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Giving Reddit the power to take care of my plant.

2023.03.24 01:43 vanmo96 r/CredibleDefense Updated Rules Proposal

Hey y’all! The mods have been discussing implementing new rules to help reinvigorate high-quality discussion on the sub. They are outlined below:
The major changes will be:
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2023.03.23 19:13 subredditsummarybot Your weekly /r/predators roundup for the week of March 16 - March 22

Thursday, March 16 - Wednesday, March 22

Top videos

score comments title & link
59 2 comments On this day in hockey… 2009

Game thread comments

score comment
64 Infraction_ said I don't understand this team
55 Rinne4Vezina said Scoring 7 goals > giving up 7 goals. Evangelista is very quickly climbing my favorite list, with Glass + the Toms.
40 KarmaPanhandler said Even juice got an assist tonight
37 xiamhunterx said Luke Evangelista YOU ARE the 2023-24 Calder Trophy winner
32 jackimus_prime said Okay, my 16-0 Stanley Cup champions prediction is looking increasingly unlikely. Guess we’ll have to settle for 16-2.
27 excessive_coughing said I'm just happy Glass came back
22 Kroger453PredsFan said
19 Soto4Life said Didn’t think it was possible for us to score 7 with Fil and the cap let alone without them
15 Sad-Maximum-9067 said Carrier, Forsberg, Johansen, Josi, and Parssinen are all out. Ekholm, Granlund, Jeannot, and Niederreiter are gone. Yet somehow, this team is still within striking distance of a WC spot? I don't under...

Top Remaining Posts

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213 10 comments saw this on twitter, seems fitting right about now.
140 30 comments Oilers fan here in peace. Ekholm is an Absolute Stud
140 9 comments Mail day- Won the Smashville Selector game a few weeks back and got a Glass signed jersey and puck!
104 16 comments pain.
76 21 comments The #Preds have assigned 2022 first-round pick Joakim Kemmell from Nashville to Milwaukee.
60 31 comments Saros does not skip leg day
59 20 comments This was Logan Shaw's shootout attempt on Yaroslav Askarov. The Marlies captain had some words for the goaltender while getting up
58 33 comments Checking in from MSG
44 4 comments Free Tickets To Today’s Game
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2023.03.23 14:12 subredditsummarybot Your weekly /r/DeepRockGalactic recap for the week of March 16 - March 22

Thursday, March 16 - Wednesday, March 22


score comments title & link
3 4 comments Frequently unable to join public games?
1 1 comments some of the dlc packs won't show up after trying to view them on play station store?


score comments title & link
1,688 293 comments What do you think will be added in season 4 of DRG if it continues the lithophage outbreak like season 2 did with the Rivals?
1,643 205 comments Found this on the DRG discord and look at the level the person on the left has... 17k levels 🗿.
1,417 148 comments This guy sure has some levels. legit?


score comments title & link
1,200 42 comments Dear management, Can we please get a pinball machine installed in the abyss bar?
456 43 comments Being able to see other players' active assignments would be super useful
246 7 comments Since there's a handful of victory moves in the game, the DRG devs should give us the ability to toggle which ones we want to randomize for our dwarf classes.


score comments title & link
1,692 194 comments Why can't I talk?
1,233 179 comments Is this an actually achievable level, or is this guy hacking?
1,025 155 comments New-ish player, are these overclocks any good?

Rock & Stone

score comments title & link
3,713 81 comments The boys and I before starting a 3 complexity, 3 length mission, and 5 hazard
3,031 158 comments Well, this is awkward...
2,896 342 comments RIP Deeprock... you were loved. You will be missed.


score comments title & link
2,132 119 comments Oh good finally a mission for people who hate themselves
904 71 comments Why do the memorial hall statues have gunner with a 4 barrelled machine, scout with the engie shotgun, and driller with really weird drills?
537 9 comments Me explaining to my green beard Freind what my job is as a scout.


score comments title & link
15 3 comments Driller In His Element (fanart)


score comments title & link
7,338 119 comments 235 OSHA violations and counting
6,552 111 comments Mine the Nitra for ammo! Nitra! Found some Nitra!
5,393 93 comments Just being a team-player, no need to thank me

Modded Gameplay

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21 6 comments Found some cro-

Board game

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387 18 comments Rock and Stone
298 15 comments Guess what just showed up at my front door today!
111 6 comments The boardgame arrived today. Rock and Stone everyone!


score comments title & link
4,873 238 comments Glyphid Queen
4,661 78 comments Potentially someone has done a better version, but the thought struck me (OC, leaf lover art is from:
4,224 186 comments Faster Gold Mining Perk idea

Weapon Build

score comments title & link
1,102 97 comments A helpful tip for the scouts
13 11 comments Ammo efficient Engineer build for new Engineer player?
4 9 comments A list of diffrent builds

Other Posts

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7,978 156 comments POV: Molly just decided to take the most unsafe path possible to the extraction.
5,356 191 comments [MINER MEME] I will never tire of messing around with crazy new unstable overclocks
5,317 2,103 comments Management says we have to go by our "official dwarf names now"
5,089 86 comments [MINER MEME] Lungs are a figment of your imagination
5,076 286 comments [Humor] lvl 500+ | no fat boy | no TCF | no flamethrower | no goldmining | kick if teamkill | no button pressing | no events | have fun!

Top Comments

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2,639 Maubant said It's dwarf mm it's not exactly the same as human mm
1,959 atticuslodius said So scaling down your UI turns Bosco into a Mactera?!
1,786 too_Reversed said It makes funny sounds
1,614 Butter_brawler said more importantly, why do I see a leaf lovers special?
1,322 P3X127-8 said All I know is my favorite thing in ALL of Hoxxes is killing a warden with a single pheromone arrow.

Awarded Posts

score/comments awards title & link
2,109 - 1,495 comments 1 All-Seeing Upvote, 1 Stone Face [Humor] Give a a "Rock and Stone!" in your native language
1,470 - 73 comments 1 Gold, 1 Take My Energy [ROCK AND STONE :pickaxe:] PING MY TATTOO
2,579 - 109 comments 1 Masterpiece [ROCK AND STONE :pickaxe:] They are made for eachother
1,385 - 61 comments 1 Take My Energy [Off Topic] I know this is a longshot, Trying to Interview Jacob for a class project
1,056 - 30 comments 1 Gold [MINER MEME] You. Me. Hoxxes IV.

Awarded Comments

awards score comment
1 All-Seeing Upvote 41 NiftySwiftyTheBest said Lootbig
1 Buff Doge 397 Still_Pineapple_7852 said I've come to make an announcement. Gunner is a bitchass motherfucker. He pissed on my fucking wife. Thats right. He took his pants of, took his quilly [leadstorm] out, and pissed on my fucking...
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2023.03.23 14:07 mvea Kahoot Trivia for 1,000 MOONS at 7 pm EDT/ 11 pm UTC/GMT Tuesday 28 March 2023 (10 am AEDT 29 March 2023 for the Aussies) on YouTube Live!!!

Kahoot Trivia for 1,000 MOONS at 7 pm EDT/ 11 pm UTC/GMT Tuesday 28 March 2023 (10 am AEDT 29 March 2023 for the Aussies) on YouTube Live!!!
Okay, this is u/mvea here, and I’m going to host our third Kahoot Trivia for MOONS event next week, this time on YouTube Live since Reddit decided to decommission Reddit Talks.
YouTube Live should be better as you’ll get audio and video, so you will be able to hear me and u/jwinterm live and actually also see the Kahoot questions, answer reveals and score rankings, all live and in real-time!
The Game:
Kahoot is an online quiz platform.
Number of questions: 15
Time to answer for each question: 10 seconds (except for Puzzle where you get 20 seconds)
Note - the faster you answer, the more points you get
Type of questions:
  1. Quiz - multiple choice (single or select more than 1)
  2. True or false
  3. Puzzle (rank answers in correct order)
  4. Slider (slide arrow along a ruler to the closest number)
1st 12 questions - single points
Last 3 questions - double points
Number of players: Up to 2,000
How to play:
Load up Kahoot on your mobile device by going here:
Join the game using your Reddit username - unknown names will not qualify for prizes.
Enter the PIN which will be posted here when the time arrives.
Use your mobile device to select the answers.
Go to the YouTube Live channel to listen to hosts and watch the questions, answer reveals and score rankings - the link will be posted here when the time arrives.
The Prizes:
1st - 650 MOONS
2nd - 250 MOONS
3rd - 100 MOONS
You must be able to post in the main CryptoCurrency sub to qualify for prizes too.
Winners will receive their MOONS soon after the event is finished.
The Date and Time:
Tuesday March 28, 2023 7 pm EDT
Tuesday March 28, 2023 11 pm UTC/GMT
Wednesday March 29, 2023 10 am AEDT
Kahoot will start accepting players from the hour. We will wait 10 minutes for up to 2,000 players to join.
At the 10 minute mark, we will start the game sharp, so be on time!
We will spend about 1-2 minutes per question, so the event should be finished by the 30 minute mark.
The Link to Join:
Link to Kahoot on your mobile device:
Pin number:
YouTube Live link:
Our Kahoot premium is kindly sponsored by Magic Grants ( and Hydrate Labs (!
If you have any questions, please ask them below.
I plan to hold an avatar mashup competition for MOONS right after this Kahoot trivia game too - wait for the announcement!
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2023.03.23 00:57 tine622 Reshia Falls Patch Notes - 3/22/2023

Reshia Falls Patch Notes - 3/22/2023
7:32 PM Wednesday, March 23, 2023
* Added Character window! Press C or I to open
* Added Loot window! Right click on slain foes!
* Added Drag and Drop of items.
* - Click to pick up the stack
* - Ctrl-Click to pick up single items
* - Shift-Click top open up a size selector
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2023.03.22 23:11 SnooGoats8671 Privileges and Immunities TERATHREAD: As requested by u/cjmayo44

Privileges and Immunities TERATHREAD: As requested by u/cjmayo44
Alright everyone I know some of you are considering quitting this whole process a mere week into studying and selling homemade burritos on the side of the highway.

But we are NOT going to stop now. We are already in way too deep.
And it will be glorious when we finally end up on top.
We will learn the MBE tricks.
We will learn the legal jargon and buzzwords and how they appear on the test.
We will learn every MEE and MPT strategy.
And our haters will be vanquished once and for all when we receive a passing score on our admissions portals come September. These haters are working FULL time out here doubting us. They are putting in 25/8 hours but we are going to work even HARDER on these problems to silence them. That is all for now - so let's get into Privileges, and let's get into Immunities of state citizenship.

I would hate us too if we weren't us
Alright so what is this Privileges and Immunities clause of Article 4 about?!
I have a good mnemonic for you:
WORK. 4. ME.
The 4 is because it's The Privileges and Immunities of Article 4. And the work is because this shit is all about WORK. And YES, I am giving you all permission to quietly say this to yourself during the July MBE.

I believed all of your dreams, adoration
Article IV is all about states discriminating against out-of-state CITIZENS when it comes to this WORK (the ability to earn a LIVING) and CIVIL LIBERTIES.
My boy u/cjmayo44 asked about the Dormant Commerce clause and how it was different. Well, this is one BIG DIFFERENCE.
They both kind of talk about the same shit but Dormant Commerce Clause is based around COMMERCE and Privileges and Immunities is all about FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS of OUT OF STATERS.
Dormant Commerce Clause allows CORPORATIONS and ALIENS to raise it (every damn problem is about corporations lmao), and Privileges and Immunities can only be raised by AMERICAN CITIZENS.
Will they try to trick you by giving you problems with corporations and aliens and trying to pretend like they can raise a Privileges and Immunities clause? Um, let me think about that...
Anyway, sorry for getting so worked up - I am an emotional person who was homeschooled most of my life. So basically the Privileges and Immunities clause is all about NOT giving out-of-staters the same FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS or ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITIES they are giving their own citizens.
Okay Goat so states can never discriminate against out-of-staters? haha what a relief.
Well, not exactly. If it is "substantially related" to achieving a legitimate state interest, they can. It's like an intermediate scrutiny standard. We need an IMPORTANT government purpose to discriminate and NO LESS DISCRIMINATORY MEANS to achieve that purpose, and then MAYBE they can defend their discrimination in court.
Okay let's get back to fundamental rights...

Goat that's great! Thank you for being such a thoughtful tutor. But please never use words like "fundamental" because I don't understand what they mean unless you give me a cute and relatable example.

Okay sorry.
So let's talk about the one example that truly blows peoples minds apart.
Let's talk about BIG GAME HUNTING

me when someone is nice to me
Let's say that Indiana charges in-state residents $1 for a hunting license.
But they charge out-of-staters $1,000 for the same license.
You may be thinking "wait a second Goat... this is exactly what we talked about. This is discrimination against out-of-staters!! We won! we finally learned."
No. You're deadass wrong.
Now let's do another example: SHRIMP.
When I was in drug rehab we all gathered in this sad T.V. room at night. The only show we ever could all agree on to watch was this show where Wildlife Police would bust fishermen who were not following the fishing rules.
So basically in some towns if you are fishing for salmon or some shit you need to have a certain RATIO OF SHRIMP you also fish. For every 1 salmon you get, you need 6 shrimp. It balanced the ecosystem or some shit I forgot why it was a rule. But you couldn't make any MONEY from fishing shrimp haha - only salmon. So the boats didn't like to fish the shrimp.
So anyway they would pull over these fishing boats that had 9,000 salmon on them.
Then they would make the captain show them his SHRIMP to see if he had a proper ratio.
The captain would open up his shrimp box and we would see this on the T.V.:
this man showed the wildlife police two fucking shrimp
Anyway, we all would burst out laughing - we thought it was just funny as hell. Then the boat would get fined like $50,000.
Okay not sure why I told you that story but the point is this: Let's say the wildlife police charge OUT-OF-STATE RESIDENTS $50,000 for a salmon license and make them have a 50 to 1 shrimp to salmon ratio, and IN-STATE residents only need to pay $10,000 with a 6 to 1 shrimp to salmon ratio.
Now THAT would violate the Privileges and Immunities because it has to do with LIVELIHOOD and economic opportunity.
Then we would have to see if there was a substantial interest for the state to be charging out-of-staters so much more (maybe there was over-fishing going on or the out-of-staters were poisoning the waters?)
You guys get the drill. It's a two-part analysis.
Part 1: Are out-of-staters being fucked over when it comes to work or personal liberties?
Part 2: Does the state have a substantial interest to fuck them over?
Pro-tip: They always test these problems with some form of "license" - and it's either a work license or recreational license.
Hunting license discrimination = doesn't violate PIC. Barber license = does violate PIC.
You get it. Let's run some more tricks.
Trick Spotters Trick #1
Question: The federal government does absolutely fucking anything. What is the best basis for someone to challenge this?
A. Privileges and Immunities.
WRONG. Privileges and immunities only applies to STATES, not the Federal government. Stay focused out here Goat Gang you know we gotta duck shots in these MBE streets.
There was a problem about Congress enacting new TSA measures at the airport and they listed Privileges and Immunities as an answer choice.
You think Tim Cook would have gotten that shit wrong? If we want to be successful we have to go HARD in this motherfucker for July
Okay now let's talk PRIVILEGES or IMMUNITIES clause of the 14th amendment
Guys, this is different. One says AND is from the 4th Amendment, one says OR and is from the 14th amendment.
We will make this one quick since I know you are all bored as shit.
This will 99% of the time be the WRONG ANSWER CHOICE.
When you see this answer choice, you should be offended
This is all about states not infringing on your right to TRAVEL and will only be tested in one context: DURATIONAL RESIDENCY REQUIREMENTS
I know what you're thinking: what the fuck is a durational residency requirement?
Let's say you move to a new state and the state gives a medicaid discount if you have a surgery but you can ONLY get the discount if you have lived there for a year.
This "durational residency requirement" will face STRICT SCRUTINY aka it is LOSING in almost all scenarios.
However, there CAN be reasonable residency requirements for IN-STATE tuition and DIVORCES. Those are the two exceptions.
Alright guys I gotta roll but remember this studying shit is COMPOUND INTEREST. Every day we put in a little bit of money and that shit MULTIPLIES.
I read a statistic today that said if you saved one dollar a day for a year by the end of the year you would have THIRTY THOUSAND DOLLARS.
You have to think about how this shit adds up. Life is ALL about compound interest and being like a motherfucking horse with blinders. Don't look at what other people are doing Seabiscuit, do your thing out here and learn a little bit every day. And we WILL be in fighting form for the Kentucky Derby aka the July Bar.
Anyway, I hope that made sense.
Happy Wednesday.
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2023.03.22 20:41 creative-license Whatchawatching Wednesday?

Whatchawatching Wednesday? submitted by creative-license to adamdriverfans [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 15:07 subredditsummarybot Your weekly /r/goldenknights roundup for the week of March 15 - March 21

Wednesday, March 15 - Tuesday, March 21

Top videos

score comments title & link
221 14 comments [Highlights] Jack Eichel being a great teammate
112 16 comments [League News] Fleury wanted to get in a goalie fight with Jordan Binnington, refs deny it
106 8 comments Made something
19 1 comments [Highlights] Eichel’s 3 goals
13 0 comments Recap: CBJ @ VGK
2 2 comments Recap: CGY @ VGK

Top Non-Shitposts

score comments title & link
170 14 comments [Off-Topic] Shout out to Flyers fans not jumping me this time
143 10 comments Store window in Zurich, Switzerland (game worn jersey, #47, Luca Sbisa)
99 23 comments [Injury Update] Jesse Granger reporting that Logan Thompson and Laurent Brossoit have been visually confirmed to be alive and skating on the ice. Not practicing with the team yet though.
91 37 comments [Post Game] PGT: Hats Off for Eichel!
89 12 comments Took advantage of a brief Adidas restock to finally get this!
59 10 comments Jesus did the same thing but with feet. Blessed be thy Eichel
52 26 comments [Injury Update] Logan Thompson update
42 13 comments Quick not practicing with the team, Thompson, Broissoit, and Patera are
42 3 comments “The Fusilli Jerry”

Top Shitposts

score comments title & link
129 6 comments [Shitpost] Eichel just getting pucks on net.
36 149 comments [Shitpost] Remember it is now morally correct to root against the Sharks whenever this fucker is on the ice.
31 1 comments [Shitpost] I don’t know who came up with this poll but I knew there was only ONE TRUE correct answer…
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2023.03.22 14:11 riellograndma Hmm…I wonder why Lyndhurst gets a bad rep on this sub. Seen in Lyndhurst FB group. Thoughts?

Hmm…I wonder why Lyndhurst gets a bad rep on this sub. Seen in Lyndhurst FB group. Thoughts? submitted by riellograndma to newjersey [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 05:08 imboredatworkdamnit Kami Band Wednesday 326! (22MAR2023)

Just about every other social media has HAD a Kami Band Wednesday. There may not be as many goods out there as the girls have, but they are more active and accessible on social media. Not to mention illustrious careers both in and outside of BABYMETAL. This is the place to celebrate those careers! Post your pics, gifs, vids, convos and just EVERYTHING Kami Band related!
ALL members; past, present and future are encouraged! But i swear to the Fox God, if i see one baby bones pic, i’m shutting the whole thing down ;p
Previous thread
Don’t forget to check out these threads: Goodies Thread 457, The Official Weekend Free-For-All, Queen Su Sunday 451, Super Moa Monday 451 and Princess Yui Tuesday 451.
Let the goodies and discussions begin…
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2023.03.21 10:03 Garamchanachur 🚨🚨🚨I have got it 🚨🚨🚨

🚨🚨🚨I have got it 🚨🚨🚨
I have gone completely Insane 😭
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2023.03.21 09:54 Garamchanachur 🚨🚨🚨I Have got it 🚨🚨🚨

🚨🚨🚨I Have got it 🚨🚨🚨
1) The alt description says we are Mac hence CSGO=MAC 2) In the show which the gif is from "Its always sunny in Philadelphia" there's a character called Mac who is seen holding a cup here. 3) In season 9 episode 5 its called "Mac Day" it was released on a Wednesday but all of the episodes were released on a Wednesday. 4) When you watch the episode it says its Saturday 11:58 pm and "MAC day" will start from midnight meaning Its a sunday. 5) CSGO DAY = MAC DAY
I have gone completely Insane help 😭
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2023.03.21 09:20 togeo GL News - 3/22 Maint, FFBE Banner/Box Event/Special Story (Dioxus), Dark Rain Crown Quest/Update & QoL/App Update





FFBE banner - Dioxus

Unit Rarity TMR STMR LS
Dioxus NV Darklord's Armor (Regalia) [Heavy Armor] ATK +60, DEF +50, SPR +45, +75% P/M Dragon killer Denial of Dominance [2H Greatsword] ATK +220, +100% P/M Man killer, Dioxus only: +500 static ATK Dark or Anniversary (JP) only: +500% ATK/MAG, +200% DEF/SPR
Step Lapis Cost Content
I 2,000 4 5★/NV summons
II 3,000 6 5★/NV summons
III 4,000 9 summons + 1 NV; 1x Transcension Pearl
IV 5,000 10 summons + 1 NV (2% rate for Dioxus); 10x Dioxus Fragment
V 5,000 10 summons + 1 NV (2.5% rate for Dioxus); 10x Dioxus Fragment
VI 6,000 10 summons + 1 NV (10% rate for Dioxus, curated pool); 30x Dioxus Fragment
Step Lapis Cost Content
I 2,000 10 summons; 1x Summon Coin; 1x NV Exchange Ticket
II 3,000 10+1 summons; 1x Summon Coin; 1x NV Exchange Ticket
III 3,000 10+1 summons; 1x Summon Coin; 1x NV Exchange Ticket
IV 4,000 10 summons + 1 NV (5% rate for Dioxus); 1x Summon Coin; 1x NV Exchange Ticket

Vision Card

  • Source: Link
  • The Hour of My Vengeance Is at Hand!
    Obtainable from: awaken Dioxus to EX+3 Lvl 1: +170 base ATK/MAG Passive skills: Lvl 1: (Dark category only) +80% ATK/MAG Lvl 1: (Dark category only) +100% LB damage Lvl 1: (Dark category only) +500 static ATK/MAG(?) 

FFBE Events



  • QoL and App Update
    • Autoplay - automatically replay box event & vision/insignia quest (up to 10).
    • Practice mode in DV after the event is over.
    • DV/WV achievements will added to player's record.
    • Leader skill. First update batch.
    • Unit category + its filters.
  • Dark Lineage Login Bonus
    • Period: Thursday 3/23 EoM - Wednesday 4/12 SoM PDT
    • 2x Rare Summon Ticket (3★/4★/5★/NV)
    • 1x Guaranteed Ticket (4★/5★/NV)
    • 2x Guaranteed Ticket (5★/NV)
    • 1x NV EX Ticket (3★/4★/5★/NV)
    • 2x NV EX Ticket (4★/5★/NV)
    • 1x NV EX Ticket (5★/NV)
    • 1x 10+1 Summon Ticket (3★/4★/5★/NV)
    • 4x 1/10 NV Summon Ticket
    • 1000 Lapis
    • 10x Super Trust Moogle Exchange Ticket
    • 1x Transcension Pearl
    • 200 VIP Coins
    • 1x Mystery Crystal
    • 30x NRG Restore 10
  • True Shadow Login Bonus
    • Period: Thursday 3/23 EoM - Friday 3/31 00:59 PDT
    • 30x Dioxus Fragment
    • 1x NV EX Ticket (4★/5★/NV)
    • 100 Lapis
    • 1x Guaranteed Ticket (4★/5★/NV)
    • 1x NV EX Ticket (5★/NV)
    • 100 VIP Coins
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2023.03.21 05:30 teddybadman Post Game Thread Sharks v. Oilers 20 March 2023

🔴 Final

Oilers 5, Sharks 4 (OTW)

ℹ️ Stats

Goals: Bjugstad, Ekholm (x2), Yams, Nurse (OT)
  • Oilers: 52
  • Sharks: 32
  • Campbell: 28/32 = .875

🧏🏼‍♀️ Pam Poovey

Jeremy Coupal when a skate blade is two milimeteres offside before a goal gets scored

⏩ Next Game

Wednesday in Edmonton against the Arizona Coyotes, 7:30PM MDT
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2023.03.21 04:05 Balance-National Have known this girl since high school. Used to talk on and off with her, nothing sexual, just friends hung out in groups. How do I approach this afterwords? I already have her number and snap, just unsure. Would like to peruse something with her. I just get way too nervous.

Have known this girl since high school. Used to talk on and off with her, nothing sexual, just friends hung out in groups. How do I approach this afterwords? I already have her number and snap, just unsure. Would like to peruse something with her. I just get way too nervous. submitted by Balance-National to Tinder [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 22:26 Even_Sympathy_3055 ‘We Never Thought a Bank So Successful Could Collapse So Fast’ The wall street information.....but don't believe it all

‘We Never Thought a Bank So Successful Could Collapse So Fast’ The wall street information.....but don't believe it all
On Wednesday evening, March 8, employees received an e-mail about SVB's plan to sell shares to raise capital. Most saw the message as routine. The next morning, SVB's stock plummeted.
SVB collapsed on March 10 after a flood of deposits. On Friday, the bank's parent company filed for bankruptcy.
SVB's first office was opened in 1983, in San Jose. The area was the birthplace of Apple Inc, Oracle Corp. and Atari, but many established banks were wary of young companies with little operating history.
Over the years, deposits grew to nearly $40 billion at the end of 2015, up from about $14 billion at the end of 2010, according to Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. reports.
For context, did you know that SVB's rapid growth and its reliance on the private equity world caused its abrupt bankruptcy a week ago? It also put pressure on borrowers to keep most of their cash at SVB, which made some customers nervous.
As the tech industry grew in 2020 and 2021, SVB benefited and its shares soared. Management kept much of the money in longer-term government-backed mortgage bonds and Treasury debt, normally safe investments. However, when the Fed took action to curb inflation, management ignored the change and relied on internal risk models.
A bank's risk managers are supposed to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, assess how the bank's balance sheet would hold up under stress, and otherwise protect the bank from harm.
"They were a mix of a real bank that could handle transactions and lend money, but they were also fun people to party with," said Jonathan Medved, an Israeli private equity investor who worked with SVB for more than 30 years.
SVB managers tried to improve the bank's finances by selling shares. The bank had stashed much of its money in long-term assets, such as mortgages and Treasury bonds, which it could not, or would not, sell immediately. Its values plummeted as rates rose.
The bank's asset-liability management committee had modeled the possible changes in interest rates and did not anticipate the increase, the person close to the bank said. SVB did not have a chief risk officer for most of the year, and the bank had reassigned responsibilities
“It was a baffling asset-liability mismatch,” said Mr. Wilcox, the former CEO.
The bank also had let expire interest-rate hedges, or protections, on its bond portfolio, leaving the bonds vulnerable to the declines as the rates rose.
Don't believe what they tell you, Silicon Valley Bank was a very conservative bank. Out of their ~200 billion in assets, very little (<0.5%) was venture debt lending. As you can see in their Q4 Balance Sheet, they had 15 billion in cash/cash like securities, about 120 billion investment securities and 70 billion in loans.
Within that 120 billion investment securities, it is almost entirely treasuries and Agency MBS/CMO and CMBS with a touch of muni bonds. You can't build a more conservative book if you tried. As these are all effective government securities as the GSEs are still in conservatorship under the treasury. For years US banks have been derisking and now most of their balance sheets consists of government or quasi government securites which have almost no default risks.
Now looking at the loan book, you can see the bulk of it is in global fund banking and investor dependent. Global Fund banking is an extremely safe segment, it consists of largely funding or bridging loans to venture capitalist making transactions. So for example if a VC wants to invest in company A, but they want to wait 2 months before drawing down from their LPs, they will go to SVB to get a credit line for this purpose. This is an extremely safe business model as Venture/PE Funding is contracted funding and there has been basically no defaults on these types of loans ever in history. Then you have private bank, which consisted of lending to rich people over collateralized through the value of their houses, which is also a pretty safe business model as their asset coverage typically exceeds 150% of the loan value.
So wtf is happening, this is a bank that is holding like 2/3 of its book in government papers and the rest in fairly safe lending. The speculative lending to early tech business represent <0.5% of the book.
The answer is the federal reserve, so leave us your comment.
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