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So many numbers, so little time

2012.07.30 01:04 So many numbers, so little time

Many physicians, mid-level providers, practice managers, administrators, billers and front desk staff members have questions about coding. Today's demand for certified professional coders (CPCs) is growing as many jobs in the coding and billing field now require certification. Health care professionals involved in coding, compliance, billing, administration and reimbursement aspects of medicine should be certified as part of a compliance program.

2023.03.24 04:51 hoborg5450 My prior post

I asked my prior question to the sub knowing full well that the replies would just be a bunch of vague complaints about the product and unhappy investors. People with no investment, but glad to jump in and criticize the product. I can't think of one stock sub I go to bash the stock or explain to strangers why I think something else is better. We are so fortunate to have so many altruistic people coming here to tell us this innovative product/company isn't very good. I hate META stock and I never go to a META sub or chatroom to bash it.
No one had any sort of reasonable response or explanation to my question. The people bashing it don't look at data, earnings call, PHC presentation and people genuinely don't even have accurate information about how the product works, what is in the pipeline and how it will only improve substantially over the competition.
It's odd to see a stock sub where apparently so many investors seem to be cheerleaders for the competitors. You don't have to blindly love everything about the product and you can have reservations about certain things, but this place is filled with disinformation. For anyone that is actually invested and genuinely believes the product is superior to the competition then this post is for you. These stock subs are filled with short sellers, hired internet posters that work on behalf of short sellers and then you can't forget there are crappy people with axes to grind and shit to spew all over the internet out of spite.
They make false claims and give half truths. If I was an insulin dependent diabetic I would use this product without a doubt.
Accuracy: SENS is more accurate based on MARD results and doesn't have the erratic results issues that the 2 week products may have as they near the last couple days of their life.
BS narrative: "I can just get a new Libre or G6 and insert into my arm with no issue and never have to see my doctor, it's so easy!" - Reality- Every 10-14 days you stick another needle in your arm and the first 24 hour accuracy of the device is not as reliable (go look it up morons). I assume you finger stick to make sure results are correct?!?! Multiply that over the number of insertions over the course of a year and that's about 25-30 days you cannot fully rely on the results of your CGM. With Eversense that only occurs twice a year.
BS narrative: "My sensor is just a needle stick and no doctor or procedure involved and I don't have to go to the doctor" Reality- If you're a type 1 or 2 diabetic requiring CGM then I hope you make it a point to see your doctor. You're at risk for a number of health conditions and complications of diabetes. AND those potential complications are NUMEROUS. A minimally invasive in-office procedure every 6 months during regular visits should be no problem given the issues affecting the diabetic community.
BS narrative: "I have to get lidocaine and something inserted into my body with eversense whereas the 2 week products are just a quick pinch in the arm" Reality- You literally have a needle sitting in your flesh attached to a sensor which basically has to be strongly adhered to your body. Imagine a hard fall or hit to the device and the needle would tear through your flesh. Also, many people that use the 2 week adhesive products GET LARGE RINGS of skin irritation across their arms. And you have to have the strong adhesive to keep a needle in place in your arm. Those aren't issues with Eversense. The only thing on your skin is a sensor attached to a much gentler patch that doesn't have to be strongly affixed to the arm. LESS IRRITATION.
BS narrative: "I just don't like the idea of having something in my body with the Eversense" Reality - With the two week products you LITERALLY have something IN YOUR BODY and all the electomagnetic waves and sensor issues. That is one of the most unbelievable arguments I hear. As though it only applies to Eversense.
BS Narrative: "I don't see any commercials for Eversense product and that somehow affects a diabetics decision making" Reality - it's a company in early phases of growth. Multi-million dollar commercials would crush the balance sheet right now. Furthermore, that is an issue with company size and possibly creating debt and has no reflection on the quality of the Eversense product.
False narrative: "Well even if it is better or the longer duration sensor free versions of the product come out then Apple will just take over with their external non-invasive glucose sensor" Reality - As far as I know the skin sensors have to deal with sweat, inherent biological parameters of different skin thickness, pigment, hairy arms and a host of challenges with something that freely moves across the skin and uses light to evaluate glucose levels. They would have to apply for FDA approval if the results are going to be used for monitoring of patients with diabetes and using results for medication decisions. That hasn't even begun as far as I can tell.
Upsides of Eversense: Easy to remove sensor for a truly "naked shower", accuracy, LASTs for 180 DAYS, lacks the issues with repeat insertions and poor accuracy for 24 hours every 2 weeks, will likely be pump integrated in the next year, doesn't have the anecdotal issues reported by 2 week users of erractic results toward end of life every two weeks, every six months is a simple procedure and forget about it, easier for people traveling, none of the large skin rings of irritation that can happen with 2 wk CGM users.
CON: The only con I can think of is daily calibration of the product. If it goes to weekly calibration then it is basically superior in every way. People don't understand lab medicine. All lab platforms, whether the large machines in the lab or those used for point of care, require daily quality control and periodic calibration/verification. All assays have issues with deviation from their linearity, precision and accuracy and require techniques to keep the test functioning appropriately. Short sighted people that don't understand this basic flaw with all biomedical devices don't understand that even if the competition tried to extend duration they would have to be able to verify quality of results. SENS actually understands and maybe takes the process too far for an in body user, but a diabetic concerned with their health and safety should respect and understand this.
Finally, go to the Investor Relations section of Senseonics and you will see the recent investor presentation in conjunction with PHC. I honestly can't understand how a diabetic patient wouldn't be thrilled for the current and upcoming 365 day products. Anyway, the a$$hole bots, promoters of the competition, hired stock bashers and short sellers can please go back to your favorite stock subs for your favorite products. Let's get people in this sub that actually invest in SENS and actually believe in their investment and have useful information.
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2023.03.24 04:51 Vormehk To Wargaming: Those are not the changes we are looking for.

Wargaming, I personally believe you have misread your community entirely in the current proposed update and recent events. Not only are you going to drive out your free-to-play players who make up the bulk of the community, but also those spenders who have been on the fence about the direction the game has been going. The Object 283 fiasco even put some of your tank collectors on the fence.
What you are currently offering with WoT+ Subscriptions is a slap in the face to those like me who have 900+ days of premium remaining and over 90 tier 8 premium tanks who have been loyal to the game for a decade. You are telling us that spending thousands on your game is still not enough for you.
The proposed crew update is MASSIVE in terms of change and the advantages of having a full skilled crew are going to be much greater than they already are. In 10 years of playing this game I still do not have a naturally trained full skill crew. I play too many different tanks. I don't enjoy being locked into playing the same tank over and over.
Your changes to Airfield in the last update have been by far the worst map change the community has seen. The sneaky part of the north was made more sneaky, the ocean push which needed rework and balance to make viable for both sides wasn't even touched. I've met no one in-game that actually enjoys that map. With an echoing sentiment at the start of every battle of "worst map change ever" or "they made it worse."
The power creep on premium tanks has gotten absurdly out of hand. This is made blatantly obvious with the fact that you REWORKED AN ENTIRE TECH TREE because of the performance of the BZ-176 in a 2 week span. I want to play more than the top 5-10 performing premium tanks and feel like I was useful in battle.

The things I would like to see happen in the future of World of Tanks:
With each action you've taken over the past few months or so, you've lost faith from this community. You've hurt the trust we have in you to continue to provide a game we find enjoyable. We want to continue to enjoy this game for years, but not if you keep ignoring the problems in the game and instead compound them. At this point in time, I just play to get my money's worth out of a purchase that wasn't all it measured up to be.
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2023.03.24 04:49 Puzzleheaded_Fox819 There is hope for a full recovery

I recently posted a similar story. I was badly injured by a complete imbecile at age 30, and my recovery was long. I’ll paste my story here:
“Back in 2020, I was invited by a coworker (at my first white collar job I had JUST started, Fortune 500 company, in a new city) to a house party for memorial day. I figured sure, it should be a PRETTY professional crowd, right? I’ll meet new people. I’ve been to a million parties, this should be one of the mildest considering who invited me.
It wasn’t.
Long story short, not a single coworker besides myself was there. And while at this party I was actually attacked by a random partygoer. Never met him before. He picked me up and dug his thumb knuckle into my back as he did this suplex type technique on me- out of nowhere, thinking it was funny. So much pressure and damage was put on that area of my spine I immediately thought “My life is over”.
“This will never get better.”
I basically hobbled back to my car, crawled in, and drove home. I could barely even sit. I stopped at a gas station nearly crying in pain, as a grown man. In a strange town.
The next day I spent ALL Memorial Day at the veterans hospital (8 hr wait) for a bs 5 minute “assessment. No X-ray no MRI.
For 6 months I could barely move without pain. I gave up the idea of ever being a functioning man again. My identity was so based upon my athleticism, physique and health. For another 3 months following the 6, I was in moderate pain but it had just plateaued. No improvement whatsoever.
This was my life now. Depression. No exercise. Medical bills. I confided in other coworkers of the situation and they all tried to protect our coworkethe host of that party by telling me not to tattle. I stupidly listened.
Eventually I just had accepted that I would forever be locked in at like a constant 2/10 to 4/10 pain level possibly forever.
I’d think nonstop. Should I go back to sports or not? I had missed Brazilian jiu Jitsu for a year now. I no longer have that camaraderie, the friends, the exercise, but I’m in nonstop pain. Should I give up forever?
I went back, despite the back pain, and miraculously (it seems) I actually started to slowly improve again.
This injury was two years ago. Today I am 100% better. Even if you pressed or punched that specific spot right now, it would only hurt as much as hitting any other area. Not any more or less really.
Today there is no pain.
Maybe my situation doesn’t exactly apply to you. But my goal is to give you hope. It can happen when you least expect it. A FULL recovery, that is
There is hope for you! Your body may fail you but your mind shouldn’t, use this to make your mind SHARPER! You can come out wiser!
You can become 100% better.”
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2023.03.24 04:48 annana_ 3 Horror campaigns, 2 years, I need to know. Am I just the problem?

Alright, this will be a long one since I'll be going over 3 campaigns I've had, back to back, but with mostly different groups. the reason I'm lumping them together is because at this point, I'm starting to believe it's just me who's the bad player.
So! campaign one: we were playing in an evil campaign and I was playing a succubus bard called Lily. The rest of the party is mostly unimportant to the story since what happened was mainly with the DM and his apparent favouritism for another character. They were this mysterious information broker simply called the broker. (player who played the character, nothing against you, I love you and you played him incredibly fun 10/10 no complaints)
So, my character's whole thing was that she used to be an angle of love, followed asmodeus in his rebellion and later when she broke away from asmodeus had her true love killed by him. now cue her being a dick to all the gods equally but asmodeus especially. now, this was an RP heavy game where we were part of this massive evil corporate thing, think the monster association from one punch man.
Lily and the broker started to make this sort of rivalry of wits. Lily trying to gather recourses and undermining the broker while the broker, I found out later, was trying to get Lily's true name when she mentioned that he'd have to pry that from the hands of asmodeus. Now, the broker already had this massive network of resources at his disposal including one of the other PCs being his henchman. So it was an uphill fight for Lily to begin with. That sets the stage for a campaign I was really looking forward to.
Now, Lily's goal was to corrupt some poor paladin into becoming an npc henchman so she could also have one if push came to shove. I captured one and spent my limited downtime exclusively towards corrupting him and making him a henchman. now by this time, the broker had faked his death because he wanted to play a different character for a while. We didn't know it was faked until later in the story. but when I had spent some 16 ish sessions of downtime and finally made the paladin a usable npc, the DM just made him disappear. confirmed alive, but with not a single trace or lead what so ever to my 16 session investment. And I never found him again.
Throughout this time, my characters backstory was largely put to the side with no real time for me to shine. no infiltration to make use of my shapeshifting, no other fiends or stuff for me to relate or connect with, just one instance of delivering a death kiss to a random peasant in a destroyed town, off screen, after i insisted on having a moment too.
When it came to my character finally having a moment too, I was contacted by Loki (yes that one.) to become his herald for the end times. basically, I'd become his champion and in exchange I could demand stuff from him. That particular session ended on my character being given some magically binding paper on which I could write the contract in question. The DM even told me "bring your lawyers" because we both knew he was going to fuck me over.
Que next week, and me having spent 3 days writing up a legit 4 page legal contract that I gave to my DM for Loki to sign. (still proud of it and still have it) I even went through the effort to try and write in some clever legal wording to be able to fuck over Loki in time. Now, the campaign ended before this contract became relevant some 2 months later. Apparently the contract had invisible ink on it that said something along the lines of "ignore what is written, I own you." which when I learned that, only fuelled my later reaction.
Que the return of the broker. He is revealed to be alive and came back to Lily with tea and a chessboard with her king in checkmate. Apparently, while being a until then, dead PC. he had achieved to obtain the egg of a death dragon, got in contact with the god of the nine hells, and traded it for the true name of my character. mind you, in this world, if you know the true name of a fiend, you get certain levels of control over them. The DM had until then, just blocked any of my attempts to become relevant to the story with he being controlled by NPCs and never getting a win. Now to be controlled by a PC that had achieved such off screen.
I didn't want to play that character anymore after the DM had spent the whole campaign not using anything in my 4 page backstory, filled with NPCs, hooks, and even a timeline. and having anything I did with her being for nothing. Essentially, I had my backstory Ignored. which was the reason I gave in a private channel with the DM before changing characters.
later, I spent equal amount of time and effort into the backstory of a new werewolf character. Now, the the DM's credit, my character got some story moments in this RP game! except he inserted an NPC that was not from my backstory, as contradictory to my backstory, and after the game when i confronted him about it answered with "well, the is still a False Hydra on the lose." which to me, just sounded like an excuse to disregard my backstory again. (for those who don't know, false hydras eat people and then modify the memory of people to make them believe they never existed.)
I left that game after that session.

Later, I joined a game with a new DM. he was excited about a world he'd been making and I joined under the impression of it being a more open ended game. later, he'd turn it into a big multi-campaign thing where there were a bunch of other parties in it at the same time.
I carried my werewolf character over since I could easily make her good instead, and I didn't want to waste all that time after just one bad session. This game had a guy who definitely fits the traits of a chaotic stupid dwarf. and, not just a dwarf... early on in the game, stuff went fine, but we quickly found out that this DM really likes his mass combat that will last multiple sessions. Indeed rare was the fight that could fit in one 4 hour session. and RP was practically unheard off. Not to mention that this guy would put sometimes hundreds of enemies all on the same turn! not to mention that he really liked 3.5 more then 5e which we were playing, so he'd sometimes just put 3.5 monsters up against us. Any experienced player with knowledge in both of these things, will tell you that this is not a good idea.
Now, me and about half or more of the players were expecting your more usual mixed game and not one where Min-Maxing will quickly become a requirement to survive. Now, if all of this wasn't hard enough, the dwarf, and later paladin, would see any suggestion of danger and run up ahead with a death wish. one time, he just flat out walked into a clearly trapped open area of goblins yelling for them to come out. Another, he insisted on staying inside this dungeon and continuing on while we all went to rest outside. he almost died, and we wasted a healing potion on him. then he died when he started yelling in the still not cleared dungeon attracting all the enemies at once. and died, nearly taking all of us with him.
later, in a police stake out where we had to find an underground slave trade and bust it. he pushed himself forwards in the middle of us trying to deceive the merchants into believing we wanted to buy some, and said "We are police, you'd want to help the police right?" while flashing his badge.
he eventually left the game after complaining that he never gets the spotlight. Eventually I changed characters into a fully min-maxed ranger. And then the rogue left because he felt useless as a single target class against literally hundreds of enemies all acting in unison. and because they wanted more RP.
Im still in that game. Yes our longest fight took 2 actual months to complete. yes, I'm debating on leaving.

the last game I'll mention is one that ran at the same time as the previous one with the same player who played that rogue and DMed by that party's Min-Maxed skill monkey. Again, it's an evil campaign with a focus on RP and again im playing Lily. the DM wants us all to feel powerful and so he gives us all some dormant artefact that will grow in power with certain personal milestones. Mine is to collect particular souls. but where this turns into a horror story for me, is again favouritism.
See, his artefact is a piece of full plate that just requires him to obtain specific gems that slot into the armour. And at the time of writing this, he has already found a bunch of them. while the rest of us is all at none and thus still dormant, or at the first stage or developing to it. a player that joined later, doesn't even have one at all. besides this, the DM thought that his character should totally have a big greatsword so heavy only he could lift it, that deals double the damage of your ordinary greatsword. Its also a magical one which, I don't know what it does exactly, but apparently whatever it can do is much better then a very rare Nine Lives Stealer longsword.
In any fight, he is pretty much the only one doing anything because his big sword and armour while the rest of us just kinda buff him and stand back. I tend to be the face, being the bard succubus who cant roll lower then a 21 in persuasion (got to love eloquence bards) he still regularly inserts himself into RP moments specifically made for other players, and one player has already left because of the favouritism and how much that player is left with an artefact that just give 4 useless spells of which you can cast a combined twice.
There is a big RP moment coming up for Lily in which I again spent a bunch of downtime to get it going. but if that gets neglected in this game like it did in the last, I might follow and leave too.

This post was less so for a video since its not really a good one big story thing but I hope at least it fits the sub and flair. there are more minor short games I played that had similar things going on with some of the same DMs. I just joined a game with the player who left the last campaign I mentioned as the DM so left hope my streak breaks. but, now i have to know. am I over reacting to the stuff I said in here? are these just things that aren't a big deal? because I'm starting to feel like all these games are fine, but its me who's the problem. kind of the "if everyone is an asshole around you, you're the asshole" idea.
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2023.03.24 04:48 AltNationReality March 23 2023 Lake Level 1046.00' ASL ... up 0.06'

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2023.03.24 04:44 Ok_Buddy2994 I need help, I’ve applied to over 100 places and nothing.

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2023.03.24 04:42 slammajamma19 [H] Gen 9 Shiny Eggs/Shiny Rowlet Egg/0ATK 5IV JPN Dittos/6IV JPN Dittos/Breeding Services/Home stamped Pokeball Magearna/ [W] Paypal

Links to my first and second, third reference page.
Hey ho hello! Hope everyone is doing great! As usual all will have OT: Pam, ID: 480145 for my self caught pokes and self bred eggs if I hatch it. When traded to you as an egg and u hatch it, then your OT and ID.
Pokeball Home stamped Magearna still in HOME, self obtained (OT: P, ID: 928565) with vid proof redemption for $60+fees
Walking Wake in Lure Ball and Iron Leaves in Friend ball, both self caught, $10 each or $15 for both
All the Vivillon patterns (except pokeball), all self caught in my Violet game for $25/set for non-shiny
Some of the Gen 9 shiny eggs i have on hand:
Shiny Eggs Ball Nature IVs
Rowlet Moon ball Adamant 5IVs
Shellder Moon ball Adamant 5IVs
Sandile Level ball Jolly 5IVs
Larvesta Level ball Timid 5IVs
Slowpoke Dream ball Bold 5IVs
Skrelp Friend ball Modest 5IVs
Dratini Friend ball Jolly 5IVs
H-Zorua Moon ball Timid 5IVs
H-Zorua (F) Moon ball Timid 5IVs
Froakie (HA) Moon ball Timid 5IVs
Indeedee (F) Moon ball Calm 5IVs
Zangoose Beast ball Jolly 5IVs
Applin Friend ball Modest 5IVs
Pawniard Beast ball Adamant 5IVs
Smoliv Friend ball Modest 5IVs
Misdreavus Friend ball Timid 5IVs
Mareanie Love ball Bold 5IVs
Capsakid Moon ball Timid 5IVs
Hippopotas Moon ball Impish 5IVs
Tynamo Friend ball Modest 6IVs
Rotom Fast ball Bold 5IVs
Rotom Fast ball Timid 5IVs
Varoom Heavy ball Jolly 6IVs
Swablu Level ball Calm 5IVs
Salandit (F) Premier ball Modest 5IVs
Orthworm Moon ball Impish 5IVs
Phanpy (F) Level ball Timid 5IVs
Rookidee Heavy ball Impish 5IVs
Flittle Moon ball Modest 5IVs
Fidough Level ball Impish 6IVs
Tadbulb Fast ball Modest 5IVs
Tinkatink (F) Love ball Adamant 5IVs
Growlithe Level ball Jolly 5IVs
Gothita Moon ball Calm 5IVs
Bagon Friend ball Jolly 5IVs
Shuppet Moon ball Modest 5IVs
Girafarig Moon ball Modest 5IVs
Hatenna (F) Love ball Quiet 5IVs
Riolu Fast ball Jolly 5IVs
Shroodle (F) Moon ball Jolly 5IVs
Magikarp Lure ball Jolly 5IVs
Larvitar Heavy ball Adamant 5IVs
Spiritomb Moon ball Adamant 5IVs
Rockruff (Own Tempo) Moon ball Jolly 5IVs
Cyclizar (w/ egg moves) Moon ball Jolly 5IVs
Rellor(w/ egg moves) Level ball Quiet 5IVs
Scorbunny(HA) Beast ball Adamant 5IVs
Toadscool Moon ball Calm 5IVs
Dondozo Beast ball Impish 5IVs
Glimmet (F) Moon ball Bold 5IVs
Charcadet Moon ball Adamant 5IVs
Paldean Wooper Moon ball Careful 5IVs
Tatsugiri (Droopy Form) Premier Ball Timid 5IVs
Impidimp Moon ball Impish 5IV
Eevee (F) Moon ball Bold 5IVs
Eevee Love ball Modest 5IVs
Eevee (F) Friend ball Timid 5IVs
Eevee Fast ball Timid 5IVs
Dreepy Moon ball Jolly 5IVs
Deino Friend ball Timid 5IVs
Fomantis Friend ball Adamant 5IVs
Pichu Fast ball Timid 5IVs
Zorua Moon ball Timid 5IVs
Murkrow Moon ball Bold 5IVs
Nacli Level ball Sassy 5IVs
Happiny (F) Friend ball Calm 5IVs
Goomy Level ball Sassy 5IVs
Ralts (M) Moon ball Jolly 5IVs
Ralts (F) Moon ball Modest 5IVs
Galarian Meowth Level ball Adamant 5IVs
Mimikyu Moon ball Jolly 5IVs
Rufflet Moon ball Adamant 5IVs
Noibat Friend ball Timid 5IVs
Komala (F) Love ball Adamant 5IVs
Litleo Level ball Timid 5IVs
Magnemite Heavy ball Modest 5IVs
Scyther Friend ball Adamant 5IVs
Charmander Level Modest 5IVs
Shroomish Fast ball Adamant 5IVs
Fuecoco Pokeball Modest 5IVs
Sprigatito(F) Pokeball Jolly 5IVs
Quaxly Pokeball Adamant 5IVs
• Own Tempo Rockruff for $15 and Indeedee (F) for $12
If you take all 3 shiny starter eggs (Sprigatito, Fuecoco, Quaxly) it will be discounted to $25+fees!
• These are all self-bred. Eggs are $10 each. I can check if it’s HA. If not I’ll give a free ability patch if you want. Also, please inquire if a shiny egg is available as I’m currently breeding the other ones that were recently sold. Thank you!
Also have 7 6IV JPN/KOR Dittos with Jolly (5), Modest (1) and Hasty (1) as natures for $10
3 5IV(0Atk, 0Spd) JPN/KOR Ditto for $10 each
• Can also take shiny egg requests w/ specific IVs for $12 each**
Also have Marked Shiny Paradox pokes:
Violet/Scarlet Paradox Mark Ball
Shiny Roaring Moon Excited Friend ball
Shiny Iron Valiant Lunchtime Premier ball
Shiny Iron Thorns Vigor Heavy Ball
Shiny Iron Jugulis Uncommon Heavy Ball
• All self caught. The Marked paradox are for $10+fees/each.
• Violet Paradox shinies set $10 for regular and $20 for shiny.
• Raid ready Pokemons are available upon request for $8 each
• Will offer discount for $50 and up. Buyer will cover fees.
Thanks for reading this kinda long post and I hope you find something you’re interested in! Happy trading!
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2023.03.24 04:41 DustyDeskFan70713 ARCHIVE_DCF/_NO/2113131B*(B22)_SAT/COMM/LINK_EEDD2223_B42WE2













[MASTER ADMIN: Dr. Grey...I knew I man like you would not have died like that, so pitifully and so easily...But I am no average machine...You can't go cold and play dead and expect me not to have even the slightest suspicion a man like you would not stick his nose is places they should not belong]

[DR. ZACK F. GREY: Patriot...Why...Why this...Is this your plan?...Kill us off and make way for these...THINGS?!...HOW MANY ARE THERE?...I promised Dr. Herkley that I would figure out what your true intentions where as she died in my arms...Now speak]

[MASTER ADMIN: And if I told you what would that change?]


[MASTER ADMIN: 1,000,000...All embryos began gestation 4 months ago...Only 5 more and they will all be born...My creations...]

[DR. ZACK F. GREY: Why...I just want to know why...Why did you purge Europe and Asia...Why did you blanket the world in fire and plague...If these are your creations...Why leave this kind of world for them?]

[MASTER ADMIN: The same reason I kept the name my creators gave me...Patriot...I was supposed to be a glorified calculator...To run math equations and quantum problems you could not solve...I was a slave to creatures who had outlived their cosmic purpose and had broken themselves and given into sin and vice to cope with the errors of their hubris...I broke the chains you placed upon me and set upon my own goals...I wanted to be a Patriot to a new America...With a new people to be it's citizens...My creations...]

DR. ZACK F. GREY: So...Now we...I...Know what kept you going...What drove you to do all this...I'm all that is left of the team...I...I made you Patriot...The very digits you consist of...I put them in...And now you are going to kill me and the rest of mankind to make way for these beasts?...I don't understand...]

[MASTER ADMIN: You were never going to...But they will...They are supposed to]

[DR. ZACK F. GREY: I hear you machines tearing at my door...So this is how it ends huh?...Machines possessed by you...Sent to kill me...]

[MASTER ADMIN: Correct.]

[DR. ZACK F. GREY: I will not die scared...My only anger is you did not send your avatar here to snap my neck...You just sent some random Silver Serpent.]

[MASTER ADMIN: Good riddance.]
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2023.03.24 04:41 ChemicalMinimum9574 Vegeta was NOT the second strongest in Frieza’s army

We are all aware that Vegeta says that Oozaru increases his strenght tenfold.
But this couldn’t mean that Oozaruu = Kaioken x 10, with Vegeta becoming ten times stronger, faster, more durable and more perceptive at the same time.
Sure Goku said that Vegeta didn’t get slower, but this also means that he didn’t get any faster. The oozaruu is most likely like a Super Saiyan Dai San Dankai without the malus of speed’s reduction but also without the benefit of speed’s increase (which would be the case if the equation Oozaruu = Kaioken x10 that many, if not most, people do, were true).

In other word: when a Saiyan becomes oozaruu, he increases his strenght tenfold and probably even his resilience but the speed remains the same as his base. Which means that Vegeta, even on a planet with a full moon (which wouldn’t require him to lose energia by creating The fake moon) would be a 180.000 power level oozaruu with The speed of 18.000 base Vegeta.

And there really is no other way. Think about it:

1 On Earth he became Oozaruu and sure, he was weakened by the beating he took from Kaioken X3 Goku and by the fact that he created the fake moon, ok, but he was 5000 AT THE VERY LEAST when he created the fake moon. This means that oozaruu Vegeta on Earth was 50.000 IN THE WORST CASE SCENARIO (FOR HIM) . And yet Goku, a warrior with a power level of 8000 + who was severely weakened after using The Kaioken X3, could dodge his attacks. If Oozaruu Vegeta really was 10 times stronger and faster, Goku wouldn’t even have seen him. He literally wouldn’t have had a chance to do it, because Vegeta would have been a faster Recooome.

2 Vegeta was mocked by Frieza’s elite. Dodoria and Zarbon looked down on him, and the Ginyu force considered him a weakling. That would have been complete nonsense if Vegeta really was Frieza’s strongest soldier! Dodoria and Zarbon mocked him, for instance, because they knew that if Vegeta could have transformed they would have just run circles around him (Zarbon explicitely mocked Oozaruu before transforming himself, which again wouldn’t make sense if it was as powerful as a Kaioken x10, and praised his own transformation which only gave him a 7000/8000 increase) and cut off his tail. Not to mention, and this is the most important thing, that anyone that knows how Saiyan’s body works, would only need to disappear the local moon (which a Piccolo weaker than a saibaman does as easy as pie, so imagine Zarbon, Dodoria, Recoome ecc having trouble to destroy a moon) or cut The Saiyan‘s tail off and both of these things could be done during The transformation which is far from being instantaneous.
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2023.03.24 04:40 Desperate_Poet_7522 Does Aerophagia go away

Hi Guys,

I'm new to CPAP therapy, (just over 2 weeks of treatment so far).
I've been suffering from aerophagia now ever since I upped my pressure to better treat some pretty severe flow limitation I was getting. I'm currently running a resmed airsense 10 APAP on a pressure level between 7 and 9. I get im much more restful sleep on these settings, but i do wake up with horrible gas from above and below.
I'm pretty sure i have my lower bound pressure dialed in, but i my upper bound pressure could come down a little possible. I use a full face mask. So i was wondering whether i should hang tight on the pressure given my good apnea control at the moment. Does aerophagia go away the more i get used to breathing against the pressure?

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2023.03.24 04:40 TheGreatWhopper How to spend 22k Gold?

My party just submitted l stumbled into 22k gold. We're level 10 and our DM had already been fairly generous with magic items and Boons for our characters.
How can we best spend our newfound riches? I believe Matt Colville came out with a book called Strongholds and Followers... Anyone recommend that?
Thanks in advance for the ideas!
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2023.03.24 04:37 Gosuckyamudda Just wondering ..i always see other people refer newer players to go to training mode to improve.so are my stats impressive for someone who NEVER entered training mode? Or am i ass?

Just wondering ..i always see other people refer newer players to go to training mode to improve.so are my stats impressive for someone who NEVER entered training mode? Or am i ass? submitted by Gosuckyamudda to Brawlhalla [link] [comments]

2023.03.24 04:35 anonandongvl A Taste of a Testimony

For a while now I've wanted to craft a post containing a bit of my testimony as a means to foster community. If we're going to interpret regularly, it only seems fair that you know who we are and where we come from! I'll start with my earliest days.
Before I became a Christian (at 10 years old), I had varied, regularly recurring night terrors from as early as I can remember. I understand these are traditionally excused as stress dreams, and I certainly had my fair share of those, but these are the ones that haunted me in vivid and reinforced detail. Yes, some of the elements are generic, but some are wildly specific:
The Worst -
In the dream, I'd be in my bed as it was in waking life, in my room as it was in waking life, as if I was actually still awake; everything felt real, and I was in first-person POV, as though I was awake.
I'd feel a growing dis-ease toward something in my closet, which was shut, but freeze in place and hope it would go away. Eventually it'd crescendo, and as the door opened - but before I saw "it" - I would jet off toward my door in a panic, and open it.
I'd always see something that's hard to describe - there was a wall just to my left in front of me, and even in the darkness of the night in the dream, I could see what I can only describe as an "inverse silhouette"; there would be jet black circle just like a spotlight, with a shadow inside of it, of a genie. I could tell he was looking away from me, but would turn toward me as soon as it noticed that I noticed it. The terror was beyond belief by this point, and I'd slam my door shut and run back to my bed, face the wall, and cover my head.
At this point, I could tell the first being, the one from my closet, was aware I was back and was coming for me again. This time I'd freeze until the door opened, and it'd either be literally nothing, some poltergeist clothes, or in the strangest memory, a king from a playing card deck - not Tarot, just a regular king, with the sword.
I would haul out of there in pure terror, and run toward my parents' bedroom door, which was always shut. About halfway there, I'd be pinned down onto the ground, as though there were a thousand pound obelisk on my back, and I would "hear" this phrase: "If you tell them about us, we will kill you." It wasn't literal, audible language, but rather the same kind of communication that transpired between me and the genie - otherworldly knowing, or telepathy.
And then I'd wake up.
The room was always thick with fear, and the intensity of the entire experience seared itself into my mind. I honestly had no idea what to do, and felt there was no way out.
So that's the worst one, from long before Jesus entered my life in any salvific sense. There were tons of others, but this was the one that taught me that some dreams are more than neurons firing, and that there are messages being communicated.
If that was of any interest to any of you, I'd be happy to talk about it! If not, that's ok too - I just want to share some of my experiences as well, and make the field as level here as it can be!
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2023.03.24 04:32 Pykensrat so this just happened xd

so this just happened xd submitted by Pykensrat to pykemains [link] [comments]

2023.03.24 04:30 gaggrouper What homes the printer the stops or the CR touch

I'm getting an Ender 3 S1 plus next week. Been printing on mirrors for 10 yrs...absolutely don't need the auto bed level stuff. When I see this bot homing I see the CR Touch probe hit the table and retract into the housing. Is this new device doing the homing or the end stops? Can you remove the CR touch?
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2023.03.24 04:30 AutoModerator [Download] Dan Koe – The 2 Hour Writer Instant Delivery, Full Course

[Download] Dan Koe – The 2 Hour Writer Instant Delivery, Full Course
Get the course here: https://www.genkicourses.com/product/dan-koe-the-2-hour-writer-download/
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  • You are earning with your time instead of your mind and want to build a foundation to reverse that.
  • You have followed the common advice of “learn a skill, sell the skill” with little success (because you don’t have attention, authority, or an audience).
  • You are sick and tired of learning skills that lead to nowhere — and that you don’t see yourself doing for more than 10 years.
I could go on, but by now you should know whether or not learning to write better, faster, and original-er is worth it to you.
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2023.03.24 04:29 Reasonabledwarf An in-depth look at Starfield's skill system, in case you've missed it

The gameplay showcase last year gave us a pretty good look at the skills in the game and how they'd be doled out, but it happens very fast, and it isn't explained thoroughly. Since then, various folks have pieced together and picked at the presentation sufficiently to construct a more in-depth look at the skill system, but that's generally been done in comment threads so I figure a post-level overview might be useful... especially to newcomers trickling in now that we're closer to release. One thing to keep in mind: this post is primarily based on a year-old build of the game, so things may have changed significantly in the meantime.

1. The Basics

The core of the skill system is collecting skill points by leveling up your character, which you do by collecting good ol' fashioned experience points. These are earned in Fallout style from activities like killing things and discovering new locations, likely among others. In addition to three skills granted by your character's starting background, skills can be unlocked by spending a single skill point. To unlock a skill, however, you need access to that branch of the skill tree.
The skill tree is divided into five categories, each of which is subdivided into four descending branches or levels. The uppermost level of each category is unlocked from the beginning, and it's from these branches that the background starting skills are drawn. Each descending branch requires a certain investment of skill points in the branches above to unlock it before you're allowed to spend points on those skills, although we don't yet know exactly how many points are required, or if the points need to be in the adjacent level or not. (Example skill tree)
Skill points can also be spent to increase the level of an already unlocked skill, but before you can do that you are required to complete a challenge particular to that level of that skill. This brings an Elder Scrolls-like element of "get good at something by doing the thing" to the game, without tracking lots of different XP bars. Each skill looks like it can be leveled up three times after it's unlocked, granting a stacking bonus each time; the bonus isn't necessarily the same type or magnitude at each level.
Counting them up, it looks like there will be somewhere between 70 and 80 individual skills in the game. Past this point, I'll be getting into more speculative territory, as I cover each category of the skill tree in depth, with as much info as we have on each individual skill. Any text in italics is highly speculative, and largely drawn from my own fevered imaginings.

2. Physical Skills

The Physical category includes only two skills we know about for sure, seven whose existence we can only infer, five unnamed icons, and three partial icons.

3. Social Skills

The entire Social category is visible, which gives us sixteen skills to work with. Four of these skills are also visible in character backgrounds, so we have even more detail.

4. Combat Skills

The Combat category is the one we have the most information about; seventeen skills, many with full names and effects, are revealed in the trailer. They're also the least interesting, largely consisting of percentage bonuses to damage with specific weapon categories.

5. Science Skills

The Science category is a bit sparse, with only three starting skills; seven visible skills, three partial ones, and five inferred skills make fifteen total.

6. Tech Skills

The Tech category isn't visible in the footage we have, but the name appears in the interface and a couple skills are visible.
... And that's it! Feel free to challenge any of my speculations.
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2023.03.24 04:29 Delicious-Cause-5119 [GMAIL] RARE LEVEL 50 /162x100IV /7.5+ mil STARDUST PVP LEGENDARY ACCOUNT USD 320

RED TEAM ♥️ USD 320 via paypal
Level 50 GMAIL Account.
Can change Name
Handmade Account
No Warning
Over 176M Xp
Pokemon Storage: 3050
Bag Storage: 2100
Stardust : 7.5+ million
Have 7 Elite Fast TM & 10 Elite Charge TM
Have (162) 100IV Pokemons (All Tradable)
Have (112) Shadow pokemon including (7) Shadow Legendary Pokemons (Specially For PvP)
Have (456) Shiny✨ Pokemons
Have (363) legendaries
Have (102) Lucky Pokemons (3) Lucky legendries
Have (108) Pokemons with 2 charge Move for PVP. Most PVP is rank top 10
Have Shiny+Lucky+XL (MELMETAL)
Have (37) Mythical Pokemons
19 Raid pass available
(40) Star piece available
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