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2023.06.04 23:50 _SeeDLinG_32 Going to school for software development.

Hey everyone. As the title states, I am about to start an associate in applied science for software and web development.
I have never done anything like this before but I love computers and it seems like a solid direction to head in to achieve some life goals like owning a home and being able to provide for a family.
I plan on not working while I am in school. My thought is that this would provide me the time to do as well as I can and also potentially do some extra ciricular studying on my own of coding classes and working on projects.
As I mentioned I'm very new to this world and don't know a whole lot about the process of actually entering the work world. So, I have some questions....
It seems that internships are the norm. Could I expect to enter the work force with an AAS and no internship, or should I mentally prepare to have to do that?
What language(s) should I focus on to be a competitive hire?
Any and all advice appreciated!
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2023.06.04 23:49 AquariusRain Dear Mom,

How could you really be gone? It's been 4 months now and I'm still shocked. I'm still in denial and it's hard to even think about honestly. The other night I was walking down the hall to grab my phone to "see if I had any missed calls or texts from mom" then it dawned on me. There won't be anything from you...there hasn't been anything since January 29th. Your name hasn't popped up on my phone since. It kills me. There's still things here in my apt the way you left it. Some spices in the cabinet I'll never use but you did so they're staying. The red robin seasoning you stole from the restaurant for me because you know how much i love it, still there. The jar of m&ms you used to fill and send home with me for the kids. It's still full. I sleep with your pillows every night and they're starting to lose your scent... I wear your clothes and shoes now. There's still an alarm on my phone with the title dedicated to you.. it was to remind me to call for your walker. Mothers day was hard. Dad's birthday on the 25th was hard too. Now you both celebrate your birthdays in heaven. Speaking of birthdays, You just missed Cameron turn 3. His favorite color is still yellow. You should hear how well he sings "you are my sunshine". That was yours and his song. He still sings it all the time.
I don't care if I'm 31. I'm not ready to be without my mom. I still need her.
It's been too long, Dee. I'm lost,scared and lonely without you. I'm sorry if I took you for granted. I'm sorry the way our relationship changed after I had my babies. I wish I did better.
I love you higher than the sky and deeper than the ocean. That will never change.
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2023.06.04 23:49 23blackjack23 Concerns about hypoglycemia from SIBO test

So, I have a SIBO test scheduled this week. I’m reading if they give me the glucose solution that it is 75 grams of pure sugar carbs. Is that right?
I’m currently on a zerocarb diet (last 2 months) and prior to this I haven’t had fruit or sugar in years.
Sugar causes some very weird reactions for me. I get itchy all over within a day. It can also make me super irritable. I actually last ate candy about 5 years ago. I got mad at my dog for no good reason … I felt so bad about myself that I said no more candy ever.
My bigger concern is that I’ve had what I believe are hypoglycemic reactions to simple carbs … can’t really prove that’s what they were. Last time it happened was after eating Chinese food about 5 years ago. Extremely uncomfortable where I get super weak and queasy and start pouring sweat. It’s like 9/10 horrible.
Am I correct in my math that they would give me a solution that is essentially 5 tablespoons of pure sugar???!!!!
Not sure what I should do. I could test a smaller quantity at home … but really I just think I cannot do this
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2023.06.04 23:49 MyDogHatesYou00 [FOR SALE] AFI, The Acacia Strain, Avenged Sevenfold, After The Burial, etc

Selling a chunk of my collection and starting with all my artists that start with A!
Please add $5 for shipping or if you buy multiple, I’m more than happy to work out a deal as well. Let me know if you have questions!
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2023.06.04 23:49 Rare-Astronomer-4652 Deleted this stupid app

Literally in one of the busiest cities and the last three days have been three of the worst days since I joined Uber Eats. Decided to just delete the app and not waste time.
Stayed at home for an hour and didn’t receive an order. Drive for an hour and still no order. This is also during peak lunch and dinner times.
Don’t waste your time.
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2023.06.04 23:48 Darknesavenger LF: Shiny Galarian Birds FT: Various Shinys & Apriball Mons

I have various shinys between SV, SwSh, PLA & Home up for trade as well as other stuff that isn't shiny like some event mons
I can try to see if I can have what you're looking for and I know I have tons of mons in various Apriballs that I can breed down if people just want those!
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2023.06.04 23:48 Ecstatic_Internal_23 Can I get fire for this?

Hello everyone; I prefer to ask here before talking to the staff of my store, I feel more comfortable here.
I had a situation today at work, my period came 8 days before I expected it, and since 1 pm I’m in pain, and I didn’t want to leave because I had to cover luch. (I have 3 cysts) and the first day I always get very ugly. I took medicine, 2 pills of 500 mg, and a hot pad, even so I cried 2 times because I felt like I was going crazy with pain.
We are not very staffed, on weekends, because there are always staff who ask for free time and go to a party, as usual.
My co-worker, IS, had a meat allergy, and she had a rash on her left hand. There were 2 cashiers, but 1 of them can't touch the register because one of them, she doesn't know how to speak English.
So, a SL from another store, like 2 hours from here (like I said, everyone it’s having fun on weekends so they didn’t have someone to close) this SL from another store told me to leave after covering lunch, I'm BC, it doesn't bother me. But I had been informed that the IS goes before me, in my last Training group meeting. But I don’t know.
When I go to the register to cover, my IS told me that I can go home because she’s going to cover, she said she have fever and she doesn’t feel good so I stayed in the other register and I told her that it didn't bother me, she approached me and told me to leave twice.
She told me that she had a fever, and that she felt bad, but also I told them since 1 pm I wasn’t feel good and if can go home.
And I’m in trouble for this?
Will I get fired for this?
But at the same time, it’s not my fault one of the cashiers can’t be in the register….. IDK HELP 😭
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2023.06.04 23:48 conspiracieys a few suggestions!!

ive been writing down a list of suggestions i think would be fun to add to the game and wanted to post em here to see other peoples thoughts!! its a little longer than i thought it was but i wanted to offer explanations and examples of what uses i thought the suggestions could have.
it could also add an interesting feature of having people visit from out of town and maybe if a murderer is an out of towner, the case could go cold if they leave town.
and i know others have mentioned a friendship system of some sort with other people, which i think would also be nice. friends would be more willing to give information, and if you had to pay them for info, it could take the form of buying drinks/dinner.
ik the game is a dystopia, so it makes sense there are fewer places, but i think it would be neat to see people at least doing SOMETHING else besides work and home? see them doing more things. or at least do things at the places we have; seeing them going to the clinics, to the pawn shops, the grocers, that sort of thing. make it feel more lived in.
the clothing could and SHOULD have utility though; if you're wearing a coat you should get colder significantly slower, if you have an umbrella equipped, the wet effect should be at a minimum, stuff like that.
it would be interesting if we could steal peoples' clothing and face repercussions of that, like if you're wearing someone's shirt and talk to them, they can accuse you of stealing their shirt and get hostile.
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2023.06.04 23:48 hv126 need a help

Hey fellow traders! I’m on the lookout for a trading mentor. No sales pitch please, just genuine experience!
Can anyone share their honest thoughts on
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2023.06.04 23:48 Either_Gur_3760 Daily/overnight rate for pet sitting in the UK?

What is a reasonable daily amount to expect to pay someone to stay overnight in your home and care for your 1x dog?
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2023.06.04 23:48 Morzo_Voidmaster Exogamous - a standalone short story

Warm light from the fireplace pervaded the one room cabin, turning from orange to red as it creeped into the open loft where Chi lay restless under her covers.
"Mom," said Chi. Mom didn't answer yet was in the bed right below the loft. Maybe a little louder. "Mom. Mom. Mooom."
"Yes, sweety," said Mom.
"I can't sleep."
A rustling noise as Mom untangled from layers of bedding. She climbed the ladder and was soon at Chi's bedside. "Did you have a bad dream?"
"Do you need a snack?"
Mom put one hand on Chi's forehead, another on the girl's neck and a third on her wrist. "You're not running a temperature, again, thank God. What's wrong?"
"I miss Dad."
"I miss Dad too, but he's off doing very important work."
"Doctor work."
"Yes, doctor work. He's trying to heal grandma and grandpa."
"They got sick too?"
Tears welled in Mom's big black eye. "Yes, but it's a different kind of sick."
"Not numb nonya?"
"No, not pneumonia."
"We should go see them. I can cheer them up. We can play furry face."
"They can't play furry face."
"What about horsy?"
"They can't play horsy either."
"What about—"
"THEY CAN'T—they can't—they can't shape shift anymore." Mom regained control and let out a long sigh. She then kissed Chi on the forehead. "I'm so sorry for yelling, sweety. It's just that, grandma and grandpa are my mom and dad, and I don't like seeing them ill."
"What's wrong with them?"
"Their bodies have rebelled against them."
"Age. Chance mutation. Dad knows far more than I, ask him when he gets home."
"Okay? You gonna go to sleep now?"
"Can I have a story first?"
"Sure. Which story would you like to hear?"
"The one about how you and Dad met."
Mom smiled as she straightened Chi's covers. "You really like that one."
"Alright, here goes. Dad and I met, oh, eight years ago now. He was fresh out of medical school and on vacation. I had just moved back here after living as a human in Denver, Colorado."
"Why'd you move back?"
"Why does anyone move back home? I missed my family. I missed the local humans in the nearby town. I missed nature. I missed the privacy of nature, of being able to change whenever I wanted."
"Humans don't like us changing, do they?"
"No they don't. And they like our natural form a lot less."
"They think we're scary."
"Scary," Chi repeated as she unhinged her jaw, pulled her lips back to reveal two sets of human teeth and unrolled her tongue until it stretched to the foot of the bed.
Mom rolled Chi's tongue back up, closed her mouth with two fingers and gave her another kiss. "But that's what was so beautiful about your father. He caught me in the act and he didn't run away."
"Ooh, I know this part! You were behind some bushes, changing from a human into a deer when Dad poked his head in and you said 'Do you mind?'"
"Yes, and he just stood there with his blue eyes bugged out." Mom generated two bugging blue human eyes on the gray skin between her own black eye and mouth.
"'Do you mind?,'" Chi repeated and laughed hysterically.
"Okay, it wasn't that funny."
"'Do you mind?,' that's the funniest th—"
"Chi Maria!"
"Sorry Momma."
"Thank you." Mom tucked her tail under her legs in self disappointment; she never liked scolding her daughter. "Anyway, Dad caught me in the middle of changing and—"
"Tell how goofy you looked."
"Oh, you wanna hear how goofy I looked as a half-human and half-deer?"
"Well I'll tell you. I had just thrown off my stone-washed jeans and tye-dye tank top, deer ears had just popped out of my long blonde hair and I was standing on two hooves and two hands."
"And what did Dad do next?"
"He turned bright red and said, 'Sorry, Ma'am,' in a squeaky little boy voice."
"That sounds just like Dad! Then he ran away, right?"
"Like a scared puppy. I held in my laughter until he was out of sight but I know he heard me. I thought that'd be the last time I saw him. But I was wrong. The next day he showed up with flowers.
"I was lying by a stream, relaxing as a deer, and your father wades across the waist-deep water to with a full bouquet in hand. I asked him how he found me. He said he'd recognize me anywhere. I said 'wanna bet?' and pranced away."
"And then he found you again, and again, and again, and—"
"But, yes, he found me four more times. I tried hiding as a sheep. He climbed the mountain and found me. I tried hiding as a wolf. He chased me on a BMX bike. My last attempt saw me hiding as a black bear. He came with a lunch of fire roasted potatoes and insects . . . for two.
"I finally asked him how he did it. He said that it was the way I carried myself, that I was unmistakably me no matter what form I took."
"That's what I thought. So I told him to wait right there, that I'd be back in an hour."
"You came back as a human."
"I came back as the most gorgeous woman I could imagine. We started to kiss, but he stopped short. Then he said these words: 'I don't know you, but I can tell that this isn't your true form. If we're to continue, you must shed all disguises.'"
"And you did."
"I did, sweet Chi Maria. And he loved me. Though we only did so that summer, we were content to spend the rest of our lives in that flower decaled van of his."
"Why didn't you?"
Mom pinched Chi's snout. "Because of you, silly. Three's too many for such a small space. I became pregnant in July and your father toiled from then until December to build this log cabin for us. We were all snuggled in by the time I had you on Christmas Day."
"I'm sorry I ruined your fun."
"Nonsense! You coming along made us even happier. Now get some sleep."
Mom pulled the covers up to Chi's two beady black eyes, twirled the little girl's silver curls and kissed her one last time on the forehead. Mom then descended the ladder and returned to her and Dad's bed.
Only a few minutes passed before the cabin door opened and Dad stomped in in his hiking boots. "I'm home!," he said. "Where are my girls?"
"Keep your voice down," said Mom. "I just got her to go to sleep."
That wasn't true; Chi was just being quiet so she could eavesdrop.
Dad undressed in his usual noisy manner, unzipping, rezipping and unzipping his coat, tossing his boots with a KATHUD.
"Joseph!," Mom said in a shouting whisper.
"Sorry, Carmen," said Dad.
Chi heard him crawl into bed. Mom and Dad started to whisper in earnest now so the little girl enlarged her ears to pick up more sound.
"It's not good," said Dad.
"Worse than last time?," said Mom.
"Your mother is about the same, but your father has lost more weight."
"It's only been a month since you last went up there. How much did he lose?"
"Ten kilograms."
"No, Joseph, no."
"He can't hold any shape shift. I made them both form a patch of fur on their backs. His degenerated in just two minutes."
"Can you save them?"
"Carmen, I'm honestly out of my league here. My medical degree is practically useless. The whole of medical science tells me that their inability to mutate—that is, to shape shift—is a sign of healing. Yet my eyes and experience know that that is the opposite of the truth. I'm pulling information from studies of hydra, octopi and insects. I'm having to pioneer a new branch of biology every time I check up on your parents."
"But can you save them?"
"I'm going to try."
"And that's why I love you."
"Awww," Chi squealed.
"Go to sleep, Chi Maria," said Mom and Dad in unison.
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2023.06.04 23:48 WitchyWaspGirl Looking for a smooth, flat area to learn to rollerblade/skateboard - any suggestions?

I’ve checked out a few skateparks - but seem a bit too extreme for my current skill set, especially for roller blading. Also UNM had some nice areas but a lot of divots between concrete pads that are sorta scary.
Mostly looking for the east side of the city if possible - I’ve seen recommendations for the Bosque trail out west but that’s easily a 30 minute drive and I was hoping for something closer to home.
Any tips would be great! Sadly all school tennis courts and such seem to be gated/locked these days.
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2023.06.04 23:48 Dry-Land565 Need a Quad Tesla Please!!

I'm a level 193 Play on Ps5 . and am in dire need of a quad tesla . I've easily blown over 60 modules trying to roll one . To no avail . Does anyone have one for sale ? If so how much ? 🙃
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2023.06.04 23:48 green_beer22 AITA for not forgiving my mum after what happened at Christmas?

I (27M) live abroad and came back to my mother’s to spend Christmas there with my family. I usually come back home 2-3 times a year. Upon landing on December 23rd at night my mother announced to me that she actually planned on leaving the day after Christmas to spend new year’s celebrations with her friends (leaving on Dec 26th and coming back on Jan 2nd to take me to the airport the next day). I was obviously deeply upset because she hid this piece of information to me and it meant that I was going to spend my whole vacations there alone by myself. We argued in the car on the way home and she mentioned that I was not so clear with my plans during my stay here, that I was going to leave on Dec 31st anyways to spend the new years with my cousins so it made sense for her to make other plans as well. I felt that she tried to gaslight me to serve her purposes. She had no intentions to let me know of what will happen, try to hide as many things as possible and I felt deeply hurt. Following Christmas the whole family pointed this out at another outing when she was not there and I felt deeply embarrassed because I let this one go. I tried not to think about it and wanted to spend nice holidays with my family. I felt that my mom manipulated me and got her way. Upon leaving in the morning she cut the heating and when I came back home the place was super cold and I was there by myself. I felt overwhelmed, cried and called my sister, she offered to come pick me up in order for me to not be alone. I changed my flights and never came back home afterwards.
My mother was very unapologetic about it and felt no remorse about anything immediately. After several weeks, she tried to call me several times, texted me but she never wanted to admit her mistakes (lying to me, gaslighting me, not caring about me) and the furthest that she came from an apology was saying that she should not have left and that Christmas is meant to be spent with family.
I’m deeply hurt and does not trust her anymore. The whole thing escalated to the point where my grandma had to call me to let me know that my mum feels deeply hurt, that I should forgive her and let it go because she is so sad about the whole situation. Needless to say that I am devastated that my mum does not want to admit any of her mistakes, prefers to preserve her ego and her pride in order to save face.
My whole family is on the fence about it, everyone agrees with me but since my mum is deeply sad about it and that it truly impacted her I should forgive her.
AITA for not forgiving my mother?
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2023.06.04 23:48 ThomasFromOhio Not an official for sale post

Not an official for sale post
My father in law was an avid Lego collector. Going through his estate and the 2 tons of Legos, I found some new bulk cobi blocks. Pictures below. I don't know anything about cobi. I don't know if he has the manuals for kits or if he was able to buy bulk cobi blocks. I don't even know how he got the cobi blocks. Looking to sell the blocks but unsure what price to ask. Obviously they will be a bulk item of new bricks. Second question is best way to sell? eBay doesn't appear to be popular with cobi as I only saw two active auctions and complete sets when I search close auctions. Advice is appreciated. Here's a couple pics. If I post to sell here I can get more detailed pics of requested and will add a date to the photos.
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2023.06.04 23:48 toxicwolf89 Another Plasma Problem

Hi all. I’m about to be 19 in a few weeks. I’m being treated for bipolar 1 and OCD. I’m on effexor, tegretol, and seroquel (I had the rare lamictal allergy). I’m doing incredibly well—I have a stable relationship of a year and a half, get along well with my parents, and I’m a great student in college for biochemistry. Keep this in mind; I am a stable young woman.
I tried to register for Adma Biocenters near my house to start donating plasma there instead of my usual CSL. CSL is too far away and uses up a lot of gas, and I’m keeping my younger sibling this summer, and don’t get off from that until 3 or 4 each day. My mother works right across the street from Adma, so it’d be easy for me to drop my brother with her as she’s going home, and then go over to donate. But I have to register for Adma first. So two days ago, I went to register. It was 4:58 when I walked in and 5:02 by the time someone spoke to me. She said they don’t accept new donors after 5pm. I went home disgruntled because their website clearly stated to come 90 minutes minimum before close and I was there 120 minutes prior, but politely vowed to come back the next day. So I did. I was prepped that it could be a 2hr wait. I ended up getting seen for my physical in about 30 minutes or less—it was really fast, but I wasn’t paying attention either. The vitals receptionist said the nurse would have to do the physical before vitals since I mentioned being on medications. So the nurse gets me in the room—she apologizes because she’s the only nurse on staff instead of the usual 2–but I’m polite and say it’s no problem for me. I tell her what I’m taking and she goes quiet. I ask what’s wrong and she says I take three medications, and the rules require a written letter of approval to donate plasma if you take three or more prescription medications. Because the med levels will decrease during plasmapheresis, I need approval. I’m not dumb—seems fair enough. She checks through her computer files to make sure and confirms and says she’ll print the request form I’ll need to send to my psychiatrist. I’m so embarrassed and begin to tear up as I say “gosh, she’ll probably charge me for this form, and the whole reason Im here is because I need money.” And the nurse is just backpedaling, saying “I’m sorry, I promise it’ll be okay, your doctor will fill it out and it’ll be alright.” I told her it wasn’t her fault and that I know she’s just doing her job and she appreciated the understanding, but was still trying to apologize. I repeated to her that I didn’t blame her at all. So I go out to my car, email the form to my psych. And then I sit there. And I look online. Couldn’t find anything about three or more medications. Instead I found accounts here, and info saying anyone with bipolar must be declared mentally stable by a doctor to donate. The nurse lied to spare my feelings. But oh man, are they hurt. Im a stable adult. I’m a functional young woman trying to make money to support myself and pay my bills. It hurts me to know all I will ever be to some is my illness. Like I cannot make my own decisions safely. I cried to my dad about it, but I’m just going to keep my head up and hope for the best. My psychiatrist knows I donated at CSL—who NEVER required this form of approval. Nonetheless, I know she’ll approve it. It just hurt me.
Edit: Also mad they wasted my time. They handed me a huge booklet of info and nothing about mental conditions was mentioned. CSL knew what I took and why and didn’t care or require approval.
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2023.06.04 23:48 Traditionalcow82 I’ve been at one of the T2 firms (not Big4) for almost 10 months and was recently made a team lead of the offshore team (majority of the team is here).

I’m in advisory, & this high visibility/$ is going very well and some other adjacent team members are now being asked to go on-site (Chicago). These other guys have been at the company for almost 2 years now.
I feel I’ll miss the train if I don’t ask now too. But I’m so new. How can I broach the topic? And should I even try to move with the layoffs? Currently I’m the cheap labour so atleast my job is safe-ish. But I also want to make some moolah in the US and run back home to be a farmer. So confused. Help please!
Btw I’m SA3.
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2023.06.04 23:47 fucks__sake Firewall Appliance Recommendations (my pfsense appliance failed this weekend)?

Hi all,
I am looking for recommendations for a new firewall for my home network.
Up until Friday I was using a Protectli Vault with pfsense installed on it. After we lost power on Friday the Protectli Vault's LAN port stopped working so I am looking for some recommendations for devices that can handle 1 gig speeds and would be compatible with pfsense.
I'm currently looking at the NETGATE 2100, but would be happy to check out recommendations from folks here.
If it helps my current setup is:
Router <-> pfsense firewall appliance <-> gigabit switch with our PC's, and other devices plugged into it.
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2023.06.04 23:47 Left_Chemical230 What if the villain took over the world and made it better? What would YOU do if you took over the world?

For example, I would do the following; - Every city would need at least 20% of its area as dedicated urban farming/green belt/rooftop gardens. - Domestic investment properties would be limited to one per owner. All others would default to government ownership until sold to a first-time home owner or those seeking a new residence to live. - Work placement is mandatory in high schools and achieving a school certificate at age 16 (grade 10) is reinstated.
What might a villain (or you) do?
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2023.06.04 23:47 usama8800 Site marked dangerous

I have a SWAG server by lsio. I use authelia on all the apps that don't require their own password. I've had it for over a year without a problem. I just installed HomeAssistant and immediately my website got marked as dangerous by Chrome. I checked Google Search Console and it said they detected Social Engineering. I just put HA behind authelia and am waiting to see it it's fixed

Anyone else run into this?
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2023.06.04 23:47 conservamus Is it worth it to hire a 3rd party home inspector for a new build?

Hi everyone,
First time homebuyer here. Have zero clue what I'm doing or what I should be looking for. The home builder mentioned that we have 2 weeks of 100% free maintenance if we notice anything wrong. We're closing in less than a week, so this can be done only after I get the keys.
From your experience, is this worth it? I just don't have much experience if I were to inspect it myself. Thank you.
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2023.06.04 23:47 torchballs Toddler “summer camp” to start right around #2’s birthday

Hey y’all - just wanted to see if anyone’s had experience in this arena. My toddler (a little over 2) has been home with me since day one. She’s never been dropped off for any type of daycare, etc. We’re expecting #2 on July 6 (EDD, could be soonelater). We just got a notification email that a toddler summer camp we were on a waitlist for has a spot for her - it’s for 6 weeks starting on July 5. It’s for a couple hours in the morning.
Would this be too much change at once? I was thinking it might be nice to get some time where she is getting some enrichment in the beginning since I’m sure she’ll be pretty bored at home when the newborn is first here. I’ve also been wanting to get her into something like this because I think she’ll like it, but I don’t want to horrify her if the baby gets here and then suddenly she’s being dropped off somewhere completely new.
Any experience with this? Advice? Am I overthinking it?
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