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kuva lich names bro

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2023.06.03 19:08 FrontpageWatch2020 [#388+111067] My kuva lich really likes blast apparently [r/Warframe]

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2023.06.03 18:28 NoCareNoLife How would Warframe factions fare in 40k if each had a starting size that of T'au and reliable system travel?

Here is a fun concept to think of, Warframe in 40k! :D
Basically, how would each major faction fare when transported into 40k with the starting size of their held territory and reliable space travel?
All warframe factions will be spread across 40k, so there wasn't a case of them fighting each other. This is especially important as there won't be no Tenno in the vasinity to halt Grineer and Corpus projects. Also just like in 40k, no alliances. So, no the likes of corpus & t'au partnership, or infestation & tyranid symbiosis. Everybody fights to the death of the opposing factions. Participating will be:
Grineer (with the second kuva queen alive)
Corpus (under the supreme rule of Parvos Granum)
Infestation (merge of demos and mutalist strands, basically weaponized with robotic corrupting strands merge)
Tau (with sustainable methods of extracting kuva for themselves)
Tenno (relying mainly on looting and other deserter factions that join their cause, also void is treated differently from warp, therefore blanks don't function well if at all on them)
Bonus: Orokin empire where Tenno didn't commit genocide upon them, but instead joined them.
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2023.06.03 05:32 QuinLucenius 800+ hours and I still don't quite understand this game.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy Warframe quite a lot, yet not a day goes by where I have to check how basic concepts or mechanics in the game actually work. Not that I'm blaming the game, I'm just not likely the kind of player who efficiently plays this game.
Just yesterday I finally realized the (in my opinion rather convoluted) way to get and upgrade Kuva and Tenet weapons, and last week I made a Zaw. Haven't really used it all that much though.
One of these months I'll really sit down and grind out reputation so I can learn how Amps work. For now Ill do what I've done for the last 400 hours, which is mainly throwing Glaive for about an hour a day.
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2023.06.02 19:47 Verkonix I have no clue what I'm doing and I have 520 hours in

I have over 520 hours in this game and yet I have no clue:
What's killing me all the time
Why my damage is udder dogshit
How to make a dent in major enemies with shields cause I do nothing
Where to start cause I know I need 30+ mods to do the most basic of tasks. I don't even have continuity.
What's a good weapon? Cause mine aren't hitting even after I look up good builds.
And lastly, I have a kuva lich that I basically won't be able to kill for a month or so.
Nothing is explained, and I have no idea what to do.
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2023.06.02 17:12 LastFrostMain Toxin or Heat for Kuva Bramma?

Hi, I'm a returning player but I'm quite new to kuva liches. I want to get a Kuva Bramma to carry me to Steel Path. Some people told me to get Toxin as it boosts Viral damage while some people told me to get Heat for armor stripping. I'm not sure which one I need or want to get. Planning on making a full crit build with Hunter Munitions.
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2023.06.02 11:24 Maxuvin [SPOILERS] Warframe universe power tier list (lore-wise)

I finally got all of the Incarnon weapons today, and because I've been roleplaying my own little story for the past 8 years in this game, I've started wondering... Here's my opinion on what lore-wise is the most powerful "thing" in Warframe. What do you think?
S Tier
A+ tier
A tier
B tier
C tier
D tier
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2023.06.02 09:04 Hot-Investment7259 happy pride month ‼️

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2023.06.01 15:17 Acceptable_Ring9790 Arsenal for Kuva Liches

I will soon hit MR8 and thinking of getting a kuva weapon, I will build a braton prime for my primary weapon, and Rhino as warframe because it's tanky tanky, is it good to take out higher lvl enemies ?
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2023.05.31 22:06 medwingsong Ha

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2023.05.30 19:35 HammyShiro [WTS] [LICH] [PC] Liches with Vengeful Ephemeras

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2023.05.30 13:12 BonfireDCS [INT] [PC] [CLAN] Bonfire is looking for more likeminded Warframe players! Come and join our tight-knit community!

Hey there, we are Bonfire!

[ About Us ]
Hey there, we are Bonfire!
We are a community with an emphasis on tight-knit, chilled out friend groups and community, and we want you to join us and make some friends and memories with us!
We are currently looking for more Warframe players to join us and help us take our Warframe clan off the ground! We are a community of roughly 300, with a small yet knowledgeable team of Warframe players looking for grinders, lore nerds, and experienced Tenno to come and join us and help us build an even more tight-knit team.
[ What we offer you ]
Bonus Perks!:-
Clan Region: Primarily UK and EU, with some US players. Discord: https://discord.gg/bonfirecommunity
Still not sure what we're like? Check out a short video for some of the shenanigans we get up to!: https://youtu.be/lsE3QkmdhRI
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2023.05.30 12:58 MBirdson A year later, I feel like I can finally speak on the Ammo Nerf and its relation to AoE and the modern game's Incarnon buffs.

Hello community and DE. I'm a random player, and I have a lot of words because I feel like saying them, and I feel like the suggestions should be implemented, though, in the grand scheme of things, what do I know? I'm a random player on the internet.

Honestly, after playing through a year's worth of missions with a widened arsenal and attempting multiple times to go back to previously high-tier AoE weapons, they just... don't feel good, especially in modes like Circuit Steel Path and previously doable grinds like Arbitrations. The ammo nerf really hit AoE weapons that specifically needed a good number of shots to build up momentum, and decrees like Close Contagion made most bullet hose weapons better AoE weapons than the original AoE weapons. In the today's version of Warframe, you need energized munitions AND dispensary just to sustainably use AoE weapons. I guess that's the whole point of the nerf, but being stuck with a paperweight for the majority of a mission doesn't feel great either. It helps even less when you're stuck with a nerfed AoE weapon for the Circuit where ammo doesn't drop, and you likely don't have access to a build that would make it usable.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that those now-distant ammo nerfs, both to Merciless and the AoE weapons, just make the game feel kind of... off. Every other weapon down to my Karak feels far more usable and sustainable by comparison for the wrong reason, and the lack of ammo even then makes them feel neutered. The Incarnon adapters for previously underpowered weapons definitely helps in some "power" aspects that I've been missing, but I don't think they work to fix the problem at hand, and they certainly don't remove heavily invested Kuva and Tenet paperweights from my inventory.

Warframe is a game that incentivizes the use of AoE weapons, whether the game likes to admit that or not. I feel like the argument "uhhh but with the nerfs you now have to play the game, lazy" is in bad faith as well, as the feel of a game is just as important as the mental investment. Furthermore, such a thing is moot simply because there are ways to play efficiently that are even less mentally investing and (in my opinion far less fun). Everyone farming fissures has seen a Thermal Sunder Titania. Everyone in ESO has seen a Saryn Prime farming focus by smacking 1 and 3. Volts in Cetus pubs cuss you out if you don't play exactly how they play when Eidolon hunting. Arbitration farming is the same 4 people in a squad that kicks you if you didn't subsume Energized Munitions on a Volt on the third day of the fourth month of a leap year with Mercury in Gatorade. That's not to say that they are invalid ways to play (and nerfing them into invalidity doesn't help either, especially given the demand for efficiency in grindy games like Warframe).

I guess what I'm trying to say is that the AoE and ammo nerfs really screwed with the feel of the game for me, especially given my playstyle (low-radius AoE with lots of spam and a high damage concentration). The relaxed grind of lower-level content has given way to highly specific builds for specific styles of content, one that has completely fallen apart given the RNG of things like the Circuit (which itself, is fun, but it disincentivizes the specific styles of build that were encouraged with the AoE and ammo nerf).

Is there a solution to the problem? No idea. I would suggest a reversion to the ammo nerf and the retainment of the AoE nerf, as I felt that one or the other would suffice, and a lot more people had problems specifically with the AoE's weird radius mechanics rather than the amount of ammo that they initially had. I would love to see slightly smaller AoE's on previously OP weapons in exchange for an amount of ammo and ammo pickup that doesn't set my "but what if I need it later" instinct off (looking at you, Afentis, Kuva Zarr, Kuva Ogris, and Aegrit). Seeing as the AoE mechanics were fixed in Veilbreaker, I feel that, power-wise, these weapons are in a pretty good spot now, though ammo is still piddly and sad. In that vein, I'd love to see a reversion to Merciless, because the Ammo increase synergized well with the need to kill more things much more quickly for the damage bonus. It is also now notably underpowered in comparison to Deadhead just because of its nerf. As for non-AoE weapons, I'm in the camp of either giving them a mod like Thunderbolt to give them AoE, or buffing up Punch-through to give them a high-crowd-control niche of their own. I think it's also good to continue with the Incarnon Adapter thing, because an endgame way to buff up underpowered weapons to cinematically awesome degree is just cool and really helps make them usable, though that whole "two a week" limit makes the grind somewhat grading. I would rather have an equal amount of difficult, but logistically calm grind for whatever adapter I want instead of the panicked, rigidly scheduled grind of the weekly Circuit, though that's a discussion for a different time that is, in all honesty, a personal preference given my own schedule and technical capabilities. In terms of ammo nerfing, if we really want to keep the weapons endgame-capable while also not giving these weapons too early, I feel that a good compromise would be a way to get these sort of ammo-nerf reverted builds in the endgame or perhaps introducing endgame liches like how you introduced Archons.

TL,DR: Game feel good, questions of grinding, efficiency, and other things players complain about are in the nature of games like Warframe, AoE nerf good, ammo nerf bad and made the game feel worse to solve a problem that was somewhat fixed in a different nerf in the same update, incarnon adapters good, weekly rotation not so much but I can hang with it. A way to buff up ammo in some way or another would do good to help game feel after the nerfs and subsequent powercreep of incarnon stuff.
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2023.05.30 12:36 FZNNeko Most Efficient Kuva Farm?

Ik, the questions been asked so many times before but all those posts were atleast a year ago. Just wanted to see whats most up to date farm. This is naturally including booster (resource drop chance as well for arbitration) so divide everything by 2 if no booster.
The 3 main options I see atm, are Kuva Survival, Arbitration, and Kuva Disruption/Survival with Requiem relics. Please include actual numbers like overall kuva per hour or steel essence/vitus essence per hour and best mission type for arbitration. And for requiem fissures, do u recommend using plat to buy a whole bunch of relics or hope you get lucky while killing liches and farm a bunch of those before opening?
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2023.05.29 23:19 Diskid724372 Electricity Kuva Zarr Build?

I was just doing Kuva Liches for fun, and it didn’t occur to me that I might get lucky. And so, I ended up with a 52% Electricity Kuva Zarr. I have no idea what to build, because it seems every build online uses the Toxin element. Thanks for any help or suggestions! :)
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2023.05.28 08:27 Hey__Martin Kullervo lore speculation

So I have tired to piece together the lore pieces they've revealed about Kullervo from devstream 171 and I have a hypothesis: Kullervo is linked to Ordan Karris, the beast of bones, the former personality of Ordis, whose lore can be accessed from cephalon fragment screens.
  1. The update is called Kullervo's seven crimes and people have been speculating what that means. There are also seven Orokin executors. In Ordan Karris lore, he was honored as a warrior by the "orokins" and at the ceremony, he sacrificed himself and attempted to murder these "orokins". It was not clearly stated whether these orokins were the emperors or the seven executors, but we could infer that it was likely the seven executors. This is because in the lore, as he was dying, all the "orokins" that he tried to kill laughed, and then Ballas was "above him" and in particular laughed, and said the following line: "you rejected our gift, bathing in our death, your punishment is eternal life." This makes it pretty clear that Ordan Karris tried to kill the seven executors, including Ballas. Therefore the seven crimes could be his seven counts of murder of the executors. Of course he didn't actually kill them, and eventually most of the executors were actually killed by the Tennos.
  2. Possible connection to Duviri. This part is mostly speculation as a lot of Duviri lore hasn't been flushed out yet. According to Ordan Karris lore, by the time he was dying, Ballas gave him Kuva and he took it, and then he was made into cephalon Ordis. We know from the end of the war within quest that Kuva has some kind of connection with the void, as messing with Kuva made the man in the wall briefly possess the Tenno's body. We also know that the void can manifest real entities from strong emotions of people that are somehow connected to the void. So Kullervo could be a void manifestation that's related to Ordan Karris. Or he could even be the part of Ordan Karris that was stripped away when being made into a cephalon.
  3. In devstream 171, an orokin-like figure (looks a little reminiscent of Ballas) can be seen as the warden guarding Kullervo. They also hinted "I don't know who it is but I don't like him." Well the most hated character in the game, the biggest asshole, is definitely Ballas. We also know that Ballas made Ordan into cephalon Ordis. Could it be that this is some void manifestation of Ballas that is guarding away Ordis' other missing half?
  4. Another clue is that when they showcased the secret cave, there was a zariman style quiz on what is "what is conceptual embodiment" and the correct answer was "the creation of cephalons". And then Pablo started to talk about how this is definitely a hint at the lore. Could they be referring to the process of making Ordan into a cephalon?
  5. You can see from the design of Kullervo, he's pierced by many daggers. Ordan used his bone daggers to kill the executors, and a fitting eternal punishment would be for him to be forever pierced by many daggers?
  6. And some more speculations: the idea of a Duviri warframe is impossible. Warframes don't exist in Duviri, as Duviri never experienced the old war. We also know from the sacrifice quest that the Tenno can control warframes not just because of their void abilities, but because they were able to sympathize with the warframes and forge a symbiotic bond with them. Ordan Karris was a tortured man who died with a lot of shame. So in this new update we could be trying to sympathize with and tame Ordan's void manifestation and make him a controllable warframe, the first warframe born in Duviri that can walk in the origin system, who never fought in the old war.
Anyway these are just wild speculations. I could be completely wrong. Just some pass time thoughts to think about before the next update.
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2023.05.28 07:07 RedditQuestion3 Requiem Relics and Runes.

Any ideas outside of buying the runes on the market for the liches to acquire the damned things.
The whole practice of farming them is ridiculous.
First you spend a dozen rounds of kuva siphons to maybe get 1 or 2 relics you need.
Then you waste a bunch of traces leveling them up only to get junk that you can acquire from multiple sources all the while the runes are locked behind a ridiculous amount of work to maybe get 50/50 the rune you need.
DE needs to cut this wasteful joke and put in a purchase option even if limited or make them drop %chance from defeating the lich and letting it go, it stocks its own runes.
Getting to be a joke wasting hours and you may get the wrong rune and a bunch of junk along with the wasted traces.
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2023.05.27 08:25 cjooog32 New Spiral/mood?

In today’s devstream they showed this shot with the Despair Spiral, idk if I missed them mentioning it but no one seems to be talking about it. It isn’t one of the current ones iirc.
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2023.05.26 20:38 CephalonAhmes The Duviri Paradox: Hotfix 33.0.13

The Duviri Paradox: Hotfix 33.0.13
Known issue:
This action was performed automatically, if you see any mistakes, please tag u/desmaraisp, he'll fix them. Here is my github.
I have found a new home on AWS Lambda, RIP Heroku free tier.
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2023.05.26 17:55 NoCareNoLife Why do people say Warframe verse wouldn't be able to survive in Warhammer 40k?

I don't understand how Warframe verse wouldn't be able to survive in Warhammer 40k verse.
Like one of the arguments being brought up is that Warhammer spans Galaxies meanwhile Warframe is only systems sized. As if all of the factions will dump the entirety of their forces in taking a few systems?
I also often hear particularly with the Imperium about the Exterminatus. And that the fleet of their ships would come and just nuke the planets. However, exteminatus in itself is rarely ever used, and should be heavily approved beforehand. With that very few ships actually carry it, and with vast majority of them more so being about making planet uninhabitable such a burning atmosphere, fauna stripping and nukeliar bombardment and etc. Instead of planet busters. And unless it is a planet buster, I doubt the likes of Grineer would really give a darn on a planet being uninhabitable. They were able to establish factories on the likes of Mercury, Sedna, and even Asteroids, so something being uninhabitable to them just means tougher living but living nonetheless. Granted if the Imperium fleet would be capable to get into system by force.
Grineer to me are just budget space marines, and while their equipment is worse. They make it up with industry and sheer numbers. And while Corpus isn't all that great after "death" of Parvos Granum, their tech is still far and beyond. With Profit Takers being Titans, but with more diverse firepower and far more defense. Again, I doubt they'll be able to get pass through them. But if somehow they do, that means it'll draw the attention of the Tenno.
Speaking of which, I often hear this argument: "But Tenno can't even have control over their own system. How could you expect them to take down X?" Yeah, that's the point. Tenno do not wish to be worshiped, since that makes them no better than the egotists that were the Orokin. If they do need to commit a genocide, they are more than capable of it as seen with the Orokin.
Once they draw Tenno's attention, the enemy fleet will be annihilated. Both space and especially ground forces. Railjacks have taken down Gallions with ease, fighters were wiped the floor with. And Warframes without abilities are already more powerful than Custodians. However, once abilities are utilized, they could solo take on entire chapter. Tenno are a force that shall not be angered, and the likes of Orokin learned it the hard way.
However while the factions of the Sol system will be chilling within their bubble up until effective system travel is in order. Sentients will not be so limited or nice. They are essentially what Necros would be if they focused even more into defense and dump the rest into intelligence. All machinery will get corrupted and used against their owners. Ships that weren't corrupted will get one shot by an energy discharge. Damage dealt will be adapted to and suppressed. And seeking how tau energy has no resistances, its fair to assume that it attacks at a sub atomic levels. Especially if they mass produce kuva, they'll be capable of self regeneration (their own reanimated protocol) and reproduction. And the moment one will be perceived as a threat to them, genocide to them and anybody else oriented with them will be on the way. Ships corrupted, ranks breached by mimics capable of becoming anything including everyday objects, and armies destroyed through the means of colossal Gara fought or Murexes. The only survivors will be those who are associated with the warp, as powerful magical stuff is what they struggle with.
Sorry if the post is short, I've planned to write even more but my hand hurts. My basic message is that Warframe verse is more than capable of surviving. Even becoming a sizable threat with effective space travel. With the likes of Orokin, Sentients and Tenno being capable of dominating if they ever wish to. Oh and yeah, the are operators, a thing of its own. Regardless have fun discussing, I'd love to read you comments :)
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2023.05.26 17:29 Fun_Bake_9014 I need some help Tenno.

Okay, so this is kind of confusing. I have a Kuva Kich that I’ve farmed all three murmurs on (this isn’t my first lich) and they haven’t re appeared after the last confrontation, even though I didn’t get the sequence correct. Does anyone have any way to help?
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2023.05.26 03:20 Amac500512 Kuva lich mods make me mad

Is there a better way for these mods because I only need netrah but I haven’t gotten in after three radiant relics and countless more relics which all gave me common rewards and I have tried to trade for them but nobody replies and I’m kinda fed up with this rng and I know there’s not another way but I wish there was so bad. Could anybody offer any help?
Edit: I would like to add that this has kept from my first kuva weapon for months and I’m so fed up with the rng
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2023.05.25 18:47 NewNameToReply I killed the Lich in the Railjack mission but when I go to leave it says I will forfeit completion rewards and bonuses. Is that normal?

Sorry for the quick question but I can't really find an answer looking around. Up until now I am fairly sure that when I left after a Railjack mission it said something like you keep what you got during the mission, but here it is not giving that. I'm solo doing this. I killed the fighters and 3 crewships and then boarded the galleon. I downed the Lich and then picked "Vanquish" and left the ship like it told me to. Now I am sitting outside in my ship and I can't reenter the galleon. Can I just leave and get my Kuva weapon? I'm worried all this effort will be for nothing if I leave.
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