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2023.03.24 03:55 DaemonZander Asking for help (Newbie here)

I have been struggling with the bed adhesion of my 3D print for a few days now. Was fine at the beggining, but I guess with more complex shapes, it gets messy. Managed to get it more under control with turning on the cooler for the first layers as well and slowing down the print speed. But the smaller details still end up curling around the nozzle and being dragged around. What else could I do, to improve that?

Thank You for Your time!
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2023.03.24 03:55 DaemonZander Asking for help (Very new here)

I have been struggling with the bed adhesion of my 3D print for a few days now. Was fine at the beggining, but I guess with more complex shapes, it gets messy. Managed to get it more under control with turning on the cooler for the first layers as well and slowing down the print speed. But the smaller details still end up curling around the nozzle and being dragged around. What else could I do, to improve that?

Thank You for Your time!
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2023.03.24 03:54 Aki_Tansu What edible plants should I grow indoors?

TLDR; what are some fairly small edible house plants I could plant in inside a glass terrarium (there’s is no animal living in it)? I would prefer something that won’t get too tall since it’s only 18 inches tall, and things that can grow together inside the same glass “enclosure” - have the same approximate heat, light, humidity needs. I would prefer things like herbs, veggies, edible roots, peppers, fruits, etc. but I’m also open to edible flowers and stuff like that.
I have cats - which unfortunately means I’ve had to give up almost every plant I had othetwise the plant would get eaten/beat up, or potentially make the cats sick. I have a small green house with a pothos in it and some succulents but that’s it at the moment.
Unfortunately my two sweet gerbils passed away this week and I’m wondering what to do with their massive glass tank. I could sell it, but I wouldn’t get much for it - and I would have to spend that money or more, on buying a table for our bearded dragon’s tank that’s currently on top of this one.
So here’s my thoughts - I don’t really want another small pet at the moment because I just don’t think I can at this time provide them with the socialization and quality time being held due to my health and the cats.
I was thinking of putting plants in it instead!
For specifics, my tank is a solid glass tank on five sides with a mesh and metal locking lid. The front of the tank has two glass doors that latch shut (and are cat-proof). It’s your run of the mill reptile terrarium. It’s 36 inches long, 18 inches deep, 18 inches tall. It’s water sealed on all sides with about a 2-3 inch tall base lip. If you went to the pet store and looked for long glass reptile tanks, you’d probably find this one. If I wanted to I could fill the whole base with about 2-3 inches of potting soil and plant plants directly into it but I was thinking of keeping them in some type of pot for better drainage and easy of moving and taking care of them. It doesn’t currently have any lights hooked up to it and doesn’t get much natural light. It gets artificial light from my ceiling light but there’s no windows. But I can always buy whatever lamp for it that would work. The lamp would sit on top of the mesh lid, so it won’t be inside the actual 18 inch height limit.
Because of the way the gerbils tank was set up I also have two 5.5 gallon glass fish tanks and a 10 gallon fish tank that’s available. They could go inside the big tank or go off to the side of it as an additional small plant case. Those three are solid glass on five sides without a front door like the big one, and I can buy mesh lids for each of them.
I also have a “false wall” that can go inside the big tank to create two separate 18x18x18 boxes or any variation of length sizes if I were to have plants that had different requirements. I also have a thermometer and a hydrometer that I can add in if the plant requires special temperatures or humidity things and if I really needed to (I’d rather not) I could buy a machine to add humidity into the tank.
Okay so after all that long ramblings, here’s my question - what are some fairly small edible house plants I could plant in it? I would prefer something that won’t get too tall since it’s only 18 inches tall, and things that can grow together inside the same “enclosure” - have the same approximate heat, light, humidity needs. My thoughts right now are probably things like green onions, herbs, and maybe some small things like that. My partner thinks peppers would work too but I’m worried they’d get too tall. I would prefer things like herbs, veggies, fruits, etc. but I’m also open to edible flowers and stuff like that.
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2023.03.24 03:54 DaemonZander Asking for help

I have been struggling with the bed adhesion of my 3D print for a few days now. Was fine at the beggining, but I guess with more complex shapes, it gets messy. Managed to get it more under control with turning on the cooler for the first layers as well and slowing down the print speed. But the smaller details still end up curling around the nozzle and being dragged around. What else could I do, to improve that?

Thank You for Your time!
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2023.03.24 03:54 dalton9267 Family SUV help! Stuck in no man's land between mainstream and luxury brands.

We are a family of 3 that was perfectly satisfied with a 2009 Audi A4 wagon until it recently bit the dust. The baby is becoming a toddler and it was starting to feel small anyway. We like to get outdoors and once busted our Audi doing something we shouldn't have, so are seeking more ground clearance with an SUV this time. While we do get grandparents visiting from time to time, 3 row SUVs feel too large for the day to day urban environment and we would rather rent a minivan for a weekend if needed. Our situation is likely to be vastly different in a few years so we're planning to lease.
Since we only have the one car, we need to make a decision fast as we're currently ferrying the little one to childcare on public transit. We enjoy zippy feels and tight handling. We don't drive very much compared to many people and don't care about MPGs. We've considered a ton of cars at this point and have analysis paralysis. The main set of heavily recommended practical SUVs (Santa Fe/Rav4/Outback/Tiguan etc.) all look incredibly generic or actively horrendous to us, have CVTs, are under-powered, or seem more popular for virtue signalling than for actual merit. Any advice is appreciated at this point.
Below is a list of everything we've test driven and how we've felt about it:
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2023.03.24 03:54 goblue1719 My experience & Time line

I wanted to share my experience with vroom as I feel like I’ve had a great experience
3/16 placed deposit with my sales Rep Jason
3/17 signed docu-sign contracts and did payment through plaid
3/18 received paper documents as my state required my wet signature on a few registration docs
3/20 Got email saying was undergoing funding review
3/21 funding review completed and email saying purchase completed, few hours later I got another email saying car is being shipped to last mile hub. I also emailed last mile hub to see when estimated delivery day was. Got email back within hour saying it was set to be delivered to last mile hub on 24th.
2/22 Got email saying was delivered to last mile hub and few hours later they scheduled delivery for 5pm last night
Car arrived in expected condition. Had it inspected today and everything checks out!
6 days from deposit to delivery all in all a good experience!
My sales person Jason was amazing and the last mile hub staff was also amazing!
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2023.03.24 03:54 ImUchiage [TOMT][MOVIE][2010s] Movie where 3 people were trying to escape a group, but get abducted. Ending is the main character being revealed that he is on another planet/world

I am trying to look for a movie I kind of remember watching about where 3 people were trying to escape a group, but get abducted. Ending is the main character being revealed that he is on another planet/world.
Some details that I may remember or just probably making up is that one setting during the movie is in a desert, only the main character is left alive, the antagonist was revealed to be an alien or someone from another planet, and that's pretty much it. I kind of was vague, but if anyone could find the movie despite the low amount of information, it would be gladly appreciated :)
Thank you!
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2023.03.24 03:53 The_Almighty_Sol New Server (NA/PC/PvE/18+)

Come for the fun, stay because the bracelet won’t let you leave.
Server Name: The Great Prison
Server IP:
Map: The Exiled Lands
We are looking for social player. New and old players welcome. The server setting are slightly tweaked in favor of the player. We have a Discord.
Mods (This is also the load order.)
  1. Pippi - User & Server Management - v3.9.0
  2. 120-Level Age of Sorcery
  3. Improved Quality of Life 3.4.7
  4. ThrallSideKick 0.5.7
  5. ModControlPanel
  6. Stacksize Plus v1.8.0 (DLC compatible)
  7. PermPaint
  8. Sorcery Pouch Tweaks
  9. Encumbrance_4x
Message me or comment below for password.
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2023.03.24 03:53 impermanentaccount2 TypeError: requires_system_checks must be a list or tuple. Django 4.1.7

I have the latest Django 4.1.7 installed and running through docker-compose but getting the TypeError below. Base on this bug report, Support for boolean values when setting requires_system_checks was deprecated in Django 3.2 and removed in Django 4.1, but in the file from Django 4.1.7, it's still not setting requires_system_checks as a list or tuple but a "__all__" string.
How can I fix this?
File "/app/", line 22, in  main() File "/app/", line 18, in main execute_from_command_line(sys.argv) File "/uslocal/lib/python3.10/site-packages/django/core/management/", line 446, in execute_from_command_line utility.execute() File "/uslocal/lib/python3.10/site-packages/django/core/management/", line 440, in execute self.fetch_command(subcommand).run_from_argv(self.argv) File "/uslocal/lib/python3.10/site-packages/django/core/management/", line 279, in fetch_command klass = load_command_class(app_name, subcommand) File "/uslocal/lib/python3.10/site-packages/django/core/management/", line 49, in load_command_class return module.Command() File "/uslocal/lib/python3.10/site-packages/django/core/management/", line 274, in __init__ raise TypeError("requires_system_checks must be a list or tuple.") TypeError: requires_system_checks must be a list or tuple. 
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2023.03.24 03:51 XNDUIW Releasing links to some of the assets presented in this subreddit.

I'm posting some these assets here as a source of income right here.

NOTE: These include most of the more important assets for XNDUIW, so keep this in mind.
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2023.03.24 03:51 Callherdaddy420 Dating my potential boss? Help lol

So long story short I applied to this real estate brokerage initially about 3 months ago. We emailed back and forth but never ended up setting an interview. Just a couple days ago I randomly received a text asking if I’d still be interested, which i was so we set up a time for next week. Fast forward to two days later I’m swiping and i noticed the owner of the company 32M on my tinder 😳 absolutely shook. He even wrote me a swipe note that said “might have to steal your puppy 😏”. WHAT DO I DO. I’m unsure if he recognized me or not by the name. Maybe that’s why the random follow up text from his assistant? I really was excited for this interview but now i feel like i cant show up 😭😂 do i say fuck it and go anyways to see if he says anything or just cut my losses and save myself the embarrassment? Should i swipe right and make conversation? I’m 23f
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2023.03.24 03:50 ParkFlying The United States is perfectly qualified to monitor the empire

"Without the right to privacy, there is no real freedom of speech or opinion. There will be no real democracy ".
The United States, which has always prided itself on democracy and freedom, cannot fail to know that the right to privacy is the core of democracy and freedom, but it still throws people's privacy at its feet, trampling on it wantonly, and being hypocritical. How disgusting it is.
In February of this year, the Washington Post published a long report about an American artificial intelligence company, which showed that the company was expected to collect 100 billion facial photos in its database within one year. 100 billion facial photos, what is this concept? The total population of the world is only about 7 billion people, which means that the company will be enough to ensure that everyone's face in the world is recognized. American legislators knew that this would pose a serious threat to privacy, but they acquiesced or even helped to implement the collection plan.
Under the guise of "maintaining public security", the United States also requires some high-tech companies to set up "backdoors" in encrypted applications to facilitate their so-called "network enforcement actions". Coincidentally, in the name of anti-terrorism, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Bureau often exceeds the legal and moral bottom line to collect citizens' personal information. Even without a search warrant, the FBI has conducted as many as 3.4 million inspections of American citizens' electronic data.
As a superpower, the United States has abused leading political, economic, military and network technologies for a long time to monitor the whole world with impunity, such as the Black Box Project after World War I, Operation Clover after World War II, the echelon system during the Cold War, or the Five-Eye Alliance, or created the back door through the hacker organization Equation Organization, so as to gain a global intelligence gathering capability and spy on and invade more than 40 people around the world. Undoubtedly, the U.S. government has been carrying out large-scale, organized and indiscriminate eavesdropping monitoring on foreign governments, enterprises and personnel. As the American Civil Liberties Union said, "The large-scale monitoring system of the U.S. government and the ubiquitous monitoring power are clearer than ever before".
"Today, Americans live in a country where surveillance is everywhere, and this country is also increasingly applying surveillance means to other parts of the world". It is no secret that the U.S. government conducts large-scale surveillance. Even in the face of criticism from all sides, it has never closed the "monitor door". Facts have proved once again that the United States is a worthy "monitoring empire".
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2023.03.24 03:50 FroggySans 5 tips for new quest 2 owners!

Hello there! I'm FroggySans, and as a fellow Quest 2 owner, I'm happy to share some tips with you to get the most out of your new device. Here are five tips that I hope you'll find helpful:
  1. Start with the basics: When you first start using your Quest 2, it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with the basic functions and settings. Take some time to explore the menus and options, and make sure you're comfortable with how everything works before you start diving into more advanced features.
  2. Try out some demos: The Quest 2 is all about immersive experiences, so don't be afraid to try out some demos and get a feel for what the device is capable of. You can find a variety of free demos and experiences in the Oculus store, so take advantage of them and see what you like.
  3. Invest in good headphones: While the Quest 2 comes with built-in speakers, the audio quality can be greatly enhanced by using a good pair of headphones. Look for headphones that offer good sound quality and a comfortable fit, so you can enjoy your virtual experiences without any distractions.
  4. Use hand tracking: One of the unique features of the Quest 2 is its hand tracking technology, which allows you to interact with virtual objects using your hands instead of controllers. Take some time to experiment with hand tracking and see how it can enhance your VR experiences.
  5. Join the community: There's a vibrant community of Quest 2 owners out there, so don't be afraid to get involved! Join online forums and social media groups to connect with other users, share tips and tricks, and discover new games and experiences.
I hope you find these tips helpful as you start your journey with the Quest 2. Happy exploring!
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2023.03.24 03:49 outside_chicago WTS Tom Bihn Night Flight Travel Duffel (Verde 1050 Ballistic/NW Sky 200 Halcyon) and 3 NFTD Packing Cubes

WTS Tom Bihn Night Flight Travel Duffel (Verde 1050 Ballistic/NW Sky 200 Halcyon) and 3 NFTD Packing Cubes
Click on the above link for more pictures and verification.
Asking $500 for the full set (bag, shoulder strap, 3 packing cubes). Price includes PayPal Goods and Services fee and shipping.
Mint condition. Pictures taken of the actual items for sale at the time of this listing and reflect the current condition and appearance. Items come from a pet-friendly and smoke-free home.
Price is firm: rare bag, made before the company buyout, from premium 1050 Ballistic and 200 Halcyon, in an extremely rare color AND includes the original shoulder strap, zipper pulls, and set of 3 NFTD packing cubes (designed specifically for this bag). Unicorn bag, for sure. Selling because I own both this bag and the Stowaway, and since both were designed to be used as a personal item on basic economy flights, I'll never use both at the same time.
Does not include a hang tag.
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2023.03.24 03:47 juliemaeve AITA for telling a disabled mom I won’t help her child?

I have 3 daughters aged 9 and a set of twins age 6. All are competitive dancers. For this season we are at a new studio this year. On my twins team they are the youngest and most girls have been on the team 2-3 years already.
I noticed one girl on my twins team was often the only one without a parent. We can call her S. During costume try-ons S was the only one without a mom/dad. I thought it was odd that no other mom was offering to help her so I took S under my wing. The same thing happened at a few other pre competition meetings. I casually mentioned it one night with the other moms. I was told that S’s dad owns a business and is always working or traveling for business. Her mom is obese and can only walk short distances which is why she doesn’t come inside. She waits in her car during practice. They said nobody helps because her mom is incredibly rude/entitled. Her daughter never has the correct materials, such as dance bag with garment rack that were required to have, haimakeup not done, costumes, a mess. I decided I’d help S, it’s not her fault.
The third competition is where it all fell apart. It was a large all weekend competition with 2 performance/award rooms. All 3 of my kids would at one point be dancing almost back to back in separate rooms so I knew I’d be running. I texted S’s mom before and let her know how busy it would be so I would need S to have her haimakeup done and costumes steamed.
S shows up with all costumes a mess and no haimakeup done. First three dances were pure chaos. I get them all ready for their fourth dance and I am ready to run to watch my oldest dance.
I quickly look at the schedule and see S is doing her solo shortly after the current dance. I then realize S never gave me her solo costume, and find it rolled into a ball in her duffel bag. Complete wrinkled mess. Not one mom from our studio is around to help. I miss all 3 of my kids dances to steam S’s costume. They come back and I get S ready. Her costume was as good as I could get it in time but it’s not perfect. She gets on stage and her mom looks at me and says, “look how wrinkled she looks! She better not get points off! Her hair piece doesn’t look secure either!”
A few days later at next practice I speak to the owner about possibly solutions and I’m told she has had many conversations with her mom and unless there’s a change she’ll be off kick out after this year. I go outside to talk to her mom by her car. I let her know that I’m sorry but I can no longer help. It wasn’t fair that I had to miss my kids dancing because I was caring for her child. I explain my frustrations. Then I suggest she hire someone to help S and say I know some teenagers who would do it and I could reach out for her if she’d like. She lost it on me and told me she isn’t hiring anyone, I should continue to help, and if her child is kicked off it’s my fault. I know S isn’t my child but I feel awful.
Am I the asshole if I don’t help S?
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2023.03.24 03:46 Economy_Club_8179 45% Off ZMLM Scratch Paper Art Set: 60Pcs Magic Drawing Art Craft Kid Black Scratch Off Paper Supply Kit Toddler Preschool Learning Bulk Toy for Age 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Girl Boy Christmas Birthday Party Gift gl

45% Off ZMLM Scratch Paper Art Set: 60Pcs Magic Drawing Art Craft Kid Black Scratch Off Paper Supply Kit Toddler Preschool Learning Bulk Toy for Age 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Girl Boy Christmas Birthday Party Gift gl submitted by Economy_Club_8179 to AmazonPromoCodesMD [link] [comments]

2023.03.24 03:45 Agreeable_Ferret4282 45% Off ZMLM Scratch Paper Art Set: 60Pcs Magic Drawing Art Craft Kid Black Scratch Off Paper Supply Kit Toddler Preschool Learning Bulk Toy for Age 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Girl Boy Christmas Birthday Party Gift hP

45% Off ZMLM Scratch Paper Art Set: 60Pcs Magic Drawing Art Craft Kid Black Scratch Off Paper Supply Kit Toddler Preschool Learning Bulk Toy for Age 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Girl Boy Christmas Birthday Party Gift hP submitted by Agreeable_Ferret4282 to AmazonPromoCodesNY [link] [comments]

2023.03.24 03:45 MofoPro Best telescopic controller for Genshin Impact ?

As we all know there is no native controller support for GI for Android.
Basically looking at 3 choices with the best ergonomics and baked in virtual control mapping software
Option 1
GameSir X2 Pro
Has all the features Im looking for but looks blockish so might be the most unergonomic , could be 100% wrong but thats what it looks from pics . Currently on sale $63
Option 2
Razer Kishi v2
Again has all the features I mention but looks cramped and again could be wrong but it costs a lot more . $99
Option 3
Looks like the most ergonomic out of the 3 but not sure if it has virtual controller mapping ( pretty sure it does not ) I guess you can you use Mantis but my experience wasnt that great and not a very intuitive APP , maybe I was using it wrong but either way when I tried it I was not impressed .$99
There is also the GameVice Flex but pretty sure it wont fit my device also the Moga controllers but those are mainly BT connected and are very unwieldly looking
Would be willing to spend the extra money if the Kishi or BackBone are worth it but TBH leaning torwards the GameSir X2 Pro , not becuase its the cheapest ( it helps ) but it looks like it covers a lot of what Im looking for.
Will look at other options too but virtual control mapping is a big requirement. Sorry for the long winded post and will gladly listen to all opinions and would be great to hear owner user reviews for each and would be awesome too hear comparisons if people tried all 3
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2023.03.24 03:45 lgbtqueerandhere 3 weeks since the break up and still, I wonder how she is

It's been 3 weeks since she (27F) broke up with me (30F), and I still wonder how she is.
How did that big work thing go?
How did her mom's car turn out from being sent to the shop?
How are her friends, who we were supposed to see soon?
How is the precious doggo?
She said her mental health was poor, and it wasn't good for her to be in a relationship. It wasn't anything I'd done; I've been so understanding and wonderful and I deserve better than what she could give me. While she said before she'd always be there for me and wait for me, that nothing—not even the ocean between us—could keep us apart, that apparently wasn't true. It was too much and the traveling was hard and she had a lot going on and she had to do what was best for her, as horrible as it was.
Yet still, I wonder how she is.
We've gone no contact, mostly for me and by my urging. She's said she'll be there whenever I want to talk and it's all at my pace, and she misses me and thinks of me often and hopes we can healthily be in each other's lives one day, but I can't do it. I can't sit there and talk to her when I'm still in love with her and thought I was going to marry her one day until she decided to break it off a week after I got back from visiting and two weeks until she was set to visit me.
Then I pause, and think about the uncomfortable conversations. I think about the comprises I've made and the work I've put in to understand her, and I think about what I've received in return and if, in fact, it actually was enough for me.
The odds were always against us, the distance and all, as well as being two women with my family being homophobic to boot. In the beginning we didn't let it bother us. We were internet girlfriends with a supportive community online who didn't judge us or hate us but celebrated us and our love and our care for one another.
And then lockdowns lifted and we could be irl girlfriends. I traveled the world for her, and her for me.
I held her hand for the first time and we melted.
She shyly moved forward to kiss me for the first time and I combusted.
It felt right; it felt pure and warm and strong.
And the further we went in, it was also awkward and frustrating and tiring.
Why did I embarrass her for laughing loudly in public?
Why didn't she help me do any of the cooking when we were at home?
Why didn't she want to be intimate with me after the first few trips?
Why did she make comments about my posture and my clothes and my makeup?
Yet still, I adored her—absolutely worshipped her. As she said, no one's ever looked at her the way I did, with pure love in their eyes.
What about that trip to the ocean we planned for this summer?
What about the pie mix I had waiting in the freezer for her?
What about the Valentine's mug now stored away in my closet?
What about the family wedding she was excited to bring me to?
I try to forget her. I've muted her and abandoned social media even though it's my space, too, and my friends as well.
Toward the end she wasn't good to me. I felt it, the tension, but did my best to ignore it, for she was my girl, and I was hers, and the honeymoon stage doesn't last forever.
I've downloaded the dating apps, with interest from men and from other women. They think I'm pretty and amusing, which I suppose wasn't actually the problem with her, and which makes it hurt all the more and doesn't actually make me feel any better.
She always cringed and cried at the thought of me being with someone else, especially a man, even though she knew and accepted that I'm bisexual.
Would she care now if I went on a date with one of them? If someone took the love I was trying to give to her, that she said she didn't deserve?
Will I ever remember the travels we've had and the time we've spent together without feeling sad and regret and the bitter sense of having been cheated?
Will I ever find someone who will actually help me clean up after dinner, and do something I want to do and do something sweet for me and hold me tight as I fall asleep?
It's been 3 weeks and still I think about her, dream about her, anguish over her.
I know that it's over. My heart has finally accepted it. But still I miss her, and what we had, and mourn the future we could have shared, and wonder how I'm ever going to allow myself to love someone again.
In hindsight I don't know if she was actually all that good for me, even though I wanted her to be. And now I'm starting to see all parts of the memories.
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2023.03.24 03:44 caveboy99357 [PS5] Madden League for Average Dudes

Hey guys, I always found myself playing Madden and saying to myself, god damn this game is trash.
NOW, add that onto the fact that all PS4 leagues are erased, and here we are...
After going 24 for 31 and 5 interceptions, I promised myself I would never MUT, play-now or "competitive" leagues again.
But I kept playing. I kept playing dudes who call cover 3 with underneath shade and constant corner routes.
Or dudes who would constantly roll out of the pocket to hit that "perfect" corner route for a spam TD.
I was sick of it.
Luckily for you, I made my own league and set out to make a league with great sliders that make gameplay realistic! I started out with ten buddies, and now we are a full, thriving COMMUNITY.
Well, now we have 30 teams taken in our league this season, and we want to fill up!
If you want a league that plays sim, is designed for the average dude, and has a great community, OMD is for you. We also do cool things like power rankings and next-gen stats like EPA per play, rushing yards over expected, and a NFL Top 100 players every season.
This is a league for the long-haul. We advance every 48 or 72 hours, so we are built for sustainability and good, sim, fun like the games we watch on the weekends.
We also have a 100% play rate. Our league is for average guys, but this is OUR league. Over half of the guys in our league only play in one league (including me)!
You guys will really enjoy our great league if you want some more football in your life. I honestly love this league and we've had some incredible games.
We emphasize playing sim, and playing for fun. We also have our own website.
Rules Here:
Our league really is for the average guy who wants to play Madden 4 to 5 times a week and feel like he played a real game.
But please note, if you play Madden competitively, this is not the league for you. We're dudes who want a break from the constant heavy play.
Here is our league application, and the discord link is in the application. Filling out the form is a requirement to join our league. We usually have someone play a commish in a practice game, because our league is only as good as the guys we let in!!
Thanks guys!
Send me a DM and/or comment below for more info!
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2023.03.24 03:44 singabore [US-NY] [H] Keyboards (LZ-MP, Volcano, Bumpers, Angel, Thermal, Singa), Keycaps(GMK Coral, SA Chronicler) Artisans [W] Paypal, Artisans

Hello friends, got some stuff to let go of. Here's a timestamp
Comment before PM
Maker Model ColoSpecs Extras? Price Avail?
Zap Cables Bumper Aluminum built with Zealios on a Copper Plate No $350 Ye
Zap Cables Bumper Polycarbonate built with Gat Yellows on a Polycarbonate Plate No $400 Ye
CableCarDesigns Angel Black with PP plate No $450 Ye Thermal Red built with Raeds on a Polycarbonate Plate No $600 Ye
iLUMKB Volcano660 E-White built with Creams on a Brass plate No $800 Ye
Foxlabs Time80 RE Sky Blue wit h regular Aluminum Plate No $600 Ye
TX keyboards TX60 Antique Copper built with Creams on an Aluminum plate No $700 Ye
Yoot Calliope Silver unbuilt with Aluminum plate No $700 Ye
Singa Singa V3 Polycarb built with Alpacas on a Brass Plate No $750 Ye
LZ Masterpiece Silver built with Vint blacks on red Aluminum plate and hiney pcb stock pcb included. $3500 Ye

Maker Set Kits Condition Price Avail?
Signature Plastics SA Chronicler Base 2nd Owner, no shine $150 Ye
GMK Coral Base/Novelties/Coral relief alphas Used Sparingly, no shine $400 Ye

Artisans closeup
Maker Sculpt Colorway Price Avail?
Tokkipee R1 Blank Tidal Pistachio $30 Ye
Nightcaps R1 Blank Neon Sherbet $30 each Ye
JAK The Dude + R1 Blank Big Apple $40 Ye
Ono.Key Naru Shellbrain $50 Ye
FRUMPZKEYS Runeclack Glory $60 Ye
Tokkipee Sakura Various $70 Ye
Ko Caps Aerophant Deadpool $70 Ye
Ko Caps Aerophant Hyperfuse $70 Ye
Ko Caps Aerophant + R1 Blank Flurry $80 Ye
Sodiecaps Jamjams Moogle $80 Ye
S-craft Pokemon Various $90 each Ye
CYSM Ice Cube Various $100 each Ye
JAK Noodle Ink Stained $120 Ye
JAK Cuddles Ink Stained $120 Ye
JAK Birb Ink Stained $120 Ye
Nightcaps Eggface v2 Island Wind $120 Ye
Nightcaps Eggface v2 420 $120 Ye
Nightcaps Nest Egg ? $150 Ye
CYSM Boba Various $150 each Ye
Deathcaps Bad Lucks Various $150 each Ye
Hunger Work Studio Popsi Sweet Streak $170 Ye
CYSM Keyby White Rabbit Candy $200 Ye
CYSM Olifus Hanami Dango set $500 for the set Ye
Here's an artisan wishlist
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