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Meatless Meal Prep Sunday

2016.02.09 17:21 yellowduckie_21 Meatless Meal Prep Sunday

A place for redditors who meal prep to post their vegan or vegetarian meal prep creations.

2014.11.17 10:29 Vessi Petite Fashion Advice

Welcome to /PetiteFashionAdvice! PetiteFashionAdvice is a fashion forum for petite (5'4" and under) individuals. The definition of petite refers to height. All body shapes, sizes, and weights are welcome.

2010.10.25 08:58 someprimetime Life Pro Tips

Tips that improve your life in one way or another.

2023.06.09 10:13 r3crac FASGet 4D 16 Lines Green Laser Level [EU] for 38.99 USD with coupon (Best price in history: 46.99 USD) [Country limited!]

Here is the link: FASGet 4D 16 Lines Green Laser Level [EU]
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Have fun.
I think it's a nice deal with good discount.
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2023.06.09 10:12 General-Emu-1016 Plain car plates holder

Hi, I don’t like the plastic for the plates on my car, it’s silver and has the dealership name on it. I want to get plain black, do they sell them anywhere?
Alternatively I just put screws through the plates on my wife’s car and put those white covers over them, but they eventually broke and now the screws are visible and it looks bad. I saw other older cars with the white screw covers intact, do you know the good ones?
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2023.06.09 10:12 johncheeverfanboy Hey dude I’m checking myself into mental hospital to get evaluated for comorbidity. Thanks for the suggestions about next steps in my mental health journey. Love you, talk to you when I get out. Thanks for the advice!

PS I listened to Cleaning Out My Closet again just now and was able to find the word Munchausen on my first attempt. Pretty interesting space that guy is in. Cool space you’re in too! 🙂Your space is cooler!😀
A song to remember me by is Booty Meat by. Soulja Boy lol
I started a subreddit at ballsdeepbostonboys and also at dedhamtattoonovel
The password to any of the accounts that you wanted erased from the internet is DedhamTattoo1985! and the email for all of the accounts is [email protected]. I don’t believe there is 2-factor authentication. Feel free to log in and delete them or raid/browse the records as desired. All these accounts were created under the same email and Reddit currently includes this coaching method for what to do if your account gets reported as spam. So, the engineers at Reddit have one perspective on what happened to me at TMN, but I’m on your side of every argument.
So, showering and heading to the hospital now. Love you, talk to you when I get out hopefully. u/dontscarethereaper u/donttfearthereaper u/reaper_of_souls
Errors: You’re welcome to log
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2023.06.09 10:12 AutoModerator [] ✔️Taylor Welch – Cashflow for Consultants ✔️ Full Course Download

[] ✔️Taylor Welch – Cashflow for Consultants ✔️ Full Course Download
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Cashflow for Consultants – Create Durable, Lasting Wealth Through Consulting Let me show you how Taylor Welch made the jump from “Solopreneur” to ENTERPRISE: a predictable process for consistent income & steady, dependable growth capital… Cashflow for Consultants includes:
A free entity / LLC set up, we’re covering the legal fees – all you pay are the filing fees (for a business or entity of your choice – we recommend going through the training first so you know what to name it and for what purpose to create it) A free module on “creating corporate credit” (aka restructuring of your credit from your personal name to your business) AND a 1-hour consult I’ve already paid to secure for you; this will help you apply for actually getting the credit) Plus, several pieces of asset protection material that I have (a) never shared anywhere before and frankly (b) do not want in the hands of every person with internet access
Here is a non-exhaustive list of benefits that comes with capital:
Better Talent & Team Retention (which means more output, and less labor for you as the owner) Better Products (research, development and engineering takes time and money) Better Marketing (marketing is the collection & integration of DATA, collecting data costs money) Better Clients (it’s amazing what happens when you’re not taking clients for money, but rather, for service, passion, or upside — you can’t make this shift if you don’t have money) Longer “Time Horizons” (long term decisions are only possible when you aren’t crunched in the short term)
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2023.06.09 10:12 gep13 New Chocolatey product alpha releases available

We’ve just released new prerelease alpha versions of 3 of the 5 main Chocolatey products:
These are alpha releases for a new minor version of each product.
Notable changes in these releases include:
If you are interested in trying out the prerelease versions of the commercial Chocolatey products, then please reach out to the support team, as they will be able to provide download and installation instructions.
Run the `choco support` command for more information on how to reach out to support. The main focus of these releases was addressing some issues from the recent major releases of the Chocolatey products. For example, a performance problem was identified when running commands, such as choco outdated. In addition, problems were reported regarding the package version normalization which was introduced in version 2.0.0 of Chocolatey CLI.
Please see the release notes linked above for full details of everything that is included in these alpha releases.
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2023.06.09 10:12 Mediocre_Camel8620 Urban Exploration Game

Hello, everybody! This message is addressed to all those passionate about the history of the Jewish community in Eastern Europe (Bucharest, Romania in particular) and to those who want to find out more about the vibrant cultural heritage the Jews left here. :) I created an urban exploration game on the Questo platform called "Jewish Bucharest: The Hidden Legacy". The game consists of discovering clues and solving puzzles in more or less known places in Bucharest related to important Jewish personalities: architects, philanthropists or religious leaders. I have tried to shed light on many stories and details that are less known but worth discovering and that is why I would be very happy to make the game as popular as possible. :) If you want to visit Bucharest or know someone from Bucharest interested in such activities, I added the game's link below. (You need to be physically in Bucharest to play it) The game costs 5.99 euro available to anyone who downloads the Questo app. Thank you very much and have a nice day! P.S. I don't know the rules of this group very well. I hope this doesn't get me banned for advertising because I don't expect to make too much money from this game. This is just a side project/ hobby I am passionate about. :)

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2023.06.09 10:12 niQuinke Question about Magic Find

Hello fellow Poe enthusiasts!
Trying to understand some aspects about MF, this is my first league (3rd league playing overall) where i invested into making a MF character (haven't played with a MF character before a single time) since bow builds are really busted this league and worth at least trying.
So i have 100 IIQ and 401 IIR on my character, running T16 8 mod Defiled with Gilded Divination, Ambush, Reliquary and Polished Legion (with Wandering Path + Legion/Deli strat).
Judging from Mapwatch data (one of my friends said that he heard data there is not quite accurate, which i have absolutely no clue if true or not) i have ran 603 Defiled total as of now. Now i actually don't remember the exact timings, but roughly assuming, i've got 2 Apothecary drops within first 200 maps (~100 maps apart from 1st and 2nd card), which is considered super lucky i guess ? All the remaining maps i ran have not dropped a single Apothecary card for me, yet i do get quite a generous amount of Seven Years Bad luck and other drops often. So do i understand correctly that this is completely normal, regardless of how much IIQ you have (as it has diminishing returns as well from what i have read) ? I have seen some statistics made by other people, where they ran ~1000 to 1500 maps and the pattern was something like 1st card in 200 maps, then went ~200 dry, then got 2 from next 100, then went 150 dry etc. Is there a pattern for the drop or is this still completely random for everyone? So i should just keep running the maps and eventually they will drop?

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2023.06.09 10:11 Turbulent_Ad2604 Moving colonised Rye tubs to a Monotub

Hi guys. I have 2 x 1000 ml Rye Boxes in week 1 of 4 of colonisation.

The instructions tell you to remove the lid, put in the flimsy bags provided and air out 4 times a day. A friend told me he transfers the colonised rye boxes to a Monobox instead for better results.
Here is my plan
- Let both boxes fully colonise (27-degree dark room)
- Remove lids and add the mycelium to a black bin bag with a 1:1 ratio of Substrate (Coco Coir and Vermiculite)
- Add a Black plastic liner to my Mono tub
- Add the soil and mycelium mix over the lining
- Add a 1cm casing layer of substrate only on top
- Turn on my heat pad and set it to 24 degrees
- Place the monotube on top of the heat pad, and place it in my indoor greenhouse. None direct sunlight.
- Let the fruiting begin
(I will use 70% ISO with gloves every step of the way).

Does this all sound ok? Have I missed anything?

- When do I start fanning the monotube?
- How many times a day do I need to fan, and when?
- How long will it take until my crop is ready to be harvested?

Thank you so much!
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2023.06.09 10:11 thrxwawaybaby My boyfriend has been making me miserable

please i need someone to talk to, anyone.
I feel so ashamed because my dating history has been bad, even situationships. I'm always treated terribly and I thought this relationship would be good. We have been dating for almost eight months and my friends love him (even though they live in a different state) and my dad likes him too. This is the first guy my friends were really rooting for.
for the first few months we were fine. In January and February though we didn't see each other since I went back to my home state and he went to his country for about two months. Then we alk and stuff but we only see echother once a week. for the past two months we talk once per day but it's not that long of a conversation, sometimes it is. But then sometimes he was busy on the weekends so we wouldn't see each other for a bit, sometimes we would only see seachother 2-3x a month. in march I told him how I was feeling ignored and he apologised and came over later that weekend. I told him about threeish weeks ago I want to talk to him more and see him more he said ok but we weren't really talking, last year he would call me and talk to me wayy more. I guess I haven't seriously put my foot down. I am sort of clingy but I feel like we aren't as close as we should be. This all comes to a head last week. He hadn't spoken to me in three days. So I texted him again (the last convo we had I was the last person to speak) I asked him if everything was ok. He told me earlier in the month about a trip to Canada mid June . but he finally responded he said his parents took them (him and his siblings) earlier because he's seeing family.
He said he didn't see my message. I told him next time he needs to tell me this stuff. I told him I was leaving for my home state june 16 and I'm not coming back till late July. He said he's not going to be back by then and that he misses me. that was Saturday. i messaged him on Tuesday with no response, he hasn't been active on social medias so I was worried considering the wildfires happening too.
I did something I'm not proud of and I decided to stalk some people he follows (he doesn't follow anything out of the ordinary) but he follows some of those toxic male motivators that basically tell you to grow up and that no one cares about you. I saw that three days ago (tuesday) he liked this video where the guy gave reasons why relationships are holding you back, that its a waste of time and you'll always be able to find a different girl. Two days ago he liked another video. Then he liked some other video (some random motivation) 19 hours ago!! so he has literally been ignoring me. I think he must've blocked me from his story because I saw a new highlight on his page that wasn't there before but it says the video was from 10 hours ago. I didn't see it on his story and this highlight is new, like past few hours new. And now he just deleted all his highlights as I'm typing this. I don't know why but I'm shaking. He knows the trauma from my last relationship and how I never got closure until like 7 months later when I had found out my ex was cheating on me (he sent me a message through my snapchat). How could he fucking do this. He was in my bed in my apt so many times, laying down with my pet cat and everything. Hes a monster. I'm his first fucking girlfriends, his first kiss, his first time. I wish I respected myself more and left him months ago. But we have been through so much together in such a short time and I cant leave him. But I think this is the end. I'm so sad, I'm too embarrassed to tell my friends and family.
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2023.06.09 10:11 Deprox93 The Point in running Higher NM´s?

Im trying to figure out, whats the point behind running Nightmare-Dungeons ( T4 ) more than 3 Level above yours. Since thats the point, where u get the max Exp.
Items Drops seem to be depending on your Level ( lvl 75 bigger gems etc.) and Gearscore just randomly rolls in his Ancestral Range.
The only point I can see, is the fact, that you gain a junk more EXP for you Glyphs, but beside that, it seems absoulutely pointless for me.

Am Im missing here something?
Thanks for your answers.
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2023.06.09 10:11 Intelligent-Paper465 DLSU ID 123 GC

I've tried looking for links sa gc but it all expired an. Appreciate it if someone can send ulit the links for the gc. Thank you!!
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2023.06.09 10:10 Wooxy117 6/9/23 Friday Premarket-Afterhours. SPY is 📉. BTC is 📉. HSI is 📉. Thursday Banks Dumped & SPY/QQQ Rally. TSLA AH Squeeze. Check AH List. Let’s Win Together! 🍀

6/9/23 Friday Premarket-Afterhours. SPY is 📉. BTC is 📉. HSI is 📉. Thursday Banks Dumped & SPY/QQQ Rally. TSLA AH Squeeze. Check AH List. Let’s Win Together! 🍀
”I don't very much distinguish when I'm working. I do what I like to do: the time changes and my activity changes.” — Roustam Tariko.
Good Morning everyone! ☀️
Here is my premarket report. Let’s have a great end of the week with some Friday wins!
Here are some potential winners. Some tickers listed may not be heavy green currently as they open up later:
The Big Four * SPY - is 📈 * VIX - 📉 Above $20 is bearish, below $20 is bullish * BTC - is 📉 * HSI - is 📈
Stocks/Daily Picks * APLD - Consistent winner * APPD - Consistent winner * BOIL - Has been on a consistent uptrend again * TORO - Huge short interest building up & company is sound * BBBYQ - Bankruptcy play is still in the air as we do not have all of the details yet. Slowly been walking up * BLBX - Consistent winner * REI * CXAI - Short interest increasing quite a bit * VIX - Loading up since SPY is running * UVXY - Same thing as VIX, only cheaper to load. I am in at $3.05 * MARA - Consistent winner * RIOT - Consistent winner * PBI * IFUS - Next big play
Options * Spy - Straddles with itm calls & puts * Spy - Straggles leaning toward puts, I’ve been grabbing cheap ones 2:1 put:call ratio as I still think the market is going to fall hard * KRE - Strangles leaning toward puts * VIX - calls 1+ weeks out * Updating section
Swing Trades * Updating section * REI * UVXY
Previous After-hours (Ordered based on volume/%) * AHI * SIEN * CFRX * SNOA * CYXT * CVNA * AHG * TMC * TOI
Todays Movers * Will post closer to 4:30am ET
Crypto * BTC - If this is pumping, the stocks under this will rally, likewise for any dips * CLSK * COIN * EH * MARA * MSTR * RIOT
ALWAYS do your DD and make a rational decision that works the best for you, always. Nothing posted in these threads is financial advice in the least and should not be construed as such
Hope these are some decent starting ideas and as always, let’s get some wins! 🍀🏆
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2023.06.09 10:10 AutoModerator [Get] Kierra Castle – BnB Bootcamp for Beginners Download

[Get] Kierra Castle – BnB Bootcamp for Beginners Download
Download :
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Module 1 – The Basics

  • AirBnB as a whole
  • Short-Term Rentals
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Module 2 – Business & Legal

  • VIP Business Docs
  • Business Formation
  • Doing Business As (DBA)
  • EIN
  • DUNS Number
  • Business Branding
  • Business Plan
  • VIP Business Accounts
  • Renter’s Insurance

Module 3 – Credit

  • Creditors
  • Consumer vs. Business Credit
  • Credit Bureaus
  • Data Furnishers
  • Credit Report
  • Personal Guarantee
  • Net Accounts
  • Trade Lines vs. Credit Lines
  • Lending Requirements
  • Business Credit Score
  • Credit Repair
  • Business Credit Tiers
  • Credit & Your BnB
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2023.06.09 10:10 BhaHelena 22f [friendship] anyone need a friend

You read this thanks , I’m down for anything hahahahah.
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2023.06.09 10:10 AutoModerator [Get] Forex Mentor – London Close Trade 2.0 Download

[Get] Forex Mentor – London Close Trade 2.0 Download
Download :
The London Close Trade (LCT) Strategy was co-developed in 2010, by ForeMentor coach Vic Noble and the late Shirley Hudson. Shirley was an absolute master short-term trader, and her approach to trading Forex pairs at the close of the London Stock market was remarkable. Some would say legendary, as she accumulated in the tens of thousands of pips using this strategy.
Vic Noble has now re-launched and revised this strategy, with an emphasis on making it more objective than ever before. Additionally, he has incorporated more strategies to show how to use the basics of the LCT strategy for trading at other times of the trading day.
This is a short-term trading strategy, requiring very small initial pip risk, but yielding exceptional reward to risk. Perfect for small account sizes, or for those who simply want to have some limited exposure to the forex markets.
The LCT is a very simple strategy that Vic lays out step-by-step. Trades need to set up very specifically, within very clearly defined rules. One of those rules is the proper use of the “Noble Entry”, which is an entry technique that works especially well when certain conditions present themselves at the London Close.
The LCT 2.0 Course will include everything you need to learn and implement this proven trading system.
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2023.06.09 10:09 dingbling369 Rebase to Lemmy?

Any chance you're going to be picking up on Lemmy and take all the UX/UI enhancements with you there?
I knows it's a bit different given that the changes should more easily be applied "upstream" rather than in a user side hack, and I know that this is open source so I could theoretically start doing it myself, but I ain't got the skills of you guys.
Either way, THANK YOU GUYS for the past decade or so of making Reddit suck less in spite of itself.
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2023.06.09 10:09 No-Independence9093 [spoilers all] Which of the 3 magic amps is better.

As we know in the dragon age mages have 3 main ways to boost their magic. Each have their own pros and cons. And I ask which do you guys think is better.
Lyrium; needs to mined and refined before a mage can be in the same room, is addictive, has nasty long term side effects, expensive, and the chantry controls it. That said it is apparently abundant, doesn't have any moral and minimal short term physical risks (once refined)
Blood magic; half of Thadeus calls it evil and kill the users on site, increases the risk of possession and it does offer more power the more blood is used (and it doesn't have to be the mage's) so it technically encourages murder. That said the supply is everywhere, killing is not mandatory, blood of the enemy works just as good as the mages, has no upper limit on power, and the other half of Thadeus is ok with it.
Spirits; seem to only amp certain types of spells, opens mages up to possession, and is barely tolerated. That said the boost to the spells is crazy high, get some interesting friends, never requires money and might even reverse your own death.
I am kinda torn between blood magic and spirits. Been an advocate for blood magic for years but the spirits are also cool.
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2023.06.09 10:09 oldmansandyscrolling Emergency crowdfunding! Pls read 🚨

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2023.06.09 10:09 tessitiger I love my friends 😭🫶🏻

I love my friends 😭🫶🏻
I’ve been wanting this cookie for so long and today one of my main gift buddies gave me the kitty gift+ and I even got a 4 star item! 😭💗
Remina if you’re in this sub, thank you 🥹
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2023.06.09 10:09 Weird_View_7420 Bra fitting

Hi friends. I’m 31F (not sure how Reddit works so I’m just going based on the few articles I’ve read :P)
I suffer from really bad anxiety, probably made worse since the pandemic… anyways… I’ve never had my bra fitted… for years and years I’ve been wearing ill fitted ones that are super uncomfortable… today I’ve decided I’ve had enough. But that’s not going to stop the anxiety monsters.
I have so many questions around bra fitting… I don’t even know where to start… does anyone have any recommendations on how I can get fitted? I know the simple answer is go into a store and book an appointment… but I’m really scared about it.
I don’t know what they’ll do… I know this sounds stupid but do I have to be topless during it? What happens if they don’t stock my size… is that super embarrassing (I have big breasts - so awkward but may be helpful to know)… I just don’t even know what to say. Basically I’m just worried that the bra fitter will laugh and judge that I’m an adult who has never been fitted for a bra properly (I’ve tried to do my own and bought a bunch of bras based on my measurements.. and whilst I’m not a professional bra fitter, I do own a pair of breasts so I feel like I know when the fit isn’t right…
Anyway sorry i think I’ve written way too much… but really I’m hoping someone can help alleviate fears and give me sound advice on how to move forwards…
Thank you in advance to those choosing kindness when you advise xxx
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2023.06.09 10:09 kidcudi42o my grandmas sudden brain tumour progression

i just lost my grandma to a brain tumour about an hour and a half ago. we found out about it exactly 1 week ago on june 2nd and had no choice but to move forward as her tumour continued to progress faster than ever. by the time we caught it the tumour had already grown to a 5 x 4 cm sized peach.. the worst part was we couldn’t even hear her speak for the last week of her life.
it’s like all her symptoms leading up to her death still doesn’t make sense.. 6 months ago she got cataract surgery and immediately after she experienced a loss of sense of taste.. couldn’t taste anything then couldn’t taste sweet things and everything was bitter. this went on for months and we were trying to help her. she began developing a hard time swallowing and started choking on food and liquid pretty much everytime she ate.
2 months ago began dementia-like symptoms: she couldn’t remember things, she’d ask a question then immediately forget she asked or that i answered. start saying inappropriate things like asking my 15 year old sister if she’s pregnant. the decline kinda just progressed at lightening speed from there. in those 2 months she slowly started losing strength in her legs, especially the right side of her body. she began to lose balance and fall frequently but never complained of feeling pain when she fell. we would find her laying on the ground beside her bed or chair or wherever, fallen and unable to get up.
she couldn’t walk without holding onto things and soon could hardly use her feet at all. she experienced loss of bowel and bladder control and put up a fight about everything including wearing her diaper. she was basically smearing poop on the walls and trying to shove poo down the sink. one of my last moments with her at home is of her standing in her diaper of poop trying to shove shit down the sink pipes.
we brought her into emergency shortly after that incident as she seemed unable to even sit up properly in her chair or hold up her hand to feed herself. she would be “well” and then suddenly extremely unwell. that overnight stay showed us a brain tumour the size of a peach and thus she was hooked onto a ventilator for the remaining week of her life.
after that she would just look at us, big eyed but we never will know what she could’ve been thinking about. i wonder if she even knew what was happening or that she was dying.. i assume she was experiencing delirium as last night when we were visiting she was seemingly a lot stronger and she waved us out of her way, when asked if she was trying to see what they were doing to the patient across from her she nodded yes. she was more interested in what they were doing to the patient across from her than of us! even if all she had to say was some random shit i would’ve loved to hear it one more time.
the only thing she never forgot how to do was pray. even with the ventilator on her windpipe she would pray and count prayers on her fingers using the lines on each knuckle. even in her state she would make us wash her feet for the fourth time in a row for her wudhu. she would pray for hours because she kept forgetting how many she’s done. she was so stubborn she wouldn’t listen to us. her faith was so strong for the entirety of her life all the way to the very end past delirium. i don’t know if i’ll ever meet a person as true to their faith in God as my grandma.
as for her diagnoses, we never really got one. a biopsy would take 10 days for results and with the size of it removal is impossible no matter what. her tumour was pushing on her frontal and temporal lobe and pushing her brain up against the other side of her skull. she was a healthy women her whole life, but she was also very scared of doctors and illness and treatment. pains she felt leading up to her death she kept a secret, and they must have been intense pains. the only thing she had consistently was headaches her entire life.
i wanted to share her struggle over these past few months as it had come to us as such a shock, and if anyone had any experience with this stuff they’d like to share i’d love to listen. thank you if you made it this far
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2023.06.09 10:09 AdventurersScribe MTB biking and trails

Hello everyone
I started mountainbiking a little while ago and was rather sad to realize that there are practically no real MTB trails anywhere nearby. So I came up with few questions I'd like to ask to find out what are the options and why are certain things the way they are.
To clarify, I live in Bayern in a village with a forest nearby with pretty good descends. There is a military installment in part of the forest, in the other part, trees are being cut down.
  1. Would it be possible to build a small biking trail? Meaning creating a single track with few small features for training like smaller jumps, maybe a berm or two. I wouldn't cut down any trees, mostly just use a shovel to move a bit of dirt to create said features.
  2. If it would be possible, who should I contact to get the permission to do so? I do not know if the civilian part of the forest is privately owned, I practically have no idea about any sort of ownership of those lands and of course I'm not going to go nor try to build anything near the military installment.
  3. Last question is not really about trail building, maybe adjustments. Why are there so many anti MTB obstacles? I have been on a trail, very beautiful one, that had trees deliberately thrown across the trail. I had to get down of my bike, at time, if I was riding a bit faster it could even be dangerous for me as I might not be able to stop in time. These trees are not removable just by hand, could I maybe use a saw to cut it and put it away? I suppose not but I'd prefer these trails to be safe for everyone and I saw several bikers on these trails.
To be clear, the trail I was thinking about building really wouldn't be anything crazy and I would do absolute minimum in regards to the terrain. Probably just use dirt to create humps for jumping and some berms, my goal is to have a practice course nearby where I can learn a bit more and I'd absolutely love to have more people both work on it and use it for fun.
In regards to the obstacles on trails, I really don't know why would people deliberately do that as I have seen many if not all bikers be very kind and careful in regards to hikers. Interestingly enough, the trails where the obstacles were present are trail where you can't even really go crazy and have to ride carefully while a trail with jumps, steep descends, roots etc were well cleared and I met more hikers on those parts than on the others that had trees, branches etc all over the place.
Thanks for the answers.
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