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2018.07.30 18:40 RealJohnGillman CrimeMan

From Charles Oberonn comes New Superhero: “Crime Man”. He stops crimes exclusively by committing crimes: out-crime-ing the criminals. Like stopping insurance fraud by committing arson before the fraudster has purchased insurance. He finds out someone’s going to rob a bank? He robs it first so there isn’t any money left when they do. Dealing with armed robbery? He holds their families hostage until they deliver their guns & money in a bag behind a gas station. A hero if you’ve ever seen one.

2023.05.28 18:05 apple_jack_apple Rc cars pair frequency interference aliexpress

Hi, I was thinking lately of buying a couple of rc cars off of Aliexpress to make a little racetrack on friend's country house. This is just for fun, nothing serious or competitive (around 60 usd is what I am thinking atm,but I am open to suggestions).
I guess my two questions are: If you buy the same car, is it going to interfere on controls? How to avoid that?
If you have a recommendation, what is it?
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2023.05.28 18:05 DooDooKazoo dream about an aggressive ghost wanting to have sex with my boyfriend

in the dream it starts off with me and my boyfriend in the car and he’s scared and driving frantically. i’m like “what’s going on” and he’s just like “i cant explain right now.” and then all the electronics in the car starting pinging and buzzing with messages like ‘COME TO ME NOW’ ‘YOU CANNOT HIDE” and things like that. my boyfriend drives to my house (which wasn’t really my house, it was like a large corporate building but in the dream that was my house.) and he locks us in one of the rooms and he’s like “there’s a ghost that’s been wanting to have sex with me for years now.” and he’s explaining this and im just like WHAT. But to shorten this part down cuz it was pretty repetitive the ghost just chases us all around the building, and she is the stereotypical ghost girl with the green grey skin and long black hair and raggedy white dress. so me and my boyfriend run into the last room which had my mom in it, and she’s like “what’s going on why are all the lights flickering??” while we are still being berated with messages from the ghost and we explain to her and she’s scared too! so then my boyfriend and i hold each other in our arms very tightly and open the door all like “we are a couple and you wont have any way with me/ him” something really stupid like that and the ghost looks at us and moves her hair out of her face, nonchalantly going “that’s fine i’ll have sex with you both.” And typing out this dream now i feel so silly like this is a bad plot to the scary movie franchise but in my dream i was terrified and i have to admit i woke up covered in sweat and scared. i have these stages of sleep paralysis and sometimes i lucid dream and i really dislike it so i tend to not like sleeping, so if someone could try to interpret this (lol) and tell me if this is something to worry about or if they think my mind was just being very active last night that would be much appreciated!
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2023.05.28 18:05 --TheMan-- Worst Type of Player to Face in Ranked

Just imagine
You're 1999 ELO, one single point of ELO away from reaching Diamond for the first time, and you need to win this next game.
Your palms are sweating, your hands are shaking, and you bravely press the button to initiate the search. You nervously look at the top left corner. A couple seconds later, you hear the horn.
And then, to your horror, you queue into [Poll Vote]
You're bawling your eyes out, reeling in pain, but you try to supress your emotions in the hopes that you can win. You're winning most of the game, but then suddenly, [Poll Vote] utilises their most annoying and hated gimmick, and you start losing and getting tilted, and suddenly it's last stock red.
You need that final hit, but then suddenly your finger slips, and your opponent knocks you out.
You can imagine what happens next :)
View Poll
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2023.05.28 18:04 ScholarNeonBot Woman abused in Bangalore for sharing a ride with bank coworker

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2023.05.28 18:04 Johnstockton1992 Could have done a tad better. But a good week nonetheless.

Could have done a tad better. But a good week nonetheless.
Couple things.
1) Miles: some of the days I forgot to turn the app (Gridwise) off after driving. For example, finished the shift and going back home etc. for the most part those days are mostly accurate.
2) Hours: If someone could tell me if there is a way to find ACTIVE TIME on the app that would awesome. Why the hours are so high is mainly due to the fact I do a lot of reservations. So being online 40 min prior, also the airport reserve rides require being online 1hr before. So next week I’ll try to manage the active time.
3) Gas: $170 and I’m in the Charlotte,NC market.
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2023.05.28 18:04 r4id4 Has Apple stopped reviewing during the weekend?

It's been a couple of months now that every time I send an app for review, either Friday evening or Saturday morning, it always ends up reviewed on Monday.
Usually, back in the days (i.e. a few months ago) it took 24h to get it done, now it's usually 2.5 days.
Was just wondering if they in some way stopped reviewing during weekends. I always send over the weekend so I don't have a comparison.
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2023.05.28 18:04 sjk123 eBay question

I’ve bought cards for years on eBay and never have had an issue. I recently purchased a 40$ card with 4$ first class shipping. The seller then messaged about sending with regular stamps because his printer didn’t work. I have no tracking and haven’t received the card(only sent a couple days ago). Am I able to request a refund on the shipping cost?
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2023.05.28 18:04 ExtremeTie9175 After upgrading systems do you guys still use your PS3 anymore?

So I bought a PS4 pro a couple months ago, with the intention of continuing to use my PS3. But ever since I got it I haven't played any PS3 games except to test out a used Dualshock 3 I picked up.
It's really sad to think that upgrading systems means I won't play those old titles anymore. Especially considering I got the PS3 later on and bought a lot of games for it that I haven't even played yet.
Im hoping that this won't last and I'll go back to it at some point. But I said that when I held onto my PS2 and i haven't so much as turned it on since I upgraded to the next gen.
Curious to see how many of you have a newer system but still use your PS3.
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2023.05.28 18:04 u-and-whose-army If we bring in two rookies we will have 12 players 25 and under. Looking forward, who stays and who goes?

Players 25 and under next season: Franz, Paolo, Fultz, Suggs, Cole, Bol, WCJ, Houstan, Okeke, and Goga.
Add pick 6 and pick 11 in the mix, that's 12 players. This list does not include some of the older potential role players like Mo Wagner, Gary Harris, JI.
I don't really think this is sustainable, and I think our roster will see a bunch of changes in the next couple of seasons.
Here is how I view our roster, let me know how you view it.
Tier 1, Untouchables: Franz, Paolo
Self explanatory. I think they are the cornerstones of the franchise going forward.
Tier 2, Key Pieces: WCJ
I think WCJ is a still a pretty underrated center. Still on a good contract. Can play PF or C for us for years to come.
Tier 3, Important but not that important: Fultz, Suggs, Cole
This will probably be a point of contention. I think they are all very solid players in different ways, but I am not completely sold on any of them being vital to our backcourt. All of them are missing a little something to their game and need some development.
I personally love Fultz and was hesitant to put him in this tier. But I think if we had the chance to land a higher caliber PG, or highly touted PG prospect, it would be a no brainer.
I think all of their roles are "in jeopardy" to some degree. Our picks could come in and make an immediate impact. Fultz not as much as Cole and Suggs. I could see a lot guard minutes going to a rookie who can actually shoot the ball.
Tier 4, Keep if cheap: Bol, Okeke, Houstan, Goga
Bol needs to develop a ton. Okeke didn't get a fair shake last year. And Houstan is still young and developing. I think Houstan can grow into a very reliable bench shooter for us.
Tier 5, Time to move on: No one yet
Interested in hearing how you think we go about retaining/moving all these young players.
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2023.05.28 18:04 sahilk88 Tourist in Dammam and Abha, but looking for interesting/niche suggestions from locals

Salaam walekum, everyone. I'm visiting my family in Qatif at the end of June (around Eid) for a couple of weeks. It's been 15 years since I was last in Saudi (I was brought up in Saudi and moved to India at the age of 15). I'm hoping this community can help me with the following:
And, if possible, I'd love to meet some locals as well and, inshallah, make some friends. Would really appreciate any help with this! 👀🙏
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2023.05.28 18:03 offgridgecko Probably a stupid problem but I'm having trouble digging out an answer.

Probably a stupid problem but I'm having trouble digging out an answer.
This keeps happening to me when I try to blend idle and walk/run animations. Instead of a smooth transition I'm getting spazoid up there. I'm sure I'm not the only person that has experienced this.
Is there like a shortlist of rookie mistakes that would be causing this type of thing. Like maybe all of the animations in blender need to be the same exact number of frames (mine are not) or maybe the way my bones are set up in blender?? idek
I was following a tutorial (couple actually) on youtube and I noticed that I didn't have the same export settings for GLB as the guy in the vid, but the animations play fine by themselves.
Trying to blend using a 1D node.
Basic question here is just random idiot mistakes that I might have made or overlooked?
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2023.05.28 18:03 c0nstant_Failure Woman abused in Bangalore for sharing a ride with bank coworker

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2023.05.28 18:03 mismatched7 … did I just stumble upon the final boss???

So I started playing recently, I have only 5 hearts and have done just a few shrines and no main quests yet or found the story. I recently decided to fight a gloom hands, and chucked bombs until it transformed, then threw myself at it over and over till I got good at dodging, and fused my stalnox horn I had. Since I suddenly had high level weapons, I thought it would be fun to go to an endgame area and fight a bit so dived below hyrule castle. After running and diving I used my new weapons to take out a couple of horroblins to get more good weapons, then used the self damaging spear to get my health to one then fused my new silver horns with the desperate strength weapons to do tons of damage. I came across a silver lynel so made a contraption out of springs to jump over it, then similarly for a gloom hands made a contraption of wings and springs. Suddenly I’m in the tutorial area and the music is getting more and more ominous and the atmosphere darker- is Gannon here?
Is the final boss a spoiler, does anything change if I fight him, and should I turn back now if it is the final boss? I just wanted some endgame armor lol
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2023.05.28 18:02 aitthrowaway324 AITA for telling my sister that I don't care about how her wedding turns out?

My (29M) sister (26F) has always been incredibly spoiled. It’s always her way or the highway, so I knew that when she got engaged she would be a handful. Her wedding is coming up in about a year and she has already started planning. She sat us all down (my mother, father, and my other sister) and told us what they had decided for the theme. Now personally, I think it’s a little tacky to put a theme on the wedding, but it’s not my wedding, so I held my tongue. Her theme was nature, and this was applied to everything. She wanted a “floral lace dress”, succulents as favors, and for the ceremony to take place in a greenhouse. Again, tacky, but not my wedding, so I didn’t say anything. The issue arose when it came time to talk about the reception venue. She said that she wanted it to be outdoors in one of those huge event tents with windows so that we could be in nature. My whole family hated this idea. An outdoor reception just seems very cheap and not at all classy. We suggested that she go with something a little more classic, like an event venue, but she had her mind set.
I got really upset because the entire family was telling her that they would prefer one thing and she was insisting she do another when she was literally the only person who wanted it. At first, I tried to go easy on her by telling her that themed weddings are just a fad and if she commits to her theme so heavily, she’ll look back on it in 20 years and cringe, and that it’s better to choose something timeless, like a simpler dress and a hotel ballroom. I said that she could definitely incorporate flowers into the centerpieces and decorations if she wanted, but to have the whole wedding centered around plants and flowers just seemed like too much. Never one to take advice, my sister just said that she’s sorry we feel that way but her and her fiancé have wanted this for their wedding for years and they spent a lot of time coming up with the details together, and they wanted their wedding to “reflect their personalities and who they are as a couple”, and she didn’t think my timeless suggestions would be able to do that. Here’s where I might be the asshole: I kind of let my frustration get the better of me and said “Fine, I don’t care if your wedding turns out to be tacky. I knew you were going to be an inflexible bridezilla anyway”. I do think that she was being too rigid and just thinking about what she would like instead of what her family and guests would prefer, but my parents say that it’s my sister’s wedding and that it wasn’t cool to say that I didn’t care. AITA?
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2023.05.28 18:02 warmedspore Envoy cadet

Hello everyone, I am currently a CFI at about 1,250TT. I recently got into the cadet program at envoy which supposedly guarantees me a job when I get my 1500. To be in the program you have to teach at a partner school which I am currently doing.
The problem is that I only have 1 student this summer and I am not accruing flight hours fast enough.
My friend has a plane a couple states away that he said I can use to finish off my hours if I pay for fuel. I’m worried if I do this that I won’t be in the cadet program anymore because I will have to quit the CFI job at my current school.
Do you guys think it is worth it to leave the school and finish my hours quick, as I am worried that I won’t find an FO job anywhere else? Any advice is appreciated!
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2023.05.28 18:02 Jolly-Week5708 Transitioning from Web Development to Product Design: A Journey of Skills and Passion

Hello fellow Redditors,
After working diligently for over five years as a web developer, I have come to realize that my passion and skill set align more closely with product design. My journey started with an idea, crafting UI for products, conducting user research, and eventually evolving into a role that allowed me to wear many hats.
My experience has allowed me to collaborate closely with both business owners and their clients, offering me an in-depth understanding of various perspectives. I've participated in the iterative process of refining UI elements, conducting user research, and even stepping into the realm of marketing. I've found myself at the heart of solving critical issues, contributing to countless projects, and making a difference in the way our clients interact with our products. Recently, I decided to formalize my knowledge by enrolling in the Google UX Design course. It was an enlightening experience to realize that I was already familiar with most of the concepts taught in the course, albeit not in a structured format. Having this mix of experience and formal learning has given me the confidence to pursue a career transition towards product design. I believe that my foundational understanding of the web development process, coupled with my deep-rooted interest in user-centric design, makes me uniquely positioned for this transition. I am excited about this new journey and am keen to hear from those of you who've made a similar transition. Any advice, resources, or shared experiences would be greatly appreciated!
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2023.05.28 18:01 Nisi-Marie Arden Fair motorcycle parking?

Hi neighbors! Moved back to Sac recently after being gone for a couple decades so all my personal context is of the old person nostalgia type.
I have an appt at the Apple Store today at Arden Fair (stupid camera in my stupid phone is acting stupid).
My friend is coming with, and it seems like a nice day to use the bikes. Was wondering if there is a safe spot to park our Harleys while there? I haven’t been to Arden since moving back, and not sure if our bikes would get messed with. (2 chicks, if it matters)
I am hoping the answer is that I am worrying over nothing, but figured I would ask. Thanks for any info!
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2023.05.28 18:01 Demiurgic_ Overwatch 2 PUGS/Scrims Discord [PC] [EU] [SR 2500+ or Plat 5+]

◢◥◤◣◢◢◣ Demi's Diner ◢◣◢◤◢◥◥◤
If you've got a hankering for Overwatch then this is the place to be. Demi's Diner is a competitive PUGS server chasing the nirvana of a healthy non-toxic competitive experience, full draft phase, map picking, hero pick and ban phases. The aim? To have every game be nail bitingly close, infinitely satisfying and all while having a laugh with amazing members across the Overwatch community. We host weekly competitive PUGS event to get your teeth stuck into. But if sweating it out for some digital street cred isn't your jam then no fear. We are focusing on building an inclusive, well-rounded community, so hop in ask if anyone wants to play and I'm sure you'll find a home with some like-minded individuals. With experience running PUGS sessions in the first couple of years of OW1 and tens of successful PUGS sessions since launch it's safe to say we love this game. Come in, shake the dust off and have a seat at Demi's Diner : Every great story starts somewhere... begin your legend here today. 😆
For those not in the know, PUGS stand for pickup games and are invite only custom games with a more competitive rule set aiming to get a more enjoyable gameplay experience.
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2023.05.28 18:01 Good-Chocolate-419 AITA for not reaching out first to someone I deserve an apology from

I (23 female) have been seeing this guy for a while now and recently he moved in with a couple that are his best friends. One day during the week I went over to his house and met the wife(friend) for like .2 seconds as she said “hey, nice to meet you” and walked away. That weekend I was invited to the house again which was approved by the couple because the wife’s cousin’s wedding was happening that day. I wasn’t going there for the wedding just to see this guy but I didn’t just wanna go over in sweats so I dressed up since there was a ton of people. The wedding was over and people were just hanging out and celebrating by the time I got there. I had hey dudes, jeans, and a black silk shit that showed some cleavage. As soon as I walked into the house where the wife was(second time meeting her) she said “Nice to see you again” then looked at the guy I’m seeing and pointed at me and said “she needs to go put on a different shirt”. I told her I wasn’t going to do that since I wanna wear what I wanna wear and I didn’t have an extra shirt since he lives 30min away. She then said “well you either need to put on a different shirt of go hide in his room”. They had been kicking a bunch of people out of the wedding for what they were wearing but NEVER had a dress code in place which I would have followed if there was one! I looked at her and said I would rather leave because I felt beautiful in what I was wearing and she was making me feel terrible. I cried forever cause I hate how I look and when someone attacks that when I feel good about myself it hurts. By the end of the night the guy I was seeing said he was on my side and it wasn’t right but now it’s different. The reason of them kicking people out was that the bride had gained weight and had to get a different dress so she didn’t wanna feel bad about herself. This weekend I went up to the camp site that his friends were staying at to hopefully smooth things over but no one said one word to me the whole time. Yesterday as I was talking the the guy I’m seeing he said that I wasn’t trying hard enough and that she’s tried to reach out after the incident on Facebook but that i denied her request. FALSE she sent that request before I met her the first time and it’s still in my friend requests. I like to meet people before I accept them so I was waiting. The guy I’m seeing then said to text her and reach out to make things better but I don’t wanna Facebook message apology. I don’t wanna text her number first either I feel like I would be begging for one. I told him she could’ve talked to me in person up at camp or I would give her my number so she can call me. She doesn’t wanna contact me first it sounds like she wants me to reach out to her via text through her number or Facebook. When you really wanna apologize to someone you will reach out right??? So I don’t wanna have to beg for an apology from her. So AITA?
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2023.05.28 18:01 auw007 Reflections

Through this NC time , I have really seen that I have gave alot of myself to them , a lot of my time .. realize they didn’t appreciate it like I thought …. And instead blindsided decided I wasn’t enough and I’m coming to terms with that, and if they come to terms with they messed up in the future I will hope I’m strong enough to not fall into it again, and instead devote this love, and caring I have into someone else who truly deserves it, I always see the stories couples break up and get back together with time… but always think they just need breaks to test out other people before they can truly devote themselves to you and if they have to take time to do that than that person isn’t for me…
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2023.05.28 18:01 GeekOutHuntsville The current negative state of EV charging in Huntsville

It's only temporary, but in response to this post from a few weeks ago (, here's the status of current EV charging - not a complaint, just an update for the fellow EV drivers (which Madison County has the most per capita in the state):
1) Whole Foods: Chargepoint removed the 2 chargers, unannounced, a couple of weeks ago. Apparently, the corporate deal between Whole Foods Inc and Chargepoint faltered. The shopping center is working on bringing in an alternative solution.
2) Stovehouse: one of the chargers has been down for perhaps ~1 year. (having only one available means it's very unreliable)
3) Bridgestreet: one of the chargers is down, and the other one works intermittently. (this is why you may find EVs parked there but not charging - after failed attempts)
1) Redstone Gateway (with Rocket City Tavern and other restaurants) has 4 good chargers via Sema Connect (soon to be Blink) that were installed by The Lioce Group.
2) Ashley Garage on Governors Dr has 2 Blink chargers, across from Blue Plate, installed by Kris Price.
3) Coming soon: Four new DC fast chargers at Twickenham in the parking deck by Publix should open by end of summer. (by Seven States Power)
Many other charging spots are around town, but as a growing city we need to see many more.
Other reliable options (not at workplaces): South Hsv Library, Redstone FCU Twickenham, Space & Rocket Center, MidCity (Tesla Supercharger), HudsonAlpha, Five Points (1)
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2023.05.28 18:00 AutoModerator !!!!!!!!!!!!!! PAYPAL INVOICE DEAL SUB ONLY!!! PLEASE READ...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Make sure user is vouched before dealing and accepting other payment methods.

If you take any other payment options such as CashApp, Zelle, Venmo, Bank Transfers, Paypal Friends and Family to users who are not VOUCHED. You will 99% certainly be scammed. If you happen to get scammed from that, its on you.
Any payment that you are not protected in is high risk and likely for a scam. PayPal Invoice is the safest way to BUY and SELL.
Public Ban List
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