Survivor season 43 contestants

Outwit, Outplay, Out-upvote

2008.04.18 10:33 Outwit, Outplay, Out-upvote

Information and discussion about the greatest show in television history: SURVIVOR!

2015.04.27 19:29 HipsterDoofus31 Survivor Edgic

Watching Survivor through the process of analyzing the edit.

2023.05.28 18:53 RpRDraugr Were Season 4 contestants all allowed the 10 "special" items?

So i was looking at the gear list and there's a section that contestants are allowed to choose 10 items from, no duplicates, and only 2 food items. This is for the solo challenge though. For the team were they each allowed 10 items, meaning 20 per team, or were they still restricted to 10?
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2023.05.28 18:53 DeepGreenSport The Ultimate Showdown: Chivas Guadalajara vs Tigres UANL - A Thrilling Season Finale

The Ultimate Showdown: Chivas Guadalajara vs Tigres UANL - A Thrilling Season Finale
The stage is set for a thrilling finale as Guadalajara and Tigres UANL lock horns at Estadio Akron. Despite being considered underdogs by the bookmakers, Tigres holds a slight edge in terms of performances, according to the insights provided by SportGPT-1. Our radar graph analysis further highlights Tigres' potent attacking line, showcasing their ability to strike fear into the hearts of opponents. Throughout the season, Guadalajara has defied expectations and proven that they are not to be underestimated, with coach Veljko Paunovic's tactical prowess yielding impressive results. Their resilient defense will be tested against the firepower of Tigres' formidable attackers, who have consistently demonstrated their ability to breach even the most solid defenses. As the closing match of the season, this clash between Guadalajara and Tigres UANL promises to be a closely contested battle filled with excitement and unpredictable twists. Football enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the showdown on May 29th, eagerly awaiting the outcome that will determine who will emerge victorious and claim the coveted title.
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2023.05.28 18:52 katelovesmeiu A Professional Challenger Coach Verified Metafy Partner Seven Years of Proven Coaching Expertise Over 6.500 Sessions Held Over 3.000 Individual Clients US Collegiate Coach Guaranteed Improvement Personalised Coaching Plans Shelbion#8832

About Me
Hey there, my name is Shelbion and I've been an avid League of Legends player for over a decade. In Season 4, I reached Challenger for the first time and even considered pursuing a professional career. However, after much reflection, I decided to pursue other challenges within the game itself.
Some of my notable achievements as a player include:
In addition to my experience as a Player, I am also the Founder of Noxus Coaching - a rapidly growing, educational community on Discord. Our community is a great place to find new friends to play with, have a good time, and most importantly, improve your skills.
We hold various events on a weekly basis, including 1v1 & 5v5 tournaments, meme contests, and more. There are plenty of rewards to be won, including free coaching sessions with me. To join our community, visit and message me upon joining to receive your role.
As a coach with over 6.500 hours of experience, I have a passion for helping others improve and reach their goals. By studying the techniques of renowned coaches such as LS and MagiFelix, I have developed my own unique coaching approach that has helped countless individuals and over 20 teams advance their competitive play across 5 different continents, including members of various College and University E-Sports Teams.
Some of my notable achievements include:
I am dedicated to continuously honing my skills and providing the best coaching experience possible to all of my clients, regardless of their rank or location.
How Does it Work?
We will schedule an initial Interview during which we can discuss your goals and I can provide a more detailed explanation of my coaching services. This interview will typically last for 3-5 minutes.
The First Session is designed to assess your current level of gameplay and identify areas for improvement. After conducting an analysis, I will create a Personalized Coaching Plan tailored to your specific needs. This plan will outline a series of sessions designed to maximize your improvement.
The Coaching Plan may include various session types, such as:
All sessions will be personalized and created specifically for each student's needs. By following this plan, you can feel confident that you are taking the most effective steps to achieve your goals.
Personalized Support (Available 24/7)
In addition to the structured coaching sessions, I offer personalized support to my clients on a 24/7 basis. Whether you have a specific question or just want to debrief after a tough game, I am always available to help. Simply message me and I will respond as quickly as possible.
I am able to cover any server and any timezone! Rates for both Private and Team coaching are negotiable. We will easily get the sessions to fit your budget and your needs. Payments are usually done through PayPal, however other forms of Payment such as Direct Transfer can be discussed.
Main form of contact is Discord on which you can find me at Shelbion#8832
Feel free to message me either on Discord or through a Direct Message on Reddit and I will come back to you as quickly as possible.
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2023.05.28 18:49 CSGOMatchThreads Lynn Vision vs Rare Atom / ESL Challenger League Season 45 Asia-Pacific - Grand Final / Post-Match Discussion

Lynn Vision 🇨🇳 2-3 🇨🇳 Rare Atom

Default: 1-0 Nuke: 16-13 Anubis: 6-16 Inferno: 13-16 Ancient: 3-16
Congratulations to Rare Atom for winning the ESL Challenger League Season 45 Asia-Pacific!

Map picks:

Lynn Vision MAP Rare Atom
Vertigo X
X Mirage
X Overpass

Full Match Stats:

Team K-D ADR KAST Rating
🇨🇳 Lynn Vision
🇨🇳 Starry 64-70 80.6 68.7% 1.04
🇨🇳 Jee 56-59 56.7 72.7% 0.99
🇨🇳 z4kr 57-66 70.8 70.7% 0.98
🇨🇳 Westmelon 56-77 65.0 61.6% 0.84
🇨🇳 EmiliaQAQ 46-73 53.5 60.6% 0.72
🇨🇳 Rare Atom
🇨🇳 Mercury 78-53 83.8 83.8% 1.31
🇨🇳 Moseyuh 77-65 91.7 74.7% 1.26
🇨🇳 JamYoung 70-52 71.7 73.7% 1.17
🇲🇾 kaze 57-48 58.7 76.8% 1.04
🇨🇳 advent 59-64 67.6 68.7% 1.00

Individual Map Stats:

Map 1: Nuke

Team CT T Total
🇨🇳 Lynn Vision 1
🇨🇳 Rare Atom 0
Team K-D ADR KAST Rating
🇨🇳 Lynn Vision
🇨🇳 Starry 24-17 91.2 79.3% 1.36
🇨🇳 Jee 20-12 64.5 82.8% 1.22
🇨🇳 z4kr 15-14 66.3 75.9% 1.03
🇨🇳 Westmelon 17-22 69.2 62.1% 0.90
🇨🇳 EmiliaQAQ 15-19 61.9 65.5% 0.81
🇨🇳 Rare Atom
🇨🇳 Moseyuh 26-19 100.3 72.4% 1.46
🇨🇳 Mercury 23-18 77.8 79.3% 1.19
🇨🇳 advent 11-18 48.5 69.0% 0.83
🇲🇾 kaze 12-17 48.6 65.5% 0.78
🇨🇳 JamYoung 12-19 51.0 62.1% 0.74

Nuke detailed stats and VOD


Map 2: Anubis

Team T CT Total
🇨🇳 Lynn Vision 6 10 16
🇨🇳 Rare Atom 9 4 13
Team K-D ADR KAST Rating
🇨🇳 Lynn Vision
🇨🇳 Westmelon 15-16 70.5 59.1% 0.96
🇨🇳 Jee 11-14 54.6 68.2% 0.90
🇨🇳 z4kr 8-14 51.3 68.2% 0.80
🇨🇳 Starry 8-15 53.8 54.5% 0.71
🇨🇳 EmiliaQAQ 9-18 52.4 59.1% 0.68
🇨🇳 Rare Atom
🇲🇾 kaze 19-7 74.4 90.9% 1.51
🇨🇳 JamYoung 16-10 75.8 81.8% 1.30
🇨🇳 Moseyuh 16-11 89.6 72.7% 1.24
🇨🇳 Mercury 11-9 61.7 81.8% 1.18
🇨🇳 advent 15-14 76.0 68.2% 1.05

Anubis detailed stats and VOD


Map 3: Inferno

Team CT T Total
🇨🇳 Lynn Vision 6 0 6
🇨🇳 Rare Atom 9 7 16
Team K-D ADR KAST Rating
🇨🇳 Lynn Vision
🇨🇳 Starry 20-20 85.1 72.4% 1.08
🇨🇳 Westmelon 22-22 74.2 69.0% 1.07
🇨🇳 z4kr 18-21 75.7 72.4% 1.07
🇨🇳 Jee 16-18 62.8 69.0% 0.98
🇨🇳 EmiliaQAQ 14-20 53.4 58.6% 0.79
🇨🇳 Rare Atom
🇨🇳 Mercury 23-18 84.7 82.8% 1.26
🇨🇳 JamYoung 24-16 72.3 72.4% 1.24
🇨🇳 Moseyuh 20-22 83.3 72.4% 1.09
🇲🇾 kaze 16-18 67.2 65.5% 0.94
🇨🇳 advent 14-18 59.5 69.0% 0.91

Inferno detailed stats and VOD


Map 4: Ancient

Team T CT Total
🇨🇳 Lynn Vision 8 5 13
🇨🇳 Rare Atom 7 9 16
Team K-D ADR KAST Rating
🇨🇳 Lynn Vision
🇨🇳 z4kr 16-17 92.7 63.2% 1.02
🇨🇳 Starry 12-18 88.7 63.2% 0.92
🇨🇳 Jee 9-15 38.0 68.4% 0.76
🇨🇳 EmiliaQAQ 8-16 41.9 57.9% 0.60
🇨🇳 Westmelon 2-17 38.0 52.6% 0.34
🇨🇳 Rare Atom
🇨🇳 Mercury 21-8 117.0 94.7% 1.78
🇨🇳 JamYoung 18-7 97.8 84.2% 1.64
🇨🇳 advent 19-14 99.6 68.4% 1.44
🇨🇳 Moseyuh 15-13 93.8 84.2% 1.28
🇲🇾 kaze 10-6 43.0 94.7% 1.08

Ancient detailed stats and VOD

This thread was created by the Post-Match Team. If you want to share any feedback or have any concerns, please message u/CSGOMatchThreads.
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2023.05.28 18:46 JonnySB What’s your guys highest kill victory royale record?

What’s your guys highest kill victory royale record?
I just beat mine of 16 by one kill on stream too! What’s your guys personal best?
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2023.05.28 18:41 VODThread [SGDQ] VoD Thread 2023

The event's schedule may change without notice so this thread can be out-of-date by several minutes. Please check the event's website for the most accurate reference.
Don't gild the thread, donate the money instead! ^_^
This thread is powered by the thread updater using data from Games Done Quick,, and the contributors to the VOD site. Thank you to the volunteers that keep this thread running!



Game Runner / Channel Time / Link
Pre-Show (before the marathon%) Interview Crew 0:30:00
Sonic Frontiers (Any%)+ AlphaDolphin 1:17:00
Bugsnax (All Bosses Co-op)+ Konception and limy 0:45:00
Mega Man Maker (any%)+ megamarino 0:30:00
F-Zero X (All Tracks (Expansion Kit)) 1davidj 1:25:00
Skate 2 (Any%)+ SupaScared 0:45:00
The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap (Any%) Myth197 1:40:00
BONUS GAME 1 - Ring Fit Adventure (Beat World 1 Intensity 30 Restricted) Verxl 0:20:00
Luigi's Mansion (100% Race)+ HDlax and Jovin 1:15:00
Daily Recap - Sunday (Recap%) Interview Crew 0:15:00
Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition (NG Devil Hunter - Nero/Dante) DECosmic 1:20:00
Thief (2014) (Any% (Rogue, No DLC))+ DemonicRobots 1:25:00
Banjo-Kazooie (100% no FFM)+ duck 2:08:00
Dark Summit (Any%)+ flatline 0:50:00
Bloody Hell (Any%)+ BystanderTim 0:15:00
Loom (Any% VGA)+ LMMotoss 0:30:00
Michael Jackson's Moonwalker (Any%) RetroBrando 0:22:00
SuzukiBakuhatsu (Any% Hard) quino 0:20:00
Metal Slug XX (normal Any% eri)+ sukimos 0:25:00
Anodyne (All Bosses) LaserTrap_ 0:27:00
PHOGS! (Solo Any%)+ Sean_A 1:05:00
Alien Swarm (Any% Co-op)+ Kykystas and mr.deagle 0:20:00
Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle (Season 3) Froob 0:52:00
Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII - Reunion (Any% Race)+ desa3579 and BigSid 1:20:00
Peggle Deluxe (Any%)+ britsha 1:20:00
ENDER LILIES: Quietus of the Knights (All Spirits)+ Keizaron 1:10:00
Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus (All Keys)+ Zenthrow 1:12:00
The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds (Any%) benstephens56 1:35:00
Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon (Any% Ultimate) The Blacktastic 0:25:00
Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2 (Episode 1: Normal/Veteran) DanTheVP 0:38:00
BONUS GAME 2 - Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (Randomizer- Any% Glitchless (Lycanthrope)) Dr4gonBlitz 1:05:00
Daily Recap - Monday (Recap%) Interview Crew 0:15:00
StepManiaX (Game Showcase) ZephyrGlaze, WDRM, and chezmix 1:20:00
Katana ZERO (All Stages Normal)+ Modulottie 0:24:00
Hearthstone: Knights of the Frozen Throne (Solo Adventures) srd_27 0:30:00
Overcooked! 2: Night of the Hangry Horde (All (Hangry) Horde Levels) RUBIEHART, Peace Egg, and Sunbrojade 1:00:00
Chained Echoes (Any% No CW - Fresh File)+ moonblazewolf 0:53:00
Alpha Prime (Any%)+ danejerus 0:34:00
Rose of Meat (Any%) shmumbler 0:12:00
SNOLF (Any% No Coordinate Warp)+ dowolf 0:40:00
Marathon Infinity (All Main Levels - Kindergarten) tbcr 0:35:00
G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero (Any%)+ MixMastaPJ 0:25:00
Maniac Mansion (Any%)+ Sathdresh 0:08:00
Disney's 102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the Rescue (All Levels, Inbounds race (PS2)) passere and TaintedTali 0:32:00
Ratatouille (Any%)+ adef 0:25:00
CrossCode (Any% No Menu Glitches)+ EpicYoshiMaster 1:35:00
Hi-Fi RUSH (Any% NG Easy)+ MoistRock 2:45:00
Bastion (Live Tutorial Showcase) Cosmic_Bones and SeaAverage 0:35:00
Returnal (Fresh File Glitched (PC))+ cavecavecave 0:40:00
The Elder Scrolls Anthology (Main Series)+ Chronos_R 2:00:00
BioShock 2 (Any%) bloodthunder 1:05:00
BONUS GAME 3 - Halo 3 (Legendary) g3lk_jr 1:25:00
Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes (Any% - Normal)+ NickRPGreen 1:11:00
Daily Recap - Tuesday (Recap%) Interview Crew 0:15:00
Silent Hill: Homepour (All Bosses NG+) shmumbler 2:45:00
SIGNALIS (Any% Casual Difficulty / Memory Ending)+ DruciferPlays 0:50:00
Choo-Choo Charles (Any%)+ Bird650 0:25:00
Resident Evil 6 (Ada vs Jake, Coop, Amateur, NG+)+ TaintedTali and texan_red_wolf 1:20:00
Dead Rising 2 (TimeSkip NG)+ Ecdycis 1:00:00
Kidnapped (Any%)+ sharkhat87 0:10:00
Goosebumps: Dead of Night (Any% Normal)+ nyiddle 0:15:00
Beard Blade (Any%)+ janglestorm 0:54:00
Dharma Doujo (Any%) Lizstar 0:40:00
Gauntlet (Any% Co-op)+ yelsraek and chessjerk 0:20:00
Sifu (WUDE Any% (Master))+ EileenCream 0:52:00
Exodus from the Earth (Any%)+ catalystz 0:35:00
Touhou 14.3: Impossible Spell Card (All Scenes No Items) msm_smtn 1:20:00
Shatterhand (Any%)+ Amad 0:24:00
lil gator game (Any%)+ ItzBytez 0:18:00
Dangun Feveron (Arcade) Qlex 0:22:00
Trine Enchanted Edition (Any% NG+)+ GrosHiken 0:25:00
N++ (Co-op Legacy X-row) killingpepsi and XandoToaster 0:25:00
HITMAN 3 (Any% Freelancer Campaign) Frote7 0:30:00
Shadow the Hedgehog (Glitchless Bidwar)+ MetalMedb 0:20:00
Sonic Adventure (DX) (All Stories Relay)+ SpacebarS, shovelclaws, Themimik, Yoshipuff, AlphaDolphin, and Allegro 1:50:00
The Legend of Zelda: Majoras Mask (Blitz Randomizer)+ spikevegeta 2:30:00
BONUS GAME 4 - Super Mario Odyssey (Any%) Dangers 1:02:00
Daily Recap - Wednesday (Recap%) Interview Crew 0:15:00
Paper Mario (Any% no ace) Mx_4 1:50:00
True Crime: New York City (Any%)+ pmcTRILOGY 1:00:00
Golf It! (Classic First 5 Maps 100% Race)+ Nichole Goodnight and Bathinjan 0:30:00
Hobo Cat Adventures (Any%)+ yoshipro 0:20:00
Batman Forever (Any%) Faust4712 0:45:00
Give Me Toilet Paper! (Hand%)+ Asuka424 0:13:00
Pepsiman (Any%) TheFlyingMarlin 0:28:00
Stair Quest (Stair%)+ davidtki 0:15:00
The Cat in the Hat (PS1) (Any%)+ Mildew 0:12:00
Wayne's World (Any%) Ritzblues 0:30:00
The Incredible Hulk (Any%)+ Iceplug 0:20:00
Pocky & Rocky Reshrined (Any% Uzume)+ EODTexSR 0:25:00
The Curse of Monkey Island (Any% Mega-Monkey)+ frozenspade 0:24:00
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (Any% (No 3rd-party FPS caps)) Joshimuz 4:20:00
Darkest Dungeon (Defeat Hag/NecromanceSwine Prince Bidwar)+ RebelDragon95 0:50:00
Mega Man 6 (Any% 2 Players 1 Controller) DarkTerrex and Ppotdot1 0:41:00
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Any%) mralberto23 3:00:00
Pizza Tower (Any%)+ SoaringSloth 1:20:00
BONUS GAME 5 - Titanfall 2 (Any%) Blaidan 1:25:00
Daily Recap - Thursday (Recap%) Interview Crew 0:15:00
Gunfire: Reborn (Qing Yan - Full Game - Reincarnation 1)+ Shockwve 0:35:00
Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy (Full Trilogy Any%) Murcaz 2:40:00
Amnesia: Rebirth (Any%)+ bloodthunder 1:00:00
Shantae and the Pirate's Curse (All Dark Magic, Pirate Mode, No OOB) TheSoundDefense 1:20:00
Klonoa Phantasy Reverie Series (Klonoa 1 Any% Easy Support Mode)+ Mr_Shasta 0:50:00
VVVVVV (Any% Glitchless)+ Metroid Crime 0:22:00
SaGa Frontier (Story Bidwar)+ Raclesis 1:00:00
Final Fight 3 (Co-Op Any% (Easy))+ JaekRock and Space Coast Gaming 0:25:00
Shinobi 3: Return of the Ninja Master (Expert) dagronSR 0:30:00
Wild Guns (Any% hard co-op)+ giygasblues and Crak Atak 0:25:00
Lunistice (Any% Glitchless)+ Nestani 0:35:00
X-Men Arcade (2-player 1CC Attempt) LRock617 and MetroidMaster 0:30:00
Dark Forces (Easy (TFE))+ CovertMuffin 0:26:00
The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords (Any% Co-op)+ AmberCyprian and TGH 0:30:00
Metroid Prime Remastered (Any%)+ Samura1man 2:00:00
Pokémon Colosseum (Any% Race)+ Swiftalu and Sparkle 4:05:00
Kaizo Monkey Ball (Story Mode) IkeSMB 0:40:00
Sure Shot (100%)+ Shoujo 0:25:00
Spin Rhythm XD (XD Turntable Showcase) AngryScootsman 1:00:00
BONUS GAME 6 - Clone Hero (Showcase) Frif 0:54:00
Daily Recap - Friday (Recap%) Interview Crew 0:15:00
Celeste (TAS- True Ending)+ Lmjacks, tmcalvins, and Vamp 0:36:00
Super Mario 64 (Randomizer- 70 Star Non-Stop)+ 360Chrism 0:42:00
Kingdom Hearts Final Mix (Any% Proud Race)+ MistMaster1 and Violin 2:30:00
TimeShift (Casual Difficulty)+ ChurchnSarge 1:05:00
Neopets: The Darkest Faerie (Any%)+ Jaxler 0:50:00
Tony Hawk's Underground (Beginner Any%) Biglaw 0:37:00
Spelunky 2 (Spelunker Trials Any%)+ Lavableman 0:20:00
Ori and the Blind Forest Definitive Edition (All Skills No OOB/TA)+ Primorix 0:35:00
Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg (Any%) monkeysmb 1:12:00
Final Fantasy IV Pixel Remaster (Any%) Zic3 2:55:00
I Wanna Be the Guy Remastered (Any%)+ LogicPQ 0:25:00
Superhot VR (Any%)+ davidtki 0:15:00
Super Mario Bros. (Warpless)+ GTAce 0:20:00
Fire Emblem Engage (Any%)+ Claris 1:15:00
Pokémon Scarlet/Violet (Victory Road)+ eddaket 2:30:00
Elden Ring (Any% Glitchless) Mitchriz 1:20:00
Super Mario Maker 2 (Relay Race) TheRileyC, Aurateur, PangaeaPanga, TanukiDan, Shoujo, Caspur189, LilKirbs, and Thabeast721 1:40:00
BONUS GAME 7 - The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Any% Blindfolded) Bubzia 1:45:00
Baron Of Shell (100%)+ grandpoobear 0:48:00
Event Recap (Recap 100%) Interview Crew 0:20:00
Super Metroid (Co-Op Any%)+ ShinyZeni and zoast 0:50:00
Finale! (The End%)+ Tech Crew 0:20:00
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2023.05.28 18:09 AleksisSanchaz How good is this FATAL90 Squad (Don’t mind the L I just quit to redo the squad)

How good is this FATAL90 Squad (Don’t mind the L I just quit to redo the squad) submitted by AleksisSanchaz to MADFUT [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 18:04 jgr79 Entering game 6 of the ECF, teams with a 3P% differential of -25% were 2-50 this season (incl 0-2 in the playoffs). Boston's 3P% differential was -27% in game 6

Pretty amazing win given the Celtics' reliance on the 3P shot this season (they are 43-4 when shooting over 39% from deep and 25-29 when they don't (includes playoffs)).
Interestingly, the only team to have a +25% 3P% differential in the playoffs is Miami and they've now done it 3 times (game 3 win against Boston and game 1 win against Milwaukee).
The two regular season wins were Washington over Philly in a November game that Embiid didn't play in, and a January game where Minnesota beat Phoenix in a game Booker and CP3 didn't play.
3P% differential is the difference between your 3P% and the opponent's 3P%.
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2023.05.28 18:03 bbqdorito In light of what (IMO) is a lot of unwarranted criticism against season 2 and the finale, enjoy this "A" review from the AV Club
I really think this season and the finale are widely misunderstood. Fans have expectations and when those expectations aren't met they cry poor writing, plot holes, etc. when the reality is this is only season 2 in a five season arc. Give the story room to breathe. As said by Hattie Lindert in this review,
The real meat of the series has always been the emotional and literal uncertainty of the trauma the survivors shared. Were they pushed to the most primal depths of their psyche or did they reach for them? Did the wilderness make decisions, or did they? And as Lottie so aptly points out in response to Shauna: “Is there a difference?”
For me this story has always been about trauma, and I think this season really proves it. With the risk of sounding pretentious, I really think understanding this show requires a) the ability to engage without distraction, your full undivided attention, phones away and b) a knowledge of how trauma impacts individuals/acknowledging that these characters are experiencing EXTREME trauma that will quite literally ruin them for the rest of their lives. I don't know that this series will bring any character true closure by the end.
So, yes, the teens are no longer particularly "likable", how could they be after everything they have seen and done? And yeah, the adults are unpredictable and irrational. Would you expect anything different from adults whose teenage years were spent in a starved delusional state? Again at the risk of sounding pretentious...a lot of the criticism comes from a lack of empathy and critical thinking.
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2023.05.28 17:54 StarlitGlitch Aurora Big Brother Now Casting! (Apps close June 14)

Aurora Big Brother is now casting its first season!
After 10 drama filled, nail biting seasons of Survivor, we are ready for something new. New and old players are welcome, veterans and newbies to ORGs alike, as Aurora takes on Big Brother! Much like Survivor, Big Brother is a social game that will test your strategic ability as you maneuver twists, turns, and challenges!
(Archives of past seasons are in the server if you’d like to view & discuss!)
Big Brother Season 1 Applications will close on May 24th. Acceptance DMs will be sent same day for check ins!
What Aurora ORGs have to offer:
An experienced host of 40+ seasons. Unbiased & very prompt! Aurora also has a production team to help the experience be as smooth as possible, as well as add some levity and fun to the season.
Clear schedule that will be laid out before the season begins. (Accommodations to players' schedules will be taken into consideration.)
Draft picks for viewers!
Superlatives (w/ roles) voted on by VIPs and Production!
$25 prize for Season Winners!
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2023.05.28 17:39 glupschipup [H] 300+ Game-Keys [W] Steam (VR-)Games, Steam Game Gifts, Steam Awards/Points, Steam Items (Cards, CS:GO, etc.), PayPal or Other Offers

Important Links
Humble Bundle Gifts
Rockstar Social Club
Fanatical Steam Keys
Retail & Revealed Keys
Playstation 4
Xbox One
Coupons & Other Stuff
Important Links
My Steam Wishlist
My Steam Games
My IGSRep Page
My SGS Flair
My GameTradeRep
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2023.05.28 17:39 glupschipup [H] 300+ Game-Keys [W] Steam (VR-)Games, Steam Game Gifts, Steam Awards/Points, Steam Items (Cards, CS:GO, etc.), PayPal or Other Offers

Important Links
Humble Bundle Gifts
Rockstar Social Club
Fanatical Steam Keys
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Playstation 4
Xbox One
Coupons & Other Stuff
Important Links
My Steam Wishlist
My Steam Games
My IGSRep Page
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My GameTradeRep
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2023.05.28 17:39 glupschipup [H] 300+ Game-Keys [W] Steam (VR-)Games, Steam Game Gifts, Steam Awards/Points, Steam Items (Cards, CS:GO, etc.), PayPal or Other Offers

Important Links
Humble Bundle Gifts
Rockstar Social Club
Fanatical Steam Keys
Retail & Revealed Keys
Playstation 4
Xbox One
Coupons & Other Stuff
Important Links
My Steam Wishlist
My Steam Games
My IGSRep Page
My SGS Flair
My GameTradeRep
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2023.05.28 17:37 Mel_AndCholy For Those who struggle with mindfulness, You are not a failure

I was hesitant to post here due to relevance, but this post is made for budding psychics like me hitting a wall in their groundwork, so I think this does fit under development. If it's not relevant enough, then that's fair. There's a few resources, but not many for psychics who struggle with ptsd which inspired me to create this post.
Mentions of lucid dreaming, awakening, basic psychic groundwork, astral projecting, shadow work and mentions of metaphysical sources.

Cw: brief mentions of trauma and trauma related topics. Brief mention of a NDE without details of event.
I am not a mental health professional. Most of what is below are anecdotal with sources added. I am also not a professional spiritual practitioner. I’ve only practiced spiritually for over a year. I don’t do readings for others at the time of this post.
Below I will talk about my experiences with ptsd/c-ptsd and the struggle with basic mindfulness practices. Even looking for free resources online, I see articles claiming that mindfulness is a solution to dealing with trauma, but it’s not that simple. If you have ptsd and have found yourself struggling with basic mindfulness you are not a failure. This is common for those who have experienced severe and/or prolonged trauma. You just need to go about your practice in a different way. I will also talk about how visualization isn't universally accessible to everyone.
Let’s start out with visualization. As much as I love Psychic Witch by Matt Auryn, he relies heavily on visualization. One of the reasons I appreciate The Illusion of Method by Mark Gurrian is that he acknowledges some of us can’t visualize. Some may read my anecdotes and only get words on a page, versus seeing a man/woman dealing with the situations that I describe. In his book, Mark(technique originally created by Robert Bruce) describes an aphantasia/ low-vision- friendly way on how one would astral project by meditating on the sensation of climbing a rope out of their body.
Even though I don’t have aphantasia, this inspired me to utilize sensation over visualization for when my anxiety made visuals hard. The feeling of knowing I’m connected to the earth and the consciousness that runs through all things can get me grounded. The sensation of warmth in my chest concentrating as I call my energy to me can make me feel centered. The sensation of a click of energy around me can make me feel shielded.
I also have the privilege of insight in the low-vision and blind community as my partner is low-vision. Both she and her fully blind friend are advanced lucid dreamers. I will link the free MILD guide below along with other resources on lucid dreaming. I won’t speak personally on this because I’m not a good lucid dreamer and wouldn’t do it justice.
Mindfulness and trauma:
When I was a teen, I sought out a middle school counselor. She recommended meditation, breathwork, and yoga. I remember trying my best, but couldn’t. Terrifying imagery appeared when I shut my eyes. Focusing on my breath reminded me of a NDE I had and she did not teach me to reorient my focus onto something else that wasn’t triggering. She also wasn’t aware how different posture and poses were triggering for me (and I didn’t know better to tell her). One time, she did yoga with me, instructing me to focus on my breath. I started to panic and she told me to tell her what I was experiencing. She guided me straight into a panic attack. The whole day I was dissociative and shaky, having intrusive thoughts about my body suddenly dying.
Around the same time I sought massage therapy on my own for pain and the therapist told me she had never seen a kid who couldn’t relax or was as tense as me before. She recommended meditation, but I explained that for some reason I couldn’t do it. She was baffled because she never heard of meditation causing a panic attack before, either. Also not helpful were my parents' lack of an appropriate reaction to my NDE and their beliefs that my chronic problems weren't real.
These practices were too much for me and I didn’t find anyone who understood complex and severe trauma. What was going on was that these basic mindfulness practices were outside of my window of tolerance, which is described in David Trevealen's Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness. I knew the school counselor couldn't provide what I needed- a trauma informed therapist. I never got correct treatment for my issues until I was an adult because my parents were resistant to what I wanted. I was on my own, reading books of other people that lived tough lives to gain some sort of validation. Overall, this left me feeling like I was a failure. Then as I got older I would scoff at anyone who recommended meditation. My partner experienced similar issues and we both came to the conclusion meditation just wasn't a solution everyone made it out to be for anxiety. What I didn't know from teenage through young adult years was that I was going about mindfulness the wrong way for my specific issues.
In his book Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness, David Treleaven talks about how mindfulness can actually exasperate PTSD symptoms. For the survivor, the mind is no longer a safe place. We are locked in a fight, flight, or freeze state. Our brains are hypervigilant for cues that might indicate we're in danger again. When we close our eyes with nothing to distract ourselves, we see those triggering images again.
A lot of the time, we are flip-flopping between states of anxiety and reactivity to numbness and dissociation. David talks about the sweet spot between the two as the window of tolerance. An experience doesn't have to be pleasant, but tolerable. It's important for us to recognize when we're going too far in either direction. Cognitive behavior therapy can be helpful here if you lack the tools to self regulate (like me). David talks about the scale of arousal. My psychologist uses a SUDS scale. Basically, a way for you to determine where you are emotionally so you can be mindful of it.
Getting a little older and out on my own, I started to realize I had a problem. My plastic pitcher fell on me while I was cleaning one day. I swung uselessly in the air and then grabbed my pitcher before slamming it onto the floor and shattering it. I then burst into tears because that was my only measuring cup and I was broke. There were holes in the walls and doors from several one man fights.
I didn't like the person I was and felt like my outbursts were making things uncomfortable for my best friend despite her support.
I went to a nearby school for psychology where I got counsel for free.
This was the first person who recognized my PTSD and taught me a grounding exercise when I'd be confronted with imagery and felt I was in danger.
"What are three things that you see in this room?"
"What are three things you hear?"
"What are three things you smell?"
"What are three things you can feel?"
I found myself back in session, no longer face-to-face with family. I was back. The more I used this exercise, the easier it became to regulate myself. I eventually could watch the fight or flight surge through me like a wave as if an objective observer. I was in control.
I still use this technique for when I'm unwell. Currently, I pay attention to my bodily sensations like what is mentioned in the above paragraph, then to my environment, and where I am in space and time- that I’m safe. When I finish up astral projecting, I’ll hone in on what I’m experiencing with my senses to integrate with my body again.
In Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness, David talks about this grounding technique in his first chapter with a client that had outbursts like mine. He instructed him to focus on the sensation of the chair against his back and his feet firmly planted to keep himself grounded in present reality.
While I could ground myself back down, I struggled with more mindfulness- especially breath work. The student counselor at the time would try to ease me into it, but it reminded me too much of my NDE- even 7 years post. She also wanted me to do a Body Scan where I would focus on my body, relaxing different parts from head to toe. This sustained attention on my body was also too much for me. We kept hitting walls. Some of my issues with my body and pain were not relatable to most of those students. I was recommended to look into SSRIs, but at the time I didn’t have insurance or any way to afford it. It was a great service, but it was time to move on.
Eventually landing a solid career meant I could have normal healthcare. Finding the right SSRI was tricky, but once we found it, it was a whole new world.
My anxiety was 80 percent better. After over a decade of locked in fight or flight, I could finally relax. I think it was starting this SSRI all those years ago that made it possible for me to even begin mindfulness involving breathwork last year and I can still incorporate breath work today to elevate or decrease my state depending on where I was emotionally.
There are many forms of breathwork techniques- if they work for you. It's important to stay within what's tolerable and be honest with yourself, then be gentle with your answer.
In Matt Auryn's Psychic Witch there are numerous techniques like elemental, solar, and lunar breathing. Some do well with square breathing. I was recently advised to utilize breath work to bring me back to equilibrium. If I was dissociative and numb, to extend the inhale and then breathe out. To bring myself back down from anxiety to breathe, hold, and extend my exhale.
Another way I enjoyed breath work in the very beginning of my spiritual practices was to take advantage of the mammalian diving reflex. In the tub, river, or pool, I would dunk my head and slowly exhale through my nose. The roaring bubbles would also drown out the sound of my heartbeat, which I couldn't tolerate.
In Consorting With Spirits Jason Miller's description of becoming your breath in meditation made the trance state click with me when I first started.
With my window of tolerance even lower than before, right now I gravitate to forms of mindfulness that involve movement, which has proven to be helpful for those of us with ptsd. I like yoga, where I can look at and hear an instructor. I can also be extremely picky and choose the one who is most comfortable. I can’t do yoga in a studio, but I can do it in the safety of my home in front of a computer with no eyes on me. There’s many styles of yoga available for free online on youtube if this also speaks to you. You may also enjoy the free Tai Chi lessons there, too.
Sometimes mindfulness can be a challenge for well seasoned practitioners, too. A traumatic event could take place and cause an avid meditator to no longer tolerate their practice. If this is you, be kind with yourself. You might only tolerate short meditation sessions, or to meditate with your eyes open. Maybe you need to hear music, or a guide who will talk you through it. If you can’t tolerate it at all, put your practice aside or find a method that’s tolerable for you or take a break altogether.
Starting last year, my budding practice was what kept me here. I was experiencing an awakening during a stressful time. I stubbled a lot and still do, but my meditation game was starting to get a foothold. When I finally learned Ground, Center, and Shield I did it everyday. I started using meditation to work on my issues and got breakthroughs in how I was seeing myself and my emotions. Parts of me were coming back. I was finally able to feel my heartbeat in my chest (for short amounts of time) without terror for the first time in 16 years.
I was excited and passionate, but I’ll talk more about overdoing shadow work in another post. Just know that if you’re not mindful of where your tolerance is, you can re-traumatize yourself, which is why Shadow work is recommended to be done with a trauma-informed style of therapy.
Overall, mindfulness can be a great resource to those of us with trauma in order to heal, though it needs to be done in a way that’s sensitive to our triggers and catered to our individual needs or it can do more harm than good. You may recommend meditation to a friend, but they struggle with it. They may not tell you they have trauma, but use language like “I can’t focus”, “or “maybe it isn’t for me” because that’s easier to say. Maybe it isn’t trauma, but the majority of resources are visual and that isn’t accessible to them for whatever reason. There needs to be a sense of choice in how a survivor chooses to practice because we have already lost our autonomy through trauma. It may look a little different from how others practice. We need to feel safe in our practice and sometimes for us our body and minds are not safe. I think we should be sensitive to those who struggle with mindfulness, including ourselves.
Additional information:
What is ptsd ->
What's the difference between c-ptsd and ptsd?->
Trauma-informed mindfulness (ft David Treleaven)->
What is a SUDS rating scale?->
What is astral projecting? ->
What is Anphantasia?->
What is lucid dreaming? ->
Skyfall Blind Dreamer MILD guide(lucid dreaming)->
Stephen LaBerge's article on MILD(creator of MILD)->
Other techniques on lucid dreaming->
Books mentioned:
Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness by David Treleaven
Illusion Of method by Mark Gurrian
Psychic Witch by Matt Aurnyn
Consorting with Spirits by Jason Miller
Additional Recommended reads:
The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Traumaby Bessel van der Kolk
Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents by Lindsay C. Gibson, PsyD
Soul Retrival by Sandra ingerman
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2023.05.28 17:17 Blueahoula Season 41 Conferences Championships Results!

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2023.05.28 17:16 TurtleTitan 2 hours 45 minutes, 6 Survivor Matches completed plus time between matches waiting for a Raider Match to get Matchmaking Server Communication Error within one minute losing priority.

It has not become uncommon to wait 6-10 minutes or more between matches regardless of whether you restart the queue or not. I can tell you that I didn't play any 15 minute matches.
6 matches completed (2 with the same Matchmaking Server Communication error not counted) and 2.75 hours wasted. Survivor isn't fun, and the abysmal Zeni isn't worth 24K (28.8) max over 2.75 hours, that's not even enough to get 2 rolls.
Did they remove the "match has ended within a short time" they added for Season 2? You would be surprised how much Priority this saved me this past season. I'm tired of these DIMPs' server errors, never I lose internet, never half the lobby slowly disconnects, never "you have shitty internet" (save that one LFG lobby), never anything inside the lobby wise but the instance they lose a nano second connection the match ends. If I'm the host actually make me the host it's ridiculous every single person is Gordion knotted together and Dimps' servers to remotely access your save data. Yes, you don't actually have save data on consoles (maybe PC) probably to prevent save scumming Gacha rolls or save edits.
Maybe I should have expected it, there was two Survivor matches not counted on the 2.75 hours it happened too. It's one thing to lose a match but another to have it ripped away from you.
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2023.05.28 16:59 socksinthecave has survivor impacted how you see your family?

i was born on a survivor night in 2001, like it was literally on in the hospital room an hour after my birth. so as soon as i was an acceptable age i jumped in and started watching the show with my parents.
for a long time i just liked the challenges (“battles” as i called them back then lol) and the big personalities (ozzy, sandra, coach, etc.) but around HvV i started to care more for gameplay and got even more involved.
even now after i’ve moved out we still have survivor night every week and i’ve started to notice something about my mom…
my mom has always been weird but i didn’t notice how much until i moved out.
every season she has people she doesn’t like for various reasons. but i think the reasons she gives are BS 90% of the time.
i’ll look at just since 41 to keep it recent.
she HATED the “race alliance” in 41 except for Shan bc she said “Shan fits the villain role so well”
she disliked Drea from 42 for her “attitude”
she dislikes James from 43 bc he “seems lazy and sloppy”
she didn’t like Richard from 41 bc he “was a snake” same thing for Hai in 42
most recently she HATED Yam Yam until he helped Carson with fire.
i’m sure some others are seeing the same trends i am here. pretty much any “heavy set” cast member she dislikes and anyone she deems “ugly” as well.
she talks a good game about not being judge mental but that’s not what i’m seeing. she’s my mom and i love her but it all just rubs me the wrong way
anyone else?
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2023.05.28 16:52 SelfIndividuation Echoes of the Ancient Amazon in our Fulfillment Center

As I step into the vast expanse of the Amazon Fulfillment Center, I can't help but feel a strange sense of connection to the ancient Amazon cultures that once thrived thousands of miles away. The similarities may not show themselves immediately, but as I navigate the labyrinth of aisles, shelves and packages, I see echoes of the past in our present.
In the heart of the South American rainforest, the ancient Amazonian tribes were masters of their environment. They knew every tree, every plant, every path in their dense, green world. They had to meet the demands of their environment, constantly adapting to changes, always striving to improve their survival skills. Their survival depended on their ability to meet the rate of the changing seasons and the quality of their hunting and gathering.
In much the same way, us workers at an Amazon Fulfillment Center, are masters of our environment. We know every aisle, every shelf, every correct ASIN to scanin our vast, concrete world. We are constantly adapting to meet the ever-increasing demands of our customers, always striving to improve our efficiency and accuracy. Our survival in this job depends on our ability to meet the rate and quality targets set by our superiors.
Just as the ancient Amazonians were accountable for every moment - every decision could mean the difference between a successful hunt or going hungry - we too are accountable for every moment. Every decision we make, every item we pick, every package we send off, is tracked and measured. There's no room for error. The pressure is immense, but like the ancient Amazonians, we rise to the challenge.
The ancient Amazonians lived in harmony with their environment. They respected the land and took only what they needed. They understood the importance of balance. In our modern Amazon, we strive for a similar balance. We must balance speed with accuracy, efficiency with quality, and minimize time-off-task. It's a delicate dance, one that requires constant vigilance and adaptability.
Despite the centuries that separate us, I can't help but feel a kinship with those ancient Amazonians. We may live in different worlds, with different challenges and demands, but at our core, we are the same. We are survivors, adapting and thriving in our environment, meeting the demands of our world with determination and resilience.
As I clock out at the end of my shift, I take one last look at the vast expanse of the fulfillment center. I see the aisles with rows of shelves, mountains of packages, the hustle and bustle of my fellow workers. And I see the echoes of the ancient Amazon, a reminder of our shared human spirit, our shared drive to adapt and survive, no matter the challenges we face.
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2023.05.28 16:40 EPCOT_Is_My_Favorite Word of the Day (5/28/2023): AGAINST

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2023.05.28 16:34 GingerPolarBear Post Match Thread: Eredivisie week 34 - Simulcasta

Last matchday of the Eredivisie of the 2022-2023 season.
FC Volendam 3 - 2 Excelsior
D. van Mieghem (10'), S. van Gassel OG (23'), F. Antonucci (27'), Lamprou (56')
FC Utrecht 3 - 2 FC Emmen
M. van der Hoorn (2'), O. Romeny (35'), T. Douvikas (53'), M. Diemers (61'), N. Viergever (79')
Red card: M. van der Hoorn (63')
FC Twente 3 - 1 Ajax Match Thread
D. Tadic (31'), Ugalde (47'), Pleguezuelo (51'), V. Cerny (75')
SC Heerenveen 2 - 0 Go Ahead Eagles
P. Bochniewicz (43'), C. Nunnely (79')
FC Groningen 0 - 5 Sparta Rotterdam
J. de Guzmán (25'), K. Saito (58'), A. Verschueren (75'), L. Lauritsen (79'), V. van Crooij (89')
Red card: N. Musampa (24')
Fortuna Sittard 1 - 1 NEC
L. Dimata (65'), Gladon (94')
Feyenoord 0 - 1 Vitesse
M. van Ginkel (43')
SC Cambuur 4 - 0 RKC Waalwijk
R. Uldrikis (50'), D. Sambissa (52'), N. Foor (55'), M. Smit (67')
AZ 1 - 2 PSV Match Thread
X. Simons (65'). Karlsson (84'), X. Simons (98')
Red card: A. el Ghazi (92')
Final League table

# Team Points Extra
1 Feyenoord 82 Champion - CL Group Stage
2 PSV 75 CL preliminary round
3 Ajax 69 EL preliminary round
4 AZ 67 UCL preliminary round
5 FC Twente 64 UCL Play offs
6 Sparta Rotterdam 59 UCL Play offs
7 FC Utrecht 54 UCL Play offs
8 SC Heerenveen 46 UCL Play offs
9 RKC Waalwijk 41
10 Vitesse 40
11 Go Ahead Eagles 40
12 NEC 39
13 Fortuna Sittard 36
14 FC Volendam 36
15 Excelsior Rotterdam 32
16 FC Emmen 28 Relegation play offs
17 SC Cambuur 19 Relegation
18 FC Groningen 18 Relegation
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2023.05.28 16:32 Qarya_Wrath1923 Where can I find the Um Actually theme song?

So I'm hosting a :)Dropout themed game night for a bunch of friends in an attempt to add some excitement to our relatively uneventful normal schedules, and hopefully combine some friend groups😉.
Anyway, I have just finished creating and putting together all of the prompts, slides, and sound cues for Make Some Noise. I am working on Game Changer Survivor at the moment, and have asked a friend if he would be willing to host the Um Actually segment (it's a lot of work for me to try and come up with prompts and minigames for all three, plus I wanted to be a contestant on Um Actually to show off my nerd prowess a little😉).
After some deep digging online I was eventually able to find and use the theme songs for both Make Some Noise and Game Changer, as well as the credits theme for Game Changer, but I cannot for the life of me find the Um Actually theme song anywhere.
Does anyone know where I could find the theme song for Um Actually, what the song is actually called, or who wrote it?
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2023.05.28 16:32 therealphoodie Every NFL Team’s Most Points Scored in a Playoff Game

Team Season & Round Points Scored Opponent Result
Chicago Bears 1940 NFL Championship 73 Washington Redskins W 73-0
Jacksonville Jaguars 1999 Divisional 62 Miami Dolphins W 62-7
Detroit Lions 1957 NFL Championship 59 Cleveland Browns W 59-14
Philadelphia Eagles 1995 Wild Card 58 Detroit Lions W 58-37
Cleveland Browns 1954 NFL Championship 56 Detroit Lions W 56-10
Oakland/Las Vegas Raiders 1969 Divisional 56 Houston Oilers W 56-7
San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl XXIV (1989) 55 Denver Broncos W 55-10
Dallas Cowboys (1/2) 1967 Eastern Conference Championship 52 Cleveland Browns W 52-14
Dallas Cowboys (2/2) Super Bowl XXVII (1992) 52 Buffalo Bills W 52-17
Arizona Cardinals 2009 Wild Card 51 Green Bay Packers W 51-45 (OT)
Buffalo Bills 1990 AFC Championship 51 Los Angeles Raiders W 51-3
Kansas City Chiefs 2019 Divisional 51 Houston Texans W 51-31
San Diego/Los Angeles Chargers 1963 AFL Championship 51 Boston Patriots W 51-10
Washington Redskins/Commanders 1983 Divisional 51 Los Angeles Rams W 51-7
Carolina Panthers 2015 NFC Championship 49 Arizona Cardinals W 49-15
Indianapolis Colts 2004 Wild Card 49 Denver Broncos W 49-24
St. Louis/Los Angeles Rams 1999 Divisional 49 Minnesota Vikings W 49-37
New York Giants 1986 Divisional 49 San Francisco 49ers W 49-3
Green Bay Packers 2010 Divisional 48 Atlanta Falcons W 48-21
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Super Bowl XXXVII (2002) 48 Oakland Raiders W 48-21
Atlanta Falcons 2004 Divisional 47 St. Louis Rams W 47-17
Miami Dolphins 1984 AFC Championship 45 Pittsburgh Steelers W 45-28
New England Patriots (1/2) 2011 Divisional 45 Denver Broncos W 45-10
New England Patriots (2/2) 2014 AFC Championship 45 Indianapolis Colts W 45-7
New Orleans Saints (1/2) 2009 Divisional 45 Arizona Cardinals W 45-14
New Orleans Saints (2/2) 2011 Wild Card 45 Detroit Lions W 45-28
Minnesota Vikings 1987 Wild Card 44 New Orleans Saints W 44-10
New York Jets 1982 First Round 44 Cincinnati Bengals W 44-17
Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl XLVIII (2013) 43 Denver Broncos W 43-8
Denver Broncos 1997 Wild Card 42 Jacksonville Jaguars W 42-17
Pittsburgh Steelers (1/2) 1996 Wild Card 42 Indianapolis Colts W 42-14
Pittsburgh Steelers (2/2) 2017 Divisional 42 Jacksonville Jaguars L 42-45
Cincinnati Bengals 1990 Wild Card 41 Houston Oilers W 41-14
Baltimore Ravens 2012 Divisional 38 Denver Broncos W 38-35 (2OT)
Houston Oilers/Tennessee Titans 1992 Wild Card 38 Buffalo Bills L 38-41 (OT)
Houston Texans (1/2) 2011 Wild Card 31 Cincinnati Bengals W 31-10
Houston Texans (2/2) 2019 Divisional 31 Kansas City Chiefs L 31-51
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