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2023.06.09 10:14 communist-crapshoot The Claires *are* social democrats *not* secret communists and seizing the harbor was not in itself a revolutionary act. It's long past time fans stop lying to themselves and start engaging with the Marxist "ruthless criticism of all that exists" at the core of the game, as was always intended.

Let me preface this lecture by stating that I *am* a communist and have been for over a decade and that before I can get into what I think the Claires are supposed to represent I need to address why Kurvitz & Co. chose a videogame as the preferred medium for their metafiction. The reason Disco Elysium was made the way it was wasn't simply to entertain people with the funny antics of an alcoholic, superstar, hobo cop or to strive towards critical acclaim so the game would sell better. It wasn't even a game made by communists for communists (I mean it was made by communists it's just not preaching to the choir as much as some might think). In fact it's quite the opposite. The story was injected with nihilistic humor and offered up to the general public in the form of a video game to sugar the pill so to speak. That's because Disco Elysium is, at its core, a highly controversial political treatise and social critique "disguised" as a video game. This was so as to get as many people as possible to actually engage with its core messages instead of reflexively rejecting or ignoring them the way they would've if those messages had been presented in the format of non-fiction literature. To put it bluntly the main message of the game is how self delusion reinforces the very things it seeks to escape whether those be personal problems like loneliness or societal ones like the anxiety inducing political limbo of Revachol/the real world. Included in the delusions of a political nature Kurvitz wanted people to confront were many held by the bulk of the contemporary left. Sadly, judging by what I often see in this sub, the results of this novel approach at polemics has been mixed.
I have to admit it's disheartening to see how many fans of the game only engaged with that social and political criticism to the extent that it was leveled at their political enemies, especially when the "authorial intent" was to confront players who might delude themselves about the future implications, present realities and/or history of their own real life politics, whatever they may be. In some cases this ignorance is forgivable; it's easy to miss subtext in a game that's so text based that it has a habit of spelling things out for you and tbf many of the allusions to real life figures, events and ideas are subtle and without a solid grasp of 20th century European history and theoretical Marxism most of the satirical references will go over a typical player's head. What's not forgivable is how many people in this sub are in denial of or otherwise consciously rationalize the criticisms of their own side presented by the writers of DE. I'll get around to how centrists and right-libertarians are guilty of this in future posts but for right now I want to address "my comrades" because, frankly, some of you scare me with your naiveté, hyper-partisanship and blithe hand waving of corruption and needless violence.
Now there are two kinds of leftists I often see who want to view Evrart as a crypto-communist figure and despite being polar opposites in most respects they have two things in common: they're both childishly naive and they're both in denial about the realities of how vicious social democracy can be in practice. The first leftist is a social democrat who thinks that because Evrart is a machiavellian strongman figure that he must be an expy of Stalin and/or Mao (who in their minds are genuine representatives of communism) because "never, ever would a real social democrat do such things, after all we're unassuming trade unionists who want nothing more than to work things out democratically, through the existing system!" The second leftist is a communist who thinks that because Evrart is a machiavellian strongman figure that he must be an expy of Stalin and/or Mao (who in their minds are genuine representatives of communism) because "never, ever would a real social democrat do such things, after all they're unassuming trade unionists who want nothing more than to work things out democratically, through the existing system!"
The truth of course is that prejudices aside Evrart is a social democrat AND a tyrannical strongman. As for his plan to seize the harbor, while it's certainly threatening to Wild Pines' bottom line, the RCM's authority and the union's enemies in Martinaise, it does not in any way pose a genuine revolutionary threat to the capitalist system as a whole and, as weird as it may sound, is still reliant on working within the existing system. After all the union didn't seize the means of production in an armed rebellion against the capitalist state so much as Wild Pines legally handed over some of its corporate property to the union to avoid the bad PR of the merc tribunal which in the end was only tangentially related to the strike. By the end of HBD's investigation all that has changed for the (surviving) workers of Martinaise Harbour Terminal B is their employer. They went from being the unionized employees of the Wild Pines Group under which they had to smuggle drugs in secret to get by to becoming members of a de jure workers' co-operative under the Claires' control where they can now smuggle drugs more openly. That's it. Is that better for them? Maybe, probably, but even so they're still reliant on a global system based on commodity production and exchange and the selling of their labor power (and hardcore drugs) for money, they've just cut out a few middlemen so to speak. Once the strike is officially declared over La Puta Madre's henchmen, not the soldiers of the Coalition, are going to be the union's most immediate threat. Wild Pines itself probably isn't even that hurt by Evrart's plan as the value of what was lost in revenue and real estate can be mitigated by the amount the company will save from no longer having 2,000 + employees on its payroll every quarter.
Oh and to those pragmatists who think Evrart is just a well intentioned man willing to step up and get his hands dirty for the sake of his fellow workers because no one else would or as Call Me Mañana puts it "The old man is corrupt for our benefit" this next part is for you. We know from interviews that Evrart was partially inspired by the character of Frank Sobotka from the second season of the HBO hit TV series The Wire. That said Evrart is in many ways a sort of anti-Sobotka insofar as he's not just reluctantly working with mafiosos; he *is* a mafioso. If you haven't already seen The Wire you need to stop reading this and go watch it to not only understand my next point but because it's literally the best TV show ever made. For those who have seen The Wire I'm 100% certain you'll agree with me that neither of the two hypothetical leftists from earlier could seriously claim that Sobotka was a secret communist or anything other than a reformist labor leader even though he's guilty of most of the same things that supposedly make crypto-commies of the Claires. I also don't think anyone who's seen the show would strongly hate Frank for getting involved in those criminal dealings the way they would the Claires even if some might still think both are wrong for having done so. Most importantly I don't think anyone who's seen all of season two of The Wire and played Disco Elysium to completion would ever claim that the Claires cared more about the Martinaise dockers than the Sobotka family did the stevedores of Locust Point, Baltimore. So what explains the gulf between the two unionistas (besides murder)? Why was it less bad when Frank Sobotka engaged in labor racketeering than when Evrart and Edgar did it? It's simple really, Frank Sobotka demonstrated more authentic labor solidarity, internal conflict, selflessness and above all self awareness than the Claire brothers ever did.
So to summarize: the Claires are written as a counter to those players who have what Lenin called trade union consciousness (meaning social democrats, progressives and center-left, reform minded liberals) who think that the problems of capitalism can be solved simply by increasing the number of trade unions, by legally incorporating more worker co-ops, by expanding strike funds, etc., in a word, reformism. Additionally DE's writers, who're communists, want to knock reformists off their high horses so as to get them to stop lying to themselves and recognize that there is corruption, hypocrisy, violence and even a small presence of incipient fascism in many real life unions, both past and present, and that existing reformist movements, organizations, etc. are just as susceptible to being hijacked by populist demagogues as revolutionary ones are/have been and moreover that they're not always the politically correct, morally unimpeachable, nonviolent alternatives to revolution that they present themselves as. In the end class conflict and its resulting violence goes on whether anyone wants it to or not. It can be and often is a totally subconscious process driven by need at both the individual and group levels. That said the longer class conflict goes on without being consciously directed towards the abolishment of the socioeconomic system whose inherent contradictions bring it into being in the first place, the more chaotic it will become until the point where the mutual ruin of the competing classes is all but guaranteed as a result.
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2023.06.09 10:14 HengstHorsa Some questions for owner operators or fleet managers.

I'm looking to make the transition from company driver to owner operator so I was wondering if I could ask you fine folks, that are on that side of the business, a few questions.
How much do you pay for a new truck?
How much do you end up selling it for?
What sort of MPG do you get out of a new truck? How about when you're about to trade in?
How much of a fuel discount do you get with a specific franchise?
What do you budget for yearly maintenance on a new truck versus an old one?
How many miles do you expect to get out of a set of tires?
How many miles would you expect to get out of a truck before it needs major work? What sort of work is that and how much could that cost?
How many miles are engines these days good for?
How much is insurance for your truck?
How often do you lose a truck?
What is the cost per mile for your truck?
What other expenses on the truck need to be covered each year?
What is the average load rate per mile? How low and high does it generally go?
What is the minimum rate you'll take?
How long after completion of a load does it generally take for the money you deposited in your account?
How many miles per week do you average?
What sort of profit do you expect to see out of a truck each year?
If you have more than one truck what is the added expense for a driver over what they are paid? From what I've heard it's somewhere around 30%.
What sort of taxes do you have to pay each year? Do you file quarterly or annually?
Thank you very much for your time.
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2023.06.09 10:14 AutoModerator [Full Course] Iman Gadzhi - Agency Incubator

Contact me to get Iman Gadzhi - Agency Incubator by chatting me on +44 759 388 2116 on Telegram/Whatsapp.
I have Iman Gadzhi - Agency Incubator.
Iman Gadzhi – Agency Incubator course is one of the best products on how to start a marketing agency.
Over the span of 20+ hours, Agency Incubator has training that covers EVERY aspect of building an agency. This is almost a plug & play system with enough success stories to back it up! You name it... signing clients, running killer Facebook ads, building out your team, on-boarding clients, invoicing, sales... this course has everything covered for you!
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2023.06.09 10:14 BadlyFavorite How to Get a New Username on Discord

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2023.06.09 10:14 Powerhouse-of-a-cell Ace, bi, pan, something in the middle or just straight?

I (25M) have been living in a heterosexual person my whole childhood and early adulthood but at some point it snapped, I don't know when or how, but I began to feel something different in my, let's say, liking.
I found out I don't really like female genitalia (not that I'm grossed out but it isn't as great as I thought it would be) and tend to focus more on male genitalia. There comes the weird part - I am pretty sure I like femboys, transwomen AND regular women. And I honestly don't know if it's just the visual appearance (because it's more diverse in clothing) or anything more.
I should probably mention the fact that I had an encounter with a man but I backed out when things started to get heated. Hard to say if I didn't like just him or men in general. I don't have opportunities to test it further so… I'm also introverted therefore I'm not making much contact with others. I have a gf and will stick to her because she's sweet but I'm not 100 % about my desires.
Has anyone any idea? Open to further questions.
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2023.06.09 10:13 TheStrange1Blub What can I just so happen to get my hands on for 511k?!

I have 511k (Might be more, cuase I might get more ya know?) I'm looking to trade away. Not having much luck any where else so Ima see if I can get sone good offers here, and wouldn't it just be fantastic if I could some how get my hands onto a halo. Got some things below if you want a genral idea of what I'm into.
Things I'm after or sorta after (From most to least, with the whole lot):
  1. Halos -
    Val 2020
    Spring 2022
    Solarix 2023
    Winter 2018
    Winter 2022
  2. TOG - Earrings
  3. DecD -
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2023.06.09 10:13 nilsiism Sigma 56mm f1.4 C vs Fujifilm 56mm f1.2 WR autofocus

Hey I’m quite interested in a fast 56mm prime lens. Main use would be for concert photography / low light situation. I’d shot the lens mainly wide open. Therefor this is the one lens where I don’t really care about the aputure ring. Given the size and price difference the Sigma looks like a no brainer to me.
Does anyone have some input how the autofocus between the Sigma and the new Fuji (WR) 56mm lenses compares?
I was mainly able to find information between the Sigma and the old Fuji 56mm with many people stating that the Sigma is actually way snappier. If that’s still the case I’d probably go get one today.
Many thanks
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2023.06.09 10:13 mikehauke4256 i have a proposal that may or may not be a solution to prevent raw dogging life with adhd (going untreated)

i don’t have adhd but i like hearing what your experiences so i can have a better understanding of what y’all have to go through.
my idea is what if at a young age, all children must be screened for adhd just like we get screened for vision and other things during a checkup. but during the screening process they give a dose of adderall or whatever medicine it is that is supposed to help bc that way they can see how it affects the kid, either it helps or doesn’t.
disclaimer: forgive me i’m ignorant of how the medication affects the general population of the adhd community and whether people like to rely on it or not. but this way they can at least make a diagnosis instead of growing up to 30 years old not knowing they had it and blaming themselves. again i’m sorry if there’s anything too ignorant
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2023.06.09 10:13 FeralViolett Gold Hoggers

Recently I've been coming across players who collect a ton of gold (1000+) in a single round and then stash it only by the end, and this has become extremely infuriating especially coupled with how good they are at evading hits, swirling around the enemy team like "ooo can't catch me ooo can't get around THESE moves huh!" I don't know man, maybe I'm just being salty, but it looks to me like they're boasting about their skill, and yeah sure I can get around people being better than me at this game, because there'll always be someone better than you, I don't want to spend my whole life playing video games, but taking a sick pride in it is just... No.
I'd like to see what others think of it.
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2023.06.09 10:13 Binary_patissier Building an Intoner sister from Drakengard 3

In the game, Intoners are people that are able to use very powerful magic via the power of the song powered by an evil alien influence within them. They can summon huge monsters they call angels (but go from zombies to robots to daemon dragons).
They can create shockwaves and shields by yelling.
While I don't think it can be done in a single pf2e build they are also skilled melee fighters, being able to use melee weapons like swords, chacrams, claws etc and enter a temporary frenzied state with empowered unnarmed attacks that also protects them.
I was thinking about making a summoner either Angel or Undead for divine spellcasting that has access to some early sound based cantrips and spells. For feats the ones that make the eidolon bigger I guess.
I'm quite new at pf2 and the feats and dedication system still overwhelms me. Can you guys help me with this build?
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2023.06.09 10:13 Kordben Numerical analysis on Yummi's current state.

Numerical analysis on Yummi's current state.
Iron 9,4% pickrate with44% win rate, 6,5% bann rate (23rd most popular pick)
Bronze 8,1% pickrate and 49% win rate, 7,9% bann rate (32nd most popular pick)
Silver 8,6% pickrate and 49,98% win rate, 10,9% bann rate (21st most popular pick)
Gold 10,4% pick rate with 50,6% win rate, 15,6% bann rate (16th most popular pick)
Plat 13,4% oick rate with 50,59% win rate, 22,6% bann rate (9th most popular pick)
Dia 16,7% pick rate with 50,08% win rate, 31% bann rate (6th most popular pick)
Master+ 16,9% pick rate with 49,1% win rate, 31,7% bann rate (6th most popular pick overall )
In LPL she has 10 banns and 10 picks so far (7win-3loss). (42,9% presence)
In LCK she has 2 banns and 8 picks (3wins-5loss). (100% Presence)
Interestingly in LCK whenever Milio isn't banned they usually picked Yuumi into him. In LPL milio was banned every time when Yuumi was picked.
Milio is the most banned champion in LPL 83,1% bann rate followed by Zeri with 80%. In LCK 4/5 of Zeri's win it was with Yuumi. So in LPL she isn't such a high prio but overall she is still relevant pick in esport. So all in all her pick rate in LPL is lower and in LCK there aren't enough games to give it a proper analysis.
On the otherhand soloQ experience is pretty much the same. She is picked more frequently as you climb whereas low elo have yet to realise her potential.
The rework's goal was to remove her from esport/lower her priority which seems like worked out to some degree but esport presence has nothing to do with SoloQ experience where she's still the menance she used to be. It's still a pain to play with her and against her and suffers from the same issues. Still can leave her ADC of she decides and can just afk on jungler (we should have been given a button to kick off the cat from us, honestly).
If all the players and pros hate this champ Riot can't tell t's "all right". ( I doubt all the Riot employee would be bigger than 0,001% of full community, so their opinion on this matter is irrelevant in comparison to community's experience). Neither does pro's account for more than 0,001% of the community. Difference is Riot tells us it's fine but community and pro's alike hate this champ. But then again Riot lives from money and Yuumi probably cashes them good. However they can't tell to the community they should enjoy something they hate, with good reason.
So her nerfs are still because of Pro's. Whata a nice, refreshing change......
So yea, Esport dropped her somewhat but players will never be happy knowing yuumi is in their team or in the enemy's team because they feel like she's unfair to play against for her absolute safety.
Zeri-Yuumi is the most played duo on bot lane in Plat+ with 75 622 games (53% win rate) 2nd is Ezreal-Yuumi with 26 422 picks together. Thats massive differnece tbh. Yes I know both Zeri and Yuumi are getting nerfed but we all know how things like this working.
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2023.06.09 10:13 RapleMaxo Monopoly got glitch?

Monopoly got glitch?
How people manage to get that many dices on their account? Found some screenshots like this on FB, where players have 20000+ dices. Most of them are real FB accounts with a posting history. How's that possible?
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2023.06.09 10:13 gh1234567890 First bike idea help

Firstly, I am in Ontario, Canada and I am aware of all the laws around licensing, motorcycle safety courses etc. I am still in the very early stages of looking at bikes and am open to everything you guys have to say.
So a little context on who I am and my knowledge of bikes. I have not yet taken any courses and my very limited experience is on one of those Walmart pit bikes. I'm 5'10 175lbs M 24 years old and have always been interested in bikes and have a few friends who ride (who are sadly now scattered across the country so it isn't quite possible for them to help teach me all the ins and outs kinda thing). My mom is very anti-motorcycle but my dad used to ride before he met her and is comfortable enough to occasionally jump on one of my uncle's 1000rr when she isn't looking. I believe that I am quite responsible and I will respect the bike I ride, but not quite enough to trust myself on a sport bike and for that reason I want something I can have fun on but not be tempted to enter race mode in my head LOL. At the same time I want something that I am able to grow into and not feel a desperate need to upgrade in the first few years of riding it.
The type of riding I am interested in is more of a country/forest road cruise. I already know of a few areas around me that have beautiful hilly, windy roads through the forests (generally 80 km/h / 50 mph limits, I don't plan to go too much faster than that). To me it would be more of a relaxation ride to take in the weather and scenery than an adrenaline rush but I would still like to be able to get a little adrenaline going from time to time.
I've always loved the look of classic bikes, such as the 1970 BMW R75/5, but want the safety features of new bikes such as ABS. A Honda/Ducati dealership opened near my house and of course I had to check it out. They had a new Ducati Scrambler Nightshift that I absolutely love the look of. I am worried that the 803cc 73hp engine would be a lot to handle for a beginner bike but the salesman was saying how it may sound intimidating but is a surprisingly beginner friendly bike. He also mentioned how it is very important to have a bike that fits your body and I honestly did feel the most comfortable sitting on that bike. At the end of the day, I know he's a salesman and has a job to do.
Knowing a little about me and what I like, I am just wondering if there are any other ideas that are maybe a little more budget friendly and/or beginner friendly.
Thank you!
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2023.06.09 10:13 AutoModerator [] ✔️ Charles Miller – The Writersonal Branding Playbook ✔️ Full Course Download

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2023.06.09 10:13 el_19999 Importing wine to the UK question…

Having some trouble getting wine shipped over from Italy. Nothing special just a really tasty montepulciano that me and my partner shared on a holiday in abruzzo. Anywhere ai look it won’t ship to the UK. Have you had any luck with similar scenarios before? And how would you suggest getting round this?
(Cantina Tollo Abruzzo Rosso DOP 2013)
Cheers 🍷
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2023.06.09 10:13 AutoModerator [Full Program] Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator

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The Core Curriculum for starting an agency A custom e-learning platform just for agency owners Website templates, funnels, ads, and more Template contracts, sales scripts, and agreements With this course, you'll learn how to:
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2023.06.09 10:13 NobodySuspicious564 Print not sticking to bed

Print not sticking to bed
Hello everyone
After tries and tries and a growing urge to give up on trying and to burn everything, I've come to ask for insight on what could be working wrong.
I've had my Ender 3 for a couple of years. For a while, it had been printing somewhat smoothly. I had to change the extruder that got damaged at some point. Due to an assembling mistake, I've had PLA burning around the extruder (bringing a nice caramel smell anytime I tried to print something), which obviously caused some printing issues. (It printed somewhat okay but with blobs here and there).
A couple of weeks ago, I bought a new extruder+ heating block in hopes of finally being able to print nicely again. However, since then, I can't seem to be able to get the PLA sticking to the bed at all, which caused lots and lots of frustration. I wiggled the provided needle inside the extruder as it was often recommended, levelled the bed again and again, but nothing seems to be working. I wonder if this could be over extrusion, but I'm not sure how to fix this.
As you can see on the video, the PLA is gathering rather than sticking. This is a preset print file that came with the printer so I assume the settings should be okay.
Just in case, the settings : Nozzle : 200°C Bed : 55°C Printing speed : 50mm/s
Thanks for your time!
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2023.06.09 10:12 Jack1392 How to get this dye out of the counter top from a toilet paper wrapper?

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2023.06.09 10:12 Martin_McFly_Jr How to not get annoyed when your daughter takes photos of food before eating?

I know this may come across absurd or ridiculous.
It could be a generational thing as well but…
I (40 yo) really gets annoyed when my teenager lines up the food and takes photos of them before we get to eat it.
I know she’s not hurting anyone, and it’s how the world is now but to me, personally, it grinds my gears and I am hoping for insights and advice to try and not feel such emotions.
It only takes less than a minute, I get that, however, it still really annoys me.
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2023.06.09 10:12 vincegre 3CX Alternative ?


Been a user for my company of 3Cx system since 3/4 years now but my few contacts with company have not really been great and fact the software is so linked with 3CX company concerns me quite a lot. The recent security breach brought also quite some lights on the poor management of 3CX company and how crazy its owner (Nick) is.
As I consider also now to deploy IPBX system for some of my customers I really don't want to work anymore with such company.
What are proper alternatives offering similar features ? considering I just need basic services nothing fancy neither any integration !
FreePBX seems like a viable alternative no ? or lot more complex to get working ?


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2023.06.09 10:12 Adorable-Internal503 Please help :’( new celiac- extreme bloat going on for a week

New celiac recently diagnosed in Feb 2023. Pre-diagnosis a big sign was my bloated/distended stomach (I was as even dismissed by loved ones and a doctor that this was “normal weight gain”). Post diagnosis I was doing pretty well on the GF diet and I am pretty careful to research everything that goes in my mouth —- still didn’t have a flat belly but nothing near the distension before.
Recently I foolishly had a lapse in judgement and thought a Tim Hortons iced cap would be ok, and I blew up like a balloon (looked easily 9 months pregnant). On top of that, shortly after that mishap after noticing continued bloating and keeping a sharp eye on my food/liquids, I figured out via online research and even calling the manufacturer that the iced coffee Ive been drinking every day (STOK Canada) is processed in a facility that also processes wheat (this product didn’t seem to bother me before but then all of a sudden it did, which makes me think the newest batch was definitely contaminated).
I don’t have accompanying gastro symptoms that everyone else gets- just mega extreme bloat which is CONTINUING now post-glutening going on a week now. It will subside a bit and then when I consume any food/liquid I blow up again.
Am I just sensitive now in general TO EVERYTHING from being glutened? This is so embarrassing and I’m at a complete loss. I am careful and research everything I eat. How do I fix this and how long can I expect it to take? It’s as if it’s truly hitting me now after initially taking the diagnosis so well that I will now have to live with a legitimate chronic health condition. 😢
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