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2023.03.24 03:15 billymumfreydownfall My hot flashes have practically stopped

My hot flashes have practically stopped
Hot flash suffers, I have found the combination that has totally worked to practically eliminate my hot flashes. I had been having hot flashes for about 2 years but never put two and two together that it was peri - I seriously thought it was due to my little furnace of a cat that sleeps up against me every night or alcohol. I would wake up at 2 am and 5 am almost every night with my heart racing and boiling hot and it would take about an hour to fall asleep. I was a total mess. About 4 months ago, due to stuff I saw on social media, i was beginning to think my hormones and cortisol levels were messed up so I paid attention to suggestions. I started taking 200mgs of magnesium glycinate, 1 drop of vit D3 and ashwagandha each night before bed and slowly and almost noticeably, my hot flashes stopped. It was so subtle, I didnt even notice it until a couple weeks ago, that I am sleeping through the night almost every single night and on the nights I do wake up, it's because I have to pee or the dog banged open my bedroom door and climbed into my bed - but I'm not sweating or have a racing heart anymore. I just wanted to share what is clearly working for me and hope that it might be helpful to someone else.
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2023.03.24 03:08 Tezzzzzzi Weird brain fog after eating liver?

So I am trying out liver due to suspecting I may have low or suboptimal copper. After eating it I feel kind of elevated for make 20 mins and then a weird brain fog engulfs me… not sure what it is. I’ve been swallowing a few semi frozen chunks of liver a day to see if it helps after awhile. The taste was horrid to me so eating it wasn’t an option.
Does this mean something like I have high copper or high vitamin a?
Part of the basis for my low copper idea was I tried taking zinc for some of the immune benefits and I got a horrible headache from it. (Among some other things I thought could be worth trying copper for)
Beef liver I got was from a local butcher shop, grass fed and finished
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2023.03.24 02:51 something__like__lol started a nightly routine with no help from my dermatologist (she didn't have any interest in tropicals, only botox, which I already do), but I am not convinced the "retinol" does anything.

started a nightly routine with no help from my dermatologist (she didn't have any interest in tropicals, only botox, which I already do), but I am not convinced the submitted by something__like__lol to 30PlusSkinCare [link] [comments]

2023.03.24 02:39 J_SQUIRREL 39M high calcium normal pth

Just looking for advice regarding high calcium levels…overweight soon to be 40 year old with:
12/16/2022 (Covid and in bed for 10 days starting 12/1) 10.8 calcium 5.1 albumin
12/22/2022 5.67 ionized calcium 24.9 pth 29.2 vitamin D
1/19/2023 10.6 calcium 5.3 albumin
Dr didn’t seem too concerned with the calcium levels but did run the ionized calcium which also came back slightly elevated. Told me to start taking a vitamin D supplement.
Of course, have gone down the rabbit hole of needing surgery for hyperthyroidism from a tumor in my neck to having cancer somewhere…
I feel fine, no symptoms at all…
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2023.03.24 02:37 sweetpeastacy Valsartan question

I had an appointment with my nephrologist on Monday. I hd previously been taking a max dose of Lisinopril (40mg) for my high blood pressure/proteinuria, but over the past few weeks I noticed my BP was high and I was getting a lot of headaches. She put me on new medicines, and staggered the start dates so I could ease into them all one at a time. The new medicines are as follows: Valsartan 320mg, Cholecalciferol 50,000 units 1/week, rosuvastatin 5mg, metoprolol tartrate 50mg, hydrochlorothiazide 25mg. I have done the cholecalciferol off and on for years as my vitamin D is always WAY low, but I started Valsartan last night and today I have had the worst nausea and upset stomach. I made dinner and almost threw up after one bite. My question is- has anyone else had this happen with this medicine? Did it go away as you got used to it? For reference, my GFR is mid-20s and I have Alport Syndrome.
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2023.03.24 02:29 Reddtmodskissmya_s_s DO not buy special K, protein cereal.

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2023.03.24 02:28 Zestyclose_Act_8630 Is it possible I have an autoimmune disorder? I’m at my wits end constantly being sick and feeling like absolute crap all the time. Details below.

I am always getting sick, constantly. In the last month (as in, the last 30 days) I have had pneumonia, an ear infection, a stomach bug (which lasted a whole week), and a sinus infection. This is happening to me all the time, regardless of the fact that I try to be so careful.
My dad is a crazy germaphobe, so he’s passed on those habits to me. I always carry hand sanitizer and use it like crazy. I take vitamins. I don’t put my hands in my nose/eyes/mouth unless I just washed them. If my friends are sick, I don’t hang out with them. If I see someone sick in public, I go away from them.
As for current health problems, I have asthma and recently that’s been getting worse. It used to be only exercise induced or it flared up when I was sick. Now it has random flare ups when I otherwise feel fine and I’ve had to go on a maintenance inhaler and get stronger nebulizer medicine because the one I had before is less effective now. I have PCOS, but I am closely monitored (with routine blood testing) to make sure I don’t develop diabetes. I don’t have diabetes, and I also don’t even have pre-diabetes. My insulin/glucose does spike randomly high and low sometimes though, and that’s shown in the testing. I have a nodule on my thyroid, but my doctor is monitoring it with an ultrasound every 6 months and it’s not growing. For the last year probably, I’ve been constantly tired no matter what I do. No matter how much or little I sleep, I’m exhausted and sometimes can’t force myself to stay awake no matter how hard I try.
I’m just so exhausted from feeling sick all the time and I really want some answers. If anyone can recommend what I should say to my doctor to get them to listen to me about this being a bigger problem, or even had any ideas about what this could be or how I can help with this, I would appreciate it greatly.
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2023.03.24 02:23 Drod200 High blood pressure

23 year old male. 220 pounds 6ft. Blood pressure won’t go down. The lowest i can get it 130/70. Top number ranges from 130 to 165. Only at night time i can get in the 130s range. Workout about 6 days a week. Heavy lifting and after that cardio. I run about one mile to two miles a day. Eat very healthy. Very low sodium. I eat raw garlic at night, drink homemade beet juice at night about twice a week. Also drink a lot of lemon water. Don’t know what else to do. Doctor said if i can always get it under 140 that i don’t need medication. I refuse to take medication. Got an ekg & stress test done. Everything came out normal. Also have bad anxiety maybe that’s the issue ? My heart rate when I’m not anxious is around 80 and blood pressure still a lil high. I’m using a home blood pressure machine. What else can i do ? I’m also taking magnesium vitamins. Can it be stress and anxiety? Have very little family history of blood pressure but there all over 60 so don’t think that can be it
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2023.03.24 02:21 Mrfeeheeheeny My AST/ALT are 81/304 doc seems concerned and looking for cause. Can you help provide any insight?

Issue: I had some routine check up labs a couple of days ago and my AST and ALT came back high. My doctor seems pretty concerned and had me come back in today and recheck them. He was wondering what could have happened recently to make my levels high acutely. I told him I used to drink heavily, but he said the ratio doesn't look like it's from alcohol. I was diagnosed with fatty liver about 4 years ago. I have lost 130lb since then and my levels weren't significantly high at that point, so he took note of that but still seemed concerned to find another source of issue. I attached my AST and ALT levels so you could see.
Symptoms: The last few days I noticed that my RLS symptoms I have previously (need to move, pressure building in limbs- not really sure why it only appears intermittently) have been out of control with feeling the need to get up and move constantly, so I noticed I have been pacing about 7 hours a day. I noticed I have been getting randomly very sleepy with brain fog. My blood pressure was 172/112 when I went two days ago and I was started on lisinopril. I have had some abdominal pain, mostly right sided squeezing pain that reminds me of the squeezing chest pain I feel when my blood pressure hits a little too high. The pressure in my legs feeling with the nervousness almost reminds me of the akathisia I've experienced in the past when taking psych meds. I don't know if any of this is related. My friends have been getting mad at me in my online gaming because they say I just stare at things without reacting, so maybe the brain fog is worse than usual. This has only specifically been happening within the last 2 days (I have not adjusted drug use in that time).
Background : I have C-PTSD with extremely difficult to manage emotional dysregulation. I have been self medicating with delta 8 and 9 gummies. I take about 500mg at a time. I suggested to doc that this seems likely seemed the issue to me, but he seems skeptical and wanted to investigate further. I don't do other illicit drugs or smoke cigarettes. I hadn't been eating well but that has improved in the last few weeks. I don't get much sleep. I have only consumed 3 drinks of alcohol in the last year and a half. I haven't been taking tylenol. I have been taking ibuprofen 800mg once every couple of days or so.
Do these levels seem alarming or concerning to you? I am very sleepy and my muscles hurt a ton. Since I dissociate and disconnect from my body when I am uncomfortable I dont really always understand what is happening with me. I tend to accidentally run myself in the ground because I don't understand what's going on. So any advice or suggestion of something i'm looking over would be really appreciated.
Age 31
Sex f
Height 5'4"
Weight 250lb
Race Caucasion
Duration of complaint 2 days
Any existing relevant medical issues: hypertension, obesity, anemia, low vitamin d, c-ptsd, bipolar, anxiety
Current medications vistaril 25mg po tid prn, ferrous sulfate 325mg daily, vitamin D 50,000 units weekly (just started back), lisinopril 10mg daily (new)
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2023.03.24 02:14 buttholesurfer007 Trying to build out an AM and PM skincare routine… 29F and looking to address some early fine lines/wrinkles around my eyes and smile lines, and just brighten up my overall skin complexion and texture!

Background: I have pretty normal skin, maybe a little on the dryer side due to being prescribed Spironolactone. Also experience occasional breakouts before my cycle but nothing like cystic acne.
My current routine, in order of application, is as follows:
AM: - Wash face with Cetaphil gentle cleanser
PM: - Wash face with Youth of the People Superfood Antioxidant cleanser, typically post working out
**For days I apply Tretinoin, which is typically 2-3x per week, I wait about 20ish mins post cleansing, and then apply a pea size amount all over my face. I then wait 20 mins post application, to allow it to dry, before moving onto the next steps listed below
Questions: 1) Is what I am currently doing sufficient?
2) Is the order of how I am apply my current products correct?
2) I am looking into potentially incorporating the following products:
4) Based on the products I am thinking of incorporating that are listed above, are any truly needed to incorporate into my routine to help with what I’m looking to address? I understand some may be redundant.
5) If yes to question 4, which ones? Which ones seem to be redundant?
6) If yes to question 4 and 5, can someone tell me the order for how to apply for AM and PM?
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2023.03.24 02:04 gocrazygostupid- Super high/fast metabolism or more?

I don't know if I have a super high metabolism or if something else is going on. Im not a large person by any means, however I eat about 3,000 calories on average. If I eat 2500 I still feel hungry. At 2000 calories I will feel like I'm starving.
I workout about 3-5 days/week, usually 4-5 but 3 on a lower end. Mainly weights/strength training.
I don't know anybody who eats close to the amount that I do. I talked to some people I know who specialize in sports nutrition and it's not 'normal' for someone my size to be eating this much.
I am not diabetic, I don't have any chronic health issues (that I know of).
Nothing abnormal on my annual labs. Medication wise, I take vitamin D, iron sometimes, and I used to take adderall, but with the shortage have switched to vyvanse two weeks ago. Clonazepam as needed but rarely, mainly take lamotrigine for anxiety.
Stats below for more info, if I'm missing something ask in the comments.
22F, 116lbs, 5'0 tall, about 23-24% body fat, lean mass about 85lbs.
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2023.03.24 02:03 balmy777 How does this look? (For school, English)

How does this look? (For school, English) submitted by balmy777 to teenagers [link] [comments]

2023.03.24 01:57 NAD1983UTMZONExx If I mix psyllium husk powder in with my protein powder, is that going to block the absorption of protein?

Need to add more fibre to my diet, thought adding psyllium husk into my protein shake would be a good idea. Then I read that psyllium husk blocks other medications from being absorbed (vitamins, etc). Does the same go for protein powder? Will the protein not get absorbed fully if mixed with psyllium husk?
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2023.03.24 01:55 sithbabyy My right foot sporadically feels like it's been dipped in hot water.

This is the strangest thing I've ever experienced! About once every 1-2 hours, my right foot feels just like it's been dipped in warm water. The first few times it happened, I looked down to make sure my dogs weren't peeing on me. It's completely painless. There's no noticeable numbness or tingling. Everything looks fine. There's no swelling or redness. It just started maybe one week ago. First, it only happened once/twice a day and increased to 10+ times per day. It only lasts around 5-10 seconds every time. Anyone got an idea what's going on?
25F, 5'2", 150 lbs, white, I take Lexapro and some daily vitamins (no recent changes). No existing medical issues other than asthma. No diabetes. No recent lifestyle or diet changes. No recent injuries. USA. And I don't smoke or drink except for marijuana and a spiked seltzer like once/twice a month.
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2023.03.24 01:55 PatientHealth7033 Anyone have wine PH test strips that can recreate a recipe?

Started a Kilju a few days ago that seems like it's having a hell of a lag phase. If I tighten the cap and shake it up, it's a little fizzy. But isn't nearly cloudy enough nor foamy enough for 71B having been at it for 3-5 days.
I'm thinking it might be a little too acidic. But I don't have any test strips for PH, the homebrew store is 1.5hr round trip away (gas prices), the test strips are like $8, I'm kinda broke...
I was experimenting in making fake honey to see how it turns out. If anyone might want to give it a shot...
Invert sugar: 235mL (1cup) water. 1Kg sugar 1 cap lemon juice. Simmer for about an hour on low heat once it reaches a low simmer. Remover from heat and add tea+nutrient to dilute once it drops below about 85C/185F
Tea 200mL (1 cup) water 1 Yogi Bedtime tea bag 1 Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Tea bag A dash of Herbs De Province A dash of thyme 1/2 a daily vitamin 1/2 a calcium+magnesium+Zinc tablet 1/4 of a B complex vitamin A small handful of chopped raisins Steep the tea (I think I did about an hour), strain through fine strainer, coffee filter or French press, reheat, add vitamins crushed to a fine powder, stirring throughly, pour into molten sugar, stir thoroughly, pour into 1L glass jar and wait till mostly cool.
For making the Kilju, I added 1/2 the fake honey syrup to 1/2 gal (2 L) of bottled spring water, shook vigorously for several minutes till completely disolved, added yeast starter, shook vigorously and then topped off to about 3.3L (not quite a gallon, need to leave room for the other half the syrup for adding later) and have been giving it a shake about once a day since. I don't recall 71B having this long of a lag phase. I've used it 5 or 6 times at least. A couple times it had a lag phase of about 30-40 hours. But at least 3 of the 4 times I've used it it started bubbling and foaming almost instantly.
I'm wondering if the PH is too far off for it. As the yeast should be viable. I've been keeping an ongoing starter that I keep adding a little diluted sugar syrup to every couple days. And the starter seems to be fine.
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2023.03.24 01:54 Wondering_Hard I don't think we have everything Young has teased yet...

A while ago on Instagram, Adam Young made a fake news report about crop circles appearing. Three were confirmed, while ten were unconfirmed. The fanbase speculated that the three that were confirmed were Kelly Time, ACP, and Vitamin Sea. I deduce that eight of the unconfirmed ones are the rest of Coco Moon, but what about the other two? Even if we add in Up To The Cloud, we still are missing one.
Also, he has been giving dozens of space related hints. They may just be fun Easter eggs, or they may hint at something else. We got NO space related music from Young in the past two years, so I think there is more...
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2023.03.24 01:45 28twice Shake me down

Leaving in the morning, and I’ve pruned and pruned and I’m still 25 pounds total weight, minus water. Trying to be 20 pounds without water and idk what to cut. I’m appreciate any advice on what is appropriate for a March 25 start.
Arcteryx Aerios 45l pack lined with a contractor bag for waterproofing
Hammock gear Econ burrow 20° quilt
Nemo switchback
Cheap Amazon puffy, it’s like 33,000ft brand puffy
REI brand fleece
Lanshan 2p UL tent — 2.5lbs
Contractor bag footprint
Bv450 that contains my vitamins (can’t cut this, medical issue) and medicine, 2oz bronners, macadamia nuts, jerkey, instant coffee and travel toothpaste— 2.2lbs empty and 7lbs full
Toaks 750ml pot and spork and hot lips
Soto Amicus
Deuce trowel
185 weight wool top
150 weight wool bottom
2 sock liners for day
1 mid weight wool blend sock for night
One underwear
Hiking leggings
Hiking pant
Head lamp
2 AAA batteries for head lamp
20k mah power bank
iPhone charger
First aid kit: Benadryl tabs, 4 band aids, 20 ibuprofen tabs, 10 Tylenol tabs, 2 doxycycline tabs, albuterol, 5 qtips, tweezers
Hygiene kit: bandanna, 1oz contact sol, glasses, contact case, 10 dried baby wipes, travel size hair brush
Birkenstock camp shoes that double as alt hiking shoes
Befree katadyn
Bic lighter
Corded ear buds
Pretty sure that’s it.
And idk how but the pack weighs 25 pounds. I dropped the pillow and rain poncho and will sleep on my clothes and use contractor bag.
The BV is the obvious rock here. Not 100% comfortable cutting it for a bag, should I lug it to neel gap and reconsider?
I know this would be easier if I made a lighter pack but I decided to do this thru 20 days ago and spent that time moving out of my house, researching and buying and retrying gear, and making arrangements for my pets so when I saw the time it’d take to make the lighter pack I used my my precious little time getting my affairs in order to leave.
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2023.03.24 01:45 primisstore What is vitamin B12 good for? Vitamin B12 is a nutrient that aids in the health of your body's blood and nerve cells, as well as the production of DNA, the genetic material found in all of your cells. Vitamin B12 also aids in the prevention of megaloblastic anemia.

What is vitamin B12 good for? Vitamin B12 is a nutrient that aids in the health of your body's blood and nerve cells, as well as the production of DNA, the genetic material found in all of your cells. Vitamin B12 also aids in the prevention of megaloblastic anemia. submitted by primisstore to u/primisstore [link] [comments]

2023.03.24 01:43 Revolutionary-Disk38 Help interpreting bloodwork results?

info about me: 24M, 155lbs, hispanic, only medical issue i deal with is GERD. i take a vitamine c supplement (1000mg) daily & a calcium (600mg) and vitamin d (50mcg) supplement around 3 times a week. i stopped taking the calcium and vitamin d as of yesterday.
hey guys, so i got bloodwork done and had a metabolic panel, cbc, and vitamin d and b12 tests. everything looks good except for a few things
on my metabolic panel calcium, albumin were high, with protein being at the very top of the range -calcium 10.6mg/dL (8.6-10.3) -albumin 5.6g/dL (3.6-5.1) -protein 8.1g/dL (6.1-8.1)
on my cbc everything was within range except my red blood cell count -red blood cell count 6.01million/uL (4.33-5.82)
my vitamin d came back at 33 (30-100)
b12 was also normal at 794 (200-1100pg/mL)
i found out the results say i’m not fasting, but i in fact was. i hadn’t eaten or drank anything since 7pm the night prior until after my blood draw which was around 2pm. i let my doctor know but since it’s after office hours i probably won’t hear back until tomorrow. my doctor was not concerned about the red blood cell count, but did say he wanted to repeat the calcium and albumin.
i’m a hypochondriac, and after googling all this i’m panicking. can you guys ease my anxiety a little bit? or am i right to be concerned?
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2023.03.24 01:38 medicocat Hormone labs?

I work in outpatient internal medicine/primary care and have had a big influx of 20-30 year-old females asking to have their “hormones” checked. When I ask about symptoms they usually say weight gain, fatigue, irritability, etc. I always check thyroid and vitamin D but I’m confused about how they always say they want their “hormones checked”.
The patients I’ve had ask me this are not suspicious for Cushing’s or Addison’s and are not showing signs of premature ovarian failure. A lot them don’t really complain about typical PCOS symptoms either. I want to help them but I’m unsure of what they’re asking for.
Has anyone else run across this? What do you order, if anything?
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2023.03.24 01:37 Calii93 Skincare help

Hi. Cross posting but I’ve recently got new products and I just don’t know if I’m doing it right. I’ll include everything I have and would love input on how the community would use/layer these products!
Preface by saying in the morning I always just wash my face with water and at night I double cleanse before anything else, but here is what I have!
-Trader Joe’s rose water toner -Maelove Glow Maker Vitamin C Serum -Trader Joe’s ultra hydrating gel moisturizer -Beauty of Joseon relief sun spf -Maelove the hydration serum (hylauronic acid/b5) -Maelove stargaze retinol serum -Maelove night renewer glycolic acid cream -Tatcha dewy skin serum -Tatcha dewy skin cream -Cerave cleansing balm -Tatcha rice wash cleanser
Ultimately I guess I want to know which products can I use together and which can I not/should I alternate? Do I use the rose water toner every day am and pm? Can I use the hydrator serum every day? But if it’s HA should my skin be damp and if so do I spritz the toner before or use water? But can I spritz the toner after the vitamin c in the morning or the retinol at night?
Sooooo many questions.
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2023.03.24 01:32 Calii93 [routine help] help me build a routine, idk how to layer my products

Hi. I’ve posted before but I’ve recently got new products and I just don’t know if I’m doing it right. I’ll include everything I have and would love input on how the community would use/layer these products!
Preface by saying in the morning I always just wash my face with water and at night I double cleanse before anything else, but here is what I have!
Trader Joe’s rose water toner Maelove Glow Maker Vitamin C Serum Trader Joe’s ultra hydrating gel moisturizer Beauty of Joseon relief sun spf Maelove the hydration serum (hylauronic acid/b5) Maelove stargaze retinol serum Maelove night renewer glycolic acid cream Tatcha dewy skin serum Tatcha dewy skin cream Cerave cleansing balm Tatcha rice wash cleanser
Ultimately I guess I want to know which products can I use together and which can I not/should I alternate? Do I use the rose water toner every day am and pm? Can I use the hydrator serum every day? But if it’s HA should my skin be damp and if so do I spritz the toner before or use water? But can I spritz the toner after the vitamin c in the morning or the retinol at night?
Sooooo many questions.
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