Is ptsd now called ptss


2013.10.15 11:04 whatgiftshouldiget ᏇᎾЅℋ

international wosh circlejerk zone

2012.12.26 00:42 A support community for those affected by C-PTSD

Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is rarely discussed in public forums, even though healthy connection to others is an integral part of healing. This is a peer support community for those who have undergone prolonged trauma and came out the other side alive and kicking, but with wounds that need tending. This is also a place for friends and family of the victims to come for support.

2020.07.11 02:20 _KingOfHeroes_ ESBC

We have moved over to undisputedboxing as eSports Boxing Club (ESBC) is now called Undisputed.

2023.06.09 09:26 mrssnek Please help name our buddy

Please help name our buddy
A few months ago we took in our sweet Rosie off the streets. She had a surprise litter of beautiful amazing kittens but sadly, we can only keep one. He doesn't sit still well and my camera is terrible quality. Help us pick a cool name? I'm tired of calling him stripe
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2023.06.09 09:26 LackingC10H12N2O A brief rant that turned not-so-brief.

I think that for the vast majority of users, if the official reddit app wasn't a worsening dumpster fire over the last few years, none of this would even be an issue. (Excluding mods who need specific capabilities and tools, and those with accessibility needs).
I hazard to say that most users don't know what API is, and don't even care that much about the ads. If the official app was functional and it wasn't always forcing stupid updates on users, most people would happily use it. I've been using Boost for a few years and do you know how many major changes have been made? Zero. There may have been behind-the-scenes updates (?) but as far as I've noticed there were no changes to the UI or front level experience.
As a side note: I used to be a daily PokemonGo player (since 2016) until a few months ago when Niantic made significant changes to functionality, pricing, and access mostly effecting casual/rural players. On a technical level it's not the same as reddit's upcoming changes but as far as I can tell they're both about greed and control.
I haven't played a day since. Not that my 'boycott' made any difference to Niantic. But now instead of playing Pokemon on my daily commute to and from work, I've been knocking books off my to-read list.
If reddit goes through with its slaughter of 3rd party apps, I won't go back to using the official app (again it won't make any difference).
My point being, not that I intended to make a point to begin with lol, these companies make money off of our time and attention. While I will miss the endless scrolling through memes and cat pictures, I'll be taking time and attention elsewhere.
Peace out🤙
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2023.06.09 09:26 Acc-major87 How do I stop feeling discouraged?

I have been working for a startup for about almost 2 years now. I don’t feel like I’ve grown much, and I don’t feel like my work is ever acknowledged…almost as if I don’t matter. The work is way too easy and I feel overqualified. I don’t want to ask for more work as I initially negotiated a certain amount and about 10K of my earnings was made up of bonuses which they took away when the company took a shit last year. Only thing keeping me here is I’m going to school. I get a lot of flexibility which really helps me balance things out. I should be done hopefully by the end of the yeaearly next year. How can I get through this discouragement. I hate feeling useless at a job.
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2023.06.09 09:26 Lying_king Do Kwon, Sam Friedman and now Binance…This is great for Cryptocurrency Market

It gives me great joy to see this market pushing out bad actors. With the right regulations…crypto has a great use case and the latest rounds of all these so-called great exchanges going under…it feels like we’re heading in the right direction and I’m extremely bullish that crypto has survived and BTC leads the way.
Binance alone controls and manipulates market being the no.1 exchange, and seeing them being held accountable by the regulators is going to reveal their true nature. They are scamming on a mass scale…using your funds to gamble in the Wild West.
This is all great news for crypto
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2023.06.09 09:26 AutoModerator [] ✔️ Jason Wardrop – Agency Partner Program ✔️ Full Course Download

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2023.06.09 09:26 LelouchYagami_2912 How often can you change your course?

Im starting my course in july. Previously i had applied for CS but now ive switched to IT because according to the website, i think it aligns beter with my interests (software eng). But im seeing many people on reddit calling it kinda useless and maybe i fucked up. Can i switch back later?
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2023.06.09 09:26 ScholarNeonBot Availablity Cascade

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2023.06.09 09:26 ThrowRaking101 Is the relationship with me 23m and my ex 21f worth saving?

So last July 2022 i was caught cheating and i was immediately taken back, only for her to not trust in me anymore and kicked me out in November for a break. She then tried to move on from me but kept coming back until January she fully committed to coming back. Even though she came back she became extremely avoidant and we would constantly go back and forth because i would get extremely anxious and wanted to be there for her. But she turned a lot of things down such as dates or outings and put her head in books,school, and friends so it was getting pretty difficult for me especially since we would end up seeing each other only once a month. She would never tell me when she felt down from the cheating and instead just ignore me for hours and that would always make me feel anxious and insecure. Anyways, she finally agreed to see me consistently in May and we did that for 2 weeks, it was her birthday month so i got her a gift and we celebrated her bday twice and i would bring her a coffee every morning before school up until she went on a birthday trip for the last two weeks of may. But when she came back she lost all respect for me and didn’t want to talk at all because she didn’t “know what i did” during her trip and took it out on me because of the cheating i did 10 months ago. So she avoided me but spent time with friends and that frustrated me so much because i was excited to see her. So i decided to let go, and she was okay with that saying thank you for everything and saying sorry for being selfish. I thought it was going to be ending in good terms until i activated my Instagram again and she had a problem, she was very insecure dming girls if i slept with them and made me block girls so ultimately i decided to delete my Instagram and Snapchat. So when i got it back she was upset thinking I’ll be getting friends back and i asked her do you want to talk about us instead of that because i loved her i didn’t immediately wanted to find anyone new and still don’t, so it didn’t seem necessary when i was pulling away but she still didn’t want to talk about that but instead she said “not today” like she has been since the break. So i got upset and blocked her, but i feel like my emotions got the best of me and we just both needed to detach from our old relationship for a bit so i unblocked her from Instagram. But now, i see that I’m blocked everywhere but Twitter because she doesn’t know my account. My question is do you guys think the relationship is worth saving since it feels like she’s been giving up? I feel like it’s a little weak of me reaching out through Twitter because it’s a last resort but idk it’s been a month since i blocked her.
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2023.06.09 09:25 defaultantinational Availablity Cascade

Availablity Cascade
This is an excerpt from book "Thinking fast and slow". The book discusses about how humans think and act. While reading this except, I was able to relate to it very quickly to what is happening in our country recently. The author then shares two events where this was applied to: Love Canal Affair and Alar Scare of 1989.
In recent times, in India to exit the impact of any availability cascade just say Baharat Mata ki Jai (or other related slogans) and all will be well instantly.
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2023.06.09 09:25 ImtheEggMan_Walrus New York is in Mexico now?

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2023.06.09 09:25 MexaYorker Men with Long Covid

I have been reading men being absolutely sincere and honest about their suffering during this devastating illness, and I’m so proud of y’all for opening up like that about your pain.
As men, this is a really difficult experience, since this is literally debilitating, weakening, it doesn’t allow us to work out, to feel strong. It affects our sex lives, our ability to provide even. It shakes the core of our masculinity.
But I’ve never once read about how this affects our self esteem, our pride. I’d like to open up the floor to talk about this more openly since it is the elephant in the room for some guys.
The fact that this thing takes you out no matter age or being the healthiest person in the world. This undoubtedly has affected our perception of ourselves, can we talk about this a little more?
I’ve gone from being a gym rat to becoming a pudgy guy who can barely get through his workday. A guy that switched lifting weights to someone who considers walking for 45 mins the heaviest workout he can do now.
An incredibly independent self sufficient man who travelled whenever he wanted and took any physical job and wasn’t afraid of taking risks, to being mostly housebound.
And I don’t even dare talk about dating at the moment. I yearn for the day I’ll be out of this nightmare, when I’ll feel strong and energized again, capable and daring like I used to be. I miss myself, this is …. emasculating. I can’t describe it any other way.
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2023.06.09 09:25 Friendly_Search_7317 How to tell if guy [M31] (confident type) is messing around or is actually interested in me [F31]?

Context i was in other country for a week and i happend to meet a guy
some of our conversations/ his comments:
Or conversation between me and his friends - you should just go fuck him 😂 - thank you for permission 😂
Nothing happened here except for kiss on the cheek. I do have his contacts but its unlikely we will ever meet again. I assumed most of it was us just joking around, but when i told a friend they said it was not. So now im confused and this crosses my mind way too often so i need an explanation to forget it 😩
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2023.06.09 09:25 pdawks What are some alternatives to Reddit that we can try to support and help grow now that Reddit is killing it's app community?

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2023.06.09 09:25 lpu123_ Admission in lovely professional University - For management students

Admission in lovely professional University is available now everyone can apply for the admission in the university with best placements. Apply now online also.
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2023.06.09 09:24 Space646 We found thee enemmyyy,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,1!11111!!1!111!!1!!!1!!1!

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2023.06.09 09:24 Plus_Sail_4656 Two twins of mine

I was just thinking of my twin flame and my other flame who didnt reach out to me or want to be with me for years and I had an out of body experience. It could be from all the coffee I've been drinking but it just means they don't want to experience me and it leaves me lonely. I felt grateful for myself for keeping it together and keeping it down. If they don't reach out they don't deserve to be with me all this time. Its coming on to four and a half years I havent been with my original twin. I have another twin flame I haven't been with since I met him in 2020. He came to me when I was really sad about my ex and what happened and I was directionless. I didn't realise I fell in love with him. Now I realise but it still doesn't make sense. I guess the only thing I can do is keep moving forward. We are strong.
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2023.06.09 09:24 CharacterCautious446 Will Ego Ever teach Isagi

now the title might be a bit of a clickbait but my question was will we ever see ego teaching isagi something 1on1 like till now ego main thing he has taught the players is about their ego and has set obstacles for blue lock players to clear but since noa has said isagi philosophy and mindset remind him of ego I think ego teaching isagi something 1one1 could be possible since they are so alike and ego might know the next clue for isagi to be world-class just my opinion this could be something that happeneds during isagi training for u20 worldcup after nel is finished could be a good training arc and might reveal some insights of ego playstyle
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2023.06.09 09:24 AriseCounseling Why is the Demand for Connie Jones Peachtree City GA Increasing?

Why is the Demand for Connie Jones Peachtree City GA Increasing?
Connie Jones Peachtree City GA has become increasingly popular as people recognize the value of investing in their personal growth and development. This is because many individuals are seeking guidance to navigate life's challenges and achieve their goals.
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2023.06.09 09:24 Curly_streams Started Meditating for therapy

I am 17 and I have lots of trouble with memory and focus. I am angry and anxious at the world. I feel lots of guilt. I am constantly tired. I have some self-control issues. I feel stressed for no reason. I have a very bad past i feel like i have serious memory repression. Consciously and unconsciously i try to shove stuff down and deal and i always tell myself it’s life and to get over it. I don’t like telling people my problems. Therapists never truly understand. I am also just not a people person. I have trust issues and don’t like lending my heart out. Anyways back to the point of this. I feel as if i have forgotten most of my childhood and i have had lots of trouble with memory come of recent. I forget simple things like to close cabinets or stuff that just happened or what someone said to me seconds prior. It seems like only specific stuff is cut out. Recently within the last month i grew tired of feeling like i have no control lost in this dark fog. I wanted to try to recover lost weight that weight being the past memories. I Started meditating slowly at first. Starting with 5 minutes onto 10 minutes i am now onto a hour each time. I have never put any research into it i just wanted to go with it. What i do is i try to remember my past deeply and i sit there and go back. I wanted to try and remember my parents better. I am forgetting them more and more. I can’t even remember their voice’s anymore. I lost them both at a young age but i was old enough to remember them. I don’t want to go into to many details about that stuff. I just want to walk you through my process because i feel as if i am not doing something right or i have gotten the purpose of meditation wrong. I sit in a quiet space i light a rose candle sit on my floor, legs crossed, hands in lap with my spine straight, and the rest of my body completely relaxed, breathing in through my nose and out through my mouth. Then i sit there and try to go back. I have been doing this for about 2-3 weeks almost daily. My main concern is that i just am doing this wrong or i misunderstood the purpose or power of meditating.
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2023.06.09 09:24 pavlovamoose Title sequence

I don't know if this is a common practice or not, but I've developed a routine where I never watch the title sequence of a series I haven't seen all of yet, I just close my eyes and listen to it. In my head it's to 'avoid spoilers', which I know is somewhat irrational (how can half-second clips of people screaming spoil a series) but it stems from my experience watching the very first episode, where I noticed Romesh smashing the melon in the title sequence before it happened, and I think knowing exactly what was coming marginally depreciated the entertainment.
I do wonder now if it's less about spoilers and more about the game of just listening to the sounds and trying to identify who's making them and what the clips are. Sometimes I get it badly wrong (I assumed throughout S15 that the clip of Kiell wailing at the sink was Jenny, even after the imaginary friend task had already aired). Other times the sounds just create memorable patterns - among others there's a segment of the NZ1 sequence where a bunch of noises all happen in time to the beat, punctuated by Brynley's 'Nutsack!' which always sticks in my mind. (Honestly, even though I don't think that highly of NZ1 as a series, it might have the best-composed title sequence. Every clip falls into place.) Anyway - I'd definitely recommend giving this way of watching the titles a go.
On a related note, does anyone know if an isolated video of the S15 titles has been uploaded to YouTube yet? I can't seem to find one, and there's one for every other series. I had to watch a minute and a half of adverts on All 4 so I could have the epiphanic moment of watching the title sequence in all its visual glory this time around.)
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2023.06.09 09:24 BlueDryBones1 Radiant Dance Machines and Strand (+Potential Bugs w/ Utility Kickstart)

I've been using these for a while and haven't seen many people talking about them aside from some dissapointment of them not working with Threaded Specter.
After using them for a bit I gotta say I look forward to getting a better roll on mine as I feel there is something here.
First thing is first, they do in fact work with Vanishing Step, Lethal Current, and On Your Mark, they do not work with Winter's Shroud, Threaded Specter. Using Ensnaring Slam will end the effect early.
Infinite Marksman/Gamblers is pretty good especially with the leniency in distance you now receive after the first dodge. Helps you get infinite melees or quick reloads with a lot of fun weapons (my personal favorite being Rat King). I wont dive into non Strand subclasses much as I feel they are more easier to visualize how they would perform.
Strand though has a fun loop with these boots that I feel people should be trying out. Of course Reaper, and Powerful Attraction work well and it can be fun throwing Rope Darts everywhere however I think the thing that sets these boots apart from its competition in the Strand subclass itself is if you actually run both Ensnaring Slam and Threaded Specter at the same time.
On paper it doesn't sound great since Threaded Specter only works on the first dodge and Ensnaring Slam breaks Multi dodge. You may even think Sixth Coyote could probably do it better which is fair depending on the use case. However the big things these boots have going for them with both aspects is the fact that you can actually get both Threaded Specter and Ensnaring Slam off a single dodge charge. This in theory is more efficient than Sixth Coyote where you have to use both charges to get both effects at once and if you make decoys you lose the ability to Suspend to get your Dodge back with Thread of Mind. The tradeoff is you gotta be closer when you use your Decoy so you can follow up with the Slam.
The loop is simple. Just dodge first to create your decoy, continue with a Reaper fueled killing spree if you wish and then when you are at the last group of enemies close to you, proceed to use Ensnaring Slam to finish off Multi Dodge so you can start charging Dodge energy again. Throw in Thread of Mind for when you clean up that last group and you can get your full dodge back pretty quickly to do it again. Because you did that off 1 dodge you should be able to get more Decoys and Dives combined than Sixth Coyote. The Decoys will draw attention of more distant enemies while the Dive will take care of the ones closer to you.
Ideally the way to use this loop would be to run both Thread of Mind and Utility Kickstart so you can get your dodge back much faster after just a couple of enemies in the slam. Using Ensnaring Slam on its own has shown me that it should work well in theory especially with how much Armor Charge you can using these boots so you could in a ideal situation run the following:

However there is an issue concerning Utility Kickstart that is working against these boots I want to bring up in hopes it can get some exposure so it maybe can be fixed.
For starters when you use your first dodge, even if it procs Multi Dodge it will still consume your Armor Charge. This feels pretty bad and I hope its a bug since Grapple doesn't proc Grenade Kickstart anymore when you use it on Tangles.
The next thing which really hurts it is when you end Multi Dodge early by using Ensnaring Slam it does not proc Utility Kickstart. This definitely seems like a bug for 2 reasons. For starters when you let Multi Dodge time out normally it does proc Utility Kickstart. The next is using Ensnaring Slam on its own with Utility Kickstart also does in fact refund some dodge energy.
In the end I am enjoying the changes to these boots and am having a lot of fun using them with Strand. I really hope the Utility Kickstart problems are not intentional and get fixed as I feel that little extra dodge energy will help this build a lot for those times Thread of Mind on its own isn't enough to continue the loop as quickly so I can leave some enemies alive after the Slam and use them to proc Multi Dodge again before moving to the next group of enemies.
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2023.06.09 09:24 Kreanxx How is black marsh treated by the rest of Tamriel?

Originally I had an idea that argonia was rouge state given how nationalistic and isolationist the ruling an xileel are. But given that both the dominion and the east empire company trade with argonia. but on the east empire trade routes map, it shows tear being part of morrowind, now did morrowind regain tear by the events of Skyrim or is it sorta a tamrielic version of a China/Taiwan situation where one side claims ownership of a certain territory over the other? Anyway backtracking, is argonia treated similar to how Russia is on the world state, where generally there’s some trade but most just want little to do with argonia.
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