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2011.06.30 17:40 PirateCodingMonkey LGBT Havens: safe places for lgbt young adults

Safe places for LGBT youth

2023.06.04 22:47 Chess_Grandmaster how to get amph out of my system ASAP

just did amphetamine nasal spray for my first time yesterday, never used amphetamines before other than meth a few times 3 years ago. did about 60-70 mg over the course of 12 hours.
my boss told me "hey i scheduled you to come in on Tuesday but i cant tell you why" (it was my day off) i asked a dumb question my 3rd day of work to one of the managers that seemed really chill about drug testing, and i go to the bathroom every 1-2 hours to hit my vape so im wondering if they are suspicious that i am on something (with good reason due to my stupidity)
i read that amphetamines stay in the urine for 3 days and that specific day is in 3 days away from when i had done my last dose

need any tactics on how to get it out of my system, ive been drinking alot of water and peeing damn near every 1 1/2 hours.
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2023.06.04 22:47 AmmonomiconJohn Lootable Zombies in Jurassic Junction

In the beginning of a Heartland playthrough, one of your first mandatory missions is to clear out Jurassic Junction. I just completed that mission, during which there was one lootable zombie (the ones with a PC character model, but the blood plague decals). Shortly after leaving the base, I ran into another lootable zombie, near the base's safe zone boundary. This surprised me, since it was probably 10 in-game hours later.
Do we know how many lootable zombies are supposed to be in/around Jurassic Junction before you clear it out? I assume it's a set number.
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2023.06.04 22:43 brettlester333 Mother-in-law in hospital for a week, a distant family member staying with her is acting extremely suspicious with history of drug abuse

TLDR at the bottom.
My (27M) mother-in-law (92F) is in the hospital for at least the next week getting treatment, her nephew (50 possibly 60 M) has been staying with her the last few months but as of late has been acting strange, & neither me nor my wife (26F) know him that well.
First off, my mother-in-law is my wife's adoptive mother. She adopted my wife's birth mother, then my wife at age 12 after her birth mother was deemed incapable of caring for her daughter. I'll refer to her as my mother-in-law or my wife's mom. Secondly, my wife is her mom's power of attorney.
My mother-in-law is infamous for being naive, letting people take advantage of her for my wife & I to come clean up the mess. We've tried to get her to move in with us, or move into assisted living near our home but she refuses. She's still of sound & mind about 80% of the time, she handles all her own finances, groceries, takes care of three cats & a dog, usually without help because she doesn't allow anyone to.
But if an outcasted family member (usually from drugs, being abusive, or both) comes along with a sob story, she opens the door & lets them either live with her or come in anytime they want. Currently it's her nephew, who at the time of letting him in, had recently made an attempt at his own life.
He used to be a contractor & actually spent most of his time fixing up things around her house, the main project being her fireplace. Since then he has started working on clearing out the garage, one that my deceased father-in-law had hoarded an unfathomable amount of junk in, along with possible sentimental or even valuable items. It's kind of like a few golden needles in the biggest hay stack I've ever seen.
While my mother-in-law has been in the hospital, he's continued to clear out the garage & also had two men we've never met before in her backyard. I confronted them & the other two men left, while her nephew became suddenly emotional about his aunt's wellbeing, & also about me being slightly suspicious of him continuing to clear out the garage while she's in the hospital. Any time it's brought up that we just want to make sure nothing of sentimental or monetary value owned by her is mistakenly hauled off, he thinks we're accusing him of stealing & begins to cry.
On top of that issue, according to my wife & my mother-in-law's sisters, he has been sleeping most of the day & up all night. He wouldn't even wake up when they first took her to the hospital, only after to be upset that the stray dog he'd picked up had been accused of trying to bite family members while trying to get all the pets out of the living room before the paramedics to showed up. He also claimed to believe that the next day my wife & her mom were sleeping in her room all day, & that he didn't know she was in the hospital.
I talked to him on my own, appearing more open so he would talk to me & most of everything he said contradicted what happened or what I had heard from my wife or her aunts.
He has somewhat of criminal history & drug abuse, currently has warrants in a different county for fishing without a license & driving an ATV on private property. My wife looked into his room, which is her old room when she lived at home that actually still has some of her stuff in the closet. She saw a few strange items (a torch, a butter knife, notepads with stuff scribbled all over & several pens, some sort of red light newly installed on the wall) & it was so messy the entire floor was occupied with stuff. But no actual proof, because she didn't want to search the room & alarm him.
Lastly, we found the deed to her home, another property she owns, & something called a "quit claim deed" that was blank, all in a plastic sack on her kitchen table this morning. This was not there yesterday. We took that with us on our way to the hospital today.
I may be leaving out some details, I spent about an hour typing this to make sure I got everything right, but it's been a long three days. My wife has dealt with her brother as an addict, & her birth mother before she passed away. But this situation is completely new to both of us & are not entirely sure what to do, or what we even can do before something goes wrong. We're also worried even if we do get him out of the house, that she'll let him right back in when she gets better. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
TLDR: My mother-in-law is in the hospital, her nephew is being suspicious as far as her property & what's on it, also is possible back on drugs. My wife is her power of attorney, & are looking for advice on what we can or can't do about getting him out of the house permanently.
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2023.06.04 22:42 Economy_Insurance_61 Deep Dive: Apartment Therapy, Ariana Grande, Nikki Ross & Matt Barnes (who?)

Deep Dive: Apartment Therapy, Ariana Grande, Nikki Ross & Matt Barnes (who?)
So this morning my FYP shows me this church-to-house renovation by Nikki Ross, a 24 year old Canadian photographer featured by ApartmentTherapy.
The comments are what you’d expect: “I’m too poor to watch this video” / “how old are you??” / “does this girl own an app or something” etc. I had the same questions so I did some digging, because a quote from the video stuck out at me: “Over the last *6 years*, my fiancé and I have basically converted every square inch of this place into our dream home.”
Record scratch, because girlfriend looks as if 6 years ago she was attending a 7th grade dance. (LinkedIn confirms she graduated high school in 2017. And tbh she doesn’t look much older than that now - see photo 2)
So who’s the fiancé? Canadian photographer and director Matt Barnes, who’s best known work is Ariana’s Dangerous Woman cover, and who in this Sharp Magazine profile from 2014 was listed as 31 years old.
Suddenly, the muchhh younger (and younger looking) girlfriend, giant trampoline in the middle of the house, the giant kid slide, tons of arcade games, and sleeping on little kid sheets is a little less ~qUiRkY hipster~ and a little more -Beth Anne voice- “mmmmmm what’s goin’ on?”
Let’s give the benefit of the doubt though, cause there are at least two little kids in the home. Despite Nikki’s video calling them “their kids” it seemed unlikely they were hers, so who’s were they?
Answer: Lady Shelley Hayes, a Canadian designer known for flower crowns worn by the likes of…Ariana Grande. That’s weird.
It looks like Matt dumped his wife and got with Nikki sometime in 2019/2020 which was a tough time for a lot of marriages, but since Lady doesn’t follow either of them on IG and the church house is a 14 hour drive from Toronto, I suspect it wasn’t an easy separation.
Lessons learned: ALWAYS remember the internet is a highlight reel and influencers will use all the spin they can to make their situations sound as good as possible.
tldr: If they seem too young to have amassed wealth independently, they probably didn’t.
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2023.06.04 22:42 redhairbluetruck Am I setting myself to burn out?

Hi fellow working moms. Just a quick background: 35F mom to 3yo twins, working full time outside the house with a doctorate level degree and have been since kids started daycare center at 4mos old. Husband is also full time outside the house and has over an hour commute each way to work each day.
I love my job and career. I was recently promoted and continue to take on more at work. All things I enjoy and learn from! I am also working on a distance learning program in [my field] education. This program has three stages; you can go as far as you want with the 3rd stage being a master’s degree. Each stage is a year long, but the second stage can be broken into two years depending on what courses/modules you select.
I’m currently nearing the end of the first year and I love the program and all I’m learning. It compliments my main work well and while I don’t see myself pivoting into purely education in my field any time soon, it’s a nice add-on and still applicable to my work. It’s a bonus on the resume and gives me career flexibility should I want it in the future. I can stop now, but I’d love to keep going! The thing is, I’m feeling overwhelmed lately. I have a lot on my plate at work, lots to manage at home and then this program. I typically do my program work at work (which is permitted since they’re paying for it!) but I worry the next two years will be more time demanding.
Another pesky detail: I can take my field’s board exams in 2026, and most people take at least a year to study. It will be intensive and the pass rate is pretty low. If I decide to continue with this education program, it would be best to be done by 2025 so I can then switch gears to board certification focus.
Am I being silly to want to keep going with the program? Am I setting myself up to burn out? There isn’t really much else I can shift to free up time in my life - I get up early to work out, walk the dog after work and then go with my husband to get the kids. I go to bed after they do 😂
Thank you in advance for any ideas, advice or just commiseration for us busy working moms!
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2023.06.04 22:41 J-Bradley1 "Rube Tube" – Entertainment Weekly's review of 'THE TRUMAN SHOW'

Jim Carrey lives for TV in the dazzling fantasy 'THE TRUMAN SHOW'
(By Owen Gilberman)
Truman Burbank (Jim Carrey) the hero of Peter Weir's beautifully sinister and transfixing entertainment-age daydream 'THE TRUMAN SHOW' (Paramount), lives in a storybook island community called Seahaven's that's as sunny and immaculate as a tropical postcard. Each morning, he says goodbye to his perky, beaming wife (Laura Linney) and leaves his gilded suburban home, which looks like one of those New Age gingerbread office buildings that began to go up about a decade ago. Arriving downtown, where he works as an insurance salesman, Truman swirls through lanes of traffic nearly surreal in their civility, whisks past perfectly stacked rows of interchangeable magazines, and makes small talk with the locals, who are as chipper as the droids in a candy-bar commercial.
Have we entered some creepy parallel universe? Or is Seahaven, with it's programmed-cherry settings and programmed cherry people, its meticulous, Magritte-goes-to-the-mall look of the '90s melting into the '50s and back again, the place America is fast becoming?
Actually, Seahaven is a fake – not a town at all but a gigantic domed television studio, where Truman has spent his entire 30 years as the unknowing star of an intricately rigged TV series, a voyeuristic epic beamed 24 hours a day into homes all over the world. The events of Truman's life are overseen by Christof (Ed Harris), the show's ominous creator-visionary, who sits up in his booth like a network Big Brother, molding everything before him. The streets and buildings of Seahaven are sets (the sun and moon are electronically operated light shows), and the citizens are round-the-clock actors, each equipped with a tiny camera. Even Truman's family and friends aren't what they seem. His buddy (Noah Emmerich), who regularly arrives to share a six-pack, uses macho-guy bonding to create an ersatz intimacy.
His wife is a '90s Donna Reed (Linney's overly synthetic character is actually the film's one flaw), and his memory of losing his father in a drowning accident is like a "haunting" TV-movie tragedy. Everywhere Truman looks, he's being filmed, observed, scrutinized; the whole world is watching him. Only he doesn't know it. The reason the show is a hit is that although everything surrounding Truman is an illusion, his reactions are innocently and utterly real.
The paranoid ingeniousness of 'THE TRUMAN SHOW' brings to mind David Lynch directing a smiley-faced '1984' – that or 'INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS' updated to the era of Jerry Springer and 'THE REAL WORLD'. The film takes off from a culture–ours– that erases privacy by turning reality into television and television into reality. That said, if 'THE TRUMAN SHOW' were just a 'TWILIGHT ZONE' satire of life, transporting experience in the way that Weir, working from Andrew Nicol's nimbly fanciful screenplay, allows us direct access to the eerie virtual reality of Truman's world, which is portrayed as a hyper-clear dream of our own homogenized, theme-parked lives, with everything from catchphrases to love dictated by the prerogatives of corporate central.
Jim Carrey has always been naturally stylized, a man gleefully unleashing his id and watching it bounce around the room. Here, he hasn't let go of that stylization, exactly. He's sculpted it down, reducing himself to slightly gawky mannerisms of a doofus everyman domesticated beyond his powers, literally raised to be a character on a TV show. As it dawns on Truman that there are vast forces mucking with his life, Carrey's happy smirk turns into a snarl of rage, and he inspires dynamic feels of audience revolt. What Truman is discovering and fighting, the surreal sense that everything in the world revolves around -him-, is really the core aesthetic of TV commercials ("This Bud's for you!"), now turned into a madhouse threat. A consumer-age Walter Mitty, he longs to escape, to go to Fiji and reunite with the bewitching coed (Natascha McElhone) he once, for a moment, loved.
Unbeknownst to him, she was an actress on 'THE TRUMAN SHOW' who tried to shake free of her role (and was hauled off by network fascists). Carrey uses his timing and his ironic sincerity to fuse us to Truman's desperation, turning him into a postmodern Capra hero. We're dying for Truman to break through Seahaven's fourth wall – to become, for the first time, himself.
Weir gently tweaks the viewers who gather at a bar, or over pizza, to tune into Truman's latest exploits. Those viewers, of course, are us. Watching the movie, we're inside 'THE TRUMAN SHOW' and outside it at the same time. We feel the tug of its drama as surely as anyone on screen, yet we're never allowed to forget that for Truman, romance, friendship, even his own memories are a prefab series of events– a behavior-modifacation experiment drawn from the situational language of television. It may well have taken a clown genius like Jim Carrey to play someone who wakes up to the notion that his whole life has been a ghostly pantomime.
In its own ominously witty way, 'THE TRUMAN SHOW' is really asking, What happens to our experience when all we want to -be- is what we see? That may be the first essential question of the 21st century.
FROM: 'ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE' – Issue #435 (June 5, 1998)
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2023.06.04 22:39 Desperate-Car-Wife Cars, Trucks, Turbos.. Oh My! Part.7

Desperate Car Wife: A Journey in the Making (part.7)
My husband's next "victim" .... A golden brown 1997 Chevy K/1500 Extended Cab
I had a feeling he'd buy this truck at some point... A buddy of his owned it and he would always make comments and cash offers whenever he saw the truck. About 3 or 4 years later my hubby finally got his wish! I still remember the night we brought it home... Unfortunately, that same night, during the wee hours, some delinquent teens went around the neighborhood and were keying cars down our street! He parked it on the street since he had planned to wash it first thing.... Hub was up early the next day, so excited to have his new baby; ready to give her a good wash and start marking his "territory" with that good 'ol "JB Treatment".. We walked out and discovered the truck had been keyed all the way from the driver's side door to the rear fender!! I can't describe how super p@##ed off he was without using a list of colorful words, but I'm sure y'all can imagine... I'm just glad I was there to help calm him down; to this very day I truly feel that had he given into his anger, he would've gone off his rocker, and that day would've been much like that famous line from Liam Neeson in Taken!! But after about an hour of watching what looked like a crazy man, pacing back and forth, looking over and over at the nearly 7' long scratch, while cursing up a storm, he managed to calm down "somewhat" and immediately ran down to AutoZone... $150 later, he had what he needed to make it as invisible as possible. It was deep in spots; the entire scratch had passed through the top coat and in some areas it was all the way to the base paint :(
Over the next year, he went over the entire body with a clay bar, compound buffed, then waxed and polished... She was easily a 10 footer for sure! Eventually he found some wheels and bought matching tires.. (He has a thing about mismatched tires LOL) She was lookin' like a pretty nice truck, so shiny and new, nearly flawless on the outside.
Side Note: I remember one night, not too long after he finished all that hard work, we were bbqing at our friend's house; the one who sold us the truck. It was well after midnight when we were finally ready to leave, (hubby was highly intoxicated), I ended up having to pull the truck out first because a huge bush was on the other side where he had backed in too close and couldn't open the passenger side door. Well he was too drunk and way too tall to try to climb over the center console thru the driver's side, so he wanted me to pull the truck out and he'd just hop in. I was like "there are branches sticking out of the bush and I think I might scratch the truck"... I insisted my hubby just pull it out a little and then I'd take over. (if anyone was gonna scratch it, I'd rather it be him!) To give some insight: there was another car parked on the driver's side, giving me very little room to work with... But he refused and said he'd guide me.. Famous. Last. Words!!!! As soon as I started to pull away, I heard scraping sounds!!!! I stopped and was sooo upset because I knew it would happen! I thought for sure he would be so p@##ed at me for scratching it! I had tears, I felt so bad!! He had just finished getting that truck looking new again and the hours of labotime spent doing so... I couldn't stop sobbing, even when he, surprisingly, wasn't mad at all!! He actually blamed himself because he made me move it.. I blame the alcohol for his chill response!!! After repeated "sorry's" and "it's okay's".. we get home and he grabs his container of Mother's compound and starts buffing out the scratch.... Next morning I looked at the spot and to my excitement, the scratch was gone... it didn't go through the top coat!! Couldn't even tell that there was ever even a scratch!!!! \Wipes sweaty forehead* What a relief that was!*
Next came the.......... you got it! The Sound system! \ insert smirky laugh here LOL **
A slimbox would just not do.. he tried, but at this point in his obsession with bass style audio, he wanted more bass. Well for those of you that don't know, more bass means not only bigger subs and bigger boxes for those subs, you also need higher quality tweeters and mids with their own amp system plus crossovers, a powerful amp just for the bass, bigger batteries (yes, that's plural), a bigger alternator, fuses galore, expensive wiring , etc... Not only is that crazy expensive to do, but it also required him to eventually remove the bench seat. I had no clue to all of this till I started going with him more often to the car audio shops. Needless to say, I was not a happy wife when it came to the price tags... I was perfectly happy with decent sound and a small sub, but something so crazy loud wasn't that big of a deal to me, however, our bank account would say otherwise LOL ... it wasn't my daily driver, so I didn't really care other than the costs for everything... he just could never be happy with the sound and continuously changed out the subs, boxes, decks, you name it... he did it more than once over on everything! So that was the first strike to this truck and I... (I know it sounds a bit harsh for a 1st strike, but I wanted a nice family vacation, not bigger and bigger subs... Remember my "limits" motto??)
I liked driving it around town, though the driver's seat was broken in the upright position, so I had to drive with a pillow behind me. (Strike 2!!) It never bothered him because he's so dang tall, and I rarely drove it as it was, so the seat wasn't a priority... Then I took it on the freeway, the steering became very loose. I don't know how to describe how it felt to me, other than it felt like it was severely out of play... My hubby never seemed to have the same issue and always would reassure me that "it's just how the truck drives''... So he hasn't messed around with the steering column at all. Well, I don't trust it or feel safe in it, so I refuse to drive it. I have had to take it on the freeway a couple more times since then and I still hate driving it... it still felt way out of whack for me; taking curvy turns was the worst, I couldn't even keep it centered in my lane! Nerves shot and blood pressure at its highest.... Strike 3!!! I absolutely hate driving that truck!!! She is a pretty thing after a good waxing, but that's as far as I take a liking to her...
$10k later, including a rebuilt tranny and 2 DIY transfer case replacements, the truck is nearly perfect in my husband's eyes.... but then the poor thing falls to vandalism once again! :( :( :( Only this time it was 2 slashed tires and a broken windshield! This time we filed a police report! But of course nothing ever came of it, unfortunately.... It was easy to replace, but costly and getting no justice after being vandalized twice (parked in the driveway the 2nd time), left us feeling sour and foul mouthed.... Now we have cameras on the driveway and street! Regardless of the vandalism, there's always something needing to be replaced it seems... this truck feels like a money pit in my mind... strike 4...
Special Note: If you have found or follow me on Twitter (DsCarWife) and come here to read my posts... I have a little treat tweet coming! Stay Tuned!
Part. 8 coming soon
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2023.06.04 22:38 BlindMancs I'm the luckiest biker today

Went to Birmingham NEC for an expo, but because my car was in for service, I had to take the bike. Because I was working at the expo, I could only get out 2 hours after it ended.
When I got to the car park, I heard my disc break alarm going off. Multiple guys around my SV650, one chap kicking my steering wheel to break the lock. Managed to fend them off, mainly thanks to Jamie, another biker who parked next to me and was there at the same time. When they realised they couldn't take the bike, they kicked it over. As again, disc break was on, so even if they get the lock off, they still would not have taken the bike probably.
I quickly packed my bags on, and got on the motorway back to south, fuming for a solid 30 minutes before I had to stop for petrol. Bumped into 3 riders, whom I could share the events with, allowing me to properly relax.
Once I got back on the bike, I realised how immensely lucky I was, sitting on my bike with zero riding affecting damage. Engine guard & bar ends saved everything, especially because Jamie also slowed the fall of the bike. Steering lock is still there, but it's definitely bent, it's only about 5% off from the center. Lock works, but inserting the key is now tricky. Nothing else wrong with it the bike, so probably it won't cost me more than £2-300. (hopefully)
Lessons learned: - Disc break lock is not theft prevention, it's theft protection. These morons didn't know what it was, otherwise what was the point of any of what they were doing? They had no grinder on them. - Birmingham is full of c*nts, never take a bike there - Birmingham NEC has ZERO security in the car park, 2 hours after the daily event ends. There were still nearly 100 cars on site, yet zero staff to protect a PAID car park.
The man of the day is Saint Jamie, if I could hug you for another minute, I would.
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2023.06.04 22:37 SongRevolutionary20 Hi, I'm Nicole and I'm online 24 hours a day to provide you with the best 1:1 replica AAAAA Quality, no matter you consult any goods, I will provide you with factory pictures, and take QC video before delivery, until you are satisfied! please contact me+ (86) 13128258383

Hi, I'm Nicole and I'm online 24 hours a day to provide you with the best 1:1 replica AAAAA Quality, no matter you consult any goods, I will provide you with factory pictures, and take QC video before delivery, until you are satisfied! please contact me+ (86) 13128258383 submitted by SongRevolutionary20 to RepLadies2022 [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 22:36 Heavenly_Toast After hopelessly paddling around in the ocean for hours with my daughter, I almost cried tears of joy when I saw a boat nearing me.

When I turned around to show my daughter, all I saw was a pile of thrashing fins and tails in a blur of red, and when I looked back for help, the boat had grown a fin and two gaping white eyes.
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2023.06.04 22:33 Weekly_Bid9504 strange upper stomach discomfort all day.. desperately need some advice.

i need someone to tell me straight if this sounds like a sb or fp. i’ve been googling but i’m not sure.
i had liquid d* once yesterday with (tmi) a very small solid piece (i had eaten some soup and a donut beforehand that day). after that happened, i had a panic attack which led me to feeling extremely n* for like two hours. i genuinely thought it was gonna happen and it left me terrified.
fast forward it was midnight when this happened, so i took a sleeping pill hoping it would help me unwind. but nope, my stomach still kept me up all night. gurgling an insane amount with bad smelling gas. pressure in the middle of the stomach, so that i couldn’t sleep on my sides.
i haven’t had a BM again, but i’m scared something is wrong. my upper stomach near my sternum is cramping every so often, as well as my sides. it feels like gas pain, only my stomach is completely empty. i only ate some granola today, didn’t drink much water either. i physically can’t put anything in my body when i feel this way, it’s a sucky coping mechanism. i can’t help it.
i don’t know if i’m actually sick or not 😭😭is this it? these scares have been happening every month, for at least 5 months. I’M SO TIRED. how do i know what’s real? the last time i left my house was on friday, so i could’ve definitely caught something. i need to stop posting on here, but i’m completely panicked. no one understands.
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2023.06.04 22:32 langseeker Offering: English (Native) seeking Spanish

Hi there(24) from south of England and offering English, I work in construction so have a lot of experience communicating with people still learning the language and helping them, I’m seeking someone who can help me with Spanish, I think I’m around A2 Level, open to Online or IRL if you’re in or near london, I’m chill, open minded, I love nature, anything active, MMA and cooking, I’m also really into art so yehhhh could talk about anything also I game so if anyone wants to do a language exchange while gaming I’m down!! Look forward to meeting you guys
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2023.06.04 22:31 betteroffnightshade Am I spending too much time with my BF?

Recommended to post here instead of AITA:
I (28F) have been with my BF (31m) for three years, and he's had another partner (26F) for about a year now. I am ace, and we agreed early on that we'd see how things go for him with our relationship. So far it's been great, and for fairness we split up our time together, spending a few hours specifically with him. Mon-Tue are mine, Wed-Thur are hers, Friday we usually do something together, Saturday is a 'whatever' day, which might be going out or inviting friends over, Sunday is a personal/cool off day.
I deal with a lot of anxiety, and I'm working on it. Therapy, routines, medication. Lately Saturday night and sometimes sunday my BF is spending with me in adjusting from social environments, of which I'm eternally grateful, and his partner might help too if she's in the mood, but it's sporadic. I made it clear she is not responsible for my problems/anxieties, and I don't expect her to help. Even so, she has expressed lately that it feels a bit 'unfair' that I get significantly more time with him than she does.
On one hand, what we do on the weekends largely is decided by us, and not routine. I'm not asking him for any assistance coping, but he still insists, which I greatly appreciate. On the other hand, I feel guilty that my stresses are causing a rift between us, and yeah he does get to spend more private time with me. She is much more an extrovert and doesn't need nearly as much time as I do to recover from social events, which is neither her nor my fault. She is often cold to us on the Sunday/Mondays they follow if I've had a particularly rough weekend and he wasn't more available to play games or watch something.
Am I being problematic for effectively needing/wanting more of his time and attention when we are trying to split up our time evenly?
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2023.06.04 22:30 Unlucky-Community315 30 [M4F] North Carolina / USA - Introvert Gamer looking for Player 2

Hello, my name is C (real name will be given out once we're comfortable with each other). I am 30 from North Carolina. I typically work anywhere from 35 to 40 hours a week as a Pharmacy Technician. In my down time I enjoy being a night owl (when work allows me to be), conversations over Discord, Gaming (I have a gaming PC and a Nintendo Switch), watching YouTube and Twitch content, watching movies or shows, and listening to music. I also appreciate dark humor!
(I am 6'2",chubby, and white if that matters to you)
I love nerding out over new tech, learning about pc parts, audio gear (microphones, audio interfaces, etc), cellphones, and other stuff. I enjoy building PCs as well. I would like to get into making content on YouTube or Twitch, or possibly streaming, so finding somebody with similar interests would be huge! I have been told I have a very nice voice :)
Gaming: I typically play RPGS and Shooters, but I'm also an avid Pokémon fan, and I'll dabble in MMOs from time to time. I like to keep an open mind so I'm always down to try something new and outside my normal.
Movies and Shows: I go for Action and Comedy movies usually. The Rush Hour trilogy is my favorite series.
Music: I listen to a lot of different types of music but I tend to focus on Pop Rock, Pop Punk, and Acoustic music the most. Some rap and country is alright but I don't usually go out of my way to listen to it.
What I am Looking For:
I am looking for a serious relationship with a fellow introvert, someone with similar interests, someone I can game with and possibly make content or stream with, someone who loves dark humor and can take a joke while dishing them back at me. I love when someone doesn't take themselves too seriously (within reason of course).
I don't mind long distance as long as you're in the mainland USA and there will eventually be the move to meet up at some point.
If you think we would mesh well together, send me a DM or a Chat (sometimes the Reddit chat is kind of buggy, so feel free to send both!)
Hope to hear from you soon!
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2023.06.04 22:30 lelnobody I feel like my uncle could have molested me as a child but I dont remember

So recently I saw a movie called "The Tale" , really a hard movie to watch but very good movie. It triggered me a little bit as it's about the sexual abuse a woman edured during her childhood from a famous medalist. Through all the movie , I thought about my uncle for several times.
It's a weird feeling I have always had since little. When I was a child I would have a very good relationship with him and my cousin. My cousin was like my little brother and we would always play together every week during summer and a lot of the times my uncle would play with us. The thing is , i cant remember my uncle doing anything bad to me but I remember him saying weird comments on my appereance from time to time like how pretty I was becoming, and that I was very beautiful. It's not anything bad itself but it was the way he would say it, it was unpleasant because it didn't sound like a familiar, genuine way of saying to a child that she is pretty but more with a sexual tone, as if he was actually complementing me as a woman. Those comments I would received them since I was 6 years old into my late teens. After that,he began having trouble with alcohol and stopped coming to family meetings and I stopped going to his house because my dad and him gad a big argument. My cousin also, he is 21 now and has drug problems. I havent seen him since I was 16 and now I am 24.
Recently , in a family meeting, my uncle actually came , he was a little bit drunk ( all my relatives hate this). He saw me and told me something like "Wow Laura, you've become such a pretty woman. If I was not your uncle, maybe I would think about..." then stopped talking because one of my relatives went into the room. I remember him saying similar things too when I was a teen.
As you can see, I cant remember anything specific from my childhood that tells me that he did something but my body gets unconfortable when he is near and I have always sensed something. I also used to sleep a lot in my uncle's house. Maybe I am paranoid but could it be the case that I dont remember anything but something could have happened? And if it's the case, how can I explore more if it happened? Just for the record, I also have a lot of problems when it comes to sex. I have a hard time liking it and I am very anxious but when I was a teen I became hypersexual for male validation or who knows, even thought I never had an orgasm and still cant when I'm with someone else.I have never gane to therapy because i dont have tje money.
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2023.06.04 22:28 MaybeThrowaway10 [A4A] The troubles with technology

Tech based characters in a superpowered/magical setting—be they mad scientists, genius inventors, disgruntled engineers, or something in between—always seem to be close to the top. Maybe their gadgetry enhances existing powers, maybe it stands on its own, but regardless, the judicious application of missiles and unobtanium reactors seems to work rather well for the lot.
I present an alternative, the other side of technology, where magic isn’t poorly understood science, but so far above it that those ants scurrying around with their poor substitutes stand no chance. To explore that, I offer two scenarios! To be clear, in both I’ll be playing the poor tech reliant sap who is out of their depth!~
  1. Tech based superheroes:
Josephine slams against the wall, groaning in tandem with the metallic reinforcement within her suit. She slides to the ground, sparks flying freely from a severed wire in her left arm, grounding itself to a piece of metal scrap. She’s damaged, and something feels broken, but not out of the fight yet. She can’t fail here, not after so much work, countless hours of tinkering cannot come to naught. A quick turn of her head, and the internal targeting system gains a lock on her opponent. Data instantly transmitted to a support drone whirling around her.
The cannon mounted beneath it turns to the target, a soft hiss sounding out as the weapon opens its chamber and prepares to fire. Despite the blood trickling from the corner of her mouth, Josephine grins. The drone mounts a light gas gun of her own design, perfectly suited to the occasion, far more powerful than conventional weaponry, there’s no chance in hell that it would—
The explosion cuts off her train of thought. Her target waves their hand absentmindedly, and the drone’s weapon violently detonates, sending it scattering in flaming wreckage around the street. The target vanishes, before Josephine can feel the emergency release valve on her powered armor trigger. She’s yanked out, tossed to the hard concrete, and a boot is planted firmly on her chest. Her foe looms over the girl. She looks so…small, without her equipment and armor. So vulnerable. Surely, they can put her to better use than this charade~
  1. The artificer:
Janek crept through the underbrush, the massive boiler strapped to his back doing nothing for the young man’s stealth. Not that he ever had much of a hope that he would be sneaky, not with the clinking of the carabiners and tubing bumping against each other every 5 seconds. Even him and his ego had to admit, there were more elegant solutions to his particular conundrum. But it was a damn effective one, and he was more than proud of his invention.
The wild boars proved no match for his latest killing machine, even with their thick skulls and tusks. So Janek went in search for ever greater prey, thinning the predator population of the nearby forest quite considerably. And now it was time for the ultimate challenge, a real life field test against the most dangerous foes he could find in the forest! The magically inclined who made their home there, terrorizing settlements and caravans alike with their awe inspiring spells. But they would be no match for the likes of Janek Straka! He was practically trembling with excitement, readjusting his glasses and inspecting his choice in weapon once again.
A sort of rifle, one which had all the trappings of the basic prototypes you might see in a Kingdom’s armory, but with his own tweaks. A magazine holding long iron spikes was fastened to the top, in front of a series of rubber tubing which led back to a valve assembly on the boiler he was wearing as a backpack. A massive chamber of boiling water which, with the pull of a trigger, would flood the weapon with steam and send deadly spikes slamming through whatever was on the other end.
It did not take much longer for him to find his quarry. For they were strutting towards him, rather confidently. Through the dim light let in by the trees, he couldn’t quite make out who it was. The Elven warrior, a proud individual who had practiced magic longer than Janek had been alive? The necromancer, who wasn’t nearly as frail as her undead legions? Or maybe the local Vampire had finally made an appearance, a monster that even Janek had to admit hadn’t lost their allure over the centuries. Oh well, it wouldn’t matter in a few seconds. Janek shoulders his steam-rifle, takes careful aim, gently squeezes the trigger and…only hears a short hiss. A low chuckle comes from his opponent as they keep walking towards him
“Your weapon. I’m not familiar with it, but I can sense it needed fire to work? Someone of your alleged intellect should’ve known that pyromancy is one of the easiest magicks known to man. Snuffing out was child’s play”
Janek stammered together a reply, flipping open the boiler cover to find that the charcoal had gone out “Aha, very clever of you! B-But you are mistaken, I meant you no harm! Perhaps, perhaps we can talk things out?”
His ‘prey’ just smiles, shakes their head in response, and in a flash they are upon the poor artificer
I hope you liked the prompt! I tried to go for a balance there, with both modern/superhero ideas and a fantasy concept thrown in for fun. If you found any part of it interesting, or even if you had your own idea related to the concept, feel free to PM me!
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2023.06.04 22:27 URappletea Malden MA 2b2b fully furnished apartment lease transfer, starting this July

Hi all, I'm moving out of my apartment before the start of July and need someone to take the current lease, which will end on March 2024 and can be extended.
Rent is $2550 per month, with a $2000 deposit. Willing to give away all the current furniture for free.
Features of the apartment:
Other details.
Check out the apartment photos here. Feel free to dm me for more details :)
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2023.06.04 22:26 frecklesndogs Don’t want to wedding plan

Feeling sad, frustrated, and discouraged :( engaged 4/23 and was planning for 5/24. I was so excited at first! Reaching out to venues in our home state which is 12 hours away and planning there so friends and family could come. Now, we’re down to what we want “our” venue, and they’ve told me they’re “working on” sending the contract for weeks with no sign of it. It’s frustrating enough trying to plan in a different state, knowing I can’t go see the venue myself, do a menu tasting, pick out all of the details that matter to me that’s resulting in an “IDGAF” attitude.
I don’t even want a wedding anymore.
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2023.06.04 22:25 DReager1 It's time to have a difficult conversation about Tears of the Kingdom

It's just not nearly as good as people are saying.
t’s time to sit down and have a difficult discussion about Tears of the Kingdom. I know that you’ve heard from just about every source how this is the game of the year, one of the best games of all time, etc. Well I’m here to let you down gently because it did not reach those heights. I would argue that the first game actually defeats it overall. Tears of the Kingdom ultimately tried to be too ambitious and tried too many things with a lot of them not working out. That’s the big problem here and I say this as someone who has always been a big Legend of Zelda fan. It just wasn’t ready for this and I think the series should go back to the really big story based titles like Skyward Sword. The open world format is cool but it needs extensive fixes.
Advertisements REPORT THIS AD
Well first off the story starts with Zelda and Link exploring some ruins. Unfortunately this does go very well and Zelda goes missing, lost into the winds. Link wakes up on the sky islands and needs to find a way to get going. He must save Princess Zelda from Ganondorf who has returned to destroy the world. Link will need to meet up with various friends and allies as he reawakens the Master Sword and saves the day but can he do this?
Lets talk about some of my issues with the game. First up, they kept the whole breakable weapons mechanic. So every few swings your weapons are going to keep on shattering. Over and over and over again. Yes you now have the ability to fuse weapons with objects which is a new mechanic to the game but this only delays the inevitable as they will both be destroyed before long. The only exception is the Master Sword which still breaks but it will eventually regenerate. This is a mechanic that should have been removed by now because all it really does is force some extra length into the game instead of just letting you have fun. I don’t know about you but I want to have fun and I want to have fun now!!
Then there is the new Ultrahand mechanic to which a large part of the game is built around. With this you can lift up almost any object in the game. This helps a lot with puzzles and such as you jump from platform to platform. The thing is, it’s not a mechanic that is super fun to use. I think it could have been in small doses like using it once in a while but having to do it constantly is something else. Building objects and such is good fun at time but the game is too focused on having you do it all the time. As it is you don’t have much time to just play the game.
You maybe fight someone once every few hours but for the mot part you’re doing a lot of running and map exploring. I managed to scope out almost the whole Depths can a fairly early period in the game and likewise opened up the lighthouses. It is really good to be able to see the map at least and they didn’t exaggerate about the overall size of the kingdom. The game is absolutely massive and it would take forever to run from one side to the other. It is absolutely impressive and I’ll give the egame credit there. They just should have skipped the overall gimmicks so all of the different styles would be gone and you’re just having fun with combat.
The actual combat is smooth but it feels like that is rarely something you need to do. Aside from the occasional boss you don’t have much incentive to take down the minions. You can get some material for beating them but not much. So you’re just going to be doing a lot of running instead and probably getting stuck at some point by those puzzles. I certainly got stuck plenty of times. In the end it took me 55 hours to complete the game and I feel like a good chunk of that was running around in circles because I didn’t know where to go.
There are a ton of sidequests and bonus content to access but most of them are behind puzzles as well so get ready to try and figure those out. Additionally don’t forget that you have to complete a bunch of shrines to get the stars needed to level up your health and stamina. The game may try to present itself as a rue open world where you can make any choices you want but that isn’t always the case. For example there is one boss that you can’t reach unless you get past a stamina door and to do that you had to buy at least 5 stamina upgrades. I wanted to max out hearts and that’s what I had been doing but this forced me to change gears.
Advertisements REPORT THIS AD
Also I believe the open world is to blame for this game not having much in the story. After each temple they play the same cutscene over and over again and just zoom in on a different character depending on the temple. It means that the game froze the progression right here and that’s no good. By the time you get to the end of the game it really doesn’t feel like there was a ton of story that you got through.
At least the climax was a lot of fun though. Lin’s battle stance where he gets ready and the Master Sword lights up was brilliant. That was a great moment all around and is exactly what you like to see in a AAA title. Link has been through a lot but when the going gets tough he is always ready to hang in there. The battle involves a lot of dodging and parrying so you do need to really be on point here. Especially since I had used up all of my hearts earlier thanks to the gloom. I had to beat the final boss and the various phases without taking any hits to my hearts. It took me over 2 hours of trying over and over again but eventually I did manage to succeed.
That was easily the highlight of the game for me because I did feel good in conquering that challenge. I’d argue that the game design wasn’t the best to put you in such a rough circumstance since I feel like most wouldn’t be able to pull that off. Of course there is extra gear and food that you could have gotten to avoid that which is worth noting. The game really wants you to stick around and try all of the content so you can go into the final boss well prepared. It’s a noble goal and I know there is a lot to the game but at the end of the day there just isn’t enough to keep you here. Once you complete the game then you are likely out.
The soundtrack is definitely more on the forgettable side but I suppose I wouldn’t say that it’s bad. You just don’t feel like you will need to Youtube the themes afterwards. The graphics are definitely great here. I would have liked to have had Link’s classic green tunic throughout the game though. Lately it feels like that costume doesn’t appear enough even though it’s the best one. I’m sure it’s out there somewhere in the mode but I was hoping I would get it for the final boss.
Nobody can say that the game is short though. 55 hours just to complete the campaign is really impressive and in terms of overall content I wouldn’t be surprised if this is around 100-150 hours. There is so much to do here. The game can also be fun when you are just relaxing and not having to do anything. The problem is that the game reminds you of what’s coming all the time. Just when you’re unwinding the game throws another puzzle at you or some kind of cryptic clue. You simply can’t escape it.
This all sounds pretty negative so just for the record the reason why I would still call the game good is because the gameplay itself is good. The combat is on point and I enjoy the parrying system. The characters are good and the story is solid when it appears with a cinematic once in a while. You will get real annoyed on many occasions and will need to put the game down for a while since long batches can hurt the experience but at the end of the day it’s a game that you won’t regret buying.
Overall, Tears of the Kingdom is one of the weaker Legend of Zelda games for me but I will applaud it on really trying to be as ambitious as possible. It is a huge game but the gimmicks just ended up bringing the experience down. Sometimes less is more and just letting me fight the enemies without having to worry about things would have been great. I want more story and more action next time. Throw those things into the game and I would enjoy it a whole lot more. I would still recommend the game if you want to travel through the kingdom and have fun. I’m confident that you will have a good time here but you will also get irritated at times so definitely keep that in mind. The game is very much a rollercoaster and I need Nintendo to do better...to be better!
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2023.06.04 22:25 SlayerTaco 22 [M4F] Southern US (Mississippi) - Adventurous, Caring, and Ready for New Beginnings! Looking for something serious.

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by. I'm Michael, and I believe that life is all about embracing new experiences, creating meaningful connections, and sharing laughter along the way. I extremely value honesty and find that one of the most important qualities in a person is their willingness to tell the truth.
I'm 22, 5'10'', with black hair and brown eyes (Hispanic). I may not fit society's conventional standards of attractiveness, but I believe that beauty lies in one's character and passions. That being said I am not a slob but it wouldn't hurt me to hit the gym more often lol.
I'm a compassionate, loyal, trustworthy and genuine person who values deep connections. I may be a bit introverted, but once you get to know me, you'll discover a passionate and witty side that loves to engage in meaningful conversations (May end up talking for hours lol). Laughter and honesty are the key to my heart! I have an interesting sense of humor and enjoy sharing really bad jokes and references. If you're up for spontaneous bursts of laughter and appreciating the lighter side of life, we'll get along swell.
When it comes to interest and hobbies I like things like cooking, road trips, stargazing, reading, and I love all genres of music (I actually mean it when I say that). When it comes to media I love stuff like Star wars, DnD, MTG, Pc gaming (fav is Stardew Valley), Anime, LNs, Manga, and Pokémon.
I am looking for someone who I will value as a partner who embraces authenticity and sees beyond superficial appearances. Someone who appreciates the genuine person beneath the surface and is open to building a meaningful connection and isn't afraid to just be themselves. It would be great to find someone who shares my passions and can introduce me to new and fun hobbies. Whether it's attending IRL public conventions, marathoning our favorite shows, or just traveling around the country, let's create our own future adventures. That being said having different interests is ok with me and just means we get to show each other new fun things.
In conclusion, I am mainly looking for a partner around 20 - 28 (+- a year or two) year range. I don't care what religion you practice as long as you do not try and push your religion onto me. Politically I lean left so if that's a turn off (For some reason lol) look somewhere else then again IDC as long as you don't try to force me to change. I also prefer if you live somewhat near me, as to build a semi ldr. So feel free to reach out, and let's embark on a journey where true connection transcends societal expectations. oh and if you read this far let me know by telling me your favorite song. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!
Warm regards, Michael
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2023.06.04 22:22 Automatic_Screen349 How would you feel if you (French man) were asked out by someone you tutor?

I started private tutor with a French tutor who is my age a few months ago. I still have a few weeks of classes left with him but I think I want to ask him out because we both leave town in a few months.
Recently after our class which was a weekend evening, there were a few people grabbing drinks in the bar so he asked me to go with him and he even paid for my drinks because I didn't have any cash on me. Just the two of us drank and spoke for nearly three hours. Harmless talks only, but I have become so attracted to him because he is ridiculously sweet and slightly shy which is stupidly attractive. He seems like a genuinely kind and gentle person with a really good heart.
Is it weird for me to ask him out though?? Would this make things very awkward for us and for our class?? I am personally ok with rejections. I don’t mind but I’m not sure how he’d feel so I want to be careful.
Also if I do ask him out, how should I approach it?? Is rendez-vous a date??
I don’t know French dating culture or any rules on asking out… so how would a French man feel?
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2023.06.04 22:18 marcsRadio Playlist updated with more Indie & Folk gems Reflect & Relax Cafe #38

Playlist updated with more Indie & Folk gems Reflect & Relax Cafe #38
Version #38 just released!
These are the songs that will accompany us during the next two weeks:
# Song Artist
1 Strange Time To Feel Alive TRVSTFALL
2 I'll Wait - Acoustic The Strumbellas
3 Ace Up My Sleeve Lord Huron
4 Let It Burn Ripp + Rice
5 The Grass Is Blue Norah Jones, Puss N Boots
6 I Don't Want This Job Zach Winters
7 Gold Patric Johnston
8 You Let Me In Luke Rathborne
9 New House Austin Basham
10 Howl Jake Houlsby
11 Highway Honey LULLANAS
12 Long Haul Fretland
13 Anew Hollow Coves
14 All My Love Riley Pearce
15 Seven Hours - Alternative Version Cattle & Cane
16 Look After You Aron Wright
17 Home Power-Haus, Christian Reindl, Lloren, Lucie Paradis
18 You Are My Home Man of Leisure
19 Rising Reuben And The Dark
20 Small Of My Heart Madison Violet
21 Ether VVE
22 Seeds Julian Taylor
23 Dink's Song Andrea Von Kampen
24 I'll Be Around - Acoustic Garrett Kato
25 Beautiful Life (Acoustic) The Collection

R&R Cafe #38
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