Well fargo mas cercano

Hi! I need advice (upcoming college graduate - long post ahead pls be kind huhu)

2023.05.31 17:27 KidswithTrauma Hi! I need advice (upcoming college graduate - long post ahead pls be kind huhu)

Hello everyone! An upcoming college graduate here (na absorb sa OJT even tho hindi naman po related sa course yung trabaho ko for now ahaha). Anyway, I just wanted to ask your thoughts.
I'm a BS-Psychology student from an unknown university in the province. I am currently torn between what I should do after I graduate. My current job is only part-time pero parang full-time po sya in terms of workload haha. Here's my dilemma or confusion:
1️⃣ Actually, I was thinking of pursuing another degree (yung dream course ko talaga which is MMA) but I've had people tell me it's a waste of time and money when I can just get certifications for that. However, I had a glimpse of what the job could be like and for a not-so creative person like myself, baka mahirapan lang ako in the long run but a part of me just wants to do this to fulfill my childhood dream of pursuing that course. What's stopping me lang po talaga is yung finances, my age, and what other people might say.
2️⃣ Should I take the board exam? I've heard people say na useless lang po talaga yung psychometrician exam bc hindi naman po sya naka contribute sa work. Except siguro pag psychometrician po talaga yung profession mo but again, underpaid pa din and I don't know what the work entails as psychometricians aren't that common.
3️⃣ Given the sahod + workload here sa Ph towards HR (which is most likely dun po talaga ako babagsak), and for designers/media profession (yung gusto ko pong course), parang I still lose pa rin in the long run. Kaya I'm confused on what I should do and what I should pursue.
4️⃣ I keep seeing posts about recruitment and I think it's a really fun job to do and I heard it pays well DAW. But when I checked job platforms mas mababa pa sahod sa entry level kaysa sa part time ko po ngayon. I'm not speaking for all the recruiting positions though, baka need ko lang po talaga mag explore2. Meron din pong career yung psychology graduates as UX ResearcheUX Designer which is like a combination of my interests kaso lang I don't know where to start, what to do, and I haven't heard anything about this profession from Filipinos themselves.
5️⃣ Somewhere in the deepest depths of my heart, may feeling na gusto ko pong tumulong sa mga tao, particularly children. Kaso, I don't think the path is for me since impatient po talaga plus I'm not even that fond of kids 😭 but every time I see children esp those sa streets, my heart hurts so much to the point that I cry sometimes bc I want to help them. Baka may issues po sila/trauma from their environment, and I want to help them, listen to them, and make sure may nakikinig sa kanila bc childhood loneliness can lead to fcked up mental health issues when you grow up and if I can help avoid that, I would be really happy. Kaso lang, MAHAL mag pursue ng ganun plus hindi ko po sya passion, ewan haha and I don't know if Child Psychology po ba yun or Pediatric Occupational Therapist, or Clinical Psychology, basta all I know is it's a long process plus ma burnout lang ako. Kaya I was thinking if for example HR yung career path I decided to pursue, I'd volunteer nalang po during my spare time.
Anyone here with a sound/mature mind willing to give any advice? I'm open to anything po talaga just please don't be rude. You can be frank naman without insulting so I would greatly appreciate that. Thank you po mga ates and kuyas.
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2023.05.31 17:25 SendPuppyNoodz Mortgage bank that will approve loan for home with open permits

I am looking for any mortgage banks that will be able to approve a conventional loan for a home in Franklin square that has minor open permits. We were dealing with Wells Fargo but they cannot complete the process due to open permits and being that this is so common on Long Island I was wondering if anyone has any lenders that will work with my wife and myself.
If anyone has any ideas let me know. Thanks so much
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2023.05.31 16:45 jamesinevanston Wells Fargo limits how often you use money from a non-WF account to pay off a WF card

I have credit cards from Chase and Capital One, and they don’t care how you pay the balances on their cards. But I just discovered that Wells Fargo will only let you pay off a WF card balance with outside bank money four times a month. They push you to get a WF checking account to pay off the WF card. I’m done with them once I spend $500 on the card and get my free $200.
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2023.05.31 16:44 ptpwallet Blockchain: The Future of Business

Blockchain, originally created as the underlying technology for Bitcoin, has now emerged as a powerful and disruptive force that possesses the potential to revolutionize the way we conduct business, exchange value, and establish trust in the digital realm. This emerging technology has captured the attention and sparked the imagination of corporate executives, entrepreneurs, and experts alike in the ever-evolving landscape of contemporary business.
In this article, we will delve into the potential impact of blockchain technology on future business operations. We will also explore its fundamental ideas, and look at how it's being used right now in many fields.

Understanding Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is a decentralized framework that securely stores public transactional data, known as "blocks," across multiple databases. It operates through a network of peer-to-peer nodes and is commonly referred to as a "digital ledger." Each transaction within the blockchain is meticulously validated and safeguarded against fraudulent activities through the use of the owner's digital signature.
It also serves to authenticate the transaction and safeguard the data in the digital ledger. In simpler terms, the digital ledger can be compared to a network of computers sharing a Google spreadsheet where transactional records are kept according to actual purchases. The best part of blockchain technology is that while everyone may view the data, it cannot be altered or changed at will.

Core principles of blockchain

Understanding the blockchain's underlying fundamental ideas is critical for gaining a deeper understanding of it. The excitement surrounding blockchain technology stems from its fundamental principles, which enable a wide range of business applications. They include;
On the blockchain, communication between the parties is not at all reliant on a centralized authority. Instead, each node equally contributes to the processing and distribution of the data to every other node connected to the network. This inadvertently guarantees a high level of anonymity and security during the information exchange process.
The blockchain enables the most transparent processing, exchange, and storage of information. Every user who joins the network has a special key, and each user has the option to divulge or keep their identity a secret at will. Additionally, because every transaction is made on a blockchain address, it is accountable, allowing the end-user to confirm transactions after the user initiates them.
Security and immutability
The blockchain creates a tamper-proof environment that guarantees that the data is stored with the highest level of security. Additionally, the network stores the transactions in an immutable manner that is resistant to reversibility. This minimizes the chance of data theft or tampering. Also, the data that is kept on the network is chronologically organized, and all parties participating in the transaction have access to it.

Current Applications of Blockchain in Business

From consumer production to voting and even supply chain management, the blockchain offers numerous business applications. These applications include:
Financial sector
The financial sector has the most promise for incorporating blockchain. The common applications used in this sector are often for implementing financial regulatory supervision and record keeping. However, there are other possibilities as well. Blockchain technology can also help improve user data protection, speed up transactions (especially those that cross borders), and create a ledger that is more effective at preventing fraud and wrongdoing.
The applications of blockchain in the financial sector are so immense that popular financial organizations like Barclays and Wells Fargo have already made large financial commitments to developing new possibilities.
Supply chain management
Supply chains are complex networks that can cover the entire world. They are the organizational and logistical systems that move products from a manufacturer, extractor, or grower to the consumer. Since the import and export of raw materials and finished commodities have expanded globally, it has become much more difficult to keep a careful eye on supply chains. With blockchain technology, a majority of these systems that are made up of separate databases with centralized record keeping can be decentralized.
For instance, the person responsible for supply chain management can obtain verified information about shipments and process extremely challenging calculations with the blockchain. Since the blockchain is a single, decentralized ledger, all parties involved in a supply chain could enter their data there as long as they had the necessary permissions. This would make it possible to have a solitary, secure system via which every unit in the chain, particularly the overseer, could view the information in real-time.
Identity management and digital credentials
Regardless of your field, identity management and digital credentials likely come into play on some level. Although boards, shareholders, and employees are just three classes that require regular identification, the blockchain can also be used for nationwide identity management, especially during voting or elections.
Since the methods by which democratic tallying is conducted aren't always favorable to getting a meaningful or comprehensive ballot, blockchain technology can change the entire system. With it, votes can be issued safely and linked to an individual's distinctive identity metadata. This will speed up the procedure and ensure that democratic processes are implemented in a way that takes into account the geographical and financial limitations that the majority of people face.

Benefits and Advantages of Blockchain in Business

Blockchain technology offers several advantages and benefits to today's businesses. These benefits include:
It promotes trust and allows for cost-cutting measures
The nature of blockchain technology can enable companies to make financial savings. This will make transactions more swiftly completed and also decrease time-consuming manual processes like data collection and editing, reporting, and auditing. Blockchain can also be used to establish trust between people who have never met before when it is missing or untested. It allows businesses to engage in transactions or data sharing in ways that would have required an intermediary to complete them.
It promotes transparency and traceability
With blockchain, the origin of goods and their travel all the way to the final consumer can be traced using visibility and traceability features. Customers will be able to find out where their food, clothing, or other things are made.
Eliminates middlemen and promotes speed
Since blockchain eliminates middlemen and replaces any remaining manual processes, it can complete operations much more swiftly than traditional techniques. In some circumstances, blockchain can complete a transaction in a couple of milliseconds, enabling businesses and consumers to get swift information about their supply chain and also learn what is happening with their goods at any given moment.
Increased speed and efficiency
The final advantage of blockchain for the industry is its increased speed and efficiency. Blockchain automates labor-intensive processes to improve efficiency, eliminating human-caused errors. Also, the simplification and automation of operations imply that everything becomes incredibly efficient.


Blockchain offers a decentralized and transparent framework for recording and validating transactions, marking a revolutionary shift from centralized systems. It also offers a range of advantages that have the potential to upend conventional business structures, from managing supply chains and improving transparency in financial transactions to reinventing digital identity management. Without question, blockchain is enabling the businesses of the future.
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2023.05.31 16:37 reverrover16 Training a 13B LLaMA on information from documents.

Hello. I am running Meta’s 13B LLaMA in 4bit using ooba UI. I am mainly using the chat function, and was wondering if it is possible to train it on some documents that I have, so that it can help me and my colleagues troubleshoot system errors.
As a larger context, I have about 5 documents for a “system”. Those documents contain different error codes, split in different categories depending on the error and what occurred. I would like to train the LLaMA on all those error codes and documents, so that I could chat with it and ask for example “Hey, I got this error: xxxx”, and it would respond using the info it learned from those documents, as well as add extra context to it (like LLaMAs usually do) eg “The error code xxxxxx is referring to an issue in aaaa part. The first digits stand for bla bla bla indicating an issue there, etc etc”
Would that be possible to do and is my hardware good enough for training it? (I run a RTX 3090 24GB - but I have a very outdated CPU)
Thanks a lot for the support.
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2023.05.31 16:20 Liquidblue21 Should i cancel my chase student credit card?

I honestly dunno why i chose it but will it hurt my credit if i cancel it after only 2 months? I already have 4 other credit cards like AMEX BCP, Wells fargo active cash, Apple card, and Amazon card.
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2023.05.31 15:57 Snoo-10692 manual labor work is harder than medicine

Not sure if this topic is allowed in this sub. Currently im in residency and today has just been especially difficult and exhausting, emotionally and mentally as well. i have complained to my SO many times before because i feel like if i dont share it, i might actually lose it and quit. But today i casually said, mostly from exhaustion "i hate my life". for context, he's an engineer and sabi niya, "mas mahirap nga pinagdadaanan ng manual laboreconstruction worker sa amin tapos kinakaya naman nila maliit pa ang sweldo". Im not saying they dont have it difficult as well pero i reasoned hndi siya macocompare dahil iba naman ang medicine. I cant do what they do but they cant also do what i do in the hospital. His reply was, "sus, kaya nila yung trabaho mo". D ko na siya kinusap after that, i just felt so invalidated and hurt to the point na ayoko ng magshare sa struggles ko outside medicine, they wont understand. Instead of helping me process my feelings, parang i was low key told nagcocomplain lang ako. Anong nangyari today? I made a decision that may have indirectly/directly caused the demise of a patient at di ako maka move on.
Eh di sila na mas mahirap na trabaho, sorry ang babaw ko lang pala. End of rant. Bye
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2023.05.31 15:47 Haunting_Radish4822 Selling 2x Philly tickets for today 5/31 @ Wells Fargo Centre. Send DM if you're interested.

I'm selling for face value. AXS transfer.
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2023.05.31 15:42 MudGroundbreaking $WFC Awaiting Buy Signal based off 62 signals on the 15-min chart. Free trial at https://t.co/zfbFwkuBmu https://t.co/9vYlwpKZrF

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2023.05.31 15:14 w0Lverine13 Papautangin o hindi?

I have this college friend. Very good person. Mabait talaga, wala ako masasabi, mapagmahal pa sa parents. For context, matagal na kame hindi masyado nag-uusap nito. Wala namang issue, talagang nagkahiwalay lang ng landas hehe. Then all of a sudden nagmessage sya sakin today, asking for financial help. I know this person naman na alam kong mabait talaga at mabuti, tipong hindi basta basta nangungutang kung talagang hindi kailangan. Pinag-iisipan ko if papautangin ko ba sya kasi medyo malaking halaga rin inuutang nya. Though alam kong mabuting tao talaga sya, medyo takot parin ako magpautang dahil baka di mabayaran. Hindi pa naman ako well off, nag-iipon parin ako, pero torned ako kung papautangin ko ba sya o hindi.
Guys, I'd like to ask. Paano nyo nadedetermine kung papautangin nyo ang isang tao or hindi? Una in terms of your own financial capability, paano nyo nasasabi na kaya nyo magpautang ng ganitong amount? At pangalawa, paano nyo nasasabi na itong taong ito ay pwede kong pautangin?
Edit: usually ayoko talaga magpautang dahil takot akong di mabayaran. Mas mabuti pang isipin nila na madamot ako or walang pera, kaysa sumama loob ko dahil di ako binayaran sa utang. Pero this person makes me want to make an exception. Ganun sya kabuting tao na gusto ko sya tulungan, pero I'm still afraid sa risk. Di ko pa sya nirereplyan kaya di ko alam ano purpose nya, kung business ba or medical emergency.
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2023.05.31 14:23 soybeanne Closure sa tropa premium lol (+spotify playlist)

Last night, I opened up to him (my tropa premium) na I no longer want to talk to him. Sinabi ko na our 'situation' is not for me, kasi I can't handle it well sa mental aspect. I wasn't thinking of opening up abt it talaga kasi I don't like being vulnerable to people, especially sa 'situation' namin kasi feeling ko pwede magtake advantage sakin yung tao pag ganun. On the other hand, he responded so well sa message ko. By "so well" I mean he didn't try to make it dramatic but at the same time, nakita ko na he considers me rin. Explained his side ganun, and I appreciated that so much it made me cry. I still feel like crying ngayon pag nababasa ko.
Also, yung image kasi niya sakin is loko-loko kaya I wasn't expecting a proper response. Kumbaga, nag-open up lang rin ako for my own peace of mind. Sabi ko nga "-but I just want nothing left unsaid para it's easier for me to get past this rin".
It's lighter naman na for me after the 'closure' kahit naiiyak ako HAHAHA. Alam kong mas mabilis ko na malelet go yung feelings, pero mas naging remarkable rin siya sakin.
Tamad ako gumawa ng playlist, pero I love remembering through songs + he deserves it naman. So here's my memory of him but in a playlist form, baka trip niyo rin mapakinggan.
And finally to you, hanggang sa muli kung papalarin.
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2023.05.31 14:04 Haunting_Radish4822 Selling 2x Zach Bryan tickets for today 5/31 in Philly @ Wells Fargo Centre. Send DM if you're interested.

I'm selling for face value. AXS transfer.
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2023.05.31 12:44 magikatdazoo Best cards with NO Annual Fee or Foreign Transaction Fee?

Trip upcoming to Europe at the end of the month, and looking for a new card with no FTF. Spend isn't high enough to meet the SUB requirements for most of the "travel" cards with $95 AFs, such as CSP/WoH, so looking for No AF options preferably.
Current Cards: Discover (Chrome bc former secured, was first card - 2016), Target RedCard (2018 or 19?), Chase Freedom Unlimited (Dec 2022). My Debit card is USAA, who sadly charges a 1% FTF fee on purchases and ATMs withdrawals, CFU is no good bc of the 3% FTF, and Discover had limited acceptance last time I was in Europe (2018). Monthly Spending approximately $300-500/month plus discretionary purchases from memory, mostly dining/gas/grocery, so SUB spend up to around $1500 over 3 months is probably most that's doable naturally.
Considering: Wells Fargo Autograph and Capital One SavorOne are the two main options I'm aware of. Not sure if Chase Amazon Visa is worth considering (no Prime, I also try to minimize my spending there, ~$100-250/yr mostly around Xmas). Limited in my search to Visa/MasterCard to avoid any potential AMEX acceptance issues.
Any other cards I'm missing that should be considered? Suggestions/DPs between Autograph and SavorOne. Open to cashback or points (non-aspirational travel)
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2023.05.31 12:39 goodgoonie Selling two GA floor tickets for ZB (5/31/23) @ Wells Fargo Center at cost. DM if interested.

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2023.05.31 12:01 mrtipbull Thanks to your sexist and loaded comments,this girl had deleted her linkedin and instagram profile!!!

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2023.05.31 09:22 Imaginary_Ad2759 J

2 hours ago, a deer ran into my car as I was driving home from work. I KNOW... A FUCKING DEER OMG. Like anything could've happened, but a deer? So now I'm here, hoping that one day you feel like looking at what I'm up to on Reddit. What happened to me today made me realize that life can end at any moment.
And yes... I'm okay. The car needs some repair but everything else is good.
I want to start by saying I fucking adore you, my love. Like I want to hate you so much for all the lies and things you did behind my back. But I just can't... I mean...
There is not a single day I can't think about you...
Even after getting my shit together, losing like 30 pounds, working 2 jobs with 70 hours weeks, working out, and doing everything right can't manage to keep you out of my mind.
Almost a year has passed since I last saw you and 2 months since we decided not to continue with long distance. I still remember seeing you for the last time while you were leaving my apartment not knowing that was going to be the last time we saw each other.
I want you to know that I never thought of living somewhere else until that stupid fight we had at my brother's graduation. I'm not going to talk more about fights or stupid things we did.
I'm so sorry for being such a low excuse for a man. Sorry for being that lame as motherfucker you had to deal with. Im sorry for wasting your time with such an immature boy. And now that I started doing things well, it's when I started to appreciate you... how fun right?
Motherfucker (me) took almost 2 years to start treating you well. I wished you could see me now.. what I have become. How I push myself and how I seek even greater challenges. My maturity has spiked to levels I thought I could never reach.
Esto te lo dire en español porque se siente correcto. Jordana.. te amo y siempre lo hare. Cambie tanto.. si hubiera tenido esta mentalidad antes talvez hubiera podido hacer que esto funcionara. Hay Dias que no duelen tanto que siento que ya te olvide y hay otros que siento que nunca habia pinche sufrido tanto.
Pinche loca. Te amo. Gracias por haberme dado mis mejores años. La pase de putamadre con vos.. me enamore tanto tanto tanto y solo te puedo dar las gracias por haber sido el amor de mi vida a esta edad. Y si te lo preguntas en segundos volveria a tus brazos y me volveria a derretir con esos pinches ojos hermosos que tenes. Te digo esto con toda la sinceridad del mundo; Si pudiera volver a repetir esto otra vez lo haria sin pensarlo con la unica excepcion de haber dedicadote mas tiempo mi vida. Te ame con tanta locura Jordana.. espero te vaya de putamadre. Sos una pinche Diosa. Mi todo. Y todo te va ir bien. Yo lo se y te conozco pinche guerrera. ( y disculpa esos terminos tan exagerados) Ay Dios.. de verdad nos hubieramos llevado tan bien si hubiera visto la vida con estos ojos. No se me quita lo pendejo pero al menos hago pendejadas responsablemente hahaha. Te amo y aunque TODO me gritaba que no escribiera esto siento que no mereces irte con esas ultimas palabras que dije.
So yea getting back to the subject.. a fucking deer lol. Like... why???? I had never crashed before. I drive so damn well good. But to be honest with you I hope the deer is good :(. I couldn't see any body or blood. What a poor thing it must be suffering from all.that pain.
All this and I don't even know if you are ever going to see this lol. I hope you check my Reddit as often I check my spam email looking for any email you've never sent me.
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2023.05.31 09:20 ApprehensiveDrag2146 May times ba na maganda mag utang?

Hi friends.
Except po sa mga madalas utangin like for housing, or negosyo, emergencies, mga mahal na appliance, etc. na madalas inuutang ang funds...
Im just really curious po hehe Kasi feeling ko baka di ko lang alam yung mga pinaggagastosan nila or may investments pa sila na iba kaya naguutang? Sa mga kagaya ko na single, nagrerent lang, hindi breadwinner..., may mga bagay ba kayo na pinagiinvestan na kailangan utangin?
Lagi kong nababasa dito always pay off debts if you want to be more financially responsible and successful. Pero bakit parang marami ang seemingly well-off naman pero may utang sa CC na matagal nabayaran. Example if bibili ng TV, afford mo naman ifull/cash bakit di nalang bayaran buo kesa iCC and magbayad pa ng interest? Then kapag may rewards naman ang CC, free na ganito ganyan with a minimum spend of XXXX or XX,XXX, kung di umaabot ang gastos sa minimum, mapapagastos ka naman ng another XXXX para lang makuha yung free and in the end di naman talaga kelangan.
May mga nakikita rin akong nagpapatol sa mga nagpapautang na coworkers/friends nila 🤔 Even if its just 5k, worth it ba yung tumutubo ang utang mo ng 5% per month (ganon ang business kasi ng kakilala ko, nagpapautang sya tapos andami rin naman umuutang pero di ko talaga gets bakit may mga umuutang na mas kaya bayaran yung may interes).
Ang salary ko is just less than 30k per month, pero hindi ko pa talaga naexperience ang mag loan ng malaki. SSS hindi pa. PAGIBIG nagtry ako ng multi-purpose loan para lang magamit sya pero binayaran ko agad the next month. Then sa CC naman, siguro 3x palang ako nakaka 5-digits na credit pero nabayaran ko naman yon agad the next month. Pero as much as possible di talaga ako bumibili unless kaya ko ifull. Gagamit lang ng CC kapag ayaw kong maglabas ng malaking cash. Pero kahit ganon mas gamit pa yung debit ko.
May mga small investments ba ako na dapat malaman na worth it ang pag-utang? Tipong mababawi lang naman ang pera? Feeling ko Im missing out on something kasi nga wala akong utang, but Im also not living the 'magara' life. However, yung mga mayayaman pero unpaid pa yung CC hindi ko ma intindihan 🤔 Meron din ng mga tao na same range naman ng salary ko pero ang yayaman tignan may mga utang din and parang masmasaya pa sila sa buhay 🤷
Any thoughts and advice or explanation nagrarant lang siguro ako hahahha
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2023.05.31 08:24 Banggang3435 Drained na ako.

Drained na talaga ako. Yung pera ko, yung pasensya ko, pag-intindi ko. I’ve been paying the some of our bills since I started working, and ngayong retired na si papa, I am paying for all of it. What’s supposed to happen is share kami ng ate ko sa mga bayarin. But what ended up happening is ako lagi ang nagbabayad. Ako ang naga-abono pag di sya makabigay because mas malaki sahod ko. Last month, ₱500 lang binigay nya sa ₱3.6k na bill sa kuryente. Binawi pa. So ako nanaman.
Nakakawalang gana mag trabaho kasi yan nalang nasa isip ko palagi. Tapos nag resign pa sya, not thinking about anything else kundi ang reason niya na pagod na sya. Pagod din naman ako. Akala nya ba gusto ko tong trabaho ko? Na kaya ako nagtatagal kasi nae-enjoy ako? Hindi. Di lang ako maka-alis kasi wala akong ibang alam na trabaho that pays as well as my job now. Di rin ako maka apply ng ibang klaseng job kasi di naman ako college graduate.
Napakadaling isipin na mag move out nalang, na iwanan ko ang family ko. Pero hindi ko kaya. Paano naman ako kung ako lang mag-isa? I know independence is a good thing, but I’m not at the point in my life na I can say I am financially free because ang dami kong bayarin dito sa bahay, hindi pa ako makapag-save, tapos di pa ako tinutulungan ng ate ko.
Minsan, nafi-feel ko tuloy na baliw na ako kasi umiiyak akong mag-isa. Wala na akong sense of time minsan, nagbi-binge eat ako, sumasama sa inuman (nakakahiya pero ambag ko lagi is 100-200. Buti nalang understanding mga kasama ko). Kahit pagbabasa, di ko na ma enjoy. Manuod ng movies, or kahit pag tulog, nahihirapan na ako minsan.
I’m trying to be as optimistic as I can. I hope I can go through this. Feeling ko kasi di ko na kaya.
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2023.05.31 08:02 BigNefariousness8540 How do I leave my job to care for my son in a positive manner?

How do I end my employment in a positive manner?
TLDR: I need to quit my job to take care of my son's mental health. How do I leave my job and ask a surgeon I work under for a reference letter for future work opportunities?
How do I quit my job in a positive way? I have been working as a medical assistant for a company for 6 months. I am not certified, had no experience but the company has taught me a lot of great things. I was added to the surgical team about 6 weeks into my employment, which means long days, no breaks and unfortunately kinda grumpy coworkers. I am mostly with a certain surgeon (who has great credentials) that I have been told by management requests that I am working with him exclusively when he is there. I feel like I have done a great job at anticipating his preferences, knowing what sutures he needs, keeping tabs with leadership to make sure he is well stocked for his preferences, even checking with him on any personal responsibilities he might need to take care of during the day so I can time surgeries around them.
I am a single mother to a preschooler who has unfortunately been experiencing behavioral issues. I had asked my boss for half days on Friday, every other Friday to take my son to counseling sessions back in March and was told that they couldn't accommodate it. My son's behavioral issues progressed to him being expelled from preschool. I have a team working with my son and I to work through these emotions but after the expulsion, he needs more frequent care and I need to attend parenting classes to fix how I handle him. He has not been formally diagnosed with anything yet (July he will be) but his counselors, social workers and direct support professional believe he has PTSD, ADHD and possible pathological avoidance disorder.
I am not eligible for FMLA. I cannot request ADA accommodations for him. I cannot change my schedule at work. My son will have appointments 2 to 3 days a week and I will have parenting classes/counseling 4 to 5 days a week. I know I can just throw him into another at home daycare or a different preschool program but this will just keep happening. My son deserves to have what he needs to succeed in life and these troubles will follow him if they are not mitigated.
I know I am not the most valuable person to my company with limited education/training and I have missed enough work needing to get my son from his previous preschool that I am not seen as reliable. I am not well liked by my coworkers (I've been told I'm too much and I'm the saddest MA) but I do my work to the best of my abilities, I take cases people are too grossed out for, I literally never stop while I'm at work and I have over thought and analyzed the surgeon who I work with to be an asset to him. I am also one of the 5 people who know the surgical team duties in the 70 MA's that are in the company.
I am gathering the tentative schedule that my son and I will have for the next 6 weeks to bring to my boss to attempt one last effort to work AND take care of my son. If they can't accommodate it, I will resign immediately. (Others who have left in the past with notice received no benefit from it)
How do I approach the surgeon I work under for a letter of reference? How do I respectfully end my employment other than thank you for the opportunity and the skills I have gained here?
Thank you in advance
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2023.05.31 07:32 ram3nboy Negative credit card balance question

My Wells Fargo credit card "working balance" is -$15.88 (negative)
I just paid my credit card statement in full so I have zero available money in that category.
Now, switching to the month of June, it says I have $15.88 (positive) available money.
Why do I have $-15.88 money in my wells Fargo account and how can I fix it?
Hope this makes sense.
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2023.05.31 06:53 Ace_Marine SEC.gov Former Wells Fargo Senior Executive Carrie Tolstedt Agrees to Settle SEC Fraud Charges for Misleading Investors About Abusive Sales Practices to Inflate a Key Performance Metric

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2023.05.31 06:48 Contactunderground Sinéad Whelehan was interviewed on Jeff Mara’s Podcast. Sinéad Whelehan’s story reveals not only the power of contact to transform a person’s world view but also provides a dramatic example of how UFO intelligences manipulate spacetime thereby staging High Strangeness events. Joseph Burkes MD 2023

Sinéad Whelehan is a contact activist that I met in November of 2021 when she produced an online video interview with me for the “Beyond Being Human” website. At that time, she had been working with researcheauthor Grant Cameron for two years gaining experience as a researcher and interviewer. According to her brief bio on the “Beyond Being Human” webpage Sinéad is a lifelong experiencer of multiple forms of paranormal high strangeness “as well as being a lifelong spiritual practitioner.”
I subscribe to Jeff Mara’s Podcast and when I saw her picture appear as a guest on his YouTube channel, I wanted to hear what she had to say. My curiosity was piqued when I read the provocative title of the program “Alien Stands Next To Her AT CE-5 Event - ALIEN PHOTO.” The event that she described reminded me of an encounter that I had one night in the Santa Monica Mountains in 1993.
High Strangeness in Malibu Canyon
For six years back in the 1990s, I was a contact team leader for the CE-5 Initiative. Our group staged repeated Human Initiated Contact Events (HICE) in Southern California. During one outing the team was operating high up overlooking Malibu Canyon. While in deep meditation, I felt a strong pleasant pressure sensation in the middle of my chest. In retrospect, I imagine that my heart chakra was opening wide, because I was filled with a powerful peaceful loving feeling. After the meditation was over, my teammate, United Airlines Captain Joe Vallejo, told me the following:
He stated that at one point during the meditation he had slightly opened his eyes. There, standing directly in front of me, was a small “boxy” non-human being. Its rectangular form was only about two feet high, and it stood motionlessly less than twelve inches away from me. He reported that when he opened his eyes wide to get a better look, the rectangular form disappeared.
Sinéad ’s Photograph Obtained During Volunteer Contact Work
During the last 20 minutes of Jeff Mara’s interview Sinéad showed the photograph mentioned in the title of the program. The digital picture was taken during an Illinois CE-5 nighttime outing in 2021. According to Sinéad, it was light blasted to bring out the details not easily seen because the picture was taken at night. Aside from the light blasting, no other alterations of the photograph was reportedly made. Sinéad gives her description of the photograph during the interview as follows:
Sinéad Whelehan: This is a random photograph that was taken by a woman I didn't know, who was in the circle. Now you're seeing the very edge of the meditation circle…. Grant Cameron… was there with me…. So, my chair is on the other side of Grant.….And there's a little being right there. And here's the bright light coming out of my chest with these kinds of tendrils of light as well…
And then here's a really super-duper close-up version of the little being…
Jeff Mara: Would you say that that being is standing right next to your chair?
Sinéad Whelehan: Yes, yeah and I felt it there, you know, even during that experience… I was feeling them to my left … You can see where my body is… and here's the little being’s shoulder and there's the neck, it's head… the eye.. and there are other beings in the photograph as well.
Understandably because of the photograph that Sinéad presented, there has been considerable public interest in this Jeff Mara podcast. In just a few weeks, over 60,000 views of this interview have been tallied. In my opinion, however, Sinéad Whelehan’s personal story as described in this in-depth interview is of even greater significance than the photographic evidence she obtained. Sinéad’s journey into contact has involved her overcoming many personal challenges. Perhaps the most important one is the fact that she is nearly totally deaf and has required two major surgeries for cochlear implants.
The Making of a Contact Activist
In July of 2019, Sinéad experienced what she describes as a “massive awakening.” She explained the term “awakening” might not be the best term to use because for decades she previously had engaged in spiritual practices like meditation and yoga. Nonetheless, what happened to her in 2019 was likened to “being bonged on the head with the cosmic frying pan…” It happened as she was recovering from her second cochlear implant.
Sinéad suddenly sensed an overwhelmingly powerful presence in her room of multiple non-human entities who communicated with her telepathically. According to Sinéad, the beings were saying, “OK. It’s time! We’ve been with you all along. It’s now time. You have a job to do!!” And her mission was to spread the word that every one of us are cosmic beings. And we need to recognize our long-standing relationship with “the extraterrestrials.” This new sense of duty, however, was not without a downside.
For two decades Sinéad had a very responsible position as a public-school teacher in Canada. She worked in special education for elementary and high school students. Her profession gave her an opportunity to work with children, something she has always loved doing. In addition, her position provided her with a good income, job security and benefits. She found herself in a dilemma, how could she change her life in ways that were consistent with the radical paradigm shift that she was undergoing?
In the following section of this report Sinéad Whelehan reveals one of the most astounding contact events that I have ever come across. In my judgment, this vignette is an example of how UFO intelligences can manipulate spacetime. Sinéad describes her difficult personal situation and how her request for validation led to an astounding High Strangeness Event. (The following transcript has been edited by me for readability.)
“It's that feeling that experiencers often talk about. I just knew that it was ETs. I knew what they were telling me was real. And believe me, I had moments of doubting myself. Then, I would ask them for validation, and they would give me ridiculous validation that was absolutely undeniable.
An example is that I’m a teacher. This happened in the summer (of 2019). I had my “awakening” in July and about two weeks after the “big cosmic frying pan experience” happened. I had already been hired months before to mark government literacy tests. There are these booklets that are sent out to kids all over the country. In Canada they were sent out to kids in grade 6 to test their math and their literacy (skills).
So, I was hired to mark these booklets and score them. (This project was) to track the data for kids all over the country in terms of their literacy levels. This job was done in a massive warehouse. And there I was with all these tired teachers, you know, trudging in with big jugs of coffee. They were chugging down their coffee through the day and marking these booklets. It was just such dry work and in this big, huge empty warehouse. And, you know, we got cattle called back after breaks. It felt like such a massive juxtaposition to the vibration that I had experienced(with the ETs) just a short while before that I started to feel like,” Oh my God, I have gone crazy.”…
So, I started getting worried about myself. I went home one day… and I was very upset. I just started talking to them (the ETs) out loud. I'm not someone who grew up religious… I never prayed in my life, but I just started talking to them. I was sitting on the floor of my living room crying a little bit, really, really distressed, and stressed out. (I was) wondering if I was mentally well.) I asked them, if this (the continuous presence of ET beings in her life) is really true, “I need you to prove it to me. I need you to prove it to me in a way that is absolutely undeniable and unmistakable….”
So, then I felt this very warm soothing presence around me, and I relaxed. I felt better and I went to bed. Woke up the next day, drove to work. It started as usual… (What) we're supposed to do is just walk up to the front of the room where there's this massive floor to ceiling shelf. I grab a random stack of booklets, bring them back to our desk and start marking them… We're supposed to mark exactly the same question over and over again. So, each (student)answers the question differently. They are 10-11 years old. They're in grade 6 (and) supposed to be writing about “the Day I Became Famous.” It’s a creative writing challenge for them.
Astounding High Strangeness Event
On that day, for 45 minutes, from 9:00 o'clock until 9:45 every single booklet I opened had compositions about, ET 's, UFOs, flying cars, free energy, portals, “the earth is alive”, “the Galaxy is full of other beings” (What) I was reading … has nothing to do with the original prompt “The Day I Became Famous. Nothing to do with it! Here are these kids writing in pencil in 10- to 11-year-old child’s writing, “there’s a portal in my bedroom”, “I designed time travel”, “I made a time machine”, “the earth is alive and conscious; she knows what we're all doing to her”. “there are spaceships out there.” I mean I just couldn't believe it. I could not believe It!
We were not allowed to take breaks that early in the morning, but I just said I have to… I went to the washroom. I texted a bunch of friends of mine who I had met by that point in the community because immediately after my awakening I just started reaching out to people for help. I needed to understand what was going on. I connected with the lovely Kosta Makreas (who was recently interviewed on the Jeff Mara Podcast). Kosta was immediately there for me, to support me. I texted him and a couple of other people he had introduced me to… “I need you to tell me if this is real. Did this really just happen?” Meanwhile the hairs on the skin of my arms are standing straight up.
(There I am) in a stall in the bathroom furiously typing. They all wrote me back and said, “Yep this is what happens.” You know, this is exactly it! I mean how can you deny that is validation! Not to mention, when I came back from the bathroom, the rest of the booklets that were on my desk, I think there were three or four left, none of them had anything to do with it (the flying saucer themes). It was all back to the question (and for the rest of the day it was the original composition prompt question) “How I Became Famous” (The answers were what one might expect from 6th graders, things like) “because of YouTube.”
How were the non-human intelligences that contacted Sinéad able to stage such an extremely strange sequence of events? She asked for a clear sign that her contacts and communications were real and not the result of her being mentally imbalanced. The very next day the compositions written by 6th graders deviated from the assignment. Instead of writing “The Day I Became Famous”, they wrote about numerous themes associated with “ET contact.”
For two decades I have promoted what I call the Virtual Experience Model for flying saucer investigations. This theory outlines what I believe are illusory mechanisms of contact employed by UFO intelligences during interactions with people targeted for encounters. According to this proposed model, a Virtual Experience of the Third Kind (VE-3) is a false memory inserted into the consciousness of a contact experiencers by flying saucer intelligences. These “thought forms” might be so skillfully done that the false memories convince the experiencer that they represent recollections of actual events. Could Sinéad ’s recollection of this “high strangeness” be a false memory, a VE-3?
This is not a reasonable explanation because immediately after being confronted with the High Strangeness of children writing about what are called “anomalous phenomena”, she texted fellow contact activist Kosta Makreas. I spoke to him the day after I viewed the interview. Kosta recalled receiving the message from Sinéad and reassuring her with a reply akin to “Yep this is what happens.”
For decades, renowned UFO researcher Dr. Jacques Vallee has pointed out that the intelligences responsible for UFOs appear to be able to manipulate spacetime. In my opinion, a consensus is beginning to emerge among contact experiencers as well as UFO investigators that the High Strangeness events associated with UFOs are showing us that materialist science’s explanations as to the nature of reality are at best incomplete. If consciousness, and not mass/energy is the wellspring of creation, then the fundamental assumptions of academic mainstream science are plainly wrong.
If consciousness is primary, then perhaps our 4-D reality of spacetime is a kind of projection from some more fundamental realm that is pure consciousness. There has been much speculation in scientific circles that the Cosmos, and everything in it, is part of some simulation created by advanced intelligences. If this is true, then the alleged ETs might be able to enter our “reality” at will and alter the simulation, thereby staging the “inexplicable” events that we label “High Strangeness.” Sinéad ’s encountering a stack of “anomalous” handwritten 6th grade compositions could very well be an example of a personal simulation being altered by her “friends in high places.”
For blogs describing High Strangeness events, the following links are provided.
Introduction to Healing Cases Chapter 6 of “Beyond UFOs” & Case 1 Hemorrhagic Shock in an ER Physician Following Dental Surgery


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