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2023.06.04 22:55 KavKav2 Hila vlog breakdown

Breakdown of the latest vlog
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2023.06.04 22:53 Thick_Mick_Chick Song of Soliloquy

If there was one thing Soliloquy hated? She really hated being proven wrong. She knew she couldn't be right about everything but she HATED being 100% sure she was wrong. It made her look stupid and stupid was something Soliloquy most certainly was not.
She wasn't like the other kids. Mama said that was okay. We weren't meant to be like everyone else. What makes us different also makes us special. Soliloquy believed it because there's no way Mama would lie to her.
Mama was so smart. She'd picked up on all of the little things Soliloquy did as a baby and, then, a toddler. Mama knew Soliloquy was such a "special" girl. Only she truly believed in Soliloquy. She'd never known her Daddy. Mama didn't care for talking about him too much. From what little Mama did say about him? It's probably better off that way.
She'd been so little when the first incident happened. Mama knew for certain then. There'd been no doubt left in Mama's mind. Mama had been busy and didn't get Soliloquy's bottle warmed up for her in a timely fashion. She was just a baby and had no way of controlling her anger. It wasn't poor Mama's fault, either. She had her hands full being a single mother. It just exploded. Mama said that it scared her so! She was grateful she hadn't been close to the microwave because the glass went everywhere. Mama knew from that day that she could never be late with Soliloquy's bottle ever again.
Now? This turdy boy thinks a tomato is a fruit?! Why would he think that?! EVERYONE knows tomatoes are vegetables!
"Dummy! I'm trying to tell you! If you weren't so freaking poor? Maybe you could afford a cell phone and Google it, Stupid!" Grover Dill was not a nice, cute, clean nor smart boy. All he was to Soliloquy was trouble and headaches. He'd bullied her every since kindergarten and he hadn't let up one day from then until now. He hasn't even slowed down in the 6th grade. Mama always tried to talk Soliloquy down when he tormented her so. She really hoped she made it home this time so Mama could do it, again. Soliloquy knew if she had another "spell"? Mama would be so disappointed. Please, please, please, let her make it back home, again.
"At least I'm not named after a Sesame Street muppet!" Soliloquy could feel tears sting her eyes.
"And your name means you talk to yourself!" Grover just had to say something. He couldn't just let it go.
She was walking away. She was trying so hard. It was happening, though. She wasn't getting flushed. She was getting HOT!
"GROVER CLAUDE DILL! DON'T SAY NOTHIN' ELSE TO ME!" Soliloquy was burning up.
"NOTHIN', WHITE TRASH!" Grover was cackling and Soliloquy was coming unglued.
She kept trying to distract herself. It wasn't helping. Where would it go this time? What would it mean? She should "put it" somewhere. But put it where?
"Back off! Calm down!" Soliloquy shut her eyes and kept repeating the 2 phrases, over and over, more to herself than anyone. Something was cracking, splitting, something was breaking!
Soliloquy opened her eyes to see Grover Dill standing underneath a tree with a very heavy branch that was cracking and breaking. Of course? Being the hillbilly, redneck, The Hills Have Eyes inbred that he is? He was too busy cackling like an old mountain witch to notice.
"I should tell him. I should. Mama would be disappointed, but I just can't take anymore of him!" Soliloquy debated with her conscience. She knew it was wrong. You ain't suppose to be doin' wrong. Sweet little baby Jesus, she just couldn't take him, anymore. So? Soliloquy settled on, "What Mama don't know won't hurt her."
She looked up at the branch. It honestly could've went either way, at that point. She knew which way it would go this time.
The tree branch groaned in protest as it continued to break away from it's perch. Then? CRAAAAAAACK! In the words of John Mellencamp (one of Mama's favorites since she's from Indiana, too)? It came "Crumblin' Down."
It all seemed to happen in slow motion. The branch completely broke free and plummeted towards Grover's useless head. Soliloquy thought, "It's going to be more useless in about 3 more seconds." And? Soliloquy stifled a giggle.
Boom! Soliloquy couldn't believe what she'd seen. The branch fell on Grover just as he threw his head back to laugh harder. BAM! Smack in his face! Grover let out a guttural scream as the branch slammed his face and the rest of his body folded like an accordion as he fell to the sidewalk. He was breathing really funny and it sounded wet. Oh, no. She thought it would just knock him out! This was more than she could deal with. Mama would know how to handle this. She was so sure of it!
"Better look around and see if anyone was watching." Soliloquy began scanning the school, playground and sidewalk she was on. School had been over for awhile. No one was around. Don't ask? Don't tell. She ran all the way home.
Contrary to the skid mark named Grover Dill's opinion? She most certainly was not white trash. It was true that all that Mama could afford was a trailer. The trailer was clean and Soliloquy had her own room and she was happy. She didn't have a problem so why did that poster child for abortion have to say such mean and hurtful things? Did that make him deserving of a death sentence? As Soliloquy peaked the little hill right before her house? She saw Mama out in the front yard. Thank the Lord! She'll know what to do.
"Soliloquy, Baby? That you?" Mama looked up as she rounded the corner. Soliloquy ran to her until she almost passed out.
"Mama! I didn't mean to, Mama!" Soliloquy began to plead her case just as soon as she saw her.
"Baby! What's happened?" Mama's furrowed brow let Soliloquy know she was very concerned.
"Mama! I swear, Mama!" Soliloquy finally reached Mama and hugged her like she'd never let go.
"Come inside, Baby, and tell me what happened." Mama took Soliloquy inside and they both sat on the couch. Soliloquy was so happy to be home if not happy about her circumstance.
"Mama! It was Grover, again!" Soliloquy was tearing up
"What did he do this time, Soliloquy?" Mama asked as if she were irritated that his name even got brought up.
"I didn't know, Mama. I really thought tomatoes were vegetables. Grover told me they are actually fruit." Soliloquy timidly approached the subject.
"And that was the fight?" Mama knew there had to be more to this.
"No, there was more. That's just what started it." Soliloquy replied and Mama nodded her head in acknowledgement.
"He just wouldn't stop, Mama. He just..." Soliloquy burst into tears.
"Soliloquy? Did you have another spell?" Mama always got right to the point.
Welp. There it was. The time to cough it up. "I tried not to, Mama. Please, believe me!"
"Soliloquy? Tell me what happened and tell me what happened right now. I'm not angry, but I do need to know." Mama was getting more upset.
"Deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth." Soliloquy said to herself.
"Okay. We kept arguing and he was saying really nasty things and I was getting so mad, Mama!" She couldn't hold back.
"He was really hurtful and hateful and I... I....." Soliloquy tapered off.
"You had a spell?" Mama already knew.
"Yes, Mama. I did." Soliloquy replied and stayed silent.
"How bad was it, Baby?" Mama resigned herself to the fate of knowing it has most certainly happened, again.
"Bad, bad, Mama." Soliloquy placed her head in her hands and openly sobbed.
"Baby? Is he dead?" Mama needed to know.
"I don't know, Mama. I just don't know." Soliloquy was racked with sobs.
"Baby, this isn't your fault. I was hoping it wouldn't get this bad. I was hoping it'd would never go this far. This is something you just can't control. There's no way you can when you get older. It happened to me, too." Mama said without realizing she'd just turned Soliloquy's world upside down.
What did she mean it happened to her, too? Wait, what?
"Mama? What do you mean it happened to you?" Soliloquy was certain she'd feel better once she talked to Mama but she most definitely was not feeling better.
"Soliloquy, you've had these spells every since you were born. Well? Before you were born? I had them."
Mama had the spells when she was younger, too?
"I was born like you. I had spells from time to time and it was usually out of my control until I got older. I learned how to self soothe so nothing really bad happened. I thought it was all okay. I really did. Well, when I met your Daddy? I thought I'd never have another spell, again. I really did. I loved him so much. In the beginning? He was good to me, too. Then? Bethany. She just had to come along and screw it up. She was so much prettier and thinner than me and your Daddy just fell head over heels. I was crushed. I was devastated. How can I compete with skinny ass Methany? What could I do to make sure your Daddy stayed with me? Well, I thought of what women have thought of since time immemorial. I got pregnant. Your Daddy was happy at first. He really wanted you. As time went on? I got bigger and more unattractive as I got further along. Pregnancy isn't normally when a woman looks her best. Well, that just made your horn dog Daddy run to Bethany even more. I was losing him and couldn't do a thing about it. One day? A few weeks before I was due to have you? Your Daddy came to me and informed me that he's moving in with Bethany. He said he wanted nothing further to do with me and would see me in court over visitation and support. He very much wanted to be in your life, but not mine. Well, who in the hell does he think he is? I'll be damned if he's coming to see you but doesn't want me! So? As he stood at the bottom step of our front porch? Flames started licking his workboots and he screamed. I just laughed with delight the whole time he was burning up! When I had you? The "spells" moved onto you and left me." Mama just smiled at Soliloquy like she just told her what the weather was like outside.
Soliloquy's head was spinning. Mama killed Daddy because he only wanted me and not her? No. NO! THAT'S NOT IT!
"Mama, you just got mad and it got away from you, right?" Soliloquy hoped she said yes.
"Oh, no, Baby. The second he told me he wanted you but not me? I crisped him like bacon!" Mama laughed. She actually laughed.
Soliloquy didn't know how to get out of this. Mama actually KILLED her Daddy. She never got to meet him. She never got to love him. She'd never known anything more than the crappy little podunk town she'd been born and raised in. She could've known more. She could've known nicer. She could've known better.
"What's the matter, Baby? You look unhappy." Was Mama actually serious? What's the matter? WHAT'S THE MATTER? SHE HAS GOT TO BE KIDDING!
It started happening. The flames licked onto the outside of the trailer and climbed up its walls and doors.
"Soliloquy! What are you doing? Why are you burning up the trailer? Stop it this instant!" Now Mama was the one angry.
"No, Mama, I can't do that. You wanted me all to yourself. Well? Here I am. Both of us can head down to hell together." Soliloquy looked at her with a sinister smile. It was then she just had to laugh. Sesame Street was on the T.V. behind Mama sobbing. Guess Grover got the last laugh after all.
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2023.06.04 22:53 burks21 Finally played Cyberpunk. It's....uhh....

......FREAKING AMAZING. I followed the project since it was announced, but then grad school, COVID, and delays all got in the way of things. I've had my PS5 since launch month and barely had 30 hours on it. I've doubled that since starting 2077.
The storyline(s) are intriguing and well written. I rarely found myself skipping conversations or scenes. It has kept me glued to the TV every second. While I have no completed the main line, Panam's story was fantastic. More on that in a bit....
The action is well done. I don't need wall running, super jumping (yes I know that's in the game but I have yet to find it to be a requirement), hacking, stealth, etc. It all just works so well. You can truly play the game how you want to and be successful. I'm normally a LEROOOOOY JEEEEEENKINS type gamer but I found myself really enjoying the stealth aspect.
The map design and layout really feels like a real city. Side streets, on/off ramps, multi layered roads, alleys, just everything design wise makes it feel real. I really like how they not only made the map design large in terms of L x W, but the tall buildings you can actually go INSIDE of just added, literally, a new dimension.
My favorite part....the graphics. My. God. They. Are. Beautiful. Now I've never been a person to play a game because "it has the newest RTX and requires a minimum of 1000w of CPU/GPU processing power". Hell, I still play SNES games and marvel at how well they look. Remember, I'm on PS5 in performance mode. The neon lights (HUGE FAN) just bring the city to life. They nailed the color pallet and environment together.
I found the weapons to be bland. I didn't want Borderlands style but something....more. Not much else to say.
Still has some glitches and bugs. Simply annoying buy I've had two that hard stopped me, requiring a restart. Not game breaking but annoying.
Once you complete a storyline with a NPC, they might as well die. It would be cool to make friends in the game and then bring them on missions, interact with them, live life. Even taking insert chosen lover on a date to earn whatever (new clothing, weapons, vehicles, etc) after their main storyline would just deepen the immersion.
Overall, the game was worth the multiple years of waiting. What I'd love to see (it won't happen but I can dream right?), is the team to take the Cyberpunk 2077 world and almost do a life simulator. It sort of is now but add a more personal touch. Friends, dating, job, thirst, hunger, rent, etc. The world is made for it. Hell, I'd even pay monthly for it! Could be online/offline too. The team could just add a few new shops a week, seasonal events, etc. But that's a dream. It'll never happen. Damn. Damn. Damn.....
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2023.06.04 22:53 itsnotpako What if...

As we all know this show's marketing is kind of horrible. At this point it might look like the only people that are gonna pull up to watch HH are those who knew it from the pilot and there won't be a lot of new viewers. But that's all beside the point.
In the most recent monthly update, we had a GIF of Alastor laughing his ass off in front of the hotel with a sign that says "Now Playing". Now, what if that's not a scene from one of the episodes but from the trailer, but when will that said trailer release? My guess is on this Tuesday, June 6th and if there'll actually be a trailer dropping that day I think it'll be around 6 am or pm in pst.
Why do I think that? Well because that specific date and time makes the number 666, whiwh is know to be a demonic number and since the show takes place in Hell... I don't see why they wouldn't go for that. Another reason is because of instead of posting a patch of Gifs herself, Vivziepop decided to post the same one with the caption: "Heehee". This probably means nothing to you but to me it looks like she's up to something.
That is all.
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2023.06.04 22:53 CharmCityCrab Small B5-Related Star Trek: Picard Spoiler

This may already have been mentioned. I didn't see it, but this sub gets a surprising amount of posts for a show that ended so long ago!
Anyhow, in Season 3 Episode 10 of Star Trek: Picard (Available streaming on Paramount Plus in the US), Walter Koenig, Bester on Babylon 5, has a brief voice-only cameo as Federation President Anton Chekov, the son or grandson of Koenig's character on the original Star Trek television show, Pavel Chekov.
The first name of the Federation President was likely chosen as a homage to another actor, Anton Yelchin, who portrayed Pavel Chekov in recent Star Trek movies set in an alternate timeline from all the rest of the shows and movies (Sometimes popularly referred to as the Kelvinverse), and passed away in real life.
It's definitely Walter Koenig's voice, though.
It's near the beginning of the episode, so if you want to hear it, it won't take up much of you time.
With that said, it's literally the last episode of the Picard series, which is only 30 episodes long, so if you want to watch the series someday, you might want to hold off and start at the beginning.
I would say that the last ten minutes or so of S3 E9 was the best 10 minutes of Star Trek I've seen since Deep Space Nine went off the air, but only if you like TNG nostalgia. :)
The first two seasons of the show are light on the TNG elements and heavy on the "What's going on with Jean-Luc Picard these days?", but the third season is much more TNG (and Star Trek in general) nostalgia heavy. Consequentially, the third season gets the best reviews. The first two seasons are not a complete waste of time, though.
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2023.06.04 22:51 Poverload237 Disneyland NYE 2023

Hi everyone!
So I've been to Disneyland quite a few times (we just had a trip a few weeks ago). However, I've never been during any of the holiday seasons, including New Years. We're going to fix that this year by going for New Years Eve!
We plan to be there on December 28th, 29th, and 31st. Depending on my husband's job, we may even be there on January 2nd and 3rd. All of that being said, I do have a few questions that I'm hoping to get help with.
I know the crowds will be insane- like more people than I've ever dealt with level of insane, and I (think) I'm mostly prepared for that. We want to get dining reservations for the fireworks on NYE. How feasible do you all think this will be? Is there any way to get reservations sooner than the 60 day window listed on the app? I do have the thrill tracker app to notify me of when there are open spots so I can make reservations, but I'm nervous that reservations will somehow be sold out before we even get a chance to grab them.
Secondly, what are your must-do's and your skip it's for rides on NYE? From what I've read, during the daytime should be fairly ok as far as wait times go, but once it hits 6pm or so, the parks get very crowded. Is this an accurate assumption?
Lastly, what are some of your favorite holiday activities, entertainment, parades, or shows that you'd recommend we go to? I know that Disneyland has special shows and stuff specifically for the holiday season, as well as for New Years Eve, and I want to make sure we catch the best ones.
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2023.06.04 22:51 SolitaryMarmot Looking for track lists or guides to understanding the theory and composition of deep house/techno/EDM

I am curious about both the theory of house music and how its constructed, its orchestration and arrangement. Does anyone have a deep house/techno or other EDM playlist that can help me understand it? This isn't a full theory question, but theory is definitely part of it. I don't know where else to ask about the musical building blocks of a genre including the theory. Sorry if this doesn't make sense, I can pick up my instruments and play music but I know very little about making music.
I live a few blocks away from an awesome 14,000 seat venue. so I've been going to all the shows anyway. Last season they started hosting some EDM artists and these are the first EDM shows I have ever been to.
Last night Lane 8 played with a pretty big undercard. I was curious if anyone could tell me what I am hearing and watching when I see an EDM artist "play" music. Like in the context of how I play and record music at home for fun (which I have no idea is right or wrong. I just do it because I futzed with Reaper and Ableton long enough to just learn how to play and record stuff.)
When I make an "EDM" track I do it the only way I know how which is to record short pieces, say 2 to 4...sometimes 8 measures on a short scale 4 string bass guitar. Then on a semi hollow guitar...usually chord progressions and variations of the progression with a certain tone. Then I'll play some fills and short melody sections on my other guitar with a different tone. I usually play some versions of the harmonies a three octave midi controller thing I have too. Just moving between the chords each measure and taking a synth tone from Ableton and adding it. And then usually I use just a drum rack in Ableton since it's not easy to mic an acoustic kit well. Then I just lay different pieces of melody over different pieces of harmony and rhythm in the envelopes...record the arrangement with effects and a mastering mix and then send them to my friends for hahas (they often include quantized recordings of my cats funny meowing...because well, that's funny and who doesnt love cat sounds in EDM?) Like essentially this is just a chopped up version of how I record any other type of music. Like I would play the intro, verse, chorus, bridge, outro on all the different instruments and mix them together.
When I watch an EDM artist "play" Ableton's hard to tell what they are doing. Like they kinda bounce around and spin a knob here and another one there. And put on their studio monitors somewhat dramatically...and then for a build/drop they wave their hands around. But are they actually adding and taking individual melody and harmony pieces and laying them in live? Like arranging the envelopes from their pre recorded tracks, the same way I would arrange an EDM song with 2 to measure sections? Like I've seen Justin Vernon/Bon Iver play and he will add synth loops by actually playing the melody sections live on stage and the harmonies they are played over range from simple to somewhat complex. But at no point last night did anyone play any instrument.
From what I heard of the house genre...the harmonies underneath were consonant and bright usually...but the minor tones were often emphasized. Like in the minor section of a progression the 2nds, m3rds, 6ths were front and center often to the leading tone then back to the tonic. Like that's where the feel/flow came from. But the harmonic progressions themselves didnt use a ton of borrowed or modal chords. And melody lines often moved in very short chromatic intervals repeated. But laying melodies over simple chords looped over and over isn't exactly a chore. So are they editing these lines on the fly and changing them up for later in the song? Is that what is happening in the monitors? There aren't a ton of changes. And I realize its not as melodically complex as playing over extended and augmented jazz chords. These loops run for no joke like 15 - 20 minutes at a time without variation. But are the variations to the melody in fact improvised in a live performance?
There is some rhythmic variation on breaks and drops and builds, but it feels like those elements all use the same variations if that makes sense. And because the 4 on the floor electronic staccato kick seems to wash out the low end...I ended up with the feeling that I just listened to essentially the same song from 4 PM to 10 PM through 5 artists doing the same knob spinning and pad pressing. But I don't know what else to listen for that makes the music more discernable and unique (the quantized drums are very overpowering to the ear.)
If anyone can talk me through what EDM is or point me to a good video on what I am listening to...I would be super grateful. This was maybe the 4th EDM show I have been to and I have no idea what I am listening to.
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2023.06.04 22:51 HomelessSniffs We Get It. You Don't Have To Tell Us Anymore!

We get it, DoorDasher asked for additional tip. We all agree it's appalling. Every other post a Doordasher is asking for additional tips. Half the post don't have any proof, and are blindly accusing someone that most likely a mis-understanding. If your going to farm karma at least have some proof. I for one would personally prefer if you just don't post it. We get it, it's been posted so many times it's getting spammy and non-interesting. At the very least be sure it's a little different then the 40 other people who just posted theirs.
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2023.06.04 22:50 ehtooh Disappointed

I watched the movie first on Netflix, had lots of holes, been meaning to watch the show for a while and eventually did over the last few days. Rant incoming.
The acting is great and the seasons short so why did they fail them and us so much? Is it the writing? Soooooo many plot holes, so many story lines that didn’t need to go the way they did. They could have capitalized on some of the relationships like Luther and Ripley or Benny but instead it was one weird storyline after the other, all weirdly implicating Luther without any character evidence to back them up. I’m so frustrated because this could have been such an epic show but it just fell short for seemingly no reason. The chaotic Luther ‘spins out of control’ story line just didn’t fit in with things for me, and then he goes it alone when almost every character would die for him if he ever asked for help, and for police to always assume this guy they hail a hero is also guilty without a shred of evidence is bizarre. Just really frustrating because this could have been such a good show.
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2023.06.04 22:50 THeWizardOfOde Doorstops and double deckers.

Doorstops and double deckers.
This was my second visit to London (live in US). The first time was right out of college with my best friend in 2011. We watched the Arsenal v Fulham match and in hindsight, were probably watching the beginning of the end of the Arsene Wenger era. Then we basically walked around Westminster for a day taking "proof of life" pictures for our loved ones back home of typical British "things" both contemporary and historic to prove to them that we didn't just drink and party, then the rest of the stay, we drank and partied.
This time, my best friend and I took our families and did not drink and party (the whole time). We also obviously were at the Wolves game, and it truly felt like we were at the end of the beginning of the Arteta era. The atmosphere was absolutely electric. There was a buzz around the ground like I have never seen before (mind you I have only been to 5 games in both Highbury and Emirates). The boys gave us a fond farewell to the season. Xhaka love was felt all through the ground. The starboy signed off in style. And even the new kid got on the score sheet. What more can you ask of. Pics below.
At halftime, in order to fulfil my yearly pledge to be more helpful, I was passing out the free waters they had out for everyone and I spilt 75% of my beer on a 10 year old. His dad was a good sport as everyone around me very quickly ratted me out to him and started pointing and laughing at me. I obviously offered my condolences to the dad for his loss, and RIP to that kid, and my free beer. But worry not, I went to a different kiosk and got another free beer, and a free pint, which I quickly chugged like a college kid about have the spotlight shone on him from a cop car. At that moment I had 2 realizations, one, that I have reached an age where I can no longer do that. And two, that I no longer like the Camden "Hells Lager".
There was a brass and snare quintet that paraded through the area before the match. And as someone who sees a lot of big bands as part of the fan experience in US sports, I have to ask the Europeans in the thread...Is this a new thing brought on by American owners? Or has this always been a thing? I have never associated European sports with "fight songs" and I didn't see this the past 4 times I've been to watch Arsenal. Just curious.
After the game, my friend and I got hammered in and around the bars at Islington and we somehow made it home at 1am. The next day I had promised my son to go to the zoo, and it was the brightest day that I have ever woken up to. The whole experience was a blur or headache and nausea, and in hindsight, I should've just kept drinking. I also realized that day, that I hate the tiny little rubber doorstoppers at every freaking door of our AirBnB apartment. Why not just attach one to the door?? I kept kicking them away under the bed, or a nearby table in order to close the door and then getting yelled at by my wife. Having grown up in India...I understand the need for heavy doors and doorstoppers, but just install them on the bottom of the door you simpletons! This obviously goes out to the person who made that creative decision to not have that, not the general population of the UK, or London, or even that apartment complex.
My son wanted to ride a double decker bus, and I did not. I was avoiding it the whole time as I find them a terror to society and I don't know who would want to sit on something that top heavy, moving at speed. He got his wish when we went to visit Stonehenge. We sat at the top, and every turn I felt like we were going to mass murder an entire crop of pedestrians standing on the curb. My son is 4, so he is pretty much a sociopath who craves the wanton destruction of property.
London has amazing parks. We went to Holland Park, Hyde Park, St. James's Park, and Regents Park. As attractions that are free for the public, I hope you Londoners appreciate what you have. They are brilliant. Well done.
As a history fanatic, the Globe was amazing, so was the Abbey. And the other little pieces of history that are dotted all around the city as we walked around. A lot of people we talked to, other tourists mostly, were complaining about how dirty the city is. Its not that bad. All cities are dirty. Stop being a baby.
Now lets take a moment and talk about Heathrow airport and the workers therein. I don't know if the people who are suppose to pay them don't pay them enough. Or they are just made in a factory somewhere designed to make everyone's life a living hell. It was one of the worst experiences of my life. Everyone was rude, everyone was constantly rushing us, and everyone was sarcastic. Especially this one lady at security who I know hails from the same part of the world that I come from...if you're reading this, I hope a bird poops in your mouth.
In conclusion. Thanks to the Arsenal fans/family for an amazing experience. Thanks to these wonderful players and our brilliant manager for an amazing season and final game. I fell in love with the city all over again, but figure out the fucking doorstoppers. Heathrow can eat my dick.
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2023.06.04 22:50 GummiesAreFunny My (F18) girlfriend broke up with me a week after moving away.

TL;DR: I thought my relationship long distance was going to work out, but unfortunately my girlfriend decided to end things, so I’ve come to vent.
I go into depth on other posts about the events that have happened leading up to this, it won’t let me make a summary here for some reason.
Last week, my mom was overseas for a family issue, and I had to watch my brother. I watch him quite frequently if my mom needs to do something, or wants to go out. I say yes every time, even though I don’t always want to, because he can be a handful, but I say yes because my mom does a lot, even though I’m already an adult, she has a roof over my head, she feeds me everyday, she washes my clothes, she makes sure I’m comfortable. My mom was on her own for a long time, so I know she’s trying. Is she asking me to watch him too many times? Maybe, maybe not, it depends on every persons opinion. My girlfriend thinks that she makes me watch him too often, when I really don’t want to, so I’ll make the occasional complaint of being tasked to watch him. She tells me to stand up to myself, and not watch him as frequently as I do. I’ve tried explaining to her that even though sometimes I really don’t want to do it, I don’t want to be ungrateful of what she does, and make her life harder. However, she basically demands that I stand up to my mom about this situation and gets mad that I don’t, even though when I’ve tried to stand up to basically anyone in my life I’ve been shot down so the people pleaser in me just accepts it. We had this argument after I had posted the note post. This was a very poor choice of words on my part, but I told her that it was “none of her business”. I take 100% accountability it was extremely messed up of me to say that, because I know she had no ill intent, but she would get mad about something I chose not to do. I told her I’d stop complaining to her, because “none of your business” was the wrong words, I was trying to express that instead of being “damned if I do damned if I don’t”, to just listen and understand my frustrations without having to actively change anything. Reflecting on it now, I should’ve never complained in the first place, since it must be exhausting to hear about my complaints.
This leads us to around afternoon time yesterday, out of the blue, before I’m went to run errands now that my mom has returned, she texts me all of a sudden that she no longer wishes to continue our relationship. After that wonderful note she left me, I was thinking that we were ok, but I’m wondering if she had planned this all along. She said she remembered when we were friends and how we used to have fun. She said we are toxic now but that she still wants to be my friend. I responded by saying “Are you joking with me?” because sometimes she would say stuff like that as a prank, but she told me she was serious. She said it wasn’t a joke and I asked where this all came from, and that before she left she said she would try very hard with our long distance, and not break up with me. I know that there was the possibility it wouldn’t work, but I’m surprised at how soon it was, and I’m afraid it only fed my darkest fear, if this being her plan since she decided to leave, and I’m worried I’m most likely correct. She said she appreciated everything I did for her, and that she doesn’t want to continue if she lost interest. She then said that the “not my business” comment hurt a lot, and I’m wondering if my poor choice of words was the final straw in her decision making. She told me that she regrets living with me, because it was wrong timing, and we took our stress out on each other for a year straight. I understand if the pressure of long distance is too much, I just feel like she gave up too quickly and easily, or if this was pre-meditated from weeks ago. After this conversation, she tried to make conversation like everything was normal, I didn’t respond enthusiastically like I normally would, because I was busy and I was trying to drown my thoughts out with music and shopping and errands. Even when I got home, I cleaned, and kept my mind entertained with TikTok, just to not be alone with my thoughts, just so my mom didn’t think something was wrong.
Reading those messages in-front of my mother, and trying not to bawl my eyes out, was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I couldn’t breathe, I had to pretend like I didn’t just read the most heartbreaking messages ever. She has taken breaks or wanted to break up with me in the past, over insecurities or uncertainties about our relationship and other things that are more personal, but ultimately after a few days or a week or two, she would regret her decision and ask to go out again. I always accepted, because I love her more than anything, and I still do. The big questions, living almost 100 miles away, is will I ever see her again? What am I going to tell my family? Was I such a horrible gf, that she chose to move back in with her parents out of all people? I’ll never live those memories again, all the wonderful things, I cherish these memories so deeply, but now they’re going to be forever tainted with sorrow, I wish I could live all those moments one more time. I cried to her before she left, I said that I would be all alone, she promised me I wouldn’t. I’m fighting the urge to text her, beg her to reconsider and not to leave me alone. I don’t know if that’s selfish or if that’s what she wants, but I know I can’t do that. I don’t know if her feelings would be genuine if we continued. What if she says yes out of pity, so I can still live in a mirage where everything is ok? I really don’t want to think about these things, stay up all night doing something until I can’t keep conscious anymore, just so I don’t have to be stuck with my thoughts. She was the only friend and person I have. Everyone else has stopped talking to me because of us going separate ways in life, and I haven’t made any friends in college. Thats why I’m still calling her my gf, because I don’t think ex is the appropriate term yet, or maybe I’m being too hopeful and delusional. The future is uncertain, I’m just trying to make those around me happy, all while trying to stay afloat, and drown out my feelings. Everyone in my life either no longer talks to me, or would judge me, or judge her, and just not take my feelings for how they are, or would talk to other people about what I’m going through. No one to be just a true listener and supporter, I don’t want judgement. I’m so sorry to everyone rooting for us in my note post, this came as a shock to me and out of nowhere, but I guess I should’ve seen the signs, and I should’ve been better.
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2023.06.04 22:49 Borax_the_Mighty How Op do you think Renekton is in their current state?

Hello summoners!
I love stats and I'm curious to see what League of Legends mains think about the state of their champion in season 13 which is why I plan on polling every subreddit, compiling the data, and eventually making a grand tier list with all 163 champions
If you want to stay updated on my progress feel free to check out my google sheets on the matter:
I'll leave the polls up for 7 days before making any tier lists so feel free to vote for other champions you main if you want. I'll also be updating the tier list as time passes (at least once a day) so feel free to come back and check it!
Thank you for your participation and good luck on the rift ^^
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2023.06.04 22:49 OnlineCalisthenics 4 Things You Need For A Better Calisthenics Workout

Working out is quite simple once you know the rules of the game.
Today, I wanted to talk about the 4 key elements that will make you better at working out, and get you results immediately.
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Solution: always practice speed when you train. For example, go fast up on your pull ups and slower on the way down. Same for pretty much every movement.
Add plyometric exercises like sprints, jump lunges, wide jumps etc… to your leg day.
2. Mobility
This is what allows you to train with full range of motion, hence developing your full muscle mass.
Be able to move optimally is key to proper muscle development.
Solution: Daily focus on hips and shoulders first, then work on your smaller joints (wrists, knees, ankles). It takes 5 minutes per day.
I post mobility drills every week on my blog and social media.
Practice all of them!
3. Strength
Pure strength can be achieved with complex compound movements over a small amount of repetitions.
Solution: movements like muscle ups, full range pike push ups, extra wide pull ups, diamond push ups, squats with resistance, front lever, back lever, human flag etc…will directly improve your strength level.
Include all of these in your routine.
4. Endurance
Muscle endurance is one of the most underrated and neglected aspect of training in traditional weightlifting.
Athleticism requires being able to repeat efforts again and again with peak performance along your workouts. The goal is to finish as strong as you started!
Solution: practice and get used to long and tough sets. Set goals that may seem impossible now but will be after your train for it.
Here is an idea of the repetition range to reach for the following exercises:
This is how to build up amazing athleticism in a nutshell.
I apply these rules to ALL my programs.
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Access hundreds of videos, progressive workout plans, ebooks and workshops, ranked by level and skills.
Click here to get the training results your want!
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2023.06.04 22:49 maximusaemilius Look at this idiot, his tuxedo is the wrong shade of black! Aliens get invited to a human black tie event.

Krill was mildly uncomfortable, and so was Sunny.
They had all been invited to what the humans described as a "black tie" event on mars, mostly for political delegations, rich sponsors, a couple of famous people, and the occasional member of the UNSC or the GA. Most of the GA reps were Rundi, since they tended to like this political sort of thing.
There was at least one Tesraki, who had made the executive decision to come, since he saw financial opportunity in getting to know some rich humans.
Sunny had been invited to stand in for the Drev counselor, who could not attend due to some issues back on Anum. Dr Krill and Dr. Katie had been invited to attend the event in case medical personnel were required for any reason.
Adam was the only one who had been invited for himself.
The black tie event had been sent by way of a physical letter which Adam had called, "Excessively pretentious." in a day and age where everything was sent electronically.
The fact they had managed to get a letter to him out in the middle of space in the first place was pretty impressive.
Sunny hadn't really known or cared what all of this meant, but Adam had been nervous and very serious about the dress code. Despite thinking the entire thing was pretentious, that didn't stop him from immediately sending away for his mother's help.
Sunny was, of course, encouraged to wear ceremonial formal armor to the event.
Krill was keeping very close track of this odd human behavior, constantly asking questions as Adam was preparing himself.
"Why don't you just wear a regular suit?"
"Because that would be a social faux pas."
"A what?"
He sighed,
"I don't know, it's french or something. I think it's a ballet term. It just means it would be a social screw up and people would totally judge me for it."
"They would judge you for wearing the wrong thing?"
Krill wondered curiously, Adam nodded,
"That is the point of these parties, and has been for the last two and a half thousand years. These parties are honestly just the biggest pissing contests where people try to out dress each other in subtle ways, and the old people who know what they are doing make fun of the new people for having no idea how to do it properly."
Krill looked interested,
"How fascinating. So, it is a way to show your status subtly?”
"Oh yes. Status is a big deal. It started to go out of style for a while, but this whole adherence to dress code has come back with a vengeance in the last few years. The fashion world has seen an upheaval in pretentiousness, and celebrities have been laughed out of parties for trying to be avant-garde."
"To be what?"
"Sorry, pretty sure that's also french too? It means new, interesting, or out of the ordinary usually to make a statement."
Sunny leaned in a little,
"And they expect an air force commander to know how to properly dress for black tie?"
"They don't, which is why they invited me. I am supposed to make others look good by looking bad myself. Of course, I also make them look good by being invited in the first place. Of course, joke's on them because I have a secret weapon on my side..."
He patted the front of his shirt,
"Thank you mother."
"I am now confused."
Adam waved a hand,
"Yeah, I know, It's pretty stupid…”
"I thought you recently decided that you like dressing up?"
The human turned in place a couple of times in front of the mirror, trying to get a better view of himself,
"Correction, I have always enjoyed dressing up – got that from my mom – what I don't enjoy is the pissing contest that comes along with it.”
"What is that?"
"Bow tie."
"You look like someone's Christmas present."
He adjusted the bow tie,
"Well than someone is getting a sexy as fuck Christmas present now aren't they?"
He said and winked at Sunny, while buttoning up the front of the 'waistcoat' and pulling on the jacket.
When he was done, the two aliens had to admit that he really did stand out, all in black, black pants, black tuxedo jacket, cuff links, black tie, black waistcoat, and a purple/blue carnation threaded through the buttonhole on the lapel.
His shoes were almost as reflective as the mirror behind him.
"How do I look?"
"Like a goofy idiot, but the suit wasn't going to change that."
He lifted a finger to flip Sunny off.
"Not very dapper of you."
Katie said from the doorway.
They looked up to see Katie, who had also commissioned a dress from Martha, and honestly made Adam look a little plain.
"Ready to go?”
"As ready as I will ever be."
Krill kept a shrewd eye on all the strange human protocols.
As far as dressing up went, Krill could immediately see who the “In-crowd” included. Most of those people understood the rules Adam had laid out for him, wearing the proper evening attire, where those not in the “in” wore clothing that approximated the rules, but missed them on several occasions.
The way the evening was set up was a little bit more like a “ball” as Adam described, being announced as they were walked in, and then ordered them to mingle with the crowd. Adam and Katie got a few glances from the “in-group” who seemed surprised that a simple ship captain would know anything about formal evening attire.
Sunny just found the entire thing hilarious.
All of this subtle dressing up to impress each other?
If Drev held balls, instead of dancing they would probably just beat each other to death.
But here, there were a lot of subtle clues and hints that went right over her and the Doctor's heads, while Adam seemed to know what he was doing.
As they walked in waiters offered Adam an alcoholic drink, while Krill received sugared water, and Sunny a rather strange tincture that was generally just water with plant flavoring... It was pretty good though, so she didn't complain.
They were met on arriving by the event coordinator, whose eyes opened wide when she saw Adam, pausing and holding out a hand.
Due to the conflated and rather twisted nature of black tie events in the future, Adam took the hand, and bowed a bit, lowering his head, a strange area between the less formal handshake and the more formal kiss on the hand, which was also not a thing in societies post WWIII
"Commander, I... you look..."
She trailed off, even to Sunny it was clear the woman hadn't expected him to know anything.
He smiled icily at her.
Krill leaned in in fascination.
This was one of the most intriguing parts of humanity. The polite way in which they were totally rude to each other.
"Well thank you. My mother has a Ph.D in the information age and a masters in historical fashion."
That shut the woman up and she politely dismissed herself, walking away with a straight back.
Adam smirked,
"Her dress isn't the right length for an evening event."
"I thought she coordinated the event?"
Sunny muttered,
"She couldn't coordinate herself out of a paper bag."
He winked at Sunny and Krill,
"You can't out-dress the son of a historical fashion expert. Simply not possible, my mother even used the correct materials."
He tugged lightly at his jacket.
Dr. Katie had disappeared on entry, leaving the three of them to wander about the room as Adam pointed out the other important people.
There were a few military commanders, Rundi, and the aforementioned Tesraki.
There were at least five major political leaders, and even larger handful of actors who had their hands in charities or political causes related to the event.
Adam was only halfway through his first drink, when he was waylaid by one of the younger actors.
Even Sunny could tell straight off that he was not dressed appropriately.
He had clearly tried very hard, but his efforts were in vain.
While everything looked alright from a distance, up close something was wrong about everything. The material of his jacket, the style of his shirt, the type of pants, the lapels on the coat, and even the patterned pocket square, which should have been a solid color but wasn't.
He was joined by another group of men, who then began some pretentious conversation about noticing how Adam was new to these sort of events. The way they spoke made it pretty clear they had no idea who he was or what the proper dress code was either.
Adam smiled and didn't say anything.
"And what do you do for a living?"
One of them asked,
"Simply an UNSC representative."
"Ah that explains a lot."
They glanced down at him with pointed looks.
The conversation continued. Sunny wondered why Adam didn't just shut them all up by telling them exactly who he was, but Krill had a theory that Adam was just playing with them as a human way to build up the moment so that he could socially crush them.
As humans do, their conversation wandered until it eventually moved around to the UNSC and other related topics.
One of the men nodded knowingly,
"I am somewhat knowledgeable on the subject myself."
Adam raised an eyebrow.
"Are you?"
"Well yes, I have a brother in law who flies shuttles and planes for the UNSC. Tell me, what is your opinion on the D-4 class engine on a F-90 darkfire. I honestly think they are rather overpowered for what is being asked of them."
Adam frowned,
"The darkfire doesn't have a D-4 engine. That is a warp classification which-"
The man raised a hand,
"No no. I heard my brother in law talking about it. Personally, I think they should have just kept the jet engines they would have been plenty enough power to make it into orbit.”
The commander's face scrunched in confusion as he shook his head,
"No, it's a fusion engine, and the jet engine can't fly in the upper atmosphere because there is no lift-"
"Look, Adam, was that your name? I generally tend to know what I am talking about. The darkfire jet engines would have plenty of power to make it into atmosphere…"
"But it’s a jet engine which implies it is for a plane and not for a rocket-"
The guy cut him off again and continued to ramble onward about how he took some engineering classes in college and would know what he was talking about. Since Adam Joined the UNSC and didn't go to college, that he probably didn't know anything at all, or at least that is what they said in not so many words.
Sunny was getting a bit annoyed and would like to have squished the guy, but Adam just shook his head at her.
She stayed silent and grumpy as the other men continued to correct Adam on knowledge of his own favorite aircraft.
*"My brother owns a spaceship with a class E warp core.”
One of them boasted. Adam rolled his eyes,
"There is no such thing-"
"My brother owns the craft, I am pretty sure I know what I am talking about. It's one of the most powerful cores in the galaxy."
"Um, I don't think…"
"Yes, the E is more powerful than the A. A ship like the Harbinger or the Enterprise would only make it part of the way across the galaxy but the-"
He kept going.
Adam looked like he was dying, but why didn't he say anything?
It was just then that someone appeared from the crowd.
Sunny recognized a political figure they had met at GA summits on occasion.
He raised his glass and stepped into the group,
"Ah commander! I am glad to see you could make it."
The group of men glanced at each other in confusion.
Adam nodded,
"It's good to see you too counselor."
He motioned to the group,
”We were just having a fascinating discussion on warp engines."
"Oh yes?"
He turned to look at the men,
"Than I am sure the commander has also told you about his escapades as a darkfire pilot."
The satisfaction Sunny got from watching their faces was priceless, almost orgasmic.
She could tell from the look on Adam's face that he was feeling similarly,
"Well, no we had not made it to the subject…”
"I was just going to explain to them how the duel E 20 engine has both a jet engine and a fusion engine. The jet engine for flying in atmosphere and the Fusion engine for moving out of atmosphere considering that the jet engine is not powerful enough to lift the craft without air buoyancy."
Sunny was laughing on the inside.
"Ah yes. I seem to recall a discussion along those lines. Tell me commander, what about the Harbinger's engine is it a class A-1."
Adam nodded,
"Could potentially get you to the other side of the universe if you asked her. The classification system is A-D 1-4 on each, so my ship has one of the most powerful engines mankind has ever bothered to build."
He glanced out of the corner of his eye at the other men, who were beginning to slink away.
Sunny chirped in pleasure.
The rep nodded as they left,
"I heard the futility of your conversation from the other side of the room."
"Thanks for the help. I was dying inside."
The two men laughed and took their drinks.
Krill was very pleased with his examination on how humans subtly tried to one up each other with their dress and understanding of certain topics, though it seemed odd to him that someone would claim to be an expert when it was, in fact, their brother or brother in law who knew about the subject and not them.
But he supposed that was the social nature of humanity.
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Want to find a specific one, see the whole list or check fanart?
Here is the link to the master-post.
Intro post by me
OC-whole collection
Patreon of the author
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2023.06.04 22:48 OnlineCalisthenics 3 Shoulder Stretches You Need To Do

I am 42, close to 43 and have had chronic instabilities and weaknesses in my right shoulder since I was 20.
This is due to years of tennis over-training in my early days, coupled with the lack of proper prehab and conditioning at the time.
I am a great believer that without good healthy shoulders you can't achieve any proper workout results in the long term, no matter how strong you are.
Calisthenics is a great vehicle for mobility training as it requires to keep all joints at their optimal capacity.
The videos I am sharing here are a game changer. All you need is a wood stick.
Click below to check them out!
  1. Shouldedeltoid and arm/tricep stretch
  2. Standing external shoulder rotation hold
  3. Front shoulder release
As you know, mobility is key, so practice daily.
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2023.06.04 22:48 Altruistic_Fennel298 Exciting Announcement! Unleash Your Writing Potential with AI Writing Generators! 🚀

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2023.06.04 22:48 Borax_the_Mighty How Op do you think Renata Glasc is in their current state?

Hello summoners!
I love stats and I'm curious to see what League of Legends mains think about the state of their champion in season 13 which is why I plan on polling every subreddit, compiling the data, and eventually making a grand tier list with all 163 champions
If you want to stay updated on my progress feel free to check out my google sheets on the matter:
I'll leave the polls up for 7 days before making any tier lists so feel free to vote for other champions you main if you want. I'll also be updating the tier list as time passes (at least once a day) so feel free to come back and check it!
Thank you for your participation and good luck on the rift ^^
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2023.06.04 22:47 mirabente Ideas for these 2 planter things

Ideas for these 2 planter things
I am a total noob at gardening. I have these 2 planter boxes by my front door and I'd like to do something there that with a plant that doesn't require direct sunlight. Please help! I also found this bleeding heart vine growing by our tree and have no idea on how to care for it.
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2023.06.04 22:47 mitchconner89 I'm Nervous And Need Some Reassurance/Advice (Dog Incident)

So I was delivering a package to a house with a very long driveway. Their front door was open and I couldn't see or hear anything from inside the house. As soon as I took the picture of the package, a dog heard me, started barking, ran out from the house and began to chase me. As I was about halfway down the driveway, the dog was already at my feet. I quickly turned around and pepper sprayed the dog. The dog ran back into the house. I immediately called my dispatch and told them what happened. The customer then came outside very upset and said she was going to report me for spraying her dog. She got my name and took a picture of my van.
So I know I didn't do anything wrong but I'm curious, what's the worst that could happen? Anybody ever been in this situation? My dispatch told me not to worry about it and that they understood.
But I mean, it was either I get bit or kick the dog (which could've been worse or do permanent damage to the dog). Am I gonna get in trouble?
Also there were no "beware of dog" signs or paw print icon in the flex app, indicating there was a dog at this house.
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2023.06.04 22:47 Borax_the_Mighty How Op do you think Rell is in their current state?

Hello summoners!
I love stats and I'm curious to see what League of Legends mains think about the state of their champion in season 13 which is why I plan on polling every subreddit, compiling the data, and eventually making a grand tier list with all 163 champions
If you want to stay updated on my progress feel free to check out my google sheets on the matter:
I'll leave the polls up for 7 days before making any tier lists so feel free to vote for other champions you main if you want. I'll also be updating the tier list as time passes (at least once a day) so feel free to come back and check it!
Thank you for your participation and good luck on the rift ^^
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2023.06.04 22:46 Operator-rocky1 Oh Wayne!!! He’s coming

Oh Wayne!!! He’s coming
Ovi moved into 2nd for most goals all time last season, so far this season(2nd season) 0 points in 2 games and 22 penalty minutes
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2023.06.04 22:46 snoozey4 kitten is killing rats (medication?)

i am a new cat mom, i’ve had my baby since january. she’s about to turn eight months, and has recently taken a liking to catching/killing lizards. today, however, she caught and killed a full sized rat and brought it inside the house which to me was a little more alarming than the lizards. when i got her i intended for her to be an indoor cat, which is what i told the vet at her first check up back in february. at that appointment they gave me credelio for her to take, which i don’t really remember what was for (i’m assuming worms or fleas or both?). either way, they told me it would do what it needed to for indoor cats, not so much outdoor. since then she has learned how to use the dog door though, so she is now indoooutdoor. admittedly, i have not been back to the vet since even though i know that, outdoor or not, i am supposed to keep up with her medication each month. its just really far away (bad cat mom, i know). i was planning on scheduling an appointment with the vet within the next month to fix this problem, however, now i am thinking that may be much more urgent due to her killing lizards and now rats. basically, my question is whether or not this is as urgent as i am making it out to be. everyone keeps telling me "that's just what cats do" but i'm still anxious. do i need to take her to the vet ASAP because of the rat or can i just go within the next month to get the medicine like i had been planning to do? moreover, is there a certain kind of new medicine she should be on now that she is indoooutdoor? i have noticed that when i go to the pet store they have over the counter medicine for cats that seems very similar to the ones prescribed at the vet, and i have always wondered the difference between the two. could something like that work for her monthly medication? also let me know if i'm just overreacting entirely, as many of my friends and family i have talked to over the past few months actually say they never give their cat medicine at all. they say its not as necessary as it is with dogs but i don't know!
edit: if not vet/medication, is there anything else i should do when this happens?
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