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2023.05.28 18:49 Pension2options Closing Out For >50% Gain Should Be a Norm

Closing Out For >50% Gain Should Be a Norm
Tl;dr: Stack the deck in your favor
I sell primarily Blue Chips (on margin) and roughly 3/4 of my sold Naked Puts reach 50% gain mark in 1-3 days so my view may be skewed, but taking profit at 50% mark is quite unappealing.
E.g., Sold 6/16 TROW 95P Naked for 1.05 on Wednesday 5/24, and by Friday it was already up 57%:
TROW 95P went above 50% gain
Reason for Entry: Currently at low on the chart and two previous swing lows unbreached
Edge: Charting appears it’s heading for the 200SMA; if wrong, still high probabilities of bouncing from previous lows.
RM: At the time of entry, it was around low $103, so selling 95P was far enough OTM. Friday closed at $106.63. Planning to close early next week.
Cons: If held to OpEx, will miss the Ex-div date; b/a spread 5-15 cents wide.
Brief: TROW seems like a winner with Revenue and Free Cash Flow trending up; Div yield of 4.63%; Ex-Div Date: 6/16; and Pay Date: 6/29 at $1.22/share
Revenue and FCF positive
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2023.05.28 18:48 Mundane_Ambition_886 Best Computer Courses in Laxmi Nagar, Delhi

Are you looking to enhance your computer skills and knowledge in Laxmi Nagar, Delhi? With the ever-increasing demand for technology proficiency, it has become essential to equip oneself with computer education. Whether you are a student or a working professional, learning computer courses can prove extremely beneficial in today's digital world. But with so many institutes offering various computer courses, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. No worries! In this blog post, we bring you the best options for computer courses in Laxmi Nagar that will help you acquire valuable skills and expertise in no time!
Which institute is best for computer course?
When it comes to choosing the
, several factors come into play. It is crucial to consider factors such as reputation, faculty expertise, course curriculum, and student reviews before making a decision.

One of the top institutes offering computer courses in Laxmi Nagar is ARTH Education. With experienced trainers and state-of-the-art facilities, they offer various courses ranging from basic computer skills to advanced programming languages. Another popular option is Aptech Computer Education which provides comprehensive training programs in software development and IT infrastructure management.

For those looking for specialized courses like web designing or digital marketing, ADMEC Multimedia Institute can be an excellent choice. They are known for their industry-specific training modules that provide practical knowledge along with theoretical concepts.

Other notable institutes worth considering include NIIT Laxmi Nagar Centre and TGC Animation & Multimedia. Ultimately the right institute depends on your individual needs and requirements.
Which course is best for basic knowledge of computer?
If you are someone who is looking for a course to gain basic knowledge of computers, then there are several options available in Laxmi Nagar, Delhi. The key is to find an institute that offers quality education and practical training.

The most common course for gaining basic computer knowledge is the Basic Computer Course. This course covers topics such as Microsoft Office tools (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint), internet browsing, email management, and file management. It's perfect for beginners who want to learn how to use a computer effectively.

Another popular option is the Certificate in Information Technology (CIT). This course provides comprehensive training in different aspects of IT like hardware maintenance, software installation & configuration along with Operating System concepts.

Apart from these courses provided by various institutes including ARTH Education; many online platforms also provide free or low-cost courses on computer basics. These online courses can be accessed from anywhere at any time according to your convenience.

Ultimately it depends on your personal preference and availability but choosing a reputable institute like ARTH can help ensure that you receive quality education and hands-on experience with real-world scenarios.
How much is computer classes?
If you're looking to enroll in a computer course, one of the first things that may come to mind is the cost. The price of computer classes can vary depending on various factors such as the type and duration of the course, location, and institution offering it.

In Laxmi Nagar, Delhi, there are several institutes that offer computer courses at different price points. Some institutions charge a few thousand rupees for basic courses while others may charge more for advanced courses.

It's important to note that when it comes to learning new skills like computer technology, investing in quality education is crucial. While some cheaper options may seem attractive at first glance, they could end up costing you more in terms of time and money if they don't provide adequate training or support.

Before choosing a course based solely on its cost, consider researching each option thoroughly. Look for reviews from past students or try contacting current students who can share their experiences with you firsthand.

Ultimately, finding an affordable yet high-quality computer course requires careful consideration and research. Take your time to identify what specific skills you need to learn before making your final decision on which institute offers both quality education at an affordable price point.
Which online computer course is best for beginners?
Online computer courses have gained immense popularity in recent times due to the flexibility and convenience they offer. For beginners, there are several online computer courses available that cater to their needs.

One of the best online computer courses for beginners is Codecademy. This platform offers interactive lessons on various programming languages such as HTML, CSS, Python, and JavaScript. The step-by-step approach adopted by Codecademy makes it easy for beginners to learn at their own pace.

Another excellent option is Udacity's Intro to Computer Science Course. This course covers the basics of computer science along with practical exercises that enable learners to apply what they have learned in real-life situations.

For those who wish to learn Microsoft Office Suite, LinkedIn Learning's Beginner’s Guide To Microsoft Office is a great choice. It provides an in-depth understanding of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook applications used frequently in offices worldwide.

Coursera also offers beginner-level courses on a wide range of topics like Cloud Computing Basics or Introduction to Cybersecurity which can be taken up by anyone looking forward towards learning something new about computers or technology!

These platforms are designed keeping in mind beginners' requirements; thus making them ideal choices for anyone starting with computers or programming languages!
artheducation - Computer Course in Laxmi Nagar
If you're looking for the best computer courses in Laxmi Nagar, Delhi, artheducation is definitely one of the top contenders. They offer a variety of courses ranging from basic computer skills to advanced programming languages.

One of the reasons why artheducation stands out is their experienced and knowledgeable faculty members who are committed to providing high-quality education. The institute also has state-of-the-art infrastructure with well-equipped labs and classrooms.

Whether you're a beginner or an expert, artheducation offers courses that cater to different skill levels. Their basic computer course covers everything from learning how to use Microsoft Office applications to understanding internet browsing and email usage.

For those interested in more specialized fields like web development or graphic designing, they offer comprehensive courses on HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Photoshop and many other tools used in these areas.

Additionally, at artheducation they provide hands-on training with real-time projects which makes it easier for students to gain practical knowledge and experience while studying at the institute.

If you want quality education combined with practical experience when it comes to Computer Courses in Laxmi Nagar then artheducation should definitely be on your list of options!
Why to join ARTH?
Joining ARTH for computer courses in Laxmi Nagar can be a great decision for anyone who wants to learn new skills or improve their existing ones. With experienced trainers, well-equipped classrooms, and flexible timings, ARTH is the best institute for computer courses in Laxmi Nagar.

But that's not all! The institute also provides practical training sessions and hands-on experience on live projects to help students understand how things work in real life. Moreover, they offer placement assistance to help students land their dream jobs after completing the course.

If you're looking for the best computer courses in Laxmi Nagar that are affordable and provide quality education with practical knowledge then joining ARTH is your best bet. So why wait? Enroll yourself today and give your career a boost!
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2023.05.28 18:48 allquery The Galway Homicides Books 1-3: The gripping Irish crime fiction series ($3.99 to Free) #Kindle

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2023.05.28 18:48 misterjip Present, Future, Past

I came across a quote from a Zen master yesterday about how the present moment is an expression of all of time, the past that it arises from, the future that arises from it, and the totality of the unfolding of time as being.
It reminded me of the classic Zen tale about a monk becoming awake at the sound of a pebble striking a stalk of bamboo as it was swept from the courtyard. The sound of the pebble encapsulates the sweeping, the pebble gives rise to the sound as an expression of the activity of the broom.
The Buddha twirled a flower, giving expression to his awakening, his being awake, and it was understood in the form of a smile, recognition met recognition and Zen was born. The present is the future of that past.
This post arises from my existence, and I hope the sound of this pebble on the digital bamboo is able to produce some miraculous effect such as disgust or appreciation or reflection or whatever... but to complete the Zen view let's consider this: the broom, the pebble, the bamboo, the sound... do they actually exist? Do they not exist? Do they both exist and not exist simultaneously? Or have they never existed and never not existed? Are they one thing? Are they nothing?
Reviewing all the options, it strikes me how choosing really couldn't make much of a difference. The sound still echoes through the bamboo grove. When you hear it, you become awake. It points to the mind itself, without reference to any words or concepts. It's outside your sutras. What is it?
It's Zen
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2023.05.28 18:48 Ok_Compote4850 [l] 31M lost my Dad recently

I’ve been a shut in most of my life with a job here and there, last 2 and a half years I was unemployed and actually kind of enjoying the shut in life more than I ever had before. Just helping my parents with chores in the house and getting my disabled mother around. So yeah I’m a pretty big loser but at least I was happy being one until my Dad passed away early this month. It’s like the rug has been pulled under my feet. You can view more about me talking about my Dad in my profile. I’m having a lot of trouble going through this. My anxiety is at a new high my happiness is gone, reality set in that I’ve never been a guy who was mentally put together. I depended on my dad for a lot of things and now he’s gone. I feel extremely useless, I was never as smart as he was as I was a special education kid all my life so I always had no hope in success. I was a lot more depressed when I was younger too and now that depression is coming back in the worse way possible. Everyday it feels like a nightmare and everyday I want him back so I can feel that comfort and happiness again but it’s all gone now.
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2023.05.28 18:48 b_dam Rescued plant help?

Rescued plant help?
I have no experience with plants whatsoever. But someone left (what I think is) a snake plant by the dumpster at my apartment. It’s been getting rained on for two days, so I decided to bring it inside. I’m sure that that’s too much water for it, and the soil it’s in is pretty saturated. But it looks like it’s doing fine as of right now. Is there anything I need to do right now to make sure it stays that way?
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2023.05.28 18:47 sonicmerlin SQ42 undergoing price change (per zyloh)

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2023.05.28 18:47 TucanSambo What happened?!

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2023.05.28 18:47 bubblebassth Had a bad few months and failed a class due to missing work... is it plausible to petition?

Hello everyone. I am a student who failed a class this past semester due to not submitting my work.
In a long story in sequential order (by week), I had the flu, then I was sent to the ER due to swelling/difficulty breathing the week afterward. At the ER it was deemed that I had an infection in my mouth, so I was scheduled for an emergency oral surgery. The weekend following that surgery I was sent to the ER again because of chest pain, difficulty breathing, and vertigo. At the ER, they analyzed my blood. The doctors just told me to manage my pain medication intake (I was on narcotics) in case my symptoms were due to overdose. By the end of the week I had developed another infection and needed to return to the dentist.
Throughout all this, I had missed four exams that I needed to make-up, along with around 10 assignments. I spent the next two weeks dedicating my time to studying for my exams and trying to make up my assignments (to which I failed all of them). I informed all but one professor about this, which was a big mistake on my behalf.
After the two weeks, I suddenly got headaches, fatigue, and bodily pain (which is still occurring). I called our school’s medical office to ask to get swabbed for a potential infection, but they said that it’s probably just a virus and that I should rest for a few days. At that point, it was the end of the semester and classes were over, so I took the rest of the week to rest but the symptoms weren’t going away. I was still trying to makeup my assignments but I didn't finish them all.
I told my academic dean about this and and she asked me to send her a list of the assignments that I had not finished yet because I said I wasn't sure if I would finish them in time. I ended up getting approval to postpone all my final exams, however I did not submit my assignments in for the one class that I did not update my professor on (this was me being stupid— I didn’t tell him any of this because when I had to make up a lot of labs in his class due to having the flu, I heard him snickering to his coworkers when he saw me make-up my lab for the 3rd time, and I was so tired and frustrated that my professors viewed me as a bad student). As a result, I got an F in that class.
I asked to petition my grade, but my dean responded that it would be extremely difficult for me to get approved for a retroactive incomplete because I didn’t request for one before the grade was put in. But what frustrates me is that I was sick and was unaware that I myself could request a temporary incomplete— I thought it was through the dean only (hence why I sent my assignment list to her).
I didn’t do too well first semester, and now that I have an F on my transcript I am going to be removed from my scholarship. I’m really stressed about this because I use the money from my scholarship to pay for my brother’s speech therapy and his health needs, and I don’t know what to do anymore.

Edit: A week before the grade was input, I went to the ER to get checked out, and all they said was to schedule an appointment with my PCP. There wasn’t availability until two weeks later. It was there that I was diagnosed with migraines and that I possibly have anemia (they don't exactly know what type because my iron and hemoglobin are normal). When my blood panel was done a month ago, I had similar readings but the doctor didn’t tell me this when I expressed concern about it, which is even more frustrating.
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2023.05.28 18:47 HospitalHairy5133 Locking up boards?

Locking up boards?
My partner and I both have inflatable boards & are looking for a way to lock in our yard. We live in an apartment and can’t store them inside, we have a shed in the yard but it’s too full of bikes etc. we found a spot to tuck them behind some bushes and trees against a fence in the backyard which isn’t visible by the street and is behind the gazebo. We’ve covered them with tarps as well. Wondering if anyone has any ideas of how we can lock them just in case? There is a tree trunk which we could easily attach a lock to as well.
We’ve looked at the locks you can put in the handle area but those aren’t compatible with our boards. There are some grommets on both boards (pictured) you could string something through but could cut the plastic part if you really wanted to get at the boards. Mine also has three fins, one that’s removable and the other has one removable fin if there’s anything we could do there.
We live in a fairly safe area but just want to be careful as they are a costly investment. They’re also awkward to carry and get out of yard if someone really wanted to steal & if deflated they make a really loud noise anyway that might scare a thief off.
Thanks in advance for suggestions!
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2023.05.28 18:46 Ok_Discipline4619 Do you think standing up for yourself is selfish?

I'm part of a trio in my university friend group, and Jessica and Emily spend more time together than I do. I try my best to catch up and do things for them, but I've learned that trio friendships don't work because my dynamic with each of them is different. Jessica and I had problems in the past because she wasn't treating me like a good friend, and it was very one-sided. After confronting her, she showed no remorse but promised to try better. Things improved a little. Emily, on the other hand, has been mistreated by Jessica ofc not on purpose but there was some level of toxicity bw them. She would manipulate Emily into doing things, claiming she needed help, and would get upset if Emily spent time with me. Jessica is irresponsible, especially with her studies, and Emily ends up doing all her work because she feels bad for her. I stood up for Emily, emphasizing the need for healthy boundaries and her independence in studies, and they both agreed.
The turning point came when I took an Uber to university and had a terrible experience. The driver made me uncomfortable, asked for my number, and even suggested picking me up every day. He was rude and kept staring at me through the rear-view mirror. The tinted windows prevented me from seeing inside when I got in, and I realized my phone had died. I felt completely helpless. At the end of the ride, the driver bullied me into not giving back any change, and I let it go, rushing out of the car. I was traumatized the entire day.
Later, Jessica wasn't okay and started smoking, and both Emily and I tried to stop her. I stood there, doing my best to talk her out of it until I couldn't anymore because I was on the verge of breaking down myself. Afterwards, both of them blamed me for walking out on them, accusing me of not caring and being selfish.
It was the first time I chose myself and set healthy boundaries. Now they refuse to accept their mistake and instead gaslight me, making me believe everything was my fault and that I'm the bad guy. They disregarded everything I've done for them over one moment where I prioritized my well-being.
What do you think I should do? I've been having anxiety attacks and can't eat anything right now.
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2023.05.28 18:46 Chawkean Spahn wants to abolish pension at 63 immediately

Vice chairman of the CDU/CSU parliamentary group Jens Spahn (CDU) has called for an immediate end to the "pension at 63" in view of the shortage of skilled workers in Germany. "The 'pension at 63' costs prosperity, burdens future generations and sets the wrong incentives," Spahn told the Bild am Sonntag newspaper. "It should be abolished immediately and replaced by a better pension for reduced earning capacity. "The skilled workers who used to retire are now 'bitterly lacking'," he added.
2021: Almost one in three in "retirement at 63“
Since 2014, there has been the option of "retirement at 63" - an earlier retirement without deductions for those insured for many years. The Federal Institute for Population Research reported in December that people in Germany were increasingly retiring early. According to the report, many are leaving the labor market at the age of 63 or 64 - well before the standard retirement age. In 2021, according to the institute, almost one in three people entering the old-age pension system did so via the "pension at 63" route. The calculations were based on microcensus data on the development of labor force participation.
Employers: Earlier retirement weakens companies
There have also been calls from the business community for some time for a move away from earlier job exits, while trade unions, „Die Grünen“ and „Die Linke“ have defended the regulation against it.
At the end of the year, employers' president Rainer Dulger had called for a move away from retirement at age 63 in its current form. "The pension from 63 has led to a brain drain," Dulger said at the time. Many highly qualified workers are no longer available because of the pension from 63 years - this has weakened the companies.
CDU leader Friedrich Merz is also critical of the "pension at 63. He told the "Süddeutsche Zeitung" that there is probably no way around the fact that we will also have to work more as life expectancy gets longer and longer. "Otherwise, our pension system will no longer be financially viable in perspective."
Die Grünen: For many people, an end would have fatal consequences
Die Grünen labor market expert Frank Bsirske, on the other hand, warned in the newspaper "Bild am Sonntag": "The abolition of the 'pension at 63' would result in millions of people retiring with deductions and reduced pensions." However, many occupational groups, such as employees in care and daycare centers, would simply not be able to work until 67. "For these people, an end to the 'pension at 63' would have fatal consequences."
Die Linke: Disrespect for hard-working people
Die Linke rejected Spahn's proposal. This is "a disrespect for the lifetime achievements of hard-working people and a pension cut through the back door," said party leader Janine Wissler. The lack of skilled workers is not fought by a higher retirement age. "That makes many professions less attractive." What is needed, she said, are good working conditions, more opportunities for further training, the strengthening of collective agreements and more apprenticeships.
Wissler criticized: "For Jens Spahn and the CDU, pensions are apparently handouts that can be cut at will. Yet employees have worked hard to earn their pensions." Those who work in construction or nursing usually do not even reach this age limit and have to retire earlier with deductions because the body no longer cooperates. The demand for abolition of the "pension at 63" is directed against people who work physically hard and in shifts.
FDP: Everyone should decide retirement for themselves
FDP Vice President Johannes Vogel called for a "self-determined, flexible retirement age" in the "Bild am Sonntag" newspaper. Everyone should be able to decide for themselves when to retire, he said. "Those who work longer will then also get more pension," he said.
-Read the whole article (German)-
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2023.05.28 18:45 throwawaysorrysober i am staying at my friends’ apartment andi need to use the bathroom but their one bathroom is between their 2 bedrooms and theyre both locked and theyre both sleeping idk what to do

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2023.05.28 18:44 Traditional-Sock-489 How do you setup your home office?

For those of us fortunate enough to WFH, what do you view as the optimal setup for a home office?
Do you display your law degree and admissions certificates behind the Zoom camera, or is that tacky? Desk facing the window or window behind the desk? Zoom webcam facing you straight on, or positioned on the side and pointed to you at an angle? Splurge on a Samsung frame TV?
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2023.05.28 18:43 Witty-Masterpiece642 Does “semen retention” work for women?

Obviously women do not produce semen, but they have their own fluids that they produce. There are some stories of women reporting positive benefits from ceasing masturbation, but they are few and far between.
I think we can all somewhat agree that the power of semen retention comes from 2 main things: Preserving our natural sexual energy (which we feel drained without), and regulation of dopamine (when our dopamine receptors are out of whack, we are depressed, anxious, lazy, irritable, etc).
After women have an orgasm, they don’t feel drained in the same way men do. Quite the opposite actually; they’re usually ready for more. However, I imagine that a woman at the very least regulating her dopamine would have a big impact on her life, even if retaining the fluid itself doesn’t have the same effect as when a man does it.
What do you guys think?
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2023.05.28 18:42 Shirokuma247 With every job now generally fixed at 5 raid pieces / 5 tome pieces (excluding weapon) as a standard for BiS, what are your thoughts on gearing this tier?

Barring any wild sks builds, it seems like every class now generally requires no more than 5 pieces from tome or raid, making the distribution of loot more uniform while also giving meaning to clearing certain fights for the loot. P11S will likely not be skipped anymore unlike former tiers when one class only needed legs.
However, this also means that capping tomes will also require even more time due to more gear requiring it, adding 2 more weeks to get BiS due to every class needing a mandatory body/leg piece to finish it out.
What are your thoughts? Should we return to the Wild West when samurai had 8 raid pieces and 2 tome pieces for raid gear (and inversely, healers needing 8 tome pieces and 2 raid pieces), or is this a more justified and sensible arrangement at the cost of making you spend more time capping tomes per week to achieve your best in slot?
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2023.05.28 18:42 VaritekFan2004 5/28 Code Word Thread - Sox vs. D-backs

It's Houck vs. Kelly at 4:10 ET as the Sox close out their west coast road trip. NESN and the WEEI radio network have the coverage, so we'll expect anywhere between zero to two code words today.
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2023.05.28 18:41 stefatra What is the right way to deal with a confused and unruly patient who has the potential to get physically violent?

After I obtained my Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) license, the nurses at the hospital I just started working at have been making me sit with the patients who need a constant observer for most of my shift. I've never had to babysit patients before, so this experience was brand new to me. Last night, I was assigned to watch this 62-year-old lady who's a fall risk and has a tendency to get up out of bed and walk out the door because she thinks her friend is coming to take her home. I explained to her MULTIPLE times that she needed to stay in bed because of all the worst-case scenarios that could happen if she tried to get up and walk. The first time she did under my watch she almost fell but I was there to catch her. She didn't seem to care that she almost did and continued getting up as the shift progressed. So naturally I had to be by her side most of the time. She thought I was trying to get frisky with her since I'm a male CNA and called me a fucking pervert. Again, I explained to her that I was only there by her side to make sure she didn't fall and hurt herself. The message went right over her head. Just when my shift was about to end, she, all of a sudden, believed her friend was on their way to pick her up from the hospital and she got up out of bed to get dressed. I told her if she could wait in her bed for them to come even though I knew no one was coming but she insisted on getting up anyway. She had an IV in her arm and I told she couldn't walk or risk having it torn out. She ended up pulling apart the tube that connected the IV to the machine as retaliation and started walking. I wasn't sure if I should've used excessive force to keep her in bed, but I knew if I continued to push her further, she was going to hit me or bite me for sure. Also, she could've accused me of abuse to her nurse and family and I was not in the mood for that either. She ended up sitting in my chair until the nurses came to deal with her, and I went home. I'm not exactly sure how to handle a situation when it escalates like that, so any and all tips would be much appreciated.
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2023.05.28 18:41 podcastbaby AITA for reaching out to my ex's family to help rekindle our young, growing relationship

I (20 female) and my ex boyfriend (20 male) were together for nearly 4 years. We went through many hardships as you could assume. We have been very on and off the past 6 months due to our own immaturity and insecurities. Our last break up was two weeks ago and I have been continuing to text him. In the two weeks apart I have noticed so many things that I did in the relationship that could have completely changed the course of our relationship. I have many insecurities which make me overreact to small and unimportant details. I want to get back together and show him that we can both mature, grow, and learn together, granted that we are SO young.
Since we broke up, I had been texting him constantly about the mistakes I realized in myself and how we can truly work it out now that I figured out the problems in myself. I text him old videos of us, paragraphs telling him how much I love and care for him, and I even wrote him a hand written letter and bought a huge basket filled with his favorite snacks which I left in his bedroom in his mom's apartment (she gave me permission to drop it off). After making no progress with my ex, I reached out to his family. His family absolutely adores me. We have gotten so close and I know that if anyone could help, it would be them. I reached out to his mom, dad, sister, aunt, and uncle for advice and some help into convincing him that this can be fixed. His family assured me that he will come around and that he loves me unconditionally. They have been telling my ex their own experience in their own relationships. His mom and sister were once in the same position as me and tried to tell him that it gets better and I am learning. He wants nothing to do with me anymore.
His family has been pressuring him to trust the process and give me another chance because they know I have good intentions. I had been talking to his mom and we both came to the conclusion that sense he completely stopped responding to all my messages and is ignoring anything I say without giving me any answers in return, that I had nothing left to lose. She gave me permission to go to her apartment, where my ex was staying, and go talk to him in person sense he refused to see me or talk to me on his own terms. I thought it might help but he got very, very angry and drove away. Before leaving, he called me crazy, psycho, and toxic. I was just trying to fight for him and show him how dedicated I am to fixing this. He texted his entire family in a group chat saying "I do not want[my name]. Get that through your heads." He is now refusing to talk to his family or I. It is making us all worry because he normally keeps all his emotions inside and does not know how to vent.
I really was just trying to help and make things better but in return, it just got worse. His family has insisted on not giving up and continuing to remind him that I am the best he will ever get. I have helped him through so much and I, and his family, agree that he at least owes me an in person conversation, answers, and explanations for his actions. Am I the asshole for reaching out for his family for help?
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2023.05.28 18:41 bocaratondotcom announces NEW COMPETITOR, Marco's Top Burgers enters from Pompano Beach - Join us on Sat, July 15th to celebrate A Grilling Affair's 10th Annual Celebration! announces NEW COMPETITOR, Marco's Top Burgers enters from Pompano Beach - Join us on Sat, July 15th to celebrate A Grilling Affair's 10th Annual Celebration!
Tim takes the taste test - Marco's Top Burger was delivered to his office and he gave it a two thumbs up!
10th Annual Celebration - Boca Burger Battle, A Grilling Affair! Sat, July 15th - Chef Bill Ring from Burtons Grill & Bar in Boca Raton is set to compete to defend his 1st Place & People's Choice WINS! Get your battle tickets at
YouTube -
u/BocaRaton u/delraybeach u/Miami u/FortLauderdale u/DelrayBeach u/WestPalmBeach u/florida u/SouthFlorida u/DeerfieldBeach u/CoralSprings u/CoconutCreek u/PompanoBeach u/LighhousePoint
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2023.05.28 18:39 eumenides__ Difficulty navigating my father wanting a do-over family 32 years later

My father, 60 years old, informed me I’m getting a half sibling. His partner is a woman 8 years older than me and they’ve been together 6 months. He was a truly terrible father. He was absent, a workaholic and an alcoholic. When he was home he still wasn’t available. My mom was sick for years when me and my younger sisters were kids, and I had to take care of them despite being a child myself. The only thing my father spoke to me about for 27 years was school/university/work accomplishments and I felt like I had to do everything perfect because it was the only thing he cared about. He was always drunk. He and my mother divorced when I was 15 and I had limited contact for years.
When Covid started my father had recently moved countries for work and was stuck in his apartment for quarantine. We started to repair our relationship because he needed someone to talk to. These last few years have been the best relationship we’ve ever had, though we’re not close, even though we live in the same country again. About 3 months ago he stopped answering any contact attempts from me. Yesterday I found out it’s because he’s building a new life with a woman I’ve never met.
I feel so wronged by this. He said he’s never been so excited, never experienced waiting for a child like this. (He has, 3 times!). He’s going to do things right this time, he’ll be present, he’ll stay home with his girlfriend, he’s getting a second chance at life! He has so much hope, the future is bright. This is all he’s ever wanted, he says. I am so angry. I am sure he’ll forget about me and my sisters. My youngest sister responded to the news by cutting contact with him. I understand it. I’ve no idea how to deal with this. I’m 32 years old this year and I don’t want a new sibling. I still crave attention from a father that’s never given it freely and I don’t want to compete with a baby. I’m angry at myself for having these thoughts. How do I deal with this situation? Anyone have any thoughts?
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2023.05.28 18:39 Adyne78 How do I transition to late game?

How do I transition to late game?
In other words, how to I go from most industry on one planet connected by a bus system to using the interstellar logistic stations spread across multiple planets?
I'm still quite new to the game, so I read some guides, of course. Built a polar and tropical bus on the home planet, built all my facilities adjacent to it and finished yellow science like this after about 40h. At this stage I started to use the interstellar logistic stations instead of a bus system. After some experimenting I decided to spread the stations out across the top equator region by placing them 25 squares apart in alternating heights. My industry would the flow downwards towards the equator. I used a similar technique in the tropical region above to make buildings and other high-end products.
A screenshot from my lava base, as an example
This transition didn't go as smoothly as I hoped. I was constantly battling with power outages (especially on my home planet), production bottlenecks and resource and soil shortages. Often entire arms of my factory collapsed entirely if one or two resources weren't distributed properly. Every time I fixed and issue with the production line, another one appeared somewhere else. I am now well over 70h into my savefile and it's still not solved. I wanted to use this transition to clean up my old base and establish something cleaned, but it has only gotten more messy.
I really liked my approach to this as it respects the symmetry of planets and divides them into clear sectors, but I don't understand why it failed. Is this a bad plan or did simply my execution of it fail? What are the important things to consider when planning facilities and production lines across multiple planets?
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