Williams grove speedway results today

The Wilders, Kansas City's greatest country band

2016.06.26 00:15 The Wilders, Kansas City's greatest country band

Hillbilly Riot Music From Kansas City, Missouri!

2023.06.04 23:17 Accomplished-Cup-849 G4400's Intel hd 510 performance with dual channel memory

Hello the people of lowendgaming i am back with another post. I remembered I've asked if dual channel memory will increase performance of G4400s intel hd 510 or not? and today i finally bought another stick of
4 GB 2666mhz samsung for dual channel mode. So i did cinebench r15 benchmarks and tested few games and the results were pretty amazing in dual channel mode beyond my expectations! This benchmarks could be helpful for anyone who still have skylake Pentium.
Cinebenceh r15 (with single channel 4x1 GB) == 28 Fps
Cinebenceh r15 (with dual channel 2x4 GB) == 30
☆ GTA 5 on single channel stuttered pretty bad and gave 20 fps.
in dual channel memory it gave 27 average fps on 900P normal settings and 30 fps on 720P normal settings. Fps were stable until memory leak issue. Yeah it is the real issue when the game reaches 8000MB of ram it starts to stutter very badly and eventually crash.
☆ Just cause 2 which doesnt uses more than 4 gigs of ram gave 25 fps of average on 900p low on single channel mode and with dual channel it gave stable 30 fps on 900p. On 720p the game runs at 50 fps.
☆ mafia 2 had 8 fps increase from 22 to 30 fps on 900p.
☆ Far cry 3 is giving between 30 - 35 fps that's increase of 10 fps from single to dual channel.
I am gonna test more games pretty soon and yeah my final query is that "If i pair it with 16 GB dual channel memory will i able to squeeze out extra frames from intel hd 510?" I Appareciate for support.
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2023.06.04 23:10 PuzzleheadedLaw6571 Is it normal for toddlers to never have tantrums?

My daughter is in daycare and has learned some pretty negative behavior as a result. She’s also learned very wonderful things, and the good usually outweighs the bad. Our daycare does their very best to rectify negative behavior tactics. She got bit once; and became the biter. She was hit once, and became a hitter. These were all phases we have gone through throughout her toddlerhood that have been worked out of her. Recently she has learned to throw herself on the ground and lose her cool when she doesn’t get what she wants. We don’t reward this behavior, and it frequently presents itself when she’s tired, hungry, or bored with too much energy. She’s three and my spouse and I find this to be normal and like everything else just a phase.
My mom is watching both my daughter and my nephew this week. My spouse and I are away for training for work and my sister is on a planned vacation with her husband. My mom offered to watch them both at my house for the week as it’s closer to her and she hasn’t seen them since Christmas. I spent most of yesterday with her before flying out today just to show her how I set up my nephews room and also to help out before leaving.
The entire day my mom kept talking about how difficult my daughter is and how my nephew (who is not in daycare) doesn’t have any temper tantrums or outbursts. It was pouring rain outside and my daughter needs exercise, so I took her to an indoor park to let off some energy and she was fine after that. Until my nephew (who is severely speech delayed) walked up to her and took a toy out of her hand that she was playing with. My mom said that my daughter needs to learn to share. I disagreed, gave the toy back to my daughter, and said nicely to my nephew that he needs to ask before taking the toy.
He’s just..emotionless. Nothing phases him. He really only cries when he wants to be held. It’s not even a real cry, just whining. My daughters outburst caused him to start crying too, and it upset my mother. Is it normal to have a toddler that just doesn’t become upset ever and doesn’t have at least one emotional outburst a day? I find it to be a bit alarming. Everyone wants a “chill” kid, but is it normal or is the lack of emotion something that should be considered concerning?
TLDR: My mom often makes comments about how my nephew is easier to “handle” than my daughter because he never has temper tantrums. I find that to be a developmental red flag, but could be off.
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2023.06.04 23:08 Illustrious-Goat3270 Best JM songs by letter

Hey everyone, results of yesterdays votes are in, and Assassin won by a landslide! Today, we’re on to B (this one’s tough). To make it simpler, I’m making a poll with all of the songs starting with each letter, so it’s easier to count votes. So just vote on your favorite song!
View Poll
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2023.06.04 23:07 ANONISH123456 F26 Hit in the head with a golf club

I was at a driving range the other night (Friday) and the tee boxes were placed too close together. In particular, I swing left and the tee box next to me was being used by a right-swinging golfer.
Within a short time of being there, I was struck in the head by the other golfer's driver. Fortunately, I was swinging at the exact same time and there was a "clink" noise, indicating that our drivers hit together and my driver took some of the impact out of his swing.
I thought I was perfectly fine after but very quickly realized I needed to leave. My boyfriend later informed me that I was incredibly dazed and out of it. I immediately had a bad headache, nausea, and felt like I was going to vomit (but never did). The driving range didn't even have an ice pack, so I iced i about 30 minutes later at the hospital. The hospital was jammed pack and I left without seeing someone after several hours. My bf woke me up throughout the night to check on me.
I'm fairly sure I'm concussed. I have a history of head trauma (concussions from sports when younger and post-traumatic headache disorder diagnosed by a neurologist as a result of an MVA).
What I am perplexed about, and what brings me to this thread is the following: I did not develop a goose egg on my head where I was hit. That night, the spot wasn't even sore to touch. Saturday and today the spot has been very tender and there may be mild swelling or a little indent, but there is nothing glaringly obvious. Does this tell me anything about the likely severity of any internal damage? I should also note that I have been experiencing other tender spots on the same side of my head, but I was not struck in those places. This includes the back of my right temple and the back right side of my head. I was struck on the right side about two inches above my ear.
Current symptoms: The above mentioned tenderness, headaches, light/noise sensitivity (I know, I need to not be on my laptop..), some nausea, and trouble regulating my emotions (very irritable).
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2023.06.04 23:07 PhillyCSpires A very non-obvious, but legitimate Trainwreckord..

Is Incubus’ A Crow Left of the Murder. Their more “experimental” (read: difficult and kind of unlikable) album where they try to be Radiohead and R.E.M. and instead sound like a cynical 00’s version of alternative rock. It starts off fine with “Megalomaniac” (which became a minor hit) but soon gets tedious and weird. There are good moments but I remember buying this THE DAY IT CAME OUT and being overwhelmed with disappointment. I tried so hard to like it. I listened to it and regrettably came to the conclusion that I was trying so hard because the band was failing to make their risks pay off with engaging material.
They were on a legitimate tear by 2001, having both Make Yourself and Morning View go multiplatinum and even scoring a top 10 hit with “Drive.” This album forestalled any momentum: it was cautiously praised by critics, who were probably impressed by the ATTEMPT but were by no means floored with the results, and the follow-up singles were completely ignored outside of rock circles. They would make one more record, Light Grenades, which sounds kind of like an apology for this record, before falling off the greater rock radar for good. Just like that, one of the better alt-rock bands of the late 90’s/early 00’s were apparently finished and today they have less Spotify followers than Hoobastank (!!).
I think this completely weird ass record would make for a particularly good Trainwreckords episode. Imagine Todd’s shock by the time “Zee Deveel” comes on.
Hey.. at least it was an attempt!
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2023.06.04 23:05 AutoModerator [Download Course] Cole Gordon – 30 Day Closer (Genkicourses.site)

[Download Course] Cole Gordon – 30 Day Closer (Genkicourses.site)
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🧠 What is Remote Closing
🧠 Tax Strategy For Closers

Sales 1o1 Crash Course

👉 Intro
👉 Sales First Principles
👉 The Belief Ladder
👉 Setter Crash Course
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Sourcing a Gig

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Sales Philosophy & Inner Game

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📈 Transitioning to the Pitch (Alternative Method)
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📈 Example Call: Problems First Syntax – Business Offer

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If you're wondering why our courses are priced lower than the original prices and are feeling a bit suspicious (which is understandable), we can provide proof of the course's contents. We can provide a screenshot of the course's contents or send you a freebie, such as an introduction video or another video from the course, to prove that we do have the course. Should you wish to request proof, we kindly ask you to reach out to us.
Please be aware that our courses do not include community access. This is due to the fact that we do not have the authority to manage this feature. Despite our desire to incorporate this aspect, it is, unfortunately, unfeasible.
Explore affordable learning at Genkicourses.site 🎓! Dive into a world of quality courses handpicked just for you. Download, watch, and achieve more without breaking your budget.
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2023.06.04 23:00 GasAndMiddies Review (x2): Eastside Alchemy x Local Grove - Candy Fumez & Black Maple

Today I am reviewing not one, but TWO live rosin products from a collaboration between Eastside Alchemy & Local Grove:

Candy Fumez

👁️ Look

👃 Smell

👅 Taste


This stuff is 🤯!
I know everyone has a preference, but this stuff is the perfect color & consistency for me.
The smell is to Eastside Alchemy's typical standard, which is amazing. You just want to keep opening the puck and smelling it!
I love fruity terps and this is it with gas to accompany it.
This is 🔥:

Gas ⛽

Black Maple

👁️ Look

👃 Smell

👅 Taste


I loved everything about this one as well.
Honestly, the only thing it had going against it was being compared to the Candy Fumez.
This was an impressive showing and showed a different note from Local Grove.
I personally prefer the Candy Fumez to this, but it doesn't change that this is:

Gas ⛽

For the full reviews with stats, pictures, & more click HERE!

Feedback always appreciated!
Stay 😶‍🌫️
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2023.06.04 23:00 NokCha_ [Official] r/warriors Dubs Draft Primer

warriors Dubs Draft Primer

This will be the primer for warriors on everything draft related. Once the draft is done, another version focusing more on the offseason will come out. Until then, here is the aggregated version of a mostly draft-focused primer (with a few other stuff added).

2023 NBA Draft Date: Thursday June 22, 2023

Confirmed Draft Workouts (Last Updated: 6/3)

Reminder: These workouts aren't just for the 19th pick. It's for the possible undrafted players to recruit for the Summer League, Training Camp, Two-way spots, and/or Santa Cruz Warriors (Warriors' G-league). In case you forget and came to complain about working out guards or the fact they are working out prospects at all.
Prospect Age Height - Position School/Team/Org Date of Source
Leaky Black 23 6'9 - Fowrad UNC 5/3 - Jeremiah Holloway
Tristen Newton 22 6'5 - Guard UConn 5/4 - Colin Deaver
Coleman Hawkins* 21 6'10 - Big,F/C Illinois 5/26 - Anthony Slater
Trayce Jackson-Davis 23 6'9 - Big,C Indiana 5/26 - Anthony Slater
Craig Porter Jr 23 6'0 - Guard Wichita State 5/26 - Anthony Slater
Julian Strawther 21 6'7 - Wing Gonzaga 5/26 - Anthony Slater
Kendric Davis 24 6'0 - Guard Memphis 5/26 - Anthony Slater
Caleb Daniels 24 6'4 - Guard Villanova 5/26 - Anthony Slater
Khalil Shabazz 24 6'0 - Guard University of San Francisco 5/30 - Jason Dumas
Brandin Podziemski 20 Guard/Wing Santa Clara 5/30 - CJ Holmes
Colby Jones 21 6'6 - Wing Xavier 5/30 - CJ Holmes
Terquavion Smith 20 6'4 - Guard NC State 5/30 - CJ Holmes
Jake Stephens 23 6'11 - Big Chattanooga 5/30 - CJ Holmes
Patrick Gardner 23 6'11 - Big Marist 5/30 - CJ Holmes
Omari Moore 22 6'5 - Wing SJSU 5/30 - CJ Holmes
Jamie Jaquez Jr 22 6'7 - Guard UCLA 5/31 - Anthony Slater
Dereck Lively II 19 7'1 - Big Duke 6/2 - Anthony Slater
Jalen Wilson 22 6'8 - Wing Kansas 6/2 - Anthony Slater
Colin Castleton 23 6'11 - Big Florida 6/2 - Anthony Slater
Keyontae Johnson 23 6'6 - Wing Kansas State 6/2 - Anthony Slater
Arthur Kaluma 21 6'7 - Wing Creighton 6/2 - Anthony Slater
Gabe Kalscheur 23 6'4 - Guard TCU 6/2 - Darren Wolfson
Ben Sheppard 21 6-6 - Wing Belmont 6/3 - Jonathan Wasserman

Mock Drafts for 19th (Last Updated: 6/3)

Publication/Individual Source Date of Mock Draft Age Height - Position School/Team/Org Brief Summary of Reason Add'l Notes
The Athletic (Sam Vecenie) [PAYWALL] 5/16 Jalen Hood-Schifino 20 6'6 - Wing Indiana 1. Warriors like well-rounded propsects 2. Team tends to draft younger recently 3. Ballhandling depth (esp if Poole is traded) Pre-combine/pro days + NCAA returners announced. Due to paywall here is the 3 picks ahead + 3 picks behind 19th: 16)Kris Murray; 17)Jordan Hawkins; 18)Keyonte George; 20)Dariq Whitehead; 21)Brice Sensabaugh; 22)Jett Howard
ESPN/Draft Express (Jonathan Givony & Jeremy Woo) [PAYWALL] 5/31 Rayan Rupert 19 6'7 - Wing New Zeland Breakers Rupert targeting playoff contenders > draft positions. Defensive-minded prospect w 7'2 wingspan+high intensity could help the Warriors who needed stops during the playoffs Post-combine/pro days + NCAA returners announced. Due to paywall here is the 3 picks ahead + 3 picks behind 19th: 16)Kobe Bufkin; 17)Cason Wallace; 18)Jett Howard; 20)Noah Clownley; 21)Bilal Coulibaly; 22)Leonard Miller
The Ringer (Kevin O'Connor) 5/16 Dereck Lively II 19 7'1- Big Duke 2nd try at drafting a young big * Defense, Rebounding shown * Steph could unlock the offensive side Pre-combine/pro days + NCAA returners announced.
Bleacher Report (Jonathan Wasserman) 6/2 Jett Howard 19 6'8 - Wing Michigan Wing depth w shooting versatility + occasional self-creation. Questions about athleticism + defense Post-combine/pro days + NCAA returners announced.
Yahoo! Sports (Krysten Peek) 5/16 Dereck Lively II 19 7'1- Big Duke Nothing Dubs specific - Shot blocker + Rebounder that can contribute right away Pre-combine/pro days + NCAA returners announced.
SB Nation (Ricky O'Donnell) 5/16 Leonard Miller 19 6'10 - Forward G League Ignite Nothing Dubs specific - Upside. Good touch around basket. Defensive versatility (when locked in). Pre-combine/pro days + NCAA returners announced.
Sports Illustrated (Matt Babcock) 5/23 Kris Murray 22 6'8 - Wing Iowa Nothing Dubs specific - Scorer. Offensive board getter. Stretch 4. Solid and safe. Pre-combine/pro days + NCAA returners announced.
NBC Sports( Chas Hughes & Tyler Byrum) 5/27 Jalen Hood-Schifino 20 6'6 - Wing Indiana Nothing Warriors specific - Big guard that penetrate paint and facilitate. Post-combine/pro days + Pre-NCAA returners announced.
CBS Sports (Gary Parrish) 5/22 Dereck Lively II 19 7'1- Big Duke Nothing Dubs specific - Rim protecting big Pre-combine/pro days + NCAA returners announced.
CBS Sports (Kyle Boone) 5/26 Trey Alexander* 20 6'3 - Guard/Wing Creighton Nothing Dubs specific - Improved stock after combine. Evolved from athletic wing => playmaking guard. Two-way potential *Has returned to college since
Fox Sports (John Fanta) 5/18 Kobe Bufkin 19 6'4 - Guard Michigan Adds depth and athleticism. 2-way talent. Describes a better Jordan Poole. Pre-combine/pro days + NCAA returners announced.
USA Today (Lindsay Schnel, Cydney Henderson, Jeff Zillgitt) 5/17 Rayan Rupert 19 6'7 - Wing New Zeland Breakers Nothing Dubs specific - Solid year in the pro league + 7'3 wingspan Pre-combine/pro days + NCAA returners announced.
USA Today FTW (Bryan Kalbrosky) 5/16 Dereck Lively II 19 7'1- Big Duke Nothing Dubs specific Pre-combine/pro days + NCAA returners announced.
Rookie Wire FTW (Cody Taylor) 6/2 Jett Howard 19 6'8 - Wing Michigan Warriors could use more shooting + shown he can do more than just shoot Post-combine/pro days + NCAA returners announced.
Yardbarker (Pat Heery) 5/31 Dereck Lively II 19 7'1- Big Duke 2nd try at drafting a young big. Trade asset. Post-combine/pro days + NCAA returners announced.
The Sporting News (Kyle Irving) 5/17 Brice Sensabaugh 19 6'6 - Wing Ohio State More perimeter shooting around Steph & Klay. Excel as a floor spacer. Might not be an immediate contributor, but can be a scoring depth for the 2nd unit Pre-combine/pro days + NCAA returners announced.
Box and One (Adam Spinella/Coach Spins) 6/2 Dariq Whitehead 18 6'6 - Wing Duke Warriors need more wings who can play offball. Notes Whitehead has high school pedigree which is something Warriors have valued (Nico Mannion, PBJ, etc) Post-combine/pro days + NCAA returners announced.
No Ceilings 5/17 Gradey Dick 19 6'8 - Wing Kansas Really good system fit + Adds another theoretically reliable shooter. Also only mock draft that has Gradey Dick falling down this far so doubt this one. Pre-combine/pro days + NCAA returners announced.
@MavsDraft (Richard Stayman) 5/19 Brice Sensabaugh 19 6'6 - Wing Ohio State - Pre-combine/pro days + NCAA returners announced.
Tankathon 6/1 Dereck Lively II 19 7'1- Big Duke - Post-combine/pro days + NCAA returners announced.
NBAdraft.net 5/31 Dereck Lively II 19 7'1- Big Duke - Post-combine/pro days + NCAA returners announced.
NBA Draft Room 6/3 Brice Sensabaugh 19 6'6 - Wing Ohio State Nothing Dubs specific - Powerful wing with an advanced offensive game Post-combine/pro days + NCAA returners announced.
u/nghbrhd_slackr87's Optimistic Pick 5/18 Jaime Jaquez Jr 22 6'7 - Guard UCLA Read it Here Pre-combine/pro days + NCAA returners announced.

Draft Picks (Source)

Year Round Owns Owed
2023 1 -
2023 2 CLE
2024 1 ❔ (If Top 4) MEM (If 5-30)
2024 2 HOU or CLE
2025 1 ❔ (If 2024 conveys OR keeps 2024 + Top 1) MEM (If 2024 is Top 4 AND 2-30)
2025 2 DET or WAS
2025 2 ❔ (From CHA If 56-60) -
2026 1 ❔ (If 2025 conveys) MEM (If 2024 ends up Top 4 AND 2025 ends up Top 1)
2026 2 ATL
2027 1 -
2027 2 -
2028 1 -
2028 2 POR
2029 1 -
2029 2 -
2030 1 -
2030 2 -

News Reporting

Changing of the GM:

Kenny Atkinson:


Guaranteed to be on Next Year's Roster & Salary (Source):

Player 2023-24 Salary Notes Contract End Date(s)
Steph Curry $51.9 mil Vet Ext (Supermax)/Bird 2026 (UFA)
Klay Thompson $43.2 mil FA (Max)/Bird 2024 (UFA)
Jordan Poole $27.4 mil Rookie Ext/Bird 2027 (UFA)
Andrew Wiggins $24.3 mil Vet Ext/Bird 2026 (PO) / 2027 (UFA)
Gary Payton II $8.7 mil Acquired via Trade 2025(PO) / 2025(UFA)
Kevon Looney $7.5 mil FA/Bird 2024(Part-Gtd) / 2025(UFA)
Jonathan Kuminga $6 mil Drafted/Rookie Scale 2024(TO) / 2025(RFA)
Moses Moody $3.9 mil Drafted/Rookie Scale 2024(TO) / 2025(RFA)
Patrick Baldwin Jr $2.3 mil Drafted/Rookie Scale 2025(TO) / 2026(TO) / 2027(RFA)
Ryan Rollins $1.7 mil Drafted/TPMLE 2025(Part-Gtd) / 2025(RFA)
19th Pick $2.75 mil (est) Drafted/Rookie Scale 2027(RFA)

Player Options:

Upcoming Free Agents:

CBA Stuff

Brief version to keep in mind. More detailed one will come once the draft is done
2nd Apron: $17.5+ mil above the luxry tax
Confirmed to Start 2023-24 Season (for 2nd Tax Apron teams like Warriors, Clippers, etc):
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2023.06.04 22:59 anxxa [Release] wowsunpack - utility for unpacking World of Warships assets

I wanted to highlight a new tool I've been working on for interacting with World of Warships assets called wowsunpack: https://github.com/landaire/wowsunpack

Who is this for?

Primarily data miners and folks who work on applications that depend on game assets/definitions such as the Minimap Renderer. My hope is this can speed up workflows and result in richer applications in the ecosystem.

WG already has a tool for this -- why make a new one?

To quote the project's README:
World of Warships game files are packed in two custom file formats -- .idx files and .pkg files. .idx files contain serialized resource and volume (.pkg) metadata. There exists an official utility provided by the game developer, Wargaming, but has the following drawbacks compared to this utility:
  • Is not open-source
  • This utility's backing library can be easily adopted into other applications that would like to directly read game data
  • Slower (~2x using the CLI tool, ~6x using the GUI)
  • Does not expose meta information about the resources
  • Does not expose data in a machine-serializable format
The first two points are the big motivator for development of this utility. Applications like minimap_renderer depend on game assets and reading these assets isn't easily automated with today's tools.
My utility has the following features:
Some planned features include:

How to I get it?

You can download prebuilt binaries here: https://github.com/landaire/wowsunpack/releases
It's a CLI application with the following commands:
Usage: wowsunpack [OPTIONS]  Commands: extract Extract files to an output directory metadata Write meta information about the game assets to the specified output file. This may be useful for diffing contents between builds at a glance. Output data includes file name, size, CRC32, unpacked size, compression info, and a flag indicating if the file is a directory game-params Special command for directly reading the `content/GameParams.data` file, converting it to JSON, and writing to the specified output file path help Print this message or the help of the given subcommand(s) Options: -p, --pkg-dir  Directory where pkg files are located. If not provided, this will default relative to the given idx directory as "../../../../res_packages" -i, --idx-files  .idx file(s) or their containing directory -h, --help Print help -V, --version Print version 
It can operate within the game's root directory without needing to supply any of the global flags (idx files/pkg dir).
For example if you want to extract content/GameParams.data and convert to JSON with the application in the game root, run:
> wowsunpack.exe game-params 
This will place a GameParams.json file in the game root.
If you want to dump specific files:
> wowsunapack extract "gui/achievements/*" "gui/ribbons/*" ./res 
Any files matched under the path gui/achievements and gui/ribbons will then be written to the res directory.
submitted by anxxa to WorldOfWarships [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 22:58 Bukow11 Rules Question

Here’s a situation I saw today that I’m not sure was handled correctly. Team A scored the leading goal with three seconds left. Team B immediately called a timeout even before the ball was put in play at half pool.
The officials let Team B set up at goal end without ever putting the ball in play at half pool. Is that legal? Shouldn’t Team B have to put the ball in play at half pool before calling a timeout and setting up at goal end?
This resulted in a shootout and Team B ended up winning.
submitted by Bukow11 to waterpolo [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 22:54 n0t_x_r3tr0 Kindly help me…

Kindly help me…
Tried getting a shorter barrel for my honey badger and got a 9 ball 215 barrel that’s meant for a mp7. Only got it cause it’s like the only barrel that length in existence and I did a goofy. The bucking doesn’t fit be cause the grove/line isn’t in the standard position as seen in the first photo, which results in it being wonky as shown in the second photo. Then last but not least the c clip has a grove that prevents it from working with my specific barrel because the line isn’t long enough or in the right spot. I have been working in this for about 3hrs now and I will take any and all suggestions. Is there a bucking that will park with this barrel or is there some how another barrel this length in existence!
submitted by n0t_x_r3tr0 to airsoft [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 22:53 OnlineCalisthenics How Many Repetitions Should You Do during a Calisthenics Workout?

Have you ever asked yourself how many times you have to do an exercise? For how long? Which exercise?
A LOT of clients always wonder how to build a workout with calisthenics.
Today I am going to give you an easy way to figure it out.
Design your workouts around compound movements: pull ups, push ups, dips, squats and core hinges.
All variations of those moves are also compound movements.
Set the proper total amount of reps per day:
Divide this amount equally between each exercise, each day.
Don’t train the same thing every day.
Here is an example:
The Online Calisthenics programs are made to save you time and directly give you access to more detailed programs, schedules and nuanced progressions, not matter what you level is.
Here is what you get when you sign up:
9 Calisthenics Programs from Beginner to advanced
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Deep Dive Calisthenics and Wellness Workshops
Calisthenics And Nutrition Ebooks
1-1 Coaching
If you are looking to save time and get serious results with your training, click here to start your Online Calisthenics Academy trial!
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2023.06.04 22:50 AutoModerator [Download Course] Marisa Murgatroyd – The Experience Product Masterclass 2023 (Genkicourses.site)

[Download Course] Marisa Murgatroyd – The Experience Product Masterclass 2023 (Genkicourses.site)

Get the course here: [Download Course] Marisa Murgatroyd – The Experience Product Masterclass 2023 (Genkicourses.site)
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2023.06.04 22:49 OnlineCalisthenics 4 Things You Need For A Better Calisthenics Workout

Working out is quite simple once you know the rules of the game.
Today, I wanted to talk about the 4 key elements that will make you better at working out, and get you results immediately.
1. Speed
There is no power without speed. You can have the most massive body, if there is no speed associated with it, the overall performance will suffer greatly.
Solution: always practice speed when you train. For example, go fast up on your pull ups and slower on the way down. Same for pretty much every movement.
Add plyometric exercises like sprints, jump lunges, wide jumps etc… to your leg day.
2. Mobility
This is what allows you to train with full range of motion, hence developing your full muscle mass.
Be able to move optimally is key to proper muscle development.
Solution: Daily focus on hips and shoulders first, then work on your smaller joints (wrists, knees, ankles). It takes 5 minutes per day.
I post mobility drills every week on my blog and social media.
Practice all of them!
3. Strength
Pure strength can be achieved with complex compound movements over a small amount of repetitions.
Solution: movements like muscle ups, full range pike push ups, extra wide pull ups, diamond push ups, squats with resistance, front lever, back lever, human flag etc…will directly improve your strength level.
Include all of these in your routine.
4. Endurance
Muscle endurance is one of the most underrated and neglected aspect of training in traditional weightlifting.
Athleticism requires being able to repeat efforts again and again with peak performance along your workouts. The goal is to finish as strong as you started!
Solution: practice and get used to long and tough sets. Set goals that may seem impossible now but will be after your train for it.
Here is an idea of the repetition range to reach for the following exercises:
This is how to build up amazing athleticism in a nutshell.
I apply these rules to ALL my programs.
If you are ready to get to the next level and save time, then join the best calisthenics online coaching and training programs!
Access hundreds of videos, progressive workout plans, ebooks and workshops, ranked by level and skills.
Click here to get the training results your want!
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2023.06.04 22:46 Danny_Won You Need More "Masculine Edge" in Your Dating App Pics (for Hooking Up)

You Need More
Making this post because almost every “give me advice on my dating profile/pics” post could use this advice.
But basically, a lot of you lack what I would call a “masculine edge” to your appearance, or at least that’s how it comes across via pics.
And when I mentioned “masculine edge” (from here I’ll just call it “edge”), a few of you asked what I meant, so I’m making this post to answer everybody who asked.
But basically – you want to look like a guy that actually gets p*ssy.
Believe it or not, if you’re trying to f*ck a lot, you have to look like… somebody that actually f*cks.
But as it stands, a lot of you look way too “smiley” or “nice” for online dating like Tinder, etc.
Like your pics look like what you would make your Linkedin picture or something, as opposed to pics used to meet chicks.
If Linkedin and/or boyfriend pics are what you’re going for, so be it. But I doubt that strategy is leading to many matches or dates. (Hence why you’re posting on here for advice)
Also, let’s be real – whatever the dating app is, it’s basically all Tinder (hooking up).
I never go on a dating app and think, “oh yeah, I’m definitely gonna meet *the one* here”. Girls on dating apps have been around the block, or are about to go around it.
Even a girl who’s a “5” or a “6” is FLOODED with messages on dating apps, IG, etc. compared to the average guy who’s not getting shit. Don’t believe me? If you ever get the chance, ask to see a girl’s inbox. Any girl can have new d*ck THAT DAY on one of these apps, probably even within the hour.
Relevant to the above – a skill that every man needs is the ability to differentiate between:
  1. Girls you f*ck
  2. Girls you want to get serious with
Most girls on apps (but also everywhere in today’s world) are gonna fall in category 1. Just the way the world works.
I guess if anything, meeting a lot of chicks (from apps or otherwise) is good experience to increase your ability to find the rare girl from category 2.
So now that we have established that dating apps are mostly for hooking up, and that in order to hook up, you need to have some edge about you, let’s talk about how to actually get some edge in your pics.
Take a look at this picture:

Shit haircut, whatever clothes, just a normal, if not nerdy looking “random Asian dude”.
But that’s Jay Park when he was younger.
Of course you all know Jay Park now:

Forget the fact that he’s a world famous celebrity for a second.
Imagine you saw the first guy – what would you think?
Or imagine that first guy was on Tinder, Hinge, etc. Do you think he would get matches?
Of course not.
The second guy though – it’s CLEAR that he has “edge”, or that he f*cks. He’s clearly not the kind of guy that swipes Tinder all day so that he can take 5/10s on 10 dates just to get friend-zoned.
The look in his eyes, the hair, the piercings, the standout shirt, the tattoos, other accessories like necklace and bracelets.
^ These are all things that the average, boring guy does NOT have.
Or even this guy I found after searching “fuccboi before after”:

Credit: Jimmy Zhang
The guy on the left is exactly what I mean when I say “too smiley” – he just looks like a boring, nice guy geek.
While the guy on the right could use a better pose in terms of his face, just the piercings, necklace, tattoos, and abs give him a TOTALLY different vibe/image.
If you want to rack up the numbers, you need to lean more towards BAD BOY than you do “Another Asian guy with a decent job but nothing interesting about him”
Here are some things you can implement:
- Get ripped – obvious one. Preferably show off your body in a cool way. Like doing MMA or something. Example:
- Cool haircut – see the before/after of Jay Park above. No offense but a lot of you look like the before. Not gonna go into too much detail here, since there’s a post about hair every day.
- Tattoos – good for chicks but also, depending on the tattoo, could lead to less people trying to fuck with you (racism). I’m not even heavily tatted and girls will pretty much always ask what the tattoos mean and shit. Girls are into hippie shit like that – tattoos, horoscopes, palm reading, MBTI, etc. So for tats ideally 1) they make you look sexy 2) have some “deep” meaning 3) make you look more intimidating and less like a hate crime target. But for the purposes of this post, at least #1
- Edgy style e.g. leather jackets, ripped jeans, etc. - I don’t know if stuff like leather jackets, ripped jeans, etc. are still “in” where you guys live. But back in the day, I would wear shit like that and it was comical how girls would automatically say stuff like “ooh, I like your style”, “ooh, I like your pants”, and shit like that. Like it was a cheat code and they were conditioned to like it (probably thanks to media influence). Little did they know that shit was some cheap shit from Zara.
Even if the kinds of clothes I listed aren’t cool anymore, the point is – wear stuff that makes it looks like you actually get it in with chicks.
- Accessories – rings, necklaces/chains, bracelets/watches, piercings – boring nice guys don’t accessorize. As a bonus, depending on the accessory, they can be a conversation startekeep the convo flowing like tats.
- Facial hair – if you can grow it, especially if you have a weak jawline (and have already done stuff like lose bodyfat to maximize your jawline).
Note the difference that facial hair can make:

(Though I would advise against facial hair depending on your target audience. Like most Asian girls from Asia seem to like clean cut)
- Pics with girls - don't overdo it, and I'd say for certain kinds of girls (e.g. Asian girls from Asia) this can work against you. But for e.g. girls in the US, it can be good. Get like 1-2 pics with preferably hot chicks, even if you guys are just friends
Maybe controversial but great example pic by Andrew Tate:

This list doesn’t cover everything but the overarching principle is:
Will this make me look like someone that actually gets girls?
For more inspiration, look at IG, Tiktok, or any site or app that’s mainly visuals focused with a lot of chicks using it. Find profiles of guys that you could emulate (preferably without feeling too fake or try-hard) with chicks thirsting in the comments
Also just try and pick up on things from guys IRL who you know get lots of girls. For example, how they look, talk, carry themselves, present themselves online, etc.
You'll probably notice they lean towards "bad boy" or edgy. These kinds of guys are the ones getting all the girls.
You probably already know this from growing up, going to school, being at work, and noticing things about guys who actually get lots of chicks.
But if you don’t, here are some reasons why the edgy-looking guys are getting the girls on apps (or otherwise), and you aren’t:
  1. They look confident and probably aren’t afraid of:
- standing out
- saying what’s on their mind
- comfortable in their masculinity/sexuality
- are likely to show the girl a good time
- fuck her good
- etc.
2) They actually look like they get chicks like I’ve mentioned. Believe it or not – girls want a guy who KNOWS WHAT HE’S DOING, especially if they’re just looking to have fun. If you’re just some boring guy taking Linkedin smiley pictures and posting them on dating apps, girls will just think you’re boring and probably have no experience with girls.
^ girls would rather be with the cool guy that has multiple chicks, then settle for some nice guy loser who is boring and doesn’t bring much to the table. Harsh but true.
In a way, giving women the freedom to choose their own partner was the worst thing to happen to your average guy in terms of dating and relationships.
Because if a girl can be with whatever guy she wants, why would she choose some average/below average guy, if she can get the above average/elite guy?
3) Edgy-looking guys are probably cooler, actually have friends, actually have a life.
And the thing is – when you look kind of “bad” or edgy – you can actually get away with being nice more, while not looking like a total simp. That is, your “nice” actions have more impact because it can be unexpected or seem out of character.
I call this kind of thing “contrast game”, and for whatever reason, it drives a lot of girls crazy.
I’ve had multiple girls say stuff like “you look like a party boy [or fuccboi], but you’re also really nice and actually thoughtful/intellectual”
When an edgy guy opens up and shows his “nice” side, this makes a girl feel special because the girl assumes that he doesn’t do that for anyone.
And being Asian, you can really ramp up the “edge” without it being a huge negative. People already assume that you’re a good guy, probably got a good job, potential boyfriend material, etc.
As a counter-example, Black guys kind of have the opposite stereotype working against them. Like girls might think they’re dangerous and shit because of media influence. Therefore, they can actually benefit by looking “more nice”.
I actually used to go out in NY with a Black guy during my wannabe pickup artist days. My approach then (and somewhat now) was very direct and “in your face”.
When I did it, it was kind of a novelty for the chicks. (This was like 10 years ago, before Korean shit got really big, so basically the main image people had of Asian dudes was that we were dorks).
Whereas when my Black buddy tried going up to girls the way that I was (super direct), a lot were actually freaking out and screaming.
(In reality, he was a totally good guy with a much better job than me. But unfortunately prejudice and racism – mostly thanks to negative media influence – affects all POC, but in different ways).
Anyway, in summary:
If your girl is to hook up with a ton of chicks from dating apps, you need to present yourself as a guy that actually hooks up with a ton of chicks from dating apps. And not boring Asian guy programmer #9999
Another thing to keep in mind:
Online stuff is ALL ABOUT THE PICS and looks.
If you don’t look like THE MAN online, do not expect to get crazy results.
As mentioned, girls are getting bombarded with messages on these apps, which are complete sausage fests. For example, Tinder is 75% dudes.
I recommend not relying on solely dating apps to meet girls.
Offline stuff like social circle, nightlife, etc. give you more of an opportunity to show what you’re about via body language, tonality, all that stuff.
And if you do end up getting good pics, you should focus more on IG than dating apps anyway.
Lastly, I know a lot of you guys are probably naturally on the nicer side, have professional jobs, etc.
While trying to “up your edge”, try to be as congruent to your natural personality as possible. You don’t want to come across as try hard or fake. People, especially girls, can sense that shit from a mile away
Like I consider myself a nice guy, but I definitely have a bit of a degenerate streak. So some of the fuccboi stuff makes more sense for me.
Anyway, hope this post helps somebody.
submitted by Danny_Won to AsianMasculinity [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 22:45 reylomeansbalance Was Anne Boleyn a Victim of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace?

Karen Lindsey, author of Divorced, Beheaded, Survived: A Feminist Reinterpretation of the Wives of Henry VIII puts forth a very interesting opinion on the way we should view Anne Boleyn's time at court:
I was doing an article for Ms. about sexual harassment on the job and reading about Henry's wives in my free time, but it took a while to put together the fact that Ann Boleyn's position as lady-in-waiting to Henry's wife Catherine of Aragon was her job, and that, far from trying to lure Henry away from Catherine, she had spent over a year tactfully trying to repel his sexual advances.
Today, Henry’s approach to Ann would be instantly identifiable as sexual harassment. Ann however, had no social or legal recourse against a the man who ruled the country. She continued, as so many women before and since have done, to dodge her pursuer’s advances while sparing his feelings. It didn’t work.
It was a hellish position. Could she really tell the king to his face that she had no interest in him? She could reiterate her desire to keep her chastity and her honor, but clearly he didn’t respect that. She could ignore his letters and stay away from court, but he refused to take the hint. To offer him the outright insult he asked for would be to risk not only her own but her father’s and brother’s careers at court. She undoubtedly kept hoping he would tire of the chase and transfer his attentions to some newer lady-in-waiting.

But he didn't and she was trapped; there was no chance of her making a good marriage when every eligible nobleman knew the king wanted her.
Lindsey is correct that Katharine of Aragon's court was Anne's workplace. Service in a noble court was the 16th century's version of the corporate ladder. The world of the nobility was a system of intricate social stratification where everyone sought employment from the rank above. The Babee's Book laid out this chain of service in example:
Even the duke's son preferred page to the prince, the earl's second son attendant upon the duke, the knight's second son the earl's servant, the esquire's son to wear the knight's livery, and the gentleman's son the esquire's serving-man.
Those who were charming, talented, clever, or amusing, could be promoted with additional job duties and income, or move up to the household of a noble higher in rank.
The duty of service to one's betters was bound up in religious faith. The Tudors believed that God had ordained the social order of the world. A person's status was the position to which God had called them, and so service to their superiors was as service to God.
Only those of the highest pedigree and social connections could hope to find a job serving the king or queen. Anne Boleyn was not titled, but she was the granddaughter of a duke. Her father was a very wealthy and well-connected man who had served as the king's ambassador, and Anne's mother had served Elizabeth of York. Securing Anne a job as a lady in waiting to Queen Katharine was a boon for their family.
Anne was employed in a series of royal households from the time she was a very young child, learning the social graces that would entertain those who employed her. She could dance, play instruments, engage in witty conversation, and was well-read enough to debate on intellectual topics. She was the consummate professional in her work, and remained chaste while she waited for her father to arrange a good marriage for her.
At one point, Anne took the bull by the horns and tried to arrange her own marriage with the son of the Earl of Northumberland. The results were disastrous, as far as her career was concerned. Once it was discovered what she was doing, she was banned from seeing the young man again and sent home to Hever in disgrace. She was fired, in other words.
Her family must have been livid. The match her father had been working on - perhaps unbeknownst to Anne - fell apart. Some scholars believe it might have had something to do with Anne's failed betrothal, but no records exist to explain it. The Butler family may not have wanted the union in the first place, which might have been engineered by Cardinal Wolsey to resolve an inheritance dispute. In any case, Anne now had no job, and no prospects for a husband.
Anne returned to court about a year later. We know nothing of the next two years or so, except what fragments can be deduced from the memories of Thomas Wyatt, as related by his grandson.
There was, at this present, presented to the eye of the court the rare and admirable beauty of the fresh and young Lady Anne Boleigna, to be attending upon the queen. In this noble imp, the graces of nature graced by gracious education, seemed even at the first to have promised bliss unto her aftertimes. She was taken at that time to have a beauty not so whitely as clear and fresh above all we may esteem, which appeared much more excellent by her favour passing sweet and cheerful; and these, both also increased by her noble presence of shape and fashion, representing both mildness and majesty more than can be expressed.
She seems to have been very popular at court. Northumberland's son wasn't the only man who was attracted to Anne. Thomas Wyatt fell in love with her, according to his grandson's book, and several of Wyatt's poems seem to refer to Anne and his unrequited passion for her. But Anne was cautious of her reputation, and rejected Wyatt's advances.
King Henry seems to have noticed Anne in late 1525/early 1526. His favor came with a "promotion" offer for her: an appointment to serve his wife, Katharine of Aragon. Anne wrote the king a letter, thanking him for the appointment. But this promotion came with some drawbacks.
As Karen Lindsey notes, Anne was in a very delicate situation with Henry's favor. Having his interest meant her family's advancement, and indeed, her father and brother received a steady series of gifts, grants, properties and titles, including his long-desired title of Earl of Ormond. Anne herself was showered with gowns and jewels, and fawned over by the court, seeking her favor so she might help advance them as well. Rejecting the king outright would have cut off this flow, and perhaps even set the Boleyn family back to being worse off, if the king became angry about it.
In February 1526, Henry made a public declaration of his interest in Anne, hoping the fawning attention of the court would pressure her into giving into his advances. Anne was suddenly thrust into the international spotlight as Henry's love interest, and suddenly had dozens of new "friends" seeking her favor and trying to use her for their own advancement. And, of course, they encouraged her to accede to the king's wishes. But Anne held firm to her principles. She would not sleep with any man outside the bonds of holy matrimony.
Henry now spent more time in his wife’s quarters than he had in years, but it was to visit Anne where she couldn’t escape his attentions.
In May, it got so bad that Anne actually quit her job as a lady in waiting and retreated to Hever, where she refused to answer Henry’s letters and sent back his gifts. Henry’s letters to her at this point are full of pouting complaints that she won’t write back to him. He claims not to understand it.
I cannot sufficiently marvel at, because I am sure that I have since never done any thing to offend you, and it seems a very poor return for the great love which I bear you to keep me at a distance both from the speech and the person of the woman that I esteem most in the world...
Henry still wouldn’t take “no” for an answer and chased after her. He went to stay with a cousin of Anne, Nicholas Carew, whose house was a convenient distance from Hever so he could ride over at his leisure. Anne could not refuse to receive him at the house. She refused wherever she had agency, but in this she did not. No one could refuse the king admittance.
When Anne did return to court, she had to face a great deal of hostility. Those still loyal to Katharine of Aragon despised Anne for "luring" the king away from his wife. Anne had enemies she'd never even met, people who hated her for everything she represented, who twisted her words and spread malicious gossip about her throughout Europe. Courtiers who smiled at her and bowed whispered behind their hands. Families were divided as religious reformers sided with the Boleyn faction, and the conservatives sided with Katharine.
But the greatest problem was that no man would seek Anne's hand in marriage while the king was pursuing her, certainly, and not after he lost interest, either. Few people believed Anne was still a virgin, and her reputation was in tatters around Europe. Around the time the king decided he wanted to marry her, Anne may have realized herself that she would marry the king, or have to remain unwed, a burden on her family.
Thomas Boleyn has been portrayed as grasping and heartless, selling his daughters like a common pimp, but truthfully, he had little say in the matter, either. It wasn't only his fortunes at stake, but the entire future of the Boleyn family. If he'd had a choice, he probably would have wished Anne would give in and become the king's mistress, because Henry tended to find respectable husbands for the women he bedded once he was done. But Anne's religious convictions were too strong for that.
Anne was, indeed, trapped. She could not risk offending her "boss" and losing her job with her entire family's future at stake. Whether she liked it or not, she had to keep the king's favor. It was upward toward the throne or utter ruin. Anne Boleyn never really had a choice.
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2023.06.04 22:41 Drs_08 BEC Exam Preparation?

How is your preparation going? I am planning to write somewhere around Sep, right now i am feeling so anxious and lost with my preparation. Trying to be self confident but I don't know i just passed an extremely low paced Sunday today.
Also many people appearing for BEC exams now makes me wonder will the exam gonna be too tough? Sometimes when i feel low, i just think of my result day when i will enter my credentials and it will appear as PASS. I so want to clear the exam in my 1st attempt but equally so anxious and underconfident because the chapters which I thought my preparation was good, after taking a mini mocktest I found out that as soon i see my questions i just don't recall any concepts and i am just guessing. I don't know why this is happening.☹️
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2023.06.04 22:37 Adventurous-Ear9433 Sumerian & Egyptian Origin of Humanity:Enki(Ea), the Garden or Ea's-den, Uruk List of Kings & Apkallu, scientific verification of sacred waters

"show that the human form of the FOXP2 gene increases synaptic plasticity and dendrite connectivity in the basal ganglia. These results partly explain the enhanced capability of cortico-basal ganglia circuits in the human brain that regulate critical aspects of language, cognition, and motor control." Foxp2 Language Evolution
Cell FOXP2gene -(https://www.cell.com/current-biology/fulltext/S0960-9822(16)31081-8?_returnURL=https%3A%2F%2Flinkinghub.elsevier.com%2Fretrieve%2Fpii%2FS0960982216310818%3Fshowall%3Dtrue)
Enk(Ea)i- twin Serpent , the creator of mankind was the Genius-Scientist who tries twice to create a civilized man, until Ninmah tells him that they must add their likeness. Thus creating the perfect Man. It is when he put speech in their mouths that Enlil is enraged claiming they make too much noise,as you'll see this was the 1st cataclysm.Enki is the protector and teacher of mankind. He is essentially a god of civilization, and it was natural that he was also looked upon as the creator of man, and of the world in general. Enki Teachings
SacredTexts After his involvement with the original genetic experiment, his compassion for the plight of the Homo sapien (Man the Wise) his role shifted his role from genetic engineer to that of a freedom fighter. Because of the Romans(Enlils offspring) ancient text were edited, altered ,the Garden of Eden describes Enki & Ninti creating humanity at Ea’s headquarters. The House of the God of Water,Wisdom, fertility, known as the Great Serpent, the Garden was his 'den'. Naturally, humanity Would be born in Ea-Den. You will see from the text cited here, that it was Enki who created & then immediately fell in love with his creation. He earned & embraced the nickname of "Trickster', because being the wisest he tricked the other "Authorities"(Elohim- or Council of Rulers) for humanity’s sake.
"The bodies of Adam and Eve were overlaid with a horny skin that was as bright as daylight, like a luminescent garment".
In Ancient India this is also the description given of the Serpent people, benefactors & genetic engineers of humanity. (Bioluminescent i.e. they spontaneously emit light due to a chemical reaction in their body. This would explain the so-called “jewels of the Naga” that illuminates the netherworld. Bioluminescence is found in many deep sea fishes and other marine organisms like jellyfish, algae, bacteria etc., who emit light from their bodies that make the seas glow and glitter. This occurs due to the presence of a light-emitting molecule called luciferin, which produces light when it reacts with oxygen. Many organisms also produce the catalyst luciferase,
In both Sumer & the Jewish text we see the key role of the woman, who did nothing wrong, quite the contrary it is she who breathes the soul or psyche into man. Bit Shimti - "House where the wind of life is breathed in" - Ninmah is the proud mother the "essence" of the blood of a young Anunnaki male was mixed with the egg of a female hominid. The fertilized egg was then inserted into the womb of a female Anunnaki. When, after a tense waiting period, a "Model Man" was born, Ninmah held the newborn baby up and shouted: "I have created! My hands have made it!"[
Enki boasted, “A Civilized man I have brought forth. A new kind of Earthling from my seed has been created, in my image and after my likeness. From seed they from food will grow, from ewes sheep they will shepherd. For Gods, and offspring henceforth shall be satiated.“
In Genesis, it is understood that the Serpent speaks,and was of equal footing wth "God". We saw in the Nag Hammadi, and other ancient texts from around the world. He was also most notable, because he stood on 2 feet like man, and was even taller. The Sumerian term Annun-Aki meant 'tall ones', the height of the Serpent was equal to that of a camel. Chap 3 of Genesis the argument is given that man can't be one of US. He must not be allowed to eat from the tree & live forever". Even here you see they're brothers.
"Enki, the Lord of abundance, of trustworthy commands, The Lord of wisdom, who understands the land, The leader of the gods, Endowed with wisdom, the Lord of Eridu"...
It has always been Enli, the archons who aim to "destroy mankind in his psychological function". Later, it's Enlil who tries to force the other Authorities to keep the secret from mankind.
"Come, all of us, and take an oath regarding the killing Flood!" But as all the others took the oath, Enki resisted firmly. "I refuse. Why will you bind me with an oath?" he asked, "Am I to raise my hand against my own humans?" Meanwhile, our father Enki understands the importance of love and kindness to the raising of consciousness, he acts with kindness in defending humanity and dealing with all the life on the planet.
Ninmah The Ninhursag , an mother of humanity is shown with humanity at her breast.The priesthood of Sumer & Egypt were Dolichocephalic, like mother. the Serpent Cults today still maintains the pure bloodlines that were mandated after the deluge.)
She was the goddess of the stony, rocky ground, the hursag. The H symbol, i described at all the sacred "navel' sites, especially Göbekli Tepe, Puma Punku, has the same meaning. The serpent always represents spiritual wisdom, life and healing. The first symbols of serpents were attributed to Enki or NU.DIM.MUD (Nudimmud), "He Who Fashions Thing and then Ninhursag.("Whose House Is Water") . Nag hammadi-Origin of our World
The text describes Ninti 'let fall a droplet of light, it flowed onto the water, and immediately a human being appeared, being androgynous. That droplet she molded first as a female body. Afterwards, using the body she molded it in the likeness of the mother, which had appeared. This was Eve of Life namely, the female instructor of life. Her offspring is the creature that is lord. Afterwards, the authorities called it "Beast", so that it might lead astray their modelled creatures. (The interpretation of "the beast" is "the instructor". For it was found to be the wisest of all beings.)"
"Then each of them cast his sperm into the midst of the navel of the earth fashioned man with his body resembling their body.His modelling took place by parts, one at a time. And their leader fashioned the brain and the nervous system. Afterwards, he appeared as prior to him. He became a soul-endowed man"
"when the Authorities (Yahweh) had saw Adam/Eve transgressed their rule it came upon them an earthquake and a great threat, to see the result of the help that was give. Their eyes were blinded by him so they were not able to do anything to him. They merely cursed him, since they were powerless. And everything that they created they cursed. There is no blessing from them. Good cannot come from evil."
"Since that day the authorities knew that truly there was something stronger than they. They would not have known except that their commandment was broken. They brought a great envy into the world only because of the immortal human."
Enki possessed the secret of me, 'culture, civilization', which is the genius of progress in knowledge to lead humanity. He invented civilization for the people and assigned to each his destiny. He created order in the cosmos. He filled the rivers with fish. He invented the plough and the yoke so that farmers could till the earth with oxen. In the most recent thread you see each ruler from Egypt to Pharoah carries the plough, the Serpent Priest would assist the Pharoah who was in charge of a successful harvest. "Master Servant " was the Pharoah
"Enki made the grain grow. He is the father of all plants.” Of course he wanted his children to eat from the Tree of knowledge, With the Tree of Knowledge humans had the chance to figure out everything on their own in time, to be as equal or better than him, as any parent wants for there child. . Had they eaten only from the Tree of Life, they would live but not have been more the wiser.
Why should acquiring knowledge be a sin?" (the original sin) and comparing it to modern day observations ought to wake you up to the fact that you live within societal system that was engineered by the members of "God" to empower themselves while keeping those who live within it ignorant
The sacred waters of knowledge had a double meaning, it represents both the creationof the human body(mostly water) & it is talking about the water carried by the Sages in places like La Mana, Ecuador. This water has amazing healing properties, it is apart of ritual today in the Llanganates for visiting initiates. Indigenous elders working with the scientific community have had fascinating results. Electrum Water Hiv nanoparticles Silver "he interaction of nanoparticles with biomolecules and microorganisms is an expanding field of research. Wis. In this work, we demonstrate that silver nanoparticles undergo a size-dependent interaction with HIV-1, with nanoparticles exclusively in the range of 1-10nm attached to the virus"
The Dogon call our Master Teachers, The Monitors, Nummo also meanw 'to make one drink'(water of wisdom). The Hebrews termed these Watchers as nun resh’ayin, meaning “those who watch.” In the Greek this is translated as gigantes or giants, a race that even the 907 B.C. writer Hesiod featured as being monstrous (due to their serpentine aspect no doubt). Now we can understand the role of the giants 2 seen across the world of ancient script in respect to the presence of the Watchers.
The Apkallu, these priest of Enki i wrote about in the last thread, the genetic, archaeologicalevidence has shown R1b-V88 & R1b-M269 were associated with agriculture, cattle domestication, metal working, language, geopolymer construction, everywhere a Pyramid or Navel was Built the Mende/Yoruba & the Austro-Melanesian Pacific Islander Ghost Hominids dna dna is found. The Aunu/Anu people migrated across the globe. Göbekli Tepe The human ummânū is attested in the Uruk List of Kings and Sages, while other references to bird-apkallū are legion
The purādu-fish apkallū is principally attested in Berossus.These seven were each advisers for seven different kings and therefore result in two different lists, one of kings and one of apkallu. Neither the sages nor the kings in these lists were genealogically related however. Apkallu and human beings were presumably capable of conjugal relationships since after the flood, the myth states that four apkallu appeared. These were part human and part Apkallu, and included Nungalpirriggaldim, Pirriggalnungal, Pirriggalabsu, and Lu-nana who were only two-thirds ApkalluKundalini is the spiritual energy or life force present in every human being, located at the base of the spine.
They were believed to have apotropaic qualities, guarding the home from evil.Sages FigurinesThe three types of apkallū are portrayed, with the human ummânū at far left, the Nisroc bird-apkallū type in the middle, and the antediluvian purādu-fish type at far right.3 Apkallu
Remember that it was the woman who was Pharoah, her consort became king. Egypt, like most of the most sophisticated ancient civilizations were ruled by women. Ninhursags the Goddess of the stony, rocky ground that masons use to spiritually ascend higher, the H at Göbekli Tepe & Puma Punku represents mother. 'As above(ninmah), So below(Enki)'. The underworld was never a negative place before the Romans. The Pyramid, the Great house was the Woman's house. Sumerian text speak of the foundation being the stone & the water just as the Pyramid text of Saqqara. The Sumerian E.KUR - "House Which is Like a Mountain." Pyramid was put under the patronage of Ninharsag.in hymns shes recognized as mistress of the "House With a Pointed Peak" - a pyramid. CoffinText 313:Horus says "I created my Eye in flame, I made my Eye a living serpent". Remember, the serpent he saw was bipedal, always. As Robert Monroe reported in the Gateway Experiments.
"House bright and dark of Heaven and Earth, for the rocketships put together; E.KUR, House of the Gods with pointed peak; For Heaven-to-Earth it is greatly equipped. House whose interior glows with a reddish Light of Heaven, a beam of energy of creation which reaches far and wide; Its awesomeness touches the flesh. Awesome ziggurat, lofty mountain of mountains - Thy creation is great and lofty, men cannot understand it"
'House of Equipment, lofty house of Eternity: Its foundation are stones [which reach] the water; Its great circumference is set in the clay. House whose parts are skilfully woven together; House, the rightness of whose howling The Great-Ones-Who-See-and-Orbit brings down the rest . . . Mountain by which Utu ascends. [House] whose deep insides men cannot penetrate . . . Anu has magnified it.
In the Testament of Amram 2 men who resembling Living Serpents were seen fighting over him in his dream-vision. Even in ancient Text later we see "battles of the Gods', but in the very beginning We see the genius, Enki described as a kind, amicable child ONLY gets aggressive when his brother comes to harm his creation. Most importantly, Enlil & his realized he was powerless when Humanity had Enki by their side. So, his campaign was to disconnect us from that knowledge starting with the Bible & the Inquisition, they killed,raped, burned all of the knowledge that had allowed mankind to thrive.. then stashes the rest away, keeping it from the people. Dagon Catholicism
-In Egypt Ptah as Ea/Enki (Sumer he's also a cthonic diety "The Artful Creator") and Ra as his Firstborn son.
After Anu, Enlil, Enki and Ninmah had fashioned the black-headed people, Vegetation that is fruitful they multiplied in the land... In the Edin they placed them..
The descendants of Ham ("He Who is Hot" and also "The Dark-Hued One").... correspond to the African nation-lands of Nubia, Ethiopia, Egypt, and Lybia as the core nations of African resettlement, again beginning with the topographically higher areas..They were the Dogon, Hopis ancestors.. The ancient Chinese or Bak tribesmen which dominate China today called the Elamites KASHTI. Moreover, in the Bible the Book of Jeremiah (xlxx,35), we read "bow of Elam". It is interesting to note that both Khaltam-ti and Kashti as the name for Elam, agrees with Ta-Seti, the ancient name for Nubia located in the Meroitic Sudan. Sumerians Had Dolichocephalic skulls Genetic Evidence for convergent evolution SE AsianElamites-Mandig](http://olmec98.net/ElamPersians.png) Semitic speakers of Akkad and the non-Semitic speakers of Sumer were both sag-gig-ga or "blackheads".Elamite language, is closely related to the African languages including Egyptian and the Dravidian languages of India. Alchemy as Taught by Children of Enki
Antediluvian Kings of Sumer were known as Kings of Kush".the major Kushite tribe in Central Asia was called Kushana. The Kushan of China were styled Ta Yueh-ti or "the Great Lunar Race". Along the Salt Swamp, there was a state called Ku-Shih of Tibet. The city of K-san, was situated in the direction of Kushan, which was located in the Western part of the Gansu Province of China.
Here we find the divine decrees presented by Enki to Inanna are those referring to lordship, godship, the exalted and enduring crown, the throne of kingship, the exalted scepter, the exalted shrine, shepherdship, kingship, the numerous priestly offices, truth, descent into the nether world and ascent from it, the music From the tree in the Mesopotamian depiction hang two pieces of fruit. To the right of the tree is the half-moon symbol of Ea; to the left is the planet symbol of Anu.
Lastly the pineal gland(pine cone). In India it is a stick of bamboo with seven knots… which represents the spinal column with its seven centers or chakras… It also indicated the spinal cord…while the serpents were symbolical of the two channels called in Eastern terminology Ida and Pinagala; and the fire enclosed within it was the serpent-fire which in Sanskrit is called kundalini." Even the natural behaviors of the pine cone have an esoteric meaning:
"as it ripens, the pine cone slowly opens to release its mature seeds."
This process is symbolic of the expansion of consciousness that accompanies the opening of the pineal gland and the awakening of the Third Eye. The metaphor is a valuable and stimulating mental lesson of an esoteric phenomenon that cannot otherwise be seen or explained since it occurs inside the brain..
The One sure way, and what's been happening wthin the last century especially is to keep knowledge away from the human race. If we as a collective are so ingrained in our beliefs, how can we ever be open to new ideas pertaining to the nature of reality?

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2023.06.04 22:35 lemonicedboxcookies Potty Training Bootcamp wasn’t 100% successful, but I KNOW she’s ready.

FTM with a 2yr., 2mo. old. We’re on the final stretch of Potty Training Bootcamp weekend and I didn’t get the results I was expecting. Everything I’ve read says that if this doesn’t work in 3 days, they’re not ready, but I truly believe she is(hides to poop, has used potty here and there successfully, goes hours without being wet, etc.).
Anyway, she’s had quite a few successful pees on the potty today, but that’s mostly because we put her on there a lot and she just happens to go. She’s yet to ask to go and will still just pee wherever she is, though it upsets her because she is naked and she doesn’t like the feeling of being wet. I guess I’m just seeking advice? I can’t extend the bootcamp because it requires almost constant supervision and commitment that I can’t provide during a regular work week. She is now able to recognize when she pees thanks to this, which is definitely progress. I’m just SO ready to ditch diapers..
For those who don’t know, the bootcamp is 3 days of putting the kid on the potty every 15 min. or so to catch them peeing so you can reward it and they can practice. It’s also recommended for them to be either naked or wearing training pants so they can feel when they go/have to go and learn how to recognize that sensation. It’s a bit intense and a big commitment. You have to watch them like a hawk for bathroom signs to catch it before it happens.
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2023.06.04 22:31 phoenix_xs Beacon of Sorcery Question

Hi Guys,
I had a question come in up my game today about beacon of sorcery and multiple big birds. The question was if the bonuses stacked resulting in more than +1 to cast for my wizards. I've read a couple write ups on woehammer about lists where they say that the bonuses do stack, but the core rule book is ambiguous on if this works.
So, I'm leaving it to the Reddit hivemind. Does beacon of sorceries from multiple LoC's/Kairos stack?
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2023.06.04 22:28 WillingnessNew8213 Sinners (Kappa&Tween) appreciation post

Hello everyone, hope you are all having a great day!
Just wanted to take a moment and write an appreciation post regarding Sinners making playoffs for the first time in the second stage of the TMWT. From being last position(0-7) in the last stage and starting 0-3 this stage, Sinners made 4th straight match win today secure their spot in the playoffs. Despite some of the matches being close, I can imagine it took insane amount of mental strength and long hours of practice to make this happen. I would like to wish them all the best of luck for the remainder of the season!
Lastly I would like to mention that not only they secured playoff spot with their win tonight, but also showed that when you have the passion for something and eventhough the luck is not on your side for some period of time nor the results are there, NEVER GIVE UP! You will be rewarded for your efforts.
Take care!
submitted by WillingnessNew8213 to TrackMania [link] [comments]