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2021.07.06 20:28 cdcorea OldHomesForSale

Old homes for sale. Looking for a place to share and find old homes for sale…. This it the sub….

2014.11.12 09:55 PropertyPointerIndia Homes for Sale

Listings of new homes for sale.

2015.02.25 16:19 Herself24 List of Brampton Ontario Homes for Sale

Brampton Real Estate for Sale Residential New, Resale, Investment, Lease, Sublease Commercial Sale, Lease, Sublease

2023.05.28 18:30 neoskatalligator Mlb Tv ExpressVPN Sale

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2023.05.28 18:30 Krixwell Alphabetical watch orders

So over here, u/Nine_Eye_Ron joked about watching Steven Universe in "alphabetical order", and it got me curious about just how ridiculous that order would get. A little listing and alphabetizing later, I'd like to share the two new ideal watch orders for the series.

Alphabetized by season

In this version, the seasons are in order, but the episodes within each season are alphabetized (counting 1A and 1B separately). It's a little less ridiculous than the alternative, so we'll save the really dumb one for last.

Season 1A

Season 1B

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

The Movie

SU: Future

Alphabetized all together

But who cares about seasons? Let's start the show off strong by watching A Single Pale Rose at the very beginning!
Truly the most logical way to watch this series.
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2023.05.28 18:29 Fine_Veterinarian_26 For Rent $8,499 Updated 6 Bedroom 2.5 Bedroom Two Level with Two Decks and Outdoor Space!

For Rent $8,499 Updated 6 Bedroom 2.5 Bedroom Two Level with Two Decks and Outdoor Space!
DESCRIPTION Welcome to this wonderful Cow Hollow updated unit! Located in a two-unit building on a quiet street, this spacious two-level unit offers the comfort and convenience of a single-family home. With a private entry, the unit features a total of 5 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms, along with a living room, dining room, and an in-unit washer and dryer.
Lower Level The lower entry level showcases two large bedrooms, each with doors that lead out to a sizable outdoor deck. A full bathroom and a washer dryer are also located on this level, providing added convenience.
Upper Level Upstairs, you'll find an updated kitchen equipped with stainless steel appliances, including a dual oven, gas stove, and dishwasher. The kitchen flows into a spacious dining or living room with French doors that open up to an additional outdoor deck, perfect for outdoor dining and entertaining. The main bedroom on this level features an attached full bathroom, while there are additional bedrooms and a half bathroom to complete the upper level. The additional living room, equipped with its own door, holds the potential for conversion or partial partitioning to create a sixth bedroom.
Outdoor Space The property also offers a large shared backyard for your enjoyment. Basement storage is available for an additional fee.
Location Situated on Greenwich Street between Divisadero and Broderick, this rental is conveniently located within walking distance to hiking trails, bars, restaurants, museums, shops, and yoga studios on Chestnut, Union, and Fillmore Street. Additionally, it is just a few blocks away from popular attractions such as the Presidio, Palace of Fine Arts, Marina Green, Fort Mason, and Crissy Field. The Golden Gate Bridge is easily accessible from this location, allowing for convenient transportation options.
KEY FEATURES Year Built: 1915 Sq Footage: 2120 sqft. Bedrooms: 6 Beds Bathrooms: 2.5 Baths Parking: Street Parking Lease Duration: 12 Months Deposit: $8,499 Pets Policy: Cats & Dogs OK Laundry: In Unit Floor: 2 Property Type: Apartment Storage: Available
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2023.05.28 18:29 Reddtgod Trying to go home

Hey! Just wanted some advice don’t know who to go to, or what to do at this point. I moved down from Dublin to Waterford almost 2 years ago for work, with a plan in mind but unfortunately it didn’t go to plan, so I mm trying to move back home to Dublin where I grew up my whole life, but now I’m stuck down here because of the rent prices.
I’m 20 currently on a 25K salary and I’ve done the maths over and over I genuinely don’t think I’d be able to move back home, then I was thinking hap, I’m not sure how long that takes to be approved considering the social housing list was a 10 year wait last time I checked.
And I know that if I apply for hap what’s the chances of me finding a place landlords aren’t allowed to say they don’t accept it but still they can just do the viewing just to keep me quiet.
Obviously in Dublin the rent is really expensive but the salary is slightly more then what it is here, the 1 bedroom apartments are the same price as a bedroom, so idk I’m really lost, I’m just getting home sick at this point.
Feel like fighting a battle I can’t win
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2023.05.28 18:29 Terrible-Reasons Sale Sunday - last one for me till fall

Sale Sunday - last one for me till fall
I have just a few plants left for sale. On some of the baby begonias I have a few - all similar to what's pictured. Free tigers paw/eyelash begonia baby while supplies last with purchase or trade. Also open to trades, PM me pics of what you got - no hoya, pothos, or cactus...and unfortunately no cuttings (to hot here now). Free tigers paw/eyelash begonia baby while supplies last with purchase or trade.
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2023.05.28 18:29 KsL19 [EU] Looking for a MM team - supreme

Hello, I am looking for friendly guys who wants to reach global elite before CS2 comes out, i have enough playing vs 5stacks with 3xfaceit lvl 10s in enemy team, when highest lvl in my team is level 7-8. I am myself level 4, but i played only 50 faceit games - matchmaking is my home, but i really think i am decent at the game - for sure enough to become global elite.
Here is my leetify:
discord: innocentible#9349
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2023.05.28 18:29 FeelDa-Bass Hey everyone! Here's your daily truth fix!

First off, i am soooo damn happy that i finally found my true home, and I'm moving in, and I'm looking forward to having woke neighbors! Second, I'm looking forward to falling down the rabbit hole with y'all! And third, here's your daily dose of truth! The earth is flat, We live in a dome, God exists (and I'm living prove that He does, considering i shoulda been yk, 💀, years ago, but it's by His grace and love that i still exist!) Evolution never happened, cus if it did, then answer me this! If we supposedly evolved from apes, then, how tf do we still have apes??? Bible prophecies are slowly unfolding right before our very eyes, And the biggest one of them all! Co_vi_d-19, was a pre-planned bio-we_apon attack on humanity acting as a gateway to enforce global control thru lockdowns and bio-w_e-a-pon v@cc!nes that actually caused the delta variant! And it's currently caused and is causing MYOCARDITIS in over 300+ million teens and children!!! And there's proof! That's it, well, for now!....
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2023.05.28 18:29 Remarkable_Bad1702 I've been in my house for 6+ years. I thought there's some people who might be in the same situation and I'd like to meet them.

I've been in my house for 6+ years. I thought there's some people who might be in the same situation and I'd like to meet them. submitted by Remarkable_Bad1702 to u/Remarkable_Bad1702 [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 18:29 neoskatalligator Disney+ ExpressVPN Sale

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2023.05.28 18:29 Bikenoobsr First Truck Purchase: Sierra Denali Ultimate vs. F150 Limited vs. Ram 1500 Limited

Hey guys- looking for some help on picking the right (and first) truck. I've driven SUVs in the past and was going to step into a Porsche 911 this year until I found out that I'll be needing a babyseat in the back and didn't want to be that guy.
Initially was going to get into a new SUV (Defender was leading the charge), but then started exploring trucks as I've always wanted one but could never justify it. Now live in a slightly more remote area and have some decent home projects on the horizon (and I happen to love the utility and the look). Would love to hear experience of folks that currently have these trucks or have considered same fact pattern.
The Denali Ultimate is currently leading - I think it's the best looking of the three and really love the interior. Surprised that most new builds are not coming with Supercruise and in certain cases, wireless charging, yet they're maintaining the price. A little concerned about the 6.2L, although I won't be driving much (~5000 miles a year).
The F150 - I find the exterior a bit uninspiring but I really like the hybrid engine option. I find it odd that they force everyone to get a blue interior - if given the choice, I would never consider a blue interior.
Ram - The exterior is a bit dated IMO, but their interior looks really solid and the value prop seems strongest in this truck.
I'll be test driving each of them this week (I've seen them all in person), but would love to hear from owners.
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2023.05.28 18:29 dealgad [Amazon] Mimoglad Home Office Desk Chair with Adjustable Headrest & Lumbar Support. High Back Mesh Computer Chair with Thickened Cushion &Flip-up Armrests, with 26% off, for $139.98 +save extra $20 with coupon

[Amazon] Mimoglad Home Office Desk Chair with Adjustable Headrest & Lumbar Support. High Back Mesh Computer Chair with Thickened Cushion &Flip-up Armrests, with 26% off, for $139.98 +save extra $20 with coupon submitted by dealgad to dealsonamazon [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 18:28 neoskatalligator ExpressVPN Openvpn Router Sale

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2023.05.28 18:28 mfbrownbear [P5+] Who blesses the blesser?

I can't recall any time that Rozemyne was on the receiving end of a large scale blessing or a special blessing.
Nobles only ever bless each other in greetings typically. Rozemyne granting even simple greeting blessings to commoners was seen as extraordinary. Since commoners can't bless you back, it is like a waste of mana to nobles. I can understand that most nobles wouldn't even know the blessings used in the temple that Rozemyne became famous for performing too.
But even Ferdinand and Hartmut have never been shown to bless her personally. Ferdinand has cast healing spells on her, is the most I can think of. I can totally see that there has been no occasion for a large scale blessing someone else would perform that she would be present at. On the other hand, there's no reason not to in my opinion.
Hartmut, especially, should have at some point tried to do a large scale blessing that included Rozemyne. He even told Ferdinand he was studying Rozemyne's way of performing blessings. Performing blessings that she has done, and trying to determine if they had any effect on her sounds like something he should do. I am also very curious whether Hartmut follows Rozemyn'es tradition of granting "real" blessings at the Ehrenfest temple during the commoner ceremonies.
Ferdinand too. I mean, he IS the only person ever to receive TWO blessings of all elements probably in the last few centuries. Ferdinand, along with Gunther, Effa, Tuuli, Kamil, Lutz, Benno, Mark, Damuel, Fran, and Dirk all received Rozemyne's 7-god blessing she free-styled after the big battle in the temple. Then Ferdinand, Justus, and Eckhart got that omni-elemental farewell blessing from the last page of the Bible that she Stylo'd. I'd think even sourpuss Ferdinand could have brought himself to bless her back with something a bit special.
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2023.05.28 18:28 HawkAle Passing variable to a function

I have a function A that has a useState
const [team, setTeam] = useState({ 
one: "empty", two: "empty", three: "empty" });
Now, I have another function
Team that structures the html depending on the value of one two three, and that's ok. Basically where those value are == "empty" I have a button, where they aren't I have an image, like this:
{ (one=="empty" && !alreadyinTeam(new_id)) ?  :  } 
the same is done for two and three as well. I'd like to do that when I click on the button, it updates the corrispondent state in team with the new_id value... I have a function updateTeam that calls the setTeam, but I don't know how to pass a string of something to tell which button called it.
Any hint?
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2023.05.28 18:28 Apprehensive-Pick-17 Is it time to sell? (Car)

With the used car market being the way it is I was thinking of selling my current car and buying a new one.
I have a 2010 jeep compass with 73K miles on it. It’s in good shape (some scratches) but runs great. Do you think I would get over 7K for a trade in value or private sale or am I being too optimistic
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2023.05.28 18:28 Bethie_OG Suspected abuse

My daughter told me last night that her friend's dad beats her mom, and her sometimes. All I know about this friend is her first name, grade and school (and that she and my daughter are both autistic). My girls are out for summer break now. They did tell me that the assistant principal reported the dad to the police at the end of the school year, so I don't know if dad is at home with them or not. Is there anything I can do?
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2023.05.28 18:28 vanillabear24399 I am freaking out right now, my dad’s at a market and found Draculaura for me. I sent him a list of ISO with her being the very top

I am freaking out right now, my dad’s at a market and found Draculaura for me. I sent him a list of ISO with her being the very top
She was my first ever doll, and when I hit my teenage years I got rid of all my dolls. I have never regretted anything more. Of course I’ve been searching for her but she’s so expensive and almost never complete. I can’t wait to get her home and cleaned up.
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2023.05.28 18:28 CruizingAltitude [Grade 10 Chemistry: Buffer solution analysis] Why does the buffer solution reach a critical point so much earlier than expected?

Hello, in chemistry, we had a kind of lab where we watched the teacher pour a base of NaOH 0.1mol/L into a buffer solution. The teacher used very precise equipment, like a pH meter. In the experiment, the buffer solution was 500mL composed of
-407.5mL CH3COOH 0.2mol/L (the weak acid)
-92.5mL CH3COONa 0.2mol/L (the conjugate base)
Although only 50mL was used, so we can divide these volumes by 10. Next, 50mL of the NaOH solution was gradually poured into the buffer solution. So in my analysis, I am calculating at what point the pH will start to rise very quickly
Now, this lab is one where were supposed to learn the new concept, so I probably butchered the calculations and logic, as it was my first time doing this type of calculation. So my logic was that for the critical point to be attained, almost every CH3COOH molecule (the weak acid) needs to react with the conjugate base. So I'll calculate the amount of moles of CH3COOH in 50mL of the buffer solution, then calculate how much solution of NaOH Id need to get that amount of moles. So here are my calculations:
0.2mol / L x 0.04075L = 0.00815mol of CH3COOH
0.00815mol / V = 0.1mol/L of NaOH
V = 81.5mL of solution of NaOH to get 0.00815mol of NaOH at a concentration of 0.1mol/L
Now, this was all logical and great to me, until I saw the results. In the results, the pH at the start was 4 exactly. Then it rose very very slowly until accelerating in the 20mL, and reaching 7.7pH at 25mL, then booming to 11pH at 27mL, which is clear indication that the critical point was reached at around 25mL , not 81.5mL
This difference in results is way too big, and cannot have been a source of error. We've done one with water and the pH differences make a bit of sense for the NaOH to be 0.1mol/L. Why is there then such a big difference? Any help would be appreciated
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2023.05.28 18:28 LinuxLover3113 Please write a script in bash to convert a series of gifs into sprite sheets with these parameters. IT WORKED!

Here's what i asked it for.
I need a bash script that can be copy and pasted right into the terminal. I use an Arch Linux system.
The script must recursively search through a structure of directories and convert every single gif into a sprite sheet once. The gifs are all 37 by 37 pixels and I want all of the sprites in the sheets to be 37 by 37 too.
The gifs are all in "/home/REDACTED/Downloads/Pokemon images" or a lower directory. The sheets should all be put into my downloads folder.
Everything that follows is what ChatGPT gave me.
#!/bin/bash folder_path="/home/REDACTED/Downloads/Pokemon images" output_folder="/home/REDACTED/Downloads" sprite_width=37 sprite_height=37 convert_gif_to_sprite_sheet() { local gif_path=$1 local output_path=$2 convert "$gif_path" -coalesce -resize "${sprite_width}x${sprite_height}" -background none -append "$output_path" echo "Converted $gif_path to $output_path" } convert_folder_to_sprite_sheets() { local folder=$1 find "$folder" -type f -name "*.gif" while read -r gif_file; do local file_name=$(basename "$gif_file") local file_name_without_extension="${file_name%.*}" local output_path="$output_folde$file_name_without_extension""_sprite_sheet.png" convert_gif_to_sprite_sheet "$gif_file" "$output_path" done } # Run the conversion convert_folder_to_sprite_sheets "$folder_path" 
Please note that you need to replace "REDACTED" in the folder_path and output_folder variables with your actual username on the Arch Linux system.
To use the script, follow these steps:
Copy the entire script above. Open a terminal on your Arch Linux system. Paste the script into the terminal. Modify the folder_path and output_folder variables as necessary. Press Enter to execute the script. The script will recursively search for GIF files in the specified folder and its subfolders and convert them into sprite sheets with 37x37 pixel sprites, saving them in your Downloads folder.
Make sure you have ImageMagick installed on your system, as the script uses the convert command provided by ImageMagick for the conversion process.
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2023.05.28 18:28 Asqly Building a SaaS based on feedback

Building my first SaaS after helping three startups reach the scale-up stage.
During my 3-4 years in sales as an Account Executive, I realized how everyone around me (colleagues, managers, CEOs, etc.) focused heavily on features during sales calls but struggled to close deals or resorted to selling with heavy discounts. They often experienced no-shows, being ghosted, deals suddenly stalling, and a lack of understanding as to why many deals were not closing, to mention a few examples.
I delved deep into understanding why and eventually discovered the reasons behind these challenges that occurred almost every time. Fast forward to now, after conducting interviews, market research, and validating the SaaS idea, I managed to recruit not just one, but two strong co-founders—one in marketing and one as a developer. Our goal is to launch an MVP quickly and make improvements based solely on feedback from our ideal customer profile (ICP) users:
1.Sales reps, AEs, and early-stage founders doing sales. 2.Selling software B2B. 3.With under two years of SaaS sales experience. 4.Conducting sales in English. 5.Conducting sales over video meetings (Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, etc.).
We are seeking the most honest and unfiltered feedback. It's a beta version, and we acknowledge that there is room for improvement.
With that being said, reach out if you want to join our Discord and get even more hands-on in building a SaaS company in a landscape where a significant amount of money is at stake 🎉
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