Mcminnville nurseries open to the public

Open Signups - When Private Trackers Open Their Doors

2014.11.19 12:37 karmicviolence Open Signups - When Private Trackers Open Their Doors

Open Signups - When Private Trackers Open Their Doors To The Public

2013.07.26 18:20 jimrhoskins Docker: An open source project to pack, ship and run any application as a lightweight container

[Docker]( is an open-source project to easily create lightweight, portable, self-sufficient containers from any application. The same container that a developer builds and tests on a laptop can run at scale, in production, on VMs, bare metal, OpenStack clusters, public clouds and more.

2008.06.28 13:56 The GNOME Community on Reddit

The GNOME Project is a free and open source desktop and computing platform for open platforms like Linux that strives to be an easy and elegant way to use your computer. GNOME software is developed openly and ethically by both individual contributors and corporate partners, and is distributed under the GNU General Public License.

2023.06.04 22:21 BelowIdiotic memory leak with compute shaders?

the "static" and "static max" memory values in the debug monitor tab slowly but steadily increase while running a compute shader, before finally crashing without an error message at 158.8. I would rather not share my entire project, but here's a public example with the same problem (albeit the memory problem grows much slower). any idea what's happening or how to fix it? godot 4.0, last updated a few months ago
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2023.06.04 22:20 Laptoplelo 15 best laptop Sleeves

The first time you want to buy a laptop Sleeves, you have to look at the size. The laptop must fit well, and the cover should not be too tight (then the zipper could, for example, get caught in the laptop's ports), but not too wide, because otherwise the laptop would "play" through the cover and risk being exposed to accidents.\
Ideally, you can find a case specially designed for your laptop model. Brands like Dell and HP often offer special covers for the laptops they sell. And they guarantee that they fit perfectly.

The material from which it is made

There are two aspects of choosing the material of the laptop case: one is the material itself. Laptop Sleeve are usually made of polyester, suede, microfiber or nylon. The best ones tend to be nylon (or nylon). The way you use your laptop should guide you towards the material of the cover. But in general it is recommended to look for a cover with a durable outer material such as nylon or leather. These covers hold up better against wear and tear and tend to be more efficient.
A second aspect concerns the thickness of the material. In the same way, you have to think about how you use your laptop - you use it in the car a lot, at the office, on the field, etc. Some covers are extremely thin - almost no protection against shocks at all, but be careful, they are useful for protection against scratches. Unfortunately, if the laptop falls or hits a wall, it will not be protected.
You can also look at the design, color and other stylistic elements. But always remember the usefulness of the cover. As a laptop service, we recommend thicker covers because they are more effective in case of impact. On the other hand, we understand the desire of people to carry and display an elegant laptop in a very delicate cover.

See the best cover for your laptop!

AmazonBasics 13.3″/14 Professional Laptop Case Sleeve Bag – Gray

If the owned laptop is 13.4/14 inches, if users want to keep it as long as possible, then the Laptop Sleeve Pakistan Goodis cover will prove not only useful, but also necessary. The cover has a design as simple as possible to be used in everyday life. It has a special exterior and provides guaranteed protection to the laptop. It can be carried in a backpack, briefcase or laptop bag. Because people buy the most expensive backpack for nothing if they put their laptop directly in it 📷
The Sleeve Goodis case fits on any desk, waiting for the end of the activity in front of the laptop and storing it in safe conditions at night. It has a very good quality-price ratio and that is why it is the favorite of buyers.

HP Ultrabook Black Sleeve 15.6”

A black laptop sleeve in Pakistan with an ultra modern design, the HP ultrabook black sleeve model, suitable for laptops with a diagonal of 15.6 cm, lined with artificial leather. What strikes buyers right from the start is the way it looks, but also the ease with which it opens and opens and the reliability it proves over time. Which means that the laptop case has all the necessary qualities to be purchased: a water-resistant exterior, a beautiful and luxurious lining that prevents scratches and bumps and perfect compatibility with 40-inch laptops.
The laptop cover is an HP quality product, ideal for any user, easy to maintain and keep at home. It has a quality seam and zipper, fast wear is a thing of the past, the price is quite good for the characteristics it proves, the lapel will be protected on both surfaces and on the sides and the product fits the requirements of the customers Read more

tomtoc Versatile A13 360 Protective Laptop Sleeve for 13-inch MacBook Light Blue

The happy owners of a MacBook Pro with a diagonal of 15 inches have good news! I can purchase a cover for this model that will provide increased protection against destruction and the appearance of signs of wear. It has an attractive design, the mint color is very pleasant, it stands out wherever the case is stored, it is elegant and fits several laptops, not only this one. The size of the 15-inch screen is very important, so that the cover fits very well and there are no problems that lead to the return of the product.
Therefore, the cover for the MacBook is perfect, the inside is velvety, it protects very well and is recommended by specialists in the field to be used for storing and transporting the laptop in conditions of maximum safety Read more

HP Grip Premium Y1N43PA#ACJ Slip Case (Black) 14.1 INCH

Until now the laptop was kept more in improper conditions, now with the help of the HP protective cover specially created for devices with a diagonal of 13.3 inches. Thus, the laptop can be wrapped in a pleasantly colored cover, made of a resistant, neoprene, durable material, which helps to obtain a long-term protection against all shocks and scratches. The style is flexible, with a reversible design and the possibility to change its colors, and the elegant zipper closure is an additional reason for purchasing this cover and choosing it. Reliability is supported by the HP warranty and quality standards and fits well in any room it is placed in. At such a low price, of only a few hundred Read more
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2023.06.04 22:20 ssecretsseal Jedi survivor won’t even start without crashing anymore

I waited a month to play the game so it would have better performance, and it won’t even open without crashing now. I’ve tried restarting my pc, validating my files and everything but it still won’t work
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2023.06.04 22:20 Previous-Driver-124 I’m back - and diagnosed

It’s been so long since I posted or interacted here because I’ve been going through the process of being treated in therapy. My therapist confirmed a few days ago that I have DID. I thought it was true for a while but having the official confirmation from him makes it really real. So I’m getting a second wave of anxiety and worry about how life will change as I do the work with therapy. I have so many questions, like who should I tell? How open is it okay to be, and how can I stay safe and operate in the world with this knowledge. I know I’ve made it all this time without knowing, so I am sure it will be okay it’s just surreal. I also feel like I really don’t have any friends who understand DID at all, and I’ve only shared little bits of my journey with the three I am closest to. They react with compassion, but they don’t ask questions or say anything that makes me think they want to understand how to communicate with me. I get the vibe that it would be best to just mask around them, and I feel like that really contributes to how lonely I feel. So the only person they want to be friends with is really not all of me, it’s just the part of me that I built to connect with people. I want to find some more ways to get to know people who understand systems, but I’m also scared of being taken advantage of if I share my diagnosis with the wrong people. I’ve had several abusive interactions with people who took advantage of some of my most vulnerable parts so it’s hard to know who to trust.
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2023.06.04 22:20 QuickEx-Reddit QuickEx Exchange: Your New Source for Cryptocurrency News, Updates and More

Hello Reddit!
We are QuickEx Exchange, an innovative platform dedicated to providing an efficient and user-friendly cryptocurrency trading experience. Today, we're thrilled to announce our official presence on Reddit. We've set up this account with the purpose of sharing valuable content that revolves around the world of cryptocurrency.
We understand that the world of cryptocurrency can be overwhelming, especially for those new to the field. With the rapid pace at which this sector is evolving, staying updated with the latest news, trends, and insights is crucial. That's exactly where QuickEx Exchange steps in.
Here's what you can expect from our Reddit presence:
1. Crypto News: Stay informed with the latest news from the world of cryptocurrency. From significant market movements to regulatory updates, we'll make sure you don't miss a beat.
2. Market Updates: We'll provide regular updates about market trends, price changes, and trading volumes of various cryptocurrencies, helping you make well-informed trading decisions.
3. Educational Content: Whether you're new to crypto or looking to expand your knowledge, our educational resources have you covered. We'll regularly post content explaining the fundamentals of cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and trading strategies.
4. Interactive Discussions: We'll host AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions with industry experts, open discussions on trending topics, and more. This will not only foster a sense of community but will also serve as a platform for learning and sharing insights.
5. Support: If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out. We're here to help and improve your trading experience.
6. Sneak Peeks and Announcements: Get the first look at our upcoming features, updates, and exciting new partnerships.
This is just the beginning of our journey on Reddit, and we are thrilled to have you with us as we navigate the crypto landscape.
Follow us on Reddit and become a part of our growing community. Let's learn, grow, and succeed in the world of crypto together.
To the moon! 🚀
Best regards, The QuickEx Exchange Team
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2023.06.04 22:20 AutoModerator [Download Course] Brett Williams – Productize Yourself (

[Download Course] Brett Williams – Productize Yourself (
Get the course here: [Download Course] Brett Williams – Productize Yourself
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Please be aware that our courses do not include community access. This is due to the fact that we do not have the authority to manage this feature. Despite our desire to incorporate this aspect, it is, unfortunately, unfeasible.
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2023.06.04 22:20 Sorry_Wing_07 Oil tanker breaks down in Egypt's Suez Canal, disrupting traffic in the global waterway (discussion!)

Oil tanker breaks down in Egypt's Suez Canal, disrupting traffic in the global waterway (discussion!)
A tanker transporting curd oil broke down in a single-lane part of Egypt's Suez Canal on Sunday, disrupting traffic in the global waterway, Egyptian authorities said.
The canal, which opened in 1869, provides a crucial link for oil, natural gas and cargo. About 10 per cent of world trade flows through the canal, a major source of foreign currency for the Egyptian government. According to the Suez Canal Authority, last year, 23,851 vessels passed through the waterway, compared to 20,649 vessels in 2021. The revenue from the canal in 2022 reached USD 8 billion, the highest in its history.
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2023.06.04 22:20 AutoModerator Todd Valentine - The System Course (here)

You can chat +447593882116 (Telegram/WhatsApp) if you want The System By Todd.
I have The System By Todd.
Todd Valentine - The System is a revolutionary course, created by the famous pickup instructor - Todd Valentine.
The System by Todd covers everything you need to know to play the game. This program is applicable for beginners, as well as intermediate students.
In The System by Todd you will learn how to OPEN (Open, Premise, Establish, Narrative) as well as much more on how to lead proper interaction with girls, and how to close them (infields included)!
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2023.06.04 22:20 MatthewTheDeity Bunny won’t eat or drink

So two weeks ago one of my rabbits sadly passed away because of a sudden seizure and his brother seemed quite sad about it. But after a bit of time he started to get better and started living normally again even if he was a bit more shy without his brother. But suddenly one of his ears have flopped over and I noticed how crusty and frilled it looked. I tried looking it up to see what could be the cause and I believed it was stress. I calmed down and kept an eye on him until yesterday I realized that it looked like fungus was on his ear and nose as well. I got an appointment set up for my bunny tomorrow since they aren’t open today. I tried making sure he was ok by even giving him his treats that he loved most since he hasn’t eaten normal food at all since.. maybe 4 AM? He left a lot of stool in his cage which.. strangely helps me calm down since they don’t look like sick stools but, he won’t even eat his favorite treats now and his water looks untouched. But I catch him bouncing around and being active sometimes, just hiding for the most part. I know he has to be sick even if his stool doesn’t look like it, but what could be wrong and what should I do?
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2023.06.04 22:20 cyancastles Gf (23F) posted Snapchat story joking about finding a sugar daddy. Are my (23M) thoughts logical or insecure/an overreaction?

It said “About to find a sugar daddy to buy me a _“. I (23M) told her I understand it was a joke but that I felt there was a lack of respect, and she then took the story down. Only issue is that I feel it lacks awareness or sense of respect that I automatically have for her, to where I can’t tell if it’s a personality difference or an actual lack of respect or character issue she has that can translate to issues down the line- I’d never post the equivalent of this publicly (it was a story with close friends) even as a joke out of respect for her and how she would feel.
I asked if she would accept that type of arrangement if someone that she liked approached her, and she said she’d probably only agree without sex, and with sex if a lot of money is involved- but to not worry, as if she’s looking for a sugar daddy, she would check in with me first. Yet it’s concerning she posted this thought as a joke to her close friends without checking in. This could only be my perception but I felt there’s already an absence/lack of respect or awareness related to me here, and as at times jokes can contain a hint of truth I can’t tell if an absence of respect/awareness here equals an absence in a realistic situation or even in a general non sugar daddy situation- or it’s completely unrelated.
She also mentioned it’s a low possibility as she knows her worth and can’t be bought off, + that she wanted to mention me first but hates the thought of mooching money off of me and feeling like a financial burden so she referenced a random guy instead, + only said sugar daddy to give the image of someone older and not attractive to her, as her friends knows she wouldn’t go for this- and that I should not overthink her jokes since she uses the least expected outcome for humor.
My thought was none of this addressed the absence of respect - it only said that since it’s improbable for her, it wouldn’t happen but didn’t say it wouldn’t happen because there’s an inherent respect and concern I have for you. We’re 8 months in, and I had concerns related to trust but recently I had felt the most comfortable until this point and I’ve decided to take a couple days away from messaging as I was debating ending it although I don’t want to, as it’s really healthy otherwise. After, we plan to have conversation and would appreciate hearing if there’s any questions I can ask, if this situation is a red flag, if I’m reacting too strongly, or general thoughts.
Highest thanks for reading until this point!
TL;DR ~ Gf posted Snapchat story joking of sugar daddy. I felt there was a lack of respect but want to hear opinions on if it is or not. She took it down, which is good, but her responses haven’t addressed the absence of respect I felt- only that I shouldn’t worry as it’s improbable, and not because she has the concern/respect for me and the relationship to not entertain the idea- at least without my knowledge, despite her words. I feel there’s a missing element of concern related to me or I’m overreacting.
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2023.06.04 22:19 Scared-Gift8980 My May Earning Report (£437.25)

Beer Money Earnings
Bank Switch £230
Matched Betting £120
GPT £57.75 & £3 Tesco gift card
Surveys £19.50 & £20 Zizzi gift card
Market Research £1.80
Sign up Offer £6.20
Interest £2

Bank Switch = £230

Another month and another bank switch completed, I've started to do one of these per month. In May I did the RBS switch for £200 & I also received a £30 bonus from Quidco from when I did the First Direct switch. For Junes switch I've started the Lloyds one, I already got their last bonus from Feb so I'm not sure I'll get this one but from what other people have said I think it will go through still.

Matched Betting = £120

This total comes from doing the weekly bet clubs, reload offers, daily free spins, and odds boosts. If you're thinking about starting matched betting have a read through some of the posts in here & I'd definitely suggest signing up to the free trial of OddsMonkey or OutPlayed to show you the ropes.

Get Paid To Offers = £57.75 & a £3 Tesco gift card

Inbox Pounds = £30 Sign up & get a £1 sign up bonus non-ref
Inbox Pounds is a great GPT site that has some very high paying offers for playing games, signing up to sites/apps & more. In May I cashed out £30 for completing the Empires & Puzzles game. I've just started the Family Island game which is currently paying £30 so hopefully I complete that.
Cashback Earners = £15 Sign up & receive a £6.50 sign up bonus non-ref
Cashback Earners is a GPT site that has lots of casino offers where all you have to do is sign up & deposit to the casino via their site, wait for it to track on Cashback Earners and then you can withdraw from the casino again. I've had £15 in there for awhile from a casino offer and was able to withdraw it this month as I had one successful referral.Each casino offer ranges from £10-£17.50 per one!
TopCashBack = £12.75 Sign up to TopCashBack non-ref
Topcashback seems to be the site with the best cashback offers out there! In May I withdrew £12.75 from signing up to BetUK.
Unbanx = £3 Tesco gift card Sign up & receive 150 bonus points non-ref
Unbanx is an app that allows you to earn points each month by sharing your spending data through open banking. Once you reach 492 points you can cash out a £3 gift card.

Surveys = £19.50 & a £20 Zizzi gift card

OnePulse = £15.50 non-ref
OnePulse is an app that has surveys in the form of polls, which are all 5 slides or less so they only take a few seconds to complete each one. You work your way up to earning more for each 'Pulse', atm in at 21 cents per pulse.You can cash out once you reach $20 (£15) which I hit each month now.
Consumer Pulse = £20 Zizzi gift card non-ref
On Consumer Pulse you take a weekly survey about your shopping habits. Each item you enter gives you 500 points. You can cashout a £10 gift card at 10,000 or a £20 one at 20,000. They also sometimes email out other surveys to fill in for extra points. I think it took me about 2 to build up enough points for a £20 gift card.
Testing Time = £4 Sign up with my ref link non-ref
Testing Time is a site to sign up for if you want to start doing more market research as it offers tasks to give feedback on things like apps, websites, physical products, gadgets & food. In May I completed 2 quick surveys, each for £2.

Market Research = £1.80

Testable Minds = £1.80 Sign up with my ref link non-ref
Testable Minds is a site similar to Prolific as it has academic studies posted by researchers which I find quite interesting. I completed one quick study on here last month for $2.30.

Sign Up Offer = £6.20

Lightyear = £6.20
Lightyear currently has an offer to deposit £50 and receive a $10 share, you then have to wait 30 days & can withdraw it all. I ended up with £6.20 at the end of the 30 days. I don't have a referral link as only certain people receive one so search the sub if you'd like to take advantage of this offer.

Interest = £2

I know this one isn't really beer money but it's because of this sub that I decided to try out some new savings accounts. I'd had my savings in the same TSB account my whole life at a horrifically low interest rate which I've not really thought anything of until I started hearing about banks with interest rates around the 3.3%-3.8% mark. The thing I love about them is they pay monthly too and not yearly like my old one. In May I tried out Chip but didn't really like the app & also found it annoying how you can only deposit & withdraw through one account through open banking. So now I'm trying out Chase & I love it so much more already!


Shopmium Ref link to get free Dairy Milk Buttons or enter my ref link W3AN4K non-ref no bonus
Shopmium is an app that has offers on products you buy at the grocery store. You buy the product and upload the receipt to Shopmium to either get it for free or at a discount. This month I received cashback for baking paper, coffee & cocktails.
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2023.06.04 22:19 HeightFrequent 1x1 Discord Literate/Novella MxM Post Apocalyptic Modern Fantasy! Looking for someone to play a pre-made character with room to collab.

You will be playing a pre-made character for this! Sorry, but it's based off a poorly-populated fandom characters that I have dumped into an AU. This does mean I have plenty of source material for you to get to grips with the character, though!
The basic setting is post-apocalyptic, where humans are living in fear of the demons that hunt them down, day in and day out. These human-like creatures had been hiding amongst them for centuries, and eventually became more confident over time, and after a savage uprising are controlling a large majority of the world, hunting down mankind in a bid to rid the Earth of them for good. There are humans that try to fight, but none make much difference when the demons always seem to be one step ahead. So far there seems to be no hope of salvation for mankind, with no indication that there is only the worst out there to fear rather than anything that could be worth saving. I have a more detailed breakdown of the world I have created for the setting if you're interested in the topic.
We will be playing a pair of best friends that are struggling to survive after making it so far during the incredibly difficult times, but have heard of the possibility of salvation not too far away from them. There will be themes of angst, fluff, unspoken feelings, peril and adventure, with a lot more thrown in that doesn't fit into those kinds of categories.
I have a character sheet devised for the character I need you to play (complete with faceclaim) and am open to collaboration on it!
What I need from you:
Literacy: Advanced and up, please. I can't be dealing with 2-3 line replies. I'd like something to get my teeth into, rather than one long rambling paragraph. I'm not perfect by any means, but do require at minimum 3 paragraphs of something well-written. I tend to write 4-5ish paragraphs, so similar would be ideal. Also, third person/past tense writing only, please!
Frequency: I'd like a couple of replies a day minimum. I totally understand stuff happens and it might not be possible for you to reply a day here and there, which is fine, but please let me know. If you are going to do this consistently, however, then we won’t work out, as I do require 2+ posts a day to stay interested and to keep the plot moving. This is also long term only; please don't contact me if you can't commit to that.
Just FYI: I'm in GMT timezone, though so far this has never proven to be a problem.
Message me if you're interested, and we can discuss further details of where this can take place, etc. I have a fleshed out setting and character skeleton for you!
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2023.06.04 22:19 SageAurelius How to change the “Year” in settings?

So, my phone didn't work for a year. It was only repaired recently. But when I opened it, the year was set to “2010”, and my social apps won't work anymore if I won't change it first. The problems is, the settings doesn't show how to change the year, only the month and day. Please help, asap.
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2023.06.04 22:19 FonceEisKonigin [Hiring] T-shirt designer. Typography and Illustration needed.

This is my first time hiring an artist, so please bear with me if I leave out some relevant information.
I'm looking to open an Etsy shop that focuses on t-shirts, and eventually other small items. The shop will sell nerdy/niche shirts, focused mainly on D&D and fantasy roleplaying games. I'd really like to hire someone who shares my passion for the game and it's community. A lot of the ideas I have for t-shirts are typography with basic iconography. I have a few that will require some in-depth illustration, as well.
This is a remote position, I don't need to contact you beyond reddit if you'd prefer.
I'd like to start out with twenty designs for the launch of the shop.
Eleven of the designs are simple typography with some simple embellishment/iconography
Eight of the designs require actual illustration
I don't mind hiring more than one artist
Based on prices from Artists on Upwork and Fiverr, I'm offering 20 USD for each typography design and 50 USD for every illustrated design. That will be 620 USD for 20 designs. I will absolutely need more work done in the future as well, so if things go smoothly for us, I will be reaching out with more complex (expensive) work in the months to follow.
If you could send me your portfolios, along with the word "Grapefruit," so I know you actually got this far in my post, that would be appreciated.
I look forward to working with you,
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2023.06.04 22:19 AY499 Do I have PTSD from alcoholic parent?

My mother was an abusive alcoholic. All through my childhood after she divorced my dad (7 years old) every day (or at least it seems like it was now) she was drunk, or some level of drunk.
She would trash my room, hit me, hit Me in public, throw up in public, scream at me in a made up language after waking up from being passed out, the lot. I was scared of her, truly. This was pretty much daily.
She has had some help now through therapy, and admitted she had a problem, albeit too late, she has caused so much damage to herself physically and me mentally due to her alcoholism.
I moved out when I was 19 (I am now 34) and we don’t really have a good relationship, we rarely talk, I rarely visit, even without the alcohol she is a very difficult person to be around.
The issue is, now I am afraid of drunk people and being around them in general, and my partner (of almost 7 years) has started going out and drinking. One time a few years ago she got so drunk that when I picked her up I had a huge panic attack and freaked out, I am scared that it’s going to keep happening.
People change when they are drunk, and I just can’t deal with it, and I get flash backs, and just feel generally afraid and uneasy.
What can I do to stop this as it’s affecting her and myself? She shouldn’t have to deal with me being like this when she wants to go out with friends and drink, but I am just terrified of when she comes home.
Ps. I don’t drink at all, and I don’t really do the whole going outside socialising thing, so I don’t go out with her.
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2023.06.04 22:19 Chadchrist Homebrew/DIY flash cart success?

Hello lovely people of n64, i'm new to this subreddit, but I still wanted to toss some questions out into the wild. Im in search of a solution for a DIY/homebrew flash cart solution and in looking for one such solution, I found this project on pcb-way.
I was wondering if there's anyone else here that's tried to or known someone who has tried to use this flash cart solution for their system.
I know of the existence of tried and true methods such as the EverDrive series, but im poor and don't wanna spend $200 on something that won't teach me anything, as im trying to ease my way into the retro hardware/software space.
More specifically on what im asking, Id like to know if theres any limitations on what games/software work with the system. What limitations there are on storage media that can be used with it(what type of sd card I might need) . Will I need to do any component robbing from existing cartridges for things like lockout chips?
Any information is appreciated. Thanks!
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2023.06.04 22:19 BuyWonderful Don’t bother with the I-told-you-so, okay?

So like, before you even start, don’t bother with the I-told-you-so, okay? I know it’s stupid hitchhiking but man, have you seen the price of petrol? Plus, it wasn’t like I was being stupid. I wasn’t going to accept a ride from some scary bloke. But an old lady? Well, why would it hurt? Nora noticed the young lady standing lonely on the side of the highway. Dirty blonde hair, worn in converses, a backpack slung low over one shoulder. She didn’t usually pick up hitchhikers, she knew how dangerous it could be. Especially for a woman in her late 70s. But a young lady, one who looked so lost and sad? Well, she would make an exception. It had been such a very long time since she had stopped for someone on the side of the road. Of course I accepted. She looked so sweet!! Grey, curly hair, big thick glasses. She looked like any Nana I’d ever seen on TV. She didn’t pester me with questions, which was good. Instead, she asked if she could tell me a story. It was a story Nora hadn’t told for a while, though she still remembered it word for word. It was one of those things, something that was so ingrained in her very being, she simply couldn’t forget it. I listened not even half heartedly, staring out the window and daydreaming instead, as we drove on. It wasn’t until I finally noticed the silence in the car, that I also noticed my changes. My hands – wrinkled, blotched with age spots. I reach up to touch my face and realise something else is missing – my long hair, it’s gone, replaced by what feels like steel wool atop of my head. I pull down the passenger side mirror, take a look at the old woman staring back at me, through milky, cataract filled eyes. I open my mouth to scream, my jaw cracking, dentures sliding about. Next to me, I hear a long, soft and satisfied sigh. Like someone who had just devoured a delicious meal. I see Nora, see her long blonde hair, the smooth skin on her face. She glances at me, smiles sadly. “Thanks for accepting my ride,honey.” She drops me off at the mall, and with no where to go, I wander. An old woman, frail, confused. Another face in the sea of a thousand people. Eventually I am taken into a nursing home, where I’m kept against my own will. No one believes me when I tell them what happened, they call it dementia, they called it old age, so now I’ve just stopped trying. Im fixing a plan to escape this place, I’m not getting any younger, I gotta do what I can, I don’t wanna be stuck like this forever, man. I’m just hoping to hitch another ride, maybe I can fix this fuck up somehow.
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2023.06.04 22:19 a-h-m-e-d-k Might help you improve grades?

Hey I've been doing this thing which may help improve your grades.
Ever been in that situation the night before a big exam and have no idea if you have covered everything? Opened up an exam paper to find that same sort of question you keep getting wrong?
For the past year I have been making 'reviews' of all the tests that I have done in the year. A review of a test is basically like all the stuff I did wrong in the test and topics I need to improve on. Here are the sections:
Your probably already thinking that you already do this stuff and reading this is a waste of time. But before the big test, where are the review sheets your teacher gave you to fill out? Probably in an old ring binder that's buried at the back of your cupboard.
What I am saying - I'll get to the point now - is that you should make review notes on a notetaking app. This way before your big test you can print them all off and review what you get wrong and why you get it wrong. Doing this will completely remove the feeling of 'forgetting something'. What makes this even better is that as the year goes on you get more and more review notes on the topics you struggle with so theoretically you should have a comprehensive overview on everything you are weak on by the time you get to A-levels (theoretically). Don't think this will work? I was able to get 86% on a Biology mock - highest in the year - using my review notes and obviously exam questions. Exam questions are key. Obviously I could be lying but you wouldn't know.
The notetaking app that I use is Obsidian. It allows you to store all the review notes in a database and search for them logically - Notion but on steroids and offline. You can also create note templates and all that jazz. Pretty good - would recommend.
Anyways hope you find this useful and try to implement. I've only done this with maths bio chem so don't know how useful it is for humanities ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
TLDR; Make a note of stuff you get wrong on all tests through the year digitally Before the big tests print them all off and test yourself Score high on tests Sail off into the sunset
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2023.06.04 22:19 713forever 27 [M4F] Yellow Fever: Looking For A Female Asian Roleplay Friend

I am 18+ and all participants and characters must be 18+.
27 and like my post says I'm a pretty fun loving guy who's looking for a roleplay friend to pass the time together with. I've grown up around Asian women and have had Asian friends for as long as I can remember so that's why I'm looking for a friend for roleplay or fwb since I know we'd probably get along great. I'm even open to older women too! Even if it's a long shot, I thought I'd give this a try. Prove me wrong for being skeptical. :)
Kik: C00l_Zer0
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2023.06.04 22:18 brobrocon Are we going to be participating in the Reddit blackout?

I really think we should. It’s been going around in some whispers here and there in this forum but I’m going to bring it up again. On the dates of June 12-14th there will be a black out to protest the new Reddit API changes that have effectively killed the third party. I believe the mods of this forum should participate but also all of us. Ways we can do this: by not posting, upvoting, commenting or even opening the Reddit app as part of the protest during the allotted dates. We can also spam them with complaints or we can (if you have it) cancel Reddit premium and report this API change as the reason. There are many other things we as a community can do. For more information as to the situation, why it’s important, and how we can do something please support the designated subreddit linked. Thanks!
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2023.06.04 22:18 True_Junket_3700 School List Help - 3rd Time Reapplicant

I need some help with my school list, I'm trying to apply to around 25-30 schools because my MCAT expires after this cycle and I don't really want to take it again. Looking for primarily MD schools with maybe 5 DO schools. Here is my info:

School List (MD):
  1. University of Alabama at Birmingham
  2. Quinnipiac University
  3. George Washington
  4. Rosalind Franklin
  5. Loyola
  6. Tulane
  7. University of Minnesota
  8. Wake Forest
  9. University of North Dakota
  10. University of Nebraska College of Medicine
  11. Albany
  12. Drexel
  13. Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine
  14. Temple University
  15. Pennsylvania State
  16. Virginia Tech
  17. Medical College of Wisconsin
  18. University of Wisconsin
  19. Creighton
  20. Rush
  21. University of South Dakota
  22. University of Vermont
DO List:
  1. DMU
  2. KCU
  3. Midwestern
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2023.06.04 22:18 Cultural-Fail-698 Game launching fails

Game launching fails
I had a previous version of Minecraft on my PC under a different Microsoft account. I lost the sign-in for that account, so I deleted the launcher but kept the game files.
Recently, I decided to create a new Microsoft account and put my launder on the same PC. This Microsoft account is also linked to Bedrock on Xbox.
When I go to open Java Edition, I see strange errors, including the one below.
Instead of telling me I don't own the game under this account, it tries to open Minecraft on this PC, then fails due to "network issues." Every time I launch it, it's an entirely different error.
Do I need to repurchase Minecraft on this Microsoft account? It gets halfway through the download before failing, or it doesn't download. I would think that it would tell me if my account doesn't own Minecraft.
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