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2023.05.28 18:27 LongjumpingValue5828 1 year old constipation even while on Miralax?

My 16 month old son has had bad constipation for months and is now being treated by a GI. The GI prescribed a Miralax cleanout protocol (high dosage for 3 days to clean everything out) and then a maintenance dose moving forward. We've been on the maintenance dose for a week and half so far and have seen tremendous improvement with his symptoms... until today. His bowel movement today was small hard pellets, despite getting his regular dosage of Miralax the last few days. Until now his diapers were very soft as long as he was on miralax.
I'm going to call the GI tomorrow but curious to hear if this is "a thing". Is it normal for a kid to have constipation symptoms despite being on Miralax? If it helps, the maintenance dose is a half a capful.
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2023.05.28 18:27 uroldtamagotchi Staph infection in vagina :(

After 3 months of treating myself for suspected thrush, I’ve just found out I have “heavy growth” of staph aureus in my vagina. No yeast at all! Is this common?
I’m a bit confused and worried as I didn’t expect this at all, I know little to nothing about staph and didn’t even know you could get it in your vag. Does anybody have any knowledge on this? There really isn’t much info online it’s all like scientific papers :( I can’t gauge how serious it is, like do I need to go to hospital? Can I touch my boyfriend? Is the staph likely living in other areas of my body or is it just in my vagina, like can I touch my own cuts and spots and stuff? Can I have sex after treatment and presume it’s gone? My boyfriend has also been tested and it didn’t show up on his test, but I thought staph was like quite contagious? (We’ve not had sex since I started having symptoms granted, but are backpacking and spending every minute together with lots of other contact).
I’ve suffered with recurrent thrush since last year now and it’s always cleared with clotrimazole (only to come back a month later) but is it likely I’ve had staph all along with this?
OBGYN has prescribed me cefuroxime antibiotics, and told me to just look out for more discharge. But she’s based in the Philippines (I’m travelling SE Asia atm) where their main patients are pregnancy ultrasounds, so am slightly worrying in case it’s more serious than she/I think. My symptoms are and have just been unusual discharge and mild itching. Nowhere near as bad as toxic shock syndrome symptoms or anything. Just scared it could become septic or TSS, really out of my depth.
Any advice would be really appreciated, as I’ve not got much to go off atm! Anyone had a similar experience with vag staph?
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2023.05.28 18:27 ThrowRA_Throw_Away Fear and loathing at Lums Pond yesterday

At Lums Pond yesterday afternoon, there was a group of like 7 kids, probably ranging 9-13 years oldish, running around near the pond chasing the geese. They were making loud cawing noises trying to scare them and strike them with large sticks. At one point one of the kids got nipped by an angry mother goose.
Several of us were yelling at them to stop. At one point a young couple approached them and told them to stop it immediately and to never treat animals like that. Then a guy, probably mid-30s (parent? brother? random bystander? not sure) emerged from the brush and screamed at them to mind their own fucking business and quit ganging up on kids trying to have fun. A few other people joined into the freakout on both sides while the kids a few yards away continued to run around tormenting the geese.
Was anyone else there yesterday afternoon and witnessed this? I felt bad for not getting involved more directly but you just never know what could happen with how crazy people can be. Plus I was 3 White Claws deep lol.
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2023.05.28 18:27 ehh_just_someone Is it just me or does this manhwa have very sad vibes not in a bad depressive way just kinda dark, like a blackbird looming over shadows. I don't know how to explain i hope y'all get me.

Is it just me or does this manhwa have very sad vibes not in a bad depressive way just kinda dark, like a blackbird looming over shadows. I don't know how to explain i hope y'all get me.
Like the way Perashati and everyone's eyes look as if they aren't expecting anything from the world and just spending their days. And there's a lot of deep issues going on so I've rarely seen her smile recently. It feels like everyone's tired of everything.
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2023.05.28 18:27 AndroidsHeart I feel GREAT after there a way to get this same energy without a long hike?

So, I'm relatively new to hiking as a serious hobby.
My husband and I have been getting in shape and in the last few years we took up hiking. At this point we can handle more intermediate trails.
Anyway, after an intense hike, I feel GREAT. Like I have energy to burn (after a short rest period of course haha). I can go home and cook and clean and do chores for hours afterwards, I'm bouncing off the walls. The next day is much the same.
I'm generally a low energy person, both mentally and physically. I struggle with motivation among other things. But after long hikes this seems to all of a sudden not be a problem.
Is this normal and why does it happen? How can I create this same effect at home?
I walk a lot daily, like 7-10km minimum. Some days it's more. But I'm not finding I get the same effect from all the walking, why not? Some hikes are the same length, but I guess they are more of a work out? I don't know what it is.
I don't really like exercising other than walking or hiking (I like running but have terrible knees, so that's a no go). However, I have done martial arts extensively as well as dancing work outs, and neither of those produce the same effect for me. I do yard work, to the point of sweating and being way more sore the next day than I ever would be from hiking, but again, it doesn't produce the same effect either.
Anyway, has anyone else found anything outside of hiking that produces this same effect? I don't have the time to go hiking every day and I don't live close by any hiking areas so even the drive to a good hike takes time. Like I said, walking doesn't cut it for me. It helps for sure, but it's not the insane energy boosting effect.
I get tons of energy after hiking, how can I get this same energy boosting effect at home daily (or more often)? Long walks don't do it for me. Bad knees, can't run.
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2023.05.28 18:27 butterscotch0985 Need to upgrade home- high property tax scares.

We're on track to be financially free before 40 (currently 31) with one kid and hopefully soon another.We really would like some more space, a backyard (currently on a super small lot) for the kids, more kitchen space, another bedroom etc.The issue is we live in a VERY high property tax area. We just bought a rental property in another state and the mortgage, interest and taxes are basically what JUST property taxes would be on an upgraded home here.
We can afford it without it harming our timeline but I cannot help but just be physically ill over spending $1200/mo+ to just taxes when that could be invested and either give us a faster timeline or more retirement spend. Even if we pay off the house in a few years we're still stuck with minimally $1500 between that and utilities.
What would you do in this situation? I feel like I am missing something and just need additional opinions. We would not have to sell this house, we would rent it and it'd rent for about $750 over all expenses per month. My husband is locked into a 2 year contract here with a job change within the same company so moving isn't an option for a while and we do like this area.
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2023.05.28 18:27 MsMollyMoon Level 9 Rewards from last season?

Kind of a random question... Does anyone have a screenshot or know what the Arcane Chest Rewards are/were for someone with a level 9 season portal? I bought the Royal Pass and I think I received all the other rewards, but I know I didn't receive the Arcane chests.
I leveled up to 10/max now, and I know they 9 weren't quite as good but I'm not sure exactly where they're different. I'm in talks with support and I want to make sure I'm giving accurate information. Hopefully I'll get them back.
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2023.05.28 18:26 mrgud69 31 [M4F] Slidell, LA. A bite and a boat ride?

I’m in Slidell visiting some friends and family. We are likely going to go out on my cousins boat a bit later and ride somewhere for dinner. I figured, why not see what the good people of Reddit are doing? Very low key and no expectations! Just someone to tag along so I’m not a complete third wheel, or third motor (boat puns are hard). If you have been in the Slidell area for a while we likely have mutual friends so let’s become friends!
I love the Saints and Pelicans so much that I started a media brand surrounding them/the sports of New Orleans/the world. I enjoy music of nearly any taste. I can pretty much talk about anything and sometimes I probably talk too much but it helps break the ice! I’m single with no kids so you don’t have to worry about someone waiting for us back on the dock 😂
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2023.05.28 18:26 LowerComb6654 I don't know if I should call someone?

TDLR at the bottom- Please understand this is my first post here.
My dilemma is: My daughter 13(f) was friends with another 13(f) since Kindergarten, they'renow in 8th grade. I have also been friends with the girls mother for years as our children are friends and we've spent a lot of time together.
The other day my daughter texted me wanting to come home early from school. She claimed she was upset. Here I come to find out her friend of more than 10 years doesn't want to be friends anymore. She accused my child of trying to buy drugs last year, not knowing boundaries, told her secrets and is a bad influence. My child is not perfect, but I know she hasn't done most of these things. Also, the reason why they have been distant is because my child told on a couple girls her friend is friends with in February. They were literally telling this friend to rid herself of thos world! Plus a bunch of really nasty and heinous things that I can't repeat on here.
My daughter wanted to fight these girls for talking about her friend like that! However, ever since the incident her friend has been hanging with those mean girls more than my daughter. There was also a split of the friend group. Those who were on my daughter's side for agreeing those girls were mean and those who are on their side. Apparently, the friend I'm speaking about chose the mean girls side. This isn't the first time my child has been cast aside by the friend over others.
I know kids will be kids but these accusations are just crazy! Plus, she'd rather be friends with the girls who told her to rid herself?
Of course, I had told the mother a few months ago that her daughter was hanging out with those girls. She promised not to tell her daughter my child told me, but low and behold she told her. Ever since then her friend has been distant but this came out of nowhere, because she had apologized a few weeks ago for being distant.
I haven't talked to the mother in a few months because I've been so busy taking care of my ailing mother, plus my health isn't great. She has tried to call me and at the end of the day I've all but forgotten to call back. I KNOW I'm not a good friend sometimes but I was also mad she broke the promise not to get my child involved. I knew her daughter would be mad at mine and I didn't want that.
So here is my question: Should I call or message the mother about what her daughter has said to my child and about what's going on?
I almost just want to wait and see if she calls me again, but I kind of don't see it happening since our kids aren't friends anymore. Her daughter blocked mine on all socials.
I almost wonder since I have kind of ghosted the mom, the daughter has decided to do this? She had texted me if the kids were getting along awhile ago.
I know this might sound childish but I'm in protective momma bear mode rn. I'm also sad that 10+ years of friendship is down the drain. All because of rumors and because my child wanted to protect her friend!? I'd also be here for an hour if I explain every detail to every issue.
TDLR: My daughter tells on mean girls that attacked her best friend, now bff hangs out with those who attacked her, and decided to unfriend my daughter, while making wild accusations against her. Should I call her ex-friends mom and tell her how I feel about this? The mother and I have been friends or at least I thought we were. I don't know if she knows.
Thanks for any advice that is given! I truly appreciate it💕
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2023.05.28 18:26 Iwanttobevisible Chad Giovanni

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2023.05.28 18:26 1sunnycarmen Car seat argument between parents- rear facing vs forward facing

Specs: toddler is almost 3 (birthday in July). He is 39 inches, 29 pounds Car seat: graco slimfit3 lx3 Vehicle: 2015 Ford Explorer We currently have him set up to rear face (RF)
Dad (36m) and I (33F) have had countless arguments over switching him to forward facing (FF). Like the kind of arguments where we'll all be in the car, we argue about the car seat, he switches the car seat to FF and I tell him "I'm not driving this car with him like that" (I drive) and Dad gets mad, calls me a child then goes back in the house. Then, because it's such a process to get the car seat properly installed RF again, I just get the kids out of the car and go on a walk instead of messing with the car seats.
I've researched this to no end, have tried to show him all the videos and articles I can find on why RF for as long as possible is the safest route. His response is always "I've researched it too" and then something about car seat lobbyists or scrunched legs or toddler "WANTS to sit FF you don't care about happiness." No, I don't, not if it's happiness vs safety. Safety always comes first. To which he'll respond with calling me Karen, doesn't know why I "get like that" and I'm cruel. And also, sure our toddler WANTS to sit FF but he's not UNHAPPY to sit RF, and the whole leg scrunched up thing is a total myth. The couple trips he's taken FF, he has no foot support so he bends his legs way up to put his feet on the car seat anyway.
I don't know what else I can do to show him it's important to continue RF. At this point he won't even listen to me because he thinks I'm just "trying to be right."
I've also seen advice here on other topics that says "when parents cannot agree, go with whatever is safer for the child." Which he will not agree to, and doesn't think RF is safer anyway. With the extensive body of research on this topic, I just don't know what else I can do to get him to see it's so much safer to RF!!
For now, child is RF but it's an argument every single car ride. This absolutely is a hill I'll die on- better me dying than our child even getting hurt
I don't know, looking for any thoughts or similar stories. Maybe there's a stubborn parent out there who's changed their mind on something like this? Or maybe I'm wrong and need to give in? Seriously all ideas welcome!!
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2023.05.28 18:25 Alternative-Spend272 Marta Kostjuk , Ukrainian tennis player , about the sport out of the politics , booing her at French Open , and Sobolenka who never personally said she is against war .

"I can't respect her ( Arina Sobolenka) choice to continue to go to Russia, train there, communicate with the Russian press. Not to take the family out of the aggressor countries, having sufficient financial capabilities for this. I would not be able to put up with myself when my country does this, and I stay there. Personally, for me, playing tennis is an opportunity to change something for the better. Sabalenka after this tournament can become the first number in such a popular short. Having such a large platform and such influence in the world, she refuses it. What kind of message is this for the world?
We are talking about the fact that people are killed, and we hear in return that it is necessary to leave sports out of politics. But when the war comes to your house, she doesn't choose whether you're an athlete or not. It's not politics! We all know how Russia and Belarus are fighting against Ukraine, how they shoot civilians, how they captivate civilians, steal things from homes, rape children, take them out of Ukraine. It's a genocide of the Ukrainian people, it's not politics. In general, I have no hatred for any of the players from the aggressor countries. I just don't respect them,"
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2023.05.28 18:25 Rods123Brasil Use regex to select unknown number of words after keyword

Hello. I'm having a hard time trying to use regex to my use case. Can someone experienced point me in the right direction?
I have files in the following style:
``` Parameter A value1 value2 value3 Parameter B value1
Parameter C value1 value2 ```
All parameters have their respective associated values on the next line, and sometimes there's a blank line between a parameter's value and the next parameter. The thing is that the order of the parameters changes from file, and so does the number of associated values of a parameter.
What I want to achieve is to read all values of a given parameter at a time. Is this doable via regex?
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2023.05.28 18:25 Elegant_Schedule_851 Heating?!

I am in serious need of advice, even after reading a lot of the info in the welcome post I am not totally sure. I currently have a 100 W ceramic heating bulb and a 75w heat lamp, I have my baby ball in a 40G tank, This one to be exact . My room is pretty cold so I have a little trouble keeping temps up but it does okay during the day. My question though, is what do I do at night? I know I cannot keep a lamp on all night and the ceramic bulb is not enough alone, but I've read so many posts that UTH are not safe. Any recommendations are so appreciated. Thanks!

Edit: Spelling
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2023.05.28 18:25 Cats_have_teats I really want my 40th birthday to NOT suck

I'm 37. Soon to turn 38 in August.
My life is not at all where I want it to be. Every single milestone birthday has been terrible.
I didn't even have a 16th birthday party or acknowledgement. On my 18th I went for a meal with my parents and cried in the toilets. I went to an awful all girl's school and had no friends and had zero interaction with boys until I went to University. I was incredibly emotionally immature.
On my 21st I had a boyfriend and I was pleased about that but we didn't do anything, he got me a present. To date this is my best milestone birthday.
On my 30th my most recent partner (turned out to be abusive and left him at 37) arranged a meal for me and his friends. I didn't have any friends for him to invite. I only have two who now live abroad. It was nice of him but I felt humiliated. They all thought it was odd I had no friends or family there of my own.
I'm down I have no partner, no kids, no friends. I'm also 196 lbs at 5'5 so obese and currently on a strict diet. I lost my Mum in 2021 and put on loads through grief and covid. My job is ok and so I'm glad about that and I own my own house. The last part is all I have going for me.
I NEED my life to be in a much better place for my 40th. I want to have a party and have friends there at a minimum and to feel confident.
I don't know what I want from this post really. Encouragement, advice and hearing from people who understand I think. If it's relevant I live in the UK.
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2023.05.28 18:25 mccedian Suds in washing machine

Good morning/afternoon everyone, and I appreciate your help in advance. We have a washing machine, that constantly has suds in it. It’s a newer lg, maybe 4 years old. My uses barely any liquid soap, like small fractions of the recommended amount per load. We have cleaned it with cleaning tabs before and we have run it on the wash cycle as well. Each load of laundry requires multiple rinses and even then there are a lot suds still left in the drum. This has been a long standing issue, but it’s finally hit that point where it needs to be addressed. It’s a front load by the way. I want to rip it open and see if anything is stuck somewhere (kids sock or something like that) but before I do that, I was wondering if anyone has any possible solutions or knows of any causes to check before I just go in blind. Thank you everyone, I really appreciate it.
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2023.05.28 18:25 Substantial-Fold-682 Full Size Spare

Full Size Spare
Does it have a TPMS sensor? Do you rotate it in? Or just leave it in the back?
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2023.05.28 18:25 red-gf Pet sitting - second job.

I (F22) feel as though getting this off my chest will help me somehow - I’m on mobile so apologies in advance for anything incorrect.
I’ve experienced life at a peak when my parents had 7 kids (which welcomed 4 more grandchildren) and losing my dad so young has financially hurt my family since 2009. Due to these life events, I’ve avoided relying on mom since she has herself and 6 people she still provides for. One drug addict sister, her four children, and another sibling who’s in school. I live in south florida again and it’s inescapable to see the lavish lives people have. Im from here and I was once apart of that until we moved. (young and unknowingly, but my dad raised me well and although spoiled me in my terms; also taught me important life lessons about cherishing what we have)
I wish he was here to continue providing both. Im filled with resentment towards others because I have my full time job throughout the week, but to make ends meet I have to fill my extra time with anything that will help keep my neck above the water. I’ve chosen pet sitting to be my secondary income, and although it’s therapeutic to be around such awesome animals, I’m visiting multimillion dollar homes to see them. I don’t believe that money would buy me happiness, but it’s a kick in the gut to commute to these homes as my gas is blinking ‘low’ at me and I’m earning a drop in the bucket. I have pulled every dollar from any bank account that had one in it to pay for todays gas. I’ve been independent since 17, and I’m just so tired.
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2023.05.28 18:25 Erik1801 Fusion Propulsion with no Reactors - Hard Sci Fi concept critique request

Hello there,
so, i have been working on some logistics as off recently for a novel. Plot, arcs etc. are all pretty well down and i want to focus some time on the whole Space travel aspect. For the few pages it will be important xD Might as well. In doing so, i stumbled upon an idea which probably has been used already but i couldn't find it. So if what i am about to describe sounds familiar, let us known ! A quick disclaimer, for the following i want the concept to be judged on its feasibility and hardness. If it doesn't work because of XYZ, let us know :D
Setup Fairly simple, in this post i attempted to describe an Interstellar Transport System, ITS for shot because everything needs an acronym. The super TLDR is that we use a load of mirrors to create a very strong beams, which we focus on a big ass mirror. Photon pressure will then speed the ship up to half the speed of light. I changed aspects and specifics about this system since duo to the feedback. But the idea is identical. "Big ass beams tossing giant frisbee around". Though, after the rework the entire system is ~8 times weaker. Because the ship´s weigh less now. Only 2,6 Million tons :D Regardless, this is what we have as a setup. a giant Stelaser, or SPA in world, which can produce really powerful focused beams.
The Multiple Scattering Pulsed Fusion idk thrusters welp So i don't really have a name for it. But the idea is in this sim;
We have, a funnel or Bell. What we do is actually fairly simple, notice how all the light rays kind of clump up at the throat ? Well, the idea is that if we send a really powerful beam into the funnel / thruster, the light will accumulate in a focal point.
Now, in Universe they don't have commercial fusion because the more research i do the more impossible Fusion seems. Impossible as in commercially viable in any capacity. Seriously watch this guys videos on the matter. It is depressing. Anyways, with a sufficiently powerful beam and the smallest focal point possible this funnel would essentially turn into a Inertial confinement fusion reactor. Right, we "just" shoot pallets into the focal point off hell, where they fuse, expanding rapidly and pushing themselves out of the funnel to provide thrust.
Maybe it would look like this ?
Yes the radiators should be at like a billion degrees, this just gets the concept across
With a design like this
Now, one issue most people will quickly see is that this kind of ship by default can only fly away from its energy source. However, this should be easy to fix. Ish. What we can do is use mirrors inside the funnel which can basically change their Index of Refraction (So the mirrors would have to be dielectric with multiple layers) in such a way that all the energy inside the funnel gets concentrated into the light tunnel. This would require some pieces inside the Thruster to physically move as well to bounce light into the tunnel. Or at least some of it. The light tunnel can then increase the energy density more to enable Fusion on the other side as well. This way, the design could fly towards and away from its energy source. Which of course also means it could actually be useful. One downside is that such a ship would always have to roughly point at its energy source. Which will limit where it can go. But for a cargo ship that should be manageable.
Aside from the suspiciously strong mirrors (I checked it in the other post, in terms of numbers you can make mirrors that could survive the energy densities required. But idk how this would work with Fusion. Ideally you would want the Fusion to happen in a wavelength your mirrors are designed to reflect 99.999%. Which is doable with dielectrics if stupidly expensive), a bigger concern is Radiation.
This kind of Fusion is, for the lack of a better term, cancer juice. From what i can tell, there is a 0% chance you can get Aneutronic Fusion going with this, it just requires to much energy. So you would have to use Hydrogen which is going to by ugly. In the image you can not really see it but I surrounded the focal line / volume with about 10 meters of stuff. The force of the Fusion itself shouldn't be a problem, because this aint going at 10G. As far as i can tell, just because you have a certain limit in terms of Radiator capacity, you could not accelerate fast enough for the force of the pallets imploding to become an issue. You would die from radiation way before that.
My guess is ~0.1 - 0.3G maybe. But it really depends on the ship mass, exact energy density etc.
I left the biggest issue for last. The angle of incidence. The ship pictured here has a wide throat opening of 28 meters and a length of 200 meters. Dielectric mirrors work really well in a narrow range of incidence angles. Some products on the market rn have 99.95% at +-10 Degrees. Which is amazing ! But in our case the incidence range is somewhat wider. around the +-80 degrees. Which is really bad.
Now i hear you ask "But Erik, why do we want the light to bounce around, wouldn't it be smarter to only bounce once into a focal point ? And yes, it would be. Please find me a shape that does that xD I have yet to find a shape which would work. The issue is we need the fusion to happen inside the Funnel. If the focal point is outside the Thruster, the Fusion event wont transfer any momentum to the ship. Keep in mind, in this specific configuration the Pallets we shoot into the beam of death carry like no momentum compared to the ship. It is the fusion product expanding inside the thruster that pushes us.
In the worst case, this concept would have to bite the bullet and lower the energy density until dielectrics can get the job done at the required range. From my sim´s, each light ray on average bounces 23 times before getting the fuck out of there.
Overall, idk. To me it seems in terms of pure logic this should work. But so should Fusion reactors. And where are we with those ? So, i hope i have explained the idea well enough for people to judge weather or not this is feasible, even at low accelerations of say 0.05m/s². My prediction is that it either works or there is a critical flaw which would turn the ship into a supernova. Nothing in-between.
Thanks for reading and have a nice day !
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2023.05.28 18:25 a_man_and_his_box [FO4] Trying to solve a mystery, not getting ammo from gun pickups, and there are no loose guns in the world.

So I read this post:
And the long reply that goes with it. And my problem is: none of it works. The original guy saying you need to pick up the gun separately in order to get the clip worth of ammo -- nope, doesn't work for me. Importantly, I noticed it doesn't work because somehow in my game, there are no loose guns anymore. If anyone dies, their gun is melded to their hand, and cannot be manually picked up. No guns scattered on the ground after a fight. Instead, you have to go into the inventory menu for that body, and select the gun that way. And doing so does not give a clip's worth of bullets. It gives no bullets.
(To clarify, I can see the guns on the bodies, as I said the gun is held in the hand. However, it cannot be picked up or taken out of the hand, as it isn't loose on the ground like in my previous games. All guns are now "one with the corpse." The gun can still be taken by going to the body's inventory menu, but no ammo/clip comes with it.)
ALSO, the guy who replied to that post and said he tested it tons and works in various ways -- none of those ways work for me. I have no way to get clips of ammo. What am I doing wrong? I test on both my survival mode game, and a hard mode game. Neither game works, even with different characters.
I have a short mod list:
*HUDFramework.esm *StorageBot.esl *SimSettlements.esm *SettlementTidyBot.esl *Settler Sandbox Overhaul.esl *Faster Terminal Displays (20x).esp *Journey.esp *QuickTrade.esp *BTA_ForceOpen.esp *Scrap annoying things.esp *HoloTime_2.esp *Fog Remover II (AIO) Recommended w Dust-Leaves-Debris.esp *Fog Remover II (AIO) - Interior Fog Remover.esp *Companion Fall Damage Immunity.esp *PiperCaitCurieDialogueOverhaul.esp *Use Console Commands in Survival.esp *3DNPC_FO4Settler.esp *cVc Dead Wasteland 6.esp *cVc Dead Wasteland 6 DLC.esp *cVc Dead Wasteland 6 DLC2.esp *Quick Save.esp *FO4 NPCs Travel.esp *mso_sms.esp
Any ideas? What causes guns to meld to NPCs, and clips of ammo to be missing from guns when picked up? Thanks for any tips.
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2023.05.28 18:25 Whole_Ad2270 I've had some bleeding/spotting two times this month now and I've never had that happen

So Apr 26 was my previous period so I expected to have my period on May 29 ish, which is soon. And I am having cramps rn and there is some bleeding so I think this rly is my period.
But my problem is, I've had spotting on May 12-15. And by spotting I thought it's just brown spotting but there's also some blood there and cramps. So I was like ok maybe my period is just really early this time? I've only had one short cycle before and it last 19days but I've never had two periods within the same month.
The last short cycle was last year on July. Idk why it was only 19 days when my cycle was usually 27-30 days. July was also the first time I had sex with my partner.
I don't want to go to the doctor cuz I went once because of some painful intercourse once, which was weird cuz my partner and I usually do it just fine even without lube (it usually doesnt hurt). So I dont want to go and just be told oh you're fine, It's nothing.
Im not taking any bcp cuz I dont like taking meds daily. I dont want IUD cuz i dont like getting things put in me and i can't visually see it, also needles creep me out. I also dont want the vaginal ring cuz no. I just dont like prescription meds.
And yeah ik my partner and I should use a condom (neither of us have tested positive for any STDs) but I dont like it feels better without it ok? (My partner is even the one who asks me "u sure you dont want a condom" and I'm like nah throw it away...dont judge..) It's not like im forcing my partner to not wear condoms either cuz I've asked him if he does feel forced to not use condom but he said he also likes it. We wanna have kids but obv not rn cuz we're not that financially stable yet. So yeah just have to explain all that before anyone judges or asks those kinds of questions of why we arent using condoms or bcp.
The only "bcp" i take is plan B. I did try birth control before (vienva) but it made my period last rly long and I hated it. I'm not about to do that trial and test and get all kinds of prescription bcp out there.
Anyways, is the symptoms normal or should I rly go to the doc?
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2023.05.28 18:25 RaphaelKaitz Please make me feel better about partial success mechanics.

I backed Land of Eem when it kickstarted because it looked like a system that my kids would like to play. The vibe and the exploration-oriented game really appealed. And I knew that I didn't love the idea of partial success mechanics—though I've never used them—but the other factors won out.
Now a year later, I've played a lot of games with my kids and have enjoyed them. OSE, Cairn, Into the Odd, 2400, and Wanderhome are the systems that I've used. The only one that uses partial success is 2400, and it's a very simple version of that. I've kickstarted Dragonbane, and I love the simplicity of that system.
So now I'm kind of sad about Land of Eem. The drafts were sent out, and it has really great content. But the system still feels overly complex and as though I'll have a huge amount of work for every dice roll, figuring out what outcomes the various degrees of success would correspond to. I'm almost tempted to just run the game in Cairn, lol.
Tell me why I'll find out it's not as bad as I'm imagining, once I actually play it (which won't be until the physical books are out).
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