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2023.06.04 22:04 SnooOwls6052 Moving to X670E Taichi

Moving to X670E Taichi
I finally took the AM5 plunge with a X670E Taichi, 7800X3D, and DDR5. This is an update to my 2 year old X570/5900X build, and the Taichi is fantastic. Love the style, quality, and overall feel of this motherboard. I have a B550 Taichi Razer build that impressed me, and this new one is even better.
If I could change one thing it would be to make the gold parts black or gray, and if I could change two things the debug LED would be near the top of the motherboard. Neither are too bad in my dark and spacious case, and these are minor nitpicks on an otherwise great board.
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2023.06.04 22:04 Parasitic_Tampon I’m getting tired of shoppers “forgetting” bags

First off, yes, we tip accordingly.
The last couple of times we used Instacart we got shoppers who “forgot” multiple bags of items. Today we ordered and the shopper even asked if we wanted certain items instead due to them being out of stock, which we said yes. Somehow she forgot the $55 worth of items, most of them SHE asked if we wanted as alternatives. We don’t live far from the store and had a free delivery to use, but come on, it’s a day where we’re too busy to run to get them.
I get that some people aren’t always happy to do this for income, but I’m getting really tired of having to reorder groceries, especially with as many of these shoppers on this sub I see openly admitting that they steal groceries from people for whatever reason(s) they use as justification.
This is just venting so downvote it or tell me I’m dumb or whatever. We’re just tired of getting ripped off pretty much every time we use this service. We don’t make large orders and the drive isn’t far. We’ve already had people hack our account and use my credit card so at this point shoppers have given us the final reason to no longer use the app.
If you’re reading this, have a good day and don’t steal/“forget” people’s groceries just because you don’t like what you do. All you’re doing is causing yourself and others to lose the chance to make money by driving customers away.
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2023.06.04 22:03 kleinefaulekatze Vegan options in grocery stores?

My family and I will be traveling from the U.S. northeast (crossing into Stanstead) to Mont Megantic national park. We'll be getting our groceries once in Quebec, and we're wondering which supermarket chains have the best selection of vegan foods. Thanks in advance for recommendations!
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2023.06.04 22:03 throwaway62957216 I regret staying local for college

I (22M) regret staying local for college so much. So many factors came into play regarding my choice to stay and they made sense at the time but I wish I could go back and force myself to try out college far away first. I don’t feel like transferring is an option now but I’m so miserable. I only have 1 year left but every day I wake up and wish I was somewhere else.
Here’s my timeline
Fall 2019: start community college Fall 2021: apply for transfer Spring 2022: take a semester off bc I finished my units Fall 2022: attend a UC briefly, have to drop out because of reasons I will list below Spring 2023: continue education at local state school in order to still graduate on time
Reasons I left the UC: •my financial aid was stripped last minute, leaving me with a ridiculous amount of loans I’d have to take •I was unsure in my major (film), and I didn’t want to take more loans to figure that out •my dad was being forced to sell the house due to external circumstances, and if I came back I’d be able to help him keep it (without this house I’d be homeless) •felt I may have better opportunities at the state school instead of the UC
Fast forward to now, I just finished my first semester at the local state school under what I feel is a better major (Creative Media), but I feel so empty. I’m taking units at an accelerated rate to graduate on time but it doesn’t feel worth it. Everyday I’m either at school or doing nothing. I commute from home because money is tight but I’d rather go into debt than live here any longer. Which is weird because I have a perfect home life. I can do whatever I want whenever I want, i buy my own groceries and have my own freedoms, but I still crave a change.
I want to be an actor but I can’t find any auditions or classes near me that I haven’t already taken. I know I fucked up bad staying here and it feels like I’m just letting my life slip away. I’m almost 23 and stuck here until I turn 24 and whenever I remember that it makes me wanna die.
I know “the grass is always greener”, but I genuinely feel like I’d be so much happier living away from home. Because even if it was worse at least I’d be experiencing something new. Every time I drive around this town it feels like I’ve done everything here.
I’ve talked to a therapist about this but I don’t feel like much progress has been made. Mainly I’ll just forget I feel this way for a few weeks and then I’ll remember and get depressed again.
I am such an outgoing person so being locked in house with no reason to leave drains me so bad. I need to get out of here no matter what it takes, but I don’t want to drop out of college either. I don’t know what I can do.
I know I’m just a guy who tried desperately to cling onto the past, but it feels so unfair that I have to pay for it with 2 years of my life. I’ve felt this way since January, which is past when applications are due so if I wanted to transfer I’d have to apply in the fall and then wait until next fall, which by that point I’ll already be graduated from the state school.
TLDR: chose to go to school far away, but when I left my family had to sell our house so I came back to help and go to college locally. House got kept but now I’m miserable living in it and feel like I may have been better off letting them sell it and not coming back.
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2023.06.04 22:03 ytb37 Why do people act cold towards me?

Recently, I’ve noticed that whenever I’m in line at stores the cashiers will often be very friendly with the customers in front of me and then become kind of cold towards me and barely say anything. The same thing happened at Costco yesterday. The guy that checks your receipt was smiling and said have a great day to the person in front of me, but he just looked at my receipt and nodded without saying a word to me. I admit I have a bit of resting b***h face, but it’s not that bad. I also try to smile and be as nice as possible. I’m not sure if it’s my body language or if I’m just giving off some sort of bad vibe. Any suggestions?
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2023.06.04 22:03 Far-Presentation6768 Is this bleeding into the skin?

35f, 135lbs, 5’3, no medications.
I noticed this area of discoloration as I was passing the mirror this afternoon. It’s painless, wasn’t there yesterday, not raised, doesn’t itch or anything else. Its located near where the thigh and butt meet. No recent or previous injury to the area.
Picture https://imgur.com/a/16rdwaT
For context, I’ve had odd health issues going on for some time. Lymphadenopathy, lumps in my legs, behind me knee and in the crease of my elbow. As well as generalized itching without known cause, but gp and rheumatology haven’t found a cause.
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2023.06.04 22:03 DoisMaosEsquerdos Least horny language learner:

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2023.06.04 22:03 Cliffordine1_2 Grateful?

I joined this group about 3 weeks ago. When I was young I like so many others liked boy toys, clothes, hair cuts, activities etc. I was always like that, had played with boy mostly until puberty. Before puberty I also wanted to use the bathroom standing up. Shortly after puberty began to set in I went outside and tried to pass as a young male, I went to a store in the neighborhood. I think I passed that day. That was 45 years ago. I wanted to pack so I would have a bulge after that experience, but knew that if I tried to go out and pass ftm I would get beat up. At that time transitioning was not an option. I learned to live in the body I was given, have had children and am married to a man. And that's how it was for many years.
I have never been super feminine, and I have always been told that I am different than other woman, whatever that means. I am strong in some ways and weak in others. Anyway, when I went back to college at the age of 52 years young we studied gender, this was 8 years ago. After taking a class on gender those old feelings arose within me. The propaganda was abundant. I began questioning again and I looked at what surgery would be like, looked up trans men models and stories, and I was jealous! Although I had again longed to be a man, I knew that I would not be able to transition because I am a mother, wife and friend. My main concern was my child and so again moved on.
Over the last few years, transition has been headline news, in government, schools and everywhere it seems. And, again those feelings arise. The reason I found this site, was by researching and watching documentaries on detransition/desisters on both sides, mtf and ftm. I was shocked and almost grateful that when I was young they were not allowing young people to make life changing decisions and for choosing my child over my want to be something I now see would have been a mistake to follow through. I had spoke with a friend about transitioning also at that time. I know without a shadow of a doubt I would have made the transition when I was young, if allowed and accepted at that time.
But today I can see that I am just different, and that's okay. Sometimes I question and sometimes not regarding my identity. It is heartbreaking to see those whose stories I read here. I just want to let you know that there are people who do care and who do have open hearts and minds to those who have changed their mind and have decided to live as they were born.
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2023.06.04 22:02 Lcasuu [QUESTION] Which is closer to the gibson LP 59?

The les paul 1959 custom shop reissue is a dream guitar for me and i imagine many others, i mean it is just beautiful and i played one in hanks guitar store and i barely played anything i just kept looking down in awe that i was touching one, as well as slash being my inspiration to start playing the guitar and playing a 59 in almost every gnr record. I will probably never be able to afford one so wanted to know which is the closest out of the epiphone 59, gibson 50s or the gibson 60s?
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2023.06.04 22:02 sliceofham22 Left controller Error

greetings, i have got problem with my left controller it's not responding i even changed the battery ,oculus still says not connected . 1. THERE IS NO WARRANTY (the store said me so FORTRESS)
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2023.06.04 22:02 saloomy07 Title: love at the 100th sight

Chapter 1: the passing
It was around 4 a.m. I've been awake for a bit over 24 hours, in total depression. I had just lost one of my best friends in a car accident, and I was to blame. My friend and I were drifting in the desert during the night, until suddenly a camel came in my way, and I crashed into it. I woke up around 24 hours ago with a mild concussion, many bruises all over my body, and a few broken bones. However, my friend wasn't so lucky. When the camel shattered my windshield, a big chunk of glass went through his chest, resulting in near instant death. I was in a coma for almost a week after the crash, and when I awoke, my hospital room was completely empty, with not even a single flower in sight.I attempted to get up, but was physically unable to do so. The room was the most dull and traumatizing place a person could be in. The way that the room felt so artificial, from the recliner they put in front of me to the taste of the water, felt unreal. There weren't any windows either, so I had to just stay in the artificial light that barely lit up the room. The bed itself felt too hard in some places and too soft in others.So it was just a room full of discomfort. I just laid there on my bed for a few minutes until a doctor came into the room and started to greet me. He started taking tests, checking my pulse, and doing all the doctorly things a doctor would do. However, the time for him to tell me the bad news had come. "Good morning, Abdulsalam, My name is Mansour Al Zamil, and I have been your doctor for the past six days while you were in a coma." The doctor had said I had stopped breathing, and I could feel my throat start to close up. Tears started to blur my vision. "I'm sorry to be the one to inform you of this, but your friend Sami passed away during the car crash. His parents wanted..." I couldn't hear anymore. The tears stopped coming, and my vision was being blurred by something other than the tears that had been pouring out of my eye sockets, to the point where you could hear the tears start dripping on the floor. Even though i had been laying down, i could feel my knees start to buckle, and suddenly the room temperature went up by around 30 degrees, to the point where I started to sweat. Suddenly my doctor jumped from fear, but I didn’t understand why, I looked to the left and saw the door open up, and the outline of a person since my vision was still blurred. “You fucking psychopath!” Shouted the person in a womanly voice “ you’re the reason that my cousin is dead! Why would you be doing something so dangerous like that and risking his life!” I had lost my voice. It was as if I was in a dream, where I couldn’t speak or move. I was just able to stare. Stare at the person who was shouting and crying. Stare at the person who had lost a beloved one. Stare at the person who fell onto the floor crying. Stare at the result of my actions. And stare at the result of my mistake. I started to gain my vision back, and I could see one of the most beautiful people I had ever seen. Even though this wasn’t the time or the place, I couldn’t help but stare in awe. As soon as I saw her face I regained the feelings in my leg, regained my sight, and i regained my voice. The I only thing I could utter was- “I’m sorry” “I wish you could have died instead!” She said before running out of the room I didn’t know what to tell her. I had done a horrible act. I was the reason that Adam had died, and the reason for her depression and her current state. I didn’t deserve to talk, I didn’t deserve to think, I didn’t even deserve to live. Ever since I got the news of Adam’s death, I wished I could’ve died instead of him, and obviously every one I knew agreed with me since no one had came to visit me in the six days that I was at the hospital.
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2023.06.04 22:02 FlameTheAngel It happened. My cat got hurt, just like I said he would.

God, I'm just so...angry? Scared? My youngest cat is indoor-outdoor but he never went past the fence before, (I know, I don't like it either, but with how run-down our house is there's just way too many holes for our cats to escape through. I'm waiting until we move, which is in less than a couple years) so when he disappeared for over a day I started freaking out.
My mom and I found him this morning, but his left eye was swollen and crusted over. We took him to the vet, and now he's staying there for the night. The vet thinks that he might've gotten into a fight with one of the strays (We have stray cats nearby, but they haven't been near our house recently) so now he's also getting tested for a few diseases just in case.
I don't know...I just quit my last job because my boss kept forgetting to pay me, so now I gotta figure out a way to pay my parents back since they're the ones paying the bill.
I knew this would happen. Every time I tried to keep my cat indoors my parents told me that he would want to explore eventually. And when he did make it outside, I said that the stray cats were becoming aggressive. Those cats aren't even afraid of humans anymore, they'll hiss at you and stand in your way when you're just trying to get into your own car. But nobody listened to me, and now we're here. I don't even know what to do anymore.
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2023.06.04 22:02 Present-Meet-1852 I HATE MY LIFE

No friends,never had a girlfriend and ugly. Everything was alright since i was in primary school grade 5. Then we moved and everything went downhill. My brain turned off and I just started making stupid decision. Got in trouble in high school for stealing then I got bullied/made fun of for 5 years.I had enough so i just decided to go to a public school that just opened near me wich was the dummest decision of my life. The teachers were horrible the classes were horrible and there were so many red flags not to go there. After 6 months of enduring more torure i've decided to call it quits. My parents told me to go to adult high school in september and i agreed but in reality I don't want to be here anymore. Ive tried overdosing on my depression pills but it didn't work. I've tried hanging myself but I'm to much of a coward to do it. I have 0 friends and my life is miserable. I cannot even cry that's how bad it is. I wish I was never born in this shitty world.
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2023.06.04 22:01 madreea PSA: a reminder to pay attention to your symptoms and side effects!

A reminder for all my lovely wegovy/sema people. Please pay attention to your symptoms, and if something feels off or different make sure you contact your provider or any local provideurgent care/etc if you don’t feel right.
I meant to post this awhile ago and kind of forgot until now. I had been having random stomach cramping that I assumed was from constipation because that is was a normal side effect for me. It was on the left side of my bellybutton and I felt a little nauseous but I chalked it up to needing to poop or just having some gnarly gas pain.
The pain got worse over the next 24 hours and was kind of just my whole lower abdomen, and the nausea never fully went away. It was a weekend, I couldn’t get ahold of my doctor and went to the ER to just get checked out and make sure I didn’t have a blockage or anything. (It was late at night and no open urgent cares available in my area.)
It was my appendix. I had caught it early enough that it didn’t burst but I still needed to get it removed. I never had a fever, just nausea and belly pain.
I’m not saying that the appendicitis was caused by the wegovy and I’m not trying to fear monger. I just want to spread the word that hey, if you feel different than you normally do or you have new symptoms, please just check in with youa doctor to make sure everything’s alright!
Have a lovely week everyone, stay hydrated and trust your gut (haha) if something feels off! :)
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2023.06.04 22:01 welecho3 THANK YOU BABY DASHING JESUS!!

Got one order this morning to IHOP, was assigned 2 for pick up , well I sat for 15 minutes, payed by the hour, the first order was ready for pick up, so I marked it as so and went back to my car with the food . 45 minutes later I’m still waiting on the 2nd order , now, please note that in this time, I’ve walked in that building four more times to check on that second order, which was just an omelette By the way, contacted Support three times and was told to unassigned myself and not get paid and my acceptance rate go down or wait for the order so all three times I decide to wait for the order then the customer of the first order contact me pissed off about her food getting cold and I should’ve just left and brought her stuff to her and then went back to get the second order. I didn’t bother explaining it to her, just wasnt worth it to me but I did tell her to contact customer support. I did tell her that I did try to leave but I was told not to ,keep it simple I say ,well she canceled the order and then the second order was canceled by the store, so not only did I make $45 to sit for an hour in the parking lot IHOP I had some breakfast to.BOOM BITCH ASS CUSTOMERS lol I feel redeemed from all the shitty money that I have made in the last two weeks!!!
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2023.06.04 22:00 Jeffiejay Convert from AGPA to IT Associate Pay Question

Hello all! I got promoted in place to AGPA effective 6/1, but there is an opportunity for me to transition to an Information Technology Associate classification in the near future.
I am curious how the pay would work? Would I retain my AGPA salary since it is within the range for IT Associate? Would I have to pass probation as AGPA to be able to keep it the salary? Or would I take a pay cut down to the starting pay for IT Associate?
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.04 22:00 Hexagon36 Trying to plan my first backpacking trip near Bay Area

I want to plan my first real backpacking trip, somewhere in or near the Bay Area, but am rather lost about where to go and where campsites are available. I have a little camping experience and hike often. My aim is to do a three-day trip, preferably near the coast, with around 10 miles covered each day. I know Point Reyes is a popular choice but I am not seeing any available sites online, though its possible I'm not sure how to actually navigate the damn thing haha. Could anyone steer me in the right direction?
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2023.06.04 22:00 marcsRadio Playlist updated! Reflect & Relax Cafe, version #38

Playlist updated! Reflect & Relax Cafe, version #38
Version #38 just released!
These are the songs that will accompany us during the next two weeks:
# Song Artist
1 Strange Time To Feel Alive TRVSTFALL
2 I'll Wait - Acoustic The Strumbellas
3 Ace Up My Sleeve Lord Huron
4 Let It Burn Ripp + Rice
5 The Grass Is Blue Norah Jones, Puss N Boots
6 I Don't Want This Job Zach Winters
7 Gold Patric Johnston
8 You Let Me In Luke Rathborne
9 New House Austin Basham
10 Howl Jake Houlsby
11 Highway Honey LULLANAS
12 Long Haul Fretland
13 Anew Hollow Coves
14 All My Love Riley Pearce
15 Seven Hours - Alternative Version Cattle & Cane
16 Look After You Aron Wright
17 Home Power-Haus, Christian Reindl, Lloren, Lucie Paradis
18 You Are My Home Man of Leisure
19 Rising Reuben And The Dark
20 Small Of My Heart Madison Violet
21 Ether VVE
22 Seeds Julian Taylor
23 Dink's Song Andrea Von Kampen
24 I'll Be Around - Acoustic Garrett Kato
25 Beautiful Life (Acoustic) The Collection

R&R Cafe #38
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2023.06.04 22:00 todlicheblume SC to PA

My partner and I are thinking about moving to a more walkable city on the East Coast that isn't NYC. We found that Pittsburgh (downtown specifically) is extremely walkable but I was wondering if there is a certain street that would be optimal for living on and getting by without much use of a car. I've found The Venue Apartments meet our budget but I am still doing research on grocery stores/ cafes/ markets in the city. Any advice?
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2023.06.04 22:00 meffmehmeffer There were Two of Her...

**Figured out how to delete the buggy original post and repost this. Any weird formatting is because of copy/pasting. Any typos I blame on my phone's auto-correct.
Not sure if this will be taken down or what not. But figured I should post one of my own spoopy stories here. As a post, a post-post.
Anyways, live with my girlfriend and our pets. No other humans around, and we live in a rural space. Not my favorite place, but the quiet is nice. This place is built kind of like a compound with three separate parts. In that sense, it is large. Otherwise, it is actually pretty small. I think this main place might be a modified trailer, but I'm not sure cause I've never seen a trailer built so nice. So it might also just be a smaller home.
The inside is just two rooms, a bedroom and a living room connected to a kitchen. There's a closet in the bedroom, and a bathroom smack in the middle. Between the two rooms.
I drink enough water to be part camel. This might sound nasty to some, but my gal and I have been together long enough we don't close the door when we pee. Take that however you'd like. Anyways, long story short there is I go to the bathroom a lot. Cause the water.
It was mid-afternoon and I had just finished my business. I was washing my hands, the sink near the door. My gal and I have this way about talking whenever things pop into our heads. I might have asked about food, I might have asked about doing something. Just said something to her as I washed.
Our hallway is the illusion of a hallway. On one side it's about 5' long, the other about 8'. The pathway through is around 4' abouts, give or take a few. I'm washing my hands and out the corner of my eye I see my girlfriend walk by. She passes me on the side, so I turn and see her have a very blank face (blank faces on people actually look a little upset, true story). She's got her tank top on (she lives in tank tops) and I can't remember what kind of pants she was wearing, but I know it was the same pants. She's walking past me, as if in a daze. Regular walking rate of a step every second or so. I see her coming up a second, turn my head to look at her, see her pass the door in two seconds and she's out of my sight on the fourth.
I stick my head out the door and say "hey, hun?" Cause I'm confused she just walked past when I had asked her a question and see her walk into the closet. Which is dark, the light doesn't flick on and there's no windows in there.
Was super weird, but at the same time my gal, who's sitting working at her desk pulls of her over the ear headphones (I know the sound) and says "yeah?" She's behind me, I'm looking towards where I was working (I work in the bedroom and she in the living room). I nearly sh*t myself. I literally said "no way, I just saw you walk into the bedroom!" She said "what?" I said same clothes, same everything but your face was off.
At that point I was shaking involuntarily, because that was some kind of freaky. We get together and go into the closet. Nothing was there. We sat down and she asked me to describe it again. So I made a point of explaining what happened from start to finish. Probably why I remember it so well. She just said that I must have met her doppelganger. And apologized about it.
She said weird stuff has always happened around her all her life. She's ADHD, and she sometimes just "leaves her body" as she said it. One thing I can say that I've experienced with her that is super weird is one time during the pandemic (when nobody could leave their homes) she was cutting some food up when a single serve apple sauce just fell from above her on to the cutting board. Not open, but just *thud* fell down. I told a friend about it at the time, who is super woo-woo, and she said that she thinks ADHD people have some sort of spiritual pull or something. Or chaotic pull. That can cause unexplainable things to happen around them. I didn't know what to think, but the longer we're together the more I'm feeling like she might be right.
My girlfriend is more of a believer in infinite timelines and overlap. I'm more of a believer in weird energy, spirits of the land, and the fact that there will always be some things in this world we can't explain.
I'm not sure what all I saw at the time, but I can tell you I strongly believe it was my girlfriend as it looked like her and was solid as anything. When we're out, I don't see things. I don't hear messages in music. I do believe in the spirit of trees, so take that as you will. As I'm part indigenous, I figured I get a right too ;D! Just wanted to share this with you guys. Any thoughts or similar experiences?
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2023.06.04 21:59 NoBuy8212 Can I critique please?

Hi all - Is this any good? Does it feel amateurish? How can it be improved? Any feedback appreciated.
I stood in the street, behind a tree, as I watched the living-room’s open window. The curtain net fluttered with a light summer’s breeze. It’s a funny thing to be stalking your own home.
It wasn’t long before I heard their laughter, my two little girls: Lily and Olive. Your childrens’ joy shouldn’t puncture you with pain, but it did. A searing hurt bolted down to my heart.
How could they be laughing? How could they be happy when their mother was locked up in a mental institution? At least, I should have been. Earlier that day, I’d lifted the keys from Tony, a guard at Perry Hill Psychiatric Unit. I'd ridden the bus south, paying the fare with the lucky £1 my mother had gifted me for my eighth birthday.
‘Stop,’ one of the girl's shout spilled out into the street. I couldn’t tell if it was Olive or Lily. But I thought it was Lily for she had a mouth on her from the day she came out. You couldn’t blame me for not knowing who said it, it had been three years since I’d seen the two.
My husband John, ex-husband I should say, would be in there somewhere, probably working on a book. He was a writer of stories, or as I like to say a creator of fiction. Some of the fiction which he creates is only spoken though, like when he told the doctor I’d been speaking to invisible people. What a ridiculous thing to say. Helen was not invisible, far from it. She was huge, the biggest person I ever saw. I would step into the dining room, and there she was, all scrunched up in the corner of the room. Poor girl sat on the floor with her head bowed as the back of her thick neck pressed against the ceiling. Her black hair draped over her body as she hugged her knees. If she had stretched her legs, her feet would have pocked holes in the far wall. And we didn’t have money to fix it every other day. John had only published one book, and for all the hoopla, and partying we had done during its release, sales were low. Helen was just too big so she just sat there. She would not even reach for the jug of tea I would bring her as I sat for my cup. I thought a cup too small for her hands. Not even a custard cream biscuit could entice her, and once those delights touched the air, you couldn’t put them back in the tin, so it was more for me.
The girl always wore that white dress. It looked like she’d left a man at the alter, ran across a pond, in which she would have tripped before clawing out onto the muddy banks. Her black hair gleamed wet and hung over most of her pale face. She never spoke with her mouth. It was her black eyes which told me of her pain. She had been hurt, bad, I damn near know it.
During some evenings, the two of us would just sit there watching a game show on the television. She liked it - I could see her peering from between her clumps of hair. I did miss that poor girl when I locked up.
I thought I would check on her once I got in the house that afternoon.

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2023.06.04 21:59 Sure_Ball2003 bouts of morning happiness

im just curious if anyone else gets this. nearly every time i wake up since starting prozac, i feel euphoria/excitement wash all over me. it only lasts a few minutes, but its so strange! but i guess its a nice way to kickstart the day lol.
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