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2019.06.12 08:06 ShaktiAmarantha Realtantra: a place to discuss authentic tantra traditions

Realtantra is intended to be a place for thoughtful discussion about the historical origins of tantra and about the practices and beliefs of the principal tantric schools and traditions that exist today. We do not accept posts from massage parlors, or from cults and scammers using "tantric sex" as a lure to attract customers and/or victims. Questions about "tantric massage," "tantric orgasms," and similar topics should be redirected to tantricsex.

2023.05.31 17:58 LeastFriendship7306 I don’t feel relieved

I’ve been posting a lot and to anyone who’s read my rambles haha I’m sorry but also thank you.
My q and I have been together off and on for 6 years. I supported him through it all. Rehab, halfway housing, everything. We broke up and we’re seeing other people but made our way back to each other last summer. I was so happy. We’ve been together since august 2022 and I thought it was for good even though I could tell his cocaine addiction was honestly worse than before he went into rehab. He couldn’t even go 7 days.
I asked him to take his things from my house to his apartment 2 weekends ago because he used in my house which was a boundary I was really trying to stick too and not fold on and let him stay. He has been emotionally and physically abusive when high… and not high too I guess.
He has been staying at his moms for 9 days now and is going to a meeting everyday. He came and saw me Friday and said he loved me, wouldn’t talk to me all Saturday, came and met me Sunday and said he didn’t want to be without me and loved me, took me out Monday night and said the same, he was supposed to come over for dinner yesterday and was texting me planning a camping trip all morning. At 230 he said see you tonight, and then at 315 he messaged me 15 times saying he will never forgive me for calling the police (I called an ambulance because he barricaded himself in a room and wouldn’t answer and his mother and I thought he was dead. There were paramedics and firefighters and the police had to come escort him out of the house because he would not cooperate). He will not believe me I called an ambulance.
He ignored me all night again and then called me this morning and asked me to never contact him again, that he can’t trust me, and that he’s already talking to a girl from his AA Meetings and she’s “cool”. I used to be cool. Then I was so beaten down and destroyed and I don’t even recognize myself. I was pregnant a few months ago and we decided together this was not the time because his addiction was so bad. This morning he said if I loved him and wanted to be with him, I would’ve had his baby and we would still be together.
I should feel relief from reading everyone else’s posts but I don’t. I feel extreme sadness, I feel like he is forgetting all the things he did that I had to forgive and is only focusing on actions made out of extreme desperation when I felt unsafe. I don’t know how to move forward with my life. I gave him everything for 6 years in the hope that I would get my happy ending but I’m left with nothing and he is walking away feeling on top of the world for tearing me down one last time. How the hell does this ever get better.
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2023.05.31 17:57 FlyingScottsman60103 Karen made my train go behind Schedule

So this happened two years back, thought of sharing it here. I was so worked as an engineer at a heritage museum, and at the end of the tour of the heritage museum, we had these rideable trains that kids and their parents could ride on to blow off the steam (pun intended) from the boringness of the tour. So I was given the job of driving these trains. Driving these trains was the best job in the museum, and I was fulfilling my lifelong dream of going on a steam train, blowing the whistle, listening to the kids all cheering and giggling with glee, and genuinely having a good time with my passion. So as the engineer, you get to decide what train you want to drive for the day. I was going to drive the best steam train in the shed. It was the streamlined silver New York Hudson J3A Dreyfuss. It was a sight to see, and the whistle was loud and monstrous. Anywho, I decided to take it for a test drive before I took the passengers out for our one-mile track with tunnels, hills, bends, Tressel bridges, and crossing gates. I did the daily routine of oiling the axles, steaming the train, and cleaning the overall look to ensure it was as shiny and silver as possible. I drove the train in the direction of our train yard. Ok, so let me set the scene. I was going to go through a railroad crossing, and before that, there was a parking lot on the left side of the track, while there was a whistle post on the other side. So this post was there to tell an engineer to blow the whistle before coming to a railroad crossing. I blew the whistle and immediately heard a car honk. I did not have time to turn around. The honk probably woke someone up, or a friendly person saw me coming and did a friendly honk. I went to pick up the cars and drove to the station. There was a crowd of kids and their parents looking at our manager's booth, and there was yelling. I did my usual thing of breaking and using my bell instead of my whistle to tell my manager I had arrived on time. The manager and an angry woman came out. Let's call her EM. EM (pointed at me): HIM! I got up from my train idling, Me: Me, Ma'am? EM: HOW DAre you try to scare my kids and me while we were taking a nap?!? This was probably the person who honked my car at me. Me: I'm sorry, ma'am, but I was following the sign's directions. EM: Well, look how traumatized my kids are?!? Her kids were fawning over the silver Dreyfuss, taking pictures, not looking traumatized or scared. Manager: Ma'am, he was following directions, and please stop yelling. You're scaring the other kids. So if you're going to ride, I am going to need to see your ticket. Some kids in line to ride my train's passenger cars looked uncomfortable and antsy. They probably wanted the train ride to start. The parents were looking at the EM because they didn't want to deal with more antsy kids. EM ( huffed): FINE! But my kids should ride in the front with the engineer. EM gave the ticket to my manager My manager looked at the key and said Manager: Ma'am, FIRST of all, you needed to book the ticket online and choose the seats for your kids and you. The front near the engineer and the back near the caboose is our most popular options, this ticket is for the middle train cars. SECONDLY, this ticket is for tomorrow. So I can not let you ride this. OP starts the train. EM started to have another tirade with the manager, and I went over to the two kids of EM to tell them I was starting the train. I felt bad for them for having a psychotic mother like that, so I gave them a golden train keychain that I gave everyone at the end of a train ride. We were a few minutes behind schedule (thanks so much EM), So I yelled "All aboard", blew the whistle, and left the station a little too quickly. I drove the train, and I was coming up on a railroad crossing and saw the EM pulling up to the dropping gates of the crossing. I had a devilish thought in my head. I dropped the speed to 10-15 mph; Karen was honking her car and screaming at me; I just looked at her and smiled, putting my hands up. Me: I'm just following the rules
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2023.05.31 17:57 zeekoes [WP] A demon has tried to posess you, however it turn out to be weaker than expected. It only manages to take controll a couple of times a day to make a single movement or say a single word. You now have to live with a demonic version of tourettes that's perfectly timed to ruin your day.

Sally walked through the rotating doors into the lobby of the hotel. She made herself known to the receptionist behind the counter, who looked at Sally’s hands suspiciously. Out of shame she hid them behind her back.
“Not good with knives,” asked the woman, oblivious to Sally’s discomfort.
“Eh, I have an affliction,” she stammered. “It makes my relationship with sharp objects...difficult at times.”
The receptionist raised an eyebrow in response, but had the decency to ask no further questions.
“What’re you here for?” she asked instead.
“I have a meeting, with Mr. Janssen,” replied Sally.
The receptionist scribbled a room number on a post-it note and handed it to Sally, “Elevators are down the hall on the right,” she said, after going back to her business.
Sally walked across the marble floor towards the designated location. She was glad the hotel had elevators, because staircases could also prove themselves as difficult hurdles, if the thing inside her woke up again. Sally wouldn’t call it a hard life she led. It was, however, a challenge. Ever since she had visited that strange abandoned church all those years ago, she knew something was off inside of her. At times her body seemed to move on it’s own, but only for a moment. Doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with her, and it of course never happened at their presence. Whenever the thing inside interfered, it seemed out to spite her. The movements, or words spoken at those times always seemed aimed to hurt her, or if not, to make her life as difficult in that particular moment as possible. It never really threatened her safety, although she wasn’t sure that was intended, or whether the thing wasn’t powerful enough. She had learned to live with it, all cuts, bruises and awkward conversations included.
Sally stepped out of the elevator – of which she had managed to press the right button in one go, thankfully – and walked over to the indicated room. She knocked on the door and waited. She heard footsteps on the other end and after a couple of seconds, the wooden door opened carefully. Through the crack peered an older man.
“What do you want?” he said, suspiciously.
Sally scraped her throat and blurted out, “I want your – Sex baby, you and me!” Oh god no, not now.
The man didn’t flinch and simply opened the door far enough for her to step inside.
“Possessed, I reckon?” asked the man, like he hadn’t heard what she had just said.
Sally only nodded, too scared to speak any more.
“Sit down,” said the Mr. Janssen, as he gestured towards the chaise longue, that stood in the middle of the chamber.
Sally did as he asked.
The man walked to the bookcase across the room and fingered a couple of covers, before picking out and old book that looked to be falling apart. He slammed it on the desk behind him and fumbled through the pages.
“Is it correct that these infringements on your agency happen infrequent and are minor in nature?” he asked loudly, without looking up from the pages.
“Y-yes,” Sally answered.
“That’s good, should be an easy job,” he muttered more to himself than towards Sally.
He walked back to her, holding the book, opened on a page he apparently was looking for. He handed the book over to her, carefully. Sally picked the dusty thing from his hands and gazed over the page. It was a Latin incantation for exorcising minor demons.
“You, read that text,” said the man, without waiting for an answer.
“Exorcizamus te, omnis immundis spiritus,” Sally felt something inside her straining. “Omnis, satanica, potestas.”
With those last words, a gust blew through the room. It wasn’t strong, but it was enough to knock over a candle that Mr. Janssen had lighted while Sally was reading the prayer out loud. The papers that were scattered across the table immediately caught fire and Mr. Janssen tried to stamp out the flames, while cursing loudly.
“Omnis incursio infernalis adversarii,” Sally kept going.
That’s when the thing inside her saw it’s chance at escape and before Sally had time to react, her arm had send the book flying across the room, onto the still burning table. The old worn leather and bone dry pages immediately caught on. Mr Janssen’s eyes grew large as he saw the old book turn to ash. He abruptly pointed his finger towards the door.
“OUT! NOW! And take that damned thing inside it with you,” he roared.
Sally stood up with her head down and silently walked out of the room, while Mr. Janssen was still busy putting out the flames.
“This is the third time, you’ve done this,” she whispered to the thing inside her. “I won’t give up.”
As Sally walked away, her right hand stuck out its middle finger towards the room they’d just left, without her noticing.
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2023.05.31 17:57 Pizza420666 Deep Massage

I’m looking to get a massage with wicked deep pressure. My upper back has gnarly knots from all this ugly I got going on and I need them worked out. I need a massage that’ll go so deep it’ll make me cry harder than that one time I saw my reflection in the mirror.
Word on the street is that I need a sports massage. Not sure if that’s true or not, not really relevant I guess. Any recommendations on where to go for a deep tissue massage?? Thanks y’all
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2023.05.31 17:57 walkuprifei52 23 [M4R] Melbourne- Looking for sensual body massage

I’ve wanted to get a full body massage for quite some time now. But have never managed to actually sort something out.
I saw a few posts a while back of people who were offering their services for free in order to gain more experience with giving massages. I was wondering if there was anyone looking for a situation like that as i would love to receive a massage!
Let me know if you are interested. Happy to chat more and send any info you need.
My info/stats - M, 23, 5’10, slim, average build, slightly broad shoulders.
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2023.05.31 17:56 kaneki-ken14 A girl I had sex with multiple times is suddenly saying I took advantage of her after not speaking for a bit

I had sex with a girl a number of times and now shes saying I took advantage of her the first time we did anything
The first time we did anything sexual we were both sober and I only gave her oral and recieved nothing in return, she stated her want to go all the way with me but past situations made her hesitant. I told her that was okay and we could do all that stuff whenever she was ready, fast forward she comes to my house and wants to take shrooms to work through her issues as she wants to have sex while I watch her. She takes them shortly after she arrives and we go to a lake. We walk around for an hour or so before my head and body start hurting fairly badly.
I take us back to my home after resting in the vehicle for about 15 minutes and when we get there she starts saying shes going to get on the road while tripping. I tell her thats dangerous and to leave if she feels better in a few hours. after getting inside my apartment she starts feeling emotions and trying to bottle them and eventually decides she wants to listen to music and laydown on my couch so she can feel them. I give her some time alone by going to my room to lay down because my head hurts. I fall asleep and dont wake up until nighttime. When I do i come out and she starts making moves on me saying she worked through her stuff and wanted to have sex I ask if shes sure a few times and she shows me her breast and pulls me on top of her and we kiss a few times.
I pull away because I dont want to have sex in my home a so we look for a place for an hour or so when she says she doesnt want to unless its in my home. I take her back and Im still not interested in doing it in my home until she offers to give me head which i oblige and then we have sex.
all of this is 8-10 hours after she takes .8gs of shrooms. shes saying because I told her she couldnt drive why do i think she could consent to sex. thats obviously bull since we didnt have sex till 8-10 hours after she took them and she left 10-15 minutes after to drive half an hour home.
I responded to what she accused me of denying and going over what actually happened in detail in our messages. Im young and realize that was a dumb mistake now but am I screwed?
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2023.05.31 17:56 DapperDan719 Gyno Surgery Results Dr Blau

Hey so this is a late response of my gyno surgery results. I will share the before pictures again and then the after pictures. I will include post op pictures, that honestly I do not want to share but I am trying to be open. I am here to answer all the questions that everyone has, so please ask them.
A few things about the recovery, it was not as easy as everyone says. Honestly the recovery was terrible for me. The day after the surgery my chest blew up like a ballon you can see in the pics shown. I had to go in and get them drained, let me tell you that this was not a pleasant experience. My incision was opened up so Dr Blau could get the fluid out. He was not gentle at all, kneading my chest and squeezing the bloody liquid out of my chest. It hurt so bad my back was sweating, heart was beating like crazy and out of breathe. Knowing what I know now I would have taken a pain killer before I went in to get it drained. It isn’t his fault, I think sometimes the procedures do not go perfect, it is just a horrible thing to experience. I had to go in 4 times and get the fluid drained out because it kept building up with fluid. Dr Blau wanted me to stay extra days but I couldn’t stay any longer, I had the procedure on Tuesday Feb 21, 2023 and my flight home was Saturday Feb 25, 2023. Luckily my aunt who is a nurse worked with a plastics surgeon for 5 years so she proceeded to change my bandages and drain the fluid from my chest for the following 2 - 3 weeks. 7 days after my surgery I could barely move my arms, I couldn’t reach above my head at all. Everything was uncomfortable, driving was absolutely terrible, dressing myself was very difficult because lifting my hands above my head was not really an option. The compression vest was awful, I could barely sleep because it hurt my back having that thing on. It sucks that the healing process went this way, I would have had better results if I didn’t not have fluid building up. I have small indentions on both sides that you can see. The incision on my right side has a decent scar that protrudes from the skin. Hoping over the next 9 months the inflammation and indentions dissipates.
Over all of that, the hardest part about the healing process was mental. I started to get really depressed and negative. I thought I was going to look horrible, I thought that my scars were going to be massive. I thought I was never going to heal, it was terrible for 6 weeks total. I went from going to the gym 6 times a week to not being able to do pretty much anything for 3 weeks and then the following 3 weeks I could do things but not lift. I didn’t have an appetite at all so I didn’t really eat allot. I saw all my gains disappearing daily and I thought I was never going to be able to get back in the gym. Luckily I had a good support system through my friends and family. I am about 6 weeks back at the gym now and feel pretty good. I have a decent amount of scar tissue on both sides that I try and massage every night. Do I love the results?No. Am I happy I did the procedure? Yes.
I will post my initial post below, I didn’t know how to add photos to that post so made a new one.
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2023.05.31 17:56 the-frog-monarch A happy love story

My bf and I are t4t, and he says I'm a big reason why he felt confident discovering himself early in his transition
I tell him it's something that came from within, but I'm glad I could be there for him
He says I helped him feel confident in starting T knowing he wouldn't have to be on it alone
By the time we met I had already been on it for almost a year
Our first time meeting we went to pride, he painted little hearts on our faces with the trans flag on them
I still remember sitting in his car while he did my makeup, watching him do his
I still remember holding his hand and walking through that crowd that parted for us, recognizing and respecting us before we were even dating, like they could see what we'd become
I still remember sitting on the stairs and just talking to him
How after pride we drove to a McDonald's and he talked about his Lady Gaga obsession, both of us gushing over The Fame. He showed me that performance where she started pouring fake blood everywhere and I was in awe
Laughing, drinking boba
Sitting on the swings at the park, sitting in the grass like we were just two kids at recess. Watching the sun set
I cherish that summer we met
Holding hands in the car driving down the highway listening to Deftones. Rosemary, Bored, and Mascara
Him helping me connect with our culture, teaching me little bits of Spanish
Walking to the gas station in the snow, the concrete slick with ice, we threw big pieces of it in the road just to watch it break
Going to the park in the middle of the night just to be kids again
For as much as I helped him, I think he's helped me even more without realizing it
I hope we're together for a long time 😊
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2023.05.31 17:56 BallTorturer-3000 I have some Mormons living next door

They decided to walk with me across town one day and talk with me both back and forth from my destination and asked me to check out the Mormon website etc. I'm not religious nor do I believe in anything spiritual, I was mostly just bored and trying to kill some time.
In that walk they mentioned they have a transgender person they are counseling, which led me to believe that the Mormon church must be kinda chill about those things but looking at their own statements on the mormon website they are super homophobic and transphobic.
When I brought this up to those neighbors (they gave me their phone number) they attempted to justify it using the Bible.
Does anyone have some Bible verses I can throw at them to continue to point out the hypocrisy of their beliefs. I'm not trying to convince them or anything I just like to do stuff like this when I'm bored and feeling chaotic.
Thanks yall.
P.S. Bonus points if you take stuff from the book of Mormon to confront them with
TL;DR Met Mormons who justify homophobia/transphobia as a godly command, am looking for Bible verses to send them to point out hipocrasy.
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2023.05.31 17:56 Pretty-in-wine Have any of you guys tried Breast Massages? If so, how did it go for you? (MTF)

Hi Everyone!
I struggled with breast growth ever since I started HRT last Aug 2022, using pills (estrofem) 2mg 3x a day and CPA 12.5mg. I never really had growth with the pills and after 7 months changed to EV 0.4mg once a week.
When I switched to injections, I had little breast growth like Tanner Stage 2 but stopped there. I read on here that one trans woman massaged her breast and her growth exploded but most says that it doesn't help at all.
I started massaging my breast 2x a day morning and night last week out of curiosity and desperation and in my experience, I was shocked. A week of doing it everyday I got fats distributed into my breasts, I would say entering tanner stage 3 now. They are fuller, fluffier, protrudes out of my chest, and actually bounces now when I run. I'm slim and don't have a lot of fat to work with but it seems that massaging works(?) My breast has grown a fourth of an inch in a week, I plan to continue till my breast is mature and when I feel like they have reached their maximum potential.
Could it be that massaging only works for those who are just starting to develop breasts?
Let me know your experience and how it worked for you, if you've tried it.
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2023.05.31 17:55 caitiep92 What Happened to 6 year old Hattie Jackson? Washington DC, July 21, 1961

Hattie Yvonne Jackson was born on September 22, 1954. She lived in Washington DC with her family, which included an older brother. There is little information available on Hattie's life and the case itself (probably due to the age of the case), so I think it's important to shed some light on it.
On the afternoon of July 21, 1961, Hattie, her older brother and some friends went to go play at Rock Creek Park. The kids began to swim in a creek when a police officer stopped and them to get out because the water was polluted. Hattie and the other kids obeyed the officer, and after the officer walked away, a man who'd been sitting down (presumably on a bench) nearby came over to the kids. The man said he could take them to another spot about two miles away to swim where the water was cleaner. The kids declined this offer and continued playing where they were.
According to the Charley Project: "Then Hattie disappeared, and no one noticed her leave." This seemed like a "the kids turned around and Hattie was gone," situation. But there were several witnesses, apparently hikers just passing by, who would later report seeing two young men "helping," Hattie into a dull gray/blue older model Chrysler or Plymouth with yellow license plates near Rock Creek Park.
The driver of this car was described as the same man who offered to give Hattie and her friends a ride. This man was described as white (Caucasian) between 30 and 40 years old, with brown hair brushed straight back and a deep tan. The man wore a white shirt, gray trousers, a black belt and sunglasses. He was about 5'9 and had a muscular build. This person hasn't been identified to this day.
Rock Creek Park and the surrounding area were thoroughly searched, but no trace of Hattie was ever found. However, a Medium article presented an interesting theory on Hattie's case. In May of 1962, the body of a young girl was found in the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia. This body was found inside a box that formally contained milk. The estimated time of death was in March 1962, and the girl was between 4 and 6 years old. Apparently Hattie was the only missing girl who matched this description at the time. But there was a problem (which doesn't rule this theory out completely) is that Hattie would've been kept alive for several months before being found in a different state.
At the time Hattie Jackson vanished, she was described as a African American female, six years old between 3'0 and 3'4 inches tall, around 45 pounds with black hair and brown eyes. Hattie was last seen wearing a long sleeved white blouse, brown and white checkered shorts, pink sandals and a blue hair ribbon. Hattie's case remains unsolved.
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2023.05.31 17:55 AutoModerator Todd Valentine - Verbal Game Academy (complete)

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2023.05.31 17:55 TetraKahn Need help with land of confusion

Its telling me to go to the marshes at the land keepers office and ive found three boxes and put them by the log by the building and in different spots but nothing is happening, driving me crazy. The song for me is- "If you wish to leave this land heed my words and hear my song, you must rise to the task at hand you must walk the path most long, to the west your wings must fly to the place only I have known, for that is where my chambers lie halls now empty and alone, venture there and head southbound where your wayward paths shall meet, where trees and dirt paths can be found where grass is fresh beneath your feet, near a building on this land there lies a log where you must be, three possessions must now leave your hand the choice is yours but must be three, unite this act and its location to show to you the final station, heed my song and find the place that will reveal infinite space"
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2023.05.31 17:54 Whodahellknows_03 Falling Out Of Love Cause He Never Wants To Talk To Me

So I (19F) been dating D (20M) for about a year and a half, it’s been pretty great for 60% of the time but whenever he gets in a bad mood he demands space and doesn’t ask for it in a kind way (ie. if you text me one fucking time, im blocking you) and it always comes out of nowhere.
I do admit for the first few months I was really chatty with him cause I have a hard time understanding social interactions that indicate conversations are over (been like this my whole life but I’m working on it), and he would threaten to dump me if I became to annoying in his eyes. I no longer have the right to tell him “gn, gm, or ily” anymore, cause I’m only allowed to initiate one conversation per day.
I’ve noticed recently he wants talking breaks more often even if I go nearly 20hrs without speaking to him, for instance yesterday we didn’t talk all day til 8PM and after an hour of talking about our days/watching him play games via twitch, he suddenly blew up on me saying I am being “so goddam annoying”
So yea… I’m falling out of love with him cause it genuinely hurts that I barely talk to him and often he wants space right after talking (I also only see him once a week for only 3hrs)… i wanna keep trying cause maybe he has mental health issues I don’t know about and he said he wants to marry me. I just can’t deal with this bullshit anymore, I’ve even had intrusive thoughts telling me to secretly find someone else but I know it’s wrong.
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2023.05.31 17:54 JIFXW2C3QTG5 Touring Carriages map or route list

Is there anywhere one might go to find a map of routes, or a list of which cities connect to which other cities?
For instance, the mod says that new carriages arrive from time to time, and I know a carriage from Riften will go to Windhelm, so I sat by the Windhelm stables and waited for days for a carriage to Riften. There wasn't one.
I don't know if something bugged, I missed it, if the carriages don't actually move and change, or if that particular route is just one-way only.
Similarly, I know a carriage from Solitude will go to Falkreath, but I didn't see an option to go to Morthal, which is closer and easier to get to. I don't know if there just isn't a route for that, or if the carriage is a different one, or what.
Lastly, I know you can stop the carriages anywhere, but knowing the routes would help me figure out if it's going to pass a certain town or not. I'm not always sure if it would be wise to get on a carriage with the hope of jumping off halfway, only for it to go a route I wasn't expecting. For instance, Whiterun to Riften doesn't go near Helgen or Ivarstead, which is the route I usually walk to make that trip, so I was surprised.
I tried to see if there was a Readme anywhere for the mod, but couldn't find that either.
Anything to help me figure out what is and isn't available would be nice. Thanks in advance!
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2023.05.31 17:54 Repulsive-Number-629 Realtek Wifi

Guys , can you provide me any stable version of the relatek wifi driver for my victus 16 ryzen 7 5800h and rtx3050ti varient it says wifi 6 yet it is far more worse than wifi 5 like ping in valorant spikes upto 1k even when near wifi router , (ping is stable with the same wifi when tried it from my friends laptop) wifi adapter - RTL8852AE (please provide a stable drive or suggest me any ways to fix ) I've tried like 20 ways which are mentioned through out yt and Google , please help my guys ;-; I'd be glad to you 😊
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2023.05.31 17:54 1042Mary To the man in Sultanahmet who chased off the scum…

Thank you! The salesmen in Istanbul seem to be particularly aggressive tonight. I was walking back to my hotel, managed to shake off most of the salespeople, but one didn’t want to leave me alone and for a minute I thought he was going to follow me back to my hotel. He asked if I was from the U.S., and that’s when another man stepped in and said, “It’s none of your business where she is from!” and shooed him away.
I have truly enjoyed being in your city. I know the scum is only a tiny portion of the people here. Almost everyone I’ve met has been kind and welcoming. I go home tomorrow (yes, I am from the U.S.), but I look forward to visiting again some day. Thank you for your hospitality and looking after my family this week!
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2023.05.31 17:54 keithjones380 The Filipino Before and After Expansion (1899)

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2023.05.31 17:53 Steelsoldier77 Week 11 Recap + Power Rankings

Week 11 saw some separation appear between the top and bottom teams in the East, while the West becomes further and further mired in a competitive log jam. The West's records may seem mediocre, but that's just a function of how good that conference is right now.

Iowa Barnstormers (1-8) @ Sioux Falls Storm (5-4) 26-77: There's not a whole lot to be said or learned from this game. We knew Iowa was terrible and we knew Sioux Falls had a strong run game. Lorenzo Brown, Xavier Jackson and Donnie Corley were all terrific for the Storm, and even backup qb Seth Collins got in on the fun, throwing for 2 touchdowns. Defensive backs Byron Edwards and Eugene Ford feasted, each getting a pick and multiple breakups. The Storm played pretty much flawless football against the worst team in the league, which should bring their spirits up a bit, as should seeing Green Bay lose to QC.
Player of the game: Xavier Jackson, RB, Sioux Falls; Donnie Corley Jr, WR, Sioux Falls

Green Bay Blizzard (4-5) @ Quad City Steamwheelers (7-3) 56-63: This game never really got too out of hand, but you also never really felt like Green Bay actually had a chance to win. Both teams basically just traded touchdown drives, oftentimes one-play drives the whole game with no turnovers, with the difference eventually being just a couple missed field goals by Green Bay. The Blizzard's defensive line has been very bad all season, and tonight gave up 200 yards rushing, including 126 to newcomer Shane Simpson. EJ Hilliard was his usual efficient self and Quad City cruised to another victory.
Player of the game: EJ Hilliard, QB, Quad City

Northern Arizona Wranglers (5-4) @ Duke City Gladiators (4-5) 40-47: The Wranglers, coming off a blowout loss to the Rattlers, had a chance to redeem themselves against an easier team and take back control of the west. Instead, they went down early again, thanks to a couple Garrett Kettle turnovers. Kettle, who had his worst outing since week 1 had trouble throwing downfield and a lot of times was either running it for small gains or checking it down. However, NAZ was able to fight their way back from 3 scores down, and even recovered an onside kick down just 7 points with a minute left. Kettle then threw his third interception of the night, a catchable pass that RCB couldn't quite handle, tipping it to the defender and sealing the Wranglers' loss.
Player of the game: Roderick Chapman, DB, Duke City

Bay Area Panthers (6-3) @ Tucson Sugar Skulls (4-4) 44-42: With the help of some great defensive plays, Tucson was able to build a two score lead late in the second half. However, Bay Area was able to fight back, intercepting Ramone Atkins twice and taking the lead for good in the fourth quarter. This was an especially tough loss for Tucson, plunging them even further into the goulash that is the western conference. For Bay Area, this win, coupled with a NAZ loss gives them sole possession of the West.
Player of the game: Justin Rankin, RB, Bay Area

Massachusetts Pirates (6-3) @ Tulsa Oilers (1-8) 54-48: You gotta feel kind of bad for the Tulsa defense, who did enough to get the Oilers the win, but their offense was just unable to get the job done. The Oilers D was able to intercept Anthony Russo twice and get another key stop on downs, but Vince Espinoza and the Oilers offense scored zero points off of those drives. A questionable coaching decision to go for the deuce with less than a minute left, rather than an onside kick allowed the Pirates to seal what should have been a relatively easy win. Midway through the season, Tulsa looks like they've got some pretty good chemistry going and some solid playmakers. The home crowd looks great as well. They just need to fire their camera operator because it's obvious this person has never seen a football game before this season.
Player of the game: Isaac Zico, WR, Massachusetts

Vegas Knight Hawks (4-5) @ Arizona Rattlers (5-4) 39-63: Arizona was out for revenge after losing to Vegas two weeks ago, and they didn't disappoint. Their offense was unstoppable and their defense was ferocious, leaving Daquan Neal with nowhere to run. The Knight Hawks kind of just folded midway through the third quarter, pulling Neal, and the Rattlers pulled Powell soon after. Powell went 11-13 passing for 5 touchdowns, and his receivers were constantly making incredible catches. Add to that 71 yards by Jamal Miles, including a 45 yard touchdown run for their first score of the game, and the Rattlers appear to be back in top form.
Player of the game: Drew Powell, QB, Arizona

San Diego Strike Force (3-6) @ Frisco Fighters (8-1) 56-70: As you can tell from the score, this was a defensive slug fest- nah I'm just kidding. Both teams scored quickly and often, as the first half ended 50-42. It seemed like neither team had any real interest in playing defense, and each team's secondary took the half off. However, Frisco I guess made some adjustments at halftime and were able to start getting pressure on Nate Davis and throwing him off rhythm. The Fighters held San Diego to just 1 touchdown in the second half as the Fighters showed why they're still the best team in the league.
Player of the game: TJ Edwards, QB, Frisco

Power Rankings:
  1. Frisco Fighters (8-1)~
  2. Bay Area Panthers (6-3)~
  3. Quad City Steamwheelers (7-3)~
  4. Massachusetts Pirates (6-3)~
  5. Arizona Rattlers (5-4)+2
  6. Northern Arizona Wranglers (5-4)-1
  7. Tucson Sugar Skulls (4-4)-1
  8. Vegas Knight Hawks (4-5)~
  9. San Diego Strike Force (3-6)+1
  10. Sioux Falls Storm (5-4)+1
  11. Duke City Gladiators (4-5)+1
  12. Green Bay Blizzard (4-5)-3
  13. Tulsa Oilers (1-8)~
  14. Iowa Barnstormers (1-8)~
Not much movement this week, aside from some shuffling around the middle. Arizona jumped up 2 spots just because it looks like they have returned to last year's dominant form. Green Bay's 3 spot plummet is mostly to due how they've played without Jarome Johnson. Meylor is decent but nowhere near as electric as Johnson. Some people will question having a 4-5 and a 3-6 team ahead of 5-4 Sioux Falls, but look me in the eyes and tell me you could see SF beating either Vegas or San Diego.
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2023.05.31 17:52 chapinsoldier Engagement photographer 06/01

Hi, I know it’s last minute but any photographers here be available at 11am for about 30 minute to an hour to help me capture my proposal to my girlfriend? It would be around 11am in the Central Park south near the Olmsted flower bed.
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2023.05.31 17:52 PlathIce47 Fine I'll start locking the door before open time

I got reprimanded today and a little bit rightfully so. I got in at 745 to open the shop. I'm tucking in my uniform behind the counter and a guy comes in at 750. Now we open at 8 and all the lights are still off in the building because I was going to do that next, make the coffee, unlock the garages etc. So I go, hand in pants, and I'll admit gruffly, "oh we don't open until 8".
He goes "well the door is open".
"i had to get in somehow," i replied, "what's your license plate?"
"well if you're going to give me attitude, I'll go somewhere else."
"No, my voice is shot (it is all raspy, my nose is all congested), what's your plate?"
"you know what, never mind, your manager will hear from me" walks out
So ofc my regional calls me 15 minutes later. I tell him the story, he reprimands me for being gruff with the guy, and I agreed I was a bit of a bitch, but I explain that I DID try to move past it and write him up but he thought I was still giving him attitude. The regional even goes "yeah your voice is all raspy" and we agreed that I'll just lock the door behind me and unlock them when we OPEN at 8. Lol. I'm not a morning person. This is why I work in the back.
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2023.05.31 17:52 gameontheshelf 36 [TF4F] EST/PA/US - Looking to Write the Next Chapter of Life with Someone Wonderful

While I'm in a somewhat transitional period of my life, I've been doing the best that I can to adjust, adapt, and accept things. I've made really wonderful friends here and now am hoping to meet someone with the intention of seeing if there's chemistry and going from there. My goal is a long-term relationship, but I'd like to know that I'm dating a good friend as opposed to dating strangers I'm simply attracted to. Of course, physical attraction is important and I've included a picture of myself below along with some information about myself, and 'you', to give you an idea of who I am and what I'm looking for. I'm not interested in whirlwind anything or rushing head first into a new relationship; I want to build one with the right person by being mindful, intentional, and openly communicating.
I'd prefer to meet people in or near my time zone, but you don't have to be in the same state. Although not ideal, I'm open to (initially) long-distance relationships. If you're interested in speaking with me, I prefer reddit Chat over the private message feature; and if we connect and there seems to be chemistry, I'd really like to move to a different platform like Discord or WhatsApp as I appreciate calls and video chats over texting all of the time.

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