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Wacky dog does uncharacteristic thing

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2023.05.31 17:07 b1ghurt Fishing Clock done for Graduation Gift. Cut a thin strip of walnut to put an edge band around. Black walnut for front, Spalted maple back, dial printed on cardstock, just under 3/4" thick overall (1/4 for walnut and just under 1/2 for maple.

Fishing Clock done for Graduation Gift. Cut a thin strip of walnut to put an edge band around. Black walnut for front, Spalted maple back, dial printed on cardstock, just under 3/4 submitted by b1ghurt to Scrollsaw [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 17:05 GrandmaCheese1 What are your SnD PRs?

What are your SnD PRs?
This included a 1v5 and a 1v3 clutch.
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2023.05.31 16:54 TheCradledDM Athos 22: Beneath the Rains

be me; ex LizarDM
be also me; Adonis Valintellis (Tiefling Paladin), Thalia Milakos (Human Ranger) and Zaahir Kehmet (Earth Genasi Wizard)
turning the corner at speed, Zaahir ploughed into a market stall, throwing an array of fruits and nuts into the air as he struck
pain shot through his hip and back, but before the merchant could even raise their voice, Zaahir was up and running again, tossing a few loose coins over his shoulder in the process
left, right, then left again
he tore through the streets like a man possessed, pumping his arms and legs as he sprinted
his lungs burned and his heart pounded, but he knew he couldn't stop
if he stopped, they'd catch him. And he'd have to start all over again
the amulet he’d stolen slapped against his chest, burrowing a hole into his ribs with each strike
he’d tried to toss it before, get rid of it and all that followed
but no sooner would he try, the amulet would appear back on his person, as if he’d never attempted in the first place
and then there was the old man
that decrepit figure that clung to his mind like a tick. A relentless presence that refused to leave
Zaahir didn’t recognise him. There was very little he recognised
he was in Syracae, that much was certain
but the identity of the old man. The amulet around his neck. The reason he was here in the first place
he knew none of it
it was like a dream. The more he tried to remember, the more he forgot
Zaahir stopped at a corner, gasping for breath as his heart thundered against his rib cage
he had tried to take a different path. Tried to change the outcome
but he recognised these streets. These buildings
in spite of all he had done, he was in the lower agora again
it was as if the world itself were reshaping to fit a certain narrative
a narrative that he was forced to act in, even if he didn’t know the script
he observed the slope of the street, noting the downward decline to his right
muttering a foreign curse under his breath, he turned to the left, and began running
the upward slope burned his quads, but even as he ran, he could feel the world changing
the burn in his quads shifted to his calves, and now he was moving downhill
he stopped in place and turned, glancing in either direction
no matter which way he looked, the road always seemed to move downward
down to the lower agora
he was reflecting on this reality bending phenomenon when he became aware of the subtle changes in the wind
the air around him became hotter, and with it came the distinct odours of a foreign land
sand, salt, myrrh and oil of balanos and cedar
the shadows began to bend, and Zaahir felt the prickle of hairs on his neck begin to rise
a figure appeared at the end of the street, towering and gaunt
he had just the time to make out a bestial head, like that of a jackal, before he took off running
the world shifted around him once more, bending to fit the narrative in which he had no say
and Zaahir continued to play his part, ever the unwilling actor in a story he did not recognise
the rain cascaded down like a flood, running off the makeshift tarp and pooling at the adventurer’s feet
Thalia led the way, scanning what little area she could make out amidst the rain and gloom
behind her, Adonis held up his shield, bearing the weight of their meagre shelter without complaint
5 kilometres was not far to travel. In ideal conditions, the pair could cover that distance within under 45 minutes
but these were not ideal conditions, and their shambling gait slowed their progress to a crawl
peering through the storm, Thalia made out a silhouette in the near distance; pale against the darkened surroundings
beckoning Adonis to follow, Thalia led the way over, guiding the pair in an uncoordinated shuffle towards the figure
the rain parted and the silhouette manifested into the body of a woman, her head lowered as if in grief
dark hair clung to her face like a curtain, the clothes on her back soaked to the bone
Thalia gave a defeated sigh, already steering them away
this woman was the most recent in a long line of unfamiliar faces; giving the ranger just enough hope to cling onto, but not enough to keep the growing dread at bay
try as she might to ignore it, the ever shrinking thread on her wrist served as a terrible reminder of their fading chances of escape
by now, the thread had shrunk to 3 inches. A quarter of what they’d started with
even if they found Zaahir at this very moment, they wouldn’t have the time to escape the Underworld before their entrance closed
observing his partner’s fading willpower, Adonis rested a spare hand on her shoulder, and raised his voice to be heard over the downpour
“shall we try out the spell again? See what we can muster?”
Thalia slowed in her advance and gave a half hearted nod; unconvinced of their chances
the pair came to a stop, and Adonis stepped closer so as to bring them both beneath the full protection of his shield
safe from any wayward droplets of rain, Thalia closed her eyes and began to focus, calling on the ever shrinking well of magical power within her
imitating Zaahir’s spell had proven more difficult than expected
on top of the immense pressure and unforgiving environment; Zaahir’s style of magic couldn’t be further removed from her own
a strict academic approach to the arcane, his magic was brought about through years of careful study and hundreds of hours locked within a dusty library
her own approach was far less refined
to her, magic was less a thing to be studied and manipulated, and more a force to be reasoned with
a wild creature, that if you weren’t careful in your handling of, could just as easily harm you as the target you intended
wielding magic required both patience and care
two attributes that she found herself lacking as of late
drawing on the magic within her, she began to cast the spell, honing in on Zaahir’s unique life force
her perception expanded out like an aura, alerting her to the presence of several souls within the vicinity, each shining with its own distinct light
if she focused, she could begin to make out details. What they were wearing. What they looked like
but before she could begin to search for Zaahir, Thalia was met with an all too familiar resistance
an interference that hovered in the air, blurring her magical sight until each soul was indistinguishable from the next
letting loose a cry of frustration, Thalia released the spell, and her senses returned to her body
“I still can’t do it,” she meekly explained. “I always feel like I’m so close to getting it, but no matter what I do or how hard I try, I can’t make him out in all of... this-”
she waved her hands about frantically, gesturing to everything and nothing at all
giving a weary sigh in response, Adonis squeezed the young woman’s shoulder reassuringly
“it’s not your fault. With the rains and their effects, there may be too much magical energy floating around. It’s no wonder you can’t lock on”
“so what are we supposed to do? Keep walking and hope we stumble across him?”
Thalia pulled away from the paladin’s grasp and turned to meet his gaze, her once brown eyes now a steely grey
“I’m out of my depth here, Adonis. I know I’m meant to stay strong and be brave, but I’m not sure how much longer I can keep pretending that I’m not scared out of my mind”
“a demon almost killed me earlier and we've barely had a moment to stop and think. A few hours before that, you pulled me out of a flaming river of hell, and now, we’re standing on Chaon’s front lawn trying to steal one of his garden ornaments. Everything is moving so fast, and yet, I know we’re not moving fast enough”
she glared up at him, her body taut with anger and frustration
but after only a few moments, all of the strength in her body seemed to fade away, taking the anger along with it
her shoulders slumped, and now she looked up at him with tired eyes, searching his face for any hint of the guidance or wisdom she’d learned to rely on so heavily
“I just need to hear you say that you have a plan. That when all of this is over and done, that things are going to be okay. Because I can’t see the big picture anymore”
Adonis met the young woman’s gaze; her once bright, hopeful eyes now dull and so full of defeat
her will was hanging on by a thread
one wrong word, and that thread would snap
Adonis’ lips curled into a sad, tired smile, and his hand lifted to cradle her cheek
it was cold against his fingers, the last remnants of heat in her body having been stripped away by the rains
he held her for a moment, his mind working overtime to think of the right words. The inspiring phrases. The rousing speeches
but as he looked into her eyes, he knew that they weren’t what she needed right now
“when I first met you on that boat, I saw a scared, frightened young woman, taking her first steps into the wider world. A farmer’s daughter, trying her lot as an adventurer. You were clinging to Namira so tight, I was afraid you’d blow over if you let go for even a moment”
Thalia stared up at him, not saying a word in response
Adonis took that as his sign to continue
“you looked at the world like every little thing in it was a terrible threat. Every wave on the sea, every cloud in the sky. Even an old fool like me. You seemed so sure that the world was out to get you. And that first night, when the harpies came swooping in, I was sure you’d run. Take shelter or hide below deck”
his eyes glazed over as he spoke, as if he weren’t looking at the woman in front of him, but somewhere else. Somewhere far away from here
“imagine my surprise when instead, this frightened, shaking twig of a girl steps out onto the bow of the ship, and begins shooting these harpies down one after the other”
he began miming the arrows, an unconscious smile creeping across his face
“and I looked at you, thinking; where did that frightened girl go?. Who is this…doppleganger that’s taken her place?. Throughout the fight, I continued to watch; and eventually I figured it out. She wasn’t gone. Even then, as she took down harpy after harpy, I could see that she was still afraid”
his eyes focused on Thalia’s face, and the smile faded to a warm, proud expression
“and I knew from that very moment; That’s someone I want at my side. That girl is going to become a hero. Not because you weren’t frightened. But because you were. And you fought anyway”
he gave her shoulder a squeeze and gestured to the terrible rains around them
“now I’ll agree, things look dire. When I look forward, the big picture can be hard to see. But I look at the little picture, and I see what we’ve overcome to get here. No, we haven’t found Zaahir yet. But we know he’s in here, and every step we take, is a step closer to finding him”
Adonis rose to his full height, holding the shield high above his shoulders
“now, I’m ready to keep looking. No matter how long it takes. Are you ready?”
in spite of herself, a smile touched Thalia’s lips, and she felt a warm tear run down her cheek
stepping forward, she wrapped her arms around Adonis’ midsection, holding him tight as the rain pelted down around them
“thank you”
Adonis smiled down at her, feeling the corners of his eyes begin to well up in tears
he wiped them away with a finger, and Thalia pulled away, steadying herself with a long, shaky exhale
the paladin raised an eyebrow, giving her a wry grin
“so how about it. Want to give that spell one more shot?”
a nervous laugh escaped Thalia’s lips before she steeled her nerves and nodded
“yeah. I think so”
Adonis gestured for her to go ahead and Thalia took a deep breath in, closing her eyes as she let the world go quiet around her
when the rain had all but faded away, she dipped into the well of magic and felt the familiar buzz of energy that awaited
she tapped into it, feeling the energy race up her spine and cause her fingertips to tingle and her tongue to go numb
when the buzzing had settled, she began to reach out into the void, expanding her senses to the souls around her
the air hummed with arcane interference, the magic of the Fields hovering all around her
they blurred the essences around her, causing the individual souls to meld together into an incomprehensible soup
Thalia prepared to let the magic go, and then a thought entered her mind
don’t look at the big picture
just before the spell faded from her control, Thalia recalled it, coercing the magic back under her command
this time, when she cast her senses into the void, she didn’t focus on the souls, letting them drift to the peripherals of her vision
she needed something smaller. Something only Zaahir would have
a unique item?
any items he possessed would have remained with his physical body
her brow furrowed in concentration, her mind conjuring up an image of her friend
it was blurry and imperfect, but she held it all the same, inspecting him in her mind’s eye
after a moment of careful observation, she was struck by a glaringly obvious feature
the gold in his skin
having been around the mage for so long, she’d almost forgotten how unique his appearance truly was
she nodded to herself, preparing to redirect the spell to seek out the nearest source of gold
but just before the spell could leave her fingertips, a sudden thought entered her mind
Adonis still had his coin purse
what were the chances that he didn’t have a single gold coin on him?
she supposed that she could throw his purse into the bottomless bag, but the thought had scarcely passed her mind before she dismissed it
she didn’t understand how the bag worked, and it wasn’t worth risking the few scraps of magic she had left on a hunch
giving a disappointed sigh, Thalia went back to brainstorming
what was unique to Zaahir?
what did he have, that no one else would?
she thought for several seconds, working over her mental image again and again, searching for something to focus on
her eyes passed over his body, his unique appearance and foreign clothes
his clothes
Zaahir had several sets of clothes. They all did
but the ones he wore that day were distinctly Khoprisi in design
“do Melanteans go to the Isle?” she blurted, her mind racing
Adonis’ voice reached her ears, but it sounded far away, as if she were hearing it through a thick wall
“Melanteans. What happens to their souls if they’re evil?”
she fought to maintain the spell, balancing her attention between it and Adonis’ response
“I don’t entirely recall. Melantean faith wasn’t my area of study”
uttering a curse under her breath, Thalia reigned in her intrusive thoughts, and recontained the spell that had begun to slip under her absence of concentration
without Adonis’ confirmation, she’d be taking an immense risk
but what else was she supposed to do?
resigning herself to the possibility of failure, Thalia cast the spell, refining her search to Khoprisi made clothes
her field of awareness expanded, passing over soul after soul
it grew wider and wider, with no hint of pause or recognition
and just as she was beginning to give up hope, the spell locked onto an object, and Thalia’s heart rose into her throat
not 300 metres away, right on the edge of her vision, was a layered cloth robe, cut from dyed Khoprisi linen
Thalia’s eyes shot open, and she turned to Adonis with a wide smile
“you found him?” Adonis asked, his eyes brightening with hope
“I found someone. I can’t make promises, but…”
in spite of her efforts to curb her enthusiasm, Thalia practically radiated a sense of renewed hope
his own reserved smile widening to a grin, Adonis gestured with his arm
“lead the way then”
giving an energetic nod, Thalia raised their cloth shelter and began to shuffle in the direction of the skirt, fighting every urge to not go running off into the rain spattered fields
it would be a rather pitiful end to wind up trapping themselves right before they found their friend
and so, forced to move at a crawling pace, Thalia led the way, projecting her thoughts out as if they might reach Zaahir somewhere within these Fields
hold on just a little bit longer. We’re on our way
Zaahir collapsed against the brick wall, gasping for air in between bouts of dry retching
his vision swam before his eyes, his heart pounding so hard in his chest he feared it would give out
not that it would matter
were he to die, he’d merely wind up right where he started, and be forced to relive this all over again
fighting to regain his breath and recompose himself, Zaahir closed his eyes and pressed his forehead against the cool brick wall
but where his brow should have touched hard brick, he instead felt the smooth texture of polished cedar wood
opening his eyes, he let out a long, exasperated groan; recognising an all too familiar door
even without this bizarre realm of scripted encounters and indefinite loops, he would have recognised Alekos’ storefront in a heartbeat
yet again, in spite of his best efforts, the world had reshaped itself to fit a certain narrative
a narrative where, after evading the local guards, he wound up at Alekos’ door, seeking to trade away his stolen goods
Zaahir contemplated walking away, as little as that would achieve, but the changing winds and the rising scent of sand and oils quickly dissuaded him
before he could change his mind, the Khoprisi mage flung the door open and darted inside, slamming it shut behind him
the winds died in an instant, and Zaahir was left to stew in the brief serenity of silence for a few grateful seconds
but only a few
for that silence was quickly broken by a voice that had begun to grate on him like no other
“Syphaeus? Archons above, is that you?”
rolling his eyes to the heavens, Zaahir turned to face the diminutive figure of Alekos, glaring down at him with an expression of pure contempt
“oh but it is!” the halfling cried, outstretching his arms to embrace the gold encrusted genasi
Zaahir brushed him off, keeping the deceitful shopkeeper at an arm’s length
Alekos retreated a step or two, raising his hands in apology. “Not a hugger, got it”
slipping into a smile as easily as one might slip into a pair of new sandals, Alekos recovered swiftly. “So, what brings you out this way? What can I do for you?”
knowing that the conversation would go by quicker if he complied, Zaahir slung the amulet off his neck and tossed it into the halfling’s hands
Alekos caught the amulet, and after a moment of inspection, his eyes widened in surprise
“where in Chaon did you get this?”
Zaahir didn’t answer, instead taking the opportunity to browse the wares around him
an enchanted spear, a pair of gnarled wands, a set of bracers
he wondered what poor souls had to die in order for these items to appear on display
behind him, Alekos continued the conversation, responding as if Zaahir had answered him
“I see. No need to worry. I’m no stranger to the odd spot of mischief. Don’t ask questions you don’t want answered, I always say. I take it you won’t be wanting receipts for this then”
he placed the amulet on the counter, then turned back to face Zaahir, watching the genasi with a gaze that felt almost predatory
a flash of light on the mage’s hand caught the halfling’s eye, and his expression lit up as he noticed it
“my, my. Well isn’t that a pretty thing on your finger”
Zaahir unconsciously glanced down at his hand, spying the cold metal ring adorning his middle fingertip
a band of polished silver, the ring was capped with an unknown symbol. Perhaps the signet of some noble family or another
pretty, but in the way that a viper was pretty
and Zaahir knew all too well the danger that lurked beneath its unassuming exterior
“enchanted no doubt. What sort of magic does it hold?”
once again, Zaahir said nothing, but Alekos flinched as if he’d been struck
“of course not, no,” the halfling said with a chuckle, that easy smile slipping back onto his lips. “Besides, I wouldn’t have the money if I did. As it stands, I doubt I even have the gold for this amulet. How much are you looking for?”
Alekos paused, nodding in response to some unspoken phrase
“well that’s awfully vague. Ships to Thessylae are cheap this time of year. You could buy yourself passage and a couple month’s lodging. Start a new life”
Zaahir had stopped listening by now, returning to browsing the store’s various wares
Alekos’ voice faded into the background, and Zaahir entertained himself by inspecting the goods on display
he was inspecting a spool of golden thread when a soft whisper brushed past his ear
quiet and practically incomprehensible, he might’ve mistaken it for wind
but then it came again; louder, and clearer
the genasi turned on the spot, scanning the room with wide eyes
but it was just as he had left it
Alekos continued to speak, acting as if nothing had happened
“I tracked them to a cave a couple days from here, just off the eastern road. I was about to commission the Guild, but now…”
Zaahir. Can you hear us?
the whisper came again. Undeniable this time
ignoring Alekos’ words, Zaahir honed in on the whisper, spinning in place as he searched for its source
we’re here. We’re finally here. Please, Zaahir
the voice was soft and feminine, and more than anything, incredibly familiar
he tried to remember. Tried to put a face to the voice. A name even
but just like everything else, it was like recalling a dream
wake up. We came all this way...please, Zaahir...just wake up
they sounded pleading. Desperate
in spite of the fog surrounding his mind, his heart began to ache for this woman
he was hurting her. He didn’t know how or why, but he was hurting her
Alekos had fallen silent now, and as Zaahir continued searching for that voice, he began to hear something else
something completely foreign to this world he’d found himself within
the warmth of the shop drained away, and a cold chill swept in to take its place
his clothes, once dry, now clung to his body like rags, soaked through with water
the store seemed to fall apart around him; breaking away into tiny fragmented pieces
a different voice came now. Older and deeper
booming from above like a terrible god
and with a heaving gasp for air, Zaahir was dragged screaming out of his crumbling world
rain pelted down around him like a storm, falling to the earth with droplets as thick as oil
the ground beneath him was made of a dead, black soil that resembled charcoal more than dirt, stretching out as far as he could see
he became aware of a presence above him, right before he felt a pair of crushing arms tighten around his ribs and squeeze the life from him
the air fled his lungs so violently that his vision began to cloud and darken
right before he thought he’d pass out, the arms abruptly let go, allowing him to breathe once more
when his sight finally recovered, he began to make out a face in front of him
pale and grey eyed, the figure appeared almost corpse-like in complexion. But beneath the ghastly visage, Zaahir recognised the familiar face of Thalia staring back at him, tears streaming down her cheeks in spite of the beaming smile across her face
he hardly had a moment to comprehend what he was looking at when Thalia pulled him into a second, even tighter hug
this time, he felt for sure that his ribs would crack beneath the pressure, and when he was finally released, he was light headed and woozy
“not too hard,” a voice warned, “you don’t want to kill him, do you?”
Zaahir groggily turned to follow the voice, and found himself staring up at the towering, horned figure of Adonis, beaming down at him with a wide grin
“wouldn’t want to have to go through this all the trouble finding him again, now would we?”
Adonis extended a hand, and lost in a state of foggy confusion, Zaahir blankly stared at it for a few seconds before thinking to take it
with a great, heaving motion, Adonis hoisted the genasi to his feet, and pulled him into a crushing, one armed embrace
“it’s good to have you back”
a smile spread across Zaahir’s lips, but it was a tired, thin lipped attempt
his legs felt unsteady beneath him, as if they might collapse at any moment
in fact, had it not been for Adonis holding him up, he feared he might do just that
feeling the limpness in his friend’s body, Adonis slung an arm beneath Zaahir’s own, bearing the young man’s weight onto his shoulders
“easy now, I’ve got you”
the paladin turned his head to look at Thalia, meeting her concerned gaze with a stern expression
“start leading the way out of here. We need to get him out of the rain”
with a task to distract her from Zaahir’s poor condition, Thalia set to leading them out, choosing a direction and marching away in a slow, shuffling gait
Adonis followed closely behind, holding Zaahir close so as to keep him beneath the protection of his shield
the genasi slumped against his arm, unable to bear his own weight, mind still reeling from the effects of the spell
Adonis stared down at his younger companion, curbing his relief with a heavy dose of concern
he hid it behind a smile, taking one tentative step, and then another
“come on, then. It’s high time we got you out of this place”
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2023.05.31 16:53 AbbreviationsWarm383 Yuki Mō fubuki

Full name : Freda Erzulie Mō fubuki
Gender : female
Age : 32
Origin : grandline
Occupation : pirate, first mate, weapons maker & shipwright of the Everii Pirates
Devil Fruit : Yuki Yuki no Mi
Freda is a women of average height. Freda has pale white icey blue hair and somewhat big aquamarine eyes that seem to sparkle slightly. Freda has soft features being one of the most beautiful women in the one piece world. She has light brown skin and has a soft smooth flowing voice as well. She normally wears black high heel boots that stop at her calves midway and wears a blue turtle neck sweater dress that stops slightly above her knees. She wears snowflake earrings & matching lipstick as well. She keeps a winter trench coat on as well it’s never closed and has the everii pirates symbol on the back.
Freda likes to run ahead of others and explore and get into things often due to her inquisitive nature. She likes to play and engage in immature behavior and will attempt to party excessively at anytime without fail, sometimes wanting that over gold if hungry. She loves food and looks at it second to gold only. Freda will go to sleep at any time right wear she is at, often stopping whatever she’s doing shocking surrounding individuals just like ace in the arabasta diner. While very beautiful she is somewhat of a tomboy loves to engage in fights, squabbles & drinking contest with her fellow crew members often beating majority of the men on the crew in multiple bets, challenges and fights. She can act childish at times throwing a tantrum or abusing her Yuki Yuki no Mi fruit ability for childish or petty things. She will often taunt and tease her opponents even sometimes belittling them. She tends to be cruel and seductive to them even taking her time and attempts to crushing them completely. Even with all of this she is still very smart and intellectual.
While Freda is capable of sailing and navigating the GrandLine alone or with a crew and building high quality ships. Freda is also a high iq weapons maker and expert. She is a mechanic as well. Freda is the first mate, mechanic & shipwright of the everii pirates. Having command over team of mechanics and shipwrights to keep the ship in order. Freda also is one of the combatants on the crew as well.
She has remarkable super human strength, speed, agility, endurance & flexibility as well. She’s able to take on multiple enemies at once while keeping her distance or fighting in close combat mostly. She uses her strength to make ship improvements and make and modify other stuff as well. She often uses her fruit powers to crush the enemy under piles of snow similar to using water only leaving them very cold moving slower than normal. Freda also uses kicks, punches, grapples and other types of moves in conjunction with her fruit.
** weapon**
Freda had made a snow blast cannon by researching her own fruit power. This cannon resembles a Gatling gun but has a single barrel with a cover and mouth that opens when charging a blast. This cannon charges up for up to 3 seconds before blasting a large forceful blast of snow similar to Frankie’s pre-timeskip coupe da vent move. If on target the enemy suffers crushing and blunt damage as well severely cold temperatures making it harder to move.
Being a power holder for a long time she mastered her fruit power long ago working and mastering her haki abilities. She is a holder of Observation, Armament and even Supreme King haki. Freda has a close to expert handle on her haki her most notable being her Observation Haki as she can see 6-12 seconds into the future. She also has advanced armament haki as well using it against much stronger enemies to can contend with her in a fight.
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2023.05.31 16:51 bigheffe Need feedback on a couple of potential builds

Looking to build a non-gamer PC in the $1700 range. Mostly video transcoding and HTPC/Plex stuff. Sticking with Intel because of Quick Sync. I'm leaning towards Build A.
Build A
CPU: Intel Core i9-13900K 3 GHz 24-Core Processor ($499.99 @ Amazon)
CPU Cooler: Noctua NH-U9S 46.44 CFM CPU Cooler ($59.95 @ Amazon)
Motherboard: Asus PRIME Z790-P WIFI ATX LGA1700 Motherboard ($244.99 @ Amazon)
Memory: G.Skill Trident Z5 RGB 64 GB (2 x 32 GB) DDR5-6400 CL32 Memory ($244.99 @ Amazon)
Storage: Samsung 970 Evo Plus 2 TB M.2-2280 PCIe 3.0 X4 NVME Solid State Drive ($112.09 @ Amazon)
Video Card: XFX Speedster SWFT 309 Radeon RX 6700 XT 12 GB Video Card ($349.99 @ Newegg)
Case: Corsair 4000D Airflow ATX Mid Tower Case ($94.99 @ B&H)
Power Supply: Corsair RM750e (2023) 750 W 80+ Gold Certified Fully Modular ATX Power Supply ($99.99 @ Best Buy)
Total: $1706.98
Build B
CPU: Intel Core i9-13900K 3 GHz 24-Core Processor ($499.99 @ Amazon)
CPU Cooler: Noctua NH-U12S 55 CFM CPU Cooler ($89.95 @ Amazon)
Motherboard: Asus PRIME Z790M-PLUS D4 Micro ATX LGA1700 Motherboard ($178.99 @ Amazon)
Memory: G.Skill Trident Z Neo 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR4-3600 CL16 Memory ($109.99 @ Newegg)
Storage: Samsung 980 Pro 1 TB M.2-2280 PCIe 4.0 X4 NVME Solid State Drive ($79.98 @ Amazon)
Video Card: MSI MECH 2X OC Radeon RX 6700 XT 12 GB Video Card ($423.99 @ Amazon)
Case: be quiet! Pure Base 500DX ATX Mid Tower Case ($99.99 @ Newegg Sellers)
Power Supply: EVGA 750 GQ 750 W 80+ Gold Certified Semi-modular ATX Power Supply ($229.99 @ Amazon)
Total: $1712.87
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2023.05.31 16:48 AaravR22 An Analysis of the differences between the Kent boys

There are several moments over the season where the difference between the boys has become really apparent, and I think it offers insight into their characters, their flaws, and their interactions.
In 3x04, Clark asks both the boys not to bother their mother so she can recover from chemo. We know that. Both the boys leave and have their own interactions out in Smallville before arriving back. But notice how differently they arrive back. Jon comes home with a black eye "the size of Australia" (lol), and yet tries to hide it and just go upstairs so no one can see. I liked that Lois saw through that immediately, it's good parent instinct that she can literally feel Jon was hiding something. But I don't think it was just about heeding Clark's instructions not to bother Lois. Jon wanted to hide the issue entirely and deal with it on his own and Lois has to pry it out of him.
Later Jordan arrives, vehemently exclaiming about his issue (which is honestly much less important or severe than Jonathan's) before he is even through the door. That Sam wants him to get a haircut. It wasn't about disregarding Clark's instructions there either. Jordan was okay with sharing his issues, and was clearly eager to do so with the family.
This isn't a post about how Jordan is prioritized in the family, that's not the tune I'm singing. We've seen too many of those lately. It's about how the each of the boys feel about themselves, their issues, and their place in the family. Jordan obviously felt comfortable enough to share his problem with the rest of the family, while Jon tried to hide his. Perhaps Jon feels that his own issues don't matter with all the bigger stuff happening all the time (no, I'm not saying Jon has been ignored, I'm saying he feels like his own issues don't matter). Clark and Lois have to pry it out of him and then they prove to him that his issues do matter. Jordan doesn't seem to have that problem with sharing his issues, maybe because he's used to having his family involved in helping him figure them out (again, not trying to sing the whole "favoritism, Jordan is the priority" song there).
Jordan was a kid with social anxiety, and as he grew up his parents put in a lot of effort to make him comfortable with being open to others. As Clark said in the pilot, Jon was the easy one. What Clark may not have realized is that perhaps Jon made it seem easy, by hiding his own issues to help Jordan. We've heard that Jon has always had Jordan's back for their entire lives, and he even agreed to move to Smallville to help him. This was a decision that cost Jon heavily, as not only did he leave his friends and his then-girlfriend behind, he left behind a position as starting quarterback at one of the most competitive high schools in the nation. You realize how important that is? That could have made Jon's entire life, since if he had excelled there (which he most likely would have) it would have led to incredible things for him. Scholarships, playing at the college level, and even potential to join the NFL one day. People dream about that kind of stuff, and he left all that behind. Clearly it did weigh on him. In 1x02 we see that Jon isn't too happy, but he was keeping it to himself for everyone else's sake, and Lois was the only one who realized what Jon felt.
Jordan meanwhile brings up every issue he has so it can get solved, and he has an inability to let things go, whether it's issues with family, or pining over Sarah. Jon seems to be good with that from what we've seen, as he can let go of issues a whole lot faster than Jordan. Jon left behind a lot in Metropolis, and only got mad about it after quite some time (1x05, when his emotions finally boiled over). He also had his arm broken by Jordan, yet forgave him within two days. So perhaps Jon's major flaw is that he's too forgiving of others. As for Jordan, well it's being unable to let things go. He still acts weird around Sarah and does the "sadboy" act a lot. We've seen other examples of this from Jordan, where he is often the brother to press an issue with their parents, while Jon or Lois sometimes have to tell him to back off. But I don't wanna go and list all of them. I've already said some examples from this season above. So, I think that because of this flaw of his, he isn't fully ready to become a fully-fledged Superboy yet. There's still an element of selfishness in his character, whereas Clark was always depicted to be mostly selfless in his desire to use his powers to be a hero. I think powers-wise Jordan is ready to be a hero, but he hasn't quite matured yet to where he can handle the job.
I think it has become more and more apparent that while Jordan inherited Superman's powers, Jonathan inherited his inner good nature. The scene where Jon talks with Sophie gave off that vibe. It was sort of a lower stakes version of the classic comics panel where Superman talks someone off the ledge using his words instead of forcefully grabbing them away. They even adapted that scene in 3x02 when Lois did it.
Meanwhile Jordan has slowly become a little more cocky and arrogant. I think some part of Jordan looks down on Jon's desire to work at the fire station as some pedestrian attempt at being a hero like him and Clark. It seemed to already be formed in his mind, as we saw he spat that out when arguing with Jon. One thing I noticed was that his behavior bears some resemblance to Jon-El. We saw in the flashbacks showing Jon-El's past that while he began as a genuine hero wanting to help people, he slowly became more and more cocky and arrogant, to the point where he butted heads with his father a lot. Jon-El also put his brother down a lot, looking down at him. This eventually drove him away from his family. I've seen slight resemblances now between him and Jordan, that Jordan too has a desire to help people, but he also has been acting rather cocky about his powers and progress.
Both times that Jon tried to talk about his progress at the station with his parents, Jordan literally flies in to interrupt. Jon never got to celebrate the new shirt (which represented a success for him) with his family, and Jordan didn't seem to realize that the shirt was a real milestone for Jon. I think all that combined with Jon's conversation with Sophie is meant to clearly highlight that Jon does feel undervalued in his family. And he takes it really well, with far more maturity for his age. But it's possible his patience is wearing thin, finally. His argument with Jordan was probably one of the worst they've had, and we saw how icy he was with Jordan in since, to the point where Sarah had to push them into making amends.
Finally, in 3x10 we see that Jordan was never exactly invited to the party, he heard about it and it was his decision to go. Jon was the one who received the text from Sarah, not Jordan, and Jon even pointed out that it was because Jordan just keeps pining over Sarah, and that it was getting annoying. At the party, Jordan immediately goes to Sarah, and Sarah has to later tell him bluntly that his "sadboy" act was really annoying. Now here, Jordan says he wished he never fell in love with Sarah, and Sarah says she thinks the same. I have some thoughts about this. First, Jordan's infatuation with Sarah doesn't feel like love to me (perhaps it was love at some point, but isn't anymore). It feels more like obsession. A comparison I can make is from Harry Potter, with Lily Evans and Severus Snape. We hear a lot at the end that Snape loved Lily, but the way I see it, he loved the idea of her instead of herself. His patronus changes to be the same as hers, signifying that he is more obsessed with her than in love, while James Potter's is a stag, signifying he was more of a match for her. I think Jordan at this point is simply obsessed with Sarah, in love with the idea of her, but Sarah isn't the same person anymore. Lily and Snape were really close, similar to Jordan and Sarah (though not the same) and it seems both girls grew out of that while the guys couldn't.
Jordan drinks at the party. Sure, it was just half a beer, and it probably had little effect on him due to his physiology, since Clark isn't affected by alcohol. But that isn't what's bad about it, it's that Jordan was irresponsible enough to do that, and Jordan is irresponsible like that, he definitely isn't ready for a responsibility bearing any resemblance to Clark's. He also lied to Clark's face beforehand. When Clark is chewing Jordan out, Jordan isn't even willing to accept that. He keeps trying to put focus on how he saved two people's lives, and Clark isn't having any of it. When Jordan realizes he's not, he just argues back, knowing he's in the wrong, but unwilling to accept it. He keeps saying that it doesn't matter because he later saved lives. So it kinda looks to me that Jordan views normal things such as being grounded as beneath him. This kind of extends off the idea that Jordan's become more cocky and arrogant because of his powers. And when he argues, it isn't even a reasonable discussion. Jordan starts saying some kinda hurtful stuff. He's throwing a tantrum, a fit, and Clark has to send him up to his room. The interaction left both Clark and Jordan angry, and we see when Jonathan arrives that Clark is still in angry dad mode.
The difference between the boys is more striking when Jon does arrive. Now, admittedly Jon isn't in exactly the same position as Jordan. He didn't drink, but he was the one who primarily lied to Clark's face (Jordan merely backed him). We see when Jon arrives that Clark is still angry, to where he right away speeds up and takes Jon's keys, then starting the conversation with an angry yell. Jon handles all this with much more maturity, and admits that he was wrong to lie to Clark, but explains himself in an honest, mature, and calm way. This works well enough that it diffuses Clark's anger and he too simmers down to have an actual conversation. Clark says he just wants to spend time with the boys because they're growing up so fast, and Jon points out that it's more on him for not being able to. He doesn't sound like he's blaming Clark, he's just saying that it isn't so simple. Not only is Clark busy, but both boys have their own lives and aren't just going to sit around and wait for him. Jon words all this to where his message is heard, but he isn't being hurtful about it. He's telling it to him straight, in a mature and honest tone, and when Clark is silent, he knows he's won, but doesn't try to be mean about it. He asks for his keys back, and goes inside.
The show has done a great job this season showing the differences between the boys. How Jordan has the powers while Jon has the maturity. And seeing how differently the boys handle Clark makes that more clear. Jordan was the first to get back and talk to Clark, so Clark was in an amicable mood that goes downhill when he learns what Jordan was up to. And Jordan further ruins that by arguing back. Jon arrives and receives all of Clark's anger right at the start, but handles the situation and diffuses it well.

Edit: Here's what I'm hoping for next episode. Kyle now knows the secret, but is obviously gonna be mad that everyone close to him lied to him for so long. Personally, I'm on his side there since by now he's become one of my favorite side characters. I'm hoping things with Jon's job get smoothed over once an honest conversation is had and Kyle understands everything. Now, Jordan's actions were what actually led to Clark being forced to reveal his secret to Kyle. I'm hoping that is addressed. That, combined with Jordan the disrespect Jordan had in 3x10, and hopefully with how he almost cost Jon his job (I hope that is finally revealed to Clark and Lois), and Jordan is in real trouble. I also hope Kyle and Jon have a conversation, as with Kyle knowing the secret, the way he sees Jon will be different, and I hope Kyle asks what Jon's motivations are on why he wants to be a firefighter.
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2023.05.31 16:48 IndependenceThick243 league of football

league of football
league of football
It consists of a 5v5 game where the objective is to take a player to the opposing area.
Start: The 5 players go to the routes normally with the objective of getting gold until the 8 minutes of the game. (during these 8 minutes it is forbidden to attack or kill opponents)
after 8 min: All players return to the base and now the real game begins, the team will have 30 seconds to decide their strategy who will be the ball, who will be the 2 attackers and who will be the 2 defenders, as soon as it is decided both teams go to mid, at 9.30 minutes the game begins. It is forbidden to leave the black area after 6 min
The player who was chosen as the ball has the objective of going to the enemy goal, he can use all kinds of skills, however he cannot use spells, items or kill the players of the other team.
2 players will stay in defense with the aim of defending the goal using all their resources possible, delaying the ball.
The other 2 remaining players are on the attack, helping the ball reach the opposing goal.
The team that scores 3 goals wins.
If the ball dies, it has to go back to mid and walk all over again.
If any player dies he has to get back to the game as soon as possible.
Banned Champions: Askhan, yuumi, qiyanna, pyke, kayn, kled, aurelion, taliyha, quinn, khazix, rengar, vayne, ryze, shaco, teemo, sion, twisted fate, twitch, pantheon
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2023.05.31 16:47 Responsible_Yam3147 🔥FREE ONLYFANS MEGA FOLDER 📁 (🔗Link In Comments⬇️) (Comment) Megnut Amouranth HannahOwO Corinna Kopf Megnutt Bhad Bhabie Pamibaby Belle Delphine Katie Sigmond Porn Nudes 18+ Pussy Wet Ass JOIN OUR JOIN SERVER FOR 1000+ MEGA FOLDER🔥 do1







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Kylie Jenner Kym Graham Kyra Santoro Lacey Laid Laci Kay Somers Lady Sonia Lala Anthony Lana Rhoades Lana Rose LaSirena Laura Earnesty Lauren Alexis Lauren Elizabeth Lauren Summer Layna Boo Lazaniaze Lazano Lazelle Lazybutthead Leah Goes Wilde Leana Lovings Leichtperlig Lela Sohna Lena Paul Lena The Plug Lenina Crowne LeoLulu Lexi Luna Lil Pump Lilded Janet Lilianaheartsss Lilith Cavalier Lindsey Pelas Linneas Linny Hill Lisa Ann Little Angel Little Caprice LittlmissFit Liz Cambage Lizbeth Rodriguez Lizzy Wurst Loren Gray Louisa Khovanski LoveLilah Lucia Manfredi Ludmii Alderete Luma Skye Luna Alessandra Luna Star LupuWellness Luxury Girl Lydia Grace LylasBigHeart Lyna Perez Lyna Perez MaareBeaar Mackenzie Ziegler Mackz Jones Madelene Wright Madison Ginley Madison Ivy Madison Moore Malu Trevejo Mamibree Mandy Rose Mandy Rose Maria Arreghini Maria Eduarda Maria Eugenia Maria Gjieli Maria Nagai Mariah Mallad Mariana Cruz Martina Finocchio Martina Vismara Maru Karv Mary Moody Mataya Sweeting Mathild Tantot Mati Marroni Mckinzie Valdez Me1adinha Meana Wolf Meeti Kalher Meg Turney Megan McCarthy Megnut Mela Moria MelimTX Melissa Debbling Melody Rabbit Mia Azul Mia Francis Mia Khalifa Mia Malkova Michelle Rabbit Michelle Zepeda Mikaela Fuente Mikaela Pascal Mikaela Testa Mikahhlynn Mikaila Murphy Mikaylah Milan Mirabella Milf And Daughter Millie Bobby Brown Mimsy Bun Mimsy Heart Mini Loona MissBnasty MissCindyTran MizzTwerksum Molly Eskam Morgan Vera Moriah Mills Ms Fiire Ms Sethi MsPuiyi Mulan Vuitton Murka Valentin Nacre Victoire NakarySp Nala Fitness Naomi Soraya Naomi Swann Nara Ford NataLee Natali Polyakova Natalia Fadeev Natalie Coppes Natalie Reynolds Natalie Roush Natasha Aughey Natasha Nice Neiva Mara Neringa Kriziute NickiiBaby Nicola Cavanis Nicole Aniston Nicoletta Shea Nikki Woods Niykee Heaton Noelle Leyva NoemieLili NonaKanal Noonz_Supattra Nurababy Nursh Nyukixthequeen Octokuro Olivia Casta Only Jayus Paige Nieman Paige VanZant Paloma Silva Pamibaby Pandora Blue Pandora Kaaki Pandoranyxie Paola Skye Payton Preslee PeachJars Penelope Kay Phoenix Marie Piabunny Pinuppixie Pokimane Polina Malinovskaya Poonam Pandey Povlotti Princesa_Ari Princess Helayna Ptwithally Purple Bitch Rachel Cook Rachel Dolezal Rae Lil Black Rakhi Gill Ramona_Jst Rebecca Crocker Reislin Rena Tari Reya Sunshine Rharrirhound Rihanna Riley Reid Riley Reid Rosa Acosta Roxystylez Rubi Rose Ruby Salvo Rusty Fawkes Sabrina Nichole Sahlt Sailormoon Samantha Aufderheide Samie Duchamp Sara Gold Sara Mascara Sara Retali Sara Underwood Sarah Banks Sarrixo Sava Schultz Savannah Bond Scarlett Jones Scarlett Kisses Scarlit Scandal Sejinming Selena Gomez Seltin Sweety Serinide Shady Shainarae Shaiden Rogue Shamayneg ShiftyMine ShunliMei Sincerely Juju Sky Bri Skye Sutton Skylar Rae Skylar Vox SkylarMaexo Skyler Lo Smashedely SnackyChan Sofia Ansari Sofia Elizabeth Sofia Gomez Sofia Simens SolaZola Solomia Maievska Sommer Ray Songyuxin Hitomi Sophie Dee Sophie Mudd Sophie 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2023.05.31 16:34 njohns63 Looking for Parents of Children Aged 0-8 to complete 15-20 min Online Survey on Children's Usage of Digital Technology

Dear Parents/Guardians,
If you are a parent of at least one child between the ages of 0-8, you are invited to participate in a survey on your children’s use of digital technology for a chance to win one of two $50 amazon e-gift cards. The purpose of this survey is to see how children use and interact with digital devices at home, as well as understand your role in your child(ren)’s use of technology. This is a research project being conducted by a psychology graduate research team at Trent University. This study has been reviewed and received ethics clearance through the University of Trent Research Ethics Board. It should take approximately 15-20 minutes of your time to complete. Please note that this research is anonymous and confidential. Your personal information will not be associated with your responses in this study.
Your participation in this survey is completely voluntary. You may refuse to take part in the research or exit the survey at any time without penalty. In appreciation of your time commitment, you may choose to enter a draw for one of two $50 amazon e-gift cards. Your responses will help us create a clearer picture of Canadian children’s digital technology use.
Please click the link to the survey below to participate:
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2023.05.31 16:29 magic_dragon1611 Maelor I - The Grand Feast of Kings Landing

[The Dragonpit](, Kings Landing

Kings Landing has never been described as a beautiful city, even at its best, and this certainly was its best. Targaryen banners hung from the streets, and bread and flowers had been doled out to the populace of the city. Partially to celebrate the ascension of Aegon to Prince of Dragonstone, partially to combat the stench and restlessness of Kings Landing. A team of street cleaners had been instituted as well, scrubbing Flea Bottom of the shit it was known to hold, and spreading throughout the city, a perhaps futile effort to make the place look presentable.
Nobles from across the realm had come and gathered in the dragon pit ushered in by Septons and watched by guards swathed in black and red. They were herded into a partially repaired dragonpit, the rubble and debris having long since been cleared away, and the great bronze dome abandoned in place for an open glass skylight that let the sun bear down on those in attendance.
The royal family and the hand stood on a raised stone platform, high above the realm with Aegon standing in the middle of them all. Looking over the crowd Maelor couldn’t help but admit his own surprise at how many had turned up for the ceremony. Black and Green alike were in attendance, and even the Dragonpit looked fit to burst due to how many had attended.
As the ceremony began the Septon gave a long winded speech, during which Maelor was barely able to keep still as the man waxed poetic about the virtue of kings, and mourned the loss of Prince Daeron and Queen Bethany. Maelor had to bite his tongue during that bit, he’d preferred to leave his kin out of tonight’s festivities, tonight of all nights he’d hoped to not think about Bethany, about his lost love and fallen son, both taken well before their time.
The King's eyes rested on Aegon, the boy he’d raised, the son he’d grown to be from the boy he’d taken from the sands of Dorne. There was love for him, in his heart, and oft times Maelor had wondered where he’d be if he’d ever heeded the advice of William Baratheon and thrown the boy into the Blackwater. Worse perhaps, a bitter man still searching for a way to douse his fury, a man who was looking at the end of his line, with few options to preserve it. He shook the thoughts out of his head, turning his attention back toward the ceremony.
After what felt like years the Septon turned around and produced a slender coronet: a simple band of red gold unadorned and unremarkable, but still a fine thing, fit for royalty. Maelor had designed it himself, thinking that Aegon would’ve preferred something more to his taste, not too audacious and better than the black iron coronet that Maelor himself had worn as Crown Prince. As the Septon finished his ramble, he gently placed the crown atop the Crown Prince's head, and Aegon rose as the herald proclaimed him.
“Aegon Targaryen, Prince of Dragonstone, Heir to the Iron Throne!” The herald's voice bounced off the walls of the ruined castle, and he was met with a thundering reply from those assembled.

The Great Hall of the Red Keep

After the ceremony the nobility of Westeros filed into the great hall for the feast, with Maelor accompanied by his White Cloaks and the royal family, with the small council following closely behind. Seating for the feast was quicker than expected, and almost immediately drinks and food began flowing freely among the guests, though the air was heavy with the tension of a hundred different grudges left over from a twenty year old war.
The high table was sparse compared to earlier years, with Maelor in the middle, Aerea on his left and Daena next to her. On his right was William Baratheon, his strong right hand, seated between him and Aegon who sat on the end of the table. Maelor was dressed simply, in a black tunic and pants, swathed in a fine cape of crimson pinned by a dragon of red gold. The Crown of the Conqueror sat atop his head, fine rubies and valyrian steel heavier than he remembered; *Blackfyre* hung from his waist, its familiar weight a comfort to him.
Standing from his seat Maelor cleared his throat as the room quieted, and put on a small smile, looking over the crowd once before speaking.
“Thank you all for coming, truly, it has been so long since I’ve seen the Red Keep so lively, my own daughter can attest that she’s not seen me so rife with worry. Seven know finding enough food to feed you all was the hardest my hand had let me work in years.” Aegon took a breath and prepared for what he was to say next.
“I know many of you have your reservations about Rhaenyra’s descendants, the Black Line, the Tainted Line, unfit to rule a kitchen much less a kingdom. This will not stand. Prince Aegon will wed Aerea when she comes of age, and will sit the throne after me, this is what I have decreed, and this is how it shall be for now.” He could see the surprise on the faces of a few of those gathered and the anger at others.
“Failing that, should the worst happen, I’ve made another choice as to the future of the realm. You are all aware that my own wife was lost to sickness three years ago, I loved the Queen, and there shall never be another like her. But there shall be another Queen. I will take a new wife, a new queen that will bear my children, and stand by my side during the coming years.”
“I have made no choice, and not yet considered any candidates, I’d hoped to marry for love as I did once before instead of haggling like cheesemongers.” He smiled then, a small thing that he hoped would take the tension out of the room.
Whatever reaction was to be had would be silenced with a raised hand, and once again Maelor would look over the assembled crowd. “Now, enough of politics, enough of old grudges and hard words. There is a feast to be had, drinks to be downed, and plenty of food to be eaten.”
“Music!” The band began to play with a vigor, jumping into their craft with peerless skill. “Go now, tonight we drink, tomorrow the finest of the realm will joust and fight for the honor to name a Queen of Love and Beauty. Enjoy the night, and may it last long.” With that Maelor sat down, and took a cup in his hand while rubbing at his eyes.
“Seven fucking hells.”
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2023.05.31 16:27 Deltiasgaming1 ESO Necrom Chapter: Essential Tips to Prepare for the Arcanist Class

ESO Necrom Chapter: Essential Tips to Prepare for the Arcanist Class
Reddit gang, dropping this here so you can prepare for Necrom Chapter and Arcanist class when it drops on June 5th for PC and June 20th for consoles. I hope this helps you get prepared!
Written Guide:
Video Guide:
ESO Builds: Update 38 -

ESO Necrom Chapter: Essential Tips to Prepare for the Arcanist Class

ESO Necrom Chapter is just around the corner, so prepare for Arcanist Class with our Top 15 Essential Tips and level up quickly!
The Necrom chapter launches on June 5th and June 20th, so you have very little time to prepare everything for the new class. In our guide, we included tips and pieces of advice we learned after countless hours and multiple characters leveled in ESO.

ESO Necrom Chapter: Essential Tips to Prepare for the Arcanist Class

In ESO, levelling a new character can be costly, long, and complex. Only the base game offers multiple skill lines, champion points, and guilds. You may be lost quickly if you are a beginner or play eso occasionally. What is the best race? How do you level up so that when you hit max level (50 and 160cp), you can jump straight to end-game content and feel powerful? We have answers to all those questions and more in our 15 simple essential tips to prepare for the new Necrom Chapter and the Arcanist Class in ESO.

Select Playstyle

Arcanist Class has many skills to enhance a unique, never seen in ESO before playstyle. As a result, in the Builds, we try to enhance the class identity. The following list explains shortly all you need to know about the new ESO class:
  • Arcanist class identity is built around tomes and ancient knowledge.
  • Class possesses complete tools within all three skill trees to fulfil all group roles and solo playstyles.
  • The class possesses a unique, strong damage debuff, the Abyssal Impact, which increases your damage to targets hit.
  • Arcanist’s rotation is based on Cruxes generation, debuffing enemies and channel damage.
  • Tanks and healers will enjoy this class due to the active combo system.

The Arcanist uses abilities to create and consume Cruxes, small triangular glyphs floating around the character (3 max). You will use specific skills to generate Cruxes and additional abilities that consume them, amplifying abilities and triggering important class passives.
Crux consumption could provide more damage, longer duration, cheaper resource cost, and more healing. Additionally, it generates and activates important passives. For example, Crux-consumption can give you more weapon/spell or critical damage. The more you use Cruxes, the better.
The following brief guide explains the combat with the ESO Arcanist class in builds:
  • Use one primary skill as a tank, damage dealer, or healer to generate Crux.
  • Consume that Crux with one or two skills for better damage, healing, and defenses.
  • Start building Crux again to use the other skill for another in-combat advantage.
  • In between combing Crux, maintain your buffs, healing, and damage over time skills.
  • Your build wants to find the sweet spot of constantly generating Crux and consuming it for bonuses.
  • You don’t want your build to have zero Crux or constantly three without a “dump” skill.
Now that you have an idea about the basics of the class, what should you play and why?
As a damage dealer (DPS), The Arcanist excels in stamina DPS. Primarily due to a variety of factors like medium armor passives, dual wield passives and medium armor choices that carry damage. Can you do well as a magicka based Arcanist damage dealer? Yes, but in group settings, medium armor excels due to its passive critical damage vs light armor penetration passive. If you want optimal, high end DPS, we recommend stamina based Arcanist as of the making of this guide.
Tanking on the Arcanist is exception with crowd control, unique buffs and debuffs. The fact that you have a built in class taunt along with built in major and minor breach means you can use different gear and weapon choices. The Arcanist also has Minor Courage passive which is exceptional for group play. Consider them one of the best tanks in PvE or PvP at launch.
Similar to tanking, the Arcanist healing is exception due to the buffs and passives. While the main burst heal, or lack thereof is weak, it makes up for it with huge buffs and debuffs that every team wants. Current, the Arcanist is an exceptional healer, just use Restoration Staff abilities for burst healing rather than in class skills.
Player Vs Player: In PvP, the Arcanist is quite weak compared to other classes. It lacks a burst heal, or delayed burst damage skill, and the class really wants you to use the Fatecarver skill “beam.” This is fine in PvE where enemies rarely stun or disrupt you, but in PvP, this isn’t the case. The class does have strong passives, and ultimate selections and with either a proc heavy loadout in melee, or a ranged beam build you can make it work.
Opinion: we recommend playing the Arcanist a stamina-based damage dealer for both PvE and PvP.

Race Choice
Does Race Matter in ESO? In general, no, you may get a maximum of 8% increased DPS going from an Argonian (weakest) to Khajiit/Dunmer (strongest). Most players won’t feel this unless they are trying to do bleeding-edge content. However, we do have some strong choices and recommendations for those looking to mid-max their Arcanist.
  • Stamina DPS
  1. Khajiit
  2. Dark Elf
  • Magicka DPS
  1. High Elf
  2. Dark Elf
  • Healer
  1. Breton
  2. Argonian
  • Tank
  1. Imperial
  2. Nord
Khajiit is the recommended Stamina Damage Dealer choice. With a unique 12% critical damage and balanced stats, and resource regeneration, Khajiit is all around the best choice. Only weakness is ESO’s 125% critical damage cap. Only in situations like trials parse dummies (21 million health) or fully min-maxed trials groups does this become an issue.
Dark Elf is a great secondary choice. What makes Dunmer’s (Dark Elves) great as damage dealers is balanced weapon/spell damage and max stamina and magicka pools. Major downside is the lack of any resource sustain or health.
High Elf is the recommended choice for magicka damage dealer Arcanist. The reason why, High Elf has a unique 5% damage reduction while channeling. This helps take less damage using your main channel as a damage dealer or a healer. The racial choice also has great passives for damage and resource sustain.
Dark Elf is also a great choice for magicka damage dealers for the same reasons its great on stamina.
Breton is the recommended racial choice for healing. With strong resource sustain, max stats, you will always be able to cast your skills when you need them.
Argonian also makes a great healer and is usually an optimal choice for PvP.
I would recommend an Imperial for reduced ultimate cost and cost of your abilities as a Tank.
Nord Race has a quick ultimate generation.
Don't freak out about the race you can always change with the race change token, and you must love your character.

Picking Faction

There are fantastic players in every faction, which doesn't matter in PvE unless you plan to play PvP with your friends in Imperial City, Cyrodiil or Battlegrounds. For maximum potential builds in PvP "Any race, any alliance" feature, available from the crown store, will allow you to pick any race regardless of your alliance. It's a one-time purchase and of the most useful purchases in ESO.
Also, you can change Alliance with another very expensive token from the crown store.

Storage Space

Get storage boxes in your house for supplies, including gear, potions, food, etc., everything you are going to need to start leveling your new Arcanist character. When Necrom Chapter goes live, you can equip it and enjoy the class.
You can buy storage chests from Writs Vandor, located in each faction's main City (Grahtwood, Stormhaven, Ebonheart) with master crafting writ vouchers. Boxes are also available for Tel Var Stones in Imperial City Vendors or from the Crown store. Each player can own up to 4 large (60 slots) and 4 small (30 slots) chests. There are 360 slots available in total.

XP Boosters

If it's your first time playing ESO. I would not recommend the fast grind method, play slow and enjoy the game, though you can likewise use all XP boosters. However, if you're like me and have leveled multiple characters, you can start saving XP boosters now for an optimal way to rush to the end game.
The fastest way to level is to kill mobs with ESO XP boosters. You want to maximise the number of killed enemies per second. The Blackrose Prison Arena and Skyreach Catacombs are my preferred grinding spots. Here’s how you can maximize your XP gains if you’re in a rush to the end game:
  • 10% from the Training trait for each armor & weapon piece (purple quality)
  • 10% from ESO Plus Membership
  • 10% from the Ring of Mara equipped (if you are married to another player and grind with a partner)
  • 10% for being in a group of two
  • 1x Drink or XP Scroll Booster
  • 100% from in-game Events (Witches & New Life Festival etc.)
The easiest way to level quickly are cost-effective 100% XP boosters, grinding with a partner, having all training gear, purple quality or better. For example, I highly recommended Heartland Conqueror Set, which gives your training trait 100 more effectiveness. Order’s Wrath, Daedric Trickery, Oblivion's Foe and Wretched Vitality are other good setups for damage, defences and resources, craftable and easy to obtain.
To make the process even faster, you can make multiple sets of training armor (for levels 3, 10, 20, 30, 40 etc.) to make sure you stay powerful as you grind your way to 50. So that's when the storage boxes come in handy. Store all gear sets there and be ready for the grind.

PvP Boosters

Leveling PvP skill lines are important due to the passives and active abilities that everyone uses, even if you play PvE. For example, Reviving Barrier is an extremely useful ultimate skill in PvP and PvE for tanks, healers and, sometimes, damage dealers. Also, reaching support rank 9 grants Magicka Aid and increases your Magicka Recovery by 10% for each Support ability slotted.
Once you hit Level 10, you'll receive the invitation to Cyrodiil and start the introduction to PvP Quest. Upon completion, you'll get an alliance rank three, and two skill points. It's a good start, so you should never skip it.
Nextly, you can level alliance skill lines quickly on a new character if you use a Colovian War Torte and play low-level battlegrounds. Colovian War Torte is a craftable consumable that grants a 50% alliance point boost for 30 minutes. It is affected by the Connoisseur and Brewer passives from the Provisioning skill line. Despite being categorized as a food when crafting, the tortes can be consumed at the same time as regular foods and drinks. The 30-minute duration pauses if you log out and can be used as early as level 10.
The Molten War Torte and White-Gold War Torte are more powerful versions which grant 100% and 150% experience boosts, respectively. Note that while these items do provide a bonus to gains towards your Alliance War rank and skill lines, this bonus does not apply to leaderboard scores.

Gold for Inventory

The next essential tip on how to prepare for the Arcanist class and ESO Necrom Chapter is crucial Inventory Space. Save gold to max out your new Arcanist character carrying capacity. Each character that you create in The Elder Scrolls Online will start with 60 slots. You can increase the characters' inventory space by buying Pack Merchant upgrades up to 140 in total inventory Upgrades from Pack Merchant cost 179 700 Gold. Also, train your horse in the stable master to increase it by extra 60 slots to reach 200 inventory spaces in total. If you own a guild, you can also use its Bank for extra 500 item slots. Lastly, special pets from Crown Store can increase the inventory capacity by additional 20 slots.

Mount Speed

Like mentioned above, you can buy an upgrade for your mount at any stablemaster in towns. Each point in carry capacity will permanently increase your characters' inventory space by 1. You can only upgrade one of the thee mount perks every 20 hours.
However, you can speed up the process of horse upgrades if you own any riding lessons. Sometimes those upgrade items are part of daily login rewards or can be bought from the crown store. So check up on your stored daily rewards. This can give you a nice early start on your new arcanist.
As mentioned before leveling your PVP skills is essential, the Continuous Attack passive will give you a 30% mount speed boost and unlocks at Assault Rank 3.

Alchemy Mats
The alchemy skill line is necessary to level up on each character because of the Medicinal Use Passive that makes resulting effects last 30% longer and is a key to better combat performance. As a result, if you're using potions, you get more Recovery Weapon or Spell damage or whatever potion buff you have. Consuming potions in ESO has a 45-second cooldown, and with the Medicinal Use Passive, they last 47.5 seconds, which essentially gives you 100% uptime in combat, assuming you're consuming them on cooldown.
So, buy enough alchemy items to max out the alchemy skill, cheap ingredients, in guide traders, like buying and mixing wormwood or spider eggs with scrib jelly will get you from 1 to 50 quickly. Change out your solvent, you can start with Ichor, and as you level up, finish with Alkahest. Take advantage of this potion passive right away. Trust me, at the end-game, it really helps your survivability with resource sustain and running Buffs on cooldown.


The best food to prepare is the one that works at all levels, for example, Artaeum Pickled Fish Bowl, Candied Jester's Coins etc. you can get those recipes just by playing during in-game events, collecting rewards or from guild traders.
Jewels of Misrule
During leveling, I highly recommend Jewels of Misrule for beginning players without a lot of champion points because it gives max health and extra recovery and really carries your survivability. Additionally, it’s cheap.
Witchmother's Potent Brew
For magic users, Witchmother's Potent Brew it's going to give you Max Magicka, Max Health and Magicka Recovery.
Dubious Camoran Throne
Stamina-based users can use Dubious Camoran Throne similar to Whitchmoder purple food but increases your Max Stamina Stats.
You can make potions yourself, buy them from Crown Store or from daily rewards. You can also use the Endeavors system to buy some consumables. Another good option is Alliance potions for Alliance Points if you play PvP. You can buy them from Alliance Siege Merchants in Cyrodiil main gates or Battleground vendors in any major city. Alliance potions give these really important Buffs, and it'll help increase your damage and survivability.
Start collecting those consumables and put them in your bank or storage chest so you can have them available right away for your Arcanist.

Repair Kits/Soul Gems

Stock up on repair kits and Soulgems, especially if you’re grinding monsters. The normal repair kits you can get from Crafting writs or buying from guild traders. Additionally, you can obtain the special group repair kit for tickets from Impresario Vendor, who can be found in every big city.

Master Writs
For those that want to max your arcanist fast without grinding, is by using Master Crafting writs. Master writs are the fastest way, making you capable of reaching level 50 within 30 minutes. With a 150% xp boost from food and eso+, you only need 215 total alchemy or enchanting writs to reach level 50. Here is what to do if you want to level up quickly in eso by using Master Writs:
  1. Stock up on Master Writs. You can get them from Daily Writs Rewards. The more motifs and traits your character knows, the higher your chance of receiving a master writ. You can also buy writs from guild traders.
  • Alchemy and enchanting writs are the most optimal since they can be power leveled almost instantly and are fairly cheap to craft.
  1. Get writs certified with a new character. Find Danel Telano and Milenith in the main starter city of your faction: Daggerfall, Davon’s Watch, or Vulkhel Guard.
  2. Level up your crafting skill to max (of 50), and take the passives.
  3. Use your XP boosts
  4. Consume Master Crafting writ (you can have one type active at the same time)
  5. Craft the required items.
  6. Turn the crafted items to the master writ vendor. A good City to do master writs is Ebonhart in Deshaan, where crafting stations are close to the master writs vendor so that you can complete them quickly.
  7. Complete Master Crafting Writs on your new Arcanist character until you reach level 50.
This is one of many reasons why crafting writs and crafting in eso is so useful.

Stock up on transmute stones by doing daily random dungeons, Battlegrounds or reaching tier 1 rewards in the Cyrodiil campaign on all your characters. Reaching tier 1 rewards can be completed by simply preparing the walls in Keeps, no PvP is required. Buy stone repair kits from Siege merchant, place them in your quick slot menu and repair damaged keep walls. You'll reach tier one quickly.
New sets are coming with ESO Necrom Chapter, and some of them will surely be used for the arcanist class, so it's an essential tip to be prepared and stacked up on transmutes.

Maxing Crafting
If you are interested in maxing out all the crafting lines on your arcanist, then you can pre-purchase intricate items from guild traders to deconstruct. Let them sit in your mailbox, and loot the mail on your arcanist to get a leg up in crafting quickly. Be sure to unlock the green CP "Inspiration boost" to make this even faster.
Gear pieces with the intricate trait can drop from any monster or crafting writs so hold on to them and place them in your storage chest or bank and be ready to level crafting on your new Arcanist character.

End Game Sets

There are just a ton of great sets that I use in my builds but here is a list of all great End-Game sets that are worth collecting for your Arcanist:
Damage Dealers:
  • Deadly Strike
    • Obtainable in Cyrodiil or Guild Traders
    • It increases your damage for channels and damage over time which equals pretty much everything The Arcanist does.
  • Soulshine
    • Obtainable in Reapers March Zone, Overland Set
    • Easy to get, base game, good damage set and is beginner-friendly. It grants you 369 weapon or spell damage for five seconds, and you'll be able to keep a high up-time on it.
  • Coral Riptide
    • Obtainable from Dreadsail Reef Trial, High Isle Chapter
    • For more advanced players with stamina builds. You lower your stamina, which increases your weapon and spell damage up to 740. Hart to maintain but very powerful option.
  • Whorl of the Depths
    • Obtainable from Dreadsail Reef Trial, High Isle Chapter
    • Excellent"proc" set that does really really good damage and comes in light armor
  • Pillar of Nirn
    • Obtainable from Falkreth Hold Dungeon, Horns of the Reach DLC
    • Another fantastic "proc" set that also does great damage and will be meta when Arcanist launches
  • Sul-Xan's Torment
    • Obtainable from Rockgrove Trial, Blackwood Chapter
  • Ansuul's Torment
    • Obtainable from Sanity's Edge Trial, Necrom Chapter
    • I'll be using it with The Arcanist as its five-piece bonus fits perfectly with the stationary Arcanist playstyle in PvE.
ESO had hundreds of sets, and this list is also long, so what to focus on? If you’re reading this, We're assuming you want to get powerful quickly and reach end-game content, so that’s what we will gear for.
Also, here are some essential tips for Leveling skill lines to max out skill points, skill lines and morphs and be ready for anything in-game:
  • Unlock Skill Lines (mages guild, fighter and undaunted)
  • Level all Armor (light, medium and heavy)
  • Unlock ALL Weapon Choices (dual wield, two-handed, bow etc.)
  • Setup Skill Bars with dead skills to level the maximum amount of them at once.
  • Level and change out skills and morph to level them all.

ESO Articles, Guides, and Builds

Thank you for reading the ESO Necrom Chapter: Essential Tips to Prepare for the Arcanist Class Guide! Also, consider watching me on Twitch. Feel free to ask me questions about my builds and the games I play, or check out my YouTube Channel.
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2023.05.31 16:27 unfortunate_heathen All aboard the toxic trainwreck! 🚂🚂

This is gonna be a long post, jsyk.sorry 🙃
So I feel like there are different starts to the story but I suppose the beginning would be when I got married. I (32F) got married about three and a half years ago after dating my husband (29M) for a year, and found out I was pregnant about 6 months later. After a couple months of being pregnant I found out that my husband had cheated on me (oral from a past partner). Tried to let it go and continue on with our marriage but the trust was shattered and while he said that I was already kind of being like rude and bitchy (I was pregnant, remember), this certainly didn't help things I just got more rude and less trusting. I guess he expected that I would be able to move on and trust him (bc he was "honest" about it)but in reality what happened is I didn't trust him at all after that and I started looking through his phone and basically just thinking he was cheating on me all the time.
So essentially he never stopped looking on Reddit for people to talk to, which is something I didn't know that he was doing originally. I found out about that when our child was almost a year old. And it seemed like he had been going on Reddit all the time making all these posts in r4r. I went through his phone one night and looked at all the messages and everything and in one of the messages he had been talking to somebody about me and like describing me and talking about how he was looking for a third for us, which wasn't the case at the time. Shortly after that he started asking me if he could meet people off Reddit but they were trans girls and he said that he wanted to explore his sexuality so I guess I agreed but I kind of felt like I was pushed into an open relationship that I didn't really want. I had been in open relationships before so it wasn't that crazy to me, I just wasn't into it this time. I really wanted to be monogamous with my husband and that's what I told him in the beginning when we first met. (Ironically he originally had issues trusting me because I had been polyamorous before. And I worked really hard to assure him that I only wanted to be monogamous this time but it turns out that was just him projecting).
So a little time passed. He seemed like he got all of that out of his system and when we moved houses a year later, I found out I was pregnant again. I want to take this time to say that we have almost no help or support at all. Some of our parents have passed away and some of our parents just don't like us. So we're raising three kids on our own (one from my previous relationship). We have been able to buy a house and take care of ourselves but we don't have like the social supports there that we need. I had a very difficult pregnancy and by that I mean like my morning sickness never went away, I had almost no energy, and I really couldn't take care of a toddler at that time. I started to become pretty depressed... probably still had postpartum depression from the other pregnancy and I just didn't want to do anything. I guess I will have to admit that I also became rather rude and bitchy over this time. When I was about 9 months pregnant my husband came to me and told me that it was difficult to have sex with me anymore because of my size and I guess also because of my attitude. He has this whole thing about having "physical needs" 😑. It doesn't really seem like he cared about my emotional needs at the time but that's another story for another time. So he asked me if he could begin a friends with benefits relationship with somebody that he had met off of Reddit and I was rather taken aback and I said no. I said I need you to be here for me in my last month of pregnancy and while I'm postpartum those first couple weeks and then I said after that you can start your relationship with this person because I just need you to be here while I'm giving birth and be present for me.
He decided that he was not okay with that. And started talking with this person anyway pretty much met up with them almost immediately. Then he saw this person on and off for the next 6 weeks. Yes during my last month of pregnancy. He claims that this was only a physical relationship no emotional relationship at all.
I found out about this when I was 2 weeks postpartum, I had been suspicious so I started going through his phone again. He had had some outing where he supposedly went with one of his guy friends and hung out and stayed overnight. We had an appointment for the newborn the next day and I was worried about him being late and he eventually came home, but like the next day I was pretty suspicious so I went through his phone when it was unlocked and I saw all these text messages from the girl and you already know they dated back to when he had originally asked me. So it was when I realized that he had been cheating on me this whole time. I lost my mind and I'm not going to lie I did get a little bit violent. I did punch some of our furniture and eventually I like slapped him and got really freaked out.
THIS MF. Somehow convinced me that this person was a third that we had been looking for. (I wasn't really looking for a third I think I've continually stated that I just wanted my husband to be present but I am pansexual and I have been wanting to not feel like gross pregnant woman anymore so I kind of went along with this bc I didn't know what to do). So here comes this girl into our relationship and I don't know at first I didn't like her obviously. But over time she kind of grew on me she was very helpful with the newborn, in fact she was more helpful than my husband was. My husband works 12 hours a day and this girl works like 8 and has a more flexible schedule so all of a sudden she started coming over to the house to help me during the day which was great because as I said I don't have any support from my family.
But it's really hard for me to put my feelings to the side, and I never really got over the betrayal of trust. So when it came time for us to have like sex together I mean we were having threesomes pretty regularly but every time I watch them I would just feel so disgusted and disappointed and upset. Even though she became my friend and her and I were intimate I just couldn't see the two of them together it was a huge like mental block for me. Well, the worst possible things started happening. I started developing feelings for her at the same time I realized that he didn't really see her as anything more than a set of holes. It kind of bothered me that he felt that way and I encouraged him to you know be a little more friendly with her not just like wanting to have sex with her.
Eventually I started becoming jealous of everything that was going on but instead of telling my husband (mistake) I decided that since we're in an open relationship I'll just start talking to other people. So I started talking to other people and didn't really work out very well but I did somehow keep her updated, because we became friends. So now all of a sudden she knows what I'm doing and he doesn't (mistake). I did end up meeting one guy who is really attractive and I wanted to get to know him a little better I invited him over to my house when my husband was gone with her. My kids were sleeping. She knew that I was going to invite someone over and kind of helped me get my husband out of the house. So the guy comes over we hang out, we smoke, we hook up a little bit but nothing serious happens and he leaves. I hung out with him a couple more times but I didn't actually have him like inside my house after that. His birthday was that week so I ended up making him some baked treats that I had to buy a special cake pan for but honestly after I did that for him I never saw him again. It seemed like he might have had some of his own issues going on.
So fast forward a couple weeks My husband still hanging out with her and spending more and more time. And one night he's supposed to come home and hang out with me we're going to have like a nice little evening the other. He said he just wanted to stop by her house for a quickie and literally said he would be home after like a couple hours. I said okay I'll put the kids to bed I guess. Again I'm not okay with any of this but like I really don't know what to do so I'm just kind of going along with it. Well time went by I put the kids to bed he didn't come home, so I started texting her telling her he was supposed to come home. I guess he didn't like that he said I was blowing up her phone and ruining their time together and he decided to stay there longer. So he didn't come home until like midnight, and I got really mad and I had like a mental health episode I kind of snapped.... I laid hands on him, I threatened him with a couple different weapons and things got pretty bad. He ended up locking me in the garage for his safety and you know no cops were called but ultimately like that night can never be undone. So that week was actually his vacation week from work and we still had a family vacation that week that we actually brought her on (she paid for half the Airbnb). She didn't really seem like she thought it was a good idea but then ultimately was like yeah I'll go with you guys. Really I just wanted to use her for child care so I could hang out with my husband on the vacation. But that's not what happened. What actually happened was that I had no energy to plan a real vacation so we kind of just sat around the Airbnb and went to like the grocery store and did a couple things. The full day we had where we went to the beach and stuff I just walked around talking with her about how I want to kill myself. She tried to make me feel better and tried to encourage me to look at how much fun the babies were having but I just kept telling her nothing meant anything and I want to kill myself.
The rest of the trip went pretty similarly and we all drove the 2 hours home and ironically she took me to the yarn store as the last thing she ever did so that I could you know "have a little fun" (I'm a fiber artist). After that week I realized that I had some real issues that I needed to work through on my own and I immediately got myself in therapy and put myself on antidepressants. Which honestly worked wonders and in the past like month and a half I felt so much better, so much less anxiety and depression and it's really changing my thought patterns and my behavior. I never saw her again, I asked her a few days later if we could just kind of take a break because I needed to admit to myself that her presence was very triggering to me and that's why I had never really been too nice to her. We had a long conversation that ended in tears and she said she respected that and if I want to hit her up in like 6 months that would be fine but she wasn't sure where she would be. I told her I didn't need 6 months maybe just like 6 weeks or something. We were pretty good friends honestly I just needed some time to myself. Well I tried to call her a week later just to see how she was doing and she blocked me. About the same time my husband started " sleeping in the parking lot at his job". No I didn't believe that, my sister didn't believe that either but I didn't really have a way to refute that so I just kind of accepted it. And I started to get really worried about him. He works in a pretty dangerous major city and sleeping in a parking lot is not a great idea there. In fact sometimes I got so worried that I would wish that he would just be sleeping at her house and lying to me about it. Well guess what I got my wish. Few days ago we were supposed to have a party for memorial day and my family was going to come over. My sister, my brother from the army, my aunt who's been sick, my nephew who's birthday is coming up. We were all going to have a good old time at my house bx I have a nice big yard. My husband had said that he was going to go hang out with one of his guy friends on Friday after work and he never came home. So I kind of assumed that he was just spending the night at his guy friend's house and I left it alone until about 11:00 a.m. the next day. I'd already gotten the kids ready for everything and I'd already done yard work trying to make the yard look nice. He still didn't come home so after a while it's like 11:00 a.m. I look in our transaction log and I see that he's gone to Dunkin' donuts and Taco Bell so I just googled where the Dunkin' donuts was. His friend lives a very far distance away from the girl. Well the Dunkin donuts was right by her house so we know where he was.
Yet again, I got upset I told my sister what was going on and she was on the way. A few minutes later he pulls in and we start talking and I'm like I know where you were. He starts laughing and he goes how does it feel. So it turns out that she had told him about the guy that I had over at the house and I kinda thought that happened because a week prior he had started freaking out for almost no reason and took an ax to the cake plate I had bought for that guy. (Why would he know about that?) So we got into this whole stupid fight right before my family comes over and I take his phone. I'm like you don't need this anymore. Yes it is his and yes I know that was wrong. I go to take the house phone from him because I'm really pissed off and then he kind of wretches it out of my hand. He calls the police. I go outside. I'm about to call the police myself but I'm black and he's white and I thought about it and I was like nah. So I call my siblings and I let them know that he just called the police and they're like okay they'll be here soon. So the police come and I honestly think that they thought I called on him which I guess is good. But then he starts telling them that I'm being aggressive like using those kind of terms okay wow you know that's not something you want to tell the cops because I'm black but okay. They determined that I wasn't being aggressive and they told both of us that neither one of us could make the other person leave and they left. My family shows up and they're all vaguely aware of what's going on. My sister already knew the whole story, my brother found out very quickly and it was just weird like okay I guess we'll try to have a family party since he won't leave. But he and I kept fighting so all the kids stayed outside with my siblings and he and I are like fighting in the house, eventually I pack up all his stuff and I'm like just get the f*** out and go. But he's like no. I managed to calm down for a bit but after a while he's holding the baby and it was time for me to feed the baby so I go over to him to get the baby and he won't give me the baby, like no he's fine. I put one finger on his hand and he said do not touch me. So I said you're right I took 10 steps back and I called the police and let the police know that he would not give me my baby. Same cops show up and they're like what's going on. I tell them what's going on and the cops eventually come back to me and they're like he's going to give your sister the baby and she'll give the baby to you. Like, you guys need to stop type energy.
Rest of the party basically goes on my family eventually leaves My sister was very concerned that he wouldn't help me with the children after they left. Which I just found funny because he honestly never helps me with the kids. So I find out through a conversation we had later that he's contacted lawyers, he's been thinking about divorcing me for a while... all of a sudden he starts talking about taking full custody (I'm a stay at home mom). And everything just kind of hits me like wow this is over. Well he had a couple more days off work, we talk more... eventually we come to the understanding that we should try to make this work out for our kids. He literally gave me a hug at the end of that conversation and tells me " I made a promise to you, I'm not going to break it...Don't make a fool out of me." I guess he feels like he gets to say this because I was hitting him. Because now it seems like the fact that I hit him on a few different occasions has overshadowed the huge amount of infidelity he's done. (NB: during the conversation he let me know that I'm going to have to accept the fact that he's going to continue a physical relationship with this person. Not because he has feelings for her but because he doesn't want to be told what to do.)
So memorial Day goes fine. One of our children was with my aunt, and he and I just had a calm day. We talked to each other and took care of the kids. About 6:30 he passes out on the couch and I just left him there, took care of the kids and went to bed myself about 9:30. When I wake up he's in bed next to me spooning me. I guess that felt nice. I wake him up for work and I go to the bathroom when I come out he's upstairs in the other bathroom. I got myself ready and then I go upstairs... He's asleep on the couch again. I tried to wake him up and he's like I'm not going to work I can't do this anymore. In my head I saw myself freaking out. But what I actually did was put on my boots and just go for a walk (therapy is working🫠). Well I was on the walk I called my aunt and my sister kind of talk to them a little bit call myself down. He called me asking me about a debit card or something so then I realized like okay maybe he is leaving. I start walking back home. When I get home I realize that he left. He left the kids there asleep by themselves.
Eventually I ask him if he's okay and he says yes, he asked me if I'm okay I said yes. I told him that I took my medicine and ate and am going to the park with the kids. A little later ask him if he's coming home tonight bc I need tampons. He never responded. I woke up the next day (this morning) by myself. I placed a grocery order, got some tampons and other things that I need.
I don't really know what to do Reddit.That's the end of the story so far. I come here because I don't have anyone else other than my sister to talk to about this and she doesn't have any extra advice for me. What would you guys do? I don't have any family at all (other than my aunt who is elderly). I'm a stay-at-home mom who can't drive and I haven't worked in 3 years... I have a school-aged child, a toddler, and a baby. I don't want to live my life like this. I want my husband to love me and I want us to have a beautiful life together. But it he seems like he's just stuck on being stupid right now and I don't want to live like this.
If you read this far, thank you so much. If you have anything to tell me please drop a comment cause I really need it. Thanks.
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2023.05.31 16:22 Noblesse311 Character Concept [109]: SMS Prinz Heinrich (World of Warships)

Ironblood Kaiserreich (Imperial Federation of Germany)

Ersatz Yorck-class Battlecruiser

In an alternate timeline…
On 29 October 1918, a rebellion broke out amongst the sailors at Wilhelmshaven, with similar unrest breaking out on 3 November 1918 that led to the Kiel mutiny, these events, in which the sailors and workers in both cities began electing workers’ and soldiers’ councils modelled after similar councils of the 1917 October Revolution would be the catalyst that started the German Revolution of 1918-1919. By 7 November, the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD), specifically the pro-parliamentary Majority SPD (MSPD, to differentiate from the pro-Soviet-styled Independent Social Democratic Party of Germany or USPD) would take charge of the revolution, joining the calls for Wilhelm II to abdicate. Despite the Kaiser’s refusal, Germany’s chancellor, Maximilian von Zähringen, himself the heir to the throne of the Grand Duchy of Baden, would announce that the Kaiser and his son, Crown Prince Wilhelm had already abdicated.
On 9 November, Philipp Shiedemann, the State Secretary under Max von Baden was dining with Friedrich Ebert. As an SPD member was late for the meeting at the restaurant, Philipp Scheidemann would dine directly at the same table as Friedrich Ebert. It was there that both men would receive the news that Karl Leibknecht of the USPD was to announce the establishment of a Soviet Republic. While Shiedemann wanted to maintain the initiative for the MSPD by proclaiming a German Republic instead, he was talked down from doing so by Ebert, citing that the decision must be decided by the constituent assembly. \1]) Regardless, Leibknecht would announce the establishment of the Free Socialist Republic of Germany, followed two days later with the signing of the armistice at Compiègne two days later.
The move not to align with the USPD led to a rift between the two wings of the SPD, that would dominate the German Revolution, a fact furthered by Baden and Ebert meeting with General Wilhelm Groener, leader of Germany’s Supreme Army Command. The Baden-Groener Pact, concluded on 10 November, ensured the loyalty of the military and its support against leftist forces, and ensured that the military, limited by the Treaty of Versailles, would remain fully in control by the German officer class. This would prove handy however, as the row between MSPD and USPD deepened when far-leftist groups in the latter broke away to form the Communist Party of Germany (KPD) and launch what would become the Spartacist Uprising in January 1919. The uprising was put down by the Freikorps and their leaders were effectively executed, and with the affirmation of Ebert and Baden, those responsible were not court-martialed and the worst offenders suffered lenient sentences, which made the government unpopular with the far-left.
As for the far-right however, while there were still misgivings about the new government, the fact of the matter remained that the monarchy still existed as an official institution, and indeed, many Allied and German leaders, both in support and in opposition to the war, favored transitioning Germany into a full Constitutional Monarchy \2]), which would be achieved with the 1919 German Constitution, also known as the Weimar Imperial Constitution. (in reference to the 1871 Constitution also being known as Bismarck’s Imperial Constitution) \3]) Although there were considerations to install one of the male sons of Crown Prince Wilhelm to become Kaiser, their young ages (the eldest, another Prince Wilhelm was twelve at the time) and the danger of a regency in such trying times forced the decision to instead put the Crown Prince younger brother, and the Kaiser’s fourth son, Prince August Wilhelm as the new Kaiser, becoming August I of what became known as the German Imperial Federation. \4])
The 1920s in Germany would be dominated by the desire to restore the prestige and privileges as to be expected by a European nation, chiefly the withdrawal of Entente troops from the Rhineland. Citing the need to ensure the status quo, the chief negotiator, Gustav Stresemann would negotiate with Britain and France to recognize and abandon its claims to German territory lost during the Great War, in exchange for a loosening of its military restrictions citing the communist threats to the east in the form of Soviet Russia, now the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, and the communist states that survived from it, the Hungarian Soviet Republic and the People’s Republic of Bulgaria. The result from these negotiations nearly led to a break, as France (itself slowly falling into the grip of far-left politics) not only did not wish to see Germany rearm in any capacity, but was also still keen on trying to detach the Rhineland from Germany (with the far-right even desiring its integration into France) something that had been thwarted by the limited German authorities in the zone as well as by the British who saw an attempt in 1923 and 1925 off, causing financial and diplomatic damage between France and the British. In spite of everything, many of the sides did get something out of the deal in the Treaty of Locarno, with Germany repudiating its claims to lost territories and a loosening of military restrictions in order to assist in seeing off the Communist threat. As part of the Locarno Treaty was a Naval Agreement, ratified by British Parliament and the German Reichstag that would effectively bring Berlin into the Washington Naval Treaty system, setting its maximum tonnage at 35% of the current tonnage in service under the Royal Navy, a move that would anger the French and push them closer to the Soviet Union. \5])
One of the results from this was the revival of Germany’s capital ship program, largely left moribund following Germany’s defeat in World War I. Initially, designs were planned for a cruiser with pre-dreadnought-sized main guns to serve as a replacement for the older Braunschweig-class pre-dreadnoughts in order to remain compliant to the old treaty, but with the new naval agreement put in place. The planned ships were canceled and instead development shifted to the construction of a new battlecruiser which was to be laid down by 1929. The design used was to be the old Ersatz Yorck-class design, retaining the 380mm main guns in four twin turrets, as well as her secondaries, twelve 150mm guns in single turrets, but would see the inclusion of Anti-Aircraft armament in the form of 88mm Flak guns in twin turrets and 37mm guns, also in twin turrets. The reasoning for why the Ersatz Yorck design was chosen in a slightly modified form was mainly to avoid stepping on the shells of the British, a design that would largely be viewed as dated by comparison (the original design was completed in 1916, and the planned lead ship was laid down that year, but was never completed due to a shift to U-Boat construction and was ultimately scrapped in 1918) but would serve as a stepping stone towards Germany among equals with the other great powers. The lead ship, which would keep the provisional name as its official name, SMS Yorck, was laid down on 5 February 1929, launched on 19 May 1931 and commissioned on 1 April 1933. SMS Prinz Heinrich (named after the Kaiser’s uncle), originally readopting the old provisional name “Ersatz Scharnhorst” and the second ship in her class would in turn, be laid down on 25 June 1931 at the Kaiserliche Reichsmarinewerft Wilhelmshaven (KRW) shipyard. She was launched on 1 April 1933 and commissioned on 12 November 1934. Heinrich herself would be followed by the third and final ship in that class, SMS Friedrich Barbarossa (formerly “Ersatz Gneisenau”), commissioned on 6 January 1936. \6])
Heinrich’s career would be dominated by developments wrought outside of Germany. The French Revolution of 1934 by the French Communist Party and its sympathizers led by Maurice Thorez would see the final repudiation of the Versailles Treaty, and in essence began both a naval arms race between France and Germany (the Dunkerques being developed as a response to Germany’s Hipper-class Heavy Cruisers, which in turn, led to the development of the Scharnhorst-class and later Bismarck-class Battleships) and a diplomatic effort between the forces of democracy against the Communist threat posed by the Soviet Union and the newly established French Commune. This diplomatic effort would see a close friendship, though not a formal alliance between Britain and Germany. The alliance (formally known as the Central European Alliance, though informally known as the Tübingen Accord) however would be with a number of states threatened by the spread of Communism across Europe. The battlecruiser herself would find herself involved in affairs with Spain and their civil war and their participation in non-intervention patrols (in reality, supplying arms to the nationalists in the face of French arms and equipment, and ultimately, upon a near Republican-Communist victory, the withdrawal of the Spanish Nationalists and Carlists from Spain)
Heinrich would spend the second half of 1939 and much of early 1940 on drydock for repairs and refit, during which the Second Great War would begin on 6 October 1939 with the Soviet invasion of Poland, a member of the Tübingen Accord. The French, using their tanks to invade the Low Countries in order to circumvent the Westwall, attempted to catch the Germans by surprise in a move that seem like a reversal of the Schlieffen Plan the Germans used against the French in the last war, but this French thrust was kept at bay, with parts of the Province of Hanover and the Grand Duchy of Oldenburg being captured by the Communards, with one instance seeing the titular Grand Duke, Friedrich August II, captured and swiftly executed for the crime of “being born into a family of tyrants.” Fortunately, Heinrich’s refit was to be completed in Kiel, and therefore, avoided having to be evacuated when Wilhelmshaven fell on 25 May 1940.
Upon Prinz Heinrich’s return to service on 6 June 1940, she would take part in a number of convoy escort operations between Germany and Norway after the northern part of the country was occupied by the Red Army. This would become the Mannheim Project convoys, in which Norway’s facilities specializing in the production of deuterium oxide, better known as heavy water would allow the materials to be shipped to Germany for the development of a nuclear reactor, a means to combat the Bolsheviks. Support for this endeavor would be furthered with Britain’s entry into the war in October 1940, and it would be often times when Heinrich would be joined by Battlecruisers HMS Hood or HMS Renown, two ships of whom Prinz Heinrich was originally designed to counter a quarter-century prior.
On 10 July 1942, one such convoy, Convoy WL 252 would be shadowed by French naval forces, led by French battleship Solidarité \7]). Dudley Pound, the First Sea Lord ordered the covering force to engage this force, leading to the Battle of the Celtic Sea. This battle, which featured SMS Prinz Heinrich and HMS Duke of York as well as a number of destroyers and cruisers, saw Prinz Heinrich enter into a gunnery duel with Solidarité. While Duke of York was the one who knocked out the battleship’s superfiring and rear turret, it was Heinrich that knocked out Solidarité’s boiler room, leaving her vulnerable to a pummeling by the allied forces, with the battleship’s attempt to get away thwarted by torpedo hits from German torpedo boat SMS S223, which reduced Solidarité’s speed and allowing the battleships to continue their bombardment until, unable to flee and wracked with so many hits, Solidarité capsized and sank. Though a major surface threat was eliminated, WL 252 would find herself sunk by Soviet bombers.
The tide began to turn on the Comintern in 1943 as the British began their slog into Spain and Germany and their eastern allies began pushing the Soviets back, successfully pushing them out of Poland, with Heinrich taking part in bombardment duties in the Gulf of Riga, and providing fire support for the German aerial attack on the Soviet Baltic Fleet at Leningrad. After another brief refit, Heinrich would be sent to Königsburg to retrieve the dead body of Kaiser August after a Soviet agent successfully assassinated the Kaiser on 20 June 1944, leaving the throne in the hands of his son, Alexander Ferdinand, now Alexander I of Germany. The last major actions Prinz Heinrich would take part in was in the Black Sea, supporting Allied incursions into the Black Sea coast of the Russian Soviet Republic, and was one of the few ships that made it into the Sea of Azov, albeit paying for it with a rocket strike that crippled the ship and would spend the immediate post-war years in drydock. The war ended with a defeat for the Comintern, with the communist governments toppled and some nations winning their independence from the defeated powers.
Rapidly made obsolete by newer big gun ships such as the Victoria Louise-class (originally the O-class) and the advent of aircraft carriers, Prinz Heinrich was decommissioned on 24 April 1949. By the request of Alexander I, she would become a museum ship in Wilhelmshaven, G.D. Oldenburg as part of the Friedrich August Memorial Naval Museum.
\1]: IOTL, Scheidemann would dine at a separate table from Ebert when he got the news. As a result, Scheidemann, of his own accord, would proclaim the German Republic, effectively ensuring that whatever happened, that the monarchy would be abolished entirely. The events in the paragraph serve as the Point of Divergence.)
\2]: While the German Empire [and in particular the Kingdom of Prussia] did have a Constitution, the Constitution of 1871, in reality the state was always run as a Semi-Constitutional Monarchy with the Kaiser holding significant power in a system that would be popularly called “Prussian Constitutionalism.”)
\3]: To define the 1919 German constitution ITTL, it’s the Weimar Constitution of OTL, albeit with the powers attributed to the President of Germany in the OTL Weimar Republic instead being placed in the hands of the Kaiser. In essence, the Kaiser would still retain various powers, while losing a number of powers that the position held under the 1871 Constitution. While I could’ve went with something more akin to the 1949 Constitution and have the Kaiser serve in a more ceremonial capacity from the start, the Weimar Constitution was probably the most democratic in many respects for its age, only undone by the constitutional loopholes that would be expected by a constitution for its time, as well as the various extremist groups hatred for the Republic, chiefly the far-right [and in particular the Nazis] who constantly preached that the Weimar Republic was not created by Germans but was actually imposed upon them as part of the hated Treaty of Versailles.)
\4]: Prince August Wilhelm is, to put mildly, a fairly controversial figure among the Hohenzollern imperial family. Nicknamed “Auwi,” he was a close personal friend of Hans Georg von Mackensen, a diplomat and eldest son of Field Marshal August von Mackensen, said personal friendship implied to have “pronounced homophillic tendencies.” After the abolishment of the German monarchy, he would join conservative nationalist movements and ultimately the Nazi Party in 1930 against the wishes of his father. August Wilhelm’s adoration of Hitler would play a role in the man’s rise to power come 1933, and it was his hope that Hitler would install him or his son on the vacant throne, a hope that would be dashed after the Enabling Act and would be left in the political wilderness.)
\5]: IOTL, the Anglo-German Naval Agreement was made in 1935, in part due to Britain seeking to limit German expansion by arms reduction, and Germany hoping for an Anglo-German alliance aimed towards the Soviet Union and France, as well as the former’s guilt over what was seen as harsh terms set on the Germans with Versailles.)
\6]: If the dates do not sound familiar to anyone, these are the dates that the first, second and third Deutschland-class Panzerschiff/Heavy Cruiser were laid down, launched and/or commissioned, with the Ersatz Yorck, now just the Yorck-class Battlecruisers all but replacing the Deutschlands in this timeline.)
\7]: Basically Communist Richelieu)

Prinz Heinrich is the Tier VII Battleship (Tier VI in World of Warships: Legends) representing the Battlecruiser tech tree in Wargaming’s World of Warships. Heinrich represents the Ersatz Yorck-class Battlecruisers, the final battlecruiser design developed by the German Empire. Originally developed as Mackensen-class Battlecruisers, lessons learned from Jutland saw the gun increased to 380mm, utilizing the same guns as the Bayern-class Battleships. Like the Mackensen-class however, the ships were never laid due to the focus shifting to U-Boat construction, and the ships were canceled upon Germany’s defeat and the abolishment of the monarchy in 1918.

Prinz Heinrich is named for Prince Henry of Prussia), the second son of Kaiser Friedrich III and younger brother of Wilhelm II (not to be confused with two other Prince Heinrich of Prussia, one being the brother of Frederick the Great (famously known as the prince considered to take the throne of the United States when that was considered) and another the brother Friedrich Wilhelm II). Henry was a career naval officer, serving for some 45 years in the Kaiserliche Marine. During World War I, he was the commander of Germany’s Baltic Fleet, and while the fleet was considered inferior in means compared to Russia’s Baltic Fleet, was able to keep them on the defensive throughout the war until the 1917 Revolutions. After the war, and with the dissolution of the monarchy, Prince Henry left the navy and would live a largely quiet life until his death in 1929.
Historically, only one ship bore the name Prinz Heinrich, a unique armored cruiser launched in March 1900. She would serve as a scouting force flagship and gunnery training ship before World War I, and would take part in the Raid on Scarborough in 1915, before crew shortages led to her decommissioning in 1916.


Stat Spread:
As the last of the Imperial German Battlecruisers, Prinz Heinrich sports superb firepower (S) though suffers from fairly poor HP for a Battlecruiser (B) and an atrocious Anti-Aircraft capability (C). She also carries a fairly excellent torpedo stat (A). Her speed and evasion is about average for a battlecruiser (B).


Prinz Heinrich is a woman who is shown to be very confident and inspires such confidence in others. A very sporty individual, she is an avid fan of yachting and formula racing (her namesake also being as such, with the latter having a contest named in his honor, and was the precursor to the German Grand Prix today). As such, she is very skilled in maintenance, both for her rigging and in regards to boats, planes and cars. Though she can talk at length about her interests, she does tend to space out when it comes to other matters.


Prinz Heinrich is depicted as a woman in her early twenties with short white hair and bright silver, almost supernaturally glowing, eyes. Her attire borrows greatly in its inspiration from that of the Scharnhorst-class designs (in-reference to the design being used as a base for the later Scharnhorst-class Battlecruisers/Battleships) as well as her in-game namesake. A sleeveless white sweater with a black collar (which contains a pair of gold iron cross pins on each side of the collar) that runs down her torso, with detached white sleeves with black cuffs, also sporting gold iron cross pins). Heinrich wears a white skirt with black trim on the hem that runs down to her lower thighs, with white stockings and gray shoes rounding out the attire.
Heinrich’s rigging is in essence, a larger version of Mackensen’s rigging (in reference to the Ersatz Yorck’s being originally ordered as three Mackensen’s) A pair of lifelike, mechanical fish like rigging, one on each side, and each sporting two pairs of 380mm guns, with secondaries lining the side, all in a gothic-styled architecture.

With the release of Tier VII's Prinz Heinrich, that marks the end of the Imperial German phase of Operation Weissenburg, as the next three ships in the tech tree (of which only Tier VIII & X will be covered in upcoming CC's) are, according to Wargaming's Cinematic Universe, designed in 1944, in the tail end of the Nazi era in Germany...
...except not really, as all three ships were actually paper designs developed during the late Imperial era, specifically various battlecruiser draft designs dated to the early spring of 1918. Shoutout to u/Hamartia_CL08 for doing the historical basis of the PR ships, as he did the basis for the design of one of these BC's, KMS Prinz Rupprecht, who is the Tier IX Tech Tree Battlecruiser. Both KMS Zeiten at Tier VIII and KMS Schlieffen at Tier X also follow this mentality, and I will get to those when we get to their concepts in the coming weeks.
As always, if you want to suggest a ship or retrofit in the future, please leave it in the comments below, you can also reach me via DM's to make your suggestions as well. Now about two years ago, I've covered a Character Concept of ARA General Belgrano, the story of USS Phoenix and her cursed career in Argentina, being on the recieving end as the second post World War warship sunk by a submarine overall and only ship to be sunk by a SSN at that. Well, it's funny how things pan out as we take a look at that self-same sub that fired its torpedoes into history, the third of the Churchill-class SSN's, HMS Conqueror (S48).
Link to the list of ships
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2023.05.31 16:19 LiteralNugget The guy who assaulted me a 4 years ago recently overdosed on a bridge downtown from where I live, and I can't stand all the nice things people are saying about him on FB

I am currently 2.5 years clean off of meth, but the assault took place while I was still in active addiction.
I was at a drug acquaintance's place (we'll call him Mark) waiting for someone he had called to show up with more meth. I asked Mark who he had called, and he gives me a name (let's call him Alex). I recognize the name, he's a guy that's heckled me before at my work (I worked as a gas station cashier at the time). I immediately let Mark know that I while I DID want the drugs Alex was dropping off, I wanted nothing to do with Alex, and I especially didn't want to be left alone with him.
If you haven't done meth before, or maybe did and didn't abuse the substance as hard as I did, you might not know about microsleeps. Essentially, it's when your body has been awake and running on empty (and meth) for days, and your internal organs need a fucking break or they'll go into organ failure. You'll be sitting there, wide awake, switch flips and you're out cold for at least a few minutes. I had been using for 3ish years at that point, so I had experienced them before.
I was sitting on Mark's floor, painting in a canvas sketchbook. I had been awake for 4 1/2 days at that point, and I was NOT a smart user. I didn't drink water, didn't even attempt to come down in between bags, you name it. We were out of ice until Alex shows up, so I was starting to slowly come down. He finally shows up, and Mark runs upstairs to grab a scale.
Now at this point, I'm sitting on the floor with my back against the couch. I must have passed out for a second (microsleep) and my head must have tilted back. When I woke up, Mark was still upstairs, and Alex was standing over my face, with the first two inches of his half-flaccid dick in my mouth. I have no idea how long I was out, but I was still fully clothed and not hurt, so it couldn't have been that long. (Not to mention he was only halfways erect, but honestly most meth users I know have an issue with ED, so maybe that was more of a "didn't have time to get hard yet" kind of thing, and not the drugs, but regardless.)
I think about screaming, but my mouth is full. Full of something vulnerable and chock full of nerve endings. So I bite. And pull. Ever had a Charleston Chew? Or a Twizzler? Then you understand how I bit. Bite, pull, twist, tear. He screamed, there was blood in my mouth, and a small scrap of skin between my teeth. I push Alex to the ground and stand up. Mark hears Alex scream, and runs downstairs. "What did you do? What did he fucking do?" I tell Mark to ask Alex how his dick is. Kicks his ass out of the front door, Alex holding his junk. Asked Mark how long he was upstairs, he said he was only up in the attic looking for the scale for 6-8 minutes at most. Left the entire bag of meth he was divvying out of, so we kept that. Mark apologized vehemently and I hadn't seen the two of them again.
Now here comes the reason why I'm posting today. Alex overdosed on heroin and was found on a bridge recently. Now I am bombarded every time I open up Facebook with "R.I.P. Alex, you where such a good dude!" And "looking down on us from heaven❤️" messages and posts regarding Alex, and I just want to scream. Alex, the guy who chose to, in under ten minutes of being presented with the opportunity, to [email protected] an unconscious woman. Alex, who had been convicted of talking to and planning to meet underage girls (including my 14 year old sister YEARS ago). Alex, who was "so kind, and caring, and loving, and yeah he had a problem with drugs, but that didn't stop him from being a good person."
I want so badly to post and scream and shout about the fucking trauma he's not only put ME through, but the trauma he inflicted on others as well. I want to correct every single person who says he had a "heart of gold". No. No he fucking didn't. His heart was black and he was evil. He deserved the scar in the shape of my bite pattern across his dick. He deserved worse than the death he was dealt.
I'm happy that he doesn't have any more opportunities to hurt others, but I feel gross, like that is taking pleasure in his death. I'm pissed that people are talking so nicely about someone they didn't know/refuse to acknowledge was absolutely fucking vile.
I'm in therapy. I'm clean. But the nice posts about this pos make me so mad. I won't correct anyone's posts about their dead friend, dead loved one. But they are wrong.
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2023.05.31 16:16 magnified_loser Horror/Psychological Thriller at Oscars

Frederic March for Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, 1931 (WON)
Genre: Pre-Code horror Directed by : Rouben Mamoulian based on a novel by Robert Louis Stevenson
Category: Best Actor
Laurence Olivier for Rebecca, 1940 (NOMINATED) Joan Fontaine for Rebecca, 1940 (NOMINATED)
Genre: romantic psychological thriller Directed by: Alfred Hitchcock based on a novel by Daphne du Maurier
Category: Best Actor and Best Actress respectively
Joan Fontaine for Suspicion, 1941 (WON)
Genre : romantic psychological thriller Directed by: Alfred Hitchcock based on a novel by Francis Iles
Category: Best Actress
Charles Boyer for Gaslight, 1944 (NOMINATED) Ingrid Bergman for Gaslight, 1944 (WON) Angela Lansburry for Gaslight, 1944 (NOMINATED) Genre : psychological thriller Directed by: George Cukor based on a play by Patrick Hamilton
-It follows a young woman (Bergman) whose husband (Boyer) slowly manipulates her into believing that she is descending into insanity. Film also stars Lansbury as a young maid who Gregory (Boyer) tries to seduce
Category: Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress respectively
Gene Tierney for Leave Her to Heaven, 1945 (NOMINATED) Genre : psychological thriller noir melodrama Directed by: John M. Stahl based on a novel by Ben Ames Williams
Category: Best Actress
Michael Chekhov for Spellbound, 1945 (NOMINATED) Genre : psychological thriller Directed by: Alfred Hitchcock based on a novel by Hilary Saint George Saunders and John Palmer
Category: Best Supporting Actor
FUN FACT: Peck and Bergman nominated for Best Actor and Best Actress but not for this film. Peck was nominated for The Keys of the Kingdom (his first nomination) and Bergman was nomimated for The Bells of St. Mary's
Angela Lansbury for The Picture of Dorian Gray, 1945 (NOMINATED)
Genre : horror-drama Directed by: Albert Lewin based on a novel by Oscar Wilde
Category: Best Supporting Actress
Ethel Barrymore for The Spiral Staircase, 1946 (NOMINATED)
Genre : psychological horror Directed by: Robert Siodmak based on a novel by Ethel Lina White
Category: Best Supporting Actress
Barbara Stanwyck for Sorry, Wrong Number, 1948 (NOMINATED)
Genre : noir thriller Directed by: Anatole Litvak based on a radio play by Lucille Fletcher
Category: Best Actress
Joan Crawford for Sudden Fear, 1952 (NOMINATED)
Genre : noir thriller Directed by: David Miller based on a novel by Edna Sherry
Category: Best Actress
Nancy Kelly for The Bad Seed, 1956 (NOMINATED)
Genre : psychological thriller Directed by: Mervyn LeRoy based on a play by Maxwell Anderson
Category: Best Actress
Janet Leigh for Psycho, 1960 (NOMINATED)
Genre : psychological thriller Directed by: Alfred Hitchcock based on a novel by Robert Bloch
Category: Best Supporting Actress
Bette Davis for What Ever Happened to Baby Jane, 1962 (NOMINATED) Victor Buono for What Ever Happened to Baby Jane,1962 (NOMINATED)
Genre : psychological horrothriller Directed by: Robert Aldrich based on a novel by Henry Farrell
Category: Best Actress and Best Supporting Actor respectively
Kim Stanley Séance on a Wet Afternoon, 1964 (NOMINATED)
Genre : thriller Directed by: Bryan Forbes based on a novel by Mark McShane
Category: Best Actress
Agnes Moorehead for Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte, 1964 (NOMINATED)
Genre : psychological thriller Directed by: Robert Aldrich based on a unpublished short story by Henry Farrell
Category: Best Supporting Actress
Samantha Eggar for The Collector, 1965 (NOMINATED)
Genre : psychological horror Directed by: William Wyler based on a novel by John Fowles
Category: Best Actress
Audrey Hepburn for Wait Until Dark, 1967 (NOMINATED)
Genre : psychological thriller Directed by: Terence Young based on a play by Frederick Knott
Category: Best Actress
Ruth Gordon for Rosemary's Baby, 1968 (WON)
Genre : psychological horror Directed by: Roman Polanski based on a novel by Ira Levin
Category: Best Supporting Actress
Jane Fonda for Klute, 1971 (WON)
Genre : neo-noir psychological thriller Directed by: Alan J. Pakula screenplay by Andy Lewis and Dave Lewis
Category: Best Actress
Ellen Burstyn for The Exorcist, 1973 (NOMINATED) Jason Miller for The Exorcist, 1973 (NOMINATED) Linda Blair for The Exorcist, 1973 (NOMINATED)
Genre : supernatural horror Directed by: William Friedkin based on a novel by William Peter Blatty
Category: Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor and Best Supporting Actress respectively
Sissy Spacek for Carrie, 1976 (NOMINATED) Piper Laurie for Carrie, 1976 (NOMINATED)
Genre : supernatural horror Directed by: Brian De Palma based on a novel by Stephen King
Category: Best Actress Best Supporting Actress respectively
Jane Fonda for The Morning After, 1986 (NOMINATED)
Genre : psychological thriller Directed by: Sidney Lumet screenplay by James Hicks and David Rayfield
Category: Best Actress
Glenn Close for Fatal Attraction, 1987 (NOMINATED)
Genre : psychological thriller Directed by: Adrian Lyne based on a short film by James Dearden
Category: Best Actress
Kathy Bates for Misery, 1990 (WON)
Genre : psychological thriller Directed by: Rob Reiner based on a novel by Stephen King
Category: Best Actress
Anthony Hopkins for The Silence of the Lambs, 1991 (WON) Jodie Foster for The Silence of the Lambs, 1991 (WON)
Genre : psychological horror Directed by: Jonathan Demme based on a novel by Thomas Harris
Category: Best Actor and Best Actress respectively
Robert De Niro for Cape Fear, 1991 (NOMINATED) Juliette Lewis for Cape Fear, 1991 (NOMINATED)
Genre : psychological thriller Directed by: Martin Scorsese based on a novel by John D. MacDonald (also remake of 1962 movie same name that starring Gregory Peck and directed by J. Lee Thompson)
Category: Best Actor and Best Supporting Actress respectively
Haley Joel Osment for The Sixth Sense, 1999 (NOMINATED) Toni Collette for The Sixth Sense, 1999 (NOMINATED)
Genre : psychological thriller Directed by: M.Night.Shamalayn screenplay by M.Night.Shamalayn
Category: Best Supporting Actor and Best Supporting Actress respectively
Judi Dench for Notes on A Scandal, 2006 (NOMINATED) Cate Blanchett for Notes On A Scandal, 2006 (NOMINATED)
Genre : psychological thriller Directed by: Richard Eyre based on a novel by Zoë Heller
Category: Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress respectively
Natalie Portman for Black Swan, 2010 (WON) Genre : psychological horror Directed by: Darren Aronofsky screenplay by Mark Heyman & Andrew Heinz & John McLaughin
Category: Best Actress
Rosamund Pike for Gone Girl, 2014 (NOMINATED) Genre : psychological thriller Directed by: David Fincher based on a novel by Gillian Flynn
Category: Best Actress
Daniel Kaluyaa for Get Out, 2017 (NOMINATED) Genre : psychological horror Directed by: Jordan Peele screenplay by Jordan Peele
Category: Best Actor
42 performances of horropsychological thriller that got nominated
9 won the Academy Award - 2 for Best Actor
2+ nomination Joan Fontaine (2) Jane Fonda (2) Angela Lansburry (2)
Out Of 42 performances 10 were by Men 32 were by Women
21 were lead actress (average age : 37) 11 were supporting actress (average age : 37.7) 6 were lead actor (average age: 40.3) 4 were supporting actor (average age: 30.7)
2+ acting nominations for per movie
Gaslight & The Exorcist (3) Rebecca & WEHTBJ & Carrie & TSOL & Cape Fear & Sixth Sense & Notes On A Scandal (2)
None of movies above (31) directed by a woman
NOTE: This is only for ACTING categories. The other categories were excluded because For Example the year where Spacek and Laurie was nominated for Carrie, Richard Donner's supernatural horror movie the OG The Omen starring Gregory Peck WON best score. So Below the line categories does not count. And I am never going to do. Because It would be painful. If You notice a mistake, Please be nice... Thanks. Thats It.
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17 Byredo Mixed Emotions 100mL 100% Full Tester; No Box $135 Niche
18 Byredo Mumbai Noise 100mL 100% Full Tester; No Box $135 Niche
19 Byredo Sunday Cologne 100mL 100% Full Tester; No Box $135 Niche
20 Chanel Exclusif Cuir de Russie EdT 200mL 95% Full No Box; Tester $725 Niche
21 Chanel Exclusif Misia EdT 200mL 98% Full Vintage Discontinued Formula; No Box $380 Niche
22 Chanel Exclusif No. 22 EdT 200mL 97% Full $550 Niche
23 Christian Dior / Dior Privee Bois D'Argent 7.5mL 100% Full Official Mini $30 Niche
24 Christian Dior / Dior Privee Bois D'Argent 5mL 100% Full Official Mini - Batch Code 0V01 (2010 Production Date) - Price includes shipping $35 Niche
25 Christian Dior / Dior Privee Cologne Royale 5mL 100% Full Official Mini - Batch Code 1X01 (2011 Production Date) - Price includes shipping $30 Niche
26 Christian Dior / Dior Privee Diorissima 7.5mL 100% Full Official Mini; No Cannister - Price includes shipping $30 Niche
27 Christian Dior / Dior Privee Eau Noire 5mL 100% Full Official Mini - Batch Code 1R01 (2011 Production Date) - Price includes shipping $35 Niche
28 Christian Dior / Dior Privee Eden Roc 7.5mL 100% Full Official Mini - Price includes shipping $30 Niche
29 Christian Dior / Dior Privee Granville 5mL 100% Full Official Mini - Batch Code 0V01 (2010 Production Date) - Price includes shipping $35 Niche
30 Christian Dior / Dior Privee Milly-La-Foret 5mL 100% Full Official Mini - Batch Code 0W01 (2010 Production Date) - Price includes shipping $30 Niche
31 Christian Dior / Dior Privee Mitzah 5mL 100% Full Official Mini - Batch Code 1W01 (2011 Production Date) - Price includes shipping $35 Niche
32 Christian Dior / Dior Privee New Look 1947 5mL 100% Full Official Mini - Batch Code 1R01 (2011 Production Date) - Price includes shipping $30 Niche
33 Clive Christian I Pour Femme (Woody Floral with Vintage Rose) 50mL 99% Full No Box $180 Niche
34 Clive Christian Rock Rose 50mL 100% Full Brand New, Sealed $289 Niche
35 Creed Acqua Florentina - F Batch 75mL 95% Full Box, Can add a Creed Cap as well $175 Niche
36 Creed Aventus - 22A11A 100mL 100% Full Full Presentation $250 Niche
37 Creed Aventus Cologne - 2022 Batch 100mL 100% Full Tester with Cap $234 Niche
38 Creed Aventus Cologne - F Batch (Plastic Cap) 100mL 100% Full Brand New, Sealed in Box $239 Niche
39 Creed Aventus for Her - F567 75mL 100% Full Tester with Cap $190 Niche
40 Creed Erolfa - 15X01 120mL 100% Full Tester with Cap $369 Niche
41 Creed Erolfa - F Batch 100mL 100% Full Tester; No Box, No Cap $160 Niche
42 Creed Green Irish Tweed - 19U11 50mL 99% Full Full presentation with Box $160 Niche
43 Creed Green Irish Tweed - 2022 Batch 100mL 100% Full Tester with Cap $195 Niche
44 Creed Himalaya - 22B01A 100mL 100% Full Tester with Square Style Cap $175 Niche
45 Creed Jardin D'Amalfi 75mL 100% Full Tester; No Box; No Cap $199 Niche
46 Creed Millesime Imperial - F Batch 100mL 100% Full Comes with Box and SQUARE Older Style Cap. $180 Niche
47 Creed Neroli Sauvage - F241 100mL 100% Full Tester; No Box; No Cap $160 Niche
48 Creed Original Santal - F511 100mL 100% Full Tester; No Box; No Cap $160 Niche
49 Creed Royal Mayfair - 15R01 120mL 100% Full Tester with Cap $229 Niche
50 Creed Royal Oud - F BATCH 100mL 100% Full Tester with Cap $275 Niche
51 Creed Royal Water - 20C01N 100mL 100% Full Tester with Square Style Cap $175 Niche
52 Creed Silver Mountain Water - 21V01A 100mL 100% Full Tester with Square Style Cap $180 Niche
53 Creed Spring Flowers 2023 75mL 100% Full Tester with Cap $225 Niche
54 Creed Tabarome - 21Y01A 100mL 100% Full Tester; No Box; No Cap $160 Niche
55 Creed Virgin Island Water - F473 100mL 100% Full Tester with Cap $195 Niche
56 Creed White Amber - 17W01 75mL 100% Full Tester; No Box; No Cap $149 Niche
57 Creed Wind Flowers - 22C01B 75mL 100% Full Tester with Cap $199 Niche
58 Diptyque Do Son Eau de Toilette 100mL 100% Full Brand New, Sealed $99 Niche
59 DS & DURGA Amber Kiso 100mL 100% Full New, No Box $125 Niche
60 Frederic Malle Eau de Magnolia 10mL 100% Full Official Travel Spray $55 Niche
61 Gallagher Bergamot Silk 100mL 99% Full $84 Niche
62 Giorgio Armani / Armani Prive Gardenia Antigua 100mL 100% Full Tester; No Box $155 Niche
63 Giorgio Armani / Armani Prive Pierre de Lune 100mL 100% Full Tester; No Box $155 Niche
64 Giorgio Armani / Armani Prive Rose Alexandrie 100mL 100% Full Tester; No Box $155 Niche
65 Guerlain Angelique Noire 30mL 100% Full Mini Bee Bottle Decant $215 Niche
66 Guerlain Angelique Noire 10mL 100% Full Tall Glass Decant $55 Niche
67 Guerlain Cherry Oud 100mL 100% Full Brand New, Sealed $279 Niche
68 Guerlain Cruel Gardenia 200mL 100% Full Brand new tester without box $329 Niche
69 Guerlain Embruns D'Ylang 200mL 100% Full Tester; No Box $339 Niche
70 Guerlain Epices Volee 200mL 100% Full Tester; No Box $339 Niche
71 Guerlain Gourmand Coquin 10mL 100% Full Tall Glass Decant $60 Niche
72 Guerlain Herbes Troublantes 200mL 100% Full Tester; No Box $339 Niche
73 Guerlain Joyeuse Tuberuese 200mL 100% Full Tester; No Box $349 Niche
74 Guerlain Musc Outreblanc 200mL 100% Full Tester; No Box $349 Niche
75 Guerlain Oeillet Pourpre 200mL 100% Full Tester; No Box $339 Niche
76 Guerlain Oud Nude 200mL 95% Full Tester; No Box $369 Niche
77 Guerlain Rose Barbare 200mL 100% Full Tester; No Box $339 Niche
78 Guerlain Rose Barbare 200mL 90% Full DECANTED - NO ORIGINAL BOTTLE $250 Niche
79 Guerlain Santal Pao Rosa 200mL 100% Full Tester (No Box) $349 Niche
80 Guerlain Tonka Imperiale 30mL 100% Full Mini Bee Bottle Decant $199 Niche
81 Guerlain Tonka Imperiale 10mL 100% Full Tall Glass Decant $55 Niche
82 Hermes / Hermessence Agar Ebene 100mL 100% Full Tester; No Box, No Cap $150 Niche
83 Hermes / Hermessence Epice Marine 100mL 100% Full Tester; No Box $170 Niche
84 Hermes / Hermessence Iris Ukiyoe 100mL 100% Full Tester; No Box, No Cap $150 Niche
85 Hermes / Hermessence Osmanthe Yunnan 100mL 100% Full Tester; No Box, No Cap $150 Niche
86 Hermes / Hermessence Paprika Brasil 100mL 100% Full Tester; No Box. $170 Niche
87 Hermes / Hermessence Santal Massoia 100mL 100% Full Tester; No Box. $170 Niche
88 Hermes / Hermessence Vanille Galante 100mL 100% Full Tester; No Box, No Cap $150 Niche
89 Hermes / Hermessence Vetiver Tonka 100mL 100% Full Tester; No Box, No Cap $150 Niche
90 Hermes / Hermessence Vetiver Tonka 200mL 100% Full Full Presentation, Brand New. $399 Niche
91 Hiram Green Vetiver 50mL 95% Full Full Presentation $130 Niche
92 House of Sillage Hufflepuff 75mL 100% Full Brand New, Sealed $325 Niche
93 House of Sillage Nouez Moi 75mL 99% Full Tester $120 Niche
94 I Profumi di Firenze Caterina De Medici 50mL 99% Full No Box $35 Niche
95 Initio Musk Therapy 90mL 99% Full Full presentation with Box $200 Niche
96 Initio Side Effect 10mL 100% Full Official Travel Atomizer $75 Niche
97 Knize Knize Ten 125mL 99% Full No Box $110 Niche
98 Le Labo Another 13 50mL 100% Full Brand New, Sealed $189 Niche
99 Le Labo Baie 19 100mL 99% Full Sprayed Once to Test / Brand New; No Box $225 Niche
100 Le Labo Cedrat 37 – Berlin City Exclusive 100mL 99% Full Sprayed Once to Test / Brand New; No Box $275 Niche
101 Le Labo Cedrat 37 – Berlin City Exclusive 50mL 99% Full Sprayed Once to Test / Brand New; No Box $225 Niche
102 Le Labo Gaiac 10 – Tokyo City Exclusive 100mL 99% Full Sprayed Once to Test / Brand New; No Box $400 Niche
103 Le Labo Mousse de Chene 30 - Amsterdam City Exclusive 50mL 99% Full Sprayed Once to Test / Brand New; No Box $300 Niche
104 Le Labo Musc 25 – Los Angeles City Exclusive 50mL 99% Full Sprayed Once to Test / Brand New; No Box $250 Niche
105 Le Labo Rose 31 50mL 99% Full Sprayed Once to Test / Brand New; No Box $175 Niche
106 Le Labo Tabac 28 – Miami City Exclusive 50mL 99% Full Sprayed Once to Test / Brand New; No Box $250 Niche
107 Le Labo The Noir 29 50mL 99% Full Sprayed Once to Test / Brand New; No Box $175 Niche
108 Maison Crivelli Bois Datchai 100mL 100% Full Brand New, Sealed $169 Niche
109 Maison Crivelli Rose Saltifolia 100mL 100% Full Tester; No Box $159 Niche
110 Maison Francis Kurkdjian 724 200mL 100% Full Tester; No Box $365 Niche
111 Maison Francis Kurkdjian Amyris Femme 70mL 100% Full Tester; No Box $139 Niche
112 Maison Francis Kurkdjian Amyris Femme Extrait 70mL 100% Full Tester; No Box $165 Niche
113 Maison Francis Kurkdjian Amyris Femme Extrait Special Edition Bottle 70mL 100% Full Tester; No Box $245 Niche
114 Maison Francis Kurkdjian Aqua Celestia 70mL 100% Full Tester; No Box $115 Niche
115 Maison Francis Kurkdjian Aqua Celestia Cologne Forte 200mL 100% Full Brand New, Sealed $279 Niche
116 Maison Francis Kurkdjian Aqua Celestia Cologne Forte 70mL 100% Full Tester; No Box $149 Niche
117 Maison Francis Kurkdjian Aqua Celestia Forte 70mL 100% Full Tester; No Box $159 Niche
118 Maison Francis Kurkdjian Aqua Universalis Cologne Forte 70mL 100% Full Tester; No Box $119 Niche
119 Maison Francis Kurkdjian Aqua Universalis EdT 200mL 100% Full Tester; No Box $219 Niche
120 Maison Francis Kurkdjian Aqua Vitae 200mL 100% Full Tester; No Box $219 Niche
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123 Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540 EdP 70mL 100% Full Tester; No Box $205 Niche
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126 Maison Francis Kurkdjian L'eau a La Rose 70mL 100% Full Tester; No Box $129 Niche
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128 Maison Francis Kurkdjian L'homme A la Rose 70mL 100% Full Tester; No Box $159 Niche
129 Maison Francis Kurkdjian Oud EdP 70mL 100% Full Tester; No Box $170 Niche
130 Maison Francis Kurkdjian Oud Extrait 10mL 100% Full Tester; No Box $35 Niche
131 Maison Francis Kurkdjian Oud Satin Mood EdP 70mL 100% Full Tester; No Box. $190 Niche
132 Maison Francis Kurkdjian Petit Matin 70mL 100% Full Tester; No Box $145 Niche
133 Maison Francis Kurkdjian Petit Matin 200mL 100% Full Tester; No Box $350 Niche
134 Mark Birley Charles Street 75mL 97% Full Travel Version $90 Niche
135 Masque Milano Tango 35mL 99% Full $90 Niche
136 Memo Paris French Leather 75mL 100% Full Tester; No Cap $135 Niche
137 Memo Paris Inle 75mL 100% Full Tester; No Cap $135 Niche
138 Memo Paris Italian Leather 75mL 100% Full Tester; No Box or Cap $135 Niche
139 Memo Paris Lailabella 75mL 100% Full Tester; No Box; No Cap $135 Niche
140 Memo Paris Marfa 75mL 100% Full Tester; No Box; No Cap $135 Niche
141 Memo Paris Moon Fever 75mL 100% Full Tester; No Box; No Cap $135 Niche
142 Memo Paris Oriental Leather 75mL 100% Full Tester; No Box; No Cap $135 Niche
143 Mind Games Caissa 100mL 100% Full Tester; No Box $250 Niche
144 Mind Games Gardez (Black Queen) 100mL 100% Full Tester; No Box $225 Niche
145 Mind Games J'Adoube 100mL 100% Full Brand New, Sealed $299 Niche
146 Mind Games Scholar's Mate 100mL 100% Full Tester; No Box $225 Niche
147 Mizensir Cologne de Figuer 100mL 100% Full Tester; No Box. $175 Niche
148 Mizensir Cologne de Matte 100mL 100% Full Tester; No Box. $175 Niche
149 Mizensir Ideal Oud 100mL 100% Full Tester; No Box $165 Niche
150 Mizensir Mythique Vetiver 100mL 100% Full Tester; No Box. $175 Niche
151 Mizensir Sweet Prailine 100mL 100% Full Tester; No Box $165 Niche
152 Mizensir Bois de Mysore 100mL 100% Full Tester; No Box $165 Niche
153 Mona di Orio Cuir 75mL 99% Full No Box $120 Niche
154 Oliver and Co. M.O.U.S.S.E. 50mL 99% Full Limited Edition 87/133 $110 Niche
155 Parfums de Nicolai Patchouli Intense 100mL 98% Full Full Presentation $119 Niche
156 Perris Monte Carlo Tuberuese Absolue 100mL 99% Full No Box $99 Niche
157 Pomare's Stolen Perfume Angel's Share 9mL 70% Full No Box $40 Niche
158 Roja Dove Apex Discovery Atomizer 7.5mL 99% Full $50 Niche
159 Roja Dove Creation-E Essence de Parfum 100mL 100% Full Tester; No Box $165 Niche
160 Roja Dove Scandal Essence de Parfum 100mL 100% Full Tester; No Box $165 Niche
161 Roman Monegal L'eau de Rose 50mL 97% Full $70 Niche
162 Santa Maria Novella Sandalo 100mL 95% Full No Box $80 Niche
163 The Harmonist Desired Earth Eau de Parfum 50mL 100% Full Brand new, Sealed $219 Niche
164 The Harmonist Magnetic Wood Parfum 50mL 100% Full BNIB Sealed $229 Niche
165 Tom Ford Beau de Jour 1000mL 100% Full Sealed Dramming Bottle $1,000 Niche
166 Tom Ford Ebene Fume 250mL 99% Full Decanter; No Box $750 Niche
167 Tom Ford Ebene Fume 50mL 100% Full Brand New, Sealed $170 Niche
168 Tom Ford Fougere Platine 250mL 90% Full Decanter; No Box $625 Niche
169 Tom Ford Fougere Platine 1000mL 100% Full Sealed Dramming Bottle $1,000 Niche
170 Tom Ford Fucking Fabulous 250mL 99% Full Decanter; No Box $750 Niche
171 Tom Ford Fucking Fabulous 50mL 100% Full Brand New, Sealed $180 Niche
172 Tom Ford Grey Vetiver Parfum 100mL 100% Full Sealed, New in Box $170 Niche
173 Tom Ford Oud Fleur 1000mL 100% Full Sealed Dramming Bottle $1,000 Niche
174 Tom Ford Oud Wood 250mL 99% Full Decanter; No Box $750 Niche
175 Tom Ford Rose de Chine 50mL 100% Full Brand New, Sealed $175 Niche
176 Tom Ford Rose Prick 100mL 100% Full Brand New, Sealed $269 Niche
177 Tom Ford Soleil Blanc EdP 50mL 100% Full Brand New, Sealed $140 Niche
178 Tom Ford Soleil Brulant 50mL 100% Full Brand New, Sealed $145 Niche
179 Tom Ford Soleil Neige 1000mL 100% Full Sealed Dramming Bottle $850 Niche
180 Tom Ford Tobacco Oud 50mL 95% Full No Box $180 Niche
181 Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille 50mL 90% Full Full Presentation with Box $155 Niche
182 Tom Ford Tuscan Leather 50mL 100% Full Magnetic Cap Decant $115 Niche
183 Tom Ford Vert des Bois 1000mL 100% Full Sealed Dramming Bottle $900 Niche
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185 TVGA Milestones Extrait 9mL 90% Full No Box $40 Niche
186 Washington Tremlett Black Tie 100mL 95% Full $125 Niche
187 Yves Saint Laurent Tuxedo 250mL 100% Full Brand New, Sealed $375 Niche
188 Acqua di Parma Arancia Di Capri 150mL 100% Full Tester; No Box $65 Designer
189 Acqua di Parma Colonia EdC 100mL 100% Full Brand New, Sealed $75 Designer
190 Acqua di Parma Colonia Intensa 100mL 100% Full Tester; No Box $65 Designer
191 Aqua di Parma Magnolia Nobile 100mL 100% Full Tester; No Box $115 Designer
192 Caron Pour un Homme de Caron Le Matin 125mL 100% Full Opened to test, sprayed once $69 Designer
193 Caron Pour un Homme de Caron Le Soir 125mL 100% Full Opened to test, sprayed once $69 Designer
194 Caron Pour Un Homme Impact Parfum 75mL 97% Full No Box $175 Designer
195 Chanel Allure Homme Sport - Aftershave Balm 100mL 99% Full No Box $65 Designer
196 Chanel Allure Pour Femme EdT 100mL 100% Full Tester; No Box $65 Designer
197 Chanel Antaeus 100mL 85% Full Silver Sprayer $125 Designer
198 Chanel Bleu de Chanel - Aftershave Balm 100mL 99% Full No Box, Minor Cosmetic Damage $55 Designer
199 Chanel Bleu de Chanel - Aftershave Lotion 100mL 99% Full No Box, Minor Cosmetic Damage $55 Designer
200 Chanel Bleu de Chanel Parfum 100mL 100% Full Tester; No Box $130 Designer
201 Chanel Chance Eau Tendre EdP 50mL 90% Full Tester; No Box $90 Designer
202 Chanel Chance Eau Tendre EdT 150mL 99% Full Tester; No Box $120 Designer
203 Chanel Coco EdP 100mL 100% Full Tester; No Box $85 Designer
204 Chanel Coco Mademoiselle - Moisturizing Body Lotion 200mL 99% Full No Box $55 Designer
205 Chanel Coco Mademoiselle EdP 100mL 100% Full Tester; No Box $90 Designer
206 Chanel Coco Mademoiselle EdT 100mL 100% Full Tester; No Box $65 Designer
207 Chanel Coco Mademoiselle L'eau Privee 100mL 100% Full Tester; No Box $90 Designer
208 Chanel Cristalle Eau Vert EdT Concentree 100mL 100% Full Tester; No Box $135 Designer
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210 Chanel No. 19 100mL 100% Full Tester; No Box $115 Designer
211 Chanel No. 5 Eau Premiere 100mL 100% Full Tester; No Box $85 Designer
212 Chanel No. 5 EdP 100mL 100% Full Tester; No Box $85 Designer
213 Chanel Platinum Egoiste 75mL 99% Full SPLASH, NOT SPRAY Older Formulation $125 Designer
214 Christian Dior Dior Homme Sport - 2017 Version 125mL 99% Full Tester; No Box Batch Code is 6Y02 $89 Designer
215 Christian Dior J'adore in Joy EdT 100mL 100% Full Tester with Cap, No Box $60 Designer
216 Floris 007 100mL 100% Full Tester with Cap, No Box $100 Designer
217 Floris A Rose For... 100mL 100% Full Tester; No Box. $65 Designer
218 Floris Cefiro 100mL 100% Full Tester with Cap, No Box $59 Designer
219 Floris Lily of the Valley 100mL 100% Full Tester; No Box. $65 Designer
220 Gucci Gucci Guilty Absolute 90mL 100% Full Tester; No Box $70 Designer
221 Guerlain Habit Rouge L'instinct 100mL 99% Full Sprayed once $84 Designer
222 Guerlain L'instant de Guerlain Pour Homme EXTREME 10mL 100% Full VINTAGE BLACK RIM - DECANT $50 Designer
223 Hermes Twilly 80mL 100% Full Tester; No Box $65 Designer
224 Jo Malone Amber & Lavender 30mL 90% Full No Box $52 Designer
225 Jo Malone English Oak & Redcurrant 30mL 80% Full No Box $49 Designer
226 Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia 100mL 100% Full Brand New with Gift Box and Gift Set (Body Wash, Body Lotion) $180 Designer
227 Jo Malone Rose & White Musk Absolu 100mL 100% Full No Box $180 Designer
228 Jo Malone Velvet Rose and Oud Cologne Intense 50mL 99% Full Tester; No Box $90 Designer
229 Thierry Mugler A*MEN 100mL 99% Full Rubber Flask; No Box $75 Designer
230 Thierry Mugler A*MEN Ultra Zest 100mL 85-90% Full Rubber Flask; No Box $250 Designer
231 Tom Ford Costa Azzura Parfum 50mL 100% Full Brand New, Sealed $130 Designer
232 Amouage Cristal and Gold Ladies 50mL 95% Full Vintage, Incredibly hard to find. Full presentation in nice condition $399 Vintage
233 Cartier Santos EdT 100mL 60% Full Splash; Refillable; Original Formulation; No Box; Some Wear on Case $149 Vintage
234 Chanel Egoiste Cologne Concentree 100mL 97% Full Bottle Only $399 Vintage
235 Chanel Gardenia EdT 100mL 100% Full Vintage; Sealed $390 Vintage
236 Crabtree & Evelyn Crabtree & Evelyn Extract of West Indian and Sicilian Limes 125mL 100% Full Full presentation with Box $209 Vintage
237 Dunhill Cologne 125mL 99% Full Vintage; Splash $100 Vintage
238 Escada Pour Homme Aftershave 75mL 100% Full BNIB Sealed $165 Vintage
239 Escada Pour Homme Aftershave 125mL 100% Full BNIB Sealed $240 Vintage
240 Floris Bay Rum 3.5 Oz 97% Full Vintage; Splash. "Use as a cologne, after shave lotion, or hair lotion." $84 Vintage
241 Floris Special 127 100mL 98% Full Vintage; Dark Blue Box., 2 Royal Warrants, Vintage Version $70 Vintage
242 Fragonard Zizanie 240mL 80% Full Shaker bottle (Splash, not spray) no box. At least 80% Full. $240 Vintage
243 Geo F Trumper Ajaccio Violets 100mL 99% Full $40 Vintage
244 Gucci Envy Aftershave 50mL 100% Full BNIB Sealed $140 Vintage
245 Gucci Envy Aftershave 100mL 100% Full BNIB Sealed $215 Vintage
246 Gucci Rush for Men 50mL 100% Full Full Presentation; These do not come fully filled $190 Vintage
247 Gucci Rush for Men Aftershave 100mL 100% Full BNIB Sealed $140 Vintage
248 Guerlain Heritage EdT 200mL 100% Full New; Vintage; Splash. 1991 Bottle. $225 Vintage
249 Guerlain Samrasa EdP 50mL 100% Full No Box $109 Vintage
250 Guerlain Samsara EdT 1992-1993 Formulation 100mL 100% Full Tester; No Cap; No Box $109 Vintage
251 Jean Desprez Bal a Versailles 9 Oz 70% Full Vintage; Splash; No Box Open to offers on this enormous bottle. $135 Vintage
252 Lacoste Eau de Sport Vivifiante 100mL 99% Full No Box $110 Vintage
253 Lacoste Land 100mL 99% Full $130 Vintage
254 Nino Cerruti Fair Play Pour Homme 100mL 99% Full Full presentation with Box $275 Vintage
255 Paco Rabanne Eau de Metal 20mL 100% Full Vintage; Mini $15 Vintage
256 Ralph Lauren Silver Romance for Men 100mL 80% Full No Box, No Cap $145 Vintage
257 Revillon Pour Homme Eau de Toilette Super Concentrate 60mL 99% Full Atomizer $190 Vintage
258 Revillon Pour Homme Eau de Toilette Super Concentrate 90mL 99% Full Atomizer $290 Vintage​
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2023.05.31 16:10 Sinpleton025 Galactic Pit - Chapter 5

"Are you awake? You gotta wake up, silly.", a voice called to me. A woman's voice. A familiar voice. Soft and beautiful. Like a song. I lay on my back, my face looking up at the pale ceiling.
"Come on. I know you can hear me, your eyes are open.", she spoke again. Was it…? No. How? I turned my head ever so slowly to my left. It was. It was her. How?
She smiled. That beautiful smile. How could I forget it? How could I forget her long black hair and emerald eyes? Eyes that I could drown in if I stared too long.
"Did you forget who you spent the night with?", she playfully asked me, "Am I really so much like the other girls?"
I couldn't help but crack a smile, "What other girls?"
She giggled and kissed me, her soft lips pressing into mine. So passionate. So loving. When they parted, she brought her hand to the side of my face. She stared into my eyes with worry.
"Are you alright?", she asked me.
I took her into mine. It was so small and soft compared to my palm. "Yes. Yes, I'm… I'm good. Great even. You're here."
She smiled again. I could look at her all day. She cuddled close to me, her body pressing into mine and her head laying on my chest. Her hair smelled so nice and it was so soft to the touch. My finger massaged her scalp as she playfully scratched my chest. We were like polar opposites. I was taller, broader, scarred. My skin was rough and in some cases ugly.
My tattoos were horrid. Lines counting the jobs I carried out. Daggers on my forearms, to show how lethal my fists were. A target on my hard, an invitation saying "Go ahead, stab the heart. It's that simple.". A giant cross on my back with the Latin phrase "si vis pacem para bellum". If you want peace, prepare for war. Ironic considering my line of work.
I hated myself for it. For all of it. For all that I've done and become. And yet she… she never once turned her back on me.
Good God, she was beautiful. A curvy figure with soft skin. Toned but not firm. No scars or ink. She was pure. She was innocent. Her blood wasn't but I didn't care.
"I'm glad we're here.", she said, "I wish we could stay like this forever."
"Me too. But you know your dad-"
"I don't care what he thinks or says.", she cut me off, her voice shifting in tone, "Please, let's not talk about it."
"Joan, he-"
"Please, Adrien.", she started crying a little, "I don't want… I don't want him in this. Not in this. Please."
I didn't speak as she cried. It was the only thing that could break my heart. I couldn't let it go on. I raised us both until I was sitting up straight with her in my lap. I dried her tears and kissed her forehead.
"Alright. I won't bring him up anymore. I promise."
She nestled her head on my chest again and I held her firmly but gently. I wanted to protect her. To care for her. To love her. Like she loves me.
"We can stay like this as long as you want.", I said as softly as I could.
She raised her head and caressed my face, "No. No, we can't. You still have to wake up."
I frowned, "I'm awake. I'm with you."
"No, you're not. You need to wake up."
I shook my head and held her tighter.
"Wake up, Adrien. Wake up. Wake up now!"
I opened my eyes again and jolted upward, grabbing the thing closest to me. It turned out that the thing closest to me wasn't a thing. It was a person. Well, something like one. One of those toad aliens was shaking and begging me to let it go. I could barely feel it in my hand as I tightened it around its collar.
"W-Wait, Adrien!", someone shouted, "Let her go! No one's going to hurt you! Please!"
I turned my head to see the familiar face of Shapa. Her eyes widened in horror and desperation as I continued to hold the alien. After a few more moments I let it go and rub the side of my forehead. There was a piece of rubber stuck to it so I pulled it out. Several more were around my head and I removed them one by one. I looked at Shapa, demanding an explanation.
"Y-You were acting strangely in your sleep.", she said, "I c-called the medical staff and t-they started monitoring you. Your brain waves were somewhat frightening. We didn't know what it was that caused it."
Just then I noticed I was sweating and panting. I stood up and walked to a mirror. My face was red and my shirt was soaked. I quickly took it off and started drying myself with a towel. The alien doctors left the room but Shapa stayed. She slowly walked toward me, still frightened by my outburst.
"Are you alright?", she asked me.
Was I? Was I really? Probably not. But I nodded my head anyway as I sat back on the bed. Shapa sat down next to me and took my hand. She put it on her head. She reminded me of a dog. A golden retriever. Not just in looks but also her attitude. She could be shy and reserved, often awkward. But when she got used to me, she became somewhat happy and even caring. I did not doubt that the rich toad director sent her to be my therapy pet or something. But I saw her as more than that.
She was smart, organized, and genuinely seemed interested in helping me. The first time I rubbed her fur I hesitated a lot. Shapa wasn't and isn't an animal. She's a person. I couldn't treat her like a dog. And yet she didn't mind and even encouraged me to continue. Even now I don't know if she's actually fond of this or not.
Our time was cut short when the door opened and a familiar bloated shape walked in.
"There he is!", Coblo shouted in excitement, "There's my champion! I heard the medical staff gave you trouble. Just say the word and I'll have them scrubbing the lower decks of the docking bay."
"Everything is fine.", Shapa said, "No need for any scrubbing."
"Excellent! Now, onto the good news. Your fight against Kuldar was seen by the entire sector. I've been getting calls non-stop ever since you caved that ape's head in. Oh how spectacular that was."
Caved his head in? How about I cleave yours off? That fight was no joke. I'd be lying if I said it wasn't a rush. My gut still felt sore after his punch. His fists felt like bricks when they connected. No surprise there, I guess. His face on the other hand was surprisingly soft though. A few good hits made him lose his balance. It was then that he realized he was going to lose. But by then it was too late. Once I did enough damage he went wild and then all I had to do was finish it.
"I even got calls from three other of my fellow leaders. They're begging for me to let them meet you. I'm hosting a party in honor of your first victory in three days. By then I'm sure the others will be in the system. They'll probably bring their fighters along with them so it'll be an excellent opportunity for you."
"Which leaders if I may ask, sir?", Shapa asked.
"Kataraga Shipping, Topul Electronic, and Kan'Bul'Dul Heavy Arms. I have to admit, the Kantalans are a surprise. They usually keep to themselves. This should be interesting. Make sure to read up on them, I don't want to get embarrassed."
"Yes, sir.", Shapa said, "I'll make sure he's ready."
"Terrific. See to it then, I have much to do and much to prepare. Three days, remember that."
Coblo left the room and Shapa growled a little, "Bloated toad. Treating you like a damn trophy."
Her attitude really has changed. Coblo's mentality didn't surprise me. If anything it's justified. He owned me, for the lack of a better term. Of course, he'd want to show me off. On the other hand, it was a good opportunity. Chances are I was going to fight them sooner or later. At least now I could get a measure. Three days. I'll have a lot to learn.
"Don't worry.", Shapa said as she grabbed my hand, "You won't need to do or say anything. I'll be your voice."
This was strangely comforting. I felt more at peace when I was like this. Is it because she was like a dog? A woman? Because she genuinely cared? I didn't know. And it didn't matter right now. I stood up and walked over to the desk where the tablet was. I typed in a few words and showed it to Shapa.
We need to start now.
"Learning?", she asked and I nodded, "Alright. What do you want to know first?"
That's how we spent our time. Studying. I never went to a real school so the act of learning was a learning experience in itself. The more she showed me the more I became fascinated but also frightened. I always knew the galaxy was big but I never thought it was this massive. Hundreds of species over thousands of planets. Something many of us back home believed to be impossible and just a work of fiction. Whether I should be glad or concerned was a dilemma for me. If they could just show up and kidnap me, they could just as easily send more and more aliens over there. The possibility of an invasion lingered on my mind for quite a while.
Dammit, that was a headache.
And hell, for all I knew, there could be more humans out there. Each one owned by some egotistical corporate fuck that wants to keep them a secret. I prayed that wasn't the case. Not just for my sake but for theirs as well. If we were forced to fight I wouldn't hold back.
Three days passed rather quickly and it was time to see the other aliens. One of Coblo's secretaries called Shapa and me to the entrance of the main hall. The tailors of this place remade the clothes I was in when the lemurs took me. But they felt different. My army boots were softer and my jacket hung a little more loosely on my shoulders. Not to mention the material, while aesthetically the same, felt different to the touch.
Shapa looked nice. Her red and black dress went well with her golden fur. She kept saying how it was uncomfortable. Not the dress itself but the idea of wearing it. She preferred simple and humble things so wearing a dress this exotic felt foreign to her. I reassured her, saying how good she looked in hopes that it would ease her mind during the party. Coblo was already waiting for us in front of the door. He was in his trademark suit with his arms crossed behind his back.
"Alright, this is it.", he spoke, "Be on your best behavior and do as I say. Under no circumstances should a fight break out. Do you all understand?"
We both nodded and Coblo then opened the door. The hall wasn't packed with people per se, mainly because it was so large. A few hundred people were probably there. Drones buzzed around and served food and drinks while music played over the speakers. Already I was overwhelmed by the sheer diversity of the crowd. There were tall and lanky aliens as well as short and broad ones along with everything in between. Some were blue, some brown, some red, and even orange and yellow. Some had scales and long teeth while others had fur. A few looked like crustaceans with two legs. I swore I even saw a fucking centaur and a half griffin.
In one of the corners, I saw the oh-so-familiar lizards. Skelians. I looked at them with disdain. Those things tried to kill me. Then again, those ones were pirates. They looked back at me in confusion and awe. They weren’t the only ones. Most of the aliens were smaller than me in one sense or another. The ones that shared the most similarities with me gave me the most questioning looks. By most similarities I mean they were bipedal, walked upright, and had no animalistic features as more than half of the others did. That was something I noticed rather quickly. Most of the aliens looked like animal and human hybrids. Some looked more like animals than others. There were even some fish that had tanks of water on the back of their robot suits. At this point, I would hit myself to see if I’m dreaming. But I already knew I wasn’t. This was real. This place, these people. All of it.
“Ah, my friends!”, Coblo suddenly exclaimed, “I am so glad that you could make it. I must confess when I received your call I was rather… skeptical, shall we say?”
“You would be.”, the alien in the middle spoke. A Malnian, Shapa told me. Grey-skinned, bald, medium height with lanky four-fingered limbs. His eyes were orange with black pupils and his lips were rather thin. His most distinguishable features were the flaps on the sides of his neck. I had no idea what they were meant for and frankly, I didn’t care. This one was Halimur Kataraga, the director of Kataraga Shipping. “A luxurious event, you organized here. Though it is a bit much for such a small victory.”
Coblo smirked at that, “Well, it is the first victory for my newest fighter.”
“Speaking of which.”, the smallest alien spoke, “Where is he?”. This one was a Condolie. I remember these gremlins. Friendly and curious. This one was Xanti Xadal, the director of Tapul Electronic. Finally, someone who didn’t treat their company like a damn dynasty. She rode a two-legged walker like someone would a horse. This was so she could speak eye to eye with people.
I stepped forward and Shapa spoke for me, “Adrien Lopez, the Goliath. It is a word for someone very large and powerful. His planet is unknown.”
“A fitting title.”, Xanti said, “I saw your match with Kuldor. Very impressive.”
I nodded in response.
“Can you not speak?”, Halimur asked.
“No.”, Shapa said, “His voice box is very damaged and his anatomy is very foreign. It would be difficult to fix it.”
That was a lie. The fat toads didn't want me to speak. Just tell them that.
“Unfortunate.”, Halimur said, “I would have loved to hear more about your planet and people.”
“There will be time for that.”, Coblo said, “Now where’s Kanahn?”
“Right here.”, a voice spoke from the right and we turned to see a bulky brown alien approach. Kanahn Bul’Dul, director of Kan’Bul’Dul Heavy Arms. A weapons manufacturer, the biggest in The Conglomerate. He was a Kantalan. Tall, broad with two large three-fingered arms. His legs were a bit short for someone of his size. He had four red eyes and pointy ears along with a wide mouth. The top of his head was level with my eyes but we were about the same build.
“Big.”, he said as his eyes trailed my body, “Take that thing off.”
I hesitated for a moment before looking back at Coblo. He nodded his fat head and I did as I was told.
“And that.”, Kanahn said, pointing at my shirt. I complied. Now everyone was staring at me. At my scars and tattoos.
Kanahn gripped different parts of my upper body with his large hands and bumped my chest, “Strong. Sturdy. I like it. What do you think, Magala?”
Another Kantalan approached. But this one was larger. Shapa told me that female Kantalans were larger than the males. When she got close to me my eyes were leveled with her throat. It was the first alien I saw that was objectively bigger than me in every sense. She looked down into my eyes and smirked before grabbing my shoulder and squeezing it. It hurt. It hurt a lot. But I didn’t let it show. I stared back at her. Unflinching. Unmoving.
“Not bad.”, she said in a deep voice, “Better than most anyway.”
“Can you take him?”, Kanahn asked.
She contemplated it so it seemed. Then she smirked again and mockingly lowered her head toward me, “No problem.”
She probably could. Kuldor might have been tough but this one was a different beast altogether. If I ever had to fight her, I’d be severely disadvantaged.
“Oh? What do we have here?”, I heard a voice behind me as I put my shirt back on. A Kyslan was talking to Shapa. One of her people but he looked different. More like a wolf than a dog. He kept trailing his hands all over her body and whispering something into her ears. She looked uncomfortable so I stepped in and grabbed his arm.
He looked up at me with a casual look, “And you are?”
“Adrien Lopez.”, Shapa said immediately, “Octon Corporation’s fighter.”
“Really now?”, he asked in a mocking tone, “You’re the one who fought Kuldor, right? I heard you beat his face hard his head turned into a bowl. His brain literally got squeezed out of his ears. Wow, was that hilarious or what?”
This guy seemed like a complete douchebag. I’d like nothing more than to beat his face in, too. As if he read my mind, the smug smile faded away and he looked at me with a predatory grin, like he was about to pounce on me.
“That’s enough.”, Halimar said.
“Oh come on, boss.”, the Kyslan whined, “I just wanted to have some fun.”
“You can have your fun elsewhere. This event was organized for that purpose."
"Fine.", he said and I let go of his hand, "I'll be seeing you, Lopez."
"We should all go enjoy ourselves.", Coblo said, "Business can wait."
"Sure.", Kanahn exclaimed, "Where's your booze?"
One of the servants led him and his fighter down to another corner of the hall. I turned around to look at Shapa, who seemed nervous and uncomfortable. I put my hand on her shoulder and looked her in the eyes. She smiled back and held my hand. The rest of the night went by alright. More introductions with other fighters. Most of them didn't bother me. But there were a few I kept an image of in my mind. Those would prove to be the biggest challenge.
It didn't in the end. This is a war. Like every other I've fought. And like those, I'll win.
End of Chapter 5
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2023.05.31 16:04 KiddKnyghtMarez I Got Caught Up With Some Loan Sharks, And Someone Totally Unexpected Saved My Ass.

Since freshman year I’ve been in and out of trouble, often getting myself in all kinds of nasty situations. It was around that time my grades started to drop and my parents got more complaints from my teachers. I hung with the wrong crowds and would often get suspended. Over the years things got worse. My problems left school and became minor offenses with the law. Everything from shoplifting to vandalism. I can’t even count the amount of times I’ve been dragged home in a squad car, only to be snatched in and scolded by my dad.
In the middle of senior year not much had changed. My grades were overall still piss poor and I almost got busted for selling prescription pills. At that point I had messed up so much that my parents finally decided that they’ve had enough. They gave me an ultimatum. I had just turned eighteen, so they told me either I got my shit together, or they were going to let me go - one more mishap and I was out of the house.
Honestly, I’ve been wanting to move out and get away from my parents for a while anyways. My “unruly” and rebellious acts in high school was a result of their constant bickering and attempts at controlling every aspect of my life. I’ve become more and more annoyed with them as time passed.
After our talk I became determined to stay out of trouble. I still needed somewhere to stay before leaving, and I didn’t want to get thrown out before I found a way to support myself. I was motivated to turn my life around. But I had to start somewhere, and it was in an industry I knew I’d hate working in.
Fast food.
I found a position at a burger joint. After a few weeks of faithfully punching the clock after school, and fulfilling my duty as a cashier, I really was off to a good start. That was until I decided I needed a car. Although my job was only a few blocks away, I thought I would need some reliable transportation for myself in the future.
Obviously I had no money to purchase a new car, so I planned on buying a used one. One day after school I made a trip to the nearest dealership and searched for a used vehicle with a low price. I wanted to get the car as soon as possible, but I had no credit and I couldn’t pay the full price up front. I searched for other solutions.
An old acquaintance told me about a guy called Bucky-Mac. He told me this guy would loan me the money for the car no matter what my credit was like. From what I've heard, Bucky-Mac was primarily a drug dealer, but he also lent money to desperate people on the side.
Apparently he's been around for years, so I found it odd that I've never heard of this guy before. The fact that this guy was pretty much a loan shark did very little to deter me at the time. My sudden enthusiasm and hope that came with finally wanting to get my life together and taking my future seriously kind of clouded my judgment.
I went to the guy that my old friend had informed me of. Bucky-Mac spent a lot of time in a spot located on the other side of town. It was in a wooded area, at the end of a long dirt road deep into a labyrinth of trees. I rode my bike over there that day, so it took me about ten minutes to travel down the dirt road and reach the small wooden house with boarded up windows.
There were four black trucks parked on the property, with a few men hanging out and standing here and there. One guy smoking a cigarette turned and spotted me coming his way. He stopped in the middle of taking another swig and stared at me as I came closer. The other guys nearby spotted me soon after. I rode closer to the guy with the cigarette and hopped off my bike. All the eyes glued on me made me feel uneasy, so I was slow about speaking. After seconds of awkward silence the cigarette smoking guy says,
“Who are you?”
The curious men that surrounded him looked as if they also wanted to know.
“I-I’m Jake. I’m here to talk to Bucky-Mac,” I said.
He nodded his head in approval before flicking his still lit cigarette away. Then he gestured for me to follow him. I was led into the nearly dilapidated house, as many of the other guys had their gaze locked on me as I entered.
The place was mostly dark inside. But there were a few dimly lit areas, many of which were occupied with boxes and blocks of a suspicious substance heavily wrapped in tape. There was a guy inside hauling many of the blocks into the boxes as he taped them up. The house also reeked of marijuana. The scent was so strong I was surprised it didn’t hit me while I was outside.
We made a turn down a hall which had a closed door at the end. The guy in front of me knocked twice when we reached it. The door swung open in seconds, revealing a middle aged man standing in the doorway. He was smiling. He glanced at me quickly then laid eyes back on the guy in front of me.
“Who is this?” he asked.
The guy in front me shrugged his shoulders.
The middle aged man’s smile grew wider. He had one gold tooth. His hair was slicked back, and it shined in the sunlight beaming in through the window behind him.
“How’s it going?” He said, still smiling.
“I’m fine, man. You?” I replied.
Although I felt a little uneasy, I tried to present myself as confident and just as friendly as this guy appeared to be so far.
“Why don’t you come into my office?” He said, stepping back and giving way for me and the other guy to enter.
We walked in then the middle aged man closed the door behind us. There were two chairs sitting in front of a decorative desk, which had a revolver and a half consumed glass of liquor near it. I took a seat in one of the chairs, as the man came and sat behind his desk. The other guy stood by the door.
“So, what’s up? "
“You are Bucky-Mac, right?” I asked.
He picked up the glass of liquor and gulped down what remained before saying,
“Of course, mate! All day everyday.”
I looked behind me and saw the guy by the door grinning. Then I spun back around only to see Bucky-Mac still smiling.
I sighed.
“I need to borrow some cash,” I said.
From there I explained my situation. I told him that I just turned eighteen and was about to graduate high school in a few months. I informed him of my bumpy years of high school, why I wanted to turn my life around after graduating, and how the money would allow me to buy a car, which would be convenient during the job hunting process.
“Hmm, I see,” Bucky-Mac mumbled, staring at his desk, “You seem to be a man of good intent. You made some mistakes, and now you wanna do better. I can respect that.”
He pulled a bottle of booze from behind his desk and started to refill the glass in front of him.
“You know, most people would find this hard to believe. But sometimes I wish I did the same when I was your age,” Bucky-Mac continued, “If I had thought the same as you earlier on, I’d have a much more stable life right now.”
I heard the guy by the door chuckle, as if he disagreed with Bucky-Mac’s statement.
“Thanks, man,” I said.
He offered me a drink, but I kindly turned it down.
“No worries, pal. You have my support,” Bucky-Mac assured, “So how much we lookin’ at?”
The second I left Bucky-Mac’s spot I headed straight for the dealership and purchased the car I’ve had my eye on. Then on the following day I pulled up to school in it. Some of the kids standing in the crowd in front of the school building noticed me as soon as I pulled into the parking lot. A few of them were my friends, and I often walked to school with them everyday.
They were surprised to see me suddenly pull up to school driving a car, and no longer walking with them. I must say, it felt good to drive around in a vehicle that I could say was mine. Although it was only a cheap used one, it was still my first car.
Among some of the kids in the crowd was a girl. She was standing in an area alone by the front doors. She was really tall, towering over most of the boys that stood in a group not too far away from her. Her eyes were locked on me as I drove by.
Abatha is her name. I’ve known her since first grade. No, we weren’t quite friends. If anything we were the opposite. Abatha has been a total bitch to me ever since the first day we met as small children.
It all started in second grade. Abatha snatched a toy from me. Then she proceeded to push me down and go crying to the teacher, saying I was the one that took the toy from her. The teacher believed her, and I was put in time out. I remember seven year old Abatha teasing me for the rest of the day after that.
This small childish incident led to non-stop feuding between us, year after year, well into our high school years. Most of it was initiated by her.
Often Abatha would taunt and harass me every chance she got. It became worse at the beginning of high school when my years of delinquency began. She had many field days laughing and making fun of me the second she found out I’d gotten into some trouble.
Her harassment was never anything more than verbal. Abatha never physically assaulted me, or displayed a desire to do so. I found this odd, as she very well could've, and inflicted some damage due to her large size. She’s always been a larger girl. Even when we were younger she had always been taller than me. By the time junior year came around she was 6’4.
As I pulled into a parking spot I saw Abatha grin before turning and entering the school building.
Two hundred fifty dollar payments a week. That was the deal. I told Bucky-Mac about my job as a cashier and he was willing to work with me. I expected close to half of my check to be gone every time I got paid for the next few months, but it was for a good cause.
I returned to Bucky-Mac’s spot one afternoon after leaving work, to pay him his share. The first week of paying was a piece of cake. Easy in, easy out. But it was when I went back the following week I realized I may have made a grave mistake.
He wanted double of what was paid the previous week. Five hundred dollars.
When he told me that, my stomach dropped. During our negotiation he specifically said two hundred fifty dollars per week. I was confused as to why he was changing the terms and conditions.
“I forgot to mention a little something called…interest,” Bucky-Mac explained, “Look at it this way. You’re helping me, help you.” Bucky-Mac said.
That friendly smile he once had when I first met him had turned into something else.
I already knew there would be some interest involved, because otherwise he wouldn’t make any profit lending money. But I didn’t expect it to be that much. Fortunately I was able to make the payment, as I could work more hours than most high schoolers who were restricted by child labor laws. But I barely had any money left afterwards.
When I went back the third week he wanted a thousand dollars.
One thousand dollars.
I mean, there was just no way he could expect me to pull that kind of cash on the spot. Especially after I told him about my low paying occupation.
I told him I couldn’t pay him that week. Then that’s when the shit hit the fan, and the guy beneath that friendly façade came to surface. Bucky-Mac’s smile faded completely, then he abruptly gained an expression of pure rage.
“We had a deal,” he said, standing up out of his seat.
That same guy from before was standing by the door, but the second Bucky-Mac stood up out of his seat, he moved in closer to me.
With my heart now racing, I mumble, “You didn’t say anything about interest rates this high -”
“We had a deal!” Bucky-Mac shouted.
“Dude, I get that. But w-we agreed to something totally different!” I said, now starting to get even more nervous.
I glanced behind me once more and saw that the other guy was almost leaning right up on me, still glaring. At this point I wanted to just run out of the room.
As Bucky-Mac walked from behind his desk the guy behind me wrapped his arm around my neck, locking me in a tight choke hold. I struggled to break free but the guy was too strong.
“What the fuck is thi - “ I started.
Before I could finish my sentence, Bucky-Mac came and punched me in the stomach. I grunted in pain then coughed multiple times. Then he kneeled down to look me right in the eye, as the guy behind me still had a hold on me.
“Now I’m gonna tell you this, Jake. I don’t like being ripped off,” Bucky-Mac said.
I felt the guy's arm slightly constrict around my neck tighter.
Bucky-Mac searched my pockets then pulled out all the cash I was carrying, which wasn’t very much.
“You’re short on payment,” he continued, “From now on, I want full payments every single week, starting next week. By then, I expect two thousand dollars sitting on my desk….no excuses. Or we’re gonna have some serious problems, Jake.”
Bucky-Mac delivered a few more punches to my gut before the guy behind me finally released me, letting me fall to the floor as I held my stomach.
“You can leave my office now,” Bucky-Mac mumbled, drawing a cigar from the inside of his suit.
After that incident I hadn’t returned to Bucky-Mac’s spot for two whole weeks. Bucky-Mac called my phone constantly during that time. I ignored. Every time my phone rang and I saw his number my heart would instantly leap. I didn’t know what I was going to do. But I had to think of something quick.
In the meantime, everyone at school was already excited about prom. I wasn’t. I had gotten myself caught up in some debt. Prom was the last thing I cared about.
During the next few weeks that’s all everyone at school discussed. My parents even brought it up to me, expressing how they hoped I planned on going to the last prom of high school. At first I disregarded their suggestion and didn’t plan on going. I had no one to take. I was pretty sure anyone I asked would’ve turned me down anyways. But to my surprise, someone asked me to prom instead.
A girl named Alexis. This was odd because I hadn’t interacted with her much over the years, and I barely knew her. But she told me she had no one to take to prom and she’s been checking me out for some time. So reluctantly, I agreed to go to prom with her. Afterwards, we spent some time hanging out and dating off and on. Some mornings I’d even pick her up and give her rides to school in my car.
One morning Abatha caught Alexis and I getting out of my car and heading to the school building. Abatha was standing alone once again. This time she was scrolling away on her phone. She spotted us out in the parking lot, then waited for us to approach her. Another mischievous grin plastered her face.
“Looks like the troublemaker caught himself another fish,” Abatha said as we passed by.
When I didn’t reply, Abatha stepped out in front of us and blocked our way.
I sighed.
“Abatha, not today”.
I had to look up to her as I spoke.
“I don’t wanna get into it with you right now. Please move,” I continued.
I took Alexis by the hand and tried to move around her but she just blocked me again.
Abatha did this often. I’ve had many girlfriends throughout high school. Every time Abatha saw me with a new girl she’d come and embarrass me in front of my date.
Every time.
I sighed again. Abatha chuckled.
“What’s wrong, Jakey boy?...still feelin’ butterflies?” Abatha taunted.
She glanced at Alexis.
“Let me ask you something,” Abatha continued, stepping closer to Alexis, “Does he often get…jittery, when you’re alone?”
“I don’t think that’s any of your busine - “ Alexis started.
“Does he scream when you see him with his pants down?” Abatha interrupted, “Only asking because he did it before. When I pulled his pants down back in sixth grade…..wait, have you seen him with his pants down yet?”
Agitated, Alexis took me by the hand and made her way around Abatha, pulling me along with her. As we trotted along, I glanced back and saw Abatha frowning. I smirked at her as we walked further away. Abatha rolled her eyes in frustration before turning around and going in the opposite direction.
I was just getting off work on one Saturday night, as my shift had just ended. My manager was counting the till and I just cleaned the last table in the restaurant. While I waited by the door for the manager to lock up for the night, I saw a black truck pull into the parking lot outside. The truck parked right beside my car. My guess was a last minute customer. Evidently my manager thought the same because he told me to tell whoever was in the truck that we were closed. When they came to the door, that is. But no one ever did get out of the truck. About ten minutes had passed by and they were still sitting there letting the engine run.
My manager and I stepped outside after he had set the alarm and finished the till. Then the both of us went our separate ways in the parking lot, after the manager had locked the restaurant doors.
When I got to my car I tried to sneak a peek into the truck that was parked beside me but the windows were tinted very dark.
Go figure.
I heard the manager start the engine on his car and pull out of the parking lot. That’s when a door on the mysterious black truck suddenly shot open. A large man hopped out of the back seat and grabbed me from behind, hauling me into the truck afterwards.
As soon as the large man threw me into the back seat, I was reminded that I had told Bucky-Mac where I worked when we first met. I told him part of my schedule, and gave some specifics on times. I had also informed him of some other things I couldn’t recall at the moment. I know I may have told him a little too much but the guy seemed so friendly at first I thought I could trust him.
The guy that hauled me in pushed me further across the seat, before getting back in himself and closing the door. Someone else in the truck flipped on a light. Then I could clearly see Bucky-Mac sitting right beside me. He didn’t look happy.
“Sup, Jake?” He said.
He stared at me with cold and menacing eyes.
There were two guys in the front. They were looking back at me, holding expressions similar to Bucky-Mac’s.
“You’ve missed some payments, and it better be for good reason. Now, I hope you have cash to cover these couple weeks you’ve decided to skedaddle,” Bucky-Mac said.
He continued to glare at me, waiting for a response.
“I-I’ve been trying to get the money. What do you think I’m at this restaurant for?” I stammered.
He snickered then covered his face with his hand.
“Now, that’s a good one!.....But it’s still unacceptable. You haven’t been paying, and you’ve been ignoring my calls,” he snarled.
He elbowed me in the face, striking me right in my nose. My nose began to gush blood.
One of the guys up front lit a cigarette, then that’s when Bucky-Mac and the large guy sitting on my other side started to viciously beat me. They kicked my ass in that back seat for minutes, then the large guy opened the door again before shoving me outside on the ground.
The black truck backed up and took off, leaving me behind in the moonlit parking lot.
My entire body was aching like hell, and one of my eyes throbbed non-stop. I touched my bottom lip. It was swollen, and felt slightly enlarged. I could barely stand up straight heading to my car, as the pain had caused my body to beg for rest.
As I opened my car door, I heard something from a distance. A strange sound. Like a howl. It was echoing out into the night, and it went on for seconds. I turned in all directions making several attempts at finding the source.
I found nothing.
I even glanced at the sky. There was nothing there but the half moon.
I had dug myself deeper into the debt hole by not visiting Bucky-Mac for those two weeks. He increased my debt even more, and accounted for the times I didn’t show up. As expected, he doubled the amount for each week. This meant I owed him a total of eight thousand dollars as of the night in the parking lot.
After that I made sure I stopped by Bucky-Mac’s spot and paid him as much as I could for the following few weeks after, even though it was nowhere near enough. As a result of the low payments, I received more beatings everytime I went. But I had to keep going and pay him what I could, otherwise he’d do something worse if I didn’t show up at all.
But what was I kidding. I was never going to pay off this debt. At this point I realized that’s exactly how Bucky-Mac wanted things. He wanted a constant flow of cash that never ended. Even if I showed up to his office one day and paid what I owed in full, he’d just double the debt and kick my ass again.
The beatings were getting unbearable. I couldn’t take it anymore. So I felt I had to skip out on him for a couple more weeks as a way to catch a break from getting my ass kicked. Again I ignored his calls when he hit up my cell phone. After that I just anticipated the black truck waiting for me outside of my job.
Bucky-Mac didn’t show up at my job anymore. He came to my school instead. After the bell rang and the school day came to an end, fear showered me when I walked outside and saw the black truck parked across the street.
I planned on giving Alexis a ride home that day, so she was by my side as I tried to ease my way to my car. Unfortunately I was spotted as I crawled into the driver’s seat. The backdoor on the black truck swung open, then that same large guy from before came trotting across the street. When the guy approached my car, he swung my door back open then gently pulled me out of the driver’s seat.
“Jake, where are you going?” Alexis said, “Who is this?”
The guy held his arm on my shoulder as he walked me across the street to the black truck. He faked a smile and pretended to be an acquaintance to avoid drawing the attention of the nearby students around us. We got to the truck then the guy shoved me into the back seat once again.
I met Bucky-Mac with an unsettled gaze the second I was thrown in. I could hear Alexis constantly shouting my name outside.
“I thought I wouldn’t have to tell you again,” Bucky-Mac mumbled, “But it looks like you’re a pretty terrible listener!”
With that, the guy up front started to slowly drive away from the school. I glanced out the window and saw Alexis jogging on the sidewalk to keep up with us. The truck made a stop after a block of cruising. They parked near a curb closeby.
Another beating was initiated, and I can tell you this was the worst one yet. They gave me double the amount of blows to my body. I received so many strikes to the face I was surprised I could see at all when it was over.
Alexis peeped through the window with her hands cupped around her eyes, yelling for them to stop.
“Stop it, you’re gonna hurt him!” she cried.
They kept going, punching and elbowing me for minutes. I could feel blood elevating my throat.
Bucky-Mac drew a knife and held it to my pupil.
“Listen here you little shit. The next time you screw me over, not only are we gonna beat you twice as worse and twice as longer, but I’m gonna take my blade…and pluck one of your eyes,” He threatened.
He brought the blade even closer to my eye. Almost to the point where I could almost feel the tip touching my eyeball.
“You can’t afford to test me again, Jake.”
I was shoved out of the truck once more, only to be meant with Alexis crying on the sidewalk. The panic on her face grew more intense when she saw my nose dripping with blood.
“Jake, what’s going on?” she sobbed.
I didn’t answer.
Someone else was walking towards us on the sidewalk. It was Abatha. She saw Alexis crying, then glanced at me. As soon as she saw my battered face there was an expression of concern.
Abatha wasn’t smiling.
Alexis broke up with me the next day. She got spooked by the incident and decided she didn’t want much to do with me anymore. Our plans to go to prom together were also canceled. The incident had given Alexis the wrong impression - that I was still engaging in pathological behavior. She complained of not being able to be around me anymore, saying,
“So these are the kind of people you deal with?!...If that’s the case, then I’m afraid we’re not gonna work.”
She walked away then barely spoke to me anymore after that. Then of course Abatha just had to be nearby to witness and overhear everything. Abatha was already holding her usual grin when I glanced at her.
“Looks like you messed up again, Jakey boy!” She teased, “Your fish unhooked itself and swam away?”
I glared at her angrily, then brushed past her to enter the school building.
It was pretty disappointing for our plans to be canceled. But hell, my whole ideal ending for my senior year had been canceled as far as I knew. Just when I was starting to grow more enthusiastic about senior prom all hope was taken away. Prom was just a month and a half away and I no longer had a date to take. To make matters worse, Alexis had already found another prom date within days after splitting up with me.
Abatha wouldn’t shut up about that. She rubbed it in face for days.
“Well that was quick. We’ll see how fast you can find another date…if at all,” she said before trailing away, giggling.
I lifted a middle finger at her as she walked.
At this point in time I no longer cared about the car. I wished I could return it and take back everything. I just wanted out of this debt with Bucky-Mac, and for senior year to just end already. I was giving up on all hopes for my plans for the future. As a matter of fact, after being too afraid to face Bucky-Mac once again and skipping out on meeting him for another three weeks, I decided that I’d contact the police and inform them of the situation I’d gotten myself in soon. Then let my parents know what was going on.
I was sure my parents would definitely kick me out after finding out I made a deal with a loan shark. But I didn’t care. Keeping a secret wasn’t worth my life. Or in this case - my eye.
Unfortunately I made the fatal mistake of not acting on those thoughts soon enough, as I ended another night shift at work with the black truck waiting for me out in the parking lot. My heart leaped instantly as I felt my body run cold. I wanted badly to just tell my manager everything and beg him to call the police for me. But instead all he did was activate the security system and lock the doors as usual. Then he pulled out of the parking lot, leaving me to endure what was to come.
The black truck pulled out of its parking spot and made its way over to me. That same large guy hopped out and started to haul me into the truck.
“Get his ass in here!!” I heard Bucky-Mac hiss.
We all heard something. Then the large guy holding me paused.
It was the same howling sound I heard before. Again it echoed out into the night, and got louder the longer it went on.
“What the hell is that?” The large guy said.
“Who gives a shit?!! Get him in!” Bucky-Mac demanded.
The large guy did just that.
This time instead of giving me the usual beating quickie, they pulled off as soon as I was hauled into the truck and drove me back to Bucky-Mac’s spot. The truck halted at a stop upon arriving at the small raggedy house.
This was my first time at the spot during the night, and it looked a bit different. There was no kind of artificial light in this wooded area so it was a lot darker than usual. But the light from the full moon above provided enough to see around the dark pit that surrounded us.
The men shoved me out of the truck and started their beating ritual. The other two men joined in this time, punching and kicking me, barely giving me a chance to breathe. In the middle of all this was the sound of the howling again.
The large guy was the only one to acknowledge it. He paused, but Bucky-Mac and the other two continued to beat me.
After minutes of receiving many more blows, they all stopped. The large guy positioned my body to lean against the back tire of the truck. Then Bucky-Mac drew his pocket knife and kneeled down to face me.
I moaned and groaned from the painful sensations moving throughout my body.
"I tried," Bucky-Mac started, "I've really tried to work with you. But it's obvious you're a fraud."
He had some nerve. The loan shark, calling me a fraud.
"I think you get a kick out of not giving me what I want…what I deserve.”
He opened the blade on the knife and brought the point to my eye.
“Now I’m gonna take something away you desperately want….and don’t deserve,” he continued.
I swore I could feel the tip of the blade slightly drive into my sclera. Before it could go any deeper, we all heard that howl for the third time that night. Except it sounded very close this time. So close no one could ignore it. Not even Bucky-Mac. He lowered the knife then glanced behind him, as that’s where it seemed the howling came from.
There was nothing there but a patch of darkness resting between the trees.
“What the - ?” Bucky-mac whispered.
As we all stared at the patch of darkness, two glowing dots emerged in front of our eyes.
Two yellow glowing dots.
Behind the yellow dots came another howl, along with some deep and beastly growls.
The dots started to come closer, then continued until whatever was hiding in the shadows came out into view, and was exposed beneath the moonlight.
The sight of the creature we were looking at had caught us all off guard. Bucky-Mac dropped the knife then all five of us began backing away.
In front of us was some kind of tall and fury beast. The creature stood upright just like a human, and had to be no less than seven feet tall. Its muscles were so defined they practically rippled through its black and shiny coat of fur. Turns out the yellow dots were the creature’s eyes. Those beady eyes were locked on us, as we backed away even further.
The creature opened its long snout full of pointed teeth, dripping with saliva, and let out a deafening, monstrous sound.
"Bucky, what the hell is going on?!" One of the other guys shouted.
"H-how the fuck should I know?" Bucky-Mac yelled.
I could hear the fear and concern in their voices.
The creature let out several smaller growls, then suddenly began sprinting towards us on all fours. Bucky-Mac and his guys drew pistols and began firing multiple shots at the hairy beast.
I turned to run but instantly tripped and fell on my stomach. The sharp pain in my stomach left me stagnant for seconds.
Bullets struck the creature in several areas on its muscular body. The gunfire seemed to do little to no damage, but it was enough to keep the creature temporarily distant. The beast backed off then started to crawl up the walls of Bucky-Mac’s small drug house. The men continued to fire at the creature until it reached the roof.
“Come on, kill this fuckin’ thing!” Bucky-Mac shouted, firing away with his revolver.
With many bullets still striking its body, the creature took a huge leap off the building. It jumped so high I could see the full moon behind it’s body as it accelerated through the air - towards us. It landed right on top of the guy who drove the truck, crushing his puny human body and taking a huge bite out of his head afterwards. Blood sprayed from the exposed brains in his skull, dousing his partner in the face nearby and preventing him from seeing where he was shooting.
The guy screamed and tried to flee the area. He could barely turn around before the creature took one of its paws and ran its razor sharp claws across his face, slicing one of his eyes in the process and leaving three gruesome gashes behind.
Shocked, Bucky-Mac dropped his gun and watched the creature lift his disfigured partner off the ground and pull one his arms clean off his body. The guy screamed in agony as his stump cascaded with blood and fell to the ground like a waterfall. He wiggled and twitched in pain, making several feeble attempts at breaking free of the creature’s grasp.
Bucky-Mac turned and started to flee. The big guy followed behind him, dashing right past me, and leaving me alone with the beast.
The creature turned and started to stare at me with those yellow eyes, still holding Bucky-Mac’s mangled partner in its hand. The fear and terror left me paralyzed. I couldn’t move.
I started to feel a little light headed, and keeping my eyes open became difficult.
The last thing I remembered before I passed out, was those glowing eyes and those sharp canines dripping with crimson.
When I woke up I couldn’t tell how much time had passed. I stood up and scanned the area, only to see the truck still beside me. The mangled bodies of the driver and passenger of the truck were laid out not too far away. But Bucky-Mac and the large guy were nowhere to be found.
The creature had disappeared too.
I wasted no time. Right away I started to run, trying to make my way out of that neck of the woods. While darting through the trees, I came across two more bodies, one slumped on its side and the other on its back.
I ran to one of the bodies and rolled it over using my foot. I almost screamed when I saw the face. It was Bucky-Mac, and he was unrecognizable. His face had been completely torn away, leaving nothing behind but his exposed and bleeding face muscles. His mouth was slightly open. Opened wide enough for me to see his one gold tooth.
The large guy’s torso had been torn open, his body sprawled out, eyes staring out into nothing but the darkness that surrounded him. Dried blood was caked all over his face and neck.
I heard some growls.
This caused me to start running again. I got a glimpse of a pair of yellow eyes hiding in the middle of some trees as I passed by. I ran faster. Then I heard multiple footsteps behind me.
It was following me.
I made it out of the woods and reached a street light out on the road, where I sat down on the curb and took some time to catch my breath. I didn’t hear the footsteps anymore so I assumed I was safe. I also glanced behind me again and saw nothing pursuing me.
That thing had all the time in the world to maul me to bits. It could’ve easily caught me while I was running…so why didn’t it?
For some reason I still felt a bit light headed. I rested my head on my hand. But while doing so I felt a rough substance on my forehead. I brought my finger to my face to see what I had touched. Something blue and dry.
Someone kissed me.
My parents wondered where I was and wanted to know why I was getting home so late that night. I lied and said I went to a party after work. They were a bit upset that I didn't call and let them know what was going on. I was fine with that. I was just glad to be alive, and for the first time since forever I was happy to see them.
It was that night I realized I would be just fine staying with my parents for a while longer. I also decided that I had no problem working at the burger joint until I figured out what I really wanted out of life, and college just may be a possibility in the future.
I continued to faithfully show up to work and complete my shifts, and wait patiently for my senior year to come to an end.
Meanwhile, the authorities found Bucky-Mac and his men. Then they raided his drug house. No one could identify the cause of their deaths, or tell whether another animal or human was responsible. The story was all over the news, and it had people in town shook. Everyone kept talking about the gruesome killings until the end of the school year. Who or what might have done it was always up for debate.
To this day, no one knows that I was there to see it all. I always got uneasy overhearing someone at school talk about it.
Two weeks before prom I opened my locker to see a pink envelope lying on top of my books. I picked it up and saw Abatha's name written across the front. While tearing open the envelope I sighed and rolled my eyes, expecting to see something crude and belligerent.
There was a folded letter inside, and upon opening it my eyes went wide. My heart started racing, and I was shocked to my core. At the very top of the page was an imprint of lips with…
Blue lipstick.
Below that was a lengthy letter from Abatha, explaining how she really felt about me. How she's felt for a long time. In the last paragraph was something else that left me perplexed.
She was asking me out, and she wanted to be my girlfriend.
She..she also wanted to take me to prom.
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