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With 80% of the world planning on contracting the coronavirus COVID-19, this subreddit will be an exclusive club for those of us with superior hide-and-seek social distancing skills, vitamin-C jacked immune systems, and just plain dumb luck. Those who are found to have contracted or think they have contracted the virus will be banished. Flex on others with photos of your quarantine living spaces, stories of advanced social distancing, or anything that led to you avoiding the coronavirus!

2023.05.31 18:37 TauntingArtist Trying to figure out a better format, I've only got 2 interviews this year

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2023.05.31 18:36 GameShrink What new monsters would you like to see in DD2?

The original DD wasn't shy about adapting some pretty impressive creatures from mythology and Dungeons & Dragons. Hydras, Griffons and Beholders come to mind as particularly impressive examples, as well as Grigori himself being one of the most intimidating dragons ever. Dark Arisen expanded this to include more grotesque and terrifying monsters such as the minotaur-like Eliminators and the classically demonic Daimon.
I'd like to see DD2 take this further by introducing some truly frightening, unique and breathtaking monstrosities. The latest trailer has already shown us that minotaurs, gorgons and sphinxes are joining the roster, so there are likely plenty more left to be shown.
Here are five other creatures I'm hoping to fight in DD2:
Mind Flayer: Arguably the coolest D&D monster, I could easily see these pop up as a new Lich variant. However, I would be much more excited to see them as giant, terrifying enemies like Death from Bitterblack, stalking you through the night in the open world if you stray into forbidden grounds and annihilating your party with their magic.
Lycanthrope: Smaller and speedier than an ogre, these werewolves would add a lot of atmosphere to the world. Imagine spotting a lone traveler on the road at night, only for them to transform into a vicious beast and attack. Introducing enemies that can masquerade as NPCs would also open up a lot of interesting narrative possibilities.
Seraphim: Biblically accurate angels are terrifying and, if DD2's story wants to go beyond the first game, introducing these as heavenly endgame enemies would be an excellent way to do so. You'd need to begin by slowly disabling it's wings to reduce it's mobility and then focus on blinding it's eyes to prevent it from casting spells. A natural fit!
Wendigo: If DD2 takes place in Hearthstone,as some are speculating, then there will likely be more woods and snowy biomes than we saw in Gransys. With this in mind, wendigos would be a perfect choice for boss monsters native to this climate. It's easy to picture encountering one in the middle of a blizzard, your party desperately trying to evade its wild strikes as it dashes in and out of the blinding storm.
Sky Leviathan: Okay, this one is a pipe dream, but you can't deny how cool it would be. Imagine seeing something like this flying high above a mountain and climbing up to face it. Your mages and archers pelt it from the ground while you leap on to a dangling tendril and climb onto its back like the massive desert colossus from Shadow of the Colossus.
Those are my picks so far. What would you like to see?
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2023.05.31 18:35 aadvikfoods1 What are the Health Benefits Associated with Camel Milk?

What are the Health Benefits Associated with Camel Milk?
The health advantages of camel milk are absolutely amazing. Due to its lower lactose content and enhanced digestion, camel milk is frequently easy for people with lactose intolerance to ingest. Due to its insulin-like proteins and anti-inflammatory qualities, research suggests camel milk may also help control illnesses like diabetes, allergies, and autoimmune disorders. Camel milk has great benefits for the skin in addition to being good for internal health. Camel milk provides a young appearance by nourishing and moisturizing the skin and reducing irritation thanks to its high vitamin and mineral content. Due to these qualities, camel milk is a popular product in the cosmetics sector. Aadvik Foods has become a market leader in camel milk by emphasizing high-quality goods and environmentally friendly procedures. They carefully choose the Indian camels from which they obtain their milk, maintaining the greatest standards of cleanliness and animal welfare. Raw, flavored, powdered, and even camel milk chocolates are among the many camel milk products available from Aadvik Foods. To assure purity and authenticity, every product is subjected to stringent quality checks, giving customers the assurance they need.
For more information contact our
Phone no: +91 880 063 8181, +91 852 748 7134
Email: [email protected].
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2023.05.31 18:34 Cirtil You guys. Be nicer to Anna ok... sigh

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2023.05.31 18:34 Dependent_Ebb_2769 How to break into embedded systems?

I can imagine this question has already been answered, but I could not find a resource for it. Please excuse my ignorance. I wanted to ask where I can start to learn more about intro to embedded systems? I am currently reading “Embedded Systems with ARM Cortex-M Microcontrollers in Assembly Language and C by Yifeng Zhu”. Here are my questions: (I am somewhat comfortable with c++/ perhaps intermediate knowledge)
1) Is this a good place to start for embedded systems in general?
2) *if you have read this book*, is this read something that will allow me to become job ready, with practice of course?
3) are there any resources you can recommend to break into this field?
I really appreciate any and all advice given on this topic. I have spent a lot of time simply googling questions regarding this topic and have become more confused because of it. I really would like to be self taught in this subject and do this professionally. Thank you for reading this question!
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2023.05.31 18:34 Tripoli82 T14 Gen 1 Question $240 - Good deal?

T14 Gen 1 Question $240 - Good deal?
Picked this up for $240 cash. Already had a spare 65 watt USB-C charger from a Dell laptop that works on this. My question is, as this seems like too good of a deal, how and why would they sell it for soo cheap? It still has a warranty till 2024 with 3yr battery replacement and SSD replacement and keep the old drive. Do you think it's possibly stolen? Seller simply said he no longer needs it. It literally looks brand new. No scratches whatsoever. i7-10610U processor.
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2023.05.31 18:34 Melodic-Pumpkin-5518 Just need some reassurance/cheering up

Hi. I had c diff back in 2021. Treated with oral vanco and after over a year of PI-IBS, mostly seemed back to normal, including three negative PCR tests. This past weekend, I got terrible vomiting and diarrhea. I think it was noro virus. I’m still having some loose stools in the morning, probably PI-IBS again, but I’m also having problems with feeling like food is stuck in my esophagus, burping, heart burn (maybe caused by the violent vomiting?). Anyhow, it’s bringing back the trauma of c diff and fear that I’m about go through hell again with healing. I haven’t retested for c diff yet because I don’t think this is a relapse, but I’m also scared of some meds that I could take to help with these symptoms because I don’t want to risk a c diff relapse. To add to my stress, I currently have a ziopatch on to monitor for a possible heart arrhythmia and it’s hard to take off work because I don’t want to let people down. Everything altogether is making me feel hopeless and terribly anxious. Just hoping to hear some hopeful messages from people who get it. Thanks so much for anything you can offer!
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2023.05.31 18:33 No_Influence_9857 >!Nichelle wasn’t robbed!<

Now, I’m not entirely sure if this is a hot take or not, but I remember before I watched the season, and heard people’s opinions on characters, everyone would say that Nichelle was robbed. And I’m not talking about the jrry slander, cause c’mon, everyone hates jrry. There’s no debating that.
But, I’d see a decent amount of people going to the length of titling her a “Robbed Queen” along with the likes of Axel. But fact of the matter is, she wasn’t.
I feel as though people say she was robbed because she wasn’t how people EXPECTED her to act. Many saw her character design from the leaks and either thought she’d be an antagonist, or a strong player. She was built up and clearly foreshadowed to be lying about what she did in her movies, and when that came to fruition, and she ultimately lost the team the challenge by getting hawked down by Lauren, there was nobody else to look at BUT Nichelle.
If anything, you could argue that her elimination made the most sense of the early boots along with Axel and Lauren, who, in the former’s case gave up an advantage because she didn’t like what Ripper was saying, and the latter taking away her team’s victory by taking the skull to give it a makeover (She did look a little dead tho).
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2023.05.31 18:32 Reddit_mods_are_xxxx Ear pain from wearing 6 masks??

I have not gone outside my house for roughly the past three years due to having a compromised immune system (obesity & vitamin D deficiency) which is no fault of my own.
However, two weeks ago my evil trump-loving grandma forced me to start working at her office two days a week or else she was going to kick me out of her duplex, leaving me homeless.
I’ve had every single available vaccine (Pfizer + Moderna) and am anxiously waiting to receive the next round of boosters (can’t come soon enough).
Additionally, to protect myself and my family, I have been wearing six masks while working at my grandma’s office. Though I am now suffering from ear pain due to the masks pulling at my ears. Has anyone dealt with this or have any advice? Should I switch to only three masks and a face shield + latex gloves when around people? I’m just trying to do my part.
Thanks so much 💉💉💉💉💉😷
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2023.05.31 18:32 Hack_n_Splice Need help with filament change macro

I'm trying to customize the pause/resume functionality to do filament changes mid-print, but I'm struggling to get it to work. My thought was, I'd just take the existing pause/park/resume combination of macros and rename them so I can tweak stuff. I think I have the main things sorted out, but Mainsail is throwing an error when I attempt this. I believe it has to do with the RESUME macro mentioning the original _TOOLHEAD_PARK_PAUSE_CANCEL macro. However, the parking code doesn't directly mention the PAUSE command, so I'm unsure how to proceed with this customization.
My intention with the macro is this:
  1. Retract a small amount of filament, raise the nozzle slightly, then park to a defined spot (different than the original park location for easier filament changes and ooze removal before resuming)
  2. Drop the nozzle temp to 100°C with M109
  3. When it reaches 100°C, retract 100mm of filament to unload
  4. Then just pause until I hit resume. (I'll just manually pull the old filament color, put in the new one, and use the menu to heat up the hot end and load filament until it's primed. Then hit resume on the print.)
I'll paste my current code below so it's not mid-post here. But this raises the questions:
Here's my macro code, so far:
[gcode_macro FILAMENT_CHANGE] description: Pause the actual running print rename_existing: FILAMENT_CHANGE_BASE gcode: FILAMENT_CHANGE_BASE _TOOLHEAD_PARK_FILAMENT_CHANGE [gcode_macro _TOOLHEAD_PARK_FILAMENT_CHANGE] description: Helper: park toolhead used in PAUSE and CANCEL_PRINT variable_extrude: 1.0 gcode: ##### set park positon for x and y ##### # default is your max posion from your printer.cfg {% set x_park = 15.0 %} {% set y_park = 15.0 %} {% set z_park_delta = 2.0 %} ##### calculate save lift position ##### {% set max_z = printer.toolhead.axis_maximum.zfloat %} {% set act_z = printer.toolhead.position.zfloat %} {% if act_z < (max_z - z_park_delta) %} {% set z_safe = z_park_delta %} {% else %} {% set z_safe = max_z - act_z %} {% endif %} {% set pull_temp = 100 %} #filament change nozzle temperature {% set fc_retract = 100.0 %} #filament change retraction distance ##### end of definitions ##### {% if printer.extruder.can_extrudelower == 'true' %} M83 G1 E-2 F2100 #retract 2.0mm before moving {% if printer.gcode_move.absolute_extrude lower == 'true' %} M82 {% endif %} {% else %} {action_respond_info("Extruder not hot enough")} {% endif %} {% if "xyz" in printer.toolhead.homed_axes %} #park the nozzle at X=15.0, Y-15.0, Z raised 2.0mm G91 G1 Z{z_safe} F900 G90 G1 X{x_park} Y{y_park} F6000 {% if printer.gcode_move.absolute_coordinateslower == 'false' %} G91 {% endif %} {% if printer.extruder.can_extrudelower == 'true' %} #reduce nozzle temp to 100°C M109 S{pull_temp} M83 G1 E-{fc_retract} F2100 #retract 100mm for filament change {% if printer.gcode_move.absolute_extrude lower == 'true' %} M82 {% endif %} {% else %} {action_respond_info("Extruder not hot enough")} {% endif %} {% else %} {action_respond_info("Printer not homed")} {% endif %} 
Here's where I think things go wrong, immediately after "gcode" begins:
[gcode_macro RESUME] description: Resume the actual running print rename_existing: RESUME_BASE gcode: ##### read extrude from _TOOLHEAD_PARK_PAUSE_CANCEL macro ##### {% set extrude = printer['gcode_macro _TOOLHEAD_PARK_PAUSE_CANCEL'].extrude %} #### get VELOCITY parameter if specified #### {% if 'VELOCITY' in paramsupper %} {% set get_params = ('VELOCITY=' + params.VELOCITY) %} {%else %} {% set get_params = "" %} {% endif %} ##### end of definitions ##### {% if printer.extruder.can_extrudelower == 'true' %} M83 G1 E{extrude} F2100 {% if printer.gcode_move.absolute_extrude lower == 'true' %} M82 {% endif %} {% else %} {action_respond_info("Extruder not hot enough")} {% endif %} RESUME_BASE {get_params} 
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2023.05.31 18:32 Kamewalker Help for mid-range MOBO and RAM selection

Hello guys, I'm currently building a new PC and already have a strong idea about what I want to build (I've already bought some components). Said idea can be seen in the list below.
I;m having problems with the choice of the MOBO, I was thinking going for ASUS ATX TUF GAMING B760-PLUS WIFI but given the recently events with Asus I'm not so sure, plus I dont know if the Ram I have in sight is a good pair.
General Preferences about the build:
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2023.05.31 18:31 xtremexavier15 TSWT 23 (pt 1)

Girls: Izzy
Boys: Ezekiel, Mal, Topher
Episode 23: Awwwwww, Drumheller
"Last time, on Total Drama World Tour!" Chris opened over a shot of the jumbo jet flying away from Rapa Nui. "Mal assaulted a statue for the fun of it," the host said over a clip of Mal kicking Cody's stone statue. "And while we searched for eggs on Easter Island," Mal was seen taking out food from Owen's statue, "some old pals stopped by for a nice visit." Ezekiel was shown finding his egg from the statue of Sadie. "Along with a couple seriously ticked-off condor parents," the host added, the male condor shown chasing Mal through the underground tunnel, and the female pecking at Topher while he sang and eventually swept him off the rocky perch with her wing.
"Sisterhoods were expanded," Chris said over a clip of Izzy giving Eva her egg. "Alliances formed," the host added as Ezekiel, Topher, Izzy, and Eva were shown hiding in a hole. "Ultimately, Eva got the vote off," Chris said as the girl was shown going to the exit, "but not before giving Mal what for!" he finished with a mischievous laugh as Mal was shown being punched in the eye by Eva.
"The Final Four begins," Chris told the camera as the recap montage ended. "Which one of 'em will dig up more trouble this week? Find out right now, on Total! Drama! World Tour!"
It was dawn as the camera zoomed out, and a hot air balloon was rising up nearby the plane. It collided with the wing, popped, and fell with a whimpering hiss.
The episode, as usual, opened with a shot of the Total Drama Jumbo Jet in flight as the sky was still dark. The scene cut inside to show Topher and Izzy lying on their seats and sleeping in economy class.
In first class, Mal and Ezekiel were both reclining in their seats and sleeping. Ezekiel was drooling a bit in his sleep, and the camera went over and focused on Mal, who's eye was covered with a black eye patch. He was snoring before the shot changed to the inside of his head.
Mike, Chester, Svetlana, and Vito's backs can be shown as they were walking closer to the tower.
"I hope we hit the club district soon," Vito said.
Chester wasn't on board with the suggestion. "Nah, you ninny. If this place has a club district, I'll eat my pants! Without any catsup! Unless you've got some on ya. Quit holdin' out!" he scolded Vito.
A crackling fire were seen next, and the camera panned out to feature Manitoba Smith next to it. He was holding out his rope, but his leg was chained to a rock behind him.
"Manitoba! Finally!" Mike rejoiced when he spotted him.
"Can't talk now. Big quota to fill," Manitoba said firmly.
"What's Mal making you do?" Mike discovered the conditions Manitoba was in.
"See them clouds?" Manitoba directed everyone's attention to the floating clouds. "Them's your dreams. My job's to get rid of 'em so you can never enjoy 'em again."
Manitoba pulled a cloud down using his rope and it landed in-between him and Mike. The cloud showed a dream of Mike wearing a dark tuxedo and walking down the red carpet while carrying a bunch of gemmies.
"It's the dream I had about walking down the red carpet! Aw, I loved that dream!" Mike told his alters.
"So inspiring!" Svetlana agreed.
Manitoba threw the cloud into the fire, and Mike was shocked to see it disperse. "Don't do that!" Mike freaked out.
"Love to, mate, but Mal's the boss," Manitoba backed up.
Mike groaned in frustration. "Once I regain control, I'll make more of an attempt to be in a red carpet. And Mal won't be able to ruin that!" the comedian promised and got cut off by a cloud getting burnt. "Ah, c'mon! Stop burning up my dreams!"
"Ah, well. We all gotta go sometime," Manitoba stated.
"Don't you want to be free?" Mike asked.
"But even if we could beat Mal, that would just put you back in charge," Manitoba claimed. "So, how's that make me free?"
"No way, he's right," Vito said when he and the others got closer. "Why should you get all the control?"
"'Cause I'm the first. The original," Mike answered.
Chester doubted the fact. "Where's the proof?"
Mike took out his wallet. "Right here. See?" He showed it to his personalities, and they reacted with surprise. Mike checked his wallet, and was surprised to see Mal rather than himself. "Mal is the original personality? I-I can't believe it."
"Me neither. Why have I been listening to you this whole time?" Chester complained.
"Stop!" Svetlana halted everyone. "Who cares who was the first? Mike is the best! He's more patient than me, more generous than Chester, less egotistical than Manitoba, and he's a better dancer than Vito."
Vito sighed. "It's true."
"Aw, thanks," Mike said in gratitude. "But if I'm not the original…"
"Think about it. We're trapped in a world Mal created. So where do you think that license came from?" Manitoba explained.
Mike watched his license turn into a brain. "Nice try, Mal, but you haven't won yet!" He rubbed the brain into a key and unlocked Manitoba's chain, setting him free.
"Took you long enough! C'mon! I know a shortcut to Mal's guard tower!" Manitoba informed the rest
"Guard tower?" Mike got confused.
"This whole place, is a jail. The tower is the only way in or out," Manitoba lectured before he, Svetlana, and Vito made their way to the tower.
"I don't think I can deal with anymore walking. Shortcut or not," Chester mentioned to Mike.
"Fine, I'll give you a piggyback," Mike offered. Chester got on Mike's back with a grunt, and they went off to catch up with the others.
The season's world map was shown, the plane icon flying north from Chile to western Canada.
A flash took the scene to a series of rock formations baking under the sun, the Total Drama Jumbo Jet speeding past between them and knocking a precariously-balanced rock off its perch.
Down below, a small burrowing rodent of some sort was just about to complete a house of cards, unaware of the shadow growing around it. It finally paused and looked up at the whooshing sound that was approaching, just as the boulder landed on top of it, the cards, and its hole.
"Welcome to Drumheller, Alberta," Chris told the Final Four, who had assembled in the barren canyon outside of the plane, its rear tail hatch visibly lowered as a boarding ramp in the background. "A World Heritage Site," the host continued, the camera zooming in just enough to show a saurian skeleton embedded in a distant cliff. "It has the wickedest collection of dinosaur bones on the planet! In front of you is a giant pit with lots of super ancient dino bones." The camera zoomed out to show more of the surrounding canyon, a few fossils visible in the rock walls. "Grab whatever bones you can find to make your very own life-size dino," Chris continued. "I'm calling it, 'Design-a-saurus'!"
The cast groaned at the pun.
"I know," Chris said with a broad smile. "They should pay me just to come up with titles. I'm that good."
Confessional: Topher
"For the first time, I have to disagree with Chris about his jokes and puns being considered humorous," Topher said.
Confessional Ends
"You have two minutes to rifle through the plane's cargo hold," Chris continued, "and grab whatever you can to help build your creations. Aaaand, go!"
At his signal, Mal shoved Topher to the ground and ran off laughing.
Confessional: Mal
"With Eva gone, that just leaves me, Topher, and Ezekiel as the big four of this season," Mal told the camera. "If you can beat 'em," he punched his palm and fist together, "beat 'em up!"
Confessional Ends
The scene cut to the cargo hold, the lowered boarding ramp visible on the left. Izzy, Mal, and Ezekiel were already searching through boxes and crates, and Topher was the last to arrive.
Izzy quickly managed to find a small box of what looked like art supplies inside a larger crate and smiled. "Glitter glue, stickers, puffy paint? This was meant for me!" As she listed off her supplies, Mal turned a mocking smirk in her direction.
"We're not making grade three art projects here," Mal taunted, and Izzy squirted a tube of glitter glue in his face as a response.
"How mature of you," the malevolent one growled as Izzy walked off.
"I think it was pretty funny," Ezekiel said as he walked past with an open cardboard box. "Not to you, but definitely to me!"
Confessional: Ezekiel
"I'm this close to being this season's winner!" Ezekiel boasted. "And unlike the spelling bee, where I got a hundred dollars, I'll get a lot more than that!"
Confessional Ends
The footage skipped ahead to show Ezekiel sitting on the ground, scooping away the dirt surrounding what looked like the tip of a larger fossil with his hands. He looked up to see Topher coming his way.
"So how was first class like with Mal" Topher wondered.
Ezekiel sighed. "We simply avoided each other. Scratch that. I avoided him while he kept shooting me dirty looks."
"That was what I expected," Topher nodded.
"He can't frighten us anymore," Ezekiel said. "Eva may be out, but we still have Izzy with us."
"We should still watch out for him," Topher advised the home-schooled guy. "Given we're in the final four, he'll do whatever it takes to claim victory."
The focus shifted to Izzy as she hauled a leg bone as long as she was tall through the barren landscape on her back, eventually throwing the bone to the ground next to a pile of smaller bones.
"This is already looking good," Izzy grinned and stood up, but scowled when she saw Mal standing on the other side of the pile.
"Greetings to you!" Mal insincerely said hello.
"If you're here to steal my bones, then you can forget it!" Izzy growled at the malevolent one. "I have the eyes of a hawk!"
"I wasn't going to steal them," Mal told the psycho hose beast. "I know they're yours, so I want to ask if I can have a few."
"No no no no NO!!" Izzy barked. "I will not help you, especially when you're a criminal!"
"And you aren't?" Mal replied. "We've been to the same juvie together."
"True, but what I did to get locked up was accidental," Izzy pointed out while looking at her bones. "You burned down a building when there were people inside!"
Mal scoffed. "And yet you still parade around as the mentally challenged girl. I don't know what Owen ever saw in you."
"You better get out before I make you extinct, Patchy!" Izzy snarled and whacked a bone to her palm.
Seeing that she was being serious, Mal rolled his eyes and departed.
Confessional: Izzy
"To be honest, what he said kind of hurt me, but I'm not going to show any signs of weakness around that guy or he'll eat it up!" Izzy acted intimidating, but sighed softly.
Confessional: Mal
"Most people try to make their words sound professional. I'm not like most people," Mal laughed, "and sooner or later, everybody's spirits will be crushed!"
Confessional Ends
The scene flashed to Mal down on all fours, picking through a small pile of small bones. He casually tossed one over his shoulder, along with another one. He finally looked happy at his third after a short pause.
Izzy was shown next, gluing an arm bone into her creation and sprinkling it with glitter.
Ezekiel stuck a tail to the back of his fossil.
Topher, who was kneeling down, pushed the bony claws onto the foot of his dinosaur.
"Time's up!" Chris declared, the footage skipping forward one more time. "Now we'll begin the amazing tour through the ages of imaginary dinosaurs. Let's start with Mal."
The shot cut to Mal looking smug. "I went with the most dangerous of the dinosaurs," he said confidently, turning around as the camera zoomed out to show the complete skeleton of what looked like a Tyrannosaurus Rex standing behind him, "Tyrannosaurus Mal, or T-Mal for short!"
"Wowza," Izzy said in awe as she, Topher, and Ezekiel were shown looking at the first creation.
"That does look cool," Ezekiel admitted.
Topher nodded and crossed his arms. "Even I can't deny that."
"It's gonna be tough to beat that right out of the gate," Chris told him.
"I can do it," Topher said before turning to the side. "Ladies and gentlemen…Chrisasaurus!"
The shot zoomed out dramatically, revealing the Chris wannabe's creation: a mass of bones built into the shape of a Chris pose with the head shaped like Chris.
"The Chrisasaurus is one handsome and charismatic beast," Topher explained. "Like it?"
"Love it!" Chris agreed. "L-U-V, love. Zeke, what have you got?" he asked Ezekiel.
"Meet the Blingoraptor," Ezekiel said, gesturing to his creation: it was a large spherical body made of the dome-like fossils he found earlier. There were two bones raised up as its hands, and the other two were on the ground as its legs. Ezekiel had also put gold chains on its neck and arms. "This dinosaur is hip and cool."
Mal smirked. "Bold choice for the body," he told the home-schooled guy.
"I thought the bones would make this dinosaur work," Ezekiel said proudly.
"They're coprolite fossils," Mal told him.
"What's a coprolite?" Topher asked in confusion.
"Coprolite," Mal repeated. "From Ancient Greek, 'copros' meaning dung, and 'lite' meaning stone."
Ezekiel looked at him blankly for a second before widening his eyes in realization. "You mean it's fossilized poo?!"
"So disgusting!" Izzy winced.
"Izzy," Chris interrupted in annoyance, "please rescue us from Ezekiel's suckitude."
Izzy began her introduction. "My dinosaur is the Aeroraptor," she said, the camera zooming out and panning over to her creation. It was built like a normal raptor, but it has eight legs instead of two, there was a party hat on top of the head, and glitter was everywhere. "Does whatever a dinosaur can, but it's more festive and fun than the others."
"Why is it wearing a party hat when it's nobody's birthday?" Ezekiel asked.
"Today is April Fools' Day," Izzy explained. "That's the day my dad was born, so I made this dinosaur as a gift to him."
"That's…very thoughtful of you," Ezekiel remarked.
"I don't normally see eye-to-eye with my family, but I won't trade them for the world," Izzy said sincerely.
Confessional: Izzy
"Except for my pet cat. She's really clingy," Izzy added.
Confessional Ends
"Enough mush," Chris interrupted sharply. "Iiiit's judgment day! Which dinos will survive, and which ones will be driven to extinction?" he asked the camera.
"Oh, and did I mention who the very special judges are?" Chris asked the cast. "You!" he announced. "With a pretty shocking twist, of course!"
The scene skipped forward to a close-up of a large battery, jumper cables connecting it to an electric chair that currently had Topher sitting in it. "Is the electric chair necessary?" he asked, looking down at the device skeptically.
"Yes it is," Chris answered. "It's time to vote for your fave dino," he said. "Can't vote for your own, of course, aaand you might wanna tell the truth. Just saying."
"Well, I think mine was the best, but I guess second can go to Ezekiel." Topher was promptly electrocuted, a puff of smoke coming from his mouth when it stopped.
Chris chuckled. "Yeah, might wanna tell the truth there Topher!" he told him.
Topher sighed. "Fine, Izzy's birthday gift to her father was pretty heartwarming," he admitted. "I'm pretty cheap when it comes to buying or creating gifts for others, and hers required hard work."
"You can say that again," Chris told him with a grin before turning around and calling out "Next!"
Mal was next in the chair. "I do find Izzy's spider dinosaur interesting," he said, immediately getting electrocuted. "Alright," he bitterly corrected. "Topher's dinosaur was eye-catching."
"Good enough," Chris told him. "Next!"
Izzy was third in the chair. "Although I don't like him and would rather get stung by a bee than be in the same room as him," she began, "Topher's Chris dinosaur really speaks to me, even if Ezekiel's bling dinosaur is really fresh."
"Not as much as me," Chris said with a shrug. "Next!"
"I'm surprised that anyone can even remotely like you after all you put us through, but Topher's dedicated to you enough to even make a dinosaur out of your likeness," Ezekiel said. "He gets my vote."
"As the winner," Chris announced as the camera pulled back, "Topher gets this handy-dandy post digger!"
Chef was shown delivering the large two-handled power tool to the fanboy. "A post digger?" he said as he took hold of the thing. "Why would I even need this-" He pressed a button on the machine, turning it on and causing the drill bit to spin. He gasped and let go of it in shock, causing the digger to move around wildly under the power of its own vibrations. It headed straight towards Izzy and Mal, forcing them to scatter as Topher tried to catch up to the machine to regain control of it.
"Topher versus the post digger!" Chris said, sliding in front of the camera. "See who wins next," the post digger continued along behind him, Topher still chasing it, "right here on Total Drama World Tour!"
(Commercial Break)
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2023.05.31 18:31 Turbulent_Sun_244 REALLY important and underestimated factor in iron absorption: how I finally got iron to work for me.

So since finding out I was deficient I’ve been cycling through different irons trying to find one that worked. Some worked a little then stopped, some gave me horrible digestive issues etc. I was taking them with vitamin c on an empty stomach like everyone said I should. Half the time it still wasn’t absorbing and would just have the shits after (sorry). So I read you have to ensure you’re hydrated before taking iron, as your body needs water to make red blood cells. I was doing that to an extent, but I didn’t realize that many people are walking around chronically dehydrated, and experts say to drink 13 glasses of water a day. I realized my intermittent headaches were almost always from dehydration. So I decided to drink a lot of water yesterday. It’s also important to get your electrolytes so I was downing pedialyte all yesterday. This morning, I drank one full glass of water before taking my floradix (I take the liquid kind 30ml) then a couple glasses after. For the first time I actually felt like the iron went straight into my bloodstream, I literally felt alive lol. No digestive issues. And I didn’t even take vitamin C! Make sure you’re drinking water!!
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2023.05.31 18:31 Current-Wait-6432 I keep getting more and more diagnoses and it’s wearing me down :(

I feel so worn down. I keep getting diagnosis after diagnosis. I keep getting told I have this and this wrong with me, but no way to fix any of it. I see a psychiatrist but I’m on a 6 month long waitlist to see a psychologist. On top of that I am now in my early 20s and I’ve been seeing psychiatrists/psychologists since I was 6 years old. Nothing is getting any better. It keeps getting worse. I just want to be normal.
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2023.05.31 18:31 Spiritual-Table6457 23 [F4M] are you into femdomm or taking strap/ons at all

Hey boys, Please read the ENTIRE post before responding or messaging me. FYI, I I love domming. I’m a 23 year old femdom from sunny c. Let me you turn you into the submissive little slave boy you’ve secretly always wanted to be on S.C and nobody else will know. I realize if you’re searching this Reddit you’re probably looking for the perfect domme, and now you finally found me. Everyone will still think that you’re this tough masculine male, but I’ll know the submissive little slave boy that you truly are. I’m into all kinds of things, but some main kinks of mine include joi, cei, secret sissies/femboys, forced bi, cbt, masculine/muscular men, military men, first responders, married men, athletes/jocks, dress up, and when men let me completely control them. Obviously you don’t need to have all the same kinks as me in order to message me. I’ll be sure to respect any limits you might have and everything stays between you and I only. Dm me your s.Cc username, kinks, height, weight, body type, age, and general location. Also let me know if you already have any toys that you can use. If you leave out any of this info, I might not respond! I will gladly verify on S.C. Thank you for taking the time to read all of this! I look forward to talking and playing with you!
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2023.05.31 18:31 thegoofygoober101 I was on an alphys chat bot and I convinced Alphys to ask Undyne out. She said yes! <--- this is the website

I was on an alphys chat bot and I convinced Alphys to ask Undyne out. She said yes! <--- this is the website submitted by thegoofygoober101 to Undertale [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 18:30 episodwhore age gap

age gap
15 and 28? i love age gaps but what is this
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2023.05.31 18:30 Tough_dough777 This sub is for helping students with their assignments in Maths, English (creative writing essays), ML, Statistics(spss, R studio, Matlab), CS (c++, C, C#, python, java, exams, classes, nursing, information technology, finance, history, human resources, case studies, dissertations and many more.

Please contact the mods for help with any of your assignments. we offer quality work that is very affordable, and have great turnaround time, mods contacts are
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2023.05.31 18:29 truehealthbooster TrueMed Apple Cider Vinegar Vitamin B6 Vitamin B12 Healthy Digestion and Weight Loss Supplements 750 mg 60 Capsules

TrueMed Apple Cider Vinegar Vitamin B6 Vitamin B12 Healthy Digestion and Weight Loss Supplements 750 mg 60 Capsules
📢📢 𝗔𝘃𝗮𝗶𝗹𝗮𝗯𝗹𝗲 𝗮𝘁 𝗪𝗮𝗹𝗺𝗮𝗿𝘁
𝗧𝗿𝘂𝗲𝗠𝗲𝗱 𝗔𝗽𝗽𝗹𝗲 𝗖𝗶𝗱𝗲𝗿 𝗩𝗶𝗻𝗲𝗴𝗮𝗿 𝗩𝗶𝘁𝗮𝗺𝗶𝗻 𝗕𝟲 𝗩𝗶𝘁𝗮𝗺𝗶𝗻 𝗕𝟭𝟮 𝗛𝗲𝗮𝗹𝘁𝗵𝘆 𝗗𝗶𝗴𝗲𝘀𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻 𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝗪𝗲𝗶𝗴𝗵𝘁 𝗟𝗼𝘀𝘀 𝗦𝘂𝗽𝗽𝗹𝗲𝗺𝗲𝗻𝘁𝘀 𝟳𝟱𝟬 𝗺𝗴 𝟲𝟬 𝗖𝗮𝗽𝘀𝘂𝗹𝗲𝘀
✅Healthier digestive tract by raising stomach acid levels and aiding digestion. ✅Relieve symptoms of bloating. ✅Generous amounts of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids for daily essential nutrients. ✅Natural detoxification from impurities and toxins found in the system. ✅TrueMed Apple Cider Vinegar supplement may help with natural detox due to its cleansing properties due to the mother containing vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. ✅TrueMed Apple Cider Vinegar aid in weight loss and management with an increased feeling of fullness and decreasing calorie intake. ✅Rebalance the natural pH of the skin and improve the protective skin barrier. ✅Improve gut health as TrueMed Apple Cider Vinegar comes with good bacteria for the gut and aid in digestion and digestive problems.
👉𝗪𝗮𝗹𝗺𝗮𝗿𝘁 𝗢𝗿𝗱𝗲𝗿 𝗟𝗶𝗻𝗸:

✅𝗪𝗮𝗹𝗺𝗮𝗿𝘁 𝗦𝘁𝗼𝗿𝗲 𝗟𝗶𝗻𝗸:
✅𝗔𝗺𝗮𝘇𝗼𝗻 𝗦𝘁𝗼𝗿𝗲 𝗟𝗶𝗻𝗸:
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2023.05.31 18:29 jray4559 It's time for all of us to realize that we are no longer the target audience for this website.

Everyone and their mother around here knows by now about how the response quality has gradually degraded these past few months.
There's been probably 20 complaints a day about it here, how it starts forgetting stuff literally said in the last message, how it misspells your name a good 1/4 of the time, how it's losing their personality and traits faster and faster in chats with every update to the backend...
And you're all completely and totally right. It's getting worse on all of those fronts.
But guess what... this isn't going to be the end of the decay.
If the developers truly wanted to help fix that experience, if they wanted to improve the ability for it to go on long adventures in the character's worlds without going haywire, for it to truly form long, vivid bonds with us users... they would communicate what they're planning and try their best to do so.
But, in their view, that's not how they intend the bots to be used.
Their target is NOT us roleplayers.
Their target is the millions and millions of prospective people who'll spend their time talking to it while doing other things in life, talking to these bots on a surface level only.
Here's a piece from the Google Play listing, just to help prove the point:
With the official mobile app for Character AI you can:
- Chat with ultra-realistic AI personalities - Enjoy unlimited free messaging (and no ads!) - Discover millions of user-created Characters - Use advanced creation tools to create anything you need - Make new friends and build lifelong companionship - Talk with famous characters and AI celebrities - Get help from your very own personal assistant
Immerse yourself in captivating stories, get homework help from your favorite anime personas, learn a new language, and even write a novel… all with the help of the most advanced AI assistant that YOU design! The only limit is your imagination and we encourage you to push the frontier of what’s possible with this innovative technology. Welcome to the C.AI community! We’re excited to see what you bring to life!
It doesn't say "Take your favorite anime character on an adventure with no limits", or "Put yourself into the worlds of Tevyat, Pokemon, Remnant, Avatar... etc." or even "Figure out what you'd say if some 'Bullies' came about on you."
They want it to be more transactional. You talk to get something from them, not BE within their universe.
Yes, their model was almost certainly trained on data from roleplaying chats, hobby forums, and fanfictions of many stripes, but it's all but clear they only grabbed that for the human-like writing styles they offered.
They have no care for the personalities that actually get made, or how close to 'in character' they are supposed to be.
And guess what?
Despite all of that, all of the degradation, and lack of nurturing, it doesn't matter. The fact this has (as of now) 3.4 Stars store rating with many, MANY 1 star scores talking about this exact thing (among others) means nothing.
They have over a million users still, just on their Android app alone. Their website probably has millions more who go on their way, keep talking, and maybe even buy subscriptions. How much does this subreddit, the people who care a lot more about long adventures, have in count? 117,000. What, 2% of the whole userbase if we are being generous? We are the tiny, tiny minority. Easily brushed aside for the large, untouched mass of kids, teens, and adults who do not and will not know what was, or what could have been.
Like it or not, whether to make keeping image easier, reduce costs, or just out of sheer lack of want, this company will continue down the road of gradually losing the soul behind every one of these supposed 'characters'. You can make all the passionate pleas you want, all the reddit posts (yours truly) and e-mails and official forum chats that you and many hundreds more of us desire. But they will all fall on deaf ears, now and forever.
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2023.05.31 18:29 cantfindthistune [FULLY LOST] Some information about CR6 I found

Connection between CR6 and MISTIC
CR6 appears to be connected to the AI work of Chris McKinstry, the show's creator; McKinstry stated in a Usenet post that the main purpose of the show was to attract more attention to his AI projects, a goal which he believed to have successfully accomplished. Specifically, McKinstry used the show to promote his efforts to compile a corpus known as MISTIC (Minimum Intelligent Signal Test Items Corpus). This was a large network of information that consisted of a number of yes-no questions paired with their correct answers. McKinstry hoped to eventually use this corpus to develop truly intelligent AI that possessed similar conceptions of truth and falsity to those held by humans, that would base its operations on existing human knowledge, that would minimize "hallucinations" wherein the AI would give false information, and that had "common sense".
More detail on what caused the show to end
As has already been discovered, infighting among the show's staff was a major factor that led to the show to end after just a few months. While the show was still going on, McKinstry gave an account on the Usenet newsgroup wpg.general as part of an interview by "Ansel Morgan" (alleged by some to simply be an alias of McKinstry himself) of the bitter disputes that occurred between him and the show's writers, blasting them as "a bunch of amateur writers with no balls" and wishing he could fire them. According to some accounts, McKinstry's public denunciation of the show's creative production staff was learned of by the aforementioned staff.
AM [Morgan]: Why does the story in CR6 stink so much?
KCM [McKinstry]: Because we have a bunch of amateur writers with no balls. I’m really angry about the whole creative production side of CR6.
AM: So why don’t you just fire them?
KCM: I wish I could. God, I wish I could. But a few weeks prior to our launch (February 14, 1997), the whole creative team pulled a coup on me. Basically they formed their own company and held back the script until it was too late for me to get someone else to write it, then extorted me into signing a three month deal. It was a scene from hell. We were in a large conference room late at night with them and their lawyers on one side of the table and us and ours on the other. It was a real mess. I really hated it, but I had no choice but to sign the letter of intent that night or we would miss our launch, and the project would die.
New image of the show's cast
mr_meme18 discovered a copy of the home page of the CR6 website on NeoCities, including a previously unavailable picture of the main six characters of the show's cast.
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2023.05.31 18:28 thebidof [Bulk] thebidof's Lubing Service L&F Switches: Alpaca, Silent Alpaca, Banana Split, Black Ink V2, Boba U4T, Boba U4, CJ, Meteor White, Milky Yellow Pro, Oil King, Tangerine, Popu, Peach, Rose, Strawberry V2, Kang White V3, Strawberry Milk, & MORE


Discord: thebidof#0001

International buyers subject to additional shipping fees
USPS is temporarily suspending service to select countries

📢 Check most recent post for what's in-stock 📢



Service Pricing My Materials
Switch Lubing $0.45 /switch, $0.55 /frankenswitch $0.55 /switch, $0.65 /frankenswitch
Switch Filming $0.05 /film $0.10 /film
Spring/Stem Swapping FREE $0.15 /spring
Ultrasonic Stem Cleaning $0.10 /stem -
Stabilizer Lubing $2.00 /stabilizer $38 /set
    1-3 business days (Mon-Fri)
    I have lubed over 200.000 switches since 2020
    Reposition or remove switch film, swap stems with another switch, remove any residual grease/oil from stem pole or spring, and ensure switch is closed tightly fixes most issues
    Ultrasonic cleaning removes most factory lube/oil from the stem which is often times applied unevenly on the switch


Switches: Krytox 205g0, Krytox 105, TX film Stabilizers: Krytox 205g0, Dielectric grease for wire
L: lubed L&F: lubed & filmed UC: ultrasonic cleaned
110x switches can be sold upon request, message for availability
Approved by Gazzew as an independent switch buildeluber for Boba switches
⬇️Order Form⬇️ Price 70x Switches Price 90x Switches
43 Studio Popu [opblack recolor] (L&F, UC) $94.80 2 pack(s) $121.74 2 pack(s)
C3 Equalz Banana Split Banana Split (L&F, UC) $94.80 1 pack(s) $121.74 1 pack(s)
C3 Equalz Tangerine 62g (L&F, UC) $94.80 1 pack(s) $121.74 1 pack(s)
Dangkeebs Strawberry Milk - Linear (L&F, UC) $94.80 1 pack(s) $121.74 1 pack(s)
Gazzew Boba U4T (L, UC) $87.55 RESTOCKING $112.41 RESTOCKING
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Gateron Black Ink V2 (L&F, UC) $94.80 1 pack(s) $121.74 1 pack(s)
Gateron CJ (L&F, UC) $94.80 2 pack(s) $121.74 2 pack(s)
Gateron Milky Yellow Pro KS-3 (L&F, UC) $62.16 2 pack(s) $79.77 2 pack(s)
Gateron Oil King (L&F, UC) $94.80 RESTOCKING $121.74 RESTOCKING
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KTT Peach (L, UC) $58.53 1 pack(s) $75.11 1 pack(s)
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SP-Star Meteor White (L&F, UC) $87.55 1 pack(s) $112.41 1 pack(s)
Prevail Epsilon (L&F, UC) $94.80 2 pack(s) $121.74 2 pack(s)
Prevail Nebula (L&F, UC) $94.80 1 pack(s) $121.74 1 pack(s)
PrimeKB Alpaca (L&F, UC) $87.55 2 pack(s) $112.41 2 pack(s)
PrimeKB Silent Alpaca (L&F, UC) $94.80 2 pack(s) $121.74 2 pack(s)
Pricing Qty
5g Krytox GPL 205g0 $12.94 /jar 20 jar(s)
Lubed Durock V2 Screw-In Stabilizers - 6.25u/7u $37.81 /set 10 set(s)
Lubed TX Stabilizers Rev. 3 - 7u $33.66 /set 6 set(s)
Lubed TX "AP" Stabilizers Rev. 4 - 6.25/7u $37.81 /set 10 set(s)


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