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2023.06.09 10:06 gsoftwares Account migration September deadline

A month ago I recieved an email from Mojang about the fact that I still haven't migrated my account (I really dislike Microsoft) saying that on September 19th my account won't be able to authenticate with Minecraft.net nor with the official launcher anymore. I've been still able to use my unmigrated account through PrismLauncher (it's a hundred times better than the official one anyway) but I'm afraid that after this new deadline they will shutdown the legacy authentication servers or something which means I may lose access to my account forever unless I bite the bullet and migrate before the deadline. Does anyone have any more clarification on this? Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.09 09:46 Volmaaral Driver Verifier BSOD Loop, Minidump Analysis Help Needed

As said above, I ran the Driver Verifier using the instructions found here, and upon restarting to begin the process, it BSOD crashed every time, with it mentioning the driver verifier found an issue (I forget the actual code, didn't think to screenshot in time). I tried to boot up in Safe mode, but right after the second crash, it went to automatic repair, failed, and then had to system restore.
I ran DISM, sfc scannow, and even ran chkdsk on my OS SSD to ensure it was all good. SFC found something corrupted and fixed that, ran the verifier again to see if that was the issue... and it looped all over again. I do have the minidump files, both look pretty much the same. As I'm getting out of my depth, I figured it would be best to ask assistance at this point. I got WinDbg, read the .dmp files, and I'm stuck at this point with a wall of code. it mentions a couple things I thought were possibly the issue (rsKernelEngine and smss.exe) but both were deep in the system files, and I don't want to mess with those.
The reason I did all this was I started experiencing hard freezing and shutdowns on my pc, on occasion, typically while playing a somewhat intensive game (Warhammer III and Bannerlord were the two games to have had this happen, so far). It'd freeze for a second, then the screen would go mostly black with a few leftover pixels (I could barely make out my money count still there from Warhammer III for a second), and then power off, restart, and everything was fine. Even Event Viewer didn't show anything critical... except for a BugCheck error, which made the computer reboot (no idea how unhealthy this sort of reboot is for my pc).
Event 1001, BugCheck
The computer has rebooted from a bugcheck. The bugcheck was: 0x000000c4 (0x0000000000002000, 0xfffff80ea6ef732a, 0x0000000000000000, 0x0000000072735350). A dump was saved in: C:\Windows\MEMORY.DMP. Report Id: 8b6111f0-596b-4e6b-931e-3392911d9524.
After this, I went down the rabbit hole of trying to figure out what's going on. This PC is getting on in age, and I've put it through some serious gaming punishment lately (I wasn't able to access my PS5 for a few months). I'm hoping this isn't a sign it's failing, but if it is, I want to figure out the extent of the damage, and either mitigate the amount I use the pc to extend it's life (and lay off the more intensive games for awhile), or replace a part if it's something hardware based. I did have temperature issues for awhile, typically caused by Warhammer III, that I'm still in the process of alleviating.
Anyway, one thing led to another, and here's the dump that I'm stuck on. Can anyone make heads or tails of all this?
************* Preparing the environment for Debugger Extensions Gallery repositories **************
ExtensionRepository : Implicit
UseExperimentalFeatureForNugetShare : false
AllowNugetExeUpdate : false

- Configuring repositories
-- Repository : LocalInstalled, Enabled: true
-- Repository : UserExtensions, Enabled: true

************* Waiting for Debugger Extensions Gallery to Initialize **************
-- Repository : UserExtensions, Enabled: true, Packages count: 0
-- Repository : LocalInstalled, Enabled: true, Packages count: 36

Microsoft (R) Windows Debugger Version 10.0.25324.1001 AMD64
Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Loading Dump File [C:\Users\Volmaaral\Desktop\060923-5156-01.dmp]
Mini Kernel Dump File: Only registers and stack trace are available

************* Path validation summary **************
Response Time (ms) Location
Deferred srv*
Symbol search path is: srv*
Executable search path is:
Windows 10 Kernel Version 19041 MP (16 procs) Free x64
Product: WinNt, suite: TerminalServer SingleUserTS Personal
Edition build lab: 19041.1.amd64fre.vb_release.191206-1406
Kernel base = 0xfffff802`37a09000 PsLoadedModuleList = 0xfffff802`386332b0
Debug session time: Fri Jun 9 03:12:08.056 2023 (UTC - 4:00)
System Uptime: 0 days 0:00:08.708
Loading Kernel Symbols
Loading User Symbols
Loading unloaded module list
For analysis of this file, run !analyze -v
fffff802`37e04ca0 48894c2408 mov qword ptr [rsp+8],rcx ss:0018:ffff9c06`6c9a66e0=00000000000000c4
4: kd> !analyze -v
* *
* Bugcheck Analysis *
* *

A device driver attempting to corrupt the system has been caught. This is
because the driver was specified in the registry as being suspect (by the
administrator) and the kernel has enabled substantial checking of this driver.
If the driver attempts to corrupt the system, BugChecks 0xC4, 0xC1 and 0xA will
be among the most commonly seen crashes.
Arg1: 0000000000002000, Code Integrity Issue: The caller specified an executable pool type. (Expected: NonPagedPoolNx)
Arg2: fffff80ea6ef732a, The address in the driver's code where the error was detected.
Arg3: 0000000000000000, Pool Type.
Arg4: 0000000072735350, Pool Tag (if provided).

Debugging Details:


Key : Analysis.CPU.mSec
Value: 1578

Key : Analysis.Elapsed.mSec
Value: 2111

Key : Analysis.IO.Other.Mb
Value: 5

Key : Analysis.IO.Read.Mb
Value: 0

Key : Analysis.IO.Write.Mb
Value: 13

Key : Analysis.Init.CPU.mSec
Value: 265

Key : Analysis.Init.Elapsed.mSec
Value: 14912

Key : Analysis.Memory.CommitPeak.Mb
Value: 85

Key : Bugcheck.Code.LegacyAPI
Value: 0xc4

Key : Failure.Bucket
Value: 0xc4_2000_VRF_rsKernelEngine!unknown_function

Key : Failure.Hash
Value: {67f93c7a-ab68-5260-06c6-e16011a2e4ec}

Key : WER.OS.Branch
Value: vb_release

Key : WER.OS.Version
Value: 10.0.19041.1



BUGCHECK_P2: fffff80ea6ef732a


BUGCHECK_P4: 72735350

FILE_IN_CAB: 060923-5156-01.dmp

BLACKBOXNTFS: 1 (!blackboxntfs)


PROCESS_NAME: smss.exe

ffff9c06`6c9a66d8 fffff802`383dce44 : 00000000`000000c4 00000000`00002000 fffff80e`a6ef732a 00000000`00000000 : nt!KeBugCheckEx
ffff9c06`6c9a66e0 fffff802`37fa94c5 : fffff802`3861bc90 00000000`00002000 fffff80e`a6ef732a 00000000`00000000 : nt!VerifierBugCheckIfAppropriate+0xe0
ffff9c06`6c9a6720 fffff802`383d3e04 : 00000000`72735350 fffff802`3861bc90 fffff80e`a6ef732a fffff802`3790426f : nt!VfReportIssueWithOptions+0x101
ffff9c06`6c9a6770 fffff802`383e1052 : 00000000`00000000 ffff9d86`5d7598f0 00000000`00000008 ffffb501`95349ae8 : nt!VfCheckPoolType+0x90
ffff9c06`6c9a67b0 fffff80e`a6ef732a : 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000002 ffff9d86`5d96ea01 fffff802`3795c4c2 : nt!VerifierExAllocatePoolWithTag+0x62
ffff9c06`6c9a6800 00000000`00000000 : 00000000`00000002 ffff9d86`5d96ea01 fffff802`3795c4c2 00000000`00060004 : rsKernelEngine+0x732a

SYMBOL_NAME: rsKernelEngine+732a

MODULE_NAME: rsKernelEngine

IMAGE_NAME: rsKernelEngine.sys

STACK_COMMAND: .cxr; .ecxr ; kb


FAILURE_BUCKET_ID: 0xc4_2000_VRF_rsKernelEngine!unknown_function

OS_VERSION: 10.0.19041.1

BUILDLAB_STR: vb_release


OSNAME: Windows 10

FAILURE_ID_HASH: {67f93c7a-ab68-5260-06c6-e16011a2e4ec}

Followup: MachineOwner

4: kd> !blackboxntfs

NTFS Blackbox Data

0 Slow I/O Timeout Records Found
0 Oplock Break Timeout Records Found
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2023.06.09 09:42 BaconGrilledCheese1 Diablo or a bottle of decent quality scotch?

I was hyped for the game thanks to the server slams. Then early access came around and I started reading the criticisms. The microtransactions are giving me World of Warcraft PTSD.
At this point I'm thinking of investing the $90 I would have spent into a decent bottle of scotch or tequila to share with my old man. Thoughts?
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2023.06.09 09:40 SpaceBucketFu New to arch. Brief stint with Garuda and ended up with EOS. Here's my attempt at personalizing Qtile, what do you think?

New to arch. Brief stint with Garuda and ended up with EOS. Here's my attempt at personalizing Qtile, what do you think? submitted by SpaceBucketFu to EndeavourOS [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 09:29 bangbangboomboom19 The Chronological Telling of Amnesia: The Bunker’s Story for Those Too *Scared* to Play It

I never replay games. I’m more of a one and done it kind of guy, but something about ATB’s gameplay and story compelled me to play it not once, not twice, but four times at the time of writing. It certainly helps that the game is short (although I think the universal praise of The Outer Wilds demonstrates that this isn’t a bad thing).
My latest playthrough clocked in at ~35 minutes at the time of writing in order to get the Toot Sweet achievement. Ironically, this exact pursuit of achievements led me to get the Librarian achievement and, ultimately, finally read all the story notes chronologically.
Notwithstanding, ATB is a nauseatingly haunting game on harder difficulties. The monster is deadly, the resources are scarce, the tone is grim, and the darkness encompasses it all. Above all of this, the story is worth telling and I posit that the game’s genre, coupled with the Amnesia brand being notoriously terrifying if PewDewPie is to be believed, will prevent a lot of people from playing it. That’s such a shame.
Without further obfuscation, I want to encourage you to play the game; immerse yourself in its world and discover its truth for yourself. Your appreciation for the story will only compound the more time you spend stalking the halls of the unnamed bunker it takes place in.
For those of you that don’t care to play it, but appreciate a good story, read ahead. SPOILER WARNING.
ATB’s story begins before the player ever takes control of the protagonist, Henri Clemont, a Soldier in the French Army at the Battle of Pozieres during World War I.
April 1916 – Toussaint Beaufoy – What Could Be Worse than War?
On 2 April, 1916, Henri’s embattled unit receives orders to dig their bunker deeper so that their chain of command can laud it as a symbol of French patriotism and eventual victory in the war.
The calamity of World War I, having already wrought havoc on the bodies and minds of Henri’s unit, is only intensified by these foolhardy orders. This bunker is destined to become “a rancid, stinking pit. A void, a hole. Full of men, scared and confused.”
Eight days later, on 10 April, Henri’s compatriot, Toussaint Beaufoy, pens a poem We Whirl the World that reflects on the grim events of the war and foreshadows the events of the game.
We whirl the world
The world we whirl
It all gets lost in a terrible twirl
Can’t see the sun for all the smoke
Can’t see the ground for all the dead folk
Can’t see the ocean, can’t see the trees
So I stay here down on my knees
We whirl the world
The world we whirl
It all gets lost in a binding twirl
A snarl in the dark
A sad day in the park
A stone reminder
A horse’s dirty blinder
A child’s empty hand
A friend’s stained armband
The news of the day on the stand
We whirl the world
The world we whirl
It all gets lost in a bloody twirl
What comes next around the bend?
Maybe it’ll be some kind of end
More likely another shrill, shrill whistle,
Magic that turns men into gristle.
We whirl the world
The world we whirl
It all gets lost and still we twirl
Henri’s unit begins digging and on 30 April, another soldier, Alex Noyer, extrapolates on why the unit has been ordered to dig: the bunker lay atop Roman ruins that extend towards the German lines. The command wants to use these prebuilt tunnels to launch a surprise attack on the enemy. However, Noyer’s interest lay more in the archaeological significance of the dig.
With the dig well underway, the other soldiers begin to experience haunting symptoms. Notably, Beaufoy, who witnesses some horror on the night of 5 May, that shatters his psyche. He refuses to discuss what he witnessed with anybody, yet he revels in it; “I want to go back to that place. I want to feel that way. I want the violence and the ecstasy and the pitch-black darkness.”
May 1916 - Alex Noyer’s Journal - Digging Up a Dark Secret
A week later (9 May), Noyer is presented with archaic texts uncovered during the digging. He begins to read them and discovers the texts are not of typical Roman writings. Rather, the texts are religiously significant repeating the phrase “to cross into darkness and beyond.”
These texts originated from a people that believed they found the key to immortality, a blessing bestowed upon them from some “other world… dominated by darkness… ruled by something…” These damned texts went on to describe this world as “full of spirits, monsters and that the air there was endlessly alive with cries of torment and the sickly rattle of souls near death.”
The tunnels that the men were digging were used by this ancient people as a portal to this “pagan hell.”
This manifested in our world as the need for the followers to commit sickening acts that appealed to the primal instincts of humanity; “blood orgies, of sadistic spirits, of the awful things these men and women would do to each other in worship of darkness” and a magical liquid that would grant the believer’s immortality in darkness.
Noyer enters the tunnels sometime on 14 May, and discovers more of the cursed history of the tunnels. “The Romans used these tunnels to hold sadistic bacchanals, great festivals of cruel combat, torture and worse... held in an arena over a great pit.” His command writes him off as paranoid, and Noyer resolves to enter the tunnels.
On 25 May, Noyer is recovered after screaming in the damp excavation sight until his vocal cords were annihilated – alive but utterly terrified.
June 1916 - Farber - Am I Out of Touch? No, It’s the Soldiers Who Are Wrong.
Noyer warns his brother-in-arms about the texts and truth of the ruins they are excavating. As the truth and panic spread, the Command begins punishing those who speak of the more sinister presence that is permeating the halls of the bunker.
Throughout the month of May, the soldiers are gripped with a waking terror that seeps into their dreams, all the while having to fight a war notorious for its brutality. Noyer writes, “we’re stuck between the Germans in front of us, high command behind us, and some other horrible force that seems to lurk in shadows all around us. I fear we are now truly beyond God’s reach.”
Rumors of the truth that Noyer uncovered begin to spread amongst the men. Despite taking the assertions of the malevolent presence seriously, the command chooses to contain the panic through force.
Incensed by Noyer’s ominous warnings, a rebellion is formed on 28 May with a soldier only known as “Farber” at its helm. The mission is simple: contain the evil of the tunnels by sabotaging the digging efforts with a cave in. Farber notes that each of the five recruits is exceptionally eager to end the waking nightmare, particularly Beaufoy.
Their efforts are successful and the soldiers experience a brief abatement from the ever-present fear, only to be discovered and subsequently tortured by their Commanding Officers, Reynard and Delpy. None are spared the persecution, save for Beaufoy, who is presumed to have been killed in the blast that undoes the dig. The last thing any other soldier saw of him was Beaufoy telling them he had “other work to do,” whilst pointing to his own eyes.
Despite the ordeal, no participant reveals Farber as the mastermind, and Farber is forever indebted to the brotherhood.
The officers of the unit do four things in the wake of this unthinkable act of insubordination: (1) abandon the tunnel, (2) punish the conspirators, (3) send the remaining men on dangerous combat patrols and (4) order more wine. No lesson learned, no warning heed.
Of minor note, on the evening of 30 June, after one such combat patrol, a German prisoner is captured. Small recompense for the men routinely thrown into the meat grinder of enemy machine guns and command tribunals.
July 1916 – Henri Clément – Buddy Fucker with a Conscious
Another such raid is ordered on 8 July, and Henri has a plan to not go. Henri and his best friend, Augustin Lambert, decide that the winner of a game of chance will not have to risk their life this evening and the other will go in their friend’s place. Henri cheats, rationalizing it as a harmless prank, condemning Lambert to endure the battlefield once more. Henri is sure Lambert will return, unscathed, and cannot wait to see the look on his face when he learns what Henri did.
Only, Lambert doesn’t return. As the dusk of 8 July turns into dawn, Henri is wrought with guilt. He resolves to recover his friend. It is here, that the player finally takes control of the protagonist.
Henri discovers Lambert at the bottom of a pit. Not a crater from artillery, a borderline incomprehensibly large depression. Henri makes his way down and renders aid to his battered, but alive, compatriot. Henri gathers water from the pit, and nurses his friend before they attempt to escape.
Patrol Report – 10 July 1916
Odd occurrences last night. Sdt. Lambert, thought dead after his patrol on the 8th, returned to the barracks in fine health. He carried with him Sdt. Clément – severely wounded from an explosion.
Lambert reports the following:
-That midway through his patrol on the 8th he fell into a deep crater and was unable to escape.
-Clément, his close friend, snuck out after him last night, located him in the crater, and carried him out.
-They were spotted and in the ensuing attack, Clément was injured by an explosion. It fell on Lambert to carry him back.
Very odd that Lambert was neither injured from the fall nor the explosion AND that he ended up saving the man who came to save him.
But battlefield luck is an odd thing. In every life, fate’s winds blow erratic.
Judging by Lambert’s description, the crater he fell into seems to have been located very close to the Roman tunnels we unearthed. It may have been a result of work down there.
Recommend a future patrol to investigate and make sure we have not opened a backdoor into our own bunker.
Henri remains comatose for ten(?) days.
July 1916 – Augustin Lambert – The Nightmare Is Only Beginning
Lambert, having dodged death, reflects on the events of his ill-fated patrol. His loss of hope at the bottom of the inescapable pit, and the angelic reprieve he received from Henri. He notes how the water Henri nursed him with “was cool and crisp, with a strange, sweet taste. Never has water felt more nourishing than that, administered by a dear friend’s hand.
Despite surviving, Lambert’s survival is dampened by the loss of a toy he bought for his son – the toy he believes to be in the pit where he almost lost his life.
Lambert grows stronger by the day. However, with Lambert’s return, so do the haunts that plagued his fellow Soldiers. Scratching at the walls and an overt ghostly howling emanates throughout the halls at night.
July 1916 – Stéphane Joubert – Oh Yeah, The Murders.
The first to fall Reynard on 15 July. Hardly a loss after his treatment of the soldiers, but certainly a catalyst for even further distrust.
Stéphane Joubert, another officer, reflects on the evening of the murder in his journal. He had heard a commotion in the hallway, but assumed it be Reynard drunk on his secret stash of wine. No one was aware anything was wrong until they heard the screaming. He is concerned for the harshness in which his fellow officers treat the men, particularly in the wake of this death.
The remaining officers interrogate the men, after all, a murderer was so clearly amongst them.
Paranoia grips the men, who are the prime suspects due to their contempt for Reynard. But the brutality and sadistic nature of the murder was beyond the pale? The autopsy read:
Body of Sgt. Reynard.
Multiple lacerations. Chest cavity torn to shreds. Every rib cracked. Skull cracked open by repeated blunt force trauma.
Who could have done this to him?
Amid the violence, Farber, driven mad by the resurgence of the haunting presence, resolves to kill it himself to atone for being the only man left unpunished for the tunnel sabotage. When the evil presence, emboldened by the murder of Reynard, returns, Farber is there. He shoots the Beast and it retreats into the shadows.
But it did not forget. It returned ten minutes later and pulled Farber into the wall, “screaming… praying for salvation.
The men note something familiar about the Beast as it continues to hunt them; like it knows who they are.
The officers abandon the men, escaping and blowing the entrance to the bunker behind them – condemning the soldiers to evisceration by an unkillable force. Joubert, the only bastion of morality amongst the officers, is among the escapees all the same He leaves the men one chance at salvation.
Fournier, our commanding officer!, cowers next to me now. He’s lost his mind to an abyss of fear…
He wants to run, to blow up the exit behind him.. Sealing the demon down here… The demon AND our men.
His constant refrain, it is getting to me… and that same void of terror… it is also overtaking me.
To any of my men who see this: once we’re free of this place, I will get the arsenal code from him. I will get it and I will radio it back to you.
Trapped down here with that beast, the arsenal may be your only hope. It’s all I can do. All I have courage to do…
Get to the communications room in the Soldier Quarters. Hide there. I’ll broadcast the code to you.
The men, responded to such hollow words:
The officers have abandoned us! They ran from the beast and blew the exit closed behind them. Even Joubert…
They called us cowards and traitors and worse… Hypocrites. Now they’ve doomed us.
Whatever hell we suffer now, it is on them. God will punish them for what they’ve done.
July 1916 – Henri Clément – The Game Begins
The game begins with Henri awakening in the hospital bed from comatose state. He doesn’t remember the past, but that’s why we have spent about 2400 words going over that. The gameplay of Amnesia is self-explanatory – gather resources, avoid the monster, escape.
In order to accomplish this goal Henri has several sub objectives that, for convenience, we’ll cover in two parts: Get the Dynamite and Get the Detonation Handle. This isn’t a walk through, every playthrough of the game is different, but you learn the fates of several characters through extrapolating on the relationship between the notes and the game itself. Play the game and get stalked by the monster for the horror experience.
Get the Dynamite (Located in the Armory):
· Located in the armory, Henri first needs to retrieve a code to unlock said armory. The code, you recall, Joubert promised to broadcast to the soldiers. After solving the daisy chain issue in the Soldier’s Quarters and finding the requisite key, Henri makes his way to the communication room. Joubert is true to his word, he is still broadcasting the code. Henri can now retrieve the dynamite.
Get the Detonator Handle (Located in the Tunnels):
· First order of business is to recover a ratchet wrench that allows access into the Prisoner Control room in the Prison section of the bunker. The wrench is in Foreman Stafford’s locker, but you’ll have to find the code. Henri discovers that Stafford made his way to the Bunker’s Pillbox as a means of escape. However, the Pillbox is locked with the only key being in the bunker’s Chapel. Henri makes his way to the chapel to uncover an unholy display of twisted bodies – an achievement pops up revealing this is the Beast’s nest. In the confessional, Henri discovers the priest (otherwise insignificant to the story) nailed to the wall. He recovers the key and returns to the Pillbox. At the top, Stafford is there, a bullet through the eye from an enemy sniper – a grim reminder that you’re still fighting a war.
· The wrench is to help gain access to the Captured German Prisoner’s cell, left abandoned; Geneva Convention be damned. What we want in the cell is a pair of bolt cutters that had been used to torture the prisoner. Opening his cell alerts the monster, whom promptly murders the poor prisoner (although there is a slightly happier disposition in which you retrieve the bolt cutters before the Beast gets to him – are you quick enough to save his life? Do you even want to?)
· The bolt cutters grant access to the chained-shut tunnels. The haunted tunnels. The Pagan Hell. Ghostly apparitions due exist down here skulking the fog teasing you with the evil you’ve read so much about. Impossible rock formations alongside Roman statues and columns, this place is truly unearthly. But then you hear a voice, the first voice you’ve heard since the prisoner you couldn’t understand died. “We whirl the world…” Its Beaufoy, whom has gouged his own eyes out and roams the fog with a shotgun and homicidal intent – still more work to do. He will kill you, so you must put your fellow soldier down. Is it better this way? At least that shotgun is yours now *finger guns*.
· If you explore a little more, after finding the detonator handle, you’ll find a small tunnel that leads to the pit. The pit the game began in, the pit with the small rabbit toy Lambert lost. Shit, what happened to Lambert?
You retreat to the beginning of the game. Hook up the dynamite and blow it. Make your way to escape. You find yourself at a grand arena above a bottomless pit. With the Beast standing between you and salvation. Is there really a boss battle in this game? Winning it reveals the final truth.
Lambert is the monster. Your best friend, corrupted by the water you nursed into him to save his life. Presenting the toy to him prior to the final battle when he tries to kill you causes him to take it, run to his fucked-up chapel nest, and place it on a pedestal. There is still humanity there, and that’s why he recognized those he killed.
But this is a grand arena over a great pit, and losers go into the pit. Use the toy to hold the monster up on the destructible bridges and, while he plays with it, blast the bridge itself – pulling the literal floor out from underneath him – eternal darkness awaits.
Now flee, make your way to salvation. You see sunlight. You breach the rocks and roll down a slope into a pit of dead comrades. At least you’re free of that beast.
As you bask in the light you hear “SCHNELL, SCHNELL” and searchlights beginning to scan where you just fell from.
Fuck, you’re still in a war.
A grotesquely unsettling story of overcoming shitty circumstances and still losing. What’s that like an 8? Probably an 8.
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2023.06.09 09:16 TheShadowspawn Chapter Fifty-Three - Abduction

Human Dave wakes up on the ground; his head throbbing and bleeding from the cut on the side.
Human Dave, groggily: "Ugh. Did someone get the license plate of that truck?"
Human Dave scans his surroundings and finds them unfamiliar.
A small metal room painted grey, and a grate far above him, allowing light to stream into the room; not much, but just enough to show the walls and floor.
Human Dave finds himself without clothes, but without anyone around, he makes no attempt at hiding his body.
Human Dave tries to access his implant, but finds it somehow deactivated. Disabled of all functions except for basic translation protocols and simple recording functions.
HD: "The Hell? How is that even possible?"
Human Dave keeps looking around, taking in his surroundings, and looking for any weak points or possible escape routes.
Finding nothing, Human Dave tries the first thing humans do in such situations.
He laughs.
His laughter echoes throughout the room; bouncing off the walls and going up through the grate.
Human Dave notes that the walls and floor are solid metal; thick enough to withstand any attempts at breaking through physical means.
A loud 'CLANG' interrupts his assessment of his new living conditions as a voice calls down from above.
Unknown Voice: "BE SILENT!"
HD: "I won't, and you can't make me!"
Another voice speaks loudly enough for Human Dave to hear, but it sounds as though it it speaking to the other person.
Unknown Voice 2: "He will be silent soon enough. Prepare the arena!"
Clanging footfalls sound out as the two figures walk off, and Human Dave has a moment to register what he has heard.
HD: "Arena? Have I been kidnapped? No, wait. I've been abducted!"
Human Dave begins to laugh uncontrollably at the irony of his situation and tries to recall the circumstances that led to his current predicament.
Alien Captain: "Human Dave, what is the hold-up?"
HD: "Well, Captain, this dock worker has been interrupting my attempts at unloading the cargo to ask me questions."
AC: "I see. Well, I fear we must hurry. We have received another client, and they have requested we make haste."
Alien Dock Worker: "You must understand my confusion. I have never seen an Alora capable of communicating with anyone before."
HD: "And I keep on telling you, I'm not an Alora! I'm a human! You know, very new species to the Galactic Community? Currently in an alliance with the Keltiss? Category X deathworlder? Do none of these words mean anything to you?"
ADW: "Ah, so the Alora are capable of exaggeration. Who would have known? And with a thieving Cradelian, no less. I have half a mind to detain both of you on suspicion of theft of cargo."
HD: "And here, Captain, is a shining example of just how stupid a speciesist can be. No care for anyone or anything other than the size of his non-existent reproductive organs."
ADW: "Some random primitive monkey dares to insult -"
Alien Dock Master: "What is going on here?"
ADW: "I am detaining this thief and his pet Alora from stealing cargo, Dock Master."
AC: "Dock Master, we are offloading cargo, and your dock worker is obstructing us from doing so."
ADM: "Ah, Captain. I trust you have been well since last we spoke?"
AC: "Quite, Dock Master. But your worker is spreading lies and throwing accusations at us for simply existing."
ADW: "It's just some thieving Cradelian! They are always up to no good!"
The Dock Master glares at the Dock Worker, and says something to him fast enough that the universal translator cannot decipher it.
The dock worker stalks off muttering to himself.
ADM: "I apologise for his misconduct, Captain. I have received many complaints in regards to his behaviour, and reprimanding him has little to no effect."
HD: "You might want to consider something a bit more... meaningful. Maybe something with lasting consequences?"
ADM: "I fear I will have to, soon enough. Regardless, I shall not keep you from performing your duties, Captain."
AC: "I thank you, Dock Master. Just a few more crates, and we shall be on our way."
Human Dave becomes confused by this point, as his memories abruptly cut off from this point.
HD: "Huh? Is that it? Why don't I remember anything else?"
Human Dave strains his mind, trying to remember what happened next, but comes up short.
The silence within the room is deafening to Human Dave, so he starts humming to himself.
Not loud enough for anyone above to hear him, but loud enough that it breaks the monotony of being detained like some dangerous beast.
He isn't left waiting for too long, as a voice calls down to him.
Unknown Voice: "Lay on back!"
HD: "... what?"
Human Dave complies, if only to take advantage of it as a means of escape once the voice comes to get him.
There is a shuddering sensation, as what was a wall now registers as the floor, and Human Dave slides down and crashes into what is now the floor.
Human Dave would assume that there was some form of artificial gravity manipulation utilised to keep him where he was, but had fallen partly on his head, and had no intention of focusing on anything other than the pain that had been added to his already throbbing head.
Rough, clawed hands grab Human Dave by the arms and drag him from the room. Through hallways and corridors, while Human Dave does nothing but clutch at his head, unable to focus on where he was being taken.
The clawed hands drop Human Dave harshly on the ground of a darkened antechamber, where a creature sits, glaring at the one who brought Human Dave.
Unknown Creature: "... you were supposed to bring it here unharmed!"
UV: "You said bring here; I bring here. Now, my payment!"
UC: "No payment until it earns it back!"
The two figures glare at each other before the first relents.
UV: "You fight and win. I get paid."
Human Dave slowly lets go of his head and glares at both figures in the darkness.
HD: "Like Hell I will. Go fight for your own money!"
HD: "Then go ahead and kill me. You'll still be without a fighter!"
The Unknown Creature makes a rasping sound, which very vaguely resembles laughter.
UC: "This one has spirit! I will buy it once it has won a battle!"
UV: "Good."
Human Dave glares at the silhouette of the Unknown Creature, thinking about how he could still escape from his captors, and also wondering about where Captain and everyone else was.
Meaty scale-covered hands grab at Human Dave while he is thinking, and drag him away from the unknown pair.
HD, thinking: "Where am I going now?"
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2023.06.09 09:13 htmlpanda How to Set Up a WooCommerce Store: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Set Up a WooCommerce Store: A Step-by-Step Guide

Most users find it difficult to get started with WooCommerce. With its extensive features and customization options, setting up a store using WooCommerce is a practical choice for small businesses and entrepreneurs.
However, investing in WooCommerce development services is worthwhile to ease the process. But knowing the steps will make you aware that everything is aligned perfectly.
So, this guide will walk you through some crucial aspects of building a successful WooCommerce store for your business. Following them will provide information to establish your professional and functional store using it.

Steps to Follow For Setting Up a WooCommerce Store

This WordPress plugin comes with a setup wizard that makes setting up WooCommerce simple.

Download WordPress

Once you are done with choosing the hosting service, let’s now install WordPress. Do it by following the below steps -
  • Download and unzip the package from WordPress.org.
  • Create a database for your WordPress on your web server.
  • Upload the WordPress files to your web server.
  • Run the WordPress installation script by accessing the URL in a web browser.
If you want more details on the same, refer to the official WordPress guide. Also, try hiring a WordPress development company to develop a WordPress site for a better approach.

Install WooCommerce Plugin

Now, if you have a WordPress site, let’s look at setting up a WooCommerce store. With various techniques for the same, we go for the easiest one.
  • From your site’s dashboard, navigate to Plugins -> Add new.
  • Type WooCommerce, and see the plugin appear right at the first result.
  • Click Install Now, and after a while, click on Activate to turn on the plugin.

Configure WooCommerce Settings

Once your store is nicely set up, let’s configure a few settings to make it execute smoothly before adding products. There will be different options like configuring product settings, tax settings, payments settings, email settings, and integration settings.
To do this,
  • From your dashboard, go to WooCommerce, then Settings. Here, you will see a number of tabs on the page.
  • There will be a question mark placed ahead of every text field. Just hover your mouse over there to check the explanation before changing.

Install WooCommerce Extensions and Add-ons

Both WordPress and WooCommerce come with thousand of plugins. You can use them to create contact forms, leading sites, gift cards, etc. These add-ons can be installed like any other WordPress plugin.

Add Products and Start Selling

Once your store is set up and ready, now the time is to add your products and launch your WooCommrce store. Give your products a name and description that should include everything your customer should know about your products.
Also, read Why to Choose WooCommerce for Your E-Commerce Store Development?

Hire WooCommerce Development Company

Hiring a company can ease your tasks. It plays a vital role in setting up your eCommerce store. They can bring expertise, experience, and efficiency to your eCommerce site development process. It will be a time-saving approach, and getting their ongoing support will ensure your site remains up to date.


Irrespective of how you choose to set up your WooCommerce store, ensure doing research and choosing the right theme and plugins. Proper planning will help you make it possible to create a WooCommerce store to help you succeed online. Also, if you are uncomfortable performing this, you can always hire a WooCommerce development company to do it for you.
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2023.06.09 09:12 Super-Waltz-5676 People Are Pirating GPT-4 By Scraping Exposed API Keys

Stolen OpenAI API tokens are being exploited in a Reddit group's Discord chat, with some misusing them to gain free access to GPT-4 and adding cost to the original account holder.
Here's a recap:
Unauthorized Usage of OpenAI API Tokens:
Method of Stealing the Tokens:
Exploitation of the Stolen Tokens:
Platform Security Concerns and Community Reaction:
Additional Misuse and Discord Server Involvement:
Responses from Discord Admins and OpenAI:
Perpetrator's Rationalization:
Source (Vice)
PS: I run a ML-powered news aggregator that summarizes with GPT-4 the best tech news from 40+ media (TheVerge, TechCrunch…). If you liked this analysis, you’ll love the content you’ll receive from this tool!
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2023.06.09 09:12 ProfessorBlawk Care To Explain This Support DoorDash? I Have Never Experienced Anything Like This Before, Worst Support I've Ever Had. I hate to go Karen but this wasn't okay. (More Details In Comments)

Care To Explain This Support DoorDash? I Have Never Experienced Anything Like This Before, Worst Support I've Ever Had. I hate to go Karen but this wasn't okay. (More Details In Comments) submitted by ProfessorBlawk to doordash [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 09:10 Super-Waltz-5676 People Are Pirating GPT-4 By Scraping Exposed API Keys

Stolen OpenAI API tokens are being exploited in a Reddit group's Discord chat, with some misusing them to gain free access to GPT-4 and adding cost to the original account holder.
Here's a recap:
Unauthorized Usage of OpenAI API Tokens:
Method of Stealing the Tokens:
Exploitation of the Stolen Tokens:
Platform Security Concerns and Community Reaction:
Additional Misuse and Discord Server Involvement:
Responses from Discord Admins and OpenAI:
Perpetrator's Rationalization:
Source (Vice)
PS: I run a ML-powered news aggregator that summarizes with GPT-4 the best tech news from 40+ media (TheVerge, TechCrunch…). If you liked this analysis, you’ll love the content you’ll receive from this tool!
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2023.06.09 09:09 SuperWeskerSniper [Video Games] The Lore of Destiny: The Darkness, The Winnower, and The Witness, and the Confusion/Uncertainty Between the Three

To start off, I’m not entirely sure if this should be Hobby History or drama. I’m gonna need to give a lot of context to really explain the drama, and the drama is admittedly relatively minor. Apologies if this is an issue. I’m going to summarize the lore entries I link but I would strongly advise readers to read them both to get a better understanding but also because I just think they are some really enjoyable writing.
As the title says, this post is about the video game franchise Destiny developed by Bungie, best known as the original developers of another sci-fi FPS franchise, Halo. Bungie has always been known for their excellent talent at making fundamentally fun to play FPS games and Destiny is no exception, but this isn’t about gameplay, but instead about the story and universe of the game, specifically a bit of a conflict regarding specific characters and forces.
The Premise of the Game
Sometime in the not-so-distant future a mysterious and colossal white orb enters our solar system. Humanity dubs it The Traveler, and it’s arrival heralds an unprecedented Golden Age of peace and prosperity that lasts for centuries. However, the Traveler has enemies, a force identified only as Darkness, and those that serve it, that have pursued it across the stars and eventually arrive in Sol, bringing about the Collapse. Humanity is devastated and The Traveler is wounded. In its last conscious moments, it creates an army of small drones called Ghosts, each capable of selecting a deceased person and resurrecting them as a warrior armed with powerful abilities born of the Light. These warriors would eventually come to be known as Guardians, and with their help humanity barely survives the coming centuries and by the time of the game there is only a single safe city left on Earth.
If you’re thinking that all sounds a little vague well, you’re not alone and unfortunately there wasn’t a lot of elaboration to be found in the original version of the first Destiny. And of all the questions people asked, one of the big ones was “What is the Darkness?” What was our great enemy, the source of the downfall of the human race? And maybe most importantly, why did it do it? Like I said, not a lot of answers to be found at first, but there was…something.
The Darkness?
Vanilla Destiny
Ghost Fragment: Darkness 3 was a Grimoire card, or a text entry you had to access via Bungie’s website out of game after finding the requisite collectible in game. It is a journal entry from the heretical Guardian Toland detailing a philosophy of survival of the fittest taken to the absolute extreme. That everything is constantly competing to even exist, and that that competition will continue to escalate until something is so good at it that it will extinguish all other competition, before they can even begin to compete, and anything that comes to exist will do so only by its consent. This concept is important, and you should remember it. If you’re thinking this piece seems like it should have more context it didn’t really have much.
Destiny: The Taken King
The next really big piece of evidence comes in the third expansion to Destiny, The Taken King, in the form of the Books of Sorrow. Part history and part holy scripture, they detail the origin of the Hive, one of the four main enemy species. A very long time ago, they were known as the Krill and struggled with short, difficult lives. When a king of the Krill was overthrown, three of his children fled and were drawn deep into the oceans of the gas giant the Krill lived on. In the depths they discovered immense worms who offered them a pact: take their offspring into their bodies and gain eternal life and great power, but they must ensure to feed their worm with conquest and slaughter or be devoured from the inside. They accepted this deal and thus the Hive were born.
The Books of Sorrow give us two main contributions to better understanding The Darkness.
First off, it gives us further elaboration on this aforementioned philosophy of extreme natural selection, and a name for it: The Sword Logic. It is the guiding principle of the worms and thus the Hive, that only that which can defend it’s existence deserves to exist, and so it is the duty of the Hive to try their best to kill everything in pursuit of whittling the universe down to a perfect state, which is now given the moniker of the Final Shape.
Secondly, Oryx, king of the Hive, speaks with something he identifies as The Darkness in XXXII: Majestic. Majestic. . It gives its own explanation of the brutal ideology of the Sword Logic and affirms why the Hive’s crusade against all life is right and required, but it interestingly takes an oddly personal and familiar tone.
Destiny 2: Shadowkeep
The next big piece of information towards The Darkness and the identity of the true antagonist of the Destiny franchise comes years later, in the fourth expansion of the sequel Destiny 2. A long wait, I know. But more than worth it for Unveiling
Unveiling’s name is no accident, it truly does lift the veil of uncertainty in many ways around The Darkness. Or at least so we thought at the time.
It’s worth noting that the in-universe source of Unveiling is communications from a Darkness aligned artifact, which will be relevant later. I promise.
Unveiling is a collection of writings allegedly from an entity referring to itself as The Winnower. It tells a creation parable of sorts, that before anything else existed there was a garden (sort of) and in that garden there was a Gardener and a Winnower, and they played a game (sort of). The game is essentially Conway’s Game of Life which to give a brief description, is a simulation where you have a set of tiles and each tile is either alive or dead. Every turn, tiles change from alive to dead or dead to alive based on the state of the other tiles adjacent to them. It’s a real thing considered a decent really simple simulation of life.
This cosmic version of it represented all of existence, and the Gardener would plant the flowers that represented life and the Winnower would cull the ones that meant to die under the rules. They played this game countless times but every time it ended in the same result: a specific, unending pattern which would always outcompete all others and dominate the game. The Gardener did not like this and considered it boring and even unfair. The Winnower disagreed, opining that it was natural and beautiful to see something succeed because it was better. When the Gardener decided to propose additions to the rules to encourage complexity, the Winnower objected strongly, and they fought. Unable to resolve this difference, the garden was destroyed and they created the real universe and entered it as players in the “game.”
The Winnower was at the time strongly believed to be The Darkness given the story it tells and the congruency of its tone and storytelling style with the entity that spoke with Oryx. However, hints of the other being that would confuse this were also present in Shadowkeep. The final cutscene of the campaign featured an unknown being, who assumed the appearance of the player character, confidently declare “We are your salvation.” . This was the first possible appearance of The Darkness as a real, voiced character actually in the video game. It was unclear but most assumed this was the Winnower here (and that the Winnower was The Darkness) and more or less ignored the odd quirk of this being referring to themselves exclusively as “we” as opposed to the Winnower’s consistent “I.” Again, it would be several years before we received more information about this, and we learned of The Voice in the Darkness.
Destiny 2: The Witch Queen
The sixth expansion of Destiny 2, it introduced the concept of The Witness, a being previously hinted to as The Voice in the Darkness, formally introduced in this cutscene that plays at the end of the campaign. Note the usage of we also present here. This is a consistent trait of The Witness and they have yet to ever use the term I. We can also note The Witness appears to have a desire to totally exterminate life.
The “Drama”
The Witness is seemingly the true main antagonist of Destiny, being established as responsible for the Collapse, the creation of the Hive, and other events. This leaves lore aficionados with a real dilemma on our hands. How does this gel with the previous depictions of The Darkness, namely The Winnower? Not only do The Witness and Winnower speak and behave differently, their fundamental ideologies even feel different. The Witness seems far less interested in the purity of competition and survival of the fittest than in outright extermination. The Winnower would never express a desire for “no more life” just for life to be forced to earn its existence.
There are three main camps of answers to this question.
First: The Winnower is not real
This position holds that Unveiling is a fiction, created and distributed by The Witness and that Darkness is in fact a thoughtless force of the universe wielded by The Witness. The flaw in this position, in my opinion, is how to reconcile this with the entity that Oryx supposedly spoke with, who behaves and speaks very differently from The Witness. It is possible that account is also fabricated as The Books of Sorrow are noted to be potentially unreliable as a pseudo religious account of events written by the leader of a deeply dogmatic society. Out of universe, it feels a little unsatisfying for such a beloved piece of lore to be not true, but there is some precedent for lore being deception from characters in the universe.
The Winnower and The Witness are the same
This position holds that the two are one and the same. Generally the inconsistencies between the two are chalked up to retcons, that over time the direction and goals of the Destiny writing team shifted. Not impossible but it does seem unlikely given the seeds of The Witness were planted at the same time The Winnower was named.
Both The Winnower and The Witness Exist
This position holds that more or less everything we have seen is true. The Winnower is The Darkness, and The Witness is a distinct entity that wields Darkness abilities for its own ends. The seeming large ideological differences can be resolved by the self-reliant nature of the Winnower’s philosophy. It believes that it’s ideology is natural and inevitable, and so it is plausible that it would simply offer power and assume that anything capable of and willing to use that power would align with its beliefs. Or alternatively, that the fact that it could do so would make whatever it believes right. Might makes right for The Winnower, more or less.
Well, that’s more or less it. The drama is nonspecific and technically ongoing. If you spend any time in any community devoted to discussion of Destiny lore, you will come across an argument about this topic, and there is no conclusive answer as of now. I hope you have found this interesting and informative.
Note: I wrote this entire post on Apollo (a mobile 3rd party app) so apologies if any of the formatting is weird. This app will be shutting down on the 30th due to Reddit’s crappy API changes, and you should support the upcoming blackout.
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2023.06.09 09:04 RFStarTechnology Height-Adjustable & More: BLE-Enabled Smart Desks Make You Healthier

Do you often feel exhausted all day sitting with a single rigid posture at work? I believe most of you may say “Yes”. No matter what you answer, it is absolutely uncomfortable for me to work a day sitting at a traditional desk.
Is there a perfect solution to solve that problem? Of course, the article will introduce how a smart height-adjustable desk embedded BLE technology to make you healthier and more comfortable.
Firstly, let’s explore why you feel miserable when prolonged sitting at work. Here are the cost and hazards of prolonged sitting.

The Cost &Hazards of Prolonged Sitting

Unhealthy sitting habits such as bad sitting posture and prolonged sitting will cause terrifying harm to everyone’s body. They not only affect blood circulation but also cause a series of physical disturbances, such as poor eyesight, curved spine and heart disease, etc. Look at the picture below, you will know more about the hazards of prolonged sitting.

Figure 1 The Hazards of Prolonged Sitting

How To Ward off Such Habits Especially When You Work in the Office?

Frankly speaking, it is extremely hard if you keep using traditional desks, as they have shaped your sitting posture ever since. As we all know, traditional desks are usually fixed at a defined height and it is quite difficult for you to arbitrarily change them. These desks cannot be ergonomically adjusted to fit everyone’s body needs. But there comes good news-- a type of innovative desk will usher in a big change to that.
It is named a smart height-adjustable desk.

What Is A Smart Height-adjustable Desk Embedding BLE?

The height-adjustable desk is an ergonomic office desk solution. It allows you to work in a wide variety of postures, in which you can adjust the desk to a higher or lower position, to change the desk’s gradient via your back, or even to sit-stand alternately. Therefore, the smart desk helps you create a flexible workstation for a more energizing and productive working day. Only what you do is press a button or two to alter the intelligent desk as you like.
The trends of smart height-adjustable desks flashed from Europe and North America to the whole world. Those desks adopt such mechanisms as pneumatic, manual, or electric, etc. to actuate adjustment.
In the early stage, height-adjustable desks adopt a button or touch display for the user interface. It made the desk difficult to work if the input devices were damaged. Furthermore, the physical interface was designed at a designated part of the desk, making it clumsy and uni-functional, and impossible to meet diverse needs.
The introduction of Bluetooth Low Energy technology makes the desk smarter and more considerate ergonomically. With a BLE smart desk, you can select from different postures or modes from a designated App backed by a service library stored in a cloud-end server. Smartphones can also function as a user ID to access different patterns or services stored for particular phone users.
Shenzhen RF-star Technology Co., Ltd. supplies the BLE modules with enabling working logic for the whole solution to support such smart desks. The solution consists of an MCU, a wireless transmission unit (BLE device), a power supply unit, and a driving unit. In the following working diagram, the BLE module RSBRS02ABR is used as the wireless transmission unit, and it is connected to the MCU through a UART serial port. A mobile phone, tablet, or BLE remote controller is used to establish a connection with the BLE module, and commands are sent to the MCU of the desk, thus controlling the driving circuit to complete the lifting function of the desk. See details in Figure 2.

Figure 2 Architecture of BLE-Enabled Smart Desk
The BLE communication mentioned above is in a peer-to-peer mode that can be widely used in homes and offices. However, the application is not popular in most schools because it is not practical for students to carry mobile devices, and also it is clumsy to have teachers adjust the desks of all students one by one. As a result, a BLE remote controller comes to the public. Using a BLE remote controller can massively customize all smart desks simultaneously.
Now, BLE smart desks are popular in a wide range of scenarios.

The Scenarios of Bluetooth Smart Desks

1. BLE Adjustable Desk Applied in the Office

An adjustable office desk lets you freely switch postures between sitting and standing to avoid sitting for a long time and work healthily. On the other hand, it also can relieve physical pressure, and improve work efficiency.

2. BLE Smart Desk&Table Used at Home

A versatile household desk or table with a Bluetooth lifting function is able to meet family needs and improves space utilization.

3. Electric Study Desk for Students

The desks in school or at home can be adjusted freely to ease the sitting stress according to the ergonomic factors of students.

4. Lifting Desk for Speech

The BLE remote controller of the smart lifting desk for speech helps speakers avoid an awkward situation where the speaker is too tall or shot to reach the desk appropriately.
When you know the applications of the BLE smart desk, You should get more knowledge about these embedded Bluetooth Low Energy modules. Here show premium BLE modules available for these desks.

Advantages of RSBRS02ABR Modules

  1. Rich AT commands and functions. It is with a large number of open commands of configurable parameters, such as customized broadcast data, broadcast UUID, and transparent transmission UUID, as well as the automatic connection of paired devices. Those functions can meet the needs in most scenarios.
  2. Cost-effective. RSBRS02ABR BLE modules adopt RF-star's proprietary Bluetooth IC, which is tailor-made for the designated functions whose cost was well under control by amortizing over own IP expenses.
  3. Direct-driven function. The direct control of some IOs can be achieved by writing commands in the corresponding channel through the App.
  4. Good customization. The self-developed modules can offer you a good customized service to satisfy different customers’ requirements.

Advantages of RF-BM-BG22A1 Modules

  1. High performance and low power consumption. Its power consumption is as low as 15.12 μA at a broadcast interval of 1000 ms.
  2. Supporting one master connection to 8 slaves simultaneously.
  3. Equipped with powerful AT commands.
  4. Maximum UART transmission rate of 50 KB/s.


All introduced above are what is BLE smart desk and how it makes people work more healthier and comfortable.
If you are interested in more IoT wireless modules and solutions, such as BLE, Wi-Fi, ZigBee, Thread, Matter, Wi-SUN, Sub-1G, etc., please kindly visit https://www.rfstariot.com/ or contact us at [email protected].
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2023.06.09 09:03 epic-bath-kitten don't text ur ex!! text us

Are you in search of a supportive community where you can express your frustrations and seek advice? Look no further! Our group provides a safe and inclusive space for you to share your thoughts and feelings with like-minded individuals.
We host a variety of events, from movie nights to karaoke, bringing us closer together and lifting each other up. Our community is a mix of serious discussions and lighthearted banter, with a strong meme culture that is sure to brighten even the darkest of days.
Check my profile for a link or use the dicsord server invite code: 8NNBGrvWtT
if u have any trouble accessing it, feel free to reach out or comment :)
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2023.06.09 09:00 AutoModerator Weekly Kequeen Megathread

Welcome to our weekly questions thread! Feel free to ask about your specific builds, weapons, artifacts, team comps, or other Keqing-related questions here.
Also be sure to check out our massive library of resources below!
Useful Links for Keqing:
Keqing Mains Discord: Our main hub for all things Keqing. The amazing Artifact Rater Bot, as well as tons of resources for Keqing (and other characters!) can be accessed by using the !help command in the #command-spam channel. There's commands covering terminology, mechanics, artifacts sets, and a ton more.
We also have dedicated channels for teambuilding, clearing the abyss, and community events!
The Comprehensive Guide to Keqing: Our frequently updated, incredibly thorough guide to all things Keqing. From basic builds and starter artifacts to endgame optimization and teambuilding, it's all there. Check back frequently, as new character synergies are added by the community. Most recent: v1.5
Useful Links for Genshin in general:
The Keqing Mains Theorycrafting Library: While we are fundamentally a Keqing focused group, our theorycrafting encompasses so much more. This 80 page+ document is the combined work of dozens of theorycrafters from across multiple servers who have put in tons of hours testing theories and crunching numbers.
KQM Youtube: A place for Quick Guides and Before You Wish videos
HoyoLab Interactive Map (Account Linked)
The Genshin Impact MEGADOC: This covers nearly every in-game system you can think of. From adventuring tips and overworld puzzles, to the exact cost (and materials!) for leveling characters, talents, and artifacts. Even if you consider yourself a veteran this is a great resource to double check things.
CharacteWeapon Planner: This tool lets you plan out what you want to level, how many materials you'll need, and what days the specific domains required will be available.
Genshin Optimizer: A very slick webapp to help you calculate how good your substat rolls are, calculate damage, and experiment with build ideas before using your in-game resources.
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2023.06.09 08:55 UtilityBot2 Selected Livestream Viewership Log - 2023-06-08

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2023.06.09 08:54 kanuhas Minecraft Games

Minecraft Games
Minecraft is a constantly evolving game, with updates and new features being added regularly. Some potential topics for your article could include:
  1. New features and updates: Discuss the latest updates to Minecraft and the new features that have been added, such as new blocks, items, and biomes.
  2. Modding: There are many modding communities for Minecraft, which allow players to add new content to the game such as new blocks, items, and gameplay mechanics.
  3. Minecraft in education: Minecraft has been used in classrooms across the world to teach everything from coding to history. Explore the ways that Minecraft is being used in education and its potential impact on the classroom.
  4. Minecraft speedrunning: Speedrunning has become a popular way to play Minecraft, with players attempting to complete the game as quickly as possible. You could discuss the history of Minecraft speedrunning, the strategies used by top players, and the future of the Minecraft speedrunning community.
  5. Minecraft for content creators: Minecraft has been a platform for many content creators on streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube. You could explore the ways that Minecraft has been used by content creators, and the impact it has had on the
First of all, we can probably expect some new updates to come out between now and 2023. Minecraft is always evolving, and Mojang Studios is constantly working on improving and adding new features to the game. In the past, we've seen updates that introduce new biomes, new creatures, and new gameplay mechanics, so we can expect more of the same in the future.
One trend that we've seen recently is the rise of multiplayer servers and communities. Minecraft has always had a strong modding community, but now more than ever, players are using the game as a platform for creating and sharing their own custom games and experiences. In 2023, we might see even more emphasis on community building and collaboration within the game.
Another possibility is the continued integration of Minecraft with other platforms and technologies. In recent years, Minecraft has been released on consoles, mobile devices, and even virtual reality platforms. In the future, we may see even more crossover between Minecraft and other games or technologies.https://tii.la/OOlx5
Certainly! Minecraft is a popular sandbox video game developed by Mojang Studios. It allows players to explore a blocky 3D world where they can gather resources, build structures, and craft tools, weapons, and armor. The game can be played in different modes, including survival mode, where players must find ways to survive in an open-world environment while battling against hostile creatures, and creative mode, where players have access to unlimited resources and can build without any limitations.
Minecraft has become a cultural phenomenon, with millions of players worldwide creating their own unique worlds, mods, and skins. The game's community is incredibly diverse, with players of all ages, backgrounds, and interests coming together to experience the fun and creativity of Minecraft. From building massive castles and cities to crafting elaborate redstone contraptions, the possibilities are endless in Minecraft.https://youtube.com/shorts/NynKbcqRY_c?feature=share
One of the unique aspects of Minecraft is its open modding community. Players can create their own mods and add-ons, which can range from small tweaks to game mechanics to entirely new game modes. This has led to the creation of countless fan-made mods, maps, and texture packs that have expanded the game beyond its original scope.
Overall, Minecraft is a game that offers virtually limitless possibilities for exploration, creativity, and fun. Its
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2023.06.09 08:54 Wyyyne Seeking Advice: Is Marketing for My Mobile Game Necessary? Can Kickstarter Help Fund Mobile Game Development?

Hi all,
I've been working on a pretty ambitious project lately. It's a mobile game that aims to recreate the modded Minecraft experience with one-touch gameplay. The idea is to make the rich, complex world of modded Minecraft accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime, right in their pocket.
However, I've hit a bit of a snag. As you may know, the Google Play Store doesn't currently offer a wishlist feature(there is one but very limited in time), which can be a significant marketing tool for games. Given this limitation, I'm wondering how much value there would be in marketing my game at this stage.
On one hand, I see the importance of creating awareness and building anticipation, but on the other hand, without a direct way for potential users to express interest or commitment (like a wishlist), it seems difficult to measure the effectiveness of marketing efforts.
So, I guess my first question is - is it worth investing in marketing for my mobile game even without the wishlist feature on the Play Store? What other effective strategies or alternatives are there that I could consider?
My second question relates to funding. I've put a lot of time, energy, and personal resources into this project, and it's starting to look like external funding could really help bring it to the finish line in the way I envision it. I've considered Kickstarter as an option, but I'm unsure whether mobile games can attract significant funding on this platform.
Has anyone here had success with Kickstarter or other crowdfunding sources for a mobile game project? How did you go about it? What do you think would be key elements to highlight in a Kickstarter campaign for a mobile game like this?
Any advice, insights, or shared experiences would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!
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2023.06.09 08:53 Dependent_Platform97 shopify and bigcommerce

What is Shopify?

Shopify is one of the leading e-commerce platforms globally, known for its user-friendly interface and extensive range of features. It caters to businesses of all sizes, from small startups to enterprise-level companies. Shopify provides a hosted solution, meaning that you don’t need to worry about technical aspects like hosting or server management. It offers a wide range of templates and customization options, allowing you to create a visually appealing and personalized online store.

What is BigCommerce?

Similar to Shopify, BigCommerce is a robust e-commerce platform that empowers businesses to create and manage their online stores. It provides a comprehensive set of features, including secure payment processing, inventory management, and marketing tools. BigCommerce also offers scalability, allowing businesses to grow and expand without the need for extensive technical expertise. It provides flexibility in design and customization options, enabling you to create a unique brand experience for your customers.
Now, it’s time for a quick comparison that helps you choose the suitable e-commerce platform. Here’re the points you need to consider while choosing between Shopify and bigcommerce:

Pricing and Plans

When considering an e-commerce platform, it is essential to evaluate the pricing and subscription plans offered. Shopify and BigCommerce have different pricing structures tailored to varying business needs. Shopify offers multiple plans, including Basic, Shopify, and Advanced, with different features and transaction fees. BigCommerce follows a similar approach, offering Standard, Plus, and Pro plans. Carefully comparing the pricing tiers and assessing the features included will help you determine the most suitable plan for your business.

Ease of Use and User Experience

The ease of use and user experience of an e-commerce platform significantly impact your daily operations and customer satisfaction. Shopify boasts a user-friendly interface, making it accessible to beginners with little technical expertise. Its intuitive dashboard and drag-and-drop functionality simplify the process of setting up and managing your online store. BigCommerce also offers a user-friendly interface, allowing you to navigate and customize your store with ease. Both Shopify and BigCommerce prioritize providing a seamless user experience to ensure smooth operations and customer satisfaction.
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2023.06.09 08:52 ---Eevee--- need help finding a good host for my minecraft server

we were using aternos but it was a bad experience for us Australians and the americans didn't have the greatest time either
i tried hosting from australia with 16gb & 32gb ram a 12900k and a 7gb/s m.2 but the Europeans could not join
my us friend tried hosting and it was great for all of us but he cant keep the server running cos he is busy
i think there is 26 of us total about 5 people online on average and we want to be able to play lots
we also want to occasionally swap out the world and change around the settings every now and then and play some minigames/worlds together
(we are unable to pay so we need a free host)
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2023.06.09 08:42 Aequitas-Equitas First time NAS help! QNAP or DIY?

Hey everyone, so I'm new to Home Servers and need some help and suggestions in setting up a NAS. I have currently both a QNAP TS-433 and a spare pc with my specs listed below and have issues deciding between the two.
PC Specs PC Part
CPU: Ryzen 3 3200g (Can upgrade)
MOBO: Asrock b450M Steel Legend
RAM: 16GB 3200GHz
GPU: RTX 2060
PSU: EVGA Plus Bronze 500W
My use case: I would like a simple storage, that backs up my files on my various devices (Laptop, Desktop) with redundancy. I would also like to access my files over the internet, when I'm out and about to either view photos and play videos (nothing demanding).
My problem: I would like to use the QNAP however, I've read various articles regarding ransomware and security vulnerabilities that makes me hesitant to use it. Regarding the DIY, I'm a bit tech savvy but do not know nearly enough to properly setup something like TrueNAS or Unraid, port-forwarding, setting up a tunnel through a VPN etc. Though I don't mind learning, my only concern is would I need to upgrade pc-parts to server grade stuff and whether the backups and redunancy similar to a stand alone solution like QNAP or Synology with similar features like accessing over the internet?
Moving forward: Should I use the QNAP and setup custom-firmware on it? As I've heard this is what most QNAP users do or should I try the DIY solution with something like Proxmox and Docker using Unraid or TrueNAS or should I sell the QNAP and just get a Synology instead?
Thank you for your opinions and help!
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