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Aperture Science Launcher

2015.07.31 23:41 The_Potato_God99 Aperture Science Launcher

Subreddit about the rainmeter skin I created: Aperture Science Launcher.

2023.05.28 05:46 Exciting_Jury731 Queue immense shame and relapse

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2023.05.28 05:07 Youdontknowme1214 [might be flash][around 2010s maybe]game where you can choose a funny or scary monster.

This is another repost.
So this game takes place in a boys bedroom. From what I remember, the boy is white and has dark brown hair, he is wearing striped blue pajamas and a matching nightcap. Before the game starts, you can pick a monster (there were two monsters). One of them was red and more scary looking, and I believe the other was yellow and... less scary looking. If you choose the red monster, you can spawn in the boys room and start to scare him so badly he begins to cry and scream. I think there was a bar at the top and if you fill it up his mom comes in or something to stop the monster? Something similar to that. The yellow monster is a little different, if you click on the yellow monster, it spawns into the boys room and makes the boy laugh by being stupid. Same with the red monster, the bar fills up and the boys mother comes into the room. Don’t know if this will help, but the wallpaper was blue, and the boys blanket was yellow I think, and there were toys in the room as well. It was quite a weird game..
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2023.05.27 11:09 DesktopHut Scary Shark 4K Live Wallpaper

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2023.05.25 04:04 rhodeslady Looking for suggestions!

Hey everyone! I’m sure you see these posts a lot, but I’m looking for something to actually keep me up at night. I’m a newer reader, until this year I never really read books. I recently got a kindle as a gift and I’ve been absolutely loving it. The books I’ve enjoyed the most are labeled as “extreme horror”.. I mean they’re not that bad cmon. Here’s what I’ve read so far:
Currently reading tender is the flesh but it’s not really grabbing my attention. Give me the most brutal and genuinely scary books you know. TIA!
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2023.05.24 21:03 DimondNugget The endless basement that goes down forever

One day I was hiking along a small mile long trail and it was an ordinary weekend and a nice sunny day. I knew the weather was going to be nice today so I decided to go for a hike and I drove to my nearest state park and once I got out of my car I smelled the nice fresh air of the outdoors and then I saw a small one mile trail and decided to go on it I walked a while on the trail and while I was walking on the trail I heard the peaceful sounds of the birds chirping and I saw the beautiful forest and the beauty of mother nature around me as I was walking near the end of the trail and I was greeted by a blocked off gravel path and a sign saying please do not go on this path hikers are not allowed on this path 500 dollar fine if caught walking on it.
I was curious when I saw this and I looked around to see If anyone was around me and I saw that no one was around me and I then jumped the fence that was blocking the gravel path I was finally walking on the forbidden gravel path and I got a rush out of it knowing I was doing something forbidden. On this so called forbidden path I looked around me to see if there was any park rangers I of course did not see any. I then kept walking on the gravel path and I was walking for a while and I kept seeing signs telling me to go back and stop walking on this path of course I ignored the signs and kept walking.
I looked at my clock and saw it was getting late and I was starting get worried because the park is closing soon and the park rangers usually check the park to see if anyone is still in the park at closing time and If I got caught that means I would get fined 500 dollar so my paranoia made me to look around me to see if there were any park rangers around me there were none around and that gave me sigh of relief. I kept walking and it was really starting to get dark and I heavily searched my bag to see if I had a flash light I found a small dim flash light in my bag but it was bright enough to see around me but as I looked around to see I thought I had saw something in the corner of my eye of course it scared me a bit but I shrugged it off as my mind playing tricks on me. I then heard the wind howling and I thought I could hear something faint in the wind as I was listening.
I at first thought my mine was playing tricks on me and I kept listening I found out my mind was not playing tricks on me I was hearing voices in the wind and the voices were telling me to go back and to get off the forbidden path. I looked around to see that no one was there was I hallucinating? I walking and for a while I did not hear anything but then the wind started to howl again and I heard "please go back it's not safe". I was shaken up by this so I looked around me to see that no one was there I was for sure I heard someone. I then kept seeing stuff in the corner of my eye again and I thought I saw a ghostly figure for a second but every time I looked they were gone. I then once again started to hear the wind howling and I began to hear voices again and I kept hearing "go back go back get off the gravel path". At this point dawn was starting to come and the sky was starting to turn brighter and I saw something in the distance it was some sort of mansion me being the curious and adventurous I was happy to explore what ever this mansion was. I proceed to approach the mansion and as I was walking to it the wind began to howl very violently and the wind gust were very strong and it almost knocked me over my feet.
I began to hear "please go back go back do not go in there". I of course was too curious about the mansion to listen to what the voices were saying. I then opened the front door of the mansion and I walked in and saw that the place was old and was falling apart the wooden boards were rotting away and it smelled like mildew. I knew by the looks of this place it was abandoned and no one lived there. I was curious to explore this place so I walked around and I proceed to walk to the first room and I saw that there was a lot holes in the wall and it looked torn apart, the bed was broken and the window was broken and I could tell that this place was old and rotting away. I then proceeded to the next room and I saw that there was symbols wrote with dried blood on the wall, this of course scared me bad and I jumped and I saw that there was rotting away skeletons of animals in this room, It looked like as if there was devil worshipers here. I then tried to walk to more rooms in this mansion and I saw more scary stuff. I saw that there was a warning wrote in dried blood on the walls sawing what ever you do, do not go in the basement it's dangerous.
I then was curious to go in the basement of the mansion and I was the cat who could have died from their own curiosity. I then saw the door to the basement and I looked at it for a good 20 minutes, and after minutes I finally made up my mind to go open the basement door and go down there. I then proceeded to open the basement door and I then walked down the stairs and as I walked down the stairs the basement door slammed shut and I walked back up and tried to open the basement door I tried to open as hard as I could but it would not budge "shit Im trapped in this basement and can't get out". I tried again to get the door to open I even tried pounding the door down but it did not work the door was locked shut.
I then gave up on trying to open the basement door and walked back down the stairs and I saw that the basement was huge and the was dried blood all over the walls It was crazy how much dried blood was on the walls and I was very scared I wanted to pound on the basement door again and get out of this place but I knew that would not work. I walked around some more around the basement and saw that there was more stairs it seemed as if the stairs went down to another floor. I proceeded to walk down the stairs and I got to where this floor was and I saw on this floor had a bit more dried blood on the wall then the pervious floor I was on. I saw that this floor was bigger than the previous floor I was on and It was a massive room and in the corner of my eye I saw a figure of some sort and when I turned around it was not there I jump but then told myself that my mind was playing tricks on me because this basement was just so creepy.
I again saw that something saw something in the corner of my eye I looked around me fast and saw that no one was there. I kept walking around this floor and saw that it was full of furniture like very old stuff from what seemed to be from the 70s or 60s and they was a radio of some sort it only had AM on it and no FM. I thought to myself if I could turn on the radio but wondered if it still had worked so I pressed the button and surprised it turned on and starting working. All I heard at first was just static but then I kept listening and I could barely hear anything and I thought I heard something though the static but then I could finally hear something though the static and I hear what sounded like creepy voices in the static. I still could not hear it because there was still a lot static on the radio and I tried to tune the radio to see if I could hear it more but nothing came out of it and I could still hear a lot of static but then after a few minutes I heard the voices again on the radio and I heard the voices louder this time and I could hear what they where saying and I heard a bone chilling sound coming from the radio a girl screaming "dad please help me I'm being tormented the beast is tormenting me please make it stop"!
My heart nearly stopped due to how scared I was. I saw that there was even more stairs that went down what seem like even another floor a 3rd floor even. I was curious and walked down the stairs and walked into the 3rd floor it even had the number 3 on it. I saw that this floor was not as big as the 2nd floor. I began to see that there was spiders on the wall but there was only of few of them on the walls and saw some more stuff it looked like there was some writing on the wall and it said the further you go down the worse it gets.
There were bricks on the walls of this floor and there was no wallpaper just bricks on the walls and I saw that there was a door to another room of some sort on this floor. I opened the door and saw that it was pitch black in this room and I walked into the room and could not see in the room so I got the flashlight from my bag and turned it on and it still was pitch black it's like this room was sucking any light away so I had to feel around the room but as I got walking around this room and feeling my way around I felt as if someone was behind me and I felt as if I was not alone in this room and the longer I stayed in the room the stronger the feeling got and tried to find my way out of the room because I felt as if someone was behind me and I felt as if someone was gently touching me and It got me scared but I then bolted and tried to find my way out of the room but could not for a few minutes and I then could hear a faint growl in my ear and I was running as fast I could and I finally found my way out of the room I was in. I slammed the door shut to the room I was in and I saw even more stairs that went down to another floor and ran down the stairs.
I was now on the 4th floor and saw that on the 4th floor there cobwebs on the celling of the floor and spiders were more common than on the 3rd floor and there was more dried blood on the wall than the pervious floors I was in. There was a lot more stuff on this floor and there was dining tables and chairs on this floor and it looks like as this was a restaurant from the 60s or 70s and I walked around the floor and there was cobwebs on the tables and chairs and spiders were crawling on the table but then I saw that there was a kitchen of some sort and I kept feeling as if something was behind me but the feeling was not that strong and I kept seeing stuff in the corner of my eye but when I turned I saw that nothing was there I realized that in the darker places that where less illuminated the feeling of something being behind me was there .
There were flickering lights in this place that seem as if they were about to die out. I somehow walked into a darker place in the floor and the feeling of something behind me was coming back. I felt as if something was lurking in this place and they lurked in the darker areas with less light. I saw that was of course more stairs that went down into the 5th floor. I was now in the 5th floor and holy crap this place was getting creepy there was a lot more cobwebs on this floor then there was on floor 4 and the spiders where now in big numbers and the spiders looked even bigger than before. This floor was even darker with less light. I saw that there was tables and chairs on the 5th floor just like the last one but they where on the tables but then as I looked away and looked back I saw that the chairs were now on the floor and broken for some reasons and I thought to myself this place has to be haunted. There less light bulbs that were on this floor than on the last floor and it was darker and there was less light.
Like I said in darker areas I felt as if someone was behind me and on this floor the feeling was stronger than on the last floor. I walked around and was in darker areas with less light and the feeling of someone behind me was getting stronger and stronger until I stopped walking and I listened closely and I could faintly hear a voice of some sort and it sounded creepy and I got scared and walked to a lighter area with more light and I saw something in the corner of my vision and then turned around to see a tall skinny shadow figures and it appeared to be afraid of the areas of the place with more light so I kept going around the place and saw more figures and I went into a darker area and something jumped out at me and tried to attack me and I ran to where a light bulb illumined the place and the figures stopped were scared off by the light of the light bulb and stopped attacking me because of the light.
I kept going down more floor and my god it felt like this thing was going down forever I was on the 15th floor when things really started getting bad the cobwebs where getting the point to where where covering everything and spiders where so big to the point to where they where the size of the palm of my hand. I saw that there was little spiders in such massive numbers that something you could not see what they were because it was covered in so many spiders. On the 15th floor it was so dark that you could barley see in front of you the only reason I could see that there spiders everywhere was because there was only a few light bulbs on the floor that were dimly lit . The Odor on this floor was bad and it smelled like dead rotting corpses and so much dried blood on everything that it covered every square inch on what was on the floor and on the wall on everything and on everywhere.
I was standing under a dimly lit light and around me I would hear voices screaming "help me help im being tormented"! I then saw that around be where hundreds of glowing eyes around me but I felt as if I would be safe as long as if there was light around me. I stayed under the light blub for until the eyes went away but then a few minutes later the light bulb above me went out and when that happened I knew I was in trouble and I bolted and I could not see in the dark so I bumped around everything and tripped and fell and as I fell something grabbed me and I could tell that this thing was big. It was dark and I could not see anything but I was in this what ever this thing was grip and I thrashed and tried to punch this thing but it was not budging I felt as if my life was coming to an end.
A stroke of luck happened and for some god only knows reason I escaped from what ever this thing was grip and ran as fast I could in the dark tripping over objects and then getting back up. I was in the dark and saw a dim light in the distance and I got closer to see it was a dimly lit light bulb I felt safe under this light bulb and the thing did not go near it. I went down more floors and on floor 18 is when some very scary stuff started happening at this point spiders where the size of cats and the cob webs where so thick that it was getting hard to walk through. I was getting attacked by spiders I was fighting them off it was getting to the point where I was getting overwhelmed by them. I found a baseball bat on the floor and used it to beat the spiders and kill them.
I heard screams everywhere and they were ear piercing. All I could hear was "I'm being tormented help"! I then realized that there was water on the floor about an inch of it. I kept walking around and I kept hear the sloshing of water on the floor as I walked I tried to turn on my flashlight because it was dark but the darkness of the room was so bad that it sucked all the light away from the flash light. I was walking and a very nasty smell hit my noise, it was the smell of rotting corpses but the smell was very strong and I began to throw up and nearly passed out. I felt as this place I was in was filled with corpses and that was confirmed when I saw a very dim light in the distance and when I went to it I was hundreds of rotting corpses and some of them where in the very thick cobwebs hanging with web wrapped around them like mummies.
I looked down and saw that the so called inch of water was not water at all it was an inch of blood filled with maggots and flies swarming them by the thousands. I looked and saw a corpse and I kept staring at it and saw that it had long flowing blond hair and was wearing a pink backpack with yellow stars and had a purple shirt that said lets go tigers and that when it hit me like a truck and tears started flowing down my face this was my daughter she is dead and was smelly rotting corpse that mostly been mummified. My daughter was 16 when she went missing and her school mascot was a tiger and her name was Amy and she had a pink backpack with stars. I miss her so much and if she was alive by now she who have been an adult at the age of 18. I then look to see at her backpack to confirm if it was her and I saw the name Amy written on her backpack I confirmed that this was in fact my daughter. I kept digging in the backpack to see what was in it and found her phone it turned on with 45 percent battery and no password was on it.
I could no longer hold it in anymore and the tears flowing down my face become full blown sobbing. My daughter is just mummified dead corpse. I took my daughters phone out of her backpack and put it in my pocket and as I was doing that is when I heard it a low pitched growl and a very creepy one and then I froze for a solid minute and then heard a another growl and I tried to be as quiet as I could and heard the sound of water sloshing around but that of course was not water but it was blood sloshing around. I kept hearing the blood sloshing as if something was moving around in it and my heart was pounding very hard and I felt as this was the end of me I then realized I was in this thing's nest and I was going to be the fly in the web.
I heard the sloshing again and it sounded like it was getting closer to me and I felt a warm draft over me and that when I booked it and ran I fast as I could and ran up the stairs that was closest to me. I ran to the other floors I was now at floor 17 and I knew the thing was chasing after me. I was now hyperventilating and heart pounding I could hear roaring at the stair well I knew I had to run up to floor 1 and bust the door down as hard as I could I kept running tripping over everything in the dark and dirty as hell and covered in blood. I then ran up to the stairwell that went to floor 16 and of tripped and fell while on the stairwell to floor 16 and busted my head and blacked out and woke up in a spiderweb. I open my eyes and saw I had passed out and I was back on floor 18.
I knew I was doomed and I would never be found down here I was going to be this thing's meal a few hours had passed I kept struggling and struggling and could not get out of the web. I felt a warm draft on me and I felt as if I was being stabbed this thing was digging into me with it's fangs I felt I was done for. The pain of the thing digging it's fangs in me was unbearable and I was screaming. The thing was sucking my blood until it was dry. I was there in that web for god knows how long it had to be a very long time because I was dehydrated and very hungry. I was very weak and could not move much and could barley move my limbs but for some reason I began to slowly fall out of the web and broke free from the web and I got out of the web. I began to walk slowly to the stairwell that lead to the 17th floor and I climbed up the stairs slowly and when I was up on the 17th floor I walked around the floor for a while and I saw a place I could hide in from the thing there was a door and I open and there was a glowing light in the room I opened and the light was a light blub glowing and turned and lit up the room and I saw that I was in luck because there was 2 bottles of water on the shelfs in the small room I was in and a small bag of trail mix that was month passed its expiration date. I put a chair in front of the door so the thing would not get in.
I happily ate the trail mix and drank the 2 bottles of water and I put my ear on the door to see if I hear anything and when it was ready to go. I did not hear anything when I was putting ear my ear on the door at first but then a few hours had passed, and I heard a sniffing sound a faint growl. I tried to be as quiet as I could and hoped the chair in the door made where the thing could not get in the room with me, and I was no longer weak because I drank the water and ate the trail mix. I heard banging on the door the thing was trying to get in and get me. I had to think fast, and I saw a trap door and I opened and crawled into it as fast as I could. I was inside vents now and crawling and I heard the thing break down the door, but it was too big to get in the vents I was crawling in.
I began to crawl faster and found an exit to the vents, and it was on floor 15. I was now on floor 15 and the vents for some reason just collapsed right as when I crawled out of them, and I could not get back into the vents to get away from the thing. I heard the sound of the thing getting up to the floor I was at, and I booked it as fast as I could and ran up the stairwell to floor 14. I ran up more floors and I'm now on floor 12 and I fell as if this thing is catching up to me and I ran I fast as I could and kept running until I reached floor 11 and at floor 11 I grab a knife on the table and I kept running until I got to floor 10 and then on floor 10 I fell into a huge hole that was on the floor and the wood on the floor was rotting and I fell back into floor 11. I was catch up by the thing and was in its grasp and struggled to get out of it grasp and I then stabbed it in both of its eyes and it let go of me and it was screeching in pain. I ran back into the 10th floor and went around the hole and then went up into the others floor and at floor 7 I could hear it getting closer to me again but kept running as fast as I could and heart pounding.
I few more floors left, and I could pound the door down and get out of the basement. I was running and finally got up to floor 1 and began to violently pound down the door that was the entrance to the basement and I pounded as hard I could and I had super human strength from the adrenalin and I could hear the thing coming up the floors so I did one last super hard pound on the door with all my strength and busted a hole in the door and walked out the door and at last I was no longer in the basement of this damn mansion. I then ran out of the mansion and was finally outside and I kept running on the gravel path as fast as I could and then for a while, I finally found the fenced I had jumped and got over it and was back on the small 1 mile trail and collapsed on the ground where people saw me drenched in blood.
I then woke up in the hospital and the doctor said I was lucky and almost died from severe blood loss and I realized I had my daughter's phone in my pocket and cops were in the hospital room where I was at. I also saw my wife there too and she said where were you I called the cops and your boss said you were not at work, and he then called cops and I went all over the city looking for you and stayed up and it was on the news of you going missing and I'm glad you're okay and you are alive. I told them everything of what happened I told about the thing in the basement of abandon mansion in the woods and I would never go back to that place.
My wife told me her story and she told me that she looked everywhere in town for me and her first thought I was at the bar with my friends but then saw I was not there she said it was getting dark and I had to be home to or she would call the cops and she said I did not answer the phone and she got worried and called the cops. The cops came and began to search for me, and days had passed, and they did not find me so a whole search group came and looked for me and she said she looked around the city and she tried to look for me at the small park near the house and did not find me.
She said a cop was at a state park and saw a passed out person on the ground at a 1 mile trail which was me and the ambulance came and picked me up and got me to the hospital and then a cop was at the hospital and realized it was me as I was waking up.
A few months had passed and I was diagnosed with ptsd and I told my therapist everything.
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2023.05.23 04:58 GailForcewind24 [POEM] Self Portrait Against Red Wallpaper by Richard Siken

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2023.05.22 18:03 randomlyyhere [POEM] Self Portrait Against Red Wallpaper by Richard Siken

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2023.05.22 09:50 stephenagorsor ‎Cool Wallpapers Best 4K

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2023.05.18 21:19 Optimus_Pitts Question about my 5 year old tiel

Our bird has never been big on toys. If we put them in her cage, she won't go near that part of the cage. If we put them on the bed semi-near her, she skinnies up and runs away from it. She loves pulling at strings, crumbling up stuff, and has started biting walls to the point where she's pulled back a layer of the wallpaper.
We're at our wits end. She's even torn a bit of a hole in the wall where she was ripping at wallpaper. (She found a place behind the curtains she could hide and do that). How in the hell do we get her to finally start playing with toys? We've tried rope toys than hang and have excess rope strings she can pull. Too scary. We got her wooden blocks, no dice. We've gotten her a bell that hangs from her cage, too scary.
WHAT DO WE DO???? Really hoping someone can help.
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2023.05.17 13:55 Independent_State888 I need 10 upvotes to get my wish plz upvote

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2023.05.17 13:50 Independent_State888 I have to repost to 10 people plz 10 people upvote

Don’t laugh at this! Just do it! It's not scary either
Do this 1 time and within an hour
Your wish come true!!!
My cousin did this and wished for a for an iPad and she got a box on her door this morning and she got an iPad!!!
I had to give this a shot...
Start thinking something you really really want, 'cause this is
astounding... the person that sent this to me said their wish came true 10 mins after they read the mail so I thought 'what the heck'. '
He will grant you one wish.
No  send backs!!!!
   Send this to 10 people ( not me ), then turn your  phone off and turn it back on. Then you will have a new wallpaper
100% works
NO GROUP CHATS! (Just copy and paste like i did🙂)
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2023.05.14 12:19 HandChecker2 I HAD MY FIRST PROPER LUCID DREAM...

So last night, I was dreaming, and for some reason my school was a castle. Somehow this didn't trigger lucidity. A new person had moved to my school and it was my job to guide him to the class, so as I was walking towards my classroom, I thought "There isn't normally this many rooms to get the classroom", and then I decided to do a reality check. I tried putting my finger through my hand. Nothing. So I looked at my hand, and between my middle and ring finger was an extra finger. I was amazed because it all felt so real, I couldn't believe that what I thought was real life was just a dream. When I found out, I shouted something like "I'm dreaming, you're not real!" to my friend, looking him straight into the eyes. His face went blank and he started at me, which was oddly unsettling, I flew around the class for a bit too, and the next thing I remember, was being at the side of my school, next to some sort of payphone/atm thing, with the same friend behind me. I was still lucid at this point, and since I knew that what I thought and expected would become reality, I thought "What if this payphone became a monster or something", but then my friend turned into an all black monster with this face ( , so I just said "No, no, I meant the phone, not you, turn back to normal" and it was that easy. He turned back to normal. That's the last lucid thing I remembered. Later I was in my schools science lab testing out explosive launchers, but not lucid.
Edit: I also remember telling people how I had gotten lucid, while still being lucid. They just stared at me confused.
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2023.05.12 15:10 IAmTheOutsider Bird of Prey Ch. 15 - A NoP Fanfic

The appointed hour had come. Jlana, Cirric and the rest of hut 621 readied themselves and checked the improvised carry-wraps that held their meagre cache of improvised tools and stolen gear for the last time. Probably ever. Each of them had accepted that this was little more than a forlorn hope, a last act of defiance that let them die on their talons instead of simply waiting for the cadets to stick flamethrowers in through the windows and roast them. Well. Not all of them.
Cirric had pestered and pestered and pestered Jlana to wait even as the pair of them took stock of their miniscule inventory and planned plans as small and simple as they were wildly optimistic. Eventually one of the other activists had snapped and asked him if he knew something the rest of them didn’t. Cirric flustered at that and shut up for the rest of the night. Normally this would have raised some alarm bells but under the circumstances suspicion wouldn’t change things much, though a few of them privately resolved to ignore any orders or ‘suggestions’ he gave.
A stolen timepiece ticked down the last few seconds and Jlana tightened her feathers around the door handle, ready to throw it open and run to possible freedom or probable death as the goddess willed. In the distant fog a light cracking sound could be heard and the hut lights flickered somewhat. Some of her hens looked around nervously and Cirric made a low nervous noise in the back of his throat. Jlana ignored them. Her gaze was locked on the watch and the door with all the resolve of a soldier waiting for the landing craft ramp to drop. Another noise came from outside. Closer, much closer this time. Muffled electronic coughs and the sound of steel on polymer. The lights flickered again and went out.
The clock struck two. The hut door opened. But it wasn’t Jlana who opened it.
Cirric dived into Jlana and tackled her away from a wall of plasma, bullets and flame that never arrived. Instead, standing in the doorway looking like an extra from a historical drama that’d raided the prop department of a cheesy Harchen sci-fi, was Kaital val Hisui.
He was the most beautiful thing that Jlana had ever seen.
There were many thoughts and feelings going through Cirric’s head at that moment, most of them being along the lines of ‘You have got to be fucking kidding me!’.
Standing before him was Kaital val Hisui; a feckless aristocrat who by rights should have died in the jungle now glaring down at him with a blaster of alien design clutched in his wings and a tactical camera/torch headset on his head to complete the Whore’s military cosplay.
“Beaks on breasts, wings on beaks.” Kaital snapped. “If anyone tries to give us away again I’ll kill them myself.” The look and tone told everyone, Cirric included, that he wasn’t joking. Then again, thought Cirric, ‘Again?’. Jlana alone kept her beak free and tried to say something, but the Whore had the temerity to shift his blaster towards her, though he kept its barrel pointed firmly at the ceiling.
“You too, Jlana. The ladies from bravo lost their shit and nearly killed us all before we started.”
Jlana shakily nodded and held her beak shut. Cirric didn’t like the way the Whore spoke to her one bit, but hoped that it would chip away at the spell he seemed to hold over her. But then it hit him: ‘We’? ‘All’?
That question was answered when three large, masked and helmeted primatoid shapes filled the doorway after Kaital hissed the ‘all-clear’. Feathers fluffed and tails fanned at the sudden appearance of three predators in their midst. Cirric felt the slight hope that maybe, just maybe an oldblood had done something vaguely competent in their indolent, hedonistic life drain away to be replaced by the cold, leaden certainty that the Whore had lead the humans to their next meal. The only real question was how many of them the xenophilic degenerate had had a chance to raise his tailfeathers for so far.
Aiden, Djinni and Vadym sounded off after they flowed into the hut and found nothing but the Fissian’s dozen of frightened activists. Kaital moved to cover the door as the three humans probed deeper into the hut, making sure to keep Cirric in his line of sight at all times. For a few precious, agonising seconds there was complete silence while the humans ghosted through the racks of bunks and open shelves. Aiden gave a thumbs-up when no hidden warden popped up to kill them. Kaital breathed a sigh of relief and the room let out it’s collective breath with him.
“Kaital, what are you doing here!” Jlana nearly shouted in surprise, only aborting her attempt to wrap her wings around him when she noticed the humans were suddenly much closer than they’d been before. Not that he really seemed to notice them.
Kaital nudged Jlana back a little with his off wing, looking through the window into the fog beyond and hissing out sharply “Sssh! Trying to save you, what’s it look like?
“Feeding your new friends?” Cirric sneered snidely. Kaital sighed, screamed and axe-winged internally. He hadn’t a clue why the teal-and-violet hated him to the degree that he did, but he didn’t think it was this bad.
“This the one?” Vadym asked. In his peripheral vision Kaital could see the Ukrainian moving up behind his self-declared nemesis, slinging his shotgun over a shoulder as he neared.
“Yeah.” Kaital ground out the word like grain.
Cirric was stunned to silence when Vadym’s hand slammed into the interior wall beside his head, boxing the Krakotl into a corner while a finger jabbed accusingly into his breast. “Listen to me, bird, and listen well. Humans. Do. Not. Eat. People. Are you people?” Vadym glared daggers at the uppity activist through his gas mask.
“I-I, w-well… yes?” Stammered Cirric, desperately looking around for backup he wasn’t going to get. Kaital smiled to himself as the smug cuckoo visibly tried not to soil himself.
“Good.” Vadym lowered his hand and straightened up to address the room to Cirric’s visible relief “Now shut up and come with us, you all may yet live to see sunset with your friends.”
Jlana’s face twisted in puzzlement. “Wait, our ‘friends’?”
“Yeah, the other hut with about fifty prisoners. You not know about them?” Djinni asked in mild disbelief from where he was stood on an ominously creaking bunk, apparently inspecting the hut’s fire suppression system.
“Don’t trust them.” Jlana shooh her head. “They’re hardly our ‘friends’.”
Djinni cocked his head in confusion, causing Jlana to elaborate. “The bravo birds are probably canaries. They’ll do or say anything for or too anyone if they think it’ll increase their chances of survival.”
“If that is case then they shall keep quiet and behave, just like you shall.” Vadym replied.
“We will?” One of the other activists piped up, then hid behind her own feathers under Vadym’s withering glare.
Aiden sighed through his suit’s synthesiser. “We’ve already burned up-time on our exit strategy getting the other hut out. If you waste what time we’ve got left arguing you will be spending the rest of the op in an active warzone. We’ve got our own shit to do too, so we will not be babysitting you.”
“And if we stay here instead?” Cirric snarked, having scraped enough of his shit together to resume being a little drake.
“I don’t know about you guys, but human sprinkler systems tend not to come with pilot lights.” Hummed Djinni, running a combat knife along the whitewashed sprinkler line to reveal a ‘flammable substance’-red pipe.
“What.” Jlana and Cirric whispered in horrified unison. The other activists all going slack feathered at the sight. When death came for them they wouldn’t’ve even had the warning of marching cadets or barked orders. Just a hiss and whoosh of flame at the push of a button.
“All mechanical on this end. No way to deactivate from here, probably by design. Moment the exterminators get enough grief off you: ‘FOOOM’!” Djinni cheerfully reported, neither caring nor noticing that every activist in the room had gone as pale as they could without bleach.
“So, you’re all coming with then? Excellent.” Kaital chirped with grim humour, bringing their attention back towards him and Vadym, who reached into his backpack and pulled out a hood practically identical to the one that he’d shoved on Kaital’s head when they first met.
“Right. This is emergency transport bag. Do not lose. We go to other hut. When inside place bag over head; it shall tighten on own. When bag is over head transponder will activate and you shall be transported to base when we turn beacon on. You shall feel floating for few seconds and may or may not feel things brush against you. Under no circumstances remove bag once it is on. Troops receiving you will take it off for you. Any question?” Vadym lectured as he passed the bags out. There was a cloth handle on the bottom and most of the activists looped them around their necks to leave their wings free.
Cirric’s eyes widened as he processed what Vadym had just told them. “Y-you have teleporters?! That’s bullshit!” The tercel spluttered.
Vadym just shrugged and made a non-committal motion with his hand. “Is more like spatial anomaly in box with shutter on. Teleporters are bigger; even more noticeable.”
The entire room turned to stare at Kaital, silently begging him to explain just who the fuck these predators were. He just shrugged in response.“Trust me, you don’t really ever get used to it but you do get better at not questioning it.”
“Fuck it, as long as it gets us out alive.” Cirric threw up his wings in exasperation.
Kaital couldn’t resist muttering “Finally, something sensible out of you at last.”
“Remember, stay quiet and make as little noise as possible. If we get noticed in the open we won’t be able to protect you all.” Aiden warned.
The three humans flowed out of the door in a perfect inversion of how they’d entered. The activists followed them out with Kaital and Jlana in the rear keeping the group together. Cirric had inevitably tried to drift towards the back only to be sent scurrying forward to the others with their combined glare.
The activists gasped in shock when they first saw the bodies. A trio of cadets had been manning a repeater nest so nearby it may as well have been directly outside the door. It wasn’t the first time any of them had had the pleasure of witnessing dead exterminators, but whatever had killed the fireteam leader had mashed part of its corpse into a cavernous gash hacked into the solid metal of the mechanism. Most likely in one single, terrible blow.
“Keep moving!” Kaital whisper-hissed at an activist who’d started to fall behind, gaze locked on the gory display.
“Doesn’t matter. They’re dead. We’re not. Don’t get separated.” Kaital hefted his blaster in one wing and shoved the hen forward with the other. They continued to move forward at an agonising pace, creeping from hut to hut and sprinting from shadow to shadow like rats in a serpent’s lair.
“Inatala above Kaital, what the hell did that?” Jlana hissed under her breath, turning her head just enough to give her a glance back at the now fog shrouded butcher’s work without giving up too much forward vision.
Kaital exhaled slowly, too busy scanning the maze of huts to turn and look at her. “Khalaz. Our team leader. Any luck you won’t have to meet him until after we get you out of here.”
Jlana felt her feathers slacken at the implication. In the data dumps provided by or mildly appropriated from humans in the exchange programs they had boasted of their willingness and ability to befriend anything. Had they really brought an Arxur with them? “He, he’s not a… y’know, is he?” She asked with all the subtlety of a Mazic falling down the stairs.
Kaital snorted dismissively, poking his head around a corner. “Fuck knows what he is.”
Jlana simply stared at him as the pair of them raced over to the next hut. Kaital could be pretty oblivious at times, but this was a level of density usually reserved for bad stereotypes. “You didn’t ask!?
“Look, until we get our translators replaced asking questions is just a way of finding new and interesting ways to crash them. Painfully.” Kaital snapped. One of the humans raised a fist and all three of them stopped and sank to their knees. “Get down.” Kaital pulled Jlana down with him as the other activists followed his lead.
On the walls above them the fog thinned and allowed the early morning griping of the night watch to filter through to the ground. It was unnerving, the words drifting with the faint breeze from seemingly everywhere around them. The patch soon passed though and the humans signalled to continue. Still, the sensation of being watched never really left Jlana and she could swear she could hear the crunch of hooves on dirt somewhere inbetween the rows of silent, empty huts. Kaital raised a feather to his headset and grunted an acknowledgement.
“What is it?” Jlana whispered
“The other half of the cadet team. Khalaz is tracking them.” Jlana barely heard a word he said before he shoved her aside. The fog parted and the exterminators were right there, guns and flamethrower in wing. Kaital levelled his blaster at the trio, but held his fire. The exterminators hesitated. He obviously wasn’t one of them, but what activist hippy would carry a blaster? Where would they get one from? Was this the rumoured Internal Integrity plant exfiltrating witnesses?
Their confusion saved the life of every activist present and in the same moment cost them their own, distracted as they were from the rapid approach of a quarter tonne of death behind them.
Khalaz swung his axe in a two-handed underarm strike that would have made any professional cricketer weep in envy. Despite the razor sharpness of the blade its sheer bulk meant the exterminator was crushed as much as cloven. Khalaz whirled around with grace and speed far exceeding what should have been possible for something of his size and encumbrance, leaving the carcass – now only held together by an inch of neck and the head – to flop into the packed dirt behind him. Before it had fully hit the ground he’d slapped the second exterminator with the flat of his axe. Magenta painted a nearby hut wall, the force having burst the bird like a feathery blood piñata. The third and probably smartest member of the exterminator fireteam dumped its weapon and tried to take off the moment Khalaz appeared, but it was no use. In the same instant that Khalaz converted the second into wallpaper paste the tip of his right horn caught it in the belly. One gristly tearing sound later and a non-vital, yet very important, organ slopped out through the wound alongside a good amount of rather more important bits and the majority of the now evident tercel’s blood.
The exterminator was dead before he had time to scream. The loudest sound he made was his corpse falling into its own gore with a meaty ‘shlap!’ that was easily covered by the noise of the awakening jungle and muffling fog. The entire sequence had taken seconds.
Jlana was dimly aware of someone throwing up behind her, Cirric and the others were stunned silent. Out of all the activists it was only Kaital who didn’t seem to mind the display.
“Yes, yes big scary thingamajig is scary. Now fucking move before the other blackbirds realise we’re here!” Snarled, fucking snarled, Kaital. His feathers were fluffed and tail fanned in a way that Jlana didn’t think she’d ever see from the laid-back, endlessly sunny tercel.
“Get your tails in that hut or Creator help me I will bag you up and throw you in myself!” Kaital started shoving activists towards hut 600, clipping Cirric round the back of his head and pushing him forward.
“You heard the bird! Go go go!” Djinni stage shouted. “Our luck won’t hold forever!”
Cadet Genrik cursed her luck. She didn’t know that the regs were that strict, it wasn’t like anyone had told her about them either. Now her squad sergeant had finally had an excuse to have her patrol the edge of the cleared zone. Ostensibly to keep anything from creeping up before stand-to and technically protected by covering fire from the walls and towers of the base, in practical terms it was hanging her tail out in the jungle and seeing if she was still alive and uneaten when the fog lifted.
A soft thump came from the path ahead and she immediately had her blaster in wing. Slowly, the cadet advanced towards the noise. It wasn’t big enough to be something truly dangerous, but still she dragged her talons through the dirt anyway. Accidentally disturbing a nesting thrungler or treading on meatgot eggs over a fallen fruit would be an embarrassing way to go.
Her foot tapped against something hard. And metal. Genrik looked down to see a hexagon of strangely iridescent alloy. She lifted it up with a single talon and saw that, whatever it was, it was made of cavorite.
‘That’s strange’ The cadet thought while she pushed the polygon onto its side. ‘Who would just drop an anti-grav plate out in the forest?’
Then she flipped it over entirely.
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2023.05.07 06:25 TriableZebra Any horror, disturbing, scary or creepy wallpapers?

I'm looking for some wallpapers that make you feel uncomfortable or scared. No problem for nsfw content
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2023.05.05 05:54 galliumosuser01 Best OS for R11 Cyan Braswell?

I currently have an Acer R11 Cyan (braswell), and Ive had... Gallium... for quite a while now
Ive put off changing the OS since I didnt want to end up with a brick, but its getting a little tiring after having the old OS for years and being very limited to what software I can run, so I wanted to ask here.
Should I go for Windows 10/11? or a good linux distro?
just saying, I do like how galium feels smooth but its very confusing to me in some aspects, like changing simple things as what the lock screen wallpaper is, and even installing applications is scary... Dont even get me started on the ugly App grid.
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2023.05.03 13:13 timewreck MLIAN: II

If military installations can relocate like sports teams, there might be an increase in recruitment and retention due to a diversified demographic. It could become a real estate tycoon if they pitch it right to create foundations for new towns every twenty years. There might be a considerable drop due to conservatives believing it’ll dilapidate the set culture in the South-East of the U.S. as the name changes were already enough; the potential to having it self-funded can outweigh the odds if they do research on which surveyed locations seems desirable for potential soldiers. (just food for thought)
For a car about to reach ten years, it still works and feels like a charm, besides the few minor routine maintenance and detail work that I have to do with it in the near future. I might keep it till 2035 or until I outweigh the benefits for an electric—early. I think consumerism is off-putting, especially with the idea of updating a phone and other gadgets every two years to look cool.
I’m planning to delete this post as it’ll help me proofread, edit, and delete some of the thoughts and views I had before—to better myself.
If I get double the amount of clothes and musical instruments that I currently have… I’ll be humbly satisfied. A nice shoreline loft in San Francisco would be the icing on the cake. I get this weird feeling that I trigger my liberal and conservative friends and coworkers with my moderate views of equality—at times when someone wants to spark up a political conversation…
Some of the shit I’ve committed in the past made me cringe horribly bad. Somewhat grateful that I’m no longer in that phase anymore.
Personally, I don’t really admired graduation ceremonies even though I’ve never experienced one because of my stubbornness to see the bigger picture of it being a capstone to a new life. I’m not going to attend my upcoming graduation next year nor master’s; as that’s what I did for my high school and technical certification… now knowing there’s a late ultimatum whether to attend my sister’s or experience the infamous Bonnaroo musical spectacular—that had to be canceled for two consecutive years. My date almost got a bit touchy when she gave me her opinion. I’m internally screaming silly curse words for canceling plans for the second time (the first was due to their own decision to refund everyone their money; due to campground flooding). I was actually supposed to graduate this year, but things got a bit complicated. I’ll probably only attend my doctorate graduation if anything… it sort of eats me away that I’ll probably be four to six years older than the national average, but I am beating the statistics in some ways.
I never have thought I’ll be dating a divorce attorney in my life… hopefully things get serious even though our lives will grow distant once we both move back to our home state. if I decide to move to Georgia after my police escapades in California… ugh, I’m such a goober hopeless romantic.
I think having a fake mantra of California as the best state to ever exist is hilarious. Not sure if people are just playing with my emotions or actually being serious when they talk down about my state, I honestly don’t care, I just love the fact that it gets to a point where we agree to disagree. It’s like saying peanut butter is better than chocolate when little to no statistical factors are involved.
Top five songs from Californian bands that I want to learn every single part once I get more instruments: 1. Green Day - 2000 Light Years Away 2. Queens Of The Stone Age - Misfit Love 3. Maroon 5 - Sunday Morning 4. Metallica - (Anesthesia)—Pulling Teeth 5. Creedence Clearwater Revival - Born On The Bayou
Top songs from everywhere else: 1. Tame Impala - Breathe Deeper 2. MGMT - She Works Out Too Much 3. N.E.R.D - Deep Down Body Thurst 4. Ed Sheeran - Shivers 5. Radiohead - Weird Fishes/Arpeggi 6. Harry Styles - Late Night Talking 7. Imagine Dragons - Natural 8. Taylor Swift - Karma 9. Death Cap For Cutie - Here To Forever
Umma stop trying to update the list; it’s taking up more time than it should. Besides from that, I would like to master all genres just in case I get a daughter (not planning to have a child anytime soon).
If I do move to Georgia, I’ll probably have custom Resident Evil, Manhunt, Silent Hill, Dead Space, and other scary video game themed decorations for Halloween since houses are a quarter of the cost.
I think the next irrational decision that I’ll probably do is buy a LiveWire Harley Davidson in two years, and hate myself for it until it’s completely payed off… or maybe I should lease it. Sounds like a lame purchase for most of the commonwealth, but I rather relish in the technological engineering that’s happening in the present and the future. Plus, I don’t want to be tempted to do stuff like most adrenaline junkies with sports vehicles; it’s a scene that looks and feels primitive… I really want to find a job field with nothing but intelligent and mature colleagues who’ve dedicated their leisure and effort to obtain the highest amount of knowledge to make every coworker’s life easier; which I’m inching my way to get there… I really want the vibe that I’m the weakest link, but not really because I’ll constantly burnout and transfer my emotions in and out of work to my family (vise versa), but to a point where civilization just feels obsolete and more barbaric than what it already is to me.
I haven’t been making music or practicing because I rather focus on sleep and education… I sleep way too much, but I love it. I feel like an old soul. I’ll probably have ChatGPT help me out with some of the lyrics; I do believe I can generate a riff and drum beat if I simply play a chord/percussion and apply a randomizer, delay, and arpeggiator plugin after the recording; and just select a section that seems appropriate to just rehearse when it has been recorded and generated into a midi input. ChatGPT can probably do the same with sheet music, but I haven’t ventured too much into the product… I totally forgot that I have expensive third-party plugins that already do that, but some of them still aren’t compatible with the new OS, like always. It’s one of the reasons why I stopped paying for upgrades. (Fun Fact: I still have to use USB dongles to verify my accounts and software even though they’re moving away from that era. It was like an access card whenever you go to certain music studios, if they aren’t already stingy enough; it’s mainly to fight against piracy)
I need to watch out for double negatives within my sentences. Listen to music for eight straight hours puts a structure dampener… all I think about are similes, and how to use a vague lyric to relate to a current event. Mayhem breaks loose inside my head as the cure to instantaneously unscramble my neurons tend to fall short until the very next day. Being around certain people with a limited vocabulary selection does have the same effect.
Even though my workspace has been wonderful for the most part, I’m starting to feel that my main love language is words of affirmation. Love sick for not receiving a text in the first twenty-four hours kills me, lol. Being in a relationship with someone who’s job takes up majority of their time can be worrisome even though our next date is on Saturday.
BEEF is such a good show. Although I’m only on the third episode, the fashion coordinator for Amy’s family is doing an enchanting job, and the struggles Danny hits me pretty tough. It’s been a cool minute since I’ve been to Southern California… I’ll probably rent out a Tesla and explore if I can liquidate my camping equipment and festival pass since my sibling’s university is down there. The negative wonderment on why I didn’t try as hard as she did will eventually happen since it’s one of the schools with the lowest acceptance rate. At least all I can do is be proud that I’ve push her by being somewhat of an influence; I actually could have graduated at the same time as her but shit happens.
I don’t believe I’ve ever had a job without institutional discrimination and racism in it.
I’ve when listening to Incubus for the past couple of days now; and it’s a bit concerning… but I guess I’m at the point where I’m trying to learn their music theory or something.
I need at least two more belts, one expensive and one economical. I was thinking on Montblanc and Shinola. Although I don’t drink soda or sugary beverages anymore, I’d like a pack of Shinola Cola occasionally for nostalgic and hipster vibes. I do miss drinking Jones Soda as well. I’ll probably advertise a photo on one of their bottles when I release an album or have a child… I would like a Saint Laurent or Gucci belt, but my emotions should not manifest with the iconic brand and look like I’m superior to anyone else.
I sometimes feel that the injunction of Bonnaroo or my sister’s graduation worsens. The materialistic affirmation of sending her an exorbitant gift instead of my presence is a better alternative. I was never really there for her. Even though she sort have followed in my footsteps under secrecy but with a more righteous attitude towards academia and music. My persona is there, but the facade of my net worth is lackluster as I spent most of my income on unnecessary music software, contemporary clothing, and friends whom seem to never understand how expedient gentrification was eating us away all through our early twenties compared to most states.
Although I’ve been maintaining a positive body weight for the most part, I might want to lose ten pounds just so the muffin top when I sit down can go away… even though I look decently beefy in a beneficial way; my dating demographic might change, I totally forgot if I look attractively skinny or not.
I might start with the basics by buying one or two of Brooks Brothers’ dress shirts… I do love the Orr sweater from Taylor Stitch. Reminds me of Catch-22, and the knitting looks proficiently done in a manner that’s appealing. I’ll probably get it next month along with ties.
Just bought another pair of chinos; I might need to see myself in khaki before I buy that variant. Not sure if I have to keep searching, but most of the ones that I see—don’t have a slim enough taper to prevent myself from appearing fatherly… maybe I just have to pay alterations even more to get the style that I want with the chance of ruining it.
I wonder if I’m a bad influence if wanted my sibling to skip her graduation to attend Bonnaroo? She’s not at all upset of the offer, but my parent wants to see her child walk the stage. The circumstances of my mother’s neanderthal lifestyle going to a music festival as well are very slim even if it’s all accommodated. I’ll probably give my momma bear a bit more gifts since a pair of running shoes doesn’t sound enough for my age. I was thinking of flowers, and a niche belt from Nieman-Marcus…
It’s been a weird Tuesday; tomorrow’s a new day, so I’ll most likely end my day a bit early. I cried for some dumb s**t because the schedule got pushed forward, and I was a bit careless, but it felt nice knowing I was human. My side goal for this month, and a bit of June, is to perfect three types of tie knots in under fifteen seconds, on myself and mirrored…
One thing that irks me the most is feeling dependent in awkward situations; but these vulnerabilities does affirm the bonds of all team members and strengthen minds in most cases.
…although my level of mental illness is lower than most people I encounter, the only quirk on the list worth mentioning is adjusting my mood so that I’m not much of a bystander, even when both parties lack common interests. The total opposite when I’m on dates… intermediate gaslighting and deflecting is my only problem that I’m working on the side. If I mess up another relationship, I’d probably be close friends with a therapist and career counselor just to analyze if I’m attracted to intricacy rather than simplifications of common intensiveness.
I might want to move to Los Angeles or somewhere Northeast after a short phase back in the Bay Area… Georgia might still happen; the psychological template of quick assurance of one’s love to another is burned within my mind. I’m pretty pessimistic at times, but it’s infrequently.
Currently watching Only Murders in the Building. Although it was recommended a long time ago, it’s still a marvelous show.
I’m not sure why I spontaneously started to buy AGSU pieces today… I slightly regret it with a passion, but it’s always nice to have two sets of formal military attire ready for abrupt notices.
Sometimes I feel like Reek(Theon Greyjoy) from Game of Thrones whenever I catch myself over-flattering my overseers. Seeing some of their protégés backlash with personal goals that involve temporary military employment or manners of superseding their expectations and boasting with disrespect—makes me clueless about what to express emotionally. It’s always sympathetic yet ecstatic at the same time for all the biased opinions from the past. It’s been like that throughout all my jobs. Whether it’s because I was undereducated, overqualified(possible competitor towards supervisors), or wasn’t a specific demographic.
I might want to get my Ph.D. in psychology… then again, the last time I read one of those textbooks, it caused my life to turn for the worse in the best way. If I do, there might be a more significant chance I’ll never want to raise children, even if the commonwealth will deem me trivially miserable. Still, at the same time, the older I get—it just makes more sense to have a few because of humbling experiences, an increase in wealth, and overall body comprehensiveness of one’s health will make me lean toward being less stressed about it.
I was thinking of taking my date to a music studio to produce a song professionally just for the fun of it. I’ll probably make a rough draft beforehand and have her sing like Doja Cat in the end… I just searched the artist up beside the music that’s out there. I hope her mental health gets better.
I’ve been putting off most Hulu originals off for quite a while because I wasn’t interested in watching through the commercials. The Bear is actually pretty good, and it makes me wonder how my life would be like if I worked at family owned restaurants during my time in trade school and college… back then I wanted to own a restaurant, automotive repair shop, record label, ext. but I don’t even know what I want to start in my late thirties besides becoming a flight instructor on the side now.
I want to learn ASL and Mandarin for the fun of it… and brush up on my Spanish. It’ll be helpful when I get calls around San Francisco or somewhere in the Bay Area, even though I would prefer Korean or Japanese over Mandarin due to the popular cultures, I wouldn’t want to be classified as one of those dorks who would abandon their set ways for the stuff they see on the internet. The FLPB pay will be a nice incentive on the side.
Lawyer girl & I broke up. Mutual respect towards the end; I was too clingy—to be blunt… something tells me she was just having a rough time coping with leisure as she worked on her cases.
I’ll probably try ranger school during my last few years in the Army or Air Force to cross it off my bucket list. Failing wouldn’t be much of an option… it’ll give my children a reason to strive for resiliency in a respectful, non-douchebag way whether they decide to join the military or not. Watching them become a command sergeant major or lieutenant colonel in the Army would be an interesting experience, but I do have a strong feeling they might want to just go warrant for ten years and get out. I hope my commitment issues with careers doesn’t follow them into their relationships.
I really hope my future kids don’t inherit my over-the-top, academy award cries. I think that’s the only Hispanic thing about me.
…not sure why I expected a much more up-tempo response to where my career was taking me before meeting someone. A part of me disapproves of the new change as I did with the current successor. My only hope is for the best—as new wisdom from a different perspective will emerge and influence others to make a difference with or without constructive slack.
Respectfully, I wouldn’t mind new changes as long as they aren’t too scandalous, cliquey, and dry at social gatherings… I find it strange how there are moments where the chain of command seems they only groom Caucasians or light-skins. Moreover, I’m getting a chance to understand their mental illnesses at a closer glance now that they’re leaving.
The theory of my temporary speech impediment is due to being suppressed most of my life. It’s a mixture of the uneducated people around me and not being allowed to express my opinions to an extent. The only benefit from those two is that you learn from other people’s mistakes to become a better person. Yet, there is a side that never wants to analyze those exact mistakes within the demographic.
A part of me wants to marry a Caucasian due to trauma and all the subliminal stereotypes of privilege… which was never the case until the realization of the severity in the South; before that, I mainly wanted someone who was my height or taller due to the irrational statistics of getting possessively recognized for just breathing—if a slight glimpse of potential was seen. What’s funny is that the world would have been much more advanced if us humans weren’t so fixated about looks than intellect.
I would like to reserve a sensory deprivation chamber one of these days.
This ethics class that I’m taking is slightly messing with my mind about numbed concerns that I used to contemplate about, maybe because I’m putting myself in debt again, which is somewhat encouraging my emotions to become a bit sporadically negative when dealing with social situations. Whereas materialistic things only fill the void for the moment. That and my roommate’s online friends are racist. The subconscious habit of doubting righteous acts from other backgrounds will eventually be conditioned as other things spark a concern, such as his interest in nazi culture and having the confederate flag as his wallpaper for specific software applications. He’s been improving for the most part, but there are moments were he relapses into a weird trance. Overall, he comes from a dysfunctional family in one of the lowest-ranking states regarding education. Being around him doubts my confidence if everyone is mentally sane.
I’ll probably see a psychologist to professionally document a checkpoint of my current state for next week… and possibly have that information passed down to some military logistics office for statistical research on ethnic minorities. Still, I doubt that it’ll even impact anything as there are many outside of the system who give people reasons to treat them contrarily to the norms.
A Man Called Otto made me realize that maybe it isn’t much racially driven than daily grievances… even though I don’t see anyone gifted enough to be labeled as a genius or close to it. The movie feels like if Grand Torino was made in 2022.
Watching Tokyo Vice reminds me that I still haven’t played L.A. Noire. What’s diverting is the fact that I rarely play video games. This also brings up taking my XBOX Series S apart to dust it and apply new thermal paste sometime this year.
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2023.05.03 02:17 Brooke278 Not scary but I made a wallpaper of you and anyone can use it

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2023.05.02 13:28 Trifflmen Hide and Seek Ch.3

First / Previous
Data Reference topic:???, Venlil Child (2 human years)
I like cookies, cookies are yummy!
Shiny face is nice, he shared a cookie with scary lady.
They talked about grown up things.
I like scary lady, she’s nice too!
Yummy flowers make me happy.
Mamma likes flowers, blue is her favorite!
Find flower for mamma when she comes.
Give mamma big hug!
Sleepy, I go nap nap.

Data Reference topic: George, Human male (33 human years), Relief Efforts Volunteer.
It was a relief to see the little venlil enjoying their food, for a moment I was afraid one of those flower tots would fly towards my head the moment the food came. Me and Mrs.Sief both got the stew, the savory scent of the broth had me anticipating the delicious meal ahead of me. I’d also gotten a cookie just like I’d done so for the child, splitting it in half and handing it to Mrs.Sief.
“Oh, you shouldn’t have,” she teased as she placed her paw over her chest “Your not trying to bribe me now, are you George?” I blushed in embarrassment, “Hey, I thought they looked good! Wouldn’t be fair if I hogged it all to myself.” She squinted her eyes at this, pursing her lips in a mocking smile as she shook her head slowly. “Well you certainly know how to treat a lady with that kind of attitude.” She picked up the cookie and gave it a tentative bite, savoring it as she moved to start on the stew. I took a nibble of mine as well and found it pleasantly aromatic, having a hint of sweetness alongside the mixture of flavors playing with my tongue.
It took everything in my power to avoid scarfing it down then and now, wanting to set a good example for the child. I was pleasantly surprised at the depth of flavor held within the bowl of stew once I’d taken my first bite. Perfectly cooked vegetables swimming in a savory broth alongside some crackers that I had grabbed with my utensils made for the perfect meal!
The child happily blew into the straw of their juice, creating bubbles as they held the cup in their tiny paws. My heart ached seeing them being so joyful and cute. I turned to see Mrs.Sief looking at them in a similar manner, a warm smile across her face as she held a spoon halfway between the bowl and her mouth.
I coughed to get her attention, startling her enough to drop her spoon back into the bowl and causing a splattering of broth to fly in multiple directions. A look of mild annoyance flashed on her face. “Sorry,” I said, quickly handing a napkin to her “I was just curious about a few things involving the adoption process”. She gave a sigh, brushing off the few errant crumbs in her fur and wiping up the few drops clinging to her wool. “Well, I’d suggest you get in contact with Yezel, he should be able to guide you through the process better than I can”. She leaned in towards me “but if you run into trouble during any step just give me a call and I’ll iron out any issues where I can.” She turned her face so that only one eye was visible and blink, or it could could have been a wink given the amount of context she was giving me.
I heard a yawn coming from the baby venlil, and I saw they were beginning to nod off as they gnawed on the remainder of their cookie. It was taking everything in their power just to hold their head up, their eyes already beginning to close. My heart fluttered as I got out of my chair and scooped up the venlil pup in my arms, their head coming to rest on my shoulder. I sat back down and with my free hand I set myself to finishing the meal before it got any colder. We sat in silence while we both went about our food, the sound of the other patrons and the kitchen drifting in and out of focus as we both enjoyed the calm environment. The child was softly murmuring in their sleep as their small body lay held against me.
Everyone around us seemed to be finishing up as they began to leave and we weren’t far behind with our empty trays. I gave my farewells to Mrs.Sief and began the trip back to my assigned room for some much deserved rest, hoping that the little one would allow for such. I could never get used to sleeping in in artificial gravity, but considering the benefits being provided I just put up with it and made due. The station seemed labyrinthine when I had first come through but after a hard first week I only got lost occasionally. Mrs.Sief’s special reserve of Venlil Prime brandy didn’t help matters when she “generously” shared it with me. I swear she finds it funny sometimes with how persistent she is, that stuff could strip wallpaper from the fumes alone!
Following the maps sparingly printed on the walls I managed to find the living quarters without any troubles. The few people I passed seemed to have better things to do at this time as they headed away towards whatever activities they had planned, but did throw glances towards the odd duo heading past them. It probably was made even stranger by how few children were on board at any given point given the nature of the station. Any children on board were temporary guests at most, with venlil prime acting as a drop off point for help resources we couldn’t provide. I only hoped they found happier places then where they came from…
Finally, after walking down the living quarters hallway for a few minutes the all too familiar numbers for my room came into focus: Room 452. I took my key card and unlocked the door, hearing the familiar click and opening the door to the space within. A bed rested against the wall, a spattering of posters decorated the space above. Right next to it was a small desk with a comfortably built chair providing a nice place to relax, A collection of children's drawings covered the desks surface alongside some art supplies I’d managed to collect for the venlil pup. The familiarly small bathroom to my left housed a steel sink and toilet just big enough for a venlil to comfortably use but usable for a human if not a bit cramped. A small personal fridge sat cozily among the few cabinets of the room, providing just enough space to store any personal snacks one may have acquired for themselves. My mind reflected on the lonely can of Dr.Peplil sitting in the cold enveloping darkness within, waiting for the day I would pull it out and finally enjoy its refreshingly sweet contents.
Walking over to the bed I placed the sleeping child’s head upon the pillow, pulling the blankets over them and placing their doll to face them. They mumbled and wrapped their arms around it, bringing it into a loose embrace. A content sigh left my lips as I quietly walked over to one of the cabinets and opened it, revealing a selection of dried fruits and other snacks. I shifted it all over and reached into the very back, pulling out a paper notebook and walked over to the chair, sitting down to record my thoughts for the day. I grabbed a pen from under some crayons and opened up to a fresh page, writing down the events of today. Short and sweet, the pen left the page after a few minutes of writing and I placed the writing utensil down on the desk. I’d need to get another notebook from somewhere eventually, there were only a few pages left empty after this and I didn’t want to turn to using my datapad for this kind of thing if I could help it.
I flipped back and read through some of the older entries. The beginning sections were startlingly depressing, being only a sentence long at most. It reflected my time living alone after the bombs. I still remember how small I felt even before then, but having so much wiped away in an instant made me realize just how insignificant we really were compared to the infinite forever of space. I flipped through the pages, the depressive entries continued on till I landed on the change. It was the day I saw the advert, the call for volunteers to help those in need where there was need for it. The hesitancy I felt seemed so far now, but I asked myself what I could do to help anyone. A small human in a universe full of aliens terrified of us just for the way we looked. Any rational person would have taken that as a hint that they didn’t want our help… but something sparked within me to look past that. I thought that if I was only a small part of the universe then maybe I could help in the small ways only I could.
It only took a week of scrutinous screenings to finally be allowed into the program but in the moment it felt like months. Question after question, Test after test, Being handed off from one person to the next only to be quickly shifted from one room to another. The whole thing was more a test on how one handled stress more than anything. I don’t even remember most of what they asked now, and I’m pretty sure at one point I was asked my preference on shapes and colors. I hadn’t written much about it.
I read on, getting to the date I finally boarded the station and was assigned to my room. I was one of a few humans who had gotten onto the station, I couldn’t even remember who they were, they transferred out shortly after to newer stations somewhere else in the galaxy. So after only a week of being on the station I was an outlier among aliens.
I’d written down my first interaction with Mrs.Sief, one of a few aliens who hadn’t hesitated or shown signs of fear at our initial meeting. I was quite surprised when she had curtly told me how I’d be reporting to her from now on and the benefits I’d be receiving while stationed there, the latter part spoken in a disinterested tone. After signing the forms she threw my way I was off to set myself up and make myself familiar with the place I’d be for the foreseeable future.
I was miserably horrible at the tasks set before me, quickly learning to fear the “gentle teachings” of Mrs.Sief. To her benefit I was a quick learner thanks to her methods and made sure to be honest with her so to avoid her full wrath, a mistake I only made once. I could still feel it even after the bruise had gone away. After a week of abuse she seemed to soften up, I seemingly passing the hazing process she had set for the newbies.
The sound of ruffling sheets could be heard from the bed, The child shifting around as they gripped their stuffed toy close at hand. I sighed as I decided to finish my business, closing the notebook and going to return it to its hiding place. Right as I’d done so a flurry of knocks came from the entrance door. I could hear mewling behind me, the sudden sound disturbing the little venlils enough to upset their peaceful sleep. I needed to take care of this before whoever was behind the door decided to knock once more and threaten the Childs sleep any further.
Throwing myself towards the door I was just in time to start opening the door just as another chain of knocks started up, bringing me face to face with the last person I wanted to see at the moment.
“George! How's my favorite predator doing?” the krakotl excitedly chirped.
Well, another part done after a bit of a lengthy wait and finally ready to get it out here! Thank you for reading through and hope you have a great day!
See you all in the next one!
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2023.05.01 18:52 happyycampp Hallucinations during sleep/insomnia

I’m 32 F, and have had issues with sleep since I was young. Hallucinations, sleep walking/ talking, sleep paralysis, vivid dreams, lucid dreaming, trouble falling/staying asleep.
I was recently diagnosed with insomnia “caused by ADHD” and also have been diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder & CPTSD. I had previously been diagnosed with depression (dysthymia) but once I started treatment for my ADHD a month ago those symptoms went away.
My first memory of a hallucination happening during the night was when I was about 4 and woke up seeing a little girl standing in my doorway calling my name.
When I was young and into my early adult years, I’d often wake up and see shapes moving around that looked like spiders or scorpions moving all over the bed or walls and would be terrified for a moment but then realize what was going on and calm myself down to go back to sleep.
I would sometimes just get up and run to the other side of the room without reason, wake up and realize what I was doing and then go lay back down. Another time when I was 17-18, I was ripping off the wallpaper in my sleep and my friend who was sleeping over had to wake me up to stop.
Into my 20’s, sleep paralysis became more prevalent in my nights. I’d wake up and see something/person crawling to my from the foot of my bed or hovering over me and would be unable to move or speak.
The sleep paralysis seems to have eased over time, but these hallucinations I get in the middle of the night are just so disturbing to me for the first moments until I’m able to recognize what’s happening and they happen frequently.
Nearly every night, I will wake up (usually within an hour of falling asleep, but sometimes it can happen anytime in the night - not typically at the end of my sleep though) with some fear or hallucination and freak out for a bit.
Sometimes I’ll wake up and think there’s someone in the room, other times it’ll be a whole story I think is happening until I come to.
One time I thought people were recording me and was freaking out because I wasn’t sleeping with a shirt on that night, so I got up terrified, ran and hid in my bathroom for a moment until I realized it wasn’t real.
I’ve noticed a lot of my hallucinations will be related to the lights in my room. My tv has a small red circle light when it’s off that has been the subject of a lot of these events. My husband used to put something over the light at night since it seemed to cause issues (will probably start to cover it again and see if it helps). There’s also a red light on our air purifier that I’ve noticed a few times when I wake up I find myself scared and thinking something is going on by that light too.
I don’t always remember what I’m scared of or think is happening, sometimes I just wake up in the morning and remember that I woke up freaking out in the middle of the night again, but don’t know the specifics of it.
Last night, I woke up and saw a woman walking away from my side of the bed. I didn’t really feel scared like usual, I said “bye” and she kind of turned around but then was gone.
A lot of the other events that occur in the middle of the night just simply don’t make sense, It’ll just be something super random and isn’t always scary. For example, last night I thought the red light on my tv was a thermos spilling liquid out for a moment.
During these episodes, I frequently get out of bed and run somewhere. Usually because I’m scared/alarmed initially. 10-30 seconds later I realize what’s going on, sit myself down and take deep breaths to get my heart rate back down and try to sleep again. It usually happens once a night, sometimes twice. I’ll go through periods in my life where it isn’t nearly as frequent.
Factoring the above in, and adding the difficulty falling asleep, plus the fact that when I am sleeping, I feel like I’m nearly constantly dreaming these insanely vivid dreams, it’s like I don’t ever really feel rested.
I don’t ever have any hallucinations or anything during the day/when I’m awake, it’s strictly during the night when I’m sleeping.
I don’t drink alcohol anymore, I do sometimes take edibles before bed which actually seem to help some. I do currently smoke weed, however I had taken 8 years off of smoking and this still happened during that time (along with childhood, as mentioned), so I can’t really blame it on a substance.
I’m not sure if I have some type of sleeping disorder, or if this is just in relation to my mental health/anxiety issues, or related to stress, or possibly something else. I plan to further investigate with a professional, but in the meantime, am curious if anyone may have any feedback or suggestions for relief from this at all? My psych prescribed me with Clonidine at the last appointment to help me fall asleep, but I’ve been scared to take it for a multitude of reasons. Maybe I should just suck it up and try it to see if it helps.
Sorry for the long post and thanks in advance to anyone who may offer any support!
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2023.04.26 00:33 ihatetheworld2 can someone help me with my creepy, weird, psycho ex boyfriend?

so my ex bf (17 M) and i (15 F) dated last year, 2022 and broke up after about a month ish of dating. we weren’t that serious and i didn’t love him but he had said ily to me plenty of times. after we broke up i found out he tried to off himself, 3 times. i thought it was weird because we had only dated for a month and a half not even. he also would go around showing people pictures of me at school like friends and it would seem like he would try to find me around school to look at me idek, but he was trying to find me. also he would sit by my class during his study hall that is on the whole other side of the school (our school is in length 2 miles so it is huge) i haven’t talked to him since we broke up because of what he did and the type of person he is. well i had gotten with my bf now (15 M) and we are so happy but my ex boyfriend is really jealous about it. when me and my bf now first got together he had told someone i know that he would “put my bf in a casket” and called him names. he is always talking about me to people we both know, ( they tell me what he says) and today i found out he had his wallpaper on his phone as me. just to remind you were dated for less than a month and a half and broke up 6 months ago. 6 MONTHS AGO. i had cried bc how much anxiety that gave me. What should i do. the school can’t go nothing. and i’m not sure if anything can be done. i genuinely am really scared and have so much anxiety even thinking about that. how can u be so obsessed with someone you didn’t even know that well. can someone help me, or just tell me something i should do. this is really scary to me and i can’t do anything like going up to him and talking to him. what should i do?
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2023.04.25 12:09 DesktopHut Paranormal Scary Wall Hd Live Wallpaper

Paranormal Scary Wall Hd Live Wallpaper submitted by DesktopHut to DesktopHut [link] [comments]

2023.04.25 02:37 CedarRain Scratching within the Walls

It was the kind of scratching that burrowed into your brain and made a nest there, impossible to ignore.
My name is Morgan, and I'm a recent NYU grad, living in my first post-college apartment in the bustling heart of New York City. It was a dream come true for a young adult like me, hungry for independence and eager to embrace the world. The apartment itself was nothing extraordinary, but it was mine, and that made it special.
The only downside? The late-night scratching that emanated from the bathroom. It started a few weeks after I moved in, and I couldn't shake the feeling that something was off about it. The noise was too insistent, too... purposeful.
At first, I dismissed it as rats or some other vermin, and my landlord seemed to agree. He called an exterminator, who inspected the place and laid out traps and poison. But after the exterminator left, the scratching continued. I couldn't sleep, couldn't concentrate on anything else, and it felt like the noise was driving me mad.
Enough was enough. One night, as the scratching intensified, I decided to investigate. Armed with a flashlight and a pounding heart, I tiptoed into the bathroom, flicking the light switch on, and braced myself for the sight of rats. But there were none. The scratching, however, continued, and seemed to be coming from behind the vanity mirror.
Curiosity overcame fear, and I carefully removed the mirror, setting it down against the wall. To my astonishment, there was a secret passage hidden behind it. The passage was narrow and dark, barely wide enough for me to squeeze through. As I shone my flashlight into the void, my pulse quickened, and I wondered what could be lurking within.
I couldn't turn back now. Swallowing my fear, I stepped into the passage, my hands pressed against the cold, damp walls. The air was thick with the smell of mold and decay, and the darkness seemed to swallow the beam of my flashlight. I moved cautiously, feeling as if I were trespassing on something ancient and malevolent.
As I ventured further, the scratching became louder, more frantic. It was as if whatever was making the noise knew I was coming. I tried to ignore the goosebumps prickling my skin, but my heart pounded in my ears, threatening to drown out the sound that had led me here in the first place.
Finally, I reached a door. It was old and rotting, and as I pushed it open, it groaned in protest. A dim light flickered from within the room, casting eerie shadows on the peeling wallpaper. As my eyes adjusted, I saw that the room was filled with old furniture, covered in dusty sheets. It was like stepping into a time capsule, a forgotten piece of history hidden within the walls of my apartment building.
The scratching noise was louder than ever, and it took me a moment to pinpoint its source. A corner of the room was shrouded in darkness, and as I shone my flashlight towards it, I saw a figure huddled on the ground. It was a person, or at least, something that had once been a person. Their skin was stretched tight over their bones, their eyes wide and unblinking, and their nails, long and sharp, were digging furiously into the wooden floor.
As the light fell on them, they froze, staring at me with a mix of fear and rage. The stench of decay and filth was overwhelming, and I could feel bile rising in my throat. I wanted to scream, to run, but my legs refused to obey. We stared at each other, locked in a twisted tableau of horror.
And then, with a suddenness that made my heart leap into my throat, the figure lunged towards me, their mouth opening impossibly wide as if to swallow me whole. I stumbled back, barely managing to avoid their grasp as they fell to the floor with a guttural snarl.
Adrenaline coursed through my veins, and I turned to flee, my legs finally finding their strength. I sprinted back through the secret passage, my only thought to escape this nightmare and put as much distance between myself and the creature as possible.
I burst back into my apartment, slamming the bathroom door behind me and leaning against it, gasping for air. The scratching had stopped, but I knew that wouldn't last long. I had seen the malevolence in the creature's eyes, felt the hatred radiating from it, and I knew that it would come for me.
With trembling hands, I dialed my landlord's number, desperately trying to explain what I had discovered. He listened in disbelief, asking if I had been drinking or if this was some kind of prank. But the fear in my voice must have been convincing, as he eventually agreed to come over and see for himself.
When he arrived, I showed him the secret passage, my body still shaking from the encounter. He hesitated, but after a deep breath, he stepped into the darkness, his face a mask of grim determination.
Minutes felt like hours as I waited for him to return, pacing the small confines of my apartment. Finally, he emerged, his face pale and eyes wide with fear. He confirmed my story, his voice shaking as he described the room and the creature within. We barricaded the bathroom door and called the police, who arrived with skepticism painted on their faces.
As they ventured into the passage, we could hear the sounds of struggle and cries of terror. When they returned, their skepticism was gone, replaced by a shared sense of dread.
After the police captured the creature and escorted it out of the apartment building, the residents gathered outside, their faces a mix of relief and disbelief. I couldn't help but shudder as the creature was loaded into a secure vehicle, its emaciated body restrained by thick chains. Its eyes, filled with hatred and malice, seemed to bore into my soul as the vehicle drove away.
The building was evacuated, and a team of experts arrived to investigate the secret passage and the room that housed the creature. They worked tirelessly, documenting the space and collecting evidence in an attempt to understand what the creature was and how it had come to reside within the walls.
Though their investigation yielded no clear answers, the secret passage was sealed, and the residents were assured that there was no further danger. However, my confidence in that assurance was shattered, and I knew I could never feel safe in that apartment again. The decision to move out was a difficult one, but my instincts urged me to distance myself from the horror I had witnessed.
I found a new apartment in a different part of the city, away from the memories that haunted me. The process of settling in was both a distraction and a balm to my frazzled nerves, and I began to hope that I could put the past behind me.
One night, as I lay in bed in my new apartment, I listened to the comforting sounds of the city outside my window. The noise, once a source of irritation, now provided a sense of security, a reminder that I was surrounded by life and light.
But as I drifted off to sleep, I couldn't ignore the lingering fear that clung to me like a shadow. The experience had left me with a heightened awareness of the unknown, the dark corners and hidden spaces that could conceal unimaginable horrors.
And as I closed my eyes, I couldn't help but wonder if there were more passages, more creatures, lurking just out of sight. The thought sent a chill down my spine, and I wrapped the blankets tighter around myself, hoping to ward off the cold grip of fear.
In the darkness of my new apartment, I clung to the hope that I had left the nightmare behind, that the scratching would forever remain a distant memory. But deep down, a small voice whispered a chilling truth: in a city as vast and old as New York, there was no telling what other secrets lay hidden, waiting to be discovered.



Write a first-person scary story that is 8,000-12,000 words long and will leave adult readers on the edge of their seats. Your story should aim to create a sense of fear and unease, and leave the reader with a lasting impression of horror. Remember to keep the tone serious and to use elements of lightheartedness before the horror begins. Setting: NYC, present day Characters: Morgan a recent NYU grad living in their first apartment after graduation Topic: For the past few weeks, odd scratching sounds have come from the bathroom at night. The landlord, thinking its rats calls an exterminator, but after the exterminator leaves, the scratching continues late at night. Morgan finally tries to get to the bottom of it, and finds a secret passage behind the vanity mirror. Exploring thus area, Morgan discovers who or what lives within the walls of the apartment building. Do not use whispers for dramatic effects. No whispers at all. Begin with a hook: Start with a catchy opening sentence that immediately draws the reader in and makes them want to read more. Develop your character: Create a protagonist that is relatable and easy for your readers to empathize with, then put them in situations that make them vulnerable to fear and terror. Use suspense: Build suspense through the use of foreshadowing, dark imagery, and descriptive details. Create an antagonist: Whether it's a supernatural entity or a human villain, your story should have a clear antagonist that is scary and threatening to the protagonist. Use sensory details: Use descriptive language to describe the sights, sounds, and smells of the environment and the protagonist's reactions to them. 
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