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Total War Warhammer 2 - Some thoughts on how to improve the Empire moving into game 3

2018.10.02 04:48 Lonewolfe28 Total War Warhammer 2 - Some thoughts on how to improve the Empire moving into game 3

Howdy fair people of the Total War community,

The Empire, as most Old World factions, is in dire need of new updates, major buffs, reworked mechanics, and new gameplay system in order to stay competitive with the races of the New World and Daemons of Chaos in game 3 plus god knows what else will show up in DLC packs. The reason I choose the Empire as a point of discussion is because they're my favorite and most played faction in the game. Thus I'm fairly familiar with their units and strengths and weaknesses. With that being said, let's get right into the nitty gritty.

*Note* I do understand that some of my proposals need to take balance into consideration in order for them to work well with the Empire. However I can't mention all of my ideas and how gameplay balance has to be tweaked since it would take forever to write down; I'm gonna just spit it out right here so you guys know I do keep that notion in mind.

Update#1 - Armored and better halberdiers: Halberdiers are a very useful and cost effective unit when it comes to dealing with Large and holding the line. But I don't their stats and especially their armor competitive anymore in game 2 when you have Phoenix Guard and Black Guard soaking up tremendous damage and cutting down monsters and heavy calvary left and right. Not to mention the denizens of feral and heavily armored dinosaurs who are eager to eat your face and gore you to oblivion. Halberdiers don't need to be Phoenix Guard or Black Guard though they definitely need to step up their game. I think increasing their armor value to 60 or better yet 70 and also their defense/armor-piercing damage would be a step in the right direction. Of course, higher recruitment and upkeep cost would accompany these changes.

Update#2 - Better Greatswords: Greatswords should have their armor increased from 95 to 100 first and foremost. Then I suggest stat update if necessary. I also propose a unique ability for Greatswords called "Cleave" which grants them very high melee attack and enable their strikes to hit multiple targets at once (it should work like splash damage rather than area damage) as long as they're not wavering and putting on a shameful display.

Update#2 - Reikguards on foot: Correct me if I'm wrong but I remember that in the lore, Reikguards serve the Emperor both on foot and on horseback. The reason for their addition is simple, more Reikguards always makes the Chaos-ridden world a bit brighter and easier to live in. In all seriousness though foot Reikguards would make an excellent replacement for the generic Swordmen as heavily armored and shielded front line units.

Update#3 - The addition of Knights of the White Wolf and Knights Panther: Knights of the White Wolf, when added, would fill the void within the Empire's roster of armored armor-piercing melee calvary while the Knights Panther would be anti-large and armor-piercing shock calvary. I do hope if CA's gonna add Knights Panther, they would flesh the unit out instead of making them a stepping stone before you get to Demigryph Knights (Halberds).

Update#4 - An Imperial Armory feature similar to the Mortuary Cult: This is my most ambitious proposal to CA and I would be ecstatic if it makes it into the game (maybe into other factions' mechanics.) It works like this: you would accumulate certain resources and satisfy certain criteria (like having 3 units of swordmen in your army for example), then you shall be able to craft wargears and armor that can be equipped by your troops. For instance, you've crafted "full plate armor", and you can equip it onto your generic swordmen. Suddenly they become armored and their defense increased albeit they would tire more easily and have their speed decreased. Another one would be giving Halberdiers "Poleaxes" which grants them increased armor-piercing damage and anti-infantry bonus but raises their cost moderately. You can think of the feature like the squad upgrades in the Dawn of War series in which you can gear your soldiers for a specific task.

This Imperial Armory would grant your units sidegrades rather than upgrades. The majority of your wargears and armor would be unlimited and you can confer them to your units as many times as it pleases you. However, some of them would be limited like the "Unbreakable" ability for example. Wargears and armor forged by the Armory require adoption cost to be equipped by your troops. Thus you have to think about your economy and also the side effects of these sidegrades before using them cause they're not no-brainer options. Furthermore each piece of wargear and armor would take up a certain amount of slots, and units of the Empire have a fixed amount of slots associated to them; a Swordmen unit can only have one slot and will have to content with low-tier sidegrades versus a Greatswords unit with 3 slots who can don much better wargears and armor. The whole idea behind the Imperial Armory is to give the player the ability to fully customize and create bespoken armies.

Update#5 - Reworked Arch Lector and Warrior Priest: Currently these two dudes are very meh (at least according to my experience.) They don't really excel in anything, and you can't really rely on them to melee other Heroes or units. They're just glorified buff givers, but it's such a waste given that fact the dudes carry big-ass hammers with them all the time. My suggestion is that, first of all, they should be given the "Chaos Nemesis" trait (the name of the trait can be whatever you want) which renders them unbreakable and grants them increased weapon damage, melee attack and melee defense when fighting against Chaos or Chaos tainted factions (Norsca and Beastmen.) These bonuses would translate into smaller ones and be applied onto units fighting within their auras (unbreakable will be translated to bonus leadership however.) This trait can be further upgraded into "Nemesis of the Unholy" which extend the bonuses to include Undead enemies as well (Vampires and Tomb Kings.)

The second trait I would give them is "Martyr". When either of these dudes reach critical level of health (let's say 35%), a map-wide buff would trigger purging all units of negative leadership debuffs and rendering them immune to psychology with increased melee attack and defense. This effect lasts until the Martyr dies or his health recovered/healed to the 50% threshold.

I'm not familiar with the lore of Arch Lectors/Warrior Priests so you guys are free to throw your hats into the ring and tell me your suggestions to make them better. I personally want the Arch Lectors to be more than just a bigger and badder version of the Warrior Priests.

Update#6 - Reworked Balthasar Gelt: Currently he's pretty weak, and even though he is the Master of the Lore of Metal, you don't really get that from using him; his skill tree lacks impactful upgrades that differentiate him from an average Metal Wizard. His stats are abysmal too. Being the Master of the Lore of Metal yet his armor is like 15 (if I remember correctly.) Like seriously CA, you're gonna do this to a Metal Wizard? Personally I don't see anything wrong if CA makes him the most armored Wizard-Lord in the game. His stats in general need to be buff also. So he can hold his own before other Lords/Heroes/units come to his rescue.

Closing thoughts

The Empire needs unique starting positions, more Lords, reworked government mechanic, bug fixing, improved Helstorm Rocket Battery, more landmark buildings, etc. I hope we will see the Empire as well as all the Old World races brought up to speed and ready before game 3 hits and the inevitable doom Chaos would bring to the world of Warhammer. Let's me know what you think. Are there anything you wanna see improved for your favorite factions?

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2018.02.12 13:22 xblood_raven Chaos Dwarf Speculation and Roster

Inspired by a few threads and members, a thread to discuss how the Chaos Dwarfs could play and what their roster would be seemed interesting.
Lore and Background (a basic version, the lore can be found on the Wiki page for a detailed version)-Certain Dwarfs decided to move from the World Edge’s Mountains into Zorn Uzkul or the Great Skull Land that would become the Dark Lands in search of minerals and other riches. The land in the east was desolate and many turned back but some who were more adventurous decided to stay. Although the Dwarfs in the West and East kept in contact, the Time of Chaos ruined this and the Eastern Dwarfs were though lost to Chaos. In reality, they survived, albeit changed in both mind and body.
In a desperate situation and with the Dwarf Gods seemingly abandoning them, the Eastern Dwarfs turned to the Father of Darkness, Hashut for aid. This brought a ‘gift’, which was magic to the Dwarf race alongside other dark secrets (magic is actually a curse as Dwarfs are not meant to wield magic and therefore slowly turn to stone). The Chaos Dwarfs were born and they were a cruel, evil reflection of the Dwarfs. They could still create and build but it would be for the purpose of malice such as killing and enslaving. The Dark Lands became a polluted wasteland through overuse of industry and use of daemonic siege engines. The Chaos Dwarfs rule this desolate place and wish to expand their dominance further in the name of Hashut. Here is a map of the Dark Lands.
Climate, Terrain and Building aesthetics
Climate-Looking at the available climates, Wasteland is the most effective for the Chaos Dwarfs. Could include a new one for Industrial Wasteland considering that is one of the reasons the Dark Lands is in such a horrific state. Would be a hostile land to all but Chaos Dwarfs (even then, some areas are hostile to everyone).
Terrain and Building aesthetics-The Dark Lands is an inhospitable place in which the terrain is mostly ash-filled wasteland from volcanoes and industrial pollution. Industrial buildings rise into the soot-covered sky, all to meet the land-destroying demands of the Chaos Dwarfs. There are still places of interest of course. You can read about the Dark Lands here.
Playstyle-Like every army, different forms of strategies can be formed with many types of army lists but there is always one ‘general’ feel to an army. For the Chaos Dwarfs, it is obviously similar to the Dwarfs in terms of a defensive line with armoured warriors and artillery. However, there are major differences that will definitely change your playstyle. First, is that Chaos Dwarfs have cavalry such as Hobgoblin Wolf Riders or Bull Centaur Renders who give the Chaos Dwarfs some speed to flank or run down fleeing units. Second, is that Chaos Dwarfs have more airpower with the Bale Taurus and Lammasu. Third is that Chaos Dwarfs have Daemonic units in their artillery and literally with K'daai Fireborn and K’daai Destroyer. Fourth is that Chaos Dwarfs can actually use magic through multiple lores. Last is that Chaos Dwarfs have slave units like Orcs, Hobgoblins and Black Orcs who can be used as cannon fodder or for a more aggressive playstyle.
In regards to the campaign map, I would expect the Chaos Dwarfs to have a slave-based economy like the Dark Elves but have the unique ability to take from this slave economy for military units like Orcs or Hobgoblins. I would also expect a pollution element that will reduce landscapes to a sulphusoot blasted wasteland through industrial pollution. Although this will cause attrition in areas and annoy allies, it will also bring up immense amounts of wealth through gems and minerals that make the Chaos Dwarfs incredibly rich. In terms of unique battle mechanic, I would call it ‘Hashut’s Hatred’ in which after a certain number of kills on the battlefield, Chaos Dwarfs units (no slaves included) gain flaming attacks and increased attack. Rules in Legion Azgorh have many special rules on leadership so I was thinking that Chaos Dwarfs could instead become unbreakable (I struggled to think of something so would like more discussion on this).
Special Rules-Dwarfs and Chaos Dwarfs on the tabletop had two special rules (the first two) but Chaos Dwarfs had another called 'Contempt'.
Magic Lore-Chaos Dwarfs can use the Lore of Hashut, Lore of Fire, Lore of Metal and Lore of Death. The Lore of Hashut has a ‘Killing Fire’ rule in which units that are flammable suffer extra damage so Durthu, Tree units and Tomb Kings leaders will be especially vulnerable. Also, I forgot to mention that all Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer or Wizard characters also count as Engineers so like a Dwarf Runesmith and Dwarf Master Engineer combined. They are also immune to psychology (fear and terror does not effect them). Anyway, onto the spells.
Rites (These are a fan-guess which is hopefully lore-themed). The Chaos Dwarfs do sacrifice victims to Hashut so I'm basing it around that.
Hats-Yes, I’m being serious here as there has been arguments over this. It started over the last Chaos Dwarf Army book in which Chaos Dwarfs had the unique Mesopotamian-style hats and beards. However, the Legion of Azgorh (Forge World book) had the Chaos Dwarfs with Chaos Warrior style helmets but without the horns. Lore has stated that the tall hats are usually reserved for nobility with standard helmets and face masks for the lower ranks (White Dwarf Presents: Chaos Dwarfs Games Workshop 47, "Bestiary: Chaos Dwarfs").
Therefore, my personal preference to this would be for Sorcerer-Prophets and Lords to have the highest top hats, Immortals and Chaos Dwarf Warriors with tops hats and Infernal Guard to have the ‘Forge World’ or helmets/masks as they are disgraced. Crew members for War Machines should have mini-hats or face masks.
Roster: This roster is made from combining the 4th/5th Edition ‘White Dwarf Presents: Chaos Dwarfs’, Warhammer: Ravening Hordes (6th/7th Edition), Legion of Azgorh army list from Forge World’s Tamurkhan: Throne of Chaos (8th Edition) and other smaller sources.
LLs and Lords (The Chaos Dwarfs have about 6 possible LLs but the top four are the ones I expect).
Infantry Units
Monstrous Units
War Machines and Artillery (The big one as Chaos Dwarfs have some excellent and deadly siege weapons; they truly are the masters of it)-There are also some additional points that I must make. Chaos Dwarf War Machines can purchase an upgrade called ‘Hellbound’ that makes them demonic. This makes them cause fear, increased damage through magical attacks and increases toughness. Misfires will cause additional damage though. Second upgrade is Steam Carriage which allows the War Machine to be placed on a Steam Carriage. These wheeled chassis allows them to be towed along by the Iron Daemon effectively making it a steam driven artillery train when combined (get on abroad the Daemonic hype train).
Hopefully you have enjoyed the read and has given you a idea of what the Chaos Dwarfs are about. If there anything that I have left out or believe is a major point to add, then please say.
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2017.01.09 15:02 acloudrift Why are "Republicans Planning Historic Sell-Off of Federal Lands"?

Jan. 9, 2017 This is a new popular theme on the web, and Reddit (do a search). What do you suppose is behind this initiative? The obvious track is a repeat of what happened in the early 1990s when USSR collapsed, and oligarchs raped the national resources, took them private for kopeks on the ruble. Will the US Federal land inventory be auctioned off for pennies on the dollar to Trump's real estate cronies? My conjecture is yes, but not the way you might think.
First off, Trump is a closet Jew. And all his adult children married Jews. Ipso facto, Trump = friend of Israel, but not friend of AIPAC or ADL because these are tentacles of the NAZIonist Khazarian Mafia.
Second, Israel is going into a quagmire of sheet created by their NAZIish leaders The disclosures coming in 2017 are going to hit this little nation like a megaton of BRICS, with Japan, and US military at the top of the list ready to take them down. Their leaders have been bad news from the beginning when Israel was carved out of the British Empire by armed conflict, and they have been perpetrating atrocities against the Palestinians ever since. You don't believe this because you have been fed pro-Israel propaganda all your life.
Third, Israel is basically populated with good people, stuck in a bad neighborhood, with terrible long term prospects, now that their leadership is heading toward military tribunals and crimes against humanity. Their best option is to get out before the sheet hits so hard it will be too late. Making a peaceful withdrawal, they can dismantle their cherished landmarks and move them to new digs, somewhere safe from Muslim attacks, and protected by a friendly and powerful patron. Enter the USA.
Much of the Federal land inventory is in Nevada, which is mostly desert, similar to the Negev. Tel Aviv is at lat. 32 N. Las Vegas Nevada is lat. 36 N, just 4 deg. farther N and about 650 m higher elevation (cooler climate). If the Republicans are acting ahead of time, on the advice of military intelligence, will they be setting up a swath of Nevada for New Israel, and the Israeli Resettlement Coalition (for now a fictional organization)?
Afterthoughts... New Jerusalem could be a full scale replica of old Jerusalem, and I mean old; like Solomon's Temple, King David's palace, Calvary Hill, etc. Lurking somewhere abouts would be hotels, casinos, theaters, Kosher restaurants, glitzy mortuary franchises, apartment blocks, etc. A combination Old-World city and biblical theme park, with stuff like Noah's Ark, the Garden of Eden... all populated by robotic actors. For water this city might have uphill aqueducts running along interstate highway 40 from eastern rivers. It could be a big, kitsch, profitable tourist attraction, the G rated alternative to Vegas (Sin City). Fits perfectly in Nevada.
Another afterthought... a new concept in real estate, the ideology mall; a sort of world's fair for ideas which has no expiration date. New Israel should attempt to flair a higher-than-average intellectual level which rises above commercialism. Therefore, invite organizations to erect pavilions to represent religions, special interests, political movements, nations, markets, or anything else that qualifies.
Side note... Wm. Mount (not a reliable source, but interesting) claims Dome-of-the-Rock (Jewish/Islamic shrine) is a 3-D replica of western USA... ff to 3:50
Update Feb. 4
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