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2023.06.09 10:10 SirCalenHammersmith I kinda liked FTP, but their customer is the absolute worst

I ordered the Thrasher x FTP knitted sweater in December '22.
Order confirmation:
Then nothing happened for three months, but the package was shipped in March '23.
Shipping confirmation:

I'm used to FTP shipping being slow (I live in Norway), so I was just happy it finally shipped. But after being updated to "Arrived Shipping Partner Facility, USPS Awaiting Item." nothing happened.
However, I noticed that the "Shipping Partner Facility" received the package 7 minutes after the label was created. Which leads me to believing it never left the facility at all.
I thought "oh well, FTP shipping is slow, it will suddenly show up." I waited a month, and contacted FTP customer service, and asked if they were able to find more information about the package.
They told me the package is currently in transit.
FTP reply:
I had a bad feeling as I work at a company that ships products worldwide as well, and USPS and other carriers are pretty thorough on registering when they receive the package between different contact points. So I tried to contact USPS.
As USPS never received the package, only their "Shipping Partner Facility", I was unable to register a claim with them.
I contacted FTP again this week to ask them to have a look at it, and if necessary issue a refund. They were real quick to say that they are not responsible for stolen packages, and asked me to contact my local post office. My local post office is a combined grocery store/post office in Norway that can't do anything about this.
FTP Reply 2:
I asked them if they would at least have a look at it, as the period between label creation and arrival at the partner facility was 7 minutes, I could hardly consider it as "shipped", since USPS never received a parcel.
I only got the same reply in different words.
FTP Reply 3:
FTP makes a lot of cool stuff, and their prices are reasonable. They have my full understanding when it comes to shipping times, handling times etc, but this is just ridiculous. My order was fulfilled months AFTER Zac posted on his story that all orders had been fulfilled.
I feel like they just marked it as shipped to avoid me asking for a refund, and that no actual package was ever sent...
Also, I don't expect anything to come from this, I just wanted to air my frustration.

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2023.06.09 10:10 myblissclinic Advance skin treatment tips to make you look glamorous!

Advance skin treatment tips to make you look glamorous!
The most visible part of our body is our is important to keep it healthy and glowing as it speaks a lot about personality. However, there are several challenges that we face in the modern era. One of the most challenging factors is pollution and the inorganic elements we consume daily with our nutrients.
Stressful life and unhealthy habits are also responsible for early signs of aging. Therefore, we have to be careful about our skin texture before it is too late. A lot of new technology has been introduced in the world of dermatology and will be discussed in the following context.
Need for skincare routine -
Skincare is a term to maintain and pamper your most important sense organ. Males and females both should follow a routine for the same. Yet, it is mandatory for females because of hormonal factors. With age, women start losing the firmness of their skin as they start facing hormonal imbalances and other physical challenges.
Hence, they get signs of aging quickly with acne and fine lines following. Many women have shared their positive reviews on the positive results of effective stem cell therapy. Let us now talk about some easy tips and treatments that can help you get a natural glowing look.
Latest treatment available for healthy skin and glow -
Hydra facial treatment:
Hydra facial is now one of the most popular available solutions for women, irrespective of their skin type. A hydra facial is one of the most effective non-invasive skin resurfacing procedures. It is found nowadays as a common technique in almost every popular salon. Well, it is a blend of purification, scrubbing, and moisture-locking process.
Also, antioxidant shielding for eliminating skin cell debris and pollutants from the skin while also providing hydrating serum formulations. If you have breakout issues, try acne laser treatment to get rid of stubborn marks. You must consult a dermatologist if you are not sure about your skin type. They can help you not only identify the type but also guide you with what exactly you need to follow.
Stem cell therapy:
Another super famous treatment is the stem cell therapy treatment as it is very effective in rejuvenating the skin texture. Most people are not aware of this technique and think it is a rejuvenation therapy a non-surgical revitalization of the face method that uses embryonic stem cell sciences to stimulate the physical production of the protein collagen and circulatory system, leading to an illuminating, looking young again.
Moreover, this is the most painless and effective dermal care process. Collagen is the key component that nurtures and protects the dermal cells. Search online to get the best clinic for this therapy along with checking their ratings and reviews. Honestly, this treatment is a little more pricey than other available treatments, but the results make it worth the expense.
Laser resurfacing:
From the term, it is clear that this treatment is done using laser rays. This treatment involves the removal of dead cells, blackheads, and other impurities from the skin. These elements are the barrier for you to achieve beautiful glowing skin. The worn-out outer layers that comprise the skin are removed.
The light-induced renewing method triggers the protein and fresh tissue cells are produced in the appearance of skin that underlies sections. Laser polishing is now commonly used to remove or lowers facial wrinkles and delicate lines on the surface of the face alongside the neck area. Many salons add acne laser treatment as a part of this therapy especially, for clients with pimple-prone skin. Check out the top dermal clinics near you to understand the treatment you require.
Thermage therapy:
Well, Thermage is a non-exfoliating skin renewal approach that tightens and improves the form of the facial area and the back of the neck. Also, it is effective in changing the appearance through the passing of radio frequency devices over the face. Then, the tip being in touch with the surface of the skin. The device's managed radio frequency waves the warmth of the innermost parts of the skin, promoting the synthesis of new collagen in the body.
As a consequence, the skin is more compact and often velvety in contrast to laser therapy. The thermae works on any sort of skin and does not need recovery. The advantages of the process are frequently instantaneous and long-lasting. As an alternative, you may even try out the latest stem cell therapy for healthy and glowing skin.
The bottom line -
With age, our skin needs a lot of attention and care. Along with therapies and healing treatment, take care of your daily routine and diet as well. Drinking plenty of water and intake of green veggies work in favor of skin care. Consult a doctor for more details about your skin requirement as they can inspect and tell you about the supplements you need for your health.
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2023.06.09 10:09 AdventurersScribe MTB biking and trails

Hello everyone
I started mountainbiking a little while ago and was rather sad to realize that there are practically no real MTB trails anywhere nearby. So I came up with few questions I'd like to ask to find out what are the options and why are certain things the way they are.
To clarify, I live in Bayern in a village with a forest nearby with pretty good descends. There is a military installment in part of the forest, in the other part, trees are being cut down.
  1. Would it be possible to build a small biking trail? Meaning creating a single track with few small features for training like smaller jumps, maybe a berm or two. I wouldn't cut down any trees, mostly just use a shovel to move a bit of dirt to create said features.
  2. If it would be possible, who should I contact to get the permission to do so? I do not know if the civilian part of the forest is privately owned, I practically have no idea about any sort of ownership of those lands and of course I'm not going to go nor try to build anything near the military installment.
  3. Last question is not really about trail building, maybe adjustments. Why are there so many anti MTB obstacles? I have been on a trail, very beautiful one, that had trees deliberately thrown across the trail. I had to get down of my bike, at time, if I was riding a bit faster it could even be dangerous for me as I might not be able to stop in time. These trees are not removable just by hand, could I maybe use a saw to cut it and put it away? I suppose not but I'd prefer these trails to be safe for everyone and I saw several bikers on these trails.
To be clear, the trail I was thinking about building really wouldn't be anything crazy and I would do absolute minimum in regards to the terrain. Probably just use dirt to create humps for jumping and some berms, my goal is to have a practice course nearby where I can learn a bit more and I'd absolutely love to have more people both work on it and use it for fun.
In regards to the obstacles on trails, I really don't know why would people deliberately do that as I have seen many if not all bikers be very kind and careful in regards to hikers. Interestingly enough, the trails where the obstacles were present are trail where you can't even really go crazy and have to ride carefully while a trail with jumps, steep descends, roots etc were well cleared and I met more hikers on those parts than on the others that had trees, branches etc all over the place.
Thanks for the answers.
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2023.06.09 10:09 Starflier55 Hello. Newbie. Few questions.

38 (f). Been drinking since I can remember, sneaking my grandpa's whisky as a kid even. I feel like I'm dying everyday. I feel poisoned. I hate living. I think it's time to stop. But I'm scared. I don't really want to stop... but I do. Maybe that disqualifies me?☹️
I don't want to show up to a meeting and there's 2 people... I know I'm going to fail and let them and myself down and prefer a bigger group to "hide"... That said, a few questions:
  1. Are the meetings wierd to a new person and does it cost money?
  2. Where do I find one near me (and is there a way to tell if it's "busier"? Fridays? Later in the day?)
  3. Is there a limit to how many meetings I can attend?
  4. I've seen that many people here say they won't sponsor a weed smoker; What's the difference between NA and AA?
Thanks for the consideration. And good evening.
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2023.06.09 10:07 PaleontologistNo331 How was sauron able to build an army in mordor?

The black gate was defended & minas ithil was near mordor.
I know the gate was attacked and defeated, and then Minas ithil became Minas Morgul. What I dont understand (and google just wont help me,) is how was sauron able to build an entire army under the noses of gondor?
The second there was ANY indication, every army should've drive in and wiped them out.
Was gondor just oblivious? Did they not care? What happened?
EDIT: I haven't watched Ring of power. So my apologies if this ever gets answered in that show.
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2023.06.09 10:05 dhirpurboy89 Need your guidance/tips/advice

Hello all, I am planning for a solo trip to Dubai from Mumbai to Dxb next month. It’s going to be my first ever solo trip. Pls suggest me which place should I book an Airbnb or Hotel which will be nearest to downtown Dubai or Dubai mall or a place which is near to all the happening touristy places.
  1. I am planning for skydiving also, please suggest some pointers so that I could do it well.
  2. Must try places for Emirati food/local food.
  3. What should I must avoid doing in Dubai.
  4. My passport and other documents have only single name, No sir name: am I going to get the visa easially?
  5. Which places I should visit to see the locals or may be the people from where I could get knowledge of local culture of UAE.
  6. I am vaccinated thrice in India, do I need to carry another document or something ?
Thanks for your time .. regards
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2023.06.09 10:05 Chemical-Dress-4852 The pill

Me again! So I've been on the pill for touching nearly 20 years 😳 apart from my 2 pregnancy's I've never had a break. I have never had any sort of tests to see if my hormone levels are okay and when I've said I've been on the pill for so long it's almost as if "well it can't be that that's caused the vulvodynia as she's been on it so long" so I've been testing if things get worse when I take my pill and I woke up the last 2 mornings and felt "OK" before taking my pill but after taking it feeling the burning sensation! Now I don't know if this is all in my head becusee I'm testing it out but should I push for some tests or give my body a break and see what happens? Any help would be appreciated
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2023.06.09 10:05 carrylizard I have a very deep fear of getting into trouble

I know that no one LIKES getting intro trouble. But my fear heavily exceeds what I feel is normal
For instance, a few months back I got into a bit of trouble of work. And when I say a little bit, I really do mean a little bit. It really wasn’t a big deal. My boss just had a 10 minute conversation with me and that’s it
You wanna know how I took it? Well that happened on a Friday around 11:00 am and I literally didn’t eat until Sunday night. I felt so terrible and felt so scared that I didn’t eat for like 55 hours. I was just in bed all weekend feeling like crap
I feel maybe I’m like this because I always tried being a good kid and people got mad at me all the time. They were so scary and made me feel so ashamed and guilty that I loathe the idea of getting in trouble
I’m always double or triple checking everything I do just so I don’t accidentally mess up. You might think it’s a good quality but it borders on OCD
I was planning on being a doctor but if I’m getting THIS upset over insignificant things, I can’t imagine what real stress will do to me
I just hate getting in trouble
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2023.06.09 10:04 Reserved_Trout Dealing with my problem with overemphasizing women's looks/aesthetic

Before I go into my problem, I should tell you a little about myself. I am 20 years old and going to community college. I live in an exurban area near a mid-sized city. I live with my mother, with whom I have a complicated relationship. I've posted on this sub before but deleted it out of embarrassment. I've never been full-on incel if that makes any sense. I've never believed in the whole "chads rule the world" thing. But I did subscribe to a lot of problematic beliefs when I was younger. The most accurate descriptor would be that I was a full-on nice guy.
Now on to my problem. I have an issue when it comes to looking for a woman that I'm attracted to. I put too much stock in looks and aesthetics. When I become attracted to a woman. It's usually their looks I focus on. I tend to be attracted to women who essentially have a hipstemanic pixie dream girl vibe to them (idk if that makes any sense). Things like a pixie cut, vintage fashion, and a goofy demeanor are all winners for me. The problem here, I think, is pretty evident, I haven't thought of any personal qualities I'm attracted to and I think this has hurt my chances of dating. I've talked about this with my therapist who said that while it's normal to have visual preferences while looking for a partner, it's also important to consider personality qualities you like as well. I have failed miserably at the latter. I think this hurts me because it limits my dating pool to a very small amount of people who I might not vibe with. And, at the same time, I'm potentially passing on a whole bunch of awesome women who like me for me because they don't fit some visual quota.
Now that I realize my issue here I want to learn how to work on it. How can I go about deemphasizing my visual preferences and how can I work on finding what personal qualities I like so that I can build a healthy relationship?
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2023.06.09 10:04 Mundane_Fly9165 Getting the Best Deal: Storm Proxies Pricing

As businesses continue to expand their online presence, proxy servers have become an essential tool to maintain anonymity and increase security. Storm Proxies offers reliable and high-quality proxy servers, but how does its pricing structure compare to its competitors?
Firstly, let's take a look at Storm Proxies' residential proxies. With over 70,000 rotating residential IPs, these proxies are an excellent choice for web scraping, social media management, and SEO monitoring. The pricing for residential proxies starts at $50 per month for 5 ports and $200 per month for 20 ports. Compared to other providers, the pricing is mid-range, with affordable options for smaller businesses and startups.
Next, let's explore Storm Proxies' datacenter proxies. These proxies provide faster speeds and are great for tasks that require high-volume data requests. The pricing for datacenter proxies varies depending on the location and setup. For example, the US datacenter proxies start at $10 per month for 1 port and go up to $400 per month for 50 ports. The EU and Asia datacenter proxies start at $20 per month for 1 port and $800 per month for 50 ports respectively. The pricing for these proxies is on the higher end, but the quality and reliability make it worth the investment.
For those who require maximum anonymity, Storm Proxies also offers reverse backconnect proxies. These proxies rotate the IP address every 5 minutes, making it nearly impossible to track activity. However, the pricing for these proxies is significantly higher, starting at $300 for 10 ports and going up to $1500 for 100 ports.
In conclusion, Storm Proxies offers a range of proxy servers to meet different business needs. Its pricing structure is competitive for residential proxies, but higher for datacenter and reverse backconnect proxies. However, the high-speed, reliability, and low ban rates of Storm Proxies make it a worthwhile investment for businesses looking to improve their online security and privacy.
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2023.06.09 10:04 AutoModerator [] ✔️Cody Bramlett – Supplement Millionaire Blueprint ✔️ Full Course Download

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2023.06.09 10:03 waxzupp My cat has scabs + balding and won't stop grooming herself

My cat has had some skin scabbing problems since we found her, but they've been getting worse. She recently got fleas (I'm not sure how because she's a fully indoor cat although my roommate has a cat who may have spread them to her). I've noticed over the past month or so that she's grooming, licking, and biting herself much more than often. In fact, it's gotten to the point that the area above her tail is nearly bald. She has scabs all over her lower back and neck. I noticed fleas about a month ago and we did a full treatment (gave her a flea bath + medication) but nothing got better. After realizing that she still had fleas a few weeks ago, I gave her another treatment. I'm worried that due to the flea itching, she is over-grooming and scratching herself and it's leading to an endless cycle of itchy scabs that she keeps making worse. Her skin is becoming more and more ulcerated and she is losing hair all over her body. Has anyone else experienced this? I know that the fleas could be a primary issue for the itchiness (I hope they are gone now after these treatments), but I also feel like the scabs she has on her body (that she had prior to having fleas, but much less) could be some sort of skin allergy? I've been feeding her omega 3 oil for the past few months but haven't noticed a difference. If anyone has an opinion on whether her skin problems are mostly due to fleas or if it is a combination of flea itching + skin issues, or solely due to fleas, please let me know. I've been meaning to take her to the vet for this issue but to be completely honest vets are very expensive and I'm worried about how much it'll cost, so if anyone knows any topical solutions I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you!
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2023.06.09 10:03 cobarbob Mild Motivational Initiative Disruption - How a small change caused some big meetings

Many many years ago when I was still just a PFY and not the grumpy BOFH I am now, I was working for a large MSP on a reasonable-sized call centre contract. We were doing tech support for one of the first internet ISPs (one with dialup scripts and everything). They had a big global presence, supported in far off exotic locations (Aus/NZ) by MSP staff.
The team was all young, a few years out of school and so while the work was work, there was fantastic comradery and late-night Half-Life sessions to sustain us to the next step in our careers.
The company was very a great taste of soul-sucking cubicle hell with 8 layers of management between us lowly serfs and anyone near the top. It was straight out of Office Space. It was basic tech support, for an ISP in a fast downward spiral, in a large and very drab low-rise office building.
We all knew this was a gateway to bigger and better things, and while there was no support from the middle to upper management, we had reasonable immediate bosses. We did our shifts and had enough fun to work towards the next job.
Somewhere along this road, upper management (who we rarely saw), had some inspiration to try and make the office a little bit less office space and more hip and cool, as was the style of the first Internet Revolution (the late 90s early 2000s).
Others had funky lounges or bean bags and crazy bright colours on the walls. Google even bought a monorail carriage as a meeting room in their Sydney office.
For us, our execs decided the solution was to hang 3 or 4 Motivation PostersTM around the office.
"If we don't take care of the customers, somebody else will". Yep those ones.
I mean if that doesn't inspire you to support a dying charged-by-the-minute dialup ISP in the beginnings of Cable and ADSL in Australia then I don't know what else will!
Arriving at the office to see this pitiful attempt at inspiration, we all collectively went "meh" and resumed the daily job of giving out dial-in numbers for different cities. The most popular ones we could do without looking them up (no need to switch from Half-life window mid-call). Life went on.
One day shortly afterwards, I arrived around 9, to discover an unusual air of quiet scandal hovering around the office. The word was quietly being passed around... senior managers are PISSED....very senior managers have been involved. THEY are NOT happy.
Why? What happened? Did a contract get cancelled? Was there a major customer complaint? How could so much attention be drawn on our little part of this big company?

As our call centre contracted stated we started at 7am, far earlier than most of the building staff. Even then only a handful of people. One especially cheeky monkey had decided at this wee hour of the morning that he would turn one of the motivational posters......upside down!
The mild amusement from his colleagues was NOT shared by the management team, who felt this was a direct affront to their valiant and incredible efforts at inspiring the workforce.
Meetings dragged on all morning. Colleagues called in as witnesses. A LOT of people had to try not to laugh over what clearly was a VERY SERIOUS issue.
We were informed we were obviously in the wrong for even attempting a mild desecration of this scared company relic, or even finding the situation amusing in any way.
Luckily the rambunctious lad who caused irreparable damage to the company's reputation internally was allowed by the good graces of our betters to remain employed.
To the relief of our immediate managers, nobody ever messed with the motivational posters again.
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2023.06.09 10:03 jacqueifer Seventh Heaven - How I Finally Passed the Dubai RTA Test (Parking + Road) - A Few Tips, Tricks and Myths I Learned The Hard Way

Learning to drive - something perhaps I should have done at 18 (ample time but no car or money to learn) and at now at 36 you have the money to learn but no time. Like most working professionals in Dubai, our jobs are demanding so carving time out to learn needs to be well planned and fruitful.
If this post could do anything, I hope you can learn from my mistakes, so here goes:
  1. Picking Finance If you are a new driver (having never driven back home either) - take the unlimited/contract option with your driving school. It will cost nearly double the normal package but is worth it because you don't have the financial stress of paying more if you fail - I didn't think it would be this difficult to pass and I was wrong. In Dubai you need to complete 40 hours to take the test (split between parking and on road), for a new new driver this is simply not enough hours to build confidence (this is why you hear of so many stories of people repeating the test - in particular new drivers). To compare, in a Melbourne, Australia the minimum hours needed is 120.
  2. Picking a Driving Institution, pick wisely. Most people review the online comments to gauge how good a school is. The tip here is to talk to friends, family or colleagues that have passed out a particular branch/location. The opinion of the brands (EDI, DDC, Belhasa, Galadari) vary among people and I didn't find it an accurate measure but the branch is more important. I used Dubai Driving Institute in Al Quoz. Nice range of instructors but the location is a challenge. I will explain later in the post.
  3. Selecting a Driving Instructor in most cases you will be assigned a driving instructor. As a first time driver, you aren't going to know if your instructor is good or bad. What you should ask yourself after the four classes is - does this person spend a lot of time on their phone? Does this person stop my mistakes or does this person teach me how to do it correctly? The latter is more important. If you aren't learning, request for a change and don't be worried about what people will think - you are paying to be thought.
  4. Driving Institution Location - this is an important factor in where you learn to drive. Al Quoz is an industrial area filled with large trucks, commercial buses, vehicles and in general traffic at all times. To add to this you have drivers who aren't as courteous, will cut, will not signal, you have pedestrians crossing at undesignated areas, road cleaners and people moving on the wrong side of the road with their little scooters, cycles and mopeds. As a learning area, it reminds one a little of driving in India / Egypt. For a first time driver, perhaps there are easier routes to train in like the Dry Docks or DIP.
  5. Passing the Theory Test - really straight forward, complete the course and practice the mock exams theory + video scenario. There are a pool of about 300 odd questions, from which you get 40 (35 theory + 5 video scenarios) on your RTA exam. Only when you can consistently secure 90% plus on the mock exams, you should attempt the RTA Theory Test.
  6. Passing the Parking Test - the first tip is to practice this in the location you are doing the test. I practiced it at the Al Quoz Branch but did the test at the Al Khail branch - the reason behind this is the automated testing facility is here and you need to familiarize yourself with the automated vehicle. The second tip, which I learned from one of the senior trainers is - parking is mathematics, if you get the basics right you'll be able to park consistently. Watch this video: it will greatly benefit you. I passed the hill park, emergency breaking, parallel parking and angle parking on the first go. Failing only garage because I have a problem with the method from the training school.
  7. Garage Parking - at the school, they train you to use the sticker indication on the rear passenger window which is bonkers (its apparently a trick to help students pass you can see this in 12:06 of the video shared above). The challenge with this method is depending on your height, seat location, backrest location or whether you wear glasses all affect the angle. For the longest time I couldn't crack this as I kept getting or failing by small margins. The easiest way to pass this is to angle the car in and readjust it in front of you (the RTA allows you to do this in the test) before parking. Again here only attempt the parking when you have cleared the internal mock tests.
  8. RTA Myth - they have a quota of people to fail everyday, this is not true - you can either drive or not it's that simple.
  9. RTA Instructors - have different temperaments, if you are nervous it will reflect when you drive and they can pick up on that. Test when only when confident.
  10. Mental Pressure - it took me seven attempts, I remember distinctly when I failed the third time, I wanted to give up. Instead I reframed my thinking to accept that failing the test simply meant the RTA was keeping me safe by telling me I didn't have sufficient knowledge to be on the road. The second change I made was to stop comparing myself and telling people about my test - failing stopped becoming a burden.
Driving Test Failures - all my failures where down to one key thing - situational awareness. I was thought what to do on the road but not how to think on the road. This his impacted my decision making/confidence. You can only gain situational awareness when you have been on the road long enough and hence why I would encourage new drivers to get at least 60 to 80 hours before they take the test. Most people won't talk about their failures, I will tell you about mine with the hope you can learn from it.
  1. Failure 1 - attempted to cross the T junction without sufficient gap (I couldn't assess distance vs speed). What I should have done is let the speeding car pass and then cross.
  2. Failure 2 - this is the only one I was unhappy with the judgement. I waited 'too long' to move into a lane to overtake, I was told during the test I was failing because I will cause a traffic jam. All I wanted was a clear road to be able to safely take the car. Debatable.
  3. Failure 3 - turned into the second lane instead of the third lane at the U-turn. Correct thing to have done would have been to turn into the third lane.
  4. Failure 4 - attempted to merge on to a road without sufficient gap. I was thought to take the gap, the correct thing for a driving school car to do is to wait for a clear road where there is not debate on the distance x speed.
  5. Failure 5 - there was a cleaner on the road at the before signal turn (this happened in the afternoon), I slowed down and moved to the left but the correct thing to have done was slow down, blow horn, indicate to move to the left (even though the line is being cut).
  6. Failure 6 - I made an assumption that a taxi to my left would wait/allow me to pass but he was in a hurry and entered the round about a second before I could. I should have just waited, allowed him to pass.
Through all my tests - vehicle control, lane changes and general observance of rules was good. The lack of situational awareness cost me, especially judging distance x speed.
Tips to Pass the Test
Besides the normal things, here's ten things I wish I knew before I started:
  1. You are likely to test in a Nissan Sunny, the steering wheel has a notch below it to adjust it. Adjust it to the top most position position, this will build familiarity in your mind and the position is always the same. An internal examiner showed me this - after five months.
  2. Build a routine when you get into the car - adjust seat, adjust mirrors, then seat belt, then check for passenger seat belts. This routine becomes habit and habit will give you confidence.
  3. When you drive, check your rear view mirror every 5-8 seconds. Improves situational awareness.
  4. If you turn anywhere, just indicate. Make it a habit.
  5. In Al Quoz, indicate about 10 meters before the turn as there are lots of little garages/shops and drivers behind might think you are going there instead.
  6. Assume everyone on the road is unpredictable, it will train you to be a better defensive driver.
  7. If you are testing in Al Quoz, I recommend to test in the morning.
  8. Examiners are there to test basics and observe your understanding of the road. They're never going to ask you to try a lane change when the situation doesn't permit - what they will check is your judgement of the situation.
  9. Don't compare yourself to others.
  10. The vehicle on the left has priority.
  11. If you finish your internal classes, test within three days.
  12. Know where your pedestrian crossings are. Pedestrians in Al Quoz take this space for granted.
  13. If you are in the left lane at a pedestrian crossing, you are expected to indicate and cross at the right - the examiner won't ask you but its expected (have seen people on the test fail for this).
  14. If you happen to fail, try and book classes to learn immediately - don't be dejected or give up, everyone goes through it. The quicker you learn, the quicker you are able to test again. The momentum of wanting to learn and taking the test is what will drive you.
  15. At a round about, learn to exit and enter from every direction. Have seen other test members in the car who are so used to doing one thing, they forget when the examiner takes them to a new route.
  16. Know your area you are testing in - you'll be able to anticipate the roads you are connecting and the environment before you get there.
  17. If testing Al Quoz, use your horn - trust me you'll need it.
  18. Learn to start the car (most cars are already started when you enter). Occasionally if you go first, you might be asked to start the car.
  19. If you're asked to lane change, don't forget to check your blind spot.
  20. On the day of the test, arrive a minimum 30 minutes early and say a small prayer - both of these will soothe you.
  21. Given how busy Al Quoz is, some of the Stop lines have faded or are covered with dust, don't let this fool you - know these spots, look for the boards and stop.
  22. If you don't have the confidence, don't test.
  23. Assuming you have practiced 80 hours thats a total of 4,800 minutes, your test is 10 minutes - you got this.
  24. Always remember, the RTA is out to keep you safe. If they fail you, they are saving you.
  25. Unlike the Parking Test where there are 5 things you are tested on, there's not menu of items you have for the Driving Test but here's the top 5 things you definitely need to know: Situational Awareness, Lane Change, U-Turns into 2 & 3 lanes, Merging, Entering/Exiting Roundabouts
Finally, seventh heaven - aced the test on this attempt. Unlike before I was confident and calm. I arrived early, said a small prayer, did the same routine I always do when I enter the car, drove confidently - on the day had to enteexit a round about, do a u-turn, a couple of t-junctions and lane change twice - entire thing lasted ten minutes.
If you have found this post it's probably either you have failed and you are looking for some hope and guidance, I hope the above is of some use to you. To conclude, you need two key things going into the test experience and confidence. Experience comes from repetition, repetition builds confidence.
All the best.

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2023.06.09 10:02 Kwertydog I travelled to Jupiter’s moon Europa. You won’t believe what i found

On June 6th 2023 I was sent by NASA to go to Jupiter’s moon Europa, they didn’t tell us what ship we would use to get there or how much time it would take to get there. After a bit of talking they put me and my crew-mates on a ship and we were off. i thought it would take months maybe even years so i started watching TikTok to pass the time but it turns out we got there in just 5 minutes, i don’t know how thats possible but, it happened. We got off the ship and went down onto the surface with our spacesuits on, we drilled a hole big enough for us to slide into and under the surface so we could reach the water underneath. Once we got to the water, we deployed our nanotech submarines provided by NASA. We explored the planet, searching for life but we found something that we weren’t supposed to see. It had big wings and gils that looked like caves, its teeth were the size of 500 Eiffel towers lined up one against the other and it had large antennas with lights on them that looked like stars in the night sky. We decided to explore some more so we sped off into the depths of Europa. We travelled allot for what felt like hours until we found something I never thought would be so close to us. There was a big continent under a hole, it was around the size of Africa so we decided to go down the hole. Once inside we deployed our parachutes and waited until we landed onto the surface. After what felt like hours we landed and we started exploring, we found out that there was breathable air on this continent so we could take our spacesuits off, the continent‘s temperature was around 77ºF, like a sunny day on Earth. We decided to look up into the sky and we saw 3 artificial suns. They looked as bright as the normal Sun, and felt like it too but we soon saw something mind-blowing in the horizon. After walking for an hour we found what looked to be like pyramids and they looked like the concept art for what the pyramids on Earth would have looked like if they were recently built. We didn’t see anyone so we decided to enter the pyramids. We entered the biggest on which from out point of view was the 2nd pyramid. The first thing we saw was two enormous entrances around the width of a normal Earth house. We decided to split up into groups of two and enter the doorways. We stayed communicated over coms, we walked for around 5 minutes where me and my crew-mate saw a gigantic dinner table with what looked like millions if not billions of people sitting and eating. Even though I couldn’t see the entire room because it was so large, the visible area of this room looked like it was bigger than the pyramid itself, the food there was served by flying robots that went around the table at unimaginable speeds. We only got to look at them for about 5 seconds before everyone in there stopped, the room went silent and they got up from their tables and came running at us. We ran out of there and deployed our submarines. We shot out of there at what seemed like light speed. We arrived at the ship but unfortunately my other two crew-mated didn’t, we used the phone on the ship to call the team that sent us there and tell them they need to bring us back, they gave us some instructions on how to set the route, the destination and the speed. Before we knew it we were back where we started from but, something felt, off. The informant told us that we had travelled for 3 days in what felt like 5 hours, we told the informant everything we saw and he told us to not tell this to anyone. I’m still wondering if I should post this
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2023.06.09 10:02 Elegant-Pollution-85 Is there anyone here who lives near winnetka and wants to help me out for some money?

I accidentally bid on a shopgoodwill auction and didn't realize it was pick up only, if someone is willing to pick it up and then ship it to my address I'd pay them
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2023.06.09 10:02 DeceptiveRelish06 Wiggly co-sleeping baby

My 10.5mo and I co-sleep. We've been doing this for five months now and have been sleeping better than ever. Two weeks ago baby got an ear infection in both ears, and he got really uncomfortable and fidgety in his sleep. Since then, the ear infections have gone, but he's still fidgety and can't seem to get comfortable.
We used to sleep with him on his side facing me and me on my side facing him. When he woke all he needed was a reassuring hand on his bum or side, or a quick comfort boob in his mouth. But now he's all over the place whining and flailing/flipping over every 30-60 minutes. Sometimes he'll wake himself up with it, sometimes he'll put himself back to sleep, it's about 50/50.
Anyone come across this before, or have any advice?
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2023.06.09 10:01 Hankstbro Reminder: healer MMR is still horrible, Reflex inside

Reminder: healer MMR is still horrible, Reflex inside
Yes, poverty rating, bla bla, haven't pushed on my HPriest yet, so, here we are (I usually get the set on a bunch of chars first and then push rating later in the season; so far I got it on Monk, Sham, Pala, Priest).
Pushed to 1800 yesterday and today. The top "1:5" in Reflex is someone quitting in the third round of a 1:1, the 0:6 below that is someone disconnecting in the first round, and the bottom 0:6 is when I just got shat on.
It took me a win rate of not quite 80% (25:7) to climb 170 CR to 1845 this week, not coming off an insane loss streak from last week (granted, I lost 2 more games than I won last week, sure; total w/l: 158/135, so even without this week positive; MUCH MORE positive than the negative win rate that carried my Ret to 1.8 in the first week, riding last season's MMR).
It took me a win rate of ~50% on my Enhancer to climb to 1800 in the first week of this Season with ~35 wins and 30 losses or so. Priest ended last season with 2.4, Shaman with 2.1. None of this makes any sense.
There is literally one healer above 2.4k in Shuffle atm:
If Blizzard does not somewhat fix that, even crack addicted idiots like me won't play much longer. Idk how you can look at this and think "oh golly, this is fine". Not sure the DPS players understand the magnitude of fuck that is going on here. This alone is 90% of the reason why there are 40 minute queues.

(I just got my Elite set on my HPriest with 0 Tier items so far and am still mad, imagine that)
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2023.06.09 10:01 shootingstar1117 Slowly feeling that I deserve to d-word

I don't know if it's wrong to ask someone to accompany you when they've been a close friend and like you've hang out/gala/kain multiple times. It's just that when I am the one to message our gc, it seems like the mood becomes dull/off and people get uninsterested with whatever the message is since it came from me. I don't know why, maybe because it is very, very strict in my fam that I am just allowed a handful of times to go out to hang/gala and even have spontaneous trips. I still need to ask permission even if I am near 25 years old. Also, the pandemic happened and it's really hard to go out a lot when each time a relative or someone I know gets covid. With this situation, I can't go, even if I wanted to, to spontaneous kain/road trip with my friends.
Is it because I was not able to bond with them more and join them sa gala/kainan that they don't think of me as a friend now? They're not even reacting on my posts now, I now this sound a bit immature.
Another maybe, maybe I am at grave fault for still being too shy even if we (with my friends) have been through lots of ganaps/occassions already that I am still timid to ask them how they are or what they are doing. I do not check up on them. But the thing is, no one checks up on me either. I really hate my situation so much. It feels like I am not worthy to live anymore. Like if I d-word, no one will f*ckin care. No one will shed a tear, maybe only my family. But yeah, thr point is the feeling of not wanting to live anymore slowly creeps in, inside my thoughts. Maybe if I try to s-word and eventually d-word, I won't have to suffer from the situation where I have no friends, I have no one to tell my secrets and frustrations to, I have no one to ask for advice with my problems, I have no one I can count on. I don't know if I'll get better or I'll get worse. I just want to stop feeling unwanted, boring, and worthless.
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750+ Members on our Discord Server
20+ TB of rare and known courses
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2023.06.09 09:59 Competitive_Low_5970 Excalibur

"Come on, please, it has to be somewhere around here!"
Cogwyn was at her wit's end, and apparantly desperate enough to be begging the rotten wooden floor of the abandoned saloon she was in.
"Pst. Magical weapon?" One hand clutching the faded map, Cogwyn opened the faded parchment to check where she was again. Following the long-lost roads on the maps, her finger once again arrived in the town of Foghorn on the map, the town built on the lake-bed of the legendary Lake.
The Lake that held a legendary weapon called Excalibur.
Cogwyn needed that weapon, right about now. It would honestly be very good timing right about now. Cogwyn had lost and given up too much to be here in the ghost town of Foghorn, knee-deep in the barren territories of the long-fallen Human civilization.
Goddamn it, Cogwyn was sure the spot she was in was at the center of the long-dried lakebed. Digging her claws into the plank, Cogwyn pulled as hard she could, trying to at least dislodge it a bit. The Crownhunters will be here soon, and then she'll be screwed. There was nowhere else to run anymore.
Digging her claws deeper into the rotten wood at that thought, Cogwyn pulled harder. Her muscles strained as she grunted in effort before she lost her grip on the wood and was flung backwards from the force used to tug at the wood.
Cogwyn punched the wooden board, then immediately regretted it as she registered the pain from her punch. Nursing her fist, Cogwyn turned towards the doorframe of the building, heart dropping in her chest as she saw the blurry figures in the distance, riding towards the saloon.
Immediately standing up from her crawling position, Cogwyn reached towards the pair of daggers stashed in her pant legs and found... nothing. Right, she lost them by throwing them at the Crownhunters where they promptly flew off into the cliff the Crownhunters were standing by.
Whatever, she still had her claws.
Jumping on the table, Cogwyn screeched on the table as the Crownhunters entered the room.
"Goblin! Do not resist your death, the crimes of your kind will be paid in full!" The Crownhunters drew their swords at their leader's statement, the swish of the sword causing a pleasant metallic sound as they were unsheathed.
"Crimes of what, fucking existing?"
Stupid xenophobic Empire bullshit. Cogwyn bared her teeth and prepared to rake her claws all over the Crownhunters face. But before either side could make a move, a loud crack resonated in the room.
A pale, ghostly hand punched out of the floorboard Cogwyn was trying to ply open, their hand holding a bizarre L-shaped contraption.
Cogwyn stared at the pale hand. "What"
What are you waiting for? Take the gun and shoot! The voice echoed in Cogwyn's head, and sorry, a voice is speaking in her voice telling her to take—a gun? What the hell even is a gun?
I am the Lady of the Lake, the Keeper of Excalibur. The Mistress of Justice. Take the revolver and enact your justice, little Goblin.
Wait so, you're telling me Excalibur is that weirdly shaped piece of wood and metal you're holding?
Yes. The voice sounded impatient. The hand in the floor, on the other hand, rose further, revealing an arm now. For centuries I have waited for another worthy of Excalibur. Humanity has fallen, but its spirit remains in it.
Rudely, the Crownhunters attacked at that precise moment, apparently having gotten over the ghostly body slowly rising out of the ground. Flashing her attention back to the Crownhunters, Cogwyn barely managed to tip the table over and scramble out of the way before the sword cut her head clean off her shoulders.
"Asshole! I was having an in-my-head conversation there!" Cogwyn spit at the Crownhunters attacking her as she dodged out of the way of another strike, the sword burying itself into a dusty table.
By now, the Lady of the Lake's form had appeared fully. She was transparent, but her form revealed her to be a bipedal women with long hair, wearing a simple dress. Her eyes facing forwards, like a predator's. Cracking her knuckles, she rolled her arm before sending a devastating punch, knocking out one of the Crownhunters cold.
The Lady's voice crackled to life in her mind. Eat shit.
Wow, was that really what the Humans looked like? Turns out everyone needs to do some serious updating to their drawings of Humans. They had just assumed they were more prey-like, considering how peaceful their civilization was truly rumoured to be.
Cogwyn eyed the laughing Lady of the Lake with a curious side-eye. So the Humans did have a dark side. Grinning, Cogwyn caught the... gun-thing as it was thrown at her by the Lady. Holding the wooden handle, Cogwyn rushed up to one Crownhunter and bashed it on their head.
Expecting some serious magical stuff to occur, Cogwyn was disappointed when they merely fainted from the blunt force trauma. "Hey, I thought this weapon was magical!"
It is. You're just using it wrong. Grip the handle and pull the trigger—that spring near the handle—while aiming it.
Taking the Lady's advice, Cogwyn aimed as one Crownhunter rushed her and pulled the trigger. A bloom of smoke rose from the tip of the weapon as a loud boom filled the room. The gun, like a particularly violent horse, kicked back, almost forcing Cogwyn to drop the magical artefact on the ground.
The person in front of Cogwyn stopped and dropped, a hole in the middle of their chest.
"Holy shit."
Standing in the ruins of the room, the Lady and Cogwyn stood in the center of a whirlwind of bodies and broken furniture. Cogwyn laughed out loud in joy as she stared at the weapon in her hand.
"You know, most artifacts only allow their own species to wield them." Most ancient artifacts were too prissy to allow anyone but them to wield their precious weapons, which meant that the Elder races held all the cards when it came to power, leaving newer races to lick boots in order to get scrap.
It doesn't help that artifacts take time to materialize for any civilization.
Excalibur is not most artifacts. The voice of the Lady was calm, but an edge still held in her voice. Humanity was not most races. Back then, anyone could be a Human.
Anyone. Being Human was less being a member of a race at that point, but an idea. The weapon you hold is but a fragment of that idea, crystalized into the form we see now: justice.
"If Excalibur represents justice... What are you, then?"
The Lady paused, a devious smile on her face. Another ancient Human philosophy. One passed on from the earliest days, before even the seedling of Excalibur was even planted.
It was called... Fuck Around And Find Out. The Lady giggled before sighing. Justice doesn't serve itself, y'know.
The Lady of the Lake stretched, bones cracking as she readied up for a long journey ahead of her. Come on now, we have a government to overthrow.
Cogwyn huffed as she followed the Lady out into the desert.
submitted by Competitive_Low_5970 to HFY [link] [comments]