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Black shorthair cat, vet hasn't been able to diagnose ear problem

2023.05.31 17:14 pyroguy7 Black shorthair cat, vet hasn't been able to diagnose ear problem

I'm reaching out to try to get some other opinions as to what could be going wrong, as I haven't gotten anywhere with our cat's primary vet. They seem to be trying their best, but I'm wondering if this might be out of their depth. But first, the info dump:
Our cat has had inflamed, dirty ears she's been fighting with. On our initial visit, they cultured the ear gunk and found no infections, so they prescribed the application of Purdue Magic Ear Solution, two drops to be massaged in once a day. Due to some complications with the meds about a week in (It's a story so described below but might be unrelated), we had to stop that treatment and scheduled her next appointment. That visit she was checked over and sent home, and the follow up (two weeks later), the inflammation was so bad that they could not visual inspect at least one ear drum, so they prescribed prednisolone 5mg, 1 pill/morning and 1.5 pills/evening to deal with the swelling (after again culturing the buildup and finding no infection). The inflammation has lessened some (but still not enough for visual inspection) after another two weeks, and we have started up treatment with the ear drops again, on an every-other-day basis, alongside the prednisolone, all at the instructions of our vet.
Concerning the complication with the ear drops: One evening while we were massaging the drops into her ear, she suddenly jumped out of my wife's arms in pain and started to stumble around, drooling. From there), she was experiencing very obvious vertigo (erratic walking, lots of laying down and refusing to move, trouble with stairs, etc), that we basically just waited out (again, under instructions from our vet). She slowly recovered from the episode over the course of a week. During this time, no meds or ear drops were being administered.
So, all that said, it's been pretty frustrating not knowing what is causing it as we've been battling it over and month with no known cause. Our vet has checked for infection multiple times and visually examined as best they could with an otoscope, so I wasn't sure if there was any other avenues we could go to try to sort out what could be happening, besides the "maybe allergies?" response we've gotten from the vet (which, we have gone to lengths to try to get rid of anything in the environment, but there hasn't been any big changes that might have sparked it to begin with, and she has no history of allergies).
Sorry for the long one, but if anyone has any ideas, that would be awesome. Thank you.
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2023.05.31 16:12 napoleondynamitefan FFS options competitive to Rossi's price point?

Hey so I have a consult scheduled with the staff at t-change and honestly I really like what theyve done for people and their agreeable prices. My job's insurance won't cover FFS (I'm from Texas... yeah...) and most of the super well-regarded American surgeons cost like 9 jillion dollars, so Rossi's quality of work and price point is kind of a godsend for me.
I'm already pretty excited, but before I commit, are there any other clinics/surgeons with quality work at a comparable price point to Dr. Rossi? It would be nice to weigh options.
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2023.05.31 15:41 Ponycat123 New cat had cancer and I can't stop thinking about him.

I need to get this off my chest. I adopted the most amazing cat a few weeks ago. So sweet. He was a fat cat, not very mobile or active but very cuddly.
Thursday, he was showing signs of jaundice. I took him in, and the emergency vet told me it was hepatic lipidosis, which is triggered when a fat cat stops eating enough. She said they treat cats for this regularly and that he'd be hospitalized for a few days but gave him a fair prognosis.
The next morning, a new vet is assigned to him. She calls me, saying his bloodwork is a mess and she thinks he might have cancer. She starts searching for a tumor, does ultrasounds, more bloodwork, etc. She says he has signs of muscle wasting and that he's profoundly anemic. He's not responding to treatment for hepatic lipidosis and she warns me he may have stopped eating because he was dying from cancer or a blood disease.
Sunday morning, he passes unexpectedly. He had been stable all night. The vet said that at no point during treatment was his hepatic lipidosis case typical, and that he likely had bone marrow cancer or leukemia. She says she'd be certain it was FELV if he hadn't tested negative at the shelter.
She also tells me it wasn't my fault that he passed. I still blame myself.
I can't cure cancer, but I could have recognized the signs of hepatic lipidosis earlier if I'd known what to look for. The rescue told me he might not eat much as he adjusted to my home, so I didn't think much of it when he only ate a few nibbles at a time. My other cats did the same.
My vet had made a scheduling error, so they hadn't been able to see him when I'd made an appointment a few days prior to him getting sick. I wonder if I'd taken him to a different vet that day, if they'd have been able to do anything.
I have a lot of guilt about not taking actions that might have bought him time. I also find it hard to accept that he had cancer - I don't know why. I know with rescues, there's always the risk of serious health problems, but I feel like I failed him.
Tl;Dr: adopted cat with cancer, cat died due to partially preventable complications, I feel guilty.
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2023.05.31 14:53 unfortunate_heathen Long & toxic, husband cheated on me multiple times while I was pregnant...

This is gonna be a long post, jsyk.sorry 🙃
TL;DR- A SAHM with 3 kids gets cheated on multiple times, starts hitting her husband, he just keeps cheating right back. She doesn't know what to do and has no support.
So I feel like there are different starts to the story but I suppose the beginning would be when I got married. I (32F) got married to my husband (29M) about three and a half years ago and found out I was pregnant about 6 months later. After a couple months of being pregnant I found out that my husband had cheated on me (oral from a past partner). Tried to let it go and continue on with our marriage but the trust was shattered and while he said that I was already kind of being like rude and bitchy (I was pregnant, remember), this certainly didn't help things I just got more rude and less trusting. I guess he expected that I would be able to move on and trust him (bc he was "honest" about it)but in reality what happened is I didn't trust him at all after that and I started looking through his phone and basically just thinking he was cheating on me all the time.
So essentially he never stopped looking on Reddit for people to talk to, which is something I didn't know that he was doing originally. I found out about that when our child was almost a year old. And it seemed like he had been going on Reddit all the time making all these posts in r4r. I went through his phone one night and looked at all the messages and everything and in one of the messages he had been talking to somebody about me and like describing me and talking about how he was looking for a third for us, which wasn't the case at the time. Shortly after that he started asking me if he could meet people off Reddit but they were trans girls and he said that he wanted to explore his sexuality so I guess I agreed but I kind of felt like I was pushed into an open relationship that I didn't really want. I had been in open relationships before so it wasn't that crazy to me, I just wasn't into it this time. I really wanted to be monogamous with my husband and that's what I told him in the beginning when we first met. (Ironically he originally had issues trusting me because I had been polyamorous before. And I worked really hard to assure him that I only wanted to be monogamous this time but it turns out that was just him projecting).
So a little time passed. He seemed like he got all of that out of his system and when we moved houses a year later, I found out I was pregnant again. I want to take this time to say that we have almost no help or support at all. Some of our parents have passed away and some of our parents just don't like us. So we're raising three kids on our own (one from my previous relationship). We have been able to buy a house and take care of ourselves but we don't have like the social supports there that we need. I had a very difficult pregnancy and by that I mean like my morning sickness never went away, I had almost no energy, and I really couldn't take care of a toddler at that time. I started to become pretty depressed... probably still had postpartum depression from the other pregnancy and I just didn't want to do anything. I guess I will have to admit that I also became rather rude and bitchy over this time. When I was about 9 months pregnant my husband came to me and told me that it was difficult to have sex with me anymore because of my size and I guess also because of my attitude. He has this whole thing about having "physical needs" 😑. It doesn't really seem like he cared about my emotional needs at the time but that's another story for another time. So he asked me if he could begin a friends with benefits relationship with somebody that he had met off of Reddit and I was rather taken aback and I said no. I said I need you to be here for me in my last month of pregnancy and while I'm postpartum those first couple weeks and then I said after that you can start your relationship with this person because I just need you to be here while I'm giving birth and be present for me.
He decided that he was not okay with that. And started talking with this person anyway pretty much met up with them almost immediately. Then he saw this person on and off for the next 6 weeks. Yes during my last month of pregnancy. He claims that this was only a physical relationship no emotional relationship at all.
I found out about this when I was 2 weeks postpartum, I had been suspicious so I started going through his phone again. He had had some outing where he supposedly went with one of his guy friends and hung out and stayed overnight. We had an appointment for the newborn the next day and I was worried about him being late and he eventually came home, but like the next day I was pretty suspicious so I went through his phone when it was unlocked and I saw all these text messages from the girl and you already know they dated back to when he had originally asked me. So it was when I realized that he had been cheating on me this whole time. I lost my mind and I'm not going to lie I did get a little bit violent. I did punch some of our furniture and eventually I like slapped him and got really freaked out.
THIS MF. Somehow convinced me that this person was a third that we had been looking for. (I wasn't really looking for a third I think I've continually stated that I just wanted my husband to be present but I am pansexual and I have been wanting to not feel like gross pregnant woman anymore so I kind of went along with this bc I didn't know what to do). So here comes this girl into our relationship and I don't know at first I didn't like her obviously. But over time she kind of grew on me she was very helpful with the newborn, in fact she was more helpful than my husband was. My husband works 12 hours a day and this girl works like 8 and has a more flexible schedule so all of a sudden she started coming over to the house to help me during the day which was great because as I said I don't have any support from my family.
But it's really hard for me to put my feelings to the side, and I never really got over the betrayal of trust. So when it came time for us to have like sex together I mean we were having threesomes pretty regularly but every time I watch them I would just feel so disgusted and disappointed and upset. Even though she became my friend and her and I were intimate I just couldn't see the two of them together it was a huge like mental block for me. Well, the worst possible things started happening. I started developing feelings for her at the same time I realized that he didn't really see her as anything more than a set of holes. It kind of bothered me that he felt that way and I encouraged him to you know be a little more friendly with her not just like wanting to have sex with her.
Eventually I started becoming jealous of everything that was going on but instead of telling my husband (mistake) I decided that since we're in an open relationship I'll just start talking to other people. So I started talking to other people and didn't really work out very well but I did somehow keep her updated, because we became friends. So now all of a sudden she knows what I'm doing and he doesn't (mistake). I did end up meeting one guy who is really attractive and I wanted to get to know him a little better I invited him over to my house when my husband was gone with her. My kids were sleeping. She knew that I was going to invite someone over and kind of helped me get my husband out of the house. So the guy comes over we hang out, we smoke, we hook up a little bit but nothing serious happens and he leaves. I hung out with him a couple more times but I didn't actually have him like inside my house after that. His birthday was that week so I ended up making him some baked treats that I had to buy a special cake pan for but honestly after I did that for him I never saw him again. It seemed like he might have had some of his own issues going on.
So fast forward a couple weeks My husband still hanging out with her and spending more and more time. And one night he's supposed to come home and hang out with me we're going to have like a nice little evening the other. He said he just wanted to stop by her house for a quickie and literally said he would be home after like a couple hours. I said okay I'll put the kids to bed I guess. Again I'm not okay with any of this but like I really don't know what to do so I'm just kind of going along with it. Well time went by I put the kids to bed he didn't come home, so I started texting her telling her he was supposed to come home. I guess he didn't like that he said I was blowing up her phone and ruining their time together and he decided to stay there longer. So he didn't come home until like midnight, and I got really mad and I had like a mental health episode I kind of snapped.... I laid hands on him, I threatened him with a couple different weapons and things got pretty bad. He ended up locking me in the garage for his safety and you know no cops were called but ultimately like that night can never be undone. So that week was actually his vacation week from work and we still had a family vacation that week that we actually brought her on (she paid for half the Airbnb). She didn't really seem like she thought it was a good idea but then ultimately was like yeah I'll go with you guys. Really I just wanted to use her for child care so I could hang out with my husband on the vacation. But that's not what happened. What actually happened was that I had no energy to plan a real vacation so we kind of just sat around the Airbnb and went to like the grocery store and did a couple things. The full day we had where we went to the beach and stuff I just walked around talking with her about how I want to kill myself. She tried to make me feel better and tried to encourage me to look at how much fun the babies were having but I just kept telling her nothing meant anything and I want to kill myself.
The rest of the trip went pretty similarly and we all drove the 2 hours home and ironically she took me to the yarn store as the last thing she ever did so that I could you know "have a little fun" (I'm a fiber artist). After that week I realized that I had some real issues that I needed to work through on my own and I immediately got myself in therapy and put myself on antidepressants. Which honestly worked wonders and in the past like month and a half I felt so much better, so much less anxiety and depression and it's really changing my thought patterns and my behavior. I never saw her again, I asked her a few days later if we could just kind of take a break because I needed to admit to myself that her presence was very triggering to me and that's why I had never really been too nice to her. We had a long conversation that ended in tears and she said she respected that and if I want to hit her up in like 6 months that would be fine but she wasn't sure where she would be. I told her I didn't need 6 months maybe just like 6 weeks or something. We were pretty good friends honestly I just needed some time to myself. Well I tried to call her a week later just to see how she was doing and she blocked me. About the same time my husband started " sleeping in the parking lot at his job". No I didn't believe that, my sister didn't believe that either but I didn't really have a way to refute that so I just kind of accepted it. And I started to get really worried about him. He works in a pretty dangerous major city and sleeping in a parking lot is not a great idea there. In fact sometimes I got so worried that I would wish that he would just be sleeping at her house and lying to me about it. Well guess what I got my wish. Few days ago we were supposed to have a party for memorial day and my family was going to come over. My sister, my brother from the army, my aunt who's been sick, my nephew who's birthday is coming up. We were all going to have a good old time at my house bx I have a nice big yard. My husband had said that he was going to go hang out with one of his guy friends on Friday after work and he never came home. So I kind of assumed that he was just spending the night at his guy friend's house and I left it alone until about 11:00 a.m. the next day. I'd already gotten the kids ready for everything and I'd already done yard work trying to make the yard look nice. He still didn't come home so after a while it's like 11:00 a.m. I look in our transaction log and I see that he's gone to Dunkin' donuts and Taco Bell so I just googled where the Dunkin' donuts was. His friend lives a very far distance away from the girl. Well the Dunkin donuts was right by her house so we know where he was.
Yet again, I got upset I told my sister what was going on and she was on the way. A few minutes later he pulls in and we start talking and I'm like I know where you were. He starts laughing and he goes how does it feel. So it turns out that she had told him about the guy that I had over at the house and I kinda thought that happened because a week prior he had started freaking out for almost no reason and took an ax to the cake plate I had bought for that guy. (Why would he know about that?) So we got into this whole stupid fight right before my family comes over and I take his phone. I'm like you don't need this anymore. Yes it is his and yes I know that was wrong. I go to take the house phone from him because I'm really pissed off and then he kind of wretches it out of my hand. He calls the police. I go outside. I'm about to call the police myself but I'm black and he's white and I thought about it and I was like nah. So I call my siblings and I let them know that he just called the police and they're like okay they'll be here soon. So the police come and I honestly think that they thought I called on him which I guess is good. But then he starts telling them that I'm being aggressive like using those kind of terms okay wow you know that's not something you want to tell the cops because I'm black but okay. They determined that I wasn't being aggressive and they told both of us that neither one of us could make the other person leave and they left. My family shows up and they're all vaguely aware of what's going on. My sister already knew the whole story, my brother found out very quickly and it was just weird like okay I guess we'll try to have a family party since he won't leave. But he and I kept fighting so all the kids stayed outside with my siblings and he and I are like fighting in the house, eventually I pack up all his stuff and I'm like just get the f*** out and go. But he's like no. I managed to calm down for a bit but after a while he's holding the baby and it was time for me to feed the baby so I go over to him to get the baby and he won't give me the baby, like no he's fine. I put one finger on his hand and he said do not touch me. So I said you're right I took 10 steps back and I called the police and let the police know that he would not give me my baby. Same cops show up and they're like what's going on. I tell them what's going on and the cops eventually come back to me and they're like he's going to give your sister the baby and she'll give the baby to you. Like, you guys need to stop type energy.
Rest of the party basically goes on my family eventually leaves My sister was very concerned that he wouldn't help me with the children after they left. Which I just found funny because he honestly never helps me with the kids. So I find out through a conversation we had later that he's contacted lawyers, he's been thinking about divorcing me for a while... all of a sudden he starts talking about taking full custody (I'm a stay at home mom). And everything just kind of hits me like wow this is over. Well he had a couple more days off work, we talk more... eventually we come to the understanding that we should try to make this work out for our kids. He literally gave me a hug at the end of that conversation and tells me " I made a promise to you, I'm not going to break it...Don't make a fool out of me." I guess he feels like he gets to say this because I was hitting him. Because now it seems like the fact that I hit him on a few different occasions has overshadowed the huge amount of infidelity he's done. (NB: during the conversation he let me know that I'm going to have to accept the fact that he's going to continue a physical relationship with this person. Not because he has feelings for her but because he doesn't want to be told what to do.)
So memorial Day goes fine. One of our children was with my aunt, and he and I just had a calm day. We talked to each other and took care of the kids. About 6:30 he passes out on the couch and I just left him there, took care of the kids and went to bed myself about 9:30. When I wake up he's in bed next to me spooning me. I guess that felt nice. I wake him up for work and I go to the bathroom when I come out he's upstairs in the other bathroom. I got myself ready and then I go upstairs... He's asleep on the couch again. I tried to wake him up and he's like I'm not going to work I can't do this anymore. In my head I saw myself freaking out. But what I actually did was put on my boots and just go for a walk (therapy is working🫠). Well I was on the walk I called my aunt and my sister kind of talk to them a little bit call myself down. He called me asking me about a debit card or something so then I realized like okay maybe he is leaving. I start walking back home. When I get home I realize that he left. He left the kids there asleep by themselves.
Eventually I ask him if he's okay and he says yes, he asked me if I'm okay I said yes. I told him that I took my medicine and ate and am going to the park with the kids. A little later ask him if he's coming home tonight bc I need tampons. He never responded. I woke up the next day (this morning) by myself. I placed a grocery order, got some tampons and other things that I need.
I don't really know what to do Reddit.That's the end of the story so far. I come here because I don't have anyone else other than my sister to talk to about this and she doesn't have any extra advice for me. What would you guys do? I don't have any family at all (other than my aunt who is elderly). I'm a stay-at-home mom who can't drive and I haven't worked in 3 years... I have a school-aged child, a toddler, and a baby. I don't want to live my life like this. I want my husband to love me and I want us to have a beautiful life together. But it he seems like he's just stuck on being stupid right now and I don't want to live like this.
If you read this far, thank you so much. If you have anything to tell me please drop a comment cause I really need it. Thanks.
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2023.05.31 14:48 foobarbazblarg LAST CHANCE TO SIGN UP FOR STAY CLEAN JUNE! Sign up here!

The Stay Clean June challenge begins tomorrow! So far, we have 551 participants signed up. If you would like to be included in the challenge, please post a brief comment to this thread (if you haven't already done so on an earlier signup thread), and we will include you. After midnight tonight, we will not be accepting any more participants. I will create the official update post tomorrow.
Here are the 551 participants who have already signed up:
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2023.05.31 07:27 linkelek1 Ukrajnai háború, szerda reggel

-már azért is letartóztatnak valakit oroszországban, mert az orosz légierő zászlaját viszi magával , ugyanis az is kék-sárga -UK külügy Ukrajnának joga van megvédenie magát -ukrán kommandósegység, ami a Dnipron keresztül akciózik -fel nem robbant lövedék fába szorulva -ukrán tankok támadnak Bakhmut környékén 48.51505, 37.89879 -oroszország a NATO-val való háborúzásra is készül -elemzés: hogy próbálják meg ukrán anyák visszaszerezni az oroszországba deportált gyerekeiket -a gasprom magánhadseregét is Ukrajnába vezényelték -elemzés: professzor Koffman: WotR a háború jelenlegi helyzete

oroszországban dróntámadások

-olajfinomító Afipsky oil refinery in southern Russia, -tegnap reggel moszkva -csendes drón moszka felett canard szárnykonfigurációja van, ez ritka -egy toronyházon látszanak korom nyomok -pantsir légvédelem működik valahol oroszországban -repülő drón


-ukrán MT-LB rászerelt 100mm-es MT-12 Rapira tankellenes löveggel

friss térképek

-teljes front nincs változás


-orosz veszteségek kedd , 410 troop losses, 7-day troop average: 440, Equipment losses: $176M, 27 landbased losses, 7-day average: 40 -orosz veszteségek pénzügyi statisztikái $1.6B in the last 30 days, $176M reported today -orosz katona önmagát gránátozza le , talán öngyilkosság -stugna-P találat -stugna-p találat vuhledárnál -az első fotó egy megsemmisült S-400-as parancsnoki egységről -a mult heti Yaricka elleni Storm Shadow támadás eredménye -orosz BMP kap találatot -állatkórházat rakétázott le az orosz hadsereg Dniproban -orosz veszteségek szerda


RUSSIAN OFFENSIVE CAMPAIGN ASSESSMENT, MAY 30, 2023 Russia claimed that Ukraine conducted a series of drone strikes against Moscow on May 30 as Russia again targeted Ukraine with Iranian-made Shahed drones. Russian President Vladimir Putin attempted to downplay the drone attack on Moscow to avoid exposing the limited options he has to retaliate against Ukraine. The drone attack on Moscow generated varied responses from the Russian information space. The Russian Ministry of Defense (MoD) is likely attempting to conceal the high Russian losses in Ukraine by artificially inflating Ukrainian casualties in the war. EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs Josep Borrell stated that Russia will not enter negotiations while trying to win the war. Russian forces conducted limited ground attacks northeast of Kupyansk and northwest of Svatove, and Russian sources claimed that Russian forces conducted a ground attack south of Kreminna. The tempo of Russian and Ukrainian offensive operations in the Bakhmut direction remains low as of May 30. Russian forces made marginal advances amid continued ground attacks on the Avdiivka-Donetsk City line. Russian forces did not conduct any confirmed ground attacks along the southern axis. Russian officials are establishing domestic veteran support programs which likely aim to advertise the perks of military service in Russia. Russian occupation officials continue to deport Ukrainian children to Russia under the guise of providing pediatric healthcare.


kedd reggel
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2023.05.31 06:52 travk534 How I made $39800 in 3 Months selling online courses with these 8 EASY STEPS. Includes exclusive 7 FREE ChatGPT prompts you can use.

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2023.05.31 05:06 Sk1Special How to get by

I’ve lived in my car (or out of a tent or a friends couch ) on and off for almost 20 years. Assuming you’re wanting life to get better rapidly you’re not tryna be a hippy, and you’re wanting to stay in America. I will tell you exactly how to get by, and if you do it you’ll be better off, at least financially, and amazons a great way to do it if you don’t have much support, so we’re gonna stick with Amazon route for now.
During winter you work 3rd shift so you don’t freeze, during summer you work day shift. They’ve both got drawbacks.
Power! Buy a solar panel kit from harbor freight or northern tool or amazon, whatever the best deal is at the time. 100-200watts and 35-70wh is all you need (my 110watt panel, 35ah battery, and charge controller with 300watt inverter setup was roughly 200$ total and basically all you need for phone, some light vr gaming, charge your toothbrush and fan whatever) also get a battery jumper box from Walmart, just for something to charge on cloudy days and incase you’ve had to run car for something.
Temp, hot hands and cheap rated sleeping bag in the winter got me thru -25* , and I’m using a small usb fan with heat blocking window curtains and those rain guards on windows to leave them cracked in summer (it’s still unbearable in the afternoon if not in shade, I have an amc movie pass, a library pass, a planet fitness membership, and I wander around book stores or grocery stores or the mall a lot, and in winter you run the car a few minutes every couple hours.) you’ll get window fog, try to keep a window cracked to help with this, moisture is bad and also not very stealthy. Also a front sun shade.
Stealth. Everyone hates the poors now, as I said I have curtains for side windows, which I’ve taped around the edges to keep light from leaking out, stay off phone as far as talking goes, use earbuds, hopefully car doesn’t look too shitty, but never leave trash or laundry built up or around you on the ground. Have a piss bottle you change regularly. I use planet fitness to park, hospitals, camp grounds, truck stops, Walmarts but they’re iffy, paid garages, quiet streets, friends lots, whatever. When working amazon make sure to choose a fc, big parking lots so you’re less noticeable. Stay out of the way, but not too far out of the way. The idea is to blend in. Change parking spots nightly if you can, and also don’t just recycle the same order weekly. Diversify at least the part of the same lot you use. Also remember if you sleep at work, don’t be sitting there for hours before or after that with door open Just hanging out.
Food. I keep some small dry goods with me, you can get cheap camp stoves if you’re staying in the woods a lot, but way easier to use all the apps to get discounts at restaurants. The best $ wise is using amazons fridges and microwaves and free coffee tea etc. just make sure to label and rotate your food appropriately. Always keep water on you, and take a multivitamin.
Health. Sleep flat, with your shoes n socks off, your teeth brushed, after a shower and massage from Planet fitness or a $15 one from truck stop (go in with a book bag on, mention you’re annoyed they cost $ when a truckers in line and they might pay) . Take your multivitamin and drink water. Do your absolute best to sleep fully. Keep your dirty clothes washed regularly and in a bag till then, spray your boots, cars a small space to be smelly. Dog couch spray from dollar store helps. Wash your bedding. Make a bed platform in back to lay down if ya can. Vacuum and wash car when ya can. Wipe down living areas with cleaning wipes. Again small space. Wipe your a pits bs toes etc with baby wipes if you’re sweaty before/after shower. Use amazons insurance to get any necessary vaccines , glasses, mental health services, whatever you need to function. Chronic problems are draining. Try to eat salad kits not just Big Macs. Try to read a book and relax, or have a fun tinder hookup at their place. Stress kills.
$. Amazon has sign on bonuses, I regularly use. 90days from quitting can reapply, first half at 30 second half at 90 or 180 days, this can get you anywhere from 1-5k. They’ve got met. And vet a lot of places. Cross train. Learning, safety, hr, it, loss prevention. But also problem solve, pg, whatever. The more colors on your vest the less real work you do and the more varied work you can do and the more opportunity for advancement. Of course all this is dependent on you being full time blue badge, we’re again committing to an amazon way here. Do Not contribute to 401k, do choose your other benefits wisely. (Also do have your anytime Pay setup incase of emergency, but we’re tryna save, control your spending) only use pto or vacation or upt when sick or emergency. Use all the rewards programs. No load of laundry or gas tank filled without rewards. Maintenance. Keep your tires full and your oil and other fluids good. Use straight talk or mint Mobil with a Walmart phone, sub 50$ a month for phone is our goal, or the gov connectivity programs (free or reduced cost phone or wifi ) Hotels are only for holidays or when you’re sick. You’re wanting money, get it. use career choice…
Plan. So with career choice, pick a job that pays that you can probably do. Cdl, dental hygienist, it, it literally doesn’t matter. Every real job they offer is going to pay enough somewhere for you to afford rent after. Yes amazons going to fuck your schooling schedule accommodations around peak, especially since you’ve made yourself valuable. Deal with it. Career choice kicks in at 90days now. Then the programs take from like two months to 2 years. Pick a program that makes sense long term for your time, $, effort, schedule, ability etc. be realistic with yourself for your capabilities and goals when choosing. (Also 2 years experience makes you eligible to apply to L4 spots at amazon) It’s not one long week, it’s 1.5 years. It’s gonna suck. But you can do it, probably. It’s just really, really, really annoying.
Reality. So don’t waste your time with any other bs programs or excuses. Don’t give up halfway thru for a partner. Pray your presumably garbage car lasts that whole time and your health does also. Love yourself. Clock in five minutes early and late every day if you’re not on 12s, clock out for lunch after your 6th hour if you can choose your own time, do vet whenever if you’re able. You’re going to work 60-80hr weeks for the next 1-2 years (including school time) everything’s gonna seem like way too much, for too little reward, and it’s gonna seem unfair and crazy you make Amazon a million dollars and can barely afford car insurance… and I’m not debating that. But if you stick with it, barring a terrible accident or whatever and acknowledging you’ve got a car to get around (or can make a shelter and bus route or tent and Uber or scooter) work , at the end of the 1-2 years, you’ll be in a job that’s presumably better than a warehouse floor, and 3-6 months after that you’ll have enough $ saved with enough coming in to be a functional lower middle class American. Congrats you broke the poverty cycle.
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2023.05.31 04:55 buildabearworkflop Is my (32F) “friend” (35F) potentially a danger to me?

Hi everyone, first post on Reddit, not happy about the circumstances. This is long, but has some pretty weird twists I need perspective on… So diving in, I live with my husband (45M) in an apartment that is the entire 2nd floor of a 2 story building, the 1st floor being a sweets shop/bakery. It was one of the many reasons we were drawn to this apartment in particular.
We’ve lived here for about a year and I’ve frequented the shop many times and gotten to know the staff and started becoming friendly with one of the employees there. This employee would always go out of her way to talk to me and kind of use me as a chance to practice her English. I am an American living in a country where there aren’t a ton of foreigners, especially in the area where I currently live. I’ve lived in this country for about 12 years and speak the language well, but people often want to speak with me in English because of the rare opportunity. I usually just go with it to be nice and not give a bad impression of foreigners here.
So this employee takes a liking to me and I share some stuff about what’s going on with me, ask her about herself, etc., just friendly conversation. She asked me if we could exchange contact info and I was like, sure, why not? (Now I regret this…) Communication was a bit awkward, because her messages kind of lack emotion, emojis, exclamation points, etc, so I didn’t feel like we had a good back and forth.
Winter rolls around and I tell her that I’m going back home to the US for the holidays with my husband. The employee says she has a present for me and to tell her when I can go to the shop to get it from her. I’m surprised, but like, oh, that’s really sweet! So I give her a time and date and go get the present. She also gives me ANOTHER present to give to my family when I’m in the US. I was like, omg that’s so thoughtful!! She explained that my present contained handicrafts made by local people with mental illness, and I thought that was so wonderful. I wanted to give her something in return and I happen to do paintings, so I gave her some nice tea and one of my smaller paintings. She thanked me, but gave almost no reaction to the gift. I was kind of confused, because usually people are like, “I didn’t know you paint! Thank you!”, but she was pretty silent. I was like, damn, I guess she doesn’t like it or she doesn't have this social skill?
She never mentioned the painting again, but texted me asking about where I got the tea lol.
Here’s where things get questionable. I went to the US and gave my older brother and his fiancee the gift intended for my family and it contained similar handicrafts and a handwritten letter in English. The letter was in perfect English and was basically saying how much joy I bring to her when I visit the shop and how I’m this amazing person. Sounds nice, right? I was pretty surprised, because these were some pretty intense words for a regular at a shop. But I was just like, well, I’m glad I made a good impression??
So things escalate a bit. She asks if I’d like to attend a pretty major community event in our city together. I was interested in going, because it had been canceled since the beginning of Covid, (around the time I moved to this area) and I’d never been before. So we agreed on a time and date and met up at the metro and went together to the park the event was being held at. The event was great, but our conversation was terrible and awkward. I tried to get some back and forth going by asking what got her interested in learning English and she told me that she wants to talk to foreigners and marry a foreigner. I felt uncomfortable, because I’m a foreigner married to a man native to this country and don’t like to feel fetishized. STILL I was like, have you tried dating foreign guys? It’s easy to meet people on dating apps these days, it’s actually how I met my husband! And she says, “They never like me.”. I was like, ummm, “Maybe you just haven’t met the right person yet! I dated plenty of different people until I found the right one! We just got lucky that we found each other when we did. Now we’re married and thinking about kids! It’s crazy!” She responds with, “I want a half baby.”
Internally I’m like nonononooooo I found myself someone who’s just obsessed with foreigners and has no interest in me as a person. She asks me if I want to get dinner and I suggest somewhere light and quick, like a cafe, but she would rather go to a restaurant. So we end up getting dinner and it’s silent until she suddenly asks, “Is it ok if I use my phone to text for a moment? My mom just had surgery today and she might be messaging me.” I’m like, “Of course!! Are you sure you don’t want to be with your mom right now rather than spending time with me??”. She says, “My mom didn’t want me to know the name of her hospital, so I don’t know where she is.” Alarm bells ringing in my head, why wouldn’t her own mother want her to know where she is?? Is she afraid she might do something??
After she finishes texting, she starts to talk about how when she was a little girl, her grandmother gave her lots of expensive porcelain dolls. (This isn’t an uncommon thing here around a certain time of year). Her mom put the dolls on display for her, but she said she had a nightmare about the doll strangling her with its elongated neck, like it had become a monster. In the nightmare, she grabbed a kitchen knife and slit the doll’s throat...Then when she woke up, in real life she went to the doll in question and snapped its neck, breaking the head off of the doll.
I heard this story and immediately was like, where the f did this come from?! We weren’t even remotely talking about anything close to this topic and she just…yeah…
We part ways and I tell my husband about what she said. He was like, that’s creepy, but maybe it was her way of trying to make conversation? I’m like, maybe. She definitely has some kind of mental illness, because the shop on the 1st floor mainly employs capable people who happen to have mental illnesses. I try to be empathetic towards her and forget about it.
I go to the shop a bit less often than usual, but I see her there again eventually. She says she wants to hang out during the national holidays coming up. I say that I’m having 3 guests, including a toddler, coming to stay with me from 2 different countries. I’m gonna be pretty busy. The truth was, my husband and I were finally having the wedding of our dreams and some of my friends would be staying with us for a bit. I didn’t want to tell her about the wedding, because it might make things awkward, as she's not invited.
She was like, “OH! Let me take you and your friends around for sightseeing! Where are they from??” I tell her and she’s clearly excited at the thought of spending time with foreigners, even though 2 of my guests were native to this country, just living abroad. I was like, “Oh that would be so helpful, but I’m really not sure about our schedule yet, because we’ll be pretty busy!”. She was like, “I’ll tell you my schedule over text and you can tell me your schedule!”. I was like, oh no, I really don’t want this to happen, but I’ve dug myself into this hole. She texted me and I didn’t reply, because I didn’t know what to say and I was really busy with the upcoming wedding.
One day I thought I could pop into the shop when she wasn’t around and buy something quick to eat, but when I spoke to the cashier, she ran out from the kitchen and accosted me. She grabbed the shop’s table calendar and was like, “When are you free?? Can you tell me now?”. And I said, “I’m sorry, I really don’t know, it’s actually my wedding in just a few days, so I’m really really busy right now, it’s been pretty stressful.” And she says nothing regarding the wedding, no congratulations, no reaction. She just says, “Text me back when you know when you’re free.” She later texts me AGAIN. I’m friggin overwhelmed. I ignore her text.
My guests from abroad come to my place and things get even busier! Preparing for our big day while taking care of our guests was exhausting. BUT we have the wedding, it was INCREDIBLE and a dream come true btw!, then we go about preparing for taking everyone sightseeing the next morning after the wedding.
My husband goes and parks the car in front of the building, my friends go outside and I say to start piling into the car, I’ll get my stuff and lock up, so everyone go ahead. I eventually go outside and am bombarded by the employee. My friends are all awkwardly standing around the car like, what’s going on? Apparently she had been asking them where I was. So she starts rambling to me about these plans and ideas she has for taking my friends out, and I’m like, heyyy we’re actually on our way out now…and she just bulldozes over what I said and goes on about how we should take the train, not a car, to her desired destination. She keeps saying how we should go, just the 3 of us, to this place. Now, by saying the 3 of us, this means just her, me, and the other AMERICAN. Not my husband, not my non-American friends, just the 3 of us. It was freaking me out.
My husband jumps in and says, “We have to go!”, takes my hand and saves me from the exchange.
After talking with my husband, I was like, how do I get out of this? And he suggested that I say that something came up and I can’t meet up with her during the national holidays. So I text her and apologize that I can’t meet up because of a family gathering. She says that she has a present for my American friend and that she’ll hang it on my doorknob. To me this is a huge privacy violation, but I didn’t know what to do and was afraid of possible repercussions, so I said “Thank you.”.
The present contained another handwritten letter and some little treats, but after hearing everything, my friend was feeling pretty uncomfortable. They’d never even had a conversation and she was getting a heartfelt letter and gifts.
I decide to create some boundaries by speaking in a more formal manner to her, which creates a sense of distance in this language. She hasn’t gotten the hint, and almost the exact same scenario of her running out from the kitchen to talk with me happened when I recently visited the shop, because I caught a cold and needed something quick and easy to eat. She pulled out the calendar and was demanding to know when I was free. I had a fever and sore throat and told her that I wasn’t feeling well and wanted to go rest, but she wouldn’t let up. (I was wearing a mask btw).
I am feeling responsible for getting myself into this situation, but am at a loss as how the hell to get out. Reddit, how do I get out of this “friendship”?!
*BTW since we're in the same building, we share a landlord and our landlord is invested in the business downstairs.
TL;DR Became friends with a shop staff member with a mental illness, got uncomfortable/feeling unsafe being around her, and don’t know how to get out of the friendship in a sensitive manner.
Edit: The country is not relevant to the story and I'm keeping it private to prevent hate speech or assumptions unrelated to the situation. Thank you for understanding.
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2023.05.31 03:49 HinduPhoenix Another Family Doctor moving out of Langford

Wheelhouse Integrative Medical Clinic
Dr. Nomailla Riaz Memon, MD, LMCC, CCFP
2349 Millstream Rd,Victoria, BC V9B 3R5
Tel: 250-391-7554
May 2023 My Dear Patient, It is a great privilege to be involved in your care for more than 2 years now.After 2.9 years of working in Victoria, I am moving back to the mainland for family reasons. I would like to inform you that I am leaving my family practice at Wheelhouse Integrative Medical Clinic on August 31, 2023. This has been a difficult decision for me as I cherish the task of addressing your health concerns and getting to know you. We are actively looking for, and doing everything we can to try to find a physician to take over my practice. It is our hope we will find one and you will be informed once this is confirmed. However, there is also a chance we will not be able to find a physician by the time I leave, in which case, your records will remain at Wheelhouse Clinic.Should you or your new family physician wish to have your charts, they will be available for transfer, upon request with a charge for preparation of the chart. For information about finding a family doctor, kindly register with Healthlink BC at 8-1-1.Visit: HealthLinkBC.ca/health-connect-registry. Their office can work with you to determine if there is a physician attachment service or provide information on the Physician Directory. While I am still here, I encourage you to schedule an appointment to discuss your concerns. Thank you for the privilege and trust you have given to be involved in your care. Sincerely,

Dr. Nomailla Memon
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2023.05.31 03:26 NexlarSecurityUSA Best Access Control Installation Services in Houston

Best Access Control Installation Services in Houston

Access control installation is a critical process that requires expertise in security systems, electrical wiring, and software configuration. It is often recommended to engage professional security integrators or installation teams to ensure the system is installed correctly, optimized for security needs, and compliant with relevant regulations or standards. The purpose of an access control system is to make sure only people with permission can enter the building by restricting the entrance of intruders to a facility. Visit our website for more details.
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2023.05.31 03:11 rebelashrunner Please paint my Lan Fan

Please paint my Lan Fan
I just found this subreddit for the first time today, but it would mean the world to me for someone to paint my late baby, Lan Fan. She passed away just a couple of weeks before Christmas on December 11th, 2021, at 17 months old.
For a little history, I'm a vet assistant, and Lan Fan (then called Hip), was my first patient ever as a kennel tech in November of 2020. My clinic fostered her and performed her hind leg amputation when she was just 16 weeks old. I saw her through her entire recovery process every day for two months, and the weekend before she was supposed to go to the humane society, I just knew I couldn't say goodbye to her, and I brought her home for a trial. My fiancé and I almost decided against keeping her, but I cried and cried as the weekend came to an end, because I felt like I just couldn't have her leave my life, like something would be missing if she weren't there. She brought something to life in my heart, and she was so special to me. She was the funniest, sweetest, most goofy cat, always getting into mischief and then looking at me with those doe eyes, like "what? I can do no wrong, I'm just a baby." I could never stay mad at her longer than a few minutes. My fiancé and I always joked that she was somehow more mobile than my 4-legged cat who was just 3 months older than her, despite having had her hind leg amputated as a kitten. I loved her more than anything in this world, and I lost her far too soon. She died like she lived, trying to play with bugs- she suffered a fatal anaphylactic response to a wasp sting while we were out of the house.
I really don't know what else to say, besides that I loved her so much, and it would truly mean the world to me for someone to paint her.
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2023.05.31 03:08 aayna_by_dr_simal Unlocking the Secrets of Botox: A Revolutionary Anti-Aging Treatment

Unlocking the Secrets of Botox: A Revolutionary Anti-Aging Treatment

Botox Treatment In Delhi
Botox, or Botulinum toxin, has revolutionized the world of anti-aging treatments. This minimally invasive procedure effectively reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines by temporarily relaxing facial muscles. To ensure a safe and successful treatment, it is crucial to choose a qualified professional. Dermatologists or plastic surgeons with expertise in cosmetic procedures are best suited for administering Botox injections. If you desire a non-surgical solution to maintain a youthful appearance, consider Botox and experience its remarkable benefits.
For the best Botox treatment in Delhi, choose AAYNA Clinic by Dr. Simal Soin. Schedule your appointment today and regain your youthful glow!
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2023.05.31 00:00 jessied2413 I demoted myself today.

I graduated from college 2 years ago, and have been working in the void of healthcare middle management ever since. I work at a nursing home. I demoted myself today because I am so sick of staring at a screen, dealing with pushback from crappy corporate bosses, dealing with pushback from clinical staff, my eyes hurting from staring at a screen, the dissociation on my drive home everyday, being exhausted from doing no physical activity. I'm going to now schedule and drive residents to their appointments. Do my work and go home. But this comes with a $15k pay cut and the guilt that I am not using my degree anymore. I am lucky enough to not have kids, fairly low rent and low bills but I am drowning in college debt. I am so sick of healthcare. I need a career change but I don't even know how to start. Nothing interests me except low paying jobs at state or national parks or maybe vet tech or something. What if I waste more money going to school for something that makes me feel just as empty as this? It seems this world is a mess and any industry/career path is going to be messed up and unfulfilling.
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2023.05.30 21:58 HellTabby Curious about my albino Campbell's dwarf having vertigo/balance issues

First of all I am NOT asking for vet advice. She has a vet appointment scheduled but the hamster vet at my clinic is currently on break, so the appointment is 2 weeks out. I'm just wondering if anyone else has had experiences w/ something like this in their own hams in the meantime
I work at Petsmart and we've had this female dwarf ham w/ extreme light sensitivity/vision issues and apparent vertigo. I'm the first one to notice it and have her deemed adoptable (If an animal has special needs or chronic medical issues we give them away for free) 99% of the time customers have no interest in them and these animals are adopted by employees or friends/family of employees after being stuck in the back for months and one of us takes pity on them. I decided to take her since I knew she'd be stuck in the drawers we use to quarantine new animals for 3 days before moving them to the floor for God knows how long if I didn't. This is an old video and I've already taken her home and got her in a bin cage
Anyways, she does this thing where she'll constantly stand up on her hind legs and raises her head, sometimes falling to the side or backwards. She also trips over absolutely nothing and I've made sure there's no ledges/platforms in her cage that are high enough that she might hurt herself if she falls over
Also, she never uses her wheel. She was on the floor at Petsmart for a before being moved to the back and even then I never saw her use the wheel even once. It's not due to the wheel being too small either as I always make sure the Campbells/WWs/Chineses have 8 inch wheels and only give the Robos/mice the 6.5 inch ones, and have gotten my coworkers to get in the habit of doing that as well. She has a 9 inch Silent Runner and will sit in it but never runs on it or even attempts to. I think if she actually does have vertigo/balance issues running on the wheel makes her dizzy which is why she never uses it, but I obv won't know until I ask the vet
Has anyone else had an albino Campell's dwarf before and knows if this is a common issue w/ them, and/or have seen behavior like this in their own hams?
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2023.05.30 18:17 quittentime Split days off is better than working five days in a row to have a weekend.

I work in retail and prefer having my days off split. You always have a day off around the corner versus working five days in a row. Of course, I’d love a four day work week where I could get a weekend and an extra day off in the middle but oh well.
Also working in retail, your schedule is constantly changing. So if you ask for your days off together, you could get Monday Tuesday off one week, then Thursday Friday the next (you’re working the weekend of course). That’s eight days in a row! This used to happen to me all the time and so I stopped asking for a weekend. Then I realized, if I’m not working 5+ days in a row, I don’t need two days to recover. It takes that pressure off to get everything done in those two days. Social life, chores, hobbies are crammed into two days and if you’re tired from the long week it’s hard to do it all. But if the weathers bad or you didn’t finish all your chores, you’ll have another day off soon to try again and you won’t be so exhausted since you only worked three days instead of five.
Also I could make a separate post about this but I also like days off during the week. I don’t have kids, most of my friends work on the weekends too so there’s no advantage to having them off. Then, stores, parks, and restaurants aren’t super busy during the week and offices or clinics are open so I don’t have to take time off to take my cat to the vet or something.
I’ve been doing split days for years now and whenever I explain this preference most people are surprised. But it works for me and easier to schedule so everyone’s happy. I think people might enjoy it if they gave it a shot, honestly.
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2023.05.30 15:49 EducationalOcelot4 48F probable hip impingment?

48/f, 5'1", 160lbs, white, no special medical issues except a touchy musculoskeletal system with lots of old injuries and longterm cumulative issues. (arthritis in my neck, shoulder issues, had foot surgery last december and still struggling with pain). Complaint: Hip flexor area pain, on and off for 2-3 years. Meds: trazodone, hydroxyzine, lamotrigine, Claritin, non-smoker, minimal drinker.
TL;DR: some advice on diagnostic exercises/stretches to narrow down type?
I've got what seems like a hip impingement. It's worse if I bend over or squat, iirc going *down* steps isn't great. where I live now there are only a couple steps, but I'm moving into a house with stairs and...I'm worried.
As I recall, I *did* have this problem before my foot surgery. And it definitely isn't improving with the foot PT restoring balance and mobility, in fact several of the exercises seem to irritate it.
Oh, fwiw, stretches hurt MORE not less. I haven't found anything other than pure rest that helps and I'm still on PT for my foot AND trying to move into the aforementioned house. pure rest isn't practical.
I've done some reading (I know, I know, that's why I'm here) and you can have bone forming along the hip that then irritates the hip flexor? But it can ALSO be any number of structural issues? I know I have a tendency to have unusually TIGHT muscles that have grown weak after years of foot issues limiting my activities, I'm wondering if it's related to my quads?
MEANWHILE my insurance decided to stop including my GP (who I love and have been seeing for 10+ years) and in fact the whole clinic, so it's also disallowing all the other Drs I'm familiar with who I saw when my GP was busy or absent. American medical system just embodies "Thanks I hate it!"
So I'm basically hoping for some advice on diagnostic exercises/stretches to narrow down the type of impingement. Once upon a time I was active, lifted, kettlebells, yoga, etc, and I've got particularly good proprioception, so I'm hoping for "You could try X, Y or Z, and one of those might help". I don't have time->hours-in-the-day OR time->in-this-city to jump through the hoops that might not even have a chance to yield clear answers from an expert, even if my starting place wasn't disallowed by my insurance. So I'm hoping someone can nudge me in a few directions and see which ones help.
oh also I can't take NSAIDs. touchy stomach, yes I've tried them all and I take my stomach meds, it's still a no-go.

EDITED for clarity: not looking for treatment, looking for help figuring out which type of impingement it is so i can decide what direction to go next.
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2023.05.30 12:33 Vast_Suggestion_5145 Orthopedic Surgeon Near Me Dr.Srinivas Kasha

When it comes to orthopedic care, finding a skilled and experienced surgeon is crucial for your well-being. Dr. Srinivas Kasha, a renowned orthopedic specialist, stands out as a top choice for patients seeking exceptional bone and joint care in Hyderabad. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore why Dr. Srinivas Kasha is regarded as the best orthopedic surgeon, knee doctor, and bone specialist in the region. We will also delve into his expertise in treating open fractures and providing comprehensive orthopedic care.
1. Dr. Srinivas Kasha: An Expert Orthopedic Surgeon
Dr. Srinivas Kasha is a highly skilled orthopedic surgeon with extensive experience in diagnosing and treating a wide range of bone and joint conditions. With a passion for delivering excellent patient care, Dr. Kasha has established himself as a leading name in orthopedics. His advanced surgical techniques, combined with a patient-centered approach, ensure that each individual receives personalized treatment and achieves the best possible outcomes.
2. The Best Knee Doctor in Hyderabad
As the best knee doctor in Hyderabad, Dr. Srinivas Kasha specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of knee-related conditions. Whether you are experiencing knee pain, arthritis, ligament injuries, or any other knee-related issue, Dr. Kasha provides comprehensive and effective treatment options. With a deep understanding of knee anatomy and function, he delivers personalized care, helping patients regain their mobility and improve their quality of life.
3. Orthopedic Doctor in Begumpet
Located in the heart of Begumpet, Dr. Srinivas Kasha's clinic offers state-of-the-art facilities and a warm, welcoming environment for patients seeking orthopedic care. As a dedicated orthopedic doctor, Dr. Kasha provides a wide range of services, including non-surgical treatments, minimally invasive procedures, and complex orthopedic surgeries. With his expertise and commitment to patient satisfaction, he ensures that each patient receives the highest level of care and attention.
4. Open Fracture Surgeon in Hyderabad
Open fractures, also known as compound fractures, require immediate medical attention and specialized surgical treatment. Dr. Srinivas Kasha is recognized as a leading open fracture surgeon in Hyderabad, providing prompt and effective care for patients with complex fractures. With his surgical expertise and attention to detail, Dr. Kasha ensures proper alignment and stabilization of fractured bones, promoting optimal healing and minimizing the risk of complications.
5. Bone Specialist in Hyderabad
Dr. Srinivas Kasha is a highly respected bone specialist in Hyderabad, known for his comprehensive approach to the diagnosis and treatment of various bone conditions. From fractures and sprains to degenerative bone diseases, Dr. Kasha offers personalized treatment plans to address each patient's unique needs. With a focus on restoring function and relieving pain, he strives to improve the overall quality of life for his patients.
In conclusion, Dr. Srinivas Kasha's expertise as an orthopedic surgeon, knee doctor, open fracture surgeon, and bone specialist has made him a trusted name in Hyderabad. With his commitment to providing exceptional care, he ensures that patients receive the highest level of treatment and achieve the best possible outcomes. If you are seeking top-quality orthopedic care, Dr. Srinivas Kasha is the professional to trust.
Contact Info
Kims Hospital 1-8-31/1, Minister Road, Krishna Nagar Colony, Begumpet, Secunderabad, Telangana 500003.
Mail id: [email protected]
Phone: +91-9948047649
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2023.05.30 09:43 drlalitbafna "Healing Knee Pain: Expert Advice for a Pain-Free Life"

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2023.05.30 09:30 AutoModerator [Get] Grow and Convert – Customers From Content Download

[Get] Grow and Convert – Customers From Content Download
Download : https://imcourse.one/get-grow-and-convert-customers-from-content-download
It seems like every post they write gets tons of comments, attracts their exact customers, who happily try their product, shop at their store, or talk to their sales team.
Some of these marketers even write recap posts outlining six or seven figures of revenue attributable to leads from the blog.
But most blogs aren’t anywhere close to this.
For most marketers, the blog is a “placeholder”: it exists because they think they should have one, but it only brings in a trickle of traffic, very little comments, and fewer customers.
They end up spending most of their time in other channels, and often begin to resent the need to “publish regularly” (as we’ll show below, that’s not necessary).
For these marketers, content marketing is an expense — but perhaps more toxic, it’s a mental burden.
If you’re blogging for yourself (solopreneur, small agency owners, etc.), you begin to question whether it’s worth it and what you’re doing wrong.
If you’re doing content marketing inside of a company (as a consultant or an employee), you’re well aware that it takes time and money to run the blog, hire writers and pay developers. You may be working hard at it, but the results aren’t coming and meanwhile the CMO and CEO are questioning the ROI of your efforts.
If they pressed you, you’re not even confident you could defend the ROI.
Or, if you’re getting traffic, it’s often not the right kind of traffic: you’re attracting the wrong audience or you’re not seeing any conversions coming from it.
So what are successful bloggers and content-focused companies doing that others are not? What do the marketers inside those companies know that everyone else is struggling to find?
The key is systems.
Getting a steady stream of ideal, ready-to-purchase customers requires a system:
  • A system for writing content that attracts the right traffic
  • A system for turning that traffic into leads
  • A system for diverting some of that traffic directly to a store or pricing page
  • A system for growth
  • A system for turning email subscribers into customers

Our Journey

We didn’t always have systems for attracting the a steady stream of target customers to a blog.
It took Benji years of trial and error, reading, and building relationships with experienced marketers to learn systems for what worked.
Once he found that though, he first grew Vistage’s blog from 1,000 to 20,000 uniques a month in one year.
He didn’t just get any old traffic either, the blog was able to attract CEOs from companies with $5M or more in revenue, and convert them to members of CEO peer groups (Vistage’s “product”) all over the country while lowering the cost per lead by 600%.
Then, Benji did this again at ThinkApps, an app development company.
When he started as Head of Marketing, ThinkApps had no blog. Plus it was in a technical niche — he had to write about building great web, mobile and wearable products, and attract product managers, CTOs, and CEOs from fast growth and enterprise companies.
By implementing proven systems to attract the right audience (startup CEOs, product managers, and developers looking to build an app), he was able to grow their blog from 0 to 12,000 organic visitors in 6 months, and 0 to 35,000 unique visitors in 6 months.

Introducing the Customers from Content System

While we’ve been busy doing everything you’ve just read above, we’ve been testing dozens of content types, promotion techniques and conversion tactics, and we’ve distilled it down to a 6 part system for getting a steady stream of customers through content.
We call it the Customers from Content System and we’ve developed a complete online video course to teach it to you.

What You’ll Learn in Customers from Content

Customers From Content is a 6 module video course, fully online, that you can access from anywhere anytime you like.

Module 1 – Know Exactly Who to Target

Most content marketers don’t have a deep understanding of who they’re marketing to. This handcuffs them to producing crappy fluff content forever. After this module you’ll have the skills to avoid this trap and level up your content.
  • We walk you through detailed examples of mirage content vs. high quality content and breakdown the difference
  • You’ll immediately start understanding what makes good vs. bad content, and your creative wheels start turning
  • You’ll learn how to narrow down and identify the specific customers for which you should generate content.
  • You’ll learn our process for getting super deep on understanding the pain points of your best customers
  • You’ll learn the specific user research tactics we use to get customer information

Module 2 – Creating Content That Stands Out

Here you’ll learn our system for getting beyond “me too” fluff content (like listicles), and produce stellar, specific content that your ideal customers will bookmark, email to each other and share.
  • You’ll learn the 6 content frameworks we use for ourselves and our clients
  • You’ll know what each framework does and when to use it
  • We’ll dive deep into our “sales funnel” framework so you’ll know when to product bottom, middle, or top of funnel content and what each does
  • Watch us walk through specific examples and teardown of many content pieces in the lens of each framework
  • Learn how to connect Module 1 to Module 2 and apply your customer understanding to produce content better than competition

Module 3 – Content Promotion

This is where almost everyone struggles. Almost no one teaches this (well). You’ll learn our system for content promotion that we’ve used get over 20,000 visitors in a month to this site and to generate tens of thousands of visitors per month to multiple client’s blogs.
  • Learn how to research and identify promotion channels so you can use your time most efficiently
  • Watch Benji screencast through our community content promotion process, teaching you the nooks and crannies of finding and posting in online communities
  • Learn how to get influencers to share your content without being pushy or sending 100s of spammy emails (we never have)
  • Get our honest and detailed opinion of guest posting (we don’t do much of it) and how best in integrate it into your strategy
  • Learn how we use PR as a promotion strategy, starting at the content ideation step, to dramatically increase the chances of getting coverage

Module 4 – Blog Conversions

Devesh has run blog conversion tests for sites such as Backlinko and corporate blogs with over 100,000 monthly visitors. In this module, he teaches what he knows about converting blog visitors, shares a starting plan you can adopt, and lays out a framework for you to optimize.
  • Should you nurture over email or just ask for a lead? Devesh shares how to use our spreadsheet model to know, with numbers, which route you should take.
  • Get the real truth on how well different calls to action on blogs convert so you don’t have to inundate your blog with a million annoying CTAs (we never have)
  • We’ll walk through actual examples of conversion strategies from different blogs so you can learn from them
  • When should you AB test? Devesh will share his experience and teach you when to worry (and importantly, not worry) about this.

Module 5 – How to measure the ROI of content marketing

Immediately stand out from everyone else by knowing how to attribute leads to content and calculate a cost of acquisition from content marketing.
  • You’ll get access to our cost of acquisition spreadsheet calculator, only available to buyers of this course
  • We’ll walk through how it works, how to use it, and multiple examples and scenarios
  • This knowledge will immediately put you in the top tier of content marketing knowledge, and let you convey to bosses, clients, and yourself how content marketing ROI compares to other channels
  • Without this ability it will forever be a struggle to convince the powers at be that content marketing is returning a great ROI, but with it you’ll finally be able to

Module 6 – Building a Team of Writers

At some point, many marketers will want to scale their content production. This module will teach you how. We’ve tried (and failed) with multiple techniques, but after this module you won’t have to. You’ll learn exactly what’s worked for us.
  • Learn why a content marketing manager shouldn’t be a writer and what they should focus on instead
  • Learn the pros and cons of hiring in-house writers, vs. a writing agency, vs. a team of freelancers, and why we prefer the latter
  • Learn how and where to find freelance writers
  • Learn our process for vetting freelance writers so you get the best
  • Learn how to pay and incentivize freelance writers so they continue to do great work over time

What Makes Customers from Content Different

We’ve gone to great lengths to make sure Grow and Convert wasn’t “just another” marketing blog. We made sure it’s received as a premium, advanced content marketing resource.
For example: you don’t see any list posts on our site.
Almost every post is over 3000 words.
Our course, Customers from Content is no different.
Here’s what this training program is not:
It’s not a giant list of content marketing tactics – Some online courses or in person training programs are a giant buffet. They list a bunch of tactics you could use for SEO, social media, content marketing, etc. and leave it up to you to pick and choose. Customers from Content is the opposite. In our view, you don’t need a training program to list out tactics — you have the entire internet for that. What created a step change for us was filtering the buffet table of options down to a content marketing system, so our marketing teams could do less scattered work, and focus their efforts on a process that reliably pulled in customers at a low cost of acquisition. And it was repeatable, so we could implement this for multiple clients and multiple companies.
It doesn’t cover low level tactics – Many online courses are painfully low level: for example a social media strategy program that starts by teaching you how to setup a Facebook group or Instagram account. That’s for beginners. Customers from Content is not for beginners. It’s for content marketers who know the basics (how to setup a blog, etc.) and want to be get great at building qualified traffic via high quality articles that in the end drive leads and sales. So we don’t waste your time with tech implementation. We don’t talk about WordPress setup, we don’t talk setting up SEO plugins, we don’t talk about blog post formatting, we don’t talk about technical setup of communities on different platforms. You know this, or can read it in a thousand places for free. That information is also not evergreen. We could cover setting up a Facebook group, but what if another platform is more popular in 3 years (e.g. Slack groups)?
Instead, we cover strategy and systems.
  • Not how to publish content, but what content to publish.
  • Not how to schedule social posts, but how to leverage social (or whether to leverage it at all).
  • Not how to set up a community, but how to make sure it has the best people, stays active and engaged, and produces value for members.
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