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2023.05.31 18:52 ConorHermes [Online] [EST] [5e] [Sunday at 7pm EST] Looking For 2 More Players to Join an Existing Campaign

As the title states I am looking for 3 more players to join an existing campaign I am running. We have only completed 2 sessions so far so you will not be missing much context. Currently we already have an Aasimar Twilight Cleric and a Half Elf Lore Bard. We play from 7pm EST on Sunday to 10pm EST though we will sometimes go longer (15-20 minutes). Please only apply if you are confident this time slot works for you and will for the foreseeable future, we will not be changing times as we add new players. Below the line is the original post I used to recruit the 2 existing players, please read through it to make sure you are a good fit for the game.
This post will not be like other posts because this campaign will not be like other campaigns. I am looking for a very particular kind of player so many of you will read through this post and find that the campaign will not suit you, so please read through everything carefully and make sure you are ready to commit to this experience. The post will not include any details about the story of the campaign, this is purely to find a group of players that are compatible with each other, the campaign, and myself. The following is what I am looking for and why.
Unfortunately I suffer from various mental health issues and I’m mentioning it now because it will almost certainly have an impact on the game, I may have to step away from the game at points in order to take care of myself, of course as I ask my players to be respectful of this I extend the courtesy both ways and if you ever find yourself needing a break from the game it will not be a problem.
I will be accepting applications from all types of people, if you are going to be in my game you have to be welcoming to all, being crass and swearing are both absolutely fine but I will not accept any amount of intolerance. We are all adults and are bound to come across topics that we disagree on so I ask that you handle what you say with tact and be ready to hear each other out no matter what. Oftentimes disagreements can be avoided with thoughtful discussion of the subject.
I am specifically looking for the types of players who enjoy taking thorough notes and seeking out lore and plot relevant details dropped throughout the story. My number one expectation from my players is engagement so I absolutely love players who go above and beyond to feel at home in the world and learn more about it and the characters who inhabit it. If you are looking for a casual, beer and pretzels style game this is not the post for you.
There are some content warnings for the campaign. It's 18+ and will discuss topics like addiction, abuse, hallucinations, and mental illness. There will be graphic descriptions of violence and elements of horror. I will be thoughtful when using themes like this and it will not be the main focus of the campaign. The campaign will be very serious in tone and I expect players to match that tone as we play. Joke characters have no place here. You are welcome to play a character that copes using comedy or has other relevant comedic aspects as part of their nature.
You must be experienced with 5e. I ask my players to be ready for challenging combat and staying in character when discussing certain aspects of the game. In order to keep these things at a reasonable pace I expect you to have a fairly high level of experience so that we can minimize moments that take us out of the game or slow down the pace unnecessarily.
I am quite restrictive with homebrew as I believe flavor and small mechanical tweaks can accomplish what most people are seeking from homebrew and that allows me to better control the balance. That being said I am quite open to allowing homebrew content created by Matt Mercer as I have personally playtested quite a bit of it.
I don’t restrict anyone on class choice in terms of party composition, I think the system allows for a massive amount of flexibility but I do ask that your character comes with a clear identity. The best kinds of D&D characters have a clear focus and distinguishing factors, and again the game is flexible enough that a party full of clerics could be incredibly diverse. I also ask that my players optimize their builds, combat will be demanding so your character should be prepared accordingly. That does not mean you have to minmax but the optimization of your character should be one of the many factors during character creation.
I plan for the game to start in about 2 weeks from choosing the group, a week for session 0 and then the first session. This is subject to change. The game will end up being either Saturday or Sunday night starting around 7pm EST.
The ratio of combat and RP depends entirely on the party so if you are looking for a game that is predominantly one of the two instead of an even mix this is not the game for you, most groups I've had tend to lean a bit on the RP side.
The game will have a linear story presented to you but you are open to act as you like. If you choose to ignore or decline a plot point that is totally fine, I never intend to force you into anything unless there is a character attempting to force you into something. (e.g You are wanted criminals, Paladins throwing you in jail is bound to happen, I would not consider that railroading)
The plan is to create in depth characters who bond and journey through the world weaving a tale. This means I'm a bit on the stricter side of metagaming, your character’s stats and abilities should be communicated through RP rather than through players. So instead of saying “I have 20 hit points left, can you heal me on your turn?” you could say something like “My character grunts with pain and asks “Have you got any potions left, I could really use one.”. As well as things like rolling your death saves to only the DM and your character sheets being hidden from each other. I still encourage discussion and planning outside of the game as long as it is feasible for your characters to do so in the moment, you are welcome to theorize and strategize as much as you'd like throughout the week in-between sessions but I would ask to keep it limited if you were separated or in a scenario where time is of the essence at the end of the last session.
My intention for the campaign is to tell a story, although D&D is a game, in my case it is just a storytelling tool. I intend for the campaign to be fun and enjoyable but this should not be viewed as a way to blow off steam or a casual experience. If that’s what you’re looking for I’m not judging you but I do ask that you find another game. I ask a lot of my players and most D&D players don’t enjoy the same style of campaign I do, again that is totally okay, but in this case I’m looking specifically for my style of players who are willing to commit to this experience.
Thank you for reading through everything, I know it is lengthy. If you are interested in joining please message me privately. In your message include at least the following. The more unique your message is the more likely I am to respond.
Your Discord Handle
How long you have been playing 5e
Confirm that either Saturday or Sunday from 7-10pm EST works for you (Sessions may run long occasionally)
I would recommend you read my Player Document before making a character but if you have something vague in mind feel free to include that. If you have something very specific in mind be ready to change it to better suit my world
There is plenty more I have to talk/ask about when we have a call over Discord and in Session 0 but if you’d like to ask me anything feel free. A good question could be a good way to see that we’d be a good fit.
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2023.05.31 18:52 lotheva Gluten free ft worth?

I’m traveling to Ft Worth for my brother’s military retirement & just found out my parents tasked my sister to find a gluten free cake for my birthday. Everyone else in the family is not gluten free.
Any suggestions on a very good gluten free bakery, or maybe even getting a small cake for us gluten eaters?
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2023.05.31 18:52 Resident-Street-4847 Questions BOnelab for Quest in Now, how to use NPCs and what is this thing about patch 3?

When i first got the bone lab there was just avatars, now there's npcs in the site. Will they work in my normal game if i reinstall the save file i got back in 2022? Will that save file even work now? Because i hearing something about Patch 3. and i heard also something about after V51 update quest , some bonelab things don't work.
Or do i have to download a newer save file made for patch 3. And what is patch 3, where do i get it?
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2023.05.31 18:52 Vixen1127 Free swimming

Does anyone know of free places to swim in ames? Few years ago (like 10) it was easy to get to skunk river from the back of Inis Grove but I don't know if it still is.
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2023.05.31 18:51 Sharinganprincess91 [F4M] Fandom Roleplay. Looking for more partners. (Still looking)

Side note: I've added a password, so read carefully. If you message me WITHOUT the password, your messages are automatically IGNORED. tired of getting hit up with people who don't read 😒. It's ridiculous cause I've ignored 5+ chats cause none of them contained the password. Things are written for a reason.
Facts about me:
1: if you don't like 50/50 mixture of sex scenes and story, don't bother hopping into my inbox. I'm fine with sex scenes, but when it's constantly back to back, the roleplay itself gets boring.
2: Be literate. No one liners. I like to's annoying when I send a 2-3 paragraph response and I get 3 I am not accepting people who are just starting out! If you aren't experienced in writing or roleplaying, kindly stay out of my inbox.
3: Be okay with playing canon characters. I'm mainly doing fandom roleplays right now and it's going to be Canon x my oc. No, I'm not doing double ups. Do not even ask, because the answer will be no every time. I do not give a shit if you think that makes me 'lazy' or 'selfish', if you've got a problem, you can simply ignore or block me. Commenting on my post to bitch and whine about me not doubling up will only result in me blocking you. The ONLY time I'll double up, and if I'm confident enough, I'll only do female characters. I suck at males. Got a problem? Not my issue. Block and move on.
4: Roleplay in third person. I can't and won't adapt to first. Don't even bring up the idea of you playing first person and me playing third. Believe it or not, I've been asked this twice and that is just a hell no for me. The only time I do first, is when I'm writing into my book.
5: if you don't know how to share ideas, then don't bother messaging me. I'm tired of carrying the story when the other person doesn't help. If you've got ideas, then PLEASE speak up! Your opinion on the roleplay matters too! I'm an easy going person, and easy to get along with (dispite my rules).
6: DO NOT control my character. I control what she says, does, hears, sees, ect. I don't control yours, so don't control mine. HOWEVER, if it's highly necessary and needed, then run it by me first and ask me. Just leave me some wiggle room so I can make a decent response. Failure to comply by this rule, results in immediate drop of the rp.
End Note:
Yes, I've updated my rules just a tad. I do not care if it makes me sound mean or rude, because I'm neither of these things. I'm just tired of putting these rules down for a specific reason and they go ignored because I can tell when someone hasn't read them, and lied about it. I'm just trying to get my point across and roleplay. I'm a very easy going person who loves to make friends on the side (which I've somewhat given up on making friends...only a selective few have actually gained my friendship).
Do not hop into my inbox with a simple 'hey' 'hi' 'sup', etc and for God's sake, don't message me with a 'rp?'and proceed me to flash me with your talliwhacker. I promise you, you'll get your feelings hurt and I'll be here laughing at ya 😂. Nobody wants a peen on their screen. Do not send me an image of your one eyed noodle. Thank you. The password is pineapple.
Fandoms & Pairings
Deadpool (Wade x my oc)
The Adam's family
Pokemon ((MAYBE. Don't be nasty about it either!))
Bridgerton (or something like it. Can be Oc x Oc)
Disney Decedent's (or anything Disney) (oc x oc)
Orange is the new black (this can be oc x oc).
Criminal Minds (REALLY wanna do)
Loki x my oc
Spiderman (Tom Holland) x my oc
Dog The Bounty Hunter (REALLY wanna do):
Dog Chapman x my oc
The walking dead (REALLY wanna do!!):
Daryl X my oc
Batman x my oc
Lucifer (Netflix show series) x my oc (really wanna do)
The Originals: Klaus x my oc (PLEASE !! I REALLY wanna do this one!)
American Horror Story: Tate x my oc (REALLY wanna do)
Dragon Ball Z - Super (vegeta x my oc) (really wanna do)
Naruto: Minato x my oc
Harry Potter (thanks to the wonderful world of rp, the characters will be 18 or older. For me, I'd like it if it was Draco x my oc. REALLY wanna do)
Game Of Thrones (I'm still very early in the show, but I think we could think of something!)
Once Upon A Time:
killian x my oc, REALLY wanna do 🥺.
Avatar the last Airbender:
Zuko x my oc
Jacob x my oc
(Course, our version will be alot better than the movies).
If any of these interests you, message me!
End note part 2:
Congratulations! You've made it to the end. Still interested? You've got the password. Message me and let's get started 😁.
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2023.05.31 18:51 hello_keely Advice Needed: Unmedicated ERA or Transfer During Summer Break

My husband(34) and I (34) tried for a year naturally to get pregnant. Went through IVF testing and I have a blocked tube and he had low motility (since has improved quite a bit). Since we are paying out of pocket we decided to go straight to IVF.
January we had our first retrieval and got 5blasts and we opted to not test as our doc said our age does not require it (spoiler alert, I regret that). We did a transfer of our highest graded blast in February and it coincided on the same day with a very very serious emergency ICU stay for my mom and we almost lost her. She was in the ICU for the entirety of the cycle and was released the day of my HCG draw. It turned out to be a chemical. I was of course devastated but also this was the first time I have been this close. A month later in March we transferred again and it was a failed implantation. My doctor noticed a cyst underneath my endometrial lining and suggested on the next cycle we do a hysteroscopy. That went well and everything came back clear with no signs of anything besides a raised bit that they smoothed out. They of course couldn’t see under the lining but no signs of endo. My doctor went back to look at the scans of my baselines and noticed the cyst grew as they administered the transfer meds. So she suggested an ERA and doing a modified or (unmedicated) transfer cycle.
So here is the issue that I need advice with: I am a social worker at a high school and have a very stressful job. Summer is coming next week and it is two months long. We go back to school early August. We are starting an egg retrieval cycle in a week where we will have those embryos (hopefully we yield some) and the remaining 3 PGT tested.
Our options are:
Depending on yield I could do a fresh transfer. We then could opt to do an ERA cycle if that failed. Next transfer would then be closer to end of August so I’d be back at work a full month.
Or just go straight into the unmedicated cycle ERA but transfer wouldn’t happen until I went back to school in early August.
Or we wait for PGT results, forgo the ERA and do a transfer with a tested embryo in July before school starts again.
It is just scary because I don’t want to delay something like the ERA if it could more information but also being off work would mean less stress. I am leaning towards the last option or also adding in the fresh transfer too just to see.
Any advice? Or has anyone done the ERA testing on an unmedicated cycle? My cycles are quite long about 37 days.
Wow that was a lot to put together, apologies if it is jumbled at all.
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2023.05.31 18:51 griefwitch PCOS bloodwork, confusing values, please help!

PCOS bloodwork, confusing values, please help!
PCOS Bloodwork, Confusing, Please Help!
Hi, 27 Female, significant for obesity, anxiety, ADHD. I take vyvanse and propranolol. Had ectopic pregnancy in June 2022 that was believed to be due to mini-pill use. Prior to ectopic, Had 1 Live Birth and 1 Surgical Abortion at 5 weeks. i got depo shot and 3 shots of methotrexate for ectopic- resolved in SeptembeOctober 2022. Started menstruating January 2023 but somewhat irregular (cycle between 25-29 days), periods range from 3-7 days. Having frequent unprotected sex but no pregnancy. Dr did PCOS profile. I had it done May 20th, which would be on Day 10 of my cycle. things definitely don’t seem right and i don’t understand some of it. my % free testosterone is high, 1.8 (says normal is between 0.8-1.4). but my free testosterone serum is 3.8, which is pretty normal (says normal is between 1.1-6.3). for the stage of my cycle, my 17-Alpha-Hydroxyprogesterone is somewhat low, mine was 14 and it says during my follicular phase it should be 15-70? all my other results are WNL. SBHG is on low end of normal according to references (women between 20-40 years normal is between 24.6-122) is any of this indicative of PCOS or other reproductive failure/issues/problems or any issues in general ? i am so worried. please help!
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2023.05.31 18:51 AffectionateStep5001 Simplii Referral Reddit - $50 Referral Bonus + Possible $400 sign-up bonus 🍁 :)

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As of recently, Alipay is also now supported.
*If you have any questions, feel free to message. Thanks for considering this referral :)
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2023.05.31 18:51 Anxious-potato-ghost اكبر صدمه بحياتي

اكبر صدمه بحياتي
انا بعرف انه في ملحدين بالاردن و انه في عبدة شياطين و انه في كتير اشياء بعديه عن الدين د بس يلي صدمني انه كيف بيقدروا يحكوا هيك كلام ، و يعملوا ميمز ع ربنا و سيدنا محمد ، استغفر الله ، و انا قاعدة بدور بزيادة شفت كيف العرب و المسلمين كل شي عم بيتدهور ، ما حد يجي يحكي انا حر انا بدي اعمل هيك و انا بدي اسوي هيك و شو فيها لو كفرت و شو فيها لو طعمت ، مش من قليل عم بنروح للأسوأ ، دخلت صب تاني اشوفه ، و الحمد لله الصب تاع الارن ارجى من الصب تاع مصر ، فعليا انخنقت و انا قاعدة بقرا كيف انهم بفتخروا و همه قاعدين بيحكوا ، و كيف كل واحد قاعد يسب ع الله و انه الموضوع عادي ، و جد جعبالي اعرف انه انت ازا عارف شو رح يصير بالاخر ليش مكمل ، وليش عم بتلم ناس بزيادة ع اشي غلطط بشكل كبير ، ، شو يلي وصلنا لهيك مرحله انه نكسر كل الحواجز يلي تربينا عليها و عأنه نبطل نهتم لشو ممكن يصير ، لكل واحد قرأ البوست فكر بأنت شو قاعد تعمل هلأ بالآخر بنحكي لمصلحتك ،
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2023.05.31 18:51 Ranerra This is Zora, she came in very chonk and had to be in a cage for a week to make sure she wasn’t sick, now she gets free roam of our office with her equally thicc boifriend Garfield!

This is Zora, she came in very chonk and had to be in a cage for a week to make sure she wasn’t sick, now she gets free roam of our office with her equally thicc boifriend Garfield! submitted by Ranerra to Chonkers [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 18:51 AdOdd8273 does it work on every game?

there is a game called bloodstrike on steam its free
can some one tell me if its possible to mod in game currency in that game i tried it i didnt work i am new to modding and cheat engine for further info message me
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2023.05.31 18:51 Aliceislost21 How the broad term ASD has made life harder for those deemed high functioning

Okay, first post, and I hope that I express my concerns properly and even more so that others may relate, as I feel 100 percent alone here. I have a very high-needs, non-verbal granddaughter. She is 7 and still in pull-ups. She has become the de facto definition of autism, at least as far as my husband and many other family members are concerned. I have what has been classified as severe ADHD, predominantly hyperactive type, but have been told that I would likely meet the criteria for ASD. The cost for the assessment is between 2000 and 3500 dollars, or I could wait for a free assessment with a 6-year waitlist. So the psychiatrist who (re)diagnosed my ADHD (I was diagnosed way back in the early 80's) said to presume autism. Now here comes the problem: I was talking in full sentences at the age of 11 months and taught myself to read at age 3, so I have hyperlexia. I have an above-average IQ, for whatever that's worth, but it is diagnostically relevant. I am high masking but socially inept. I have been told for years that I am pretty (I can't confirm), so I guess I've coasted on that? I am dealing with all of the struggles of someone with a formerly available AS diagnosis. I am currently in complete and total burnout. I keep losing my ability to speak, something that happens under high stress and is likely why I never spoke at school till grade 7. I am not able to work and am dealing with high variability relating to functionality. I am NOT allowed to even suggest that I have ASD, as my husband says that is insulting to refer to myself as likely having autism considering how impacted our grandchild is. I have done hours and hours.....and hours of research, including the related physical conditions and comorbidities. I have taken all of the research and, through combining all the relevant data, have concluded that the odds of me not having AS are less than 3 percent. So, in conjunction with the aforementioned doctor's recommendation, three separate social workers asking about my autism, and two other doctors' inquiries, I have concluded that I do indeed meet the criteria. But I am desperately lonely, not because I am alone but because I am separate and apart. I spend much of my time being told that I said something rude or that I am making others angry, especially when discussing a topic that I know a great deal about. It seems that opinions are weighted more heavily than facts. So I have little real interaction with others. I spend most of my time in my bedroom, as I am too burned out to manage the ongoing misunderstandings. I want to say that aside from this problem, for the most part, I do have a supportive spouse but an ignorant one. He did buy and is reading a book about living with someone with ADHD (not sure he's getting it though). He does try. I am trying to be mindful that he is VERY neurotypical and is disabled in his ability to understand me because of that. He processes his thoughts with very different software, so to speak. It isn't my desire to present my family as harsh or mean; they truly aren't, but they are unable or perhaps unwilling to accept that I am who I am and that years of trying to be "one of them" just doesn't work. Even my daughter, who has ADHD, struggles to get me, as she sees ADHD as the same for everyone, or at least that I don't fit the mould. This further reinforces my unconfirmed belief that I have both ASD (AS) and ADHD. I would like to be the only one that feels this way, as I wouldn't wish this isolation on anyone, but I am fairly confident that others are going through this. How do you cope? More likely, how do you cope with not being able to cope? Thanks for reading this far too long first post.
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2023.05.31 18:51 happymod-ios Download HappyMod iOS 10.3.4 - Enhance Your Gaming Experience Today!

Download HappyMod iOS 10.3.4 - Enhance Your Gaming Experience Today!
Are you an iOS user looking for a way to enhance your app experience? If so, you might have come across HappyMod iOS 10.3.4. In this article, we will explore what HappyMod iOS 10.3.4 is, its features, how to download and install it, its safety, and the benefits of using this platform. So, let's dive in and discover how HappyMod iOS 10.3.4 can revolutionize your iOS device!


In the fast-paced world of technology, app enthusiasts always look for new and exciting apps to make the most of their devices. HappyMod iOS 10.3.4 is a popular third-party app store that provides iOS users with a vast collection of modified and patched apps. These modified apps offer additional features, enhanced functionalities, and sometimes even premium content for free.

What is HappyMod iOS 10.3.4?

HappyMod iOS 10.3.4 is an alternative app store for iOS devices. It offers a wide range of modified, patched and cracked apps unavailable on the official Apple App Store. This platform allows users to download and install apps modified by the community to unlock additional features or remove limitations.

Features of HappyMod iOS 10.3.4

HappyMod iOS 10.3.4 has several impressive features that make it a desirable choice for iOS users. Some of its notable features include:
  • Vast App Collection
HappyMod iOS 10.3.4 hosts a massive collection of modified apps from various categories. Whether you're looking for games, productivity tools, or entertainment apps, you will likely find them on this platform.
  • Regular Updates
The app store is frequently updated with the latest versions of popular apps. This ensures that users can access their favourite apps' most recent features and improvements.
  • User-Friendly Interface
HappyMod iOS 10.3.4 boasts a user-friendly interface, making it easy for users to navigate and find their desired apps. The intuitive design ensures a seamless browsing and downloading experience.
  • Enhanced App Features
One of the main attractions of HappyMod iOS 10.3.4 is the availability of modified apps with enhanced features. Users can enjoy additional functionalities, in-app purchases for free, and even unlocked premium content.
  • Fast Download Speeds
The platform offers fast and reliable download speeds, allowing users to install their desired apps without hassle.

How to Download and Install HappyMod iOS 10.3.4?

To download and install HappyMod iOS 10.3.4 on your iOS device, follow these simple steps:
  • Step 1: Enable Trust for the Developer
Before downloading HappyMod iOS 10.3.4, you need to enable trust for the developer. Go to "Settings," then "General," and navigate to "Profiles & Device Management." Locate the profile for HappyMod iOS 10.3.4 and tap "Trust" to authorize the installation.
  • Step 2: Download HappyMod iOS 10.3.4
Visit the official website of HappyMod iOS 10.3.4 using the Safari browser on your iOS device Locate the download link and tap on it to start the download process.
  • Step 3: Install HappyMod iOS 10.3.4
Once the download is complete, open the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions to install HappyMod iOS 10.3.4 on your device.

Is HappyMod iOS 10.3.4 Safe to Use?

Safety is a crucial concern when downloading apps from third-party sources. While HappyMod iOS 10.3.4 is a reputable platform, it's essential to exercise caution and only download apps from trusted sources within the app store. Additionally, enabling trust for the developer ensures a safer installation process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Is HappyMod iOS 10.3.4 compatible with all iOS devices? HappyMod iOS 10.3.4 is compatible with many iOS devices, including iPhones, iPads, and iPods. However, checking the specific device requirements before installation is always recommended.
Q2: Can I simultaneously download apps from the official App Store and HappyMod iOS 10.3.4? Yes, you can simultaneously have the official App Store and HappyMod iOS 10.3.4 on your device. HappyMod iOS 10.3.4 acts as a separate app store and does not interfere with the functioning of the official one.
Q3: Are the modified apps on HappyMod iOS 10.3.4 legal? While the modified apps themselves may not always have official approval, using HappyMod iOS 10.3.4 to download and install them is not illegal. However, it's essential to respect the rights of app developers and use the modified apps responsibly.
Q4: Can I update the apps downloaded from HappyMod iOS 10.3.4? Yes, you can update the apps downloaded from HappyMod iOS 10.3.4. The platform provides regular app updates, allowing users to enjoy the latest features and improvements.
Q5: Is there a risk of malware when using HappyMod iOS 10.3.4? While HappyMod iOS 10.3.4 strives to provide a safe platform, malware is always a potential risk when downloading apps from any third-party source. It's crucial to exercise caution and use reliable antivirus software to scan the downloaded files.


HappyMod iOS 10.3.4 offers iOS users a world of possibilities by providing a wide range of modified apps with enhanced features and functionalities. By following the simple installation process and using the platform responsibly, users can customize their app experience and access premium content for free. However, it's essential to prioritize safety and download apps only from trusted sources within HappyMod iOS 10.3.4. Explore the world of modified apps today and revolutionize your iOS device!
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2023.05.31 18:51 AdSouthern4052 thanks mommy and daddy.

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2023.05.31 18:50 Agreeable-Slide-3362 Under the guidance of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj on the occasion of God Kabir Prakat Diwas, Free name initiation, blood donation camp, dowry free mass marriages are being organized along with a three-Day huge Bhandara in which the whole world is invited. #Biggest_Bhandara_Of_TheWorld

Under the guidance of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj on the occasion of God Kabir Prakat Diwas, Free name initiation, blood donation camp, dowry free mass marriages are being organized along with a three-Day huge Bhandara in which the whole world is invited. #Biggest_Bhandara_Of_TheWorld submitted by Agreeable-Slide-3362 to u/Agreeable-Slide-3362 [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 18:50 90daysislife 49 ✅ i love you guys for supporting me ❤️

I love everyone here , everyone is trying to help each other’s , u helped me a lot guys with reminding me to be strong , and encouraging me , i know that it’s just a word on the phone from a stranger on the internet. But for me it’s hit me in my heart and make me smile and happy thank you guys , after one day i will reach 50 days 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 I hope everyone here does it , feel free to ask me anything
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2023.05.31 18:49 ImaginaryApple6184 UTSG CS vs Ivey + CS vs Qcomm + CS

Ideally, I want to go into some type of managerial role in tech (e.g. PM), and I would also be happy with SWE or management consulting.
-would be my first choice because of the campus and more interesting courses, but I'm worried about a lack of recruiting + internship opportunities and being effectively shut out of a PM role in the immediate future, in addition to the lack of free time I'd have to work on side projects because of the academic rigour
Ivey + CS:
-Originally admitted to PPE for pre-Ivey but was told it would be easy to switch into CS at the start of first year
-the abundance of good opportunities is intriguing, but my hesitancies are the city of London being horrible (failure in urban planning and seems to not be great without a car which isn't appealing to me) and the overall "Ivey culture" of nepotism, classism, and generally awful people (see: @ iveyatthemargins on IG)
-worried I won't be able to get the full value of an Ivey degree (strong network) because I'm somewhat of an introvert
Qcomm + CS:
-not guaranteed I would be able to do CS because I'd have to apply for it during 1st year (I think)
-Kingston>>London but Ivey placements seem better in tech and MBB consulting
-similar culture problems to Ivey (see: @ stolenbysmith on IG)
-also worried about not getting the full value of Qcomm because I'm an introvert
Any advice would be appreciated!
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2023.05.31 18:49 infinitysexbot Gonna need reconstructive back surgery after this one

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2023.05.31 18:49 RollinWithSaget Need help fixing low water pressure

tldr; What is the best way to descale pipes, fixtures, and valves?
If anyone is in the Austin are feel free to DM me with good plumbers. I have had Stans and Radiant out so far.
I just moved into a new house and it seems there is a decent scaling issue in the pipes. The fixtures that were used a lot by the previous owners all have mediocre pressure even after cleaning the shower heads, aerators etc. The primary shower has half the flow rate of the other showers in the house for example even with the shower head off. The kitchen sync also has bad water pressure, especially on hot. I looked into the pipe just 6 inches with a little camera and saw a far amount of buildup ( see pic ) I imagine it s much worse in other parts of the pipe and valve.

The house also has a recirculation pump ( see pic ) that is very slow, takes 10 minutes to produce hot water at the furthest fixture. Current theory is since it is attached to the drain valve on the hot water heater that it is gunked up from sediment ( see pic of hot water setup ), that hot water heater also makes some popping sounds.

I hade one plumber out and they replaced the cartridge in the main shower ( see pics of this )and said next steps would be to open up the wall and replace the valve. And long term solution would be to get a water softener, but I have no loop for this so it would be on the more expensive side to install.
I had a second plumber come out and they investigated for an hour or so. They suggested a scalerx out by the cutoff valve along with a flowtech system to fix my problem. (They also had me break my cutoff valve while they were there which seemed sus). The flowtech seems a little like snake oil to me. Anyone seen a flowtech system actually work?
I am basically looking for the best solution to get rid of the scaling in the pipes and valves and prevent it in the future. Is it a water softener, the scalerx + flowtech system, or just constantly replacing valves and fixtures?
Happy to upload more pictures and appreciate any advice. Thanks!
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2023.05.31 18:49 Protists8 Watery eye for over a year

I had an eye infection in February 2022 which cleared up with a black tea bag. The eye remained with watery clear discharge so I went to see an ophthalmologist. He asked me if the discharge was “bothering me” and then prescribed me antibiotic eye drops. He did many tests and told me the duct did not appear blocked.
It’s now May 2023 and I still have watery discharge from my eye. I notice it more when it is cold outside. If the lacrimal duct is not blocked, is there something else that could be causing this?
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2023.05.31 18:49 BrutalAttis Vive Wireless Troubleshooting Tips (blue screens/dropped frames/latencies) [RESOLVED]

Just wanted to give back to the community as a thank you for all the people modifying games like FO4VSkyrimVR that I love so much.
I recently upgraded my system and ran into some typical Vive Wireless and other common VR issues.
Like many I got frustrated with blue screen issues. I think it is quite resolvable unless a person truly has faulty hardware.
My wireless experience is now amazing and hoping some of my tips my help others with wireless issue.
Troubleshooting Tips:
Check for the obvious off first:
  1. Update MB, VR hardware etc. firmware/bios.
  2. Update GPU, VR, MB hardware drivers.
    fpsVR is good at helping determine in real time GPU or CPU frame timings. (or other free options)
A) CPU frame times:
CPU Frametime example issue
CPU frame time issues are a much larger issue compared to GPU frame issues. If your game is getting constant CPU frame time spikes either your CPU is underpowered, has RAM speed (maybe XMP not enabled), or weird P/E core issues. If your CPU often spikes frame time then no amount of GPU will help you get a smooth VR experience (and some games are worse offenders than others: FO4VR (single core), SkyrimVR and DCS etc.)
B) GPU frame time issues:
GPU Frametime example issue
Good news here is that you have options. Drop GPU in game settings. Drop rendering resolutions etc. Anytime you can make your GPU render fast enough to prevent GPU frame time within your headset refresh rate zone (or to a point that you can live with it). First dial settings down, then add back after all other issues are resolved.
C) Marching of the dreaded purple line on GPU frame time chart or what feels like a micro stutter:
Example Purple Line on GPU Frametime Chart
Often caused by background monitoring processes like Corsair (suxs), MSI etc. You can write a .bat script that can be run before each VR session. Kill all unnecessary processes. Locate by looking at TaskManager > Details > Sort by CPU or Memory usage. Read up dont kill stop critical MS OS processes. Some processes be so embedded that it's best to uninstall them altogether.
taskkill /IM "exact_exe_name.exe" /F
Ex: taskkill /IM "WhatsApp.exe" /F
Stop all unnecessary services. Locate by looking at TaskManager > Services > Sort by Status and look for Running. Read up dont kill stop critical MS OS services.
net stop "exact service name"
Ex: net stop "ROG Live Service"
Purple lines are normal during major CPU/HDD tasks like game start or major texture loading. However, once your game is up or new areas loaded you should NEVER see them, if not you have a symptom of a larger underlying problem.
Here is an example of a "good" purple line during loading of an area
D) Intel WiGig Wireless issue: Streaming image in headset “blurry” or “pixelated” either main game or even SteamVR home
Not enough CPU allocated either SteamVR processes or Intel WiGig process:
  1. vrcompositor.exe
  2. vrserver.exe
  3. HtcConnectionUtility.exe
There is a chance if you are running P and E cores that some of your SteamVR process are running on an E core. My 13900KS did just that! You could either try hinting your VR processes to force use P cores or brute force disabling all E cores and see if issue persist. As P/E core technology matures hopefully this will become less of an issue. But I can 100% attest that my random “blurry/picilabed” vr image stream issue was resolved by ensuring that all my steam VR process and game run on P cores only.
If you are running an old CPU and depending on game -- you may not be able to resolve this at all.
You could also set the priority of you all you’re the important SteamVR, game and Intel WiGig process, I don’t recommend using “Realtime” ever. “High” is as high as I would go.
wmic process where name="vrcompositor.exe" CALL setpriority "high priority" timeout 1 > NUL wmic process where name="vrserver.exe" CALL setpriority "high priority" timeout 1 > NUL wmic process where name="Fallout4VR.exe" CALL setpriority "high priority" timeout 1 > NUL wmic process where name="HtcConnectionUtility.exe" CALL setpriority "high priority" timeout 1 > NUL :: Example of game: wmic process where name="Fallout4VR.exe" CALL setpriority "high priority" timeout 1 > NUL
But don’t mess with CPU affinity setting IMO just let the OS do its thing, else you may end up with CPU core overallocated. E) Vive-pro headset blue or grey screen:
Get the obvious out the way, make sure decent line of site from camera to wireless headpiece. Much less of an issue IMO also you can clearly see your signal strength. You could also try different channels, but that too is not major impact.
Actual Intel WiGig card Temperature is the number 1 cause in my opinion. I placed my card right over a fresh air intake fan and ran fans at max and have not had a single headset blue screen since. I am tempted to add a fixed fan connected to the MB header as a permanent measure. This card is passively cooled, so if your case gets hot inside you can run into blue/grey screen issues.
Example card placement in my pc case
A well known heat issue is the Vive wireless headset temperature. Easily fixed by googling and buy headset fan mod. Vive wireless logs will show if you have this issue, normally you will get blue/grey screen crashes after 80c … if you are running around 45-50c you are probably fine.
Vive Wireless Headset Fan Link
3D Print Mold Link
If you have fpsVR there is a checkbox to allow showing real time wireless adapter temp too.
Ensure your WiGig process never loses power.
You can locate the physical card and ensure Windows never cut its power.
Device Manager > View > Devices by Connection Type > System Devices
Example Link for example in my case, all under 7A3C you change the power setting to
Uncheck - Allow the comp. to turn off device power
Uncheck above box for all subs
Ensure SteamVR never turns off power to VR related USB devices.
SteamVR Developer Disable Power Management
Loose USB connection between battery pack and wireless head piece. Probably less of a cause but can easily get a USB 3.0 replacement cable with better shielding.
USB Cable option -- not needed IMO
Length of coaxial cable from WiGig card to wireless sensor camera. Mixed feelings about this. I extended mine by about 3’ … I have zero issues, but increasing the distance could add to image qualify issues. If your troubleshooting remove it from your loop.
Example of extension cable Link
Replacement battery pack. If the power is clean, you should be fine. I don't suggest using 3rd party battery packs. Use original when troubleshooting.
I firmly believe the Intel WiGig card and Vive Wireless adapter heat are the biggest culprits to blue/grey screens.
F) Weird perceived in game lag, latencies or what feels like missed frames but without purple line on.
Do not change or add artificial FPS caps either using vsync, or MSI or Steam command line hints etc. One may mistakenly think that for example if your headset is 90Hz that artificially capping your FPS at 90 may be beneficial to remove additional wireless load -- But you actually adding problems with timings that maybe wont even show in fpsVR. Remove caps and aim for max fps.
G) My thoughts on overlocking:
Some posts argue that overclocking, or RAM XMP can be RC for blue screens. My view is that if you overclock and RAM tests are stable, you should not worry about it as you need all the CPU/RAM speed you can get for good VR.
H) Re-projection
I get a bit more reprojection with wireless compared to tethered with cable, but since it adds no latency to my gameplay (that I can tell), it does not bother me. OVR will show your stats. Keep an eye on reprojection and dropped frames. Reprojection is close to non-issue imo.
I) Other tools
latencymon -- somewhat useful to see if you have driver latencies
J) My Hardware
Recently upgraded and built new PC, from 9900KS/3090 to 13900KS/4090 (water-cooled). VR: VivePro (set to 150% rendering with lens mod and vive wireless. Still using old OG Vive lighthouses, Index knuckle controllers and sometimes old Vive wands. I have tried other VR headsets, but OLED, lens mod (clear) and total freedom of wireless to me are subjectively better. I don’t like the SDE I get, but can give up wireless and lens mod and OLED.
VR games I enjoy: Mostly FO4VR and SkyrimVR My VR play space and setup
Pancake Games: 1400p x3 screens DCS, E:D etc. My old setup flight sim
What "good times" in FO4VR can look like:
Looks for frame times and temperatures, Vive Wireless temp. at very bottom.
Diamond City loading in image
Diamond City After Load In
Rain and other effects ongoing
Hope this helps someone, took me some time to put this all down!
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2023.05.31 18:49 Consistent-Ring-5795 Looking for a roommate.

Hey there! I'm Ashish, the soon-to-be grad student who's about to shake things up at UT Austin. I'll be making my grand entrance in August 2023, but guess what? I'm on the hunt for a stellar roommate to join me on this wild ride. Living alone is just not my cup of tea, you know?
Let me tell you a little about myself. I'm the life of the party, always up for a good time and meeting new peeps. Socializing is my jam! When I'm not out and about, you can find me jamming to music and getting lost in movie marathons. Oh, and did I mention that I'm a total bookworm? Yep, I can't resist a good read.
Cleanliness is my mantra, and I firmly believe that friends and roomies are like chosen family. Home should be a place of zen, where you find peace and serenity. Positive vibes all the way, my friend!
Now, here's the deal: I'm cool with everyone, but I do have one non-negotiable condition. Please, pretty please, don't be homophobic. Love is love, and that's a dealbreaker for me.
If you think we'd be a good match and you're ready to embark on this awesome roommate adventure, shoot me an email at [email protected]. Let's make this place our cozy haven of fun and friendship!
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