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2023.05.28 18:47 mrjitjr Applied for 75+ data analyst internships & jobs, but didn't get a single interview call. I need honest feedbacks & suggestions, please.

Resume was made with LaTeX.
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2023.05.28 18:41 VODThread [SGDQ] VoD Thread 2023

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Game Runner / Channel Time / Link
Pre-Show (before the marathon%) Interview Crew 0:30:00
Sonic Frontiers (Any%)+ AlphaDolphin 1:17:00
Bugsnax (All Bosses Co-op)+ Konception and limy 0:45:00
Mega Man Maker (any%)+ megamarino 0:30:00
F-Zero X (All Tracks (Expansion Kit)) 1davidj 1:25:00
Skate 2 (Any%)+ SupaScared 0:45:00
The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap (Any%) Myth197 1:40:00
BONUS GAME 1 - Ring Fit Adventure (Beat World 1 Intensity 30 Restricted) Verxl 0:20:00
Luigi's Mansion (100% Race)+ HDlax and Jovin 1:15:00
Daily Recap - Sunday (Recap%) Interview Crew 0:15:00
Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition (NG Devil Hunter - Nero/Dante) DECosmic 1:20:00
Thief (2014) (Any% (Rogue, No DLC))+ DemonicRobots 1:25:00
Banjo-Kazooie (100% no FFM)+ duck 2:08:00
Dark Summit (Any%)+ flatline 0:50:00
Bloody Hell (Any%)+ BystanderTim 0:15:00
Loom (Any% VGA)+ LMMotoss 0:30:00
Michael Jackson's Moonwalker (Any%) RetroBrando 0:22:00
SuzukiBakuhatsu (Any% Hard) quino 0:20:00
Metal Slug XX (normal Any% eri)+ sukimos 0:25:00
Anodyne (All Bosses) LaserTrap_ 0:27:00
PHOGS! (Solo Any%)+ Sean_A 1:05:00
Alien Swarm (Any% Co-op)+ Kykystas and mr.deagle 0:20:00
Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle (Season 3) Froob 0:52:00
Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII - Reunion (Any% Race)+ desa3579 and BigSid 1:20:00
Peggle Deluxe (Any%)+ britsha 1:20:00
ENDER LILIES: Quietus of the Knights (All Spirits)+ Keizaron 1:10:00
Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus (All Keys)+ Zenthrow 1:12:00
The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds (Any%) benstephens56 1:35:00
Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon (Any% Ultimate) The Blacktastic 0:25:00
Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2 (Episode 1: Normal/Veteran) DanTheVP 0:38:00
BONUS GAME 2 - Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (Randomizer- Any% Glitchless (Lycanthrope)) Dr4gonBlitz 1:05:00
Daily Recap - Monday (Recap%) Interview Crew 0:15:00
StepManiaX (Game Showcase) ZephyrGlaze, WDRM, and chezmix 1:20:00
Katana ZERO (All Stages Normal)+ Modulottie 0:24:00
Hearthstone: Knights of the Frozen Throne (Solo Adventures) srd_27 0:30:00
Overcooked! 2: Night of the Hangry Horde (All (Hangry) Horde Levels) RUBIEHART, Peace Egg, and Sunbrojade 1:00:00
Chained Echoes (Any% No CW - Fresh File)+ moonblazewolf 0:53:00
Alpha Prime (Any%)+ danejerus 0:34:00
Rose of Meat (Any%) shmumbler 0:12:00
SNOLF (Any% No Coordinate Warp)+ dowolf 0:40:00
Marathon Infinity (All Main Levels - Kindergarten) tbcr 0:35:00
G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero (Any%)+ MixMastaPJ 0:25:00
Maniac Mansion (Any%)+ Sathdresh 0:08:00
Disney's 102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the Rescue (All Levels, Inbounds race (PS2)) passere and TaintedTali 0:32:00
Ratatouille (Any%)+ adef 0:25:00
CrossCode (Any% No Menu Glitches)+ EpicYoshiMaster 1:35:00
Hi-Fi RUSH (Any% NG Easy)+ MoistRock 2:45:00
Bastion (Live Tutorial Showcase) Cosmic_Bones and SeaAverage 0:35:00
Returnal (Fresh File Glitched (PC))+ cavecavecave 0:40:00
The Elder Scrolls Anthology (Main Series)+ Chronos_R 2:00:00
BioShock 2 (Any%) bloodthunder 1:05:00
BONUS GAME 3 - Halo 3 (Legendary) g3lk_jr 1:25:00
Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes (Any% - Normal)+ NickRPGreen 1:11:00
Daily Recap - Tuesday (Recap%) Interview Crew 0:15:00
Silent Hill: Homepour (All Bosses NG+) shmumbler 2:45:00
SIGNALIS (Any% Casual Difficulty / Memory Ending)+ DruciferPlays 0:50:00
Choo-Choo Charles (Any%)+ Bird650 0:25:00
Resident Evil 6 (Ada vs Jake, Coop, Amateur, NG+)+ TaintedTali and texan_red_wolf 1:20:00
Dead Rising 2 (TimeSkip NG)+ Ecdycis 1:00:00
Kidnapped (Any%)+ sharkhat87 0:10:00
Goosebumps: Dead of Night (Any% Normal)+ nyiddle 0:15:00
Beard Blade (Any%)+ janglestorm 0:54:00
Dharma Doujo (Any%) Lizstar 0:40:00
Gauntlet (Any% Co-op)+ yelsraek and chessjerk 0:20:00
Sifu (WUDE Any% (Master))+ EileenCream 0:52:00
Exodus from the Earth (Any%)+ catalystz 0:35:00
Touhou 14.3: Impossible Spell Card (All Scenes No Items) msm_smtn 1:20:00
Shatterhand (Any%)+ Amad 0:24:00
lil gator game (Any%)+ ItzBytez 0:18:00
Dangun Feveron (Arcade) Qlex 0:22:00
Trine Enchanted Edition (Any% NG+)+ GrosHiken 0:25:00
N++ (Co-op Legacy X-row) killingpepsi and XandoToaster 0:25:00
HITMAN 3 (Any% Freelancer Campaign) Frote7 0:30:00
Shadow the Hedgehog (Glitchless Bidwar)+ MetalMedb 0:20:00
Sonic Adventure (DX) (All Stories Relay)+ SpacebarS, shovelclaws, Themimik, Yoshipuff, AlphaDolphin, and Allegro 1:50:00
The Legend of Zelda: Majoras Mask (Blitz Randomizer)+ spikevegeta 2:30:00
BONUS GAME 4 - Super Mario Odyssey (Any%) Dangers 1:02:00
Daily Recap - Wednesday (Recap%) Interview Crew 0:15:00
Paper Mario (Any% no ace) Mx_4 1:50:00
True Crime: New York City (Any%)+ pmcTRILOGY 1:00:00
Golf It! (Classic First 5 Maps 100% Race)+ Nichole Goodnight and Bathinjan 0:30:00
Hobo Cat Adventures (Any%)+ yoshipro 0:20:00
Batman Forever (Any%) Faust4712 0:45:00
Give Me Toilet Paper! (Hand%)+ Asuka424 0:13:00
Pepsiman (Any%) TheFlyingMarlin 0:28:00
Stair Quest (Stair%)+ davidtki 0:15:00
The Cat in the Hat (PS1) (Any%)+ Mildew 0:12:00
Wayne's World (Any%) Ritzblues 0:30:00
The Incredible Hulk (Any%)+ Iceplug 0:20:00
Pocky & Rocky Reshrined (Any% Uzume)+ EODTexSR 0:25:00
The Curse of Monkey Island (Any% Mega-Monkey)+ frozenspade 0:24:00
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (Any% (No 3rd-party FPS caps)) Joshimuz 4:20:00
Darkest Dungeon (Defeat Hag/NecromanceSwine Prince Bidwar)+ RebelDragon95 0:50:00
Mega Man 6 (Any% 2 Players 1 Controller) DarkTerrex and Ppotdot1 0:41:00
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Any%) mralberto23 3:00:00
Pizza Tower (Any%)+ SoaringSloth 1:20:00
BONUS GAME 5 - Titanfall 2 (Any%) Blaidan 1:25:00
Daily Recap - Thursday (Recap%) Interview Crew 0:15:00
Gunfire: Reborn (Qing Yan - Full Game - Reincarnation 1)+ Shockwve 0:35:00
Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy (Full Trilogy Any%) Murcaz 2:40:00
Amnesia: Rebirth (Any%)+ bloodthunder 1:00:00
Shantae and the Pirate's Curse (All Dark Magic, Pirate Mode, No OOB) TheSoundDefense 1:20:00
Klonoa Phantasy Reverie Series (Klonoa 1 Any% Easy Support Mode)+ Mr_Shasta 0:50:00
VVVVVV (Any% Glitchless)+ Metroid Crime 0:22:00
SaGa Frontier (Story Bidwar)+ Raclesis 1:00:00
Final Fight 3 (Co-Op Any% (Easy))+ JaekRock and Space Coast Gaming 0:25:00
Shinobi 3: Return of the Ninja Master (Expert) dagronSR 0:30:00
Wild Guns (Any% hard co-op)+ giygasblues and Crak Atak 0:25:00
Lunistice (Any% Glitchless)+ Nestani 0:35:00
X-Men Arcade (2-player 1CC Attempt) LRock617 and MetroidMaster 0:30:00
Dark Forces (Easy (TFE))+ CovertMuffin 0:26:00
The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords (Any% Co-op)+ AmberCyprian and TGH 0:30:00
Metroid Prime Remastered (Any%)+ Samura1man 2:00:00
Pokémon Colosseum (Any% Race)+ Swiftalu and Sparkle 4:05:00
Kaizo Monkey Ball (Story Mode) IkeSMB 0:40:00
Sure Shot (100%)+ Shoujo 0:25:00
Spin Rhythm XD (XD Turntable Showcase) AngryScootsman 1:00:00
BONUS GAME 6 - Clone Hero (Showcase) Frif 0:54:00
Daily Recap - Friday (Recap%) Interview Crew 0:15:00
Celeste (TAS- True Ending)+ Lmjacks, tmcalvins, and Vamp 0:36:00
Super Mario 64 (Randomizer- 70 Star Non-Stop)+ 360Chrism 0:42:00
Kingdom Hearts Final Mix (Any% Proud Race)+ MistMaster1 and Violin 2:30:00
TimeShift (Casual Difficulty)+ ChurchnSarge 1:05:00
Neopets: The Darkest Faerie (Any%)+ Jaxler 0:50:00
Tony Hawk's Underground (Beginner Any%) Biglaw 0:37:00
Spelunky 2 (Spelunker Trials Any%)+ Lavableman 0:20:00
Ori and the Blind Forest Definitive Edition (All Skills No OOB/TA)+ Primorix 0:35:00
Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg (Any%) monkeysmb 1:12:00
Final Fantasy IV Pixel Remaster (Any%) Zic3 2:55:00
I Wanna Be the Guy Remastered (Any%)+ LogicPQ 0:25:00
Superhot VR (Any%)+ davidtki 0:15:00
Super Mario Bros. (Warpless)+ GTAce 0:20:00
Fire Emblem Engage (Any%)+ Claris 1:15:00
Pokémon Scarlet/Violet (Victory Road)+ eddaket 2:30:00
Elden Ring (Any% Glitchless) Mitchriz 1:20:00
Super Mario Maker 2 (Relay Race) TheRileyC, Aurateur, PangaeaPanga, TanukiDan, Shoujo, Caspur189, LilKirbs, and Thabeast721 1:40:00
BONUS GAME 7 - The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Any% Blindfolded) Bubzia 1:45:00
Baron Of Shell (100%)+ grandpoobear 0:48:00
Event Recap (Recap 100%) Interview Crew 0:20:00
Super Metroid (Co-Op Any%)+ ShinyZeni and zoast 0:50:00
Finale! (The End%)+ Tech Crew 0:20:00
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2023.05.28 18:41 Horror_Variation8571 Eres uno o el otro

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2023.05.28 18:40 Capital_Version9769 Twitter trending no 1 . Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj.

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2023.05.28 18:39 Fit-Case1093 Grand Final DRX vs PRX breaks Pacific all time viewership record

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2023.05.28 18:39 Uraniu What about Citroën C4X?

Hey there,
I'm currently driving a 2018 Suzuki Ignis and was thinking of upgrading to something more comfortable and spacious. I'm in the EU by the way.
I was originally looking at a Suzuki S-Cross, then at a Toyota Yaris Cross and finally found this Citroën C4X that I fell in love with right away. I talked to my family about this idea and they said Citroën is not a reliable brand and I should stick with Toyota instead, or even a Renault. I like the Renault Arkana too, but something feels a bit off about it
I know they had this reputation of being unreliable in the past, but in the last decade it feels like all brands can be quite reliable (Citroën offers up to 6 years extended warranty if you have the cash) as long as you take care of them.
The only peeve I have with it is that there's no hybrid version. It's either an 8-speed automatic petrol or full electric (I'm not interested in the diesel one). The electric version has a relatively low capacity (~400km) and I often have trips of more than 600km at a time, if I keep the AC on or if it's cold I might need to charge it twice and electric infrastructure ain't that great in my country.
I'm looking at the 30000€ range or thereabouts (±3000), but if there's a good hybrid alternative I can go up to 35 or even 40 for a full electric as long as it has really good range (500 or more km). I like this car because of the major comfort upgrade and incredible boot space, and I won't like, I'm a sucker for technology (wireless charging, Apple Carplay, I'm looking at the Hifi system too that has a subwoofer, cruise control etc).
Am I missing anything major in terms of alternatives/reliability here? I really like this form factor and it looks premium for the price range.
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2023.05.28 18:38 Pavke How does Magic Find actually work? An Advanced Guide to Magic Find Formula

Warning: This will be a long nerdy post with a lengthy explanation of Magic Find mechanics, including math and graphs. (18 graphs, 4280 words, 20342 characters).
If you don’t want to read this wall of text, you can Ctrl+F and search for TLDR

Frequently, people inquire about the optimal amount of Magic Find. The typical response is that more Magic Find is generally better, but there are diminishing returns. Often, an EffectiveMF graph is referenced to illustrate this point. For example, one of such posts from a month ago.
However, relying solely on EffectiveMF graphs and diminishing returns can be highly misleading! Effective Magic Find is just one small component of the overall Magic Find formula! The Complete Magic Find formula takes several values from the game into the account when calculating your chances to get Unique / Set / Rare / Magic items. The final results are intricate and influenced by various factors. it is not as simple as this graph:
Why is this graph misleading? What does it actually tell us? Effective Magic Find grows Logarithmically, it has diminishing returns! Great! So, what does that mean? How does Magic Find and EffectiveMF actually affect our chances to get Unique, Set, Rare items? How many rare items do we get with 100 MF vs 500 MF? EffectiveMF for blue Magic Items grows linearly. Great, but what does that mean? How many more Magic items do we get?? Is there a limit to MF? This graph doesn’t tell us much unless you are very knowledgeable about the Magic Find process!
To answer all these questions, I have developed my own Drop Calculator with some advanced functions that showcase the actual distribution of items based on player Magic Find stat. My Drop Calculator takes into account all possible variables of the Magic Find function and displays the results in nice Graph form. Before showing the Item distribution graphs, I will first try to explain the complete MF Formula.

Selecting the Base Item

Selecting the Base Item is the initial step before the game applies the Magic Find formula to determine the magic quality of the item (Unique, Set, Rare, Magic). Examples of Base Items are: Diadem, Shako, Short Sword, Long Staff, Mage Plate, Sacred Armor etc..
Magic Find has no effect on Base Item selection! The Base Item is decided through Treasure Class selection and random roll mechanism. It is a fairly complex topic and deserves a post on its own. I won't go to much into details since Treasure Class selection is not the main focus of this post, but in short:
Each monster in the game from Act Bosses through Elite Packs to white trash monsters is assigned a “Treasure Class”. A Treasure Class is essentially a group or collection of items that can drop from that particular monster. There are many different TCs in the game typically comprising combinations of Item Drops (Base Items), Gold Drops, Junk Drops, Rune/Jewelry/Charm Drops, and NoDrop (indicating that no item will drop).
With random rolls, the game determines the type of item that the monster will drop, be it equipment, potion, rune, gold, etc. Once the item type is established, the game then checks if the item can be upgraded to Unique, Set, or other rarities. For the purposes of further discussion about Magic Find formula, we will assume that the game has selected an equipable item (Base Item, be it a Weapon or Armor). So what happens next? How does the game decide which quality to drop?

Selecting the Item Quality

Now that the game has the Base Item (Diadem, Shako, Mage Plate, etc.), two functions are called one after another to give the Base Item a specific quality. (There is some other stuff in between these two functions but this is the gist of it). Functions are pseudonym named: RollMagicQuality and MakeItemUnique (or MakeItemSet, MakeItemRare etc. depending on the roll from RollMagicQuality function). RollMagicQuality function is the main function that determines if the items will be a Unique, Set, Rare, Magic item. But let's first talk about MakeItemUnique:
MakeItemUnique (or Set, or Rare, or Magic) function confirms the roll from RollMagicQuality and double checks if the selected Base Item can drop as a Unique item. This is where you get those “Failed Uniques” as triple durability Rare item drops.
The MakeItemUnique function also determines which Unique item will drop if there are more Unique items for the selected Base Item. It adds up the Rarity value from the UniqueItems.txt file and rolls a random number to pick a Unique item. Examples are Tyrael’s or Templars Armor for Sacred Armor, The Cranium Basher or Earth Shifter for Thunder Maul, Azurewrath or Lightsabre for Phase Blade, etc.. Selection is fully random and can not be influenced by the Player.
There are 3 ways that Unique Item can fail to pass the MakeItemUnique check:
  1. A Unique item will fail to roll if the Quality Level (qlvl) is higher than Item Level (ilvl). Quality Level refers to Level value from UniqueItems.txt file and its fixed. Each Unique item has a predetermined fixed Quality Level. Item Level is a different stat, basically ilvl is a level of the monster that dropped the item. When ilvl is lower than qlvl, a Unique item will fail to drop! Example of this is: Arachnid Mesh can not drop from Pindleskin! Qlvl of Arachnid Mesh is 87, Pindleskin is a level 86 monster that drops items with ilvl 86. Since qlvl of Arachnid Mesh is 87 and always higher than ilvl of Pindle items, Base Item Spiderweb Sash will never be a Unique item.
  2. A Unique item will fail to roll if Base Item has no Unique version. The Item can pass a Unique check of RollMagicQuality function, but MakeItemUnique is the one that actually makes the item Unique. If there is no Unique version of the selected Base Item, the Base Item will fail this roll. Examples of this would be the Unique Archon Plate. There is no Unique Archon Plate, so every time the Base Item AP drops and passes the RollMagicQuality check for Unique item, it will drop as a Rare item with triple durability.
  3. A Unique item will fail to roll if the same Unique item has already dropped in the current game session. Everytime the MakeItemUnique function makes the Unique version for a selected Base Item, it logs the Unique drop in a special List of dropped Unique items. The function checks the List every time it tries to roll a Unique item. If the Unique item is already on the list, the selected Base Item will drop as a Rare item with triple durability.
Base Item needs to pass all 3 checks of this function for the item to successfully drop as a Unique Item! Same thing applies for MakeItemSet, only now the Failed Set Items drop as a Magic Items with double durability.
Before the MakeItemUnique function is called, the Base Item needs to pass the RollMagicQuality selection.

RollMagicQuality Function

RollMagicQuality is where the magic happens! (pun intended!). RollMagicQuality is the function that actually picks the quality of the Base Item, based on your "% Better Chance of Getting Magic Item" stat and other variables in the game. This function determines your Unique / Set / Rare / Magic / etc probability.
Based on your %MF and other variables, RollMagicQuality function will first try to roll for a Unique item. If that random roll is lower than a certain number, the Base Item will not be a Unique item and RollMagicQuality will try to roll for a Set item. If that fails, the function will try to roll for a Magic item and so on.
The order for selecting Item Quality is always: Unique > Set > Rare > Magic > Superior > Normal. This order will be very important later on. If the Base Item passes one of these checks, the RollMagicQuality function stops and the above-mentioned MakeItemUnique(or MakeItemSet, or MakeItemRare, etc) will be called.
Step by step walkthrough on how RollMagicQuality function actually works. After the explanation, I will use my Drop Calculator to showcase the drop rates of different quality items based on Player Magic Find.
Step 1) Chance = (BaseChance - floor((ilvl-qlvl)/Divisor))*128
This is the code of the Magic Find Formula. Game reads the required values from a few sources, the main one, and the most important is itemRatio.txt file. This file determines your drop rates of Unique, Set, Rare and Magic items more than your Magic Find stat!
itemRatio.txt and values within it are extremely important. The game utilizes different values depending on the Type of the Base Item. In other words: Class Specific items, Exceptional/Elite and Normal items have different chances to become Unique items. If we look at itemRation.txt we can see 6 rows:
From this, we can conclude that there are 3 types of different Base items: Normal Base Items, Exceptional/Elite Base Items, Class Specific Items. When the Base Item drops, the game checks item version values from weapons.txt and armor.txt and class specific values from itemTypes.txt. Based on those values, the game loads required BaseChance and Divisor values needed for the Magic Find formula and calculates your Chance: Chance = (BaseChance - floor((ilvl-qlvl)/Divisor))*128
Step 2) Chance= floor(100*Chance/(100+EffectiveMF))
After the first step, the game adjusts your chances with EffectiveMF. EffectiveMF is calculated with the formula: EffectiveMF=floor(Factor*(MF-100)/(Factor+MF-100)) Where
This is where that intial Graph comes from. It shows the EffectiveMF with diminishing returns. Here is the Graph again in more detail:
Here, we can see something interesting for the first time in this post. Graph is NOT continuous but has rather discrete jumps. This is the result of the game using integer division for its calculation. For example:
  1. You have 697% Better Chance of Magic Items on your gear. To calculate the EffectiveMF for Unique drops, you first add 100 to get Character Magic Find and then use this formula: floor(250*(797-100)/(250+797-100)) = 184% EffectiveMF for Unique items
  2. You get two more Small Charms with 7% mf and now you have 711% Better Chance of Magic Items on your gear. EffectiveMF for Unique items is now: floor(250*(811-100)/(250+811-100)) = 184% EffectiveMF for Unique items! Exactly the same!
Going from 697 MF on your gear to 711 MF on your gear did nothing to improve your chances of getting Unique items. There are “Break Points” for Magic Find!
So, the game calculates your EffectiveMF and uses that value to get your new Chance: Chance= floor(100*Chance/(100+EffectiveMF))
Step 3) Chance=max(Chance,minChance)
Where the minChance is the value from the "UniqueMin" column from itemRatio.txt. Game checks if you have reached the maximum Chance for selected rarity. There is an upper limit on how many Unique, Set, Rare, Magic items you can get even with millions and millions of Magic Find on Hero Edited items!
That limit is unreachable for Unique items with standard game gear. But it is easily accomplished for Set, Rare and Magic items. Effects of this upper limit will be seen later in the Graphs.
Step 4) FinalChance=Chance-floor(Chance*QualityFacto1024)
Game adjusts your chances once again based on the QualityFactor of the monster that dropped the Base Item. Higher the QualityFactor of the monster, the better chance you have of getting Unique, Set, Rare, Magic items from that monster. This QualityFactor has a huge influence on your overall chances.
QF of 1024 means that ALL dropped Base Items will roll that quality and QF of 600 means that 4.8% of dropped Base items will become the desired quality at best. Here is the table with all monsters that have specified QualityFactors:
You can see that Andariel has the highest QF of them all. That is because of “Quest Bug” that now became a feature in D2R. Act Bosses also have high QualityFactor. QF of 1024 for Magic items means all these monsters will always drop at least a Magic item and won't drop standard White items.
Final Step 5) random(FinalChance)<128 than: item is Unique
Game randomly rolls a number between 0 and your FinalChance. If that number is lower than 128 then the selected Base Item will become an Unique item and the above-mentioned MakeItemUnique function is called to double check if the selected Base Item can become an Unique.
If the randomly rolled number is higher than 128, selected Base Item fails and the game goes back to Step 1 and redos the process all over again for Set Item check. If that fails, the game redos the process for Rare Item check and so on. Again, the order for selecting Item Quality is always: Unique > Set > Rare > Magic > Superior > Normal.
Now that we know the process, let's look at one example: Let’s say you have 500 Magic Find on your gear, you just killed Hell Baal and the game dropped you a Diadem as a Base Item. What is the chance for that Diadem to be a Unique Diadem (Griffon’s Eye)? Lets go step by step while looking at itemRatio.txt file:
  1. Chance = (BaseChance - floor((ilvl-qlvl)/Divisor))*128. Diadem is an Elite Expansion item, so BaseChance will be 400 and Divisor will be 1. Qlvl of Diadem is 85 and ilvl is 99. Chance = (400 - floor((99-85)/1))*128 = 49408
  2. Chance= floor(100*Chance/(100+EffectiveMF)). To calculate EffectiveMF we use =floor(250*(600-100)/(250+600-100)) = 166 Now we can calculate the Chance= floor(100*49408/(100+166)) = 18574
  3. Chance=max(Chance,minChance) minChance for Elite Expansion items from itemRation.txt is 6400. Our number is higher so we use 18574
  4. FinalChance=Chance-floor(Chance*QualityFacto1024). The QualityFactor of Hell Baal is 983. So we now have: FinalChance=18574-floor(18574*983/1024) = 744
  5. random(FinalChance)<128. we randomly roll a number between 0 and 744 and compare it to 128. It's basically: 128/744 = 0.1720430108
Everytime you kill Hell Baal with 500 Magic Find on your gear and it drops a Diadem, you have a 17.204% chance for that Diadem to be a Griffon’s Eye. With 100 Magic Find on your gear you have 11.063% chance for that Diadem to be a Griffon’s Eye. Going from 100 MF to 500 MF will increase your Unique chance by 6.141%!

Graphs, Graphs, and more Graphs

Now that we know how to calculate our Unique chances, it's time for some Graph! Please keep in mind, these graphs do not show your chance to get a specific item. These graphs show your chance for the Base Item to become an Unique item based on your Magic Find on your gear!
Drop Calculator goes through the complete Treasure Class list for the selected monster, pulls all Base Items that can drop and their probabilities, goes through all necessaries files like treasureclassex.txt, itemRation.txt, weapons.txt, armor.txt, itemTypes.txt, uniqueItems.txt and gets all needed values we talked about and calculates the probabilities for each point of Magic Find and for more or less, each monster in the game… But let's start with something simple:
Chance for a Base Item to become an Unique item (Boss)
Above graph shows the chance for a Base Item to become an Unique item when killing the Act Boss (Duriel, Mephisto, Diablo, Baal). Nothing abnormal here. The more Magic Find you have on your gear the better chance you have for a Base Item to become an Unique item. With 300 MF you have a pretty high chance to get a Class Specific Unique item at 25%! Here are some key details:

Chance for a Base Item to become an Unique item (Unique monster)
Above graph shows the chance for a Base Item to become an Unique item when killing the Unique monster in Area level 85. (standard Pit run, CS run, AT run, WSK run), just for the reference point, Our chances are much lower than from killing an Act Boss. It is because the QualityFactor for Act Bosses is 983 while QF for Unique monsters is 800. (all other values are basically the same except qlvl-ilvl difference which does not affect drop rates that much).

Chance for a Base Item to become an Set item (Boss)
Above graph shows the chance for a Base Item to become a Set item when killing the Act Boss. Now things are starting to look interesting! Why does it look like this? Because you can reach the maximum chance for Set items easily with enough Magic Find! After reaching that limit, your chances won’t increase any further. In fact, your chances for Rare items start to drop off with more Magic Find! It is because the game always checks for Unique > Set > Rare etc in that order. So more Base Items will become Unique items before they can become Set items.
For Normal Items, it maxes out at 290 MF, for Class Specific items it maxes at 255 MF and for Exceptional/Elite items it maxes out at 520 MF. After those values, you will see less Set items.

Chance for a Base Item to become an Rare item (Boss)
Above graph shows the chance for a Base Item to become a Rare item when killing the Act Boss. Now things are starting to look really strange! You reach the maximum chance for Exceptional/Elite and Class Specific items early on; you never reach the maximum chance for Normal items. Your chances for Rare items start to drop off with more Magic Find! More Base Items can become Unique items and Set items (or Failed Set items) before they can become Rare items.

Chance for a Base Item to become an Rare item (Unique monster)
For reference, chances for the Base Item to become a Rare item from a Unique monster are more flat but they still have maximum values and very slowly drop off with more Magic Find.
Now that we know the chance distribution per Unique / Set / Rare, let's look at some graphs for Normal, Exceptional/Elite and Class Specific items per monster kill.
For this part, we can pick the Monster that we are interested in, we can pick an Item Type we are interested in and the quality level of the item (qlvl). If we look at the initial formula above, the quality level is used in the calculation for a Base Item upgrade. Qlvl only affects the drop chance a little, but I wanted to be accurate as much as I can:

Chance for a Exceptional and Elite items to upgrade to specified magic rarity (Boss)
Above graph shows the Chance distribution for all Exceptional/Elite Items that drop from Diablo. Something looks strange… After 420 Magic Find, NO Magic quality Exceptional/Elite Item will drop! But you are sure you saw some Magic items when you were farming Bosses, right? That is because the vast majority of Magic Exceptional/Elite items are Failed Set items! (when farming bosses). There are very few Set items compared to all Base Items. So when RollMagicQuality Function is successful for Set check and calls MakeItemSet, the MakeItemSet function can’t successfully make a Set item because there is no Set item for selected Base Item. Value of 71 for qlvl is used. It is a median level value of all Exceptional/Elite items that can drop from Diablo.
We can see chances for Unique Diadem (Griffon's Eye) is about 17.181% while chances for set Diadem is 46.292%. Ratio between the two is 2.69. If we go to any Online Drop Calculator, Maxroll Drop Calc for example, and we pick Baal (Baal because Diablo can't drop Diadems Base Items) and we compare the chances. We can see the chances for any Player count has same ratio as 2.69.

Chance for a Class Specific items to upgrade to specified magic rarity (Boss)
Above graph shows the Chance distribution for all Class Specific Items that drop from Diablo. Same thing is true for Class Specific drops. Vast majority of Magic quality Class Specific drops you see from Act Bosses are actually Failed Set items. Value of 43 for qlvl is used. It is a median level value of all Class Specific items that can drop from Diablo.

Chance for a Normal items to upgrade to specified magic rarity (Boss)
Above graph shows the Chance distribution for all Normal Items that drop from Diablo. Things look a little better for Normal Items. Magic quality items slowly drop off but never reach the bottom. It is because of Divisor value for Magic quality in itemRatio.txt file. Value of 28 for qlvl is used. It is a median level value of all Class Specific items that can drop from Diablo

Chance for a Exceptional and Elite items to upgrade to specified magic rarity (Unique monster)
Above graph shows the Chance distribution for all Exceptional/Elite Items that drop from standard Unique monsters from Level 85 Area. Just showcasing the upper limits of monsters that are farmed regularly. After 490 MF your chances for Unique items will continue to increase, but chances for every other quality will flatten out or start to decrease. Same goes for Class Specific items, while Normal items for Rare quality will continue to rise slowly.
Now, let's combine all Graphs per Item Type into one Graph that shows Base Item chance to upgrade for selected monster and its Treasure Class:
Based on selected settings; (what monster are we looking at, Player and Party Settings and if the monster is Terrorized or not), the Drop Calculator picks the corresponding Treasure Class for that monster. It calculates the probabilities for each single Base Item drop for that selected Monster. it checks what Type each Base Item is (is it Normal, Exceptional/Elite or Class Specific item) and calculates the cumulative upgrade Chance for each Unique / Set / Rare / Magic version based on Normal, Exceptional/Elite or Class Specific distribution…
For Diablo kills (for Act 5 (H) Equip A Treasure Class) Item distribution is:
If we apply what we have learned so far, we get a Final Graph that looks like this:

Final Chance Graph
Above graph shows the final Chance for Base Item upgrade. I would like to point out that the reason we are seeing Magic items here it’s because Normal Base Item drops make up 67.85% of all Diablo item drops. Normal Items like Clubs, Maces, Flails, Cap, Quilted Armor, Light Plate etc.
We know that not all Base Items have Unique and Set versions. If we apply that to our calculations and move every item that will always Fail the Unique check and Set check, we get the Final Item Distribution percentage per Magic Find with our gear:

Item distribution
Let's look at Andariel's final Chance for Base Item upgrade and Item Distribution percentage:

Final Chance Graph (Andariel)
Item distribution (Andariel)
Because Andariel is now “quest bugged” by default, her Quality Factor for Rare items is 1024. Which means, technically, no Magic item will drop from her. ALL Magic items from Andariel are Failed Set items.
Let's look at Unique Monsters final Chance for Base Item upgrade:
Final Chance Graph (Unique monster)
Chance for Unique upgrade flatlines rather quickly. It goes from 3.510% at 500 MF to 3.959% at 1000 MF. Chance for Set upgrade basically maxes out at 300 MF. Chance for Rare continues to rise slowly but it is because of Normal item types. Exceptional/Elite reaches max around 490 MF and Class Specific reaches max at 220 MF.


More Magic Find is always better for Unique items. But for everything else (Set, Rare, Magic items), more Magic Find can mean less! No matter your clear speed or players in the game!
If you want to maximize your chances for that elusive item you are looking for you need to have the optimal amount of Magic Find for that specific item
Just considering EffectiveMF graph is misleading because it doesn't show the true extent of diminishing returns of your Magic Find Gear.
If you have any questions or remarks, please let me know.
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2023.05.28 18:37 Miserable_Risk2223 AITA for telling my kids' grandmas to stop re-dressing them after I drop them off?

I (f) have 3 kids, and ever since my first was born, I have had the same issue consistently with her grandmothers. I would send her to their houses to be babysat while I worked and 7 times out of 10 would come back and they would have her in clothing that was 2 sizes too big and almost falling off of her. They claimed that the clothes I put her in were so tight that they were "cutting her in two", but that is simply false. And has continued to be a pattern with my other two children. To be clear, I dress my kids in appropriately sized clothing, none if it is form fitting after they get out of the infant stage (I have severe anxiety about sids and smothering so no loose/too tight clothes for infants is a rule in my house for fear that it will somehow creep up and cover their mouth and nose while they sleep or cut off their circulation) So, to explain, if my child is measuring 0-3 months, that is what they will wear, not 6-9 months and so on.
I tried gradually setting a boundary by noticing the clothes when I would come in, and changing them into the appropriate size right away and in front of the grandmas to get my point across. But they still continued to change them into bigger clothes when I was gone. I would also make the comment that we appreciate the clothes, how nice they were, and that we would save them, at home, for when they were able to fit into them. This has not worked to this day and I finally reached my breaking point when I came in to find my 9 month old in a 5t shirt. He isn't even chunky or large for his age. It seems to get progressively worse, as they think that each week the kids go up a full size in clothing. My kids have never done this and have always been right on track with height and weight.
I am also afraid that, since my mother likes to buy my now 8 year old girl clothes that are two sizes too big, that she is going to get a weight complex and eventually start thinking that she has a weight problem. Because that is what happened to me. I was always a little chubby and was around a 2x my whole life and still am, and when I was in high school my mother would buy me the baggiest clothes, I am talking 4x clothes, and when she buys me clothes now, its the same situation and I have to throw them away because I will never be able to use them.
I ended up having a 'meeting' with the grandmas and telling them what I felt. They knew what they were doing crossed my boundary so they immediately made me the villain stating that I am ungrateful for the clothes and that I am dressing my kids in clothes that are too small. When they are the only people out of our whole family that think this, and the rest of my family respects my boundaries. I ended up telling them that if it didn't stop, I wouldn't be able to leave my kids alone with them any more.
So, am I the asshole?
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2023.05.28 18:32 bill_e_midnight The victories worth celebrating

My last post
I’ve been meaning to write this for a while and life got in the way. So it’s a little longer than I would like. To anyone who reads the whole thing, thank you.
For those who prefer a TL;DR: My progress has been so fucking good. I completed a 4.2-mile race I’ve wanted to do since I was in college. I spent a week in Disneyworld for the first time ever and did multiple open to closing days without feeling like I wanted to die. I am on track for my goal of being under 300 pounds before my 30th birthday and take my first discovery flight on that day to begin training to get my pilot’s license.
I feel so fucking good.
Now onto the full post.
I never thought I’d write something like this.
When I was in college, my mother passed away unexpectedly. It was, as one might expect, extremely difficult and something I was nowhere close to being prepared for.
My mom was a spectacular woman in many ways but what I always admired her most for was not putting up with any bullshit people tried to give her. It was likely her upbringing in Jersey City, in the shadow of the skyscrapers of Manhattan, that fostered that.
When she passed, my immediate feeling was numbness. After returning back to school following all the business that had to be done at home, the feeling remained for a long time.
I remember not long after she passed, I was given my first internship. Since completing an internship was required for graduation from my program, it was something I had been long stressing about and venting to my mom about. So even after hearing the news I couldn’t celebrate.
Why should I if I couldn’t call my mom to tell her?
Suffice to say, my mental health after she passed was not good. I spent a lot of time by myself and when I was with friends I was not a pleasant person to be around.
It was around this time I had the idea of running a race that is organized by a foundation affiliated with my alma mater. I could not tell you how overweight I was at the time exactly but it was definitely well over 400 pounds so I knew I would have to do serious preparation to do it.
But I don’t think it will come as a shock that I couldn’t do it. It was a goal that simply was far too great for my current mental state and I gave up on the idea not long after beginning a moderate gym routine which I also abandoned to return to my room where I’d spend my time in much less productive ways.
It’s been over 8 years now since my mom passed.
If anyone has ever experienced loss in that way you’ll know that it never really leaves you. It certainly gets easier to live with but the thought of your loved one not being there for you is always there in your mind no matter what.
I have done plenty of growing in that time. I’ve had a few jobs. I started my first real relationship with a woman who I know beyond a shadow of a doubt loves me for who I really am and who I love in return. I have, what I honestly believe and will argue to the end of time, is the best group of friends anyone could ever ask for.
But there was always still this feeling that I was missing something.
If you’ve read my other posts here you’ll know I began losing weight back in September but really began taking it seriously around February. It was around then I decided to commit to walking more and more every day and being more mindful of what I eat every single day. During one of those walks it hit me that the same race from college was coming up in a couple months and they always have local versions of the race organized by the alumni associations.
I decided then to sign up.
I wasn’t planning on even jogging it. I was planning on walking the entirety of the race just so I could say that I could. But when I was on the sign up page it included a training schedule for people who wanted to prepare for jogging. The race is slightly over a 5K so the training plan is a somewhat modified version of “Couch to 5K” programs.
I realized that if I started the program that week that it would line up perfectly with race day. To make this as short as possible I’ll just say I was shocked at my progress in the program. There was only one training session I wasn’t able to complete. I felt great.
Mind you I was not jogging very fast, and still don’t go very fast on my jogs. Before the start of the race I had the goal of finishing in an hour and 15 minutes.
The run was not easy. Even with all the training I’m still carrying so much extra body weight that it is still very difficult. But I had so many of my fellow runners giving me signs of encouragement along the course I felt truly phenomenal.
I crossed the finish line in under an hour and hugged my girlfriend and cried. Her and my friends had come down from Los Angeles and made signs and all made t-shirts spelling out my name. Typing it now is making me cry again.
Race day was April 15, 2023 and I weighed in at 353.8 pounds.
Today is May 27, 2023 and this morning I weighed in at 332.3 pounds.
As of posting I am officially down 90.6 pounds since last September.
In the time between I got the chance to spend a week in Orlando visiting Disneyworld and one day at Universal Studios. It was the only week since I began training that I did no jogging but, in my humble opinion, I think I made up for it with the amount of walking.
Even on the “off” day I took from the parks I spent most of it walking all around Disney Springs and the resorts exploring. On the first night we stayed past close to ride Space Mountain and I felt incredible.
I love theme parks but for context, in the past I rarely if ever stayed to close because my body simply wouldn’t let me do it. We stayed to close multiple nights during the trip and I never really felt that bad.
I came back from the trip essentially at the same weight I left it despite having some poor options for food in the parks (literally the first thing I ate in the Magic Kingdom was a hot dog with electric green relish). The amount of movement during the trip was able to offset it thank goodness.
Upon return, I’ve tried to keep the jogging going although there have been one or two nights where I skipped it but even on those nights I went for my long walk. I’ve continued being mindful of what I’m eating while not feeling like I am missing out on anything at all.
Did you know you can get a power bowl from Taco Bell that tastes like all their other items but you can make it so it’s only like 450 calories for like a good amount of food? I just got that last night for dinner and while it’s not something I get regularly it feels like cheating.
Going to Orlando was a good reminder of one of the goals I have. For those like me who are big and also love theme parks, you’ll know that Universal is not a very accessible park. I can go on my soapbox but I’ll just say I think a lot of times it’s just out of sheer lack of consideration.
Despite my progress there were still several rides I couldn’t do. And even though I didn’t need a seat belt extender for an airplane I did need one for the Jimmy Fallon ride, but whatever.
But one of my goals from the beginning has been being able to go on thrill rides like those without worrying about fitting in the seats. I fully believe that goal will be achieved.
The other two goals I’ve had also are well within my reach. Firstly, I wanted to be under 300 pounds by my 30th birthday in November. At my current rate, I should be well under it by then.
I also have a goal of taking a discovery flight on my birthday as the first step to getting my pilot’s license. I’ll need to start calling flight schools to see if they have specified weight limits but I feel good about the possibility of it happening.
I still have a long way to go but there have been so many little victories as well. I recently have finally started seeing a difference in progress photos I take. There is a shirt I’ve had in the bottom of a drawer I wore maybe twice because it was too snug and I put it on recently and it was actually loose.
I feel really, really good. I feel like the things I’m doing continue to be sustainable. And I feel like I can do anything.
And I also feel like anyone reading this can do this too. Be consistent, don’t let one day define the story. It’s a long road but it can be filled with wonderful moments worthy of celebration.
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2023.05.28 18:32 Aperture_TestSubject Daily PSA - you don’t need to post your QR code daily. There’s an easier way!

Here’s an easy how-to guide on generating a QR code to use for the Shenron event during the 5th anniversary.
  1. Open the Notes app on your phone and create 3 lines on there, all beginning with a 4 followed by a comma with no spaces. At this point it should look like this: 4,
  2. Get 3 of your friend’s friend codes. This can be done by them going to their DBL game > Friends > Copy friend code. You will then take each of those friend codes and enter them in after the “4,” from step 1. It should now look something like this: 4,rz0qd8mb… remember, no spaces!
    • You can also get your friend’s friend code by going to your account and going to Menu> Friend > click on the yellow card icon in the top right of a friends name > in the bottom right section labeled “friend code” there’s a QR code and to the right of it is their 8 digit friend code.
  3. ⁠Go to the Shenron event on YOUR device and select “Get Code”. Underneath the QR code you will see a section that says “Code:” followed by your own friend code (8 numbers/letter) and then 11 capital letters. Take ONLY the 11 capital letters, and add them to the end of your lines in your note app. The final codes should look something like this: 4,rz0qd8mbNHEIPCDAYPH
  4. You should not have any spaces between any numbers, letters or symbols!
  5. Go to and click the text option. Copy and paste each code from your notes app into the “Enter your text” field and press “Generate QR code”.
  6. Screenshot the QR code. Once you screenshot the code, you can refresh the webpage and paste the other 2 codes you have to get a maximum of 3 QR codes that you can do in a day.
  7. Open up DBL and go to the Shenron event. Press Scan code, then select picture. Select the screenshot of the QR code and it should work!
NOTE: You will need to repeat steps 3-7 daily to generate new and current codes as codes are only active for a few hours.
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2023.05.28 18:31 eclecticmenagerie Can anybody recommend good shonen manga?

I've been looking for good shonen and or romance/fantasy manga (mostly shonen) for a while now and I can't seem to find anything that captures my interests. I've read fairy tail and soul eater, which are my favorites. I love the fantasy/dnd- esque themes. I don't like Naruto or bleach, black butler grosses me out and attack on titan/ one piece bore me. Plus, I have a hard time getting into an anime or manga if the arts tyler is "ugly" (Jojos bizarre adventures...sorry) I'm at a loss because it is my favorite genre. Maybe if I give a list of animes/Mangas I loved, someone may recommend something I'd like? So here's a list.
  1. Fairy tail
  2. Soul eater
  3. Sailor moon 4.watakoi
  4. Love. Com
  5. Ohshc
  6. My hero academia
  7. Sao
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2023.05.28 18:31 O_mateiro Transição do Powerlifting para o Bodybuilder

Sou H33, treinei 8 anos de forma ininterrupta, dos quais a maior parte foi dedicada ao powerlifting. Cheguei nas marcas de 232kg no agacho, 252kg no Terra e 132kg no Supino. Pesava 85kg com 1.97m de altura e com um BF inferior a 10%. Planejava ter uma carreira profissional dentro do esporte, mas devido ao trabalho e responsabilidades com a família acabei deixando de lado esse sonho.
Passando alguns anos de destreino voltei recentemente e estou estou me dedicando 100%. Mantive parte da minha força e não emagreci e nem engordei muito. Confesso que achei que não conseguiria pegar nem ⅓ das minhas cargas de outrora, mas até que estou me saindo bem. Porém meu foco agora não está sendo ganho de força nos básicos e sim em aumento de massa muscular.
Esse mês de maio eu estive de férias e me pude me dedicar mais aos treinos fiz um clássico ABC 2x, porém com uma abordagem diferente, por exemplo, de manhã eu treinava peito e a tarde ombro e tríceps, no outro dia costas de manhã e a tarde trapézio e bíceps e no outro perna só de manhã. (Obs: treino de panturrilha, antebraço e abdomimen dia sim dia não.) Esse método não é nada no novo e já utilizado a décadas por fisiculturistas. Obtive excelentes ganhos, cabe ressaltar que estou utilizando de recursos ergogênicos (250mg Dura + 250mg Nandrolona /semana) .
Mês de junho agora eu irei voltar ao trabalho, mas não gostaria de perder o meu ritmo de treino pois estou gostando dos resultados. Então vai meu questionamento para os nobres sábios dessa comunidade:
Qual seria a melhor abordagem de treino?
Fazer 3 treinos na semana fullbody (terça - quinta - sábado) seria bem volumoso né com mais ou menos 10 ou 12 exercícios por treino. Sendo que eu poderia divir esse volume de treino de manhã e a tarde apenas na terça e na quinta-feira.
Continuar no ABC 2x, mas treinando de forma mais "intensa" quinta, terça e sábado e nos demais dias treinos mais curtos (40min)
Se tiverem alguma outra abordagem também pode compartilhar.
Mais alguma outras informações meu última checagem de peso eu estava 83kg (13%bf). Estou com superávit calórico de 1000cal, mas mesmo assim senti que perdi gordura nesse último mês creio eu devido a intensidade dos meus treinos. Mantenho esse superávit calórico ou aumento?
Em relação aos ergogênicos, não vou ciclar vai ser on fire mesmo. Blast e Cruise até a morte! Não estou pensando em saúde apenas em evoluir dentro do esporte, mas também não vou fazer doideiras. Como iniciei a pouco tempo vou aumentando as dosagens conforme senti que atingi um platô e só vou começar a fazer as pontes (Cruise) quando chegar a por exemplo 750mg de testo por semana. Por enquanto não senti nenhum colateral. Também pretendo começar a utilizar 50mg de Hemogenin 3x na semana como pré treino para aumentar minha força e poder deixar meus treinos mais intensos nos dias que eu posso mais me dedicar.
Meus macros estão em 50% Carbo - 27% Proteína - 23% Gordura.
Meu objetivo é chegar a 94kg com 3% de gordura em pré contest até o final de 2026. Não sei se estou sendo muito pretensioso ou contido. Acredito que tenho uma boa genética, não tenho tendência a acúmulo de gordura e nem a catabolizar muito, tenho os ombros largos e facilidade para desenvolvimento de pernas. Minha maior deficiência é o peitoral, especificamente a parte medial, pois o meu osso da clavícula é saltado dando a impressão que o meu superior e maior e a a parte inferior e desenvolvida devido os anos de supino. Fazendo com que eu sita haver uma certa cavidade entre a parte superior e inferior, mas já estou fazendo um trabalho específico para corrigir isso.
Enfim, estou a procura de conhecimento, até então só treinei para ganho de força até hoje, logo é a primeira vez que estou objetivando a máxima hipertrofia muscular. Agradeço quem puder contribuir e me aconselhar de forma coerente seja com treino, dieta ou utilização de ergogênicos.
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2023.05.28 18:30 hawaiian-bird-girl does not using the traps change anything???

finally got around to playing this game, was told to never even look at a hide so i’ve been avoiding it . . . well i decided not to give roland up but did not want to burn my own village to do so??? anyways it took like 3-4 tries but i did it and i’m wondering if that actually means anything or if it was just a flavor choice on my part, it’s been mentioned a few times (i’m on chapter 8) but does anyone have a non spoiler way to tell me if this is a substantive choice or not???
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2023.05.28 18:29 chevyFA909 Just got back from the dealership

Svartpilen finally arrived.. after months of waiting. Good credit, out the door price quoted 8,300$ I told them it was out of my price range. They wanted a 2,000$ deposit. I had put down 250$ back in November and was willing to put down 750$ more. I walked away because they were marking it up close to 3,000$ with dealership fees and tags etc. by the way I live in Southern California. I wasnt willing to go over 7,500. They came back with another offer of 8,200$ at that point we were wasting each others time. I walked away. The worst part is the dealership only had a 12month manufacturer guarantee. Then I pulled up the website on my phone we’re Husqvarna clearly offers a 24 month manufactures warranty. Dude looked at me like I was a 8 ft tall bear. Was I wrong ? Should I have took the deal ? What was your out the door price fellow riders ?
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2023.05.28 18:29 snakeside Help me find a low-apm RPG/MMORPG that mainly uses clicking to move...

I'm mainly looking for a chill low-apm (which means not too button mash-y) modern-ish RPG/MMORPG that I can move my character using sparse left or right click -- meaning I could click on the ground, have my character move for 1 or 2 seconds and then click again.

Some cues that might be useful:
  1. Albion Online could have been the perfect game I am looking for but its sound mixing and graphics does not have oomph for me (I love flashy skill animations and crisp addicting sound effects)
  2. Final Fantasy 14 could have been also a great game for me if I could mainly move with using only a left OR right click (afaik you could move with the mouse BUT pressing both left and right click at the same time)
  3. I thoroughly enjoyed Diablo 2 and Diablo 2: Resurrected, tried Diablo 3 but it didn't click with me
  4. I prefer playing something somewhat recent, aka no low-spec retro RPG/MMORPGs for me

And I noticed almost all of the modern MMORPG use WASD movement which is a bit exhausting for me at the energy levels I have left at the end of the day for a quick gaming session of about an hour, so I just want to play an RPG or MMORPG where I can click and use some hotkeys sparingly to watch my character do some flashy and satisfying skill rotations while exploring an RPG world
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2023.05.28 18:28 thaworldhaswarpedme thaworldhaswarpedme #47 - Dungeons and Dragons (2023)

08/01/2022 - 05/26/2023
Total reviewed: 457
Watched on: Paramount
Synopsis: After spending a year in prison for a heist gone wrong, a thief's attempted reunification with the daughter he lost embroils him in an unexpected adventure.
Great movie. Reminds me of the Indiana Jones movies from when I was a kid. Just a good old-fashioned adventure full of fun, interesting characters with solid story arcs and a perfect blend of humor, heart and action in a fantasy setting. Chris Pine is always great and does a fantastic job as the reluctant thief leading his band of classed characters. Michelle Rodriguez plays the same character she always plays but it works well here as she is the troupe's warrior. Justice Smith's inexperienced wizard provides a lot of the comedy and the changeling character played by girl is a fucking hoot. Owl Bear for life!! The villainous sorcerer Sofina played by Daisy Head is appropriately terrifying.
I really would not have expected to a Dungeons & Dragons film to be so entertaining. Like, I know it has the potential to be awesome but Hollywood has a way of fucking up a sure thing. And yet, this movie was a lot of fun and hit the right notes all the way through. The comedy works very well without the oversaturation that's so problematic with the latest batch of Marvel flicks. The action is top notch with at least three scenes that I was super invested in and the variety of characters throughout assists in the immersion as well. Additionally, my D&D days are pretty far behind me so I'm sure I missed several references but even with my atrophied comprehension a lot of the in-jokes hit with me. I loved just about everything about it. A definite watch.
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2023.05.28 18:26 Adventurous_Cut1766 No lo se rick, cuando te ponen la pistola en la jeta me cuesta trabajo encontrar empatía

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2023.05.28 18:24 CalPERS_LIED CalPERS LIED I want my 2.5

I am looking for Police Officer and Firefighters who are members of CalPERS, who retired on an IDR or non-work-related Disability and left their accumulated normal contributions in the CalPERS system to receive the Disability Allowance.
I am Retired on an IDR from CalPERS. At the time of my retirement, I was 44.5 years of age. I had in my account $32,000.00 dollars with 8.899 years of service. I was given the option to request a refund of my accumulated normal contributions or leave the contributions in the system to receive a Disability Allowance of 2.5 for each year of service in addition to the employer entitlement of 50% of my final compensation. My IDR of 50% or $1,607.00, plus my 22.24% or $715.00 = $2,322.00 is what I should have received at the time of my IDR retirement effective 10-06-1998 instead of 50% of my final compensation for the past 25 years. CalPERS owes me $214.500 less the 2% cost of living. How much does CalPERS owe you?
CalPERS took my accumulated normal contribution I left on account at CalPERS, closed my account and wrote off my years of service in order not to pay the Disability Allowance. Without notice or explanation.
CalPERS is discriminating against POFF who retired on a work-related injury or IDR and those retired on a non-worked related Disability based on their age at retirement, creating a desperate impact amongst POFF.
Why because of their policy and practice of not paying a service retirement for POFF who did not meet the minimum age of retirement of 50 years. CalPERS admitted in a lawsuit and criminal complaint that it has 9,400 dormient accounts I believe mine is one of them, is yours one of them?
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2023.05.28 18:23 MutsuHat I just started the game with this character, it's just felt right for some reason.

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