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2023.05.31 18:26 VisageInATurtleneck Bitca burns the villa, season 6 ep 3

Aka “oh no I can’t play the next episodes until I finish last week’s so let’s half-ass this”
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2023.05.31 18:17 cneajna_rusalki Old Lady Scammed Out of $50,000 By Johnny Depp Impersonator Thinks Amber Heard Was Behind The Fake Account
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2023.05.31 18:10 VanaVisera My Honest Opinions on Each POTC Film

Curse of the Black Pearl: Best movie in the franchise. Memorable dialogue. Amazing characters. Well written script, fantastic plot structure. Flawless music and a huge staple in the history of filmmaking. Loved by everyone and for good reason.
Dead Man's Chest: Not as solid as the first film but Davy Jones carries the movie for me. Some pacing issues. Action scenes go on for a little too long. Ultimately the movie stayed true to the characters, has perhaps one of the best sword fights put to film (the windmill duel at the end) and introduced one of the best villains' in movie history with Davy Jones. Also Barbossa's entrance at the end is amazing. Geoffrey Rush had ten seconds of screentime and stole the show.
At World's End: This is where things get really complicated. I LOVE this movie, it may be my second favorite in the franchise. However I can't deny that it has a lot of problems. The plot is overly complicated and hard to follow (especially on the first viewing), the CGI action sequences are sometimes overwhelming visually and hard to follow. The overall pacing of the film took a hit as well.
Though in the end, I still love this movie. The cinematography is the best in the series. Seriously this movie is beautifully shot. Some establishing shots look like they could be a painting. A lot of hard work went into this film, the production values are extremely high. And as always Johnny Depp and Geoffrey Rush stole the show. Also shoutout to Keira Knightley's performance in this movie. Elizabeth is a badass and really gets to shine here.
On Stranger Tides: I love the first 20 minutes of this movie. The set up is compelling and Johnny Depp gives his best performance I think since the first movie. Jack escaping London may be my favorite Jack Sparrow escape sequence of all time. However the movie really falls apart when Jack meets Angelica. It has nothing to do with me hating Angelica as a character, however this movie's pacing is horribly flawed. It's like this movie is paced backwards or something. Instead of starting slow and building to a climax. The film has all the dramatic flair in the very beginning and then just stops. The biggest action sequence in the entire movie (the London escape sequence) happens in the first 20 minutes and then the story grinds to a screeching halt.
From there on out, the movie is nothing more then characters walking around and talking about the plot while chiming in with an occasional joke. Most of the time, the dialogue isn't written well enough to hold my interest. Blackbeard is an okay villain but in the grand scheme of things only exists to get the plot moving and dies in a pretty lame way. Some highlights include Jack and Barbossa working together during the final act and the beautifully shot Mermaid attack sequence. But other then that, this movie is painfully boring.
Dead Men Tell No Tales: Similar to the last one, this movie gets off to a strong start but dies out pretty quickly. Though the script is occasionally funny; the story in general is filled with plot holes and much of the established continuity from the previous movies is contradicted. I do like Henry and Carina as supporting characters but they couldn't save the movie.
The entire movie feels like wasted potential. So many amazing ideas like Will and Elizabeth returning, Barbossa having a daughter, etc. But none of these amazing ideas are given enough time to develop. Will and Elizabeth are barely in the movie. Barbossa and Carina barely have any screentime together despite their relationship being the emotional core of the movie. Jack Sparrow went from a drunk but masterful tactician to a looney toons character. And Salazar? Generic "I want revenge" cliche villain who could have been so much more then that. The only highlight of the movie is the Jack Sparrow flashback sequence and of course whenever Barbossa is onscreen.
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2023.05.31 18:01 The_DOC_Redstone Don't Forget - The Day that JD was heard around the World!

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2023.05.31 17:50 melow_shri Johnny Depp (Dec 2015): “Yes. I fucked up and went too far in our fight!!!” >>> Anatomy of A Depp Lie: Episode 1

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2023.05.31 17:09 Nostalgia_8_AllStarz SpongeBob SquarePants: The Complete 2nd Season DVD

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2023.05.31 17:05 AC_the_Panther_007 Out of My Casts for Jurassic Park III (2001), Which One is Your Favourite? (Version 2)

James Garner as Dr. Alan Grant
Gene Hackman as Paul Kirby
Goldie Hawn as Amanda Kirby
Mark Hamill as Billy Brennan
C. Thomas Howell as Eric Kirby
Dabney Coleman as Udesky
William Shatner as Cooper
Louis Gossett Jr. as M.B. Nash
Farrah Fawcett as Dr. Ellie Sattler (Special Appearance)
Director: Ridley Scott

Robert Redford as Dr. Alan Grant
Scott Glenn as Paul Kirby
Kim Cattrall as Amanda Kirby
Johnny Depp as Billy Brennan
Fred Savage as Eric Kirby
Bob Hoskins as Udesky
Lance Henriksen as Cooper
Ernie Hudson as M.B. Nash
Michelle Pfeiffer as Dr. Ellie Sattler (Special Appearance)
Director: Steven Spielberg

Harrison Ford as Dr. Alan Grant
Tom Berenger as Paul Kirby
Bridget Fonda as Amanda Kirby
James Marsden as Billy Brennan
Shia LaBeouf as Eric Kirby
Joe Pantoliano as Udesky
Ron Perlman as Cooper
Delroy Lindo as M.B. Nash
Nicole Kidman as Dr. Ellie Sattler (Special Appearance)
Director: Joe Johnston

Mel Gibson as Dr. Alan Grant
Woody Harrelson as Paul Kirby
Reese Witherspoon as Amanda Kirby
Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Billy Brennan
Tye Sheridan as Eric Kirby
Steve Carell as Udesky
Billy Campbell as Cooper
Djimon Hounsou as M.B. Nash
Charlize Theron as Dr. Ellie Sattler (Special Appearance)
Director: Roland Emmerich

Hugh Jackman as Dr. Alan Grant
Matthew McConaughey as Paul Kirby
Blake Lively as Amanda Kirby
Jack Quaid as Billy Brennan
Jacob Tremblay as Eric Kirby
Bradley Cooper as Udesky
Jeremy Renner as Cooper
Idris Elba as M.B. Nash
Scarlett Johansson as Dr. Ellie Sattler (Special Appearance)
Director: M. Night Shyamalan

Ryan Reynolds as Dr. Alan Grant
Charlie Hunnam as Paul Kirby
Jennifer Lawrence as Amanda Kirby
Finn Wolfhard as Billy Brennan
Audie Rick as Eric Kirby
Paul Dano as Udesky
Joel Kinnaman as Cooper
Aldis Hodge as M.B. Nash
Florence Pugh as Dr. Ellie Sattler (Special Appearance)
Director: Jordan Vogt-Roberts
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2023.05.31 16:54 whispering_unicorn The Perfect NCIS Ending (Again)

Two years ago before the release of season 19 I wrote an ending for how I wanted to see Gibbs be written off. It is still my most upvoted post as of today! Obviously, the writers did not agree with me, but here I go again with how I think the show should end altogether. I'm not sure if next season will be the last, but I think this could work at any time, so here goes.
Let me know what's missing or what y'all would want to see the show close out on instead.
It would be a two part special and all of this would probably be divided up:
We center around McGee because he's the thread that connects today's NCIS back to season 1. There's an opening little tidbit where McGee is talking to Delilah and finds out that there is an opening on her team. Delilah tries to persuade Tim to take it, but Tim insists on staying with NCIS. Tim says goodbye to the team and walks out to the car, he is distracted arguing with Delilah on the phone. All of a sudden as he goes to get in his car, a mysterious figure swings and knocks Tim out.
Tim comes to in a basement all chained up but doesn't recognize the man who kidnapped him. The man is young (early twenties) and Hispanic. Tim flashes back to the only thing it could be, Paraguay. We get a little flashback to how Ziva said she cleaned up and made sure nobody else was left to come find them in her cameo. The man explains how he was the son of one of the soldiers who Ziva killed after the kidnapping, however, Ziva, now a mother, spared this man who would've been a teen at the time because she couldn't bring herself to do it. The young man was only able to find Tim because during his rouse with Gibbs to escape back then he gave the soldiers some of his personal info like his name and birthday.
In Paraguay, Gibbs took the brunt of the torture and McGee was more psychologically scarred. This time there was no Gibbs to take any of the torture and the man does the same things that were done to Gibbs in s14 to McGee. He has repeated flashbacks to that time where Delilah was pregnant, and he couldn't be there for her. He flashes to Delilah, Johnny, and Morgan waiting at home for him now. McGee chats up the guy and lies to him, telling him that Gibbs and Ziva, whom he also wants to enact revenge upon, would come to rescue him if they were told he was kidnapped. McGee convinces the kidnapper to send a video to Parker at NCIS saying he was going to kill McGee.
Cut back to the office, Delilah rushes in asking where Tim is and the team has no idea. They check his car which is still in the garage and find some of his blood. The team does a deep dive into Tim's past and goes through all of Tim's enemies and big cases from the past 20 years as an agent. They receive the video and notice Tim is clenching his fist repeatedly. Delilah immediately recognizes it as binary, their love language lol. The message is "CALL ZIVA" or something along those lines. Nobody left at NCIS knows Ziva's involvement in cleaning up Paraguay, so they call up Ziva and she remembers that 14-year-old boy that she spared back then.
They are searching for Paraguayan nationals matching the estimated age and they are left with a decently large pool. Palmer feels useless and goes to help Kasie analyze the video, he notices some of the piping in the background is indicative of a basement/boiler room from a specific era of historical housing. They find one person who matches the profile with a relative who has a house matching the description. The team goes to the house and sneaks down to the basement to find McGee.
The man has a gun pointed at McGee and the agents have one pointed at them. He uses their love for McGee to force the agents to drop their weapons. Knight is doing her hostage negotiation thing when McGee reveals that he somehow got his hands free and pulls out his rule 9 knife. Gibbs cameo in subtle way saves Tim's life and he gets to go home. He celebrates with his team and sees his wife and kids, who actually appear on screen!
He decides he can't risk his life like that again and leave Delilah as a single mother, so he decides to take the job at DoD under her. He has a retirement party filled with cameos and appearances from characters who have been there throughout the 20-year long journey. He goes up to Vance's office and they have a moment about the sacrifices they have made and fatherhood. Outside the office he looks down on the team who left his party early to work a case. Sawyer, who is no longer an asshole, is the new addition to the team. He sees the team that he was apart of for 20 years is in good hands and walks by and goes into the elevator. And the elevator doors close, ending the show.
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2023.05.31 16:35 TheMightyHovercat Gojo Satoru (JJK) vs every JoJo antagonist (JBB)

Gojo runs a gauntlet of JoJo villians, starting from the first part to the eighth. All fights take place in empty New York City. Gojo gets revived/regenerated after each fight. In-character. Win by death/KO. Stalemate is also acceptable.
For the sake of the scenario, the antagonists can see the cursed techniques, and Gojo can see stands.

R1: Dio Brando (without The World), (fight starts at midnight)
R2: Ultimate Lifeform Kars (fight starts at noon)
R3: DIO (with The World), (fight starts at midnight)
R4: Kira Yoshikage (Killer Queen, including Sheer Heart Attack and Bites the Dust)
R5: Diavolo (King Crimson)
R6: Enrico Pucci (Made in Heaven)
R7: Funny Valentine (4DC: Love Train)
R8: Toru (Wonder of U)

Bonus two rounds of JoJo protagonists who also could put up a fight (not including Jotaro cuz that's basically Dio without regen):
BR1: Giorno Giovanna (Gold Experience: Requiem)
BR2: Johnny Joestar (Tusk act 4)
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2023.05.31 16:19 1975Dr My Sad Quirky Attorney

Let’s talk about quirky attorneys at your office.
My boss is very quirky. He grew up in a small town. They lived in a historic home built by his family in the 1880’s. His home now is historic and filled with beautiful antiques from his family. He was an only child and both parents passed.
He only listens to classical music/opera, loves classic literature (particularly Dickens and Henry James), and runs 5 miles a day. He barely watches tv and asked me if I ever heard of “the American actor Johnny Depp.” He did know the Christopher Plummer and the soprano Cathy Malfitano.
I asked him why he hasn’t married once. He smiled and said no one ever found him interesting. He’s 35-40.
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2023.05.31 16:16 PickleReaper0 Best Way to Roleplay as a Johnny Silverhand type character? (Mods, Skills, Perks etc)

I kinda wanna make a Johnny Silverhand type character, a too cool for school type of guy, obviously very Anti-Authority with a magnum type pistol and a Cool over Practical fasion sense
For weapons I think I'd use something like Li'l Devil, That Gun, and in the modded space there's a mod for a Khan revolver called Temijuin (mightve butchered that)
Style is just a simple merc outfit or anything that looks cool enough, I've got a mod that lets me have a robotic arm and another called Steel Trimmed that gives me cybernetic enhancements.
Perks? I'm nkt entirely sure, this is kinda just a crack idea but please tell me how I can improve it.
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2023.05.31 16:15 igorcarbex16 Bully Soundtrack References & Similarities in Details...
Hello Bully it's me again, The Bully soundtrack composed by the genius Shawn Lee is pretty rad, so as a music enthusiastic, i want to share this post for people really obsessed with the Bully songs like me, tried to include every song in the game like as puzzle pieces getting together with the greatest amount, most accurate and similar as possible in one sitting, with some help around the internet, personal discoveries and songs already mentioned for yourselves so thank you nonetheless, and sorry for the repetition. Unfortunately some will still be missing so "a little help"/hits for these unreferenced sounds are very welcome.
Some songs are pretty obvious but others looks well hidden, but that's the fun of it, not every song is a sample, they just sound alike or has interpolations.
I know it would be boring to reading all of this so also dedicated this YouTube playlist in details for, so that you can check thoroughly for a more accurate comparison: 😎👍 - Have Fun!
★ Main Storyline
·Welcome to Bullworth (Menu theme): Suspiria Theme - Goblin
·This Is Your School: The Duck - Shawn Lee
·The Setup/Bait/The Gym is Burning: Organ Donor - DJ Shadow
·Slingshot/Revenge on Mr. Burton "Part 3" (Fun): My Sweet Lord - George Harrionson the ex-Beatles & Bill Preston
·Save Algie: Love My Way - Psychedelic Furs
·Defend Bucky/The Eggs/Weed KilleStronghold Assault (Action): Shake, Shake, Shake - KC & The Sunshine Band, A Little Less Conversation - Elvis Presley, Hocus Pocus - Focus
·That B****/The Diary/Jealous Johnny/Paparazzi: This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) - Talking Heads
·The Candidate/Cook's Date: Oh Yeah - Yello
·Halloween/The Big Prank: The Chase - Shawn Lee, Burning Bridges - The Republic From The Getaway Game - Shawn Lee
·Help Gary: Cannonball - Breeders (it also reminds me the "X-Files Theme - Mark Snow" but this is overthinking)
·Character Sheets: Agent Woodrow - The Woodies
·Hattrick vs. Galloway: Cat Blues - Seatbelts (Drum Patterns)
·Movie Tickets (Sneaking On A Date): All Mine, Glory Box - both by Portished
·Carnival Date (Romance): Kiss The Sky - Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra (also features in "Tales from the Bordelands Episode 2")
·Prep Challenge/Boxing Challenge: Drums on Phasing - Joe Ufer (Sample)
·Race the Vale/Lola's Race: Casio VL-1 Tone (Sampler) *a lot of songs use this instrument for samples, for Bully this is predominant in bike races, it also reminds the iconic song "Funkytown - Lipps inc."
·Beach Rumble: Tenebre 12 mix - Claudio Simonetti
·Tad's House: Billie Jean (Bass Only) - Michael Jackson
·Tagging/Making a Mark (Wildstyle): Chic - Good Times
·Wrong Part of Town/Busting In, Part I: Prog Punk, Psyche Drums (*After The Release!) - Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra
·The Tenements/Norton Boss Fight: Human Fly - Cramps, I Wanna Be Your Dog - Iggy Pop & the Stooges
·The Rumble/Defender of the Castle (Epic Confrontation): Matador - X Mal Deutschland (as the "wildstyle" music many songs are similar to this, i listed the most accurate or the most fun imo, at least)
·Nerd Challenge/Consumo Arcade (Menu): Sakura, Sakura - Traditional Japanese Folk Song
·Nerd Challenge/Consumo (Main): Four Thousand Years of Chinese History - SNK Sound Team from Fatal Fury: King of Fighters Game
·Glass House/Smash It Up (Destruction/Vandalism): Rapture - Blondie, The Breaks - Kurtis Blow
·Nice Outfit: Odetta - Hit or Miss (Drum Patterns), Dig Your Own Hole - Chemical Brothers (Drum Patterns)
·The Big Game (Nerds "Agent")/Revenge on Mr. Burton "Part 2": Big Bad Wolf - Shawn Lee
·Rats in the Library: You Rock My World - Michael Jackson, Spies In The Wires - Cabaret Voltaire
·Preppies Vandalized (Punishment): D12 40 Oz. - Mr. Stan
·Busting In, Part II/Paper Route: Identity - X-Ray Spec, Mongoloid - Devo
·Showdown at the Plant (Overture): "Saracens Theme" - The Warriors Game
·Complete Mayhem (Street Fight): Criminal - Fiona Apple (also resembles "All Caps - Madvillain-Madvillainy or MF Doom" and "Intermezzo 2 - Mr. chop" but this was released in 2009)
·School's Out (End Credits): Walk On The Wild Side (Bass and Rhythm Pattern) - Lou Reed by Velvet Underground
\Christmas is Here, Small Offences, Discreet Deliveries, The Collector, Mailbox Armageddon and Go See The Principal doesn't feature a unique theme or has any song.*
★ Miscellaneous, Ambience & Shop themes
·Chase Prefect and Police: The Shaft intro and end themes - Isaac Hayes, Beat Dis (12 Version) - Bomb The Bass
·Chase Adults/A Little Help: Take California - Propellerheads, Secret Agent - Bjorn Lynne
·Detention/Mowing Laws - Unused track from The Warrior Game (it doesn't have an actual name, sorry)
·Bike Race 1: Casio VL-1 Tone (Sampler)
·Bike Race 2: Sonic CD Game - Wacky Workbench Zone - Bad Future
·Kart Race (Main) or "Lowrider": You Baby - The Turtles
·Kart Race (Beta): Baba Hya - Lafayette Afro Rock Band
·General Store "Yum Yum Market": Cover Girl - Gabriele Ducros
·Hair Saloon (Poor) "The Final Cut": Punky Dragster - Tele Music
·Hair Saloon (Rich) "Old Bullworth Vale": Dance Feeling - Tele Music
·Clothing Store (Poor) "Worn In Used Clothing": Disco Revisited - Tele Music
·Clothing Store (Rich) "Aquaberry Outlet" (*After The Release!): Now That Is Jazz - Charlie's Bistro Ensemble
·Janitor's Room: Lonesome Heart Swing - Dennis Caplinger
·Carnival Ambience "Billy Crane's Traveling Carnival": Golden Brown - Stranglers
·Box Club Ambience "Glass Jaw Boxing Club": Icy Nation - Tele Music
·Preppie's Hideout Beach "Lighthouse" (*After The Release!): With My Maker I Am One - Chill Coffehouse Drip
·Dragon's Wing Comic Store (*After The Release!): Daniel Loves Singing - C. Allocco
·Nerd's Hideout "Dragon's Wing Comic Store" (Under): Soaring Song - Tele Music
·Jock's Hideout "Jock's Clubhouse": Grand Theft Auto (Song) - Craig Conner
·Monkey Fling (Menu): it reresemble Super Mario World Overworld theme
·Future Street Racer (Main): The Doom - Shadow The Hedgehog 2005 Game
★ Xmas Themes
Holiday themes features various artists, this list is based on the ones made by Shawn lee itself for his album "A Very Ping Pong Christmas: Funky Treats form Santa's Bag", The original composers is on the song description.
·Balls of Snow: Carol of the Bells - Mykola Leontovych
·Miracle on Bullworth St.: Jingle Bells - James Lord Pierpont
·Rudy the Red Nosed Santa: O Come All Ye Faithful (Adeste Fideles) - John Francis Wade & Frederick Oakeley
·Nutcrackin': Deck The Halls - Thomas Oliphant, Little Dummer Boy - Katherine Kennicott Davis, Harry Simeone & Henry Onorati
·Bike Shop (Xmas) "Shiny Bikes": Let it Snow! - Gary Hoey (Dean Martin is the original composer) (Most famous by Frank Sinatra)
·Clothing Store (Poor) (Xmas) "Worn In"/Clothing Store (Rich) (Xmas) "Aquaberry": Jingle Bells (Dan The Automator) - Dean Martin, *the Aquaberry outlet uses a different tone in jazz
·Janitor's Room (Xmas)/Hair Saloon (Poor)(Xmas) "The Final Cut": Up On The House Top (Ho, Ho, Ho) - Gene Autry
·Dragon's Wing Comic Store (Xmas)/Hair Saloon (Rich)(Xmas)"Old Bullworth Vale": We Wish You a Merry Christmas - Traditional English (Britain) Folk Song
·Xmas Tree: Dance Of The Sugar-Plum Fairy - Piotr Ilitch Tchaikovski
\The General Store "Yum Yum Market" reuses a song collage of various themes as Deck the Halls, We Wish You a Merry Christmas and Jingle Bells in that order on looping.*
★ Classes
·Music classes features American Folk and American March Songs since the game takes place in USA
Class 1: Turkey In The Straw
Class 2: Masterpiece Fanfare
Class 3: She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain
Class 4: Liberty Bell March (also known as "Monty Python Theme")
Class 5: The Washington Post March (also sounds similar to "Willian Tell Act" by Charlie Chaplin)
·English Class: Piéces de Clavecin en concert; La Timide - Jean-Philippe Rameau
·Art Class: Come With the Night (Drum Patterns) - Sugar Stick (also resembles "Test Area - Broadcast" or "Serpent Magique - Tangerine Dream")
·Photography Class/BMX Park (*After The Release!): Automatic - Shawn Lee & AM (for observation, the Bike Park and Photography theme are slightly different, not the same)
·Biology: Dara Factor One - Weather Report Music, Heist in Helsinki (*After The Release!) - Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra
\Geography class uses a medley of characteristic instruments and sounds of world nations*
★ Cliques & Boss fights
·Vendetta Non-Clique: Ode To Billie Joe - Lou Donaldson
·Vendetta Bullies: Skin Therapy - Mr. Dibbs, And on the Sixth Day - Pat Williams
·Vendetta Nerds/Stronghold Assault (Nerd Boss Fight): Casio VL-1 Tone (Sampler), Da Da Da - Trio (not only the song but the nerds cliques itself looks heavy inspired by the movie Revenge of the Nerds, some themes would also fit for Nerds in particular "Burning Down The House by Talking Heads")
·Vendetta Preppies: Billie Jean - Michael Jackson, Whip it - Devo
·Vendetta Greasers: Play For Today - The Cure, Private Idaho - B-52's, Disorder - Joy Division
·Vendetta Jocks: Amen, Brother - The Winstons, Drums Away - The Simon Song (Drums Intro), The Assembly Line - Commodores (this one use one of the most famous samples in music the "Amen Break" by Winstons as initially mentioned)
·Vendetta Dropouts/Townie Challenge: Tédio - Biquíni Cavadão, I Love Rock 'N Roll - The Arrows (Original Composers) *the guitar riff and bass pattern is extremely similar to "Pretty Fly by Offspring" but the song "Tédio" is alot older and still more accurate to the townies theme
·Russell in the Hole: Firestarter (Drum Patterns) - Prodigy, Devotion (Voice of Paradise) - Ten City
·Dishonorable Fight: Eye of the Tiger, Burning Heart - both by Survivor
·Fighting Johnny Vincent: Boogie Woodie - The Beach Boys, Caldonia Boogie - Louis Jordan (also covered by James Brown) *this song line is also referred as "The Walking Bass" featured in many Classic Rock songs
·The Big Game (Jock Boss Fight): Just Like Heaven, A Forest - The Cure, Harmonia - Dino
·Showdown at the Plant: Headhunter - Front 242, Are You Red..Y - The Clash
·Final Showdown: Underwater March - Klaus Badelt, 2001 NBA Ultimate Player (Film Score) *God of War (2018) Game also has a similar tone in "Spartan Rage" overture by Bear McCreary
★... Uncertain? ...Suggestions
·Bully Main Theme (Running Theme): Maniac - Michael Sembello, the synthesizer effect looks an interpolation of the xylophone effect used in the game.
·Overworld (Walking Theme) - The Phantom of the Opera Motion Picture Overture (this also resambles "echoes" by pink floyd but that peculiar melody is more predominant in this theme), Let's Ge Started (Bass Only) - Black Eyed Peas, it looks heavily inspired by Dario Argento movies (as the overall soundtrack).
·Here's to you Ms. Philips/Last Minute Shopping/Cook's Crush/Discretion Assured/Finding Johnny Vincent/Revenge on Mr. Burton "Part 1" (The Search): Sounds similar to "Tenant - Siouxsie And The Banshees", people often confuse this theme to "Cheating Time" but the track is named "Here's to you Ms. Philips" as does the mission, it also resembles a Giorgio Gaslini piece an italian jazz pianist or the american compositor Henry Mancini the creator of Pink Panther iconic theme.
·Panty Raid/Galloway Away/Cheating Time (Stealth): Love Theme From "The Godfather" or "Speak Softly, Love" or just The Godfather Theme from Nino Rota a renowned italian composer, written by Larry Kusik, also resembles the song "Hey by Pixies".
·Comic Klepto: Where’d You Go - Fort Minor e Jonah Matranga (interpolation), also resembles Gramatik, Transplants, Flobots or X-Ecutiornes style of song.
·Funhouse Fun/ Funhouse (Ambience): Carnival of the Animals; Introduction and Royal March of the Lion ("Marche Royale du Lions") - Camille Saint-Saëns (interpolation)
·Funhouse Graveyard "Carnival Funhouse Graveyard" (Unused/Beta): Lux Aeterna - Clint Mansell & Kronos Quartet; Requiem For A Killer Movie Score
·Shop Class "Auto Repair Shop": Sounds similar to Star Guitar - Chemical Brothers, Cities in the Dust - Siouxie And The Banshees
·Math Class (Beta): Sounds similar to Nightmare on Elm Street Theme
·Gym Class/Lockpicking/Jocks Challenge: Sounds similar to "Resucitó" an old catholic song
·Bike Shop "Shiny Bikes": Sounds similar to Billy Club - Junkie XL, Horndog - Overseer
·Greaser's Hideout/Greaser's Challenge "Blue Balls Pool House" "Tattoo Parlor" & "The Happy Mullet": Sounds similar to In-Cut Overdrive - Tomonori Sawada; Sega Rally 2006 Game
·Townies/Dropouts Hideout "Dropout Hangout": Sounds similar to Babel - Covenant
★ Still Missing... Unknown?
·Chemistry Class: although i can't find a matching song it doesn't sound like music per se
·Math Class (Main): definitely a funky/soul tune, unfortunately i couldn't find a corresponding song for it
·Nut Shots: resembles Gradius songs a game by Konami or AiAce Combat a Namco Game
I Hope you like it 😎👍
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2023.05.31 15:12 Express_Patience_497 What voice actors would you like to see for a Swedish dub of Helluva Boss?

What voice actors would you like to see for a Swedish dub of Helluva Boss?
If it gonna be a Swedish dub after American dub, i had an idea with their Swedish voices of Helluva Boss characters. Like some voice actors from other Cartoon tv series/full movies, (Like, Spongebob Squarepants [1999], Ferdinand the Bull [2017], Cars [2006], My Little Pony: Friendship is magic [2010], My Little Pony: A New Generation [2021], Over the Hedge [2006], Hey Arnold [1996], Garfield and Friends [1988], Turbo [2013] and even Uncle Grandpa [2013].)
[I think/say it would be awsome idea.] _____________________________________/
Blitzo - Martin Stenmarck.
Moxxie - Jesper Adefelt.
Millie - Amanda Renberg.
Loona - Mikaela Ardai Jennefors.
Stolas - Kim Sulocki.
Octavia - Jasmine Heikura.
Stella - Pernilla Wahlgren. ___________________________________/
(What do you guys think?)
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2023.05.31 14:57 toi-news Hollywood Vampires Postpone Upstate NY Concert After Johnny Depp Injury

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2023.05.31 13:37 BrilliantAntelope625 Stalking Johnny Depp by moving to Spain and ignoring him 😂🤣😂

Stalking Johnny Depp by moving to Spain and ignoring him 😂🤣😂
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2023.05.31 13:03 drhobbi Has anyone had police called on them?

Is it a common BPD trait to call police on you and make false allegations to get a restraining order in response to calling out their behaviour?
It happened to me, it happened to Johnny Depp. I'm wondering if this is a common experience for others
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2023.05.31 12:48 Kervati hmmm yes Joseph stalin

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2023.05.31 12:19 Dishmastah Did any of the real life gangsters actually live to old age?

I was just thinking that there were a lot of characters from history that met their end in the series, and sometimes between seasons. Made me wonder how old they were, and who actually lived to see the end of Prohibition, and if any of them ever died of natural causes. Here's what I found:
"Big Jim" Colosimo was shot in 1920, aged 42.
Frank Capone (28) and Dean O'Banion (32) were shot dead in 1924, Hymie Weiss (28) in 1926.
I don't think Hymie Weiss was shown, but the rest of them were. S4 was 1924. Since there was a time jump between s4 and s5, the people in-between were obviously not shown:
Arnold Rothstein (46) and Frankie Yale (35) were gunned down in 1928.
And then in s5:
Joe Masseria (45) and Salvatore Maranzano (45) were both killed in 1931.
So what happened after s5? After Prohibition ended in 1933?
Al Capone (48) died of the advanced stages of syphilis in 1947, while Benjamin Siegel (41) was gunned down later that year.
Kinda makes you wonder if any of them actually lived to old age and/or died of some kind of natural causes. And yes, some of them did manage to not only get to 50, but even 60 or 70:
"Lucky" Luciano, aged 64 in 1962 (heart attack) Waxey Gordon, aged 64 in 1952 (heart attack, he was imprisoned in Alcatraz at the time) Jake Guzik, aged 69 in 1956 (heart attack) George Remus, aged 73 in 1952 (had a stroke in 1950, had private nursing care since) Johnny Torrio, aged 75 in 1957 (heart attack)
But people making it all the way to 80?
Meyer Lansky, aged 80 in 1983 (lung cancer) Ralph Capone, aged 80 in 1974 (natural causes)
The one who outlived them all? Ironically, it was the real life Nucky - Enoch Johnson, died of natural causes aged 85 in 1968. But he wasn't actually in BwE ...
Out of all the real life people in BwE, the only one who's cause of death is simply "natural causes" (which I'm guessing in this context is "old age" as everyone else has a medical condition stated as cause of death) was Ralph "Bottles" Capone, in Hurley, Wisconsin.
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2023.05.31 10:18 dasnightcrawler My somewhat realistic Mortal Kombat 1 roster wishlist

My somewhat realistic Mortal Kombat 1 roster wishlist
Kharacters and why I chose them: (there are other characters I really want but would make more sense to introduce later)
Fire God Liu Kang - already confirmed
Kung Lao - already confirmed
Raiden (Human) - already confirmed
Fujin - very overlooked character, got a little spotlight in aftermath but that’s pretty much it. he’s also my second favourite character so yeah lol
Bo’ Rai Cho - makes a lot of sense for him to be here, being a very close ally of Liu Kang. He could even be the one to train human Raiden.
Kenshi - easily the most popular 3D-era character. He missed mk11 so he deserves a spot
Nightwolf - I feel like he makes a lot of sense here idk why
Ashrah - one of the most requested characters by the fans (myself included). She has a lot of story potential with Sareena, since they’re both reformed demons.
Johnny Cage - already confirmed
Sonya Blade - iconic af and makes sense if Johnny is here
Jax - makes sense if Sonya is here
Kano - also makes sense if Sonya is here
Scorpion - already confirmed
Smoke (Human) - probably the number one most requested character among the fans, with reason. He 1000% deserves a spot
Sareena - possibly the most underused mk character, only being playable in ONE mainline game (she’s also playable in tournament edition)
Sub-Zero - already confirmed (most likely Bi Han)
Jade - makes sense if Kitana is here
Kitana - already confirmed
Mileena - already confirmed
Sindel - ok midway Sindel is my favourite mk character so I might be a lil biased here (I despise her aftermath depiction)
Rain - another one of the most underused characters. he has so much story potential and has been robbed of a spot on the main roster too many times
Tanya - lots of story potential since she literally betrays everyone (I also love her)
Ermac - really want the whole King Jerrod’s soul thing to be expanded on
Reptile - one of the most fan requested, and was the og secret character. He deserves to be in a game called Mortal Kombat 1
Drahmin - ok this one won’t happen but he’s actually so cool and has huge story potential
Nitara - another one of the most requested and would add good variety to the roster since she’d most likely use a completely different model
Havik - the most requested 3D-era character. Simply must be here
Shang Tsung (Pre-Order Bonus) - already confirmed
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2023.05.31 09:36 visthanatos Johnny Depp's evidence

Has anyone here done a deep dive on his evidence and the timeline he gives for it like the picture of bruises when was it taken etc. When most people who argue for him they bring up the cut finger or the cut audio both of which can be disproved( them believing it is another story😒). Also is there a compiled list of Amber's evidence here I use the one on fauxmoi and I find it to be thorough. I could probably go to his support sub but I'm just gonna get pissed.
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2023.05.31 08:57 Cosanostra1927 Johnny Depp

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