, he quickly took some notes on his dream before they faded. He had not been sure why Rylett was getting him to do so at first, all it did was reminded him of his dread, the terrible depth of his nightly terrors. But the more he did so, the more he saw in them. For one the smell might be more visceral, in another the colours more vivid. Some he would go most of the night without recalling any detail, save one sour note. Some days, some blessed morns, he woke not remembering a thing. A shadowy moon cloaked in light…
The transport shuddered to a stop, the blue paint chipping above the wheels. This far from the town of Yuret, the autonomous vehicle only had one occupant. The doors opened with a pneumatic hiss, Callio’s small pack bouncing as she skipped down the steps. The girl smiled as she saw him.
“Did you fall asleep?” she asked at once, watching him yawn and stretch. The bus started up again, emitting a low hum as it continued on its route.
“No…” he said, pawing an eye.
“Liar,” she said, sitting on the bench beside him. That woke him up. “So,” she said, swinging her legs. “You snuck out after all.”
“Couldn’t let you get lost on your own, hm?” he grinned, shaking his head. “If our parents knew…”
“Yotun,” she laughed, rolling her eyes as she jumped up happily. “That’s what the sneaking is for!” Callio put her paws on her hips.
“Ready?” she giggled. Yotun could not supress his grin as he stood.
“C’mon,” he chuckled, “it’s a long walk!”
The main road was not far from his family’s property, connecting Bendara on the western coast and Yuret to the southeast. Calling it the ‘main road’ was also something of a misnomer, as most traffic between the two settlements was airborne. Few, if any, would see the two teenagers wandering off into the woods.
The tour of the Brackwood had been more fun than he had expected, but Callio had become obsessed. Their time between classes was mostly spent talking about and comparing notes and drawings on what they had found on their respective borders of the territory. Callio had even brought in a dylia, a long, thin, green insectoid in a jar to show him. Rylett had not been impressed when she saw, even if she told them to keep it to themselves.
But that had not stopped them, and Callio still wanted to see more. In particular, she wanted to see the kuru again, those strange ghostly creatures.
“C’mon,” she had whined. “It’d take me so long to walk out there from my house. Couldn’t we go together? Your house is right there.” And he could not exactly say no to her, could he? She was his only real friend, and was it so bad if he wanted to spend some time with her? Shit. She’s sure plucked my quills enough to convince me of this, he admitted.
Winter was starting to wane at last, spring urging the forest to wake. This was a good time for his family, the vineyards starting to cultivate again. More to grow meant more work for his parents, which suited Yotun’s school break fine. It also meant that the dominar had shot up, and they had to cut through the roiling fields of sun-gold stems. A straight line turned into a meander, turned into a chase, the pair giggling like all children should, running beneath an open sky. Breathless, they exited the field on the forest side to find their path writ into the crop, as though a brynn had stampeded through. Not wanting to dawdle lest neighbour Maggit arrive, they set off into the Brackwood, roguish smiles on their faces.
Ahead, the snow had retreated back into icy caps on the mountains. All that meltwater would be turning the seas to a broil; even here in the foothills, where it was clear and sunny, there was still a wetness to the soil. The trees had started to sense springs coy fingers, drawing out the first hints of green and blue stems from renewed branches. Even in dead things, nature finds new life, Yotun reflected.
The pair made good time; Callio’s enthusiasm dragged him most of the way. They stopped to rest on his overhang before midday, where he had come to draw in solitude but had found then lost a friend. He had not come back since, but it was as he had left it all those months ago. The outstretch of rock with its log for a bench, a crowd of its living fellows standing cautiously nearby as if goading one of their number to lift its roots and plummet from on high. The wind whistled but carried no voice.
“Look,” Yotun said breathily, pointing downhill to the slab of grey amongst its rows of vines. “You can see my house from here.” He strained his eyes along the peaks to the southeast, then down into the plains. “And there’s Yuret.” he added, noting the peaks of silver towers spread between circular pastures of green. Callio was still admiring the property, watching the regular mechanical motions of the little drones spraying pesticides. From this distance they looked like insects themselves.
“Your dad’s still growing his trees?” she asked. Yotun nodded, gesturing to a seemingly barren patch at the forest's edge below them. His father had taken to the idea with a strange zeal.
“Down there.” He laughed. “Don’t know what’s gotten into him.”
“I think it’s nice,” Callio said with a smirk. “Don’t you?”
“I guess.” Yotun mumbled. “I just don’t see it lasting. He only cares about the vineyards, anything that doesn’t add to that…” He shrugged. “What about your dad? Isn’t he gonna be upset that you’ve run off out here?” She spun away from him, wandering up to the trees.
“He worries too much. I told him I was going into town.” With one last look down at his home, he moseyed after her. So brazen, he noted, the thought tickling him. Callio glanced at him as he joined her, her brown doe eyes narrowing with a smirk on her lips.
“What?” she asked coyly, tossing her head and folding her arms. “Do you disapprove?”
“Since when do you need my approval?” he laughed. “It’s just… out of character.”
“Oh,” she said, leaning forward with a scandalised expression. “And what exactly is my ‘character’?” Yotun chuckled.
“Little light in the tunnel, not one to work against the grain.” He smiled impishly. “What would they say of Miss Perfect stomping off into the woods with the likes of me?” Her smirk was fixed even when she rolled her eyes.
“Perfect, eh? Well would Miss Perfect do this?” she hooted, giving him a sharp shove. He fell solidly onto his rump, the damp forest floor wetting his fur. Callio’s snorting snigger at his shocked expression warmed him against the chill.
“Oh, that’s it!” he giggled, picking up a patch of sodden muck and flinging it at her with a hefty splat! She gasped, the girl gaping down at the brown mud coating her soft cream-coloured fur. For a moment, he thought he had ruined everything. Then her gasp became a giggle, became a cackle. He started laughing too, falling onto his back.
“Aha… You idiot!” she wheezed as she trotted over to him.
“Ah… serves you right,” he tittered wiping the dirt from himself, and taking her offered paw. It felt firm and sure in his own. Callio looked down at her mucky fur again.
“Papa’s gonna kill me,” she chuckled trying to work it out with her claws.
“Sorry,” Yotun winced. Such a silly thing to do. He ran a claw through a rough patch, gently teasing the dirt out. His paw drifted up the blot, and he felt Callio’s breath hitch as his paw moved across her chest. He froze, realising what he had absently done. Their eyes met, and he wondered if his own exposed his feelings so clearly.
She stepped away, abashedly, working up to the treeline again. Yotun’s brain was doing somersaults, whilst simultaneously thinking about soap for some reason.
“Woah,” Callio said looking up at the hollow tree, “that’s neat”. She stuck her head inside. “Ha! It’s super echoey.” Her voice boomed. “Listen to that! Helloooo! Hellllooooo!” There was a moment's silence. “Hey, come look at this…”
“What?” he murmured, bending down into the crevice beside her. She pointed to deep gouges on the dead interior.
“Claw marks,” she mumbled, following the trail up. “Something climbed up here.” Or someone… he ruminated, running his thumb across a deep scratch. She was always one step ahead, ever out of reach. “You alright?” Callio asked.
“Yeah, you just… reminded me of someone.”
“Someone good, I hope.”
They were very close, sitting in that hollow. He nodded uphill. “C’mon.”
“More climbing?!” she huffed. “I’m so tired!”
“It’ll be worth it,” he said. “I promise.”
During late spring and summer, the foliage grew too dense to pass through, blocking passage into the rest of the estate. But in the earliest weeks of spring the cut path into the Brackwood was clear enough to gain egress. He had only come out this far once or twice since he had first found that hidden trail, all those years ago.
The path, which started near his family’s vineyards, stretched up into a pass between two low mountains. Dormant trees, too high and too cold for spring, and any awlets nesting there were all who noted their passing. The higher they climbed, the dearer the drop to each side. Even the trees seemed to fall away as they walked, loose soil giving way to steep summits of stone. They were panting hard as they reached the apex, but a wall of white sound was all they could hear. Yotun wore a grin as they crested the rise.
Before them stretched the long descent into the west. Curving to the north, in a misty surge was the source of the white noise. The waterfall, pale and bright, flowed from a narrow opening in the solid granite; at least, it seemed narrow from this distance. In actuality the bus Callio had taken could probably be propelled out of that chute. It must have been carved out from tens of millions of years of thaw, tens of millions of springs. The water fell in a roar —crying liberation from the cold— into a massive lake at its foot, a tributary of the larger rivers in the forest. Though they could not see it, Yotun knew the river would be strong now, made all the harsher by Ki-yu’s rage. Down there, between the greening trees, the water was white and frothing with the last of winter’s bite.
“Wow,” Callio gasped, her fatigue vanishing. Her brown eyes followed the sharp folds of the mountains westward, the hidden slopes and valleys too few knew. “Okay… that was worth it.”
“Told you so,” he tittered breathily. “See that?” he told her, pointing to the most western and modest peak. “That’s where Turin found me when I wandered out here.” It was smaller than he had thought, more of a large hill than the mountain he supposed. He recalled surprisingly little from his march across the forest. His strongest memory was that he had to keep moving, and never go home.
“You did all that?” she glanced down into the valley. Yotun flexed his jaw, watching how the blue of the sky met with the silver mountains.
“Yeah, well… I couldn’t sleep.” Some little bellboys dove from a high point beside the waterfall, dancing through the mist to wash. Callio took his paw beside him.
“Thank you, Yotun.”
“It’s okay,” he said, looking up to gauge the sun’s passage. “We should probably head back soon.”
“Oh, couldn’t we go a little further?” she asked.
“I don’t know much more beyond this point,” he shrugged. She smiled sunnily at him.
“Pleaaase…” she whined.
“Well,” he sighed, as though he had not thought this far ahead. “There is one more thing. It’s not far.”

They followed the trail further along the ridge, the wind sweeping up to play with their fur. Eventually, a forest path cut off from the main trail, threading between the trees. The meagre offering of allfurs tried to form a thin canopy, their bristling green cones instead littering the forest floor. Brush and bushes also grew dense here, meaning they could see the sky far better than their feet. Still, the path was easier than he had expected and had clearly seen some recent use.
Callio did not seem to mind the detour, nor the difficult terrain. I could be leading her anywhere, and still, she follows me. She trusts me, he realised. It should not have come as a surprise, but something about that fact was a minor revelation.
Just when he was worried he had led them astray, Yotun stepped out of the treeline and into the sheltered clearing. A fresh crop of pale white blossoms with golden-yellow hearts had come up, a living echo of snow’s thaw. Beneath their green stems the ground was soft and rolling, warmed ever so gently by the sun’s rays. A log had fallen through the dell and across the thin trickling stream that cut through the idyllic little spot. Tiny insects flittered about on soft wings, dancing with and chasing each other between the petals. It was beautiful.
Callio almost pushed past him, stopping in her tracks. She spent a few seconds processing the image before her, then peered at him like he had just produced a hovercraft out of thin air. She laughed, covering her mouth with a paw, and stepped forward into the clearing. The bugs flew up at her passing, buzzing about her as she stepped through the petals.
“They’re so pretty!” she remarked, bending down to touch a crèche of white flowers growing in a mound.
“Evermind,” he told her. “Mother grows some by the window.”
“Oh!” she gasped. “Like the poem?”
“Poem?” He sat against the log.
“You know the one,” she laughed, tilting her head.
Leaf-maker, night-blind,
Candle in a jar.
For but a taste of evermind,
I wander, lone, afar.
With a sheepish smile, he bent down and plucked up a flower.
“Here,” he said, handing her the stem. “Now you won’t have to wander anywhere.” His own words sent something wriggling in his stomach, afraid of what he was saying.
“Silly boy,” Callio laughed but accepted the gift. She sat in the sun beside him.
“S-sorry,” he said clumsily. “That was really weird. Everyone thinks I’m weird.”
“You are weird, you silly boy!” she said sweetly. “It’s what I like about you.” Yotun smiled bashfully, words forgotten to the soaring feeling in his chest.
“I, uh… I do approve… by the way.” he said in hushed tones. Her eyes making his heart thunder. “O-of this… of you…” Callio twiddled the flower between her digits, glancing from its petals to him and back again. Then, she rested her head on his shoulder.
“F-for what it’s worth,” she breathed, “I think you’re perfect too.”
That moment, the two of them sitting alone, felt like he had dozed off in the sun with the promise of a night of summer dreams. If he shut his eyes he would fall asleep and never wake up and be happier for it. But instead, his eyes alighted on the gentle trickling stream. There was a sliver of swirling blue in its clear water. The wind changed, and Callio coughed.
“What’s that smell?” she murmured. A moment later the sickly odour touched his nose too. It was too familiar.
“N-no…” he said weakly. “N-not here…” Yotun jumped down from the log, the trickle of the stream cool between his toes. Callio called out behind him, but he was in a daze. It can’t be… please don’t be… He followed the brook to the crest of the clearing, the blue tide thickening all the while. The boy found what he did not hope to find, breathing heavily in shock. Callio ran up behind him, then gasped, a rapid whimpering sound.
Tied to the roots of the tree was the putrid corpse of a vyrryn. It was so old as to have started rotting, parts of the blackening flesh long since stripped away. He staggered backward. Rolling eyes, slacken tongue, a hole where the neck should be…
“Y-Yotun…” Callio whispered. “I- uh…” He took a nervous step forward.
“Oh, but…” Yotun gasped. “L-look…”
“I don’t want to look!” Callio hissed. “I want to go!”
“B-but the legs! They’ve been cut away!”
“S-someone d-did this…” Callio shuddered, pointing with a claw to the rope. “Yotun… Please, I think we should go!”
“Y-yeah,” he said, tendrils of terror tightening around his heart. “C’mon.” Without thinking, he took her paw in his and turned to go back the way they had come. They stopped.
Something massive was standing across the stream. Its four stocky legs were tipped with sharp claws. Its short-haired, fuzzy brown body was long, its frame too large for its gaunt flesh. But it was the eyes that embristled him at once; intense, golden eyes. Predator! his mind screamed.
“B-behind me!” Yotun hollered. The urge to run was overwhelming, but where to run to? The teenagers scampered backward looking about for a path through the trees, but the forest pressed too tight, the terrain too uneven. If it had killed and caught a vyrryn Yotun had no doubt this creature would run them down if they tried to flee. Instead, he held onto Callio tightly. The predator padded after them in a lethargic, almost casual stride, pacing back and forth across the clearing. Callio squealed as her legs touched the corpse of the vyrryn. It wants the body! Yotun’s panicking mind insisted.
“I-it w-wants the meat!” he hissed. Together, they moved sideways around the clearing. The creature’s long tail swished back and forth as it regarded them. Its broad nose took in the air, a wide purple tongue clearing a tooth. It loped forward, its paws thick and heavy, spreading its weight as it clambered over to the dead thing. It sniffed about it deeply, the teenagers moving back further. But their movement recaptured its attention, and it turned its massive head back to them.
“Wh-what’s it doing?” Callio whimpered.
“I-it’s more interested in us,” he gasped. Every slow step backward they took was mirrored by the predator. What do I do?! Where can we go?! They were rapidly being backed further and further into the treeline. All his nightmares seemed to swirl about him; the feeling of being trapped, hunted, and the feeling of broken bodies and shattered jaws. I have to save her… He squeezed Callio’s paw.
“G-get ready to run,” he gulped.
“Wh-wh-?!” He did not have any time to waste, lest his courage fail. He threw his arms out, baring his flat teeth as wide as he could.
“Find help. Go!” he shouted, stepping fiercely toward the predator. A short moment later he heard her beating a hasty retreat. “Yaaaaaaa!” he yelled, swinging his arms about. “Raaaaaaaaa!” It ignored him, tracking Callio’s passing. He stepped between them. Yelling from the top of his lungs.
It stalled for a moment and blinked at him. Then it growled.
His bravery faltered, and he took a half-step backward. That was enough. It jumped forward, slashing at his throat. Yotun cringed away, yelping as its claws left vicious cuts through his forearm. Instinctively he rolled onto his belly, his spines extended into a ball of spikes. He shook in terror as he felt its hot breath on him, a moment later whimpering, snivelling as it battered him again. The creature made a snarling sound, irritated by his spines. It hit him again, hard enough to knock the wind from him, the shock making him unroll. He looked up into the eyes of death.
H-hey!” he heard a thin voice yell as a rock came sailing into the animal’s flank. It spun about with a hiss. Callio stood there, brazen and afraid.
“Run!” he gasped. The girl turned in terror to flee, but in an instant it was on her. She was pinned, wild-eyed and screaming, on her back, unable to roll over and splay her spines. The sound seemed to fade, replaced by a thundering droning, a belt of pressure so tight around his skull he thought it had burst open. Yotun collapsed as he tried to lift himself, finding his left arm to be shredded, blue flesh peaking between his fur. His body felt leaden, unable to move. Time slowed as the monster bore down on Callio, her frantic, shrieking inaudible. The girl’s silent scream was choked as its great jaws clamped about her throat. The air was pressed from his lungs; nothing seemed to be happening, save that moment. Then there was a rumble, like distant thunder, more felt than heard. The animal recoiled as its side caught fire, dropping Callio limply to the dirt. A man with a rifle strode through the brush, the lever ratcheting again as he fired on the predator. Hissing furiously, the monster bolted for the trees, a round of sizzling plasma reducing an ear to a burned stump. In two bounds it was lost amongst the leaves, white fire chasing after it.
Yotun’s eyes drifted to his friend, her body lay twitching where she had been dropped. His arm flooded with lancing pain he crawled to her, pleading that she was alright. But in reaching her he found there a despair usually reserved for his nightmares.
Blue blood was staining her cream-coloured fur, droplets on the white flowers around her. Her paws curled slowly as she held them against her chest. She wore a strange, perplexed expression like she was trying to solve some particularly stimulating puzzle. Great holes punctured her neck, her head hanging limply to the body. There was a grip on his shoulder as he was firmly pushed away, the big brown man’s paws moving frantically through his pack. He was speaking to him, but Yotun only heard the pounding in his ears. I know him, don’t I? a part of him recalled. The man produced a medical kit, retrieving a bundle of gauze and pressing it to the wounds. It turned blue at once.
Callio was wincing, tears welling in her eyes as she tried to say something, something he could not hear. But he could see. All he could do was see. He wished he had never seen at all.
The big man was shaking him, and Yotun gasped in shock as awareness returned in a wall of sound.
“Yotun!” Braq barked at him, guiding his paw to the bandage. “Keep pressure here!” He did so at once, his stomach spinning. Callio made a muted sobbing sound, as his paw pressed down hard, her blood sticky on his palm. His left arm was afire with agony, but he ignored it; it was nothing compared to what he could see.
“I-it’s o-okay,” he told her. “I-I’ve got you.” Oh no… no, please, no… Braq spun around again, reloading the rifle as quickly as he could. He paced around them in a firm careful stride. “H-help me!” Yotun pleaded weakly, not to anyone in particular. Braq winced.
“I am,” he said, pacing nervously. Yotun sat there dumbly, Callio making weak sounds as he pressed against her open throat. It had all gone wrong.
“Wh-what w-was-!”
“A roht,” Braq murmured, pain etched across his face. “I’m so sorry lad.” There was a deep resonant growl between the trees, making Braq bristle as he re-primed the weapon.
“W-won’t it go away?!”
“No, not when there’s food to be had.” He peered back at them. “Don’t worry, helps on the way.” Yotun gawped at him, a look of terror and blame.
“Y-you said th-there weren’t any m-monsters in the woods!” Yotun gasped.
“I lied,” Braq whispered. A split-second later there was a crash through the bush, Braq raising his weapon swiftly. He fired blindly at his target, and there was a thudding sound. It was silent. The moment stretched out, marked only by Callio’s rasping breath against his palm. Braq stepped forward into the scrub, and swung the gun left and right as he moved in slow cautious steps. He disappeared from sight between the trees.
Suddenly he cried out in fright, falling onto his back into the clearing. The monster had pounced on him, the big man struggling beneath it with the gun in its jaws. Yellow teeth scratched at the metal. Abruptly a shadow exploded out of the bushes nearby, leaping at the predator in long bounding strides. The blur hit the roht across the back, lodging a knife into it as it went, the force of the collision dragging the predator from its prey. Rolling to its feet, the big brown beast hissed at its attacker, batting at it with a massive paw. The other leaped away, its lithe sinuous form more agile than any gojid. Its long snout sat before two dark forward-facing eyes, and its lips were drawn back in a hideous snarl. The two predators circled one another, growling and snapping as their tails hung low. The roht easily outweighed the newcomer two to one, but it was also clearly slower.
Yotun looked down at the girl in his arms. She was not looking at the fight for their lives, instead her soft brown eyes were searching his face as though he held some answer to a special question. Her eyelids started to droop, as though too heavy to bear. No!
“Callio?” he gasped. “C-can… p-please stay awake…” The predators nearby were diving and dancing around one another, the roht trying to rush in and push down the dark reptile. He pressed his palm harder to his friend’s throat, causing her to whine, tears filling her eyes. “Ju-just hold on, w-we’ll g-get you out o-of here!” Braq had rejoined the fray, the rifle discharging superheated bolts at the monster. Callio’s paw rubbed against Yotun’s cheek, brushing away the tears he did not feel.
“Silly boy…” she gargled, that light smirk on her bloody lips.
“I n-need to tell you something…”
“Tell…” she managed weakly but could say no more. Her eyes slid shut, her face went slack, and she died in his arms.
“Wh-?” he mumbled, peaking beneath the bandage. “Callio?” He put his head on hers; he did not know why. “Wake up. W-we’ve got to get home…” he told her. “Please w-wake up.” It’s a dream, a bad dream for my journal. “Wake up!” he all but yelled, shaking her broken body. “No…”
Yotun was vaguely aware that Braq had stopped firing, the rifle landing near him as the roht ripped it from the man’s grasp. Braq dove away as it leapt for him again, the shadow taking the opportunity to slash at its haunches. This drew a pained yelp from it, distracting the monster as it whirled to howl at the other predator. Seemingly emboldened, the dark creature attacked with renewed vigour, feinting one way only to pounce from another. Before him Braq snatched up the rifle, hastily slotting rounds into the chamber as the two monsters fought.
“Watch it girl!” he called out as the roht stood up to throw itself heavily at the black reptile. Girl? some part of Yotun’s grief and fear-stricken brain pondered. Whatever ‘she’ was she heeded his warning, rolling beneath and scrambling away from the beast. The roht was starting to lather from its wounds, panting and snarling fiercely. Sensing this, the shadow closed in, biting and slashing at it before darting away. Then she was too close for a moment too long, and the yellow teeth snapped shut around her tail. With a wrenching toss of its shaggy head, the roht flung the lesser predator across the clearing. With a yelp and a sickening crunch, her middle wrapped around a tree trunk.
“NO!” Braq yelled out as she fell solidly to the ground. She had stopped moving. The roht turned its yellow eyes on the gojids. It charged them, and Yotun sat there like a fiirit on the freeway. Braq tried to fire the rifle, but the mechanism jammed with a hefty clunk. Death then. With a terrific yell, Braq threw himself over them both, his broad spikey back flaring. The roht slashed at him, and both barked out in pain. It threw its head low under his spines, grabbing the ecologist by the ankle and dragging him away from the kids.
“Ah-yah!” Braq kicked savagely with his other foot, the claws jabbing at the predator’s face and freeing himself. For a brief moment, the man managed to wrestle his way on top of the creature, wrapping his muscular arms under its head and elbowing its skull repeatedly. But then the monster threw him from itself and pounced on him, Braq barely getting his paws up in time to hold back his demise. But it was a futile maneuverer, and Yotun could see the fear in his eyes the roht’s strength slowly overpowered him.
It killed her, and that dark thing, Yotun thought absently. Soon it’ll kill me, and everything will be alright. His only regret was that Braq would have to die as well.
There was a hollering yell, and then it was off him, the man sucking in air in agony and relief against the ground.
“Ki-yu…” Braq wheezed, trembling as he tried to force himself up. You see that bright one? a half-remembered voice flashed through Yotun’s mind.
The shadow was straddling the roht in the middle of the clearing, screeching at the top of her lungs as she slashed with her claws at its throat. Blue blood was being flung in all directions, the roht’s legs kicking desperately beneath her as it tried to buck the other predator off itself. Its paws scraped at her flanks, but the darkling batted the blows aside. The great beast tried to bite at the reptile’s throat, but she recoiled, and wrapping her clawed hands around the snout snapped it shut. Ki-yu let out a savage bellowing howl before she dragged the still-kicking predator's muzzle and head into her jaws. Yotun tried to look away, but he found he could not. The roht let out a strange bleating sound as great sharp teeth dug through hide and skull and eye and brain. With a sickening Ca-CRUNCH the predator's head shattered, and it stopped crying out. Stopped kicking. It did not even twitch.
Yotun realised he was screaming when his lungs ran out of air. The predator sat astride the roht with its teeth still lodged in the blue mess that was once a head. It was not looking at him, instead, it seemed to be panting. It wore a distant expression on its face, its dark eyes unfocused.
With his unmauled arm, Yotun reached for the rifle. The movement seemed to awake the creature, and it shook its mouth free of the shattered skull with short jerking motions. He pulled it up, heavy and clumsy in his shaking paw. The creature just watched him, its bloodied claws stretched out over its kill. He was trying to figure out how to shoot the thing when Braq limped over and pulled the rifle forcefully from him. He fell to his knees before them, his paws moving desperately over Callio’s corpse.
“Shit! Oh, no, oh shit shit shit!” he muttered to himself. He smelt of blood and sweat.
“She’s dead.” Yotun told him, as simply as if he had asked for the weather. The big man looked him so close and so deep in the eyes, Yotun could see himself reflected in his pupils. Braq hung his head, his heavy paw gripping Yotun’s shoulder. The boy looked up to see that the voice in the forest had ambled over to them. The woodwaif wheezed as she breathed, a strained expression on her long face as she clutched at her ribs. She dragged her tail along the ground, its middle broken where the roht had bitten it. Blue blood covered her, a trickle of red leaking from one nostril. Her dark scales glistened in the sunlight, her form supple and strong. She’s beautiful, he thought distantly as she towered over him.
“Please,” he whispered, “just kill me.”
Simbelmynë. Ever has it grown the tombs of my forbears. Now it shall cover the grave of my son. Alas that these evil days should be mine. The young perish and the old linger; that I should live to see the last days of my house… No parent should have to bury their child…
– Théoden, King of Rohan. The Two Towers.
[Prev] (\]
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2023.03.23 10:45 blissfulgardens Common Fears About Senior Living Explained

Common Fears About Senior Living Explained
Moving to a retirement living facility is an emotional decision for seniors and their families. Loss of independence is one of the most common fears in the mind of people when considering senior living. However, modern facilities of senior living in Folsom meticulously create an environment that supports and encourages independence.
Source: Senior Living: Some Common Fears Dispelled
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2023.03.23 07:53 Beneficial_Cash_9247 Forming a Government for an Independent Mojave Republic/Confederation- Who to Recruit?

So I realize that there is a common misconception about the Independent Vegas ending where many players assume that after ousting the NCR and Legion the Courier becomes some sort of President or dictator ruling over the Mojave with the help of Yes Man. However the epilogue clearly implies more of an anarchic situation where the Courier just sort of walks off into the sunset and lets the Mojave fend for itself, which leads to a lot of chaos and unrest even if you have Good Karma and wipe out the Fiends/other threats. Something I've been thinking a lot about lately is, if the Courier was free from game restrictions and had the opportunity to try and actually forge the Mojave Wasteland into some sort of functioning state, how would you go about it? Who would you try to recruit into your government, what resources found in-game would you utilize in order to make the most effective government possible? It's an interesting scenario to envision with a lot of potential political and geopolitical problems you'd have to overcome.
I'm relatively new to the franchise (although I did recently do a completionist run and have played through a majority of the content at this point), and while my memory is pretty good it is not encyclopedic. And in any case I thought it would be interesting to get some other perspectives on the subject, especially from those who have been playing the game for years. So, what do you all think?
To start off our discussion, these are some of the notes that I wrote down while I was brainstorming (feel free to question/offer alternatives, especially if you made different choices than I did for the quests these characters are involved in):
To Recruit
Edit: By the way, I should note that I took the boring route and played as a mostly Lawful Good/ NCR-aligned Courier, but only because the independent ending felt so limiting to me. The NCR has noble ideals in my opinion and I appreciate what they're trying to do but they're clearly unwanted occupiers in the Mojave and many in both the rank-in-file and the government don't have the inhabitants' best interests at heart. Especially when you consider cut content like the NCR soldiers shooting at a bunch of desperate Mojave scavengers trying to take water from Camp Golf.
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2023.03.23 06:08 rosylightning At this point I need coping mechanisms?

I’m 24F with two kids aged 6 and 4. I can’t truly type out the details of my story because it’s been going on for almost 8 years. My children’s father is 35, with 12 (other baby mother’s that I know of) and 21+ kids in total including my two. Being that he is 11 years older than me, I got pregnant at 17, I live in Texas so yeah, that’s legal, but I met him at my first job, Texas Roadhouse, at 16. Before him I’d been with one other person. This is not true as of currently. I used to be so infatuated as a young girl, that in highschool my senior research paper was over changing the age of consent. As a mother of two daughters now, I could never imagine myself being okay with this. Anyways, I guess that was moreso background/rant, my reasoning for the post is recently I found out my children’s dad put a nanny cam in my room and he saw things that are as illegal as the camera he put in. I contacted a lawyer, before filing a report with the police, but I’ve never dealt with this or known anyone else who has. My family refuses to hear about him as 17 year old me threatened them with never seeing their grandchildren if contacting for statutory rape charges. If this makes no sense, ask me specifics because I can’t think right now.
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2023.03.23 05:41 nikieh Does anyone else agree that if you remove the mother from this situation, Eugenia would improve?

Her mother may be only a part of the core of the issue, but I am guessing she is a majority cause. If that is the case, Eugenia can only be helped if she forms her own autonomy and feels she will be safe living independently and potentially disconnected from her mother with her own life. I do not believe her ED is her trap; it's a very visible and loud siren that is easier to notice. I see that her mother does the following that harms her:
I'm a former Psychology major. Yes I charted this, you can laugh if you would like. I'm a visual person.

Positive or Negative Action Result Message
--- Denies the ED, at least publicly. Enabling. You're ok. You're safe.
--- Possibly cries (per documentary) about Eugenia's weight. Guilt. Conflicting message. You're hurting me with something you can't control any more.
--- "I have a weak heart. You can't go to the doctor." Fear. Parentification. Getting help will kill me.
--- Accompanies Eugenia in all public outings. FeaEnmeshment. You're not safe without my presence and protection.
--- Takes Eugenia's photos and videos. Enabling. Support. What you are doing is ok. This is important.
--- Assists with shopping for clothing, encourages changing in public areas. Embarrassment. Shame. You are not important. You are safe if you are with me.
--- Pulled Eugenia from ED treatment. Enabling. You are safer with me, or I needed you more, or you do not need more treatment.
--- "You made me drop the flowers." Blame. Projection, Fear. You cause harm to me. Everything is your fault.
--- The mother's dark look and flat expression after bowling poorly the first time, and several following times. Reassured by Eugenia. Fear. Parentification. My anger may hit you too. Anxiety.
--- The tension in the video where she helps Eugenia dress up at Ariel and the mother is helping Eugenia put on a wig cap. Fear. Get it right. Anxiety.
The mother's finger and hand movements in the clip where she was asked if she was concerned about Eugenia's weight. Anxiety (for the mother)

Let's also make a chart for a few things I have noticed about Eugenia because I have some time.
Positive or Negative Feeling Action Result Message
--- Always saying she's not mad or she hopes she didn't make someone mad. Invisibility and lack of option to have opinions. Emotions have been invalidated. Emotions and opinions are not allowed/not safe.
--- Fixing haicrossing legs/fidgeting. Anxiety. Judgement from any source is harsh.
+ Over exposure of body/visual promiscuity Confidence. Power. Aging upwards. Safe sexuality expression. Being desired in a safe manner. Devaluation. An action she gets to choose. Dopamine/emotional and monetary reward. Feeling worthy. Valued only by people with issues, for the wrong reasons. Existence. This is the only safe space to do so. Real relationships with sexuality are not safe. Wanting to be desired. Wanting to be noticed.
Profit from streaming/tasks Nest egg. Funds may be benefitting disabled brother's long term care? She is not using her own funds for much.
+ Dancing on stream Socialization/platform performance/exercise Meeting the requirements of an audience to be liked.
Dark style centering around 2005 Stuck at ~ 15. What happened at this age? Did mother disallow divergence and independence at this age? Divorce? New member in the household? SA?
Higher voice than younger years Attempt to remain younger Meeting a demand/soothing anxiety. See above.
+ then --- Outspoken and angry in early teen years, now converted to lack of opinion and overpositivity. Anger was likely appropriate but reflected through "safe" sources with peers. Where is Eugenia, her personality, and her feelings in her life now? Fear. (See ^ 1) Differing opinions are not tolerated. Existence that validates her own feelings and do not serve others are not tolerated. Independence and divergence from mother likely not tolerated? Compliance expected.
--- Wealthy background. Private school? Anxiety. Fear. Pain. Sheltered. Now, fashion = class and high society rebellion? Bullying.
+ Not eating. Dopamine. Disappearing. ^1
+ Discomfort and pain from low blood sugar, thirst, existence at low weight. Self punishment. Positive reinforcement (an addition, even if it is negative, in response to an action) - powerful enough to spur addictions. She may believe she deserves the punishment due to subconsciously internalizing Messages from Chart 1.
+ Streaming and social media. Not alone. Safe socialization.

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2023.03.23 04:18 l666l grandparents’ dog has attacked both of them to the point they have each been hospitalized. They refuse to surrender the dog or even acknowledge the situation.

Based in Texas.
I love dogs, but I don’t love this dog and am scared it is going to kill one or both of my grandparents.
My grandparents dog has a bite history. From what we know, he has bitten a vet tech at a boarding facility as well as each of them a few months apart. They avoid addressing it or acknowledging it. My grandma and most recently my grandpa have both been bitten to the point they’ve required overnight hospital stays for wounds and infections. The dog had previously knocked my grandma over resulting in a broken wrist.
Animal control and non emergency (311) have been contacted and shown up at their door. The dog is a 10-12 year old german shepherd that is not neutered and not up to date on shots. They refuse to speak with any authorities and entirely downplay the attacks.
Both my grandparents are in otherwise pretty good health for their age and able to take care of themselves in terms of maintaining their home, cooking meals, etc and (other than refusing to address their aggressive dog) seem to be of sound mind. Aside from this situation, there is nothing that concerns me about their ability to live independently.
Is there any legal recourse that would require them to surrender the dog? When animal control shows up they just say everything is fine and they leave. Adult protective services? I am worried about them becoming more secretive and trying to hide injuries or further alienating family if they think we’re sending animal control/APS without any steps being taken to remove the dog from the home.
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2023.03.23 03:59 jim_jon_jim [FOR SALE] [US] CAKE DAY SALE - MOST RECORDS $5-$10 LESS THAN DISCOGS AND PREVIOUS LISTING - Super Limited King Gizzard, Pipe Eye, Run the Jewels, Thom Yorke, Fuzz, Khruangbin & More

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Sunbeam Sound Machine - Goodness Gracious - Limited Edition, Pale Blue - NM/NM - $100 NOW $85! Limited to 200
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The TrapsBoom Pow Awesome Wow - Limited Edition, Translucent Purple with Primary Splatter - NM/NM - $19 NOW $15! Produced by John Dwyer of Oh Sees Limited to 200
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Various Artists - Adult Swim NEWNOW NM/NM - $35 NOW $25! Limited to 250
The Yardbirds - Little Games - Multi-colored Splatter - NM/NM - $28 NOW $20 RSD 2014 Release Limited to 2500
Various – Oasis 2 (The 1988 Greasy Pop Compilation Of Adelaide Bands) - NM/NM - $25 NOW $20!
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2023.03.23 03:57 jim_jon_jim [FOR SALE] [US] CAKE DAY SALE - $5-$20 LESS THAN DISCOGS - King Gizzard, Pipe Eye, Run the Jewels, Thom Yorke, Fuzz, Khruangbin & More

Put out a listing last month and sold a couple - but still unemployed and tryina get rid of more so I lowered pretty much everything by $5-$20!
You spoke, I listened, now you buy?
Records ship out for $6, each additional record is $1 each. Lots of good limited stuff in here especially for psych rock fans. DM to purchase. Happy hunting.
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2023.03.23 03:32 TheMightyBattleSquid My attempt at building a setting full of factions for each color combo Part 5:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
BRG1: Self-motivated to follow one's passions and express one's emotions through interdependence. They have a zealous fervor to give everyone an opportunity to get to know and afterwards share their "true selves" through their activities and demeanor. They also understand that working together towards a common objective can lead to even greater success in such endeavors. While other views are always welcome to be voiced before big decisions are made, the closest thing resembling a leadership is a collection of senior members who are at peace with their current selves and have polished their abilities so now provide guidance to others on their individual paths. Incredibly driven, they are not afraid to take risks in an attempt to live up to their faction's ideals. They treasure loyalty and camaraderie among their membership. Celebrating each other's successes while supporting them through the set backs of life. This parent faction regards the members of BR1 highly for their independence and drive, as they can set an example for others to follow. They often encourage these individuals to pursue their goals while also finding ways to help contribute by way of supplies. Likewise, members of BG1 are respected within the group for their commitment to self-sufficiency and helping others. They help this group get paired up with those who need the assistance most. RG1 is in some ways viewed as the most important of all. They provide a way for group members to blow off steam by viewing or participating in their events. It's also a great means of recruiting outsiders into the parent faction. As such, RG1 is provided needed supplies, travel expenses, and venues to continue practicing their craft.
BRG2: Negative Acceptance of the status quo and the inherent chaos born therein, this faction believes in the control and oppression of others within what little room they have to exercise their will on the world. They believe that the world is a naturally harsh and unforgiving place, and that those who cannot adapt to it are weak and deserving of their fate. That fate being at the mercy of others' whims. The faction's leadership is made up of the most cunning and ruthless individuals, who are skilled at playing others against each other. They would not hesitate to use any means necessary to maintain their grip on power, whether it be through deception, violence, or coercion. BR2 members are considered highly valuable within the parent faction for their ability to influence and utilize others. The faction helps these individuals to hone their skills and employs them to further the group's goals. BG2 members have their uses but are ultimately seen as the most expendable. They are often promised the ability to maintain their middle-caste status, so long as they continue to work for the system and prevent any challenges to the leadership's power. RG2 are seen as sort of pseudo-enforcers of the group, causing chaos and destruction to keep others in line. Members of BG2 that get too gutsy, are often given a swift reminder via a string of incidents in which RG2 members 'just so happened to' be lead in their direction. While members of BRG2 may see themselves as the survivors of a harsh and unforgiving world, others would see them as the cruel and oppressive tyrants that they are.
RGW1: Members of this faction have a passion for protecting those weakest. They feel and understand their own weakness and thus strive to support each other through the tough times to put up a stronger front together. Aiming to build and reinforce strong bonds between individuals and their communities, members work together to create structures and systems that allow everyone within the group to thrive. Members of this faction see themselves as part of a larger whole, by working to protect and preserve it, even if it sometimes means delaying or even sacrificing their own happiness, they feel an even deeper sense of fulfillment in the end. Prioritizing growth and development, both in themselves and in others, they seek to defend those who are being mistreated and help everyone reach their full potential.
RGW2: Negative Acceptance of the status quo and the inherent chaos born therein, this group pursues what little law and order can be found. They have a deep understanding of the world's erratic nature and see it as a force that must be adhered to, sometimes even harnessed and channeled, rather than something that can be suppressed or avoided. Members see proficiency in applying this wisdom as necessary to survive and grow in this world where stray variables must be accounted for. When the entropy of the world is such a natural and inevitable part of life, one must find stability wherever possible. Forming groups, sticking to personal codes, creating flexible goals, and yes even taking advantage of others. They teach that one must be always be keen and wise enough to see a potential deception coming and be ready to reply in kind. No matter the result, there should be no hostility between the two parties by the end, it's just the way of the world after all.
That's it for part 5, hope you enjoyed it.
Edit: Part 6 is up
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2023.03.23 02:16 WorkF1r3 High paying jobs in Europe? I'm at my wits' end looking at American salaries.

It's the third time this week that I have stumbled upon a Reddit post where people my age (~35) are discussing in the comment section how much they are making. I'm truly flabbergasted, a bit angry, and to be frank with you, I'm sad.
I am aware that reddit is an echochamber for tech people but you can also read about lawyers making $500k a year, Sales with $350k, even HR people Former Meta recruiter claims she got paid $190,000 a year to do ‘nothing’ amid company’s layoffs, doctors with $1m salaries, overemployed analysts working 3 jobs, Big law partners with $1m, or just SWE and their $300k+ salaries. All of them are my age and I can't understand how is this possible? Have you heard about a 20 or 30-something in Europe that's not a startup owner earning more than €200k a year? Because I never have, and I've worked in different places.
I come from Eastern Europe, and my first "good salary" as a qualified lawyer at the age of 29 was $25k or €23k gross, which translated to €15k net a year. A year. And yes, the PPP was good, but still, I was just a little bit above average. It took me sweat, blood, and many restless nights to finish 5 years of a Master of Laws, 2 years of LLM, and 3 years of Bar. Bear in mind that I was still priced out of any normal real estate in my home country.
And you know what? I also finished a Master's in International Business and a Master's in Statistics. Yes, three master's. I was studying 7/7 for 5 years, and then only 3/7 for 4 years. To top it off, I speak four languages. So after working two years as an Eastern European lawyer, I got a job as a project manager and in-house lawyer (double role) in a huge German bank in Germany. My salary was €100k gross, or about €55k Steuerklasse 1. Cool. Now I'm priced out of real estate in Germany.
I decided to use my knowledge in data analytics and my legal background, so I moved to France to work in Legal Tech at the age of 33. I had to take a pay cut as I only managed to get a mid-level job at a French company in Paris. My salary was €80k gross, or €48k net. Cool. Did you see the price for Paris small apartments in, let's say, Quinzieme? I'm still priced out.
Remember, three master's, four languages, different certifications, backend, legaltech. I decided to move across the pond to the Bahamas to take advantage of no income tax. I'm a data manager at a law firm. My salary is $100k net. Finally, a nice pay bump, right? Do you know the real estate prices in the Bahamas? A 50m2 flat costs $450k and my rent for a 1bedroom takes 1/3 of my salary like that.
And then I met a young American attorney, barely 24 years old, making $200k. What about law firm partners my age? $1m. Then I bumped into a guy at the gym. We talked, went for beers. He is a data architect for an American company at 32 years old and just bought a tank in Texas. He's making $400k with bonuses. I go back home and I read Reddit about those American lawyers, project managers, cybersecurity directors, PE bros, real estate moguls.
I'm sorry for being blunt but I'm fuc*ed right? Or maybe are we europeans fu*cked or what is going on?
Where did I make a mistake? I'm 35, and for the last 15 years, I've tried to do everything to earn a high salary, but I feel like an idiot when a college graduate makes €200k net per year. Do you know any millennials in Europe who make that much without being a doctor? Are such salaries possible in Europe? I finally want to earn enough to get a good mortgage and breathe easily. I've been working construction jobs in Norway when I was young to pay for my studies, I was doing unpaid internships, got scholarships for best student. When do I get to breath? When do I start a family when I have to constatly hustle? How do I meet someone if most women are looking for guys earning more than them and an HR recruter that doesn't nothing for a year clears $190k? (my ex-wife left me for someone earning millions a year. And when we were together she was making twice the money I make and she constantly asked when I will ask for more money or when I will earn more than her)
I'm truly sorry if I sound like a jerk but I have a mental breakdown and can't take it anymore.
Please, let's set aside the :
Edit: I was able to save and invest about $240k over the last 10 years.
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2023.03.23 02:05 the_direful_spring Rebel and similar factions

So, I'm planning on running a game soon that's set immediately after Endor. The players will all start out as some kind of Imperial personnel who are all members of a local garrison located on a homebrew mid rim world. Although the Imperials are still holding on here, things are growing more dangerous as there are both several factions developing between the imperials and there are a few major rebel cells here, many of which that are growing more confident in the last few weeks and have often gained a wave of new supporters. I've come up with some ideas for the rebel groups and I wanted to know if you thought they could be interesting, these may end up being both potential antagonists and if the players feel like swapping sides some could potentially be allies. So I thought I'd post the ideas here and ask for some feed back on whether you think they could make for interesting factions.

The Organisation for the Protection of Democracy (OPoD)
Background: Opod originated as a coalition of peaceful protest organisations, many of them a mixture of student groups, middle class civil rights organisations and wealthy philanthropists in 16BBY. Initially they simply conducted protests and partitions against imperial over reach that threatened democratic structures and civil rights. A made up of colonist species, mostly humans alongside some core world species.
in 4BBY they began to grow a small armed wing (OPoD-M) in response to increasing limitations on protest and civil rights by the Empire, but remained hesitant to use force on a regular basis or any real scale. In 0 ABY with the dissolution of the Imperial Senate, the destruction of Alderaan and then that of the first Death Star they reached out to join as a cell of the rebel alliance and began to slowly grow. Gaining more recruits, more funding and slowly conducting more offensive operations here and there. Now in 4ABY OPoD has declared its loyalties to the New Republic, vowing to bring Shoninar into the New Republic.
Beliefs: Supporters of the new republic, hopes to see something a fair amount like the old republic develop minus the corruption problems. Their rhetoric tends to focus on democratic ideals and civil rights. They support species rights in theory but have often been slower to come to the defence of native Shonin than other cells on the planet. The OPoD doesn't have a specific policy on economics but most of them believe in relatively moderate, often hoping that the end of the Empire will allow for freer commerce and reduced military spending to allow for some combination of moderate social programs and mild tax cuts. They generally take great care to avoid harming civilians and try to take care of captured imperial prisoners, although they hope that the senior officials on the planet and those personally responsible for atrocities can be put on trial.
Military capabilities: They are probably the best funded rebel cell on the planet, particularly having some good quality starships and starfighters, often including some kit with good stealth equipment. They have managed to maintain small star bases scattered across some of the mountainous regions of the planet and in the outer reaches of the system from which they operate. However, aside from a handful of rebel units that have come to support them from off world the OPoD often has a smaller portion of its members have combat experience than other cells and while their recent growth has had benefits many of their commanders find themselves leading larger groups than they are experienced in commanding.
Alvark Pact
Origin: Imperial oppression has left many of the alien species on the planet as second class citizens, with those native Shonin who lived in the cities of the planet often being forced into ghettos, slavery or an indentured status. These allied with a faction of former separatists not long after the end of the clone wars, although formerly rivals over the course of the last 23 years this alliance as solidified with the two groups now being intermingled. They have waged a small scale but often brutal guerrilla war over the years, fighting in ghettos and mountains of the planet against imperial forces, slowly developing both their tactics and their ideology over the course of that time. With the battle of Endor they hope to gain the chance to launch a new offensive against imperial forces as their resources are stretched thinner.
Beliefs: They are considering both the option of attempting to achieve independence Shoninar, some kind of new separatist confederation of out and mid rim planets or agreeing for Shoninar to join the republic on the condition of maintaining a high degree of autonomy.
Much of the focus of their rhetoric is on species rights and equity between the planet's species, and against excessive centralisation of power. Their economic ideas have flipped quite drastically compared to the separatist days, partly due to viewing the corporate elements of the CIS as having betrayed and undermined the cause and partly due to the working class nature of most of their supporters. Over the course of their guerrilla fighting many have come to champion ruthless tactics, quite happy to execute imperial prisoners and assassinate civilians who work to aid the Empire.
Military capabilities: They are much less well funded than the OPoD but their ranks include seasoned hardened fighters that have plenty of skills when it comes to the use of various insurgent tactics like IEDs and ambushes. Few of the old cashes of droids are left but a handful of old stores of them hidden after the planet was conquered by the republic remain, should they need increased man power for a more aggressive operation in various areas these may prove to be an asset valuable for bulking out their forces with disposable troops.
Animdo movement
Origin: Originating among the Shonin tribal groups that live in the more remote parts of the planet the Animdo movement is a rebellious religious movement started by a force sensitive Shino called Animdo. Rumoured to have been a Jedi Padawan who escaped to return to his home people after order 66 he is said to have developed both new approaches to the force and new philosophies taking some elements of both and producing something new.
Animdo himself was killed in 7BBY, rumoured to have been at the hands of an inquisitor, but by this point he was an important religious figure who had waged a campaign against many of the imperial facilities in the more remote parts of the planet and even more so the corporate holdings that were trying to extract resources. He had also taught several force sensitives among his people that he discovered some of the secrets of his ways. Animdo his now viewed almost as a semi-divine figure. As the Shonin have taken the news of the fall of the far of Emperor as a sign that now is the time to begin the war prophesised to be able to purge the Shoninar of enemies.
Beliefs: The Animdo movement isn't an entirely unified one but few of them wish for their peoples to be at all subordinate to the Republic or Empire. Most of them would like to see the more urbanised members of their species liberated and spiritually enlightened if possible, the more extreme ones would wish to drive all overworld species from the planet entirely while the more moderate ones would be perhaps willing to allow some area of the planet to remain in the hands of the colonists while they themselves fully control the rest. Their ethical framework surrounding conflict is often focused on beliefs surrounding a retributive approach to conflict, it is not unknown for them to execute civilians and imperial prisoners with the targets being carefully selected to be done in return for those killed among their own people.
Military capabilities: The majority of their warriors utilise some fairly basic tech, slug throwers and shotguns sometimes, many armed with just simple bladed weapons and spears. But their bravery can be fanatical and the regular tribal warriors are sometimes augmented by better troops. Force sensitives appear to be relatively common among them and force warriors trained in the Animdo style. Many often fight with force swords as well as often being comfortable using pistols and throwing blades with the force. Common shaman are known to use force abilities to bolster the courage of allies further, enhance their own physical prowess, some also seem to have some form of mind trick power that seems to make it harder for organics to successfully spot them. It does not make them physically appear any different but ,on those susceptible to mind tricks can make, seems to make it harder for their minds to successfully spot the figure when hidden among foliage or pick them out of a crowd. It is rumoured that a subset of them use some form of darker set of abilities. Additionally, some warriors are occassionally found carrying relics taken from the Shonin's ancient past when they possessed greater technology, weapons comparable to disruptor rifles recovered from the ancient ruins along with weapons known as heat blades.
Origin: Legitimists aren't truly in rebellion, although they have clashed in wars of words in fierce debates with the most ardent imperial factions. The legitimists are a faction among the imperial forces on the planet who's most notable backers are the former senator of the planet, Ilanto Valg, and the commander of the Imperial Army forces on the planet Tolik Mons. These two have begun actions to explore beginning negotiations with the new republic and groups like the OPoD, much to the disgust of the leader of the ISB on the planet. Tensions are rising between various factions, although the good personal relationship between Tolik and his counter part commanding the stormtroopers on the planet has helped to keep the imperial factions from open conflict so far.
Beliefs: The Legitimists core claim is that the Empire was the the legitimate successor of the old republic and the new republic is the legitimate successor of the Empire. As long as nothing they did under the Empire was actually contrary to their orders they shouldn't be legally on the hook for anything but at the same time now is the time to begin negotiating with the New Republic Government. Most of the high ranking Legitimists believe that that the Palpatine was right to increase the degree to which power was centralised to an extent, believing that the security the early empire gave was an improvement to the galaxy and many call for the New Republic to basically return things to the state of affairs present in the early Empire. But they believe Palpatine began to go too far with the use of the death star and the dissolution of the senate. They often hold modest High Human Culture beliefs believing that humans and core world species possess a more civilised culture many of the outer rim species and the like involved in the CIS but also dislike the more genocidal acts of the Empire. They might be willing to reconcile with people like the OPoD who are mostly relatively moderate humans but call on the New Republic to outlaw groups like the Alvark Pact as terrorists.
Military capabilities: Tolik Mons' command of the Imperial Army garrison on the world makes the Legitimists at the present potentially have the capability of have a significant amount of man power and ground assets, although not quite as elite as some of the stormtrooper formations on the planet. Its unclear if all Mons' subordinates would in fact follow him if he declared they he was going to support the new Republic or if some would defect to ally with other factions like the commander of the imperial naval forces in the area or the storm troopers, despite interservice rivalries. Its also unclear if the Legitimist faction will even be able to successfully achieve their goals in negotiations with the New Republic and if so what their response will be.
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2023.03.23 00:46 n0noTAGAinnxw4Yn3wp7 georgetown university board 🤝🏻 cop-loving megacorporations

check out these two villains on georgetown's board of directors:
Mary Callahan Erdoes (C’89) - CEO, Asset & Wealth Management, J.P. Morgan
In 2020, JPMorgan committed $30 billion to advance racial equity and discussed the importance of being held accountable on their website. This contrasts with the bank’s history of racial discrimination as they settled a lawsuit filed by former and current employees for $24 million in 2018 and are currently being sued by Dr. Malika Mitchell-Stewart who was denied service at a branch in Texas.
The bank is also a big backer of the blue. In 2011, JPMorgan gave the New York City Police Foundation $4.6 million, turning the NYPD into a militarized presence during Occupy Wall Street. Heidi Boghosian of the National Lawyers Guild said it created an appearance of “the police protecting corporate interests rather than protecting the First Amendment rights of the people.” JPMorgan’s Head of Regional Investment Banking, John Richert, serves on the board at the Atlanta Police Foundation and is on the board at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.
Kevin M. Warren (B’84) - EVP and Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Officer, UPS
UPS, whose headquarters is in Atlanta, is committed to “creating social impact, advancing diversity, equity and inclusion,” and “building stronger communities.” In the aftermath of the murder of George Floyd, UPS pledged 10.7 million toward racial justice in 2020, during which time UPS CEO Carol Tomé said, “We will not stand quietly or idly on the sidelines of this issue.”
However, UPS’s backing of police foundations undermines any virtue signaling. The multinational shipping giant sponsors the Louisville Police Foundation, which provides direct funding to police officers and cosponsored a pro-police rally with the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) lodge, River City FOP, and holds two seats on the Atlanta Police Foundation board.
Those seats are filled by UPS’s Chief Legal and Compliance Officer Norman Brothers Jr. and former UPS Senior Vice President of U.S. Operations Calvin Darden. Darden previously served on the board of directors for Coca-Cola Enterprises. Coca-Cola has a history of donating millions to the Atlanta Police Foundation, and until April 2021, had a seat on the foundation’s board of trustees.
(UPS info from the same article as JPMorgan)
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2023.03.23 00:04 AutisticPerfection TIFU by possibly poisoning my roommate's cats.

Edit: The cats are fine.
I am a college senior who lives in an apartment with three other people. One of them has two cats whom we all adore. A couple weeks ago, I had a big senior event in which several people brought me flowers. I put everything in vases and set them on the kitchen counter. My boyfriend has brought me flowers once or twice since I moved in, so me having flowers on the counter wasn't anything out of the ordinary (my roommate even changed the water for me).
A few days later, Spring Break started. The flowers were still living, so I left them and went on vacation. When I came back at the end of the break, they were wilted, so I tossed them and did my best to make sure nothing was on the floor in case my roommate's cats decided it was food. This was two days ago.
This morning, I woke up to a text from my roommate asking if any of the flowers I had were lilies. One of the bouquets was white lilies. He then told me that they're deadly to cats and that while I was on vacation the week before, they were "peeing tons of pollen." I then went to Google. Apparently, the entire plant is toxic to cats, and even ingesting a few particles of the pollen can cause fatal kidney damage.
I apologized profusely for not thinking to check before putting out the flowers. After checking online, I'm pretty sure most of the flowers I was given were toxic to cats, and there were at least 20 kinds across the three bouquets. I really hope his cats end up being okay and don't have to suffer.
I'm the kind of person who takes full blame when something happens, even if it's not entirely my fault. I definitely should have looked up all the flowers before putting them out.
I do have a few thoughts about this. First off, why don't florists put on the label of the bouquet wrappings if they're safe for pets or not? I would've thrown them away immediately if they had been. Second, if the cats were "peeing pollen," how did it not register in my roommate's mind that the flowers on the counter were causing that? He noticed this during the break, which was last week.
I probably should post this on aita but this was more a fuck up on my end than an intrapersonal conflict.
TL;DR: Some flowers I was given and had out for two weeks are toxic to my roommate's cats.
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