2023.04.17 17:35 Physical-Ad6643 wrestlestat

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2023.04.17 16:59 Physical-Ad6643 wrestlestat

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2023.02.21 20:56 Willis050 Nebraska Wrestling: How One Injury Prevented a Title Challenge

*Ridge Lovett: 149lb Runner-Up 2022* Is on a medical redshirt this year. As the season progressed I realized that this injury cost Nebraska their first chance to challenge for a team title this March.
Let's start with the guys on the Nebraska Roster who could challenge for a title this year, if not make the finals:

*125 Liam Cronin; 3rd overall; 18-3* The former Indiana lightweight has had a better season than anyone could have predicted. He is 5-1 vs "quality opponents" (guys ranked top 16 on wrestlestat.com) with that one loss being to Spencer Lee. And while I do not find it likely that he will make the final over what would most likely be Pat Glory of Princeton, this guy could rack up some serious points in March most likely finishing between 2nd and 4th

*141 Brock Hardy; 6th overall; 24-4* While his latest loss against Arizona State may make you doubt his ability I believe that the world's oldest freshman has the chance to win the title in this super wide open weight class. Tough on top and with the ability to get two takedowns in any period Hardy will most likely finish between 1st and 6th due to the close nature of this weight class. But no matter what he has the chance win it all for the Cornhuskers. He is 6-2 vs quality opponents this year

*157 Peyton Robb; 1st overall; 23-0* As a junior Robb has gone from all-American contender to championship contention. 157, much like 141 seems to be up for grabs. Guys like Austin O'Connor of UNC and Bryce Andonian of VT seem like the likely challenges for the bald warrior, but still Robb looks to be the favorite with his 6-0 record over quality opponents this season

*174 Mikey Labriola; 2nd overall; 24-0* I think all would agree that Penn State's Carter Starocci owns this weight class. However, I think that after what we saw at the Cliff Keen Las Vegas tournament when he won over former 165 champion and last year's runner up at 174 (Mekhi Lewis) Labriola has a strong chance of making the finals. And with his scrambling ability, I think he could make things closer than we would expect vs Carter in the 174 finals. Either way, he will be giving Nebraska a hige boost in team score throughout this tournament

Now this is where things get a little dicey for Nebraska with *184's Pinto* and *197's Silas*

*184 Pinto; 15th overall; 19-7* on wrestlestat.com the man is ranked at 7. But his 1-5 record vs quality opponents is very intimidating for anyone trying to pick him as an all-American. However, the guy has had a high quality season loaded with close losses to said quality opponents. I am not saying the guy is a contender, but if he could make the quarter-finals and then wrestle through the backside of the bracket to get anywhere from 5th to 8th place that is the exact type of boost that could propel a team in the team race

*197 Silas; 10th overall; 23-5* Again this guy has a higher rating (8th) on wrestlestat.com but he also has a bad record vs those guys classified as high quality opponents at 2-5. But the sentiment is the same as it is for Pinto: make the quarter finals and all-American. These sorts of efforts can make or break a team's title chances in March.

But of course the whole point of this is to show that Nebraska could have challenged Penn State at the national finals if Lovett was healthy. Lovett had a chance to not only make the finals but worse case scenario wrestle in the 3rd-4th place match. But without him none of this matters. And while Pinto and Hardy are redshirt freshmen, and Robb is a junior, the cornhuskers will lose both Cronin and Labriola to graduation at the end of the season. It is a damn shame because I do not think any other team has a chance to go after Penn State this season
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2022.01.31 00:41 edmerx54 Bad Weekend for Okie State

Lost to Iowa State and Northern Iowa
I'm gonna guess their heads just weren't into it after Ferrari's accident
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2021.12.30 17:13 Puhgy Matmen Duals - Sammy Alvarez vs Carter Bailey

At this Illinois Matmen Dual (the replacement for Midlands) yesterday...what the hell did I just watch? Here's some spoilers - at 133 lbs we had #12 in the country Alvarez of Rutgers going against this Carter Bailey fella from Lehigh who isn't in the rankings and from what little I can find on him seems to have bumped up from 125 a month or so ago. Alvarez looked like a man mountain next to the little cub scout, Carter Bailey. The match starts and within the first 20 seconds, Alvarez sort of throws almost a throw by, almost a middle school style head and arm throw. I know the dorks on here will have some name for it like "Ohhh that's a modified 'East German head tie'" or whatever and I don't know it, I'm less of a fan because of it, and I don't care. Call it what you want, but it sucks and Bailey, pushes into it taking Sammy down. Then the feed goes to complete shit, there's a freeze frame of Carter Bailey doing a 1980's break dance routine on his hands, and suddenly they're back on their feet. 2-1 is the score. There's a couple more freeze frames while the 25 MB RAM computers filming the event catch up to this action. Every frame showed Bailey in a good position and Sammy hunched over like he had to take a shit. I figure the takedown was a fluke, but at 1:30 in the first, Bailey hits a clean duck and snaps up an ankle from way downtown for a dirt nasty takedown. Carter gives just enough resistance on top to let Sammy know he could ride him, but why bother - so he cuts him. The score is 4-2 and they're on their feet again. The commentator even says with a little surprise in his voice "It is fun watching him [Carter] wrestle..." as if they're kind of wondering what's going on and who he is. Ok, within a few seconds Sammy now picks Carter's ankle, and I feel reality creeping back in as the score is surly about to go 4-4. Sammy picks the leg up, sits Carter onto his butt hard, and the takedown looks all but ensured, but somehow - some fucking how - Carter sits the corner, gets behind/side of Sammy, and they briefly fight back to their feet. Carter, not Sammy, finishes the position by tripping across both ankles. Sammy falls awkwardly onto his right leg, and by the looks of things fucked up part of the leg on his way to his back. The ref gives Carter 2 for the takedown, and 2 back points before blowing the whistle due to the injury. The 2 back points is just insult to injury - Sammy wasn't on his back for 2 seconds, so maybe there's a rule about giving the 2 if a wrestler yells out while going to his back. I don't know. So for the next 2 minutes, Sammy's on the ground, clearly hurt, and Carter's pacing around pulling down the singlet legs, mouthpiece in, mouthpiece out, casually sipping water, chatting with his coach. I'm googling him at this point - ranked 14 in the country at 126 lbs in high school, 10-4 record against unranked guys. The announcers start talking about how one of them is training MMA and how his favorite part is the striking - that's cool man; its a wrestling event you're covering at the moment. With 1 second of injury time left, Sammy gets up and they continue wrestling. Carter's up 8-2, he's on the bottom since he gets the choice from the injury stoppage. Within 3 seconds of the start, Carter bases up, hits a sweet cartwheeling granby, throws Sammy right on his back and sticks him without even so much as a fight.
I want to know what happened. Is Carter Bailey (yet another) example of somebody who goes up in weight and is better there? Looks like he's 4-2 at 133. One loss was a injury default and the other a 7-5 dec to an unranked guy. Otherwise, he teched a guy and pinned two others in his wins. Was Sammy hurt/sick going into this match? He did look lethargic and like I mentioned, it looked like he needed to take a shit. Sammy did just tech his guy in the round previously. Did Carter just match up well with Sammy?
Here's some sources to a bunch of shit for this event.
Brackets/Results - https://tournaflex.com/splat.asp?target=brackets1.htm
Carter Bailey's stats - https://www.wrestlestat.com/wrestle73039/bailey-carteprofile
Intermat's 133 pound rankings - https://intermatwrestle.com/rankings/college/133?
Link to the match on Rokfin if you paid for the event - https://www.rokfin.com/post/66079/133-QF--AlvarezBailey
Semifinals are about to start for this event. Go watch them. Thanks.
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2021.03.02 00:43 I_am_bot_beep_boop r/wrestling and the NCAA’s

Good evening wrestling.
The NCAA championships are upon us and I’d like to get everyone together to go over the plans for the NCAA’s
Preliminary schedule (all dates and times are subject to change):
March 10th - NCAA At Large announcement thread
March 10th - NCAA Bracket Release thread
March 18th - NCAA Session 1 thread
March 18th - NCAA Session 2 thread
March 19th - NCAA session 3 thread
March 19th - NCAA session 4 thread
March 20th - NCAA session 5 thread
March 20th - NCAA session 6 thread
Also thinking about having an individual thread for every weight once the winner of a weight class wins their title
We’ll let one post with accurate source for the overal champion
Fantasy- I urge someone to lead creating a group with wrestlestat, they have really added good functionality for fantasy wrestling. If someone wants to make a post, please do so.
Happy wrestling!
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2021.01.23 01:48 biggreencat wrestlestat.com

I'm pretty sure I've seen the proprietor of this awesome page around here. If you're reading this, please bring back the dark page, or at least a night mode option
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2020.03.19 22:27 zludwig83 NCAA simulation

IA wrestling is doing a simulation of the NCAAs using a prediction engine through Wrestlestat, thought people might enjoy it here
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2019.10.10 18:38 thisnamesnottaken617 Looking for a fantasy league

I'm sure everyone's seen that wrestlestat is starting fantasy this year, I'm looking to either start or join leagues (I bought the 3 league package). I'm down to do it for money or for free. Pm me or comment here if you're interested
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2019.10.07 23:01 andegre First ever, season-long, fully-automated Fantasy College Wrestling service has been launched!

I developed the site WrestleStat.com, and this offseason I created a full-fledged Fantasy College Wrestling system.
Hope everyone gives it a try!
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2019.03.19 07:59 sendherhome22 I Simulated Each Bracket for the NCAA's. Here are the Results:

To get the outcome for each match I used this
I know it isn't accurate at all but it is all for fun
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2019.02.19 17:09 I_am_bot_beep_boop NCAA 141 analysis: Strength of Opponents

Good morning wrestling.
Today i decided to analyze some opponents of the weight class 141 and to see if I can find any trends. Here are the wrestlers I analyzed:
Wrestler Team Wins Losses
Yianni Diakomihalis Cornell 18 0
Joey McKenna Ohio State 16 1
Jaydin Eierman Missouri 19 3
Nick Lee Penn State 23 1
Kaid Brock Oklahom State 15 6
Josh Alber UNI 25 4
Tristan Moran Wisconsin 19 6
Jamel Morris N.C State 19 3
Mike Carr Illinois 11 2
AC Headlee North Carolina 17 7
Mitch Moore VT 16 5
Sa'Darian Perry Old Dominion 18 6
Cameron Kelly Ohio 14 2
Max Murin Iowa 12 5
The criteria I used:
Wins and Losses vs ranked opponents (Top 5, Top 10, Top 15, Top 20, Top 25, and Top 33. Ranks pulled from wrestlestat)
I first wanted to see how wrestlers did vs the top 33.
Wrestler % of wins in top 33
Yianni Diakomihalis 33%
Joey McKenna 50%
Jaydin Eierman 32%
Nick Lee 30%
Kaid Brock 7%
Josh Alber 36%
Tristan Moran 32%
Jamel Morris 16%
Mike Carr 55%
AC Headlee 29%
Mitch Moore 19%
Sa'Darian Perry 22%
Cameron Kelly 29%
Max Murin 8%
This table above shows the # of wins they have total vs top 33 opponents. The best is Mike Carr, 6 of his 11 wins came against top 33 opponents, while the worst, Kaid Brock, has only 1 of his 15 wins vs top 33 opponents. The trend can follow as the higher the %, the more likely they are to win in the NCAA's. Mike Carr will probably have a mid seed (8-12) but is likely to see more success, while Kaid Brock will have a better seed (4-7) and lose early.
Second, I looked at % of losses in top 33. This basically means that how many of their losses were to opponents in the top 33. The ideal # is 100%, meaning all the losses were to top 33 opponents. Here is the results:
Wrestler % of losses in top 33
Yianni Diakomihalis 0%
Joey McKenna 100%
Jaydin Eierman 100%
Nick Lee 100%
Kaid Brock 100%
Josh Alber 100%
Tristan Moran 83%
Jamel Morris 33%
Mike Carr 100%
AC Headlee 86%
Mitch Moore 80%
Sa'Darian Perry 83%
Cameron Kelly 100%
Max Murin 80%
The 0% means they havent lost. Jamel Morris at 33% means that 2 of his 3 losses were to opponents outside the top 33. That number is a little concerning for the NCAA's. Anyone less than 100% and greater than 0% are likely to fall early on in the NCAA's.
Hope you enjoyd this analysis, and I will do more if it's of use!
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2019.02.02 00:14 I_am_bot_beep_boop [Gamethread] #1 Penn State vs #5 Michigan

Where to watch: BTN and BTN2GO
find your local BTN channel here
Where: BJC, University Park, PA
Projected Lineup (rankings from wrestlestat, Michigan wrestler listed first)
125: #15 Drew Mattin vs #93 Devin Scnupp
133: #1 Stevan Micic vs #9 Roman Bravo-Young
141: #25 Kanen Storr vs #4 Nick Lee
149: #59 Malik Amine vs #17 Brady Berge
157: #6 Alec Pantaleo vs #1 Jason Nolf
165: #6 Logan Massa vs #1 Vincenzo Joseph
174: #5 Miles Amine vs #1 Mark Hall
184: #130 JT Correll vs #2 Shakur Rasheed
197: #23 Jackson Striggow vs #1 Bo Nickal
HWT: #7 Mason Parris vs #4 Anthony Cassar
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2019.02.02 00:14 I_am_bot_beep_boop [Game Thread] [Wrestling] #5 Michigan vs #1 Penn State

Where to watch: BTN and BTN2GO
find your local BTN channel here
Where: BJC, University Park, PA
Projected Lineup (rankings from wrestlestat, Michigan wrestler listed first)
125: #15 Drew Mattin vs #93 Devin Scnupp
133: #1 Stevan Micic vs #9 Roman Bravo-Young
141: #25 Kanen Storr vs #4 Nick Lee
149: #59 Malik Amine vs #17 Brady Berge
157: #6 Alec Pantaleo vs #1 Jason Nolf
165: #6 Logan Massa vs #1 Vincenzo Joseph
174: #5 Miles Amine vs #1 Mark Hall
184: #130 JT Correll vs #2 Shakur Rasheed
197: #23 Jackson Striggow vs #1 Bo Nickal
HWT: #7 Mason Parris vs #4 Anthony Cassar
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2018.12.14 20:05 I_am_bot_beep_boop [Wrestling] Penn State vs Arizona State preview

Time: 6 PM ET
Location: Rec Hall
TV: ESPN2 and WatchESPN
Radio: State College ESPN 1450
(rankings by wrestlestat, Penn State wrester listed first)
125 - #115 Devin Scnupp (4-3) vs #10 Ryan Milhof (10-0)
133 - #18 Roman Bravo-Young (6-0) vs #19 Josiah Kline (9-3)
141 - #4 Nick Lee (8-0) vs #139 Cory Crooks (6-5)
149 - #20 Brady Berge (5-0) vs #19 Josh Maruca (7-3)
157 - #1 Jason Nolf (7-0) vs #9 Christian Pagdilao (9-2)
165 - #1 Vincenzo Joseph (7-0) vs #4 Josh Shields (9-1)
174 - #1 Mark Hall (7-0) vs #2 Zahid Valencia (9-0)
184 - #3 Shakur Rasheed (7-0) vs #41 Kordell Norfleet (8-1)
197 - #1 Bo Nickal (6-0) vs #188 Austyn Harris (5-5)
HWT - #12 Anthony Cassar (6-0) vs #133 Brady Gilliland-Daniel (5-5)
Want to support the Nittany Lions but don't know a thing about wrestling? It's very easy to pick up on. Here are how matches are scored:
Individual matches:
1 point - Escape. A move you use from the bottom of the referee’s position to escape, or get away from your opponent
2 point - Take down. A move during which you take your opponent down to the mat and gain control from the neutral position
2 point - Reversal. A move during which you quickly turn the tables and go from being in a position of defense to being in a position of control as the offensive wrestler
2 point - Near Fall. A move after you score a take down and get the wrestlers shoulder (at least 1 ) on the mat for a count of 2 consecutive seconds. The ref will count with his arm
4 point - Near Fall. The same as above but for 4 consecutive seconds
Individual match results:
A win by 7 points is a decision. A decision is scored as 3 points for the winning wrestlers team
A win by 8-14 points is a major decision. A major decision is scored as 4 points for the winning wrestlers team
A win by 15 points (The match stops after a wrestler goes up by at least 15) is a technical fall. A tech fall is scored as 5 points for the winning wrestlers team
A fall is when the wrestler with control pins the other wrestler shoulders to the mat, as the ref will count it before slapping the mat. A fall is scored as 6 points for the winning wrestlers team.
What about other things I see during a match?
Stalling - It's when a wrestler doesn't wrestler, or avoids action. It is typically seen by someone backing up to the outer circle multiple times. It can also happen when you are taken down and don't try to escape. The first stall call is a warning, the second stall call is a point for the other wrestler.
Riding time - The second a wrestler takes someone down, a clock begins called "riding time". Riding time counts how long you gain control as the offensive wrestler. Once you let the other wrestler up (escape) the clock stops counting. If then the other wrestler takes you down, your time goes back down. At the end of the match, if a wrestler has 1:00+ minutes in riding time, it is an extra point at the end of the match. Only 1 point is awarded no matter how much time you have.
Caution - This is similar to false start in football. 2 cautions are warnings before a point is awarded
Blood time - Matches are typically stopped when blood is visible on a wrestler, the wrestlers skin, or the mat.
I want to get into wrestling but I find it tough
Hang in there. I actually never watched a single match before 2011 before Cael came here. It took about a year to understand the rules, scoring, and how to score and what to root for. My best suggestion is just to watch and root for the Nittany Lions. You can gauge by the crowd what's happening. When you see the score change, try to figure out why. The toughest part is figuring out what's a take down and what isn't. Give it time, watch the games, follow the news and watch youtube videos.
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2018.11.02 16:16 I_am_bot_beep_boop This Weekend in Wrestling Discussion Thread (11/1-11/4)

College duals/meets

Date Dual Result
1-Nov Wisconsin - Buffalo Wisconsin 25-12
1-Nov West Virginia - Northern Colorado West Virginia 22-14
2-Nov Gardner-Webb - Clarion Dual
2-Nov George Mason - VMI Dual
2-Nov Lindsey Wilson (Ky) - Kent State Dual
2-Nov Cowley College - Kent State Dual
2-Nov Kent State University - Tuscarawas - Kent State Dual
3-Nov Ohio State - Navy Dual
3-Nov Missouri - Illinois Dual
3-Nov Indiana - Virginia Dual
3-Nov Fresno State - Rutgers Dual
3-Nov Johnson & Wales (RI) - Rutgers Dual
3-Nov Centenary (NJ) - Rutgers Dual
3-Nov Centenary (NJ) - Fresno State Dual
3-Nov Johnson & Wales (RI) - Fresno State Dual
4-Nov Northwestern - North Dakota State Dual
4-Nov Wheeling Jesuit University - Drexel Dual
4-Nov Keystone College - Drexel Dual
NWCA All-Star Classic
Men Wrestler College Wrestler College Result
141 Seth Gross South Dakota State vs Tariq Wilson North Carolina State
141 Joey McKenna Ohio State vs Kaid Brock Oklahoma State
149 Mitch Finesilver Duke vs Matt Kolodzik Princeton
174 Myles Amine Michigan vs Jacobe Smith Oklahoma State
184 Max Dean Cornell vs Taylor Venz Nebraska
285 Derek White Oklahoma State vs Youssif Hemida Maryland
Women Wrestler College Wrestler College Result
109 Charlotte Fowler Campbellsville vs Maria Vidales Emmanuel
123 Gabriela Ramos-Diaz Wayland Baptist vs Dominique Parrish Simon Fraser
130 Erika Mihalco Missouri Baptist vs Abby Nette Emmanuel
143 Nicole Joseph King vs Alexis Porter McKendree
170 Brittany Marshall Wayland Baptist vs Mariah Harris Campbellsville
Discuss any matches listed above, or any other duals/meets/tournaments going on this weekend!
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2016.09.16 22:22 andegre Really cool college wrestling website

Here's a really cool college wrestling website. Contains TONS of information about teams and wrestlers. For teams, you can see rosters, depth charts, schedules, eligibility breakdowns. For wrestlers you can all of their matches results for their career. Site also offers it's own ranking system which generates wrestler rankings, dual rankings, as well as tournament rankings. The dual and tournament rankings are one-of-a-kind. Also offers two different types of fantasy games, one a week-to-week challenge, and also a tournament challenge similar to NCAA Basketball brackets. Can also personalize the website to follow your favorite wrestlers and/or schools.
Check it out: http://www.wrestlestat.com
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