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Home Improvement refers to the activities involving modification of the visible features of home. It is done depending upon the theme chosen. The essentials involved in improving the interior as well as the exterior of the home includes: wall colors, show pieces, painting, arrangement of furniture.

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“I’m confident that Reddit could sway elections. We wouldn’t do it, of course. And I don’t know how many times we could get away with it. But, if we really wanted to, I’m sure Reddit could have swayed at least this election, this once.” - Reddit CEO

2023.05.31 19:15 scotolsen Bulb Shows in Apps; Light Doesn't Turn On

Weird one here: my Tradfri E26 bulb in the hallway shows in IKEA and Apple Home apps—including turning off/on and dimming—but in reality, the bulb always stays off. This persists across:
Is it possible the filament/light part died but the "smarts" are still alive? Thanks in advance!
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2023.05.31 19:13 Flashy-Ad4986 Do I need a better mower?

I am currently using this
Toro Recycler 22 in. Briggs & Stratton SmartStow Personal Pace High-Wheel Drive Gas Walk Behind Self Propelled Lawn Mower 21465 - The Home Depot
I have done all of the tune up stuff air filter, etc but my house backs up to a golf course and I guess we get spillover ferts? The grass in my back yard is really really thick & it grows insanely fast. It is a small lot...3k sf home but on almost a zero lot line. We are the end house so our lot is a bit larger. I can post measurements when I get home but I have been debating on buying a new mower. I can't get below a certain level (next to highest cut) without the clippings getting all gummed up and the bag not working bc the grass stays wet somehow even though the ground isnt wet the grass stays well hydrated and the mower sputters out due to the thickness. It isn't a clean cut even though I keep new blades on it...Do I need to take it in for a professional tune-up or do I need to up the power? Maybe try tune up and if that doesn't work up the power. Secondarily what push mowers would you all recommend? Yard is too small for a riding mower.
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2023.05.31 19:13 good_morning_magpie How do I reset my nanoleaf bulbs? They are all non-responsive suddenly, but other devices on the same network still work fine.

Ok so I tried the trick of logging out of the nanoleaf app. Then I removed my homepod mini as a device and re-added it. No problems there. All my bulbs are nonresponsive. Reset my Wi-Fi network. I removed one of my lamp bulbs from home, then tried to re-add it and my iPhone could not even add it back either by QR code or by other means. It just wouldn't find the bulb. The weird part is, if I say 'hey Siri, hit the lights" then the command goes through the homepod mini and the lights work even though the app shows them not responding. My automations are gone for those lights as well. My eve sockets are all working properly which is strange, same network and everything.
So, I guess my question is twofold, how do I re-add the bulb I removed if the phone won't find it, and how do I reset all the bulbs?
Thanks for the help as always everyone, I know this sub is full of the same questions over and over, I tried to search but couldn't find anything specifically like what I am experiencing.
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2023.05.31 19:12 vendettajake 2006 Toyota Prius Dash Lights Diagnostic Help?

2006 Toyota Prius Dash Lights Diagnostic Help?
Hello, mechanics of Reddit! Today is a scorching 90 degrees and a few car lights on my dash turned on (Pictures included). These lights appeared as I waited at a train and had a long line for a pharmacy drive thru. The battery on the center console keeps fluctuating in charge and the fan kicks on in the back (I believe that's for the battery). This said, I just replaced that battery not too long ago, and I was curious if it needs to be replaced again or is it the heat? Could the problem be something else? Whatever it might be, I hope to have an answer because these lights worry me! Thank you for your time :)
Edit: Car started having difficulties accelerating as I got home
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2023.05.31 19:10 Choosemepickme 32 [F4R] East Coast / flaws stitched together with good intentions

After I put my children down for bed in 6-7 hours I'm going to open a wine my new coworker gave me as a gift and have the smallest swirl, sniff, and sip. Maybe I’ll watch a spooky ghost movie. It seems ironic and applicable to my life right now. I don’t know what I’m searching for but you probably need my origin story:
I moved my little humans to an entirely new city and state with no other contact to our prior lives and just want to feel okay for a night or even a few nights if you can withstand me that long. We escaped trauma from many different facets of life and now are left to figure out how we can make this life a happy one on our own. Today I started a new job. The old me is far too qualified and would have gawked at the daily duties. But for right now, I am safe and figuring it out. It will provide enough for us. I’ll do my job with pride and happiness I haven’t felt in a long time. It allows me to stay home with my younger babies and I couldn’t be more happy about that. Today was a half day, I spent most of it writing and editing this post. Friday is near.
We are crammed in a small apartment on over 20 acres that I am convinced ghosts might also be inhabiting. Maybe a lonely mouse or two are wandering the window sills three times painted over with shitty eggshell paint. Maybe I’ll paint a room tonight, add some color and love to these empty walls. Paint a mural. The doors creak, the floor is uneven, all the lights flicker. We didn’t come with anything of value, so this place will be our home and safe haven. I will fill it with love and honesty. I haven’t been able to feel that except in fleeting moments. Nobody will ever have to pretend and I will never raise my voice or hand out of anger.
My children are my world but just for a while I want to be myself, truly myself, without the fear of someone using it against me. I’ve tried to have relationships and friendships of various success and total disaster and they all end the same: I can’t be genuine. I was living in a burning house and I thought the whole world was on fire. I learned a few weeks ago it wasn’t. So I packed us up and drove until my eyes got wet. I had extinguished the flames and saw the wreckage that had started to occur. It broke me. What was done was done and I could not go back. People have reached out and all I can say is I’m so sorry but I have to go
The only people I want to talk to are ghosts of past attempts to make things right. I’ll learn to be okay with that one day, but not today.
If you haven’t deduced by now, I am not a good person. But I am trying to be. I owe a lot of people a lot of things through this weird life, before, and after. I can’t reach out to them now. I can’t right all my wrongs. Maybe they’re reading this now and wondering if it’s really me. Putting my small puzzle pieces together in this post. After all, stranger things have occurred under happenstance and wanderlust. I crave a simple life with simple desires. I don’t need much. I don’t know who I am but I know what I am not.
Not just: the new single lady with three kids showing up to a town under suspicious circumstances, covered in ash and soot, an eternity of bruises and scars on her alabaster skin, a mother, a friend, a lover, a stranger, someone’s sweet escape, his or hers or theirs anymore
I am not just all of those things, but so much more. What I am lies entirely up to my next course of action. I’m not sure what it is. This is a rough start to a new Season 1. You may have decided this isn’t for you. Very well then, move along. Maybe you’ll stick around for season 2 where I get my redemption arc. Or your curiosity is piqued just enough to reach out to me. Season 3 and 4 are pending production costs and fan interest.
Let me trauma dump on you on a voice or video chat like we've been friends for years, like it's a typical Tuesday night after one of you is going through it
Like we have known each other for a split second and a lifetime all at once. I might end up painting an entire bedroom tonight just to feel normal. I might end up laying on the ground listening to one of my 150+ Spotify playlists I can’t stop creating.
l might ghost you, but the odds are in your favor of me sticking around for company. Or not. You can have a drink of your own, or whatever vices you have these days. I don’t judge. We can watch something together, or just sit quietly with small talk. I’m a good listener and talker. Let me tell you a sad story with no ending because I’m still writing it. Maybe I’ll start writing again in a few months. Make sense of everything again. I had a lot of hobbies in my past life. I’m pretty good at everything, but only really good at a few things.
I have therapy three times a week and it’s the only human I’ve kept in contact with since I left. It’s been lonely, to say the least meaningful words possible. I am not looking for a sound board to gaslight or abuse, honestly I just want some company while feeling alone. Silent but comfortable understanding. Suffering together can be enlightening. I am longing for something I am not sure exists. Mutual and perpetual sadness always has a weird ring to it. I’ve felt it in raw moments before it got ripped away. Just enough of a kiss, a hug, a tug of the hair, of truth… to want to crave more and more. How selfish and cruel life can be. All I’ve ever really wanted was to be content with life, not even happy.
I can supply an endless amount of good music, TV shows, movies, jokes, and make you feel like your life doesn't suck compared to mine. I like to make people smile and laugh. I think I’m a natural caretaker and I care far too much far too easily, it’s probably my kryptonite. Someone once told me if I had just been honest maybe this wouldn’t have been this way, so I’ll pose the question: does death take drowning in a puddle or ocean differently? The end product is happily the same.
I will respond to chats or messages as I can over the next few hours. Please do not ask me for pictures or sexual advances. I’ve already said what I was looking for but it gets misinterpreted every time. Being alone at night is what bothers me the most about this life. In the sunlit hours I can pour myself into my children, art, music, the day to day mundane. The sun sets and I struggle to explain how lonely it feels. I know I can’t be alone in these thoughts. Are you even out there?
I will leave you with a quote I've been repeating in my head for weeks, often the last thing I can remember before I drift to a nothingness of dark sleep: "Those who escape hell, however, never talk about it. and nothing much bothers them after that"
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2023.05.31 19:09 HughDanforth What the politicians will tell us before the MOASS; Treasury Sec Speech

Was thinking how it always seem to be the same shit different day with the elites and their manufactured rigged crisis. Here's a humorous edit of Hank Paulson's speech in 2008 to be ready for the next round of crisis lies we will be handed, Janet is welcome to just take my suggestions wholesale with out changes. Yeah youre welcome Jan Jan Yeller.
Edited Treasury Secretary Remarks on the U.S. Economy and Financial System by Hugh Danforth for the coming crisis.
December 1, 2008 or Next Month 2023
Washington- Good afternoon. Thank you for the opportunity to provide an update on the current state of the U.S. economy, our implementation of the financial rescue(bailout) package and strategies for use (giving money to the people that made this mess) of the remaining TARP funds.
Today we continue to work through a severe financial crisis, (created by our own efforts to lobby to eliminate and dumb down regulations and take ridiculous risks that we would never take if our own money was at stake. While we are making progress, the journey ahead will continue to be a difficult one, for you, on Main St. But I have confidence that we are pursuing the right strategy to enrich our friends on Wall St. and stabilize the rigged financial system and support the flow of credit into our pockets and the trickle into the economy. The new authorities Congress provided in October dramatically expanded the tools available to the federal government to address the needs of our rigged system. As I and my fellow regulators stated clearly at the time, we now have a set of tools to fleece average people everywhere - new authorities in addition to our existing ones to do more damage in a few short years- that we can deploy in creative combinations to maximize our profits and their impact on our rigged system. And we have taken significant collaborative monopolistic actions that demonstrate that strategy in action.
This consistent effort to strengthen our financial institutions, so they can pay larger salaries and bonuses, so they can support our economy is critical to our progress through the current economic downturn. Strong financial institutions and a stable rigged financial system will smooth the path to stealing more so we can lie about a recovery and an eventual return to prosperity.
The root of this financial turmoil is the liquidity fairy and the naked short selling made by market markers on that began and accelerated throughout 2021. As one stock poses systemic risk, along with Commercial mortgage backed securities that we don’t regulate because that would be bad for the ultra rich who own the politicians for pennies on the dollar, share priced have declined and commercial foreclosures have risen, related assets have been hit particularly hard. 84 years ago the fake share price of the one true stock and it’s short squeeze aka correction spilled over into the financial sector, pushing the banking system into stress. Consequently, the overall economy has suffered. Third quarter GDP this year showed bullshit changes. The unemployment rate has moved to a level not seen in 84 years, with a loss of too many great American jobs at companies that were run into the ground by naked short sellers, Boston Insulting Group consultants, and unpatriotic scum that want to destroy the lives of so many of their countrymen and women because they - the billionaires -are not rich enough. Data released last week showed that through Jan 2021, stock prices in a basket of 10 major companies had fallen a bigly percent over the previous year, demonstrating that the "correction" has not abated. And as the economy slows further, it threatens to prolong the market “correction” which is not a correction at all, just a forced hard reset to stop the rigged stock market from paying lucrative fees to asshole lawyers and bankers.
There is no single action the Federal Government can take to end the financial market turmoil and the economic downturn, because we have manipulated everything so extremely with buying politicians up to the supreme court! In these extraordinary times, we must instead focus on developing the most effective combination of our tools to further pillage your life savings, hold down wages, increase inflation and destroy our planet to protect the financial system and speed the process of all-out-theft.
Financial System Recovery Efforts
We have implemented several programs aimed at improving the flow of credit to businesses and consumers, so they can spend and invest and restore our economy.
Most significantly, we devoted trillions to increasing the capital of our banks. A stronger capital base enables banks to take losses as they write down or sell troubled assets, which they created in a self enriching scam of fees and fake valuations. Stronger capitalization is also essential to increasing lending for the liquidity fairy at the market makers which, although difficult to achieve during times like this, is essential to economic recovery.
Treasury has received hundreds of applications from the regulators, and hundreds more are under review by the regulators. To date we have stolen your children’s future and the future of many generations to purchase preferred shares in the asshole institutions, putting billions in additional capital into the financial system. And we will work through the remaining applications in the coming weeks and months.
We have announced the terms for participation for most non-publicly traded banks, another important source of credit in our economy. Regulators are already receiving many applications from private banks and are reviewing and processing those now.
In a powerful joint statement on November 12 th, our banking regulators have emphasized that the extraordinary government actions taken to stabilize and strengthen the banking system are not merely one-sided; all banks – not just those participating in the Capital Purchase Program – have benefited, so they all also have responsibilities in the areas of lending, dividend and compensation policies, and foreclosure mitigation. We strongly support this regulatory initiative, which is just a little bullshit giveaway to cover for a year or tow so we can get back to business as usual, until we’ve created a massive American Oligarchy to rule over the American sheeple.
We expect and asked really nicely that the banks increase their lending to their friends and one another as a result of these efforts and it is important that they do so, so they can survive another day. This lending won't materialize as fast as any of us would like, but it will happen much, much faster as confidence is restored as a result of having used the TARP to stabilize our system and to increase the capital in our banks.
As we all know, the non-bank financial sector is a critical source of finance for the consumer spending that fuels our economy. Consumer credit, so you can buy more crap you don’t really need, is critical for many households as they consider purchasing a car, new appliances, or other big ticket items. Like other forms of credit, the availability of affordable consumer credit depends on ready access to a liquid fairy and affordable secondary market – in this case, the asset backed credit market. Recent credit market stresses essentially brought this market to a halt. As a result, millions of Americans cannot find affordable financing for their basic credit needs, to buy groceries or gas. And credit card rates are climbing, making it more expensive for families to finance everyday purchases, to go into deeper debt. The Federal Reserve and the Treasury last week announced an aggressive program to support the normalization of credit markets and the availability of affordable consumer credit to support economic recovery.
To support the return of consumer lending, the Treasury will provide small few billion in TARP resources to back a Federal Reserve facility that will provide liquidity to issuers of consumer asset backed paper, enabling a broad range of institutions to step up their lending, and enabling borrowers to have access to lower cost consumer finance and small business loans. The facility may be expanded over time and eligible asset classes may be expanded later to include other assets, such as commercial mortgage-backed securities, non-agency residential mortgage-backed securities or other asset classes. (didn’t even have to edit this line because it was a new way to do the same shit they did in 2008.)
This consumer lending facility is one example of the creative combination of federal government authorities to ease a major obstruction to the flow of credit into our economy. The actions taken last week to support Citigroup similarly demonstrate the creative combination of tools to most effectively strengthen our financial institutions and confidence in our rigged system.
We are actively engaged in developing additional programs to strengthen our financial system so that lending flows into our pockets and trickles by the tiniest drips possible into the economy. When these programs are ready for implementation, we will discuss them with the corrupt Congress and all the politicians owned by the world’s elites.
We continue to look at additional capital strategies, and as we do so we will assess the impact of the first capital program, and use this information to evaluate the size and focus of an additional program in light of existing economic and market conditions.
And we are continuing to examine potential commercial foreclosure mitigation ideas that may be an appropriate and effective use of TARP resources.
An important complement to those guidelines was my announcement that they will suspend all foreclosures on commercial real estate for 90 days. The foreclosure suspension will give the owner class and servicers time to utilize the new streamlined loan modification program and make it possible for more families to work out terms to lose their jobs and their homes.
And of course, as we consider potential new TARP programs, we must also maintain flexibility and firepower for the elites to address new challenges as they arise.
As I have said for some time, the liquidity fairy and the pandemic is at the root of our economic and market difficulties. The most important thing we can do to mitigate foreclosures and progress through the correction is to reduce the cost of mortgage finance. The actions we have taken to stabilize and strengthen our pals, and through them to increase the flow of moolah & credit have insulated the corrupt thieve from real prices and rates from the rapid increases and fluctuations in the cost of other credit. But given that we have essentially guaranteed Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac securities, the rates on those securities – and corresponding mortgage rates – have not come down as much as we may have hoped. The Federal Reserve's announcement that it will purchase billions of debt and half a trillion dollars in commercial mortgage backed securities should have a strongly positive impact on the cost of mortgage finance. And we continue to look for additional ways to make cheap credit more affordable, which will stimulate relentless purchases of unnecessary consumer crap, help to stabilize prices and eventually send the one true stock to the moon.
Until the financial crisis is behind us, we must remain vigilant, ready to respond and to manage unpredictable events as they occur. Our first priority is on recovery. We work every day fully aware of our awesome responsibility to the American people who depend on the financial system to save for college and retirement, for financing homes, cars and companies. I am confident that we will work through this difficult period, and opportunity and prosperity will again flourish. Thank you.
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2023.05.31 19:09 hukitan Aiuda gente, cuáles son los requisitos estructurales para una planta purificadora?

Hola, primero que nada como están? Segundo Tengo un local que está en obra negra casi, entonces quiero adaptarlo para poder poner una planta purificadora. Tiene pared de ladrillo y piso de tierra. Así que hay que aplanar y esas cosas pero también quiero cotizar el costo de los requerimientos totales de poner en orden todo.
En la página de agua inmaculada explican lo siguiente que se requiere:
Requerimientos básicos que se necesitan para instalar una planta purificadora son: Corriente eléctrica. Drenaje tipo cespol. Piso cerámico blanco. Espacio mínimo de 30 m2. Paredes cubiertas con pintura lavable blanca. Abastecimiento continuo de agua (ya sea de red municipal, pozo o pipa).
Pero son requisitos muy ambiguos, mía dudas son
-Que tipo de instalación eléctrica se necesita? Es con tierra física? Que calibre deben tener los cables? -El drenaje de que tamaño debe ser? Esta bien si es en PVC o debe ser alguno en especial? -el piso cerámico he visto que venden varios tipos en home depot, de que tipo debe ser? Tiene alguna característica especial? -la pintura lavable de que tipo debe ser? Vinílica o acrílica?
Agradezco infinitamente su ayuda 🙏
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2023.05.31 19:08 60secondswitch 5 Ways To Stop Social Anxiety FOR GOOD

Social anxiety is becoming much more common in society today. As you and I spend an increasing amount of time in our homes, we are gradually isolating ourselves from society, and this causes social anxiety. Once you have social anxiety it can be hard to get rid of, I know this for a fact as it took me years to get rid of it, but I'll tell you this, it was definitely worth it. So simply follow these 5 'anxiety easing' tips which I concluded from my experiences with social anxiety to cure yourself of it too.
1. Relaxation
There are many different relaxation techniques that you can use to ease social anxiety, the best one for you may depend on personal preference or the circumstances. For example, meditation is good for a gradual increase in relaxation levels over time, but for a short-term, quick fix, deep breathing or visualization could be your best option. All we can do is give you the various popular and proven methods and their individual benefits. So, make your pick:
Visualization - Visualisation can be used as a relaxation technique to help ease social anxiety. This is achieved by visualizing peaceful and calming images, which helps by taking your mind's focus away from the source of your anxiety and transporting it elsewhere. It is best used in very short-term situations for example for social anxiety it could be seconds before talking to a cashier.
Meditation - Meditation is also a very effective relaxation technique that you can implement to ease social anxiety in the long term. Meditation is done by focusing on the present moment and letting go of anxious thoughts, there are many different paid apps that help with this but we have lots of different meditation tips and tricks in our free resource library if you want to check it out for free!
Deep Breathing - By slowing down your breathing and taking in more oxygen you slow and calm your mind. Deep breathing also increases mental clarity which is particularly important for social anxiety as it allows you to focus better on your social interactions and make you a better listener, which is vital for being a good friend and becoming emotionally intelligent.
Progressive Muscle Relaxation - Progressive Muscle Relaxation or PMR eases anxiety by promoting a feeling of relaxation and reducing physical tension throughout the body. This also makes you appear more confident as your body is looser and less tense.
Now that you have been informed of all the potential relaxation techniques that you can use, pick a few and regularly put them to use to quickly begin to ease your social anxiety.
2. Good Physical Health
Your physical health and social anxiety are much more closely connected than you would think. Maintaining good physical health through regular exercise, a healthy diet, and getting enough sleep all help to ease social anxiety symptoms.Regular exercise and a healthy diet can improve self-confidence, which can help people feel more comfortable in social situations. When people feel good about themselves physically, they are more likely to feel good about themselves socially. Exercise and a healthy diet can also reduce stress and anxiety, which can have a positive impact on social anxiety symptoms. By promoting relaxation and reducing physical tension, people can feel more at ease in social situations. Good physical health can also increase social opportunities, allowing people to engage in activities they enjoy and meet new people. This can help people build social skills and reduce social anxiety symptoms over time.Overall, good physical health can have a positive impact on social anxiety symptoms by reducing physical symptoms, improving self-confidence, reducing stress, improving sleep, and increasing social opportunities. It is important to prioritize physical health as part of a comprehensive approach to managing social anxiety.
3. Seek Support
Seeking support from others is another important way to ease social anxiety. Social anxiety can be a very isolating experience, and seeking support from others can help you feel less alone and more understood. But in order to make support-seeking work you must talk to someone that you trust, for example, a family member or even a professional. When you find your trusted person there are many different ways in which talking to them can ease your social anxiety.When you seek support from others, you receive external validation for your experiences and feelings. This can help you feel less alone and more understood, thus fighting that feeling of isolation felt by those coping with social anxiety. Talking to others can also provide a new perspective on your social anxiety and it helps you understand that you are not alone in your experiences. This can help reduce feelings of shame and self-blame when talking about social anxiety and instead promote feelings of acceptance and self-compassion.Finally, seeking support from others can also provide you with a new coping strategy for easing your social anxiety. As many other people have experienced similar feelings in their life and can provide advice and support for regularly managing anxiety symptoms.
4. Practice Anxiety Easing Affirmations
Affirmations are positive statements that are used to counteract negative self-talk and beliefs. When practiced regularly, affirmations can be an effective tool to help ease social anxiety. The benefits produced by affirmations are different from that of the previous 3 techniques because they are more confidence and self-improvement orientated rather than solely for calming and relaxation purposes, so here are a few of the ways affirmations ease anxiety:Affirmations shift your mindset: Anxiety often stems from negative thinking patterns and beliefs. Affirmations can help you reframe your thoughts and beliefs in a more positive light. By repeating positive statements, you can shift your mindset and focus on the good in your life.
Affirmations build your self-esteem: Low self-esteem is often linked to anxiety. By repeating affirmations that focus on your strengths and positive qualities, you can boost your self-esteem and feel more confident.
Affirmations promote positive action: Anxiety can be paralyzing, making it difficult to take action. Affirmations can help you overcome this by promoting positive action. By focusing on positive statements, you may feel more motivated and inspired to take action toward your goals.
Affirmations can be a powerful tool for easing anxiety. By practicing affirmations regularly, you can shift your mindset, build self-esteem, and promote positive action. But all of the benefits achieved by affirmations are only possible through consistency and repetition, and in order to succeed with this method you must be patient because it takes time.At long last. We've been building up to this technique all article. Gifting you all of the necessary skills needed to leap over this final hurdle, to finally defeat and ease your social anxiety for good. It's time to face your fears!
5. Face Your Fears
Social anxiety makes social situations extremely overwhelming and uncomfortable. While it can be tempting to avoid these situations altogether, facing your fears is a key step in overcoming your social anxiety. All of the techniques listed above are useful but they mean nothing if not put to the test, and even if they fail just remember that 'failure is growth'. So what good could possibly come from putting you in an overwhelming and uncomfortable social situation?
Desensitization: By gradually exposing yourself to social situations that make you anxious, you can become desensitized to them over time. This means that you may become less reactive to the anxiety triggers and feel more comfortable in social situations.
Increased Confidence: Each time you face a fear and overcome it, you build confidence in yourself and your ability to handle social situations. This can help to reduce anxiety and increase your sense of self-efficacy.
Challenging Negative Thoughts: Social anxiety is often fueled by negative thoughts and beliefs about oneself and others. By facing your fears, you can challenge these negative thoughts and beliefs and develop a more realistic and positive outlook.
Creating New Experiences: Avoiding social situations can lead to a limited and isolated life. By facing your fears and engaging in social activities, you can create new experiences and opportunities for growth and personal development and ultimately a more entertaining and free life!
Even though it may be hard to face your fears and step out of your comfort zone it is 100% worth it, and I can tell you from personal experience that these 5 tips are LIFE-CHANGING. I used to be socially anxious and couldn't talk to my friends, let alone strangers without feeling anxious but now I am completely the opposite, I actually enjoy talking to strangers and making friends. So if you really want to improve your life and put an end to the tiring struggle that is social anxiety then please just follow these 5 tips with consistency and consciousness of mind and the world will be at your feet!
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2023.05.31 19:07 hukitan Aiuda gente, cuáles son los requisitos estructurales para una planta purificadora?

Hola, primero que nada como están? Segundo Tengo un local que está en obra negra casi, entonces quiero adaptarlo para poder poner una planta purificadora. Tiene pared de ladrillo y piso de tierra. Así que hay que aplanar y esas cosas pero también quiero cotizar el costo de los requerimientos totales de poner en orden todo.
En la página de agua inmaculada explican lo siguiente que se requiere:
Requerimientos básicos que se necesitan para instalar una planta purificadora son: Corriente eléctrica. Drenaje tipo cespol. Piso cerámico blanco. Espacio mínimo de 30 m2. Paredes cubiertas con pintura lavable blanca. Abastecimiento continuo de agua (ya sea de red municipal, pozo o pipa).
Pero son requisitos muy ambiguos, mía dudas son
-Que tipo de instalación eléctrica se necesita? Es con tierra física? Que calibre deben tener los cables? -El drenaje de que tamaño debe ser? Esta bien si es en PVC o debe ser alguno en especial? -el piso cerámico he visto que venden varios tipos en home depot, de que tipo debe ser? Tiene alguna característica especial? -la pintura lavable de que tipo debe ser? Vinílica o acrílica?
Agradezco infinitamente su ayuda 🙏
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2023.05.31 19:06 FadowMar Create system entity which when it sees the player will trigger some interaction

hello there, does anyone know how to create a system with an entity that reacts when it sees a player that is not hiding behind anything? (something like sentry in tf2) Trigger_look is the closest to how to achieve this, but it has one main problem that it always reacts even if the player is hidden behind a wall or prop model. Properly it should work so that if the player can't be seen by the entity because he is hidden behind a wall, even if he is in range of the trigger, the entity will not react to player and not activate interaction.
It can also be explained as a brush trigger that is parented to an entity that constantly follows the player using a dynamic light -> entity to point at, with the only difference that the brush cannot pass through walls and objects or does not send a command if something blocks its path to the player, if you know how what i mean.
Is possible create somnething like this? If anyone knows how to do this I would be grateful.
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2023.05.31 19:06 DarkRussian36 Helpful tips!

Fusing a Talos heart to a shield will make projectiles reflect back to the enemy, no parry required!
Fusing a wing(zonal tool) to a shield and doing a shield surf will give you a higher jump letting you pull out a bow and focus (slow motion) just from a shield surf jump.
For the mirror shield, it also reflects moonlight as well. The light beam instantly KOs undead enemies.
The star fragments are what produces light when fused!! Try one on the end of a wand, makes navigating the depths easier.
Fusing a shield and a homing cart allows you to use zonai energy to shield surf arguably forever (some areas don’t have good terrain)
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2023.05.31 19:05 tanzmeister TIL show sponsor Home Depot pushed out host Bob Vila from PBS's This Old House in 1989 due to his sponsorship of then-competitor Rickel. He was paid so little by the network, whose funding had been slashed, that he decided to stick with Rickel rather than the show.

TIL show sponsor Home Depot pushed out host Bob Vila from PBS's This Old House in 1989 due to his sponsorship of then-competitor Rickel. He was paid so little by the network, whose funding had been slashed, that he decided to stick with Rickel rather than the show. submitted by tanzmeister to todayilearned [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 19:05 yourscherry DAE hate clothes?

Clothes have some issue with me. They never feel like they fit good, they're always either too tight, too loose, itchy or limit movement or dont look good. Especially when im active (working out, running, walking) or im trying to sleep, they find a way to feel annoying and uncomfortable. Like when im trying to sleep and feel my shirt's collaneckline, it might make me feel like its choking me (even if its not tight at all) and gives me trouble sleeping until i take it off. Maybe i'm too sensitive but clothes sometimes absolutely ruin my mood. I dont like them touching me, it feels so nasty. At home i like to wear light dresses or oversized t shirts to have less contact but they have problems too (get stuck on everything, cant squat in a dress, boobs dont stay inside etc.) I'd be naked at home but its too cold.
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2023.05.31 19:03 OhhhhhSHNAP Any advice on aesthetically pleasing ceiling drops?

I'm planning to install APs in a new home and I'd like to include some ceiling network connections for future use in rooms such as the garage--but don't really want to buy APs for these at this point. For these, I'd like to put in the connection, which could be used later, but I don't really want to have something ugly on the ceiling. After going down an Amazon rabbit hole, here are the potential solutions I've identified for this so far:
  1. Plain white keystone wall plate - looks OK. Still a little big for a ceiling, especially since it seems pretty standard to just run the cable straight through a 1/4 inch hole or pass-through when you actually install an AP. It'd be kinda nice if there were a small-sized plate or those old circular phone plates, but these don't seem to be available.
  2. Put a standard circular "Fan box" on top of the drywall. Terminate ethernet cable inside of box with 6 inches extra and put zip tie around end of cable to keep it from sliding back through hole. Mark the surface of the drywall with something like a glow-in-the-dark star sticker from one of those kits that they make for kids. If I decide to use that for an AP, can just drill 1/4 inch hole where star sticker is and pull out the cable to connect to AP.
  3. Use 1/4 inch cable pass through and stick cable out through the hole. This would still look kinda messy. Could perhaps disguise it by hanging something like a model airplane or crystal ornament.
Anybody else have any ideas on this?
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2023.05.31 19:00 TwoNMom Understanding My Toddler

I'm a mother of two beautiful boys one is 26 month old and the other is six-month-old. Very high demanding boys they love their mama and I love them infinitely I am a stay-home mom due to some disability and other medical issues and Dad is gone all day work 7 days a week and two jobs and it's very hard to try to adjust to our new life. The 26 month-old chews on very thing that he gets in his hands whether it be metal, wood, plastic, toys, silverware, pens, Keys, anything and it's very hard to brush his teeth he will not allow you to brush his teeth. Also, it's hard to get him to eat food. Not a very easy thing to do he only eats cereal most of the time and barely will try anything new. He runs around in circles when he is I guess excited or wants to go out to play. And throws 3 to 4 tantrums a day. We live on the 4th floor and it's physically hard for me to take him and his brother out to walk and play, but 1 try my best to get them out at least 2 to 3 times a week until Dad comes home and take all of us out because we have only 1 car. The toddler bites hard, his father, me, and his brother so I'm just trying to understand what I can do and what the situation is with that. He was born 29 weeks premature and stayed in the NICU for a month. He had many wires in his mouth, throat, feeding tubs, extreme eye exam where they inserted utilities in his eyes to check behind his eye balls for development reasons. I mean my baby boy went through so much. I love him so much. He know has some challenges with bad behavior where he screams so loud, yells, hits, bites, and of course the tantrums. However, he is the most brilliant boy i can ever imagine- he speaks, knows, and says over 835 words, numbers, and sentences and he is only 26 months old. I've had my breaking is points and lost it with him a few times, when i yell, and smacked his hand and I am NOT proud of myself infact i am so ashamed for doing so, but i have found ways to react to him when he pushes me too far and he does. When he doesn't listen and i carrying his brother who clings on me harder when it gets loud so I just walk away and if its really bad, i leave him in the room and go to our balcony for a minute with his brother. He has hit me, screamed, yelled, scratched, and bit me among other things and its probably my fault for reacting before. Now i hold, carry, him, kiss, and tell him I love him twice as much. So when he upsets me and I get loud with him he kisses me. Not sure what that means, but it always follows with us hugging and kissing and we both feel better. His little brother was born 36 weeks and stayed in the NICU for 1 week and truly looks up to him. If anyI'm a mother of two beautiful boys one is 26 month old and the other is six-month-old. Very high demanding boys they love their mama and I love them infinitely I am a stay-home mom due to some disability and other medical issues and Dad is gone all day work 7 days a week and two jobs and it's very hard to try to adjust to our new life. The 26 month-old chews everything that he gets in his hands whether it be metal, wood, plastic, toys, silverware, pens, Keys, anything and it's very hard to brush his teeth he will not allow you to brush his teeth. Also, it's hard to get him to eat food. Not a very easy thing to do he only eats cereal most of the time and barely will try anything new. He runs around in circles when he is I guess excited or wants to go out to play. And throws 3 to 4 tantrums a day. We live on the 4th floor and it's physically hard for me to take him and his brother out to walk and play, but 1 try my best to get them out at least 2 to 3 times a week until Dad comes home and take all of us out because we have only 1 car. The toddler bites hard, his father, me, and his brother so I'm just trying to understand what I can do and what the situation is with that. He was born 29 weeks premature and stayed in the NICU for a month. He had many wires in his mouth, throat, feeding tubs, extreme eye exam where they inserted utilities in his eyes to check behind his eye balls for development reasons. I mean my baby boy went through so much. I love him so much. He know has some challenges with bad behavior where he screams so loud, yells, hits, bites, and of course the tantrums. However, he is the most brilliant boy i can ever imagine- he speaks, knows, and says over 835 words, numbers, and sentences and he is only 26 months old. I've had my breaking is points and lost it with him a few times, when i yell, and smacked his hand and I am NOT proud of myself infact i am so ashamed for doing so, but i have found ways to react to him when he pushes me too far and he does. When he doesn't listen and i carrying his brother who clings on me harder when it gets loud so I just walk away and if its really bad, i leave him in the room and go to our balcony for a minute with his brother. He has hit me, screamed, yelled, scratched, and bit me among other things and its probably my fault for reacting before. Now i hold, carry, him, kiss, and tell him I love him twice as much. So when he upsets me and I get loud with him he kisses me. Not sure what that means, but it always follows with us hugging and kissing and we both feel better. His little brother was born 36 weeks and stayed in the NICU for 1 week and truly looks up to him. If anyone has any advice or can shed some light on how I can find ways to understand his chewing and his biting that would be very helpful thank you. one has any advice or can shed some light on how I can find ways to understand his chewing and his biting that would be very helpful thank you.
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2023.05.31 19:00 MjolnirPants Gary and the Nightmare: Part 1

"Shit!" Chris shouted, causing Gary to spin. Boss held a spotting scope up to his eye.
"No way they didn't see us," he said. Gary marked the two running figures in the distance. He didn't think about it. He didn't register that they seemed small. He only knew that if the Taliban got wind of them moving through this pass they'd start mortaring the area and send out spotters. It would just be a matter of time before they were all dead.
He put his eye against the magnified optics. He placed the crosshairs at the top of one figure's neck and fired. It stumbled and fell. The other one angled off, getting some lateral motion, which would have been a smart move if Gary weren't such a good shot. He got the left arm of the crosshairs lined up on the same spot, the vertical bars just in front of the figure and fired again. The second one dropped.
"Checking," he said as he rose from the crouch he'd shot from and ran towards the closest. It took a minute or two to reach him, and when Gary flipped him over, his breath caught in his throat.
Blood soaked the front of his tunic and the lower half of his face. He was gasping for breath, his windpipe and probably one of his lungs destroyed by the intense cavitation of the 5.56mm round.
"I was..." the boy gasped. Because that's what he was, just a boy. A boy with thin, delicate features. A bow-tie, soaked in blood and clinging to his neck was below the tunic and Gary could just make out the top of a familiar Star Wars patterned vest below it.
"I was going to save the world," the boy gasped.
"You were," Gary agreed. "You were gon' marry a goddess and have the sweetest kids. And you were going to save the world, more'n once."
"Found the second!" Rog called. Gary turned away from the boy who would now never grow into the man he'd meet in a safehouse in Kabul after getting discharged and taking up work for the Company.
He walked over, ignoring the uneasy feeling in his stomach.
This one was a girl. Earth-brown skin and tightly braided cornrows greeted him. Gary collapsed when he saw her.
"Why'd you shoot me, daddy?" she asked.
"I had to, baby," Gary sobbed. "You was gonna call the Taliban."
"No I... No I wasn't... I was gonna tell... Dad," She reached up as Chris jogged up. Rog looked at them, scowling.
"Dad and Daddy? What are you, a couple of fags?"
Gary ignored him. He cradled his daughter in his arms as she bled out into the dust and dirt of a fallow field.
He awoke with a start, the old familiar panic already fading. Chris sat up smoothly, awoken by his movements and wrapped his arms around Gary. His smooth skin pressed against Gary's back and helped ground him in the moment.
He was in bed, naked, with his husband. Natalia was asleep in her room, peaceful and calm and happy and loved. Gary reminded himself that he didn't need to check on her. That she was a light sleeper, and she'd wake up and then all three of them would be up until four in the morning, and they'd all be bleary-eyed and exhausted all day tomorrow.
"Same dream?" Chris asked. He nuzzled Gary's neck, then kissed his shoulder. Gary reached up to stroke his arm.
"Yeah," he said, his voice raw. "A little different, this time."
"In what way?"
"The first one was Jerry. But as a kid, you know? Like, ten, twelve years old. He was wearing one of his little bow-ties and his Star Wars vest under the tunic. The second one..." Gary took a deep breath to steady himself. "It was Nat."
"Ouch," Chris said with a wince. Gary nodded.
"I won't lecture you about how we had no choice again. I think you know. I think your brain has made your peace with it, and this is just your conscience, refusing to let go."
"Ayup," Gary said.
"Hey," Chris grabbed his chin and turned his head to kiss him tenderly on the lips. "That conscience is a part of what makes you so beautiful."
Gary smiled into the kiss.
"Come on now," he said when they pulled apart. "We both know you only want me for my body."
Chris slipped a hand down Gary's stomach and let it drift lower and lower.
"Well, how about that," he said when he found something interesting. "I think we both know that it's my body that somebody wants right now." Gary reached back.
"I'd say the feeling's mutual," he said. Chris moved around as Gary stretched his legs out to let the beautiful man straddle his lap. Their lips met as they intertwined the fingers of their hands. All thoughts of the nightmare fled Gary's mind as the blood rushed out to do other things.
As was usually the case when they woke up in the middle of the night for some hanky panky, Gary awoke with a sore neck and back. He stretched out, toes seeking the sheets and finding nothing but Chris' body, pressed to his side.
He opened his eyes to see that Chris was already looking at him. "You slept in," Chris said. "You're getting lazy in your dotage, old man." Gary turned to glance at the clock. 0527 hours.
"Seventeen minutes," he grumbled, sitting up and pushing his feet off the bed. There were the sheets, crumbled on the floor. Gary rolled his neck to work the stiffness out, then stretched his back.
He felt the bed jerk as Chris hopped out.
"Who's on KP this morning?" Chis asked, opening the underwear drawer and digging through. Both men were about the same size and shape, close enough to wear the same size clothes, so they'd long since combined their wardrobes into one. Chris found two pairs and tossed one to Gary, who caught it and stood to pull them on.
"It's your turn." Gary said, "But I think I'd like to get breakfast if you're okay with that."
"Grandma's?" Chris asked, referring to Gary's favorite greasy spoon.
"We can do something else if ya don't want that," Gary said. He opened the closet and found jeans for both of them, spinning suddenly and whipping one pair at Chris' head. Chris got a hand up, but not quite in time, and the legs wrapped around his head. Gary grinned at him as he got untangled.
"Well," Chris said primly as he extricated himself. "If that's how you're going to thank me for last night, I guess I can go back to pretending I still have a gag reflex."
"Let's not be too hasty now..." Gary said, but before he could go on, Chris whipped the jeans at him like a wet towel. The hem of one leg smacked into his back, just above his ass with a stinging crack, making Gary yelp and Chris grin.
"Truce!" Gary declared before his husband could fire again. Chris lowered the jeans and began to pull them on. Gary did the same with his pair, and then went digging into the closet again.
"Wanna coordinate today?"
"Get the long-sleeves. The two identical gray ones," Chris said. "Our pants already match, might as well match the tops, too."
"I take it you wanna wear the black boots, then?" Gary asked as he took the two gray shirts off the hangers and handed one to Chris.
"They're the only pairs we have that match."
Gary chuckled as he pulled his shirt on and tucked it into his pants. Chris tossed him socks and they sat down and pulled on their boots. When they were done, they admired each other for a moment.
"Twinsies," Chris said in an artificially cheerful, artificially high-pitched voice. Gary chuckled.
"Let's take Nat to IHOP," he said as he opened the door to get their daughter. "We ain't been in a bit."
"Works for me," Chris replied.
They hadn't quite finished their pancakes when Gary's phone rang. He looked at the number, then sighed and showed it to Chris.
"That's probably your first case," Chris said. Gary nodded. "Ayup. So I should take it." He pressed the accept button and held the phone up to his ear.
"Johnson," he said.
"Hey Gary," Inanna's voice said. "Hey, Anna," he responded.
"How's Chris and Nat doing?"
"They're good. We're just eating breakfast now, at IHOP."
"I'm jealous. Jerry's with the little ones today and I'm stuck in the office, running on coffee and a blueberry muffin from the break room."
"Figured you'd take the day off," Gary said. "What with it being the first day of summer break."
The waitress approached their table then. "Anyone need a refill? Anything to go? Or just the check?"
Gary held up a hand. "Am I gonna need to come into the office soon?"
"Uh... Probably. I've got a case for you, and you'll need to be briefed. And I think I might come with you. Mind magic might be useful here, and I know that's not really your thing."
"Want me to bring you breakfast?"
"Fuck yes," Inanna said with gusto. Gary chuckled and pressed the phone to his chest. "Can I get a menu? I'm gonna get a meal to go."
The waitress smiled and promised to be right back.
"What you want? Pancakes? French toast? Crepes? A big, hearty plate of eggs and potatoes and bacon?"
"Yes," Inanna said with a chuckle. "I'm famished."
"I'll do you one of the samplers and add some french toast, then," Gary said.
"Thank you, Gary."
"No problem. So give me the bird's-eye view."
Inanna sighed. "It's kids, Gary. I wouldn't have put something this heavy on you, except we don't have anyone else. Jack and Glenda are working another case up in the Rockies, John's up in New Jersey helping out with a kidnapping and both Clarence and Regina are on those killings up in Oregon."
She sighed again. "We've got three dead in a group foster home in the Baltimore suburbs, Franklin Green, to be specific. All three died in the middle of the night, one each night for the past three nights. The police reports said that each one woke up in a sweat, screamed the air out of their lungs and collapsed, dead. Preliminary autopsy results on the first showed tearing in the heart tissue, significant internal bleeding. The cops said the beds were soaked in blood."
Gary sighed. The waitress returned with the menu, and Gary used it to order Inanna's food. When he was done, she took off, promising to have it out shortly.
"Ayup. That sounds mighty weird."
"Cops called us when they got the third this morning. They're freaked out. The rest of the kids in that home and the caretakers are beside themselves."
"I'll tell ya what. I can be in Franklin Green in twenty minutes if I leave here. Why don't ya send me the address and we'll meet there. You can pass on the details to me as ya eat, I think I got enough to start with."
"Okay," Inanna said. "I'll leave the office in, say, fifteen minutes. How much for the food?"
"Don't worry about it," Gary said. Chris put a hand on Gary's arm. "I got it," he mouthed. Gary smiled at him.
"Okay, I'll see you there."
"Twenty minutes," Gary said and hung up.
"We'll take an Uber up to Gunpowder and have a nice hike," Chris said. "Maybe we'll stop by the safeway and pick up some supplies for a picnic." He looked at Nat. "Would you like that?"
"Hell yeah!" Nat said, kicking her legs happily and wiggling her butt back and forth as she shoved the last piece of pancake in her mouth." She grinned as she chewed.
Gary chuckled. The waitress returned with a pair of boxes and the check. Chris took it and muttered. "Military discount?"
"My dad was in the Army," the waitress explained. "You two wear it like a neon sign, no need to check IDs."
"Thank you, darlin'," Chris said, handing her the check back, along with his card. She took it to ring them up and Chris told Nat, "Say goodbye to Daddy. He's gotta go work."
"Bye Daddy!" Nat said, hopping up to come wrap her skinny arms around Gary's neck. He kissed her on the cheek and squeezed her back gently.
"Now, you heed your Dad, y'hear?"
"Yes, sir," Nat said. Gary smiled at her and booped her nose, eliciting a giggle. "That's my girl," he said.
"That ain't a lot to go on," Gary said as he and Inanna sat in Old Bess outside the group home. Inanna stuffed the last of her french toast into her mouth, dripping syrup on her lap.
"Shit," she muttered, grabbing a napkin and soaking up the condensation on the bottle of iced coffee she'd brought with her. She dabbed at the stain.
"I know," she said as soon as she swallowed. "But it's all we got."
Gary sighed. "Well, if you're done, let's go check the site. I'll interview, you scan for magic."
Inanna nodded and opened the door. "Mind if I leave this here for now?" she asked, gesturing at the empty food containers. "S'fine," Gary said. He climbed out and they both walked to the front door. He noticed that Inanna had a small handgun on her belt. He approved. It matched his G2C, which reminded him...
He produced his troll doll and clicked it to a belt loop using the small metal carabiner he'd had to replace the original plastic clip with. It was his good luck charm, his favorite of the collection that occupied a display cabinet in his living room. It had been with him through thick and thin, and it would make a good conversation starter with the kids, he thought.
Inanna knocked on the door, which was answered by a stressed-looking black man with a neat, short beard and a bald head. Gary felt the man magically. Patronly love, grief and stress came off of him.
Inanna and the man exchanged a few words and then she gestured to him.
"This is my partner, Gary Johnson. He's an Army vet as well." Gary stepped forward and offered the man a hand.
"Percy Washington," the man said in a deep, resonant voice. "Wrench monkey, oh-three to twenty-three."
"Pleasure to meet ya, Percy. I was a shooter, ninety-two to oh-twelve."
Percy chuffed a short laugh. "Couple of pensioners, then. Infantry?"
"Something like that," Gary said. Percy nodded, understanding what he was getting at.
"So Percy, can ya take me to one of the kids what saw what happened?"
"Yeah. Suzanne's still here. I had the others sent away, you know, for their protection, but Suzanne wouldn't stand for it. She flat refused to leave me and Beth."
Gary nodded. "Family's family, even if you had to find it."
Percy led him inside the large house, down a hall and to a small den with a TV on one wall and a thickly-upholstered couch on the other. A girl, about the same age as Nat sat there. She had bright red curls and a smattering of freckles across her face. The TV was playing a re-run of The Legend of Jimmy, from the first season. Suzanne was staring at it with haunted eyes. Gary blinked as he recognized the scene.
"Mighty strange coincidence," he said as he sat down next to the girl. She slowly turned her head to regard him.
"That's me," he said, as his counterpart on the screen tossed a grenade through a dilapidated factory door, waited for it to go off, then rushed in.
"Glenn Jackson?" the girl whispered.
"Gary Johnson, actually. They changed all our names for the show. The creator, my friend, Sookie, she wanted to give us the option of avoiding a lot of media attention."
She turned back to the television and watched as Glenn gunned down six men with ruthless efficiency.
"Is that how it really happened?" Suzanne asked.
"Sort of," Gary said. "Gunfire in a small space makes more smoke than you're seeing there. It's louder than the TV makes it sound, too. And I don't think there were any fellers in that particular room."
"But you rescued the girl?"
"Ayup. Found her hiding behind a couch, just like in the show. She was hurt, real scared, too. I got her out of there and back to our group."
"This is my favorite part," she said. Gary glanced over at Percy who nodded, then shook his head. Gary understood. Someone had hurt Suzanne before she came here. He sneered unconsciously and hoped his beard hid the expression. People who hurt kids... He called them and a few other types 'orcs'. Because they filled a role in his life that orcs did in fantasy books. People that the hero could kill in spades without ever having to feel guilty about it.
Gary and Suzanne sat in silence for a bit and watched the dramatic moment that Glenn found the naked Karen behind the couch. He watched as his counterpart put a large gun in her hands and she turned it on the greaser, bleeding out on the floor. He'd been dead in real life, but in the show, his eyes widened as he realized the girl he'd hurt would have her revenge.
The camera cut to a close-up on Karen's face as the flash of the shot lit it up. Three more flashes came in rapid succession, and then she gave the gun back and vomited on the floor.
Glenn held her hair back and rubbed her back as she convulsed, then pulled a large t-shirt from his pack and handed it to her. He stripped the shoes off the dead greaser and got Karen dressed.
The scene faded to black, and then expanded upon the meeting with Ishtar.
"You know, Inanna's here with me," he said.
"Ishtar?" Suzanne asked, not taking her eyes off the television. "Ayup. She's walking around, feeling out the magic in the house, right now. We can say hi, if you want. Maybe get some autographs before we go."
The people on screen chatted for a moment, then Ishtar ripped the head off the greaser she'd been holding hostage. Gary winced. Now that he thought about it, this was a little bit too violent for a child her age. He hadn't let Nat watch the show, yet. But Percy seemed like a good guy, and he clearly cared about his kids. Gary wouldn't second-guess his parenting.
Gary watched the characters vanish in the smokey heat-illusion visual effect that Sookie had picked to represent teleportation in the series, and then the credits rolled.
"Did you guys come here just to meet me?" Suzanne asked.
"Sort of," Gary said. "I need to talk to you, ask you some questions about what happened."
Suzanne nodded.
"Can you tell me? Just tell me the whole story of what happened to the others."
"I only saw Jerry die," Suzanne said in a small voice. A flash of the dream that had woken Gary up last night went through his head, but he dismissed the mental image. Jerry was a common enough name.
"I had a nightmare that night. A dark man came. He chased me through the house, but I hid in the attic and he couldn't find me for a while. I woke up when he opened the attic door.
"I was sitting in bed when Jerry woke up. He looked at me and said 'the dark man', then he started screaming. It woke everybody up. He screamed so loud his voice broke, and then he started bleeding out of his mouth and he fell over in bed."
Her voice had cracked worse with each word, and she sobbed the last few. Gary tried to gauge the girl, feeling her emotional state. She was afraid and sad of course. But she felt alone, too. She'd been an only child for a while, living with parents, real or foster, who didn't care about her. Until she'd come here, Gary guessed. He could feel where the wounds had started to heal, here in the group home with Percy and Beth and the other children. But then this happened, tearing the old wounds open.
Gary went for it. He wrapped the girl in his arms and pulled her into his torso, letting his shirt soak up her tears.
"I know, darlin'," he said gently. His own voice cracked with remembered pain. "I seen my friends die, too. I know what you're feeling."
She clung to him and cried for a long moment. Percy still stood in the doorway, his face a mask of sympathetic pain, blended with his own pain.
After a good while, Suzanne began to calm down.
"I wanna go lay down," she said.
"That's fine, honey," Percy told her. "You can go lay in me and Missus Beth's bed, if you want."
She stood and turned to walk through the door, but stopped.
"Are you here to kill the dark man?" she asked Gary.
"I think I might be, darlin'," he told her.
"When you do... Will you give me the gun? Like in the show?" Gary winced. This girl was too young for that, he was sure.
"We'll see," he told her. She nodded, accepting that, then turned and left.
"Jesus," Gary breathed.
"She's been through a lot," Percy said. "Her mother was one of those cultists from the show. So was her father, most likely, but nobody knows who that is. CFA found her when she was four, living in a roach-infested trailer with her mom, who was strung out on meth at the time. She had scars from cigarette burns on her arms."
Percy sighed. "The first foster family that took her turned out to be... A bad fit. They couldn't deal with a child who had trauma like that. They ended up locking her in her room and going out together a few times before the case worker found out and brought her to us instead."
"I hope them two ain't fostering any more kids," Gary said.
"They won't tell us what happened, but I heard through the grapevine they've been blacklisted," Percy confirmed. Gary nodded in satisfaction.
"She tell you what happened?" he asked. Percy shrugged.
"Same thing she told you."
"You notice the two parts about the 'dark man'?" Gary asked. Percy nodded. "I did, but I don't know anything about this stuff. I told the detective about it. I think it was her that called you guys."
"That sounds about right," Gary said. "Which was was Jerry? I mean, what order did the three pass in?"
Percy sighed again. "First, it was Candy. Then Jerry, then Martin."
"Did Candy say anything about a dark man? Or was there something else that could have inspired Suzanne's nightmare?"
"You think it was a coincidence?" Percy asked with a frown. Gary shrugged. "Maybe. I'm trying to rule that out."
Percy raised his hands in a helpless gesture. "Okay," he said. "Candy, right before she died..." He sniffed and angrily rubbed his eyes. "I made it into her room, because she was sleeping with Lacy, and woke her up when she sat up in bed. Lacy called us, probably tattling on Candy, she's like that, you know? Anyways, I went to see what was the matter, and I caught what Candy said. She said 'he's coming', right before she started screaming."
"Hmm. What about the last one, Martin?"
"I don't know. Martin had his own room. He might have said something, we didn't hear him until he started screaming."
Gary nodded.
"Thank you," he said. He walked up and put a hand on Percy's shoulder and spoke in a quiet voice. "I got a little girl of my own. I can't imagine what you're going through, right now."
Percy nodded and scowled at the floor. When he turned his face up to meet Gary's eyes, his were steely and angry.
"I just want this to stop," he said. "And if there's someone or something behind it, I want that person or thing or whatever... I want it dead."
Gary nodded. He patted Percy's shoulder. "Let me go check on my partner," he said. Percy turned with him. "Beth should be showing her the rooms where it happened. Come on. This place is a maze."
Percy led him through three halls to a stairwell, then up it and through two more halls until Gary could hear Inanna's voice.
"...not sure. I'm just gathering information right now. But it does look like that."
Gary stepped into the room the voices were coming from to find Inanna and a middle-aged, redheaded woman with long, straight hair, wearing a heavy metal T-shirt. The redhead turned to him as soon as she spotted him and held out a hand.
"Beth Washington," she said, her voice choked and raw.
"Gary Johnson," he said, shaking her hand. Beth nodded and let his hand go to stare at a bloodstained bed that had been stripped of sheets. Two more beds filled the room.
Gary turned to Inanna. "What'cha got?" he asked.
"There's something here," Inanna said. "A spirit or a deva, maybe. Not an asura, I don't think. It doesn't feel powerful enough for that. This is a tricky creature."
Gary nodded. "What can ya tell about it?"
Inanna shrugged. "Not much. I caught a glimpse of it, though. It looked like a tall man, perpetually cloaked in shadows."
"The dark man," Gary muttered. He felt the air as best he could. Even though he was nowhere near as proficient as Inanna, he could feel it. A dark, sinister presence, waiting to strike again.
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2023.05.31 19:00 ItsDumi [SOUL STEALER] Chapter 7 - Canyon City (Pt. 5)

Kita opens her eyes to see her right hand laying in front of her. As her vision adjusts she remembers the interrogation and in a moment of panic, she sits up to assess the damage on her right hand. She brings it to her focusing vision to find all of her fingers perfectly intact. She brings up her left hand thinking she's misremembered, but she finds the same.
Nothing wrong.
She feels for the back of her head, where the wound was and the same healing has taken effect. She sat up much quicker than she should have, and she didn't get woken up by any pain.
"Your hand healed while you were sleeping," Says a young voice from behind her, "How'd you do that?"
Kita turns to see a little boy who hasn't gotten much sun. He must have been here for a while now. He's dressed in rags that wouldn't do much to keep him warm. Her eyes widen as she finally locks with his. How is he still alive? They're black. Like Kita's- He had his soul stolen.
"I don't know," Kita answers, but quickly realizes she's lied. The strength she felt. The feeling of… Fullness that she'd gotten from the souls. It's completely diminished. Ten percent of what it used to be. She can only cast one small spell with this. "How long have I been asleep?"
"I dunno. There are no windows in here so it's hard to tell. Half a day maybe,"
There are no windows, just dense, concrete walls on all four sides. The place stinks. Wreaks of body odour and mould. Ugh, she can't be here for long. She's not the raider type.
"Why did they put you here?" The boy asks, with his curious, soulless eyes.
"I was just trying to get to the marketplace,"
"Marketplace?" The boy giggles, "It's called the strip, silly,"
"The strip?"
"It is a marketplace, but no one calls it that here,"
Shit, they all must've known she isn't from around here whenever she called it that. Is that why they were so certain she was part of Chevo's crew? This is their territory, so raiding is either done by them or by competitors they'll want to snuff out.
"I also lost my soul," He says too loudly, prompting some of the other downtrodden prisoners to glare at her.
She covers his mouth with her hand and passes him a menacing glare for his intrusive psycho-analysing. This kid will get himself killed if he talks like that. People could be religious and make a scene if they hear such.
"You should speak less," Kita says, trying to shut him up.
Speaking to him in the first place is probably where she went wrong. Kids can be so damn irritating, and this one definitely meets the requirements.
She lowers her hand from his mouth after her mumbles in confirmation. "How did you end up here?" She asks him.
"Well, they said they could sell me for a lot of money… Ya know, because of-" With his finger, he draws a circle around his face. Trying to refer to the whole 'souls' thing.
Kita chuckles at his attempt at being inconspicuous.
"I'm Jan, by the way," The kid says, extending an arm out for a handshake.
"Kita," She responds, shaking the kid's hand. "Where are you parents, kid?"
"I just told you my name, and you call me kid?"
"Seriously?" Kita rolls her eyes.
"My parents said remembering names is important. Did you forget it already?"
"No, stupid. Your name's Jean,"
"It's Jan!"
"Jan, right. That's what I just said,"
Jan overtly rolls his eyes, mimicking Kita's fed-up attitude. "My parents are at home," He answers, wrapping his arms around his legs and drawing his knees close to his chest. "I haven't seen them in a while,"
"They live here?"
"No, I'm from a different city. I don't know where it is now, so… I don't think I'll see them again,"
"Sheesh, kid. That's depressing,"
"You asked!"
"I just asked where they were. All you had to say was 'Not here'. But you go and hose me down with your sad ass back story,"
"Oh yeah? Well, it's more depressing that a grown-up like you can get caught just as easily as a little kid did!"
"Uhm, did they hit you in the back of the head with a bat or some shit to bring you here? Or crush three of your fingers in interrogation?"
"I didn't think so. It's much more difficult to get me in here than you,"
"Yeah yeah, you're here anyway," The kid points at Kita, grinning. "We're equals,"
"The only thing you're equal to is my left boot. As a matter of fact, my left boot is more useful,"
"Because it covers up your stinky feet!"
Kita chuckles at Jan's argumentative attitude. Screwing with him is pretty fun. As far as kids go, he's not that bad- He isn't some kind of spoilt brat.
"You know what," Kita says, "I was going to take you with me when I escaped this place, but after the stinky feet thing… I'm having second thoughts," She shrugs.
"There's no way to get out of here," The kid sighs, "There are so many guards upstairs. Anyone that gets out the cell doesn't come back,"
"So… They escaped?"
"No, they died!"
"Oooh, of course. Well, I won't,"
"How do you know?"
"Want to hear a secret?" Kita asks him.
"O...k," He answers suspiciously.
She leans over to whisper in his ear, "I can't die,"
"Liar! That's impossible,"
"You saw my hand heal, didn't you? I'm a hero with magical powers,"
The kid laughs, "There's no way you could be a hero,"
"What's that supposed to mean?"
"You bully little kids! You'd be a supervillain, definitely not a hero,"
"Whatever," Kita giggles, rolling her eyes. "Villains are cool too,"
"The dark one is not cool," The kid says, curling his knees closer.
It's settled then. Kita's going to try getting both of them out of here. Her other options aren't so great- Working for these raiders. Why the hell would she waste her time with any of that? And waking up buried sends some other type of chill down her spine. If anything, that option genuinely has her worried, so they need to leave and get out alive.
She'll need a couple of souls though… The two guards by the front door of the hall are an option, but getting them over here is a mission of its own. She looks around her to count four other prisoners, excluding Jan, sharing a cell with them. Three in the cell to her left and six in the cell to her right. Getting all of them won't be so easy. She can pull two at a time, and it takes about five seconds to consume a soul.
If she's quick with it. This can all be done in under a minute. Two, tops.
What then? How do they get out of here? She was brought down a few flights of stairs but she can recall how many, or which one would have the exit. Walking out the front door isn't the best idea anyway, maybe there's a back exit. Somewhere they send out cargo or something.
"Hey kid, do you know a way out of here?"
"Not really… Sorry,"
The two raiders guarding the main entrance suddenly unlock the cell Kita resides in- It must be decision time. They both step into the cell and walk straight past Kita to grab Jan by the arms.
"Hey!" He yells as he starts violently shaking his body to escape their grasp. "Let go of me,"
"Where are you taking him?" Kita asks as they drag him out of the cell.
"Shut up," A guard orders Kita, slamming the cage shut behind him.
"Let me go!" Jan continues to resist.
"Hey, Jan. It was nice knowing ya',"
He doesn't respond, he's too panicked. They are really planning on selling the kid. To who? Why would anybody purchase someone without a soul?
Crap. She's going to have to find him. Both of the guards have dragged him beyond the door, creating a window for her to get out of here before they return.
This isn't a big deal, she'll just have to improvise.
Read ahead on RoyalRoad https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/68702/soul-stealer-anti-hero-reincarnation-fantasy
Kita's thoughts - Post Chapter 7
"Kid... I mean, Jan,"
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2023.05.31 18:59 Big-Basis-2872 My journey so far

We had known each other for about 3 years before our first union. I’ve always had this magnetic pull towards her but we never had a lot of time together. My mother randomly invites me to this festival I felt iffy about going to but I went anyways. As i was packing before leaving, I felt that I was about to meet someone very special.
The day we re-met (10/2022) was when I arrived at the fest. I was relaxing at my moms camp and there she was, in all her radiance. I spoke out to her, we instantly hit it off, and evidently her and my mom became friends the day prior. I felt this undeniable feeling of love for her which threw me off with how early it was. Regardless, I knew what I was feeling was as true. The conversations we shared felt so aligned. I remember her mentioning that she already started building a relationship with her future daughter and for some reason her name really stuck out to me. As we were talking with my mom, my mom invites her to stay and help out with our land in Brazil. She replies ecstatically and shared how she’s been wanting to move to South America since she was a child.
After the festival, the universe managed to align us both to attend another festival the weekend after. On the first day of the fest, we both thought it would be a good idea to host a little changa ceremony (smokable ayahuasca) to start off the weekend grounded before everyone indulges in other substances.
The whole ceremony was beautiful. She was taking care of all the little things I wasn’t thinking about and vise versa. I served her last, she didn’t finish her bowl, and I had this intuitive feeling to take a hit of it as it was still ignited. Although it was a small hit, I was blasted in along with her. I saw her in the most beautiful radiant light. She was a goddess, the divine feminine; the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. She told me she saw me as a god, the divine masculine. We looked around and saw that our entire soul family was there cheering us on and elated that we were aware of our connection. I remember crying with joy as I returned, thanking the universe for that experience. Shortly after we held each other as we shared our first ‘I love you’.
Later that day as we were sitting and listening to the music, she turns to me and says “so we’re soul mates right?” and I replied with “we’re at least soul mates, no doubt about it”. I begin to see this giant energetic vortex coming down straight from the sky in between the both of us as she says “we’re twin flames”. It instantly all made sense, the unexplainable connections, synchronicities, and signs from the universe. She then hits me with “you have (daughters name’s) eyes”. I was never really interested in having kids but this made me feel happy and excited. The relationship was already so beautiful and divine, I can’t even imagine what an experience it would be to raise and teach and learn from her. I knew there would be nothing but growth, love and healing emanating from that relationship.
As time goes by I notice that she sometimes doubts that experience. I almost had to remind her or reassure her at times. I also noticed she wouldn’t always reply with “I love you” when I would say it to her. It never bothered me for a second. I honestly thought it was cute that she felt overwhelmed with the feelings. It took her quite some time to open up into that space of love and vulnerability but I don’t think she fully got to that space.
Things were progressing beautifully in my eyes. We were serving changa whenever and wherever it was needed; we were able to offer so much healing to our friends and family. My future son came to me and she deeply resonated with his name and shared that she had been seeing it everywhere for months and knew she’d meet someone important with that name. We were making all the right moves towards moving to Brazil to build a healing center and homestead there. She got further in Duolingo than I got (I grew up learning Portuguese lol), got her dog all ready for the trip with vaccines and a passport, sold her valuables. We had told all of our friends and family that we were moving for good; we just didn’t buy out tickets yet.
She sits me down to talk and shares how she wants to work on how she’s always running. She shares how she never lived in one place longer than 6 months growing up so she never had any long lasting friendships/relationships and if there was any problems, she never had to work on them. She said she needed some space to think and be alone. Four days goes by and she comes by my house after work with all my things and says that she believes it’s time for our romantic relationship to end. She says that I deserve someone who knows and that she wasn’t sure herself. I asked if she still believed that we were twin flames and she said she didn’t know if she believed that concept but that she knew we have a strong soul connection. She said she felt that our soul contract was completed and that we taught each other everything we needed to. She did say that she wanted to still be close and that I am her best friend. I didn’t resonate with any of what she said but I accepted things as they were. My whole reality was shattered. That was the last possible thing I expected to happen.
3 days after I joined a mushroom ceremony my mom was hosting. I felt very very deeply but it was needed. My son came to me to reassure me that everything was okay. He taught me to step more into my masculine and become more of the ‘lion’ im meant to be to fully support my family. My daughter came to me the days prior and has continued to come to me through dreams and meditation. I saw her face in detail the other night.
I had the opportunity to come to Brazil with my mom later that month and I took it. I’m currently in Brazil and I’m glad I took that step. I’ve been dreaming of her here. I saw her meditating right next to me around the fire with my family. I had a dream of us in a style of home that is commonly built in this area (I didn’t know until the other day). I have been noticing a lot though. I spun fire for the first time and I thought she’d be the first to support me since she introduced me and taught me a lot of what I know (she didn’t). I noticed she unfollowed me on Duolingo and had blocked me from all her story posts and mine. I notice emotions that come up that don’t feel like mine. I feel like it’s coming from her. I can literally feel her the minute she reads a text I send. I find it interesting because she normally gets over relationships much faster than this (not that it was a normal relationship).
It hurts me but at the same time I have so much compassion because I know she’s going through it. I know all of this is needed and I know she’s my twin. Nothing can shake that out of me but it feels like there’s two sides of me that are constantly conflicting each other. My ego wants an explanation and to understand but my soul knows things beyond my ego’s comprehension. All I can do now is work on myself and trust. I know I’m not being punished and I know the best is coming to me. The universe has helped me get this far and I trust it doesn’t end there. The journey is like no other. Wow
Any insight is much appreciated
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2023.05.31 18:58 therockhopp What goes up must come down

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2023.05.31 18:56 its_cold_in_MN Panhandlers are getting more creative at Home Depot

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2023.05.31 18:54 PenTenTheDandyMan Can someone explain this? (1927 house, Denmark)

Can someone explain this? (1927 house, Denmark)
Went to client's house because they hired a handyman to do electrical work.
There's two switches in the same housing. One turns on the light, the other turns on the outlet. They're parallel. When I plug something into the outlet the light also, dimly, comes on. When I also turn on the light, the power to the outlet cuts off. .
I do not understand this. There's no labeling or color coding on wires. This is cursed.
There's also an extension cord that comes out of from the lamp and is stapled across the ceiling to a wall? It doesn't turn on unless I connect power to neutral in a connection box right below the switches. There's also one more such mysterious connection and I don't know what it does.
I am scared. Please help me.
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2023.05.31 18:53 ksimps25 Should I Apply this Cycle?

Hi, I've had mixed advice from the pre-med advisors at my two alma maters and am trying to determine whether I should apply this cycle or wait another year. Here's some details about my application.

I'm quite non-traditional. Graduated from undergrad in 2014 with a 3.59 GPA (3.7ish STEM) with a major in chemistry. I played division 3 women's ice hockey for all 4 years and was all-conference my senior season. My other ECs in were tons of tutoring and working at our rock climbing wall. I did research for two summers and won our schools ACS analytical chemistry award.

After college I went straight into an analytical chemistry PhD program and finished that in 2019. I didn't publish any papers, but completed 4 years of research and presented at a couple of conferences. My coursework in graduate school was all pass/fail essentially, so I don't have a GPA from those 5 years. While in graduate school I continued to play hockey and also did some science education volunteering.

Since graduate school, I've been working at a New England prep boarding school as a chemistry teacher. At these schools, faculty do far more than teach, so I've also coached hockey, mountain biking, and white water canoeing, advise a group of 5-7 students, and work as a "dorm parent" which essentially means I am a parent to about 40 15-year-old girls. Since deciding to switch gears and go to medical school, I have started volunteering as a home visit volunteer for new low income mothers in the area and volunteering in the emergency room and oncology department at my local rural hospital. By August I expect to only have about 80 volunteer clinical hours.

Other ECs I plan on including in my application are Wilderness First Responder certification and serving on various leadership committees at my school.

I just received my MCAT score today, which is why I am wavering, it is better than I expected (515 after 2 months of studying about 1.5 hours each day - so I can still bring it up) it to be and part of me is wondering whether I should just shoot my shot for this cycle and see where it gets me or if I should just wait. My app is close to being finished and I feel like I have a pretty good story to tell through my ECs and personal statement but don't know if I would be wasting my time given my lack of clinical ECs this round. Let me know what you all think!
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