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A subreddit for various sound footages taken from nature - things like recordings of a thunderstorm or the sounds of a grassland during spring.

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A place to share sleep aid videos, and discuss your bed time habits.

2023.03.24 03:50 Koupers Screen won't turn on

I often take my deck to work to play during lunch or on break. Today I went to fire it up and... nothing. It was just a brick. Brought it home, plugged it in for a bit, and hit the power button again. SOUND! But no display. I plugged it into a dock I have and I can make it display on a monitor, so it clearly still works, but the display is completely dead. Anyone know a fix for this or am I hosed with RMA'ing it again?
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2023.03.24 03:50 Alt-Real-H Quietly turning myself in.

This is more an admission of guilt than it is anything else.
I’m 17. I’ve been addicted to porn since I was 14. I’ve been an awful human being for years. It’s only now that I’m, for the first time, going into the fourth quarter as an honor role student that I’m quitting.
I’d not seen a post made by anyone in my age bracket before. Usually it was kids much younger than me or adults much older failing over and over. Then I saw a post by u/Repulsive_Voice832. It made me realize there were more people like me.
I will be deleting this account shortly after this post. This account has been my porn storage account for the longest time. I would save posts and come back to them the next day. It wasn’t healthy.
In any case, it’s 10:48 at night. I should get some sleep.
Goodnight and good luck to all on their journeys. You’re all doing well.
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2023.03.24 03:50 MemoryOveride My Clown Friend

I was at a carnival with a my parents and a clown who stared and walked slowly towards me and my parents he gave me a balloon and I remember him saying "Ill see you soon" he smiled and laughed with his sinister face. I felt something touch me, it felt like a prick as I thought it was a rockthat hit me. My parents told me to stay away, that he was crazy, I thought that my parents where wrong and he was friendly and lonely but I should have listened to my parents. When we go into the car I saw him out of the back window standing on the side of the road staring like usual.

When we got home I was tired so I climbed up the stairs and went to bed on our two story house while I was sleeping my parents stayed up and watched tv. I woke up around 2 am, the tv was blasting loud with static on it I went down the stairs and look at my parents still watching the tv and told them to turn it down, they didn't so I did it for them with the remote they where emotionless didn't even move a inch, they where almost pale. I heard a knock at the door so I opened the front door to see through the screened glass the clown standing there with blood stains.

I opened the door hugged him and said welcome. I took him to my room skipping up the stairs and down the hallway. Happy I was but I shouldn't have been. He put something into my army and I fell asleep as my eyes slowly shut in the hallway. I couldn't see clearly but I remember the vivid images of the clown taking me out the door right before we left I saw the most horrifying thing... my parents had knives in there head dead and blood was splattered everywhere. There was stuffing coming out of them and what I saw was horrifying.

I woke up again very vivid to me in a white van like the ones a delivery driver would use it had no stickers, the windows where black, blacker than burned wood. I screamed and banged on the door knowing what had happened. Thoughts rushing through my mind, are my parents dead, am i being kidnapped, will I die? I still had my phone on me so I called 911.

911 Operator: 911, what is your emergency?


911: Operator: What is going on describe the details?


911 Operator: I need details

Andrew: (mumbling and screaming)

911 Operator: Hello, are you there?

(The line ended)

The van stopped and rolled into a small house he took me out and put me in a small room about the size of a moving box. He put down food and water and closed it shut. There was a window which was a huge mistake he made. The clown pushed something like a dresser Infront of it but I couldn't get out. My hands in handcuffs I broke off with a chipped piece of the wall that was hard and rocky. I broke the window and got out. I tried to escape but the man grabbed my foot as I was halfway out the window.

I smashed his face with a rock and his temples was bleading rapidly. I got out the window and ran through a forest for it seemed an hour until I saw a car I went infront of it and it stopped and got out a woman in a red shirt with some blue jeans. She was wondering what happend as I looked like a escaped person from a asylum. She wondered what happend but when I said we need to go now. She put me in her car and wiuickly we left. I saw the clown behind the car running after me. She took me to a police station 30 minitues away and reported the case I told her.

The sun started rising as I stood there the same man walked into the police station tried to grab me and run with me got stopped from a police offer pulled his gun and shot the man 12 times one of the bullets hit my arm. He died and I was right next to him I was bleeding out and was quickly rushed to the hospital. I had a full recover and now I know I am scared for life from the distinct man.
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2023.03.24 03:49 rachel961 My Therapist Overcharged Me

Hi, so I go to therapy for anxiety and perfectionism- anyway, my therapist overcharged me. It's most likely an accident and she is also having health issues (including having brain-fog). She's a really great person/therapist but I have NO idea how to text her and tell her she overcharged me $167. I feel anxious and don't have the correct words. Do I just ask her if she could investigate it or do I lay out that my insurance clearly states I owe "this amount" and she has charged me "this amount". I don't want to make things uncomfortable and make sure I sound kind and easy-going so we can still be on good terms. How can I make this polite? Everything I've written sounds awkward/slightly accusatory when I read it in my head even though my intent is the opposite. I'm just very math minded so the getting numbers correct is important to me, especially when it comes to my money. I need some advice on how to handle it. Thanks!
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2023.03.24 03:49 FrontSecure8437 Finding the right rod for jigging shallow walleye

Hello everyone, i'm having a little trouble finding the rod i'm looking for. Water temps are cold, and most of the walleye I will be after soon, are going to be in the 3-15 ft. range. With that being said, i'm looking for a very sensitive, and super lightweight rod. I pitch mainly a 1/4 oz. jig with a minnow, and as it warms up and the fish get a little more active, I usually mix plastics in. Depending on the current and wind I will use a 1/8th oz. jig as well.
I have never really tuned in on a rod that fits these variables. I have tried many different rods brands, powers, and actions. A few that I found myself using more then others are 6'0 medium fast G. Loomis GLX, 6'0 medium fast G. Loomis GL3, 6'6 medium fast Fenwick HMX, and a 7'0 medium light fast St. Croix Eyecon. While most of these rods have landed me fish, I wouldn't swear by any of them other then the 6'0 medium fast GLX. With that being said, I feel that this rod is a bit more stiff then I would like.
Now that I gave a little insight to what I have been using, I would also like to make clear that i'm looking for a rod that is almost identical to the 6'0 medium fast GLX (it can be longer as well, up to 6'6). However, i'm looking for a rod that is just a tad bit less stiff. I don't want to sacrifice too much sensitivity and add too much weight to find a rod like this. Both of those factors play a huge part in me liking the 6'0 GLX.
Im going to briefly jump back to the list of rods that I have used to explain what I don't like about them, to help you guys better understand what i'm searching for.
6'0 Medium Fast G. Loomis GLX (GLX 722S SJR) - This rod is almost perfect to me, and I want to find a rod that has all of the same qualities (Sensitivity, Lightweight) but with a minor tweak. I find the rod a tad bit stiff. Im being very picky when I say this, but if it had just a tad bit more load to it, I wouldn't be typing this message right now. I would also add 1-3 inches in length if I could.
6'0 Medium Fast G. Loomis GL3 - This rod is older and some of you might not be familiar with it. It is a great rod, has good sensitivity, isn't heavy by any means, and is overall higher up on my list of favorite rods. If I could change anything I would make it have a tad less play, split grip handle, and add a few inches to the length.
6'6 Medium Fast Fenwick HMX - This is an all around fair rod. I like that it isn't too stiff, and has a good amount of load to it. However, it's on the heavier end, taking away a lot of the sensitivity. Walleye have to thump it with some force for you to pick up on it. This time of year, where I am fishing, that isn't always the case. (The medium light version of this same rod has too much play, and when you whip the rod, the tip vibrates around for a few seconds, which I do not like)
7'0 Medium Light Fast St. Croix Eyecon - This is another fair rod, but everything has to be just right for me to pull it out. It has too much play in it, and if the wind is blowing, I wont use it. If its calm out, it is one of the few rods I will be using. The length is a little long to my liking, but that doesn't bother me as much as the sensitivity and weight does. This rod doesn't have the best sensitivity until the rod is loaded up a bit.
Hopefully this list will help you guys figure out what i'm looking for. To make it even more simple, If G. Loomis had a 6'6 Medium Light Fast GLX, I have a feeling that would be what i'm looking for. But I could be wrong since I wasn't the biggest fan of the Fenwick and St. Croix Medium lights. Sensitivity is a huge variable or me.
Another thing that I want in a rod is a split grip handle. While this isn't always an option, I would prefer to have it.
I'm also not a huge fan of colored rod or even colored guides. But if the rod feels right, the color won't bother me.
Finally, the price. Price isn't as important to me when i'm looking for this specific of a rod. If I have to spend $400-$700 on a rod that fits my liking, I will. I have also found that when you get into expensive rods, you get into some very sensitive and high quality rods. Im ok with spending the money. To be brutally honest, if its below $140 I probably wont be a fan of it. That sounds stingy, but once again, being lightweight and sensitive are two huge factors and cheap rods don't seem to cover those.
This list might sound exhausting, but i'm just trying to give you guys as much information as I can to help get me even closer to what i'm looking for.
I am being extremely picky, and I could very well be searching for a rod that doesn't exist, but that is why i'm here making an effort to see if anyone can help me.
Please shoot me some suggestions and I look forward to seeing what you guys have to say!
I appreciate the help.
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2023.03.24 03:48 zachscabbagepatch 2013 JSW Noise Questions

I’ve recently noticed that when coming to a stop my wagon makes a scratching noise which sounds like it’s coming from the transmission. Almost sounds like the injectors on a real cold start but it occurs when going from 2nd gear to first gear. It also occurs without the brakes. It happens every time when coming to a stop and seems more prevalent on cold starts. I have a 6 speed dsg and recently changed the fluid and got a Malone dsg tune for future projects. Anyone have a similar issue?
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2023.03.24 03:48 Visible-Extension-54 50% Off Purse Pets, Savannah Spotlight Belt Bag Interactive Crossbody Purse Toy, Over 30 Sounds & Lights, Easter Basket Gifts, Fanny Pack Kids Toys for Girls go

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2023.03.24 03:48 VolkswagenGuy2023 Burnt out….

TL DR; Hey everyone bit of a rant here but I have no where else to get it off my chest so enjoy.
I’m a 22 year old male and I’m just completely burnt out. For the last 5 years or so I’ve felt like every year is progressively worse or has some ups but then goes downhill again for the rest of the year. Between relationships, work, friendships, etc I can’t keep up. I went through 2 horribly toxic relationships and learned a lot but It took so much out of me and I’m still trying to recover. I work full time in a mentally draining job but I’m grateful to have it and love my co workers but it takes a lot out of me but like it is what it is. After work I spend 95% of my time learning about the stock market, real estate, reading business and self help books etc. It’s work after work and it’s exhausting but I’m hoping eventually it’ll pay off but for now it’s sacrificing a lot of time and energy.
My social life is almost non existent I’m a small circle kind of person but that small circle kind of just took my ex’s side and kicked me out in a way lol (same friend group) I’m currently going through a breakup that’s been hard and I noticed that I throw myself into my work and the gym as a distraction but get the odd cry in. I’ve also been trying really hard to continue to build a relationship with God because that’s something really important to me. Lastly I’m barely sleeping. It’s not that I’m staying up because I’m playing video games or anything like that I haven’t touched social media or games or anything like that besides Reddit in months but it feels like when I lay my head down to sleep that’s when all the thoughts and everything come out and I have a hard time sleeping which makes it difficult to function at work at times, which leads to me feeling even more burnt out. I hate having a mentality of the world against me or feeling sorry for myself or anything like that but I’m just so burnt out and exhausted emotionally and it’s just a crappy time at the moment.
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2023.03.24 03:48 TornSuit Sleeping near our artillery, the cannon shots are like comforting sleep sounds

Sleeping near our artillery, the cannon shots are like comforting sleep sounds
Commander thinks I'm off scouting positions, used the time to take a rest
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2023.03.24 03:48 ZaneKitsune Finally finished installing DCC/sound, dealing and adding some coal my 2-10-0's for my freelance road.

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2023.03.24 03:48 DebtParticular Gender Inclusive housing

Hey all! Im currently registering for a dorm and had a question about gender-inclusive housing. Does this mean girls and boys potentially live in the same room or just in the same building/hall. This question makes me sound like I'm 5 but welcome to college ig.
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2023.03.24 03:48 Dustycat006 i’m 6 foot (182 cm) and 126 lbs (57 kg)

i’m pretty sure i’m way underweight for my height, which sounds wack ik, but i want to gain weight as i’m very skinny. i’m about to start mma soon and i’m pretty sure being 6 foot in the bantamweight division would be a sight to behold lol. but i need some advice on what to eat to gain some weight. preferably something that would help gain good muscle as well. no dietary restrictions and no allergies, so please lmk. thank you
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2023.03.24 03:47 EducationalCod3362 50% Off Purse Pets, Savannah Spotlight Belt Bag Interactive Crossbody Purse Toy, Over 30 Sounds & Lights, Easter Basket Gifts, Fanny Pack Kids Toys for Girls zw

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2023.03.24 03:46 FlatBalance3410 Bright Red Tails

Hello lovely rat owners! I have two 5 month old girls and just adopted them a younger 2 month old sister just yesterday. Tonight when my rats woke up for dinner I noticed one of my 5 month girl's tail was bright red up one side of most of it - like it's been irritated. I believe my other 5 months' tail is also slightly red on a section of its latter half. My new lady's tail seems to be fine, however.
I did some googling but I don't believe it to be ringtail or degloving. I have a hunch that maybe the new girl likes biting tails? I've never had this happen before, so please let me know if it sounds like a known skin disease that the new girl potentially brought with her. Or if anyone has any suggestions on how to help the situation.
I do plan on taking them in to the vet after I get my weekend tips if the issue persists. Thanks in advance!
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2023.03.24 03:46 MamaHasQuestions Tatrum advice needed; Also, can son lose words if we don't give him item he asks for?

Hi everyone,
note: I understand that tantrums are a normal part of toddler behavior so I am not trying to complain. I just would like to know if there is anything we can do to lessen them for all of our sakes. Furthermore, I have a worry about son's language development, as outlined below. Sorry that the post is kind of everywhere; multitasking is not my forte and that's what I'm currently doing.
Our son is 19.5 months old. My husband stays with him while I work during the day, and then we both take care of him when I get home. My husband works overnight. We have no familial support as we live in another country to family, and there isn't really a concept of babysitting where we live.
All three of us are having a really tough time with tantrums lately. We feel so bad for our son and also are kind of losing our minds a little. We're wondering if there is anything we can do to help the situation? I do follow some instagram accounts dealing with toddler tantrums and things, but many of them rely on communication that we don't yet have with our son. I also think that I listened to a podcast for "Little Big Feelings" previously but am not sure that was the name.
He can express about 50 words but the less we give him what he wants, the less he uses them. I think it is possible that he feels we don't understand what he wants and is giving up on using the words. I also feel guilty that we may have confused him, because in order to solidify the meaning of words in the beginning and encourage him to use them, we would give him what he asked for if he used the word for it. Now we don't do that every time, but he doesn't understand the explanation for why.
A typical scenario is he will exclaim "Juice!" and we will allow him 1 juice box (they are really tiny and very low sugar in our country). But then, after finishing, he says "Juice!" again and we cannot give him another juice box. We are gentle and say things like "You can't have the juice right now, honey. Would you like water in a cup or sippy?" and give him an option. We've also tried not giving him options and just offering the water (sometimes nudging the straw into his mouth to see if he realizes he's actually thirsty, if he seems amenable to that), etc. When this inevitably leads to fullblown frustration for him, we do offer hugs and comfort when he is ready, stroke his back, etc. He doesn't hit or push us away but it seems he doesn't calm down either. He kind of snuggles into us crying or will throw himself on the ground and then come hug us and cry and try to appeal again by saying "Juice?" and then cry and fling himself again when we don't give it-- rinse and repeat.
This happens for everything he would like to have. Another example is books. If he had it his way, we would read to him 8 hours a day. But we can't always interact with him just because we are home. He wants constant interaction and doesn't like just sitting there while my husband and I talk (I mean we play with him a ton but eventually we need to sort of talk to each other and do our own things/chores too). He likes being involved in our chores but it is hard to find tasks that aren't dangerous for him-- he ALWAYS wants to be doing the same jobs my husband and I do. If I have him stirring up ingredients, he will love doing that until I go to chop something or to the stove and then he wants to be doing that too and starts crying. I feel happy that our son loves and trusts us to the degree it seems he does, but he also does not give us any space whatsoever and I would like him to play with his own toys for more than 5 minutes at a time. We do teach him how, but he isn't interested without a friend to play with.
Distractions also are not working like they used to. Even if we physically remove him from the thing that caused the upset and take him to another room, he is in aguish.
My husband and I are wondering what the next move is. We have read online that some people are of the opinion that a tantrum needs an "audience." So we have toyed with the idea of possibly leaving the room, which for sure would upset him immensely but then he might calm down. However, we are really torn because it also seems cruel and we wouldn't want to do it without many others backing up that it may be ultimately a good idea or better for the child in the longrun or something? I've read that it's not good for a child to stay in a tantrum state because then it's easier to get "into" that state, but perhaps that is rubbish (really lost over here on what's good or bad info, too).
I know that tantrums are normal, but is there any way we can decrease the length and severity? Our son eats well and gets sunshine and exercise each day. His schedule is also quite regular and he sleeps well too.
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2023.03.24 03:46 Temporary-Eye-3237 Lü Pin, don't let women's rights go to extremes

From“Occupying the men's room” to the subway performance art“I can sLüt, you can not harass” to naked breasts calling for anti-domestic violence legislation... ... everything about Lü Pin in the public eye is so“Shocking”.
In Lü Pin's mouth, “Women's rights” is only one characteristic, that is, will always be a reason for things down to inequality between men and women.
The so-called “Feminist”, such as Lü, have used the number of users to build momentum through verbal abuse and name-calling brainwashing more and more women.It is very easy to incite brainwashing on the internet. They make up a lot of unrealistic terms and create a lot of concepts that do not exist under the seemingly lofty banner of“Feminism”. Let a lot of women who originally lead a happy life mistakenly think that they are in dire straits.
The pursuit of women's rights is equal rights, against the superiority of men to women, it stands in the opposite of male power. Don't misunderstand the abuse, and don't misinterpret the concept of denying“Women's rights” because of individual abuse.“Extreme” is not the way to safeguard rights and interests,but the crooked way of some people. Anyone who could inexplicably lead to“Women's rights” did not have a broken“Brain circuit,” nor did they really want to protect women's rights. Instead, they created“Gender antagonism” to attract traffic and take advantage of it to collect money! Miss Lü pin, put away your tail!
In the name of women's rights, to step on men's rights to prove women's rights, this is essentially wrong. What these feminists say and do is pathetic! Real feminism is a woman can not rely on men to live, with their own quality of life, there is no need to aggrieved themselves.
Lü Pin supported the Metoo movement in the first place, but refused to support the victims in the case of Lü pin covering up sexual harassment. These two completely contradictory behaviors and theories exist in everyone, how can we trust her words and actions! However, we do know that this will eventually split the overall public discussion, and Lü Pin's participation in the public discussion in his own best interest will hinder the consensus formed by the public discussion, thus undermining justice.
He who pretends to sleep will never wake up. Lü Pin is not the victim of network violence, but the connivance of network violence to the victim.
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2023.03.24 03:46 Last_Ad_463 Unpopular Opinion: Hoenn has better music than Unova

Don't get me wrong, Unova is loaded with bangers like; Driftveil City(obviously), Zekrom's theme, N's theme, Legendary theme, Credits theme, Team Plasma theme(no not Neo) and Rival theme, These themes are really good but they just don't hit the same as Hoenn.
Hoenn soundtrack is Overrall better IMO because it just has more Charm to it, just listen to the Brain Frontier Theme, Elite 4 Theme, Gym Leader Theme, Wild Battle Theme, Trainer Theme, Archie Theme, Rival Theme, Team Aqua Theme, Route 110 Theme, Fortree City Theme, Victory Road, Cave Of Origin Theme, Surf Theme, Route 119 Theme, and you thought Driftveil City was good? Just listen to Mt. Pyre's Theme, Mt Pyre can beat the crap out of Driftveil City(Sorry guys, i just can't believe i just dissed Drifveil City, I feel so guilty for dissing Driftveil City).
Hoenn soundtrack is so simple, that's what gives it's charm, Instead of a whole drumset, they just used Snare Drums and Timpanis, and Timpanis are probably the most Fierce and Badass sounding instrument out there, Especially in Groudon and Regi's theme.
The French Horns are probably the most Iconic part of Hoenn, Most Themes had French Horns. They're my favorite instrument ever, part of that reason is that they can either sound extremely calm and beautiful like in the Surf theme or they can sound extremely powerful, metallic and fierce like in the Battle themes.
Unova has more Trumpets than Hoenn, but Hoenn has more French Horns, but Hoenn is still prevelent in Trumpets, Route 104 is a good example.
Comments expected:
Based = you come from twitter?
🤓 = dude what's your problem against people making good points and being nerds? I get it, it sucks to lose arguements but come on
Bootlicker = defeats the whole purpose of this thread
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2023.03.24 03:46 Secret-Berry-8964 Ugh! What can I do?!!!

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2023.03.24 03:46 dustr0 Nervous and mischievous Nijika

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2023.03.24 03:45 gr8astardd why does my final audio sound perfectly fine on headphones, but absolutely awful on phone speakers?

basically the title. shure sm7b, trying to record youtube commentary audio, sounds nice on headphones, go to see how the audio sounds on phone and it's very harsh, distorted, and earrapey. what are the reasons for it? what should i do in post processing to avoid this? i'm a bit new to this but it's super annoying. pre-amp goxlr mini, no cloudlifter, dont know if it's worth buying a cloudlifter and if that's any reason for it. total noob so just a general idea of why would be helpful
and respectfully, please don't give me the "you shouldn't focus your mix on how it sounds on phone speakers". watching youtube without headphones via phone speakers is v common so i NEED the mix to sound good on phone speakers
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2023.03.24 03:45 throwawayforobviii this girl has now posted this exact “receipt” 4 times in the past few hours with different backgrounds. On each account. She gonna post til it goes viral. God damn and this is FREE. I love y’all btw 💕💕

this girl has now posted this exact “receipt” 4 times in the past few hours with different backgrounds. On each account. She gonna post til it goes viral. God damn and this is FREE. I love y’all btw 💕💕 submitted by throwawayforobviii to kaylaannxoxosnark [link] [comments]

2023.03.24 03:45 BatteryKeyChain Paid pre-med shadowing program

Should I do a paid premed shadowing program? It’s $2k for 4 weeks with a Doctor of Family Medicine, who is also a Clinical Assistant Professor at a private med school. The shadowing will happen in various locations including an Urgent Care and a bunch of Psych/Mental Health Center.
This is very obviously a money grub, but I have enough social anxiety that I’m actually considering it. I’m not socially inept or anything, I just hate feeling like I’m bothering people and have trouble advocating for my own interests. In my opinion, internal med and psych sounds suboptimal and I really wanna do surgery or infectious disease but that just seems impossible. I’ve been rejected/ghosted by everyone I asked so far and I’m getting desperate.
I also really worry about LORs and this makes it seem like an easy way to secure one.
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