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2023.05.31 17:23 Leather_Morning_4362 AITA for getting angry at clinic employees?

I (28f) visited a clinic yesterday for a consultation with a gynaecologist. After 7 years of infertility my husband and I decided to go forward with the surgery that I’ve been pushing off for a while. The clinic I visit(they have a lot of branches) is knows for their slow rate of work. Just getting registered and getting a token takes 20 minutes. My appointment was for 3:30 and since I stay an hour away and it takes 20 minutes to register I reached at 3. That’s where the issues started. Clinic wasn’t crowded and I was the only one at the reception and yet it took them 30 minutes to register me. And then after vitals the doctor saw me at 4:15.. I was already annoyed with them since it way later than my appointment time but kept my cool. After the doctors visit she told me to get some tests done. I went to the counter to collect the papers and they told me to wait until I get approval from my insurance for the test. After 20 minutes I ask them about the approval and they tell me that the lab is another building and that they will call my name there so I should have gone to that building that’s 5 minutes walk away. It upset me that they did not tell this in the beginning. Anyways we go to lab and I tell the receptionist about my test and approval and she said that they haven’t sent my application for approval yet. They usually send the application as soon as they get it but for some reason mine wasn’t sent. They send it and they tell me it’s will be a minimum of 30 minutes for approval. So I tell them that I’ll just have some food and come back since I haven’t had lunch yet. And they stop me saying since they aren’t busy approval will come soon and I just have to get a my blood drawn. I agree to wait and 20 minutes pass again and I ask the receptionist again and she said couple of minutes more. After what felt like forever we get the approval and then they tell me that I need to go back to the building where the doctor is and pay for the tests there. I asked why they could not just take my payment in the lab they said it’s procedure. I again annoyed went to pay. It’s hot , I’m annoyed and hungry. When I Reached the doctors building again there is just 1 counter for payment and a huge line. They guy who is collecting the payment was not at his seat and there is another person behind the counter on his phone ignoring people. I stand in line for 10 minutes and the cashier finally comes but he started attending people who want to schedule a future appointment. After waiting in line for a while and the line not moving I lost it. I went to the main reception and asked in a raised voice if there is just one cashier for the long line of people .I then went on to tell them about the whole process and the ridiculous payment process and the commotion urged people to come forward too. Some people have been in the clinic for more than 4 hours and it doesn’t take that long of you have an appointment. After that they added more people to process payments and send people home. After coming home my husband told me that I shouldn’t have done what I did since it was unnecessary but I disagree. it was 6:30 in the evening when I finally got my test done.. So AITA??
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2023.05.31 17:23 Complex_Departure703 22F How to deal with being horny all the time while staying safe?

How to deal with being horny all the time while staying safe?
Hi so I’m 22F and a virgin who has never kissed anyone. Mainly because im just not ready and really shy. Im in therapy working on body image/social anxiety.
However, the problem is im literally so horny like all the time. I know this is TMI but it’s so bad. I bought a bullet vibrator and that has helped me but it still hasn’t really met my needs.
Are there any recs for other sex toys. And is this normal. I’m sorry if this is tmi I just don’t rly know what else to do lol.
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2023.05.31 17:22 Giggalo_Joe Recommended Card For Me - High Income and Spending, Low Travel

Hi All,
I would not consider myself to be a credit card expert by any means. I am looking to pick out the right card though to compliment the cards I already have. Currently I have a sub-10% fixed rate Visa card and a Discover It card with seasonal 5% cash back. I recently got rid of a Citi Diamond card as I didn't see any benefits and didn't like the interface.
I have a relatively high income compared to most. Excellent credit. I don't travel much though, but would like to if work allows. I have no interest in moving points and balances around from card to card. Mainly I want a card that will have some nice perks as long as I remember to use it correctly.
I think the Chase Sapphire Reserved or City Venture X might be overkill considering that In only take 1-3 trips per year. In a perfect world I would like to have something that works well when traveling overseas, but not necessarily required. Don't know much about using travel points but from what I have read you often have to go through the credit card booking process. That concerns me a bit as I am a deal hunter and have trouble imagining that they can beat prices of sites like Orbitz and Hotwire.
Thoughts and recommendations are greatly appreciated.
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2023.05.31 17:22 Party_Camel_788 Neglectful narcissists?

I really struggle with the hidden weight of neglect.
It can sometimes be hard to explain the abuse/struggle, when it wasn’t as tangible as a punch to the face (although my nmom did strangle me once).
I am the youngest daughter of four girls. I was the only child my parents decided to have at home (for financial reasons), I almost died and almost killed my mother during birth. One of the EMTs stole money out of my mothers purse while they were there. My father cheated on her with the midwife who gave me CPR. I was an accident and my mother made sure I knew that my entire life. I ruined her entire life and she made sure I knew that. She made sure I knew that she couldn’t breastfeed me and that I was my fault. She would grab her body and shake it at e and say “this was your fault”.
I can’t say that my parents tried to control every aspect of my life or stalked me. More, they made it clear what they wanted from you, which was ridiculously unattainable.
Really, just make them feel good about themselves. Don’t cry, that makes them feel like they’re doing a bad job. Don’t have needs, that will make them feel bad.
I can really see how two of my sisters were used as the golden children to hurt me oldest sister and I for not fitting the mold. And that really hurts, because those two sisters cannot understand the neglect and abuse of my parents because they experienced it in a very different way.
They didn’t have to sit for hours at school because no one thought to pick them up.
They got to play sports because their parents had the time to take them.
They didn’t come home to an empty house in third grade after riding the high schoolers bus home because no one was around for them.
I was just alone, because my parents hated me. They hated that I wasn’t a boy as they convinced themselves I would be, what they thought they deserved. What my dad wanted and what my mom wanted to give him.
I was forgotten about, and a child with no parents is left to fend for themselves in a very cruel world.
I was almost sexually assaulted at a hotel by an employee in 7th grade. Luckily, I’m stubborn (my parents hated that) and I wouldn’t go into the back closet with him (I didn’t realize what was happening until he texted me asking for nude pictures that night). I never told them that, they wouldn’t have cared. I had no relationship to tell them that.
I have had to keep this all to myself and pretend it never happened. The constant belittling and talking down to me.
Once I got older and created my own life, the comments changed. It was no longer so easy to bring down a happily married woman with a doctorate who had a beautiful and happy daughter. The jealous comments started and my parenting and amount of money I make had to be picked apart. Little comments that build upon each other that separately seem small but build into an unbearable load.
Horrible comments were disguised as “a joke” and if I was hurt, that was my fault for being so sensitive.
I’ve recently told my parents off and went LC with the guidance of my therapist, but sometimes the weight of it all takes me out. I will get back up, but sometimes I need to let it out and be angry and be hurt.
Anyways… for anyone else who is hurting and going through it while they do the work, you aren’t alone. Let the emotions out and get back up, you’re doing the right thing.
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2023.05.31 17:22 Vegetable_Solid_6823 Me 23M and my girlfriend 19F are having troubles in relationship, my life is now in ruins

Hello everyone, sorry for my bad English. Now I’m in difficult times in my life when I don’t know what to do. Here is my story me 23M and my girlfriend Jane 19F having a 2 years relationship. We meet back to school 4 years ago and we were good friends since. 2 years ago I invited her for a date and things come out in good way. First year of relationship was very great we never had any serious problem. First problem came when my brother Chris found himself a girlfriend Amanda, later I found out Jane had conflict with Amanda’s brother. Jane hated my brothers girlfriend Amanda because she can’t greets to her (to me same) and atc. but what can I do if Amanda is stupid? I said it to my brother Chris to talk to Amanda but it didn’t help. Then Jane said that Amanda is using my brother, yes I talked to my brother about that but he have to find it out. Then came the second problem, Jane (it was not her fault) had problem with her sister Lisa. Who was the main problem of everything? Her mother Melisa said me and Jane because I’m using her (I don’t know how), her mother also declared Jane is ruining her life (with no reason, everytime before she said that, she will not go to her promotion, also she will move somewhere else from house and divorce because everyone is destroying her-and it was just one dumb problem). Then I had birthday and also was invated my brothers girlfriend Amanda and from that reason Jane didn’t wanted to came to my birthday and then it is also my fault because Jane don’t want to see Amanda. Then at november 2022 my father said bad things to her 2 times, I discused it with my father do never say something like that to her. I talked about that also with Jane. Jane was to our house 3 times and troubles didn’t came back with my father. At new year also problem came, Jane got into conflict with her mother with some little thing also about her sister Lisa, who was again the bad one? Jane (who didn’t do anything wrong) and me (who wasnt been there) so again bad thing were said by her mother that I’m just using and destroying Jane. But question is how? 1,5 year went by and we didn’t had normal conflict between me and Jane, I was messeging with her everyday, every free time I had I was with her, we went out I paid, when she was ill I cared and was with her, when she get into conflict with her mother and cried I wiped away her tears, I never cheated or talked to other girls. So how the thing come out? Her mother messeged me to come help with Jane because she is crying hard, I just wondered me, The bad one? Who is “destroying” her. I love Jane more that anything I came that night but it hurt a lot. In january Jane starter to blame me because I planned that we could build house near my parents because we didn’t have to buy space, in summer she agreed now it was problem, I said okay we can think about something different so we can be both happy, it was also problem that I wanted after school work in our family shop and she wanted to move somewhere else from here, she said why I don’t want any other option, I said okay we can discuss out something. In end of February her mother get also in conflict now with her husband (because he drunk with his friend), she felt at night with car. I thought if her mother hates me some much maybe if I help her and she will hopefully change, so I went with Jane to find her and we found her, she was greatful. I thought now thing will get right. I started to help Jane’s sister with things in school so she will also stop to hate me without reason. One day I was driving with Jane’s mother and she asked me why Jane don’t want to go to my home. I said because Jane hates my brothers gf Amanda and my father, only my mother not. One week later after this conversation Jane started to act strange. I found out Jane is writing with other male friends. To one of them she wrote how much I’m destroying her and that my family hate her because she said true about my brothers girlfriend Amanda (she didn’t said anything), I found this out when I was with Jane, it destroyed me I couldn’t say anything to her. Only thing was in my head, why me? When I’m giving her everything. Then about one week later Jane get into conflict with her mother, because her mother claimed my mother is talking shits about her family. And how? because her mother’s friend is not talking that much to Jane’s mother and for sure my mother said something bad about Jane’s family. But no evidence, no examples what my mother said just claims. Jane’s mother started care about Jane (before everything was Jane’s fault in her life, she hated Jane so much) and started to talk shit about how bad my mother is and how much my family want to destroy Jane’s family. I didn’t knew anything at that time about that. In April I had difficult times I had lot of at university. I wrote with Jane everyday, sometimes I was with her, yes I was not so happy like before because I was extremely exhausted and tired from university. Then from that Jane got angry and said that I’m scum I don’t talk to her that much and because of my family and I didn’t trust her because first time I said I don’t believe my mother could say anything bad about her family because she always loved Jane. Jane said my mother is just acting fake and she likes Amanda. Jane said she need time I gave her I also was at her graduation and she invited me out, we also went out, messaged daily. One week ago Jane started me for no reason ignore. Next day I wrote her if she want to go out she said we will discuss, at first day nothing and next day also I wrote if she don’t want just say and don’t ignore me. Then she wrote that I blame her for everything and she is not ignoring me but thinking about that. I wrote 2 days thinking it is not real just write simple yes or no. She wrote yes she will ignore me. And here I am. I’m destroyed mentally, I don’t know what to do I would like just to die. I wrote to her I didn’t blame her for anything all I wanted is just to be with her. I love her so much I also had everything planned to move where Jane will be next year. What to do please help I gave her everything what I could, why they all hate me so much?
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2023.05.31 17:21 Current-Run-2282 Program Recommendations?

Hey all, joined this group recently after following Greg’s content for a while. I’m 21 y/o, have gotten into lifting over the last 3 years and have made sizable gains (considering I was a runner in high school). I’ve wanted to get on one of Gregs programs for a while now and am feeling this is the best time to given my interest in his philosophy, i will be working v long hours this summer, and I just don’t wanna be lifting 5/6 days a week anymore. I have a visible six pack for the most part so my body fat % is decently low, I weigh about 155 and am looking to put on lean muscle to get me to an aesthetic 165-170. Is MSM the move, or one of his others? Thanks
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2023.05.31 17:20 rperciav Increase deep sleep and growth hormone through heat exposure: saunas and hot baths boost slow-wave sleep, while saunas have been shown to elevate growth hormone levels up to 16-fold. The preoptic brain area interlinks thermoregulation, heat loss, and sleep in this bidirectional relationship.

The predominant surge of daily growth hormone (GH) is linked with the initial stage of slow wave sleep (SWS), while both GH and growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH) enhance sleep, specifically SWS.
In the following text, I will discuss potential strategies for sleep improvement derived from these insights.
Key takeaways from the research:
  1. The primary controller of GH secretion is GHRH and there is a correlation with the duration of SWS.
  2. Gamma-Hydroxybutyric acid (GHB), known for stimulating SWS in healthy individuals, causes a twofold increase in GH secretion during sleep. This is attributed to an enhancement in both the magnitude and length of the first GH pulse post sleep onset.
  3. There is a substantial correlation between GH secretion stimulation and an increase in the duration of sleep stage IV.
  4. GHRH triggers GABA-ergic neurons in the preoptic area of the hypothalamus, establishing a reciprocal connection between GH and SWS.
  5. Heat stress, sauna exposure, and physical exercise induce a dose-responsive effect on growth hormone levels, leading to elevated GH and prolactin.

Enhancing Slow Wave Sleep with Heat

As a result, heat therapy, like sauna sessions or hot baths, could significantly enhance slow wave sleep. This claim is backed by empirical studies conducted on humans.
Key points to consider:
These findings collectively underline the potential of heat therapy and physical exercise (characterized by high energy expenditure) to modulate slow wave sleep, considering the interconnected aspects of thermoregulation, immunity, exercise, and hormones.


There are several sauna and hot bath procedures backed by scientific studies
You can learn more about the relationship between heat and sleep in the latest FoundMyFitness video here
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2023.05.31 17:20 keizee [Spoiler Discussion] an Arc 7 Analysis of certain key Persons

Or the alternate, more spoilery title of 'Why Chisha is a genius'.
Alright lets lay down the board. For all of arc 7, pretty much everything that happens is directly because of 4 people, Subaru, Abel, Chisha and Berstetz.
So assuming that you read the entirety of arc 7 and the beginning of arc 8 and immune to spoilers, let's just state their purposes.
Subaru: end the war quickly with as little casualities as possible, then get home
Abel: take the throne for the Great Disaster
Chisha: save Abel and prepare for the Great Disaster
Berstetz: kill Abel, replace the emperor
So, there's some invisible matchups going on here between tacticians. Mainly Abel vs Chisha, Abel vs Subaru, Subaru vs Berstetz, Chisha vs Berstetz.
Abel vs Chisha is of course, who gets to die. A love story really. Chisha seems to have a better grasp of the timing than Abel by researching the Stargazers on his own. Chisha's ultimate goal is to keep Abel alive, and gather fighting forces. Abel fell for it completely by starting a rebellion.
Subaru vs Abel is mostly a battle featuring how well Abel can drag Subaru into his war. Abel assumes Subaru is a Stargazer and thinks Subaru should understand that the Great Disaster will not start if he's not on the throne. Subaru meanwhile wants nothing of the war but doesn't want Abel to die.
Subaru vs Berstetz, a battle because Berstetz is bloodthirsty and Subaru is a pacifist. Their conflicting ideologies clash.
Chisha vs Berstetz. Actually one of the most interesting battles in arc 7 since Chisha is secretly assisting Abel vs Berstetz. Berstetz is upset about Abel having no successors. Chisha doesn't want Abel to die, but he also has to keep a front for Berstetz.
Subaru vs Chisha. Actually they have nothing much against each other.
First move, of course, goes to Chisha, whose intentions align with Berstetz about kicking Abel out. Goz somehow knows about this, from Chisha's leak of the Great Disaster probably, and buys Abel some time to get out.
Then Abel encounters Subaru, who's there entirely by fluke... or not? Abel hasn't quite believed Subaru is Subaru yet. And here, Abel, being attentive, notices the first leak of Subaru's abilities as a 'Stargazer'. They recruit the Shudrak for entirely different reasons, to save Rem and to start a rebellion.
Abel didnt prepare Subaru at all for Gural. And honestly if he did, then Subaru might have succeeded in getting out because a few disguises would probably have worked.
Gural falls. Todd, overestimating his opponent, merging Abel's ruthless intent for war and Subaru's daredevil deviousness together, conceives of a 'child of war'.
This next sequence is Chisha's move. He sends Arakiya. A surekill... except it isn't. Chisha has been harrassing Priscilla and most likely timed Arakiya's arrival with Priscilla. Priscilla will assist Abel. Arakiya is supposed to listen to Priscilla. Essentially giftwrapping both Priscilla and Arakiya to be used by Abel.
But then Todd rescued Arakiya. Chisha's ploy against Berstetz to strengthen Abel worked partially.
Abel most likely told Arakiya that Priscilla will be his successor. Something that Chisha wants to overturn. So Arakiya getting pissed at Abel was going to happen sooner or later and Chisha chose to hasten it.
Abel credits Subaru for his achievement with Gural. Subaru decides to spread the breadcrumbs using specifically Natsumi's name and persona for Emilia and co. Abel mistakes this extra intention as Subaru being rather fond of crossdressing.
And then they go to Chaosflame, where Subaru and Chisha meet. Both of them didnt intend for it. Thankfully Al draws a convenient out and Chisha takes it.
Chisha must have been quite interested in Subaru. He probably watched Priscilla's entire journey so he should know who Priscilla is bringing. In his pov, there was a random girl, outwardly not that strong, who has seen Abel's real face, insulting the emperor brazenly, in the tactician position where he most likely expected Abel to be in. And Gural was a weird outcome uncharacteristic of Abel.
Chisha watches as Olbart fights them. And then in his point of view, Abel comes to retrieve Tanza from him with a mini Al and a mini Medium.
Then the fake great disaster happens. Surprisingly Abel and Chisha are not dead. For a brief moment Abel mistakes the cause and the solution and indirectly asks Taritta to take his life. Luckily nothing like that happened and Abel successfully recruits Yorna.
And then Subaru is blown to Ginunhive, where he meets Cecilus entirely by fluke... or not? Really sus.
Meanwhile Emilia and co. has picked up on Subaru's trail and subsequently gather at Gural. They save Gural from Madeline, who is one of Berstetz's allies.
Subaru finds himself on Ginunhive and eventually recruits the whole island. Subaru notices Abel's orders as a guard against rebellions, to keep Ginunhive alive, against any other party including Chisha.
Turns out Chisha, after shrinking Cecilus, sent him to Ginunhive, which is quite literally a free private army for Abel. Abel picked up Yorna instead, and overlooked Ginunhive most likely due to Priscilla's conditions and Subaru's pacifist strategy. But at least Subaru is now there to pick up the slack.
Chisha eventually tells Berstetz that he removed Cecilus because he's too much of a wildcard. Well thats a fat lie probably, since Guninhive is such a fertile ground for Abel. But Chisha is worried that Cecilus would get in the way if he got involved, so he shrunk Cecilus and made him forget about his relationship to him and Abel. There's no way that Abel will kill him after all, so Chisha doesn't need to be worried even if Abel takes Cecilus.
At this point, Chisha has lost control of Arakiya, and Arakiya becomes Berstetz's piece. To crush a potential boon for Abel, Berstetz sends Arakiya to Guninhive.
And so another battle between Subaru and Berstetz, via Pleiades vs Todd and Arakiya, which Subaru won.
At this point, Abel's move to announce a crown prince to keep Subaru involved has gotten steam. And Chisha, knowing full well Abel does not have a son and most likely guessed what happened to Abel's ally regardless of whether olbart told him, tells his retinue to keep the 'Crown Princes' alive, which leads Berstetz to doubt Chisha.
Abel is surprised by Subaru's allies coming, involves them in his war because of the rumour he spread previously and judges that it will be enough to go against Chisha.
Everybody gathers at the imperial capital.
The final instance of Subaru vs Berstetz being the magic cannon that Beatrice negates.
Then Chisha did his thing. Ggs.
Chisha > Abel. He did it.
Abel > Subaru. Subaru defeats himself here. By the time of Gural, Subaru has probably stopped trying to run away. Emilia and Otto got successfully trapped despite being an unexpected factor.
Subaru > Berstetz. Subaru's actions reduced quite a lot of damage to Gural and Pleiades.
Chisha > Berstetz. Abel survived.
Chisha's the only one who achieved all of his objectives. Subaru is an external factor that did throw in some unpredictability for both Abel and Chisha. Unknowingly, Subaru's ideals are rather aligned with Chisha when it came to preserving strength for the Great Disaster.
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2023.05.31 17:20 bikingfencer 2nd Corinthians, chapter 12

2nd Corinthians   Chapter Twelve  
Visions and revelations
[verses 1-10]  
-2. I am acquainted with [מכיר, MahKeeYR] a man in Anointed, that, before fourteen years, was taken [נלקח, NeeLQahH] unto the firmament [הרקיע, HahRahQeeY`ah] the third;
I do not [אנני, ’ahNehNeeY] know if in his body or from out to his body; the Gods knows.  
“As verse seven shows, Paul was the ‘man in Christ’ … because they are not his own achievement, he chooses to refer to them in this indirect way … since ancient Jewish writings varied the number of heavens pictured (three and seven were the most usual suggestions, we cannot be sure; it generally means the place of the blessed, or the state of separate spirits.” (Adam Clarke, 1831, VI p. 352)  
“The Jews talk of seven heavens: and Mohammed has received the same from them; but these are not only fabulous but absurd. I shall enumerate those of the Jews. 1. The velum or curtain, וילון [VeeYLON], ‘which in the morning is folded up; and in the evening stretched out.’ Isai. [Isaiah] xi.22 ‘He stretched out the heavens as a curtain, and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in. 2. The firmament, or expanse, רקיע [RahQeeYah*], ‘in which the sun, moon, stars and constellations are fixed.’ Gen. [Genesis] 1:17 ‘And God placed them in the firmament of heaven. 3. The clouds, or ether, שחקים [*ShahHahQeeYM*], ‘where the millstones are which grind the manna for the righteous,’ Psal. [Psalm] lxxviii.23, ‘though he had commanded the clouds from above, and opened the doors of heaven; and had rained down manna.’ 5. The dwelling place, מעון [*MahON], ‘where the troops of angels sing throughout the night, but are silent in the day time, because of the glory of the Israelites’ … 6. The fixed residence, מכון [MahKhON], ‘where are the treasures of snow and hail; the repository of noxious dews, of drops and whirlwind; the grotto of exhalations’ … 7. The Araboth, ערבות, ['ahRahBOTh], ‘where are justice, judgment, mercy, the treasures of life; peace and blessedness; the souls of the righteous which are reserved for the bodies yet to formed; and the dew by which God is to vivify the dead … Psal. lxvii.4 “Extol him who riddeth on the heavens בערבות ba-araboth, by his name Jah.  
All this is sufficiently unphilosophical and in several cases ridiculous.  
In the Sacred Writings, three heavens only are mentioned, the first is the atmosphere, what appears to be intended by רקיע rakia, the firmament or expansion, Gen. 1.6. The second is the starry heaven; where are the sun, moon, planets, and stars, but these two are often expressed in the one term שמים [ShahMahYeeM, “skies”] shamayim, the two heavens, or expansion; and in Gen. 1.17 they appear to be both expressed by רקיע השמים, rakia hashamayim, the firmament of heaven. And, thirdly, the place of the blessed, or the throne of the divine glory probably expressed by the words שמים השמים shamayim hashamayim; the heaven of heavens.  
Much more may be seen in Schoetgen, who has exhausted the subject; and who has shown that ascending to heaven, or being caught up to heaven, is a form of speech among the Jewish writers, to express the highest degree of inspiration.” (Adam Clarke, 1831, VI pp. 351-352)  
-3. I know a man like this - I do not know if in his body or from out to his body, God knows - 4. that was taken unto Garden of ’ayDehN [“Lord”, Eden],  
“The Jewish writers have no less than four paradises: as they have seven heavens … The Mohammedans call it جنت الفردوس jennet alferdos, the garden of paradise: and say that God created it out of light, and that it is the habitation of the prophets and wise men.  
Among Christian writers, it generally means the place of the blessed; or the state of separate spirits. Whether the third heaven and paradise be the same place we cannot absolutely say; they probably are not.” (Adam Clarke, 1831) VI p. 352  
and heard words [מילים, MeeLeeYM] that are not to be spoken [לבטאן, LeBahT’ahN], that are forbidden to ’ahDahM to word [למללן, LeMahLeLahN].  
“The Jews thought, that the divine name, the Tetragrammaton יהוה Yehovah, should not be uttered; and that it is absolutely unlawful to pronounce it; indeed they say that the true pronunciation is utterly lost, and cannot be recovered without express revelation. Not one of them, to the present day, ever attempts to utter it; and when they meet with it in their reading, always supply its place with אדני [’ahDoNah-eeY, “My Lords”] Adonai, Lord.” ((Adam Clarke, 1831, VI p. 352)  
-7. And in order [וכדי, OoKheDaY] that I not be lifted [אתנשא, ’ehThNahSay’] because of [בגלל, BeeGLahL] the revelations the ascending, was given to me a thorn [קוץ, QOTs] in my flesh – a messenger of the Adversary [Satan] – to smite me [להכותני, LeHahKOThayNeeY], in order that I not be lifted.  
“What must he have suffered on account of an eminent Church being perverted and torn to pieces by a false teacher?” … Satan, the adversary of God’s truth, sent a man to preach lies … and turn the Church of God into his own synagogue.” (Adam Clarke, 1831, VI p. 353)  
-8. Upon that I implored [התחננתי, HeeThHahNahNTheeY] three times unto the Lord to remove him [להסירו, LahHahÇeeYRO] from me.  
“‘I besought the Lord’ That is, Christ, as the next verse absolutely proves: and the Sociniansv themselves confess. And if Christ be an object of prayer, in it is a sure proof of his divinity; for only an omniscient being can be made an object of prayer. (Adam Clarke, 1831, VI p. 353)  
Worry of the sent-forth [Apostle] to Corinthians [verses 11 to end of chapter]  

-12. Lo, signs of the acquaintance of the sent-forth were done in your midst [בקרבכם, BeQeeRBeKhehM], in his full [במלוא, BeeMeLo’] forbearance, in signs, and in wonders [ובמופתים, OoBeMOPhTheeYM], and braveries.  
“The study of the N.T. [New Testament] miracles may best begin with this passage, Rom. [Romans] 15:19, and Gal. [Galatians] 3:5. Writing to churches that would have challenged him had he falsified the facts, Paul refers unhesitatingly, to such miracles; he knows that even his enemies cannot deny their occurrence … Moreover this verse implies clearly that other true apostles were doing similar mighty works.” (Filson, 1953, X. 411)  
-15. And I in happiness give also [את, ’ehTh (indicator of direct object; no English equivalent)] what that have to me, and also [את, ’ehTh] myself to sake of your souls.
If I love you in measure [במידה, BeMeeYDaH] more [יתרה, YeThayRaH] will you love me in measure less [פחותה, PeHOoThaH]?”  
“If I be asked, ‘Should Christian parents lay up money for their children?’ I answer – It is the duty of every parent, who can, to lay up what is necessary to put every child in a condition to earn its bread. If he neglect this, he undoubtedly sins against God and nature. ‘But should not a man lay up besides this, a fortune for his children, if he can honestly?’ I answer, Yes, if there be no poor within his reach: no good work which he can assist; no heathen region on the earth to which he can contribute to send the Gospel of Jesus; but not otherwise. God shows, in the course of his providence, that this laying up of fortunes for children is not right; for there is scarcely ever a case where money has been saved up to make the children independent, and gentlemen, in which God has not cursed the blessing. It was saved from the poor; from the ignorant; from the cause of God; and the canker of his displeasure consumed this ill saved property.” (Adam Clarke, 1831, VI p. 355)  
“From St. Paul we receive two remarkable sayings of our Lord, which are of infinite value to the welfare and salvation of man; which are properly parts of the Gospel but are not mentioned by any evangelist… The first is in Acts xx.25 ‘I have showed you the words of the Lord Jesus, how he said, “it is more blessed to give than to receive”’… the second is recorded in the ninth verse of this chapter, ‘He said unto me, “My grace is sufficient for thee, for my strength is made perfect in weakness.”’… of these two most blessed sayings, St. Paul is the only evangelist.” (Adam Clarke, 1831, p. 356)
...   FOOTNOTES   [v] Socinianism is a form of Antitrinitarianism, named for Laelius Socinus (died 1562 in Zürich) … one of the founders of a religious society that had to operate secretly in order to avoid persecution. In 1574 the Socinians, who referred to themselves as Unitarians, issued a "Catechism of the Unitarians," in which they laid out their views of the nature and perfection of the Godhead, as well as other principles of their group.  
The group became more widely known in Poland and began to prosper, opening colleges and publishing literature, until 1638, when the Socinians were banished from Poland by the Catholics.  
Socinians held views rooted in rationality only and rejected orthodox teachings on the Trinity and on the divinity of Jesus, as summarised in the Racovian Catechism. They also believed that God's omniscience was limited to what was a necessary truth in the future (what would definitely happen), and did not apply to what was a contingent truth (what might happen). They believed that, if God knew every possible future, human free will was impossible; and as such rejected the "hard" view of omniscience. They are to be differentiated from Arians, who believed in a preexistent Christ. The Socinians held that the Son of God did not exist until he was born a man.  
The Socinians congregated especially in Transylvania, in Poland …and in the Netherlands. They were driven from their seat at Raków in 1643.  
Socinianism is considered to be an antecedent or early form of Unitarianism and the term is still used today to refer to the belief that Jesus did not preexist his life as a human.  
Note: In Christianity, Socinianism is also called Psilanthropism, the presumed etymology of "psilanthropism" stems from the Greek psilo (merely, only) and anthropos (man, human being).  
Psilanthropism was rejected by the ecumenical councils, especially in the First Council of Nicaea, which was convened to deal directly with this. Beliefs similar to those of Socinianism continue today in Christian groups such as the Christadelphians and the Church of the Blessed Hope.  
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  An Amateur's Journey Through the Bible
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2023.05.31 17:20 Empty_Zucchini_634 Sütterlin handwriting in an old letter

Sütterlin handwriting in an old letter
I am currently working on old letters between the german antiquities and monuments office and a house owner. The main letter is written by machine and from 1950. There is this handwritten note, sadly its not only Sütterlin but bad handwriting, too. I think it is a note about a literature hint. Can somebody please help me?
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2023.05.31 17:18 amildcaseofdeath34 'Rapists' and their mentality hidden in plain sight ...

I wrote about recovering memories of SA from 15 years ago. Over the last few weeks, I've been recovering more and more little details. It's really overwhelming. And frustrating because it's changing my entire view of this person. Or uncovering how I only kept the best memories at the forefront. I've remembered most of the events, and now I'm recalling many of the things that were said and trying to accept how bad they were.
I mentioned I was assaulted in the stairwell of my apartment complex by my "fwb" partner of a year after they thought I was moving on. I quoted fwb because we were barely friends. I could not remember what happened after I was pushed against the wall again (after I sent away someone trying to help me and before being pushed onto the concrete stairs, which had been my only memory up to now) because it was the traumatic moment that I blocked out the most because it created the most fear.
I recently remembered how he smashed my face against the wall, but now remember it was with his forearm on my neck while he held my other hand behind me. I tried to move him away by moving my body backwards, but he slammed me back onto the wall, leaned down to my ear and said in a threatening tone to "quit fighting". So I did. He pulled down my pants and underwear and started inside me, but it becomes blurry again. I think either the angle wasn't working (he was very tall) or I kept pushing my body back to push him away, so he twisted me around and pushed me onto the concrete steps. And that's when I felt the searing pain in my spine. He managed to penetrate me a couple times before I used all my strength to push him off. I said "let's just go up to my room" hoping that would keep him off and he would quit with the stairwell.
My instincts kicked in the second I noticed his face change to stop there so I ran up the stairs several steps at a time and into the hall of my unit and kept going as quick as I could to my door. I think I tried to unlock it before he got to me and I couldn't, but managed to go in and shut it on him, but he came in before I could lock it. I remembered walking backwards to my room and getting the instinct to shut the door on him again, but he put his hand through and forced it open and shut it behind him. Then there's the rest with him raping me all night while saying more things I don't wanna say.
He didn't care about me at all, ever, and the things he said while raping and assaulting me this night prove it, but I don't know why that's so hard emotionally to accept. What should have been a giveaway to me is my inability to look at any pictures of him because I feel terror looking into his eyes. I've purposely avoided seeing his face for a decade and a half which kept me thinking only about a couple good looks. I need to look at his face and feel the fear and remember and know and accept this.
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2023.05.31 17:17 ny_coder Two concurrent content types and not sure what to do

I feel like I have two concurrent/conflicting content types and I’m looking for some help figuring out what to do.
On one hand currently I have a channel that mainly talks about software engineering and the tech industry (and the associate lifestyle and then I want to wrap in some personal development as well. I enjoy talking about software and tech and I feel like I have a good value prop given that’s where my professional experience is however sometimes it’s draining to go from work to just talk about more of the same.
On the other hand I’ve been wanting to do something more creative around food and travel/exploration. This is what I’d really love to do but I don’t know if I have a clear value prop/reason for people to watch, I think it would have to be me as a person and being entertaining which I have no problem with but I would need to get people interested. Which with some many options will be difficult.
I feel like combining the two areas could make my content too broad and I have a few ideas of handling it.
  1. Have two separate YouTube channels
  2. Keep the current “work” channel and then post the other content for fun on TikTok to try and get an audience, if I do then start a second channel
Does either option sound better for my goals, more doable, makes more sense? I’m open to other suggestions as well! I’d appreciate any insight and advice!
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2023.05.31 17:17 nicol567 Gender equality and hate speech

Hi guys! We are starting a campaign on anti hate speech related to gender equality. This will be going on for one month with one post a day targeting a very broad audience with purpose of defining main problems and finding solutions for hate speech in gender equality and other related topics.
We would like to start by asking your opinions on what do you think gender equality is and what are the biggest problems regarding hate speech? What is the situation like in your countries and are there any movements towards change?
Are you familiar with the term of intersex? For those who are wondering is a term used for describing a person that is born with reproductive or sexual anatomy that doesn't fit the boxes of “female” or “male.” Sometimes doctors do surgeries on intersex babies to make their bodies fit binary ideas of “male” or “female”. It is known that 69% of intersex people have experienced discrimination, for example in job offers, health services... What do you think of what causes these problems and how to solve them?
What do you think about achieving worldwide equality? Did you know that not a single country in the world has achieved gender equality? Are you aware that 1.2 billion women and girls live in places where safe access to abortion is restricted? How do we work towards achieving worldwide gender equality and successfully conquer hate speech?
What about LGBTQ+ community? How maltreated do you think are transgenders and non-binary people from our society? Many times they face discrimination, having a hard time finding a job and even have high rates of suicidal thoughts and behaviours. What can we, all together do to address this problem?
Thanks for reading and let's have a proper debate! :)
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2023.05.31 17:17 Dabiwel22 [A3] [Recruiting] [NA] [New Player Friendly] [Semi-Realism] [CST] 5th Special Forces Group

[A3] [Recruiting] [NA] [New Player Friendly] [Semi-Realism] [CST] 5th Special Forces Group
We Currently are working on opening our first ODA, the command element is structured on an ODB.
Currently we have 18 Active members and we are looking for new and experienced players to join us
When you join us you will start off as a candidate and will specialize in the role you want to be in the teams such as Machine gunner which would go to 18B Heavy weapons Expert.
Open Roles:
18B - Heavy Weapons Expert
18C - Enginee Demolitions Expert
18D - Medic
18E - JTAC
All candidate Slots are open.
Op Times:
We also do mini ops through out the week and this best way to meet the community.
Friday Fun ops @ 6:00 pm CST - 8:00 pm CST
Saturday Side ops @ 6:00 pm CST - 8:00 pm CST
Sunday Main Ops @ 6:00 pm CST - 8:00 pm CST
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2023.05.31 17:17 AdditionalWhile8233 Could someone please give me some advice on how to quit smoking?

I know some people think that weed can’t be addictive but I disagree because I feel like I can’t stop smoking. I want to stop so badly and it doesn’t work, and I don’t know what to do at this point. I always say I’ll quit and I never do, and I’ve been smoking for two years straight now (since age 15) for every single day. I feel horrible because I know I must have done some pretty real damage to my body by now. If anyone can relate to this and has any tips, please tell me, I don’t know what else to do.
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2023.05.31 17:17 dingenzo Worrying about my future sexlife

This is probably a sensitive topic but I worry about my future sexlife with my gf. We've (both early 30) been together for 5+ years and I have to admit that our sexlife is not where I wished it would be. We have sex roughly once a week, which is on the low end of what I want. The sex itself is very vanilla and routine, she has no preferences (only things she doesn't want) and doesn't masturbate. She has some hangups around sex. Partially due to bad experiences in the past and partially due to just having low(er) libido and not being as sexually driven as I am. I often feel like she doesn't really care for sex and mainly does it for my benefit most of the time (she would never admit this though). In short she is not really a sexual person, whereas I am.
I really love her and I know that some compromises are important in a relationship. I can live with it if I can't fully get the sexlife I wanted but it's difficult to know where to draw the line. My real worries are that it will pose serious problems in the future. I worry that her disinterest in sex will develop futher and she will stop wanting sex in the future.
I've also read a lot about how routine, insecurties about bodies changing, stress and busy lives will hamper the sexlife of couples. These are all things that my gf would be very susceptible to, some already play a role atm. I really worry that in the near future it will cross the line of it not being holdable. I hear from people in my environment that their sexlife dwindled when they got married. Many guys in my social circle turn sour when the subject of sex is broached. I really couldn't bear it getting worse than it is now. I guess I don't really have a question, I just wanted to share my worries. I hope I didn't offend anyone.
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2023.05.31 17:15 soupfountain Failed multiple courses due to resolved mental health issues; looking for advice on starting over now or later

This is embarrassing, and reddit is not the ideal place I'd ask for academic/life advice. Please understand that I've beat myself up over this plenty, and I don't have good family or many older peers to reach out to.
I started community college for the first time last year, and bit off more than I can chew to make up for lost time. I knew I had some lingering issues with school, but I overestimated how much I had healthily dealt with them. On top of that, I was misdiagnosed, and it turns out that the medication I was taking and the mindset I was adopting were the exact opposite of what I was supposed to be doing.
There was only one course that I got a good grade in, and that was because the professor went out of his way to reach out to me and give me an extension, despite me not requesting an extension and being ready to give up.
The rest I either failed, or didn't get a decent enough grade to count towards my major (nursing). What's really frustrating is that the courses I chose to start with were the ones I felt the most confident in, because I had outside knowledge and interest. When I did turn work in on time, I did pretty well, and I enjoyed learning.
I'm getting proper treatment now, and I am (hesitantly) confident that I can do well this time. What I have cold feet about is what exactly to do from here. I can retake courses at the same school, but just 7 credits a semester, because I'm on academic probation. There's a very good community college in another county I could start over at, and I just realized it'd actually be cheaper than my current school (which isn't in my county either, because the local one is so poorly managed it's not worth even the cheap price point). Both of these would be mainly online, which would be a step up from the fully online, unscheduled courses I've taken before (due to past work constraints/transportation).
However... I need to move out of state by next year anyway. The specific city I'm looking at has an affordable (for residents), easily accessible school (the whole state has a better system tbh). The reason I need to move is for a family related reason I'm not thrilled about, and will cause me some stress I need to preemptively accept and manage, but it's for the best long-term. The reason why I haven't moved yet is getting some personal ends sorted, and also because I don't want to immediately leave my support system of good friends and the most helpful therapist I've had.
My options are:
1a. Continue with current school and retake the courses I'm able to (with probation restriction) over summefall to improve my GPA. 1b. Continue courses online after I move out of state, until I establish residency for lower tuition in new state.
2a. Start over with out of county school, which may accept the credits for the course I did pass, take potentially more courses than I'd be allowed to than my current school. 2b. Continue courses online after I establish residency in new state.
c. Wait entirely until I move. In the meantime, save money and do what I can to improve my mental health so I can be successful once I do return to school.
Any considerate input would be appreciated. Also, for any younger lurkers here with the option to study wherever...take it while you can.
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2023.05.31 17:15 starrdazedd Are there any suggestions or advice for a 23-year-old going through a career transition?

Hi! I want to acknowledge that I do understand that I’m in a good situation compared to many people my age. I do feel fortunate to be in this position.
However, at this moment, I am very unfulfilled with my major and career choice. I graduated last May with a co-major in Communications and English with a minor in Marketing. I thought these would be employable majors for someone who didn’t really know what they wanted to do. However, I have come to realize that my major was too broad, resulting in a lack of specific or captivating interests on my resume. I’ve been working for a "start-uppish" private equity firm as a marketing coordinator for the last year and kind of hate it. Since I work remotely and don't have anyone with marketing experience overseeing my work, I feel that I'm missing out on valuable career development opportunities. My boss is 70 and doesn’t understand how social media operates and it’s like going to war with him once a week. Not to mention, I was juggling a full schedule (40 hrs) and only making an hourly wage of about 16/hr. Anyway, with some new licensing issues with LinkedIn, we mutually agreed to shorten my hours to part-time.
This brings me to my next point. Currently, I'm undergoing ground school training to become a pilot. My dad is a captain at United, and I've found the initial in-flight experiences enjoyable so far. I appreciate various aspects of this potential career, such as having clear objectives and goals to work towards every day. It's different from marketing, where you constantly worry if people will show up to your promoted event or not. However, I do have reservations because I tend to overthink things. What if I turn out to be mediocre at flying? And as a woman, what if I want to start a family someday? Will a partner be okay with a mother who isn't at home every day? I guess I kind of have to think about these things now, which is kind of wild to me.
This all brings me to my main problem in the first place. Learning to fly is SO expensive. While I have some savings, with my current job becoming part-time, I need to explore other opportunities to cover my expenses in the meantime. It doesn't have to be a glamorous job; I just need something that helps me meet my current financial obligations. I am currently living at home because I can't afford rent and flying lessons. Should I search for multiple part-time jobs, or should I look for a full-time job? Most of the job interviews I'm getting are for sales-related positions, but I already know I won't excel in that field. If I'm not enjoying marketing, I can't imagine doing well in sales.
I apologize for the lengthy message, and I'm unsure if anyone will take the time to read it or if it even makes sense. But I genuinely appreciate your attention and guidance regardless. Thank you.
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2023.05.31 17:15 glowingpinkorb Keyhole top surgery regrets (not detrans)

So as the title suggests, I am here just venting and seeing if anyone else has a similar experience to me.
I was able to get top surgery about 4 years ago in 2019 at age 19, which was a huge milestone in my life and let me really start living. I can’t stress enough how necessary this surgery was for me.
Due to my small chest size, I opted for keyhole. Looking back, I really wish I had considered double incision more, but I truly can’t remember what caused me to lean towards keyhole, except for maybe some kind of internalized transphobia that made me want to have “imperceivable” scars.
I am now 23 and weigh approximately 30 pounds heavier than I did when getting surgery. This was partially just growing up and bodily changes/metabolism slightly slowing down/other lifestyle changes and partially intentional bulking in pursuit of a particular physique.
However, due to gaining this weight, some of it has gone to my chest, which has triggered extreme dsyphoria and guilt for not being happy with the results of a life saving surgery that many don’t have the ability to receive.
I’m stuck between acknowledging if this is truly dsyphoria or just body dsymorphia and internalized fatphobia. Dsyphoria I think, is more dire and warrants surgical intervention, whereas I think the latter could be solved more with lifestyle changes and mental work for acceptance.
I guess I just want my cake and to eat it too. I don’t mind my body at this weight, I really would just like to lose about 10 pounds but to have my chest as flat as it was 30 pounds ago. Whether or not it’s true, part of me feels like if I had gotten double incision I would be able to gain weight post surgery and retain much more flatness than keyhole provided. Part of me too wishes that my surgeon has considered the elasticity of the skin on my chest.
I’m not sure what I really want to gain from this post, other than to be heard, see if there are other guys like me that wish they had gotten double incision instead, if anyone has gotten revision after keyhole, if anyone has suggestions for losing chest fat, but at the very least to offer a cautionary tale to anyone considering keyhole.
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2023.05.31 17:15 Hot-Relief7151 My idea for Gwen 10

(Re-posting from an old comment I made, this is not intended to be BWEN just an hypothetical future for Gwen10 and how I think it could be made better.)
Let’s say they don’t reduce the first episode.
Off the top of my head let’s say they redid The alliance episode 9.
It would start off with a scene showing that since Gwen has gotten the Omintrix she has gotten more and more rebellious/a general dick, Ben has felt more and more useless since he is always getting saved by Gwen so he grows more passive and quiet, I imagine with a more ‘Ben like’ Gwen she starts to bully Ben.
In the first scene we’re in the pov of Ben and he wakes up to see Stinkfly (Gwen might not even name them but for the sake of simplicity I’ll just call them by their Ben names) causing him to fall off the bed. Grandpa Max tries to rep-remind Gwen as she’s rolling on the floor laughing but Ben tells Max to stop knowing that there was no point.
Grandpa Max has tried making their relationship better but nothing seams to work, it even starts to look like Ben is getting more and more apathetic to Gwen’s bullying. They stop by the gas station, but with Gwen still as Stinkfly she stays inside until she times-out. Ben and Max are attacked by Rojo and her gang, Gwen flys out saving both Ben and Max from falling ruble giving a sarcastic comment to Ben as she does so (“need me to save you again dweeb”). Gwen flys in shooting goo all over the place, not noticing that she almost hits a police officer. The gang try to hit the flying bug but she’s just too fast, this whole time Gwen is mocking their aim and their outfits.
But then the drones show up almost hitting Rojos other members who then run saying they didn’t sign up for this, Gwen sticks the drones to the gas’s station and lands in front of Rojo covering the gun with a well placed goo shot and starts laughing at Rojo not noticing the Omintrix flashing red. Gwen times out in front of Rojo.
Rojo proceeds to back hand Gwen sending her a few feet away, Rojo drops her gun and starts to walk over to Gwen intending to beat her. But Ben tackles Rojo to the ground yelling at Gwen to run. Rojo isn’t hurt but is pissed,. She picks up Ben by the neack and prepares to beat him. Unbeknownst to both of them one of the drones are still active and one is able to fire it’s gun. It dosent hit anyone but it does hit Stinkfly’s goo. The goo explodes destroying the gas station and like dominos explodes Rojo’s nearby gun. Both Ben and Rojo are caught in the explosion, Rojo acting like a shield to Ben but he is still hurt badly with the left side of him looking the worst. Grandpa Max quickly grabs Ben body with Gwen freaking out over Ben’s unconscious body. They make it to the hospital but the Doctor informs them that Ben is in critical condition and they are unsure if he’ll wake up.
Gwen’s reaction is worrying to Grandpa Max, since they got the diagnosis Gwen hasn’t said a word, she didn’t even shed a tear. Gwen looked like she just wasn’t there, she stared into the wall oblivious to the world around her. In Gwen’s mind it was her fault Ben got hurt, the Stinkfly goo that Gwen spit out was the cause of the explosion. This is a come to Jesus moment for her where she realizes that she has done nothing but bully Ben since she got the Omintrix. Sure she has saved some people with it but she abused the people around her. Grandpa Max does his best to comfort her but Gwen didn’t respond.
The doctors come back and say that Ben is about to under go surgery and they should say something to him, Grandpa Max grabs Gwen’s hand to lead her in but she let go. She was scared, scared that Bean was going to die, scared that Ben would hate her, scared that it was really ‘her fault’. In a flash of light and a gust of wind Gwen disappeared.
Gwen gets attacked as XLR8 by a roboticized Rojo, Gwen looked at the imposing figure, painted with red skin and a sadistc smile. All Gwen saw was the person who held her cousin. With no remorse or restraint Gwen started to beat Rojo, sending kicks, claw swipes, and tail bashes at her without stop. Rojo could do nothing as Gwen held nothing back, all the sadness and self hate she tried to push down was being thrown at Rojo with unrelenting force. Trying to distract Gwen, Rojo she fires a blast at the cliff side sending rocks down to the hospital. Gwen only stops her assault when she saw the rocks were going for the hospital, Gwen quickly created a tornado stoping the rocks but letting Rojo get away.
Ashamed Gwen dosent go back to the hospital, not wanting to know what happened to Ben until she killed Rojo, the person she now blames in an attempt to stop the guilt she felt crawling down her back.
Gwen overhears a report about Rojo attacking a police station and immediately gets into action. Jumping onto Rojo as Fourarms she throws cars, trees, even a statue at Rojo. Rojo leads Gwen into a trap she set earlier with technology Vilgax gave her Rojo forcibly times out Gwen. Gwen tries to activate the watch but Rojo restrains her and starts the process to take off her arm. But Grandpa Max comes in careering Ben fires a gun similar to the one Rojo had at the start of the episode. They had seen a news report of the fight and figured out that was where they were going to be. Ben was in a hospital gown, bandages covering the left side of his body obscuring his left eye.
With all her strength she stops herself from looking at Ben and ransforms into Heatblast with the leftover energy from she Omintrix, Rojo whose technology upgrades we’re now falling off her body, Gwen walked forward with the clear intention to burn Rojo the same way Ben was burned. Ben stumbled forward still being held up by Grandpa Max called for her to stop. Gwen was scared once again, but Ben hugged her. He said it wasn’t her fault and that he didn’t blame her, he said he was sorry.
Gwen drops Rojo and repeats his words. sorry? what did Ben need to be sorry for? It was her who hurt him it was her who almost killed him! It was her fault! She needed to be BLAMED! She was sorry so very sorry. Gwen detransformed and broke down crying and Ben hugged her, she only managed to call out I’m sorry through her tears.
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2023.05.31 17:15 Trans4Women Reality Check

So I'm not saying this to rain on your parade, I promise, but I have a dose of reality for you and that is... may never pass.
There are some who pass with a few touchups, others need some HRT, other need LOTS of HRT, and, still, others need a lot of surgery work.
And even with all that, you may not pass. I know how important that is for many of you. Sht, it was important for me...but what was more important for me was to live life on my own terms.
Some things are just out of your control...and biology is a force to be reckoned with.
Let's be honest. When you're transitioning, your body is essentially a project and you just hope to like what you see in the mirror one day.
But it starts inside. You could be 100% passable and still look like your birth gender in your own eyes. You can be beautiful and still feel ugly.
Change begins inside, my lovelies. I love you.
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2023.05.31 17:13 Trans4Women Reality Check

So I'm not saying this to rain on your parade, I promise, but I have a dose of reality for you and that is... may never pass.
There are some who pass with a few touchups, others need some HRT, other need LOTS of HRT, and, still, others need a lot of surgery work.
And even with all that, you may not pass. I know how important that is for many of you. Sht, it was important for me...but what was more important for me was to live life on my own terms.
Some things are just out of your control...and biology is a force to be reckoned with.
Let's be honest. When you're transitioning, your body is essentially a project and you just hope to like what you see in the mirror one day.
But it starts inside. You could be 100% passable and still look like your birth gender in your own eyes. You can be beautiful and still feel ugly.
Change begins inside, my lovelies. I love you.
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