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2023.06.03 14:05 TagsgaT Mekar Island

There’s a really cool surprise on Mekar Island right outside the lost woods. You should go there right after getting the paraglider. 100% trust me
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2023.06.01 16:35 TheGarbageRatMan [TotK] mekar island question

when i went to mekar, a gloom hands enemy appeared. however, when a friend of mine went, nothing happened . any ideas why ?
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2023.05.30 05:11 dumbBunny9 99.67% complete

I'm on my third time through and my goal was to get all 900 Korok seeds before TotK. I did that, but then I was thinking, why not go for 100%?
I defeated Ganon this time, actually much easier than I thought (I could be ready for Master Mode, perchance?), so I could pull up the completion percentage. But, I'm only at 99.67% completion. Using the checklist from IGN, I've gotten all the Divine Beasts, all the Shrines, all the Korok Seeds, so, that means I'm missing some locations - probably four.
Looking at the map in Hero mode, I could see a few spots I had not been to, like Mekar Island in the Great Hyrule Forest. I've been there in previous games - i remember getting beat up, so I didn't want to go back - but in the interest of 100%, i did. But, no change in my percentage. I hit a few other spots, that I had missed but my percentage hasn't changed. I have saved, and reloaded, but still, nothing different.
Is there some other step I need to do to update the percentages, or, am I just still missing those spots to get 100%? Some of the areas, it looks like I might have just glided over - would that not cause it to count? Thanks for any advice on completing this silly, pointless, goal.
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2023.05.28 07:58 thedizeezd Is Mekar island still a thing?

I recall using the DLC in BotW finding an island that I had never visited. It was odd, a single tree with some bones surrounding it. I found there's a lot of content out on the web about the island (I later found it was called Mekar island). A lot of speculation talks about how the island was either something planned that didn't make it into the final build, or maybe there's even some secrets behind it.
Does this island still exist in tears? I haven't explored the map well enough to recall.where the island is and if anyone has found it, is it the same? Are there differences?
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2023.05.27 21:59 joe10155 Question about a certain mini boss, possible spoiler?

Hey guys so I wanted to get some of the gloom weapons and found that the spear can be found by killing phantom ganon on mekar island. I went there and the gloom hands just dont spawn. Tried at night, tried killing the wizard there and coming back, nothing. I have cleared korok forest of gloom and have all sages unlocked for reference on where i am in the game. Anyone know how to spawn him or got any ideas?
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2023.05.23 17:19 Remarkable_Custard Korok Forest - possible error?

In the games we see Korok Forest with the Deku Tree.
Now, please no spoilers for those playing TOTK.
We know BOTW must come after OOT because of the Deku Trees existence and also in the Korok Forest there is Lake Saria and Mido Swamp, both characters from OOT.
And it must also come after Wind Waker, Phantom Hourglass, and potentially after or before Spirit Tracks, due to Koroks existing from Wind Waker and also Mekar Island and Mekar Lake existing.
My question is though - Makar is the character from Wind Waker but in the game they’ve spelt in Mekar.
Is the game wrong? Is it not referencing Makar? Simple spelling mistake?
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2023.05.21 16:07 RanielDoelofs Why does chio say this when I've already completed all the trials? Is it a glitch or am I missing something?

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2023.05.11 23:51 C0nvinced Yiga hideout location

Yiga hideout location
Spent a good bit trying to find this. It's just a cave on a grassy mountain.
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2023.05.03 23:37 bakeoutbigfoot Did it just in time!!!!!

Did it just in time!!!!!
After watching me play for 10+ years, and getting both our children playing, husband caves and gets 100% just in time for ToTK!
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2023.04.28 22:26 Serbaayuu Spoilers Guidelines for Tears of the Kingdom

Only two weeks remain till the next Zelda game's release, and with it come spoilers to the Internet.
On this subreddit and in our Discord server, posting spoilers about Tears of the Kingdom will be restricted for a span of 3 months - until the end of August 2023.
Starting in September, once people have had a chance to play through the full game in their own time, spoilers will not be policed in any threads on this subreddit or any channels in the Discord server. If you would like to hide the subreddit for the time being, now is your chance.

If you wish to post spoiler-related threads to the subreddit within the next few months, please make sure the title of your post is not a spoiler. For example, your title could be:
Spoiler-marked threads can be considered free space to talk about the topic at hand. Please be considerate about unrelated spoilers; if you want to talk about how Makar is the Wind Sage in the same thread, you should use spoiler tags.
In threads that are not marked as spoilers to begin with, do not post unmarked spoilers of any sort - comments will be removed if they spoil significant things and you can repost them with spoiler tags in that case.
When using spoiler tags, you should use them like so:
>!spoiler goes here!< 
Be sure that there are no spaces between the ! and the text otherwise the formatting will not work.

What constitutes a spoiler?

The following should be restricted from the titles of your posts and marked as spoilers in your comments on other posts:

What is not a spoiler?

If the full game is leaked or breaks street date, do not post spoiler details here until release day.

Thank you for your cooperation. I'm looking forward to reading your investigations and theories!
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2023.04.25 22:52 Tailsmiles249 Saved the best for last for 100% Completion

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2023.04.15 01:10 Adam_Deveney Unsure if this has already been brought up, but the tree on Mekar Island looks a lot like the trees shown in the Sky Islands in the ToTK gameplay showcase

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2023.04.12 18:00 Unknown_Illuminati My first ever post on Reddit - 100% at last!

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2023.04.03 07:10 Yellow27061 Just joined the 100 club!

Just joined the 100 club!
Sorry about the bad camera quality
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2023.02.19 11:10 Da-Snake-Boi WHY DO I HAVE TO FOLLOW STUPID OAKI AGAIN!?

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2023.02.19 01:18 Zolofttogetthrutoday What's up with Mekar Island? Can't find much on it in game or out.

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2022.05.09 17:58 DaveyRocketXX [BOTW] What creatures are the skulls on Mekar Island supposed to be from?

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2022.04.16 02:10 quantuminous Mekar Island is not required for 100%. Nothing suspicious there.

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2022.03.05 00:24 wafflish [Thank You] Birthday Thank You Extravaganza!!

Thanks everyone for the all of the absolutely amazing cards. You guys are the best, RAoC is the best community out there. Thanks for helping my birthday feel special <3
u/Sable__ - Thank you for the pretty birthday card! I love the raccoon you made me, it's so cute!! Thanks for sending me a card!
u/ninajyang - Thank you for the cute balloons birthday card! Thanks so much for the goodies too, I love the llama bubble tea sticker!! Thanks so much for sending me a card!
u/RhapsodyTravelr - Thank you for the cool birthday wishes card! Your handwriting is gorgeous! Thank you so much for sending me a card!
u/foleyfocus - Thank you for the super cute donut card! Thanks as well for all the adorable stickers, the llamas and the Raymond ones especially!! I'm going out for Mexican food tomorrow and my parents got me an ice cream cake :D Thanks for sending a card!
u/AlfredTheButt-ler - Thank you for the birthday card! Thanks so much for the cute stickers as well, love them! Thanks for sending a card!
u/cswl x2 - Thanks so much for the cute elephant card! Thanks for the stickers as well, especially love the doraemon captian america lol! I prefer relaxing over having an adventure, I'm boring like that :p Thanks for sending a card!
Thanks as well for the Grand Teton National Park postcard, I love it! I didn't know groundhogs whistle when scared :o When we went to Devil's Tower there was a huge colony of them living near it, they're so cute lol!
u/The_Sporkinator - Thank you for the super pretty flower card! Thanks so much for kind words as well <3 Thanks for sending a card!
u/CrimsonApostate - Thank you for the holographic flowers card, it's so cool! Loved the owl pun lol! Thanks for sending a card!
u/ribeyecut x2 - Thanks for the cute just flying by card! Yes I play AC nearly everyday, it's such a relaxing game so it's a good way to unwind. I saw the aquarium playing the game too, it is so cool that it's actually an accurate game (minus all the cute animal people lol). Covid cases are going down here too so I'm going out to eat with my mom and aunt tomorrow, we were gonna go on my birthday but there's supposed to be a big snowstorm of course LOL. A lot of RAocers love my street name, I don't think it's named after anyone specific. All the streets in my neighborhood have western/cowboy names :P Thanks so much for sending a card!
Thanks so much for the super cute St. Patrick's Day card as well! The Olympics were okay, they kind of had a somber feeling to them this year though... I always really enjoy figure skating but it was a real bummer to watch this time around. Nathan Chen's performance and Chole Kim's gold medal were really the highlights for me. I'll send you a card in return telling you all about Wyoming :)
u/calculatingmove - Thanks so much for the very pretty handcrafted card, love it! Thanks so much for the extra goodies too <3 Thanks for sending a card!
u/JiaMekare - Thank you for the birthday postcard, love the outfit in the polaroid! Thanks for sending a card!
u/Cosplay-Gurl - Thank you for cute and so very nice star card :) Thanks so much for all the stickers too, especially love the Snow White stickers <3 Also love your Rilakkuma washi! Thanks for sending a card!
u/dwrfstr - Hello my friend! Thanks so much for the super adorable handcrafted card, I really love it! Thanks for being an awesome person and friend as well <3 I'm giong out to eat tomorrow and I have a yummy ice cream cake to devour lol! Thanks so much for sending a birthday card!
u/travel4me22 - Thanks so much for the birthday princess card <3 Thanks for all the cute llama and owl stickers as well. I love your llama washi! Thanks so much for sending a card!
u/bluedecemberart x3 - Thanks so much for the pretty macaron birthday card! Thanks for the super cute doggo postcard as well, love it! Absolutely love the puns LOL Thanks for sending a card!
Thanks as well for the super cute Rhode Island postcard, yay I finally have RI for my collection!! Thanks for sending it to me I really appreciate it. u/travel4me22 thanks for making it happen <3
u/yeahjustsayin - Thanks so much for the super cute card, I wish my hair was the pink like the girl's on the card is lol! Thanks so much for sending a card <3
u/onelittlericeball x3 - Thank you so much for the One Piece and the BNHA postcards, I love them!! Skipped the Ace arc!!!? That's just craziness! To be honest with you I'm not caught up with One Piece, I have nostalgia for the earlier parts of the show lol!
u/SugarStunted - Thanks so much for the llama birthday postcard, I love it sooo much! Thanks for the kind words as well :) Thanks so much for sending a card!
u/truthfulsnack - Thanks so much for the pretty pink flowers card! Thank you so much for sending a card!
u/laura_eva - Thanks so much for the flamingo birthday card, love it! Thanks so much for sending a card!
u/BlacksmithEquivalent x2 - Thanks so much for the cute doggo card, I love it! Thanks as well for the San Diego postcard, gives me good memories of when I lived there <3 Thanks so much for sending a card!
u/honeymallow - Thanks so much for the super cute ice cream handcrafted card, it's so cute I love it! Love the cute stickers you used on the inside too! Thanks so much for sending a card!
u/SkylineProphets - Thanks so much for the cute owl card, love it so much! Thanks for the owl and llama stickers as well <3 Thanks so much for sending a card!
u/PurpleTeaSoul - Thank you for the cute cupcakes postcard! Thanks for the super kind words as well! <3 Thanks for sending a card!
u/Turbulent-Minimum584 - Thanks so much for the awesomely pink card, I love it! Thanks so much for the birthday bookmark and for all the cool stickers and cute temporary tats <3 Thanks so much for sending a card!
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2022.02.18 19:50 toni_jade [Thank You] It's a little over halfway through February!

u/ninajyang Thank you for the Year of the Tiger postcard! I just ate a really big vegetarian lunch so I did eat some yummy food! I hope you did too :)
u/BATTLE_METAL Thank you for the artsy-looking postcard! Your dessert island description sounds like literal death by chocolate and so delicious!
u/ChasingAfterShadows Thank you for the Year of the Tiger postcard! It looks so cute and I also wish you success, peace, and happiness this new year too! :)
u/JiaMekare Thank you for the painted postcard! It looks cool!
u/kira226 Thank you for the postcard! I can't wait to colour it in :D
u/trashtiger101 Thank you for the Women in Science postcard! I'm studying engineering right now and I do agree on the importance of knowing these famous female figures in STEM (which is also why I chose to study engineering).
u/welshfancy Thank you for the punny cat postcard! I love all humour and it is cold here! Today is freezing specifically so I'm glad I don't have to go out today. I hope your new year is going well too!
u/GimmieGnomes Thank you for the artsy postcard! It's cold here right now, but regardless I love it here :)
u/goa-chiah-pa x2 Thank you for the cute holiday postcards! I love your cursive and I envy that it's hot where you are right now (it's super cold and I freeze so easily). I hope your 2022 is going well so far!
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2022.02.02 22:33 MSN51020 It's so fun playing late game areas in early game.

The last time that I started a new playthrough, whenever I finished the Great Plateau and collected all the koroks there (all seventeen or so) I go straight to the Dah Kaso shrine (A Minor Test of Strength) right by the waterfall to the west, below the Digdogg Suspension Bridge. It has an Aincent Core in a treasure chest, so I start collecting early. I fast travel back to the Cryonis shrine and glide down to the Jee Noh shrine (On The Move) a really easy stasis shrine by the beginning of the Gerudo region. It has a little harder Bokoblins than the Great Plateau near it. They have Dragonbone weapons and I'm glad because regular Boko clubs and Soldier's Broadswords suck. Then, I go to the Great Plateau tower and Glide Down near the group of horses, mount one, and ride to Satori Mountain and grab some supplies. I cook as many Hearty foods as possible, because Tabantha and Hebra with four hearts is no joke. I climb Tabantha Tower and open that section of the map. I get the Great Thunderblade on Cuho Mountain, just west of the tower and go to the Tena Ko'sah Major Test shrine. I set up a trap with the Thunderblade and some metal weapons that kills the scout with no loss of hearts. I keep loading until I get a core. I save my Ancient weapons and go buy the Snowquill Armor with all the gemstones I've been gathering. There's a few Taluses after the Great Plateau. I hunt a little meat and gradually build up rupees. Then, I go to Central Hyrule and avoid the Guardians until I make it to Hyrule Castle and get the Hylian Shield. I tavel through Hyrule Field and kill Guardians with the Ancient weapons I saved to get some cores. I run around and do random shrines and Koroks. Then, I go to the Woodland region, get 30 Stealthfin Trout from Lake Mekar. The one surrounding Great Hyrule Forest. I'll need them later to fully upgrade the Sheikah Armor. I grab the Woodland Tower and use the Forest Dweller's bow that I got from the Mogg Latan shrine on Satori and Red Lynel Bow from the Coliseum. I get a few hundred arrows from the torch at the beginning of The Lost Woods. I fast travel back to the Shrine of Resurrection and glide down to fight the Talus for more rupees. I go to the Temple of Time and trade a few Spirit Orbs. I make my way to Dueling Peaks (not forgetting the Talus before Proxim Bridge) get the Climbing Bandana and glide down from Shee Vaneer to Faron Tower and Durian Land! I get some Mighty Bananas, too. I go to Hateno, grab the Soldier's Armor and upgrade my runes. I glide down to that little island and get the Climbing Gear. Then, back to the Hateno Lab. I glide to the Laynaru Mountains and get the boots. By then, I'm tired of dropping weapons, so I finally make my way to Kakariko to get the Stealth Gear stopping to get my weapon and bow stashes. I run to Riverside Stable and get more slots. Then, on to Lanayru tower and Zora's Domain. I strongly suggest starting in Tebantha and Hebra first on your next playthrough. It's really fun. But, stay away from those White-Maned Lynels! It's just not possible to beat them in early game. Your weapons suck and you have no health.
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2022.01.12 04:27 massive_brain999 [LoZ] and also [BotW] Spectacle Rock and Mekar Island Placement

TLDR At the bottom
I was looking at the map of Hyrule in BotW, just looking around, when I remembered a little thing called c o n t i n u a t i o n, which I think is something cool that Nintendo does with Zelda. I was specifically thinking about Mekar Island, which if you do not know, is a little call back in BotW to the first ever Zelda dungeon, Level 1, all the way in Zelda 1. I decided to do this cool thing where is try and look at different places on the BotW map and try to line it up with the Zelda 1 map. I basically lined up the 2 Spectacle Rocks, and the 2 Mekar Islands, and tried to make a big map using the 2. unfortunately, it made no sense.
For starters, Spectacle Rock is in Death Mountain in LoZ, but is in Gerudo in BotW, which was pretty weird, being on opposite sides. Meh, Nintendo and their love of messing with us.
Second, the gap between Mekar and Spectacle is very tiny, so Hyrule Castle would be inside of a mountain if Hyrule stayed like this forever.
Lastly, there is another island next to Mekar Island, but this one, of course, land changes, and oceans dry, so anything can happen really.
I want to hear what people think about this, so thanks for reading.
TL;DR Lmao just read it
jk TL;DR I did this cool map lining up thing but I think Hyrule must have moved apart a bit

Update: The place where link spawns would be around the BotW Death Mountain. LoZ1 gOrOn LiNk CoNfIrMeD fOr SmAsH 69??/?//?/????
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