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2023.06.04 22:20 OneTwoFink Honda CBF-500 daily commuter Tijauana to San Diego, near misses on a daily basis

Just wanted to share some experiences here in case anyone finds themselves in a similar situation. I found myself living in TJ as rent in SD is out of control. Now, if you live in the area you may have heard of the long wait times at the border, 2-4 hours per day is not uncommon. With a motorcycle, however, you can skip the line and go straight to the front.
While this is extremely convenient, it is also quite dangerous. I seem to have a near miss/close call almost every single day. From drivers not respecting stop signs to taxis stopping at any point to pick up/drop off passengers than jumping into different lanes. No one uses turn signals down here. The roundabouts are absolute chaos. Street conditions vary drastically, some areas are well-maintained, while in other streets it feels like you're off-roading, massive potholes, random debris, huge rocks on the streets, etc.
There is also a large facebook group for bikers in the area. I am not exaggerating when I tell you that every week there will be 1-3 posts about a motorcycle accident involving a fatality. People will post a photo and a description of the bike/gealogos and say "check your people."
Don't count on people stopping and taking responsibility for accidents. There is basically zero investigations and people fleeing the scene is common. Even when they do apprehend someone, they can still evade justice through a corrupt system.
There was a incident last year involving a mutual acquaintance, he was waiting at a stop light when a drunk driver struck him from behind full speed, no attempt to brake. The rider died at the scene, the vehicle that hit him was destroyed and the driver apprehended, however, he was let go because the court ruled on some administrative technical error.
I don't know the exact details but he was let go so that they then could go through the correct process in booking him. That guy skipped town and has not been heard from while the family is left with that horrible experience.
I post this as the warm months are here and so more people will be riding. Be careful out there.
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2023.06.04 22:20 AutoModerator Joe Lampton - Onlyfans Genius (Complete Program)

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2023.06.04 22:19 Fast-Dig-2189 “Geometry Dash Lore”

“Geometry Dash”
"Geometry Dash" is a popular video game that has captured the attention and dedication of gamers around the world. Little do many know, the inspiration for this game is based on a real-life event that took place in 1982.
At that time, there was a man with a distinct feature - a square-shaped head. Unfortunately, he was ostracized and shunned by people who deemed him to be different and strange. His unique appearance made it difficult for him to find acceptance among others, and he spent most of his life in solitude.
One fateful day, the man was captured and taken to an unknown arena, where he was forced to participate in a brutal and terrifying game. He was confronted with a path filled with sharp spikes and obstacles that he had to overcome to survive. The stakes were high, and the challenges were overwhelming, but somehow, he managed to make it through.
While the man was lucky enough to make it through with the help of his handy-dandy headphones playing a song, of his own creation, called stereo madness.
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2023.06.04 22:19 Baron_Von_Fab Rohde and Schwarz HE-100

Hi all, i need some help with a device - a friend of mine at a cyber security company is shipping me presently a Rohde and Schwarz HE-100 to borrow as I am trying to get into RF and SDR - I have been looking all over the internet for information on how to use it and use cases for it. It seems to be a bit out of my field of knowledge (yet hopefully!). Unfortunately the best demonstration I could find was in Russian and didn't help me much. Anyone out there who can help shed some light on this new gadget?
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2023.06.04 22:19 Chadchrist Homebrew/DIY flash cart success?

Hello lovely people of n64, i'm new to this subreddit, but I still wanted to toss some questions out into the wild. Im in search of a solution for a DIY/homebrew flash cart solution and in looking for one such solution, I found this project on pcb-way.
I was wondering if there's anyone else here that's tried to or known someone who has tried to use this flash cart solution for their system.
I know of the existence of tried and true methods such as the EverDrive series, but im poor and don't wanna spend $200 on something that won't teach me anything, as im trying to ease my way into the retro hardware/software space.
More specifically on what im asking, Id like to know if theres any limitations on what games/software work with the system. What limitations there are on storage media that can be used with it(what type of sd card I might need) . Will I need to do any component robbing from existing cartridges for things like lockout chips?
Any information is appreciated. Thanks!
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2023.06.04 22:19 BuyWonderful Don’t bother with the I-told-you-so, okay?

So like, before you even start, don’t bother with the I-told-you-so, okay? I know it’s stupid hitchhiking but man, have you seen the price of petrol? Plus, it wasn’t like I was being stupid. I wasn’t going to accept a ride from some scary bloke. But an old lady? Well, why would it hurt? Nora noticed the young lady standing lonely on the side of the highway. Dirty blonde hair, worn in converses, a backpack slung low over one shoulder. She didn’t usually pick up hitchhikers, she knew how dangerous it could be. Especially for a woman in her late 70s. But a young lady, one who looked so lost and sad? Well, she would make an exception. It had been such a very long time since she had stopped for someone on the side of the road. Of course I accepted. She looked so sweet!! Grey, curly hair, big thick glasses. She looked like any Nana I’d ever seen on TV. She didn’t pester me with questions, which was good. Instead, she asked if she could tell me a story. It was a story Nora hadn’t told for a while, though she still remembered it word for word. It was one of those things, something that was so ingrained in her very being, she simply couldn’t forget it. I listened not even half heartedly, staring out the window and daydreaming instead, as we drove on. It wasn’t until I finally noticed the silence in the car, that I also noticed my changes. My hands – wrinkled, blotched with age spots. I reach up to touch my face and realise something else is missing – my long hair, it’s gone, replaced by what feels like steel wool atop of my head. I pull down the passenger side mirror, take a look at the old woman staring back at me, through milky, cataract filled eyes. I open my mouth to scream, my jaw cracking, dentures sliding about. Next to me, I hear a long, soft and satisfied sigh. Like someone who had just devoured a delicious meal. I see Nora, see her long blonde hair, the smooth skin on her face. She glances at me, smiles sadly. “Thanks for accepting my ride,honey.” She drops me off at the mall, and with no where to go, I wander. An old woman, frail, confused. Another face in the sea of a thousand people. Eventually I am taken into a nursing home, where I’m kept against my own will. No one believes me when I tell them what happened, they call it dementia, they called it old age, so now I’ve just stopped trying. Im fixing a plan to escape this place, I’m not getting any younger, I gotta do what I can, I don’t wanna be stuck like this forever, man. I’m just hoping to hitch another ride, maybe I can fix this fuck up somehow.
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2023.06.04 22:19 thedowcast To anyone who is vaccine injured: Which side most resembles your symptoms post vaccine? Side one or side two?

To anyone who is vaccine injured: Which side most resembles your symptoms post vaccine? Side one or side two?
To anyone who is vaccine injured: Which side most resembles your symptoms post vaccine? Side one or side two?

One of the premises of the book "Vaccines and CMV Reactivation" is that because physical health is divided into two sides, the body cannot experience certain symptoms simultaneously. For instance, its well known that people with Sickle Cell anemia have no almost no chance of contracting Malaria. The two reactions are diametrically opposed. This book tries to explain this dynamic across a host of physical reactions, vitamins, minerals, etc. Another example is the opposition between magnesium and Vitamin D, where one tends to push out the other. High vitamin D leads to magnesium deficiency and vice versa, high magnesium leads to Vitamin D deficiency. When it comes to vaccine adverse reactions, i am noticing that most adverse reaction are essentially a side two reaction...high homocysteine, blood clots, pins and needles, etc. However, some are reporting aggressive cancer( a side one reaction), which is something the book "Vaccines and CMV Reactivation" considers to be opposed to side two reactions. The book infers that a body primed for aggressive cancer would be at a lower risk for flu or covid, and vice versa, a body primed for covid or flu would be less susceptible to cancer or tumor growth. With this in mind, I've gathered that there must be more to vaccine adverse reactions than just side two reactions. While most cases seem to be a side two reaction due to a presumed immunosuppression, there also seems to be an aggressive innate immune response that could explain aggressive cancer.
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2023.06.04 22:18 RustedAxe88 Found on Facebook. Accurate.

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2023.06.04 22:18 Cultural-Fail-698 Game launching fails

Game launching fails
I had a previous version of Minecraft on my PC under a different Microsoft account. I lost the sign-in for that account, so I deleted the launcher but kept the game files.
Recently, I decided to create a new Microsoft account and put my launder on the same PC. This Microsoft account is also linked to Bedrock on Xbox.
When I go to open Java Edition, I see strange errors, including the one below.

Instead of telling me I don't own the game under this account, it tries to open Minecraft on this PC, then fails due to "network issues." Every time I launch it, it's an entirely different error.
Do I need to repurchase Minecraft on this Microsoft account? It gets halfway through the download before failing, or it doesn't download. I would think that it would tell me if my account doesn't own Minecraft.
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2023.06.04 22:18 Automatic_Screen349 How would you feel if you (French man) were asked out by someone you tutor?

I started private tutor with a French tutor who is my age a few months ago. I still have a few weeks of classes left with him but I think I want to ask him out because we both leave town in a few months.
Recently after our class which was a weekend evening, there were a few people grabbing drinks in the bar so he asked me to go with him and he even paid for my drinks because I didn't have any cash on me. Just the two of us drank and spoke for nearly three hours. Harmless talks only, but I have become so attracted to him because he is ridiculously sweet and slightly shy which is stupidly attractive. He seems like a genuinely kind and gentle person with a really good heart.
Is it weird for me to ask him out though?? Would this make things very awkward for us and for our class?? I am personally ok with rejections. I don’t mind but I’m not sure how he’d feel so I want to be careful.
Also if I do ask him out, how should I approach it?? Is rendez-vous a date??
I don’t know French dating culture or any rules on asking out… so how would a French man feel?
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2023.06.04 22:18 Aki_47Highyakawa Athena was an ercanation of the war devil

this post is really useless but i wanted to talk about this thing that came to me. Athena was the greek godess of war and knowledge. When she came near the mortals the masses feared her and she never hold back on anyone who critized her. She turned a girl in the first spyder cuz she tought said she was better and sewing than athena. both are full of anger and rage and simbolized by a bird, but athena was smarter than yoru (i think she dumb cuz pochita took the more strategic piece out of her). i repeat, this teory is useless but it's fun to think that pagan gods in the csm universe would actually be devils
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2023.06.04 22:18 CivilAddress1278 23, Indian Hindu dom in mood to gag your gf/mom on my cock @brown_sugarpop

It's always hot to talk with someone and see how dirty can they be. Nothing is better than having a slutty conversation and be filthy.
I'm a college student living in Delhi, India and love having conversations. it's always hot to find a slut who can handle some good hard slaps and spanka
Kinks: Domination, cuckolding, raceplay, incest, agegap, rough sex, hairpulling, spanking
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2023.06.04 22:17 123fr To what degree did ADHD medication help with the problem of forgetfulness?

I'm a forgetful, absent-minded person who is able to see a marked improvement in focus and productivity with medication( which I see a lot of people mention as well), however I'm still forgetful - especially for things that don't have a fixed time (such as do X once event E happens, or bring X on the way back from home). I was hoping that the medication would improve this symptom but nah.
I'm curious to hear the experiences of other people, how much has medication helped you for this particular symptom of forgetting to do things??
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2023.06.04 22:17 foxstroll Type me based on my bed

I just came home from being away this weekend, went to brush my teeth and while I was brushing I looked at my bed and was like "damn... hmm, wonder what mbti people would think I am seeing this" so I decided to take a photo of my chaotic bed as it is in its natural habitat so yeah here you go!
It's a very nice bed when I have made it but it's only me who sleeps in it so I don't always make it all nice you know.. maybe should do it tomorrow though
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2023.06.04 22:17 Diligent_Candy7037 Moving from PM to CO

Hello everyone,
I'm planning to move from PM to CO (there's an offer on the table), but l've few questions about the CO path.
Is it versatile? I noticed there are a lot of steps, like the WP in the PA group, which doesn't seem so great.
How tough is it to advance from CO-01 to CO-02 and then to CO-03? Is there anyone here who works as a competition law officer?
I’m planing to move there but I don’t know how hard is it to move up.
The job is with the Competition Bureau Canada, which falls under ISEDC. Thanks!
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2023.06.04 22:17 Ruffian_95 My best friend is in the second abusive relationship & I don't know how to deal with it anymore.

My best friend is in the second abusive relationship & I don't know how to deal with it anymore.
So, yeah, that's basically the point of it. My best friend (f 28), after finally getting out of her last abusive relationship, is caught in another.
We're friends for well over 7 years now. We've met when she was still in the relationship with the other guy (they have a kid together). I didn't really interfere too much in that relationship, besides a once in a while, carefully placed "don't you think you deserve better?".They were together since 4 years, before I even met her, so i always felt like it's not really my place to judge.
Since I know her they would break up & get back together again almost every other month... After multiple escalating incidents (him hitting her & apparently the kid too), she finally left him for good.
It was a hard time for her, but after months or so she finally agreed that it was for the better.
She was single for a while, like a year or 1 1/2 until she met her current... I don't even want to call him "partner"... Anyways. The first time I met him I already knew, I don't like him, he's not good for her, she'll end up in a similar situation. So I told her. " I don't think this is a good idea." She AGREED WITH ME!! So I didn't think about it anymore, because he'd be gone in no time, right? Wrong!! A few weeks later she tells me "oh, were together now". That was the second time I told her "I don't think this is a good idea".
But who am I to tell her what to do and don't do. So I left it at that. When I visited her, I anyways tried to be nice, even though I hated his guts.
November last year, I get the message of her hand with A RING ON IT!! Nothing else. Just the photo. That was the first time I sent her a looong message, telling her WHY I don't think it is a good idea & that I really don't like him. I was so afraid that my message would destroy our friendship..!!
She was quite stunned, but we got over it, talked about it and got back to how it was before, besides the fact that she now KNEW I really don't like him & why. With many things she even agreed with me!!!
A month ago she called me, crying, telling me they broke up. I didn't even hesitated & drove down to her (it's a roughly 5 hour car ride for me) to support her. She told me a lot about what happened, for example that she ALREADY KICKED HIM OUT OF THE HOUSE 4 (!!!) TIMES in the last half year!!! But he's basically guilt tripping her into letting him come back. She agrees with me, and yet can't find the strength to kick him out for good. Because she is so terrified of being alone. I lend her money, she "owed" him, so he wouldn't have that as a reason to stay in touch.
Today i found out (she didn't even tell me) that they are back together again. (So i asked for my money back, from him. But this whole rant is not even about the money, it's just an additional puzzle piece)
Anyway, I really don't know what to do at this point anymore. I am shocked how much this effects me, as my heart rate goes up, when I just hear his fucking name! My boyfriend just tells me "don't worry too much, it's not your relationship". And I know he is right, but still, this is just getting out of hand. Why does this bother me SO MUCH. It's this normal? Or is this already unhealthy? & how should I deal with it??
For everyone reading this whole paragraph, thank you! For everyone sharing their thoughts on it, an even bigger thank you!
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2023.06.04 22:17 SasZhen Looking for roommate/Huisgenoot gezocht

Hi everyone!
First of all I hope this is the right place for a post like this.
I (28m) am looking for a new roommate, as my current roommate is moving out soon. The space that will be available consists of two rooms, approximately 12m2 and 16m2. The location of the house is in walking distance from both the city centre and the train station. The bathroom and kitchen are shared. The current costs are €475,- per month for rent/utilities and the shared costs for the internet and washing machine are around €26,- per person.
I am looking for someone around my age, who is working (I am also working). Being able to live in a peaceful and quiet environment is important to me. I am Dutch, but I am also comfortable with speaking English or German.
If interested, please send me a message with some information about yourself, and so I can show you some pictures of the rooms and give you more information.
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2023.06.04 22:17 Acilawb Advice on socialising please

Even as I begin to write this I am aware that I am asking a flock of autistic people, who are probably in a similar if not the exact same boat to me, how to socialize. I just thought that maybe people have learned some ways that have worked for them that I could try.
I have football trials and have had multiple previously, but they've never worked out, not due to my football ability but because I don't meet the social standard. It is really dumb because they actually asses you on how well you get along with other and speaking to them.
In all of my teams, even the one I've been at for almost a decade, I've never really had friends. To make friends I've always relied on my pre made friends, friends which I've had literally for ever that I have made in my small school and grew up with. If I'm with them I feel confident enough to go up to someone tell them my name and try to encourage them to lead the conversation. None of my friends have been on my teams so that method hasn't worked.
The issue with trials are is that people won't just come up and talk to the new kid, so I can't rely on other to lead the conversation because I'm going to have to at least start it. And that's the issue. I don't know how.
Not only do I have social anxiety but I have realised, not that I hadn't gathered before, but I just generally do not know how to run a conversation with someone who I've never seen before. I work in conversation by having all the previous information I've collected to agree and interest the other person because I know there opinions and people always like when someone tells them they're right.
My idea was that 99% of people won't know me so I'm just going to go in as a completely different person, confident extroverted and going up to everyone and making friends. If you hadn't figured out THAT was the point I realised I was way out of my league. I've tried remembering past people who have been what I am aiming for, but I still need a bit of intel to actually act the part.
So yes. I apologise for the length and hope someone has botgered to at least read this part.
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2023.06.04 22:17 AutomaticInside7500 Florky A meme coin that embodies the spirit of a grassroots movement

Florky was founded by a passionate group of individuals who shared a vision of righteousness and decentralization. The project's main goal is to educate and empower individuals, enabling them to take control of their financial destinies. With a unique and engaging approach driven by memes, Florky attracts both crypto enthusiasts and newcomers to the world of cryptocurrencies. The movement is growing rapidly offline aswell as in the crypto space.




CONTRACT ADDRESS: 0x69147Bc52bF40Bd42A105740D849934ddFf9BE2a

This team of OG's taking the meme space by storm and the community is growing by the minute with like-minded folks who willing to promote decentralization, fairness, equality and RIGHTEOUSNESS!
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2023.06.04 22:17 Iridescent_b Got a gas poisoning and my mom won't let me go to the hospital

Me (F24) and my family (mom and little sister) moved into a new house a week ago. Some things have been damaged and it's been a huge mess.
Last Friday Mom and Little Sis went to a friend's house and I stayed in to organize some of my stuff. By the end of the night I started to notice a strong smell of gas (we're Brazilians, most stoves are gas stoves in here) and I realized there was a gas leak. I tried to fix it but only ended up making it worse. So I messaged my mom to ask for instructions and she contacted the landlady (we're renting and the owners live on the same street). By the time the landlady got here I had already inhaled a lot of gas and was starting to feel mentally confused. She was very kind and helpful, and managed to stop the leak, but at this point I was already intoxicated.
Yesterday Mom and Little Sister came back home and didn't seem to notice much. The problem is, I was so confused that I couldn't realize that I was, in fact, confused. I could only notice how tense and nervous I was, and how much everyone seemed to be acting weird (in my pov). My mom did say at some point that I seemed to be tense, but didn't ask anything. As someone with Anxiety Disorder I'm pretty used to feeling panickeded for no specific reason, so I didn't mind it much.
By the end of the night I took an alcoholic beverage to try to calm a bit and not annoy my family too much with my anxiety. But another problem is, I'm not used to drinking and it only made everything worse, and I got extremely confused by everything. My mom seemed to notice it but didn't ask anything, again. We all got ready to sleep and said our goodnights. Before falling asleep I sent a very confused message to my psychiatrist, (who's been caring for me for over 6 years now and who I trust a lot), telling her about the gas leak and how everything felt weird and wrong.
Today she called me and, seeing how I was still a bit out of it, instructed me to go to the city's emergency. My mom didn't like the idea and was strongly against it, going as far as saying we don't have money to be taking an Uber for "no reason", and got even angrier after my doctor calling and trying to reason with her. We had a huge fight and my mom is blaming me for being "aggressive". My poor little sister saw everything and I can only hope she won't be too traumatized by this.
It's been hours that I'm locked in my room, I didn't eat anything today, and everything feels wrong. It feels like I've been hit by a train while drunk.
I'm supposed to be a competent adult yet I'm locked in my room, living with my problematic mom and feeling like a child for not being taken seriously for having a gas poisoning. Days like this make me wish I was never born at all.
I don't have anyone to talk about this, so I'm posting here just to vent, I guess. I'm already feeling less confused, at least.
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2023.06.04 22:17 Gen-X_Man 44 [M4F] #TX #ATX #US Sunday Afternoon Musings

Good afternoon everyone!
Thought I would take to the Redditverse and see what it would offer back.
Been divorced for about a year and been on a journey of being single(on purpose) and here is what I have learned about myself: - I was the product of emotionally immature parents - I was constantly focused on being a “nice guy” to separate myself from the pack - I needed to focus on my mental and physical masculinity to combine with the divine to be equal parts balanced (this is a work in progress but it is is motivation constantly). -Life is finite and we need to have good social relationships in our lives (this does not mean those that are “transactional” in nature) -Romantic relationships have been something I have never been good at and it was because of a lot of bad examples, bad thinking, patterns, behaviors, and the EI parental structure I had (therapy has taken me quite far). -Dating in my 40’s has taught me quite a lot so far and admittedly its been an adventure. -We are constantly evolving as humans.
What I am looking for here: -First and foremost, No expectations, we respect each others time but also have common courtesy. -Age range: Late 20’s to Mid 40’s (seriously I know there are some old souls out there) -I would prefer someone in the US, no offense but unless you are willing to sponsor me to move to another country its difficult with time differences. 😂🤣 -Someone who is as motivated in life as me (early riser for the gym 5 out of the 7 days of the week, healthy-ish eating habits, not a huge drinker, exposing myself to the outside world, wanting to live life more open and free, small living in order to open to travel) -Has a worldly view but is not too leaning to the left (There is vast chasm between the word “woke” and the word “liberal”) -Doesn’t mind borrowing philosophies from other religions but doesn’t currently subscribe to their being any sort of deity that runs their life -I’m sorry but I am not there yet to where I can live an organic, soy-free, vegan, sulfate-free, etc lifestyle so I apologize. -I live in Texas but I work remote so if you are in another state we can absolutely have a wonderful conversation but if it were to progress, it would take a lot of hard work and dedication to make something work long distance. -I am in the middle of a body transformation journey. My body is my own. I am confident in who I am. I have loose skin. It is a part of me. I will not accept anything less than people around me who accept me for me. I will be happy to provide pictures of me no matter what and if we don’t match physically, then we don’t
Things we have in common: -Love of music (all types). I was a product of the grunge era 90s rock, numeral, etc. That’s what i gravitate to. No offense but I don’t know much Indie artists, current pop, etc. -Love of humor. Dark, sarcasm, gifs, I would prefer no self-deprication, and things stay positive. -Sports. I am a sports fan but not a fanatic. (Saints and LSU are my two main teams) -Books and reading. My iPad is my library. I am currently reading the first book in the Terminal List series, the 3rd book in John Grisham’s Jake Brigance series, The Recovering from Emotionally Immature Parent, and The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*#k. -Water. Being on it, in it, and near it. -A love of cooking. I am originally from New Orleans and it is in my DNA. I have modified a lot of my cooking to be (modified) Keto friendly but i love cooking Asian, Italian, Tex-Mex, and of course all of the Louisiana classics. Let’s share food p%$n pics. -Please be a professional when it comes to your work life. I have worked very hard to get to where I am in mine and would hope you are as driven as I am. -Travel and adventure. I have my passport, TSA Pre-Check and have a bucket list I want to achieve starting in 2024. -I do like to go out and enjoy all types of new adventures but I am over clubbing, partying, and staying out all hours of the night. I am more of a “day-drinker” (not in excess) and home early-ish. -The love of the art of “conversation”. The true getting to know one another on a deep level as a person. The all encompassing type of conversation. -If height matters to you (which it does for some reason), I am 6’2”.
Thank you for reading my dissertation and if you have made it this far and are a fan of the genre of music that i like name your favorite rock song. I look forward to your chat request. Hope you are having a great Sunday afternoon and evening!
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