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I played every Ace Combat games and more in a months long marathon.

2023.03.24 04:11 KaptinSalazoo I played every Ace Combat games and more in a months long marathon.

Hello everyone,
I was going to write a life story thing about why I did this, but it would take too long and this post is already going to be pretty hefty. So I'll cut to the chase, over the last few months, I did an Ace Combat Marathon which also includes all the games I consider to be "Ace Combat Like". I did omit a few here and there, but it was either because they were too hard to obtain, too far from what I consider to be the Ace Combat formula or just not interesting enough. Now that it is over, I would like to tell you about my experience with all of these games, so, if you are interested, have a good read !


- English is not my native language and I am brain dead so if me no write good me sory.
- These entries are not reviews but simply a summary of how I felt about each game.
- Spoilers

Here are the games, in the order that I played them in :

Games that, in my opinion, constitute the main continuity :

Air Combat / Ace Combat 1 :
- Gameplay : Dated, but still very usable by modern players.
- Graphics : I mean... it's a 1995 game. But the emulator gave it a good coat of paint.
- Story : Just enough to justify the game happening, it's no big deal, we all know where the series goes later on. I just love the idea of an island-nation sized terror group having a giant air force, aircraft carriers, a supersized stronghold and a flying fortress (the first of the ace combat series).
- Music : Pure 90's juice, get ready to rock and synth.

Ace Combat 2 :
- Gameplay : Great for the time, it's completely servicable to this day.
- Graphics : A noticable improvement from the first AC, specially good with the right emulator settings.
- Story : Literally the same as the first AC but on a bigger scale, gets expanded upon in the remake.
- Music : In my opinion, the best from the PS1 series, Lode Stone is still stuck in my head.

Ace Combat 3 Electrosphere (Japanese version with english text patch, necessary since, for those who don't know, the international version got most of its content cut out.) :
- Gameplay : The best of the PS1 series, feels much more like flying a plane than in the previous ACs. Plus the special missions where you fly a stratospheric bomber, a parasite fighter or a hecking starfighter are something else.
- Graphics : Again, an improvement on the previous entry, although less drastic, the art style is the most noticable feature.
- Story : Who put planes in my metal gear solid story line ? My man went from zero story to a five branches storyline about revenge, corporatism and transhumanism in a cyberpunk universe with unique missions and 2d animated cutscenes.
- Music : Extremely... unique and hard to describe, it wouldn't be out of place in a horror game or a creepypasta about some haunted retroware.

Ace Combat 4 Shattered skies :
- Gameplay : Wierdly it's not too different from AC3 in my opinion, but hey, if it ain't broken, don't fix it.
- Graphics : The transition to the PS2 is truly impressive, it's just great to look at. Although, beware, it has some graphical issues with emulation.
- Story : Far less complex than AC3, but perhaps told with more style, it's more heartfelt and relatable. And of course, this is kind of where the strangereal universe is starting to become more established.
- Music : The first game in the series where the sky starts speaking latin, it establishes what the Ace Combat music style is going to be from then on.

Ac Combat 5 The unsung war :
- Gameplay : More or less the same as in AC4, perhaps a little bit more arcadey ? Great plane diversity though.
- Graphics : Maybe it was because of emulation and the UI but I felt like it was a slight downgrade from AC4, probably not the case though.
- Story : Kind of a balance between the war story theme of AC4 and the over the top sci-fi conspiracy vibe of AC3, most of the series will adopt this dynamic from then on.
- Music : Same vibe as AC4, with more latin singing for us to enjoy.

Ace Combat Zero The Belkan war :
- Gameplay : Similar to the two previous entries, although with more bossfights.
- Graphics : Also similar to the rest of the PS2 trilogy, it's not like there was much room to improve within the limits of the console's hardware.
- Story : Something something borders bad, buddy, funni country nukes itself, V2, it's time, bottom text. A good story that establishes a solid fundation for the strangereal lore.
- Music : The sky speaks latin, flamenco edition.

Ace Combat X Skies of deception :
- Gameplay : The engine was recycled from AC4 so it's similar, which is good, although everything is slowed down to help with the PSP controls.
- Graphics : About as much as you could squeeze out of the PSP for a flight sim, which is pretty neat.
- Story : A step back from previous entries, but more than enough to get all those good ace combat tropes in there, superweapons galore, conspiracy, zealous characters, the whole nine yards.
- Music : A suprising return to the PS1 trilogy vibe, probably to go easy on those poor little PSP speakers. Though it's not at the same level of quality; most of the ost would make Minasha Please, your freestyle dance teacher, go crazy.

Ace Combat 6 Fires of liberation :
- Gameplay : The first big improvement since AC3, with the notable introduction of post stall maneuvers. Also the scale of the missions are unprecedented thanks to the transition to the xbox360, with loads of units on both sides.
- Graphics : New platform, new graphics, and boy is it gorgeous ! Still very much holds its own to this day, although they had to pay for it with the diversity of planes, which is the lowest in the series.
- Story : Very similar to AC4, down to the presentation, but more clumsy. It's not bad by any means, just kind of average.
- Music : Back to the AC classic formula, although the most memorable ost isn't the final latin one this time, but the aptly named "Liberation of Gracemeria".

Ace Combat X² Joint Assault (The most based Ace Combat in my opinion) :
- Gameplay : Similar to the previous PSP entry, but even slower. (That's not to say easier, some bossfights are downright bullshit.) Also you can pilot WW2 planes and a 747 so 10/10.
- Graphics : A bit of an improvement on Skies of Deception, but yeah... still PSP graphics.
- Story : Set in the real world, but whith all the over the top absurdity of strangereal and somehow even more. How about a story where Jeff Bezos hires the entire Romanian army to become terrorists in order to mount the biggest insurance scam ever, supplying them with usual ace combat tier superweapons, but the Romanians betray him and try to found Romania 2 electric boogaloo in Khazakstan; but you stop them and now have to face your rival who breaks down in tears about his parents mid boss fight before you shoot him down in his guitar looking ass superfighter, ending the story by personally flying your jet under amazon HQ in San Francisco to explode Jeff Bezos with a Maverick missile to the face ?
- Music : About as bonkers as the story, a mix of usual Ace Combat epic score, throwbacks to the PS1 trilogy ost, stereotypical middle eastern music, and some sort of hard rock ? Seriously listen to "In the Zone", it's pretty representative.

Ace Combat Assault Horizon :
- Gameplay : The game feels like it's been developped by a 12 years old high on sugar and aderall, the first mission almost gave me an epilepsy attack and I'm not even epileptic. It's obviously a huge departure from the traditionnal ace combat gameplay, and there are cool aspects like the attack helicopter missions, but the rest of the game feels like it's on rails, which for a plane game is kind of an oxymoron. The "dogfight mode" is basically a roller coaster simulator, some missions like the AC-130 and the Blackhawk door gunner ones are ripped straight from call of duty; and the one strategic bomber mission is literally on rails most of the time.
- Graphics : More or less average for the time ? I had a hard time seeing behind the Michael Bay level of explosions and particles going off everywhere, everytime all at once. Although the plane destruction animations are kinda cool, they just get old fast.
- Story : Basically Call of Duty or a Tom Clancy novel but with planes, I suppose they were trying to one up HAWX which came out a year earlier ? Some funny elements are the main big friendly general being french and dubbed by someone poorly imitating a french accent; also the main baddies, the Russian rebels, use the litteral waffen SS division symbols for their units, what's up with that ?
- Music : Strangely pretty cool ? Lots of competent rock and epic scores, very intense, in keeping with the theme, but not bad by any means.

Ace Combat 7 Skies Unknown :
- Gameplay : Same basis as AC6 but improved, pretty much the best it's been so far.
- Graphics : Well, as the most modern AC, it's also naturally the best looking. Planes, effects, maps, art style, it's all great stuff.
- Story : Belka did it again, skynet edition. Also air force penal batallion sent on suicide missions with half the members convicted of relatively light offences and/or with investigations still pending, thanks OSEA, you truly are one of the democracies of all time. Overall the story is regular Ace Combat stuff, its highlights being, as often, the bonkers strangereal elements.
- Story (DLC) : Hunt for the red october, but lots of planes and also the characters are insane. 10/10
- Music : Back to good ol' latin choirs, latiner choirer, plus the usual cool epic scores, great as always.

Games that are outside the main continuity but I still consider to be Ace Combat games :

Ace Combat Assault Horizon Legacy+ (Despite the title, it's a remake of AC2) :
- Gameplay : Surprisingly great for a DS/3DS title, better than the PSP entries in my opinion. There are post stall maneuvers and a watered down, more digest version of Assault Horizon's dogfight mode.
- Graphics : Pretty good for 3DS hardware, it's obviously a huge improvement on the original AC2. Also there are some nintendo themed planes, it's pretty neat, now I know that if Luigi was a jet, he would be an F-35.
- Story : There is a story where there was almost none in AC2, so it's an improvement in my book. They gave your wingmen voice lines, and I love the fact that they made the original "Edge" Kei Nagase kind of a Tsundere. The best new feature is the added ACZero style special squadron bossfights, each being more absurd than the last, there's : Medieval LARPers in F-14s, Furry with anger issues, E-girl and her tier 3 simp squadron, Man who plays chess in his plane ; and finally, three fleshed out ZOE bossfights, where in the original AC2, ZOE was just kinda flying around, being an optionnal ennemy with more HP.
- Music : Most of the tracks were changed for a more modern aces combat feel, but there are some bangers in there nontheless.
PS : In the original release, mission 2, easy money, was mistranslated as easy monkey which made me die laughing because I have internet brain rot.

The Sky Crawlers Innocent Aces :
- Gameplay : As close as we'll get from a WW2 themed Ace Combat, and frankly, it's pretty good. The final boss is annoying and there is kind of a dogfight mode light similar to assault horizon legacy because of Wii controls, but other than that, they handeled a gameplay without missiles and with slow prop planes amazingly, while retaining the unmistakable Ace Combat flavor.
- Graphics : I'd say average for Wii hardware, the strong point being the designs and art style which is arguably more thanks to the original novel and animated movie, but the game renders is very well.
- Story : Set in the dieselpunk universe of the Sky Crawler, based on the novel series, the game's story still is more or less original as a prequel to the animated movie adaptation. The lore aside it's very much an Ace Combat story, with conspiracies, betrayals, sacrifices, superweapons, giant fortresses, ace duels etc. As for your main "rival", she's an unhinged tsundere immortal child soldier clone, make of that what you will.
- Music : It's mostly bangers, although not similar to any other Ace Combat game.

Ace Combat likes, either competition or hommage to the franchise (mostly competition though) :

- Gameplay : It's competent, the game is fun to play overall, although the flight mechanics are far more basic than in AC6; its contemporary AC title, even though it was two years old at this point. They tried to compensate with gimmicks like some sort of flight assist tunnel thingy to reach your target, which is pretty useless except when the game makes it mendatory. Also there is the "flight assit mode off" which allows your plane to perform post stall maneuvers at the cost of stability, which would have been great if it didn't force your camera into a disorienting and immersion breaking far away third person view, which doesn't even track your targets half the time. That's bad considering you need it to beat some adversaries like ennemy aces. The plane diversity is huge but they all handle mostly the same. As for the missions, most of them are escort which is pretty frustrating, also some borrow pretty shamelessly from AC with their objectives and sometimes even their plots.
- Graphics : It's not amazing to be honest. The planes and cockpit models are basic, the maps are below the quality seen in AC6, same for the effects and particles. Some model look downright like they were made for the PS2. The artstyle kind of reminds me of G.I Joe, especially the fictionnal units like the baddie's tanks and their super warship, it's got this "toy" aesthetics. They even have a fictionnal superfighter to unlock at the end of the campaign, but it looks like an F-22 drawn by an eight years old.
- Story : It's exactly what it says on the tin, what if Tom Clancy had to write an Ace Combat story. So yeah it's big non descript bad guy attacks and you need to save murica' and thu prasidunt. Also the ghost recons appears so often the game might as well be an ad : "look at this other, better series I've made".
- Music : So unremarkable I didn't even pay attention to it, it's a generic action movie score, nothing more to say.

Unfortunately, I was unable to get HAWX2 to work due to server shutdown, thanks ubisoft, forcing games to be played online even in singleplayer was a great idea. Apparently the latest patch was supposed to make it playable offline but this somehow stil doesn't work. There was apparently a workaround using a crack which I was unfortunately unable to find despite giving my PC probably ten viruses, seven trojans and a dozen crypto miners trying to find it. Meh, not that big of a loss according to what I've seen on youtube and read online. The graphics even look like a downgrade from the previous entry somehow.

Air force Delta :
- Gameplay : Very similar to AC2 with slightly better stall physics, a shame when you know it came out the same year as AC3. The missions are what you'd expect from an actual ace combat titles with fortresses, fleets, aces and giant planes bossfights sprinkled in. It's noticably harder than Ace Combat but not for good reasons in my opinion. Your missiles have somehow even worst tracking than in AC, but ennemy missiles seem guided by god. The ennemy AI has absurd turn radius and is seemingly unable to stall. Mission timers are also very short, which results in a situation where actual air to air fights are better avoided unless mandatory to have a chance to finish the missions. Fun fact, I'm pretty sure the final mission of AC5 was inspired by one of this game's missions where you also have to save a city from a falling giant satellite by shooting its "wings" off.
- Graphics : I'm not exactly familiar with the graphics capabilities of the dreamcast, but it looked pretty good in my opinion, I liked how the plane textures were stylised rather than completely realistic.
- Story : You get a big star-wars like lore dump at the beginning and then a few elements dropped in during briefings. The execution is pretty sloppy, for example, you learn who the big bad is right before the final mission where you face him in a duel, whithout even knowing there was a big bad to begin with. The entire story is like this, with things dumped in front of you right before the relevant mission, it feels made up along the way.
- Music : Very arcadey, I kinda liked it. Though it wasn't as good as AC2's ost.

Air force Delta Storm :
- Gameplay : It's not bad overall, but the controls are cluncky, you feel like flying an airliner rather than a fighter jet most of the time. It alleviates some of the first entry's issues like bad missile tracking and overmaneuverable ennemies but barely. It's still much harder than any AC title. It also has this sort of "campaign map" with minor missions to play if you want to reach you main missions, with a grand total of two(2) copy pasted mini missions in slightly different maps at every minor checkpoints. Though some main missions have interesting level design, the final mission for example is literally the Star Wars six's attack on the Death Star two's reactor but with jets.
- Graphics : I'd say average for the OG Xbox, the game lacks a proper cockpit view but the incredible plane diversity makes up for it. Speaking of which, there are a lot of fictionnal fighter designs, some of them pretty goofy, but most are extremely cool looking and competently made. It's a shame there isn't a proper model viewer or display mode to admire them, the best you get is the replay mode which has a wierd striped filter making it hard to see clearly what's going on.
- Story : It's the apocalypse, two factions are at war over basic necessities and you're fighting for one of them, you win at the end. That's it. There are no characters, no story elements, nothing, you just fight and win the war. It's okay, I don't always need intricate conspiracies, character dramas and reflections about the nature of war and the human condition in my plane game. It just makes some missions extremely funny like one where you need to sink an ennemy fleet in a port while being careful about not hitting cruise ships. No world ending woe will slow down the cruise industry apparently.
- Music : Very unremarkable, even a bit obnoxious sometimes. You can rapidly get tired of hearing a generic electric guitar riff when epicly completing minor_mission_02 for the 65451th time in order to get where you need to go.

Air force Delta Strike :
- Gameplay : At this point, it's literally just ace combat gameplay, maybe a bit more nervous and responsive, which honestly I'm not complaining about. The plane diversity is incredible inkeeping with the serie's tradition, ww2 prop planes, cold war relics, modern jets, (many) prototypes (some of them so obscure I didn't even know about their existence), vtols, space fighters etc. As for the missions... where do I start ? How about fighting VTOLs and railway tanks in a giant cyberpunk metro network with a P-51 Mustang ? How about dogfighting gundams during a huge star-wars like space battle onboard a Mig-29 with a mini spaceship duck taped under it ? Or maybe a canyon mission where an evil scientist tries to kill you with an array of comically large fans ? I could go on and on, there are so many wild and wacky missions in between more tame and generic stuff to give you some room to breathe. Side note, there is a space elevator arc so uhh... take that AC7 ? The game's difficulty has reached a managable balance, but it's still overall harder than ace combat. Inbetween missions the game functions almost like a visual novel, it's pretty confusing and you can even get a game over for not knowing what to do, so I highly recommend following a guide to avoid needless frustration.
- Graphics : It's quite a bit below it's contemporary, AC5, in overall quality, but the level designs are often great. The general aesthetics is : generic gundam anime, with designs ranging from hilariously goofy to suprisingly cool. The entire non-mission part of the game is a 2D visual novel format with character designs that are pretty high quality and diverse. Although many designs are uh... cultured. More on that in the character section. There is finally a cockpit view in this entry of the series, for which they went pretty hard, with all of the many aircrat having detailed interiors. The plane's liveries are many and all cool looking in my opinion so that's also a plus.
- Story : This entry finally has a story, and oh boy what a story. The Earth democracy "not the USA" people are at war with the dictatorial evil space people who are secretly controlled by an alien god on Mars. The plot mainly revolves around the characters, with varying level of interest from the narration, but who's concept and behavior makes them wierdly unique and memorable. The story has a few different endings and branching storyline depending on what character you play, how often you play them and also some missison requirements, again, I advise following a guide. It's nothing mindblowing or complex but it certainly is striking, bold and memorable.
- Characters : Yes, I'm adding a section for characters because I can't not talk about them. There are the good guys you play as, delta squadron, composed of : Shredded pixy tomboy Ruth Valentine, Generic MC with sad backstory™ Ken Thomas, Cringe edgelord furry John Rundal (With the most hilarious dialogues in the game), Geriatric ww2 larper Jamie Jones, Funny anime fat man Rick Campbell, Double cheeked up fantASStic dumptruck owner Alex Levine, Divorced dad Holst Prendre, Rejected Jojo character Pedro Glankert, litteral child soldier Brian Douglas, incompetent but rich trust fund kid David Smith and his bimbo gold digger twin wingwomen Collette and Constance Le Clerc. Delta's officiers are : Captain clueless boomer Robert Williams, Staff Officer loli but she's a genius lab experiment kid so it's not creepy I swear Lilia Mihajlovna and operator wholesome overworked MILF office lady Amelia Johnson. There's also the chainsmoking alcoolic mechanic Bob Takayanagi and the totally legit and thrustworthy plane seller Harry Garrett. Finally there are the bad guys, early antagonist and supposedly invincible ace pilot who you just bully in every mission he appears in "Emperor" Sergei Kinski, Giuseppe Ferretti... thats it, Slimy starscream backstabber ugly bastard Leon Kleiser, iamverysmart escapee Donald Chan, Generic rival of the MC Albert Ungar, the MC's brainwashed waifu Ellen McNichol (Who you can turn back to your side if you shoot her down enough while playing as Ken. Make of that what you will.), big tiddy tanned gyaru tomboy noblewoman Francine Davout and her boytoy butler Jake Emerson, bratty femboy supersoldier Pierre Gallo and alien with a god complex "Navigator".
- Music : Unremarkable but servicable, not bad by any means but I doubt any will get stuck in your head... not for good reasons at least.

Project Wingman :
- Gameplay : It's pretty much Ace Combat but I mean... that's kind of the point. Also it's not a straight out copy, there are cool innovations and most important of all, it's very well done and fun to play. I should also mention, I have finished the entire campaign in VR and by the dust mother is it intense. The cockpits are extremely well done and immersive, being at the heart of such overwhelming action in VR is just something else. As for the missions, they're all fun, diverse and with good level design. Finally, the plane diversity is very good for such a small team working on detailed models with cockpits and multiple liveries, not counting the innumerable non graphic aspects.
- Graphics : I had to remind myself that this was an indie game, because appart for a few minor gliches here and there it's honestly incredible what they did whith what they had to work with. The fictional designs all look cool and very inkeeping with the Ace Combat theme. The effetcs were the most impressive, although they did go a bit wild with the whole orange magic energy near the end of the game, my retinas are still recovering.
- Story : Again, very faithful to what an Ace Combat story would be. Mercenaries, superweapons, conspiracies, war bad, and of course, insane characters (Special mention for Prez and Crimson 1). Also the lore is prettry expensive, the AC hommage did go as far as writing an entire alternate universe for your plane game. Overall it's well told, I like it.
- Music : Music is hard to make, music is expensive to make, but again, for an indie game, they managed to pull off something good. It's not the grandiose earporn fest that most Ace Combat are, but it's the best they could do and it's pretty neat. Also the sound design was another impressive aspect, big attention to details and lots of quality effects that really suprised me, specially in VR.
(PS : There is conquest mode, how neat is that ? It does wonders for the replayability of the game.)

This concludes my recorded journey through the skies, it was one hell of an experience and I hope I managed to convey some of it through this post. As for me, I will continue to play flight sims I haven't tried but outside of this marathon format. I have Star Wars Squadron, VTOL VR, Warplanes VR (ww1/2) and DCS lined up, I think I'll even give VR chat flight sim a shot, I've heard they've got some suprisingly great stuff over there. I'm not about to touch ground any times soon.
In the meantime, fly safe(ish) and see you in the skies !
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2023.03.24 03:19 DutchDevGuy Things I wish I knew...

Being aliens in this Asian world, us tourists/nomads/shortstayers etc. make a lot of mistakes and learn many things... I would like to share mine right here and I hope to see those of others to learn from them.
- be careful when taking out money from the ATM's: it gives you a terrible exhange rate. I just took a lot of cash with me in Euros and exhanged locally. That was only 20 euros of cost to exchange €1200. My friend however says ATM withdrawal is still cheapest but you need to select the right options. Any idea on this anybody?
Some obvious ones (but valuable for new people):
- don't take tuk tuks or normal taxis (they will try to scam you sometimes), take Grab or Bolt instead. - install the app Line, it will come in handy many times - immediately buy a thai Sim card (AIS is great and very cheap) - buy a BTS public transportation "top up" card (will save you waiting time at the machines)
Also I made an absolute noob mistake: didn't know I needed a VISA for Vietnam because my Dutch passport got me into TH effortlessly. Extra costs for new flight and urgency VISA: 350 dollar :' )
Interested to hear other people's experiences!
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2023.03.24 03:00 samuelsmithjr Roth IRA Question - Contributed over the AGI Limits

Hi everyone,
Thanks for taking the time to read.
I accidently contributed to my Roth IRA for 2022 ($6000) and 2023 ($6500) although my AGI is above the $144K limit for both years. Would you recommend that I:
  1. Sell $6000 and $6500 ($12,500) total of securities to withdraw from my account the excess contributions. From there, I can backdoor an Roth IRA.
  2. Recharacterize my Roth IRA to a traditional IRA. I'm not sure what happens here - would be my first time recharacterizing. Would I still be able to backdoor my Roth IRA? I also have an employee sponsored 401K as well, would this conflict? I do have a Rollover IRA as well.
Thank you for the help! Open to any other ideas as well. Really appreciate it!
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2023.03.24 03:00 samuelsmithjr Accidently Contributed to Roth IRA above AGI Limits

Hi everyone,
Thanks for taking the time to read.
I accidently contributed to my Roth IRA for 2022 ($6000) and 2023 ($6500) although my AGI is above the $144K limit for both years. Would you recommend that I:
  1. Sell $6000 and $6500 ($12,500) total of securities to withdraw from my account the excess contributions. From there, I can backdoor an Roth IRA.
  2. Recharacterize my Roth IRA to a traditional IRA. I'm not sure what happens here - would be my first time recharacterizing. Would I still be able to backdoor my Roth IRA? I also have an employee sponsored 401K as well, would this conflict? I do have a Rollover IRA as well
Thank you for the help! Open to any other ideas as well. Really appreciate it!
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2023.03.24 02:57 samuelsmithjr Contributed to Roth IRA over AGI Limit

Hi everyone,
Thanks for taking the time to read.
I accidently contributed to my Roth IRA for 2022 ($6000) and 2023 ($6500) although my AGI is above the $144K limit for both years. Would you recommend that I:

  1. Sell $6000 and $6500 ($12,500) total of securities to withdraw from my account the excess contributions. From there, I can backdoor an Roth IRA.
  2. Recharacterize my Roth IRA to a traditional IRA. I'm not sure what happens here - would be my first time recharacterizing. Would I still be able to backdoor my Roth IRA? I also have an employee sponsored 401K as well, would this conflict? I do have a rollover IRA as well.

Thank you for the help! Open to any other ideas as well. Really appreciate it!
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2023.03.24 02:23 JayPunk27 2023 Vintage Cards Treasures Pulls 🏀

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2023.03.24 02:21 human_cannonball Grandmother got scammed and bought crypto. Anything we can do?

My grandmother got scammed. She fell for a pop up from “Apple Support.” Called the number and the scammer convinced her to withdraw $6500 in cash, which she then used to buy crypto at a crypto ATM. The scammer got her driver’s license, so I’m guessing he set up an account and sent or traded the crypto to himself. Is there anything she can do? Appreciate any advice.
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2023.03.24 02:20 swornds8261 Bank returned $20 I lost 2 years ago

2 years ago I withdrew $20 from an ATM and the money never came out. For whatever reason I decided not to contact the bank about it because I didn't think they would believe me. Today I got a call from TD and the caller asked me to verify a few details about this transaction asking about time date location and to verify my personal detail. I told the guy I didn't feel comfortable giving out this detail and asked if I could call TD main line to verify if he worked for TD. He gave me his name and phone number. After I called TD and spoke with a rep who confirmed the employee info I called the guy back and provided the details he asked for. The next day I saw a credit for $20 posted on my account.
Just wanted to share this story, if the ATM doesn't give you any cash on withdraw call the bank because they really don't want to get the wrong balance.
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2023.03.24 01:40 depressedbutsassy Received a letter from my HSA bank regarding an excess of $0.08 in my contribution

The letter states,” Our records indicate that contributons to your Health Savings Account (HSA) may have exceeded the allowable IRS contribution limit for 2022. The excess amount and earnings are subject to a penalty tax unless withdrawn by you prior to the dude date for filing your 2022 Federal Income Tax Return.”
“For your withdrawal to be accurately reported as a refund of excess contributions, rather than as a regular distribution, you may not withdraw the excess directly. Instead, you must request a refund of excess contributions by signing and completing the enclosed form and returning it to HSA bank.”
What do I do? I’m so confused. Do I fill out the form that accompanied this letter? What happens next? What are my options?
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2023.03.24 01:34 Cheatography Network+ WANs 9/22 Cheat Sheet by Aelphi #education #engineering #network #wan

Network+ WANs 9/22 Cheat Sheet by Aelphi #education #engineering #network #wan submitted by Cheatography to Cheatography [link] [comments]

2023.03.24 01:02 enigmatic_monkey_man I f**ked up

I'm a 27yo guy. And I can tell you that weed has been incredibly damaging to me. Maybe it's not so much the weed per se, but the fact that I started at 16 & never looked back.
I can honestly say I've probably been high more days than not in the past decade. That decade has been tough...never been in love or a relationship, I've started & quit so many jobs, I bounced around between colleges & have no college friends, I failed to pursue things that I was excited about, etc etc.
I think I had such a limiting, defeating, self-critical inner monologue that marjuana initially shut up. I felt calmer, funnier. But over time, instead of facing my own internal negativity & pain, I masked it with pot.
That made all the pain & mental illness worse. I became overly self-deprecating & self-hating. I stopped being interested in things I once enjoyed.
I'm moving & have the opportunity for a fresh start. I have no clue who I am. I don't even have an idea of what I enjoy in life (anhedonia doesn't help...). I spent a lot of time withdrawing from life. I'm in a lot of pain.
I'm quitting weed. I'm pretty angry with myself. There's a lot of grief. I'm afraid I'll forever feel alone & fucked up. My brain doesn't work so well anymore, and I hate myself most of the time.
I fucked up, man. In hindsight, I could have easily avoided all of this. I wish my 16yo self was less insecure & thought more for my future. My parents thought it was the devil's lettuce & I thought it was harmless, but it's not. It's not good for developing brains, esp. those prone to mental illness. I wish I had the foresight.
The past has gone up in smoke. I have to rebuild somehow. It's ok. I will forgive myself someday.
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2023.03.24 00:59 Appropriate-Nerve175 Crossover Recommendations

I remember in my early days of reading fanfics I didn’t know how to sort on AO3 or FFN so I would look up best Naruto crossovers and Reddit posts would come up. I now know how to sort but still need some recommendations for the best crossovers. There are no limitations on fandoms or characters, just whatever you think the best crossovers are. And for the people that found this post looking for recommendations of their own here are a few of mine. (I’ll try and go for ones that I feel deserve more attention)
When it Rains (it Pours) by SunshineAndRainbowd a Naruto MHA crossover
Nobody Expects The Shinobi Inquisition by Azremodehar a Naruto Dragon Age crossover
Not so fortunate happenings by Feethecracker another Naruto and MHA
And finally, Old Dogs and New Tricks by NyxKamelot a Naruto Harry Potter
All of these are on AO3
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2023.03.24 00:35 McTime50 Deep Dive of Team Needs/Contracts and Possible Draft Prospects at Each Position

Feel free to correct me on ANYTHING and bring up any draft names, player details, or any important piece of info I might've missed or got wrong.

Hope this sparks conversations! Used PFF and Sportrac for a lot of references.
Name Age Contract Expires in Comment
Sam Howell 22 2026 5th round selection in the 2022 draft. I'd be lying if I said Howell didn't spark excitement. Once upon a time, he had a 1st round grade and then played a year at college without any of his weapons. Very limited sample size but right now he's number one on the depth chart. It's his job to lose.
Jacoby Brissett 30 2024 Jacoby was the bridge at Cleveland while the team waited for "You Know Who" to be allowed to suit up. In that time, Jacoby actually performed admirably, with a 2:1 TD/INT and an 82.6 PFF grade. He'll bring proper competition at training camp and should Sam Howell not show up ready for the NFL, we'll definitely be seeing more of Brissett.
Jake Fromm 24 Reserve/Future Signed when Carson broke his finger just so we had a QB3 rostered. Will be fighting for a roster spot come training camp.
Needs - It's expected that Sam and Jacoby battle it out in camp for the number 1 spot. Look for Washington to find a solid QB3 to wait in the wings however, whether it be Jake Fromm or a day 3 draft pick
Possible Draft Prospects
Name Age Contract Expires in Comment
Brian Robinson 24 2026 Brian Robinson got shot twice in the preseason, then proceeded to play week 5 onwards and become a headliner for our running game. B. Rob had already been looking to leapfrog over Gibson on the depth chart before the incident, and now that he is 100% it stands to reason that we're gonna see bigger and better performances this season.
Antonio Gibson 24 2024 Oh, Gibson. A dynamic playmaker that had a small fumbling issue that spooked fans and evidently the coaches as well. I think Gibson is a very underrated back and is an important part of the offense. Hard to say if we re-sign him after this season, however.
Jonathan Williams 29 2024 Didn't see much action till weeks 16-18. Great motor and ran hard those weeks. Not quite a needle-mover and at 29, might not get another contract.
Needs - With McKissic unlikely to return and Gibson's contract coming up, it makes sense for Washington to pick up another Day 2-3 RB to be RB3 or even eventually replace Gibson.
Possible Draft Prospects
Name Age Contract Expires in Comment
Logan Thomas 31 2025 Logan Thomas hasn't been quite the same since his injury in 2021. He was shaping up to be an underrated gem at the TE position for us and then had a down year. The hope is that Bienemy can utilize him better.
John Bates 25 2025 4th round selection in 2021. Better blocker than a passer, but is good for a splash play here and there. Solid talent on the field.
Cole Turner 23 2026 5th round selection in 2022. Barely saw the field, but his potential to be a receiving threat is there. Look to see more of him this year.
Armani Rogers 25 2025 Undrafted QB-turned-TE. His athleticism at the position really impressed the coaches, and they're willing to let him show them that he can handle more.
Needs - Logan Thomas isn't getting any younger, and between two largely unproven talents in Cole and Armani, it's not out of the realm of possibility that Washington adds another piece to Bienemy's favorite position on day 2 and onwards.
Possible Draft Prospects
Name Age Contract Expires in Comment
Terry McLaurin 27 2026 Scary Terry. Our WR1.
Curtis Samuel 26 2024 Samuel missed 2021 with soft-tissue injuries but had an actually decent bounceback in 2022. A lot of flashy plays and his change of direction is no joke. Looked electric on the field. Perhaps too much emphasis was put on using him by Scott Turner, but it's clear that Samuel has a lot of value. The question is if it'll be enough to re-sign him in 2024.
Jahan Dotson 23 2027 1st round selection in 2022. Stud. Finds the ball and makes plays. What more do you want out of this kid?
Dyami Brown 23 2025 3rd round selection in 2021. Deep threat that has yet to truly break out in the NFL. Had a couple flashy TDs against TEN this year. Hopefully reuniting him with his college QB in Sam Howell will spark something.
Dax Milne 23 2025 7th round selection in 2021 draft. Punt return duties in 2022. Kid did not pass the eye test whenever he tried to return the ball and consistently had the team starting at the 10 or 15.
Marcus Kemp 27 2024 Signed to replace Cam Sims.
Needs - WR is likely Washington's second-deepest position group. It should be noted however that both Curtis Samuel and Marcus Kemp's contracts are up after this season, and between Dyami Brown not quite breaking out just yet and Dax Milne being a very underwhelming receivepunt returner, I don't think it'd hurt to add another young guy who could either develop to replace Curtis or become an instant impact starter of special teams over Milne. Possibly a round 3 selection using the compensatory pick.
Possible Draft Prospects
Name Age Contract Expires in Comment
Charles Leno 31 2025 Starting LT. Decent tackle that looked worse than he was due to horrid interior play. Gave up 8 sacks on the year. The team should be looking to find a younger replacement.
Cornelius Lucas 31 2024 Backup that played at RT. Did decently.
Andrew Wylie 28 2026 Signed in free agency to be the new starting RT.
Drew Himmelman 26 2024 Signed in free agency likely to be depth.
Trent Scott 29 2024 Signed in free agency likely to be depth.
Needs - Not a particularly young group. Andrew Wylie comes in to play RT, so I believe Washington would look for some to play on the left if they go the OT route in rounds 1-2. However, it should be noted that prior to 2021, Wylie played OG. Getting a RT of the future and moving Wylie inside isn't an insane idea. Lots of ways to go about retooling the offensive line.
Possible Draft Prospects
Name Age Contract Expires in Comment
Nick Gates 27 2026 Signed in free agency. This dude can play G or C. Should Chase Rouiller be unable to, I can see Gates snapping the ball in the Wes Schweitzer role. Otherwise, competing with Norwell for LG.
Sam Cosmi 24 2025 Cosmi at guard???? Coaches think he can do well in that role, and with Wylie taking over RT duties it seems like Cosmi will be your new starting RG to replace Trai Turner.
Chase Rouiller 29 2025 Starting center that missed a lot of time to injury. The same injury has been nagging him for a while, which is unfortunate because when healthy he was one of PFF's top centers.
Andrew Norwell 31 2024 Started at LG last year, but is gonna see some competition in camp. Might be relegated to depth.
Saahdiq Charles 23 2024 Depth guy that filled in weeks 4-7. Only gave up one sack in that span. PFF grades were Not Great.
Tyler Larsen 31 2024 Backup center. Took over for Chase until he got injured himself. Performed inconsistently in the position.
Chris Paul 24 2026 7th round selection in 2022. Saw the field once in week 18.
Needs - The offensive line was one of Washington's biggest problems last season, so expect to see them address it all throughout the draft. Free agency addition Nick Gates alongside Sam Cosmi (now inside!) may help, but I wouldn't say precludes Washington from even trading back up the first and picking up a guard or a center in the second/third.
Possible Draft Prospects
Name Age Contract Expires in Comment
Jonathan Allen 28 2026 Stud.
Daron Payne 25 2027 Stud. Got his bag this offseason after a career year.
Phidarian Mathis 24 2026 Unfortunately had a season-ending injury at the beginning of the season. Hopefully a good comeback season in 2023.
John Ridgeway 23 2026 Picked up off the Cowboy's waiver wire, this dude has motor like no tomorrow. We've all seen him wrestle move Damien Pierce against the Texans. Good young guy to have on that line to develop.
David Bada 27 2024 International player signed to a 1-year deal. Good depth guy.
Needs - After the Payne re-sign, and Mathis/Ridgeway coming in last season, DT is undoubtedly the deepest position group on the roster. I don't foresee Washington drafting another one (but you never know with this FO).
Name Age Contract Expires in Comment
Chase Young 23 2025 2nd overall selection in 2020, he had a stellar rookie year, got injured in his sophomore, then proceeded to take most of 2022 before seeing the field again. Once he trusts his leg again, he should have a FULL bounceback season.
Montez Sweat 26 2024 26th overall selection in 2019, Montez has been a consistently good EDGE. Watch for him to have a career year with his contract coming up a la Daron Payne.
Shaka Toney 25 2025 7th round selection in 2021. Backup. Played 7 weeks in 2022 and did just ok.
James Smith-Williams 25 2024 7th round selection in 2020. Rotational player, backup. Did ok.
Casey Toohill 26 2024 7th round selection also in 2020. Made a nice tandem threat with James Smith-Williams.
Efe Obada 30 2024 Depth guy.
Abdullah Anderson 27 2024 Depth guy.
Benning Potoa'e 26 2024 Depth guy.
Needs - Montez Sweat is the next big re-signing on the horizon for Washington. Coupled with (hopefully now 100%) Chase Young, the EDGE group is shaping up to be pretty strong this season. However, if you take a look above, a LOT of backups are out after this season, so a day 2-3 pick is in the realm of possibility. There needs to be stronger talent beyond just Young and Sweat.
Possible Draft Prospects
Name Age Contract Expires in Comment
Jamin Davis 24 2025 Drafted to be MIKE but worked better outside. Improved heavily as the year went on.
Cody Barton 26 2024 Signed in free agency to replace Cole Holcomb, who had been improving at the MIKE position for the team.
Drew White 24 2025 UDFA picked up in 2022, never saw the field.
Khaleke Hudson 25 2024 5th round selection in 2020, saw the field only 5 weeks in 2022. Special teamer.
De'Jon Harris 25 2024 Special teamer.
David Mayo 29 2024 Special teamer and back-up LB.
Nate Gerry 28 2024 Practice squad guy.
Needs - Jamin Davis was drafted in the 1st round to be a MIKE. Didn't work out. Holcomb took a big step up in the MIKE role last season. Got injured and left in free agency at the season's end. Cody Barton signed on a 1-year deal. Beyond Jamin Davis, LB is still one of Washington's most anemic position groups. Jack Del Rio's scheme puts more emphasis on CB than it does on LB but it would be nice to see this group get just a bit beefier.
Possible Draft Prospects
Name Age Contract Expires in Comment
Kendall Fuller 28 2024 CB1, Kendall Fuller has been really good at corner for us. Contract however is on the horizon.
Benjamin St-Juste 25 2025 CB2 who had been improving more and more until he had an injury in 2022. Look for him to continue his upward ascent in 2023.
Danny Johnson 27 2025 Did a little special teams and stepped up a little during regular play. Did pretty well!
Cameron Dantzler 24 2024 Picked up in free agency on a prove-it deal. Look for him to prove it or leave next year.
Tariq Castro-Fields 24 2026 Barely saw the field in 2022.
Christian Holmes 25 2026 7th round selection in 2022. Instant impact on special teams. Look for him to have an expanded role in 2023.
Needs - Kendall Fuller's contract is coming up and there isn't an enormous amount of talent beyond Benjamin St-Juste. A corner has been heavily mocked to us in the 1st and/or 2nd, so I would expect to see one go in those spots. Another point I want to bring up is zone vs. man. Jack Del Rio's scheme is predicated more on Zone than Press Man. Kinda the reason why William Jackson struggled last year and got traded. Now if the talent and tools are there, they may pick up another press prospect but I would look more into zone guys.
Possible Draft Prospects
Name Age Contract Expires in Comment
Kamren Curl 23 2024 PFF highest rated safety. Kam Curl had a breakout season and is only gonna get better
Darrick Forrest 23 2025 This dude had not 1, but 2 highlight interceptions in 2022. Darrick Forrest always seems to be where the ball is and the secondary could always use more of that.
Percy Butler 22 2026 4th round selection in 2022. Instant impact on special teams and likely going to be a starter in 2023 as Kam movies into a Buffalo Nickel role.
Jeremy Reaves 26 2024 You all know the story. All-pro special teamer.
Needs - Kam Curl has really come into his own as well as D. Forrest and all the other young safeties. PFF had them highly rated a bunch last season. I would expect day 3 picks here, just because you can never have enough good special team players with upside.
Possible Draft Prospects
Special Teams
Name Age Contract Expires in Comment
Tress Way 32 2025 The perennial Washington MVP.
Joey Slye 26 2024 Big leg, hits some long ones, but man does he miss ugly some times. Brought stability in 2021, and then got inconsistent in 2022.
Camaron Cheeseman 24 2025 Get you a man who snaps the ball to you the way Cheeseman does to Tress.
Needs - Joey Slye's contract is coming up and is inconsistent at inconvenient moments. They could draft a round 7 kicker, but I wouldn't count on it.
Possible Draft Prospects
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2023.03.24 00:31 ApexMX530 For ATM transactions, I understand that any ATM fees are reimbursed. However, with regards to the 1% fee for international debit card usage, will that be tacked onto a cash withdrawal at an ATM or is that only charged when using the debit card at a point of sale?

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2023.03.24 00:24 Speedy_notooth Quitting vaping!

Hello everybody! Just looking to see if anyone has committed to quitting nic, and if there is nausea associated with quitting. I plan on using patches to limit withdrawals. I’m nervous for the anxiety portion of quitting which might complicate things.
I posted in this sub because everyone here knows the anxious mind of an emetophobe, so if you have been in this situation I would appreciate any tips!
submitted by Speedy_notooth to emetophobiarecovery [link] [comments]

2023.03.24 00:06 CitrineSunflowerr Finally 5 Day T Break with COVID

So I’ve been a daily smoker for probably the last 3 years, with maybe a two week break sprinkled in as my BEST t break. Smoking daily hasn’t been doing me any favors lately mentally and I’ve been feeling trapped. Really sluggish, grouchy, anhedonic and just overall not my best self. I’ve been wanting to limit my use for awhile but would ALWAYS end up smoking. Well, I caught Covid last week! Stopped smoking since I felt so crummy anyway, and I’m almost 6 days later with no THC and I’m feeling sorta okay! The withdrawal symptoms usually are almost unbearable for me, so I was lucky to have this jump start. I am feeling mostly better from COVID, but wanting to try and make this t break last the full 30 days and then try to smoke like max three times per week. Feeling hopeful for the first time in a long time!
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2023.03.23 23:35 SnooComics6255 Honey, wake up – new format just dropped: WTF is *Spellbook*?!

40-card decks, with a maximum 3 of each card.
Card pool is limited to cards that were Standard-legal, from Kaladesh onward.
...and your entire deck is "in your hand"?!
Seems absolutely bonkers.
Video review of the format by HarryMTG:
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2023.03.23 23:11 AmeriChino There’s no easy way to buy bitcoin

I have been buying small amount per paycheck on Strike. Easy. I’d just transfer the sats once I have accumulated more than 0.1 BTC into my cold storage.
Yesterday I wanted to buy a whole coin all at once and have it transferred into my cold wallet immediately. Then I realized there’s no way to do it????
Those places I’ve used before all have daily/weekly limits on deposit and withdrawal, making a whole coin purchase and immediate self custody impossible.
Does anyone know how to approach this?
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2023.03.23 22:57 MrSamsonite Could an extremely large Ponzi scheme cause inflation?

In a Ponzi scheme, the victim believes they've made a legitimate investment, often with very high returns. But in reality, there is no investment, and the money they "invested" is stolen or used to pay others who cash out their investments.
Since the scheme is not revealed until the operators can't pay all the investors and go insolvent, victims can spend years believing they are accruing substantial returns without knowing their money went to somebody else the second they deposited it. A big part of Ponzi schemes is hype and promises of great future returns so people don't try to withdraw, which causes these schemes to grow bigger and last longer.
I'm no expert on inflation, but in my limited understanding, one cause is an increase in demand. When demand increases, price goes up. Demand isn't just "I want to buy X"; it's "I want to and can afford to buy X". So inflation could rise by giving everybody more money so they'll have more purchasing power, for example.
Based on the nature of Ponzi schemes, you've got one party (the victim) who believes the money they've invested still belongs to them and is producing great returns. But in reality, their money has already been distributed to other parties. In effect, the invested money is being double-counted: First by the people who actually have it, and second by the victim who believes they still have it.
Since the victim believes their investment is secure and growing, they may be more likely to make much larger purchases than they would have if they realized the investment and returns were completely fraudulent.
Typically, Ponzi schemes operate on a more local level, which likely wouldn't move the inflation needle before the scheme collapses. But if a Ponzi scheme is able to spread and grow to a massive scale (say, a couple trillion dollars), could that lead to a direct increase in inflation through increased demand?
And if my reasoning is sound and Ponzi schemes could theoretically increase inflation, would there be any way to estimate what kinds of impacts a Ponzi scheme would have on inflation based on the size of the scheme?
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2023.03.23 22:57 Low_Understanding525 BEATPORT STAFF PICKS SECRET WEAPONS MARCH 2023

Dust & Static - Endone + Hydrochlorothiazide
Boylan, Trends - Norman Bates - Cimm Remix
Starfire Muse - Shadow Bonnie Lullaby - Widow Remix
Chief Kaya - Bastet
Kahn, Neek, Riko Dan, Flowdan - War Start feat. Flowdan feat. Riko Dan
Chunky - Yes I
Novelist - Mercy
Dolenz - Hackney Leech
Hamdi - Skanka - VIP Mix
Nahlith - Shroud
Subculture - Kingston Sound
Argo - Hypno
Riko Dan, Hayz, NothingNice - Hawkeye - Oddkut Remix
T-Man, Hypho, Scamma - Terps VIP
SWR - Potency - TMSV Remix
Fake Two Piece - 868
Drone, Snowy - All I Know
Hamdi, Sir Hiss - I Don't Know
Leo Cap - I Feel Good
Ickle, Who Knew - Lightbulb Moment
Killa P, RDG - Press Trigger
Joe Milli - Darling (EVM128 Remix) - EVM128 Remix
Rp Boo - B.O.T.O.
OG DJ Milton - Free DJ Milton - DJ Clent Remix
SYZ, Yushh - Fuzbidun
Sumgii, Dolenz - Nil Feels
Guava - Always There - 160 Extended Version
Lao, TSVI - Sendero
Super Jim Z - Rihanna Joint feat. Super Jim Z
Max Le Daron, Joey le Soldat, LaBoK, AZIZAA MYSTIC - Freedom - Labok Remix
Big Dope P, Househead Samira - Ride With Me
Silvestre - Out of Control
Jessika Kay - Whine up on Me
Kouslin - Five Four
Hyas - WANT2BE
Tomás Urquieta - 32 Balas - Rhyw's Double Dribble Remix
Philip D Kick - The Journey Home
DJ Girl - Get Down
drexell - Reprogram
Sudley - Ghost Notes
Mish, Brodie, Waypoint - Bitter Soul (feat. brodie)
Carlito - Take Me Down
Lu, Nami - 4 Minutes
LNO, Slippy Skills - Charged feat. Slippy Skills
Chords, Rene Lavice - Set Pace - Extended Mix
LSB, Jubei - The Source
Rider Shafique, Moytra - Face Your Fears
Killer Hertz - Rock Solid
Bluejay, Revan - Night Beats
DJ Limited, Benny L - No Turning Back
Nick The Lot - Unknown Creatures
DJ Hybrid, Mad Sam - Dem No Ready - Bennie Remix
Anima - Osirion
Lupo, Objectiv - Speak2Me
Ky, Chris Kastro - Sledgehammer
Sl8r, Samurai Breaks, Mnt - Manny Ravers (feat. MNT)
Resslek - Frozen Mind
Wingz - Another World
Trex, Teej, Medic MC - Hot One feat. Medic MC - T>I Remix
DJ Rap - Saviour
Zapya - Cemetery
Fuenka, Das Pharaoh - Purple Sky - Extended Mix
Will DeKeizer - Emerald
NOIYSE PROJECT - The Groove Child
Faminski - Legacy
German Brigante, Anita Sibona - Get Strong for Me feat. Anita Sibona - Henry Saiz Remix
Ivan Aliaga - Sami
Rocio Portillo, Karim Sar Sar, Valley (AR) - Condor Plateado - Jesuan M Remix
Vitaly Shturm - Paranoid Girl - Matias Burna Remix
Soulmade (AR) - Quid Pro Quo
Forty Cats - W.D.Y.M.
Michael A - Galactic Voices
Francesco Pico, PvHL - Catch The Moment - Club Mix
Gai Barone, Luke Brancaccio - Curious of Humble
Matías Delóngaro - Espuma en Sal - Maxi Welchen Remix
Blanka Barbara - Betrayer Moon - Forty Cats Remix
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Bushbaby - M1 Impulse
Big Drum Records - Bumpi
Joedan - Raving Night
Thys, Nikki Nair - Break Through
Seanathan - Cut It
Tigs, Fork and Knife - Behave
Thoma Bulwer - Speed Garage from Jupiter
Arie Mando - Raise Up
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Miami Shakers - Tech 09
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The Phenomenal Handclap Band - It Was The Summer - Each Other Remix
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Kousto - Friendship for Lovers
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Ethyène - Heaven Sand
Joi N'Juno - Mamayeho - Extended Mix
Mijangos - Into the Philly Sound - Luis Radio Remix
Vertigini - Funk Lady - Radio Edit
Alexny - We Got a Message
Alexny - Malovaný
Andromeda Orchestra - Mozambique
Castle Queenside - Sandra
Stephen Richards - Yellow Brass
Scruscru - Rhodes, Loops & Sax
Bibio, Olivier St.Louis - S.O.L. feat. Olivier St.Louis
Payfone, Kyd Nereida - I Feel You - Mudd Instrumental Remix
Da Africa Deep - U Inside
Feki Station - Wasulu
Meith, Kreative Nativez, Mumba Yachi - Amano
DiMO (BG) - Warriors
Gab Rhome - Alter He-Go - Fiona Kraft Remix
Tayllor, Marasi - Verano
Karen Nyame KG, Vanyfox - Taboo - Vanyfox Remix
Masšh - Get On
Thabo Tonick, Da Journey - Euphoria feat. Da Journey
AfroTura - Alligned
Klement Bonelli, Arodes - Elevate
El Mukuka, Victoric LEROY, ivory white, Kings Of Ife - Sand Traveller feat. Ivory White, Victoric Leroy - Boddhi Satva Ancestral Soul Mix
Karla Brown, Rhythm Staircase - Excuse Me - Christos Fourkis Afro Dub
Da Cord, Jaazment - Izulu (Afro Tech) - Afro Tech
Emmaculate - Black Whole
Diamond Dealer, Idd Aziz - Peah
Fred P - Coming of the Dawn
Dream Dolphin - Gaia (Ethereal Fantasy) - Original
Azu Tiwaline - Ethereal Tribes
Sonmi451 - Up Goes The Green Flare
John Roberts - Stale Perfume
J. Krohn - 05 / 95
Tecwaa - Many Fallen Skies
Mark Barrott - Icarus (イカロス)
Running - Dead Tired
Cephas Azariah - Lunar Tides
Warmth - Llum
B4 - Electric Sheep
Quiet Voices - Story of New Ancestors
µ-Ziq - Burnt Orange
anthené - Shelter
Macchiatto - Now I Ket It
Denqq - A Negative Entity Seeped Through A Hole Into Your Aura
Healing Force Project - Future Space Exploration
Doc Sleep - Fall into Flowers (Intro)
Peach Banquet - Sparkle Force
Spencer Parker - Girl You Wouldnt Believe What I Heard!
Jerome Sydenham, Fatima Njai - The Operator
Lego - Sax Addict
Shortcut - Raw Meat
Dawn Tallman, K London Posse - Caught In Luv feat. Dawn Tallman - Marc Cotterell's Extended Love Redemption Mix
Delistic - You & Me - Extended Mix
Evenn - Time Bomb
Eric God - I Am God - Mood II Swing Dub Mix
Austin Ato - Discolombo
Groove Armada - Rescue Me - Roland Leesker's You Got To Dance Edit
Demuir - Mind, Body, And Soul. Call Me
Matt Star - Fuser
Don Rimini, Jackin Trax - I Won't Stop
Radio Slave - Don't You Know
St. David - The Dark Past
Beltram, Phuture Trax - Future Groove - Maxed Out Dub
Benny Mussa - If You Want - Luke Solomon's Body Remix
Sweely - The Never Ending Groove
Harry "Choo Choo" Romero - Night @ The Black
Jansons - Mode - Richy Ahmed Remix
Louis de Tomaso - Disco Anthem
Heinrich Dressel - Lambda 2077 - Francisco Remix
Kate Ozz - Elusive Dreams
Pujol, Peters - Adi Kunar
Omer Bar, Gal Kinnel - Voyage
Shunus - When the Sun Goes Down
ROYO - Frogy
Max Joni, Onni - Indiana Jones
Peaking Lights - Suitcase - (M. Pagliara Vocal Remix)
Diskette - Navigator - Shan Remix
Mijo, Colossio, Sierra Madre - Cumbres - Esprit Divers Ayahuasca Trip Remix
Applescal - Flash
Zoot Woman, Daddy Squad - A Habit I Can't Break - Boys’ Shorts Extended Mix
Sasha ZA - Jumangi
Phun Thomas, Gūzas - Runnin'
TAPIIA, Alexia Malo - Desconecte - Alexey Union Remix
JackWasFaster - The South
Cosmo Vitelli - How Is It to Be You? - Andrei Rusu Instrumental Remix
Arg.o, - Acqua Magica
Hard Ton - WDYKAAHM?
Mulya - Caravan
Able to Resist - Higher in the Sky
Kate Ozz - Koukou
Modern Brothers - Past Memories
Zafrir - Tatanka
Madben - Addicted - Extended Mix
Ditian - Strange Pleasure
Moeaike - Propagation
Monblaire - The Church
Nihils - Waterfall
Azzecca - Ego Death - Extended Mix
Maxi Vega, Emiliano Demarco - Wisteria
Thodoris Triantafillou - The Magic Spell - Original
Hardt Antoine - Wake Up
Shiffer - Demon Dancer
Artem Kai - Exit
KASIA (ofc) - Concussion
Jaffer - Fading Shades
ivan masa - Eclettico
Santi Efe - No Secret
Kurt Caesar - Mirage - Extended Mix
Distic - Enchanted - Dreamteller Remix
Hereafter - Seyan
Noble Spirits, Aroma (IND) - Ease Your Mind - Limara Remix
Ghenwa Nemnom - Love Notes
Thommie G, Ka:lu - Black Dot
Erdi Irmak - What Was Before
The Cobb, Safety Mode - Lina
pumbum - Retreat - PROFF's Extended Respray
ID.Jay, ADHM - Night Whispers
Wanduta - Fire Is Just Another Door - Monk Ernie Remix
Nihils - Parallels
Uone - Project MK Ultra
Serious Dancers - Ambitious Mamelop
N1NJA - Sunrise of Agra
Modd, Lisandro (AR) - Samocvet
Matthew Herbert, Stavroz - Paradise Carnival (Herbert's Friday Dub) - Herbert's Friday Dub
Kermesse - Wawanko
Ghenwa Nemnom - Story of a Battle - Chris Zippel Remix
Joseph Edmund, Ferny Montana - Positive Pressure
Nausica - Tomalo - Extended Mix
Wax Motif, Riordan - La Samba
Joshwa - Magalenha - Extended Mix
Gorgon City - Rumblah - Extended Mix
Industrialyzer - Snake Whisperer - Radio Slave Remix
Parker Page - Old Skool - Extended Mix
Andrew Azara - Gruuve
Elias R, Johan Dresser - Throwback
Obando, Matheo Velez - Truth
Riva Starr - Creators
Josh Butler, Illyus & Barrientos - Mic Rock - Extended Mix
Franky Rizardo - Monopoly Joystick
Tiga - Mind Dimension - Ben Sterling Remix
Jwalker - Instinct
GOUX, Sorley - Little Secrets - Jansons Remix
Italobros, Jerëmie. - Attention
Luuk Van Dijk - Still Doesn't Care
Joyce Muniz - Get 'Em - Bushwacka! Remix
Andre Salmon, Michael Joseph - Kurosang - Extended Mix
Eitan Reiter - Pump Up The Jam - DJ T. Remix
Belocca - Perception
Disfreq - You Know - Extended Mix
Kate Hex - Disconnected Soul - Extended Mix
Chris Veron - Final Pulse - Extended Mix
Mark Dekoda, Ben Dust - Alle meine Raver
Ochs & Klick - Drift Away
Floormagnet - Ready For The Weeknd - Subjaax Remix
Dustycloud - Me Veo
Konrad (Italy) - Up and Down
Not from Berlin - Love Me
Nicole Moudaber - Intentionally
Pig&Dan - Angel - Tech Mix
Sam Kitt - Phantom Limb
Crossbow - Stargate
Zafer Atabey - Prognosis
RanchaTek - Europa
Bultech - Technography
Insider - Something Flash
Tom.Healey - Temple
Arnaud Le Texier - UFO
Jauri - Pacoa
Deepak Sharma, Cory James - Divine Dino
Kanyon - 9.8 HEARTBEAT MIX
Caue - Evora
Diffused Signal - Joon
Linear Phase - A1A
Adri G. - Cara 4.0
Tomin Tomovic - The Dome at Night
Tetelepta - Klepperheide
Audio Units - Closed Quarters
Pyramidal Decode - Cycles
Drhamer - Pink Bull
Ribé - Nom de plume
Franz Jager - Joga Bonito
Polygonia - Submerged
Oxygeno - Thirty Against One
NYCO - Bellona
Feral - Mambo
CANCEL - Peer Test
Billie Jo - Cor ad Cor
Scalameriya - Hix.un'drakonez
Steel Grooves - Rave Slave
Mython - Pick Up The Scraps And Go
Mickey Nox - Often Vicious
STRISC. - 009.2
Destroyer, Kuros Chimenes - Industrial Anxiety
Vinka Wydro - Cyberspace
Boston 168 - Second City
Cardopusher - Slug Killer
EAS - Withdrawal in the Dance Hall
Cassie Raptor - The Blade Show - Original mix
Rakkatack - Seconds
WTCHCRFT - If Anything Bad Ever Happens
Dahryl - Basic Bitch - Tham Percussive Remix
Hybral - Haunted Desires
Ghost in the Machine - Ensnared
Balrog - Yorkshire Samba
Mython, Karenz - Das Fleisch ist müde feat. Mython
Ship Wrek - Sober - Extended Mix
Kalibwoy, Cesqeaux, Afrojack Presents NLW - Danger - Extended Mix
DavidK3y - New York
Aresta - Drums
NUZB, Mo Falk - Shakedown - Extended Mix
MatricK, Avao - WTF - Extended Mix
Shamil, Sonu Sebastian - Hit The Drums - Extended Mix
Abrox - Between Us
Dada Life - This Time (Never Be Alone Again) - Vion Konger Extended Remix
Captain Bounce - Tracer - Extended Mix
Nikk, Azooland, Robin Aristo - Lick My Ice Cream - Extended Mix
Firebeatz, DAMANTE - What Happens Here (Club Mix) - Extended Mix
TV Noise - Turn It Up - Extended Mix
Le Twins - Takata - Extended Mix
La Fuente - I Want You - Hardwell Extended Remix
Oomloud - Burn The House - Extended Mix
Tim-ber, Robin Aristo - Your Body - Extended Mix
Mike Candys - Body Rock - Extended Mix
Shift K3Y, Kaleena Zanders - V I B R A T I O N - Extended Mix
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2023.03.23 22:54 Bullet4MyEnemy Any driving instructors on here? Learner car suggestions?

I’m part of a franchise group atm and they’re money grabbing jokers, handed my notice in but I’m stuck until next January.
I’ve got a year to car hunt, essentially.
Currently I’m using a 2L diesel Golf Mk.8 - It’s a rental with a 30k a year mileage limit, over the last year I’ve done around 20k, but I’m not sure if that’s a usual rental agreement or one negotiated by my franchise group; are rental agreements common for my level of usage?
Does anyone have any advice regarding Golf Mk.8 equivalents, expected monthly costs etc? Rental Vs PCP? New Vs used?
…Always fancied an Audi A3 hatch
If there are any other instructors on here, I’m also on the fence about getting something on the level of the Golf, or getting something a lot more basic for the sake of lower monthly outgoings.
I want a flashy car so I enjoy the job more, but I’d also like a bit more disposable income because at the minute, I’m not making as much as I expected when I started training at the end of lockdown.
Do I strike a balance or go fully flash car or fully better earnings/less expenses?
Only real requirement is that is has to be a manual, has to have fully adjustable seats, has to be a Golf kind of size, and being able to see and read the dash from the passenger side would be a nice bonus.
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