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2011.08.04 07:44 alyssamews Massachusetts College of Art and Design


2023.03.24 04:11 Crispylordvader Regarding porting maps to portal…

Just seen a few posts on this and for once I feel like I can actually contribute some knowledge.
For context I've been working with the unreal engine for 7 years studied game development and have worked in the industry for 5 years
Regarding updating old maps these are what I think are the main workloads and direction I think future work is going.
Again I've never used frostbite so I can only speculate some aspects of this so pinch of salt people....
-Engine Updates (biggest issue)
If you were porting maps from battlefield 5 to say 2042 that would be easier simply because the gap between engines is small, and I imagine there is some minor differences and updates between the two games like unreal Engine 4.26 and 4.27 this would be alot easier to bring across maps as alot of the core systems particles,destruction etc would be same and its probably why we see alot of BF5 assets being used for 1942 in portal as the job to upscale 1942 assets from source would be a complete from scratch job hell 1942 wasn't even on frostbite good thing the last game was ww2 though!.
Once you go further back however even to BF3 this process becomes more about updating Textures and particle effects to look good enough on modern systems, however the lack of trees moving compared to caspain border on BF3 compared to 2042 tells me the old system for foliage on these maps was completey redone for a later game meaning the trees were either redone or exported over without animations so we've actually lost some details here, this can also be seen in the vehicles physics i.e the us jeep the windows would move around if knocked outta place, this tells me the physics engine has had a major change and the old assets had to be stripped of this to work with the latest frostbite and there wasn't enough time to recreate.
Let's go back to the bad company games, now we're going back a few gens without a doubt the destruction systems were redone completely for portal and these assets were most likely remodeled to work with portals new destruction system, I highly doubt these were just upscaled
1942 would be a mix with majority of assets pulled from BF5 which would have been easy weirdly however some gun animations are WORSE than BF5 which tells me the player skeleton systems are different enough to warrant a complete reanimation (which is odd) we did lose some of the nuanced animations from BF5 so this holds water
The two maps however landscape wise would be completely new and from scratch however filled with Assets from BF5 and BF1(sand textures most likely pulled from BF1 for example....) particle effects for the buildings and destruction again was probably close enough for a literally transfer of assets with minimal rework apart from the animations on guns... again strange .
-Textures (not a big deal)
Should be a easy upscale this was most likely for the bad company and bf3 maps as models were probably fine to port apart from destruction needing a redo however alot of Textures could have been pulled from the bf 2042 base game, but it looks like the soldier models were given brand new Textures
1942 era all the texture groundwork was laid in BF5 so they could just pull from that.
Updated landscape textures and foliage most likely pulled from bf1 and bf5 can't tell a ww2 rock from a modern one....
-Models (significant work)
I imagine Dice use FBX or obj models these would be able to be moved from game to game however fidelity was most likely lacking, I looks like BF3 and BC2 soldier models were a complete remake as I imagine this was less work than trying trying to polish up old models and try get there old skeletons working on with the new animations.
Many building models would have been able to be reused however I imagine BC2 and BF3 building assets needed there destruction physics redone so these were either completely redone or a mix of both
-Animations and physics (alot of work)
It looks like as mentioned before bf2042 uses a completely new skeletal system for soldiers as its odd to me that we lost so many animations from BF5, this would also explain why many reload animations had to be redone. In unreal animations can be easily retargeted however maybe frostbite is quite fussy honestly who knows ? But this would have taken a large amount of effort if all the animations were new, if they didn't port BF5 animations ain't know way any other animations got ported.
-Particle effects (medium)
As theses are pretty across the board, the base game particle effects most likely just replaced the older ones so not to much work here bar the tank explosion effect that's much better than BF5 and honestly the best effect in the game as it involves the actual 3D model the tank models from BF5 would have been adjusted to accommodate that but majority of legwork done in development for the main game.
-Lighting and Post Process (medium)
All the games have a unique look BF2042 ie alot more saturated than BF3 and 4, the lighting in frostbite will 100% have had an overhaul but imagine the core tools the devs have are the same, skyboxes most likely got replaced or upscaled and the lighting would need to be adjusted on each map to compensate for the new system
For instance BF3 had a very high contrast gritty look alot of this was achieved with a post process layer take that away the maps most likely looked washed out in the 2042 lighting system, Textures would need to be adjusted too here if this was extreme enough, but the developers would defiantly have had to have adjusted the lighting temperature and colour values to get the maps looking decent mostly focusing on BC2 and BF3 due to there heavy post processing. On the flipside 1942 the maps were most defiantly from scratch due to the age of source assets so would be made to work directly with the new lighting system.
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2023.03.24 04:11 the-anxious-llama Stressssssss

Whenever I get real stressed, I can kiss my sleep goodbye. What can stress me out so much? Well, the fear of not being perfect.
That's right, whenever I experience a situation where I feel I did something wrong, my body and brain switch to high alert when bedtime comes. My thoughts won't stop spinning, my gets real unconfortable...
I do have a few benzos lying around, but my perfectionnism won't let me use them : YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO MANAGE YOUR FEELINGS ON YOUR OWN.
Right now, I'm just lying in bed reminescing of the sweet feeling of just passing out.
If you relate, let me know.
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2023.03.24 04:11 Voltes-Drifter-2187 My second idea for a Gundam show - Mobile Suit Gundam: Castaway Souls (Part 2)

1) AUBREY ZULEGER (ズレガー オーブリー) ♀ - Age: 17. Height: 5'. Hair: Black. Eyes: Dark Hazel. Pilot of the RX-2000-A Valkyrie Yulong: the Pink Gundam of Spectrum. Born out of a high school fling as the middle of three sisters, Aubrey has gone through life with few if any people to turn to. Due to incidents and demonstrations of her Newtype abilities coming out when she is placed in situations of stress, her own birth father sees her as a curse. Used as the scapegoat for her mother, sisters and step-father; Aubrey made few friends going through public secondary high school. Abused much of her life, Aubrey sees in the Commonwealth Defense and Exploration Force a ticket to either a better life or a glorious death that will end her pain. When she is caught in the Imperium attack on her moon of Titan, Aubrey escapes in a Gundam which takes her on an adventure of self-discovery and building a better family.
2) ERICA AZRAEL (アズラーイール エリカ) ♀ - Age: 28. Height: 6'4". Hair: Dark Ginger. Eyes: Green. Pilot of the RX-2000-X Helios: the Orange Gundam of Space. Erica is a Newtype who has served in the Commonwealth Defense and Exploration Force with distinction from when she enlisted at the age of 18 and received her officers' commission at 23. Appointed as one of the Co-Wing Leaders of Solar Wing alongside Sierra Chay, Erica may seem rowdy and loud in fighting the CDEF battles - even being a hard-partying and drinking lady eager to score with the male and female species alike. But underneath that exterior is a warm and caring woman who sees fellow Newtypes as the family she must protect and will lay down the law if anyone goes too far or has a problem with someone else. Upon seeing what should be one of her own Gundams piloted by Aubrey, she seeks to draft the latter and get her the help she truly needs.
3) GABRIELA TULPER (トゥルパー ガブリエラ) ♀ - Age: 18. Height: 5'8". Hair: Brown. Eyes: Blue. Pilot of the RX-2000-1 Mercury: the Blue Gundam of Water. Gabriela is a rich noble of the Mercury colony of Narada that saw her home destroyed when the Imperium launched an attack on Narada. She joined the Solar Wing of CDEF in their liberation of Narada to help free her home world from the Imperium. She admires Erica and quickly develops a muted dislike of Aubrey due to their like minds and Aubrey's self-destructive outlook. Her dislike eventually turns to full-blown jealousy as she challenges Aubrey to a duel. Eventually, she realizes that Aubrey could be her best comrade but she'll will make constant attempts to win both Erica and Sierra's favor every so often. Gabriela often makes great efforts to appear smarter whilst closing herself off from others out of fear of rejection, but wishes she could be a good doctor.
4) MIO NGUYEN (グエン 澪) ♂ - Age: 13. Height: 4'8". Hair: Black. Eyes: Brown. Pilot of the RX-2000-B D'Artagnan Wukong: the Ruby Gundam of Anima. Like the young Sun Wukong as seen in Journey to the West; the Newtype known as Mio is headstrong/impulsive, agile to an insane degree, and has a penchant for not respecting authority figures who have not earned a right to wield such authority in his eyes. And like D'Artagnan in The Three Musketeers; Mio is also very romantic, not very smart in terms of the literary-minded, and eagerly jumps into all manner of danger to help those truly in need. At first unable to comprehend how a talented and capable woman like Aubrey could ever need help, Mio soon sees himself being drawn into Aubrey's world fighting against Callisto forces. Hailing from the wrecked Neo Gascony colony on Ceres, he is the first boy Aubrey takes under her wing to gain her first apprentice.
5) IRIS MOREAU (モロー アイリス) ♀ - Age: 27. Height: 5'8". Hair: Blonde. Eyes: Blue. Pilot of the RX-2000-2 Venus: the Yellow Gundam of Light. Back in her civilian life, she tries to do the best she can to help friends in need, but sometimes a disaster gear kicks in way too early. Iris is also infamous for using mixed-up proverbs and officially refers to herself as "Goddess of Love," a title which she uses to try to solve others' love woes. However; she is loyal and caring to a fault for as a fellow Newtype, she wears her heart on her sleeve and sees Aubrey for what she is and can be - a true friend. She's the joker of Solar Wing out of and sometimes in combat. She may take her duties seriously, but for the rest of the time, Iris prefers to spend her time goofing off, cracking jokes, pulling pranks, seeking thrills and just living life up. But if the chips are down, Iris is ruthless when protecting Aubrey from all bullies and the Imperium.
6) KAI PARRISH (パリッシュ 海) ♀ - Age: 19. Height: 5'8". Hair: Brown. Eyes: Brown. Pilot of the RX-2000-3 Terra: the Brown Gundam of Earth. Honest and truthful in showing potential as a leader, Kai was brought up in Midwestern America on the Cherokee reservations by her parents who were equally as doting and permissive as they were firm and involved when they needed to be, so Kai can be powerful in battle and is ever courageous. Many might take her her not being a completely idealized feminine heroine as denial of someone's wish fulfillment and invite scorn, but Kai is out to show them wrong with skill in piloting the Terra Gundam as third-in-command of Solar Wing. Kai is the individualist Newtype and freedom-loving - one who cares about getting time over to do the things she wants to do. But she still gets along very well with all of Solar Wing, and she will always play her part well when it really matters.
7) SIERRA CHAY (シェイ シエラ) ♀ - Age: 28. Height: 6'4". Hair: Violet. Eyes: Green. Pilot of the RX-2000-XI Luna: the White Gundam of Electricity. Sierra is also a top Newtype in the Commonwealth Defense and Exploration Force all with distinction from when she enlisted at the tender age of 18 and received her officers' commission at 23. Appointed as one of the Co-Wing Leaders of the Solar Wing alongside Erica Azrael, Sierra may seem dispassionate and or quiet in her preferred duties - even being more comfortable with home front activities and the day-to-day administration. But underneath her icy exterior is a fierce and driven woman who sees fellow Newtypes as the family she must protect and will lay down the law if anyone goes too far or has a problem with someone else. Unlike Erica who sees a great potential for Aubrey in flying a Gundam, Sierra sees Aubrey's self-destructive nature as the liability it is.
8) FLASH VAN WARREN (ヴァンウォーレン フラッシュ) ♂ - Age: 14. Height: 4'9.5". Hair: Blonde. Eyes: Blue. Pilot of the RX-2000-E Athos Tripitaka: the Amber Gundam of Soul. Like the young Tripitaka as seen in the Journey to the West; the Newtype known as Flash is rather reserved and devoted to not sullying himself with physical relationships, more of their long-range tactician, and has a knack for getting himself into trouble which the others have to bail him out of. And like Athos in The Three Musketeers; Flash is also protective of children, not very emotive and taciturn in handling his fellow pilgrims, and more melancholy than others in trying to come to terms with the loss of his family and some friends to the Imperium. At first unable to comprehend how a talented and driven woman like Aubrey could ever need help, Flash soon sees himself being drawn into Aubrey's world in fleeing Vestia's Neo Perth.
9) MIYOSHI KUGA (久我 三好) ♀ - Age: 26. Height: 5'8". Hair: Black. Eyes: Violet. Pilot of the RX-2000-4 Mars: the Red Gundam of Fire. Miyoshi has a bit of a bad temper, but she is a true friend to all on the inside once you get to know her better. Before joining CDEF, she had her job as a shrine maiden at the local Shinto Temple in Neo Osaka around Mars where she lived and may sometime go back to visit, and that is where she learned to channel herself and her Newtype abilities into the psychic world and the psychic into her fire. For all of their fights every so often as friends do, Miyoshi would actually prefer her friends and potential suitors to be more vulnerable as well as open about their emotions - as such, Kai and Aubrey are the golden standard by which she measures any potential new acquaintances. As a top member of Solar Wing and finding her connection to the Mars Gundam, Miyoshi is out to find her way.
10) NADIRA MULLER (ミュラー ナディラ) ♀ - Age: 20. Height: 5'8". Hair: Black. Eyes: Green. Pilot of the RX-2000-5 Jupiter: the Green Gundam of Forest. Being the resident tough girl of Solar Wing who hails from the Neo Zanzibar colony on Ganymede, many people feared her, but Nadira doesn't feel alone, as her squadron mates are always there, even when she is in a bad mood. She also practices judo and karate to keep up her fitness levels as well as serve as therapist for the others. Despite her tomboyish exterior, Nadira is a sweet person who enjoys cooking, gardening, flower arranging and handicrafts; and she dreams of getting married and owning a combined floral bakery shop. Her green thumb and Newtype abilities of hers make her perfect to pilot the Jupiter Gundam. Whenever Aubrey is getting involved with the Solar Wing, Nadira's motherly side comes out as the two become rather protective of each other.
11) SAMARA FORESTER (フォレスター サマラ) ♀ - Age: 25. Height: 5'8". Hair: Blonde. Eyes: Green. Pilot of the RX-2000-6 Saturn: the Purple Gundam of Shadow. Showing attitude and a thirst for battle, there are signs not all is right with her and she might be developing some form of Newtype PTSD. She has been consumed by battle ever since her brothers and sisters were seriously injured in the attacks on the Neo Burlington colony of Enceladus, constantly pushing things well beyond her physical limits and has a tendency to lose self-control when the battle goes against Solar Wing. The Saturn Gundam must have reached out to her via her vast Newtype abilities to give her an outlet to express herself. But when Aubrey is involved in the affairs of Solar Wing, Samara gets the mirror reflection of herself and she sees that what Aubrey and she have in common could get them both killed - and fear it boiling over into war.
12) VINCE COLEMAN (コールマン ヴィンス) ♂ - Age: 16. Height: 5'1.5". Hair: Black. Eyes: Green. Pilot of the RX-2000-C Porthos Wujing: the Emerald Gundam of Gravity. Like the tall Sha Wujing as seen in the Journey to the West; the Newtype known as Vince is powerful and yet loyal to all his friends while even having a penchant for light humor to make situations bearable, a friend to all children, and is more of a father to everyone around them than their own dads. And just as with Porthos in The Three Musketeers; Vince is also the ever rollicking, romantic life of the party. Even as a strong African-American young man, he is the rare manic pixie dream guy of being a Newtype who is a "gentle guy" to Aubrey's "broken babe". Some are resigned to or refuse the call to adventure, but the hometown boy of Neo Harlem, Pallas is one who actively sought out the call in hopes of finding friends who share in his passions.
13) TANYA KRIKALEV (クリカレフ ターニャ) ♀ - Age: 24. Height: 5'8". Hair: Gainsboro. Eyes: Green. Pilot of the RX-2000-7 Uranus: the Black Gundam of Sky. When the Imperium struck against Neo Leningrad on Oberon, Tanya was separated from both her parents but maintains hope that they are still alive on Oberon and someday they'll be reunited. Because of her lack of contact with the rest of the Wing, she is only really close to Erica and Sierra although her compassionate and submissive personality means she's kind and accepting of everybody in or affiliated with Solar Wing. Her dreams of the sky and ability to read the cosmic winds makes her the prime candidate for the Newtype pilot of the Uranus Gundam. Whenever Tanya finds Aubrey getting involved with Solar Wing and bringing Pilgrim Squadron with her, she finds a crush for her in Flash as well as the chance to be the big sister Aubrey never had growing up.
14) LILLIAN ROBLEDO (ロブレド リリアン) ♀ - Age: 21. Height: 5'8". Hair: Brown. Eyes: Red. Pilot of the RX-2000-8 Neptune: the Silver Gundam of Ocean. Hailing from the Earth colony of Neo Santiago on Triton, Lillian's family are miners who make a living converting the frozen icy surface of the moon into water and ammonia. Curious as to where the water is supposed to go, Lillian finds herself drawn to the seas and able to manipulate water around her with a set of Newtype abilities she is discovering for herself. This makes her the prime candidate for piloting the Neptune Gundam for Solar Wing. Unlike Tanya who is shyer and conventionally more feminine than her; the more tomboyish Lillian can be full of energy, jumps around a lot, and speaks in a sing-songy voice. Eager to show off and enjoy the finer things life has to offer, Lillian sees her own sister in Aubrey and strives to thaw a frozen heart with some patience.
15) REEMA AL-YASIN (ヤッセン リマ) ♀ - Age: 22. Height: 5'8". Hair: Black. Eyes: Blue. Pilot of the RX-2000-9 Pluto: the Gold Gundam of Time. The Neo Riyadh colony on Charon is one of the first targets of the Imperium of Callisto's operations - especially for raw materials to be used in building their war machine to secure supremacy in the Solar System. Reema is now an orphan due to the Imperium crashing the Kerberos VII colony into Charon, and barely escaped with her life due to manifesting Newtype abilities of shifting herself and others both forward and backward in time. Found and chosen by the Pluto Gundam, Reema has a grudge against the primarily Aryan (tall, slender, fair-skinned, blue-eyed, blonde) members of all the Imperium - especially Maxx Zaldivar. Being rehabilitated alongside Aubrey into Solar Wing is no small feat, but Reema finds a support network in them as she discovers her own person.
16) ULF SOLBERG (ソルベルグ ウルフ) ♂ - Age: 15. Height: 4'11.5". Hair: Brown. Eyes: Blue. Pilot of the RX-2000-D Arimos Bajie: the Sapphire Gundam of Illusion. Like the younger Zhu Bajie as seen in Journey to the West; the Newtype known as Ulf is smart and something of a warrior poet while even having a penchant for rather vulgar humor to make their situations bearable, and tries to be a hit with the ladies while treating them with respect. And as with Arimos in The Three Musketeers; Ulf is also the dependable one for common sense as well as coming up with inventions alongside his crush Gabriela. Even as the intelligent Scandinavian young man he is, Ulf at first is reluctant to be paired with Pilgrim Squadron. But after a strike by the Imperium forces against his colony Neo Stockholm on Juno, he has little elsewhere to go for support. Freed from obligations, Ulf commits to being the best brother for Aubrey.
1) RX-2000 VALKYRIE GUNDAM-TYPE MOBILE SUIT - Height: 21.7 meters. Fighting Weight: 32.2 metric tons. Power Plant: Minovsky-Ionesco Ultracompact Fusion Reactor. Raw Power Output: 3500 kilowatts. Sensor Range: 22K Meters. Weapon(s): 2x Beam Sabers, 1x Shield, 1x Hyper Bazooka and 1x Beam Rifle. Designed and built by Yatate Enterprises especially for the Commonwealth Defense and Exploration Force, the Valkyrie Gundams are made to last while also serving as the expression of Newtypes in CDEF. Each colored Gundam represents a very specific element or power that a space body is emblematic of. En route to a CDEF dedication ceremony on Titan, their CDEF carrier is attacked and the pink Valkyrie Yulong Gundam falls into the possession of Aubrey Zuleger. She fights off an Imperium attack and escapes in the Gundam looking for sanctuary. All sixteen of the Gundams are the heroes of this Solar War.
2) CVABB-79 OLYMPUS - Height: 200 meters. Length: 600 meters. Beam: 400 meters. Total Wingspan: 200 meters. Fighting Weight: 47000 metric tons. Power Plant: Minovsky-Ionesco Fusion Reactor. Top Speed: 25000 kilometers an hour. Propulsion: 13x Thermonuclear Rocket Jet Engines. Class: Pantheon-class Assault Carrier Battleship. Weapon(s): 5x 3-barrel Primary Shock Cannons, 2x twin Mega Particle Cannons, 8x 4-tube Fore Missile Launchers, 1x 4-tube Aft Missile Launcher, 22x twin Anti-Aircraft Guns. Designed and built by Tomino Aeronautics Engineering for the Commonwealth Defense and Exploration Force, the United Solar Vessel (USV) Olympus serves as home for both Solar Wing and Pilgrim Squadron in all their tours of duty across the Solar System. Able to house multiple Core Fighters and Mobile Weapons, the Olympus is always a welcome sight and a defender of all that our heroes are fighting to save.
3) RX-1991 CORSAIR GUNCANNON-TYPE MOBILE SUIT - Height: 18.75 meters. Fighting Weight: 60.5 metric tons. Power Plant: Minovsky-Ionesco Ultracompact Fusion Reactor. Raw Power Output: 1400 kilowatts. Sensor Range: 20K Meters. Weapon(s): 2x 240mm Cannons, 1x Hyper Bazooka and 1x Beam Rifle. Designed and built by Yatate Enterprises especially for the Commonwealth Defense and Exploration Force, the Corsair Guncannons are meant to be a middle-range support mobile suit to complement both the RX-2000 Valkyrie Gundams and the RX-1961 Taurus Guntanks in their ground operations. Serving mainly as CDEF's primary artillery unit, the Corsair's design prioritizes durability over mobility and precludes the use of melee weapons. While it is less agile and mobile than a Gundam, a Guncannon is still useful with its pair of shell-firing cannons that can penetrate heavy armor of any Imperium forces.
4) SF-XV CORE BLOCK FIGHTER - Height: 3.38 Meters. Length: 8.75 Meters. Wingspan: 7.25 Meters. Weight: 9 metric tons. Power Plant: Nuclear Fusion Generator. Speed: 6K kilometers per hour (in space)/4K kilometers per hour (in planetary atmospheres). Weapon(s): 4x 25mm Vulcan Guns and 2x 4-shot Anti-Ship Missile Launchers. Designed and mass-produced by one United Solar Alliance specifically for the Commonwealth Defense and Exploration Force, the Core Block Fighter makes up the spear of CDEF's aerospace superiority forces. Originally seen in development as a cockpit capsule that also served as an escape mechanism, United Solar Alliance sought to capitalize on the further development of Yatate Enterprises' mobile suits by creating a Core Block System that turns the fighter into an augmented core and cockpit for mobile weapons such as the RGM-1976 Spartan, RX-1982 Taurus and RX-1991 Corsair.
5) RGM-1976 SPARTAN GM-TYPE MOBILE SUIT - Height: 18.5 Meters. Fighting Weight: 50.5 metric tons. Power Plant: Minovsky-Ionesco Ultracompact Fusion Reactor. Power Output: 1300 kilowatts. Sensor Range: 6K Meters. Weapon(s): 60mm Vulcan Gun, 2x Beam Sabers, 1x Shield, 1x Hyper Bazooka and 1x Beam Rifle. Designed and soon mass-produced by Yatate Enterprises specifically for the Commonwealth Defense and Exploration Force, the Spartan GM is the most common form of mobile suit used by CDEF rank and file. Its standard frame is readily adaptable to every manner of modification into mission-specific Spartan models, and holds a fairly high level of mobility, for the time, both on Earth and in space. Many Spartans are used as trainer crafts for Mobile Suit pilots, which make it easier for non-Newtype CDEF officers to join the fray. But their lighter titanium armor is less durable than the Gundams.
6) RX-1961 TAURUS GUNTANK-TYPE MOBILE SUIT - Height: 15.3 Meters. Fighting Weight: 68 metric tons. Power Plant: Minovsky-Ionesco Ultracompact Fusion Reactor. Power Output: 900 kilowatts. Sensor Range: 6K Meters. Weapon(s): 2x 120mm Low-Recoil Cannons and 2x 4-tube 40mm Arm Missile Launchers. Designed and built by Yatate Enterprises especially for the Commonwealth Defense and Exploration Force, the Taurus Guntanks possess the torso and arms of a mobile suit, but use caterpillar treads for their legs. Serving as CDEF's ground superiority units, the Taurus' design prioritizes durability over mobility and precludes the use of melee weapons. While it is less agile and mobile than other mobile suits, a Guntank is still useful with its array of shell-firing cannons that can penetrate heavy armor of any Imperium forces. Many are designed around a crew complement of a primary drivepilot and gunner.
7) CMS-07 SOMU-TYPE MOBILE SUIT - Height: 18.45 Meters. Fighting Weight: 67.5 metric tons. Power Plant: Minovsky-Ionesco Ultracompact Fusion Reactor. Raw Power Output: 1100 kilowatts. Sensor Range: 4K Meters. Weapon(s): 1x Shield, 1x 105mm Callisto Machine Gun, 1x Callisto Hyper Bazooka and 1x Heat Sword. The mainstay of the Imperium of Callisto; the Somu-type Mobile Suit is faster, more durable and versatile than a great many of its forbears in CDEF in spite of their vast numbers contributing to their disposable nature. Many high-ranking commanders in Callisto forces use custom-painted and custom-armed variants as an expression of storied victories over many adversaries like Maxx Zaldivar's Crimson Serpent. Curiously, Aubrey's secret Newtype benefactor pilots his own modified Somu with its Beam Sword in a striking color scheme that allows for infiltration of Callisto ranks and sabotage.
1) IMPERATOR PIETRO VON VIDMAR (皇帝 ピエトロ フォン ヴィドマー) ♂ - Age: 35. Total Height: 6'3.5". Hair: Silver. Eyes: Blue. In short and at most charitable, Pietro is best described as ambitious, underhanded, overconfident, and a feared motivator. As the essential leader of Callisto, Pietro belittles the dwindling power of his siblings and continuously schemes to turn the Solar War into a total war. He and his siblings Elise and Tobias are constantly at odds with each other as the three possess similar political goals but different methods with some of the rank and file pushing to fall behind Maxx Zaldivar. Over the course of the War as both Solar Wing and Pilgrim Squadron inflict devastating losses on Callisto forces, Pietro expects he will be betrayed and schemes to find the Newtype Gundam pilot Aubrey Zuleger so his forces break her. Even so, he'll have to get past Zaldivar's own obsession with the CDEF's rising star.
2) MAXX ZALDIVAR (ザルディバー マックス) ♂ - Age: 21. Height: 5'10". Hair: Blonde. Eyes: Blue. Pilot of the Custom CMS-07 Somu-type Mobile Suit "Crimson Serpent". Maxx is always seen dressed in his red Callisto uniform and mostly wears a Callisto commander helmet with goggles to conceal his real identity. Maxx's personality is a mix of passion, charisma, pride, vengefulness and charm. Perhaps his most dominant characteristic is charisma, which makes him a genuine leader. Maxx’s skill as a pilot combined with his charisma cause many people to respect and willingly follow his command, while instilling fear in his opponents. A rival for dominant characteristic is Maxx's tendency to hold deep grudges - such as towards Callisto's Imperator Von Vidmar for the slaughter of his family and friends, as well as both Tobias and Aubrey Zuleger for their defeats of him in Mobile Suit combat throughout the ongoing War.
3) ELISE VON VIDMAR (エリーゼ フォン ヴィドマー) ♀ - Age: 25. Height: 5'8". Hair: Red. Eyes: Green. Pilot of the Custom CMS-07 Somu-type Mobile Suit "Verde Eagle". Elise is seen dressed in a green Callisto uniform and also wears a Callisto commander helmet with goggles to show her identification with some of Maxx Zaldivar's ideals. Elise had both political and military ambitions at a young age and will try to establish military and political channels both on her own and with her brother Tobias in order to compete with their elder brother Pietro over who should have the right to rule the Solar System if Callisto is victorious. Using Mobile Suits and Newtypes to her advantage as Maxx suggests, Elise is playing her elder brother into a trap for him to fail and her to become the new Imperator. That is not to say she lacks traits that aren't admirable. She's been known to be heartfelt and honest with troops she will lead.
4) ILHAN ILSUNG (イルハン イルソン) ♂ - Age: 35. Height: 6'2". Hair: Brown. Eyes: Brown. Commanding Officer of the Callisto Imperium's Flagship Mobile Suit Carrier Babylon, Pilot of the Custom CMS-07 Somu-type Mobile Suit "Silver Bullet". Ilhan is sometimes seen dressed in a yellow Callisto uniform and wears a Callisto commander helmet with goggles to show his identification with some of Maxx Zaldivar's ideals. Having seen the Von Vidmar patriarchy's cruelty firsthand in the assassination of Callisto Zaldivar, Ilhan and his wife Xenia Sutherland smuggled young Maxx to freedom and trained him in piloting Mobile Suits while giving him a good education so he could avenge his family against Imperator Pietro. An experienced agent and officer, Ilhan never has a foul mood towards any of the men serving under him so long as a code of ethics he instills is followed. He only fights so Callisto colonies can live in freedom.
5) TOBIAS VON VIDMAR (トビアス フォン ヴィドマー) ♂ - Age: 21. Hair: Brown. Eyes: Blue. Pilot of the Custom CMS-07 Somu-type Mobile Suit "Azure Ghost". Tobias is sometimes seen outfitted in his blue Callisto uniform and wears a Callisto commander helmet with goggles to show his identification with some of Maxx Zaldivar's ideals. Among one of the more moral and nobler members of the Callisto Imperium, Tobias is shrewd enough to ally with his sister Elise and Maxx Zaldivar against their brother Pietro. On the other hand, he is young and very beautiful in a feminine way which makes him both the envy and goal of every female officer in the Callisto Imperial Military. He is one of the few who shows equal respect to each of his officers be they normal or Newtype. Very few in the Imperium know that Tobias is in fact the mysterious benefactor who has been watching out for Aubrey since they were little kids.
  1. Episode 1 - Callisto Imperium Invades Titan
  2. Episode 2 - Aubrey Escapes Her Family
  3. Episode 3 - Aubrey Discovers Valkyrie Yulong
  4. Episode 4 - Aubrey Fights Off Callisto
  5. Episode 5 - New Aoteroa Colony Evacuated
  6. Episode 6 - Launch of the Olympus
  7. Episode 7 - Welcome to Solar Wing
  8. Episode 8 - The Pilgrim Quest Begins
  9. Episode 9 - Neo Gascony Colony Attacked
  10. Episode 10 - Mio Rescues D'Artagnan Wukong
  11. Episode 11 - Hypotheses on the Newtypes
  12. Episode 12 - Neo Harlem Colony Falls
  13. Episode 13 - Callisto Officially Declares War
  14. Episode 14 - Tension Among Vidmar Patriarchy
  15. Episode 15 - Vince Finds Porthos Wujing
  16. Episode 16 - Aubrey's Troubling Tragic Past
  17. Episode 17 - Neo Stockholm Colony Battle
  18. Episode 18 - Arimos Bajie Chooses Ulf
  19. Episode 19 - Solar Wing Training Day
  20. Episode 20 - Neo Perth Colony Siege
  21. Episode 21 - Flash Joins Athos Tripitaka
  22. Episode 22 - Pilgrim Squadron United
  23. Episode 23 - Voyaging Onward to Mars
  24. Episode 24 - Aubrey's Secret Benefactor Mystery
  25. Episode 25 - Neo Osaka Colony Arrival
  26. Episode 26 - Enter Ace Maxx Zaldivar
  1. Episode 1 - The Battle of Mars
  2. Episode 2 - Sanctuary at Kuga Shrine
  3. Episode 3 - Departure for the Earth
  4. Episode 4 - Fire Aboard the Olympus
  5. Episode 5 - Trial by Reentry Fire
  6. Episode 6 - Heroes' CDEF Headquarters Arrival
  7. Episode 7 - Counseling for Aubrey and Samara
  8. Episode 8 - Beach Vacation for the Newtypes
  9. Episode 9 - Kai's Tribal Home Reservation
  10. Episode 10 - Plot to Crash Neo Boston
  11. Episode 11 - Battle in Neo Boston Orbit
  12. Episode 12 - Newtypes Securing the Earth
  13. Episode 13 - Journeying Onward to Venus
  14. Episode 14 - CDEF Neo Cannes Arrival
  15. Episode 15 - Venus Fuel Mine Unionization
  16. Episode 16 - The Callisto Union Infiltration
  17. Episode 17 - Spirited Defense of Venus
  18. Episode 18 - Day in the Life aboard Olympus
  19. Episode 19 - Imperator Pietro's Training
  20. Episode 20 - Leaving for Mercury Outpost
  21. Episode 21 - Aubrey and Gabriela's Gundam Duel
  22. Episode 22 - Ruins of Narada Colony
  23. Episode 23 - Gabriela's Family Reunion
  24. Episode 24 - Aubrey and Zaldivar's First Duel
  25. Episode 25 - The Inner Planets Secured
  26. Episode 26 - The Outer Campaign Commences
  1. Episode 1 - CDEF's New Arsenal Preview
  2. Episode 2 - Olympus' Lunar Orbit Parking
  3. Episode 3 - The Tranquility Colony Mall
  4. Episode 4 - Investigating the Zulegers' Past
  5. Episode 5 - Tobias Undercover at the Orphanage
  6. Episode 6 - Olympus Departing Lunar Orbit
  7. Episode 7 - Mobile Suit Upgrade Testing
  8. Episode 8 - Erica and Sierra's Night Out
  9. Episode 9 - Health of the Newtypes
  10. Episode 10 - Theme Park Colony Outing
  11. Episode 11 - Amazing Asteroids Park Attacked
  12. Episode 12 - Pilgrims Prisoners of Callisto
  13. Episode 13 - Callisto Army Group Therapy
  14. Episode 14 - Great Escape from Callisto
  15. Episode 15 - Trauma of the Pilgrims
  16. Episode 16 - Nadira's Secret Therapy Garden
  17. Episode 17 - Vince and Nadira Wedding Disguise
  18. Episode 18 - The Battle of Europa
  19. Episode 19 - CDEF Traitor for Glory
  20. Episode 20 - Callisto Traitor for Love
  21. Episode 21 - The Zulegers' Cruelty Exposed
  22. Episode 22 - Ilhan Ilsung's Final Battle
  23. Episode 23 - Funeral for Ilhan Ilsung
  24. Episode 24 - The Callisto Triumvirate Unites
  25. Episode 25 - Olympus Launching to Saturn
  26. Episode 26 - Aubrey in Depression Coma
  1. Episode 1 - Pilgrims Launch Without Aubrey
  2. Episode 2 - Callisto Ambush at Saturn
  3. Episode 3 - Zaldivar a Prisoner of War
  4. Episode 4 - Escape of Maxx Zaldivar
  5. Episode 5 - Aubrey Pursues Callisto to Titan
  6. Episode 6 - Neo Aoteroa School Reunion
  7. Episode 7 - Zuleger and Forester Estates' Ruins
  8. Episode 8 - Aubrey Meets Mysterious Benefactor
  9. Episode 9 - Tobias Von Vidmar's History
  10. Episode 10 - Voyage Onward to Uranus
  11. Episode 11 - Krikalev Family Album Musing
  12. Episode 12 - The Temple of Oberon
  13. Episode 13 - Guntank Patrol in Neo Leningrad
  14. Episode 14 - A Deserter from Callisto
  15. Episode 15 - The Newtype Concentration Camp
  16. Episode 16 - Taking Off for Neptune
  17. Episode 17 - Swimming in Zero Gravity
  18. Episode 18 - Discovery in the Collector
  19. Episode 19 - Imperator Pietro's Ultimate Betrayal
  20. Episode 20 - An Alliance of Necessity
  21. Episode 21 - Olympus Runs Silent Lurking
  22. Episode 22 - Sinking the Imperator's Flagship
  23. Episode 23 - Imperium Civil War Begins
  24. Episode 24 - The Quest for Pluto
  25. Episode 25 - Reema's Toxic Grudge
  26. Episode 26 - A Night in Solitary
  1. Episode 1 - Callisto Base on Pluto
  2. Episode 2 - Mio and Lillian's Date
  3. Episode 3 - Treating Prisoners of Callisto
  4. Episode 4 - Gabriela and Ulf Romance
  5. Episode 5 - The Outer Campaign Endgame
  6. Episode 6 - Survivors of New Riyadh
  7. Episode 7 - Renegade CDEF Admiral's Rampage
  8. Episode 8 - Séance of the Newtypes
  9. Episode 9 - Flash and Iris' Movie Night
  10. Episode 10 - Gundam Pilots Training Unite
  11. Episode 11 - Mass Produced Automated Somus
  12. Episode 12 - Sweeping the Floating Mines
  13. Episode 13 - The Siege of Kerberos
  14. Episode 14 - Callisto Outer Base Falls
  15. Episode 15 - Imperator Pietro Begins Escape
  16. Episode 16 - Olympus' Pursuit to Earth
  17. Episode 17 - Detecting the Remaining Blockade
  18. Episode 18 - Callisto Asteroid Fleet Strikes
  19. Episode 19 - Evacuation of the Olympus
  20. Episode 20 - Destruction of the Olympus
  21. Episode 21 - Long Road to Earth
  22. Episode 22 - Pietro Marches Upon CDEF
  23. Episode 23 - Battle Aboard Galileo VII
  24. Episode 24 - Death of Zaldivar and Pietro
  25. Episode 25 - CDEF Newtypes' Final Victory
FINALE MOVIE (Sixteen Strode Into Glory)
Little do Pilgrim Squadron, Solar Wing or the Commonwealth Defense and Exploration Force know that Pietro Von Vidmar survived the assassination attempt against him. Pietro finds his mighty Imperium of Callisto falling due to Newtypes and ordinary humans finally combining into an alliance to destroy his pure Universe. Pilgrim Squadron and Solar Wing fly into battle one more time alongside Tobias and Elise to stop Pietro from crashing the new Neo Shinjuku colony into Earth. This main story is both book-ended and interrupted by a future plot which involves Solar Wing and Pilgrim Squadron's members and their families catching back up on the old days with an older Aubrey, her children and grandchildren. The older Aubrey is lucky to be by her friends' sides again ever since Tobias died in the last battle. Now, Aubrey too has to set her final affairs in order having risen above her abusive childhood to gain a happier life.
  1. Bandai snap-build model kits of mecha and space warships as depicted in series
  2. Hasbro-licensed series-accurate Mobile Suit Gundam: Castaway Souls toys, action figures of main characters and mecha to fit figure
  3. Collector’s figures of each character (anatomically correct) with interchangeable outfits, hand items and posable joints
  4. Licensed video game adaptation for all major consoles and personal computers with Bandai Namco and Koei Tecmo
  5. Licensed cosplay costumes of characters and mecha tailor-made and fitted by Cosplay House
  6. Collector’s Coffee Mugs/Tea Cups, Stationery, Apparel, Posters, Lobby Cards and Black & White/Color Photo Sheets
  7. In conjunction with Japanese and English dubs on TV, streaming Crunchyroll and Netflix, DVD and Blu-Ray, members of the Gundam fan club can enter for chances to win a retro-style VHS videocassette box set of the entire series of Mobile Suit Gundam: Castaway Souls.
  8. A marketing campaign will proceed with trailers and spots for cinema, internet, radio, and television.
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2023.03.24 04:10 yoyo-ghost Free 3d game assets with 3d viewer from search engine

I found an asset platform pretty useful for searching 3d resources, including AVR resources. And you can check models with the 3d viewer. Hope it's also useful for other devs <33
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2023.03.24 04:10 Goodfather123 Help me identify the track in this video?

I don't know if it's the right subreddit to ask this, but I think the track in the 1st 60 second of this video broadly falls into the category mentioned in this subreddit. Can anyone help identify the track in the 1st 60 second of this video? I used "" (more like oh-ho music) to identify the track and it gave me the name of a track from some Chinese Album, and so obviously I couldn't able to search it on YouTube. Also the stupid creator of this video didn't even mention the track used in this song despite some people asking for it.
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2023.03.24 04:10 Top-Beyond3299 PSU coil whine - will my new gpu fix it or is it stuck like it is?

hi, i recently just replaced my 6800 gpu and while i wait for the replacement to ship, i’ve been using the integrated graphics on my ryzen 5 7600x cpu but as i’ve used it, i can hear excessive coil whine from the psu (Corsair RM850e) even during idle, which i don’t believe i heard when the gpu was connected, however it might’ve been that i mistook coil whine from the psu originally for the gpu, but it definitely shot up and got much louder during high framerates. before i started using the integrated graphics, the coil whine was silent when not in game.
the replacement gpu shows up tomorrow, do you think it’ll make any difference to the psu coil whine, and if not, are there any solutions? it’s just making me lose my mind and my mom unfortunately tossed the psu box so i don’t believe i’d be able to return it (if that’s wrong please correct me), which is really upsetting.
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2023.03.24 04:10 papasbelly (TW) I think I was sexually abused by my mother

I (21F) have always had a turbulent relationship with my mother. I am currently almost no contact except for the occasional holiday she will show up to the family event. Now, I’ve blacked out a fair amount of my childhood due to trauma and such, but recently I was talking with my grandmother (the woman who raised me in my mothers absence) and it felt like a puzzle piece just clicked.
My mother is an extreme drug addict. I’m talking crack, heroine, anything she can get her hands on. She was fired from her fancy nursing job almost 8 years ago for stealing from the medicine cabinet. Because of this, she would always have strange characters around the house. Boyfriends, friends, dealers. I’m no stranger to sexual harassment or abuse. Its loomed over me my entire childhood/preteen years.
Now I’m writing this because I’d always felt like I’d blacked out something bad. It’s a major anxiety of mine. Anyway, tonight I was talking to my grandma about childhood & how weird my mother seemed to act. She didn’t like me or my little brother sleeping in our own beds. I mean, it was a weird age we finally did start sleeping separately. Like 13/14. She conditioned us to need her for basic hygiene things as well. For example, she gave us baths/showered with us up until around the same age. I can remember being at my dads house and begging him to take me to her to do my hair because I couldn’t do it right without her. She also was very concerned with when I would start growing pubic hair and would make me show it to her.
She would also do the basic violating privacy things as well. Look through our phones, crawl into our beds at night, invade personal space. She’d convince me that my dad wasn’t paying child support (he was, she was just blowing it on crack). And just generally would manipulate me into hating him. Sometimes she’d wrestle me? I’m not sure how to explain it, we’d be arguing and she’d straight up act like a 4 year old and start wrestling/fighting me. She did that a lot.
So, now what I’m writing about. My grandma and I approached the topic of my mothers revolving door of boyfriends and the consequences of that. Somehow I found myself talking about her weird behavior. As soon as I started talking I kinda just word vomited. There was a night that she had walked into my room (I was probably 12/13) and I was “experimenting” as a preteen does. I don’t exactly remember what happened after that. I think she said something along the lines of “what are you doing” and stared for a minute. Then I remember her getting into my bed and wrapping her arms around me. It’s all so fuzzy I don’t even know what happened after that. But I know the feeling, I remember how I felt. I’m nauseous thinking about it. I don’t know what happened, I’m not sure I want to know what happened. And I can’t ask her, I’m humiliated even thinking about it.
Sex is kind of difficult for me, I’ve always had a hard time speaking up for what I want. It’s like I’m incapable of it. I’m seeing this amazing guy who wants me to feel good, only person to ever make me finish. He wants me to tell him what I want. And I feel so bad, I can’t. I can’t tell him what I want because I don’t know. It’s like I’ve never had the opportunity to know. Or i guess, it feels like I don’t deserve to know what I want. I’m not sure I’m explaining it well.
It’s been so long since I’ve thought about it. These days I don’t even truly remember what it felt like to be loved by a mother, or if I ever felt it. She’s kind of just a smear on my otherwise decent childhood/life. I had a good father who did what he could, a decent childhood, an amazing grandma who stepped in. I don’t know what happened, I don’t know if I want answers yet. Am I crazy? Am I just imagining it? Did she effect my relationship with sex now? Am I insane for even drawing that connection? I’ve never been overcome with such emotion in my life, it felt like a ton of rocks hit me.
I guess it’s still fresh in my mind and I’m looking for guidance. Any input would be appreciated.
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2023.03.24 04:10 DrakeDeCatLord Homebrew techniques im not understanding

Just as the title says, ive been looking at some homebrew content that seems pretty neat but im not understanding how some of the techniques are made for it. Techniques from what i understand is you can use fatigue or other point system to add modifiers to your advantage at the cost of a penalty per 10% of modifiers you add. So the one i found was " You can expand the area of effect to cover everyone within a four-yard radius, at full effect. Double this radius, cumulatively, for every 5 points by which you succeed at your (modified) skill roll. " But im not understanding where it is getting the "Double this radius, cumulatively, for every 5 points by which you succeed at your (modified) skill roll." part.
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2023.03.24 04:10 goldenspeck Buy Buy Baby

Buy Buy Baby
Are Buy Buy Baby employees welcome here? I just need to vent. I've worked at my store for four years. Our final day is Sunday. I am emotionally exhausted. The constant repetitive questions are just really getting to me.
"Do you have xyz left?" "Can I use this coupon?" "When is your final day?" "What's the percentage off?" "Why are you closing?" "Are you closing or just moving?" "Is the price on the product the sale price or the original price?" "Can you hold this item for me?" "When does the sale price increase?" "Can I get a refund when there's a bigger discount?"
Most of their answers are already on the many, many signs posted everywhere. I just don't get it. And constantly straightening up the store is slowly breaking me. People have no respect for other people's time. Just put things back where you got it from.
If I'm welcome here, I got lots of stories and pictures to share from my time at Buy Buy Baby!
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2023.03.24 04:10 ogreatgames Panzer Dragoon: Thrilling Rail Shooter - Sega Saturn Game

Panzer Dragoon: Thrilling Rail Shooter - Sega Saturn Game

![video](re5wmpc57j591 " Get the chance to ride a flying dragon and save your people! Visit to buy these item(s) & more while supplies last! -- ")
#sega #saturn #shooter --
Panzer Dragoon for Sega Saturn. It's time to fulfill your destiny because the future of your people is in your hands. Kill the Dark Dragon and his armies. Use your hand gun, and dragon, which can shoot a homing laser, to perform aerial combat, and help save the falling civilization. While riding the flying dragon, experience the breathtaking ruins, on this dazzling, rail shooting, adventure. Also, complete more than 3 interesting, ground-breaking levels. Experience terrific, multiple views in flight, and be prepared, for enemies in various directions. Overall, if you like dragons or just an excellent adventure this game might be for you. --
Hey check out similar videos here:
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2023.03.24 04:10 Voltes-Drifter-2187 My second idea for a Gundam show - Mobile Suit Gundam: Castaway Souls (Part 1)

My second idea for a Gundam show - Mobile Suit Gundam: Castaway Souls (Part 1)
Okay, so my Mobile Suit Gundam: Dynex-V ideas aren't really suited to the Universal Century or any Gundam universe writ large? Decided to try again and craft something that would possibly be a little more befitting of a Gundam series but still have a larger scope that can't be contained in a movie or a short anime season of 12 to 52 episodes. Let me know what you think of Mobile Suit Gundam: Castaway Souls...
The year is 6119 S.D. (Solar Deuteronomy), and the United Solar Commonwealth is reaching beyond the Earth to expand humanity's presence in space. Whether with planetside colonies or massive space stations orbiting at the Lagrange Points around the varied celestial bodies in our Solar System, it would appear the human race knows no bounds to their reach. In stark contrast, a major discovery in the world of physics and cosmology will turn an understanding of the Universe at large as well as ourselves inside out and upside down. As it was in an early Universal Century (U.C.) timeline, two scientists named Dr. Y.T. Minovsky and Dr. Ionesco will discover the M particle which has resting mass of zero, a varying positive or negative charge, and a shifting mass reflective of the potential or kinetic energy being stored or released. This would lead to the creation of a truly clean nuclear reactor - the Minovsky-Ionesco reactors.
Some people began to come into contact with the M particle while exploring space and they soon began to develop enhanced abilities with the amplification of the brainwaves to control by thought different machines and or powers. These "Newtypes" were seen by those who are more informed as a next step in humanity's evolution outwards into the stars. But some have seen something much darker with Newtypes - a supplantation of pure humans for these new upstarts who could be agents of a dark power akin to the various demons and devils of myths and lore from the Earth of days before. There are those humans who says the Newtypes are a menace that deserve to be exterminated while others see them as expendable labor or most egregiously the convenient scapegoats for all the various societal ills happening in the United Solar Commonwealth. Many Newtypes fled to establish their own colony on the moon Titan.
The Titanian Newtype colony of Neo Aoteroa is home to young teenage Aubrey Zuleger, a girl who few in her public secondary high school like - and who lives on the dilapidated side of the colony with her abusive family. Aubrey has been dealing with bullying in her school and abuse from her family across her life which has left her chronically depressed and suicidal. Having passed through the foster care system every now and again where recorded demonstrations of Newtype abilities by her were common, she is seen as a curse by her birth father and the easiest scapegoat by her mother, two sisters, and current step-father. She hopes to escape by maybe joining the Commonwealth Defense and Exploration Force in any capacity so she can either find a better life or get herself killed in battle. It would seem Aubrey has had no one to turn to except for one being of Newtype origins watching from afar and being her benefactor.
But things aren't all well in the Commonwealth. Thirteen of the most influential Pure Human colonies break away from the Commonwealth and form a new faction called the Imperium Of Callisto. Under the leadership of Imperator Pietro von Vidmar and ace mobile suit pilot Maxx Zaldivar, the Imperium's primary fleet is moving to subjugate Titan and forcibly bring it into a cause threatening to all humanity - the subjugation of neutral and obliteration of Newtype-allied worlds and colonies. Responding to the crashing of the Neo Mir colony down into Titan, the Commonwealth has been secretly building seventeen prototypes of the all-new RX-2000 series of close quarter combat mobile suits to counter the Imperium military might. Getting caught up in the Imperium attack while running away from home, Aubrey hides away inside the RX-2000-A Gundam Valkyrie Yulong cut off from the other fifteen prototype Gundams.
Willing to fight to protect others if it means she dies in the process, Aubrey syncs up with Gundam Valkyrie Yulong as she uses it to beat back the Imperium forces led by Zaldivar who orders a retreat. Returning the Gundam to the Commonwealth with nowhere else to go after her abusive family was killed in the attack by the Imperium, Aubrey is given the chance to become an agent of CDEF while training with them in secret. She now finds herself going out on a quest to find fifteen more Newtypes like her able to sync with all fifteen of the other RX-2000 Gundams to battle Zaldivar and restore peace to the Solar System. The trick now is whether she can rebuild herself while also getting some form of therapy for her various self-destructive tendencies and making long-lasting friendships that she learns to depend on and give back to. But will coming to terms with herself be able to save the Solar System from evil?

The RX-2000 Series Valkyrie Gundams of Pilgrim Squadron
  1. ♀ Aubrey Zuleger - Pilot of RX-2000-A Valkyrie Yulong, Pink Gundam of Spectrum
  2. ♂ Mio Nguyen - Pilot of RX-2000-B D'Artagnan Wukong, Ruby Gundam of Anima
  3. ♂ Flash Van Warren - Pilot of RX-2000-E Athos Tripitaka, Amber Gundam of Soul
  4. ♂ Vince Coleman - Pilot of RX-2000-C Porthos Wujing, Emerald Gundam of Gravity
  5. ♂ Ulf Solberg - Pilot of RX-2000-D Arimos Bajie, Sapphire Gundam of Illusion

The RX-2000 Series Valkyrie Gundams of Solar Wing
  1. ♀ Erica Azrael - Pilot of RX-2000-X Helios, Orange Gundam of Space
  2. ♀ Gabriela Tulper - Pilot of RX-2000-1 Mercury, Blue Gundam of Water
  3. ♀ Iris Moreau - Pilot of RX-2000-2 Venus, Yellow Gundam of Light
  4. ♀ Kai Parrish - Pilot of RX-2000-3 Terra, Brown Gundam of Earth
  5. ♀ Sierra Chay - Pilot of RX-2000-XI Luna, White Gundam of Electricity
  6. ♀ Miyoshi Kuga - Pilot of RX-2000-4 Mars, Red Gundam of Fire
  7. ♀ Nadira Muller - Pilot of RX-2000-5 Jupiter, Green Gundam of Forest
  8. ♀ Samara Forester - Pilot of RX-2000-6 Saturn, Purple Gundam of Shadow
  9. ♀ Tanya Krikalev - Pilot of RX-2000-7 Uranus, Black Gundam of Sky
  10. ♀ Lillian Robledo - Pilot of RX-2000-8 Neptune, Silver Gundam of Ocean
  11. ♀ Reema al-Yasin - Pilot of RX-2000-9 Pluto, Gold Gundam of Time
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2023.03.24 04:09 rossymeister Yaesu VX6R

Is the yaesu vx6r still worth it?
Ive got a ft60r that ive been using and enjoying for a couple years now.
Hows the AM/FM radio reception on this model? Can you pick up much on the HF bands?
Thanks for any and all replies!
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2023.03.24 04:09 FutureBlizz47 Maybe I’m just biased, but I genuinely think a Dead Rising remake would be popular and successful

Sometimes it feels like I’m the only dead rising fan in the world and the franchise is niche, but realistically it’s had 4 triple A installments.
People still love open world games, and zombies as well as seen by the success of ‘The Last of Us’. Dead rising is by far the largest and most successful open world zombie game franchise ever. Most people know Frank and knew the first game, even if they’re not familiar with the sequels. The series is genuinely well known.
The concept of killing zombies with anything is still fun as fuck. If you got someone who understood the humor to seriousness ratio the first had, without being too goofy, the story of dead rising would look great expanded. The jokes are still funny, Carlito is a nuanced villain, Frank has a unique personality. Jessie and Brad could be expanded upon as characters, for sure. Otis too.
Like, sure, maybe I’m just a biased fanboy- I totally could see that take. But a larger mall with less loading screens and more weapons and smarter survivors with real dialouge? I think that would sell very well lol, I love things that aren’t popular but I genuinely think this would be in the best financial interests of Capcom.
The idea of an open world zombie game isn’t less exciting today than it used to be. Thoughts?
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2023.03.24 04:09 15cmOnTibiaOrGTFO "Proof you can fix balding without a transplant" - right, but are his results even possible without a transplant...? Famous Instagrammer!

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2023.03.24 04:09 Lugbor Human Integration 62 - Augmented

“Someone tell me what just happened,” Carter said as he skidded to a halt at the door to the maintenance department. “How did he walk out of here like he owns the place?”
“We are trying to understand that ourselves,” Talsin said, having beaten Carter to the room. “The logs indicate that an administrator level connection disabled the security devices in his path. Triangulation between the access points shows that he was the source of the connection. For all intents and purposes, he did own the place.”
“That is correct,” one of the technicians signed. “It’s difficult to point out the exact cause, but something on his person gave him access to all our systems. The cameras were disabled in his immediate vicinity, but we were able to use that to trace his path.”
A map of the precinct appeared on a nearby monitor, with a path outlined in orange.
The technician waved for attention before continuing. “Our responding officers found themselves trapped behind fire doors, which he used to give himself a clear path. From the interrogation room, he took a winding route through to the stairwell, which he descended faster than should be possible.”
“Probably jumped,” Carter mused. “He’s definitely augmented himself. He broke his cuffs like they were paper, and shoved Officer Xendry aside like she weighed nothing. I wouldn’t be able to do that, and I’m used to higher gravity than this.”
“That would make sense,” Talsin said. “But it still does not tell us how he took control of our precinct.”
“He was searched when we assigned his cell. He didn’t have anything on him beyond the cuffs and the ankle monitor when he was put in the interrogation room.”
“His companies are on the forefront of medical research, including implants,” Talsin pointed out. “The assassin that started this whole ordeal had dozens of unidentified implants. Would any of us be surprised if his boss had an implant that was capable of this?”
“It’s possible,” the other technician signed. Carter could see the blotches on his surface, reminders of the beating he had taken. “It’s possible, but only theoretically. He would need technology orders of magnitude more efficient than what his company creates to manage all of that in real time.”
“Orders of magnitude like original Ring tech? Because he implied that he has that. He implied a lot, actually. Captain, he basically admitted to being in control of that lab.”
Talsin lowered himself to sit on the floor in stunned silence as the technician continued.
“That would certainly change things. If he truly does have the technology to make this possible, then he is the single most dangerous person on the Ring, and our defenses are wholly inadequate.”
“Here’s the kicker,” Carter said. “We can’t contain him. If we bring him in, he walks back out. If we remove his implants, we risk killing him. We don’t even know what all his augments do. We can assume he’s resistant to our stunners at the very least, but just how far has he gone?”
“We need to contact Central,” Talsin said, his voice shaking. “This is so far beyond anything we have dealt with before, we do not have a protocol that even comes close to addressing this situation.”
“Yeah, I’m with you there. Even if they just tell us to use our best judgment, we need to loop them in.”
“While the two of you do that,” the technician signed, tapping them both on the shoulders for attention, “we will try to devise a solution to our problem. Perhaps there is more to be gained from the scans.”
“And you’re sure about this?” Kambor asked. Carter had filled him in on the details, and he looked more concerned with each passing moment.
“As sure as we can be. The evidence is backed up by the small war zone in his apartment, and we have three officers undergoing treatment for injuries sustained during his escape from the precinct. We did manage to track the cruiser he stole, for a little while. The direction he took brings him to the entrance to the Works.”
Eight more windows opened in the call, populated with the faces of the councilors in charge of the security forces.
“We have been listening,” the Sarog councilor said. “This news is distressing, to say the least. To think that something like this is even possible…”
“What my colleague means to say,” said the Rooklin, “is that steps must be taken to prevent this from becoming a Ringwide problem. I believe I speak for all of us when I say that we cannot afford another crisis this soon after the last one. Despite our assurances, we saw small scale rioting in almost every precinct. A new crisis at this time would threaten the stability of our society, and that’s not to mention the dangers posed by his creations.”
“I think,” the Bolgen councilor signed, “our biggest concern should be containment. As Officer Douglas has stated, our current facilities are incapable of holding this individual, and it would be wise to assume that there are others like him. Officer Douglas, do you have any thoughts on how best to contain these augmented people?”
“I can think of a few ways,” Carter said, “but they all have their inherent weaknesses. His implants gave him control of the doors, so the obvious answer would be to go analog. A physical lock and manually operated door would definitely be more secure, but the drawback is that we don’t have that. It’ll take time to build, and the Ring doesn’t exactly have a thriving industry for locks like that, so we’d have to design one from scratch. I’d ask Kim Song to help with that; she’s our security expert and she knows her way around a lock.
“Alternatively, we could try to keep him sedated. Assuming he doesn’t have any failsafes, which I doubt, it could buy us time to study his augments and possibly disable or remove them. The problem with this approach is that if he has something to filter his bloodstream, it renders the sedatives less effective.”
The Trenga councilor shifted uncomfortably. “There is a third option. I hesitate to even suggest this, because this option has been used exactly once in the history of the Ring, but I believe we meet the criteria.”
Carter felt his skin crawl. “What’s the option and what are the criteria?”
“I’m transmitting the file to each of you to verify the official seals, but the conditions can be summarized as such: A person or persons must pose an imminent threat to society, other methods of containment would prove ineffective, any attempts to contain the threat would be unjustifiably dangerous to a team of any size, and that alternative measures would be too slow to implement. In that case, only when all of these conditions are met, and with a unanimous vote, the Council can request a termination order from the judiciary. It has only been requested once, about six hundred cycles ago.”
“The Ephandrem Riots,” Kambor said, sudden realization dawning on him.
“Exactly. For clarity, Officer Douglas, the riots were the direct result of an unknown parasitic infection that targeted the brain of an adult Jhunan. We still don’t know what exactly happened, but something triggered a violent response, and within hours, three Jhunan communities, numbering more than eight hundred people, turns from well behaved citizens into crazed animals. They smashed windows, assaulted bystanders, and in ten cases, threw people from the walkways into the chasms between the buildings.
“It was quickly discovered that the electrical bursts from our stunners, while normally non lethal, were killing the rioters. We wouldn’t learn until much later that the stunners were killing the parasites, causing them to release a potent toxin into the brains of their hosts. This fulfilled the criteria. A threat existed that would have destroyed our society, our primary means of containment was ineffective, our other options were far too dangerous to our officers, and the threat would only grow stronger over time. The judiciary gave immediate approval. Subsequent genetic modifications have rendered modern Jhunan immune to the parasite, in case you were wondering.”
“That’s… good to know. Why did none of us know about this?”
“I found the files in an old terminal from back then. It was deliberately left undocumented to prevent knowledge of the protocols from becoming public. According to this, it was supposed to be passed down from Council to Council, to be used only when it was needed.”
“President’s secret book, got it. Is that what the kinetic weapons in the armory are for?”
“Those, and some of our more esoteric weapons.”
“So our options are limited. I really hate to say it, but I don’t think we can afford half measures here. We can’t reason with Piikroon. He’s doing this for personal gain, not because he believes he’s doing the right thing. He wants everyone on an even playing field, directly below him.”
“I agree with Carter,” Kambor said. “It leaves a bad feeling on my crest, but we need to put an end to this before it goes too far. If he decides to build an army, we wouldn’t be able to stop him.”
“Put it to a vote,” the Jhunan councilor said. “If we are unanimous, I’ll send the request.”
Their images blinked out momentarily as the votes were cast, to maintain the privacy and anonymity of their decisions. One by one, they returned, and the Jhunan councilor announced the decision.
“The vote is unanimous. A termination order will be requested from the judiciary committee. Are there any final details that need to be brought forward before we send the file?”
“Just one,” Carter said. “We believe there may be test subjects in the labs. I’d like to avoid adding them to the casualty list.”
“All sapient test subjects will be discretionary targets. Non sapient test subjects should be euthanized. If there are no other additions?”
He was met with silence.
“Very well. The request is sent. This may take some time, so I would suggest that we all stop to eat before a response comes through. It will likely be a long planning process after.”
They broke for lunch, where Carter introduced Kambor to the concept of sandwiches before the response came in from the judiciary.
“After reviewing the evidence,” the Jhunan councilor read, “we of the judiciary committee have found that the conditions set forth have been met and exceeded, and have agreed to grant a termination order for the Rooklin known as Piikroon, as well as for any other hostile individuals who may be encountered within the Works and the targeted laboratories. Due to the risk that containment poses, no affordances are to be made for surrender, with the exception of test subjects and victims of the criminal acts described in the initial report.”
“So that’s it then,” Carter said. “Lethal force authorized.”
“That’s it,” the Rooklin councilor replied. “I take it you have never killed before?”
“I haven’t. Not a person, anyway. Fish, and a few coyotes back on Earth, but never a person.”
The Rooklin’s feathers drooped. “Few officers have. There are accidents, of course, and the guilt weighs on them. Counseling will be available after you return, though I suspect you may wish to speak to a human regarding that.”
“I will, thanks. For now, though, we need a plan.”
The first of the baby teeth have started to fall out, leaving the puppies looking like a pair of hockey players. They’re also firmly against taking mid-day naps, which leaves me more exhausted from chasing after them. I’ll fix the missing links in the morning once I’ve got the computer on.
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2023.03.24 04:09 stuff_to_fink_about The man I love (28M) hasn’t told me he loves me (27F) but I desperately want to fix things

I’ll try be brief without forgetting important info. I want to start by saying that my boyfriend is caring, supportive and all around an amazing guy. I have bipolar and ADHD and he is incredible with me and fully accepts me for me - despite how difficult things can get. He is the most calm and patient man and such a healthy communicator when it comes to disagreements. These things are key after my last relationship which was verbally and physically abusive.
Now to the issues… has always said he “doesn’t have emotions”. While I know he is somewhat kidding when he says this, he claims he has detached a lot from emotions. A lot of it comes down to his only other long term relationship (8 years from high school) being with someone who was emotionally abusive (untreated depression that she blamed on him, controlling, put him down etc). He took a long time to tell her he loved her also (1.5yrs) and he thinks he only did due to pressure from her. He does also have ADHD which results in him spending a lot of time in his head, worrying or stressing over things which can make him seem distant. He found emotions hard to cope with when he was younger due to his over thinking so he believes his detachment was some kind of way to remedy this.
Whatever the cause, he’s always been hard to crack emotionally and doesn’t respond well to sweet comments and doesn’t indulge verbally in loving moments. He also hasn’t told me he loves me, despite planning his life with me in it (he’s a big planner so I know he’s serious about us). I have told him this after waiting a few months (I didn’t want it to cause pressure on his side). We have been together for over a year.
His way of communicating how he feels about me consists of him saying “I like you” in a very sincere voice, where others might say I love you. He’s great with physical touch and I truly feel that he loves me but when it comes to thoughtful gestures or actually vocalising it? Nothing. He doesn’t see much wrong with how he is and says that if I feel that he loves me then surely things are okay.
I’ve voiced my concerns and suggested he gets therapy but he really does just think it comes down to who he is - he will say that maybe he can’t give me what I need which always makes him very sad. I know this could be true but I’m reluctant to give up on someone so wonderful, someone who I know truly cares about me and who I really love.
Any advice? I know I want someone who can be more in touch with their emotions especially if we have kids etc - I feel like he can do it but as of right now, it’s too scary maybe? I just wish he would realise that he doesn’t have to lose me over this but he just might.
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2023.03.24 04:08 FuturePharm21 Free MCAT supplies

Yall it would be very very dickheade and gate-keeperish of me not to let you know you can go to to download all of Kaplans MCAT books for free from 2018-2019 to 2022-2023 (some 2023-2024). From there you can use one of many free epub converters to turn the file into a pdf.
Look we all know this path is a hug fuck money pit that we put all out efforts into so why not help yall save some cash.
Again the website is: Once there just type " MCAT x-subject". The biggest was biochem I think or ochem. All together is little over 1gb.
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2023.03.24 04:08 Panxma Recently Beat Ishin Some Thought About The Completion List and Cheese Method For the Battle Dungeons

Just beat Ishiin and it was a fantastic Yakuza game likes the others. Even though I got lost in some couldn't of it story. I only know bits and pieces of Japanese history and this game has some of it to follow along. I wouldn't mind them making a Kenzan Kiwami game.
I was trying to complete the game by doing all the Diligence Records and Completion List. I took the time doing all time completing the minigames including Asura, and mahjong. I gave up on the grind when I saw how annoying it would be to do the blacksmith stuff. I didn't want to suffer doing the Battle Dungeons over and over again. Keep fighting the same bosses for the rare drops of materials.
If you want to try to complete the game I even discovered a cheese method to defeat normal size enemies and bosses by using an electric trooper card and a heat move trooper card. I shock all the enemies using a the electric trooper. While they are all shocked you can use a Heat card. I think any Heat trooper card would do, like the bear trooper, to attack a enemies. Doing this would cause all the enemies be in a permanent state of shocked and you can attack them as much you want without them being attacking back. They will get out of the that state if you knock them down to the ground if you use any heavy attacks.
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2023.03.24 04:08 nullpointer_sam I bought a house and it came with strange rules Part 3

Previous part
Hello again, I know it's been a long time since my last post and I'm sorry for the lack of update. I thought my story wasn't that interesting enough so I decided not to continue updating you with this, but recently y found out about one of those videos on youtube that narrates these stories with a robotic voice, the comments had a lot of people wanting to know more about what's happening to me with the house.
I was fixing some grammar issues before hitting the "Post" button when the book fell from the shelf, and then I wrote that sentence before standing up and reading the book. The cover was made of very worn-out leather, lots of hands may have passed through it several times to feel the texture. I opened it and read the title on the first page: "Around the world in eighty days" by Jules Verne.
Nothing happened during the first five minutes, and then the floor started trembling for a few seconds. Just when I thought that was it, it started again louder and harder with a whistle that almost broke my eardrums.
The book closed on my hands and silence returned to the room. After that, I had to sit down for a minute because I felt my heart was stopping.
The house didn't let that night slide either, I heard steps coming from the hall all night. They were lightweight and pointy, like the ones a woman with high heels would make walking down a wooden floor. It stopped after 1 am.
Now you know how that day ended.
I would lie to you if I say that I have been living in the house all this time along, but also if I say otherwise. Truth is, I took rule 9 and reach its limit most of the time staying most of the days of the month outside and spending no more than 2 days here. The first couple of months were easy, I slept in my best friend's house creating excuses for not being here: fumigations, paintings, repairs... You named it.
The rest of the time I took advantage of my work, some new clients were those elderly businessmen who prefer seeing someone face-to-face rather than a screen. Sadly, that contract ended and I couldn't come up with more excuses to not be here.
I kept writing about everything that happened to me since. You will find below an edition of the most interesting things that happened.
December 2nd / 2022
You know that feeling when you are returning back home or school after a long vacation. That moment when you are just turning the key of the door, knowing that time is over and your life must return to its normal course... But still, you can feel some sort of joy.
This is not my case. This is supposed to be my home, the opportunity to start my life in the best way possible... And there was me, a couple of minutes ago, standing, thinking about my options and creating ideas while getting closer to the door.
When I entered the house everything was exactly how I left it, with a little bit of dust. This time I came with some groceries, I had to eat during the week and think about what I was going to do with the house. Also bought some food for Brook, he saved my laptop and I never rewarded him.
I put my fingers in my mouth and let out a big whistle. For the first 10 seconds nothing happened, the sound echoed through the walls of the first floor and I was standing again in silence. Then I saw the big ball of hair, waving its tail, running towards me from the living room.
I walked to the kitchen and poured the bag of food into the named bowl. I had a weird mix of feeling while watching him eat.
A normal dog would have died without food or water, the most probable thing is that he was feeding up from moss creatures or the guests. I felt the same looking at the silver bell for the butler. Getting caught by them must be worse than any other creature here... at least they are on my side.
I left Brook to eat and started cooking myself some food. It was 4:33pm, and cooking and cleaning would take me at least 35 minutes, but the kitchen has a window that leads to the backyard.
Let me tell you, that thing outside has some sort of pressure on your curiosity. It knows that once you see it and recognize it you are done, the effort I had to make to not look at it last time was huge and I was only passing through for some instants. So I took the tablecloth and cover the window, it was an opaque white so I couldn't see through.
That worked very well. I didn't feel any curiosity about what was on the other side of the cloth while cooking, looks like the rule never contemplated blocking the view to the backyard. My day ended without any issues, I went upstairs and slept after some hours.
I wish I could end this entry here, saying that my arrival at the house was good and didn't have any problem at all. I must be crazy to think that this place would have some sort of patience... or that the entities would give me a day of grace.
The next morning I went downstairs around 8 am to make myself some coffee, and that's when I saw it. The floor in the kitchen was a mess, a giant puddle of that black substance coming from the insides of the lady when the Butler mashed her head on the bookshelf. The puddle had a trace leading to the backdoor of the house, on the way I saw some irregular scratches on the floor and the doorframe had these... handmarks. Whatever it was, it didn't want to go to the backyard.
The cloth was still hanging, and when I read what was on it the message was clear.
"Bach won't come"
January 1st / 2023
I hope you had a good new year's eve.
Normally, people use this date as an excuse to throw a big party, either with friends or family, creating the best environment to close a lap and begin a new one.
Yesterday, I spent all day at my friend's house. Everyone cheered when the bells rang, and his family hugged me and wished me a good year. After that I had to get home on foot, there weren't any drivers in that zone.
Turning the key front door key led me to the worst scenario I have ever been in. It's impossible to quantify the number of people that were inside the house, but more than 50 would be a good guess. Everywhere you looked at would see people dressed as aristocrats, everyone cheered and clapped after seeing me. A tall man, dressed in a red suit full of sequins and another of those ridiculous wigs came to me.
Then, the woman grabbed the man by the forearm and pulled him away.
I knew it was a matter of time before this turned into a disaster, but also didn't know what would happen if I left the house with so many guests inside.
During December I had lots of encounters with these guests, I was able to persuade them to leave the house 90% of the time, but the other 10% left... Well, I left it hands of the Buttler.
Nevertheless, I started hiding objects to use as weapons to defend myself in case I lost the bell or if Mr Bach decided not to help me anymore.
I slowly began to walk towards the large sofa in the living room, between the cushions was an axe I bought at a local hardware store, even asked the guy to sharpen the edge as much as he could.
The voices started to fade away and the eyes of the guest started to focus on me. I grab my backpack and pulled out the bell, the sound vibrated throughout the whole house, making the echoes the last noise I heard before complete silence.
The Buttler looked around the whole house, the guests were now standing still with their eyes fixed on me.
One of them ran towards me, screaming with that unhuman voice, but was intercepted by Mr Bach's glove, grabbing his face and throwing it against the chimney. All of the other creatures started screaming and contorting, the sound of bones breaking and appendages ripping away the skin almost drowned my whistle. Their mouths opened until the jaw was broken, showing now a set of endless sharp teeth.
Brook charged against one that was bout to get me on my back. After biting it, he shook his head breaking the tissues and spreading that black substance over the floor and walls.
I tried to maintain my position, Mr. Bach and Brook got my back so if I need to worry only to keep my front safe. But none of us expected one of those things to crawl through the ceiling, it grabbed me with those claws but I managed to hit it with the handle of the axe on the head. It threw me over the creatures, landing on the other side of the house near the kitchen.
A group of teeth and claws was keeping me away from my only chance to survive the night, and the only way to escape was through the stairs. I ran upstairs, the space was narrow so the creatures could only go one at a time.
I managed to get to the second floor after 50 steps, and without losing time I went through the hall as fast as I could. But one of the things managed to get me on my feet. I fell to the ground and dropped the axe, and then something happened. The door of the bathroom opened, hitting the creature and leaving it stunned for a few seconds. That allowed me to grab the axe and cut the arm that was grabbing me.
Now back on my feet I reached the window and jumped through the crystal. This time I fell on the couch immediately, where a white glove pulled me by the arm making me stand again.
I stood strong this time, taking care not only of my front but the things above me, grabbing my axe so hard that my hands started to burn.
I don't know how much we were there. An axe wasn't the best object to use as a weapon, but one good blow was enough to get rid of those things. However, two of them managed to wound me with their claws on the left shoulder and leg. But thanks to Brook and Mr Bach I had no serious wounds.
A beam of light went through the main frame, and the last howl was shut by a swing of the axe, beginning the first dawn of the year.
The first floor was filled with that black substance, the bodies were on top of each other making it almost impossible to walk through the living room. I collapsed on the couch, dropping the axe, which now can be used more as a hammer.
I wanted to cry, but my fatigue allowed me to only catch my breath while looking dead at the ceiling. Mr Bach approached with some bandages, helping me with my wounds.
Brook barked and waved its tail, he was also covered in that dirty stuff. I stood up and walked to the stairs, with hatred in my eyes as I was approaching a voice interrupted my thoughts.
January 12th / 2023
After almost two weeks new year's incident, things went pretty normal. I only had two encounters with the guests and both of them were easy to persuade. Whatever lies in the backyard have been more active after the incident with the curtain, before that It only appeared to be a person standing at the back but now moves through the place taking different forms.
This creature is the one I fear the most, it's the only one I don't have any plan for if it decides to become hostile. Following the rule should keep me safe from it, but I'm not so sure knowing that it's capable of entering the house whenever it wants.
I always prepare my dinner before 5pm and leave it inside the fridge, so when the time comes I only have to spend the necessary in the kitchen. I was getting used to its behaviour... and It noticed.
A couple of minutes ago I went downstairs to grab my food. On my periphery saw how it was moving in the backyard, I don't know if I focused on him more than necessary or if it decided to remind me of something... But without any warning, it ran up towards the window, I turned away and covered my eyes to avoid any curiosity.
I had to crawl to the stair. The curses weren't that creative, but I lost my appetite when that thing started to tell private things and secrets about me with my father's voice.
February 1st - 2th / 2023
Edit: These were two entries I wrote when my best friend came to visit me. Since I bought it, Johnny wanted to come and take a look around the house. As I mentioned before, I made lots of excuses to avoid it, but by that time I ran out of "good reasons" to say no.
February 1st / 2023
After showing him the first floor Johnny approached the stairs.
I supposed this was going to happen, I read rule No. 9 the day before and pondered about it and concluded that was more like a suggestion... But I rang the bell just to be sure.
That confirmed my doubts regarding the knowledge of Mr Bach about the rules and its entities.
He left the room without saying any more words.
I was counting Johnny's steps. I trusted his speed, so I didn't have to worry about that. After 17 steps we reached the second floor, he just said that the house looked smaller from the outside.
We entered the studio and he was amazed by the great library. Both of us started working on our laptops, talking from time to time to rest from the work.
10 minutes after entering, Mr Bach came. Holding a tray with cups and a plate with butter cookies.
Although I indeed had a raise it was not enough to pay for a Buttler, thank god Johnny did not ask any more questions about it during the day. I thought that would be a peaceful day, but suddenly a book fell from the shelf.
I was worried while reading the book, if Johnny decided to engage in talking it would have been impossible for me to keep focusing on the book. Some murmuring started to fill the room, like a main whispering about its suffering.
Johnny was looking around for some time and I prayed that he didn't want to ask any more about it, thankfully he didn't give it more importance and went back to his work. After some minutes the book closed and I returned it to its shelf.
The day ended without any incidents.
February 2nd / 2023
Throughout our life is normal to be disappointed by our friends. Everyone makes mistakes and sometimes we expect too much from the people around us, even more, when they are close to us. But... How can you blame them when they're victims of paranormal things?
Johnny came again to my house, he told me on the phone that they were going to paint his room today and he enjoyed working on my study. He always helped me when I need it, so I couldn't say no... Now I think I should have.
It is said that the most dangerous road a driver can face is the one he frequents the most. Confidence plays against them, he gets cocky and causes an accident. All of this was happening as I was pushing Johnny upstairs.
While we were running I warned him to not look into the rooms, but he did it anyway. I jumped first through the window, but Johnny doubted for a second.
Then, we both fell on the couches of the living room. Johnny was in shock, he couldn't stop screaming and asking questions, but when turned around I saw what happens when you doubt even for a second.
He couldn't feel it because of the adrenaline, but his back was all shredded. One second was enough for what lured in the stairs to lacerate through his clothes and flesh. It was a matter of time before he start feeling the pain... or bleeding out, so I rang the bell.
Mr Bach was ordered to treat Johnny's wounds, and so he complied. He told me Johnny was lucky, the cuts were almost irregular enough to be impossible to treat.
After some minutes Johnny was calmed, maybe because of the blood loss, so we could talk normally. I told him everything about the house, the strange rules that Alex gave me and the reason for all the excuses. For the first time I didn't feel alone, I was free of this burden and broke into tears.
Night came and I told Johnny he needed to leave. The last thing I wanted was him overnight here. After gathering his thing we went to the door, suddenly he hugged me and told me that everything will be alright.
That made me feel better, knowing that I wasn't alone anymore. I went upstairs relieved, I have been struggling with this burden all alone and I had my friend right there the whole time. That wasn't going to solve my problems but at least it will drop some of the weights off my shoulders.
Rule No. 9 states that people will forget about the existence of the Buttler and the dog... But there is something I must add tomorrow. The true danger of the house doesn't lie in the uninvited guests, the thing in the backyard or what lurks on the staircase...
1 New Message
Johnny: Jesus dude, It's still awesome that you have your own house. I love the study on the sec0ond floor, I feel more productive on it. Do you mind if I go tomorrow again?
March 23th/2023
I never thought I would say this... but I got used to the house.
Running upstairs has become very common, even though it only happens every other day and I even started to enjoy some of the conversations with the guests before... taking them out.
My last entrances to this diary have been two or three sentences, so there is no point in writing them here... but today something happened:
I was working on the study when a book fell. As I said, all of these things have become very normal to me, and in this particular case, I see this as a pause to relieve my mind. "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz", I took it and sat down starting from the beginning.
I usually put my phone on "do not disturb" mode while I'm at the study, this prevents me from distracting either by work or the reading sessions... And I think I will start leaving it outside of the room.
I may have looked away for two seconds, but that was enough to piss off that thing. A deafening roar filled the room, the wall behind me was destroyed by a wind rush and I was thrown out.
I landed far away, rolled through some fields and finally stopped near a tree. The sky was pitch black, barely illuminated by some flashes of lightning each second. Behind me was a giant tornado, heading towards my direction.
The room was up on a hill, it was like a surrealistic painting of a study built in the middle of a field. I ran towards it as fast as I could.
I felt the tornado's force pulling me while running uphill, and as I was about to reach the room I tripped with something and fell to the ground.
Some branches grabbed my shoes and a rotten hay face was emerging from the ground and looked back at me.
The tornado was getting closer, so I just untied my shoe and ran away. I jumped over the desk, grabbed the phone and the laptop and headed towards the door, hearing the room getting ripped as I was passing through.
I sat down on the floor, taking a moment to get my breath.
It was there when I read the message that almost cost my life.
[Unknown number]: Hey Samuel, it's Alex... We need to talk.
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2023.03.24 04:07 n_anderson2022 Holistic Health Support: 1. How my Life Story Can Offer Lessons that Change Your Life 2. Learning to be Mentally & Emotionally Tough as a Child from these Biggest Mistakes 3. Science Based Tips to Live Happier & Overcome Major Depression Part 1

Hi everyone, I've been a Nurse for about 6 years but I am planning to quit to pursue my real passion for creating videos on YouTube about holistic health, which includes different aspects of health like physical, mental, social, financial, and spiritual so if you would like to join me with this endless personal development journey, please subscribe! I’m here to share any personal development topics. I’m not getting paid for creating content but I do love helping others grow with me. Therefore, after years of inconsistent planning, procrastinating, and overly thinking about how to start a YouTube channel, I finally decided to just fucking start it because planning without taking actions is just wishful thinking and it’s just completely garbage. That inaction was stemming from many of my excuses like my hypothetical fear of judgment by others about my appearance, accent, educational background, lack of skills, you name it.
It made me admit that I’m just one little piece of this huge universe, which allows me to tackle life’s priorities over trivialities. I used to be neurotic about what others may think of me to the point that I couldn't even reveal my real gender identity and not even say a word at any party but I learned how to care and not to care in a balanced way because not caring about others’ opinions or judgment is a matter of spectrum and this applies to any types of behaviors. Caring too much is one extreme of the spectrum such as letting your partner punch you and walk all over you but you care too much about what others may think or you just care too much about your partner so you take little to no actions to get out of that trap.

I just started my channel last month and I only have 3 videos so far, which include a trailer about my life story that is about how I overcame childhood traumas, major depression, and being holistically well. Part of this story is my gender transition from female to male

I swear, this channel will certainly help you about different aspects of health as all of my content is genuine. I will be diving even deeper on my later episodes until it gets to the point of where I am in life compared to who I was.

I’m not better than anyone but my old self. We all have different journeys and hardships we overcame.

My journey may be harder or easier than what other people went through but it’s not really about how similar or different the journey is. It’s rather about learning from each other and from our past to make our present and future better as much as we can.

I’m simply sharing mine to hopefully share lessons that others could also learn from. For the most part, there’s nothing better to do than making others feel loved but it always starts from self-love as corny as it may sound.

I am thanking anyone who is doing the best he/she can to be better in whatever that aspect of life because doing so can mean so much for someone who’s going through tough times. Being a great example for others is like the ripple effect.

My next episode will be about how I overcame childhood traumas, abandonment, major depression, and verbal and physical abuse with the hope of inspiring as many people as I can by these stories.

Please hit that subscribe button, leave a comment for any feedback that I can learn from, like the video if you indeed like it, and share it so I can reach more viewers that could potentially benefit from this. The YouTube algorithm will automatically show any videos that get more engagement by viewers so I’d really appreciate it if you could do that for me to support my channel. You’ll automatically get notified whenever I upload.

Part of this story is my gender transition from female to male. to help me achieve my goals of helping as many people as I can about living holistically healthy and by that I simply mean thriving in this modern era where capitalism is more prominent than fulfillment and genuine happiness, which is a long-term game.

Thanks so much for your time! :)
My YouTube channel:
My 1st Video (I Almost Died Twice: How my Life Story Can Offer Lessons that Change Your Life Trailer):
My 2nd Video (Life Story P1: Learning to be Mentally & Emotionally Tough as a Child from these Biggest Mistakes):
YouTube Shorts (Science Based Tips to Live Happier & Overcome Major Depression Part 1
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2023.03.24 04:07 Hecatrice I was asked for ''insulin advice'' from a bodybuilder.What would you do?

So the other day, the gym employee, who had also coached me for a bit approached me to ask me a couple of questions about exogenous insulin usage.
He knew that i was T1 since the first day I was introduced to him, because the topic of insulin came up as it does in a lot of fitness related conversations.
For those of you that don't know, non-diebtic bodybuilders often use exogenous insulin paired with other PEDs/anabolic steroids, to keep their BG in check due to the massive amount of carb consumption and HGH usage that cause insulin resistance (amongst other reasons, I am not a doctor).
The convo was already awkward because he was in the middle of training his client and I was with my gym buddy, so the focus for a bro-science one on one wasn't there. But he also kept using ''bodybuilding'' lingo that he had probably heard from his circle, to describe diabetic related terminology which confused me even more.
For example I didn't realise he was describing long acting insulin and not some short of intermediate-acting insulin.I didn't know BBers used long acting insulin.Thankfully I realised after finishing my set and cleared that up.
He told me that he had seen fellow BBers do 10ui and immediately chugging down a whole 1.5L coca-cola bottle (I didn't get any other context lol).He also asked me if 15g of carbs=1iu and I responded that it's not universal but that it is a common rule for T1s, which he isn't.
I tried to simplify and dumb it down as much as I could, while warning him that hypos can be fatal, that I'm not his doctor and that insulin dosage is diff for each individual and for each meal (pizza says hello).But I don't think I got through to him.
Honestly he's a nice dude, and I'm not the type to tell an older person what to do with their body, but this interaction was dumb af. How can I possibly explain to sb so out of the loop, that managing BG is not as simple as swallowing a sarms pill?
It's also incredibly ironic how some people are willingly dipping their toes in T1 territory for some extra gains, even if it's just for a cycle...meanwhile I'm still changing and experimenting with dosages.
ps: I hope the text is coherent, it's very late and my english is rusty
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2023.03.24 04:07 llamataboot22 Qmerit is coming...

The Qmerit "local" folks are coming next week to install a 30 Amp circuit that will give me 5.7 kW. That's the best I can get for a "Standard" install. They say I'll get 12-15 mi/hr, which I suppose is good enough.
Now, dear strangers of the internet, what would you recommend I do in the meantime? Is there anythinginneed to consider? I have heard if Emporia chargers...should I get one? If I continue to use the charger that came with the Bolt (just swap out the new 220v plug), is there anything else I should do?
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